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2023.06.09 03:28 DogManStar81 Any guesses on whether Atum will be staged whole? Would you go?

I know he alluded to it once or twice but what are we thinking? Is it likely they'll do a full presentation of Atum live at some point? Would it be a full tour or a small number of shows in one place (I'm thinking Chicago obviously, maybe one or two others). If it was a full tour I feel like the venue size would be smaller than the tour last year with Jane's Addiction but maybe not.
I would go anywhere to see it but after the signed box set and a trip to Napa, the smouldering wreckage of my wallet is already trembling at the thought of traveling to an Atum show! Hoping for a theater tour or whatever is in between theater and arena size if they do it at all.
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2023.06.09 03:27 saryl Air quality alert: High levels of particulate and smoke traveling across the state

Air Quality Action Days issued throughout Indiana due to Canadian wildfires
INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Department of Environmental Management has extended the Air Quality Action Days until Friday across all of Indiana due to high levels of particulate and smoke traveling across the state due to Canadian wildfires.
The air quality alert could also extend over the weekend.
IDEM encourages Hoosiers to reduce creating fine-particle pollution by avoiding burning wood in fireplaces or wood-fired boilers or any unnecessary fires.
Hoosiers are also encouraged to reduce outdoor activities to limit exposure to particulate and to keep windows closed and to run air conditioning on a recirculation setting.
IDEM asks Hoosiers to reduce the use of gas-powered vehicles by limiting trips, carpooling, avoiding using drive-thrus and avoiding the use of recreational vehicles during the Air Quality Action Days.
Conserve power as well during the action days by turning off lights or setting thermostats to a higher setting.
Get current readings and forecasts:
Air Quality Action Day issued across Indiana for Friday
IDEM is forecasting high levels of fine particles in the air. These particles can settle deep into the lungs and cannot be easily exhaled, making it unhealthy for vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly, and those with heart or lung conditions.
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2023.06.09 03:26 AnAngryGardenGnome Short Story of my Ironman playthrough so far

It's been almost a week since I entered the Zone.
With nothing to my name but a pistol and a second hand suit, I needed to find a way to get better gear if I wanted to reach The Heart of the Zone, and find out if the Wish Granter was real, or just another story that drunkard at the bar made up to have someone buy him a drink.
After a couple of days of travelling between Cordon and Garbage, I decided I had head north to Rostok and find a way through the Red Forest in order to get to Pripyat before spring.
On my way there I found a corpse on the ground: a Mercenary, he had a nice modified MP5 on him, and some coordinates to a stash in Truck Cemetery.
Had it be from someone else I would have probably ignored it, but it being from a Merc, it tempted me like a siren on the sharp rocks
Nonetheless I decided that for the time being I needed some better gear if I even just dreamed of going there.
Spoke with a certain Colonel Petrenko for about an hour, and decided to help Duty out for a while, the pay is good, and the jobs are pretty straight forward.
Made a friend in the form of the local technician: Mangun, though I guess Sponge would be a better name for him, due all the empty bottles of vodka I saw lying around his shop.
But, everyone got their coping mechanism in the zone, alcool is one of the least dangerous ones I suppose, better than hunting mutants or going for a jog in the swamps anyway.
A couple of days passed, and I amassed about 30k Rubles and repaired a double barrel shotgun, and baptized it with a short hunt.
I then decided to stock up in vodka and buy a Basic Toolkit from Spirit, yet another drunk, this time loitering in the Yantar region, right next to the scientists. Honestly I'm just surprised he didn't manage to get his hands on their medical alcohol, but I digress.
Mangun was ecstatic when I handed it to him, to give credit where credit is due, that man managed to keep a platoon worth of weapons and gear functional with very minimal equipment, and in a complete stupor for most of the time.
Something was still gnawing at the back of my head every day since I found it.
That stash
Every time I glanced over at the map, it was mocking me: a giant green circle in the middle of rows of cars, like a bright middle finger pointed directly at my face.
It was time I confronted my fears and head there.
I decided I'll deliver a package to Army Warehouse first, then head south towards it.
While giving away the small parcel I met 2 loners passing by, I convinced them to join me and try to get to the stash, we would split the loot once returned to Rostok.
And there it was, an ocean of wrecks and anomalies laying in front of us.
Can't quite make it out in words, but the whole place seemed to shift around every time I would look away for a moment, as if it was haunted by the ghosts of all the people that died in those vehicles, being them heroes or jackals.
Being part of the latter, I decided not to dwell on that thought further, and just move on.
After dispatching part of the local fauna we slowly crept south-east, stopping only to check the map and to listen for the direction of distant gunfire.
I heard a lot of horror stories from other Loners regarding the Cemetery, from bloodsucking monstrosities to mind altering midgets, to hooded people that would just make you blow your own brain without moving a muscle, but nothing would prepare me for what we were about to meet.
We approached the last turn of our journey with great caution as the floor was littered with dozens of blind-dogs and boars.
I thought that maybe a group of Duty soldier culled the area, but the closer we got to them, the more we noticed that there were no bullet wounds, but rather they seemed as if they have been crushed under an immense weigh.
As if on cue, with a thunderous step, a giant stepped out of a burrow, I thought of it a boulder of some sort at first, but as it uncovered from the debris it mantled itself with, I started to notice the features of a disgusted and disgruntled face, framed in between two legs the size of ancient oak trunks.
I panicked and bolted for the roof of one of the trucks behind me, my companions were not as lucky: the first one died on the spot, having his entire body been folded into a pool of gore and bones.
I reached for the other one to come closer and grab my hand, but he was too terrified to hear reason and just kept shooting at the abomination.
I... prefer not to speak of what happened to him.
I kept pelleting the beast from my position, jumping from a truck to the other when it would get to close to tipping the one I was standing on.
In the end however it was not me who killed it, but The Zone itself.
In its blind rage it charged through an anomaly and got trapped in it, not even its might could save it from what The Zone had in stock.
After getting down from the truck I searched for what remained of my former comrades: an AK-105 from the first and a gas mask from the second.
I leaned over a car, only to see a small tool box inside of it.
All the pain, all the horror, it would have been worth it, if only for this treasure.
I opened it, and found only a few cans of food and a moldy suit, way too ruined to be worn by anyone.
It was all for nothing.
2 brave Stalker have been lost to the zone, and I got nothing to show for it.
I retreated back to Rostok, and sat down on the mattress set up for me across the hall from Mangun's shop.
"I don't even remember their names" I muttered
"I didn't even pay attention to their names"
The Zone changed me for the worst.
I want out of here, but there is no place for me outside now.
I am now part of The Zone, and will be lost to it.
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2023.06.09 03:26 tractoroperator77 Ukrainian T-80 loads up onto a trailer for transport

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2023.06.09 03:25 kicksjoysharkness I (31M) have been feeling really emotional lately, I'm not sure why

I've been feeling a lot more weepy and down of late. I'm not sure why, I've had a pretty eventful few years and I'm thankful for so much life experience.
In 2015 I met an American girl that I fell in love with (I'm from England), we got married in Vegas 6 months later and I moved from my quiet English village to SF. I lived a fun and social life for a few years there. I got a career, made some money, was in an intensely love fueled relationship and was experiencing a life I couldn't comprehend. Traveling America, meeting new and interesting people, going to shows and concerts regularly.
After two years, I think we started to realize we didn't know eachother very well. We moved to a quiet town once she got pregnant. This was a welcome change, the life we had in SF was fun, but personally I am more of an introvert and I had started to feel exhausted with the life we were living. It was her idea to move, so I was happy to oblige. We had a daughter, and while we were a team throughout the pregnancy and through the first year, our relationship started to deteriorate. We divorced 2 years ago.
I moved out (stayed in the same town), but due to various uncontrollable circumstances, have had to move house four times! I'm about to move again as my landlord is selling her house, but hopefully this time will be the last time.
I miss my family a lot, I don't have a support system here, but that said, I would never move back. My daughter is my number one, I love her so much. And even if I didn't have her, I still don't think I would. I discovered who I am here and have really had to forge my life and get to know myself.
Nothing crazy has happened of late, no changes or anything. But I've suddenly started feeling very emotional and melancholy. I find myself wanting to cry very easily, and I'll wake up sometimes feeling quite down and tired. It never feels desperate or scary, just a very present sadness and a heightened frequency for crying.
I haven't had a good cry in a while, but at random points in the day I'll start to feel as though I'm yearning for something, or someone that doesn;t exist. I think of my as a kid and it makes me cry. I see my daughter and what a force she is. I'm so proud of the beautiful, strong, funny and charismatic child she is. I remind myself of my Grandpa in his later years when he became so reflective and emotional, but I feel too young to feel that old.
Anyway, I'm not sure what I am getting at here, just had to get it off my chest
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2023.06.09 03:23 Irohsteadcf 26 [M4F] #NYC explore around the city maybe ?

Been a smidge lonely lately and figured Reddit might be able help. Essentially looking to have fun around the city with a cutie. Some type of consistent fwb would be nice. Movie nights , museums, sending shitty memes, going out dancing (can’t dance lol) are up on the menu and more!
I work in LI but live near Manhattan. I like to stay active by lifting or playing basketball. Defiantly consider myself a foodie(Middle eastern, Italian, Spanish food are some of my favorite). I’m traveling to Spain this summer for the first time and can’t wait to stuff my face. Like everyone else I enjoy listening to music and watching shows. Always Sunny, The boys, GoT, better call Saul to name a few. Artist from Van Hallen, Linkin Park, Nas , Fred again, Pink Floyd. Highly open to suggestion cause who doesn’t need new music/shows am I right? I like weed, sneakers, sour candy and game a little too.
I’m 5’9 177lbs athletic build with black hair, brown eyes and a beard.
Ideally I’m looking for someone who is 24+ hwp. Please send a pic I’ll send one back! Tell me about yourself too!
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2023.06.09 03:23 TheChadicus PSA: Laughing off a height comment to a stranger, doesn’t make it any less awkward/rude…

I’m 6’3”, my GF is 6’7”. We get frequent comments related to our height (her more than me, obviously).
Usually it’s white trash/rednecks/addicts or goons/thugs who will go out of their way to comment on her height. I’ll basically try to dismiss it or shut it down, by making them feel awkward. Usually, they respond with “that’s so awesome. I love it.” While laughing/smiling.”
I’m like, “just because you you say it’s awesome and you love it (love some stranger’s height; doesn’t even make sense)”, doesn’t make your original comment, any less disrespectful/rude, etc.
Usually goes something like,
Societal scum: “Jesus Christ! You’re so tall.”
My GF and/or I: “Yeah, and you’re not.”
Societal scum: “I know. You’re so much taller than me.” It’s awesome.”
Us: “k3wl.”
Always found it weird that people can freely comment on people’s surplus of height, but poking fun at a deficit, is frowned upon. Commenting on stranger’s physical appearance (talking complete and total stranger) should always be frowned upon. I go out of my way to make the other person feel stupid/rude, and I encourage everyone else to do the same. Probably to no grand avail, but still, none of us should have to take BS from random strangers.
Nobody is obligated to speak their thoughts. Usually those with nothing to live foto lose (again, societal scum) are the ones most likely to say some dumb shit. It’s gotten to the point, where we can just look at someone, and approximate the likelihood that they’ll make a comment on her’s/our height.
Old, short white rednecks in a dirty wife-beater, beat-up truck, at the gas-station are near guaranteed to comment. Thugs (especially the larger the group/traveling neighborhood) are right up there as well.
I get hyper defensive/protective, when I see these types. People suck. I really hate that bothering someone who is tall is all too frequently seen as perfectly fine, but not someone who is super fat, short, etc.
If you’re not running up to little-people, commenting on their heights. Then, don’t arbitrarily do it to taller people either…
Talking to strangers about our height is a waste of our time. Please don’t go out of your way to waste peoples’ time.
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2023.06.09 03:22 Tcrown007 29 [MF4M] #LA. Traveling in cali this week. Couple looking fit, 8”+, breeder/Bull for long term fun & someone we can get along with and hang with outside the bedroom as well.

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2023.06.09 03:21 fireflydrake [TotK] just doesn't feel like a real sequel for me, unfortunately.

Like so many others here (probably everyone here, ha!) I waited for TotK with bated breath for six years. When trailers finally started to be released, they seemed very... samey looking to BotW. I wasn't someone who completely bought into the "glorified DLC" way of thinking, but I definitely was feeling confused and underwhelmed as time went on without anything shockingly new being revealed. My hype finally spiked with the final trailer and the hints of story it brought, but...
Now, about 75 hours in, I still can't say it feels like a proper and worthy sequel. "Glorified DLC" is still awful harsh, but it feels more like BotW 2.0 than a brand new title.
I think my main disappointments are that 1) a lot of the game is a retread of what came before it, and 2) a lot of the things I was hoping would be improved upon in a sequel didn't really come to fruition, or only did half-heartedly.
For the retread part: - I was so, SO psyched when I found my first labyrinth! Holy crap it's in the sky AND the chasm?! Three whole dang levels?! The leader of all owls is speaking to me?! By gosh, the reward is going to be AMAZING! Surely it's some upgrade to my abilities or some amazing new armor or-- But no. It's an un upgradable pair of Ganondorf shorts I already had in BotW. Words cannot express how disappointed I was. This was only the first in a long line of working really hard to reach some hidden treasure just for it to be some variant of a past Link's hat or whatnot, all things I had in BotW that are very, VERY boring. I'm happy to see the old sets return, but setting them up as rewards for some major investment just feels wrong. I no longer hold my breath opening some carefully unearthed chest after a long and difficult fight. It's inevitably just going to be a DLC pair of trousers again. :/ - The return of stables, now with the excitement and anticipation of pony points and associated rewards! I forge onward, collecting points eagerly to unlock--the same mane options from BotW, many of which my imported horses are already rocking. Not a single new one on display. Oh, and the armor my horses should've also been rocking? Gotta earn that all over. Gee, can't wait to unlock that harness from BotW I never even used. What anticipation. - Most of the areas from the first game just don't feel sufficiently different. The chasm and sky are nice additions, but the chasm soon turned out to be mostly long stretches of samey stuff, and the sky is often too sparse to keep me very busy (not to mention it's often tedious, more so than rewarding, to reach many of the islands).
And then, for things I'd hoped to see improved: - There are new enemies, but so many of them are, like the hoards before them, mostly just rehashes of each other. The likelikes and new dragons are great, but once you realize what you thought was a compendium with space for tons of new enemies is really just space for mostly uninspired varieties of just a couple new enemies, the excitement dies. To add insult to injury, the aerocudas, one of my favorite new additions, didn't even get THAT. - Shrines are once again largely same-aesthetic, repetitive affairs. Dungeons don't fare much better, with bland settings, "unlock five things" cores, and overly easy bosses. None of them hold a candle to the mighty dungeons of Zelda games past. - Much of the story is yet again reserved for memories you often encounter wildly out of order, reducing their impact. I think Sonia's death was like the second one I found. Made it hard to grow attached. - So many chests are so unrewarding they just aren't worth it. Why fight through a hoard just to get a weapon a third the strength of your current weakest? Rupees would've been a far more valuable prize in almost every situation, yet are almost nowhere to be found, while lousy weapons abound.
Anyway, this is just me letting off steam off a long stressful day at work. I'd waited for this game for SO LONG, and it feels that wait wasn't rewarded. It also makes me nervous that this is the new mold for Zelda games going forward and we'll never go back to what drew me to the series to begin with, all the way back with the launch of OoT. I thought this game would be a perfect mash between the best parts of BotW and the best parts of what came before, but... instead we mostly just got the ability to make robotics, and since I can't even make the cars run straight half the time, that does nothing for me.
Anyway. Rant over! For those of you in love with the game, I'm glad you're enjoying it! I just wish I was more in love with it myself.
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2023.06.09 03:21 ihave389iq [PC] [H] Good stuff [W] Credits

Grey inverted Gripstride HX: 400
Octane RL Esports: 500
TW Mudcat GXT: 200
TW Ronin GXT: 50
Black Guardian GXT: 150
TW Chikara: 50
Dominus RL Esports and Dominus Playmaker RLCS Decals: 100 for both
TW Luster Edge: 50
Mudcat RL Esports: 50
Octane TW Metarudia: 100 Black: 50
Black Compound C: 50
TW Hack Swerve: 100, every other color for 50 could give for less depending on which one
TW Floppy fish: 50
TW Force Razor: 100, every other color for 50
TW or Black Meta Blast: 100, other colors for 50
Black Wall Breaker: 100
Most colors of Dust Cloud including black: 100-200
TW Rad Rock Goal Explosion: 100
TW Fiber Optic: 100
TW Radiant Gush: 50, Black 100
TW Slash Beam:100 Black also 100, other colors 50
Every Celestial Wheel color: 50 each
Black Inverted Dimonix: 100
Crimson Visionary Playmaker: 100, other colors for 50
Neuro Agitator: 100
2 Exotics (balla carra and roulette): 100 for both or 50 each
4 Import items: Need offers
3 Very Rares: Need offers
I also have loads of items from the OG rocket pass 3 all the way up to Season 3 of rocket pass
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2023.06.09 03:21 Lower-Ad-5931 38[M4F] Looking to meet the perfect half.

Hey! I'm Ryan and I'm 38 years old. My hobbies are Reading, Gymnastics, traveling and cooking.I see the best and worst of humanity every day. Despite this I remain optimistic and believe that there is goodness in everyone. I'm looking for someone and the right woman who shares my values, looking for a long-term relationship and wants to make the world a better place. Maturity is crucial in love. It's not just a matter of age, but a matter of willingness to grow and change. Without maturity, love can fizzle out quickly or become an unhealthy obsession. But when both partners are mature, they can weather the ups and downs of life together and build a strong, lasting bond.
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2023.06.09 03:20 StampDD How did the trailer make you feel?

I want to know how other people felt about it, because it hit me like a damn truck. I got very emotional about it, for some reason.
It's just too perfect; it's everything I wanted to see and more. It's FF7. It's modern FF7, in the best way possible. I didn't think they could to nail it so much.
FF7 means a lot to me, and I loved everything I saw in this trailer, deeply. I just want to know if I'm crazy or if other people also had a strong emotional reaction to watching it.
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2023.06.09 03:20 iamprettyinpink Is it possible to be this depressed on Lexapro?

It’s been since may 14 since i started taking Lexapro again. The new psy also told me it was ok to take gabapentin 100mg & remeron 3mg (she mentioned I could stop those two ct since it was such a low dose). I was feeling fine for 2-3 wks then the major depression hit like a train. Once I wake up I have intrusive thoughts about ending up mentally insane, homeless, being alone because my loved ones left me behind, thoughts about death. I have developed panic disorder, non stop monophobia and agoraphobia. I had to leave the movie theater after 10 mins of being there. I can’t watch tv, I get triggered that I won’t go back to normal and that I won’t be ever able to travel to those places on tv. From what I know my mother is schizophrenic and homeless because she refused to get help, I think everyday that I’ll become like her. I get random OCD everyday, if it’s not about one horrific thing, it’s about another. I also wanna mention that besides Lexapro, Valium, Gabapentin & Remeron.. I took lamictal in the past for about 3 weeks.. does this mean my brain has no hope?! I read stories of people starting an ssri & feeling better, why didn’t this happen to me? No one else believes I’m on wd, they keep saying it’s been almost 4 months, 3 of them call me dumb for taking these kind of meds when I didn’t need them.. is it possible to go mentally insane from taking these meds?
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2023.06.09 03:19 gottafly65 [CHAT] Tablet use for cross stitching

I have scanned my latest project from book form into one continuous sheet. I would like to put that image in my tablet and be able to scan in/out to work on it. This seems it would be easier than taking my huge printout with me while traveling.
It would be great if there was some way to highlight a row that I'm working on. Has anyone done anything like this?
I looked through the resources here, but most are for MAKING patterns and I just need something to help me while DOING my work.
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2023.06.09 03:19 fakegothbtch Two tickets for 06/15 available

so I caved and decided travel and staying the night is too costly for a show that someone said is only going to be like an hour. Two tickets available for Thursday’s show, let me know if you are interested. Serious inquiries only please 🥺
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2023.06.09 03:18 DRTT3345 33 [M4F] #NYC BBC for women or couples open to ongoing

I'm a mixed Latino and Black older man looking for a younger woman for some long term or casual fun. I'm 6'1'', weigh about 173lbs, workout and live an active lifestyle, vaccinated and DDF HIV- with proof if you desire to see it, and live in the Brooklyn area but not opposed to traveling in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I do not discriminate and all women are free to DM, and we can chat and go from there. I'll attach my photos to this post or if you wish to see more then feel free to ask. Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.09 03:18 frank_mania Question for long-time fans familiar with mid-'80s tours & setslists

I spent the first half of 1986 traveling. I spent a couple of those months in Phoenix where I got to know some cousins I'd never really known growing up. One of them was a musician, he had a band that played what few rock clubs that vast flat scalding suburb of a city had to offer back then. I liked their music though, seeing them play live was a blast. He also turned me on to a lot of the current music of the era. Prior to that I was pretty loyal to ‘70s music and didn't really know much about stuff being made by people more like my own age.
One of those bands was REM, naturally. When I got back home that autumn, they swung through the Northeast and I asked some friends if they'd like to join me seeing the band. I was surprised by the reply. My friends had seen them play a while back at the UMass Fine Arts Center and they both weren't really impressed at all. They said the capper was that REM closed the show with a really lame cover version of a song they thought wasn't even a particularly clever or interesting song to pick, and not done well or convincingly. My attempts to goad them into a second try failed, and I ended up seeing the band down in New Haven with a date.
I asked my buddies if the song was Toys In The Attic ‘cause I knew that from the Dead Letter Office collection, but they said no, for sure it wasn't that (Aerosmith was huge in MA back then, not something they’d forget).. Frankly, I didn't know at the time that I Am Superman was a cover, but since these guys grew up in the Northeast there's no way they’d have known that either, at the time at least. The original was a local hit in Texas when they were in grade school, otherwise obscure. So I've always wondered what the song was and today I decided to search for the setlist and I found it (pasted below). It's a partial setlist, so they may have played originals mixed in, IDK. Though, it seems if you're going to go this far, you go all the way.
Anybody know what's up with this? Seems like they did an entire set of covers. I’ve collected or at least looked at REM shows at trading sites for 20 years and never saw a setlist anything like this. I can see why my pals were nonplussed by the show. Maybe a fun oddity for anyone following the tour, but mighty off-putting for a casual fan and even more so for people who want to check them out based on reputation and a little college radio exposure.
R.E.M. October 15, 1984 Fine Arts Center Concert Hall, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA Partial setlist
Moon River (Henry Mancini) We Walk Dem Bones (James Weldon Johnson) My Elusive Dreams (Claude “Curly” Putman, Jr.) Behind Closed Doors (Charlie Rich) Sloop John B (traditional) In the Year 2525 (Zager & Evans) Barney Miller Theme (Chuck Berghofer) Tusk (Fleetwood Mac) Wild Thing (Chip Taylor)
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2023.06.09 03:18 Orangeslaad Planning on sending this to my players before the game. Is this too much, overwhelming or confusing? Would you leave any of it out or just send the first bullet points of it?

There is much more to this world but this is the basic rundown of it. And for those too busy to read my article here's the important bits. •The world is dark, unforgiving and mean. If it were a movie it would be rated R. • There are three playable races human, dwarf, elf. • monsters are rare and more dangerous in this world in general compared to the monsters you'll find in the monster manual •magic is rare. Most commoners have never seen any type of magic. Also if your a warlock you'll be playing on extra hard difficulty.
First thing I should mention is that I intend for the campaign to be in a very serious setting in a very dangerous and real world. Not everyone is evil but the world definitely is and doesn't trust their neighboring kingdoms mess less a war hungry raging empire making their way through the east enslaving anyone they don't butcher like rabid dogs; but then again that's just one side of the coin. That being said the game will have political intrigue, war and of course a healthy dose of monsters, gold and other rewards.
In this world there are monsters and monstrous races but with my experience when every party member consists of warforged, tabaxi, teifling and whatever other race anyone wants to be and the party goes to a city of all humans... It breaks immersion. That being said there are only three playable races. Humans, dwarves and elves.Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite book series so inspiration is gathered from the book. Elves often have settlements and city's in the woodlands. They are able live forever and are largely respected by most in the world for their wisdom. They are however extremely rare, most humans live their whole life and only hear stories of elves. Dwarves are solitary they care most about their own communities, king and other dwarves. They take pride in their superior engineering and skills. They are a bit more common to come across in the open world but not often welcoming to the average commoner. The other book series I love is the Witcher series. So while some kingdoms will be like Rohan most will be of greedy kings, cruel soldiers and poor communities who kill and steal while they hide from the night.
While on the topic of night there are monsters and while they are rare they are very dangerous. Biggest thing of note in this world is that they are not the same monsters out of the DND monster manual. For example werewolves are not a challenge rating two easily defeated by five bandits. They would massacre five measly bandits and would likely kill twice that amount.
Monsters are much more rare but magic is much more rare. Magic is rare. Extremely rare. Only some kingdoms have a single wizard. Some have none. Sorcerers exist but aren't really known about. They're often thought to be wizards where magic comes more naturally to them and are treated as such. Clerics and paladins are just as rare to come across and usually only live in one of the major cities. They have been known to travel roads and go on holy crusade to assist a king, heal a plague or other holy acts. But again most of the world go their whole life without meeting a real cleric or paladin with actual magical abilities. Lastly warlocks are so rare if they are found their magic is taken as a bad omen and are often hunted and burnt on stakes. While their copses are turned to ash a cleric (usually one without any magical ability) cleanses the land warlock was known the reside in. Druids are weird if you want to know more about Druids let me know, that's a whole paragraph on its own. Magic is rare.
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2023.06.09 03:17 Canadiansorrybud Dear Uber drivers

Some of you are the most kindest, interesting and honest people I meet in a day. The variety of conversations I have is amazing and I love hearing about things from your family, your culture, and your home land. Some of you are really good fathers too, I had a conversation today with a man who has a 16 year old boy and a 19 year old daughter. The son is in sports and the daughter is a ballerina. He explained the hardship of affording those activities for his children, but he told me it’s rewarding to see the smile on their face. It’s topics like that that make me have a good day. I take a lot of the advice with me that you all share and I’m very thankful for you.
Thank you.
Also, I’m sorry the “updated map” has been causing most of you some issues! .. hope it gets fixed soon
I wish you all the best, safe travels and much love to your family.
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2023.06.09 03:15 Possible_Ad_9197 Idea for new nier gen

If we were to have a new nier game hopefully next year or the year after I hope we get a reveal trailer at this years game awards like we did with nier replicant but for a new nier game I feel like we shouldn’t go way into the future I feel like we should go in the past there’s a huge amount of lore from books and what not of the story between the events of drakengard and nier replicant I feel like if we got a game of the story of nier, kaine, Emil, or someone new, would be Awsome if we saw maybe drakengard 1s protagonist if he survived or maybe even zero, or maybe someone new as a playable character in a game during the events in between drakengard and nier I feel like that would be awsome
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2023.06.09 03:15 AdhesivenessNo7988 My ((24F) Friend (24NB) ghosted me and I'm confused, somewhat hurting.

I've been bottling my emotions about this and it's very unhealthy. Lol
So my best friend who I met from college ghosted me two months ago. They has done this twice but in those instances, I clearly understood why. This time, I'm fucking confused. They left with no reason or rhyme. We just had a big trip last December, and we've been closer than ever-- addressing our differences and learning more about them personality. I've learned so much from the trip and it was breathtaking to see him in that light. We've argued about our differences while traveling and I thought we sorted that out.
Or so I thought... Last March I sent them, a somewhat funny video on different traveling styles. They is usually a chill, relaxed, no-plan person but he did plan for the trip and I appreciate all that. However, some things didn't go as planned. So we bickered about it and cried a whole fucking looooot. We talked about that, so I'm not entirely sure if that was the reason for the ghosting or if they found it insensitive that I was already somehow laughing over what happened on our trip.
Honestly, I don't want to be hurting anymore. I have given myself the time to heal but they literally reminds me of the things I love to do as well. They were same-but-different individuals. Never did I imagine that we wouldn't be friends in this lifetime. Before sending that video, I even asked them that we're literally turning 30 in a couple of yrs and I'm so glad to have them still. More than anything, just a couple of days after they stopped replying to my message, I was so giddy to share that I'm finally able to start my digital nomad journey just like they did. Sadly, I wasn't able to share that news with them.
For the last time, I reached out, hurt and devastated about the situation, and told him that they hurt me and wtf did I do wrong but I got crickets for a reply. Lol. Should I entirely forget about this and move on? How do you cope up with losing a friend who profoundly impacted your life?
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2023.06.09 03:14 saryl ⚠️ Air quality alert: High levels of particulate and smoke traveling across the state

Air Quality Action Days issued throughout Indiana due to Canadian wildfires
INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Department of Environmental Management has extended the Air Quality Action Days until Friday across all of Indiana due to high levels of particulate and smoke traveling across the state due to Canadian wildfires.
The air quality alert could also extend over the weekend.
IDEM encourages Hoosiers to reduce creating fine-particle pollution by avoiding burning wood in fireplaces or wood-fired boilers or any unnecessary fires.
Hoosiers are also encouraged to reduce outdoor activities to limit exposure to particulate and to keep windows closed and to run air conditioning on a recirculation setting.
IDEM asks Hoosiers to reduce the use of gas-powered vehicles by limiting trips, carpooling, avoiding using drive-thrus and avoiding the use of recreational vehicles during the Air Quality Action Days.
Conserve power as well during the action days by turning off lights or setting thermostats to a higher setting.
Get current readings and forecasts:
Air Quality Action Day issued across Indiana for Friday
IDEM is forecasting high levels of fine particles in the air. These particles can settle deep into the lungs and cannot be easily exhaled, making it unhealthy for vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly, and those with heart or lung conditions.
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