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Subreddit for the bi-weekly Ice Cream Social podcast, hosted by improv comedians Matt "Mind Noodler" Donnelly (Penn's Sunday School, P&T's Fool Us) and Paul Mattingly (House husband/Geek Shock/Ugly Couch Show) and Audio Guy Jacob (Damn near anything good in Vegas). The guys take on the news and issues of the day/week and end each episode debating a Jock vs. Nerd issue of the week/century. Ice Cream Social: Dessert For Your Ears

2023.06.02 23:09 No_Flounder_2607 I think I am clairvoyant, and this is how I found out. I (F 26) am seeing someone (M 23)

This is going to sound crazy/ weird. But I think I am possibly clairvoyant.
Okay, so I (F 25) now (26) got a new job somewhere. There was a guy coworkers M (23)who was kind of pursuing me/ flirting. For whatever reason I felt a strong pull/ connection to him.
The seriously weirdest shit started unfolding. We work with a large group of other people, guys and girls.
Little by little I started learning more about everyone, piecing together parts of the puzzle.
There’s this one girl who is the same zodiac sign as the guy. A year younger, similar facial experiences and just other similarities
I remember one time someone was like “(the guy)” has a sticker on him that happened to be the girls nick name (we work with a lot of brands). Okay. One piece of info.
I didn’t think much of it. But it really bugged me. I always felt that there was something between them energetically but ofc, he denies it and so did she because we actually started dating more seriously. We’ve been together 6 months now. And this issue keeps coming up.
It’s not like they hangout (that I know of) but there’s these weird synchronicities. Today he came in to say hi in the part of the store I am working. As we were talking and a large group of customers were shopping and talking, the one name that comes out of their mouth is this other girls name… like. It’s not that common of a name. And this has happened multiple times when I was working alone but today we were together.
These are just a few examples. This girls family owns the shop, and he actually lives in the lot in his van.
What the fuck am I suppose to do? It literally feels like I’m with someone whose meant to be with someone else. Has anyone else encountered this? It’s getting really bizarre, like the universe is trying to communicate with me.
Please help.
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2023.06.02 23:09 lemonfloridagirlyyyy Yesterday was the first day in a long time I ate under 2000 calories without my vyvanse medication

I developed a mixed eating disorder since 13. I lost weight , gained half back. Ever since I gained half of it back I just wanted to lose these pesky 15 lbs. so I tried keto. It was wonderful at first but then it turned me into a horrible binge monster because I was binging on sweeteners, cheese, nuts and barely had any fiber. I gained 15 lbs instead of losing.
My binge eating got so bad I went on vyvanse and quit keto. I would take vyvanse 5 days a week. I’ve been on vyvanse for about a year. I lost weight but eventually my days off became more binging. I am able to still maintain, but i eventually binged too many carbs on my days off vyvanse that the days after a binge and go back to vyvanse, I always woke up bloated. 2 days a week was a lot to be honest.
I’ve been wanting to find a way to not fully rely on vyvanse to control my appetite. I think I will continue using it for the rest of my life since I was also diagnosed w adhd(idk if it’s true though) but I wanna be able to take days off/long breaks from vyvanse without worrying about binging my life away and being bloated and hating my life.
This time around, I am starting keto again. This time, I limit my sugar free sweeteners to coffee, energy drinks, a tsp or two of monk fruit for my chia drink, and occasional gum. No keto ice cream, no keto chocolate, no quest bars. I also have a lot more meats rather than cheese/nuts. And I make sure to get a good amount of fiber in. I’m only 3 days in. Yesterday I was worried I still wasn’t adapted to keto enough and that I would just binge eat keto foods. I expected to consume AT LEAST 2500 calories. My binges on my days off vyvanse before were usually like 3000-5000 so 2500 would honestly be a dream for a day off vyvanse.
I ended the day at like 1900!!!! Yeah there were some instances where I wanted to eat sugar, but I would take a tiny piece of chocolate, and just eat keto stuff like beef sticks, pepperoni, Brussel sprouts, ground beef, chia seeds with cashew w milk. When I tell you this has not happened to me in over a year, that’s a big thing. EVERY day off I’d tell my self “okay just be careful today just make today a 2500 day” and usually I’d end up at 3500 sometimes more. I’d get Starbucks, eat chocolate, get fast food, ice cream. But yesterday I just, didnt! I don’t know why I just didn’t binge. I even woke up in the middle of the night and ate more and I still stayed under 2000.
I just thought that’s it, I’m going to stay on vyvanse and just eventually build a tolerance and have it stop working then go on breaks and binge eat. Or I’d have to keep taking 2 days off but feel like shit because of my binges. But now I have the ability to eat a normal amount, so I can take long breaks from this medication and not gain a ton of weight!
I only have 2 questions. I have been slacking off at the gym and I’m afraid I won’t have energy from keto. How do I fix this in case it happens?I have enough sodium every day. I guess I can work on my water intake. Is potassium and magnesium that important? Should I just supplement them? Or is there a different solution to have that energized physical and mental clarity?
Also, I did keto before and I failed. How do I ensure that doesn’t happen again? I’m afraid if I mess up one day I’ll spiral back down and binge my way back up.
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2023.06.02 23:08 hawkinator How do you manage muscle fatigue and pain in your hands?

This is only tangentially related to technical writing, but I’ve been getting older and I’m not really sure where else to ask. I’ve been writing for several years and it’s taking a toll on my hands to the point that they’re too tired to text after work or I’m dealing with stiffness and fatigue. I’m in my 30s and don’t see myself switching careers soon, but I’m worried about having arthritis early.
I’ve been using CBD salve and it works really well, but it’s not enough. I’m wondering if you guys have other advice.
Thank you in advance
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2023.06.02 23:08 UpstairsOk508 Knee pain after jump rope

Hi guys im 18F and workout regularly, today I only did cardio (rope jumps and bicycle) and everything was fine for 3hours then I started feeling something weird in my left knee, and it kept getting worse, now I can barely walk on that foot, I feel that there is a heavy liquid out there. Please help
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2023.06.02 23:08 communitycruiser Need reassurance

Hi, all.
It's been a pretty turbulent time over here. I was a nearly daily user of marijuana for about three years (mostly edibles, mostly around 10mg per day). I would partake in the evenings and weekends. I started doing it just for fun but slipped into daily use at some point during the pandemic for relief.
Well, recently, the weed became a SOURCE of anxiety for me -- I had a few panic attacks while under the influence. The first one happened when I was being intimate with my husband and I had issues with arousal. It's something that has never happened before in our 8 years together (almost 1 year married). It really shook me
Then, about a month later, again while under the influence, I had an unwanted/intrusive thought 'this happened because you are now unattracted to your husband'.
For some reason, I was unable to be rational about this (for example, recognizing that attraction isn't black/white, peaks and valleys during a relationship, and can be worked on).
The day after that thought I decided to quit weed cold turkey. That was exactly two months ago. And it's been SUCH a hard time. I also got COVID during that time and spent a lot of time ruminating. Unfortunately, I spiraled to thoughts like 'this is absolutely going to ruin my marriage', 'i'll never be able to be intimate with my husband', and similar thoughts. I have felt so incredibly depressed trying to get to the 'root' of the thought and making sense of it. I've totally obsessed over this issue instead of being able to let it go. Obviously, this hasn't helped. I'm sad all the time, and (I think, unfairly and irrationally) connecting my anxiety and depression to my husband. I even thought about leaving my husband, but I couldn't even articulate why I would want to do that. That thought also makes me sad!
I have started therapy, and I am also on week 4 of taking Zoloft. I have some benzos when things get bad. At the moment, my anxiety is really bad in the morning. Even if I am not actively thinking about the thoughts I've had, I'm anxious about how I'll be able to make it through the day. I sense a tiny bit of improvement, because there were days a few weeks ago where I was having light suicidal thoughts and was in bed literally all day. Now, things are definitely on my mind still. My psych believes that at some point during my three years of weed usage that I developed an anxiety disorder. Now, I'm really struggling without my sole source of relief.
I have done a lot of cognitive work -- reminding me that these thoughts aren't my own. That my husband is not the 'root' of these thoughts and that the thoughts are a symptom of my anxiety and depression. It helps a little bit but I am still so very sad.
As I sit here, I am on a bench watching the world go by. I'm trying to remain so hopeful that I can feel joy and relief again -- joy around by myself and around my husband. I want it so, so badly.
My question: is any of this normal? Does it make sense that you can feel detached from a partner when you are extremely depressed and anxious? I have noticed a little improvement, but can this get better? I'm so tired.
Happy to answer any followup questions. Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.02 23:08 Enki_shulgi Anyone else here just completely stop consuming anything related to politics?

From about 2011 to late 2022 I was the political guy. I listened to nothing but political podcasts (puke), judged/got angry at others for political shit, waxed poetic to my gf about it for hours on end (somehow she thought it was charming and not cringe, which was a w for the relationship but an l for my personal development). In 2022 I decided to take a break from listening to anything political. A month turned into 3 and now I haven’t listened to or consumed anything political in forever. Now I can be listening to someone that expresses a contrary viewpoint and I don’t have a conniption fit. Now I am not doomscrolling and awaiting for the inevitable end of the fucking world. It’s fantastic and I will never go back. If you’re into politics and you feel bleak and miserable, give it a try. It might just change your life.
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2023.06.02 23:08 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper - Premature Ejaculation (Book)

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2023.06.02 23:08 macarello Should I be concerned about this bedroom ceiling crack?? (mid-terrace, built roughly 1910's)

It runs from one wall to another diagonally, I noticed when we moved in about two months ago (renting) but it might possible have gotten bigger since. There are a few hairline cracks in other spots that arent as worrying, and it isnt quite big enough yet to fit a 10p in (as per similarposts comments saying thats when it could be of concern) but wanted to get a look in from you guys on if if its something I should keep an eye on to inform the landlords about, or if it might just be seasonal from the house shifiting.
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2023.06.02 23:07 Swaguani My girlfriend (f22) told me she went swimming at early in the morning with a friend (m22)during her vacation

Here's the background story: My girlfriend and I have been together for 2.5 years, and she recently went on a holiday to surprise her aunt for her birthday. When she returned, I went to pick her up, and she told me she had made a new friend during her trip. She spoke highly of him and mentioned that they had arranged to go swimming together that morning.
I felt a bit uncomfortable when she told me this, so I asked her if anything had happened between them. She reassured me that nothing had occurred and mentioned that he had a girlfriend. Some weeks passed, during which I had some time off. On Wednesday, we had a conversation where she asked me what was bothering me. I explained that I felt uncomfortable about the situation and asked her to explain it again. I can't recall the exact words I used, but she responded by saying that she had briefly felt attracted to him but immediately thought of me and dismissed those feelings.
During our discussion, we touched upon the topic of open relationships. Personally, I don't believe that open relationships can work in the long term, and I expressed this to her. She completely understood and said that she didn't think it would work for her either. She then asked if she should stop talking to her new friend, to which I replied, "No, I don't want to be that kind of boyfriend."
A few days later, I happened to see her phone, and I noticed that she was still communicating with her guy friend. They were sharing non-intimate pictures of her walking in the forest, nothing like selfies or intimate moments. She mentioned going for a walk and suggested that he join her when he arrived. They also talked about cooking for each other. She informed him about our serious conversation. The next day, they even had a phone call. I can't help but feel that she might not be completely honest with me, although I'm aware that my thoughts might be clouded by trust issues.
I need some genuine advice, not just "break up" advice. I understand that I should talk to her again, and I intend to do so. I find it peculiar because she's the type of person who often says, "I don't trust men" and doesn't have many male friends. However, they met, and within three days, they were swimming together in the morning.
Small update: I know it's normal to feel attracted to someone else occasionally.
Does someone have advise for me?
Just somethings I forgot to add.
- He lives in another country, but plans to move to the country I live.
- I've never met him.
- There has not been said anything intimate in chat.
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2023.06.02 23:07 lanadelarcadia Was I raped? I beg someone to help me please..

Yesterday, I (M/21) had a guy over I knew from Grindr. He is 29. I once had sex with him last year and he did the same thing back then, but not as bad as yesterday. So I actually texted him before that I don't feel like taking off my clothes, but that I could give him a blowjob and kiss him, he agreed. Well we started kissing each other, only took my hoodie off (I was okay with that) I and did my thing on him. Then he started touching my butt underneath my pants (I'm a top) which made me really uncomfortable. He eventually started touching my anus and I told him to stop (I don't remember if he stopped right away).
He asked me if he could give me a blowjob too. I was still not in the mood, but I was like why not, let's see. While he did it, he kept touching my anus with his fingers, with the intention to put his finger in it. I told him to stop, but he kept going and probably thought that I might like it if he keeps going. And now to the part I feel so bad about.. I absolutely hated what he did and kinda froze, but because the anus erogenous zone it did feel good for a split second. It felt good because it was a erogenous zone and not because I actually enjoyed it, if that makes any sense.. idk I feel so bad about it, but I did tell him to stop, because I was uncomfortable atfer all, but he didn't. Then we kept kissing and he kept touching my anus (like last year. I had to tell him no 3x last year for him to finally stop).
At some point he was lying on the sofa and I was on my knees over his body kissing him. Then he kept touching my anus again and started to put his finger in it, that's when I was truly panicking. While kissing him I used my right arm to push his arm away, but he used his strength back against my arm, so I couldn't stop him. Then he kept kissing me even more intense right after doing it and started moaning, probably because he had control over it and that trying to defend myself didn't work. I tried pushing his arm away again and he used his strength against my arm again. I said "next time" over and over again, trying to convince him I'll bottom next time if he'll stop now, but he didn't. I've had enough and sat back down on him to get out of the situation, but unfortunately I still sat on his penis and then he began rubbing his dick on my anus and he said "that's not fair, now I want it even more" while laughing. I just felt so disgusting and used in my body during all this time. My no was not a reason for him to stop, not last time, not this time. I just now realized what actually happened, but can't give it a name yet.
I talked to my ex girlfriend and another friend, both of them rape victims and they said it was rape, because he penetrating my body orrifice and put his finger in it for a short time. Idk.. I just feel like I do every other rape story dirty with what "only" happened to me. On the other hand- I woke up this morning, completely empty and extremely suicidal. I've been suffering from panic attacks for a while for some months now and also BPD. This on top was like truly the rest it needed for me to not having anything to live for anymore.
Do y'all think it was rape?
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2023.06.02 23:07 SmallBoxInAnotherBox Okay, time to talk about the elephant in the room...

Hey everyone! So first of all, I friggin love Doug. I honestly really do. He is my favorite youtuber and has made my love of cars grow so much. I have learned to love every little thing about cars I never would have thought to care about and changed the way I look at cars forever and I think that's awesome.
However, I would like to be a little bit critical here and I don't want this taken as I'm a cynical dick.
Okay, so Doug is that magical kind of nerdy guy, that everyone loves. Ya know? The loveable kid in the corner of class that wears three layers of t shirts and knows everything there is to know about dinosaurs or something like that (in his case cars). That kids friends are nice too and I wouldn't say anything bad about them, but I wouldn't really say they command a audience either. That is sort of Kennan to me.
I'm not sure why but the people that have guest starred lately just aren't interesting to me. They lack any of the special spice that makes me say "i want to watch this, they seem interesting". The girl that was on the other day was pretty good as far as her and Doug had some decent chemistry that was the best guest video so far imo, but these other ones are just kind of ehhhhh to me.
And it seems as though (I could be reading this wrong) the community mostly agrees. It seems as though nobody is particularly happy about this change, and new videos with guest stars keep coming out. They are content that is weaker than him alone for sure.
I have to think Doug has noticed this feedback. Which leads me to wonder what the intention of it is. Does he plan to walk away or split the work with other co-stars? Does he want to work with his friends so he is hoping it will work out and force it on us? I mean I want Doug to do what he wants and if that makes him happy so be it, i'm just not liking the recent content with others and thats just imo.
I want Doug to do what he wants, but i think he will see the best legacy and success without these co-stars type of videos.
Dont want to sound whiney or anything just want to hear what others think i guess. I mean eventually everyone will just get used to it and the initial opinions will be rendered null.
Also, at the risk of sounding sorta dick-ish. Do what you want but please spare us Kennan. I don't know what to say or how to put a finger on it, but I think he might have the most punchable face I've ever seen. Reminds me so much of the kid that used to snitch on me for chewing gum in junior high.
Doug the type of guy to do what he wants and make good videos anyways.
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2023.06.02 23:07 Hiretsuna_Ketsuruki Enemy to lovers books for a straight man?

I tried some time ago to ask for enemy to lovers books that a man can enjoy in the romance books subreddit, and was thrown back at how many people still believe men dont want to read romance.

My guilty pleasure has always been korean/Japanese "Villainess" stories, I love the protagonist but I cant always enjoy the romance story as I am not interested in solely female pov about how the reverse harem is so muscular and hot and muscular etc. I hate toxic stories like 50 shades, 365 days, twilight etc.

I am a complete beginner to the genre, my favorite literary genre is fantasy. I am fine with books that focus only on the romance aspect but would enjoy a little bit more a book where the romance is a (important) sub plot.

I am fine with nsfw but I am not interested in a series where the nsfw is the most important focus, I am more of a plot driven story with focus on character development kind of guy.
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2023.06.02 23:07 _Apu_Punchau_ When does a Jade need a bigger pot?

When does a Jade need a bigger pot?
First off, everyone has been very helpful so far in helping me out. I started from zero knowledge on succulents besides knowing they exist, and I’m enjoying having them in and around the house and learning about them.
When I repotted my Ripple Jade, a small piece came off with leaves and roots of its own, so I potted it in the original store container the larger jade came in. I was told that the pot was way too big and to put it in a smaller pot. I did that today, and everything looks proportional now. However, in the 6 days that the small guy was in the giant pot, his roots grew and dug deep and went from maybe an inch long to almost a full 2.5 inches. I soaked him once on potting and then left him in full sun ever sense.
My real question now that you have all the background info, is when do I move the Jade into a larger pot? I’m interested in the long haul turning these into jade “trees” so I don’t want to limit the growth with a tiny pot, but I also don’t want to have too large of a pot. Any help or advice appreciated.
Also I bought a 10 pack of these tiny little clay pots…so I guess I’ll need some tiny plants to put in the rest. Any suggestions?
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2023.06.02 23:07 itiswhatitisig I just need to vent

So as some know the new spider-man movie is out and i asked my boyfriend (18) of two (almost three) years to go see it in the cinema with me. his response was “Oh i don’t really want to, we can just wait till it’s out on Disney+ so we can stay in” No big deal right? i didn’t mind, i was let down sure bc i wanted to go on a date but he didn’t feel like it. a few days goes by and he tells me he’s going out with the boys this weekend after his work, again no big deal i hope he has a great time, he says that he’s so excited because they will for see the new spider-man movie in the cinema and he really can’t wait to go with them. i don’t feel like i should be but i’m fucking hurt, he forgot we even spoke about it and didn’t want to go with me but would rather go when he can drink with his friends. i’m 17 and can’t go out for a legal drink in the uk and this stops me from being invited out ever with him. Guys i just don’t know how to feel about this anymore i’m aware it’s such a dumb thing to be upset about shut it still really hurt to know he would rather see it with his friends instead of a date with me (which we rarely do)
thanks for your time
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2023.06.02 23:07 youza899 Rust console is trash

So this is gonna be more of a vent post than anything but figured someone might see it and double think investing so much time into a game like I did,I’ll start by saying I have about 4k hours so I’m not just a bad player hating on a game I haven’t played,so first of all the community is absolute shit,sometimes you’ll find a nice old guy to play with but thats very rare in this game especially for them to keep playing days after making a base,same goes for kids most of the time they’ll play with you for as long as it takes to get your trust then inside you for all your loot and hard work,but if the garbage community isn’t enough unless your playing on a ps5 or have extremely good internet you get kicked off any good servers every couple minutes,now more on the community if you don’t run with atleast 1-2 other people or use a zen (recoil cheats) youll get absolutely destroyed just about every time by someone using a zen or outnumbering you (usually both) if you’re lucky they won’t camp your base and kill you every time you go farm but thats just depends how bored they are,same goes for raiding you either need to wait till everyone gets offline or severely outnumber them unless your one of the few legit players who can actually solo raid without beaming zen ak,I wont even get into all the glitches and bugs that you’ll be forced to get used to like boats exploding your headset and killing your game sound until your restart the app,every time they update they add more bugs and shi to screw you over,and then if you get over everything I just talked about just get ready to lose everything you worked for after you go to sleep to a random guy that you killed hours before that couldn’t let his kit go,unless ofc you spend 10 hours farming for a strong bunker base and actually get to build it without getting slaughtered then youll have a nice little house with nothing to do in it but store loot because your teammates stopped logging on now your stuck putting in upkeep and the loop goes on from there,thousands of hours of my life wasted but its okay cause I met plenty of people that I can’t remember right? Thats all I gotta go farm for upkeep now
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2023.06.02 23:07 edenarush How to start to feel comfortable with your gender identity?

Hi, I'm AFAB and for some years now I've considered myself NB, but I haven't introduced any changes in my life, except from using she/they pronouns. And I'm very confused. I feel like I haven't really processed what being NB means for me, and I don't know where to start. I think I could realy use something like a guide made up of questions so that I can start to think about it and make changes in my life or attitude. (<-- TL;DR)
My uneasiness comes from a cyclical questioing of my gender. One week I feel like I'm a cis woman, the next I might feel very non binary, the next I might fear not realizing I'm a trans man, the next I feel relaxed again with the NB label... But I never feel like any gender, I just wanna feel comfortable, awesome and handsome.
I like labelling myself as a lesbian and those kind of relationships. Whenever I've asked friends to also use 'he' pronouns with me, they didn't fit for me, though I sometimes think about myself as he/she/they, depending on the moment. I wouldn't like to be read as a guy, I think. Paradoxically, I feel like it would be more restrictive for me than the current reading as a fe... male?????. My full name is a femenine one, and I sometimes like it because it sounds gay, but mostly I don't, and I usually shorten it to sound neutral. I don't like any female names, but I do like a lot some male names. Like... they're cool. Not sure if they're for me, because I'm not sure if i want to be read as male!
Regarding my body and gender expression, I'm a bit careless and I 'go with the flow'. I've never been femenine nor liked it, I've always looked for a masculine gender expression, and I'd dislike even wearing cool earrings or 'eye fantasy' makeup just sometimes - other times, I am eager to paint my face in different colors, or to do a drag fem-king! Although I feel more handsome with a plain chest, I'm comfortable with my body right now (it wasn't always like this, though) - it allows me to look as androgynous/masc/fem as I want. Ugh, I just wish I didn't have to label myself with gender. I'm just me!
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2023.06.02 23:06 Smawn92 The End of a Dream

I (31m) just broke up with my (26f) girlfriend today.
You guys I don't really know where to start and I don't really want to ramble but I guess I'm going to anyways.
We've been together about 1.25 years, live 5 hours apart and have seen eachother almost every weekend except maybe 6-8.
I'll never forget the first time we met, she had never done a LDR before, was recovering from being sick so I offered to drive down to see her. We got a hotel (not classy I know) in a location that she works and loves, I remembered hugging her, putting a face to a name so to speak. We had met on Boo (app, highly recommend it) and we had these engaging long conversations about everything... The first message I sent her was about history, something I am very interested in and my god, the conversation flowed and continued to flow. The level of connection we had almost instantly was like no other I have ever felt.
I remember us getting out of the car and being weak in the knees with taking it all in. It was real now. She was even more beautiful than in her pictures. I hugged her and felt so alive and happy. We checked into the hotel, we both had to pee really bad and joked about peeing on the rug in the lobby as we were standing in line.
I came directly from a 10 hour day at work (carpenter) was so filthy and went directly into the shower. I get out of the shower and we held eachother and talked for hours laughing and having a good time. We both didn't even realize how hungry we were. We went out and got waffle house which was a first time for me. Our relationship was full of many firsts for us.
Right away I knew I had to have her, I asked her if she would want to continue and be my gf and she said she'd be a fool not to. A month or so in we told eachother we loved eachother at a very special location in my life, we had both been fighting the urge to say it sooner.
This woman changed me. She made me better. I cried more in front of her than I have in my entire life, something I have always been uncomfortable with. I am so grateful for her for being supportive to me in that way.
I remember us meeting eachother's families and it felt so good. I felt like I had a place in hers and I know she did in mine. My grandma's health is going downhill and has been for a while now, this Christmas my gma handmade my gf this really cool and cute old school apron with my gf's and gma's name on it. Added to that, my gf's profession is baking, something she is very passionate about. That's never happened in my entire dating life and my gf and I were so honored.
A couple months back her GPA developed cancer and has been going downhill, I have a motorcycle, turns out same exact one he had. He gave me his bells. I was so honored, I was speechless and stammering looking at them.
The plan has been for 6 months or more that I move to her to close the distance. Initially I was scared, I had never wanted to move away from my family before and had never taken that big of a risk before. We discussed at length who moves where and both agreed it would be best if I moved there due to a variety of factors.
Life got in the way, I had a couple old junky vehicles that needed attention and money and spent a couple months like crazy after work working on them with my brother. The amount of frustration and guilt I had for not moving in with her tomorrow was insane. We talked about it several times and agreed that it was for the best that I get all my ducks in a row before I move, as coming back home every weekend for however long it takes to square up my life would make both of our lives harder when it would already be challenging initially living together and have me acclimate to her area.
I had several job offers in her area soon after dating. Most of them not a good idea. As an example I could work for a family friend who gets drunk on every job and can't pay his bills... so we agreed that I needed to figure out what I wanted to do for work for myself in a way that benefitted me.
About a month ago my mom and her friend came down to visit, all four of us stayed at airBnB close to gf's work and in the area in which we would move. It was a lot of fun. I felt something was off in gf. The morning before mom, friend, and I were to leave I looked at gf's phone and had found she posted on reddit about us but the post was deleted so I didn't see much. I felt betrayed. She had become distant and wasn't talking to me much and she'd rather talk to strangers instead of me? I confronted her about it and a fight ensued.
So I decided to stay another couple days with her to work on ourselves, I helped her at work for a half a day (something I've done several times that everyone enjoys), we went back to her place and she got super drunk. Told me she felt like her life is falling apart and she's not happy. I held her while she cried, listened, and told her I'd be there for her rain or shine always. At one point she stood up... barely and she got a look in her eyes combined with her body language where I was near certain she was going to hit me (been here before in the past with others). It scared the shit out of me.
I left in the afternoon the next day after she told me I was her person, and she was laying in bed crying uncontrollably. It was so hard to leave but I had thought it would be better for her if I did.
For a couple weeks all communication on her end dropped. We used to talk all the time, and I was lucky to get an "I love you" once a day. I begged her to talk to me and not give up on us. The only times we talked she had clearly been drinking and said some truly horrible things about me. Character assassination repeatedly, I told her in confidence previously about some deep dark secrets I have and insecurities and she used then against me to tear my soul apart. I was devastated, I thought of leaving her then, but I didn't because I still loved her and she had been a great partner up until this point. She had stopped going to work, did not work for two weeks. From what I gather she spent most of that time at her mom's probably drinking and not doing much else.
One weekend we were supposed to go to a family wedding on my side, lots of people coming from out of town who are huge in my life I don't get to see often at all. A day or two before she told me she wasn't coming, and the thought of being with me and talking to me riddled her with anxiety. I spent that weekend surrounded by beautiful strangers and happy times and it was hard for me to quell the thoughts about "the grass is always greener". At one point an attractive woman was talking to me briefly at a bar after the wedding, playing with her hair etc. It was clear she was into me. It felt good to have someone give me the time of day but I felt terrible for putting on an impression that I was available and happy.
Then this weekend (memorial day weekend)... oh God. Gf and I had plans to go to a concert, stay at a hotel. I told her I said I don't want to go to a concert with you and your sister and spend money and pretend everything is fine when it most definitely isn't. She told me that was selfish because her sister was looking forward to it. So I begrudgingly agreed to continue with the concert.
We saw eachother for the first time in three weeks and right away I sensed the guilt from her for being cruel to me. I tried to point it out and she denied it, she was a lot more physically attentive with me and giving me compliments. The first night we were alone and it was hard but I think we undid some of the damage and reconnected a lot. I think we were both happy about the progress but sad at what we had become.
Concert was the next day, it was great, again she's attentive and amazing like the woman I fell in love with. My hopes had reactivated for us a little and my smile was genuine instead of forced.
Her mom had texted us Sunday (the next day, clarification gf lives with mom so I stay there when I visit) and had said to try to not be at the house all day since the house had many people in it already. Okay, makes sense. We occupied our time doing other things, and drove back to her mom's around 8 or 9p.
On the way there, one of my brother's (E) calls me and asked if I had heard what had happened to my other brother (B). I had said no, I hadn't heard I had assumed he had got the job he was looking at. E tells me B's apartment building collapsed. B was safe, but lucky to be alive realistically. B had lost everything he's ever had, he escaped with the clothes he had on and his phone, he didn't even have his wallet.
I'm dissasociating as I'm hearing all of this, driving gf and me back to gf's mom's house. Our relationship is dying, and I get the feeling that her mom isn't happy with me. We get to her mom's house and her mom and aunt (who is currently living there, I've seen her only twice) are drinking on the porch and want gf and me to come out and talk to them. Was a demand not a request. I don't know how long this went on, best guess is 1-1.5 hours but they berated me, were drawing wild ass conclusions about me, you name it, really weird, scary and hurtful things. I didn't bother to try to defend myself because there was no point. Gf sat there quietly and agreed with them partially. I felt so betrayed, hurt and alone, she didn't stand up for me. I asked her if she would speak to her mother or my behalf and she said she wouldn't. I found out I'm no longer welcome at the house, complicating our relationship further.
Memorial day the next day, I hadn't even really slept, no shower, I left gf's mom's house at 5a when I knew no one would be there and waited at a truck stop for hours for my gf to wake up and come talk to me. Eventually she did, and I told her my respect and trust for her mom was in the sewer and I was afraid her crazy ass alcoholic mother was twisting my gf's opinion of me over the last month. I told her I don't know how you can do it but please get out of that house soon. Between B losing everything he owns and the verbal assault I had last night I was in a very dark place. Later that day, completely dead inside with no sleep we made it to her dad's side of the family where everyone appreciates me and loves me. We had fun in the backyard, I did my best to try to forget about B and last night but I couldn't. I went inside at some point to pee and I snapped. I found my gf in the backyard and announced in front of her family that I had to go home immediately.
As she was driving me back to her car I reminded her about how I had been to the hospital for her brother several times and how I would like the same respect for myself. This frustrated her. I said I think now is the time we agree to go to therapy and she did agree, however I felt she didn't want to.
I've been working like a dog this week sweating my ass off, hadn't heard much from gf at all, last night I asked when can we talk again? She said today after work. I woke up this morning and I knew I couldn't take it anymore. I knew in my heart I have always supported her and loved her deeply. I knew all the sacrifices I already made and all the sacrifices I would continue to make in the future with my moving to her, and how she still would refuse to give me the proper recognition and reciprocation I deserve.
I broke up with her this morning. I'm hoping to meet halfway this weekend to exchange our stuff. I'm also hoping she'll do some self work and come back to me before I move on for good, I told her my door will be open to her for a while but I don't know how long.
Moral of the story- changing for people is good if it's good, sacrificing for people is good if it's good, loving people is good if it's good. If the person you are with refuses to communicate and reciprocate, it's not your fault. We make our own choices. Please be smarter than me and take care of yourselves.
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2023.06.02 23:06 blue_vida I feel like I never really had a life

Seeing what life is to other people: they hang out with their friends, hook up, make achievements and start familys. And I have none of that. No friends, nothing going on, living below the poverty line. Just distracting myself day to day with pointless stuff that means nothing to anyone. Problems started as early as preschool - I remember my mom made me switch kindergartens because I was already getting bullied. Things got worse in school. I tried really hard to change and be better, but to no avail. I'm always the weird outsider guy no matter what I do or where I am. Now my 20s are ending and I realized that what was the best time of most peoples lives was a bunch of nothing for me. I feel like I died as a child and this is hell.
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2023.06.02 23:05 Dianthus_pages Table cloth and runner “rules”?

I’m choosing and buying the tablecloths and runners for the wedding myself because for some reason it’s more expensive to use a rental company in my area. But, I don’t know if there are rules to this and if there are, I’m having trouble finding them online. I want to do white tablecloths and emerald green runners. Satin is the less costly option but is it weird to do a satin tablecloth with a satin table runner on top? Are you supposed to do that or are you supposed to mix textures? Also I’ve been playing around with the idea of placemats because we’re doing compostable plates to save money. But the one article I found online says you shouldn’t do tablecloths and placemats so is that true or just one random guy’s opinion?
Thank you in advance for all opinions and ideas!
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2023.06.02 23:05 OrangutanOutOfOrbit Mixing Celexa with Zoloft! Dangerous or genius?

I know.. i know about the bread and butter of the internet when it comes to this stuff.
“Serotonin syndrome”
But hear me out.
I was on Celexa for 6 years on and off. Wanted to try something else due to its significant numbing effect.
Still wanted it to be an SSRI and to try my luck with different kinds and see if a miracle happens before switching to another class (already know SNRI is awful for me).
Went on Zoloft for 6 months. Had landed on 50mg and - because of my high sensitivity to medications - I knew it’s the highest I can go and the best I can get from it.
Migraines never stopped. But my depression got A LOT better. Not compared to Celexa tho as they felt too different to compare!
They both helped tremendously.
Difference was with Celexa, it was more of a “numb” better - not a total zombie-like numb, but it took off almost all the edge.
With Zoloft, however, it was honestly therapeutic in that it actually made my emotions more clear and somewhat more intense? My senses had become more pronounced which helped so much with depression. And I mean, really helped! Could feel the wind much more, hear the birds louder, music and art felt a lot deeper and intense. it was almost like I’m microdosing on shrooms all day everyday! Even my sex drive had skyrocketed!
I know! Such an odd but lucky reaction to an SSRI!
The issue was that the increased sensitivity came at the price of constant anxiety. At times keeping me awake at night!
It became too much and I went back to Celexa with a direct switch.
Found out 50mg zoloft should be about the same serotonin-wise to 20mg celexa as I got no withdrawal, and no “high” feeling you get in the beginning cuz of adjustments to higher levels than the body is used to. I just continued my life with no interruption except instead of higher sensitivity, I was once again a bit more numb - and CALM.
But now I’m thinking. What if I do 10mg celexa AND 25mg zoloft? I know it won’t cause any serotonin issue. First, they’re both pretty low doses and also, I’ve adjusted to them.
I did also consider to just add an anti-anxiety pill, but I liked the little natural anxiety I could still feel with Celexa.
What do you guys think? Anyone with similar experiences?
And before anyone says this, I’ve already asked my doctor and he says we can try.
But I only want opinions here, particularly personal experiences. Not looking for medical advice.
Thanks for your responses:)
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2023.06.02 23:05 NeedleworkerBulky374 Only for parents who have a child aged 3-18

Hey guys,
As a student, I am currently conducting a survey on the topic of online language courses for children aged 3-18. Please take a moment to fill out this short survey.
Thank you in advance for your time.
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2023.06.02 23:05 Livid-Passenger551 Happy World Bicycle Day! Can we encourage people who prefer riding a bicycle in Kolkata instead of shaming them for their so called ‘mediocre and impractical choice’?

Growing up, my friends bought themselves motorbikes, which was fun and the combined thrill of speed, adrenaline and having a woman behind (or the chances of having one) was enticing. (Don’t get me wrong, I have seen a woman with a man behind her in a bike as well. This post has nothing to do with that.) But, I never resonated with that tribe. Instead I always wanted to ride a bicycle. The idea of riding a 21 speed gear cycle was very dear to me. To this, my friends always made fun of me, which was not the most comforting experience. They thought the bicycle was a fragile instrument in contrast to a motorbike and didn’t have much to offer.
A few years later, I moved to where most Bengalis move - Bangalore, (I call it Bangali’lore almost synonymous to folklore of Bengali population migrating to Bangalore) and I started making decent money. Within sometime I had enough money to buy myself a mid-range motorbike. But, I didn’t buy it and instead bought a bicycle. In the last 2 months, I have ridden 280 kms on it and I can’t get enough of it. I have seen massive improvement in my health but that is a story for another day. The story today is that there is another Bengali guy where I work (intuitive stats - 1 out of 4 would be a Bengali) and he was the only one tagged with a mallu to belittle me for this decision, while the others were happy and encouraged me for getting the bicycle instead of the motorbike. Not that I cared anymore but, again?
Most people are aware that bicycles are an eco friendly alternative mode of transportation. But in my opinion, in my ‘premer shohor’, this needs increased cognizance.
Cycle na chalate parle rod e boshie bell kibhabe bajabo!
Happy world bicycle day! Tell a friend, or pick up one yourself :)
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