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2023.05.30 13:25 TrashSlytherin Is it possible? (A beginner here!)

I'm new to the concept of Socionics (and Attitudinal Psyche), and I'd like to ask the opinions/insights of those, who are more experienced and knowledgeable than me.
According to other personality models (both tests and self-type), I'm INTJ, Enneagram 5w4 (584) so/sp and Melancholic - Choleric.
In Socionics, my most likely type is ILI. (In Attitudinal Psyche, my most likely type is VLEF.)
Is this combination possible? Is it common, or very unlikely (like I must messed up something bad)? What does my combination mean? What do you all think? What are your experiences? Also, do you have any advice for a beginner like me?
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2023.05.30 13:24 JaysonManix Old School RuneScape or RuneScape 3?

Hey everyone, I just started my RuneScape journey last night and was having tons of fun with it, however I know the game doesn’t hold your hand and after completing the tutorial island I am a little stuck on things to do! What tips does anyone give new players to the game, I have started on OSRS & wanted to also ask what one is the best for new players..
Old School or RuneScape 3?
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2023.05.30 13:23 Complex-Panda5454 DUI, separate at-fault accident & mingled assets

PA/NJ, USA - My fiancé was convicted of a DUI in April and now has to pay a fine, attend a mandatory class, and have an interlock ignition device installed on any vehicle he regularly operates and owns. We own 3 vehicles: one his mom uses (solely his name), one I typically use (in both names), and one he typically uses (solely my name). The DUI actually occurred in NJ. Is he absolutely required to have the IID installed on all 3 vehicles? Could I be liable if it is or isn't installed on the vehicle I own?
The other thing is he recently totaled both the cars he and I use on a daily basis a month apart. Both accidents were not related to the DUI. The second one involved the vehicle I normally use. It happened to be 2 days after his court date where he was told he needs to have the IID while driving in NJ. He rear-ended a truck. We did not report it immediately because we only have liability coverage and we knew we would have to do the repairs ourselves. Our vehicle most likely would have been totaled. A month after the accident, the other party filed a bodily injury claim saying the driver and all passengers were injured, and at the same time I was informed that their vehicle was also totaled. We have minimum coverage in all aspects of insurance.
We own a home together that is not paid off. We also have a joint bank account that pays all the bills. I'm worried that I could be liable for all of his mistakes. Could I be stuck paying for things related to his DUI and the bodily injury claim? Is my house at risk?
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2023.05.30 13:23 Ok-Reward-6390 21 [M4F] Brazil/anywhere - poet looks for a half to write about

I haven’t even flirted with anyone for such a long time that I thought this could be fun. I’d have loved to say that the idea of doing this came to me during a dream, but I haven’t dreamt in a long time.
I am a 21 years old male from a big city in Brazil. I am going to university for a social sciences degree, and I have done pretty well so far. Besides all that, I write poetry on the side, and I work for a small online newspaper.
I am fascinated fairly often by many things and I have many hobbies so you won’t be bored. Last month I became fascinated by Spanish modern history after reading Preston’s biography of Francisco Franco and I was reading about the Miracle on the Han River yesterday, while my family gave a lunch party and I had to keep myself entertained while they discussed the tragedy of a heiress’ dog many illnesses, which were mysteriously shared with his owner, and some reforms in the Vatican Bank. But yes, in general, I really enjoy the humanities. I follow politics keenly – in fact, there is some chance I might have some thoughts on your country’s politics – and I’d say I am on the centre-left – pro-choice, in favour of a robust welfare state, LGBTQ+ rights, affirmative action. If you know about Brazilian politics, I voted for Marina and Haddad in 2018 (the voting age here is 16), and Lula last year.
As you can imagine, I also really enjoy reading and writing. Besides poetry, I have often thought about reading a novel, but this seems like too much work – and it seems that it would be arrogant of me to write a novel having lived this little. I really enjoy learning about other languages and cultures and I know a bit of French, German, Spanish, and Russian, besides English and Portuguese. I am into genealogy and I have helped a few friends with it. I also really enjoy TV shows and cinema, and I am easily brought to tears. I cried during the last Minions movie, even if I didn’t want to be there. I love music and my taste in it has been described as “fairly gay”. I’d have loved to be a musician, but I’d have loved to have been many things.
I guess I am pretty introverted, polite, and timid. I am affectionate and I can be really passionate as well. And I am fairly funny, or rather, I have made a few people laugh over the years. I asked a close friend to describe myself, and that is what he said:
I think you’re very communicative. Shrewd, funny, a good companion. Kind of withdrawn but not necessarily shy. You avoid conflict and unnecessary arguments, but love to participate in good conversations. I think you’re very kind too, besides being polite.
As for what I want to do with my life, I am unsure though I am inclined to go into academia. I have been considering applying to a PhD program in the U.S. after finishing my undergrad here in Brazil. My family does want me to go into their business, which is related to politics. I have also considered going into diplomacy.
Who am I looking for? I’d look like someone curious about the world around her, and open-minded.
Some poems I really like:
Some songs I have been listening to:
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2023.05.30 13:23 FirstAd6848 How do you store your pre-filled syringes ?

Hi guys
Just tried to use a single 18g to draw and then just screw on different syringes to empty out the vial. Once the syringe is full I screw on the 25 or 27g needle tip.
For anyone that does this method, and pre fills syringes in general , how do you store them do you have a special box for it ? Is it ok to store them flat or do you need to store vertical or at least tipped so that the gravity pulls towards the plunger and not the needle hole ?
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2023.05.30 13:23 AbleBreak PSA - Students/Graduates looking for jobs don't just add 1000's of people on linkedin.

I don't know if this really needs to be said or not as many years ago I told a large class of students at a random one off lecture this but if you are currently studying or have finished studying in VFX or a related field, adding 1000's of people on linkedin will only boost your ego from the post likes you get and not help you find a job.
I would recommend following/adding recruiters, heads of department, production managers, third party recruiters or people whom advertise roles or have the power to hire.
I've had numerous graduates message me recently on linkedin asking for work or trying to add me but I do not hire people, my profile does not say head of department or recruiter, I am just an experienced artist. 2 students recently kept messaging me over and over saying if I had then decided to watch their showreels for jobs yet and I explained more than once that I do not hire anyone. On their profiles they seemed to have 1000's of connections which I'd imagine makes their linkedin pages more like facebook with alot of spam and un-useful pots.
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2023.05.30 13:23 orangpelupa EA desktop only uses half of my screen, the top half just filled with glitched image

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2023.05.30 13:22 Esilou Import reconciliation lines?

Import reconciliation lines?
Hey legends! There’s a lot going on where I work, 4 companies, 8 departments and tones of payments get split in an assortment of weird and wonderful ways. We use the credit card to pay for things with cross company splits then a spreadsheet breaks down the total amount for each account category for each department.
Currently when reconciling, we go “add lines” and delete what Xero tries to guess (eg attached, the account categories change regularly so it’s easier to start from scratch) and manually add every line. Surely there’s a better way! I can’t see any import section (the manual journal import is amazing) and copying and pasting from the spreadsheet unfortunately doesn’t split across the cells as I’d hoped.
Do you do anything similar and have any tips for quick, human error free data entry?
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2023.05.30 13:22 BaconIsBueno Nutritionist and bloodwork?

Does anyone here check in with a nutritionist during fasts of 3-5 days? It is necessary if you’re tracking your electrolytes consumption?
I’m assuming the people doing 7+ days are certainly checking in with a doctor, or am I wrong?
If you are checking in with a nutritionist; were they accepting of the fasting method or was it an awkward conversation?
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2023.05.30 13:22 ActiveDrawer Type of Steel Recommendation

I am looking for a Yanagiba with Sakimaru or Kiritsuke Tip to replace my current one (Sakai Takayuki W#1, sold it because the full straight flat tip is hard to get used to, was a short two months of usage but have been very good)
Since I've owned a WS #1 and BS #2 knives, they were very good performers but they do need to get take care of (I do have a camellia oil for it once I finish using it). They stayed sharp pretty well, can handle a week of heavy usage, it does lose its edge a bit but still pretty sharp.
I am considering the Ginsan steel but would you pay more for a Ginsan than let's say BS #1?
Current knives on wishlist: (handle itself should be pretty expensive)
If anyone had experience with Ginsan please let me know
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2023.05.30 13:22 MrSandmanCD Is there anyway to make a 5 slot Ark server?

I think the minimum is ten but I only have 5 friends playing… Just seems silly to be paying double, does anyone know a fix?
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2023.05.30 13:22 textuarwriting 10 Website Copywriting Mistakes To Avoid

Website copywriting is being used everywhere these days, and startling growth, extensive successful marketing campaigns, and even broader social discussions can all be started with a single stellar copy.
Unlike other forms of website writing, copywriting does not give you the freedom to elaborate your thoughts using lengthy analogies or examples. You have to be brief and to the point - and yet you have to take the reader by surprise, and make them feel that they just had an arresting experience by reading a writing piece of 100 characters or less.
In the virtual world where everyone's attention spans last a few seconds, would you say that excellent copywriting skills make you a better social media marketer, PR manager, and web content creator? Here are 10 pitfalls to avoid to excel at your game.

10 Mistakes In The Copywriting World That Can Sabotage Your Impact

1. Focus On A Problem You Can Solve

This is perhaps a general guideline for any form of content that you are creating on the web. Don't give solutions if you don't have a real problem to solve - this will only confuse and frustrate the reader.
Research the product you are writing about and choose one of the most fundamental issues it is resolving. Now make sure you are engaging with this issue in the copy you are creating. While every brand has its own tone, they all want to write a copy that sounds effortlessly confident but does not seem to say to the customer "you are stupid, and I will tell you what you need."

2. Avoid Using Complex Language

Most writers have an affinity for complex language. But remember, in the world of website copywriting, the average website user finds industrial terminologies, factual information, and complex sentences joined together - nothing but traumatizing.
Readers feel disconnected from the message - even if it was indeed meant for them. Our job as web copywriters is always to represent the importance of a topic in the most accessible language that can be understood at a glance.

3. Give Up Trying To Fit In Too Many Concepts

Always, always try to stick to a single idea in a message when you are drafting your final copy. If you really like taglines or a secondary addition to your main copy, you can introduce another concept but also in one single line.
Lengthy copies don't look like copies at all. Too many concepts in copywriting make the advertisement look desperate. In fact it can even turn existing customers away.

4. Ask "Is Your Copywrite Saying What You Think It Is Saying?"

When you are writing, you first form the concept and then put it into words. But a reader is on the opposite end, and they will first read the words and then derive the concept from it. This essentially means that because you already have the concept in your mind, you as the copywriter may end up reading messages in the copy that simply are not there.
The best way to tackle this common pitfall is to ask someone else on your team to read the copy (who has no idea what concept you are going for) and tell you what they think it is saying. As long as they don't have to analyze the meaning of the message, you are good to go!

5. Don't Write From The Wrong Perspective

A successful piece of website copywriting can be approached from various different perspectives. Indeed you can even approach an advertisement from the perspective of a duck and still make it famous!
The perspective must, however, align with the overall marketing campaign as well as the advertisement of which your copy or caption will be a part. The right perspective will come from knowing the content inside out, knowing the target audience, knowing what you are expected to say and almost knowing already how your reader is going to read it in their head.

6. Stay As Far From The Passive Voice As Possible

The passive voice simply does not work on the Internet especially not where web copywriting is concerned. Psychologists have stated that passive voices are hard to keep track of as they don't involve the reader readily in the story.
Attention spans are shorter in the case of passive voices and messages are less crisp. It dilutes the strength of the message and eats up the unique tone of the copy.

7. Don't Go Crazy With SEO

Search Engine Optimization is essential for any piece of
website copywriting to do well because otherwise, the copy will simply not reach anyone. But since the word limit is so short in copies, it is very easy to overdo the SEO so much that it will be visible to the readers as well.
On the other hand, you might want to ignore relevant keywords and SEO rules altogether because of the restriction of the length. If you do so your message will not have the exposure it should have had even if it were the best copy in the world.

8. Evaluate The Core Of The Message You Are Spreading

We have seen recently how often marketing campaigns are facing the limelight for not-so-flattering reasons. The reader is not afraid to hold marketers accountable for any dubious messages they are spreading.
It is often said that your idea is the body and the words you use to express it are the mere apparel it is wearing. Evaluate the core of the message you are spreading as much as you can so that you are factually, emotionally and socially in the right.

9. Don't Go In Too Formal

If you have taken copywriting seriously, chances are you are well acquainted with the most successful copywriting campaigns in history. One thing is common in all of them - the writing style is extremely conversational.
While you want to be conversational you also want to respect the cultural and generational needs of your target audience. Indeed, what is humorous to one culture or age group can be offensive to another.

10. Of Course, Don't Be Too 'inspired'

Some creators have the nasty habit of getting too 'inspired' by other artists on the internet - so much so that they make extremely similar content to them. Don't be that person. There are serious consequences to using concepts or artistic styles that you do not own in your ad campaigns.
This can lead to social and legal scandals for both you and the company you are working with. Simply put, when it is so easy to tell if a copywriter has been lazy, avoid creating your copies at the last moment no matter what, and do your research beforehand.


Web copywriting is so powerful- it can engage and convey a message in far less time than in longer formats. Not only that, competent copywriting can separate your brand from all the rest with a single slogan or tagline.
However, to get the best results, you must avoid the above-mentioned pitfalls!
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2023.05.30 13:22 mamabearandpets Post cruise survey question

We just got off a cruise this past weekend was planning on doing the post cruise survey. Our dinner waiter mentioned to rate 10s down the line because he gets dinged on questions like how the food was, which is ridiculous. Our waiter was fabulous and I don't want to penalize him, but I had 2 nights where the food was inedible. Does anybody know how the survey results work or what I can rate it is without penalizing him?
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2023.05.30 13:21 aliceinengland Can those on student visas crowdfund?

I am currently on a student visa pursuing an MA in filmmaking. Our school refuses to give us any funding for our final masters projects, literally not a pound from our tuition, so many students are resorting to crowdfunding through Indiegogo and similar sites. We have since found out through our own research that it is taxable / claimable and because we would be using the raised money to pay external actors and hired crew/rented props etc, we are wondering if it would count towards self employed? I did read on gov site that if unsure if it counts as trading or it’s a one time thing to contact HMRC, so it seems to be case by case. Does anyone have a solid answer? Many students are worried they are risking their visa and opportunities because this school refuses to help. When we raised the question with them they asked us to provide sources rather than doing the research themselves.
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2023.05.30 13:21 kubiciousd Do I keep my star wonderkid or sell him now?

I'm currently playing as Belenenses in Portugal. Luck would have it that in the first season, all the way back in the 3. division I got a wonderkid in my youth intake who's fenomenal. I secured him on a very long deal straight away, but that deal is set to expire in 3 years.
Ever since that deal I was unable to offer him another one, most of the time because he either wanted to leave or was waiting for better players I promised him.
Now we're in the CL and his current reason for not wanting to sign a new deal is he doesn't believe our club has the financial means to satisfy his demands.
My question is will I be able to keep him at some point or do I cash in now? I'm getting offers of up to 80mil, could probably get even more but I keep rejecting them (and he doesn't mind btw). So if I get all my CL money plus qualify for it the next season (very plausible) will I then have those financial means or does it means he wants a top club contract and I just won't be able to give him that and if I don't sell him I'll just lose him for free eventually? I really don't want to sell him since this is like the first proper wonderkid I got in two FMs.
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2023.05.30 13:21 enragedmukamuka1 Gife Lain

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2023.05.30 13:21 thenexthefner there’s an old guy that all my coworkers wish we could ban from coming in. he wastes our time & fucks with us on purpose because he’s lonely & has nothing else to do.

This guy would come in like every other week with a plastic bag full of random shit & find someone to “take a look” at his broken stuff and try to fix it for him. The reason I’m not calling him a customer is because HE NEVER BUYS ANYTHING! he just comes in and asks us to fix his old shit & wastes our time from helping actual customers.
I work at a hardware store. We don’t do any kind of repair-work on broken items or any items at all for that matter. We just sell shit. The first time he did this, it wasn’t that big of a deal because the store happened to be slow at the time. so out of the kindness of my coworker’s heart, he offered to take a look at the guy’s stuff. we 100% made sure to tell him though that we don’t normally do this kind of thing.
Then the guy started coming in more frequently, while we would have a busy rush, and just wait around the store for the chaos to die down. then he’d find someone and waste like 20-30 mins of their time asking if they can fix his broken clock or watch or whatever it was this time.
We have told him multiple times that we don’t offer these kinds of services, we only helped him a few times because it was slow and we had the time. it’d be different if he were a paying customer & paying for these repair services, but he’s not. he’s wasting workers’ time & trying to have free repair work done. it’s getting ridiculous. we are a STORE, not a repair shop. he comes in weekly at this point & we all hide when we see him come in because no one wants to get stuck with him for 30 mins.
summer is our busiest time of year & everyone has stuff we need to get done by certain times. we just can’t afford to waste time looking at this dudes bag of junk every week when there are literal repair shops down the road.
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2023.05.30 13:21 barb4ry1 Bookclub: Q&A with Steven Raaymakers, the author of A Canticle of Two Souls (RAB's book of the month in June)

Bookclub: Q&A with Steven Raaymakers, the author of A Canticle of Two Souls (RAB's book of the month in June)
In June, we'll be reading A Canticle of Two Souls by Steven Raaymakers (u/RaaymakersAuthor)
Bingo squares: u/RaaymakersAuthor - can you tell us what new Bingo squares does it fit?
Fantasy / Dark Fantasy
  • May 30 - Q&A (I'm leaving on Holidays today, and won't be able to post it at the beginning of the month)
  • June 16 - Midway Discussion
  • June 30 - Final Discussion


Thank you for agreeing to this Q&A. Before we start, tell us a little about yourself?
I am a lawyer and indie fantasy author from New Zealand, with a great love for Soulsborne video games, reading, and movies.
What brought you to fantasy? What do you appreciate about it?
I have enjoyed the genre since I was old enough to read, and Reddit is a great place to bring a truly diverse group of fans together. Fantasy is wholesome and everyone is generally super polite and enthusiastic about books.
Who are your favorite current writers and who are your greatest influencers?
Good question. Most of my favourite authors have passed away, but Mark Lawrence is a damned good one that’s still kicking. Stephen Erikson is also phenomenal. In the scifi realm, I love Dmitri Glhukovsky, author of the Metro 2033 series.
As for influences: JRR Tolkien, Brandon Sanderson, Gene Wolfe, Kentaro Miura, and Stephen King have all inspired me and my writing. And those Soulsborne games, of course.
Can you lead us through your creative process? What works and doesn’t work for you? How long do you need to finish a book?
I am an outliner. I usually think of an ending and sketch the story out from there. I am also someone that underwrites, meaning I actually add a lot of words while editing my first draft. My writing is very fast-paced, which I really like as it ensures there is no bloat and little chance for boredom.
How would you describe the plot of A Canticle of Two Souls if you had to do so in just one or two sentences?
A young boy with a sentient blade teams up with a girl who can hear and manipulate emotions. They join together and find out the truth about themselves and their enemies.
What subgenres does it fit?
Some readers say it borders on grimdark. It could be dark fantasy too, depending on how people define it.
How did you come up with the title and how does it tie in with the plot of the book?
One of my favourite books of all time is A Canticle for Liebowitz, so the title is a nod to that. Fun fact: my current boss asked about this very connection in my job interview, so that was cool.
As for how it ties into the story: Warchildren are people who can hear emotions. There is a lot of musical imagery in my books, and the two souls are the protagonists. This book is essentially a song about those two characters and their tale.
What inspired you to write this story? Was there one “lightbulb moment” when the concept for this book popped into your head or did it develop over time?
The very first idea of this story began as a choose-your-own-adventure gamebook which I wrote when I was 16. By the time I sat down to write a novel, I was 24 and the entire story had morphed into what it is now. This book didn’t have a lightbulb moment, but my next ones did.
If you had to describe the story in 3 adjectives, which would you choose?
Violent, meaningful, metal
Would you say that A Canticle of Two Souls follows tropes or kicks them?
It absolutely follows a few tropes, but I (and my readers) do think it twists a lot of tropes into something new.
Who are the key players in this story? Could you introduce us to A Canticle of Two Souls protagonists/antagonists?
Raziel is a 14 year old orphan (a big trope, I know, but I did something with it) who has quite serious trauma and consequent mental health issues. Alicia is a girl with a tough exterior hiding some past trauma as well. They really need friends and support, and eventually learn to trust one another throughout the story. Ultio is Raziel’s sentient sword, a real mean son-of-a-b**ch and the big bad guy. As a companion on the quest, this puts the three characters in constant conflict with eachother.
Have you written A Canticle of Two Souls with a particular audience in mind?
Not really. Some readers compare the tone of the book to Berserk. It is a very serious book, as I enjoy meaningful fantasy with a darker tone. The book contains violence but no SA.
Alright, we need the details on the cover. Who's the artist/designer, and can you give us a little insight into the process for coming up with it?
I am a retired artist with a ton of art friends. One of my closest is Reffelia, a highly-talented artist and wonderful person. Her instagram is here:
I sketched what I wanted, basing the style on the Witcher 3 steelbook artwork, and finalised the cover design myself.
What was your proofreading/editing process?
I proofread the work a dozen times on my laptop, then printed the whole thing out and scribbled on every single page, sometimes on the back of them too. As I said before, I add a lot of text in my edits. My final edit was completed by a professional editor.
What are you most excited for readers to discover in this book?
The setups and payoffs. There are some tiiiny details which you will gloss over in Book 1 which setup stuff in Book 3. A reread would reveal a lot.
Can you, please, offer us a taste of your book, via one completely out-of-context sentence?
Horror and terror rode through the ranks, invisible beasts striking deep into every man’s heart.
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2023.05.30 13:21 jamesmillerexpert The Benefits of Farm Mortgages

The Benefits of Farm Mortgages
Farming is a tough business, but it can also be very rewarding. If you're thinking about starting a farm, or if you're looking to expand your existing operation, a farm mortgage can help you make your dream a reality.
There are many benefits to getting a farm mortgage. First, farm mortgages typically have lower interest rates than other types of loans. This is because the government guarantees these loans, which lowers the risk for lenders. Second, farm mortgages can be used for a variety of purposes, including buying land, purchasing equipment, and building structures. Third, farm mortgages have longer repayment terms than other types of loans, which gives you more time to pay off your debt.
If you're considering a farm mortgage, there are a few things you need to do to qualify. First, you'll need to have a good credit score. Second, you'll need to have a down payment of at least 10%. Third, you'll need to be able to show that you have a viable business plan.
If you can meet these requirements, a farm mortgage can be a great way to finance your farming operation. With a farm mortgage, you can get the money you need to buy land, purchase equipment, and build structures. This will give you the foundation you need to build a successful farm.
In addition to the benefits mentioned above, farm mortgages can also offer:
· Tax breaks: In some cases, you may be able to deduct the interest you pay on your farm mortgage from your taxes.
· Government assistance: There are a number of government programs that offer financial assistance to farmers, including loans, grants, and tax breaks.
If you're thinking about getting a farm mortgage, be sure to do your research and compare different lenders. This will help you find the best loan for your needs.
Here are some tips for finding the best farm mortgage:
· Get pre-approved for a loan before you start shopping around. This will give you an idea of how much money you can borrow and what your interest rate will be.
· Compare different lenders and interest rates. Don't just go with the first lender you find.
· Ask about any special programs or discounts that may be available to farmers.
· Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions of the loan before you sign anything.
Getting a farm mortgage can be a great way to finance your farming operation. By following these tips, you can find the best loan for your needs and start building your dream farm.
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2023.05.30 13:21 Kanetsugu Negotiate with pay stubs as contractor?

My company is mostly a contraction position so my pay stubs show pay based on hours worked. Recently we've had a downturn I'm contract hours so my overall pay is less than befote. I want to negotiate my TJO based on my full time pay/hourly rate. Can I do that? If so how should I go about it. Should I mention xx is my hourly rate which amounts to YYYk a year? Im just worried they will look at the overall pay in the payperiod as well in consideration.
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2023.05.30 13:21 The_LouD1 differents settings on the same account ?

Hello !
I tried to find solution myself but it keeps sending me to reddit post where people tell you you can keep 1 set of settings on 2+ accounts. Sadly, im trying to do that the opposite way around
I have a good pc at home but also a laptop (with a graphic card but still a tiny potato somehow). I play in ultra / max quality at home, but I do enjoy an ARAM or two on my laptop. Sadly my fps drop in team fight cause the quality switch to ultra too there
Whenever I put back to medium, it does that too at home. And it's getting on my nerves (always have to stop in game to switch back to medium on my laptop cause I cant do it on the client)

So, my question is :
is there a way to use 1 account on 2 pc but not sync the settings between the 2 devices ?
Thanks :)
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2023.05.30 13:20 Shenmoxiao University degree combining art and sciences?

ummm, I know this may not be the right thing to poast here given I am not really posting a piece of work.
I am thinking of studying chemistry, physics maths, and art A-level. But I don't know what degree to aim for, because my parents don't want me to do pure art and my skills are not top level given i only picked up my interest in art recently despite drawing for a long time. And I really dislike architecture well not dislike but not interested at all.
I am quite intrigued by the anime , game character design and all that, but like... does any career combing art + physics or chemistry go into this?
Is there any suggested degrees in top universities that I can look at.
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