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2023.06.01 04:35 jade__99 I might have to rehome my puppy..

I adopted what I was under the impression was a lab mix after fostering her since 2 weeks old. Her mom was a lab, but the dad was unknown and shortly after I adopted her, her ears started perking up and became very apparent that she was a husky.
She’s now a little over six months old and I have two cats who she’s been raised around and initially she would always just try and play with them but it’s starting to look like she sees them as prey. She tried to bite one in the face the other day and he screamed. My cats seem far more stressed and are constantly in hiding when they used to be very social cats are because every time they go in the living room (hopping a baby gate I have) she immediately chases after them and tries to pin them down.
I mostly work from home, but one day a week I have to go in the office and I have a friend who watches her who also has a cat. Today my puppy attacked her cat and understandably, my friend can no longer watch her which means she would have to be crated nine hours once a week while I’m at work otherwise she would destroy things or potentially endanger my cats.
I have tried everything she’s been in a training class for a few months and has improved in some ways, but seems to be getting worse with the cats, or at least getting bigger and more dangerous. I give her Kongs and other mental stimulation, I only feed her either with a puzzle toy or by training. I take her on walks and alternate her toys. I am at my wits end and I don’t know how much longer I should wait before potentially rehoming at her as I’ve tried to train her to do well with my cat for six months now to no avail.
Any advice welcome because I really do love her and have grown very attached to her, but I have course have to consider the well-being of my cats.
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2023.06.01 04:34 Cosmic_Jinx Vampire movie

I walked in on the end of a movie but all I can remember is a young woman in a white dress and a vampire biting her, the camera focussed on a line of blood trailing down the woman's back as she shook and it faded to black, then credits.
Early 2000's at the lastest but possibly 90's or 80's.
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2023.06.01 04:31 Equivalent_Champion I think this could be it ??

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share my story and see if anyone could relate, and maybe have any tips on which tests I should be asking for next?
After I gave birth in 2020 I found myself rapidly gaining weight and not being able to lose a single pound even while in a pretty decent calorie deficit. I struggled with this for years blaming myself and thinking I was just destined to be obese because I had a baby. As time went on I developed horrible acne, to the point where it hurts to touch my face to even clean it sometimes. I started having memory loss and blamed it on my possible adhd (which it def could be idk). I have migraines that are excruciating, I’m in so much pain sometimes I actually get sick and my vision feels off. The pain is felt right behind my eyes. Recently I noticed my face has plumped up and I have grown a double chin. I have a very noticeable buffalo hump, and starting to get small striae on my belly. I have bruises covering my arms and legs constantly. My most recent weird issue has been my digestive system, I have diarrhea and constipation on and off now every day.
I saw a tiktok last month about cushings and it caused me to start researching. I started actually tearing up when reading the stories of people with Cushings and their symptoms, it sounded so similar to what I’ve been struggling with. I feel like the past three years have been awful and I’ve been robbed of happiness because of my body failing me. I’ve been telling my husband that I feel like an outsider in my body, and I’m losing myself more as the days go on.
My primary care physician ordered just a “cortisol random” blood test. I had it done at 8am and the normal range was 4-22, my cortisol was 26.8. The report from the lab didn’t mark it as elevated though, so I’m not sure. I’m now waiting for a follow up with my primary care provider and I’m going to ask for a referral to a endo and hopefully they’ll listen to me. I really feel like this is it, I’m hoping this is it honestly. I just want to feel healthy and enjoy my life with my little girl ☹️. Thanks for listening to my rant❤️
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2023.06.01 04:31 Carebearem Groomer cut cats nails with nail caps on

Hi everyone,
Sorry for the long post ahead of time.
I recently took my cat to the groomers. He is the most chill cat ever, the best way to describe him when I am holding him is "limp". He is physically always relaxed, and has never given me a trouble or bad mood in his short life thus far.
I took him to a groomer because he is a very active, very long haired cat. No amount of brushing can stop the knats from forming under the active areas. She cut him fine, its a little choppy but i just wanted to get the job done.
After i got him back from the groomers, i looked at his nail caps, and all of them were gone. I put them on maybe 4 days prior. His nails have been too short since the groom and its been about 2.5 weeks before i tried to put some new ones back on.
I finally got the chance to do what used to be an easy 10 minute procedure. It took me 40 mins with a very clearly upset and uncomfortable cat. He does not bite and he does not scratch...just whiney.
I guess what I'm feeling is a bit of guilt that this groomer may have not only harmed but traumatized my cat. I just want to know if anyone knows why he may be acting this way -- if my instinct is true and if any of you know if clipping nails with claw caps damages the nails/tissue permanently, or if this just needs some reinforcement again.
I would hate to continue putting these on while he suffers. Unfortunately, hes housed with 2 other declawed (not by us) cats and it needs to be done...
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2023.06.01 04:29 jos-hay Am I losing blood flow to my toe?

I (21F, White, 180lbs, non-smoking/drinking) went to the ER with foot pain and was diagnosed with cellulitis. I was prescribed antibiotics and pain medication but the bruising keeps getting worse, especially with my second to smallest toe. under the nail and on the under side of the toe. I can’t really feel when it’s touched and it’s not cold, but it’s not as warm as my other toes. so, like the title says, am I loosing circulation to my toe? should I go back to the ER?
i have some pictures linked here:
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2023.06.01 04:28 Beautiful_Arrival294 Someone help!!!!

I’ve had my American “bully” for 5 years , since he was a puppy. He’s always had slight aggression with new toys , (crinkling nose , showing teeth). In the past week he’s began to do these behaviors when my boyfriend and I are near him in his dog bed or talking to him in the bed. He’s a big dog and has bit me before (playing) and drew blood , I can tell he will bite when he displays these behaviors. Today I came home from work and he was normal, went on a walk and we settled down. His dog bed is beside our couch , I sat in the spot closest his bed and started talking to him. He starts to look extremely uncomfortable, showing all signs, licking lips, side eyes, stiff body. I start telling him it’s okay and reach his head and he starts to growl and comes up to put his head on the side of the couch and continues to growl. At this point I’m scared and tell him to go , he walks to the opposite side of me and continues growling. He follows me for about 15 mins doing this before I had to have my boyfriend come home . He snapped out of it completely when he came home. But continues to avoid me , growling anytime I talk to him. I have no idea what to do. Eye contact seems to be setting him off, I’m terrified of him, I don’t want to go to sleep tonight because I may attacked lmao . Please help , I love him to death and the last thing I want is to rehome.
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2023.06.01 04:25 BaseCommanderMittens What's eating the bases off my spring mix lettuce?

Located in Victoria, Canada, and have meshed in garden beds so no rodents, birds or anything >1/4inch can get in but something still keeps biting off the very base of my spring mix lettuce. It doesnt seem to be actually eating the lettuce, just biting it off at the very bottom and then we have to chuck each plant, about one a night. Very frustrating. Any ideas? I'm assuming some type of insect? We also have an abundance of European wall lizards, but not sure if it would be them or if they could even squeeze in through the mesh covering our beds. Not really observing a whole lot of other insects and we check them over daily for the common green worms found on lettuce and pick them off right away.
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2023.06.01 04:25 Sudden-Cupcake7293 septum piercing irritation & migrating

ive had this piercing for like two years . had no issues when i first got it besides my nose feeling bruised afterwards but i think thats normal . lately, all of a sudden its been a bit red and irritated on one side. i noticed it also moved down .. so far ive just been soaking in warm salt water. it’s titanium btw so i dont think its the jewelry . should i take it out?
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2023.06.01 04:25 madeinMDE In defense of the Sky Islands

So I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks so or probably even the only one whose made this type of post but I feel like it needs to be said: I LOVE the Sky Islands.
Were they teased often in the trailers and only played a relatively minor part of a ridiculously huge game? Definitely, and I can’t fault you if that dampened your enjoyment. However, purely from my personal playthrough of the game, the islands provide a nice little respite from overworld exploration.
The islands aren’t huge, and that’s what I love about them. Given I played BOTW upon release 6 years ago (fuck man over half a decade already 🫠) and occasionally whenever the itch needed scratching since, and fact that so much changed anyway that it can be considered a whole new map, I wanna explore every nook and cranny of Hyrule again, and that doesn’t even touch on the expansive Depths. The sky islands give me that little sense of accomplishment on exploration and are fun to traverse to boot, so it’s a nice little bite sized achievement in between the big boys that the over and under worlds are. It kinda reminds me of the DS games era design philosophy of quick exploration since they’re designed to be played on the go. Those games always had a special place in my heart so it kinda makes sense.
And honestly? They’re just really pretty and ethereal. I love their ancient and crumbling designs and it’s fun to imagine what the Zonai were like in the heyday when they lived there. I’ve also taken to using the background ambience and music on YouTube as a sleeping aid, they’re just that damn calming to me.
Idk I feel like given the big expectations and admittedly lackluster performance in the main story the islands are overlooked for the charm they have. I doubt I’d change any minds with this post but it’s something I’d been stewing on for a little bit and just wanted to share lol
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2023.06.01 04:24 emmajinn Elbowed in the stomach now constant cramping

Female 25 years old. I take iron supplements for anemia. 4 days ago I was elbowed in the lower middle stomach with quite a bit of force (I was laying down and they fell down on me with their elbow going first). It hurt a lot and I started cramping in my stomach almost immediately after but there was no bruising or anything other symptoms. It’s been 4 or 5 days now and I’m still getting cramping daily intermittently that radiate from my lower stomach to my back. I’ve only experienced this type of cramping during my period so I’m feeling worried about it. Any ideas on what could be going on? Thank you
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2023.06.01 04:24 TheFanatic2997 Solving Fnaf 4(no,really!)

So we all t]know the confusing game that is Fnaf 4, Right? and how it is probably associated with Midnight Moderist? Well I have a theory that I think cracks the case of Fnaf 4 AND Midnight Moderist. I haven't seen this theory anywhere else, so this will be the only instance to the best of my knowledge.

Midnight Moderist
So in Midnight Moderist you play as "Mustard Man" driving in a suspiciously purple car in the rain. he gets home and talks to an unknown person that is not only wearing gray, and speaks in gray as well. they tell you to leave "Him" alone. you never the less knock on his door, demanding to be let in. when that doesn't work, you go around to the back of the house to find a broken window, human footprints leading away from the site, and animal footprints standing just outside. You say "Ran off to that place again. He'll be sorry when he gets Back." and the screen cuts to black.

The Characters
so we can already label "Mustard Man" as William Afton. He drives a purple car, the minigame is labeled in the files as "Later that night" and it is raining, just like the Security Puppet minigame, which shows Charlie Emily's death. with that out of the way, let's talk about about the gray person. this person is most definitely Michael, or "Foxy Bro" watching the TV, just like Michael does at the end of each night in Sister Location. he is also wearing a gray shirt, like Foxy Bro is in Fnaf 4, and he speaks in gray, like Foxy Bro. Now if he is Michael/Foxy Bro, then the "He" he mentions is most likely the Crying Child(CC).

So, What Happened?
Well, William is shown in the Minigame driving home after his first murder, and when he gets home, CC has run away to "That Place" most likely Fredbear's Family Diner since that was where William just was. If CC went to Fredbear's, then wouldn't he be there when his father murdered Charlie? and when The Puppet went outside after Charlie? what if CC saw Charlie outside in the rain, and saw The Puppet go outside too. He would then go out as well, and what would he find? an animatronic laying on top of a child's corpse. It all makes sense now. CC saw The Puppet on top of Charlie and believed that The Puppet killed her. "what is seen in the shadows is easily misunderstood in the mind of a child." now that explains CC's fear of animatronics, and what the Fredbear plush meant when he said "You know what will happen if he catches you." Michael, now aware of his brother's new found fear, would begin to bully him about his fear. Why? Well in Security Breach's CD's one of the backstories provided was that Vanessa's father, Bill, forced her to lie about her mother in court to win the custody battle. in the aftermath, it is implied her mother K*lled herself. this story turns out to be a complete fabrication. but look at Bill's name. it is short for William. this story is not Vanessa's but of the Afton kids. in the aftermath of this traumatic divorce, Michael would express his sadness by torturing his younger brother using animatronic masks. this is backed up in the story "Step Closer" where the protagonist, Pete, shares striking similarities to Michael. In this story, it is said Pete bullied his younger brother to express his sadness over his parent's divorce.

So What is Fnaf 4?
This is where the fun begins. So before we talk about Fnaf 4, I should mention the dirt mound and the animal footprints. In the Twisted Ones, the Twisted animatronics seem to be the counterparts to the Nightmare animatronics. For that reason, I think it is safe to assume that the dirt mound is where at least one of the animatronics bury themselves during the day, like in the Twisted Ones novel, and the animal footprints are from one of the Nightmare animatronics. They would be stalking the house, like seen in the menu screen of Fnaf 4. So, to lead our way to Fnaf 4, I would like to turn your attention to William's line of "He'll be sorry when he gets back." since his kid not only snuck out of the house, but went to Fredbear's on a night he killed someone. as punishment, William locked CC in one of his "Observatory" rooms seen in Sister Location, and would send the Nightmare Animatronics after him. since the Nightmare animatronics are counterparts to the Twisted Ones, then it is not far-fetched to assume they are just bare endoskeletons with a sound-illusion disc on, people see terrifying versions of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and Fredbear.(note that I am going with the idea that Nightmare is Nightmare Fredbear with a malfunctioning illusion disc, like MatPat pointed out) William also put a camera and Walkie-Talkie in CC's favorite toy, Fredbear. too keep an eye on him. in the bedroom we can also see easter-eggs showing a vase of flowers, pills, and an IV. these might be caused by the illusion discs, forcing CC to see reference's to his mother on her deathbed. Nights 1-5 go along with the end of night minigames, leading up to CC's birthday party at his now-least-favorite place, Fredbear's Family Diner. It is on that day, though, that Michael and his friends will take things too far. They pick-up CC, carry him over to Fredbear, and stuff his head inside. They all have a good laugh at CC's expense, when Fredbear's jaw slams shut, hospitalizing CC in the Bite of '83. we also see in the night 6 end-of-night minigame CC pass on, while Michael apologizes and William tells CC"I will put you back together" before it is implies CC passes away. Michael's story continues in The Survival Logbook, where he draws an image of Nightmare Fredbear or Nightmare. how would he know these animatronics exist? Nights 6-8 are when you play as Michael, trapped in the same room CC was in as punishment handed out by William for killing his brother. The box, therefore, could refer to Michael's repressed memories of the incident which killed his brother.

Tying It All together
The story of Fnaf 4, I believe, is this: William has just taken a life. he drives back home in the dead of night, and checks on his youngest son, CC, for having his door closed. He goes around the back to find CC has broken out of his room, along with evidence of his Nightmare Animatronics on the prowl. William realizes CC ran off the Fredbear's Family Diner, where he had just killed a child. turns out, CC saw the girl in the ally, and The Puppet go outside with her. after following them, he finds a grizzly scene: The Puppet on-top of the freshly murdered corpse of the girl, Charlie. CC sees that the animatronics are actually bloodthirsty murderers who kill kids. he runs back home. the next day, his Fredbear Plush begins talking to him. William then places CC in his Observatory room, where he uses the Nightmare animatronics to punish his son for disobeying him. CC's older brother, Michael, also begins to torture him, using his new-found fear against him. It seems the whole world was against him. but tragedy would strike on his birthday at Fredbear's, where Michael and his friend's all pick-up CC, and shove him into Fredbear's mouth as a sick prank. it would be then that CC would be put into a coma in the event that would come to be known as "The Bite of '83". in the hospital, Michael would apologize for what he did, while William promises to put CC back together. CC then dies in the hospital. as punishment for killing his son, William would put Michael into the Observatory where CC once was, where he would be tortured by the Nightmare animatronics, events that would continue to haunt him for decades after that.
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2023.06.01 04:23 beedubaya IFB (Independent Fundamentalist Baptists) have mastered the art of hiding a cult in plain sight

Most people probably drive by IFB churches all the time and don't even know it. On the surface, they present themselves like a Southern Baptist church, with the exception that they sing old hymns and use the King James Bible. You walk in and it looks like any old church, if not a bit old-fashioned. But then you look around and you notice all the men are wearing suits and ties and all the women are wearing dresses, some with coverings on their head.
You sing a couple of hymns. Usually something like "Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus" and "I Know Whom I Have Believed." Then announcements, where you'll hear that the church has a school. After that, "Victory In Jesus".
Then comes the offering. The preacher gets up and says that people who don't give their tithes at a bare minimum will be punished by God, inflicted with an illness, or hit with an unexpected expense. He goes on to say that those who have truly given their life to Christ will give more than 10%. The people empty out their pockets and you always know the others are watching to see if you give. Most people in IFB churches, except for the leaders, tend to be lower on the economic spectrum financially and they are guilted into giving money they don't have. The IFB preys on ex-addicts because for one, they are especially susceptible to it's black-and-white thinking and it's offering of hope and second, they offer a great "testimony" story.
After the offering there are a few special songs. Usually one song by the choir and then a couple from members of the church. Then the message begins.
It's typically a fire and brimstone message. The preacher screams and slams the pulpit while he rages on about issues like homosexuality, evolution, movies, modern music, basically anything wordly, while he drips sweat and constantly has to wipe himself. The crowd often erups in "Amen, pastor!" and "Hallelujah" and sometimes "Preach it!" from the men. Women are required to stay silent. You learn how many people are going to hell and how dangerous the world is and how parents need to shelter their children. You hear the pastor say the parents need to break the will of the child, and beat it until it bruises for misbehaving. Then will say something like "what the world calls abuse, we call standards." The sermon will go on for about an hour, maybe a little longer.
Then there will be an altar call. Usually the pastor will end the sermon talking about hell to transition into the altar call. "I Surrender All" or "Just As I Am" will play and people will be asked to come forward to either recieve salvation, repent of their sins, or join the church. They believe a faith-based salvation and believe "once saved always saved" but they believe the works are necessary to show that you are saved. They make people doubt their salvation all the time if they have trouble keeping the almost impossible standards. A lot of people go forward for this reason.
They make a big deal about joining, and consider it a sin to attend for more than a certain amount of time without joining. And once you've joined, you have to be there every Sunday Morning, Sunday Night, and Wednesday night, plus if you are an adult male, soul winning on Thursday night. Missing any of those things is sin and the preacher usually guilts people in the congregation into making it to as much as possible. He always implies that those who don't make it Wednesday night are less faithful to God than those who attend all three. If you only went Sunday morning...that's backsliding!
They also make a huge deal about using the King James version of the Bible. They believe all other version of the English Bible, including the New King James, are corrupt and demonic. To them, the King James Bible isn't just an English translation of the Bible. It's the ONLY Bible inspired by God for reading in the English language. They believe the entire process of how the King James Bible came to be is as divinely inspired as the scriptures themselves.
What really makes this a cult is that first and foremost, it's an extremely insular group. IFBers are encouraged to have a little interaction with the outside world as possible. They are often discouraged from having TV or Internet access or consuming any kind of popular entertainment. Even Contemporary Christian music is considered to be worldly. As far as music, all that's allowed is old hymns, Southern gospel, traditional pop pre-Elvis, and classical. IFB preachers tend to really single out 'rock n' roll' as being the devil's music and the beginning of the corruption of America.
Gender roles are very, very strict. Men are suppost to be tough and the head of the household. Women are supposed to be meek, quiet, and submissive. Children (and the wife) are basically the property of the father. Spanking is encouraged often by the pastor. The father's theologic beliefs, political beliefs, beliefs on science, and any other belief you can think of is the belief that the entire family is required to hold. The wife or child can NEVER admit to holding a contrary belief to the father, even if there isn't anything wrong with that belief. Disagreeing with the father typically meant something very, very bad for the children and for the wife. This was the model that was presented as Godly.
There's a lot of rules on hobbies and activities that men and women can or can't enjoy. More or less, men are expected to like traditional masculine things like hunting, fishing, sports, and things of that nature and women are expected to like cooking, sewing, and MLMs. That's another thing, most of the church women go to Tupperware, Avon, and other MLM "parties."
By the way, none of these activities have alcohol. The IFB is heavily opposed to any alcohol consumption by a Christian. In fact, some preach that it's a sin to even go to a restaurant that has a bar. It's viewed as such a taboo I literally feared God was going to cause my car to break down the first time I went to a liquor store.
Which reminds me, the IFB God is always punishing you for something and causing bad things to happen in your life for not being able to keep the standards. Those who openly do not keep the standards usually get subject to church discipline and then expulsion if they don't show that they can keep the standards.
Members of the church are highly discouraged from having friends outside the church, and that's especially the case for children. Homeschooling is strongly encouraged. Many IFB churches have their own schools where members will send their children.
And oh yeah, there's bus ministry. The church will send buses out into neighborhoods to bring kids to the church on Sundays.
Though IFB churches claim to be independent, they really aren't. They are all part of associations usually centered around a Bible college. The IFB churches I grew up in were Heartland churches. Many of the boys who grew up in the church went on to either work for the church (or a different IFB church) or went to work for a family business. Women are forbidden from holding jobs.
The thing is, almost every town in America has at least one IFB church. There's two branches these days, there's the old IFB which is what I grew up in, and the new IFB, which differs on a few doctrines but is very similar in almost every way. Most people seem unfamiliar with the IFB or if they've heard of it, they know very little about it. I believe the IFB churches have such a warped view of the world and how everything works that it's very difficult to adjust to the real world. That sends a lot of people crawling back to the IFB. A world that insular isn't easy to come out of. I would say it's every bit as damaging as some of the more isolating cults and it's hiding in plain sight.
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2023.06.01 04:19 Gatecrasher3 How bad are the mosquitoes for you recently?

Okay, before I begin here, let me say that I know I am very privileged to own my own home, and property.
I just want to ask you all though, how bad are the mosquitoes around your homes right now? I live about a kilometer west of Riverside Park, and the mosquitoes in my backyard are so out of control that I can't stay outside for more than a few minutes in the evening/night. They are some of the worst mosquitoes I've ever seen, and I've gone camping in Muskoka in June. I just came in from watering my flowers this evening, and I counted, I have 28 bites. If you were to go stand my backyard in shorts and a t-shirt you would have four or five on you at any given time. I'm trying to figure out if this is just my neighborhood, if this is just Guelph, or is there something going around my house to make the mosquitoes so bad... I personally have a regular looking property, with grass that I keep relatively short, and a few flower beds, so I'm not sure what's doing it.
I know mosquitoes like to lay eggs and standing stagnant water, so maybe one of my neighbors has a fish pond or something that they have neglected...
Just wondering how bad it is for you. Thank you.
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2023.06.01 04:18 starlife04 Stardate 05.31.23

I've been watching Xo, Kitty. I do not ever need to live in a k-drama. Things would go south so quickly and I'm pretty sure I'd end up in prison at some point. But I can't help to wonder what romance feels like.
4 more days until I get this PICC line out of my arm and I'm finished with my hospital visit. Fingers crossed.
I'm trying to wrap my head around turning 40 soon. Soon as in 2.5 years. I ate soup late and heartburn is killing me. I'm going to make a list of all of the reasons I would not have survived the apocalypse. I almost didn't survive the regular.
I had seafood pajun today.
My bruises are coming in as letters. Like actual words. I showed one of the nurses today and she freaked the F out. She called others over to look. It looks like someone scribbled with a pen on the underside of my skin. I hope this isn't the start of some mystical quest because I am NOT the one right now. Yes I will sit here and let the world end because I'm not in the mood.
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2023.06.01 04:09 jade__99 I might have to rehome my puppy..

I adopted what I was under the impression was a lab mix after fostering her since 2 weeks old. Her mom was a lab, but the dad was unknown and shortly after I adopted her, her ears started perking up and became very apparent that she was a husky. She’s now a little over six months old and I have two cats who she’s been raised around and initially she would always just try and play with them but it’s starting to look like she sees them as prey. She tried to bite one in the face the other day and he screamed. My cats seem far more stressed and are constantly in hiding when they used to be very social cats are because every time they go in the living room (hopping a baby gate I have) she immediately chases after them and tries to pin them down .I mostly work from home, but one day a week I have to go in the office and I have a friend who watches her who also has a cat. Today my puppy attacked her cat and understandably, my friend can no longer watch her which means she would have to be crated nine hours once a week while I’m at work otherwise she would destroy things or potentially endanger my cats. I have tried everything she’s been in a training class for a few months and has improved in some ways, but seems to be getting worse with the cats, or at least getting bigger and more dangerous. I give her Kongs and other mental stimulation, I only feed her either with a puzzle toy or by training. I take her on walks and alternate her toys. I am at my wits end and I don’t know how much longer I should wait before potentially rehoming at her as I’ve tried to train her to do well with my cat for six months now to no avail. Any advice welcome because I really do love her and have grown very attached to her, but I have course have to consider the well-being of my cats.
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2023.06.01 04:08 dooingjo Just sharing a masturbation tip that will blow ur mind

food & masturbation. yup i said it. EAT while you BEAT. I never knew this was an option but it has opened a whole new world. Think about it eating a juicy ripe mango with your bare hands while touching yourself, it feeds into that animalistic instinct to bite while also getting the dopamine rush of eating and the euphoria and dopamine of masturbating, imagine having a powerful orgasm covered in mango juice, being sloppy and carefree. Dont even get me started on burgers. Homey cozy foods while masturbating. Makes me wanna eat spaghetti with my hands. THINK ABOUT IT. SOUNDS WEIRD ASF BUT ITS LIKE A WHOLE NEW DOOR NOBODY KNEW EXISTED.
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2023.06.01 04:08 thatcrazylady Fighting the nausea

I'm on day 2, and I feel like I want to throw up most of the time. I have been drinking water and electrolyte drink things and taking small bites of boring food, but I have a wave of "let me puke it all up!" happening a few times an hour. Suggestions?
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2023.06.01 04:08 jfrawley28 Babe Ruth

Anyone else get rocked the first time they faced him?
I'm at Ego 80 (pitching at 75) and he homered off me his first at bat.
He also only gave up 4 hits and 2 runs. I won 2-1 with the only run given up being his homer.
I did strike him out three times after his homer, though.
If you've got 2 strikes on him, pitch him low and inside off the plate. He'll bite.
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2023.06.01 04:05 Party_Jellyfish_512 Treated unfairly at work. Remote jobs for NPs?

I work in a large hospital in a major city. Having moved from my home state less than a year ago, I am really blessed to have found a job that I enjoy and in the specialty I love (hint:lots of people dislike/feadon’t understand it). However, recently management has called me into the office with multiple concerns about my behavior. Apparently, the words that I use are considered…unkind? Untrue? Can be taken the wrong way? Idk how to even describe it. I can give an example:
Me talking to a coworker: “wow those overnight shifts are pretty tough, I did nights for a while and it’s not for me.”
Management: “We heard you were talking down on our decision to hire people to those shifts. Do you disagree with how we do things?”
Now, I felt these experiences were truly unfair. Why? They took heresay and ran with it. When they asked me about it and I shared my side, they still counted it against me.
Recently though, I did have an uncomfortable experience with a coworker that ended in me apologizing and seeing how I took my stress out on her. I immediately promised to do better, apologized and reported this to a leader of mine bc I want to be held accountable.
They pulled me into the office again and told me they opened a case with HR since “they saw a pattern”. Yikes. I’m on strike one, so to speak. I’m on a behavioral plan. Had to do training on how to deal with giving feedback and friction with colleagues. I’ve never had issues interacting with coworkers. But apparently things I say are being taken negatively… sometimes by people who I barely work with.
I’ve been walking on egg shells ever since. Now any time I open my mouth, I am worried something will be misconstrued or my anxiety will make me say something stupid. Everyone else I work with seems oblivious to this. I can’t participate with my colleagues in a good venting session bc I know if I say something MY ass is grass. I can’t trust them even though I like them, bc I don’t know exactly who is feeding management these weird accusations. I can’t tell anyone because I am 1) so embarrassed and 2)scared it’ll bite me in the ass.
I am just waiting for the next day I get pulled into the office.
My question to you all is this: when do I look for a new job and are there remote NP jobs out there? I love inpatient, I love being an Np, but this environment is scaring the shit out of me and I feel so isolated.
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2023.06.01 04:03 bowbafett29 Heart of Palm pasta

Saw it all over tiktok, the heart of palm pieces being dipped into marinara and skinny people gasping at how good it was. So I tried it, went to Publix, pasta aisle and got a bag of it. It was top shelf $3.99 for 12oz bag (I bought two bags) that in totally for 1 whole bag was 60cals. Now I’ve tried zucchini noodles, I’ve tried the “0 noodles” that have that god awful smell (to me).. but these.. these were actual gold.. rinsed them off, put them in hot water for 5 minutes since out of the bag they were a bit hard for my pasta taste. Straight up Al dente pasta with no awful taste and honestly filled me up. I will eat a lot of pasta, it is a weakness for me, but I ate two plates of this with my marinara and meatballs and Jesus it wasn’t that bad I didn’t crave normal pasta afterwards I didn’t longingly stare at it but was happy with what I ate. It gripped the sauce well, I did linguine cut and it swirled on the fork well, and it had a bite to it…so not mushy. I used the Palmini brand as that was what was in Publix for us and was in the pasta aisle!! Def suggest if you are able too!
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2023.06.01 04:02 JustMe_007 Geri-psych unit experiences

My dad has been here twice. Each visit has been absolutely traumatizing for our entire family. He is being confined when he doesn’t know what is going on, gets only 30 minute visits with family, he’s not being bathed or groomed, he emerges for our visits with new bruises or cuts on his arms.
He seems almost catatonic when we visit or extremely upset (as would I be if held in a sterile place with strangers and so little to do to pass time). They give the family so very little insight as to what goes on when we aren’t there.
These places seem like some of the worst that our healthcare system has to offer and a loop we are stuck in. Not necessarily to any fault of the long suffering and hard working staff there. I attribute it more to a system that is over-burdened and driven by profit margins and prescription medications.
My dad can’t return to his memory care home until the psych unit gives him the green light. Does anyone have any insight into what goes on behind closed doors in these units?
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2023.06.01 04:01 No_Condition_7952 Can’t catch

Been fishing on the river here lately an used to be able to catch a few but here lately I have been leaving everyday without any fish or any bites im fairly new to fish was looking if anyone had any tips on things I could do better an good lures to use I usually jus go out an randomly pick a lure not having any idea of what would be the best for the situation I usually go Also I usually am fishing 5-6pm is that a good time of day to catch?
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