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2023.06.03 10:22 ezrasund How to not put my(f24) triggered anxiousness when my boyfriend(m26) spends time away on the relationship or him?

I have an anxious attachement style, my partenr avoidant(with some anxiousness mixed in). We are in a ldr and since february due to his work I was the one who spend many many weeks in his country, where I don't have a real life and failed to make friends for myself. That is on me because I didn't put enough effort in. In 2 weeks we are supposed to move together and he has a very tight schedule and obviously wants to also spend time with friends, which I 100% support. The only thing is that I spend at least 8hours a day by myself at his parents house (we have been staying here for a month) and like I said before, I don't really have friends or acquaintances here. Yesterday for the first time I met up with the girlfriend of his best friend which was lovely and today we are going roller skating together. It's great but a bit to late. We had a huge conflict a week ago and were in a crisis mode for a week which exhausted us both, things were great for a couple of days, but I started to feel like a shell of a person and on thursday -after a party we went to were basically everyone refused to speak english with me even though they speak it just fine- he tried his best to involve me, switched languages, translated and was really kind in general about it- I suddenly got triggered by him going to rehearsal for 8 hours(with commute incl.) and then going to play football for an hour with a little over 2 hours commute on top. I know it is silly, not logical and definitely not fair towards him but spending 10 hours by myself in a place were I'm just a guest combined with the exhaustion from the crisis mode, my fear of losing him being triggered (he wanted to open the relationship last week cause he developed a crush on one of his actresses) just kind of got to me. I was grumpy the few times we interacted- at breakfast a tiny bit, then in the break (we then went on a walk and I explained to him how I was feeling, a bit lonely and empty but not because of him, that the party got to me and made me feel isolated but I appreciate how much effort he put in and that he did everything right) and then at night when he came back. The talk was good but for whatever reason when he came back I suddenly felt like shit. I said to him that it's not on him, this is me having unfair feelings towards him that are 100% on me but nevertheless I wasn't clear in saying what I need and in handling the emotions without putting it on him. I did. Yes I said it's not because of him but I couldn't deal with it myself so he experienced me being grumpy, indecisive and a bit distant. We had a huge fight the next morning and now, two days later he is very angry still. I really want to solve this thing on my part- obviously he has also stuff like some anger management issues that he needs to solve but I want to focus on solving my shit to be a better partner. How can I create a rich life for myself and not get triggered or at least not put it on him or the relationship. I want to be the best partner I possibly can to him and I want him to have a happy life on his own and with me- same goes for me
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2023.06.03 10:21 fixyoursmasheduphead Is there any way to induce a late period?

Hi everyone. I’m on day 31 of my cycle and my period is late. I’ve been dealing with right ovary pain the past week and I’m not sure what to do as I can’t deal with it much anymore. I’m also having symptoms of pms ranging from feeling weakness or something hormone wise dropping/changing, to not sleeping well these past few days at all, to having a little bit of spotting yesterday morning, but nothing else more throughout the day. I really don’t feel good and just want my period to start so I can feel somewhat better.
I’m not sexually active so there’s no chance of me being pregnant. Before this my cycles would come between 25-30 days. Back in March/April though my period did come a early at 23 days, however that was due to intense stress. I really don’t know what to do or if there’s anything I can do, or if I should worry that something is wrong since I’ve been dealing with ovary pain.
This past month I did get a tdap booster over a week ago that made me feel awful the follow day (I did have symptoms of diarrhea along with a very bad stomachache that had pain radiate in other areas too like my pelvis/ovaries briefly that went away after a day or so) and I’ve also had numerous occasions where my family ate out more with fast food, in case that adds to anything. I feel like there’s more stuff that I could add like stress in my house with stuff and schedule changes lately but again, I’m not sure if they’re that drastic to change my cycle.
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2023.06.03 10:20 AdForward5074 [LFG] [Pc] ═ .Dream Recruiting / LFM ═

═════ .Dream Recruiting / LFM ═════
*`(Seen As BB in the Past)`*

> **══ Current Wipes We Play ══**
> `Monday - (2x Vanilla)
> Thursday - (2x Vanilla)`

> **═ Main Scene Comeback - 7/1 / July 1st ═**
> = **Previous Top 3 RA Main Team** :trophy: =
> `Wednesday - 10x/5x (Ra Main or Atlas)
> Saturday - 10x/5x (Ra Main or Atlas)`

> **═ General Requirements ═**
> `- Age 18+
> - 2k+ Hours
> - Able to Spray AK 125m+
> - Must Have a Mic
> - Must Have Roam Clips / tages`

> **═ Builder Requirements ═**
> `- Be able to learn a new base design with other builders
> - You build until the base is done`

More info on the team in discord or DM / Discord in bio
Make a ticket and answer the questions :thumbsup:
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2023.06.03 10:20 OkManufacturer7293 I was wrong (and I’m so happy)

So… my subscription to a dating app came up and I cancelled it thinking what a waste of money. But a profile came up as recommended of a local guy, I thought what the hell, swiped and got a match, so sent him a message. We chatted for a couple of days and he didn’t care that I was trans. He said he had looked at my profile so many times and fancied me so much and wanted to meet me. So we met Thursday night for a date. The chemistry was instant and we couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves. I didn’t care who else in the pub might be looking, he was the only person in the room that mattered and the 5 hours went by way too fast. We kissed so many times throughout the evening and it felt so good. So I met up with him again last night, he helped me pick up my car from my mechanic, brought it home and then took me out to a country pub. We sat and talked and kissed more, it just feels so natural with him. I can’t stop smiling and he says when he is with me he feels special like he has never felt before. We went back to his place and OMG he made love to me (more than once) and it was the best experience of my life. I won’t go into details as that would be un ladylike 😝 but I’m still buzzing and can’t wait to see him again. We cuddled and fell asleep together. THIS is what I’ve been waiting my whole life for ❤️
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2023.06.03 10:19 Miss_white999 Hey there, good morning

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2023.06.03 10:19 Normal_Bank_971 Kids out egging cars (yayy 😑)

You know, here I am being a good sister DD’ing for my sister and her friends in my dads car. I was literally down the street from my house some little shits decided to throw eggs at the car. Wow thanks. Car is only 2 years old AND NOT MY CAR 😡. So if you’re in the whitmore park area around our saviors Lutheran church, there was a group of kids probably aged 13-15 throwing eggs at cars incase anyone else got hit. Tried following them, to see if they’d go to their parents house (so I could have a niceeee chat with the parents)but lost them. Will see if there’s damage in the morning. it was a loud bang too when the eggs hit the car sounded like it was dented. This was around 12:50-1:20am June 3rd (night of June 2nd)
I get it’s like kid shenanigans but man it’s f’ed up. I’m more pissed especially since it’s not my car nor do I ever drive it. So if you’re a parent and live around whitmore park or literally a parent in general please don’t let your kids do this.
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2023.06.03 10:16 K0RUK0 I talked shit a year ago now its bit me in the ass

Basically a year my friend broke with her boyfriend and i took some jabs at him i camt really recall what i said like i think i said what said to make her feel better but her boyfriend and her got back together. Then last night i was smoking pot with him at a party we laughing having a good time. When he randomly brought it up and instantly felt terrible i apologised and said that it was a lack of character on my behalf and hope not to repeat it he said he was fine and didnt bother him but ive been feeling really uncomfortable since the situation. He texted me in the morning asking what happened last night as we got to high and passed out he seemed cool but i just feel really guilty im not sure what i should do i would love some advice on the matter if possible? I know as individual im huge big mouth and enjoy drama too much and i working on fixing it but im always worried that its too late
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2023.06.03 10:15 AdForward5074 ═ .Dream Recruiting / LFM ═

═════ .Dream Recruiting / LFM ═════ *`(Seen As BB in the Past)`* > **══ Current Wipes We Play ══** > `Monday - (2x Vanilla) > Thursday - (2x Vanilla)` > **═ Main Scene Comeback - 7/1 / July 1st ═** > = **Previous Top 3 RA Main Team** :trophy: = > `Wednesday - 10x/5x (Ra Main or Atlas) > Saturday - 10x/5x (Ra Main or Atlas)` > **═ General Requirements ═** > `- Age 18+ > - 2k+ Hours > - HAVE GOOD COMS! > - Able to Spray AK 125m+ > - Must Have a Mic > - Must Have Roam Clips / tages` > **═ Builder Requirements ═** > `- Be able to learn a new base design with other builders > - You build until the base is done` More info on the team in discord or DM / Discord in bio Make a ticket and answer the questions :thumbsup:
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2023.06.03 10:12 froggygaygirl Open field indoor/outdoor cat moved to an apartment. Feeling guilty.

I’ve had my cat Simon for almost 15 years now. The past six months he has been at my grandmas house next door to our old trailer we grew up in together while I visited and lived in airbnbs/finally got an apartment.
The problem is, he loves going outside to run around and come in to sleep has been his routine. He also loves me and doesn’t like others. I brought him over to the apartment tonight, realizing his big ole eyes ready to go out and run. He’s very trained and uses a specific vocal tone to go outside.
He’s happy with me, but he’s happy having a large area to roam too.
He hates the other animals at my grandmas place, hisses and runs, hates the dogs(me as well)
I feel guilty, and want to take him back to where he grew up. I also feel guilty not being a good enough owner to keep him with me during this scary time in my life and being alone.
Grandma feeds him, and I visit atleast once every two weeks….
I know cats can adjust to small apartments but I just want him to be happy. At least when I visit grandma he’s double happy. I just love him a lot but know this place sucks for him. Me working 13 hour shifts back to back and needing sleep knowing hell wanna talk n play is difficult.
How do I forgive myself and feel secure in letting him be at my grandmas instead of by my side? I feel him being ina small apartment even with so many toys ISNT him and is unhealthy. I tried windows and perching places.
Maybe I brought him here because I was lonely? Maybe he happier where he knows and can roam? I atleast tried just feel horrible and will bring him back in the morning.
He’s an old man who’s stuck in his ways, very healthy but also is a white cat which is I tried to make him an inside cat before due to the sun. He just becomes depressed and sleeps if he doesn’t get to go it out. Am I just a bad owner or how do I cope? Anyone else had similar experiences?
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2023.06.03 10:09 froggeefeet Good morning reditt

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2023.06.03 10:07 Low_Internal9086 Good morning for all F21

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2023.06.03 10:03 schwartz881 good morning

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2023.06.03 10:01 SillyShake4316 I have racked up 1.7k memes on r/AnarchyChess. I am still consistently losing to memes from users who have commented “holy hell” less than 100 times in their lifetime who know no sub history, no lore, and just post normie memes they think look good

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2023.06.03 10:00 AutoModerator Check Out Our FAQ: Basic Information About Kdrama Production and Broadcast - June, 2023

Welcome to our series of posts highlighting information and resources available within our subreddit. In this post, we introduce our FAQ and our KDRAMA 101, which contains some of the most commonly asked questions and other basic information about kdramas. This post will focus on a selection of questions about kdrama production and broadcast process, check out our FAQ for even more information.
If you have any additional questions about the information in this post or our FAQ, feel free to leave a comment with your question/feedback.
Why Do Kdramas Have Different English Titles?
English titles of dramas can be one of the following types:
  • Official English Title: an official English title determined by the production company/broadcast station
  • Literal Translation: a literal translation of the official Korean title (most often the official English title)
  • Alternate Translation: an alternate translation of the official Korean title
  • Alternate Title Translation: a translation of an alternate Korean title (sometimes the initial working title)
  • Alternate Title Specific to Stream Source: certain streaming sites have alternate titles for dramas
We advise checking the drama title on a resource such as MyDramaList for alternate titles.
How Many Episodes And How Long Is Each Episode?
Most kdramas are between 12 to 52 episodes long with each episode being around 1 hour long. Notable exception: tvN shows have a tendency for 1hr+ episodes, especially for the newer shows. (Background: This trend was started with Reply 1997 which started with breezy ~35 min long episodes but as the drama snowballed in popularity, its episode lengths kept expanding until its final episodes were 1hr+.)
What's With The 16 vs 32 Episodes?
Due to laws regarding advertising, some broadcasters have split up their drama episodes into two halves so every two ~30-minute episode would comprise the traditional 1-hour long episode. Thus what would be the typical 16 episodes are now 32 episodes.
What Types Of Kdramas Are There?
Korean dramas can be categorized into 4 categories based on their form/length:
  • Daily Dramas (30 min episodes, usually 100+ episodes in length)
  • Miniseries (mid-length dramas, 12-20 hours long)
  • Serial/Family/Weekend Dramas (long-form dramas)
  • Web Dramas
See More Details
What's The Difference Between Pre-Produced and Live-Production?
Kdramas are generally produced by production companies in conjunction with the production arm of the broadcasting station. Kdramas are generally live-produced, meaning that the drama is being filmed as it is airing.
Pre-Produced: Where the drama has completely finished filming and all after production work prior to its airing. Most kdramas broadcast on the broadcasting channels (free to air and cable channels) are not pre-produced though there are exceptions. In contrast, most kdramas produced for the streaming platforms (Wavve, TVING, Netflix) are pre-produced.
Live-Production: Most kdramas are filmed as they are broadcast. While all kdramas began filming before its premiere date, most dramas are still filming during its broadcast run, with some dramas still filming in the hours before its finale broadcast. This means that screenwriters may be writing or adjusting the script depending on viewer feedback.
Do Kdramas Have Teams of Screenwriters?
Generally only the head screenwriter(s) is credited for a drama but most screenwriters have assistants. Kdramas do not have screenwriter teams common to western/American shows because kdramas are generally not multi-season continuations that go on for years and years.
What Are Korea's Major Broadcast Channels?
Free-to-air: KBS (public broadcaster), SBS, MBC
Cable: tvN, OCN, JTBC, TV Chosun, MBN, Channel A
See More Details
What Is A Typical Drama Promotional Cycle?
A drama's promotional cycle typically starts with the announcement of the project, which is often accompanied by initial casting news. Next, the initial script reading takes place and pictures are often released from this event to drum up interest in the drama. Once the filming begins, pictures taken during filming and coffee truck pictures are often shared. Usually shortly following the start of filming, official promotional material is releases, which includes drama poster(s), character posters, and teasers.
Before broadcast starts, there is generally an official press conference where the director (PD), the main cast members, and sometimes the writer will meet with the press to talk about the drama.
Before premiere or during broadcast (and sometimes after broadcast has finished), the cast members (together or individually) may appear on various variety shows to promote the drama.
See More Details
What Is PPL? (Product Placement)
PPL stands for "Product Placement", which is a form of embedded advertising -- an advertising technique used by companies to subtly promote their products through a non-traditional advertising technique, usually through appearances in film, television, or other media. In short, everything worn, eaten, or used in dramas may be advertising something. Oftentimes, the dialogue will make it clear that something is PPL and is being advertised by lauding the advantages of the PPL product.
Why Do All Characters Have Same CaPhone/Vacuum/Clothes? PPL
Why Do They All Eat At Subway/Quiznos/BBQ Chicken/That One Coffee Shop? PPL
Is PPL Possible In Historical Kdramas AKA Sageuks? Yes, it's possible. See this post for insight and examples.
What Are OSTs?
OST stands for Original Soundtrack. All kdramas have their own original soundtracks (OSTs) -- songs specifically created for the kdrama. How many songs there are depends on the kind of drama it is. Generally, most dramas will have one or two theme songs that get used frequently. OST tracks are generally released as the drama broadcasts, they are not released all at once upon the premiere of a drama. Check our Drama Resources for where to find more information on OST releases.
Some dramas also use previously existing songs -- these generally are not included in the OST, though new original covers of old songs specifically made for the kdrama generally are included as part of the OST.
Sometimes the background music of the kdrama available on a legal streaming site will differ from the version broadcast on Korean television due to copyright and licensing issues. Here is a slightly more in depth explanation of why music is changed.
Why Are Things Blurred?
Oftentimes there will be things blurred in a kdrama. Blurring usually happens due to broadcasting regulations either due to copyright issues or the manner of the content being shown.
If no one is being harmed or killed, the blurring is likely due to copyright issues -- whatever is being shown does not have the right licenses to be shown/streamed everywhere so they are blurred out. This is done by post-production. Another form of blurring you may see is that brands and logos are blacked out by tape or otherwise covered within dramas so that they are not shown. These are generally done during filming and not via post-production.
If someone is being harmed or killed: broadcasting rules require blurring of weapons and other tools being used in a manner intended to hurt someone. This means that while a kitchen knife used for chopping vegetable is not blurred, if later that same knife is used for stabbing someone, it will be blurred. Note that these broadcasting rules apply only to kdramas broadcast on the broadcasting stations (free to air or cable ones). This means that movies will not be blurred. Additionally, kdramas available exclusively on streaming services (Wavve, TVING, Netflix, Viki, etc.) are also not subject to these regulations and do not have to be blurred.
Where Is This Filming Location?
To find information about a filming location, try Korean Dramaland. You can search by a specific drama (to see the locations used in that drama) or by a location (to see all the dramas that have filmed there). They also include overseas locations. They are a still growing site and constantly adding new locations, you can contribute to it too to help it grow!
Is That A Cameo Or Something More?
The concept of cameos is very well established in kdrama-land. Actors will often make special appearances (cameos) for directors, writers, and actors they've worked with in the past in their newest works. Friends within the industry will often do this too.
When the story fits, they may cameo as a previous character. Other times, they will cameo as a completely new character, it really just depends on the situation. There's no need to force two stories togethemake up theories, just treat them as cameos.
Is There A Season 2?
In general Korean dramas are not multi-season, so do not expect a second season unless:
Posts asking about subsequent seasons of aired dramas are prohibited. All speculations about subsequent seasons of aired dramas should be made in one of our FFA threads.
Where Is The Sex?/Why So Chaste?
Different culture and broadcasting regulations. But also:
Ever notice a scene where the leads are either in bed or heading towards the bedroom or hugging and then the scene cuts to black or cuts off and all of a sudden the next scene seems to have been sometime after or in the morning?
That's the kdrama way of hinting that the viewer should be using their imagination right then.
Also, anytime you hear a joke or talk about how strong a male lead's back and/or waist is, the implication is how good he will be in bed.
There are a lot of hints in most dramas that involve a relationship, it's just that kdramas are family friendly so they are not visually explicit. You can watch the same drama as your grandparents and your younger siblings but only those in the know will nod and snicker at the right times.
So if you see something that you think implies a couple having sex, you are probably picking up the right cues. The visually explicit stuff is saved for their movies.
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2023.06.03 09:55 WildPoppyy banana bread :)

banana bread :)
good morning :] tip: sprinkle a generous amount of sugar over the top of your banana bread before baking to get a gorgeous crispy crackly top layer once it comes out of the oven
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2023.06.03 09:52 Akainordmannen Why did she suddenly change?

Wednesday we were so close and there was a really good feeling, it was so great and I had a solid chance, I'm pretty sure both of us were ready to be in a relationship and we were almost, there was a romantic ambiance etc lol it was great fr, I asked her if she thinks we have a chance together and she said yes!
Thursday we talked a little and she seemed uncomfortable and bothered idk why, I told her I love her and she said "it's kind"... idk how she felt and what she thinks about a relationship.
Now she doesn't reply my messages and yesterday it looked like she was avoiding me... It really went from almost a couple to nothing. Even when things are going good I can never get with the girl I like.
I'm upset.
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2023.06.03 09:52 victory_3333 Good morning 💕F23

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2023.06.03 09:46 Horror_Tomorrow4660 On the brink of exhaustion. But do not want to give up.

The title says it all.
I have three exams across three days, starting Wednesday to Friday.
Two exams 8:30 am Wednesday & Friday. Both are closed book exams. I can bring in an approved calculator. A sheet of formulas, periodic table & some useful information pertaining to carbohydrates, amino acids & nucleotides will be provided.
One exam Thursday afternoon 4 pm. Open book. This one has me really nervous, typing speed wise. I am a slow typer. But irrespective of this, I'll put something down, even just to secure one mark.
Final exam is also Thursday afternoon 4 pm (15/6). This one is closed book but wholly MCQs & fill in the gap Qs. Hoping this one goes more smoothly.
FYI, no more revision come 6 pm Tuesday night (7/6) for me. An iron cast rule.
I do not want to give up.
Just want to do my absolute best, at least try for something.
Good luck to all from next week.
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2023.06.03 09:45 ResponsibleLie2846 What they're not telling you.

Good morning fellow Redditers! I am here to get out the truth about the history of humanity however I can and social media is the best for that these days. Can you imagine what life must have been like back in the time of Christ? There was no indoor plumbing... cars, buses...trains or planes. No Walmart, Grocery Stores etc. They had to walk everywhere. So it was a huge sign of respect to wash someone's feet. I know it's a thing today. Some have foot fetishes, while the others can't stand feet
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2023.06.03 09:44 4irasay Me (22M) and my girlfriend (21F) fight almost every night because I want to sleep. What can I do to prevent her from feeling so emotionally distressed ?

My gf (1 year relationship) moved in my small studio last year, due to the mutual benefits we had from living in the centre of our city. She previously lived with one of her friends in another city and had to do all of the traveling which was super inconvenient. Plus, we would spend much more time together.
Since she did, a subject of fighting I would have never suspected became constant drama. She's a night owl, and I'm a heavy sleepeearly bird, meaning I have to close my eyes for about 7h, and sleep about 6h30, preferably around 1am or so. I have to respond to a strict schedule, because where I live, medical exams are really difficult and learning require a heavy workload. For context, the average student studies around 10 hours per day, every day.
We've had some difficult times finding "us time" in that schedule, and I take the blame for being too anxious about not working and wanting to shorten some "us time" when exams are coming up, and also not having enough "quality time", meaning going out, going to see friends, playing outside... (keep in mind, we are broke students, so going out to eat is not something we can afford on a daily basis). What I did was that I divided work and private life as much as I could, meaning I changed up where I study from my appartement to the library (7:30am - 8:30pm), came home to do my assigned chores (30min or so), and finally spend time together (about 2 to 3 hours). But that tightly made schedule falls appart almost every two days : around 0:30am, I will be really exhausted, my eyes will start to close on they're own, and that's when she'll be asking for more time together, for every reasons she can find.
I started saying yes to bouts of 15 to 20 mins here and there, which led to bouts of 30 to 45 min, and last month, it was about 2 hours. Clearly I have a struggle with boundaries, and she uses various tools to get me to feel anxious about going to sleep : getting upset, arguing, not looking at me, not letting me talk, saying I don't care about her, crying, the silent treatment... so much so that I questioned the necessity of me putting hours so strictly in my schedule to get my things done. I compensated with lack of sleep for work (5hours, which leaves me with sleeping on the job, and not having any energy), or being late. I get up at that time because my mornings are where I work the best, and also now to have a good seat in my library.
About her now. She doesn't have the same curriculum as me, and she has a lighter schedule. She can mostly get up at every hour of the day, but she prefers to go to sleep around 5am to get up at lunch time, except for work days where it's going to be 2am, independently of the hour she needs to get up. She's also, and that plays a part in the sleeping thing I think, really emotionally attached to me, she doesn't see friends a lot, is pretty dependent on me to choose things for her, and is heavy on the fact that she wants us to go to sleep together. She's the most empathetic person I know, she would sacrifice everything she could for others, and we share dreams and values about family, love and relationships.
We have talked about this issue a lot during the past month, and can't find any agreement. She feels like we don't spend enough time together to satisfy her needs for attention, hence why she doesn't respect my hours. She also thinks that 5 hours of sleep won't kill me and my work.

So here's my question : should I accommodate to her and get up later, while sacrificing hours spent studying without her, and having to study at home, creating some friction because she wants to spend time with me when I can't, should I create strict boundaries about going to sleep at 1am, even if she literally will push me to make me talk to her, and throw a tantrum or invoke exceptional reasons (like a really big distress...), or is the problem lying in the fact that 10hours a day of work every day is simply not compatible with a couple's life.

TL;DR : My gf doesn't respect the hours I give her when I want to go to sleep, using every thing she can for me to feel anxious about it. Work-life balance is hard to find, hence why she wants every single minutes she can to talk to me.
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2023.06.03 09:43 MerateKline [UPDATE] 19 M - Florida to Alaska pt. 4

Alright I'll start this one off by saying two things; I'll actually start caring about structuring my posts a little more. I've had too many people point it out, it's a problem lol. Secondly, a huge thank you to Albuquerque! I arrived here on Thursday and the streets were empty. I ended up using the abundance of free time to work on videos which I got three out thanks to that, and I took a break from writing.
I decided to post in Albuquerque to find out what I was missing out on, since everywhere I went was desolate. I ended up setting up my busking in front of a little food district and I made $9 mostly thanks to a really nice couple of guys also trying to make money washing windows. I heard from a user that there was an art walk happening Friday at 05:00 P.M. so I spent the next morning prepping the outlines for my next videos since I have to show some of my playing to my viewers.
The art walk was not only so incredible to see but also the city just came to life suddenly. Thursday night I got to see the clubs were active but everyone was indoors. I got to check out a book store and the owner actually ended up gifting me a book, which I plan to start reading after Cat's Cradle, which my aunt got for me. I ended up making so much money while I was here which really helped because going to Big Bend really set me back on finances. Some girl also bought me a taco and some other guy brought me a water. I also ended up seeing that person who recommended the art walk to me, so it's great to meet you guys in person lol.
There are a few bad things however. Most of them are about the concertina (which is my instrument). My case is destroyed. The top of it is just coming apart and needs to be repaired pretty badly overall. I've abused it. Secondly, I now have multiple reeds going bad and I lost one of my most important ones. The only place I knew to get concertina reeds from was in Alabama so I'm really worried about what to do. The reed that has gone sour is way off now and I can't get away with playing it anymore, and it also constantly makes noise when I'm not even using that key.
I'm considering just going to a cabinet shop and seeing if they can do anything about the box, but I feel like that might end up being pricey. I want to open the floor up to you guys about the box, because I feel like I can call and bug enough music stores to have someone help me take a look at the reeds. If any of you have any decent experience in woodworking, I'd be more than happy to pay you for your time even if you just end up glueing it up. I wanted to have my friend make me a travel box for the trip but he was short on time. I'm really serious about this though, if you or someone you know is in Arizona, California, Oregon, or Washington, let me know! I'll be trying to see if I can get anyone to fix it in person of course, especially the reed issue, but the box problem is something I can deal with for some time.
Sorry this ended up being such a long post, but I think that covers everything. Reach out to me if you want to help me get this box fixed! It might be worth it to do that through my Instagram since I have Reddit notifications off, but I'll be checking both (Instagram in bio). Thank you guys again for following along! I'll post again soon!
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2023.06.03 09:39 Dienji97 Could this be a possible hint from Yuki Kaji? Am I getting schizo?

Could this be a possible hint from Yuki Kaji? Am I getting schizo?
He does use the white pigeon emoji some times whenever he references AOT or Eren on his tweets… I am open to criticism because this could be a massive schizo reach but… BAD THINGS ALWAYS HAPPEN ON RAINY DAYS.
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