Pine ridge florida homes for sale

List of Current GCC Churches.

2023.06.09 03:09 danderson24 List of Current GCC Churches.

Even though Great Commission Churches officially dissolved in 2020, many of their churches are still active with the same leadership, same problematic teaching, and same toxic culture. We have been able to gather a list of them and they will be labelled by splinter group. If we have missed adding a church or need to update information about a church (whether they are still active or inactive or if they have changed their affiliation), please let us know ASAP. Also, PLEASE NOTE, we are sharing the names and websites of these churches to warn others, NOT to harass the church members already involved. We will NOT support any calls for violence or calls to harass anyone involved with these churches. Any such calls will be met with an immediate ban.
Without further ado, here is the current list:
M28 Alliance
SECA (Southeast Church Alliance)
C1 Network
Other - Unknown Affiliation Status - Former GCC Churches
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2023.06.09 03:08 Common_Hamster_8586 30F want someone to talk to about anything. Let’s exchange numbers?

My name is Ashley and I live in South Texas in a small city that most people haven’t heard of. I recently got out of a very short and turbulent relationship. I’m looking for someone who’s down to talk on the phone.
I would describe myself as a pretty easy-going person, in terms of not expecting anything from anyone. I work in cyber security as a Sales Engineer, I recently purchased my first home this year, and I drive a Ford Mustang, which I love. I have two tuxedo cats that are my life. I’m going through therapy due to some trauma from past relationships, but my therapist says I generally have a positive outlook on life. I’m a huge music fan and love all types of music, especially Spanish music, R&B, hard punk, instrumentals and singer songwriters. I’m pretty close with my parents, and I love them to death, but I don’t really have any close friend or best friends that I can talk to on a regular basis. I love having deep conversations with people and feel like I’m lacking in this. I can send pictures upon request if looks matter.
DM me if you are down to chat, talk on the phone or even just text. Hope you have a good day xx
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2023.06.09 03:05 paulann1212 Residents of Carroll, Fulton, Pulaski, Wayne, Wells Counties in IN! EARN $150 ONLINE research opportunity with REGISTERED VOTERS (must be a home owner).

Residents of Carroll, Fulton, Pulaski, Wayne, Wells Counties in IN! EARN $150 ONLINE research opportunity with REGISTERED VOTERS (must be a home owner).
This virtual ‘discussion’ is about issues facing the county and the state of Indiana. If you are selected to participate, you can login to the discussion at a time convenient for you over the next week! Once started, you will have 24 hours to complete the activities and questions. This only takes an hour, and you will be paid $150 for completing! You will be emailed an Amazon or Mastercard Wallet credit for your time and opinions. Activities must be completed on a computer. Mobile devices will not work. There are NO sales involved, personal information is never shared nor sold.
Folks please mention my name for referring you I'd appreciate it a ton!!! [email protected] thanks!
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2023.06.09 03:05 numbernerd321 Construction allowance as component of mortgage

So my wife and I were looking at a house for sale. It is a nice house in a desirable neighborhood. Good floor plan and layout. Problem is it has some significant structural issues. The seller says no problem we got an estimate and will give you an allowance for the repairs (seller can’t make the repairs because the house is in trust). My concern is the allowance is rather significant when compared to the asking price of the home (like 1/5th the asking price). Does this seem possible because to my uneducated mind this seems like kind of a stretch for a mortgage.
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2023.06.09 03:02 LadyAbbysFlower My desktop is acting screwy, looking to get something new

Delete if not allowed.
I bought my desk top in fall of 2018 - it was a low end model that cost me about 400$ taxes in.
I use it primarily for school and some light gaming - Civ 5, Age of Empire 3, Caesar 4. It has plenty of room on in memory wise, but I’ve noticed the fan sounding like it’s about to take off when using it. At first it only happened when I played Civ 5, now it does it when I’m typing on a new word document with nothing else open. Now, whenever I play Civ 5, the screen turns a blue tint - not blue screen of death but the picture turns a blue tint as in the people in the game look like Smurfs. And Caesar 4’s colour flickers.
I’ve removed all the start up programs, cleared catches, did all the updates, run software checks with no virus/malware/etc., physically cleaned it with compressed air. The monitor is only a year old and has no issues (plugged my Xbox into it and my brother tried it on his desk top). Which leads me to believe it’s the desktop itself.
I called 3 computer shops earlier this week. One can look at it in 2-3 weeks but said it’s probably just too old. One said it’s junk and not worth it. The other hasn’t returned my call yet.
It’s been a long while since I’ve boughten a computer and I’m not very tech savvy. I was on newegg and saw this computer on sale. Is it worth the price? Will it last longer then the one I have has?
Skytech Shadow Gaming PC Desktop INTEL Core i5 12400F 2.5 GHz, NVIDIA RTX 3060, 1TB NVME SSD, 16GB DDR4 RAM 3200, 600W GOLD PSU, 11AC Wi-Fi, Windows 11 Home 64-bit
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2023.06.09 02:57 Turbopre2 NTD M18 Fuel Packout Vacuum and BOLT Earmuffs

NTD M18 Fuel Packout Vacuum and BOLT Earmuffs
Home depot had the packout vacuum on sale for $165 let me know if that's a good deal. Also picked up the ear muffs for my construction job since its extremely loud there and everyone lost half their hearing
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2023.06.09 02:56 florida_made_lit_jit The voices are telling me to take a summon

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2023.06.09 02:52 ok-whathefuck [21M/22F] Need Advice/Support for a big change that is about to happen.

Long story short, me and my girlfriend have both been musicians our whole lives. Me and her have been in our own bands for a number of years still living in our home town, but we have bigger aspirations for our careers. Before I met her, me and my band where already planning on moving to L.A. from south florida (ik ik. im here for relationship advice not city advice) and she has always planned on moving to nasheville. Me my band and her are going to L.A. for a week in september to house hunt/play some shows. During a very emotional conversation, she said she just truthfully doesn’t want to live there and nasheville always seemed to be the place for her, but she won’t know for sure until we visit L.A. together. Everyone I have talked to about this for advice has just put me down and say yea it will never work. There is also no time limit for us living in 2 diffeeent cities. Just kind of until our careers take off and work out. I guess what i really need is some tips for making this long distance work, how to keep eachother in our lives, and for me, how to mentally handle myself, because i’m extremely worried about how my mental state will be after i move across the country and go from seeing her everyday for a year to just nothing. How do i handle the inevitable jealousy? Any financial tips for being able to see each other often? I understand that the only way long distance can work is if both parties truly want it to work, and we do. I just desperately need advice and some affirmation/ long distance success stories. Thank you everyone. This is a fuckin horrible thing to go through.
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2023.06.09 02:49 Knits_for_Cats Thank you

Apollo is shutting down and so I am going to leave Reddit. I just want to say that I love this sub. You guys are hilarious. It’s the first sub I check everyday. The Bates are ludicrous but I have loved reading about them through your posts. There is rarely fighting on here and there are no memes. This subreddit is the best. Thank you for the good times!
A couple of things on my way out the door: -Alyssa is my favourite sister -I can’t stand Josie -Don’t be fooled by Erin. If there’s a Joshua Generation, she’s the Mrs. at home keeping the woman at church on their toes through verbal encouragement -I’ve been wondering for a while, are Gil and Kelly still together? They always arrive in Florida on different flights. -I hope Carlin gets better. I worry for Layla, she’s so tiny. I wonder what’s going on health wise behind closed doors. -I hope Lawson and Tiffany… actually, I don’t care. They’re the worst. And that’s saying a lot because Trace and Lydia are annoying af.
Goodbye friendly strangers! I wish you well. It’s been a very fun ride :)
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2023.06.09 02:46 Hot_Visual7624 First divorce hearing.. DWC

Hello my stbx and I got out of our first mediation and hearing and then with the magistrate back in march(which are for some reason over the phone and they extremely rushed conversations). We have a good shared custody agreement however they want to keep the home and I want to be payed for it and for them to sell it/split the cash. The caveat is that the magistrate wanted to give them until fucking September to be able to have a better chance at them getting a refinance. Basically the magistrate wants to give them sole ownership of the home until the month of September... If they can't come up with the money from a bank it will be sold. If my ex has ownership over the home and our divorce gets decreed by the end of the month how am I supposed to be involved in the sale come September? How am I guaranteed the money say if the bank only gives them enough to refinance the home and not my half of the equity? I guess these are questions I may save for the court system but they literally act like they don't have time to talk and shit you not hang up after the 10 minute time limit. I feel like I would get a better answer from chat gpt... anyway mediation round 2 is next Monday. Which it will be decided how much money I will be getting at the time of the sale or refi in September (which makes no sense because what if the value goes up or down between now and then) Wish me luck. I also want to reiterate that this person not only makes several thousand more than me a year but since they are CHOOSING to do college and work part time I apparently owe them child support.
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2023.06.09 02:45 Loud-Dragonfly9952 How Long to Run Dehumidifier After Water Leak?

How Long to Run Dehumidifier After Water Leak?
If you've experienced a water leak in your home and have used a dehumidifier to help dry out the affected area, the duration for running the dehumidifier can vary depending on several factors, including the extent of the water damage, the size of the affected area, and the conditions of your environment.

Guidelines to consider the duration for running the dehumidifier

Assess the severity

Evaluate the severity of the water leak and the extent of the water damage. If it was a minor leak that was quickly addressed and didn't saturate a large area, running the dehumidifier after water leak for a shorter duration may be sufficient. However, if it was a significant leak or if water has seeped into walls, carpets, or other porous materials, you may need to run the dehumidifier for a longer period.

Monitor moisture levels

Use a moisture meter or hygrometer to monitor the moisture levels in the affected area. Continue running the dehumidifier until the moisture levels have returned to normal or are within an acceptable range. Depending on the circumstances, this process may take several days or even weeks. If you want to buy energy efficient dehumidifiers, please get in touch with Preair first. Preair is a famous dehumidifier manufacturer that provides types of dehumidifiers for sale.

Consider relative humidity

In addition to monitoring moisture levels, consider the relative humidity (RH) in the area. The target relative humidity for most indoor spaces is between 30% and 50%. Continue running the energy saving dehumidifier until the relative humidity reaches a comfortable and safe level.

Consult professionals

If the water leak was severe, if you're dealing with extensive water damage, or if you're uncertain about the duration of dehumidifier use, it's advisable to consult with water damage restoration professionals. They can assess the situation and provide expert advice on the appropriate duration for running the dehumidifier based on specific circumstances.
Remember to also address the underlying cause of the water leak and perform any necessary repairs to prevent future issues. If you have concerns about mold growth or notice persistent dampness, musty odors, or other signs of water damage, it's best to seek professional assistance to ensure proper remediation.
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2023.06.09 02:39 Sunny_Muffins6 My relationship with my ex

So I've been thinking for a while if I should document some of the history I had with my ex who I was with for almost 10 years. Partially to shed a light on warning signs that I was too naive to notice and also to ask advice on how others got over their experiences and deal with any problems in new relationships that bring back those feelings.
For record I did go to my GP who referred me to counseling sessions. Unfortunately those were only 12 free sessions on the NHS and the therapist I was assigned just kept referring me books to read and "homework" such as saying out loud 3 things I'm happy about in my life before bed... Often she just talked about the lack of funding from the government and such.
So I finally left my ex in 2016 ish, I was on antidepressants, occasionally beta blockers for the panic attacks and birth control, all of which made my mood go up and down like a rollercoaster. I was absolutely miserable and one day it just kind of hit me that I have to leave, it's me or this forever?
We started dating when I was 20/21 and he was 5 years older than me. We met because of an online game and he worked with my older brother. My brother gave me his in game character name incase I needed help. I started chatting to him in the game and he came to see my character, he showed me around and it started like that. I was going away for a weekend to a youth group camping event and he joked wasn't I going to ask for his number to keep talking and so I did. During the weekend I met someone my age at some of the events and had a lot of fun with, we had similar jokes and I thought he was really attractive. We added eachothers emails to keep in touch and so I texted the game friend to say I was sorry but I met a really nice person I was interested in. He instantly replied some comments about how it was just a crush, did I even know if they liked me back. Was I just going to throw away what we had for a guy I met over 3 days. I thought about it and I felt so guilty. I decided to stick with him and have minimal contact with the other via email. Years later when Facebook became a thing he did add me there and I accepted thinking nothing of it. We still didn't message or anything. One year he wrote "Happy Birthday Hope you are well!" To which my guy wrote a very rude/sarcastic response something like "she's great I'll tell her you said hi", so he deleted his post didn't message again.
When I got back from camp we arranged to meet up in person for the first time ever and we went for food/coffee the usual. I will mention that I was pre warned by my brother and wasn't really supposed to be talking to this guy outside of the game, so for the first few months of our dating we kept it hidden until I was found out resulting at an angry brother waiting at the train station for me and telling off my guy in public saying he should know better and was told to stay away from me.
I told my mum about it later that day and honestly she didn't really care, and said it's normal for my age, and so we began to date properly not hidden. This guy was my first proper boyfriend and my first everything really.
In the beginning it was fine, we had good times. I did have to deal with his ex who was trying to become my best friend and go out shopping/partying with which I thought was too strange so obviously never did. I then found out she was calling him in the middle of the night crying asking him to take her back. So he ended up telling me that they used to be Engaged and how she cheated on him and so he broke everything off. Now the first red flag, he told me for his revenge everytime she would start dating a new guy he would get in contact with her, ask how she is, act really caring and charming. He would convince her to come over and then sleep with her so that she would feel so guilty she would tell/end her relationship. She thought they would get back together but instead he laughed in her face and tell her to get lost. Apparently this happened multiple times before we met.
Over time I came to realise because of this he could be very jealous, paranoid and had a bad temper, he would throw and smash plates, punch walls. Second red flag he "accidentally" locked me in his house while he went to work one day. I didn't really have anything to do or eat. In the past he did joke with me that if it was allowed he would lock me in his house and never let me leave. I never was sure if this was some sort of joke or a genuine accident.
His ex lived in the countryside and enjoyed the thrill of outdoor sex because no one was really around. Because of that he also enjoyed it. And so when we started getting a bit more serious he would force that on me. Once he met me early in the morning before I had work, it was a nice walk but then he got very handsy. It was ok as we were behind a lot of trees, but then he brought me to a bench and got me to sit on his lap with his hands down my trousers/pants, all while people were passing by. I kept my eyes closed the entire time and thought for sure someone would tell us off. A few times he would touch me on busy trains/buses, we went to an abandoned warehouse and a house. Sometimes there were kids hanging around spray painting or breaking things. In the house he told me to give him a blow job, I tried to laugh it off and say no thinking he must be joking. Instantly this made him angry, he didn't talk to me for a few minutes and then started to tell me things like "a good girlfriend would do this for her boyfriend" and so I ended up absolutely sobbing but doing what he wanted. A different time in the warehouse he wanted to do anal, and again I said I didn't want to, and again the guilt tripping and saying he would be really quick and no one would see, and feeling guilted I gave in. He finished inside and we left. I didn't realise till I had a shower later that day that because of being outside and not having access to lube I was very tender and sore in the area. This basically went on, and sometimes I would lie and say that I really needed to pee just to get out of having sex in public. Even at home he would often pressure me to doing things I didn't like, I have a bad gag reflex so honestly didn't enjoy going down on him, plus often I didn't like his smell or taste. If I asked him to wash it he got very angry at me and would say how it loses sensitivity and doesn't feel as good. Over time he withdrew going down on me because I wasn't "being a good girlfriend" and honestly I didn't mind.
Around 4 years or so into the relationship I made a new friend in work and she invited us to her birthday in a room booked in a night club. It was supposed to be couples and masquerade themed. My guy didn't want to go with me because it seemed boring and he had no interest in meeting my friends. He went out of his way to arrange our gay friend to go with me so I wouldn't be alone and would have a guy with me. On the night of the party the friend came over while I was getting ready and we had some drinks, my ex then changed his mind and decided to come. This wouldn't be a problem but he also said it was ok that his scummy brother comes along (that's another story) he had promised me that the brother wouldn't be in the booked room and he would stay downstairs in the main club with him. But in they came. I was annoyed because his brother was being really inappropriate with my friend, saying he would take her in the bathroom and show her a good time. He was taking photo's up girls dresses/skirts and asking for girls numbers everywhere (he had a gf and I was also warned by my ex not to be alone with him) my guy ended up not speaking to me for the night because I was annoyed that he wouldn't remove him. When we got back to his house he wouldn't let me go home and told me to shut up and go to bed. I sat on the bed sobbing that I just wanted to go home and he laughed and laughed in my face pointing at me. When I tried to leave he lifted me by my coat, breaking the buttons and my necklace and threw me against the wall. In anger I lifted a photo frame of us and smashed him over the head, in retaliation he punched the wardrobe right beside my head and broke his little finger, I ran out of the apartment. I sat on the curb outside crying because I didn't know how to get home. After maybe half an hour he came out and took me back inside. He told me to please go to sleep and just leave in the morning. After that event we broke up for maybe 5/6 months. I started to feel lonely and stupidly started talking to him again.
After this we moved in together. We rented a house where he was originally from but was much further for me. It resulted in me having to get a train and bus to work everyday or come home. His reasoning was there were no houses for rent where I lived. At this time I worked a pretty crap sales job, I made minimum wage and only worked 16 hours a week. So giving half of my money to him to cover rent/food etc and buying my train and bus ticket left me with £10 a week to my name. I was further away from my friends (who he didn't like me spending time with, they were bad influences) I had a male friend that I grew up with and I viewed him like a brother. He told me I had to cut contact with him as I wouldn't like it if the role was reversed (even though he had several close female friends) he spent his time trying to get me to be friends with his friends, and I didn't get them, they were all older and we had nothing in common. Once he asked one girl to spend the day with me shopping or just anything because I had no friend's. I was so embarrassed when he told me. The fact I couldn't go see my actual friends when I wanted and was alone already made me feel sensitive. It also didn't help that early in our relationship he told me he had only ever slept with his ex before me, I then found out he had actually slept with a few of these other female friends for various reasons. One had a fight with her bf and got into his bed wanting a hug and crying which apparently escalated. One apparently climbed ontop of him while he was sleeping when his house mate had a house party etc. One was single at the same time as he was and they thought why not see. That's what I was told anyway.
The town where he lived was dying and had very little going for it. Apart from the nice scenery walking my dog I had nothing to do. With this going on I began to fall into a slump. I worked, came home and slept. He began getting irritated if was sitting/sleeping on the sofa after work as his pc was in the living room and he said he felt like I was always watching him. I made the small room upstairs into my own little space with my computer to play games on and sometimes he would sneak really quietly into the room to try and see if/who I was talking to online. I ended up going to my GP to talk to someone and that turned to my first experience of antidepressants and beta blockers for my panic attacks. This cut down my sex drive immensely, and he would often argue that I "just lay there" or wouldn't do anything for him. I was applying for jobs with no luck. I went to speak to an advisor and they actually said "have you ever considered getting pregnant?" I ended up taking 2 weeks holiday in my job so I could adjust to the pills as I was feeling ill. I temporarily moved back home to learn to drive as maybe that would help me. I ended up getting a new job in a kitchen in the city centre, meaning I was getting my first full time job and would only have to get a train now. My ex told me to stop the driving lessons as I no longer needed them, and just move back as I had money now. And I did.
In my previous job all women worked in the store. In this new job it was a lot more mixed, I was the only female chef but I got a long with mostly everyone. I met my best friend here and we were in a small friend group of 4, our manager jokingly named us the breakfast club because we were all so different. My female best friend, our gay friend and a Romanian guy who was still learning English. We became really inseparable and would often plan day trips, cinema, dinner's and nights out. We had a group chat and constantly talked and sent memes. I felt happy having friends again. Over time my guy became extremely paranoid, he didn't want me working or spending time around other guys. He told me men are like hungry wolves and you can't trust them, and how he had worked in McDonald's when he was young and everyone slept with everyone etc. I finally had money and friends and he wanted me to quit. I loved the job and the people and often if anyone had to go home sick/hurt I always offered to stay to close. This also didn't help with the paranoia. It got to a point that I had to send him my new work schedule every week and had to have a "good reason" for doing overtime.
As time went on he started to accuse me of cheating on him. If I went out with my friends or even to visit my parents he would tell me (if you're fucking anyone tonight then don't bother coming home). This got more and more frequent and he began smoking and drinking a lot more. Often I would come home from work late at night and instantly be yelled at. There was another incident where he punched the wall again re breaking the finger, he couldn't play guitar anymore and said it was my fault. At this point he was roughly 31 in our relationship and began a friendship with a work colleague who was 18. I never met her once, and he would often go on nights out with her and her friends. The few times I woke up in the night and he wasn't home I rang him panicked thinking is he ok. He would answer "what?" When he came home that would be another argument that he's a grown ass man and can look after himself and I shouldn't be worried about his safety. This continued and some nights I began sleeping on the sofa because I couldn't stand the smell of the smoke and I was afraid to be yelled at while he was drunk. He came home once with every button on his shirt broken that I bought him for a birthday and said a guy did it for a joke and leave it at that. One night he blew up at me resulting in me having a panic attack and I actually felt like I would die. I couldn't breath and my face started to change colour. When he noticed he finally stopped yelling and started slapping my back and squeezing me. I sat on the floor and sobbed and said I was going back home. We didn't talk again properly for about a month, and then he sent a message saying he needed to talk/apologize. I went back to listen to what he had to say and somehow by the end he was saying he loved me and I need to come home. I didn't get a word in before it turned to him taking off my clothes to have "make up sex" and before I knew it I was back. We planned a holiday away for a week, to reconnect and try and have some dates again. It was mostly really great. We did have a minor argument because he was actively telling me how hot this very young looking Spanish girl was, and during one of the days he made me have sex by the glass doors leading out to the pool at our apartment. But when we returned home it was just as aweful. In our time together I learned he hated having his photo taken and put on social media. So I only took 3/4 photos, a few nice ones of him standing looking out at the beach etc. But that was suddenly an issue that I hadn't plastered his holiday pictures all over my Facebook etc. We went straight back to the old routine, being accused of cheating.
At this point we'd been together a long time. Constantly family members asking when we would marry and all my friends starting families. Maybe it was the fear of missing out but suddenly I wanted the same. I spoke to him about marriage and he was very clear it's something he doesn't ever want (you don't need a piece of paper with permission to be with someone) one night I got home from work and he had hand written and framed his own wedding certificate saying Mr and Mrs such and such and said "there you go!". The talk of a baby was also quickly shut down with the reason being "if you have a kid then you always have to be a part of that person's life if it doesn't work out".
At this point I don't even think it was entirely the antidepressants. I didn't even want to touch him. He made me uncomfortable, always walking on eggshells. He stank of cigarettes and beer. I constantly had to clean the house. Around his desk there would be piles of beer tins and used tissues... We were eating take out everyday apart from my 2 days off work. I started putting on weight and he was wanting more money towards rent and food etc. He was still going out with 18/19 year old girls to parties etc. This went on for another 5 months until one day it hit me that "this is it" and if I don't leave something bad will happen . My friend group at work generally noticed I wasn't ok. My best friend started to tell me that I'm being gas lit among other things. And that I needed out, and finally I was able to tell him it was over. We cried a lot and parted ways. It was hard because I had to go back to gather my stuff in multiple taxis or a van. Sometimes I needed his help as I had given the key back or items were heavy. On one occasion he asked how I was and then touched my belly saying I had lost a lot of weight...His eyes started watering and he went to the garden to smoke. About 20 minutes after this as I was gathering my stuff the younger work colleague came by (apparently they had plans to order pizza and watch a movie) this is also the first time I ever saw her and didn't even get a hello or anything, I guess it was an awkward first meeting.
He didn't tell his family I left him. Some months later his brother saw me at a club with my work friends and text him along the lines of he'd finally caught me cheating. He then told the family and his mother was apparently very disappointed. I doubt they know how everything went though. He did also message me to tell me this and asked me to tell him truthfully had I cheated/had I slept with any of the work guys since breaking up..
He moved to live in another country. Sold all of his items on gumtree etc, including some of mine. I had a large gas BBQ that my mum gifted for our house, when I asked for it back he tried to say I already had it, then said it must have been stolen.
He also messaged me a year afterwards trying to say he had made a huge mistake and would I be willing to move in and try again... Of course I said no. Again in 2020 ish he messaged saying he had a weird request. He wanted to become friends again as apparently no one knew him like I and he stupidly pushed me, his best friend away. He didn't want me to remain angry at how he treated me etc. Again I declined saying I don't know if that would ever be something I would feel comfortable with and also that I'm dating someone and that's not fair on him.
I haven't had any contact since then.
I'll never truly know but I honestly feel like he cheated on me because of how hellbent he was that I was doing so to him. The whole thing has left me with some bad trust issues. I don't want to be the paranoid girlfriend not allowing partners to go out or have female friends etc.
Apologies for the lengthy post and thank you to anyone who takes the time to read. I do feel like I've forgotten some things, or a bit too personal for here and I feel like this is so long already!
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2023.06.09 02:32 Alithia_Fels AITA for making my brother pay half the transportation fare?

Neither my brother nor I have personal vehicles so when we go out we take the bus or UbeLyft.
Yesterday we went to Petco because they're having a 50% sale on a fish tank I've been wanting. I'd asked if he wanted to go and he said yes. He knew we'd be taking an UbeLyft home because we'd previously talked about it.
The tank is too large for the bus, and he wanted the same tank but ended up not getting one because he didn't have room in his room, nor a stand for it. He did buy a couple budgies and some other stuff, so not like it was a fruitless trip for him.
Fast forward to today and he buys some food for us, and I subtract half the Uber price from what I owe him (Not counting tip, as that was at my discretion).
He said it felt like I was punishing him for going with me, and it bothered him every time I charged him half.
TLDR: Invited my brother out and had him pay half the uber
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2023.06.09 02:31 EstablishmentKey624 My Dream Sheet - would love some input

Hey everyone, so I posted earlier about being a sensor operator and having that as my number one job and I was pretty confident in getting it as my recruiter gave me a list stating it was in high demand right now. Since posting that I have heard from many people it might not be in as high demand as I think. With that being said I’d like to take a second look at my top 10 preferred jobs dream sheet. Since I don’t have all the insight on the jobs (although I’ve done about as much research as I can to narrow my options down) I was hoping I could share it with you all and see if there might be jobs I’m missing or should consider removing considering what I’m looking for.
With that said these are the main things I want in a job IF I join the AF…
-great civilian transferability (in case I decide on a 1 and done 4 year contract)
-“rare” deployment tempo, I just got married and my wife and I would both like if I was deployed more then say 6 months every 2 years (of course that’s hard to gauge as all cases are different but looking for something with statistically low deployment)
-shorter technical school (I’m not looking to be in tech school for 6+ months)
-more duty station options the better (preferably texas, Florida, California, or other coastal areas)
-BONUS if tech school is located in Texas (as that’s home for me)
-and lastly a job that isn’t too monotonous where I will pull out my hair (I’d like to consider myself a person of higher capability then most and so I’d prefer to avoid tedious work that we could teach a monkey to do)
With all that said here’s my job list….please feel free to roast me in the comments if I included a bad choice.
Thanks in advance!
-remote aircraft sensor operator 1U0X1 -contracting 6c0x1 -air traffic control 1C1X1 -fire protection 3E7X1 -safety 1s0x1 -emergency management 3E9X1 -bioenvironmental engineering 4B0X1 -religious affairs 5R0X1 -scientific applications specialist 9S100 -SERE 1T0X1
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2023.06.09 02:27 Plane-Tomato-5705 Debunking Israeli arguments. Let's practice.

Here is an actual response from a Zionists. How much of it can you debunk?
You seem to delight in being a 📷! Here’s the actual truth:
Let’s see what American money buys from Israel, shall we?: (I think this is the 20th time you or one of your Israel-hating buddies have posted that same LIE and I have debunked it. I will keep on debunking this BS until all of you STOP LYING:
No-one in their right mind would deny or be ungrateful for the support of the USA — both financial and even more so moral and diplomatic. But it is very simplistic to put it the way you do.
Israel provides invaluable intelligence to the USA that has prevented countless terrorist attacks on American soil and citizens as well as on assets abroad, in addition to priceless high-tech innovation, security & cybersecurity that have revolutionized and provided clear military superiority as well as tactical & strategic benefits to American military capability, in addition to boosting American and world-wide agricultural production, water conservation & purification, and drought relief, amongst many other benefits.
And that doesn’t even touch on IsraAid’s multi-million $$$ contribution of first response expert medical, humanitarian, and Search & Rescue aid to the USA and its allies after Hurricanes Katrina, Hugo and Irma, & Ian, etc., California Wildfires of 2019 - 2023, the 2018 disastrous eruption of Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, and at the 2021 Surfside, Florida condominium collapse, amongst many others.
Speak to Congress If you wish to complain about tiny Israel’s enormous reciprocation of benefits to the USA. Chances are they will laugh you out of the building. The fact is that 95% of the “aid” package to Israel never leaves the USA, but rather supports tens of thousands of well-paid manufacturing jobs in the USA resulting in hundreds of millions of tax dollars flowing into the US treasury every year. And several billions further in sales of co-developed technology across several disciplines.
And that is in addition to the $2.1 Billion in taxes paid BY Israeli companies in the USA, making Israel the ONLY “Aid” recipient who is a NET CONTRIBUTOR to the USA treasury) — so disproportionate to its size and so unusual compared to bottomless drag on American taxpayers — both financially and ethically — that is the handling of USA “Foreign Aid” to most other countries, and especially anything to do with the so-called “Palestinians”, who use America’s financial largesse to them to finance killing Israelis.
Does that latter morally bankrupt financing provide you with a modicum of relief for your anguish & acid indigestion at American-Israeli close co-operation and alliance?
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2023.06.09 02:26 CoreyNK What's Up At Ninja Kiwi - 9th June 2023

What's Up At Ninja Kiwi - 9th June 2023

Hey everyone! Welcome to this week's blog with the NK team!

What’s been going on this week?

BTD6 Update 37.0 is rolling out! Filled with a magical new paragon, a community-designed map, new quests, a new hero skin and a wonderful 5th birthday celebration!
Be sure to check out the full update notes conjured here!
Following on from our in-game celebrations, we will also be doing a week of giveaways on our Twitter! Each day for 5 days, 5 winners will be randomly selected to get some awesome NK merch! This will be exclusively for Twitter so make sure to follow us for your chance to win!
Central Establishment Race results: 1st: Wonyoung <3 - 1 minute 42.75 seconds 2nd: Vueroeruko - 1 minute 43.35 seconds 3rd: Ultra - 1 minute 43.53 seconds 4th: YT: ZT BTD6 - 1 minute 43.85 seconds 5th: Mertex - 1 minute 44.67 seconds

This weekend's focus:

- BTD6 - Pile O' Monkey Money and T3 Insta Monkeys on sale. Ongoing "Late Start" Odyssey, ending Wednesday. "Urvhwwd Vwrqh" Race this weekend. Bloonarius Least Cash, will be appearing on The Cabin this weekend, starting Friday and ending Thursday. Upcoming Contested Territory, Starting Tuesday.
- Battles 2 - Ongoing Season 12 ending June 21st. Gwen Sports Fan showcase, ending Thursday 15th. Ongoing Bananza, ending Monday
- Bloons Pop - Friday: Yellow Bloon Popper Saturday: White Bloon Popper Sunday: Level Smasher Party Goal: Merge Monkeys, ending Sunday. Power Up Mania, starting after. Auto Fast Forward, Vault of Monkey Money, 3rd Canister, Barrel of Bloonstones and Bloonstones on sale. Ongoing BFB Adventure, ending Wednesday Double Rewards starting Friday, ending Monday.
- BTD Battles - Professor Evil appearing this weekend. With a second tougher one starting Tuesday and ending Thursday. Friday: MOAB - BFB, BFB Cards, BFB Boosts Only Saturday: MOAB, MOAB Cards, MOAB Card Club - BFB, BFB Club Sunday: MOAB, MOAB R3 Speed, MOAB Cards - BFB Random 15, BFB Boosts Only Monday: MOAB, MOAB Boosts Only 2x Medallions with Bag of Medallions and Chest of Medallions on sale.
- BATTD - Ongoing Martian games: No Trinkets, More Regrow, More Fortified. Clones, More Shields, More Fortified starting on Saturday. Flame Princess Adventure Pack, Jake Adventure Pack and Character Bundle pack on sale.
- SAS4 Mobile - VS on Friday, LMS on Saturday and APOC with Black Box as rewards on Sunday. Sales on nantos, NV vet pack, Epic pack and 10th premium gun set: T189, CM Starfury and Banshee
- BTD5 - Ongoing Totem Event, ending Monday Wizard Skin and Monkey Money on sale.

Questions from the comments:

is magus perfectus baller? You tell us! Did we hit the mark? What do you love or not love about them?
Has the Magus Perfectus met the original Wizard Lord before? If so, what was their experiences with each other? The Magus was just careful not to be the most expensive tower on the map, and everything was fine! :)
We have fanmade ideas for maps in the game. Are you open to adding other fanmade content such as skins or bosses? We love seeing all your art and concepts for skins and bosses! For the time being, we are only looking at community maps to put into BTD6! But check out this poll to have your say on the next hero alt for Battles 2!
Can PoD reanimate monkeys? There are some lines no Monkey dares cross…
Will we ever get an story mode or something? We love how the lore of Bloons is evolving and are really excited about where our Quests may take us… now with Scoop joining the team, we might have even more room to explore stories in the Blooniverse.
How is the wizard paragon get it's beard? When any monkey becomes a powerful enough wizard, they can just magic their beards into existence!
We know that the bloons have tried to spy on monkeys before (in monkey city) but have the monkeys ever spied on the bloons? The M.I.B are always trying to keep an eye on the Bloons' dastardly plans!
Why does Captain Churchill turn his tank around when he is not popping Bloons? He just really likes driving his tank, it also helps keep it from getting stuck!
Do Wolfpack Quincy and the Cave Monkey know each other? If so, what are their opinions of each other? They do have a lot of similarities even being from different times in the world! They both love the outdoors and popping bloons and will often go on long treks through the wilderness to find the perfect scenic spots!
What is Gwen's favourite thing to cause drama over? Who ships who in her favourite telenovela!
Hello NK team! The update isn't out yet, but I can already tell I'll love Sauda's Jiangshi skin. Did the team have any inspiration from any particular Jiangshi character, or is it based on the general popular depiction? Jiangshi Sauda was inspired by the Korean zombie show, Kingdom, set in traditional times. Zombies and traditional clothing lead to the well-known Jiangshi in Chinese folklore!
Is the polar bear on erosion going to be okay??? I hope there will be enough ice for him to stand on. I don't want to see him fall. Remember, Polar bears are great swimmers, they love to make a splash!
Whenever a new skin is released, is it because dr monkey found a new alternate reality? Or does a rift or portal appear and drop off a new variant of a hero? Yes…
What’s your thoughts on a tack shooter paragon? Oof! Be careful where you step!
What are the heroes' housing situations like? Me and a friend have a joke that Ezili and Ben got their houses mixed up by mistake, so now Ezili lives in a penthouse and Ben lives in a cave. Ben will happily camp out wherever he can get a good wifi signal and a PowerPoint to plugin! Although he may return home to find Smudge has taken over his gaming chair!
WHY DOES THE BEAST HANDLERS NOT USE THEIR STICK LIKE THE MEGALODON'S LOOKS LIKE IT COULD DO SOME DAMAGE They didn’t spend all that time training the animals to pop bloons for nothing!
How much does it cost to buy a spike factory, and where can I buy one. I have an idea… I do not think the monkeys would let us have a spike factory without proving we would only use it for good!
Have a great weekend and happy gaming! -Ninja Kiwi Team
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2023.06.09 02:07 whiskeytwn At last! - The Ninja Secrets will be mine!

At last! - The Ninja Secrets will be mine! submitted by whiskeytwn to IRLEasterEggs [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 02:06 TheSnazzyParchment AITA? Trying to set boundaries with NF

Hi all, I’m a first time nanny and so far I love what I do. I started about a month ago with a family here locally. I was going through some tough times with my job and found that the area I’m in (Denver) pays more for Nannie’s than my old job in sales was earning me. It’s been a bit shift but I am happy overall.
One thing I have a hard limit on is poop diapers. Idk why but I’ve never been able to handle it. The smell, and look makes me want to throw up. DB works from home and has been great until today. I have been asking him to change those diapers and he’s mostly been kind. Today however he sat me down and said if I don’t start doing this he’ll have to let me go. This is a hard limit for me and I told him I’d think about this tonight and we could talk tomorrow. I think I’m going to have to suck it up, but I was really proud of myself for keeping this boundary and enforcing it by not doing something I don’t feel comfortable doing. NK is 18 months and goes about once a day.
Worth noting I do everything else except poop diapers, and taking out the diaper pale trash bag. I feed, and play with nk all day every day. I’m attached to her now and I want this job but don’t know if I can stomach this. The pay is decent ($31/hr) and the hours are good.
What would you do in my situation?
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2023.06.09 02:05 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Copy Paste Agency (Here)

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In Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency, you will learn:
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