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2021.03.04 01:47 saltcitycager NBL Minutes Recreation Process

Now that we have the BAA minutes posted, the tough part is putting together the NBL meeting minutes. This is years worth of data mining and collecting info. We may never know how complete these are, as for right now they may not exist anywhere in record except newspapers. Attempts to contact Ike Duffy's family have failed, Leo Ferris's family doesn't have any NBL correspondence. Next to try is Doxie Moore/Carl Bennett/Lon Darling's families. They may have records at historical societies, but haven't found them yet. Anderson was a no-go. Here are my pieced together NBL minutes so far, with source underneath each:
9/9/46-9/10/46- Chicago, IL (Hotel Morrison)
Ward Lambert offered 3-year contract as commissioner of NBL for $10,000 annually. Announcement by Carl Bennett that NBL & BAA “in harmony.” Until announced, a three-man board consisting of John Boord, VP of the Chicago Gears, Doxie Moore of the Sheboygan Redskins and Carl Bennett, president of the Fort Wayne Pistons had been running the league.
Associated Press. “’Piggy’ Lambert Basketball Commissioner.” Sheboygan Press. 10 Sep 1946:12. Newspaper Archive. Web. 13 Mar 2019.
9/23/46- Buffalo, NY (LaFayette Hotel):
In attendance- Carl Bennett, Ft. Wayne, president; Lon Darling, Oshkosh, secretary; Doxie Moore, Sheboygan; Bob McClaren, Youngstown; Paul Peck and Keith Brehm, Chicago; Les Harrison and Eddie Malanowicz, Rochester; Dan Biasone and Bennie Borgmann, Syracuse; Murray Mendenhall, Anderson; Bob Orbison, Indianapolis; Morris Winston, Detroit; Leo Ferris, Buffalo; Sidney Goldberg, Toledo.
Ward Lambert signs 3-year contract as commissioner of NBL for $10,000 annually. Schedule changes and exhibition game dates announced.
Alli, Joe. “Lambert Signs Pact as NBL Commissioner.” Buffalo Courier-Express. 24 Sep 1946:17. Fulton History. Web. 7 Nov 2016.
5/11/47- Detroit, MI
NBL annual meeting. New officers elected: Paul Walk (IND) elected president, replaces Carl Bennett (FTW); Leo Ferris (TCB) elected vice-president; Jack Harrison (ROC) elected secretary; Harry Foote (CHG) elected treasurer. The league adopted a 54-game schedule for 1947-48, all 12 teams will operate next season.
Associated Press. “Cage Circuit Elects Walk As Loop Boss.” Rochester Democrat & Chronicle. 12 May 1947:12. Fulton History. Web 7 Jun 2017.
5/15/47- Buffalo, NY (Hotel Statler):
In attendance- Ward Lambert, NBL commissioner; Paul Walk, NBL president; Leo Ferris, NBL vice-president; Jack Harrison, NBL secretary; Virgil Gladieux & Sidney Goldberg, owners, Toledo Jeeps; Carl Bennett, general manager, Fort Wayne Pistons; Maurice Podoloff, BAA president; Ned Irish, president, New York Knicks; Al Sutphin, owner, Cleveland Rebels; Art Wirtz, owner, Chicago Stags.
Wakefield, Frank. “Nation’s Pro Cage Leaders Are Here for Truce ‘Parley’.” Buffalo Evening News. 15 May 1947:33. Fulton History. Web. 13 Jun 2017.
*Representatives from BAA and NBL meet to “discuss territorial rights, college player drafts, salary scales and a possible inter-league post-season championship series.” Another meeting is scheduled for the next month to further discuss these topics.
“Rival Cage Leagues Plan Second Meeting.” Buffalo Evening News. 16 May 1947:39. Fulton History. Web. 13 Jun 2017.
6/2/47- Detroit, MI (Leland Hotel): Joint meeting with BAA
In attendance- BAA- President Maurice Podoloff; Ned Irish, New York; Walter Brown, Boston; Emory Jones, St. Louis; Eddie Gottlieb, Philadelphia; NBL- Commissioner Ward Lambert; Paul Walk, Indianapolis; Maurice White, Chicago; Jack Harrison, Rochester; George Mingin, Syracuse; Leo Ferris, Tri-Cities; Doxie Moore, Sheboygan.
Discussed and approved: 1. Uniform players contract to be used in both leagues. 2. Consensus of opinion that no player's name be placed on reserve list unless some form of agreement in writing has been forwarded to the commissioner of his league. 3. Approved the number of players to be placed on the reserve list at various times of the year. 4. Various other provisions on players and contracts, including: (a) No player under 16 years old. (b) No high school player until one year after the date his class is scheduled to graduate. (c) Provision for inter-league trading of players. 5. Joint player draft agreed to after heated debate. NBL teams had already signed some college players and felt they shouldn't be included in the draft. Turned out that only 11 players, already signed by NBL teams were on BAA lists, so it was decided that BAA teams would each get one choice before NBL began choosing. College joint draft was then held. 6. Question of a post season world series was discussed, but was tabled for a possible committee meeting to be held before start of 1947-48 season in the event such a series was considered desirable. 7. Attached was an eight-page "Memorandum of Agreement" covering the points agreed to. The agreement was to last two years, until June 1, 1949.
Ben Berger of Minneapolis purchased the Detroit Gems (NBL) from Morris Winston.
United Press. “Minneapolis Buys Pro Cage Franchise.” The Wisconsin State Journal. 3 Jun 1947. Newspaper Archive. Web. 23 Feb 2018.
115 players chosen in college draft between both leagues. Sheboygan chose Mike Todorovich (Notre Dame; University of Wyoming; Washington University, St. Louis), Fred Gant (University of Richmond) & Bob Tuttle (Whittier College, CA). No players chosen by Fort Wayne.
“Redskin Coach Enthusiastic Over Basketball Agreement.” Sheboygan Press. 6 Jun 1947:13. Newspaper Archive. Web. 23 Feb 2018.
Syracuse Nationals drafted John Colberg (University of Pennsylvania), Nick Buzolich (Pepperdine University), Charles Bozeman (Louisiana State). They acquire second rights to Walt Dropo (University of Connecticut) if Providence Steamrollers of BAA cannot sign him.
“Nationals Acquire Rights to Basketeers.” Syracuse Herald American. 8 Jun 1947:46. Newspaper Archive. Web. 23 Feb 2018.
Chicago picked John Sebastian.
“Nats Beaten at Moline.” Syracuse Post Standard. 17 Jun 1947:13. Fulton History. Web. 25 Feb 2018.
Oshkosh retained draft rights to Walt Lautenbach (University of Wisconsin), Glen Selbo (University of Wisconsin), Exner Menzel (University of Wisconsin), Gene Rock (University of Southern California) and Floyd Volker (University of Wyoming).
Associated Press. Oshkosh Obtains Draft Rights Of Three Wisconsin Cage Stars.” La Crosse Tribune. 22 Jun 1947. Newspaper Archive. Web. 22 Feb 2018.
10/16/47- New York (BAA offices):
  1. Fairly amicable meeting of the two leagues. Memorandum of agreement written early was approved by both. Also discussed intricacies of player draft.
    1. Question came up as to what situation would be if a team resigned from its league at the end of a season and later applied for a franchise in the other league. Consensus was that it would be o.k. and the team would retain title to its players.
    2. Considered all-star game between NBL and BAA. Sentiment was in favor although couldn’t schedule such a game during 1947-48 season. Will be explored later.
    3. Amicable agreement settling a disputed contract of player Carl Meinhold, who was claimed by Baltimore of BAA and Tri-City of NBL. Baltimore paid $500 to Tri-Cities for rights to Meinhold.
    4. Letter from Southern Basketball Conference suggesting "cooperative operation." Sentiment was in favor of affiliation with other pro basketball leagues in the country.
11/16/47- NBL rejects Chicago Gears from re-entering league by unanimous league vote. Paul Walk announces Fred Lewis, Al Grenert, Howie Rader and Sid Tannenbaum are all banned for jumping leagues. Meeting at Morrison Hotel.
Gears dispersed: George Mikan and A. O. Steffen, Minneapolis; Bruce Hale, Indianapolis; Bob Calihan and Bob Cotton, Flint; Price Brookfield, Anderson; Irvin Noren and Stan Szukala, Oshkosh; George Ratkovicz, Rochester; Dick Triptow and Pete Fogo, Tri-Cities; Bob McDermott and Max Morris, Sheboygan; Stan Patrick, Toledo; John Sebastian, Syracuse.
“League Rejects Franchise Bid Of Homeless Gears.” Chicago Tribune. 17 Nov 1947:38. ProQuest Historical Newspapers. Web. 8 Aug 2019.
2/6/48- At an NBL meeting in Chicago, NBL officials map out and agree to playoff system. Chicago Herald-American sought assurance from the NBL that the top teams would be in this year’s World Tournament, asking for the league’s top five teams. Discussion was held regarding Arnie Risen deal by Indianapolis to Rochester as being illegal. Max Winter declared all games in which Risen played should be considered forfeits on Rochester’s part. Leo Ferris claimed Indianapolis and Minneapolis were planning to switch leagues, Winter refused to make a statement and did not deny the accusation. A June 1 deadline was set for all clubs to post performance bonds to affirm their intentions of continuing the next season with NBL.
“Playoffs Set; National Curbs Loop ‘Jumping’.” Minneapolis Morning Tribune. 7 Feb 1948:11. Web. 29 Jun 2019.
4/9/48- Chicago:
*Seven franchise applications are reviewed as candidates. Bids from promotors in Denver, Des Moines, Chicago, Louisville, Dayton, St. Paul and Wilkes-Barre are being considered.
Associated Press. “NBL Considers 7 Franchise Bids.” Winona Republican Herald. Winona, MN. 9 Apr 1948:12. Newspaper Archive. Web. 27 May 2017.
*Three offers were made for the Syracuse Nationals franchise to owner Danny Biasone from other cities. No bids were accepted.
Reddy, Bill. “Keeping Posted with Bill Reddy.” The Post Standard. Syracuse, NY. 20 Apr 1948:12. Fulton History. Web. 23 Apr 2017.
*All members of the league sign an agreement that in the event any team left the NBL, all players on its roster become the property of the NBL.
Reddy, Bill. “Keeping Posted with Bill Reddy.” The Post Standard. Syracuse, NY. 11 May 1948:12. Fulton History. Web. 26 Jan 2017.
5/10/48- Chicago (Hotel Morrison):
In attendance- Leo Ferris, acting NBL president and Tri-Cities owner; Ben Kerner, Tri-Cities owner; Paul Walk and Frank Kautsky, Indianapolis president and owner, respectively; Max Winter, Minneapolis owner; Lon Darling, Oshkosh owner; Jack and Lester Harrison, Rochester owners; Danny Biasone, owner and George Mingin, public relations, Syracuse; Virgil Gladieux, Toledo owner; Ward Lambert, resigning NBL president; Tom Carneghie, resigning NBL publicity director.
In Chicago, a joint player-draft meeting was scheduled in two floors of the Hotel Morrison. Rumors of a league jump were confirmed as the Minneapolis Lakers, Indianapolis Kautskys, Fort Wayne Pistons and Rochester Royals all left the NBL for the BAA. National League vice-president Leo Ferris issued a “declaration of war,” and severed the working agreement between the leagues that focused mainly on player contract negotiating and tampering. The NBL’s Ward Lambert resigned as commissioner, Paul Walk as president and Tom Carneghie as publicity director. It is also disclosed that Oshkosh and Toledo have also applied for BAA membership, but their bids were tabled. The shift in teams left the BAA with 12 members: Chicago, New York, St. Louis, Baltimore, Providence, Philadelphia, Washington, Boston, Minneapolis Rochester, Fort Wayne & Indianapolis. The remaining teams in the NBL were Oshkosh, Sheboygan, Toledo, Anderson, Tri-Cities, Syracuse & Flint. A yet to be named Chicago entry had a franchised granted and there were some applications from perspective franchises being considered. Upon accepting the four new member clubs to the BAA, Maurice Podoloff was also re-elected president for two more years.
Associated Press. “Four Key National Cage Loop Clubs Bolt To BAA.” The Saratogian, Saratoga, NY. 11 May 1948:10. Fulton History. Web. 26 Jan 2017.
“There will be no respect of player contracts and open war on signing players from now on.” Ferris to Podoloff, when the NBL was invited to a joint draft with the BAA. Ferris said all players from bolting teams would be reassigned amongst remaining NBL teams as per the April 19 signed agreement.
Associated Press. “Four Key Quints Jump NBL To Join Rival Circuit.” Salt Lake Tribune. 11 May 1948:14. Newspaper Archives. Web. 21 Apr 2017.
The 12-team BAA immediately held a player draft of 100 collegians, roughly eight per team. Lowest win percentages picked in order from top to bottom, regardless to previous league. “The names of players drafted will remain secret until they are actually signed. Our BAA clubs have been advised to get their players signed as soon as possible since the NBL has threatened a player-war.”
Lon Darling declared his team will stick with NBL and “definitely won’t fold.”
Associated Press. “Four National Cage Loop Teams Accepted in BAA.” Albany Times-Union. 11 May 1948:9,11. Fulton History. Web. 6 Sep 2016.
The NBL has been left weakened by the loss of four of its leading teams to the rival BAA and its commissioner, president, publicity director. The 8-team NBL is looking for new leadership and considering new teams to fill vacancies left by Minneapolis, Fort Wayne, Rochester and Indianapolis.
Associated Press. “Jump National Cage League.” Racine Journal Times. 11 May 1948:11. Newspaper Archives. Web. 20 Apr 2017.
Syracuse public relations director George Mingin joined club president Dan Biasone in Chicago for the pro basketball meetings. According to Mingin, the BAA offered every NBL team an interview to possibly switch leagues. Syracuse declined to move leagues, and Rochester assured its natural rival that they were staying in the NBL also. Thirty minutes later, the Royals made the announcement they will be the fourth team leaving for the BAA. On 4/19, all NBL teams signed an agreement that if any team leaves the league, all players become property of the league. Syracuse holds the NBL rights to Billy Gabor, and the NBL has granted territorial rights to Bob Gale and Ed Peterson of Cornell when they graduate. There are questions Syracuse will continue to operate.
Reddy, Bill. “Keeping Posted.” The Post Standard. Syracuse, NY. 11 May 1948:12. Fulton History. Web. 26 Jan 2017.
Leo Ferris named acting president of the NBL.
“We intend to continue operating,” Lon Darling, owner of the Oshkosh team said. Seven teams remain in the league, which are Sheboygan, Tri-Cities, Anderson, Flint, Oshkosh, Syracuse and Toledo. A franchise had been granted to Chicago. Another NBL meeting is scheduled for 5/11 to discuss expansion and conduct their player draft.
United Press. “Nations’ Two Top Pro Basket Leagues Go To War.” Kenosha Evening News. 11 May 1948:10. Newspaper Archives. Web. 20 Apr 2017.
Darling also announced that Oshkosh’s board of directors had declined an offer of $35,000 for himself and eight players from another NBL city. Four of the players involved were Leroy Edwards, Glenn Selbo, Gene Englund and Walt Lautenbach.
Associated Press. “National League Facing Crucial Meeting Today.” Sheboygan Press. 10 May 1948:14. Newspaper Archive. Web. 25 Feb 2018.
After the meeting, one of the original BAA owners, remarked, “Well, if the BAA doesn’t go over next year with this setup, it will never go.” The majority of pro basketball owners are in the red as of mid-December.
Cushing, Elliot. “Sports Eye View.” Rochester Democrat & Chronicle. 17 Dec 1948:40. Fulton History. Web. 26 Apr 2017.
5/11/48- Chicago (Hotel Morrison):
NBL drafted 125 collegians. Detroit accepted into league. Leo Ferris named new president, Doxie Moore of Sheboygan named interim commissioner until 6/30, Lon Darling of Oshkosh as treasurer. Ferris proclaims court action on a resolution adopted April 19 which provided that any club leaving without permission would forfeit players to league.
George Mikan and Jim Pollard signed by the Lakers of BAA.
Associated Press. “Pros On Prowl For New Talent In Cage Loops.” Ironwood Daily Journal. 12 May 1948:12. Newspaper Archives. Web. 23 Apr 2017.
Ben Kerner- “From now on it’s open warfare between our league and the BAA. We had foolishly begun a joint player draft with the other league last year. Now that’s all off. They stole four of our teams. But the players from those teams will belong to our league. The BAA has the big cities, the NBL has the ‘name’ players. We have all the big stars in our league and we’ll fight the BAA to the finish. Already we have issued one new franchise and six other cities have applied to enter. We intend to concentrate on the Midwest and let the BAA keep the East where it’s losing money steadily. Basketball is biggest in the Midwest. And pro basketball is primarily a small town sport. That was proven right here in Buffalo. We lost $33,000 with the pro team we had here in 1946, but we made money after moving to Moline. We’ll keep going after the name players. Our club signed Murray Wier, the Iowa All-America, Monday, and we’ll get plenty more.”
“Buffalonian, Leo F. Ferris, Becomes NBL Cage Boss.” Buffalo Evening News. 11 May 1948:25. Fulton History. Web. 8 Jun 2017.
Max Winter- “When I got up to leave the room, eight guys jumped up and blocked the door.” Until these meetings, Winter refused to acknowledge or confirm rumors that the Lakers were jumping leagues. Minneapolis became the third team to leave that day.
After Indianapolis, Fort Wayne and Minneapolis all had left the NBL, representatives of Oshkosh, Rochester and Toledo all held “exploratory talks” with the BAA, after which it was announced that Minneapolis and Rochester had been accepted to the league and that no more applications were being considered at that time. The applications for Oshkosh and Toledo had been tabled.
Cromie, Robert. “4 National League Fives Bolt To B.A.A.” Chicago Tribune. 11 May 1948:1, 3. ProQuest Newspapers. Web. 7 Aug 2019.
Billy Kelly (Buffalo Courier Express sports editor)- “Success of the coup engineered by the Basketball Association of America, enlisting four of the top teams in the National League under its banner, relegates the NBL to the status of a secondary power. The BAA has gained the upper hand.”
Kelly, Bill. “Before and After, by Billy Kelly.” Buffalo Courier Express. 12 May 1948:20. Fulton History. Web. 23 Apr 2017.
Baltimore Bullets of the BAA show interest in Billy Gabor. Gabor holds out on talks until he learns what Biasone is doing next season.
Skiddy, Lawrence. “Baltimore Bullets Eye Billy Gabor.” Syracuse Herald Journal. 11 May 1948:22. Newspaper Archives. Web. 20 Apr 2017.
Draft choices of the Oshkosh All-Stars were Ed Mills of Wisconsin; Gene Berce, Marquette; Andy Wolfe, California; Jack Burmaster, Illinois; Ken Campbell, Kentucky; John Langdon, Texas.
Associated Press. “Local Boys Draft Choices Of the Oshkosh All-Stars.” Racine Journal Times. 13 May 1948:25. Newspaper Archives. Web. 22 Feb 2018.
Draft choices of the Sheboygan Redskins were Bob Brannum, Michigan State; Nate DeLong, River Falls Teachers College; Jack Nichols, University of Washington; Bobby Cook, Wisconsin, Bill Stricklin, Northwestern; Johnny Orr, Beloit.
“Redskins’ Draft List Announced.” Sheboygan Press. 13 May 1948:23. Newspaper Archives. Web. 25 Feb 2018.
Draft choices of the Syracuse Nationals were Billy Gabor, Syracuse University; Ed Peterson, Cornell University.
“Billy (The Bullet) Gabor Signs to Play Basketball for Nats.” Syracuse Post Standard. 25 Jul 1948:13. Fulton History. Web. 29 Jan 2017.
Obituaries: Edward T. Peterson. The Citizen, Auburn, N.Y. 22 Mar 1984:18. Fulton History. Web. 30 Aug 2019.
6/14/48- Ike Duffy is new president of NBL. Magnus Brinkman (Sheboygan) elected secretary. Leo Ferris returned to vice-president duties. Discussions center around screening applications for franchises.
*Applications received by St. Paul, Louisville, Des Moines, Hammond, St. Louis & Chicago.
Associated Press. “Duffy NBL President.” The Sheboygan Press. 15 Jun 1948:16. Newspaper Archives. Web. 23 Apr 2017.
6/30/48- Doxie Moore elected commissioner. Des Moines, IA granted franchise, later moves to Waterloo. A 56-game schedule will be announced.
Associated Press. “NBL Picks Moore As Boss, Admits Des Moines Club.” The Post Standard. Syracuse, NY. 1 Jul 1948:13. Newspaper Archives. Web. 23 Apr 2017.
5/1/49- Sheboygan Redskins President Magnus Brinkman and Coach Kenny Suessens participate in NBL draft in Indianapolis. First draft choice Bob Woods, 5-11, North DeKalb Teachers College; 2nd Cliff Crandall, 6-3, Oregon State; 3rd Ollie Helderle, 6-5, Oklahoma. Other draftees: C. Retherford, 6-2, Nebraska; Roger Wiley, 6-8 Oregon; Doug Rogers, 6-1, University of Wisconsin; Eppa Rixey, 6-7, Henderson.
“Bob Woods Of DeKalb First On Redskins’ List.” The Sheboygan Press. 2 May 1949:23. Newspaper Archive. Web. 21 Feb 2018.
7/30/49- Indianapolis:
In attendance- Ike Duffey, NBL president, Anderson owner. Danny Biasone, Syracuse owner. Mike Fitzgerald, Tri-Cities business manager.
*Faced with losing their franchise, the Hammond Buccaneers raised $15,000 in 3 days, but must raise $15,000 more by August 5 to stay in the league. All teams must have $30,000 minimum to operate in 1949-50.
Courier Special Service. “Marsau to Call Meeting Here; Report Heated NBL Session; Merger Possible.” Waterloo Sunday Courier. Waterloo, IA. 31 Jul 1949:31. Newspaper Archive. Web. 24 May 2017.
*George Glamack applied for a franchise to operate in Grand Rapids, MI.
Cushing, Elliot. “Sports Eye View.” Rochester Democrat & Chronicle. 4 Aug 1949:24. Fulton History. Web. 12 May 2017.
*A 14-point plan was introduced that would merge the NBL with the BAA.
  1. Name of the league to be National Basketball Association.
  2. $3,000 to be put up by each club for the new treasury.
  3. Denver player dispute to be settled by arbitration.
  4. Four divisions in the league. The BAA would have two divisions of five clubs each and the NBL would have two divisions of four clubs each.
  5. Each joining group to play three games between themselves and one with the other joining group. This would give the NBL 31 home games and the BAA 35 home games. Excess would be used in doubleheaders or otherwise the National club would have the opportunity of one or two additional games if desired.
  6. Dues per game would be 5% of gross receipts after tax deductions or $175 per game or the cost of referees, whichever is greatest.
  7. Special playoff meeting for playoff structure, but ultimate winner would be winner of World Series between two final clubs.
  8. Ike Duffey, head of Anderson club, to be chairman of the board and Maurice Podoloff, head of BAA, to be president and Walter Kennedy to be publicity director.
  9. Executive committee to consist of Ned Irish, Walter Brown, Ed Gottlieb, Carl Bennett, Leo Ferris and Ike Duffey.
  10. BAA to move out of Indianapolis and discontinue at Providence.
  11. A flip of a coin to decide draft conflicts. Negotiation list conflicts to be decided by earliest wire or correspondence to player.
  12. Duffey’s, Incorporated would be allowed to use their commercial name affiliation.
  13. All-Star game this year to be participated in by about 20 leading college players divided into two squads, one of which plays the Anderson team and the other Minneapolis.
  14. Teams would be permitted 12 exhibition games, none on the night before a league game.
“Redskins Reject Merger Proposal.” The Sheboygan Press. Sheboygan, WI. 1 Aug 1949:14. Newspaper Archives. Web. 22 May 2017.
Sheboygan opposes merger on 8/1. Syracuse, Anderson, Indianapolis, Oshkosh, Denver and Tri-Cities are for the merger plan.
Associated Press. “Merger Plan Submitted To Two Leagues.” The Sheboygan Press. Sheboygan, WI. 1 Aug 1949:14. Newspaper Archives. Web. 22 May 2017.
Waterloo Hawks voted against merger on 8/1.
Associated Press. “Waterloo Votes Against Merger With Rival Loop.” The Post Standard. Syracuse, NY. 2 Aug 1949:10. Fulton History. Web. 26 Jan 2017.
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2020.01.17 05:46 kc620 Proving everyone else wrong (or right!) - help with a brick wall in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

I've been struggling with this family for quite some time now and thought I'd ask for another set of eyes and/or some suggestion on what to try next. It's a brick wall, but an odd case because no one else out there believes it to be so it's really hard to research. It revolves around Dorthea L. Zeigler
Birth: 29 Jun 1811, Bavaria (no primary source, only from gravestone)
Parents: Completely unknown
Marriage 1: John Reiss (Reus, Reuz) in Germany (no sources, place unknown)
Marriage 2: 27 May 1850 to Franz/Frank Wendel Ott in Sheboygan, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Death: 18 Aug 1897 in Wilson, Sheboygan, Wisconsin (Name listed as Theodora Zeigler)
Children with John Reiss in Germany:
Children with Franz Wendel Ott in Sheboygan, WI:
Censuses in Sheboygan, WI
Religion: Catholic (First attended Holy Name church in Sheboygan, later St. George's)
Approximate timeline
This would be a fairly open and shut case of a brick wall, not knowing where she and her first husband were from in Bavaria, except that EVERY OTHER family tree out there and indeed my own family, who have researched her extensively and are from the Sheboygan community, have decided that she's not Dorothea Zeigler at all, despite that maiden name being used on the birth records for all her children with Franz Ott as well as on her marriage record and death certificate. Instead, for some unknown reason, everyone says her maiden name is actually Van Treeck and she's the daughter of Gerhard Van Treeck, who also moved to Sheboygan around the same time, and his first wife Hendrina Peters.
And I can't find a single shred of proof that links her to this family. Not a single one.
Gerhard Van Treeck's family were from Geldern, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany (then Prussia I believe) and list themselves as such on their US censuses; in contrast Dorthea lists herself as from Bavaria on all 3 of her known censuses. What's more, her 4 daughters also always list themselves as being from Bavaria, even when their husbands are from another area e.g. Prussia. What's more, I've been able to locate the church records for the Van Treecks in Geldern and found all the expected children of Gerhard and Hendrina except Dorthea. On either side of her expected birthdate as well. Her supposed older sister was born in 1810 with technically enough time between her birthdate and Dorthea's reported birthdate but only just (11 months). I searched those church books plus/minus 10 years, too, so it's not just a case of a wrong birth year. I also can't find her husband or 4 daughters (5 actually, one died as an infant) in the various Geldern records, though this isn't as much of a smoking gun since there are a lot of towns in Geldern and many don't have complete church records available at Matricula.
I'm not the first person to notice her surname is Zeigler in the Sheboygan church records (though I am, to my knowledge, the first to track down the Van Treeck German baptism records) and for awhile I was satisfied by this explanation revolving around Dorthea choosing a random last name to distance herself from her husband dying, marrying the farm hand, and having his child all within 6 months. But the more I think about it, the more it doesn't make sense. After all, she lists her prior husband's name in the marriage record to Franz Ott. She also 'chooses' a maiden name that is already present in their small community - I've seen other Zeiglers in the records, though I haven't been able to figure out if/how they might be associated.
What I want to do is either show she's not from the Van Treeck family (my gut feeling given the evidence) or to prove that she is a Van Treeck.
Some things I've already tried or should note:
Thank you!!
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