Slope unblocked games wtf

No fences allowed here? (Olympus - Bonsai Plaza)

2023.06.02 22:15 mollipen No fences allowed here? (Olympus - Bonsai Plaza)

No fences allowed here? (Olympus - Bonsai Plaza)
Just played a game on Olympus, landed in Banzai Plaza, the skyway area between the two buildings. Every time I tried, I couldn't put fences down in the sloped walkways, and I swear you could before.
Am I just dumb and misremembering? Maybe a bug in my match? Or is this now the norm?
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2023.06.02 22:06 JOATLoser 20M, looking for chill ass friends to just chill and vibe with [Friendship]

heyyoo, sooo uhh yeah I've just been so lost in life recently, not knowing wtf is going on anymore but still pushing thru lmfao. A bit about me, I usually respond pretty fast and can keep up a conversation but I'm actually very introverted and quiet irl which always surprises ppl lmaooo.
About my interests, I'm really into photography, playing video games, football (not the American one), going to the gym, listening to a shit ton of music and playing the bass guitar.
I'd prefer talking with people that are closer to my age but I don't mind talking with anyone as long as you're chill and we can both vibe. I'm a pretty open-minded person so even if we don't have a lot of common interests we can still talk about about anything, so don't hesitate to send a DM if you feel like talking with me :)
And also please put some effort when sending me a msg, I wont be responding if you just send me a "hi" or "what's up", introduce yourself to me a bit.
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2023.06.02 22:01 jonsbryhill wtf is happening in this game? it’s like a Tool video came to life

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2023.06.02 21:59 AmNotThatGuyBro Status Bug

Guys wtf just happened I was doing a guts run and had 75 strength and 46 endurance fought Malenia like 10 times then quit the game (ofc due to waterfowl dance) and when I open the game again I lost all my str and endurance anyone experienced this before ?
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2023.06.02 21:26 rushncrush Controller works fine until I start a game mode. PC

Tried both arcade and open world. Controller stops working right after I enter these game modes
WTF is going on? It's not the controller
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2023.06.02 21:18 DuuanetheRock Capital Cities flaw

Such big flaws lately in capital cities. I just witnessed a player have 5 vs 14 (capital city) and beat the capital city and only lost 1 unit. Wtf. How is that possible. Stupid game programming
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2023.06.02 21:04 Mak0ala Should i spell out the possibilities and different interactions and dynamics or should i let the players discover them?

To narrow it down. The game i'm working on has turn based combat but interacting with the controllers in the offensive and defensive stages affects the damage dealt and received.
For example, in the defensive stage the player can choose between holding the button to block some of the damage or release it to parry it and cancel all the damage. But some enemies will have unblockable attacks and some enemies will have ranged weapons that when releasing the button in time will deflect the projectile. Should i tell the players when each interaction is presented for the first time or should i let them discover it by themselves?
Or when they get the weapon with one of the characters, the Weapon option is needed when fighting enemies that are armored in any way, I was planning on putting a pop-up window that tells the player that because then they'd get stuck for a bit and blame us for bad game design. But should i spell out that the weapon option can cause the effect "Stunned" on not-armored enemies with the same tutorial style or should i let the players discover it is a possibility by themselves?
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2023.06.02 20:45 TSZod The absolute "Wtf" of some employers unicorn search.

Got turned down for a role, no big deal it's a numbers game but the recruiter then gave me feedback which I am just sitting here dumbfounded on their reasoning. For reference I am a Senior Project Manager. The feedback was as followed:
  1. When asked "Who is responsible for the project failing" you answered the "Project Manager" they didn't like that. (It's inherent that the PM is 100% accountable for the delivery of all aspects of the project.)
  2. They didn't like your camera angle (Are we serious? It's a 1080P camera that sits level with me right in front.)
  3. They felt your body language was too relaxed. (Okay? Wtf does that even mean?)
  4. You met all of their requirements except you stated that you don't like writing SOWs. (Which can be common in the PM field but is usually frowned upon and instead is handled via a procurement/contracting process.)
Recruiter admitted that he had no idea 4 was even a requirement they wanted as they hadn't expressed that.
It's just absolute insanity in the market right now. Worst case of unicorn hunting I think I've seen so far this year. I could also tell the "Director" was inexperienced in his role and was unprepared for my counter questions about Project Management Life Cycle at his company.
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2023.06.02 20:29 Intelligent-Set3442 Steins; Gate Elite minor rant

So I've been playing SGE since yesterday a lot and I love the story don't get me wrong the animes probably my favorite show of all time (or top 3 at least) and the game in the anime art style is beautiful but I didn't buy the game to play the anime I thought I was gonna be able to play through the story with the original intended graphics.
They fucked up the phone mechanic too like wtf that's one of the main parts of the game that actual gameplay (and actually a pretty fun mechanic from what I've played of Linear bounded phenogram that has the same mechanic) it's so nonsensical.
I've heard they made the game for PS3 so instead of forcing the player to play through Elite as it is they could have just ported the original version they made accessable to console players on the PS3 to the PS4 the controllers are very similar so they could keep the same game interface and gameplay mechanics as is it probably wouldn't even be that much work.
If they wanted to still give the player the SGE that we got they could of done it a way similar to the way the Zero Escape 999 remake did where the player can decide whether they wanna play the game on ADVENTURE or on NOVEL.
Okay one last thing then I'll be done ranting this is gonna be a real pain in the ass now to get to play the original intended game I wanted to play now I have to dig out my PS3 (praying it still works fuck) and find a copy of the game for it online somewhere and save up to buy the game again and waste my goddamn time and money when I could just be playing it now through the game I just fucking bought.
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2023.06.02 20:29 Careful-Car741 game ended but i got crew locked as if i left, wtf gajin?

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2023.06.02 20:27 jj1290s One league cup with different teams??

I played my 5 games today and only 1 was against a serie A team. I played 2 French league teams and 2 prem teams. Wtf do people do this for? I am trying to play and do my obj and everyone comes in with a 92 ovr team from a completely different league like why??
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2023.06.02 19:52 -Yanamari- Help me come up with wacky stories for my character to tell the party.

My character is one who used to travel a lot, and during those travels encountered many random situations. It could vary from life threatening that somehow turns out okay, to simply “wtf was that.” Bonus points for longer stories that already start out crazy and just keeps going.
I was planning on coming up with all these on the spot, but quickly realized I’m not good enough at improv for that so I’ve come to reddit. This is a lvl 8 character, so you can get pretty creative with the things they’ve seen. As a last note, the moment I speak one of these stories in game, it’ll mean that it actually happened to them. They’re not a bullshitter or crazy, chaos just follows them wherever they go. But don’t feel limited to what my character’s situation is, have your own fun.
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2023.06.02 19:51 Arslankh93 1 On 1 Tennis Sport Game - Unblocked Games WTF

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2023.06.02 19:29 Arslankh93 1 On 1 Soccer Sport Game - Unblocked Games WTF

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2023.06.02 19:17 sheerian Who asked for this ?

So I took a break for 2-3 weeks from Apex and I came back with the season update and I was only playing ranked with a friend .Today I decided to play tdm.First of all all who asked for tdm second of all they decided to make it no shields !?! WTF why and why only G7 and hemlock I don't know if the guns rotate but I hated it .It was the least fun I had in Apex in many years . I played only two matches and the I rage quited. In the first game I lost and second won but it had 0 difference cuz I had no fun just saying arenas was more fun than this shit
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2023.06.02 18:46 Arslankh93 1 On 1 Hockey Sport Game - Unblocked Games WTF

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2023.06.02 18:36 Brightlinger The problem with polymorph isn't ACC/RES

The just-announced polymorph change is fixing the wrong thing. No-acc champions landing Polymorph on high-res champions isn't the problem. Madame and Ramantu will still get wrecked because they don't have room to stack much resist, and now Taras and Siphi have even fewer weaknesses.
Generally, the effect of a blessing is comparable to or weaker than skills or set bonuses, especially in PvP. At 6*, Crushing Rend is slightly stronger than a Cruel set. 6* Intimidating Presence is equivalent to a couple speed glyphs. 6* Iron Will is like a Stalwart set except restricted to far fewer attacks. 6* Lightning Cage is a Protection set that only protects one buff. 6* Phantom Touch is still weaker than Warmaster. Even in PvE, Brimstone brings less damage to a team than any actual damage dealer.
The issue is that the effect of Polymorph is just wildly overpowered. Imagine if Brimstone got the following changes:
Does this sound unreasonable? It should, and yet what I've just described is Polymorph. The problem isn't that this should need accuracy, it's that this is wildly far above the power curve for what almost anything should ever be able to do, much less a blessing which is supposed to merely supplement a champion's kit without overshadowing it. Ramantu, the game's capstone legendary champion whose specialty and claim to fame is removing buffs and blocking passives, does so less effectively than a blessing.
Remove the buff strip, the passive skill block, have champions come out of Polymorph at full health, and make low-rank Polymorph cleansable, and it would still be an insanely powerful blessing that is very effective against strippers and debuffers, it just wouldn't swing entire matches on a single proc and make half the skills in the game into a liability.
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2023.06.02 18:27 Arslankh93 1 On 1 Football Soccer Game - Unblocked Games WTF

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2023.06.02 18:21 adhdbraindead 9th Anniversary is a joke.

9th Anniversary is a joke.
It's a joke. Especially compared to the 7th. Sure we might have received a few more scrolls this year but it's randomized. The 7 year ones you could pick the mons you wanted to summon.
There's no real meat to any of these events. Spend 3'333 crystals for a couple LD scrolls and 33 regular scrolls? Are you fucking joking?
Not to mention the 1 1/2 years of no new 2a when they were promised every quarter.
People saying it's meh because they're preparing for 2a is absurd. The amount of copium.
I'm convinced this sub is overrun with bots. The in game chat is dead or full of people complaining. Even the sponsored YouTubers are complaining. Voice these opinions in any other gacha sub and it's upvoted, yet anything negative here is taken down or instantly down voted.
This anniversary is worse than any new gacha. And they've had 9 years to fix that.
They gave Chronicles everything Sky Arena players have asked for. Instant rune upgrades, pitty systems, etc... So obviously they are aware.
They refuse to make this game even remotely f2p friendly and it's disgusting.
Something needs to change. A lot needs to change.
I and thousands of others loved this game and still want to. But they need to at least keep up with other gachas. Especially on Anniversaries.
Even all of your main Sponsored YouTubers have quit. It's grotesque.
Like WTF?....
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2023.06.02 18:18 AcesFullOfKings Please don't play on cellular!

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2023.06.02 18:06 Plastic-Parsnip2918 Wtf where Harry is reborn as the child of Cersei and Robert Baratheon in the Game of Thrones universe

I saw that fic mentioned in another thread a couple of days ago. Does anyone know which fic it is?
Another key detail is that Harry accidentally kills Robert with magic
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