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2023.03.25 08:48 woods0787 Sudden change in behavior GSD

My dog is doing my head in. So in the past 10 years she would maybe once a month jump on the bed at the beginning of the night sleep and the bottom for 10 mins before she gets too hot and sleeps on the floor.
Suddenly every morning this past week, around 5 am she goes into alert mode, ears up, jumps up on the bed and tries to sit on my head, takes quite a lot of get her to move down but she keeps moving back up sitting upright by my head. After about half hour she gets off the bed. Anyone got any idea what the hell is up with her ?
No change in environment has happened.
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2023.03.25 08:48 EdgeMember_IV Jump is delayed

Hey there! I recently started Harvard's CS50 course. For some reason my jump is super delayed and I can't figure out why! Any help would be appreciated! Here is the link to my project:
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2023.03.25 08:48 EmsPorcelain89 Just started playing Dark Souls after a friend (man) told me I'd never be able to play it and loving it so far!

I have a long-distance friend and one of our shared passions is gaming. At the time I was a fairly casual gamer who tended to do most of my playthroughs on story/exploration mode, as I'm a completionist and really like looking around and enjoying the content of the game.
I was also going through a marriage breakdown due to... Very difficult things I don't want to get into, bad health issues and I didn't want to stress my brain too much, and due to this he told me to never bother attempting Dark Souls as I'd never be able to play it. It stuck with me and put me off playing it, and I never did attempt it.
I told my new (now 2 years in) partner, who is a hardcore gamer(speed runner, ultra hars modes etc), and he rolled his eyes. He told me if I wanted to play it, I should damn well play it, I could learn the mechanics, practice parrying etc. We've played other games together on hard mode (nothing as objectively 'hard' as souls games tbf) but he didn't like that someone told me I couldn't, or shouldn't, play something I wanted to - he's a wonderful partner and my biggest supporter.
So yesterday I went and got the DS trilogy and started playing! I'm still learning, and it's gonna take me a bit to get decent at it, but I've spent years thinking I'd never be able to play it, and here I am, playing it! Words can be so impactful, and those words stuck with me for years, stopping me from playing a game I really wanted to try. So if there's a game you want to try, and someone told you not to, fuck 'em, go get your game on! I'm so glad I have, finally.
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2023.03.25 08:47 drstinkweed I think I have CV

I've had burning while peeing since Feb 1st, after taking an antibiotic for a uti. I've been on many antibiotics in the past year, and Diflucan. I have had white clumpy discharge since, and every swab has come back normal for everything, even stds. I've seen three midwives. They finally sent me a referral to a gyno. I've used baking soda and it gave me relief, but it also scares me. I bought the CV ease from new eve and I'm supposed to use the second suppository tomorrow. This morning I woke up feeling better than I have in weeks, but now tonight my vagina feels raw like it's been scratched up :( is this just part of the healing process since I've had it for so long? I've been using balm made for dryness since the baking soda douche because it left me so dry I just want my old discharge back 🥺 I'm so tired of having vagina problems
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2023.03.25 08:47 Marcothy_ It hurts knowing I’ll never be with her

I’m a senior in college and last semester I met this girl in my Italian class. She’s gorgeous and we got along really well and talked all the time. A huge issue though is that she’s an exchange student from Europe and is going back permanently after this current semester.
I could never tell if she liked me or not, and eventually I just ghosted her because I hate being played around with and was getting lots of mixed signals from her. Well eventually we started talking again, and one night at like 3 AM we decided to go to a late night food place around my apartment, and afterwards we came back to my place and kissed. It felt amazing because it was so up and down all semester and it felt like something finally paid off.
We went on a couple of dates after that and honestly there wasn’t a crazy spark and we stopped talking again, which made me very upset. It’s not like she stopped talking to me instantly, it was just a progressive mutual “eh not really interested” situation. I was so upset by the fact that we didn’t turn out to be anything, and it just stung because when we kissed it just felt really special to me.
I’ve tried forgetting about her and even dated another girl during this time, but I can’t get her off my mind.
Tonight I saw her for the first time since our last date in December. It was at a bar in our college town and we talked a bit, but it was very brief. Then my friend told me my breath apparently smelt bad, which caught me off guard since I’ve never had an issue with that before, and felt humiliated because I was just talking to her with nasty breath. That made me feel like shit, and then I saw her dancing with another guy. That certainly didn’t help either.
I know I should be over her, I didn’t even enjoy going on dates with her, but she’s still in my head, and I know I’ll never be with her.
Has anyone else encountered this? It just hurts so much.
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2023.03.25 08:47 Nadeshik0_ The tower area sucks to explores.

Honestly having more walkers to kill isn't really a bad thing but how fast they respawn really pisses me off. the hospital area is the best example here. like I walk into another room for 5 sec and now 10 walkers drop down from the ceiling into the room I just clear. I can't even look the other way without as least 1 walker spawning behind me.
Is this intended as a way to deter people from coming to the tower early or did the dev just mess up the spawn rate?
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2023.03.25 08:47 FundamentalSystem Missing scene in second viewing?

I watched the movie twice and I remember in my first viewing there was a scene where the tracker’s dog was running and jumping from car to car like platforms, but that scene seemed to be missing from my second viewing. It was supposed to happen towards the end when John is being hunted right? Has this ever happened to anyone? Scenes missing from a showing?
I also could’ve sworn in my first viewing he was rolling down the steps way longer than in my second…but I could just be imagining that
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2023.03.25 08:47 Redditing12345678 Best laxative during flare up?

Hi all, new poster here. Normally I manage my IBS pretty well but having a really rough week where even drinking water hurts.
Question: I'm avoiding fibre as they are generally risky foodstuffs, but haven't had a bowel movement for a week. I usually take senna when this happens but as this is a bad flare up I'm a bit worrie about it.
Any experience of using senna during a bad one? Or any suggestions of alternatives that are available over the counter or in a supermarket?
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2023.03.25 08:46 dagdagsulsul Any idea what this is? I would like help identifying it :)

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2023.03.25 08:46 ABinky Antibark Collars

Would you guys consider non shock, vibration and sound only bark collars to be adversive or unethical? This is my first dog that I'm training and raising by myself as an adult and my childhood dog didn't have a barking problem. I have a 5mo corgi and he's a great dog but, my biggest obstacle with him right now is he gets to barking his head off out of nowhere and it can go on for awhile at times. we've tried ignoring the behavior, giving a stern No, or redirecting to chew toys to no avail. I very likely am about to be starting a WFH job that will involve me being on frequent phone calls for work and I really need to break this habit. I've been looking into pain free bark collars that use vibrations and little beeps and I'm wondering if anyone else might have any experience with them. All the reviews I've read online for the ones I've looked at were really positive. I don't however want to use fear or discomfort as a training method with my dog. If anyone has any possible alternative training methods to tackle the barking I'd be open to that as well.
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2023.03.25 08:46 ailnon anyone else really not like cs2?

I've got over 4500 hours in csgo since 2015 and I'm really, really disappointed with the new update. everything seems so cluttered and "modernized"(more like valorant and overwatch) and I just overall don't like it. I'm really glad they took the time to move it over to source2 and I'm sure the new dev tools and pipeline is amazing, but it just doesn't seem like csgo anymore. I could get over everything else the game does (minus likely breaking sourcemod leaving every modded server high and dry) but the in game ui is just so bad now. I just don't get why you'd fix the things that weren't broken other than for the sake of changing things.
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2023.03.25 08:45 Infinite_Box_2880 Standard sugar baby scam or worse?

They added me on Snapchat from Instagram and initially offered money for photos. Told him no nudes & didn’t. Suggested a sugar baby arrangement and sent voice memos talking and talking, asking when I would be free next and if I wanted to “online shop”. As soon as he said “payment is pending” (spoiler: it wasn’t) I blocked on both platforms, changed every username and photo on any platform with the same username, and then deactivated or deleted every social. Does it help my case by blocking before they made threats or are they still likely to try to blackmail with suggestive photos? My situation isn’t as bad as those on the sextortion sub so I hope this is in the right place.
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2023.03.25 08:45 Historical-Impact914 Is It Just Me?

Everytime I play either killesurvivor to try and complete challenges, I'm always put up against the sweatiest players ever. It's always when I'm trying to do an adept challenge or a tome challenge that I'm always going against the most sweatiest and toxic players imaginable. im talking full on meta builds like 4 adrenaline+lithe+aura reading perks in each lobby. Whenever I play casually, I play with/against sucky or average players. Is it just bad luck? I avoided three "bully squad" lobbies in a row when I was trying to do an adept Myers achievement (which I didn't get unfortunately). Is anyone else having the same issue?
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2023.03.25 08:45 First_Mechanic9140 Who else finds MLP music much better than regular pop music?

I listen to all sorts of music, but I can not listen to modern pop music, I find it very overproduced, polished and lacking creativity. Instead I enjoy listening to My Little Pony music. I think MLP music is fantastic.
My favorite songs are: Gonna Be My Day, The Magic Inside, Cafeteria Song, Make Your Mark, It's Gonna Be Okay, Open Up Your Eyes, The Legend of Everfree, Under Our Spell, You'll Play Your Part, Where'd It Go, Unleash the Magic, Better Way To Be Bad.
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2023.03.25 08:45 shakirra Prospective apartment looks bad. Should I avoid the whole complex as well?!

Prospective apartment looks bad. Should I avoid the whole complex as well?!
Hi there,
I am looking for safe housing because my current place is moldy (it's been a many years' long journey with CIRS and related issues).
I found an apartment I loved and was able to get in there to do an ERMI before applying, and the results came back pretty bad (attached). My question is -- should I avoid the whole apartment complex in light of this result, or does this seem like it's possibly an issue with just this unit? I'd love your insights if you have any about what this result could mean.
Any thoughts would be so very much appreciated!
Bonus question: how do people find safe rental housing? I'm in Florida (I know) and it seems like most places have issues, even newer ones.
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2023.03.25 08:45 SolarisReginae We don't miss you

Thank you, for showing us who you truly are. He saw it, I refused to, I was convinced you were just going through a bad time.
What you don't know, is he had papers to change his last name when we met, so that it'd no longer be the same as yours. What you never knew is that every time we visited, I had to persuade him that it was a good idea, every time he called it was my idea and I sat and watched you let him down again and again and again. The worst part was he was never even surprised, he expected it.
Then you chased me around screaming. Then you launched on a tirade of misinformation. Then you decided to act out at an event that was meant to be about someone else entirely. You decided to show everyone. And they saw it. Many have told us they're proud of how we handled it.
I advocated for you for so long so we, and the littles wouldn't miss out. But the truth is, now you're out of our lives (which also, by the way, wasn't my decision, despite what you may think, but this time I sure as Heck didn't argue against it), none of us are missing out. You are. You've missed so much happiness, so many memories. You'll likely never see any of it. Despite everything, if a miracle occurred and you reached out apologising, maybe we would consider moving forward, maybe we would consider allowing you the privilege of seeing the beautiful beans the littlest are becoming. But it's not me you've got to worry about proving yourself too or making amends with, theres nothing you can say to me anymore. It never was me. You were just too Pig headed to see it. I hope you're doing better for yourself though, because living like that must be miserable.
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2023.03.25 08:45 jarberry Can I get EI if I quit?

Some background information.
I'm currently on sick leave from work because of Covid. I've been off for almost a month.
I'm having a rough time of it.
I've provided my employer with all the necessary documentation needed from my doctor but that's seemingly not enough for her.
She keeps asking for more updates and why can't I come in and just do less work. Or work from home ect ect.
She also contacted me at 1230am just now which I feel is highly inappropriate.
It's stressing me out and causing my already bad anxiety to get worse.
If I quit because of stress related to my employer could I still qualify for EI? I'm currently on sickness benefits. But I'm talking about regular EI.
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2023.03.25 08:44 No-Plant-257 What is something you're surprisingly bad at?

What's the most unusual creature you've ever seen in the wild?
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2023.03.25 08:44 Fun_Cicada_3064 I hear this formation is bad but with this formation I can link everybody up so what’s a good formation for in game with these players

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2023.03.25 08:43 babyBeast13 Planning to Organize Game Jam At Charusat University

Hello everyone, we are planning to organize a game jam in end of the august in a technical festival at our university. it's a survey to know how many peoples are interested and willing to come for it.
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2023.03.25 08:43 Dosed123 Making fun of my best friend always made me hate the guy I would like at first

While I was still single, I'd get quite a number of guys hit on me. Some of them were pretty darn interesting and I liked them.
At the same time, when they'd meet my best friend, who is overweight, many of them would feel the need to:
  1. Point out to me how "wow, she's huge".
  2. Point out to me how I am the hot friend.
  3. Ask me why do I hang out with her.
  4. Ask me how come she doesn't try to lose weight.
  5. Make fun of her (this one was an immediate deal breaker - like I would leave at the spot)
  6. Ignore her, as in not respond to her questions with more than a word and generally act like she wasn't there.
All of these were red flags to me that no matter how deep he seems, he is actually a very shallow person and I do not want to waste my time on him, nor do I want to award him with any female attention.
My friend is my friend and no amount of positive words about me could erase the bad feelings you cause when being a dick to her. Women do not owe you pretty.
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2023.03.25 08:43 WinterOk5728 I am losing my shit over whether to change my major or not and I’m in desperate need of advice

I’m a first-year psychology major going to a state school. Going into this, I chose psych as my major at the behest of a high school teacher of mine who encouraged me to pursue my passions instead of a major that had higher chances of success (like a STEM major). He made pretty good points about how many people don’t go into the field they study for and just need a Bachelor’s degree to get their foot in the door. However, after taking a particular psych class, I’ve realized that I don’t want to work with people in the sense that I don’t think I’m capable of sitting there and listening to their problems and trying to help them fix them. Some people are great at it, but that’s just not me; I’m not good with people and would much rather work with numbers and technology. As such, I’ve been thinking of switching over to computer science or accounting, I just don’t know if this is the way to go since if I stick with psych I’d only have a year and a half left of schooling (had a lot of transfer credits) but if I switch to CS or accounting, I’d need to start almost from scratch. I am in desperate need of any sort of guidance and any advice is appreciated.
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