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This subreddit is for all things board games in the NYC metro area. Whether you're looking for a group, a FLGS or trying to sell some of your games feel free to use this area as your forum.

2010.11.24 07:54 Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach, SC and surrounding areas of Conway, North Myrtle Beach, Socastee, Aynor, Georgetown and more.

2021.02.16 22:38 ElectricZ Outdoor living, indoors.

A place to share snapshots and stories about your current vacation home, courtesy of your friends at the **Electric Reliability Council of Texas.** Be it a living room tent or hotel with a 500% markup, show ERCOT your appreciation for 50 years of making the Texas power grid what it is today! Be sure to thank Oncor, Centerpoint, Luminant and the like, as well as the Texas State Legislature for their contributions to this fiasco. After all, it's a team effort!

2023.06.04 09:32 Calm-Bit-8780 idea for horror game i need to dump

been thinking about this idea for hours but have no game dev skill whatsoever so i am just leaving this here so it feels like its out there
In short: Phasmophobia meets I'm on observation duty
details: 4 player co-op, one person is on the camera feed switching between rooms, in a seperate location away from the "house" that the other 3 players will be in. this player is bound to this area and most of the function will be manning the camera feed. instead of reporting the anomalies then they just disappear, the 3 players inside the house have to work together, communicate with the person on cams to find anomalies and physically remove them and take them out of the house. rooms are dark and players have flashlight only for light. camera operator has multiple camera "filters" (normal, night vis, thermal, etc) they must flip between to detect certain entities and warn their friends inside of their presence for they may be invisible to the 3 inside. may be a good touch to have distinct rooms that require players to open doors to enter each room... the finer details would be for someone with more game developing sense to iron out but thats the jist of it. players must survive the alloted time (a full "night"), keeping the number of anomalies down while avoiding and possible directly confronting/fighting certain live entitites. maybe each of the 3 players inside can have their own unique roles/tools to encourage teamwork and communication (and also cause massive chaos)
do anyone think this is mildly interesting of an idea?
edit: also there could be 3 entities that represent the three wise monkeys: See No Evil (Removes or hinders the players on the inside's ability to see for a time, putting pressure on camera operator to guide them safely), Hear no Evil (players on the inside lose their hearing ability for a time) Speak no evil (players lose their comms for a time)
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2023.06.04 09:31 Acrobatic-Try-3121 Amnesiac ability feedback

At the start of each night, choose a player. Learn which players chose them with an ability at the end of the night.
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2023.06.04 09:31 Professional-Ad7346 First part of a multi-part story, this is just the introduction, the terror will come later... Opinions?

As cliché as it may sound, that was a dark, cold and stormy night; In a small road cafeteria they were sheltering from the rain, drinking coffee and listening to the radio, a trucker who passed by and had stopped to drink coffee, a doctor who had done the same taking advantage of a break from his night shift at the hospital. , a surprisingly young and even attractive waitress who was counting tips while listening to the radio , a strange and diffident bespectacled guy crouching in a secluded corner , and the town sheriff sitting at a table drinking coffee , plus a young man who for the moment seemed quiet and reserved. He was wearing a red sweatshirt with a hood and pockets and sweatpants , as well as a pair of sneakers that finished off his ensemble , and sitting on a stool near the bar , he was eating a cheeseburger immersed in his own thoughts while his eyes They were oscillating between looking at the thunder through the window or looking at what the waitress was doing. She had blonde hair pulled back, was wearing a button-up green shirt that had her name written on the side, and a short black skirt. Although her work outfit was not particularly flattering, it could be seen that she had a good figure.
On the radio they advised not to go out due to the rain and they also reported a series of strange disappearances that had been taking place recently in the towns near the cafeteria. Missing animals, missing children, it didn't matter what the local authorities didn't seem to care about, at least not enough...
After counting the money and putting everything in the cash register , the girl went into the bathroom and , since her shift for that day had already finished , or rather , it should have already finished if it were not for the fact that they could not get out due to Due to the torrential rain that was falling, she decided to dress up as much as she could in front of a mirror that she had in front of her and change her work shirt for a top that she carried in her bag. Leaving the bathroom, the boy looked at her again and decided to take the opportunity to try to start a conversation: "Hey, since we're not going to be able to get out of here for at least the next few hours, would you like to chat for a while?" he said ending the sentence with a crude attempt to show his best smile.
"Of course, why not?" , the girl was friendly . The boy , beyond just being attracted to the young woman , dreamed of being a writer and had thought that at least he could come up with an idea for a character by chatting with the girl for a while . The girl approached him and sat next to him. "I've seen your name on the side of your uniform, Liv, my name is Jake"
"Nice to meet you , Jake, do you live around here?" Liv asked.
"Yeah, yeah, I guess so," Jake said, thinking about the words while scratching the side of his head - "And you?"
"Yeah …"
Jake noticed that Liv was wearing three bracelets on one arm: one in a pastel tone that read QHMM (which could perfectly mean "What Would Midge Maisel Do"), another that read "NORMAL PEOPLE SCARE ME" ( one of Tate Langdon's signature phrases from the American Horror Story series, and a rose that seemed to have a spider web pattern, which immediately reminded him of the Spider-Gwen character.
Have you seen the new Spider-Man movie? Jake asked, looking closely at the girl's bracelet.
“Yeah, yeah,” Liv said, noticing Jake looking at her bracelets.
"And did you like me?"
"Are you kidding, man? That movie is a fucking masterpiece."
At that moment, it seemed to Jake that the sky opened before his eyes, giving way to a beautiful sunset. At least in his head, it was still raining heavily outside. So with the gates of Olympus opening before him, metaphorically speaking, he gained a bit of self-confidence and started talking to Liv without worries as if he had known her forever...
They were talking quietly when suddenly and with a kind of noise, a middle-aged man who was a local guy entered the cafeteria. His clothing consisted of jeans, a faded leather hooded sweatshirt, and cowboy boots with worn soles. In addition , on the sweatshirt , he wore some pins , among them the most notable ones were one with a smiley face and a bullet hole in the head , one with a peace symbol and one with the letters CK . The strange man sat down at a table and asked for a coffee, to which the girl said that, since her work day was technically over, she could pour herself the coffee from the coffee maker and leave the money on the table. The guy got up, went to the bar and put a crumpled bill and a couple of coins there, then he took the jug from the coffee maker and a cup and poured himself some coffee. He took a small sip and looked suspiciously at the two youngs who had been talking until then.
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2023.06.04 09:30 Fun-Distribution2377 AITA for cheating on my long term boyfriend

Hi i’m Vanessa ( f ) 25 and my boyfriend ( m ) Jacobi 27. me and jacobi have been together for 8 years , the first couple years it was going great it felt like a constant honeymoon but in the last 2 years i noticed he stopped showing me all his love and affection and started keeping secret and hide things from me. So 1 day i went through his phone and what i found was absolutely shocking! i went through his gallery and found photos of him and my brother ( 23 ) in bed together and photos of them kissing. i was in immediate shock and i didn’t say anything at first so i could try figure what i was gonna do. mind you me and jacobi had been living together since i turned 20 and i am financially supported by him , my world came crashing down that night so i went over to an old friends house and one thing lead to another and i spent that night with them. it’s been a week now and i don’t know what to do… do i leave him or do i stay , my heart has never been so broken before especially since i lost our baby 2 months ago , aita?
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2023.06.04 09:30 Drifter2023 Rough draft idea for a game. read and tell me what you think...

Video game idea : (Alpha) the werewolf game.
Location: some Midwest town
Player Character: Male or Female
Class or Occupation list: Wilderness/Camp leader bonus to Agility
Veterinarian Bonus to Health
Sheriff/Deputy (Law Enforcement) Bonus to Persuasion
Depending on what you choose is how the story will begin and effect abilities later on
Story: A brutal murder happened and now you have been called in to help find who or what did it. While searching you hear the howling of a wolf in the distance and continue on while making a mental note. As you lose the tracks, you begin to head back and report what you found. Before you can make it back you are attacked by something, you have been bit. You wake the next morning, laying bed healthy and as if nothing happened. You carry on but tonight is a full moon and you change as the moon comes out. You struggle with changing. Fight off other monsters human and animal alike. You struggle with becoming a monster yourself or becoming a urban legend hero.
Progression: Over time you would become a more of a werewolf with each change. Often times have a quick time event button sequence to determine if you give in to blood lust and become a monster or fight it off to have more control. The more you win the less they happen, and vice versa. IF you choose to be a monster the town will begin to hunt you and make it harder to be a hero. Giving in to the blood lust would bring up an area where all you see is black and then red looking figures that you attack. Fighting back the blood lust would give a scene of you running through the woods and give you a chance to investigate the happenings at night. 3 fails you become a blood thirsty ravenous monster. 3 successful attempts at fighting back gives you complete control over yourself and unlocks the ability to become an alpha and create a pack or lead a pack of feral wolves. Each path would clearly have different endings and possible expansions. Being a monster would encourage monster hunters or werewolf hunters to come find you and becoming an alpha and having a pack would make the town a beacon for the paranormal and lead to other quest and monsters coming.
Single player
Character customization human and were wolf form
Ability tree
4 difficulty settings Easy, Normal, Hard and Permadeath ( your character dies you start a new a game)
Open world with tons of side quest
I am open to suggestions to better the idea.
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2023.06.04 09:30 c_rhin0 Jet lag and our almost 16mo

We just came back from the Philippines after a 2 week vacay. They are 15hrs ahead, the plane ride was 12hrs + layovers, etc. When we got there, it was easy for us to get her on some sort of schedule because we got there in the morning and we used the entire day to keep busy. When we arrived back home in california, we got home at midnight 🥲 and she had slept through most of the flight because it was “bedtime” in the Philippines.
She fell asleep at 3:30a the first night and we woke her up at her usual wake up time at 7. Last night, she went to bed at her usual 8pm, woke a little after 10pm, got her back in bed around 1:15am and woke her up at 7. Tonight, she went to bed at 8, woke up at 11, and now I’m here at 12:25am in the dark, trying to get her to sleep so I can transfer her back.
She’s an independent sleeper, but I figured since she is severely jet lagged, letting her fall asleep with me after her wake up and transferring is fine for now. Or am I creating bad habits? How long should I expect these wake ups to last? It’s only one wake up (knock on wood lol) so far. Naps have been fine. She takes 2 a day, 1hr each. Any tips? Gimme your jet lag stories.
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2023.06.04 09:30 honey_mist_auburn Moving on from a friend of 12 years

This guy (30M) and I(31F) have been friends for 13 years now. He is part of my friend group. Over the years we would hang out together with the friend group and also sometimes alone. We would go to the movies together, restaurants or sometimes just hangout. We are very comfortable with each other. He is very funny btw and humour is what connected us.
He is the type of person to not share many things, as was I. We kept our dating lives private from each other over the years. He never meddled, and i never asked. We would meet everyweek and just chill, have pointless conversations, talk aboug anything and everything.
Things changed over the past year. One night while we were hanging out with friends he tried to be intimate with me, both of us were drunk at this point. I was surprised at first, later when my friends went into other room i let him know that this isn't how friends behave. He was embarrassed, said sorry and we both continued like nothing happened. A thing to note is that over the years i was also attracted to him but never acted on it as it would ruin the friendship and i knew for a fact that he doesn't want to be in a relationship with anyone. I also wasn't sure if he liked me.
Fast-forward a few months later, we are on a trip and we kiss each other. This time i make the move. We come back to our city and act like nothing happened for few days and finally meet one day have a conversation and i ask him if we should get married. As we both obviously like each other, respect each other and have a great time together.
6 months passed and he doesn't answer anything. I let it go thinking i acted foolishly and that he doesn't like me. We were both awkward with each other af first but then continued to talk normal when we were with out friends, never met alone after this point.
One day a friend of mine and i had to visit him at his home, i visited him at his home multiple times before and know his parents and his sister is also part of our friend group. I noticed things were a bit off when I met his mom and his sister. They acted surprised to see me there. I think nothing of it. All of us friends go to a restaurant for dinner and i also noticed that he was calmer than usual the whole time.
They drop me home and we were trying to figure out how much I owe him via text that night as he paid the bill. As we were chatting i ask him what's wrong why was he calm the entire night. I ask if it is because he lost his job recently. He calls me immediately and let's me know that his parents know about him and i and that they did not agree to our marriage and thats the reason he did not give an answer. He is a Hindu, i am a Muslim.
This was a shock to me. I suffered for 6 months thinking he did not like me like that and finally made peace. But knowing this i couldnt contain my tears. And have been crying ever since.
I need advice to move on from my best friend , the person that treated me with respect always, person that i can hang out with for endless hours and not get bored.
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2023.06.04 09:30 trufeats A Collection of Patterns, Questions, and Open-Ended Concepts

• Most of the people who end up in the town seem to have recently had some kind of major life event. At least 1 person in each vehicle, but not always the driver (such as the business man in the backseat of the car). Ex: decision on divorce/death of child, going to rehab, finished paying tuition, sold their company, retired and received a boat as a gift, etc.
• No one ever comes alone..? (Correct me if I'm wrong). It seems every vehicle has always had at least 2 people in it.
• Everyone turned back when they saw the tree in the road and the crows. No one ever ventured on foot beyond the tree.
• No one ever arrives on foot. It's always in a car, bus, or RV. No motorcycles, planes, helicopters, or people on foot have been found yet.
• Everyone arrives by driving somewhere in the US. I don't believe anyone arrived by driving outside the United States.
• What would've happened if people walked past the tree on the ground, instead of driving back?
• Can people create their own Talismans?
• Do the creatures know things about everybody by listening from below?
• How do the creatures interact with the dangling wires in terms of supplying and stopping the flow of electricity?
• Why do the creatures sleep?
• Why do the creatures change form between monster form and human form? Can they shapeshift and take other forms? Why not just keep the monster form? Did they have a monster or human form before the Talismans were used? (It was noted that the creatures only shrieked before the talismans, but now they whisper)
• What happens if a creature is out during daylight? Why do they go back at night?
• What would happen if someone used a compass (or made a makeshift compass) to view their directions? Would it be possible to see the exact point when the terrain loops?
• What would happen if someone stood watch and staked out new vehicles coming into the town? Would they see the vehicle suddenly appear out of nowhere? Or would it always appear to be coming from over the horizon?
• How do the things that have voices know what's going to happen next, such as 2 vehicles coming on the same day?

Open Ended Concepts:
• The boy in white -- how he communicates without talking -- why only certain people can hear and see him.
• The voices in the girl's head
• Why are the unseen figures (boy in white, voices, etc) also stuck in this place? How did they get here?
• Why did the voices tell the girl to kill the little boy?
• The worms in Boyd's blood
- somehow harmful to the creatures?
- is something hunting him for this blood?
- is this blood a power or a curse?
- does sharing the blood make it disappear for oneself, or only spread so multiple people have it?
- how did the original person (who was locked up) get this blood?
- how was the original person found and bound?
• What happens when the music stops? Who are the creatures who are supposedly worse than the ones that come out at night? What do they do that's worse?
• What's the meaning of the puppet Victor is so scared of?
• Who do the creatures torture people, instead of just consuming them?
• Where did the creatures come from? How did they become that way?
• Who are the children creatures the mom keeps seeing in her visions?
• The meaning of the symbol the business guy keeps seeing and writing
- information so far: the last person who kept seeing this symbol presumably killed everybody in the community
• How do the faraway trees work?
• Why are the trees changing?
• The symbols on the Talismans and what they mean
• Who created or originally placed the Talismans
• Why can't the Talismans be in contact with the ground to work?
• Why do Talismans only work with shelters and cause doors and entryways to become impenetrable by the creatures?
• What's the significance of the lighthouse
• What moved the tent to the cobweb area
• How is electricity supplied by dangling wires?
• Why does opening a hole in the ground causes material above it to break and collapse?
• What's the meaning of the bottles with messages in the trees? Why does the sound of them rattling bug the girl?
• Why do only some people have seizures or visions?
• How did the creature on the radio know information about everyone and things happening in the home's basement? -- why was the creature even awake at daytime to communicate?
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2023.06.04 09:29 Separate-Entrance331 I’ve never given something so much side eye 👀

I’ve never given something so much side eye 👀
Seriously not ever a proper explanation or apology. Just pretending that the shows that got canceled with such little notice never even existed.
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2023.06.04 09:29 Teyla_Starduck Whelp, I think we are nearing the end of this pregnancy. Preeclampsia.

I started getting a headache Saturday afternoon. I took some Tylenol, but didn’t really let up. I have a history of preeclampsia so I took my BP at home and it was 166/96. I took my Labetalol, took a bath and tried to relax. It didn’t really come down so I called the on call OB around 10 pm Saturday night and she advised me to go to L& D for monitoring.
Well, here I am at 3:25 AM on Sunday morning admitted to the hospital. I’m 35+6. They are running labs, started a 24 hr urine test, gave me the first steroid shot and are monitoring my BP every 15 minutes. I also received IV Labetalol. I also started having contractions and I’m 1-2 cm dilated.
I really wanted to try to document this time around as I was too medicated fuzzy my last two pregnancies.
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2023.06.04 09:29 Intelligent-Rip6347 Neigbours increase their noise levels to get back at us for complaining about it

This is the Netherlands I'm talking about, but neighbours from hell are universal I suppose. Our neighbours next door are incredibly loud. Ever since we moved in (newly build duplex houses), our neighbours are the worst. They play their aggressive hardcore music out loud in the yard, let their kids scream on top of their lungs all freaking day long and yelling at each other is their only way of communication. In the beginning I talked to them about it, they got super mad at me for that, called me a bitch and a whore and whatnot 🙄 But since then they played their 'music' indoors (with the doors wide open).
This year however their behaviour was getting worse again. I snapped yesterday morning, when their 6-year-old played music out loud in the yard at 9 am, making me listen to 'who let the dogs out'. So I yelled, they yelled back at vice versa. These people make me so mad.
Laat night, they played their terror music out loud in the yard again. This morning, at 8.30 am, I again was listening to 'who let the dogs out'. No surprise obviously.
What do I do? How can I make them stop? I am beyond mad. I just want some piece and quiet to enjoyy own backyard.
(Sorry for the grammar mistakes btw, I am not a native speaker of English)
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2023.06.04 09:28 LabFun7688 Helmet thoughts?

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2023.06.04 09:28 LazarYeetMeta “The sluggish speed of light”

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2023.06.04 09:27 Itshaleyy_5 Marital

I wouldn’t call this rape but sometimes it feels like it… I feel forced to have sex with my husband. If I tell him no, he faces away from me and scoots to the edge of the bed. I went through a period of time where I didn’t like the idea of sex at all but I put my issues aside occasionally to please him. I have been dealing with flashbacks from when I was assaulted as a child by another child. I didn’t even like being touched, I lost sense of who I was. But recently I have gotten my sex drive back and my husband and I have been having sex way more frequently & it’s been great. However tonight, earlier in the night he asked if we could. I did say yes. But a few hours go by and I no longer want to. I’m tired, I need a shower, I’m just not feeling it, and that’s okay. He goes to make a move , and I tell him I’m no longer wanting to and he got pissed off and is now sleeping downstairs. He said i emasculated him. I feel awful and not loved. I feel like I can’t ever say no. I have literally cried while we had sex when I didn’t want to… bc if I say no, I’m shunned and am shown no love. I freeze up. I don’t know what to do. I feel like our whole marriage revolves around sex. If we have it, he loves me. If not, he doesn’t. That’s not a marriage. I’m merely a piece of ass to him.
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2023.06.04 09:27 Teffycom Last week in codomomental (May 29 - June 4)

TOKYO TEFUTEFU held two livestreams in which the members took turns addressing the fans, expressing their feelings and their mood for the future. It’s worth saying that these livestreams were completely unprecedented – it was the first time they expressed their intention to work hard for the group’s future with such strong determination, it was the first time they were so open and honest about their worries and feelings, and it was the first time they proclaimed with such confidence that their dreams and goals are firmly tied to TOKYO TEFUTEFU, that they can’t see themselves anywhere else, and that they don’t intend to give up even though they are facing many difficulties. They’ve said all of this many times before, but this is the first time it’s been so intense and open, and I have to say it’s really impressive.
The girls are burning with the desire to achieve their goals by all means and ask the fans to give them any, even the smallest, help and in return they promise to definitely repay them with even more awesome music and performances.
It’s worth saying that it’s really evident how hard they are trying and taking advantage of every opportunity, so I would also like to ask you to give them even the smallest bit of help and support that you can (even if it’s just support on social media). Let’s show them that such dedication and commitment will surely be rewarded!
Thank you for listening to our feelings. I think we’ve been able to talk about things we don’t normally talk about openly and put into words.
It’s more than just fun and smiles.
We are moving forward, struggling, suffering, and trying to turn it all into strength, at least a little bit. See this determination with your own eyes on our tour🥀

We will continue to move forward so that TOKYO TEFUTEFU can be an encouragement for you to try, an encouragement to live, and that there will be at least a few more of these people and that they will be saved.
From Yuzuriha Ouhi's Twitter.
During the stream I remembered different things and once again made sure that TOKYO TEFUTEFU, that our “mirages” are everything to me💭⑉の ̫の⑉
I’m glad I could tell you my feelings𓂃 𓈒𓏸🪽
From Tokanai Nonno's Twitter.
It’s easy to say I’m trying, so I’ll show it clearly at the shows. So I’ll be glad if you continue to lend us your strength, at least a little bit. There is salvation in your support, there always has been, and that’s why I want to be a strength to you.
From Mary Lust's Twitter.
I want to keep struggling here, as I always have, to make my dream come true.
Literally – until the day I succeed in saving all the people in this world.
I am sure that with TOKYO TEFUTEFU and our “mirages”, we can even conquer the world!
Let’s create a big world together!
From Chimura Shifumi's Twitter.
Until tomorrow, you can win a purikura with the group members by retweeting the following tweet and subscribing to the account:
Also post a tweet using the following hashtag:
Last week also marked the release of the album “Twilight Noise”, which features old Seireki13ya hits re-recorded with the new lineup.
"Beyond this night, in the land where night reigns."
This is the land of night that connects the earth and the other world. Only four constellations can break out beyond the 13th night: the constellation of “Dawn Mischief Girl”, the constellation of “Evening Waiting”, the constellation of “Scattering Drops of Tears in the Night” and the constellation of “Thread of Fate”. Even if you count the days on your fingers, this world line is such that sooner or later you will surely lose count.
Good night, future.
The concept of Seireki13ya.
This is an album that absorbed all our feelings with Urari, Runo and Minai💭
After listening to this album, I thought from the bottom of my heart that I’m glad I protected Seireki13ya.
I will be happy if this important album for me becomes important for you as well🤍
From Nene Komochi's Twitter.
Before I listened to these songs thinking about Seireki13ya, but this time I sang these songs thinking about Seireki13ya and all of you𓈒𓏸
Let’s create this story together with you🍀𓂃𓈒𓏸︎︎︎︎
From Yowa Minai's Twitter.
It’s only been a week and another funny thing has happened to Minai. I guess words are unnecessary - the video is here:
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2023.06.04 09:27 VacationKlutzy4789 Unleashing the Tennis Spirit: The Perfect Gifts for Tennis Players and Fans

Unleashing the Tennis Spirit: The Perfect Gifts for Tennis Players and Fans
Tennis, often called the "Sport of Kings," captivates fans around the world with its fast-paced action, intense rivalries, and display of skill. Whether you're a tennis enthusiast or know someone who is, finding the perfect gift that celebrates their passion for the game can be a challenging task. In this article, we'll explore the world of tennis gifts and present a curated selection of items that will delight tennis players and fans alike. From stylish accessories to training aids that enhance their game, we've got you covered!
Tennis Gifts:
Personalized Tennis Ball Keychain: A tennis ball keychain is a small yet meaningful gift that reminds tennis players of their favorite sport wherever they go.
Tennis-themed Apparel: Showcasing their love for tennis, stylish t-shirts, hats, or sweatbands adorned with tennis motifs make for great gifts.
Tennis Ball Holder: A tennis ball holder keeps tennis balls within easy reach during practice sessions or matches, ensuring players don't have to interrupt their rhythm to retrieve balls.
Tennis Player Gifts:
Tennis Racket Bag: A high-quality tennis racket bag is an essential accessory for every tennis player. Look for one that offers ample space for rackets, balls, shoes, and other equipment.
Tennis Towels: Absorbent and lightweight tennis towels are perfect for wiping off sweat during intense matches.
Tennis Training Equipment: Various training aids, such as ball machines, swing trainers, or resistance bands, help players improve their skills and enhance their performance on the court.
Tennis Forehand:
The forehand stroke is one of the fundamental shots in tennis. It involves swinging the racket across the body with the dominant hand, striking the ball before it bounces. Here are some gifts that can help players refine their forehand technique:
Tennis Training Balls: These specialized balls are designed to help players develop a consistent and powerful forehand stroke.
Forehand Technique Book: A comprehensive guidebook that provides tips, illustrations, and step-by-step instructions can be an invaluable resource for players looking to improve their forehand technique.
Forehand Video Analysis Software: Cutting-edge software that allows players to analyze their forehand strokes frame by frame can provide valuable insights for refining their technique.
Forehand Stroke:
Mastering the forehand stroke requires practice, technique, and precision. Here are a few gifts that can aid players in perfecting this crucial shot:
Tennis Practice Hitting Wall: A practice wall provides players with a solid surface to hit against, allowing them to focus on their forehand stroke without the need for a partner.
Tennis Training Aids: Various aids, such as stroke trainers or swing analyzers, assist players in developing proper technique and generating power on their forehand strokes.
Forehand Skills Clinic: A gift certificate for a forehand skills clinic or lessons with a professional coach is an excellent opportunity for players to receive personalized instruction and guidance.
When it comes to tennis gifts, the options are vast and diverse. By considering the recipient's preferences, level of play, and passion for the game, you can select the perfect gift that resonates with their tennis spirit. Whether it's a practical accessory, a training aid, or a thoughtful gesture that celebrates their love for tennis, your gift is sure to inspire and motivate them on their tennis journey. So go ahead, choose the ideal tennis gift, and watch as their eyes light up with excitement and gratitude! Visit us at
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2023.06.04 09:27 Icy-Inflation2859 Esophagitis does not heal what to do?

Male 42, 65kg (lost 9kg in the last year) 180cm
Diseases: -Oesophageal peristalsis absence -MRGE -Marked delay in gastric emptying -Anxiety disorder and panic attacks -IBS
meds: Rabeprazole 20mg, Sucralfate 2g(x2), gaviscon, maloox, Risperidone 0.5 mg
quitted meds: Levosulpiride 25mg (x2), Fluvoxamine 50mg
I have an absence of esophageal peristalsis for 12 years which causes me chronic gastroesophageal reflux, in 2012 I had a reflux pneumoniaan with aspiration pneumothorax, in 2013 I had an anti-reflux plastic surgery but that didn't go away successful and they had to remove me because I didn't have peristalsis, not even saliva came down and I went into stenosis. I have been living with symptoms such as reflux asthma, cough and epigastric pain for years. Last year in March I had the covid and coincidentally after the situation worsened, the esophageal burning given by the reflux became stinging and extremely painful, burnt taste and blood in the mouth when waking up at night. So I did a gastroscopy and it turned out to be esophagitis B, the gastroenterologist prescribed me 40 rabeprazole for 1 month and then 20 indefinitely. I have never been able to do 40 as I also suffer from IBS and had dysentery every day so I have done 20mg but even these I have not been able to keep them on for long due to the issues I mentioned. At a control gastroscopy after 6 months the esophagitis B was still there. I also did a contrast x-ray and saw a marked delay in gastric emptying. The gastroenterologist still prescribed me rabeprazole 20mg for a month and then switch to 10mg indefinitely, (I tried all the PPI and this is what I tolerate best) sucralfate, and levosulpiride as a prokinetic in periods because it cannot be taken continuously. In the period at home from work I had improved a bit, but then returning to normal life I can never recover and I always feel sore with the usual symptoms of reflux cough and asthma, but with the addition of nausea, regurgitation of vomiting and strange noises in stomach. This oesophagitis seems to never go away every night I still wake up with blood in my saliva despite taking 20mg rabeprazole, sucralfate and other antacids like gaviscon and maloox. I'm not taking just the prokinetic. Now I have the gastroenterological checkup on June 26th, but I'm going through hell day and night, but unfortunately I can't even stop working, do you have any advice in the meantime? Thank you
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2023.06.04 09:26 Awkwardprinsessa Reflections on My Journey Towards Healing and Trust in a Young Relationship.

Hi everyone,
This is my first post on here, so please let me know if I’ve done something wrong and should change it.
First I’d like to thank the Redditor that shared this article, I don’t know how to tag them so I’ll leave a comment so they can see this.
I would also advice you to read the article if you’re looking for success stories. I highly recommend checking it out for some inspiration and context. Personally, it was a valuable read that resonated with me. Link is at the bottom.
For those who are curious about my backstory, you can find more details in my previous post. Now, let's dive into the topic at hand.
I've noticed that most success stories shared here involve individuals who are married, have children, or have been together for a significant amount of time. I’m in my early 20s and our relationship is quite young too.
I often find myself thinking of what people would say: "Why stay with someone who has hurt you when you have a whole life ahead of you and countless opportunities for new loves?" I know I question myself with the same thought everyday.
The story of Mr. and Mrs. Sugar in the article closely mirrors my own experience. We've been together for a short while, but the love we share is deep, and evident to anyone who knows us. I was so innocent. It's almost absurd how everyone comments on the way my WP looks at me—with so much adoration and affection. Because of that among many other reasons I have no doubt that he loves me.
Dd exposed a wound in my partner that he hadn't dealt with nor understood existed. Our argument resembled the one between the Sugars, where he begged and cried while I resorted to screaming and insulting him—a behavior I had never displayed before. He pleaded, emphasizing that I'm the only person he has ever felt such true love for and that his actions were a mistake.
What made dd even more challenging is the fact that my partner engaged in trickle truthing. I had to uncover everything on my own, pushing him to admit the truth. It took 3 days to get everything out. Then when I was done, ready to leave because I had no faith in him, there was one detail he confessed to as proof that he was done with trickle truthing—a detail I couldn't have known otherwise. It turned out that every instance he had with the other person involved unprotected sex, it felt like a final shiv in my gut.
We're only 16 days past the dd, and the wounds are still fresh. However, we immediately started working on our relationship. Thankfully, I stumbled upon this subreddit quickly, which has been a blessing.
My Wp has given me full access to his passwords, answered all my questions, and even woke up in the middle of the night whenever he felt something was wrong with me. He stayed up with me, providing support. He's also scheduled asap IC for himself, and we're currently searching for a couples counselor. Remarkably, we were even able to have a few days of normal routine during this process.
But five days ago, he deleted some messages between him and his female best friend—she is gay. Fortunately I had already read their past messages, which is how I realized he had deleted them. Based on what I read, I already knew there’s nothing sexual going on between them.
The content he deleted consisted of vulgar jokes typical of their culture that he felt ashamed of, knowing they would not sit well with me. When I asked if he had deleted anything, he was honest and admitted it was an impulsive reaction. He regretted it and intended to tell me "soon."
To put my mind at ease, he had his friend send me screenshots of the messages so I could read them again. Truth be told, I didn’t even need or care about what he deleted. They were insignificant and ridiculous compared to his PA, so I didn't really care about it.
What hurts so much is that he risked R for such a dumb thing, he could’ve come clean directly, said that what he did was impulsive and we could’ve dealt with it. But here is another thing I had to find out for myself.
After dd, I pleaded with him to be honest and gave him the opportunity to disclose things when he felt ready. I told him, "Just let me know these things exist, and if you're too scared to talk about them now, that's okay." He assured me that he wouldn't lie again.
Discovering that he deleted something so trivial has shattered the fragile trust we had managed to rebuild. Strangely enough, I feel worse now than I did straight after dd. I'm afraid. That this is confirmation that his initial response will always be to lie and cover things up. It’s a huge problem. I'm unsure if I can go through the wait for him to identify and address the root cause of this behaviour and fix it.
At the moment he’s begging me to give him another chance, saying that he understands that his words mean nothing to me now, but that I should give time to show his intentions through actions, to go through the process and show progress. That he know that he can’t change the past, but want to give me the future.
These past three days, I've been alone in a air bnb, crying my eyes out and feeling like an absolute fool for holding onto hope that he could change his ways.
Please free to share your thoughts, advice, or similar experiences . Positive or negative. I could really use some support right now as I have no one to be truly honest with about this situation. Thanks for taking the time to read my story.
God bless
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2023.06.04 09:26 I-am-the-Nightsoiler I regret telling my wife to shave her pubes.

As a bit of a backstory, my wife has always had a big hairy vagina which was one of the reasons i married her. However, her thick pubes are also naturally long, so if she doesn't use wet wipes after sex the semen and vaginal mucus dries like glue and forms a bird nest, making it difficult for her to pee the next morning. So rather than just aiming my ejaculate onto the floor or getting her to bust out the Panteen 2-in-one after lovemaking, we decided it would be best to just get rid of her pubes altogether and mine too - in support.
Now, at first I thought it was quite liberating - standing there in the mirror like my 8 year old self, albeit with a man cock and decended testes. But in our first attempt at pubes free sex was terrible.
Firstly, i almost ripped my dong off. It was like trying to dry slide on a marble floor. The pelvic friction caught me off guard. Luckily I had a few techniques up my sleeve that didnt rely on friction (eg flying monkey).
Secondly, and I'm not sure if it was because we waited a week after shaving, but my tongue lost three layers of skin. The pharmacist was good about it and gave me some anaesthetic teething gel.
The final thing that was a bit of a mood breaker, was while I was poking around down there with my tongue, I noticed small bits of wet, pee smelling toilet paper had been caught on the bristles. I didn't tell her and just spat them into my hand when we were done. What i've learnt is that even though a big lady garden takes a lot of maintenance it's worth it. I will never make her shave it again!
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2023.06.04 09:26 poslepoludnya Girl (25F/NB) I’m seeing says she is maybe a lesbian and I (23M) don’t even know what to do

I’m very devastated, we’ve been talking/seeing each other for three months. When I tell you that someone is special, I mean she is really special. I haven’t loved this hard in such a long time. Tonight she texted me that there was something really serious we need to talk about, and she told me that I’m so perfect that she basically thinks she’s gay gay. She said that she is physically attracted to me, but that there was some part of it that was confusing, and she wasn’t sure if it was her sexual trauma or her sexuality (she’s been in multiple abusive relationships with men). She said she was thinking more about her sexuality and that she didn’t want to rope me into it if she ended up being different. When I said that I loved her and didn’t mind being roped into it, she said that I was a light in her life and that she isn’t saying goodbye forever but I’m just really confused.
She is getting therapy soon and getting back on zoloft, but I’m just devastated, utterly exhausted. I can’t stop sobbing. I don’t understand how I can get someone off 4 or 5 times in a night but that they are gay? That she tells me that I’m beautiful and charming and wonderful. I don’t know what to do.
tldr: the girl I’m seeing thinks she might be gay and I don’t know what to do
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2023.06.04 09:26 EatMySoba I (m30) am worried I'm being used or played by my friend(f27)

I've started hanging out with a friend more lately who happens to be a woman. We both recently just got out of relationships, mine was only 5 months, but hers was 5 years(our break ups were 2 weeks apart). She is pretty jaded about dating again and I'm also not really looking for another right now(I do miss having someone tho). We were always friends before covid, but towards the end we started talking and hanging out more. After our break ups we would hang out like every other day and would go to bars to drink and talk about life and video games. Some how we got onto friends with benefits, which is something I very much stay away from. I knew she had 2 guy friends like that, and it never bothered me, cause we are just friends. She asked me how I felt about fwb, I told her I don't do that cause I ALWAYS catch feelings and don't want to be heart broken. So a week goes by and I ask her if she wants to hangout. We go to a bar, I guess one of her fwb bailed last minute, and I just felt like drinking and having fun(they had a game night). While we were drinking she brought up the friends with benefits again with me, and I reiterated how I will ALWAYS catch feeling and want to stay away from that(I catch them fast too 😮‍💨). We don't talk about it anymore, but then make plans to come back in 2 days for a dnd night they have. We play video games online with each other like everyday, so we are always kinda hanging out everyday. So the dnd day comes up and we have fun at the bar, but then she starts to touch my leg a bit and I kinda just write it off as just being drunk and over thinking it. So I get way too drunk and have to crash at her place(I would uber, but my car is at her place and it cost way too much to get home). I start to sleep on the floor, but she tells me to sleep in the bed. I think about it for a bit and was gonna just tell her the floor is fine, but before I say anything she says it's fine and it doesn't mean anything. So being drunk and dumb I sleep in the bed without another thought about it. She tells me she want to cuddle and that it doesn't mean anything, so like an idiot I flop over into a cuddle position and we pass out(nothing else happens after that and I go home after giving her a hug good bye the next morning). I go to her bday party and she comes over after she cancels going out to a club. We watch some shows in my room and then cuddle a bit. I send her off to the spare bedroom at my place after a few more hours of shows and cuddling. I sleep in my bed and she sleeps in the other room. She goes home the next morning after we get some breakfast and talk about life and dumb game shit(overwatch 2). Let's skip to like 20 days later, when we are going to the ren faire together. It's me her and her best friend(my other friends bailed on me last minute). We all have fun and her friend says she has to go, so we see her off. We are pretty drunk at this point and we start taking pictures together. She catches me off guard and kisses me in one of the photos. We start taking couples photos after that and I'm picking her up and playing along now(im a dumbass). We stroll around the faire a bit longer and then decided to head home now that I'm sober enough to drive. We head back to my place and drink and play some video games. After a few hours we move onto Netflix and we cuddle again. She is too drunk to drive home now, so she sleeps over and invites me to sleep in the same bed as her(she says she is just like sleeping next to someone). I join her, but the she starts cuddling with me more and I get turned on(it's very noticeable I'm just in undies). I apologize to her and she shows me that she is also turned on, and being a bit high from weed and drunk I start playing with her(she seems to be enjoying it and I love that). She stops me from continuing with my hands and then I take as a sign to back off. The we wake up next day get breakfast and then she goes home. Like a week and a half goes by and we go hiking by my place, it was a lot of fun, we decided to go back to my place and smoke and game. It gets late really fast and so I offer the spare bed. She tells me to come sleep with her and I join her. We cuddle more and I obviously get turned on again and she plays with it a bit. After a few minutes of that I work up the courage to ask her if she wanted to do more, because of last time(not sure if yall could tell, but I already caught feelings after the kiss). She makes fun of me for not doing more last time, and then we do it after a bit of laughing. Next day the we hang out together the whole day and go drinking with my friends, but I hold off as I'm driving. We go back to my place and the same thing as the night before happens(smoke and sex). The next day we get lunch and she really opens up to me about her and her family and I listen and to my best to be there for her. She tells me she loves me as a friend and I also feel similar to that, but instead of saying anything I just give her a hug. The next week I go over to her place to play games, smoke weed, and chat. I tell her that I want to date her and my feelings that have developed. She tells me that she doesn't want to jump back into a relationship so soon. I understand that and tell her that I would wait for her if she ever wants to be with me that way(I'm dumb). We cuddle and I pass out. I go home the next day not feeling so great, but happy I got my feelings out to her. Let's say like 3 days go by and we don't really talk all that much other than sending memes back and forth. One night I ask her if she wants to hang out and grab some food. She agrees, but wants to be brought home cause she misses her place. So we go for a walk and then drive in my car. We stop to talk and cuddle for a bit in my car. We talk and she wants me to know that she wouldn't do things with me if she didn't have some feelings for me, but tells me that she doesn't want a relationship and doesn't want to lose the friendship. We cuddle a bit more and then I drive her home. For the past few times we have hung out we don't really do anything but kissing a bit. I went on what I thought was a very date like thing(we went on a picnic in a nice arboretum). We kissed a few times and then she said she doesn't want to kiss anymore, so we stopped and just talked and then walked around. I brought her home cause she works early in the morning and doesn't want to stay up all night with me(seems fair).
I'm sure there are things I forgot. I would like a woman's opinion on this and I don't know what to do. I know I'm willing to wait for her to like me back, but I also don't want to be heart broken. What do I do? I'm so hopelessly lost in all of this. She still does stuff with her fwb and I fell left feeling stupid and used.
You can ask anything and be as harsh as you want. Also I apologize for my bad grammar and maybe missing words.
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2023.06.04 09:26 VLTRA_DEATH Didn’t deliver on a gift?

My girlfriend had a birthday party today and she found out I was gonna make her a ramo, a big bouquet with tons of flowers in it. Well I decided to try and put 18 in it cause shes turning 18. Well 6 of the flowers stems were too short and wouldnt stay so i tried to make a book bouquet with the flowers I had left, it didnt work at all. So essentially i remade the bouquet of 12 in a nicer paper and tied the book to it. Im not artistic in any way, and i have a terrible tendency to envision something and not be able to put it together. But I tried and the bouquet I made took me awhile to make. I gave it to her today at her party and she didnt seem to like it, and throughout the night ended up making jokes about it and it hurt. Cause she knows that I struggle to implement artistic visions I have, and then she insisted that she loves it. But she later told me that I just essential rewrapped a bouquet and added a book and lotto scratchers to it, and which i did but I made sure each rose was open and clean; the stems were cleared, and I was proud of the little sheisty book bouquet I made. It wasnt the prettiest, but it looked nice and was the best of all the attempts I made. So her kinda dismissing it and making fun of it kinda hurt. Her “thats the big gift?” shortly after she got it was a slap in the face. Im not made of money and moving and trying to get a new job, moneys tight. So i couldn’t afford some of the big and grand ramo buchons like I want to get her. Idk just was kinda like, demoralizing? Maybe thats not the word but after being like alright this is solid its not too bad to having it be made fun of, sucked.
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