Want add digest

For images that are funny as well as sad.

2013.11.25 07:21 mtenay For images that are funny as well as sad.

For images that are funny and sad.

2013.01.30 07:21 IIHURRlCANEII For .gifs that provide knowledge!

Gifs are great at getting quick to digest info, and /educationalgifs strives to give you educational info in this quick to digest format. From chemical processes, to how plants work, to how machines work, /educationalgifs will explain many processes in the quick to see format of gifs.

2011.10.02 23:51 /r/HomeServer

A community based around the building, set up, and use of home servers for a variety of purposes. All discussion is welcome!

2023.05.30 12:08 -Eddooo [H] Knives, Gloves, Playskins, Katos14 Craft [W] Offers

[H] Knives, Gloves, Playskins
- Bayonet Doppler P1 .010 - M9 Case H. ww - Ursus Marble Fade/Vanilla - Stiletto Damascus Steel .22 - Gut/Navaja Tiger Tooth Fn - Gloves Black Tie Ft - Slingshot Bs - King Snake Bs - Lt. Commander .16 - ST AK Nightwish Fn - Awp Graphite .02 w/Keev Gold on Scope - M4A1 Guardian .16 w/4x Katos14 IBP, Titan, Fnatic, Hellraisers
[W] All Offers are Welcome
[W] TF2 Keys, Steam Cards Sets

More on my Inv, Some Skins might be on Tradehold, you can pm/add me if you want do discuss Trade.

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2023.05.30 12:06 EyalGoku Manga reading value

Hey so I watched the 2019 anime twice now and on my 3rd rewatch, and wanted to know if I should read the manga and if it would add to the story for me, because I felt like the anime was amazing and complete
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2023.05.30 12:06 ZachTF Here are some tip for dashers.

Here are some tips that will make your dashing life easier:
That’s all I can think of on the fly. Feel free to add if you want. This post is to help others out who drive.
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2023.05.30 12:05 Less-Celery-3060 The Ultimate Productivity Hack Is Saying "NO"

Thats really it, “No” because not doing something will always be faster than doing it. The same philosophy applies in other areas of life. For example, there is no meeting that goes faster than not having a meeting at all.
This is not to say you should never attend another meeting, but the truth is that we say yes to many things we don’t actually want to do. There are many meetings held that don’t need to be held.
How often do people ask you to do something and you just reply, “Sure thing.” Three days later, you’re overwhelmed by how much is on your to-do list. We become frustrated by our obligations even though we were the ones who said yes to them in the first place.
It’s worth asking if things are necessary. Many of them are not, and a simple “no” will be more productive than whatever work the most efficient person can muster.
But if the benefits of saying no are so obvious, then why do we say yes so often? We often agree to requests to avoid being seen as rude, but saying no to people we care about can be difficult. Despite social considerations, many struggle to manage the balance between yes and no, over-committing to unimportant tasks. Our perception of yes and no may be the problem.
Upgrade your “No”
As you progress and achieve success, your strategy must evolve. The value of your time grows, demanding a higher threshold for accepting opportunities. You must decline both distractions and previously worthwhile endeavours to make room for exceptional ones.
Upgrading your ability to say “no” is crucial, preserving the freedom to say yes selectively. Ultimately, by rejecting harmful distractions, you'll gain the privilege to turn down even beneficial opportunities.
PS. This is an extract from my daily email newsletter 'Thekaizen.co' If you want to read more digestible self-improvement posts like this you should check it out. Im on a genuine mission to help people improve themselves and you're in this subreddit for a reason so might as well check it out!
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2023.05.30 12:05 Colorful_Melody First time class teacher

Hello everyone!
For the next school year I am facing a new teaching challenge. Being a class teacher.
Each year we have a meeting with the upcoming first years and their parents. I am preparing all the stuff I need to present for them.
So far I only noted down they need to know what books and tools they need, signature forms for the legal guardians, notes from the school rules etc.
I am at a standstill. I have no idea what else I might need and I don’t want to forget anything.
Any ideas what else to add?
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2023.05.30 12:04 Matriniii_XD Is this legal?

I'm making a horror game about liminal spaces and I want to add an area based on this image. I'm only asking as it's an image based on mario 64 and they have copyright claims on mario.
Edit: this subreddit doesn't allow images but it's popular enough for people to know what I mean. The image is of a small room with brick walls, which have textures of clouds and hills. The floor is red carpet which has a staircase of the same texture leading up to a small platform. The platform has a railing from Mario 64 and a door is in the wall at the back of the room. The ceiling is black and white alternating tiles.
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2023.05.30 12:02 AutoModerator [PS5] GTA MONEY AND ACCOUNTS

Do you want to buy from the only legit seller? I sell 100 million to 1.5 billion added to your account. I have even crazier GTA accounts. DM me or add my discord: GankKi#4922
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2023.05.30 12:01 ColsonThePCmechanic Covenanters & Crusaders: Contest Update 1

A competitor has pointed out a flaw in the Covenanter base file. Consequently, I've reposted the contest files contained in the Google Drive link right here.
If you have already started your Covenanter design, you can bring yours up to date by making sure all side armor panels are set to 30mm.
A new cannon choice has also been added, along with a preview file for the King Panther (made by ZeAppelMan) which your entries will be facing. Want to see more about what you'll need to do in order to defeat it? Read on below!
Fall, 1945
After the failure of repeated efforts to break into European territory after the Normandy landings, Britain was looking to upgrade its aging fleet of cruiser light tanks to better combat the mysterious new “King Panther”, which were appearing more and more frequently on the battlefield. Internal conflicts within the British War Office escalated to fierce debates over whether to pursue upgrade packages for the Covenanter tank, or the Crusader tanks. Eventually, it was determined that the best way to determine which vehicle would be better for upgrading is to outsource development and pick the best result. You are now tasked with this momentous task of analyzing the existing fleet of cruiser vehicles, determining which one to upgrade, and designing the upgrade package. Good luck!
Submission deadline: June 19th at 11:59 PM UTC
Contest details:
In this contest, you will get to choose whether to support the Covenanter team or the Crusader team, and utilize newer technologies to procure an upgrade package for your vehicle of choice. Entries will be judged based on their aesthetics and combat performance, along with bonus points and markdowns that can affect the score. While the War Office has permitted any feasible turret (or casemate) configuration to manufacture, they have also specified certain restrictions that entries must follow in the final product.
Vehicle upgrade packages will need to use engines and guns already in production, in order to avoid complicating Britain’s war machine further than necessary.
Available gun options (AP rounds): -Ordnance QF 6-pounder -Ordnance QF 17-pounder -HV 77mm Cannon -Ordnance QF 32-pounder
Available gun options (APHE rounds): -Ordnance QF 95mm howitzer -QF 4.7 inch Mark IX -BL 5.5-inch Howitzer -BL 7.2-inch Howitzer
Adjusting the gun recess and counterweight, along with increasing its thickness, is allowed. You also are allowed to shorten the gun barrel length, but this won’t be looked at as favorably by the War Office.
Available engines: -R-975E-C2 (400hp) -Rolls-Royce Meteor (600hp) -Wright G-200 (800hp) -Rolls Royce Griffon (1000hp) -Merlin XX (1100hp) -Bristol Hercules (1300hp)
All engines can have their RPM settings adjusted.
All necessary files for the permitted guns, engines, and the base tanks (provided by DarioXN, ZeAppelMan, and Prim Olaf in the Discord) can be found in the attached .zip file at the Google Drive link right here.

Bonus points: These can be awarded for vehicles that meet requirements posted by the War Office. Points here will be added to your final score, after assessment of the vehicle’s aesthetics and combat score.
reaches a top speed of 60km/h: 2 points
100mm of effective frontal armor: 2 points
Utilizes twin transmission: 1 point
gun has over 150mm of penetration: 4 points
carries 450 L of fuel: 3 points
Capable of -12 degrees of gun depression: 3 points
Covenanter: Radiators relocated to rear(this is required if frontal armor is added): 5 points
Crusader: New ventilation installed (this is required if engine deck is extended): 5 points

Markdowns: These can occur if vehicles are modified in a way that increases the complexity of the vehicle’s upgrade process, or reduces its effectiveness. Note that some markdowns can be offset by gains through combat performance, such as extending the engine deck geometry to allow adding a bigger engine.
Extra hull armor is applied internally (over 5mm): 3 points
Crew is exposed to standard rifle shots: 3 points
Hull requires labor-intensive disassembly: 4 points
Engine deck does not have sufficient vents: 3 points
Vehicle cannot exceed 40km/h: 3 points
Cannot turn while stationary: 2 points
Barrel length is shortened: 1 point

Hull modifications: Both the Covenanter and Crusader contain thickened frontal and side armor, along with complex mechanisms attached to them. The roof and backside, however, are much easier to modify and build upon. As a result, vehicles will be looked at less favorably if additions to the vehicle’s geometry require dismantling portions of the front, side, or bottom armor plates. This does not mean, however, that you cannot add more to them. Bolt-on armor shielding, regardless of armor thickness, will not incur a penalty. Additionally, the driver’s compartment and its respective armor face can be modified at no penalty.
Vehicle aesthetics: Your prototype vehicles will be easier to get into production if the layout of vehicle components is included with your prototype. The generic hulls that you will be given to experiment with have a standard equipment and utilities loadout, and will be considered a “base” value in terms of aesthetic traits. These will both score 10 points in their current state. Adding more to its aesthetics scoring, and extending it to any turrets you may add, will increase this score by up to 10 points. Consequently, the opposite can lead to aesthetics points being removed. Should you wish to also model the interior, a “combat-ready” version of your prototype will also need to be supplied. Your combat-ready vehicle will be used for analysis in combat performance, interior space, and other physical traits. Meanwhile, your detailed prototype will be used for aesthetics scoring, and will not have weight or space limitations imposed upon it.
Combat trials: Vehicles will be fought against a fleet of captured King Panther tanks in a “trial by fire” match. Entrants will have a budget of 250 tons, meaning that lighter vehicles will have a higher team count during combat. Points will be earned based upon how many enemy vehicles are killed, and how many allies survive the mock battle. Bonus points can also be earned based on performance relative to competing proposals.
We are still awaiting for the captured King Panther tanks to arrive on the mainland, but so far we have received some details about their characteristics: -Front and side armor has received large upgrades compared to typical Panthers, in some cases up to 50mm of added thickness. -The engine seems to have been changed, to compensate for the added weight. -The vehicle’s interior seems much different than previous Panthers, which could mean they have better handling than previous models. -The gun itself seems to be the same as previous Panthers -Shielding has been added to the side, helping to further improve the armor’s performance. Note that the example vehicle provided weighs twice as much as the version that will be used in Custom Battles.
Overall scoring weight: Combat trials: 60 points Aesthetics: 20 points Bonus points: 20 points Markdowns: -20 points
Maximum points possible: 100

Additional Contest Rules
Are resubmissions allowed? Yes
Are multiple submissions allowed? No
Is Aesthetic Applique Armor enabled? No
What vehicle era should be used? Latewar
How much can the loader be file edited? 2.0
Are custom MGs permitted? No
Are custom mantlets permitted? Yes
Can turrets be used to make spaced armor? No
What cheats will be turned on for the judging? “Place anywhere”
Can models be imported via SPETS? Yes
Is there a maximum amount of guns permitted? 6
Can cosmetic compartments be overfilled? Yes
Are “always-spinning” compartments allowed? Yes
How to submit: Email submissions to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) with the .blueprint file and any decals, paint schemes, lore, or other items you wish to include with your submission.
submitted by ColsonThePCmechanic to SprocketTankDesign [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 12:01 AutoModerator Introduction and Daily Picture Thread

Are you pregnant, supporting someone who is pregnant, or planning on getting pregnant in the future? Then welcome to BabyBumps! This is a daily post where you can introduce yourself and share any photos that you want to share. This is the ONLY place where photos are allowed, please do not make a standalone post with your bump or ultrasound.
Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our rules. In short, we do not allow spam, advertising, solicitations, or the sharing of any personal information. Polls/surveys/market research must be authorized by the mod team prior to submission. We ask that ALL bump pictures, ultrasound and announcement pictures remain in this daily sticky only. We ask that if you post a picture of your baby you do so only as a bonus to other meaningful content (like a birth story). We do not allow pictures of your pets and we ask that all political discussion be in the realm of pregnancy, family planning, delivery, postpartum care, and/or parenting. Also, be cool. DBaA.
Please do not ask us if you are pregnant, could be pregnant, or what symptoms others have experienced prior to confirming pregnancy. Likewise, please do not request or offer medical advice.
We have some fantastic resources available to you over in Our Wiki. With links for those of you trying to get pregnant, answers to common questions and concerns regarding pregnancy, resources and lists pertaining to pregnancy and/or common symptoms, conditions, and complications thereof, resources pertaining to birth, and a list of acronyms you may run into, we hope your immersion into our community is as seamless and supported as possible.
If you're looking for your Monthly Bumper Sub you'll find links here. Please note that these subs tend to go private and that the moderators of Baby Bumps are not affiliated with private subs. We cannot add you or request that you be added. You'll have to message the moderators of your private bump sub and ask to be added; instructions for how to do this can be found in the link provided.
Flair is awesome and helps you find stuff.
If you can't find what you're looking for here, you may be able to find it in one of these Other Helpful Subreddits.
If you are not yet pregnant, are trying to get pregnant, believe your period may be late, or have questions pertaining to family planning, please check out the Stickied Weekly Introduction Thread over on TryingforaBaby. It's amazing. You'll learn more about reproduction than you ever thought was possible.
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2023.05.30 12:01 magictcgmods Daily Questions Thread - Ask All Your Magic Related Questions Here!

This is a place for asking simple questions that might not deserve their own thread. For example, if you have a question about a rules interaction, want sleeve and accessory recommendations, or suggestions for your new deck, then this is the place for you.
We encourage that you post any questions that you may have concerning Magic the Gathering here rather than make a separate thread for each question, though for now we won't require that you do so.
Rules Questions
Rules questions and interactions are allowed to be posted here, but if you need an answer quickly it may be best to use a dedicated resource like the 24/7 Magic the Gathering Rules Chat.
Deckbuilding Questions
If you're trying to get help with a deck, it is recommended that you post your decklist to a deckbuilding website so that it is easier to view. Some popular sites are Aetherhub, Archidekt, Deckbox, Deckstats, Moxfield, MtgGoldfish, and TappedOut.
Additionally, please include some description of what you are trying to accomplish. Don't just give us a decklist with no explanation, and don't ask extremely vague questions such as "what cards should I add to my deck to make it better?", because it's hard to give good advice in those cases. Let us know details, the more the better. Are you building with a particular strategy or theme in mind? Are there any non-obvious combo lines or synergies that people should be aware of? Are you struggling with a particular matchup, or are you finding yourself missing consistency in an important area, and need some help specifically for it? Let us know.
Commonly Asked Questions
Don't worry, this is completely normal. If you opened a set booster, you have a small chance of obtaining a bonus card from a previous set. This is an extra card that does not replace any of the other cards in your pack, and is from a curated set of past hits that Wizards of the Coast has selected, which they call "The List".
You can view the contents of The List on Wizards of the Coast's official website. For example, the contents of The List for Streets of New Capenna boosters can be found here.
All old-bordered foils have the shooting start symbol. Most sites that display card images just overlay a generic foil graphic over all foil cards, which doesn't include the shooting star. Your card is normal.
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2023.05.30 12:00 DrRockso314 Will payroll typically review past checks if errors have been documented?

Errors on two consecutive checks with several hundred dollars missing. They have remedied the situation supposedly and the funds will be on the next check. My concerns are ¹ even if they add the back pay, is the current pay correct ² how many previous checks are incorrect ³ is it normal practice for payroll to review old paychecks upon request in a situation such as this? I've advised the supervisor that I'm not working until I'm paid in full because I don't want to be responsible for constantly keeping track of what's owed from prior checks on top of ensuring the current check is accurate. This is one of a few PRN jobs I work on top of my full time job, so I'll return when we're able to get all square.
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2023.05.30 11:59 4uckleberry Fixed shard locations

Seen a lot of raid posts recently. Have read some valid points. Only thing I want to add to the conversation is adding fixed points for shard holding.
My reasoning: Raids still need to favor defense. Gearing up all servants, setting up a proper graveyard, and castle layout is no easy task. If someone goes through all that trouble, there loot deserves to be very difficult to get to.
Not everyone is going to go for shards, probably the majority of people. So nerfing defenses is going to hurt more people than it helps.
My solution: Shard points are set for every claimable territory. These are the only points in your whole castle where you can store a shard. 3 can be set per territory and all would be in very close proximity to the first entrance of your castle. This would mean less room to squeeze in a lot of defense so you'd have to rely more on pvp skills to defend your shard. Shard points give attackers more of a chance to claim shards while not harming the raid defenses and experience of the majority of players.
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2023.05.30 11:58 drunkafk Made a build, need advice

Hey there!! Previously i posted my build on a couple of subreddits and asked for advice, but sadly didn’t get any. So i thought i’d give it another shot here. So i needed a build for 2d graphic, 3d modeling and render, animation and video editing but also for a lil gaming (rpgs mostly) and ai stuff (stable diffusion, midjourney). Yeah, probably too much to ask, so i primarily wanted a build for work. my main focus was on adobe soft (ai, ae, an, ps, pr, lr, id), 3d soft (blender, zbrush, c4d, 3ds) + toon boom.
Would really appreciate if you guys could give comments, precautions or advice on my build:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 7900X OEM
RAM: Kingston FURY Beast Black [KF552C40BB-16] 16 GB x2
Storage: 960 GB SSD M.2 WD Green SN350 [WDS960G2G0C]
Storage: 2 TB Seagate BarraCuda [ST2000DM008]
GPU: Palit GeForce RTX 3070 Ti GamingPro [NED307T019P2-1046A]
PSU: AeroCool KCAS PLUS 800W [KCAS-800 PLUS]
a little note here: you might not be familiar with aerocool brand. apparently it’s only popular outside the us. if you have any suggestions on what psu to consider instead, it’d be really cool!
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2023.05.30 11:58 Deferon-VS What is your opinion on adding "body" to "biology" and "identity"?

Right now for a persons sex we have 2 indicators:
If both are the same you have a cis man or a cis woman (and a smal percentage of intersex people). Everyone accepts if biology and identity fit.
But if they are different we enter the "trans" area and the "problem" in our society starts.
We do have (in most countries) the option of transitioning. To adjust the body to the identity.
Of cause this collides when it comes to the point which sex a trans-person "is" and fights start. (e.g. which changing room to use)
This could be smothend if we take the "body" in account.
I think we all can sympathise that many women do not want to change while someones penis is swinging around (and some men feel uncomfortable changing with a ucovered vagina around).
So in addition to biology and identity we could add the actual status of the body.
Now we would have 3 indicators (biology, body, identity)
It would no longer be a "tie" that people argue about, it will be a 2/3 majority.
This might help to get less arguing and more acceptence, coz noone has to "loose" in a "tie" when there is no tie.
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2023.05.30 11:57 sugarplumninja I really didn’t want to end on a bad note

I accepted a job within my hospital system, next door at an ER and transferring off of my floor. I am due to start next Tuesday.
So I gave my two weeks a few weeks back and gave my start date to HR for new job. I’m wanting a week off between jobs and at first and in person my manager agrees. Then he emails saying I need to stay past my two weeks due to the fact it’s a transfer and my last date would be determined by him. I looked up the policy for transfers that I only have to give two weeks, nothing about having to stay up to my transfer date or anything. But I didn’t want to leave on a bad note, so I went to work this past weekend.
I ended up asking a fellow nurse if she could cover one of my shifts for my last week. At first she said yes she could switch and my night supervisor talked to my manager to switch the dates. Suddenly when I come in again, I hear she can’t pick up my shift. The manager already switched my shift, but the nurse is saying she never agreed to the switch and she can’t actually work my day.
With that, my night supervisor talks to my manager that morning, telling him that another nurse will pick up my shift without switching shifts and to place that nurse back on her previous schedule. My night supervisor gave me this information and I believed that I didn’t have to go into work tonight.
Also just to add, I work nights, been working the past few 6 nights and I picked up to help the unit out before leaving.
Today I get a text from said nurse telling me that I still need to go into work today because she is now working Tuesday and Wednesday. I’m confused now so I reach out to my manager. He tells me basically there was miscommunication and I’m still on the schedule for tonight and said nurse was just added to Wednesday to be an extra nurse? I wasn’t scheduled to work Wed so it wasn’t the day I was to switch. Basically I was the work her shift Monday but she wouldn’t work my shift. I told my manager I got no sleep during the day because I was unaware I had to work. My manager tells me that I’ve got two options: come in tonight or Thursday. I tell him I’ll try to come in tonight.
All in all I’m upset with the situation and feel it was unfair, so I emailed another leader over our floor, she basically said the switch was confusing and to address the issue with the nurse with my boss. I ended up having to call in because I got no sleep and I was told I had to go in 4 hours prior. Now I feel bad about the whole situation, I’m afraid they will try to take action against me for calling in, and I just wanted to leave on a good note and with all my shifts covered, even though it was past my two weeks! I’ve never had any issue before and I’ve been working there for 2 years. I’m just ranting and afraid tomorrow they will write me up and I can’t go to my new job. But to my knowledge, I haven’t broken policy, but I did call in on my last day. I don’t know who was lying and I feel taken advantage of by both my manager and the nurse. She just wanted to be off last night.
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2023.05.30 11:57 dnvfoodsandspices Five Classic French Sauces Every Home Cook Needs to Master

Five Classic French Sauces Every Home Cook Needs to Master
Five Classic French Sauces Every Home Cook Needs to Master
DNV Foods, a renowned provider of a wide range of food items including pickles, sauces, masalas, and papads, is committed to enhancing your culinary experience. In this blog, we will dive into the world of French cuisine and explore five classic French sauces that every home cook should master. These sauces are not only versatile but also elevate the flavors of various dishes.
French cuisine has always been known for its rich flavors, delicate textures, and exquisite presentation. It is no wonder that it is gaining popularity in India, where people are always on the lookout for new and exciting food experiences. French cuisine has something for everyone, from the classic dishes like Coq au Vin and Bourguignon with more contemporary offerings like plant-based steaks and vegan options.
One of the most popular French dishes in India is pasta. French pasta dishes are known for their creamy sauces, fresh herbs, and perfectly cooked noodles. They are a great option for those who want a filling meal that is also light and refreshing. Soups are another French classic that is gaining popularity in India. French soups are known for their rich flavors and wholesome ingredients, making them the perfect comfort food for a cold winter day.
Bagels, a staple in French cuisine, are also becoming more popular in India. These chewy, doughy treats are perfect for breakfast or as a snack. They can be filled with cream cheese, smoked salmon, or any other topping of your choice. Bagels are a great option for those who want a quick and easy meal that is also filling and satisfying.
French cuisine is known for its sophistication and elegance, and the sauces are no exception. These sauces are the foundation of French cooking and can transform a simple dish into a gourmet masterpiece. The five classic French sauces that every home cook should master are Béchamel, Velouté, Espagnole, Hollandaise, and Tomato.

With high-quality French sauces, you can bring the authentic taste of multiple cuisines to your kitchen and impress your family and guests.
Béchamel Sauce:
Starting with the mother of all French sauces, Béchamel sauce is a creamy white sauce made from butter, flour, and milk. It serves as a base for many other sauces and dishes. Mastering Béchamel sauce opens the doors to creating delectable dishes such as lasagna, gratins, and creamy pasta. With premium-quality Béchamel sauce, you can achieve a smooth and velvety texture that adds richness to your culinary creations.
Hollandaise Sauce:
Known for its rich and buttery taste, Hollandaise sauce is a classic French emulsion sauce. Made from egg yolks, butter, and lemon juice, it pairs perfectly with eggs Benedict, steamed vegetables, and grilled items. Achieving the right consistency and avoiding curdling can be a challenge, but with expertly crafted Hollandaise sauce, you can effortlessly create this luxurious sauce in your own kitchen.
Velouté Sauce:
Velouté sauce is a versatile sauce that acts as a blank canvas for various flavors. It is made from a light roux (a mixture of flour and fat) and a clear stock. This sauce forms the base for many classic French dishes such as vol-au-vent. A premium Velouté sauce can elevate your dishes with its smooth texture and delicate flavors.
Espagnole Sauce:
Espagnole sauce, also known as brown sauce, is a rich and hearty sauce that adds depth to dishes. Espagnole sauce is the foundation of classic dishes like veg bourguignon and demi-glace. High-quality Espagnole sauce, you can infuse your dishes with the authentic flavors of French cuisine.
Tomato Sauces:
Tomato sauce is a classic sauce made with tomatoes, onions, garlic, and herbs. It is used in dishes like spaghetti and pizza. These sauces are not only versatile but also easy to make at home. With a little practice, you can master the art of French sauces and take your culinary skills to the next level.
Let’s take a quick guide:
DNV Foods, with their wide range of food items, including pickles, sauces, masalas, and papads, empowers home cooks to explore the world of French cuisine. By mastering these five classic French sauces - Béchamel, Hollandaise, Velouté, Espagnole, and Sauce Vinaigrette - you can unlock a world of flavors and elevate your culinary creations. With DNV Foods' high-quality sauces, you can bring the authentic taste of French cuisine to your kitchen and impress your family and guests with your culinary prowess.
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2023.05.30 11:56 Double-Ad4164 Crits?

I usually add two s’ but I ran out of room and didn’t want to redraw
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2023.05.30 11:54 patrickpequito Best buddy buff

Recently Eurogamer published an article about the Remote Raid nerf and the new Shadow Raid mechanics. In that article, they were quoting Steranka and he said this:
"There's an inherent coolness factor some people might associate with the Shadow effects and whatnot, but in the games' lore, Shadow Pokemon are suffering and in pain and so we want players to Purify them and save them from that," Steranka states. "We've tried to add some incentives around the Purification process - you get access to an incredibly powerful move in Return as opposed to Frustration, which is a very weak move, but yes, especially in PVP, you make a trade-off in terms of damage output versus damage received because you get a damage modifier there for being Shadow boosted. We want to put those decisions in players' hands and if you're the type of player that is okay with your Pokémon suffering a little bit to get a little bit more power, then that's your choice to make. I do know there are a lot of players who, because of that, refuse to keep any Shadow Pokémon and will purify everything that they catch."
This kept me thinking that Shadow Pokémon will always be the go-to choice and never purify a good Pokémon, even with "those" incentives. This being said, a shadow mon will always be stronger, no matter how much you train your Pokémon, the suffering one will beat him. The difference is so big that a 0/0/0 shadow is stronger than a 15/15/15 normal.
However, the game, the lore and tv show is all about building bonds and friendship with your Pokémons, and we already have a Best Buddy system that buff the CP of the Pokémon by adding one level. But what if a Best Buddy could be as strong as a Shadow Pokémon? Supposedly your Best Buddies have gone a lot with you, they've earned heart battling, walking on your side, you treated them with berries and you have showed your love by playing with them. Shouldn't this make the Pokémon stronger than the one that's suffering inside? What if the Best Buddies get the same buff that a Shadow Pokémon has?
This would also help people who couldn't get a group of people to catch a Shadow Mewtwo and loose their chance to have one of the strongest Pokémon, but rather they can put the effort on training their normal Mewtwo to be as strong or stronger than the Shadow version.
In this idea/suggestion I would exclude Shadow Pokémon to have the additional Best Buddy buff as they are suffering and can't feel a real connection with the trainer.
What do you guys think?

TL;DR: Make Best Buddies as strong as Shadow Pokémon and don't allow Shadow mons to be Best Buddies.
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2023.05.30 11:53 Deargrigh 10 quick and easy changes that I think would improve Chivalry 2 significantly

I've recently gotten back into Chivalry 2 after about a year of not playing it and I can't help but notice that there's still a few fairly simple changes that could be made; changes that wouldn't require a huge amount of developer time but that I think would improve the game's appeal, user experience, suitability for content creation, and player retention. I'm aware that the game doesn't currently have a Community Manager, but I think it's still worth pointing out in case it does catch the attention of someone at Torn Banner:

  1. Remove Team Deathmatch from the same playlist as Team Objective This is the one that has stood out to me most over the last month. There's nothing wrong with Team Deathmatch, but every time a massive Team Objective map switches onto Team Deathmatch, you can almost hear the entire server collectively sighing as they quit back out to the main menu. It happens so consistently that you can almost guarentee that you'll be fighting some bots when a TDM map starts up. The result is that people just stop playing sooner than they otherwise would have. I think that these two game modes should be in separate queues.
  2. Add a simple map voting screen at the end of each game This would solve the problem above without actually needing to remove TDM from the playlist, and the more popular (read: fun) maps would rise to the top, resulting in more players playing for longer.
  3. Name maps more appropriately in the server browser This one is a bit of a nitpick of mine but it feels like it was almost an oversight on behalf of TB. Some maps are confusingly named in the server browser. For example, "The Razing of Askandir" is actually called "Library", and "The Breach of Baudwyn" is listed as "Bulwark". When I come up with an idea for something fun to showcase in a video, and I want to try to find the map that I had the idea for, I need to remember which server browser map names actually translate into which map.
  4. Allow community servers Maybe there's something stopping this that I'm not aware of (crossplay / consoles?) but it seems strange that Chivalry 2 has been out since 2021 and there still doesn't seem to be community hosted dedicated servers. There would be so many benefits to this but the most obvious one is actually having a dueling space where community admins can police FFA players without having to votekick people all the time.
  5. Raise the height boxes across all maps to make the projectile camera feature more usable The projecticle camera is awesome. Being able to track thrown/shot projectiles across the sky and watching them hit their target is incredibly fun and would make for awesome content for this game. I actually sat down with the plan to make a cross-map javelin montage for Chivalry 2, but I quickly gave up when I realised that the height at which the projectile camera just stops working is completely different and arbitrary across each map. It seems like the camera just stops when it hits the "ceiling" or "sky box" of the map, and there's no consistency or reason for where this is across different maps. It seems so wasteful to not globally raise this ceiling so that this feature can actually be showcased properly.
  6. Enable Unreal Engine's 'demorec' feature This is something that surprised me from the get-go. Chivalry 2 runs on Unreal Engine which has a fantastic demo recording feature built in that allows players to record games and view them back from a spectator perspective, allowing for the creation of cinematic shots of the game. Chivalry 2 doesn't seem to allow use of this feature. I don't know if there's some sort of technical reason that this isn't enabled, but solving that issue would be huge for this game and the type of content that could be made for it. Chivalry 2 can be so cinematic, and I can only imagine what cinematic content that creators like Obliviousness could come up with. It seems so wasteful to not have this feature enabled.
  7. Increase the time and amount of actions required to complete some map objectives I've noticed that some objectives and even maps seem to go by incredibly quickly. It's a shame, especially for some of the more fun objectives where both teams are enjoying the objective/area. I think it would be worth taking a second look at some of the fastefun objectives/areas and seeing if they can be extended out a bit more while still being balanced.
  8. Reduce the strictness of "death zones" The frustration that comes from this one is partly due to the above point of some objectives going by very quickly, but overall, the 'death zones' seem rather harsh across most maps. I don't think I've played a single game of Team Objective where I didn't almost die to the death zone. I know that the feature is there to encourage progression of the map, and to herd players towards the action, but it's another thing that seems inconsistent and arbitrary across maps. I think it's worth taking another look at the position of these and reducing how strict they are. For example, there are some areas where you can literally enter the enemy's spawn points, but some fully propped out and fun looking areas can't be accessed at all at any point.
  9. Add a simple and satisfying audio cue for when players get a kill I realise that not having this is probably a stylistic choice for the game, but there's something deeply satisfying about hearing a little noise that indicates when you get a kill. Doesn't need to be COD hitmarker noises or anything annoying like that, but I think that something here is better than nothing. It's particularly helpful in some of the more chaotic fights where swings are landing all over the place, where the only indication that you've killed someone is a slight change in text that happens on your screen.
  10. Prompt class choice at the start of the map I'm not sure if this is a bug or just an oversight, but it seems like some maps will spawn you in the first wave as whatever class you had picked the game before, even if you immediately chose a different class at the start of the game. It seems like it has something to do with the cinematic charging openings that maps start with, but it can be pretty frustrating to have chosen your class only to spawn as something completely different.
This is all just my personal views and I'm happy to hear any difference of opinion, but I do think these fairly simple changes would improve the game.
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2023.05.30 11:53 depressedgay2004 Need help for pullover macro creator

I have some problems with macro creator like, i don't want this screen to pop up after rebooting my pc
, it should just open up in background and also i have manually add this macro file by file explorer every time i open the pc.
What should i do?
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2023.05.30 11:53 Famous_Direction_410 Please add {{syminfo.currency}} and {{syminfo.basecurrency}} place holders to alerts

I'm developing an application to trade my strategy and I'm required to have alert with the following text { "Base": "BTC", "Quote": "USDT", "Position": "Layer1", "Price": "27800", "Bot": "QFL" }
Which is
{ "Base": "syminfo.basecurrency", "Quote": "syminfo.currency", "Position": "{{strategy.order.id}}", "Price": "{{strategy.order.price}}", "Bot": "QFL" }
Problem is the following: You can't return strategy script variable's value in its alert message. I need "syminfo.currency". and "syminfo.basecurrency"
To have required data I have 3 options for now:
  1. Use available placeholders: There is only one suitable - {{ticker}}. But it returns BTCUSDT while I need separate BTC and USDT and it will require me to create a script with many exceptions to separate it on my side
  2. Put variables which I want to "strategy.entry" parameters. In this way I have to use "comment" and "alert_message". In the script code I put "syminfo.currency"and "syminfo.basecurrency" variables to the mentioned parameters then return them using place holders {{comment}} and {{alert_message}}. But then I'm limited only with 2 variables and furthermore I have to reserve "comment" and "alert_message" for it
I was advised to use "alert_message" and just put the whole JSON to the parameter but there won't be needed formatting as if I add "" the mentioned variables displayed as text and won't return values at the moment conditions are met and alert is triggered
  1. I can return required values by implementing Plot placeholders but these solutions seems like a wrong and hard way for me and my future users In case you plan to improve PineScript and strategy alerts experiens I kindly ask you to help me. The best solution for me will be to allow returning a script variable's value at the moment of strategy conditions are met and alert is triggered to the alert message
The easiest way which can solve my current problem is to add 2 more standard placeholders so they can be returned in the alert message. They are {{syminfo.currency}} and {{syminfo.basecurrency}}
If by the chance it can be done I would be extremely thankful
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2023.05.30 11:49 Character-Wind361 Where can you customize a sports jersey?

Where can you customize a sports jersey?
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