Tana mongeau halloween costume

What's the most creative Halloween costume you've ever worn?

2023.05.30 06:04 DenseStrawberry750 What's the most creative Halloween costume you've ever worn?

Have you ever had a supernatural or paranormal experience? Share your story.
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2023.05.30 05:46 ProjectBrilliant3373 What's the most interesting fact you've learned about yourself recently?

What's the most memorable Halloween costume you've ever worn?
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2023.05.30 04:31 ForeverBlue101_303 I'm fed up with Disney's live-action fetish and it's not only with their remakes but almost everything their doing is live-action

Disney's overabundance of live-action content is getting out of control, and I'm not only referring to the remakes
Folks, I think it's common knowledge that Disney sure loves to make these live-action remakes and sequels of movies as it makes them easy money and many of us are getting tired of it but to me, it's not just their remakes I'm getting sick of but just about anything they're making is becoming live-action.
Sure, they've released some original animated TV shows, like Owl House, and are still making animated films, both with and without Pixar, but almost everything they've been making, not just their remakes but almost every original TV show for Disney+ and book adaptation released over the years has been or will be live-action.
From the upcoming Percy Jackson and Eragon shows to the Mysterious Benedict Society and Willow the TV show, to A Wrinkle in Time and Artemis Fowl and the upcoming Keeper of the Lost Cities movie.
They had so much potential to be great animated TV shows and movies, but it seems like Disney is forgetting that they are an animation studio and are becoming very lazy and just using this tiresome and unimaginative medium.
Like Disney, your focus is animation. Why don't you stop being so money-driven and lazy and make an animated original idea for Disney+ for once?
The Percy Jackson one hurts so much for me as I was a fan and I thought it had potential to be a great animated show but I guess Disney thought that for some reason, animation wouldn't cut it so, give it the remake treatment and make it into a carbon-copy, unoriginal, pile of live-action drivel and I know Rick is behind this but that also includes the decision to make it live-action so, I don't believe for a second that because he's involved, it'll be good since he was behind that stupid decision as well.
And I've seem the trailer for Percy Jackson and it looked so bad as live-action. Thus should have been animated as it looked uninspired, dull, boring, dark and deprived of color and cheap. Those "cabins" look more like amusement parks dioramas and the costumes look like something from Spirit Halloween and don't get me started at how they race-swapped Annabeth and how Walker looks nothing like Percy. He looks more like Luke and I can imagine the monsters, gods and settings will look horrendous and phony with the CGI as that's what they did with the live-action remakes, which is exactly how the PJO trailer felt like, a trailer for a live-action Disney remake of a Disney movie.
It's a shame how little respect animation is getting, especially getting from Disney as they were known for their creativity with animation but now, they're treating it as an afterthought and are using live-action purely out of laziness and a desire to only make money as they'll use "people only care about live-action" as an excuse to deprive them self of hard work and creativity.
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2023.05.30 04:17 Wrong_Band5290 Flashback to that time my then boyfriend made us Titanic costumes for Halloween

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2023.05.30 03:18 BeekeeperKeno14 Part 1 of Halloween update bss ideas

The Halloween Update Part 1 In October 10 The Halloween update arrives bears will have costumes and they will give a new item Say hello to the broken Halloween Key Piece This a item black bear, brown bear, mother bear, scientific bear, polar bear and gifted Riley and bucko bee will give this item will be used to unlock a new place known as the Trick Or Treat Town Here you can trick or treat in houses gaining rewards there a small chance to give nee items most of of the time it will give candy trick or treating can also give bond to your bee or grant boosts. Here a list of some new items (there will be more soon) Sugar candy Frozen honey blocks Pumpkin drink Reaper bee egg Broken Halloween Key Piece Fortune wheel of jellybeans Pumpkin Convertor Skeleton spiders in a jar Cobwebs Pineapple candy Gummy dipped in honey Strawberry lollipop Basket of Blueberry candys
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2023.05.30 01:44 StormingWolves Just gonna leave this here

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2023.05.30 01:42 Nyx4pt6 Happy Halloween [Contest]

Oh.. hey.. you thought i ghosted you? ha! No, jk.. I'm not normally that bad... promise...
Anyways.. I missed you guys! And it's almost Halloween! At least, now is when I start asking the kids what they want to get it cheaper or start making it. What do you want to be this year? (that's also how you enter) Now, sadly, I cannot afford to completely deck you out in a brand new costume with all the coordinating accessories.. but if you need a thing or two to really make your mark this year.. BAM! Lemme have it!
I cannot wait to gift someone (or someones?!?!?!??) something Halloweenie on Friday, June 2th.
Don't dress up? That's ok... you might need some pre-Halloween Halloween candy. Or your dog might be big enough for a costume this year... Who knows! If you don't participate in Halloween, sorry friend, but this contest isn't for you. You can enter my pride or back to school ones in the future tho! <3
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2023.05.29 22:32 Alternative-Spite198 [TOMT] possibly disturbing cartoon about drgs (disney princesses) (vintage)

So when I was 6-8 I had unrestricted access to the internet and all I did was use YouTube. I watched a lot of dark versions of kids cartoons, but this one definitely takes the cake. I found it when I saw a thumbnail of Ariel crying messily with mascara running down her face (it was drawn). I clicked on it and here's what I saw. (There are four videos) All that I remember for the first video is that there were girls at a Halloween party and they had chicken pox. The person in the Ariel costume says "I can't feel my fin!! >o<" and the person dressed like Aurora replys "You're in a costume..." . The second video I watched was Superman putting needles in his veins and him having chicken pox afterwards. The third video was Meg (Hercules) smoking on a car. The fourth video was someone opening the door to a sick Bambi and his lover saying" Please help ヾ(゚д゚)ノ " (he has the chicken pox too) Things to know about the videos :
The Ariel in the thumbnail had nothing to do with the video.
I watched these videos in 2010-2013
The videos were in 2d American animation
It was not Elsagate, the animation was too high quality for it.
The animation was pretty standard, nothing too special.
The art style was realistic like your average superhero comic.
It felt like the Bambi clip was from a different show, but I would like to find it anyways.
The clips were super short.
Thank you, feel free to ask me any questions.
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2023.05.29 20:41 Agt38 Remember these cheap Halloween costumes with the thin masks?

Remember these cheap Halloween costumes with the thin masks?
Me as Snow White in the early 90’s. I thought I looked JUST like her lmao.
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2023.05.29 20:26 OreShovel Tana Mongeau states she deserved what Idubbz did to her, is not owed an apology

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2023.05.29 20:24 notimeleft4you Flashback to that time my then boyfriend made us Titanic costumes for Halloween

Flashback to that time my then boyfriend made us Titanic costumes for Halloween
He made the life vests and we put them over our fancy clothes. We were dressed in our best and prepared to go down as gentleman.
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2023.05.29 19:17 Not_enoughwatches UK legal question

Can I wear a fully blunt sword for Halloween costumes say for a pirate or viking.
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2023.05.29 18:53 transcribersofreddit suicidebywords Image "Found on r/AspieMemes seems right"

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2023.05.29 16:52 SuperBubblelover4 Thought u guys would like this

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2023.05.29 14:49 DepressedLizard87 What is the costume supposed to be?

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2023.05.29 13:57 v00d00m4m4 Lucy is beach ready!

lol you guys saw her in her first halloween costume so heres a her in a little swimsuit i got her a few days ago! she loves wearing clothing haha!
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2023.05.29 13:46 Only_Macaron_8444 furry_irl

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2023.05.29 13:17 Neohypogeum Found this via JoBro Memes on YT

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2023.05.29 13:14 3nclav3l0rd Halloween

When I was a kid, I used to love Halloween. Not for the candy, because I was a picky eater and only liked a few kinds… but more for the costumes and the fact that sometimes I’d see things that other people didn’t. I didn’t know until years later that they didn’t see these things too, I just assumed they did.
I used to talk about the people dressed up in really old clothes, or the people who looked dead, or other things and no one would know what I was talking about. I figured they just never saw these people because they were busy or looking somewhere else.
Anyway, Halloween was fun until I was 13 and celebrated it for the last time. I had been working on my costume for about three months and I was very excited about it.
I’d found some black fabric and with my Mom’s help, I’d turned it into a hooded cloak that was long enough to completely cover my feet… bulky enough to not show what was underneath it… and the hood part was deep enough to completely hide my face. With it on, if I looked into the mirror, I could only see my mouth and chin… everything else was just darkness.
I also carved and polished a dead tree limb until it looked like a wizard’s staff… stained it black… then carved a notch in it and inserted a cardboard scythe head wrapped in aluminum foil.
See where I’m going here?
I painted my face bone white with some face paint my Mom bought me and wore some black gloves with white skeletal fingers she sewed on for me.
Yup… I was going as Death.
I thought it was the coolest idea ever and I thought I looked great. I even went so far as to wear my darkest black t-shirt and black sweatpants under the cloak so even if they did see through it… all they’d see is darkness.
It was perfect.
I said bye to my Mom around 6:30 and headed out. I lived in a small town where everyone knew everyone else and you felt pretty safe about going anywhere. There wasn’t any real worry about drugged candy or weird people grabbing you. It was great.
I started off in the apartment complex where I lived and hit every apartment I could. The first dozen or so just handed me candy and shut the door… not saying anything. I figured… they were so much in awe of my Death costume that they couldn’t speak.
Yeah… I was that kid.
It was when I got the one of the apartments on the end of the complex that I realized the beginning of my suffering. The door opened and a middle aged mom smiled at me and said the words I would hear so many times that night.
“Oh… don’t you look good. You’re dressed up like that Willow character, aren’t you?”
The first time it happened, I just shook my head and in as deep a voice as possible said…
“I’m Death…”
They’d laugh and just close the door after giving me some candy. To be honest, I figured it was just a one time thing… until it happened again… and again… and again.
Two dozen times and I was fuming. Willow came out in 1988 and the movie was already more than a year old by then. Why did everyone think I was Willow. I mean, I know I was short but come on… I’m not THAT short?!
I left the complex and moved out into the surrounding neighborhoods. I began to feel a little better when the comments turned into more generic characters… but still, it was a bunch of wizard comments. I mean really? What wizard walks around with skeletal hands and a scythe… a FREAKING SCYTHE!
I wandered around until my sack was full and I was so fed up with everyone having no clue who I was or laughing in my face when I told them. I’d had enough and headed home.
I got home and the lights were off so I assumed Mom was asleep or out somewhere. I dumped my bag of candy on the kitchen table, grabbed another one and figured Id head back out to see if I missed anyone.
As I stepped outside, I noticed everything seemed a bit more quiet. The air, which had been a little chilly before, now seemed wet and really cold. Fog had rolled in out of nowhere and everything looked really cool.
I just stood there in the courtyard and smiled at how much it looked like a horror movie now.
“This is awesome…”
Heading out to check some of the people who didn’t answer their doors… and some I skipped over because the crowds were too thick… I stumbled upon a kid dressed like Dracula. The guy looked to be maybe six or seven years old and all by himself.
His costume was great. Old style clothes from decades ago, his skin was pale from makeup or something, his hair was short and slicked back… and his eyes looked so weird. The kid… or whoever made his costume… was a genius.
It was then I got a little worried. The kid was all by himself. I mean, it’s like close to 9:00 now and I know the town was relaxed about things… but not when you’re six.
Walking over to him, I caught his attention. He looked at me and his eyes went wide. Not with fear though… more like recognition.
I just smiled at this kid. Finally… someone knew who I was. The biggest grin crossed my face and I was determined to get this kid as much candy as possible.
“You hit many places yet?”
He shook his head no and I grinned… my teeth shining as moonlight came out from behind some clouds and lit up my hood.
“Cool… I’m taking you trick or treating then.”
The kid grinned and followed me as I took him around the complex. I asked him if he was new, as I’d never seen him before and I knew all the kids. He didn’t answer me. I shrugged it off, figuring the kid was nervous.
We came to the first few places and a lot of them didn’t answer, but the ones who did just handed me some candy and moved to close the door.
“Hey wait a minute.. what about Dracula here?”
They looked at me funny and closed the door. This happened so many times and each time, it got more annoying. It was really starting to piss me off.
“These assholes sure are being stingy.”
I turned to the kid, who was frowning now, and crouched down next to him.
“Hey Drac… don’t worry about it. I got a ton of candy back at my place. Why don’t we head back there, I’ll split my candy with you then I’ll walk you home. Sound good?”
The kids nodded, looking much happier now and I led him back to my apartment. As we got close, I could see the lights were on.
“Give me a second to grab my stash. I left it on the table.”
He nodded as I walked inside and grabbed my bag of candy off the table. My mom was watching TV and asked what I was doing.
“Gonna split my candy with this little kid I found. Everyone was being mean to him and wouldn’t give him any.”
My mom smiled and kissed my head as she walked into the kitchen.
“Tell him to head on home, it’s late.”
I nodded and told her I was going to walk him home then be right back. I headed outside and saw Dracula looking around nervously. I walked over to him and handed him my first sack of candy.
“Here you go… now, where do you live? My mom said to walk you home cause it’s getting late.”
The kid just looked at me and looked nervous. He pointed to somewhere outside the complex and I nodded.
“Ok… give me a sec to let my mom know and we’ll leave.”
I turned my head to look at the door when I noticed it was open and my mom was staring at me.
“Who are you talking to… and where is the little boy?”
I looked at my mom, wondering what was wrong with her.
“He’s right here…”
I looked back at the kid… but he was gone. My sack of candy was on the ground and there was no one in sight.
“Where’d he go?”
My mom walked over to me and looked around.
“Where did who go, honey? I followed you outside and you were by yourself… talking to no one. You took your bag of candy, held it out, then dropped it and turned to talk to me.”
I just stared at her.
“No… I handed it to the little kid dressed as Dracula. Didn’t you see him?”
My mom looked at me funny and placed her hand on my forehead.
“You don’t have a fever… but honey… you were the only person out here. Now… where is the boy so I can drive him home?”
I didn’t know what to say. He was right here… but mom didn’t see him. He couldn’t have run off because I was talking to him when she watched me drop the candy.
“I guess he ran off or something.”
My mom frowned but when she saw the look on my face, she just wrapped her arms around me and herded me inside.
“I’ll ask around tomorrow and see who he was. It’s late and you need to head off to bed.”
I nodded and walked inside after picking up the sack of candy.
The next day, Mom asked around and no one knew who the kid was. She asked the neighbors that I went to with him… and they all said I had been alone.
They said I kept asking about candy for Dracula… but there was no one there, so they thought I was just being funny. Mom just thanked them and dropped it.
When she got home she had me go over everything that happened one more time and I told her. It didn’t make sense to me but Mom just laughed and shrugged.
“Maybe he was a ghost? It’s as good an explanation as any.”
With that said, she dropped it and moved on. I just sat there, eyes wide with fear. I’d gone as Death… and took a kid ghost trick or treating. The very idea bothered me so much… I tossed my candy in the trash.
That was the last time I celebrated Halloween… the night I went trick or treating… with a ghost.
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2023.05.29 12:47 nick_flaming "mom look, we are all wearing the same ghos costume this Halloween" said my little child

I was paralyzed by shock when hundreds of men dressed in full white, with a cross on their shoulder and torches all surrounded our house
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2023.05.29 10:14 Ok_Ticket_8443 Would I be wrong to drop out of my friend’s wedding?

O & I are childhood friends. talked our entire lives about marriage & being there for each other. I assisted O’s fiancé in picking out the ring. after the engagement O asked me to be her MOH, ofc! Feb she asked myself & 3 other friends to be bridesmaids in her July 2023 wedding.
1 of our friends asked who MOH was. I started to raise my hand & other friend began to say my name, but O said she wasn’t going to have one. We’re all too close to her & she said it didn’t feel right to choose one. I was hurt & blindsided. I would have at least appreciated her mentioning this to me beforehand.
She called Sat & told me that I didn’t have a +1. O & fiancé are renting Airbnb for the venue & want an intimate wedding w/ close friends and family. She stated that +1’s would only be people that lived togethewere engaged. found out later that I am the only bridesmaid who’s SO isn’t invited. 1 other is engaged & 2nd is living with her SO. 3rd’s , M, is invited, but they’re not living together nor engaged. When I asked O about it she said they liked M & had invited him. (M NOT close enough to be invited to intimate wedding) He’s only coming cuz of the 3rd bridesmaid.
I feel hurt & singled out & I’m questioning why. Ask other friend who is also a bridesmaid & apparently my SO isn’t invited cuz the groom & bride wouldn’t feel comfortable having him there, don’t like him. O has met my SO of 3 yrs exactly 3x. He’s been polite & kind to them as far as I know. last visit was at a Halloween party they threw. only thing I can think of is that my SO almost beat up their roommate. This RM walked in on me changing into my Halloween costume. didn’t knock & saw I was half naked yet continued into the room rummaging around to find what he came in for. SO & I were shocked & didn’t know how to react so we just stood there w/ my SO doing his best to cover me up. I told O what happened & how uncomfortable i was & she laughed in my face. night went on & RM repeatedly said the N word & racist/homophobic jokes. SO told him if he didn’t shut up that he would beat his ass. Other people jumped in & said RM was drunk. Then he made a girl cry cuz he was calling her a whore & a slut. I was appalled
O & I hadn’t talked much since then. Guess she doesn’t approve of me moving in with SO. When we have talked she treats me differently. She’s done this before, her approval of my life choices seems to dictate how she treats me as a friend. I’m hurt by all of this & I don’t think she went about this matter in the right way. All the other bridesmaids were apparently asked about this & told her to be upfront about her reasoning.
I’ve yet to fully confront her about it but idk if I want to be in this wedding anymore, it was already stressful. Ik the way she handled this will affect our friendship in the future. I do not want to be somewhere my SO isn’t welcomed. Do I bow out now? Or do I suck it up?
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