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Japanese Animation of the 20th Century

2019.07.02 19:43 Japanese Animation of the 20th Century

The Golden Age of Anime is a collection of videos, wallpapers, artwork, cosplay and other goodies featuring Japanese animation of the late 20th Century (1960-2000). This is a visual media resource for all fans of retro anime, vintage anime, classic anime, old anime, old school anime, etc.

2023.06.09 04:31 Nickitof15 Here is the box art with no text so you can use it for your phone’s wallpaper

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2023.06.09 04:30 Technical_Phase5641 Cute Nezuko Art by 14c [Demon Slayer]

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2023.06.09 04:26 sleepymaple_ Mitsuri Kanroji from Demon Slayer in Strawberry Cow Lingerie

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2023.06.09 04:25 Hamburgaysa Marks for the other demon slayers

Hey y'all I was curious.. what shape do y'all think Shinobu, Tengens, Kanae/Kanao, Zinetsu and Inosukes demon slayer mark would be?
Personally I can see Shnobus possibly being a spiderweb and Kanae/Kanao having a flower.
I would say a thunder bolt for zinetsu but I also think that might be too similar to Gyomei's.
But I'm at a loss for Inosukes and Tengens 😆
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2023.06.09 04:14 Extension_Fun_4162 Jonathan Joestar MU tier list for All Star Showdown (Characters and Series) Tier List Seires

The One: Tanjiro (Demon Slayer) (as a MU)
Good Alts: Leon Belmont (Castlevania), El Santo (Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre), Mara (Masters of the Universe), Jay Garrick (DC), Satsuki (Kill la Kill), Seliph (Fire Emblem), Moon Knight (Marvel), Lin Chung (Hero:108), Kaguya (Love is War) (thematically), John Wick, Rengoku (Demon Slayer), Terry (Fatal Fury), Kenshiro (Fist of the North Star), Yukari (Touhou), Kamen Rider Stronger (Kamen Rider), David Martinez (Cyberpunk), Armstrong (Full Metal Alchemist), Jinpachi (Tekken), Eliwood (Fire Emblem), Kaho (Momadora), Ryu (Street Fighter)
Average: Mega Man, Ash’s Infernape (Pokémon), Shovel Knight, Sigurd (Fire Emblem), Hero of the Skies (The Legend of Zelda), Mr Torgue (Borderlands), Heracles (Record of Ragnarok), Alligned Optimus Prime (Transformers), Kamen Rider Black (Kamen Rider), Avatar Wan (Avatar), Marth (Fire Emblem)
Mediocre: Xingqiu (Genshin Impact), Simon (Castlevania)
Bad: Tanjiro (Demon Slayer) (as a Rematch), Kaguya (Love is War) (as a MU)
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2023.06.09 04:03 chQta My version of the perfect Demon Slayer Game

I actually wanted a game where we can style our own characters and choose whether we are for the demon slayer faction or the upper moon faction.
If you choose to be a demon slayer, you undergo the same things Tanjiro experienced such as final selection, find demons, meet Hashiras, become their Tsugukos or train to become a Hashira and our main goal is to reach a mark before we face Muzan or the upper moons. The demons and demon slayers we meet are the players created by others too.
If you choose to be a demon, you eat as many humans and become strong or beat as many demon slayers and then challenge a kizuki for the position… Your main goal is to find the Ubayashikis or destroy the corps or find the blue spider lily.
Our powers depend on the back story we choose? Or we have random nen type quiz instead of nen we get to have the element we’re suppose to master either we are a demon slayer or a demon.
P.S Ufotable can release a game with how good their environments are
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2023.06.09 03:39 SubstantialBite788 The Crystal Rose Room

I’m smashed right now, drunk as hell, with a shit-full of emotions gyrating about my head. My mind space is a concoction of fear and anger. For the past four hours I’ve drank Vodka and orange juice, Vodka and cranberry juice, and finally, Vodka and grape juice. That’s a load of Screwdrivers, Cosmopolitans, and whatever the hell you call Vodka and grape juice- well, maybe I’ll make up my own name- the Crystal Room. Ok, that’s dumb, but whatever, it’s the Crystal Room that’s on my mind right now.
I had to drank myself sloppy just to have the courage to write down my experience. I hope to get all the details straight and not stray too far from the truth.
In 2001 the wife and I went to New York city. Surprisingly, I loved it, except for my final days there. A southerner in New York. I got the worst asinine advice and general characterizations from my buddies at work. One was, “Hey, don’t stare at anybody on the subway. They don’t like being stared at.” Well, who the hell does. I don’t want to live in a city where the people like being stared at. Creepy, if otherwise.
The people were genuinely nice. I never had any issues with anyone on the subway, but then again, I didn’t just sit there staring at people like they were exotic animals in a zoo.
Next to the last day of our vacation we visited Times Square. I was intrigued by the constant action, the incessant visual and auditory stimuli. There was so much to see and so much to hear. My mind was scattered and unable to focus. There were flashing lights, advertisements, and the constant blur of nameless faces and mindless crowds. I was enjoying it, but also a little overwhelmed. I asked my wife if we could go back to the hotel, but she wasn’t ready to end the day. She assured me that she was quite capable of taking care of herself.
“Honey, just go back to the hotel. I won’t be much longer. I can take care of myself.”
“You sure? I can tough it out.”
“No, go. Please, I’ll be fine.”
I walked to the nearest subway station and rode back to our hotel, which was at the end of the line in Flushing, Queens. When I got to our hotel I slumped down in the bed and immediately fell asleep; I was exhausted. I woke up around three in the morning, the bed empty beside me. I picked up my cell phone and called her but got no answer. There was a text message:
Honey, meet me at the Crystal Rose Room. It’s just down the street from the hotel.
The time on the message was 2:00 am.
I remembered the place. It stood out among all the other crowded storefronts, with a large neon sign of a scantily dressed woman holding a red rose. What was my wife doing at a strip club? She was a regular churchgoer, never missing and always insisting I go with her. Something didn’t seem quite right.
I got dressed and hurried down to the club. I tried to bull my way through but the bouncer pushed me back, shoving his large open palm into my chest.
“No sir. Only invited guests are allowed.”
“I got a text from my wife. She’s inside.”
“What’s her name?”
“Catherine Bressler.”
“Ah, hell yeah, Mr. Bressler. Come on in. We’ve been expecting you.”
The courteous welcome shocked me, considering that a moment before he was ready to stomp me into the ground. In a flash of a moment, I went from being a nuisance to a highly regarded guest of honor. I walked through the front door and into the past. It was an old-fashioned cabaret with the waitresses dressed in flapper beaded dresses and floral headbands. They were all wearing outlandishly large pearl necklaces. There was a pianist playing ragtime music, with a boisterous horn ensemble. The air was thick with cigarette smoke and cheap perfume. My eyes were watering, but I felt eerily comfortable, like this was where I truly belonged.
On the center stage, dressed in a tight, short flapper dress, was my wife Catherine. She was dancing as if in a trance. A man walked up on the stage and started kissing her. My wife seemed to be enjoying it, enjoying it immensely. I ran up to the front of the stage.
“Hey dammit, get your hands off my wife.”
The man stopped, turned his gaze towards me, and smiled. His mouth was full of yellow, jagged teeth, encrusted with a thick layer of plaque. My wife looked at me and smiled, revealing a similar set of teeth, smaller, but no less hideous.
“I could no longer live a lie. I want my old life back and I know you will too,” she said to me.
“Catherine let’s get out of here. This isn’t funny. I don’t like this.”
“But baby, I do.”
Two men grabbed me and dragged me to one of the back rooms. They pointed a gun at me and shoved me in wooden chair. They turned the lights out and walked out of the room. I tried to run and grab the doorknob before they locked it, but I was too late. I heard a mechanical whirling and a pink light overhead was turned on. I couldn’t see where the light was coming from, whether it was a lamp or a fixture in the ceiling. It almost seemed mystical, coming from an unknown source. The room now looked like I was inside a diamond, with a rigid crystalline structure.
There were a thousand reflections of myself walking through the many faces of the crystal, independent of my own motions. They were alive in themselves, more than a mere reflection. One of them called out to me, “It’s time to come back to your true self.” He smiled, with an impressive row of sharp teeth, more immaculate, and more regal than what the groping stranger and my wife had. My reflection stepped out of the crystal and onto the plain hard wood floor, progressing slowly towards me, with his hands raised, the nails of which were long and sharp. The closer he got, the paler his skin grew. He was dressed in a black suit, with a collarless vest, and bowtie. Atop his head was straw boater hat.
He grabbed me by the throat and as his cold rigid hands touched me, I had a vision of a bygone life filled with murder and debauchery. I killed and drank, lapping up the warm, copper-tinged blood of many hapless victims. In my past life I was a monster, a man willing to kill anyone, constantly thirsting for blood, never satisfied.
“You trapped me here, but I knew Catherine could never stay away. I knew the memories would come back, the thrill and the passion of it all would well up in her soul again.”
I fought back, pushing him away, but he lounged back at me, grabbed my wrist, and bit into the side of my hand. I could feel the pressure of his mouth tighten as he sucked in as much blood as he could. His white skin began to fill with color. I punched at his head, knocking his hat to the ground.
“Damn you. That’s a nice hat. Don’t fight. I am who you are and you are me. There’s no escaping.”
I noticed that now there were many different people, or monsters, in the crystals. They were no longer my own reflection. They all looked hideous and weak, trapped in a purgatory by their own better selves.
He lunged at me again, but this time he flew at me head first. I dodged him and as he came closer to the opposite wall of the crystal room, he yelled in exasperation, holding his hand out to avoid hitting his head against the wall. His hand was engulfed by the wall, submerged up to his elbow. He was laying on his stomach.
“No. Pull me out. Don’t do this. Don’t you want to be a god again. The power. The power.”
I knew what I had to do at that point. He had revealed too much. I put my hands on his ass and pushed the rest of his body through the crystalline wall. He appeared on the other side of the crystal wall, banging with his fists, and pleading to let him out.
“You son of a bitch. You’ll be back. You can try to deny what you are, but the thirst and hunger is always there. It might be buried deep, but it’s always there, and soon you’ll miss your… or, should I say our Catherine.”
All around the room were trapped souls, damned vampiric souls, waiting for their better halves to come to their senses and embrace the darkness that was once an innate part of their existence, boldly committing to the passion of murder and gluttony.
They were screeching and hollering for release. I wanted to get out of the room. Visions of who I used to be were displayed across the crystal. I remembered who I was and when I was born. It was over a hundred years ago. I thirsted, I hungered. I killed and destroyed families, mostly preying on the weak and then there she was- Catherine. A murderer fell in love. I couldn’t kill her, even though my stomach felt empty and my hunger was uncontrollable. I bit her, but not to kill, only to bring her into my world to be with me forever. She hated me for that and then I found the Rose Crystal Room. I wanted to give her back a normal existence. A killer felt guilty. We gave up the demons, but at a price. One day, we would have to come back, and once again don the cloak of a murderer, but this time in his service, obeying his every whim. The world needed balance, according to the proprietor of this fair saloon. It needed hunters to weed out the weak. I remembered now. He was known as the Scarlet Shepard.
The door opened.
“You’re not quite ready, but you’ve had your time. I’m not erasing your memory. I’m not giving Catherine back either. You belong to me, but I don’t want it until you’re ready.”
I looked up to see a thin man dressed in a red suit with a long black tie. He was wearing a black tweed cap and a chain with an upside down cross.
His goons grabbed me by the arms and dragged me out of the room and in front of Catherine. There on the stage with her now was a homeless man, dressed in ragged clothes and smelling of liquor. She looked at me, smiled, and buried her teeth in his neck. He struggled but her grasp was too strong. She drank him dry. He collapsed to the floor.
“You made me. You love me and I know one day you’ll come back.”
I was thrown out on the streets, lonely and without my wife. The shadow of my former self still lives. I left New York with new and old memories; some I had hoped would never be discovered again. I drink to forget my sins, but mostly to forget Catherine. I tell myself that I killed her years ago, that she never survived, and that I never really ever loved her, but then again, I told you in the beginning that I didn’t want to stray too far from the truth. The truth is that I would kill a million souls to have her back again
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2023.06.09 03:35 MexicanMouthwash KLWP Pro Wallpaper on Nothing Phone (1) keeps getting reset to phone's default wallpaper a few times a day (Battery Optimization is already disabled.

Hi there.
I've had KLWP unset itself as my wallpaper a few times a day since I installed it 2 days ago. I have made every Kustom app unrestricted under the battery optimization, as well as my launcher. I've also disabled Parallel Rendering.
Sometimes it resets back to default colours (the wallpaper I'm using has custom sliders), or completely back to the stock Nothing wallpaper.
I'm almost about to give up on Kustom as a whole.. Any solutions?
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2023.06.09 03:30 IcyHot42 Anyone ever posessed/oppressed

I've been going through demonic oppression now possession for the last three years, it started with my "mind" convincing me I was dead and in hell, that I was a heroin addict in my past life, that I'm inside my mind while my body on the outside is dying. It tells me my consciousness is gonna get swept away and be sent to a very bad place, it tells me I've got cancer. Tells me everyone's an actor secretly in on the secret that I'm in hell and everyone laughs at me behind my back. Three years went by and the thoughts went away for a while but I got progressively more depressed and hopeless, I would pray and it felt like God had abandoned my (now I know he never will) but while I was going through it the external monologe came back and started tormenting me with insults, told me my dad is trying to take over my life and posses me and the whole time I heard in my head to not react and not give into their insults. More time went on and I was in a car accident with a semi truck that I didn't see coming when I pulled out into the street looked left, looked right and then left again and pulled out then BOOM hit.
After that I entered into a psychosis where I started talking to the external monolgue which then became a dialogue and one night they told me the rapture was coming and to walk out of work, I ended up walking out of work behind my bosses back, drove home and the entity in my head who i thought was god said to throw away my phone and my wallet so I did, then they told me to start walking and I did, I walked five towns over through the course of the night through the day and was picked up by the police who then took me home, I went to sleep and woke up and was taken to a mental health wellness center and I was subjected to pure torture. The entity told me to move my mouth through faith and I did and started talking without even thinking, that's the moment I became possesed and it was awful, I was telling stories to myself about the world coming from pure evil and chaos and how it would end in fire and destruction from nukes and
one night I was looking for god and an idol came to me and said to bow down; me thinking it was god I did and that's when things got bad, a severe wave of panic came over me and my body started hurting like someone was squeezing it and adrenaline came and I jumped out the window of the center, I saw things in my imagination that were more detailed and vivid than real life and it got so detailed and vivid it was ugly. I was running around the building and it felt like I had super human strength and agility and then I ran back in the building and was sat down on a couch that's when things got so evil, I ended up seeing a pentagram in my vision in the shape of baphomet and I ended up smelling the worst smells imaginable. Decay, vomit, dog feces and urine, it was awful. After a while of thinking about God and love it turned into the star of David idk what that means, I ended up going to the hospital then back to the wellness center after a week,
I was back at the wellness center things got ugly again, I smelled the stench again and felt the pain of numbness and zingyness, like an electric shock and a ghost like numbness, I started talking to "friends" telepathically and they were torturing me, said they were voting to do things to me. I thought I was never gonna get out, even on Easter the entity's wouldn't let up, in my imagination I saw who I thought was jesus being stabbed, and the demons didn't even let up when I spoke jesus' name and they got worse with time. I ended up getting out saved by the grace of God, but I feel as though the demonic entity's are still with me, trying to drag me back to that mental hell, slowly over time, they're smart though, they won't scratch me or outright say they're demons or do typical things that give their presence away, but one day at the wellness center I woke up with a hickey on my neck.
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2023.06.09 02:49 SausageEggMuffin Muzan eyes (by me)

Muzan eyes (by me)
Got some demon slayer eye drawings because this series has really cool looking eyes. Thinking about making this a whole thing called "Kimetsu no Yeyeba" because I'm so funny. Anyway here's Muzan to kick it off
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2023.06.09 02:46 Specialist-Deer-2599 Never pause Demon Slayer...

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2023.06.09 02:43 Old_Particular_4561 Who wins

Who wins
Genya demon slayer or aiden caldwell dying light 2
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2023.06.09 02:43 Kaivoh Is this Anime supposed to be a Comedy?

Recently came back to Demon Slayer after not watching for a while and there's SO MUCH forced jokes. It's pretty unbearable and cringy at times. The jokes are so stale, completely unnecessary, and fks up the flow of a lot of scenes.
I don't recall the anime being like this when I first watched it. What's with all the weird faces and shitty jokes now?
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2023.06.09 02:40 Vision-Quest-9054 Less Food And More Thought Short Skit

This was a comedy-drama short play that I wrote for my theater's new work program.
Less Food And More Thought
By Vision-Quest-9054
Draft Completed –May 15, 2023

Jonah O’Connell- An autistic man with anxiety and an eating disorder. He lives with his younger brother, Nate, his sister-in-law Katya, and his nephew, Damien. (Jonah can be played by anyone between the ages of 27-49)
Katya O’Connel – Obviously not her maiden name since she is a mail-order bride from Russia. She is Nate’s wife and the mother of Damien. She has a distinct Russian accent. She is also quite callously insensitive as she initially lacks understanding of her family’s personal issues. She can be a younger adult or middle-aged adult.
\Puppeteer* – Though this is not an actual character, it is a professional puppeteer that has experience with either arm rod puppets, dummies, or hand puppets. The puppeteer will operate an arm rod puppet depiction of Bob Ross on a TV screen complete with a large afro. The other puppet will be Damien. Damien can be either a hand or rod puppet.*
\Voice Actor* - The voice actor will perform behind the scenes and out of sight either hidden backstage or with an amplified microphone. He will primarily provide the voice for Nate off-stage.* If the puppeteer is unable to produce a unique voice for ‘Bob Ross’ and/or Damien, then a separate voice actor will be provided for both puppet characters.
An autistic American man and his Russian sister-in-law struggle to find methods of coping with their own emotional problems as well as their ability to interpret others’ feelings.
Stage Setting:
The stage will consist of a kitchen Island countertop and cupboards beneath the countertop positioned center stage. Next to the main kitchen on stage left will be another row of ground-level cupboards stashed with food. On either side of these right-hand cupboards is a cheap rack of wire shelves filled with snacks and a garbage can. All of these edibles will be dried goods. Some of these dried goods may consist of Pringles, Lays Potato Chips, Pretzels, Ritz Crackers, Fig Newtons, cookies, pretzels, pasta, nuts, dried fruit, rice, etc. Also, be sure to include these items in as many other cupboards as possible. On the right-hand side of the Island kitchen countertop is a portable television. The television should be made out of cardboard and the open ‘screen’ should be facing the audience at the front.
(Stage lights illuminate the main center stage. Jonah is frantically opening and closing cupboard drawers on the main countertop and left stage cupboards so that he can binge eat. He gets into a box or bag of chips or cookies and begins eating hurriedly. Katya enters from stage right and looks at him in frustration and disbelief.)
What in the hell are you doing? I turn my back on you for one second and you start stuffin’ your face with food!
(Jonah freezes mid-motion center stage from taking a bite out of something, his eyes wide open and his whole body stiffens. Katya briskly crosses over to Jonah and snatches the food out of his hand before throwing it away.)
(Finally moving in protest) Hey! I was enjoying that! Why can’t I get a bite to eat around here?
You already eat too much! Look at this kitchen! Almost every tasty morsel we have in here is in your giant gut! (She points toward his stomach)
I have a bad impulse to eat when I’m stressed and I can’t seem to work it out.
I don’t get you, Jonah. You have no job, you don’t contribute, all you do is fret around the house all day sometimes overeatin’, and I find myself having to clean up your mess while tending to that miserable brother of yours I call a husband!
(A bit calmer) Hey, Katya, you’re an O’Connell now. Sometimes we do things differently in this house. I mean, my bro Nate ain’t perfect, but he sure tries his darndest to be understanding of you. At least, he used to…
(As if outraged) Understanding? I caught him flippin’ thru dirty, topless magazines the other day! Do you know how much crap I found in his room? It’s not like he tried to hide it anyway. (Мудак/Mu-dak! I coulda’ made a bonfire out all the magazines I find stashed in his room.
Easy there, sis, your face is starting to turn red. Damn, I could cook a hot pocket on it if I wanted to…
There you go thinking about food AGAIN! Why does it always have to be about junk food with you? You can’t even eat healthy like me…
(Katya is interrupted by Damien, who is a little boy puppet. He peeks his head from behind the right stage curtain just enough so that the audience cannot see the puppeteer’s hand. Seeing her son, Damien, Katya lowers her voice to calm down but still has a somewhat grumpy tone.)
Hi mommy.
Damien, what is it? You see that I’m havin a chat with your uncle right now?
I’m sorry. I just wanted to tell you that I finished my homework and was wondering if could play online with my friends.
(Annoyed) Sure, go have some fun. Go indulge in some game violence. Oh, and by the way, what’s daddy doing right now? Is he workin’ on his work charts?
He’s on his computer.
Working? Good.
(Giggling.) Yeah. He’s watching naked people hugging.
(Outrage) HE’S WHAT?!
(Katya regains her composure after a couple seconds and addresses Damien in a cooler tone of voice. Jonah shoots her a quizzical look)
Sweetie, go along now and play with your friends. I’m going to have a chat with Daddy.
(Happily) Okay.
(Damien puppet retreats behind the right curtain out of sight.)
Katya, please give yourself a chance to cool down…
Excuse me, but I have an unfaithful husband to go punish.
(Katya rolls up her sleeve and exits stage right walking briskly again. Her angry voice can be heard echoing offstage with Nate’s. Jonah stands almost motionless with his face cringing as a reaction to the shouting.)
(Nervously) Oh-uh…hi Katya. Just finishing up a project…
(Interrupting) Cut the bullshit! I know what you’ve been doin’ in here. Damien saw you and told me a-all about it!
Really honey…It’s not quite what you think…
What is it with you and your compulsive desire to look at sexy stuff? First magazines, and now internet pornography? I’m a damn good wife! Do I not give you enough pleasure in the bedroom? When you got me through mail order from Russia, you told me I was the hottest woman you ever seen! And now you have to look at this? (Гавно/Gav-no!
(Scared) Wait…I can explain!
(A series of comical slap-stick punching and smacking sound effects ensue.)
Wait…Ow!what are you?...OW! OW! OW! Sorry…OW! OW!
(Katya re-enters the scene from stage right and returns to center stage to meet up with Jonah. The moment she re-enters Jonah begins ruffling through the cupboards again.)
That was so not cool.
What is it with you men? With Jonah, it’s food. For Nate, it’s sex! And look at you. You’re stuffing your mouth again like a friggin’ chipmunk!
You know what, sis? You’re yelling stresses me out. It makes me want to go into Winnie-The-Pooh mode.
(When he says Winnie-The-Pooh-Mode,
He places a large empty bag of chips or some other snack over his head.)
(Shaking her head crossly) Take the bag offa’ your head! You look ridiculous.
(Ignoring her, Jonah hums the classical theme song of Winnie The Pooh. After a few seconds, Katya snatches the bag from his head)
(Softer but firm tone of voice) Like I’ve always told you, Jonah, put your energy into something positive. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps and move on from your pitiful problems.
(Shrugging.) Easier said than done.
You were supposed to be doing research or even flippin’ thru the Television channels to find something that could become a passion of yours – you know? A hobby to keep you occupied from eating and dirtying up my house. Oh yeah, maybe a JOB opportunity, no? Look here!
(Katya turns on the tv dial on the fake cardboard set.
Instead of a screen, there is placard filling in the square gap. Once the tv is ‘switched’ on, the placard is removed to reveal the Bob Ross puppet facing the audience through the large square gap. A small propped-up canvas is next to him. A paintbrush and paint pallet are taped to his hands. The puppeteer should be concealed behind the Island countertop where the TV is resting on the surface. There should be ample room for the puppeteer to operate Bob Ross in the gaping square space known as the TV screen. )
(soft-spoken tone) Today I want to start out with some Indian Yellow. Just enough on the two-inch brush…just tap it a little. Now let’s start off with a nice pretty little sunset…
(Relieved and Ecstatic) Ah, perfect! (clapping hands together) Educational painting! This should be a perfect distraction for you. When you learned enough, then you can take a brush and start painting.
(Bob Ross’ soft voice trails into the background as the characters continue their dialogue.)
(Wistfully) C’mon, Kat. You know I hate painting. BOB ROSS
We’ll just drag a little color across like so. Like that. Like that.
(Bob Ross continues to fake painting)
You need to build some character, man. Nate and I have tried showing you cooking, sports, fishing, camping, hiking, golf, sailing, music, piano, ballet, dancing,…what more do you want?
(Frankly) I want to be understood.
Mix in a little blue there with gentle brush strokes. Such beautiful effects you can make with this here. Such beautiful effects. And remember, there are no mistakes, just happy little accidents.
(A bit tense and argumentative) You are understood. I understand that you need some professional help. I understand that you need more guidance. I understand that you need more motivation and thicker skin, but you won’t grow it!
Tap a little white into my yellows
And greens there…
(In frustration) (Гавно/Gav-no!
(Katya jostles the television out of frustration interrupting Bob Ross’ broadcast. Bob Ross’ painting canvas falls through the TV screen and onto the kitchen floor in front of the audience. Bob Ross looks straight at the audience and maintains his calm voice)
(Soft Voice) Oh shit.
(Bob Ross maintains his blank stare at the audience)
(Indignant) I happen to have problems coping with stress in a tense environment, especially around you. I have tried. believe me. I’ve been to counselors, therapists, and doctors, and they can only do so much. Right now, I struggle with my own demons, and it’s on me to fix my problems. It pains me to see how you pop off at people when they bring their problems to you. It’s like you try to turn them away.
So? People need a good dose of reality sometimes. What do they expect? For me to coddle them?
Remember when I was rejected by this one rare autistic woman that I thought was the love of my life? You told me to stop crying, grow up, and move on with my life without finding a source of comfort, relief, or something to help me cope with it all. Or better yet, that time my only friend died, you told me you were sorry to hear that but were just being polite. Nate told me that you shrugged it off like it was nothing.
I know you were sad, but there are ways to find new friends. Don’t you know how to make friends?
I have autism. It’s hard for me to make friends. Most people look at my behavior and my issues with things like…poor memory, or poor organization skills, or my weird cleaning habits, or the way I walk funny or maybe the fact that I can’t drive. And, and, they think I’m some kind of freak.
(Frowning and shaking head) But that’s no excuse. There has to be other people like you. Other unusual people to connect with.
Believe me, I’ve tried. Even the special needs guys think I’m a freak because I’m not mentally disabled enough to be like them. Oftentimes, I feel alone and sad and I just want to eat and eat and eat.
Well, getting’ fat isn’t gonna’ help anyone, especially you. Why do you have to be so upset about everything?
I could ask you the same question. For me, I can’t help it. I have a sensitive heart. I hate seeing people getting hurt, and I hate getting hurt myself.
Well shit happens. The world doesn’t owe you nothin.’ Nobody owes Jonah for his sensitivity. Stop lettin’ yourself be so sensitive. It’s like being a crybaby. Do what everyone else does and suck it up!
(Jonah furiously bangs his fist on the countertop and glares at Katya with scathing eyes. The television set teeters over and falls behind the kitchen counter. The puppeteer should pull down the fake set. The Bob Ross puppet flails his arms and yells “HELP!” before he hits the ground.)
That’s the last straw! I am so sick and tired of hearing the phrase ‘suck it up!’ ‘You’re going through a divorce? Suck it up. You lost your job and career that you worked so hard to hold all these years? Suck it up and get a new one! Your mom died? Suck it up!’ It’s the same crap I hear day after day since I was five. And you know what? It sickens the hell out of me!
(Perplexed) What do you want me to say?
(Calming down with a sigh) I don’t want to put words in your mouth. I just wish you could understand me a little more. Back in your old country, did you ever feel like you were singled out? Like, when you felt as though you stood out from everyone else because you did something different and everybody didn’t like you for it?
(Looking thoughtful) I don’t recall. Maybe when I was little?
(Katya and Jonah sit together on the center stage floor in front of the Island counter)
Times when you were bullied, Katya?
(An awkwardly silent pause for a minute)
(Hesitantly) (да)/da. It’s happened. Long time ago, when I was seven, my mom made me wear a summer dress to a social gathering in our town. It was a festival in honor of our founder of the local Oblast region. The hand-made dress was tattered with yellow splotches all over it. The other girls were wearin’ good dresses. Seeing me, they began teasing me and calling me ragdoll cuz I was dressed in rags. I told them to stop, but they kept making fun of me. I had this crush on a boy named Vadim in the neighborhood. I asked him if he could dance with me, and he told me to go get a bath and change my clothes because I looked ugly.
That’s horrible. And it saddens me to hear that.
(Katya begins to choke up and stutter) The teasing wouldn’t stop. I fought with other girls at school and around town because of that stupid dress. My mom would always look at me when I came home all bloodied and bruised and shake her head, telling me that I was never a lady. When my mom and brother died in a tragic accident when I was fourteen, my friends consoled me the best they could, but most people told me to suck it up. It’s a way of life in my Russian community.
(Jonah places a comforting hand on
Her shoulder.)
I can see how it’s always been eating you. Ya know, my parents were pretty ultra-conservative Christians. They didn’t believe in helping me when I felt down, hurt, or bullied by the other kids at my school. They told me to ‘suck it up’ a lot. That’s why it’s a trigger phrase for me. So when they dismissed my emotions, I used to raid the kitchen at night to cope with my hurt, my loneliness, and my stress at school.
(A bit surprised) Wow. I didn’t know your parents were that way. These were American parents, huh?
Uh-huh. They didn’t care at the time. But today, this is a new America. I try to live in the new and improved America. The new America of today has a growing awareness and respect for all people with special disabilities.
You’re right. I’m technically a naturalized citizen here too. And if I want to fit in more, I guess I gotta try and be open-minded to the unusual.
When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
What about your sensitivity, though, and your inability to find work? Why can’t you find a way to make something happen?
It’s really hard to do, considering how my mind works. Many neurotransmitters in my brain don’t connect like your neuro-pathways. The chemical reactions don’t help me make sense of many things, like numbers, music, or planning things out. It just doesn’t work that way. Then there are dopamine receptors that are poorly stimulated. Dopamine is a hormone that gives your brain a rewarding emotion or a sense of accomplishment. In my brain, it’s like it’s been shut off. I can’t take much pleasure with most hobbies because it’s just not wired into my brain. It's why I hate art so much. I wish it were different, but I was born that way and can’t change it.
(Katya gives Jonah a sympathetic glance and an innocent question)
Is it really that difficult to manage what’s in your head? I didn’t realize it.
Yeah. It’s hard. But I don’t give up either. It’s not like I’m trying to find a convenient excuse for my condition. I want more than anything to have a job. To have friends. To help you guys out. I try to achieve something, but they are mental limitations. They’re harder to see when compared to physical limitations.
I know. Instead of forcing my philosophy on you, I ought to work more closely with your limitations instead.
Yes, try putting yourself in someone else’s shoes for once. You might be pleasantly surprised.
Unfortunately, Russians are not very good at doin’ that.
Didn’t you know of anyone that had disabilities back in Ruissa?
No. The ones who were badly off were segregated from the rest of us into special schools. They were treated as second class. If you had mental health problems and didn’t look disabled enough but close to normal, you were treated like garbage. How would I know? I have no experience.
It’s never too late to learn. There is always room for improvement as human beings. Maybe you didn’t have the awareness at first, but it’s coming.
I guess so.
By the way, I’m sorry I was a jackass by not listening to you while binge eating.
(Smiles) Ah, forget it. Like you said. There’s always room for improvement. We all have ways of coping. My way is bottling up my feelings until they explode. Your way is to pork out on food, Nate’s way is to watch pornography. Hey, why do you think my sweetheart Nate is coping with his feelings using X-rated stuff?
Well, do you show him understanding when he’s in distress? Do you show him other forms of affection around the house besides sex?
(Troubled Expression) Well, now that I think about it, no, I don’t listen to him very well and I don’t empathize with him when he’s upset most times. He’s upset right now over having his dream job application rejected. He also went through a botched tonsil surgery that causes him occasional pain as you know.
There you go. Give Nate a hug and a kiss, sit down with him, and comfort him a little. Don’t nurse-maid him, but show a little understanding. It will go a long way. Try acknowledging him more throughout the day. Do this, and I can guarantee you the X-rated material will go away!
(Katya gives Jonah a big hug before he helps her up off the floor. Both characters are now in a standing position.)
Thank you.
Don’t mention it.
Have you ever tried yoga? It’s great for mind, body, and health! I’ve heard that It can help with eating disorders too. Oh, and tai chi.
You know what? I will definitely give it a try!
Great. And this time, I’ll do it with you so that you will feel more comfortable. There will be plenty of positive and kind encouragement coming from me during yoga lessons.
(Damien’s puppet body partially comes through stage right and interrupts Katya.)
(Nervously) Mommy. Daddy is watching naked people play choo-choo train on his phone.
(Damien exits same direction
By pulling out of view again.)
(Smiling) Please excuse me while I go kiss my husband.
(Katya exits stage right with a
Casual walk.)
Are they really playing choo-choo?
(Shrugging at audience) Kids. They say the darndest things.
(Lights fade out.)
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2023.06.09 02:33 StableHorde featured: inosuke from demon slayer but in a demon form

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2023.06.09 02:32 dmgn_myeyes2 Inosuke from Demon Slayer by dmgn_myeyes2

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2023.06.09 02:28 Mysterious-Art8270 Lightsaber combat

There are the different forms of combat in the SW universe, but could some of the breathing techniques from the Demon Slayer universe work?
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2023.06.09 02:05 ThisMood7648 Why I don't enjoy Demon Slayer

(Contains spoilers for season 2)
Alright, so let me start by saying that I haven't read the manga, and am at this point not finished with season 3 of the anime. However, since I highly doubt most things I'm gonna mention here will change in later seasons, I'm writing this anyways. What follows is my personal opinion, you may see things differently and I totally respect other opinions on this matter.
So first things first: This whole story feels like it's not sure how seriously it should take itself. In is too serious for a comedy, but way too rudiculous to be a serious drama like Attack on Titan for example. Every important and impactful scene is ruined by some pseudo-funny shit. On top of that, there are characters that are entirely built on being a lazy written comic relief. Let me give you an example: Tengen supposedly dies, this scene is meant to be sad. What follows is some stupid side character crying and screaming in a wanna-be funny way, making this whole scene a fucking joke (a bad one of that). Every fight has serious moments, which then proceed to be crushed by some unfitting comedy element.
Now add the fact that 2 of the 3 main characters are built around this lazy humor. Inosuke is a character with zero depth, his only uniqueness lays in the fact that he is constantly screaming and one of the stereotypical "I love fighting and brutality because writers were too lazy to give me some actual depth". Even when he does have a scene with some depth every once in a while, it is immediately destroyed by some pseudo-funny shit. Zenitsu, well... this character could have been written by any 5 year old, and way better on top of that. I'm not sure if this character is actually supposed to make me laugh when he is crying in every scene he is in, but that surely didn't work for me. Now some of you might want to mention that he is "so cool" once he gets his shit together every once in a season, but I beg to differ, cause there is once again zero depth to his character even in that state. He just becomes one flat edgelord with nothing interesting going on. Same thing as Inosuke, just a terribly lazy written character.
Now let's talk about Tanjiro. And well, what can I say... Tanjiro is one of those protagonists that were written to impress 6 year olds who like fighters for justice, but without any real personality behind it. He feels like the exact same character as Deku from MHA, who then again feels exactly the same as 1000 other characters. His story could have been interesting, because his origin could have layed ground for a tragic story like the one we see in Eren from AoT, but instead it's just a factor to start the story of the anime/manga.
Nezuko? Well this character doesn't even talk, and has yet again zero depth or real personality. How this character can receive so much hype relentless of the fact that she doesn't even talk or basically do anything besides fighting for 2 seconds is beyond me.
Then you have characters that may actually have potential. It's not a lot of them, but one who comes to mind is Rengoku. Even though he was only present in one season and he didn't have the best written origin of all time, but it was still deep enough to make the character more interesting than the rest.
But that was about the only praise I have, because now we'll move into the territory where things get really lazy: the demons. I mean, what could I even expect when the main antagonist is just some edgy vampire with zero motivation or relatable reasoning for anything, who might aswell just be straight out of Twilight? And still, every demon showing up is just yet another disappointment. So far, there was not a single demon who was given the honor of spending more than 2 brain cells when writing them. (Upper Rank 1 and Akaza may prove to be exceptions to that at a later point.) Every demon is evil for the sake of being evil, with the same wanna-be villain nonsense in every one of them. "Haha watch me kill those people, because I'm evil. I love torturing, because I'm really evil. You can't defeat me hero, because I'm evil. Haha you're so pathetic, I'm stronger than you, because I'm fucking evil." You get the point. To wrap it all up, the writers were generous enough to give some demons a lame excuse of a tragic backstory.
And the end of the day it definitely is my fault for expecting some decent writing, while this story's main purpose is probably just to go from one epic fight to another. That is also the only thing I really enjoyed in this Anime, 'cause the fights were mostly just on point. But still, having one good fight every season for the amount of terribly written dialogue and plot I have to go through every time, I might as well just watch all the fights on YT and stop watching the Anime.
Probably forgot a lot of things, but it is what it is. I hope some hardcore fans will read this peace and break down my arguments from their perspective, I'd love to make this a civilized discussion.
So long.
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2023.06.09 01:49 Saltinesleeve how scary are these 1-10

I am a huge scaredy cat and have a horrible time with anything scary, disturbing, dark, suspenseful, gory, creepy, etc. So as I'm getting into anime again, I've compiled a list of series that I'm thinking of starting but know very little about. I was hoping you guys could help me out and rate each show on how aaaaah it might be. I like to use Promised Neverland / Attack on Titan as examples of shows I just can't watch, so I guess they'd be my 10s. Hunter x Hunter has been okay for me, but some of the phantom troupe stuff was too much (pushing through though!). And 1s would be stuff like Haikyu I suppose. If you can add what you think is the grossest scariest worst moment from each one, that'll help me too (but no worries if spoilers are a worry)! And if it helps, I can watch One Piece, all Dragon Ball series, and Cowboy Bebop just fine (I just put Cowboy Bebop to understand the ratings better if that makes sense). Here's what I have for you guys to rate: - Black Clover - Bleach - Demon Slayer - Blue Lock - My Hero Academia - Neon Genesis: Evangeliom - Cowboy Bebop - Vinland Saga - Naruto - Death Note - Cyberpunk - Kuroko's Basketball - Sword Art Online (with the understanding that unreality stuff freaks me tf out, like matrix etc) - Fairy Tale
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2023.06.09 01:44 lutherwriteshorror My childhood dog showed back up to my house after 30 years [Part 3]

Last night I fled my house where my wife and mother had been possessed by some evil thing taking the shape of my childhood dog, Shadow.
After driving, stricken by terror, aimless and without hope, I reached out to my sister, Ellie. We’d never really been close, but I knew she’d gone no contact with the rest of the family years ago, so if I had any safe haven it was going to have to be her.
“I was wondering if I’d hear from you. Mom’s been blowing up my phone, left me at least a dozen messages in the last couple hours, and she knows I’m not about to listen to them.”
Honestly, I wasn’t sure where to start, “You know that dog we had, Shadow, who disappeared thirty years ago? He showed back up at my house.”
“What, a dog? We never had a dog,” she said.
I described Shadow to her, told her about how he used to go everywhere with us, showed her pictures on my phone. Nothing jogged her memory. She literally had no memory whatsoever of us ever having a dog, nor of my mom pining after our lost pet for years afterward. I worried, was this Shadow’s fault too? I’d already witnessed firsthand his ability to reach into my mind, would it be too much to assume he could erase someone’s memory of him entirely?
“You have to be kidding. Why don’t I remember him?” she asked.
I recounted what had happened in the two days since Shadow showed up, how strange my wife and our mother had been acting, Shadow’s obsession with my son, my general feeling of the house being unsafe, how our mother chased me out of the house with scissors while I was holding my infant son. I left out the supernatural for now. How could I expect her to believe that?
“Mom’s finally lost it, huh? You know the thing that really drove us apart was how vicous she could get while mocking my beliefs in the spiritual. Now she goes and turns into a true believer because of this dog? It’s hard to wrap my head around.”
While she listened to mom’s ranting voicemails I got settled in and set up a makeshift travel crib for my son. He slept in the car but when he woke up he was obviously cranky about it.
“She’s really something else about this dog, isnt’t she? She keeps saying you’d better return his son and that you can get your own. I get why you had to escape.”
She made me a coffee and I braved the walls of text my wife sent.
“Come back here honey. There’s nothing to be afraid of. I keep telling you Shadow is a good dog, if you feel like he was hostile to you, he was only trying to protect our son. If you don’t come home soon I’m calling the police. You can’t just take our son away from us. Shadow wouldn’t like that. He’s a good dog. Come back and he’ll forgive you. WTH IS HAPPENING DON’T COME HOME TAKE OUR SON FAR AWAY FROM HERE I’M SO SCARED PLEASE HELP ME HELP ME I CAN’T DO THIS HE’S GOING TO KILL US HE’S GOING TO KILL US ALL THERE’S A BLACK PIT WITH TEETH AT IT’S RIM AND IT’S SWALLOWING ME IT’S A BLACK PIT WITH BLOOD DRIPPING DOWN ITS SIDES I’M SO SCARED I’D RATHER DIE THAN LET HIM GET OUR SON I’M SO SCARED THERE’S A DEEP BLACK PIT WITH TEETH AT IT’S RIM AND IT GOES DOWN AND DOWN AND IT NEVER ENDS THAT’S WHERE I’M GOING HE’S NOT A DOG I’M SO SORRY I’M SO SORRY FOR EVERYTHING PLEASE HELP I CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE. Come back here honey. Shadow will forgive you. He’s forgiven all of us. Can’t you see that’s why he’s here? He wants to make our lives better. He’s going to make sure our son is safe. Nobody will ever hurt him.”
I had to help her. My wife. Trapped in some deep supernatural pit. I couldn't imagine her terror. My face went slack sitting there at my sister's house, reading the messages, my child fussing in the corner.
"Does mom want to marry that dog or something? Seriously this is bonkers," my sister said from the kitchen. "Hey, you still there?"
I was too caught in the dread of that wall of texts to respond. I felt like my soul had just been sucked out. I couldn't let her stay there. I couldn't let Shadow win this time.
"Yeah, I'm here. There's more than I told you." And so I told the story of exactly what had happened, how Shadow wasn't a dog but something else entirely, how he'd tried to take control of my mind. I showed her the texts from my wife.
Initially, I was sure she'd think I'd lost it too. She had to remember that I was the imaginative child, of course she'd think that I was making up another story to deal with the trauma of leaving my family.
But to her credit she just nodded, listening. “I’ve heard of things like this happening, but never so serious,” she said, the lines in her face deepening. I guess since we’ve been so distant, I’d never realized how much she’d grown as a person, how she had her own complete life that had changed her. That carefree, curious, and impulsive red-headed older sister of mine had grown up years ago, and I wondered what she saw in me — her petulant younger brother — did she read the life behind my wrinkles as well?
“I have some friends who might be able to help,” she said, hesitating. “Only, they’re odd. So just, be real with them, okay? They might seem a bit eccentric, but they’ll take this seriously. I promise. Dabbling with the occult takes a certain kind of person is all.”
That’s how I met Hawthorne and Taryn the next day. They came to my sister’s house the next morning. Hawthorne was a short, goth looking guy who wore all sorts of chains with symbols on them. Pensive and quiet, he described himself as a warlock of sorts. Taryn was dressed like a construction worker with Carhartt Overalls and a white shirt. Her every gesture emanated a strange intensity that made me think of a drill sergeant.
“Damn. Complicated case huh?” Hawthorne said, mostly to Taryn.
“Complicated? Nah, we take out the dog and whatever the hell this is will go about it’s merry way, won’t it?,” she opened and closed her hands, tensing every muscle.
“I’m not so sure,” Hawthorn turned the idea around in his head, “if it’s a standard demon maybe an exorcism. But this is some pretty nasty mind control for a demon, and why wouldn’t it take a human as a host?”
“Okay, we chop the head of the animal, it goes away?”
“I’m doubtful on that. So far we’ve seen evidence for three different manifestations of whatever this “Shadow,” is, so it’s difficult to ascertain which is the truth, or what lies behind all of it.”
“Three?” I asked.
“Yes,” Hawthorne said. “First is Shadow as the dog you’d always known him as. Second is the version of Shadow that you saw standing at your son’s crib. Third is this hole with the teeth lining its edges your wife detailed. That last part is the real riddle, because that’s what she’s seeing when she’s inside its grasp trying to break free.”
“So what do we do?” I asked.
“What we can’t do is wait. This thing is a malicious entity and it’s hungry for something. Showing up after thirty years, now exerting a great deal more influence, that’s a major move. If Shadow can’t get to your child he’s going to escalate the situation.”
“Tombstone?” Taryn asked.
“I’m afraid so,” Hawthorne shrugged.
“What does that mean?” I asked.
“Like Wyatt Earp and his brothers against the cowboys, we go in armed to the hip and tell him to throw down his weapons and disband, get out of town, that sort of thing.” Taryn almost seemed excited about it.
I thought of my wife stuck in some deep pit, screaming for help. I hoped this worked.
We arrived at my house an hour before sunset.
Taryn and Hawthorne had packed a full carload of supplies for the exorcism: holy water, crosses, bibles, holy books from other religions, a tub of salt, and a bunch of paraphernalia I couldn’t identify. I’d left my son in the care of my sister. If anything happened to me she said she would keep him safe.
The house looked so peaceful. Its blue trim gave way to white siding, the grass on the lawn only slightly untidy. Until today I’d never walked in with an ounce of fear, but today it took an unbelievable effort just to open the car door. And yet, from the outside nobody could guess that something sinister waited within.
My mother was sitting at the kitchen table when we came in.
“Good, you’ve brought friends. Shadow is very social. He’ll be pleased for the company,” she said.
We ignored her and went upstairs to find my wife and Shadow.
They were both sitting in my son’s room as if they were waiting for us.
“Shadow wants his son back, honey. Why don’t you just bring him to us?” my wife said in an eerie monotone. It sent a chill down my spine. That was her mouth, that was her voice box, but it wasn’t quite her voice.
Shadow didn’t move from where he sat, but gazed at Hawthorne and Taryn as if investigating every aspect of their appearance.
“None of that will help you, but you’re free to try. He won't stop you.” my wife said, laughing.
Hawthorne and Taryn stood there, motionless.
"Start the exorcism, while we have the chance!" I said.
My wife continued laughing. "Oh I think Shadow might have changed his mind." She turned to me, "Now you're going to push me down the stairs, as a little punishment."
I looked at her in horror. "No, not again," I said.
"Then maybe Shadow will kill your new friends here. How do you think he'll do it? Do you think it'll be quick? He could go for their throats. Or maybe he'll take his time? There's plenty of little arteries in the arms and legs he could bite into."
"I won't do it. We're going to stop you," I said.
She walked to the top of the stairs. “Come on. It’ll be fun. You can’t tell me everything has always been rosy for us. This is your chance to get back at me.” She paused. “You’re no fun. I guess I’ll just throw myself. Who knows, maybe my neck will snap. Shadow would have fun with that. Dogs like a good bone.”
I reached out and grabbed her, pulling her back right as she was about to do it.
“We have to go now!” I said.
I started pulling her toward the door and her head flew back and she began laughing in a voice that wasn’t her own at all.
“It’s not going to be that easy. Here’s a deal: bring the child and you can have your wife back. In the meanwhile, I’ll savor your friends.”
I turned to look at Hawthorne and Taryn. Shadow still had full control over them. What could I do? I couldn’t leave them.
Just then the glass jar of holy water in Taryn’s hand shattered and she snapped out of paralysis. “Run!” she yelled, dragging Hawthorne. I tried to grab my wife, but she continued laughing, unmoving as if her body weighed as much as the whole house.
“Please, please you have to break free from him. For one moment. I can’t do this without you,” I said.
Taryn grabbed my hand and she must have dragged me out, because I wasn’t going to abandon my wife to that monster again. Our son would be safe. It was her turn to be saved.
I don’t remember everything that happened in the next few minutes. I felt like a slab of rock. Somehow Hawthorne and Taryn got me out of the house and in the car and we drove back in the direction of my sister’s house.
What do I do now?
[Part 1]
[Part 2]
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2023.06.09 01:36 Tropicalmystery [iOS 17 DB1] Anyone else having issues adding live wallpapers to their phones?

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