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2023.06.01 03:29 leahhhhhhhhhhh In an extreme rut

I’m not sure if this is rock bottom but it kind of feels like it. I’m 20F, my mom died pretty horrifically five months ago and I took care of her for a year. I think I have ptsd from caregiving, not that I can afford to go to a therapist right now to get diagnosed anyways. A week after moving away from my hometown and two months after my mom died, my cat that I had for 18 years died suddenly. My dad who was divorced from my mom when she died and abused her while they were married went apeshit on me and my siblings barely even a week after our mom passed because we told him that she wouldn’t be buried next to him because they were divorced and she wouldn’t have wanted that. When I moved away I was binge eating and taking sleep meds during the day because I didn’t like being awake. My car has been broken down for six weeks and is gonna cost $1700 to fix and I can’t work because nobody wants to hire somebody without a car. My extended family is generally nice but I’m not close with them and they look down on me because I didn’t go straight to college after highschool so they think I’m stupid and talk about me behind my back. I genuinely don’t have a single friend and I don’t think I have since I was 18. I feel numb most of the time but have insane panic attacks every couple weeks. I’ve gained about 50 pounds in the last two years and definitely have an eating disorder that I’ve dealt with since i was 16 (back then I genuinely never ate and now I try to not eat but just end up binging). I just feel so lost and broken. I’m sorry this whole post is just me complaining about my life lol but I genuinely need advice. When things are this bad, HOW do you even begin to get better? I have horrendous adhd and find that every time I get inspired to make a change in my life, I lose interest and give up after like two weeks. Do things just take time? I have so many things that I don’t like about how my life is that I just get overwhelmed even thinking about trying to fix things. I just know that if I continue down this path I’m gonna live such a sad and lonely fucking life and that’s terrifying to me.
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2023.06.01 03:28 mark__V Needing help with Fris0uman soundpack

Hello everyone.
I am trying to use Fris0uman's soundpack on both android and linux versions of CDDA, but when starting to play the game with the soundpack active, I do not hear foot steps, ambience, ect.
I have followed the instructions on the Github for the soundpack installation correctly and the version of CDDA I am using is 0.G stable.
Any help is appreciated!
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2023.06.01 03:28 Only_Register187 My boyfriend (24M) is making me (24F) choose between him & my best friend (24F)

My boyfriend and I have been together for 8 years. Since we were in high school and still learning how to have a healthy relationship, the beginning was rocky. We dated people in between here and there, and I'd say our relationship didn't become concrete until 2020. I also come from a big family where I was taught to blabber every detail of my issues to everyone, so I got a lot of outside opinions about our relationship, some of which were from my best friend. She hasn't always liked him, rightfully so, and hasn't always shown as much respect/support towards our relationship as a best friend should because she knows the history of our relationship. But now, my boyfriend really doesn't like her and is adamant that we no longer be friends. In his opinion, she is not a good friend to me and tries to get in between us.
This probably started at the beginning of COVID when there was a short window when she wanted to be more than friends. I shut it down and we went on respectfully, but then I offered that we all should have a threesome... long story short, it did not go well but my relationships went on with each of them.
Fast forward a couple years, and my boyfriend told me something that he made me swear to not tell anyone else. I was brimming with anxiety and just had to tell someone, so I told my best friend. A couple months later, my boyfriend asked me if I had told anyone because he had an inkling that his best friend found out and I'm a bad liar so I told him that I told her. It made him extremely upset, question my trust; and although to this day we still don't know if his best friend knows, he still thinks she told him and hates her for it.
For a minute I thought she might've told him because they are friends, and she's also done some other things that made me question our friendship. She's hooked up with my stepbrother while they were in relationships; she's always been super stingy with money even though she comes from a lot of it; and the last couple years she was getting too fucked up all the time and I just didn't want to be around it.
I was living in another city before my boyfriend and I moved in together, and my best friend and I wanted to move in together when I moved back. My boyfriend said we'd break up if I moved in with her, and honestly I didn't know if I wanted to live with her, so that's how we ended up moving in together.
Finally, one day in October '22 I come home from hanging out with her and my boyfriend tells me how he feels. He said he can't believe I still hang out with her after the ways she's disrespected me, him, and us. I am a very non-confrontational person, so I have not seen her since then. I miss her with all my heart, hanging out with anyone else is just not the same. Best friends do stupid shit, but people grow and change.
My boyfriend refuses to talk about it, tell me his feelings about it, or see my side which is that he needs therapy because he's insecure. Today I ran into her and tried to bring it up to him when I got home. He said that if I want to hang out with her again, then we have to break up.
Am I being insensitive? I don't know what to think. I'm just tired of being anxious and feeling like I'm doing something wrong no matter what I do.
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2023.06.01 03:28 greyishcorn Summer is a nightmare

Even as a student I hated summer. It's just boring and obnoxiously hot. I'm crazy sensitive to weather (like I need a jacket when it's 65F/18C, but get dizzy when it's 70F/21C) and I hate wearing revealing clothing. The feeling of skin sticking together from sweat is hellish. The SMELL of sweat too.
So on top of the sensory overload, there's even more of an expectation to be outside and around people than usual. I love the friends I've got, but they all know I'm a homebody, which means they do outdoorsy stuff with their fun friends, which makes me unnecessarily jealous. Then I delete instagram for the 50th time and everything is fine for a bit. THEN my ADHD and autistic fixations swoop in.
One of my special interests are the seasons and the cultural context around them. I like to live my life seasonally (eating certain foods, activities, color-scheming my flat/wardrobe), and this is incredibly grounding. But summer is SO BORING. There's no good holidays for me to celebrate or base any of my clothes/food around. I'm not a huge fan of the colors typically associated with summer in my culture either. There's what?? Flowers?? Okay well spring's got summer beat on that. And of course if I try to enjoy fall/winter things in the wrong season my autism alarm will go off and give me and anxiety attack. Maybe I'll just go all out on Labor Day this year. Catch me making lemonade all pissed off.
Thank you for reading my whining. Cold months ftw.
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2023.06.01 03:28 damageddios My friend threw a fit at the movie theater

Last night I(27F) went to watch the new The Little Mermaid with my male live-in friend (28m).
We had our discussion about the whole "should Ariel stayed white"... I personally don't care and I excited for the remake. If they had made her Asian or white, I would've been just as ecstatic as I was going to see the remake.
He preferred she stayed white. Which is fine. movie begins, everything is good but I noticed he wasn't paying much attention to it, shuffling around, looking at me (I can see him in my peripheral). I'm immersed in it, I love Disney movies. Any childhood remakes for that matter and looking forward to how the filmmakers and directors incorporated new ideas and little tweaks.
We get to the part where Prince Eric's mother, Queen Selina, appears on screen. I didn't expect him to have a black mother or a black queen at that. I thought "huh cool, maybe his stepmom, either way its fairytale". My friend on the other hand, scoffed and called it bullshot, "it doesn't make sense.. scoffs, they're trying to push an agenda..".. I tell him what I thought, "she could be his step-mom and just calls her mom bc they have a bond and she raised him".. he continues to complain about "woke movement" and how they are pushing forced diversity. At this point, I got tired to lightn up the mood since people kept turning around to us. I told him "stfu it's just a fairy tale. People can hear you ans you call your step-dad 'dad' sometimes when sharing stories, why couldn't it be the case here". He literally YELLS at me to shut up and not talk about his step-dad because he doesn't call him "dad".. a whole spectacle. We go back and forth, I'm trying to quiet him down and he's still raising his voice how diversity is being pushed on us.
I moved seats after telling him he is embarrassing because he is a grown 28yr old man acting like that over a live action remake of an animated movie from 1989. After moving seats, he followed me to it and I moved again 3x and he followed. I gave up and left to the restroom, came back 10mins later after gathering myself and moved to another seat where he finally left me alone.
Movie is over. We're walking silently to the car where he starts it up again. Talking about "woke agenda" "forced diversity" "what if we made Mulan black?!" "What if we made black panther white". I tried to explain to him those two stories their race matters bc it wouldn't make sense otherwise. Mulan is a Chinese ballad. Black Panther has various African cultural influences through out the movie..
He huff and puffs and two men are in the back laughing, looking at him ridiculously. He argues about the same thing on the way home and into the night, I argued back saying how it didn't matter, she's a made up Mermaid, it's a fairy tale..
He said some covertly racist things yet claims he isn't racist. He's upset that black people are now taking up space in the entertainment industry and "every corner of the media"
This morning I was already sad and yes I cried because it was so overwhelming and I couldn't understand how someone could be so angry about a mythical creature. I was so excited to see this movie especially after I saw snippets of the actress who played Vanessa, she ate and left no crumbs and she didnt even have 15mins of screen time!
He comes in, trying to play nice but I can tell he's seething still. Walking around my room, sighing and staring at me... after last night I wanted to be left alone and I told him this. Politely and calmly. He makes a scene all over again and this time I recorded becaaus i knownim not crazy or playong victim (and also i have a tendency to gaslight myself into thinking it's not a big deal or I was in fact the problem). He looked ridiculous. I'm debating to show family and friends because they think he is sweet. He is until certain topics comes up and he becomes verbally, emotional and even physically abusive and tries to turn it around on me when I'm depressed the next day saying "stop playing victim. You provoked me" "it's a new day why can't you let it go? You want to sulk all day? Great you ruined your own day"
Him: I saw an asian kid in it and I didn't care.. sp why do little black girls need to have black princess to feel better? Black people are over-represented.. how come the other minorities are represented?!
Everyone in that movie did an amazing job and it didn't take anything away from OG Disney Ariel's story.
My "friend" is Japanese and German. Looks mostly Japanese. He gets suprised people tell him they see him as Japanese or ethnic instead kf a white man, as he is "75% white"
I'm an Afro- Puerto Rican. I grew up in a diverse island, so seeing diversity isn't a shocker to me and I'm baffled at how angry people like him get over seeing "too many black people" on tv or "on every corner of media".
I was baffled instead at the LACK of diversity when I moved to the U.S.. maybe there was lack lf diversity in Puerto Rico, I never noticed but in the States, it was always something you noticed. In recent years, seeing more Asians, South Americans, Indigenous, Scottish, Latinos(as), and ethnic Europeans get animated and have influenced in our movies and have movies made of them is exciting to me and I've always supported those.
Race-swapping is only an issue with me is when their race is important to the story. Ex: you can make Mulan white or black... or Merida Asian or Latina.. it just wouldn't make sense.
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2023.06.01 03:28 kholekardashian12 Vet rant (Hecktor, aged ~11)

Vet rant (Hecktor, aged ~11)
This is going to be a long one.
Last year, my husband and I decided to get a cat from our local shelter. I had grown up with cats and my husband suggested we get a young, short haired one. When we got there, I asked which cat had been in the shelter the longest and they took us to a frail, long haired senior boy. He had advanced kidney disease, muscular dystrophy, anemia, and a heart murmur. He had patches shaved out of his long fur where it had become matted and he was very underweight. As soon as I put my hand up to the cage, he immediately meowed and rubbed his head against it. I was in love and I just couldn't leave without him. I felt such love and kindness radiating from him. When we said we would like to take him home, the staff in the shelter literally all cheered. We discussed his health needs with shelter vet and were aware that our boy was not in good shape but we're determined to give him the love and care that he deserved.
Over the following months, he did seem to improve (I've posted a before and after on this sub before). He slept with us almost every night. If you were stationary for more than 0.5 seconds, he would curl up in your lap. You couldn't leave a glass of water unattended as he would drink from it (he several water sources throughout the house but your particular glass was always preferred). Whenever we went out, we used to leave an opening in the duvet so he could easily burrow in under the covers. Every day the first thing I did when I got home from work was give him cuddles and kisses and tell him how loved he was. He was the kind of cat that even people who don't like cats would remark on and say how lovely he was.
A few days ago, he had what we thought was a seizure. We took him to the vet and they said it was more likely a stroke and although his heart murmur hadn't changed, we would need to arrange for an echocardiogram to be conducted once the radiologist was back in the following week. They said the earliest we could do it was Friday next week. They did not express any great sense of urgency, but instead made snarky comments about how his back nails needed trimming (I had trimmed his front ones but he'd get too distressed when doing them all at once so I had to space it out over a few days).
They had never mentioned the heart murmur in the previous times we'd taken him even though it was on the paperwork that the shelter had given us and we made a point to share this with the vet during the initial visit. We were never presented with treatment options or even told it was something that needed regular monitoring. Instead, every vet visit was about his kidney issues ending with them trying to push their renal food on us, despite us telling them multiple times that he wouldnt eat it and was there something else we could do instead. When we asked what else we could do or if there were medication options, they said "just make sure he drinks plenty of water". No shit. They gave us a hydration supplement sachet to give to him him which had never been offered to us before. We would have bought this in bulk if we had known about it.
They did blood work, gave him some sub cutaneous fluids and sent us home. We got back, we fed him the hydration supplement and went out for lunch for my husband's birthday. We were gone for two hours max. When we got back, we found him and he had clearly passed away. My husband and I were absolutely inconsolable.
I immediately called the vet and they were closed so left a hysterical voice message. Yesterday, someone called me at 6pm but I was driving home from work and missed the call. When I called back today, I was told no pet under his name could he found. I said "Well he died two hours after visiting you so I supposed he's already been removed from your database". That got their attention and after waiting on hold, a nurse was able to tell me that the Dr suspected it was a heart attack due to the "newly developed heart disease". I explained that we - and the vet - were very much aware of his murmur from the very first visit after adoption. Then the nurse found this info on his notes from last year and confirmed. I asked again why no one ever presented us with treatment options for his heart murmur or suggested an echocardiogram sooner or ever mentioned it at all and was told they will "look into that and be in touch".
I'm not sure whether I'm in the anger stage of grief and am just looking to place blame somewhere but I feel that this vet had been neglectful, maybe because he was senior and had quite a few issues, I honestly dont know. My husband's colleague told him she had avoided that same vet for a similar reason in that she didn't feel they were attentive. The fact they had already wiped him from their database did also sting.
Sorry for the long rant but I just wanted to express myself and I guess serve as a reminder to be proactive with your vet and advocate for your baby. I feel tremendous guilt and pray my sweet boy forgives me.
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2023.06.01 03:28 Vegetable-Western-83 The best productivity book yet

Dani Donovan’s “The Anti-Planner: How to get sh!t done when you done feel like it”.
I’m sure this one has been posted several times, but I just got mine in the mail and I have to say it was completely worth the FIVE month wait!!
[TLDR: long shipping, worth it] I ordered this book right around Christmas, and just now got it. Fortunately, the author is very connected with her readers and sends out frequent email updates about when the batch is going to ship. The best part about her emails is that each one has a new productivity guide (comic style). I went and printed all mine out and keep them in my Common Space file to reflect on. Anyways, the shipping took long bc she wanted a super high quality book, so she had to order from the UK. But it was completely worth the wait because the book is SUCH high quality. The pages are so colorful, some are foiled. The strong spiral binding makes it easier to lay flat (I’m a book nerd, ok stfu). The author has sold out twice now! So I’m pretty sure she’s doing something right.
Just from my quick flip through the meticulously ordered contents (neatly tabbed out), I can already tell this book is going to help so much. This is like the Marie Kondo of productivity books. And the comic art makes it very interesting to read, and never boring. I’m so happy I bought this. 1000/10 recommend!!!
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2023.06.01 03:28 Joadzilla Prosecutors have recording of Trump discussing sensitive Iran document

The July 2021 recording could undercut key defense claims that Trump declassified or didn’t know about the documents
Special counsel Jack Smith has obtained a 2021 recording in which Donald Trump appears to brag about having a classified document related to Iran, suggesting the former president understood both the legal and security concerns around his possession of such restricted information, people familiar with the matter said Wednesday.
The recording was made at a meeting at Trump’s golf course in Bedminster, N.J., said the people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing criminal investigation. It features Trump describing a multi-page document that he claims is about possibly attacking Iran, expressing a desire to share that information with others but also making some kind of acknowledgment that he shouldn’t do so.
The existence of the recording was first reported by CNN. It has not been made public, and the people familiar with it would not describe Trump’s statements verbatim. But for Justice Department prosecutors examining Trump’s possible mishandling of classified documents after leaving the White House, the audio could be important evidence about Trump’s state of mind and his understanding of the rules about classified information — and it might show the path of certain sensitive documents once they left the White House.
Trump’s lawyers have suggested that the former president either did not know he possessed classified documents after leaving the White House or could have declassified such material while in office.
Smith’s investigation appears to be centered on classified material discovered last August at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s Florida home and private club, weeks after the Justice Department demanded the return of all documents marked classified and a lawyer for Trump handed over documents said to be responsive to that subpoena.
The Washington Post reported last year that among the sensitive documents recovered by the FBI was a document describing Iran’s missile program. It’s unclear if that document is the same one described in the audio recording. The Post has also reported that investigators suspect Trump’s motive for keeping classified material after leaving the White House may have been mostly ego, and that he insisted the documents were his property, not the U.S. government’s.
For the Justice Department, evidence that Trump knew he had classified material, and understood the restrictions on sharing it, would be an important part of any charging decision.
A spokesman for Smith declined to comment. A Trump spokesperson replied to an email seeking comment by decrying leaks about the investigation, which he said “are designed to inflame tensions and continue the media’s harassment of President Trump and his supporters. It’s just more proof that when it comes to President Trump, there are absolutely no depths to which they will not sink as they pursue their witch hunts.”
In a section of his book, “The Chief’s Chief,” Trump’s former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, appears to describe the meeting where the recording obtained by the Justice Department was made.
The book mentions a document that Trump tries to link to a frequent target of his ire at the time, Gen. Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Meadows describes a scene at Bedminster in which a relaxed, post-presidency Trump expounds on how he is waiting to re-engage with politics at a time of his choosing.
“The boss leans back in his chair, dressed in a sport coat and a crisp white shirt that’s open at the neck. He looks at least twenty pounds lighter than he was in office,” Meadows’s book says. “The president recalls a four-page report typed up by Mark Milley himself. It contains the general’s own plan to attack Iran, deploying massive numbers of troops, something he urged President Trump to do more than once during his presidency. President Trump denied those requests every time.”
At that time, Trump complained frequently about Milley, a reaction to anecdotes in books and news articles that cast Trump in a bad light and described Milley as defending democracy from the then-president’s darker impulses.
Representatives for Milley did not immediately respond to requests for comment. A lawyer for Meadows declined to comment. People familiar with the investigation say prosecutors have repeatedly asked witnesses about any comments Trump made about Milley.
The strange legal and national security saga of how hundreds of classified documents followed Trump to Florida after he left the White House began in 2020, when the National Archives and Records Administration began seeking the return of what it suspected were presidential records – historical documents that are government property.
After months of back-and-forth, 15 boxes of papers from Mar-a-Lago were returned in early 2022. When archives officials opened the boxes, they found more than 100 classified documents scattered among the various items.
That led to questions about whether Trump had more classified papers at his Florida home. Served with the grand jury subpoena in the spring, Trump’s lawyers handed over an additional 38 classified documents in a sealed envelope last June. But FBI agents later obtained evidence suggesting that Trump was holding onto even more documents, leading them to obtain a court order for an Aug. 8 search of the property in which agents found more than 100 classified documents.
In November, after Trump launched another bid for the White House, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Smith to lead the documents investigation, along with a more sprawling investigation into efforts to block the 2020 election results and events surrounding the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol.
Trump’s attorneys have taken steps in recent weeks in the documents case — including outlining his potential defense to members of Congress and seeking a meeting with the attorney general — that suggest they believe a charging decision is getting closer.
Over the past week, The Post has reported that investigators have video footage and other evidence that shows two Trump employees at Mar-a-Lago moved boxes of documents into a storage area just before Justice Department officials came to retrieve material in response to the subpoena, and that one of the employees later asked how long material captured by surveillance cameras at the property was kept before being erased.
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2023.06.01 03:27 SimilarStrawberry848 son y handycam dcr-hc21... HELP PLS!!!

any help would be appreciated
i found my parents old handycam that they used to record memories of my childhood. i couldn't find the charging wire or other tapes except for the one in the device. i ordered a charger and a blank tape to maybe try to start recording on the device.
when i play the tape that has been inside there is no audio. i recall seeing the tape when i was younger and there had been audio. any idea what happened there? also when playback is occurring there is this clicking noise. when i opened the area where the tape goes i could see the spindle that holds the film in the tape (the left spindle thing) going forward but then kicking back a little every second before it moves forward.
with the new tape i got to check out what filming would be like... the video recorded on the new tape has the same issue of glitching as the old tape. audio is recording on the new tape but also glitching as well as high pitched noise. i am happy to share some video or photos to get some direction in what i could do. i usually refer to pictures online to see if i could solve the issue. my problem right now is i can not find a single image of what the inside mechanism is supposed to look like where the tape goes.

ps. i did already clean the heads as best as possible with alcohol. i just ordered a cleaning tape to see if that will help but i don't know that it will.
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2023.06.01 03:27 Dramatic_Hat_7260 my boss is being super rude

i’m a new hire and anything my boss has asked me to do before i did it right away. which most people here don’t even do anything she asks. so she was telling me that the district manager was really pushing her to get more credit card sign ups. when she was showing me how she would like me to pitch it to customers i was down with it and showing that i was fully capable of doing it. and she had asked “what happens if you don’t do it?” i said “i have no idea”. she replied “i’m gonna have to cut your hours”. i would’ve understood if she replied with that if i had refused to do it. but i showed i was fully capable of doing it. the worst part is she treats everyone else there who’s been there way longer than me way better. she had asked them to pitch the credit card to her as if she was a customer. they said the same thing as me. and she laughed it off and was super nice to them. she had also told another guy my age that if he got someone to sign up with a credit card, she would give him a gift card. LIKE WHAT?! how was she gonna threaten me and treat everyone else so nice. i had even asked everyone how she asked them they all said she was nice about it. this angers me so much i don’t know if i should ask her why she had said that to me and treated everyone else great.
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2023.06.01 03:27 boogetyboo Feeling guilty for doing nothing/having fun

Interested to see if others have had the same experience/have any advice.
I work for myself and can pick and choose projects. This came after over a decade of working for other companies, building a reputation, getting good at what I do and then finally feeling comfortable a few years ago with starting my own business.
I say all this to demonstrate that this isn't a humble brag and that I'm also aware of my privilege - but I flogged myself to get here.
I've just finished up a major project and to say I'm tired is the understatement of the year. My partner and I looked at the numbers and agreed that I don't need to work for a few months. That I can just rest.
What I'm struggling with is an overwhelming sense of guilt. I've finished a few to-do's around the house that had been on my list for a while.
But all I really feel like doing is bingeing TV, playing games and doing sweet fa.
I'm neglecting the pile of reading I swore I was dying to dive into. I've barely been to the gym or on a hike like I said I was really looking forward to, as I'd lost a bit of progress over the last few months. I've barely touched the new cookware and recipe book I was really excited to try out. I haven't attended the networking events or done the rebrand or the extra study I need to keep across my industry, all the things I said I'd do once I finally had the time.
I just want to blob about and be a teenager. My partner is supportive - he wants me happy and healthy, but he said he doesn't care if I just want to do nothing.
So why do I feel so guilty?? If I'm genuinely enjoying myself playing games for 6 hours with Netflix on in the background, why does a part of me feel crap? Like I have to be productive or self improving, or cleaning or something?
I know when my partner has time off, he doesn't have a to do list or an agenda. He just does what he wants on the day and that's it. Is this a uniquely female thing? Or the stupid hustle boss bitch mindset I keep being told I'm meant to have?
Sorry this got long. Just want to see if anyone else has experienced this.
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2023.06.01 03:27 a_unicorn_person 🗻LANCER [Saturdays@ 12 p.m. EST] [lancer] [Online] [PAID] [$20] [LGBTQ+ FRIENDLY] [NEW PLAYER FRIENDLY] [foundry VTT]

👋🏽 Welcome to Polyhedra - a growing community of nerds and ttrpg enthusiasts, just like you! 🤓
⏰ Saturdays@ 12 p.m. Eastern
🪑 2/6 Seats Filled
Set tens of thousand of years from the present day, LANCER imagines a future where humanity has spread to the stars after weathering terrible ecological collapse on Earth -- the end of the Anthropocene as a consequence of unrestrained consumption and poor stewardship.
With a survival imperative motivated by this cultural history, humanity’s organizing body, Union, seeks to manage the galaxy to ensure we’ll never again be faced with extinction. They are not perfect in this endeavor; the narrative present of LANCER imagines a future where Union’s central body has been gripped by popular revolution, and the new governing body seeks to rectify the crimes of the old.
Interested? Check out our Website or Schedule a Chat!
🧐 We know you have thoughts... "WHY PAID CAMPAIGNS?**" 😱
👉 The answer is pretty simple! We love free games! NOTHING, including our games, is better than sitting around a table with your irl friends playing some good 'ole Dnd. Buuuuut, for those of us who have anxiety, lack friends interested in the hobby, or are genuinely worried about if someone at the game store is going to be accepting of us, etc. Polyhedra hopes to be a solution.
We also recognize that DMs wear so many hats when running a session. Actors, authors, and artists all get paid for their work. Why not shouldn't a single human who acts as all 3 of those things also get paid for their work? GMs, we love you and we see you ❤️
6 Player virtual tabletop.
3-4 hours of gameplay per session.
Private, tier 3 boosted Discord server with voice and video (by DM) - players only need a working microphone and headset.
Individualized creation chats with each player (available beginning now and through the first session of the campaign) where we will handcraft your PC's origins, background, and campaign-shaping plot points. NO CHARGE
Class, Feats, Backgrounds from any official sourcebooks and Unearthed Arcana. Homebrew dependent on DM permission.
For more information and specific questions, please either visit our website or send a message via Discord to DM David (Nadrian#9820) or Jason (a_unicorn_person#6909). You can also reach out through reddit here: nadriancox for David or at a_unicorn_person for Jason.
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2023.06.01 03:27 Suspicious_Cake9465 House haunted?

Have any of you ever felt like your house was maybe haunted after you lost your spouse?
In the last month and a half, I’ve caught movement out of the side of my eye a half dozen times that was nothing. You see quick movements of something, down a hallway, in another room, etc. My wife has been gone 6 months and Ive been dating another woman for like 3.5 of those and shes doing great with my kids. Well, she too has seen something as recent as two days ago. I had not even told her I had witnessed this phenomenon when she disclosed it today.
Also, on 5/22, my front ring camera caught a glowing orb that was accompanied with extremely disturbing audio that sounded freaky as hell. My youngest daughter who is one woke me up about 3 seconds before the ring camera went off out the front door.
Anyway, just a freaky situation. I dont want to have to move but this is crazy. Anyone else go through this?
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2023.06.01 03:27 Throwawaypinkmilk How do I confront my bf about his porn addiction politely?

TLDR: in a very happy and healthy relationship but my bf has an unusual porn addiction, the only thing that bothers me. He watches porn everyday even though we always have sex multiple times a week and he always cums. And I think he needs to look at it everyday. Well I keep finding weird notes around the house with incest porn titles written on them. Any advice?
Hi Reddit! I need some advice. So, ive been dating my bf for about 6 months. Very happy relationship and I want to marry him. I’ve always been against the porn industry. I mean, I used to watch porn a few times a year when I was younger, but I don’t anymore because I find it objectifying. I do masturbate, but it’s not everyday and when I do I use my imagination. I also send him pictures of myself happily whenever he asks. Well, I was at my boyfriends house the other day and I noticed some notebook paper on the ground. I flipped through it out of curiosity and it contained titles written in pen of various…incest porn titles. Not just stepson stuff. But actual incest. Stuff like “aunt fucks nephew.” Pages of it. I brought it up to him and he said his ex girlfriend wrote in his journal to vandalize it and that he doesn’t watch that type of porn. He threw all the paper in the trash and said it wasn’t his handwriting. I believed it.
A few days later my bf told me he masturbated last night. I came over and went in his room where I noticed an open notebook with a black pen next to it. I tried to find the paper and I found a brand new one in the trash written in black pen. I know it was his handwriting this time, too. It said “son fucks older mom Incest.” I pulled it out of the trash and asked him about it and he said he found it yesterday. I honestly am really unnerved and idk how to bring it up to him.
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2023.06.01 03:27 CalJebron Proper SPAN/RSPAN port placement?

Hi All,
I have been asked to assist with configuring some SPAN/RSPAN ports, and while I've done some basic SPAN configuration before, this project is quite large. The project covers 4 different facilities and quite large networks. We're still a little ways out from configuration, but I'm trying to do some homework so I'm more prepared when we get to configuration.
The basic SPAN/RSPAN stuff seems fairly simple and straightforward, but I guess what I'm struggling to find is any documentation or literature on how to properly "place" SPAN and RSPAN ports/configuration. Mostly just some considerations or best practices for properly and efficiently designing a SPAN/RSPAN configuration. If anyone has any resources, please share!
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.01 03:27 creaturecheek Hit and run on my bicycle (San Francisco, CA)

In December of last year, I was hit by a car running a red light. I was on my bicycle, and after being hit kind of spun around the median and got stuck underneath someone else’s car in the opposite lane who was waiting for the red light. The driver who hit me drove off. I was knocked out, and when I came to the guy who’s car I was under had pulled me out and was laying me down on somebody’s front yard. When I asked what was going on he got back into his car and drove away. Passed out again. Fast forward to ambulance picking me up. Then blackout.
Spent a day or two in the hospital, fractured skull and facial sutures. Was unconscious 95% of the time. The same girl kept waking me up to ask my name and social (I don’t know what I told her because she had to come back three times)… but she obviously found me eventually because I received $53,000 of hospital bills in the mail. At 26 years of age, I’d recently lost coverage from my parent’s insurance. Had not applied for Medi-Cal.
Because of the concussion I sustained - until I received the bill. I had no idea when or where this incident occurred. I’ve contacted the local police department only to find there was no report made regarding the accident.
I have contacted endless personal injury lawyers, victims compensation, San Francisco bike messenger association, etc. All of whom tell me without report of the incident/crime there is nothing they can do. No one is going to waste their time on the case that brings in zero money.
Very frustrated with my predicament, I’ve been as proactive as possible in getting help paying these bills - but it’s looking more and more like the responsibility will be on me.
TLDR : Are there any programs I can apply for or actions I can take to relieve myself of this debt?
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2023.06.01 03:27 MichaelMeier112 Charging stopped unexpected

Charging stopped unexpected
Do you get this charging stopped unexpected alert when using public chargers?
Once or twice a week I charge at our local strip mall’s free public charger (Volta). Sometimes with lunch or dinner for a longer charge, the charge is interrupted and I get the above message on my phone. This can happen after one hour, 1.5 hours or 2.1 hours. Like random. I go back to the Tesla and unplug & plug in again, and charging continues.
From your experience, is this a common occurrence using free public chargers?
In Notifications I see a “CP_a066 Charging equipment not ready” which seems to indicate it’s a charger issue. Not a Tesla issue. Any insight?
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2023.06.01 03:27 Gwyllie How to survive as Bohemia without converting?

I have tried again and again, and i just cant do it.
Every-single-time it happens. Game starts, i dont adopt Christianity and instead try to stay Pagan and then those big ass Germanic kingdoms to my West lick their fat lips and are like "FREE PIETY GO BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR."
And i have literally two choices, either die because i am poor as fuck with terrible ruler and rarely any alliances or convert, effectively failing the run.

What am i doing wrong? Is it even possible under normal circumstances and not via some crazy luck?
What am i supposed to do when i want to stay Pagan as Bohemia? And obviously reform. As Poland this task is way easier because you dont get Byzantined in first decade by large realm. But Bohemian is such a pain... I cant even kickstart economy before someone comes knocking. Again, ruler doesnt really help either.
Any trick or specific way i should be going?
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2023.06.01 03:27 gatorprincess Anybody know what this part is called?

I am a new scooter owner and I honestly don't know very much about my scooter. I bought it second-hand from someone I know so it may have a plethora of problems that I simply do not know about. The scooter is a 2020 genuine roughhouse 50cc. In the middle of riding it today, the scooter began making a super loud roaring noise when I accelerated. I did some googling and it seemed like my issue had to do with the gasket, exhaust, and the bolts all connected to it. But when I took a look under my scooter, it seemed like the bolts were connected firmly to the exhaust (I did not see a gasket). While I was looking on this side of the scooter (the side with the exhaust), it looked like something was missing. Anyways, my scooter is missing this part (circled in red in the photo) and I have no idea what it is nor do I know if this is the root of all of my issues. Help would be appreciated.
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2023.06.01 03:27 Knottedmidna Not all desire to leave, is based on depression. Any emotion can be a factor. Similarly, not everyone wants to leave permanently, but come back under better circumstances.

In my case, it's anger. Anger at the world's unfairness. Anger at fate for creating me the way I am, or for not giving me the ability to be a more bearable person for others.
As for the exit, it's not a door I want to keep closed after I walk through. I never really had much of a chance to play any cards from the hand I was dealt. To use TTRPG terms, I want to reroll my character sheet. I want to come back better.
For me, I feel like my neurodivergence is what causes me the most problems. I have not been able to identify the symptoms of ASD when they manifest, so I cannot recognize an action caused by it until everyone is already yelling at me for doing it, and I have to spend three hours arguing with them about why it's a bad thing to do, before I actually understand. I want to come back as a neurotypical, so that I never make these kinds of mistakes again, and I can actually make people appreciate my existence. Because it's not their fault, it's the world's fault for giving me an affliction that restricts my ability to make people like me.
Unfortunately, the only thing keeping me from even going through with this, is the doubt that reincarnation is real, or that it can be accessed through suicide at all. I know there are a few systems of belief which condemn suicide, but I don't know if there are any which both allow suicide, and feature reincarnation. If I ever got definitive proof that I could indeed come back in a different form (as long as it was still human), I would immediately go through with it. Maybe I could find this very post when my next life is old enough for an account, and somehow prove that it's me.
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2023.06.01 03:27 BlindGroup Local Boy (u/trabbler) Makes Good!

Austin’s own home inspector extraordinaire (u/trabbler) was quoted in none other than the Washington Post!
“But Casey Callais, a home inspector in Austin with 25 years of experience in the construction industry, says that for the most part HVAC service contracts are a waste of time and money. New HVAC systems, especially air conditioners, are more efficient than models installed 10 years ago, Callais says, and they have fewer issues and require less maintenance.
‘I hate to see people throw away money when they don’t have to,’ he says. ‘When I do a home inspection after an HVAC ‘tune-up,’ often nothing more than a filter was changed. I find dust in the coils, condensation and mildew around the air handler, even melted insulation. Sure, moving parts age and wearing parts wear, but I argue that with new units, there’s no need to get an inspection until the five-year mark. Before that, there is nothing to tune up.’”
(Posted with his permission.)
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2023.06.01 03:27 ChagallAtTheMall Does shampoo need to lather for your hair to get clean? If not, how do you know it’s time to stop scrubbing in the shampoo?

I heard that when your shampoo forms a big lather it’s time to stop and rinse out the shampoo. If you’re using a shampoo that doesn’t lather, how do you know when you’re done?
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