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How to make a CPN

2023.05.20 21:36 plainlyQuench How to make a CPN

How to make a CPN
Ight today I’m starting the third version of my CPN Ultimate Guide.
One of my most popular methods so I’ve decided to update it.
Been doing this for years and I’m putting everything you need into these guides.
I also threw some new plays in the mix to help you get the most out your CPN.
CPN Ultimate Guide
• What are CPNs?
• How to find a CPN number
• How to get a Drop # and Address (Updated)
• How to Trimerge (Updated)
• Start building credit
• Tradelines (Updated)
• Getting a high balance CC (Updates)
• CPN Apartment Method (FQ Exclusive)
So what are CPNs?
CPNS are synthetic Credit Profiles.
Everyone has a credit profile. This is your information including:
Name, Address, SSN, DOB, Phone #, Email, and Credit Score.
When you apply for a Credit Card or Loan, Banks take your info and compare it to your Profile to validate you.
They get these profiles from Credit Bureaus.
But if someone makes a fake profile they can do everything a real person can.
Apply for CVVs, Rent Cars, Lease Apartments, Make a Business. Whatever you can think of.
That’s why CPNs were created.
This is my updated method on finding a CPN Number.
When I made the Ultimate CPN Guide, I got a lot of DMs saying that they need help with this.
A CPN Number is just a SSN number that's not in use.
That means it wasn't issued to anyone.
Once we get the number we can Trimerge it can start building Credit.
If we used a issued SSN then the owner would see the changes on their Credit.
You also don't want a SSN issued to someone under 18.
This is harder to look for because their SSN is unused.
Just like a CPN number.
Last you don't want to use a number owned by the deceased.

Ight so how do we find a unissued SSNs?
First you need a SSN Validator.
I'm doing it on SSN Verify,
Ight so the first thing we want to do is figure out the State Prefix.
Every state has a unique prefix on their SSNs.
You can find the one you want on SSN Verify.
I'm doing Cali.
Just copy the prefix.
Go back to the homepage and enter the Prefix.
From here your just gonna be trying numbers till you find some that work.
This beats paying someone to do the exact same thing.
If the SSNs issued it'll look like this.
This means it belongs to someone.
And can't be used for a CPN.
This is what we want.
Only one numbers different then the issued one.
All you have to do is look.
Next I'll show you how to get a # and drop address.
Ight now I'll be showing you how to get a phone number for your CPN.
And also share my updated method on getting a CPN address.
First we need to get a phone number
The number can’t be a Google Voice or VOIP since we have to merge it into public records.
Which means you will have to get a burner phone.
Tracfone, Total Wireless, Mint Mobile, AT&T Prepaid, etc.
All work for CPNs.
All you have to do is buy the prepaid phone and a sim plan. Cost around $30 and you can pay cash.
It’s good to have another phone to handle your CPN anyway.
Next I’m going to show you how to get a address for your CPN.

In 2023, Virtual Addreses for CPNs are unreliable.
They work well for some users, while for some they may not work at all.
Many virtual addresses become "burnt out" over time due to overuse or misuse.
And it can be challenging to find valid virtual addresses that are not already taken or flagged as suspicious for bank mail.
Many Virtual Address don’t accept bank mail at all because of this.
Due to how challenging it is to find valid virtual addresses, I’m going to show you another method that has been working for me and many others in the GC.
This part gets the guide taken down so I'm not posting it. It's still pinned in the Groupchat.
Since the last guide it's gotten harder to Trimerge.
And Trimerging is one of the most important steps for building a CPN.
So I'm updating everything in this to show you the best Trimerge you can do in 2023.
Banks use Public Records to verify your info when you apply for Banks, Loans and Credit Cards.
If the info you use to apply doesn’t match they will decline you.
So it’s important you get your CPN on public records with a good Trimerge.
To build a Credit Profile, Credit Bureaus contact Data Furnisher like Lexis Nexus.
They take info from practically anything you sign up for online and use it to build a profile.
This profile is half of your CPN, the other half being the credit score.
Once you have both you make a "real person".
Trimerging is just when you fabricate details for the Data Furnishers to collect.
Which in return makes you the profile you need.
After we do this we can apply for a secured card and fully establish our CPN.

So how do you Trimerge?
Phase One:
• List Yourself:
• OptOutPrescreen:
• Clarity Consumer Services:
• SageStream:
• Innovis Consumer Credit Report:

Phase Two:
• Google Jobs:
• Ladders:
• Clearinghouse:
• CDL School:

Phase Three:
• American Barclaycard:
• Target Red Card:
• DriveTime:
• Mission Lane:
• Credit One Bank:
• Carnival Cruise:
• Carvana:
When your ready to Trimerge start signing up for everything on Phase One:
• List Yourself
• OptOutPrescreen
• FactorTrust
• Clarity Consumer Services
• SageStream
• Innovis Consumer Credit Report
Most of these sites feed information right to the Credit Bureaus.
After a couple days you can start on Phase Two:
• Google Jobs
• Ladders
• Clearinghouse
• CDL School
While your doing these you also want to sign up for as many of these as you can:
All these get your ready for the Soft Credit Pulls on Phase Three:
• American Barclaycard
• Target Red Card
• DriveTime
• Mission Lane
• Credit One Bank
• Carnival Cruise
• Carvana
Soft pulls are credit inquirys that don't affect your credit score.
You can do as many of them as you want unlike a hard pull.
But they still help build Credit Profiles in a major way.
Checking your own credit report, pre-approval credit card offers, and background checks for employment all do soft pulls.
When you finish doing them all go on Carvana and apply for a car.
It doesn’t matter if you get approved
This is the final push we need before we can open up a Credit Karma.
Wait a couple weeks for your profile to update and you should be able to open one up.
Ight now I'm gonna teach you how to open up a bank and start building credit.
Yesterday we went over Trimerging.
Before you try anything on this step make you heavily Trimerged.
If you do you will 100% get approved for everything on this step.
Once you have a blank Credit Karma you know you're ready.
Before we can build credit we need to open up a bank account.
If you ran enough public records you should be able to open most banks online.
There isn’t a specific one that’s better.
If you need more help opening one up the Openups guide is pinned in the Groupchat and the Fraud Quran group.
You might also need a ID or some other documents.
If you need a physical ID I recommend going to
For all other documents you can try
So how do you start building credit for your CPN?
Since you don’t have credit right now you get a credit card.
But since you can’t get a credit card you can’t build credit.
Because of this you have to get a Secured Card.
A secured card is a Credit Card where you pay for a Credit Line.
Usually $100-300 as a deposit which you can get back later.
When your just starting getting this let’s you a get enough credit for a high balance Credit Card quickly.
Even if you don’t get tradelines you can still get a CC in 5 months.
But tradelines will definitely speed things up.
The card I’m going to recommend is the Discover Secured Card.
No credit score or history required.
And they offer virtual card.
Getting this will give your credit score a huge boost instantly and will allow you to get a high bal CC later on.
I’ll be showing you how after the Tradelines step of this guide.
Part 2:
(I do not sell CPNs. If anyone comments or dms trying to sell you something CPN related they are scamming you. The only way to do this is yourself. All the info is out there for free.)
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