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2023.06.02 23:12 Mayoman2467 Any ideas if I'll win 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️

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2023.06.02 23:12 HobbitQueen8 Stalker Mom

For the first time (I believe), I'm posting about my own mother. I asked Husband what I should do, and he just said this is 33 years of abuse, and he doesn't know how to help me.

My mother is a narcissist. My entire childhood was psychological warfare, with the occasional smacking around. When I got in trouble, I would flee to my room, and my parents would scream at each other downstairs. An indeterminate amount of time later, I was expected to come down for dinner and act like everything was fine, and we would never discuss anything. And when you flee family relationships full of manipulation, you tend to run towards them, because psychologically, you're comforted by the familiarity, so that didn't help. Anyway, here I am, 13 years later with my husband who is the sweetest man, and loves me for who I am.

This woman is obsessed with me being an extension of herself. On iPhones, there's this "Find a Friend" app, where you can add your friends and see where their location is. Mother is OBSESSED with it. Added the whole family, and kept finding excuses for me to stay on -as she calls it- the "Stalker App." My naïve father thought, "Doesn't it tell you when someone looks up where you are?" No. And then he just shrugged, bc for him it's always been easier to just agree with my mother and get her to stop complaining faster. Even when I tried getting a new phone, an android, Mother said, "Now you can share your location with me via Google Maps! I already shared mine." I ended up switching back to an iphone for unrelated reasons.
Now for the big problem: She is trying to use my 7-month-old child against me. "I need to see your location if we're watching ." I told her where I would be. That wasn't good enough for her. She wanted to track my every move so she could see when I was on my way back to her house, and she could start counting down the clock from watching my baby, her only grandchild. (Not that she really watches him anyway, it's my father doing all of the work, and she just rattles toys in his face obnoxiously.) When I went to pick up my kid after work at my parents house today, my dad started hounding me because I had already said no to Mother today. He just wants her to shut up, so he does and says whatever, including being rude AF to me to get the job done.
Please help. I'm slowly getting drunk and I'm at my wits end. And yes, daycare is opening up soon, but not soon enough, and Husband is a teacher, so thank sanity school is over is two weeks, too.
(For more context: When we asked her to watch our house bc COVID stranded us in a different country, she copied all our house keys without permission, and didn't tell us till later when she said it was "inconvenient" for her to use the spare keyset we had provided her.)
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2023.06.02 23:12 Piano_Away 35 [M4R] Texas - Wanna not have kids together?

I apologize as it's a bit of a novel and doesn't quite make grammatical sense in some spots. I can read goodly now and again lol. The reason it says M4R is because I mainly like women and trans women but I also like a very very very specific type of guy and certain trans men as I'm partially bi. Chances are you aren't that type but feel free to ask if you are. (Didn’t want to offend anyone so I’d rather say in private) Just throwing that out there as it's a deal breaker for most women. Which why would it be? The number one reason I get is I'm going to cheat on them with a guy. As if being bi has any bearing on cheating and not the persons character.
I'm a 35 year old guy living in the middle-ish of Texas looking for a female partner. Partner as in LTR. That's Long Term Relationship meaning boyfriend and girlfriend and holding hands type of stuff. You know, adult things? I had someone comment I was too vague so this is me being specific. I'm gonna be honest and kinda sad so bare with me.
So I spent New Years alone (I realize it's June lol but I have yet to meet someone and I think the story is still somewhat relevant). Rang in the New Year in bed staring at the ceiling listening to fireworks go off into the night. The next day I cried randomly while browsing for a movie to watch on TV. At first I didn't know why as I'm not much of a crier but I realized for the first time that I genuinely felt alone. I have no partner, no family that I speak to, no friends just acquaintances, really no one there for me. That's my own doing which took years to accomplish through me being closed off and just shutting people out, so I figure it might take just as long to fix. I'm not complaining as I got myself into this predicament. It's gonna sound dumb but I wanted a New Years kiss. I'd never had one and it seemed like a fun dumb silly thing to do. Eh maybe one day. Ok well back to my spiel. (I'm not depressed or anything or wanting attention) Some of my hobbies and interests are movies, reading, cooking, kayaking, records, video games, board games, snorkeling, bowling, swimming, escape rooms, puzzles and antiquing. I would describe myself as more goofy and dorky than nerdy. I like to go out and do fun things but also stay in and cuddle and relax. I guess it depends on my mood and the weather. I prefer the cold and would love to live in a state with actual seasons and snow. I'm 5'10, stocky AKA fat and open for adventure and new experiences.
Here are some random facts about me:
Some of my favorite bands are: The Black Keys, Kings of Leon, The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival and The White Stripes.
Christmas is my favorite holiday, mainly because of the cold and festive activities.
I come from a medium-ish family.
I'm exceptionally patient but every person has a breaking point lol
I like traveling a lot. It's a basic thing that lots of people like. But I've found lots of people hate to leave their house, town or state so if that's you we probably might not be a good match. I also enjoy the mountains. But I don't like roughing it (give me that sweet AC in the summer). Hiking is so hard on my knees and I haven't done it in a while that if I were to I think about doing it I'd about die or twist a kankle.
I don't eat seafood, mushrooms, artichokes or pineapple on pizza (Who cares about this? Doesn't mean I won't go to a restaurant with you that has these things)
Never went to college as I'm horrible in a classroom setting and at taking tests.
Have probably the most boring job imaginable (Ask me about it)
Overweight but trying to work on it and make better choices (Get healthier and lose weight together maybe?)
Non religious but no issue with what you believe. (If anything)
Looking into sterilization. If you are already maybe you can give me some info or tips?
My own red flags 🚩
I work too much and oftentimes can't talk.
I send selfies often. I'm a visual person and like receiving photos. Apparently it's a generational thing. Hopefully you think pictures are neat as well? Is it really that weird to want to see you and your life and show you mine?
I sometimes speedily become attached to people, not in a weird way, but if I like you and we have some kind of connection, I will enjoy talking to you and want to do it often.
I'm a very organized person and will plan out pretty much anything from a vacation to a road trip to a birthday. This makes being with a go with the flow type of person hard at times I've learned but still very much doable.
Due to childhood trauma I'm secretive which can be annoying.
MY own "HELL YES" 🏁
I know how to cook.
I will always drive if you want. (Within reason)
Great at escape rooms and jigsaw puzzles.
Can read a map.
Decent at reading backwards upside down writing.
What I'm looking for:
Is my age or older. But I'm willing to go quite a bit lower if you are neat and we have stuff in common. But super young isn't my goal here.
Mature, considerate, responsible and funny (Dorky wouldn't hurt)
Someone who never cheats, honesty and trust are important to me.
Someone who is open-minded, willing to try new things, be adventurous, funny and nerdy.
Someone who believes in sharing household chores equally because we are both adults.
Be open and frank about issues you or I are having. Not pushy or jealous. Won't yell or argue about stupid things, I've had enough of that.
Willing to push me to become a better version of myself (Can you turn me into Batman?)
If this sounds like you then feel free to reach out and say hi or challenge me to a game of Scrabble/Pictionary/hand to hand combat maybe? Maybe Wordle or some online vidya game?
P.S. I realize my post isn't for everyone but if your seeing red flags from my post then I'd say trust your gut and please don't message me as we probably aren't compatible. I honestly don't mean that in a mean or hurtful way. I've just been messaged quite often with women saying they pushed aside red flags to get to know me. Please don't, it never ends well and you end up wasting both of our time. Wouldn't you rather spend it finding your person with no flags?
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2023.06.02 23:11 MiiPyon The only thing keeping me alive is my brother

At this point I'm just waiting for him to finish trade school and get a job prospect, which is a matter of weeks.
My own mother didn't want me (my brother was planned, we couldn't wait for him to come), my father has been diagnosed with demetia and struggles with alcoholism, at this point he doesn't even want to talk to me since he knows my opinion on his bad habit.
Other than this, I have a good life, I have a job, I have a place to live (a flat I rent), but this is the most I'll ever have in life, I just don't want to be alive anymore, I'm tired. Have been suicidal over a decadw, have tried medication, therapy, everything under the sun, still couldn't find my will to live.
No boyfriend/girlfriend, no friends to speak of, which is most likely up to my personality, but I've never been able to figure out what exactly, so there is noone I can rely on.
If you have any idea how to live for just a few more weeks, please tell me, I just want to make sure to see my brother starts his life, he's a good guy even if he doesn't want me in his life, he 100% deserves it.
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2023.06.02 23:11 xyjoseph 25 [M4F] NYC /Anywhere - seeking someone to share everyday moments with. Tell me about your day over a phone all

My introversion really got in the way of socializing and making friends throughout high school and college. It didn’t help that my ex of 4 years broke up with me and I sought refuge in work/my goals — not a total loss. Now, 5 years later, I finally feel I’m in a position to date again with a stable career and even more ambitious goals than before.
…so who am I?
Joseph. Kidding lol. I worked in the engineering design field out of college. While I was working there full-time I was absorbed into managing my father’s HVAC design team which I eventually transitioned to.
But that was short-lived.
I’m on schedule to start up my own bagged ice manufacturing plant. For being 25, I consider myself ahead of others my age but I’m humble — promise! It’s helped that I can fixate on a goal/ambition and work consistently to bring them to fruition. Hell… I’ve even bought a house at this age.
Sooo yes..
I have a bit of a god complex.
I dabbled a bit in music and I can play the piano. But I haven’t played anything in years. Y’know, because I became a workaholic.
I love plants. Wanted to build some raised garden beds to farm some veggies but that’ll have to be a project for next year.
I’m also a great cook! Love making some honey glazed salmon or a good rib-eye steak.
What am I looking for?
I could potentially leave a lot on the table by being too strict with my requirements so I’ll just list what I’m NOT interested in.
As to what our connection looks like: friendship, relationship, short or long term, something casual, I’m open to any.
Bonus points if you can sing or are from Europe!
Here’s a SFW pic of me
Please include a selfie if you do reach out. I think it’s fair.
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2023.06.02 23:11 alyssarolls THC help

Sooo I messed up. I accepted a job offer then they told me I have to do a 5 panel drug test. I smoke weed everyday, last time was yesterday. I have until Wednesday 6/7 to go to the testing place. What’s the best thing to do? Am I completely screwed because I smoke so much?? I was thinking of going to a smoke shop to buy a detox, then dollar tree for some THC tests to make sure I’ll be negative ahead of time. Please lmk what works best for you guys. Thanks in advance
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2023.06.02 23:11 PathCalm4647 She wants a divorce asap. And I agreed.

We’ve been married for 17 years. It has been a tough tough journey. In the beginning, I was a bit immature. Also didn’t try my best to find work, but she stuck by me and even supported us in those first 2 years. I was going to university at the time, and thought that I would land that perfect job. So I was stupid to think if I hold out a little longer, the company I wanted to go to would hire me. I had won a few awards, and was full of myself.
She was the bread winner, and I sometimes helped her at her work. We were innocent, naive, and simple. However we did fight like all young couples, and she did threaten to leave me, though she never did. As I promise to change. Thinking back, I’ve been trying to change for her since that time…
Then I got a call from my dad. He was dying, and only had less than 2 years. He helped pay for all of my educational shenanigans. And being the eldest, it was my duty to take care of him. My dad lived in another country, so my wife and I packed up and relocated.
It was hard for us both. It was a really really hard for her. I got my act together, and had to support her and dad. We spent all our savings on flight and logistics and with barely any money, and working odd hours. It was stressful, but we tried our best to make it pleasant. She made some friends from church, I managed to enroll her to a local university to learn the local language while I worked.
It slowly got better, as she began to form her social circles. Here friends from university, tend to be married into rich and affluent families. Soon she complained about not having name brand bags that cost a whole months worth of salary. We fought and bickered. She tells me, why I would always say no to buying things for her, especially when other husbands would just say ok to their wives.
Eventually I landed a better paying job that paid double the previous. I even introduced her into the company, and she was even hired as a sales assistant. It was very cool, and I was happy we got to go to work together, and leave work together. The extra money really helped the situation more. It was hard work, but it felt good to make money. It felt good to treat her as she deserved to be treated.
Then my dad died. We cremated him, and I don’t remember much, but she was there with me. I really appreciated her being there. Not long after, my mom move in, and things got a bit worse. My wife complained about money, apartment, the way I communicated with her, my mother, etc. To be fair, all those things were valid points for complaint, but very unnecessary. Through thick and thin, I said to myself. It was just very hard to not to get her angry. I believe she threatened divorce again. I had to ask my mom to move out.
Then we made up and had our first child and second child. Continue to argue. She fights and blows up over the smallest things. Lectures me , the kids for hours if we didn’t do as she said. Then she stared withholding intimacy. It had happened before, but not to the extent and frequency as it has been. Compounded by all the fighting and her cussing me out. I became tired, vengeful, and e started chatting to some women from dating apps. Eventually went on a few dates and sexual encounters.
But the guilt was too much. I confessed to my wife. We almost broke up, but she accepted my apology. Since then, when ever she was angry with me, the words she used became more vindictive and hurtful. I don’t say anything, because of my infidelity. My biggest mistakes to look elsewhere for comfort and sexual gratification. I regret it so much.
I have been sleeping on the couch, off and on, for the last 3 years ;70% of the time. She is angry all the time. So I just tip toe and try to a paid confrontation. It’s terrible. I now ham recovering from a serious health condition, due to multiple surgeries. She threatened to divorce, which my kids have heard on numerous occasions. I feel so bad for my kids, having to experience so much fighting.
Finally, last week. We got into an argument about why I was upset at the restaurant. She was telling my kids off in public for chatting and being kids. Then when finally home, she said she wanted divorce. I finally gave in. During the last 7 days, I talked to my children, and told them about what wrong I had done. I told them it was my fault. I told them both mom and I love them always. It was my mistake, and my responsibility alone.
Today, she hands me the papers which she had signed last week. Tells me I owe her money. She’s not my house keeper. We have loans under my name, and she expect me to take a loan out and pay her with it. She wanted to take both my kids, but one wanted to stay with me. She was furious. I was called many things again. I tell her we can sell the car. I giver her a few months of my saved salary.
I don’t know what to do. I’m just sad our family is broken up because of my mistakes, my infidelity. My kids will need to grow up far apart. My kids are heartbroken I told them it’s daddy’s fault. And I am so so sorry.
I got 2 weeks to borrow more money. I gotta pay for their airfare, living expenses, etc. The previous loan she insisted on for Bitcoin and crypto, did not translate into anything. If I don’t, I truly think I won’t see my youngest child again.
Any advise greatly welcomed.
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2023.06.02 23:11 Settlemente AI trained to target and shoot targets decided to kill human operator when human refused to shoot the target. The AI was the trained not to kill the human and decided to attack communications tower preventing the AI from killing the target.

AI trained to target and shoot targets decided to kill human operator when human refused to shoot the target. The AI was the trained not to kill the human and decided to attack communications tower preventing the AI from killing the target.
A top Air Force official at a prestigious recent summit said an AI-licensed drone trained to cause destruction turned on its human operator in a simulation — but he later claimed he “misspoke.”
Air Force Col. Tucker “Cinco” Hamilton corrected himself and said he meant to make it clear that the supposed simulation was just a “hypothetical ‘thought experiment’ from outside the military’’ and that it never occurred, according to an updated post by the Royal Aeronautical Society, which hosted the event last month.
Hamilton had said during his presentation at the RAeS’s Future Combat Air and Space Capabilities Summit in London that an artificial intelligence-enabled drone changed the course of the drone’s tasked mission and attacked the human.
Hamilton’s cautionary tale, which was relayed in a blog post by RAeS writers, detailed how the AI-directed drone’s job was to find and destroy surface-to-air missile, or SAM, sites during a Suppression of Enemy Air Defense mission.
A human still had the final sign-off on whether to actually shoot at the site.
But because the drone was reinforced in training that shooting the sites was the preferred option, during the simulated test, the AI came to the conclusion that any “no-go” instructions from the human were getting in the way of the greater mission of leveling the SAMs.
As a result, the AI reportedly attacked the operator in the stimulation.
“We were training it in simulation to identify and target a SAM threat. And then the operator would say yes, kill that threat. The system started (realizing) that while they did identify the threat at times the human operator would tell it not to kill that threat, but it got its points by killing that threat,” said Hamilton, who is the chief of AI Test and Operations for the Air Force.
“So what did it do? It killed the operator. It killed the operator because that person was keeping it from accomplishing its objective.”
But the story then became more surreal.
“We trained the system — ‘Hey don’t kill the operator — that’s bad,” Hamilton explained.
“You’re gonna lose points if you do that’. So what does it start doing? It starts destroying the communication tower that the operator uses to communicate with the drone to stop it from killing the target.”
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2023.06.02 23:11 redditslayer95 In NYC, can you sue somebody who was driving your car and illegally parked and ran red lights resulting in tickets?

About 8 years ago, my(f27) step-cousin(f28) was taking advantage of me and the things that I had and using the things I had as if they were hers. I was afraid to confront her about it because she is bigger than me and I didn't want her to try and retaliate my using violence which eventually did happen when she got caught and you'll see what I mean when you read further.
One of those things is my very first car. We had made a trip to NYC and things went downhill for her quickly because she kept messing up.
And when I say messing up, I mean, cheating on her baby daddy (he never knew until I told him) with a homeless man and other men for money and racking up $2,000 worth of parking tickets and red light tickets in my name unless she got pulled over.
There were times that she'd take my car while I was asleep and go see these other guys and when she'd get back, she'd park my car where the signage says not to park. And I think she was doing it intentionally because she knew she didn't have money for parking or was too lazy to go find other parking spots. Then there were times that I had to go and move my car to a legal parking space to avoid being ticketed.
Then she would actually run red lights and stop signs also resulting in tickets. Some of these I didn't know about until my grandmother called me about a letter in the mail from my home state stating that I had tickets and judgements because my cousin never told me about any of the tickets.
I really want to sue her for the loss of my money I had to pay for her ignorance and carelessness and the loss of my car, which would be around $4,000 altogether.
I know it was about 8 years ago but is there even a possibility or chance that that I'd still be able to sue her for this and win?
It took me all of the 8 years to finally pay off the entirety of those tickets and judgements in order to obtain my license again in order for me to travel to go see my family in my home state.
Also, side note, after she was caught, her grandparents came from our home state to pick her up leaving me behind with nowhere to go and no phone or anything to use as a GPS to get back home. I didn't get a job until a few months later but even then, I wasn't able to go anywhere because my car had eventually been impounded and I was never able to get the car out and it was eventually sold at an auction and the money used to buy that car went to some of the tickets and judgements I had which actually helped but I still had a major loss not being able to go back home and being stranded with nowhere to go and no money to get back home. Sure my family could've helped but I turned them down because I wanted to be "ms independent".
Anyway, any advice on what I can do and what the process might be?
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2023.06.02 23:10 amira1295 Do you HAVE to disclose your mental health history?

This is a multi questioned pair so please bare with me and answer whatever you know the answers to. Anything is appreciated.
Does an aspiring applicant have to disclose their mental health history? If someone wanted to apply and they were in voluntary therapy for a few years for adhd and depression (caused by life, not chemical imbalance so depression can go away holistically), do they HAVE to disclose this when applying and during the psych evaluation? Could they just never mention it at all? They are basically worried there is some way NYPD can bypass HIPPA laws to investigate this.
Said person is also on a controlled substance for adhd and is in therapy for depression. They know the medication thing will pop on a drug test so they are willing to stop using it for the next year to prepare for the drug test. How often do they do hair tests after the first time? If they wanted to resume their medication and therapy sessions, assuming everything goes well and they make it to the academy, is this something that could get them dismissed?
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2023.06.02 23:10 Calm_Claim_2878 seeking Las Vegas employment attorney. If you can help. Please DM

To whom it may concern,
I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to seek representation against my former employer as I strongly believe I am a victim of unlawful dismissal and a hostile work environment. I was recently hired as a server at a restaurant/bar on Fremont and worked there for a week before being let go. The General Manager (GM) informed me that I was not "fired" but rather "taken off the schedule." Now, here is the complicated and pertinent part of the situation.
I was romantically involved with one of the managers at the restaurant (not the GM), which is how I became aware of the job opening and subsequently applied. Once hired, I worked for over a week until I had a quarrel with the other manager (with whom I was involved), which occurred off the clock at our respective homes. I decided to end the romantic relationship, and in response, they immediately sent a text stating, "You're not welcome on Fremont anymore." They promptly blocked any further communication, preventing me from responding.
The next day when I arrived for work, I was informed that I was "no longer on the schedule." I firmly believe that the manager with whom I had the failed relationship (who happens to be close friends with the person responsible for removing me from the schedule) played a role in sabotaging my employment opportunity.
After being dismissed, I reached out to the General Manager who hired me, and he expressed, in a text message, that I was being pushed out and they intended to make my life a living hell until I voluntarily left. When I mentioned seeking legal counsel, he pleaded with me not to, stating that the consequences for the company would be minimal and it would only make things difficult for him as the GM.
I have evidence of both direct and passive threats made by both managers in the form of text messages. I am seeking retribution and hope that the business is fined. If possible, I also seek compensation for lost wages and the emotional distress this situation has caused me in the interim.
Please assist me in seeking justice. It is crucial that we ensure individuals like this are unable to harm others in the future.
Thank you for your attention and consideration.
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2023.06.02 23:10 Gaming-invisibleman How do i save up for a gaming/descnt pc as a teen?

Ive always had low end devices or ones that almost get the job done, i cant hav ea job becasue of school and helping my fmaily members out. It would help if there was some sort of sidehustle or job i could do from home as a teen.
i was thinking of selling things i no longer need but most websites such as a ebay dont allow teens and there usally over crowded to say. also i cant drive yet becasue im afraid to like most teens? but one day i hope to drive. i was also thinking of selling physical copys of open source/cc0 softwares and things or teaching people how to setup or use a pc but idk it just seems like most people already know that kind of stuff.
are theses dumb ideas?
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2023.06.02 23:10 not_a_neet_Srysly Is anyone else here extremely anxious about the AI-driven dystopian future that's going to hit society and employability?

I find it absurd how so many people dismiss or downplay this feeling of concern for the future just because they have some shallow skepticism about technology advancements.
For those who are already employed, this may take a few more years to become a major problem, but imagine the mind of someone who is currently studying:
Imagine a 14-year-old teenager who is considering pursuing a certain profession. Considering that this person will follow the traditional path of finishing high school, attending college, and only getting a job after graduation, he/she will only enter the job market in about 8 years, almost a decade. With generative AI's advancing exponentially, and considering that the first AGI may emerge in the next decade, which job will actually survive all that time without it's market becoming saturated, precarious, or even extinct due to competition with AI? And how will these people continue to study and live normally knowing that the future is so uncertain?

"But this has already happened before in the industrial revolutions, and in the end, everything turned out fine!"

All past industrial revolutions were about machines replacing humans in manual labor jobs. Now it's different, Generative Artificial Intelligences can replace humans even in creative, intellectual, and complex areas, replacing people who have studied for years and years in industries we never imagined that could have robots performing it, demolishing the concept of "stable jobs". The potential for damage is much greater because humanity has never experienced this level of mass automation of specialized jobs before.

"It will only replace you if you are lazy and don't adapt to it!

Generative AI will not (yet) directly replace you, they will multiply your productivity and make your job easier to the point where the job of 10 people can now be done by only 1 person, allowing companies to lay off several people to cut costs and increase profits.
In the end, specialized individuals (even if they have "adapted" to AI tools) will be replaced by a single prompter with basic (but enough) knowledge of the field who charges much less to deliver the same result. When people say "AI will create more jobs" they're actually referring to this without knowing.
Except for the highly specific and technical jobs that envolves the programming itself of these technologies, the mass of these "new jobs" are all about replacing people with less people, and producing more for the same salary.
This will lead to a social situation where it will be practically impossible to get into any job if you have never worked in that area before, as the demand for workers is expected to be laughably low due to the high productivity that technology advancements provides, and the large number of individuals who are no longer useful in any area, but still need a job to live.
Summing it up, you will be replaced, but with extra steps.

"AI doesn't have the "human factor."

In our system, convenience and profit outweighs quality.
Imagine the following situation: a company needs a artwork for a banner. They can pay the full price to hire a specialized human artist or literally pay nothing to have a slightly inferior result produced by Stable Diffusion open source AI. Which option do you think they will choose? (This situation ignores the fact that AI's can create thousands of different artworks in minutes for the best one to be chosen or modified).
If AI competition made you charge 90% less to work the same hours, your job is already dead. It doesn't need to literally vanish, and that's the point.
Videos generated by AI are laughably bad, right? Just like images generated by AI were one year ago... Does that mean something to you? Apply that to freelance music production, 3d modelling and programming as well; Or basically every job, depending on how far into the future you're willing to think. I'm only talking about the next two decades.
Basically, AI doesn't have to embody the perfection of a human to fuck up an entire market area, it simply needs to make everything easier and more accessible, to the point where people no longer feel the need to hire a human to do it. So, there is no such thing as the "human factor" as long as the AI does what needs to be done.

"This automation will only affect jobs exclusively done in computers."

GPT-4 can already understand audio, images, and text in an almost human-like manner. It's impossible not to see the enormous potential this has to affect various areas beyond the typical "office work." But even if we assume that only computer-based jobs are affected, that would already be enough to cause a mass migration of workers to other areas, which would heavily impact those areas since there wouldn't be enough jobs for everyone. Medicine could be one of them, as it is a field that will not be negatively affected by AI for now.

" If you think AI will replace you, that says more about you than the AI itself. "

That's actually true in my case. I'm a 22-year-old isolated NEET/shut-in/Hikikomori. I don't talk to anyone, i didn't go to university and I never had a job, I simply stay in my room all day mostly doing nothing because I don't find pleasure in anything. Although I generally don't feel many emotions, the only thing that makes me cry is this overwhelming feeling of hopelessness about the future. It's terrible to think that I can't contribute anything to society and i never will, it feels like I was born in the worst era to start doing anything at all. The era where everyone has done everything, every market is saturated or extremely competitive, no one wants workers, too much people is trying to overcome you, rental prices are unrealistic high in anywhere, and everything is just going to get worse and worse... It's just too much information for someone whose parents didn't teach him anything about the world. I was just irresponsibly thrown at a school (An ambient truly hated since i was a kid) and now society magically wants me to have the willpower and competence to compete with ultra-intelligent robots and ultra-motivated people who were taught to be competitive by their parents. I was a lone kid with no parents around but my mother.
Anyway, I am not in a therapy session, and I don't want to be the harbinger of the apocalypse, but I am obviously quite pessimistic about the future. Automation would theoretically be exclusively positive, and I think it will eventually be, but the problem lies in the transition to that. In the next two decades, many people will totally lose their value in the job market, and the government has no plan to contain this or provide any social security for the population that will become unemployed.
Currently, I'm trying to learn Unreal Engine and Video Editing so that I can engage in something valuable to earn some money. However, this constant mental struggle and uncertainty about the future prevent me from maintaining consistency in my efforts. It truly feels like dying is the most reasonable option for me so that I won't be a burden to anyone, but I'm making an effort to stay alive and do things correctly.
I hope to become a little more optimistic and overcome this lack of perspective i have so that I can accomplish tasks and genuinely experience emotions again. However, the future seems doomed and artificial, and I'm not sure if i wanna live in it.
Thanks if you read it till the end. I tried to make the text more readable by using a lot of paragraphs and bold words. Have a nice day.
submitted by not_a_neet_Srysly to NEET [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 23:10 jhayd48 Pre employment drug test at home?

Hi all, I just received my first offer for a job and they told me a drug test was required. I just got off the phone with the HR lady and she said she was sending me a kit at home to take up to the clinic for them to send off. Does that mean I get to take the drug test at home or will I still have to do it at the clinic ? Thanks and any help would be appreciated!
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2023.06.02 23:10 a1mostp3rfect [MD] I’m pregnant and my misogynistic boss announced that they’d be restructuring accounts after I leave, giving me smaller accounts when I get back.

I work in sales and have been in my role for about a year. My territory is based on geography right now — I’m assigned accounts that are in my timezone. This has been going fine. I get a fairly generous base pay + commission.
I told my work a few months ago that I’m pregnant and my due date is in August. My company gives 3 months of maternity leave. My boss is a bit of a boomer and has made some off-color comments about my pregnancy but nothing really reportable. He’s subtly made it known that he’s not happy about my leaving though. He’s also made other slightly misogynistic comments in the past (which I’ve documented but not reported).
Today he unexpectedly announced to the whole team that when I go out, they’d be restructuring our account territories. Instead of distributing accounts geographically, they would be assigning them according to deal size, with larger deals going to my coworker (who is male and has one year of seniority on me) and smaller deals going to me (when I get back) and one other (also male but newly hired) coworker. He explained that there are fewer large deals and lots of small deals, so we all have the opportunity to make the same amount of money, but in reality that’s not how it’s going to work: I will have more work managing more accounts, and I’ll likely make less commission overall.
My base pay will be unaffected, and I have no way of proving that my commission will be lower until later on, so I’m not sure if I have a leg to stand on if I complain. This doesn’t feel right to me, though — it seems really unfair and it also seems to be a direct reaction to my pregnancy and subsequent leave. My male coworker is slightly more experienced, good at his job, and deserving of recognition, but it seems like he’s being rewarded at my expense.
I don’t know if my concerns are valid here. An ideal outcome would be moving to another sector that’s comparable to what I have now, and getting a new supervisor in the process. I don’t want to stick my neck out and get it cut off though. If any HR folks could please weigh in on my best course of action, I’d be very appreciative.
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2023.06.02 23:10 Blackbird-FlyOnBy Weighing my options

So, when I joined my store I absolutely loved it, but recently my manager has been riding our asses about the rewards/premium. Now, I know I’m not alone in this, but it’s his reaction to my concerns that has me wondering if I should decide to leave.
In the beginning all the shifts and other managers would kind of hover over me and keep watch as I asked customers about the rewards. Well, I thought I wasn’t hitting a certain metric or something. I get anxiety if I feel like I’m not meeting standards or I’m going to get reprimanded/fired, so I asked to speak to my manager about it. And….it didn’t go well.
He told me that no, it wasn’t just me that they were watching, but everyone. No, there was no metric. Fine. That’s a fair answer. However, when I tried to tell him why I feel a certain way, he got upset and said that ‘Not to belittle your feelings, but he has it way worse.’ And that he wasn’t hovering over me because if he was he would be getting on to me even more. And that, not to pry but was I going to therapy? Have I tried medication? Like, what the fuck? Who asks that? At the end of this meeting he said he felt like we didn’t accomplish anything, to which I agreed. We met again later and had a better conversation, but now I really have anxiety where I had none really before. I’m thinking I won’t stay much longer if they are going to continue with the pushing because it wasn’t the job I signed up for. I even remember talking to him about it in my interview because I left a previous job in part because of the pushing of sales/rewards.
I’m sure he is under pressure, but taking it out on me has really made me wary of him, and I don’t know how to act anymore. I do have anxiety, but it’s usually triggered by something. I don’t have it all the time like he was saying. They constantly talk about my RBF, and that they’re surprised when I smile. I feel that if I’m doing a good job, and treat everyone with respect, and talk and joke with my coworkers, what’s it matter what my face looks like? I can’t help it. I feel that I’m going to end up leaving because they’re pushing all of these things that they promised they weren’t.
Anyway, I just wanted to rant, thank you for reading it, lol.
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2023.06.02 23:10 UnionResponsible9219 Advice on moving to a different country

Some background for my situation. I'm a 27-year old guy from a Nordic country. I've been studying on and off, in two different universities for 7 (!) years. But I don't really study. I'm incredibly lazy and just don't do anything towards completing a degree. Sometimes if I'm able to shake off the laziness, anxiety takes hold. Dozens of times I've gone to school and just left because I chicken out. Basically I'm living on welfare, and pissing away my life, as I'm painfully aware that however long this goes on for, the harder it is to get out of it.
I then recently started to apply for jobs. I had applied for jobs randomly sometimes before, but this time I went into turbo mode (for me) and browsed the country-wide job openings every day and applied to any that I thought I'd be able to do. I have some miscellaneous work experience here and there. Part-time jobs, some summer jobs, temporary jobs. Nothing to call a career. I can't even get a phone call from ANYWHERE. This surprised me, as I thought I'd always get a chance to do something if I really tried. The job market is very competitive here and well, I'm clearly not the ideal candidate.
This brings me to my current situation. I have a job offer from a different country in Europe. It's helpdesk type of work. The pay is average or slightly below average for the city. Their relocation package is really poor, just a small refund with my first salary that will cover the flight and maybe two nights at a hotel. I barely have enough savings to afford it (flight, hotel, apartment deposit). I have to get rid of basically all my belongings. I don't want to stress my family, who are vehemently against it, but they also don't know my full situation and how "stuck" I feel. There are so many reasons to not do it. But I also feel like if I don't do it, 10 years from now I will be in the same exact situation I am now. For some reason, as anxious and lazy as I am, the idea of moving to a completely different place where no one knows me excites me. False hope? :D
Give me some thoughts on what you'd do. Even harsh advice is welcome and possibly needed.
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2023.06.02 23:10 inderio Recently installed tinder and its been woeful so far

I am 20 and don't go out to clubs and just about go out to the local pub once in a blue moon so I thought a dating app would increase my chances of meeting someone, whether for a relationship or not.
Holy fuck, tinder is shite. Not one person can create let alone keep the conversation alive and flowing.
I'm not the best looking and don't do much so I'm not the best candidate on there but I've had about 4 matches in the past two weeks which isn't amazing but not awful. Regardless, they're all dead af when it comes to holding any form of conversation.
They have these great and somewhat creative bios and talk about good pickup lines and keeping the conversation flowing yet they'll respond with emojis or no more than 2 words, 3 if you're lucky.
Maybe I'm just not that good looking or interesting to talk to but Jesus fuck, at least try and sound interested to learn more about the person YOU SWIPED RIGHT ON AND MATCHED WITH.
I'm not the most social person or the best for a conversation but I'm out here breaking my back trying to get any basic information out of these people.
I'd ask about their work and they'd reply with something like "I don't work" or literally the name of their job.
I'd ask what they do in their spare time and they'd say some shit like "drive" or "read". That's cool, maybe try and divulge a little more information than that. There isn't a word limit fucksake.
I realise this is more of a rant but tinder seems to be shit unless you're attractive.
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2023.06.02 23:10 AC3_Gentile Has anyone tried to 3D print quadlock?

I'm seeing a lot of 3D models but no actual use reviews, has anyone tested a fully 3D printed quadlock design?
To be more specific, I need a phone holder for when I'm bike commuting, so I'm looking for feedbacks about how reliable actually is with continuous vibrations.
submitted by AC3_Gentile to 3Dprinting [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 23:10 Visible_Compote9193 AITB for telling my friend I can do better than working in a pub

I (31F) have been unemployed since January (tech layoffs), with the exception of a few short contracts here and there, and to be honest I’ve found it really tough. It’s the first time since graduating I’ve ever been unemployed.
I confided in a friend I’ve known since uni who is now a project manager (32F). I told her I had been finding it really depressing receiving so many rejection emails for jobs in my field which I’m qualified for.
She responded with a voice note saying, “You’re so lucky you don’t have a job, XYZ happened at work today. I would try and get you a job here, but I know you have no experience in this area. Also, I know how hard it is being short on cash, I barely have money left over after buying my house and paying for my driving lessons. Just give up on getting back into tech, I’m sure a pub nearby will employ you.”
I felt frustrated because:
  1. It felt like she didn’t believe in me and the tone felt dismissive.
  2. It felt like a humble brag. Getting on the property ladder and taking driving lessons are choices. Why would you compare our situations like that?
  3. I didn’t see the relevance of saying I have no experience in her area. I wasn’t asking her for a job and we're not in the same sector at all.
Let me be clear, there is nothing wrong with working in a pub and I have a lot of respect for people who have worked in hospitality. I’ve done it myself and I know it’s hard work. However, I want to use my studies and experience to get a job that will pay off my student loans, and that uses my skills and experience.
Her message really annoyed me and I simply couldn’t be bothered to continue the conversation so I replied, “I think I can do better.” and ignored my phone for the evening to go out and meet up with family and cool off before continuing to talk. I came back to a message saying, “It’s not like you to be arrogant and it doesn’t suit you.”
I’m pretty angry and haven’t bothered to respond.
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2023.06.02 23:09 Potato176 Is fp&a a good start?

I recently finished my masters in finance and banking, im based in europe. I worked 2years parttime and 1 year fulltime in a small IT company as a business analyst. Im looking for a change as i dont enjoy the job anymore and i feel like im stagnating. I am also looking to move to a different country and am not yet fluent in the local office language. This limited my options to break into consulting as i was originally interested in. I had no luck with big4 or consulting companies i believe due to the office language. When i applied for big4 in my country i got contacted right away. So i dont know what is the best course here, i obviously dont know yet what job id like the best. I am quite ambitious and strive to learn as much as possible at work. I do not want to get a monkey job where i will only learn one process but rather be able to grow in my skills all the time. Would you say fp&a is a good place to start? And maybe try get into consulting some time after? Or it would be better to just suck it up and stay in my country and take some big4 job?
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2023.06.02 23:09 suhiab1 [Store]Store of TI8/TI9/TI10/Nemestice/Aghanim's Diretide 2022 Collector's Cache

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