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This sub exists to clear the name of Scar, the Uniter of Great Predators, Enemy of Apartheid, and Nobelist of the Lion Kings. We seek to discredit the propaganda that has blighted his memory and promote the ethics that justified his coup and rule. We ban all Hyenlacast deniers!!

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How Does BioRestore Complete Work?
BioRestore Complete works using a Taiwanese skin care serum. The formula was developed using a blend of tea extracts, natural antioxidants, vitamin C, and other ingredients.
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2023.05.30 13:20 itsallalittleblurry Deliverance

You hadn’t seen it coming that time. You’d turned your back and started to walk away, thinking the thing was done. The time you misjudged someone.
Then you heard something behind you, and realized just how badly you’d just fucked up. You spin to face it, but too late. The blow catches you between the eyes. It opens a cut there that you’ll still have the scar from decades later. Over time it will no longer be a vertical, thin white thread. Will fade so that it’s not very noticeable unless upon closer inspection, but you still finger the slight raised ridge of it from time to time, and remember.
He’d been wearing a heavy ring; what had cut you, so that the blood was already starting to flow. You’d realized later that it was the same scar your dad had had, in the exact same spot, and acquired in exactly the same way. That guy had been wearing a heavy ring, too. You’d always known or suspected that you were more like the man you’d come to hate than you wanted to freely admit to yourself, and that was one of the things that angered you the most.
The blow stuns and surprises you, rocks you back. You put a foot behind you to steady yourself. Noone’s ever knocked you down, and you take youthful, arrogant pride in that, even as your thoughts are muddled and confused. For you’ve been hit this hard only once before, and the effect is the same.
You’re not thinking clearly, and your vision is blurred. Your thoughts are slow, confused, your mind not working right. You shake your head to try to clear it, and you’re slow to react, even as you’re beginning to. And it’s over even as it’s just begun.
You hadn’t gone down that other time, either. But in time to come, you would. Everybody did, sooner or later. That time you’d find yourself coming back to yourself, on one knee on the floor, hands braced on it to keep you from falling over. Not remembering how you’d gotten there. One side of your face a throbbing, stinging pain.
When you were starting to not like it anymore.
But you used to. Not as much the thing itself as the peaceful feeling after. When for a little while, the anger you woke up with and that sometimes troubled even your sleep would go away, and you could rest a little. The calm afterward.
It had been over not much of anything another time. An insult that you could easily have let pass, but you hadn’t wanted to.
And you were surprised that time, too, when one of them suddenly ducked down and grabbed you behind the knees and lower legs and heaved upward, flipping you onto your back. A practiced move, you realized, and a good one, even as you were falling. You hadn’t been expecting it, and hadn’t reacted in time.
Get you on the ground, where you could really get hurt. You didn’t want to be on the ground. Not as easy to defend yourself. You couldn’t move now, and had fewer options. But there were still things you could do.
He’d part over-balanced, and part tried to ride you down. And he’d screwed up. You had him in a good neck lock now that he couldn’t break, even though he was trying to. And you were working on his face, trying to hurt him as much as you could. Over and over, as fast and hard as you could.
His friend dove in to try to pin your legs. Another good move. You’d have even fewer options then. You bend your knee, and time it just right. The heel of your foot catches him square in the face hard enough to flip him backward onto his back. But he immediately comes in again. Good man! And meets the same result. And a third time, before he gives that up.
He and the other one are now working you over with feet, knees, and fists. They can’t get to your ribs on one side because of the hold you have on their partner. And you haven’t stopped working on his face.
But you’re taking shots on the other side.
You have your face turned away and kind of tucked into the side of his head to protect it, but the back and top of your head are exposed, and are taking a beating. But you really don’t feel anything but alive, and relieved. You’re not angry anymore; or less and less as the moments pass. You’re enjoying this.
It’s quickly over. They usually were. They’re off of you now. It’s done and finished. They’re on their feet now, but so are you. Some distance between you now. But you all know it’s the end of it.
You feel a familiar tickle of wetness, warm, and at the same time cool, where the air hits it. You put your hand to your scalp, and then look at the blood on your fingers. Why were you always getting hit in the head?
But you’ve hurt them, too. Which was the point. And you smile. You’d needed this. Already you feel the calm descending. The peacefulness growing stronger. The anger is gone, and you know that now you’ll have a short reprieve from the things that drive you. The voices will go quiet for a while, and you’ll be able to sleep without dreaming. You can get some rest. It lasted for days that time.
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I'm married and we are ENM, date separately. I'm looking for a friend and an activity partner that may or may not become romantic. I travel often, both weekend trips and longer trips. Ask me about my recent ones! I enjoy a really eclectic range of things, but I would ideally like to meet someone interested in things like hiking, maybe kayaking, road trips, or traveling together, etc. Looking for friends first, but with the openness of growing into romance.
Here's some random shit I enjoy
Taking pictures of scenic ass shit (why travel if I can't make my friends jealous)
Historic sites/ruins/abandoned places
Hot springs
Thunder storms
Flavored seltzers
Things you like-
Listening to weirdos ramble ?
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Here I am at the expensive out of town hotel that I couldn't even sleep at because of the colonoscopy prep drink and raging hemorrhoids that started getting terrible the day before. The nausea and diarrhea I can tolerate, but these reoccurring hemorrhoids have been a bane in my existence. All I can do is grit my teeth and pace the room back and forth until my back and feet hurt to distract me from the pain and discomfort. My 1st colonoscopy 2 years ago failed to diagnose me with anything despite images of ulcer scars and blood spots. If I don't get diagnosed properly this morning and put on some medication that could potentially relieve some of this, idk how I'm going to take another year enduring the pain. I can't function, and I'm literally bankrupt living with my brother as I waited 2 years from SSD to be denied... this disease has taken my life and replaced it with pain and suffering. Please wish me luck this morning, I really need some hopeful news.
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2023.05.30 13:16 Downtown-Cap210 What to expect with the Derma roller and thread lift?

After rolling, the skin may:
Be red for several hours, some of the timeless
Feel like a sun-related burn
Expand at first (extremely minor)
Feel like your face is beating and the blood is circling
Less normally, takes a chance with include
Dull or light spots on the skin
Lines on the face (“cable car track” scarring)
Mouth blister discharge up
Enlarged lymph hubs
Individuals frequently botch the minor enlarging they experience for the blue phenomenon, however, the plumping impact you see at first will die down within a couple of days. In any case, as referenced prior, continued rolling has super-durable outcomes!
There will be some minor erythema (redness) for around 2 or 3 days, and the skin could begin stripping. If this happens, do whatever it takes not to pick at it! The stripping will tumble off normally over the long haul.
Hardened steel versus titanium derma rollers
Dermaroller treatment in Bangalore accompanies either hardened steel or titanium needles. Titanium is more solid since it’s a more grounded combination than tempered steel. This implies the needles will endure longer and the sharpness will not dull as fast.
In any case, tempered steel is innately more sterile. It’s additionally keener and dulls all the more rapidly. Treated steel is what clinical experts, tattoo craftsmen, and acupuncturists use.
In any case, in every practical sense, the two kinds will finish similar work.
Dermarollers can be viewed on the web. You don’t have to overcomplicate things and get a costly one. The less expensive ones will turn out great.
A few organizations likewise offer all-inclusive bundles, offering both roller and serums, even though their items might be pricier than buying everything independently.
What’s in store after a thread lift in Bangalore
Recuperation after an effective thread lift is very negligible. While there might be some noticeable expansion and swelling, you can return to work immediately assuming that you’d like.
Results ought to be evident just after the strings are established, yet you might see more in the long periods just after they are embedded, as enlarging and swelling begin to die down.
Results from a thread lift aren’t intended to be extremely durable. Fruitful impacts ordinarily last from 1 to 3 years. Like other dissolvable dermal fillers, for example, Botox, the strings utilized in the method will ultimately be consumed by the tissue under your skin.
After a thread lifts, you can continue your typical daily practice. Your supplier might prompt you not to rub your face energetically and to try not to rest on your side in the underlying weeks following the system.
The American Culture of Plastic Specialists prompts that you skirt your day-to-day cream for the initial not many weeks after a thread lift, and lay down with your headset up to try not to turn over onto the recently positioned stitches.
You’ll likewise be encouraged to keep away from saunas and extreme focus exercises for the main week or so after the thread lift is performed.
Planning for a thread lift
After talking with your supplier and booking your arrangement, you might be given a few rules for do’s and don’ts to get ready for your thread lift in Bangalore.
Illuminate your PCP regarding any meds you’re utilizing preceding your technique
Attempt to unwind and stay away from stressors the night before your arrangement
Avoid any realized irritation triggers in your eating routine
Drink liquor the night before a thread lift
Take blood-diminishing prescription or nonsteroidal calming drugs (NSAIDs, for example, ibuprofen, multi-week before your thread lift
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2023.05.30 13:13 Ambitious-Total8034 How soon did you tell your SO?

Hi im in a relationship (for the first time ever) and though it's the beginning I'm already struggling with it all, I wonder if I should tell him about my bpd and other mental health issues. He's seen my sh scars and knows I have anxiety but that's it. I kinda want to tell him in person but I wonder if it's too early. We started texting 9ish days ago and we've met twice (yes ik it's early) but I really really like him... I don't want to mess it up.
Also I've told him something extremely personal about myself, that most ppl would judge me for, and he hasn't left yet so... Fingers crossed I guess
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2023.05.30 13:10 resurrective Chapter 18 - The toxic grace

It only took a moment. By the time Keyaruga opened his eyes… Or, well, what felt like an awakening, either way, he found himself in a realm of endless light. As dazzling as it might’ve looked, it never blinded the man… nor all of his companions, standing in this luminous wasteland.
“Girls! Girls, are you alright?!” The red-eyed lad dashed toward the four of them, trying to give them a warm hug, while the golden egg rested nearby.
“Uh-huh.” Setsuna happily accepted his embrace, and, being the first to reply, she wanted to share her experience, to tell everyone about everything she’d been through, but alas, only she alone could properly pass this trial by redeeming herself in the face of her fallen brethren. Sadly, everyone else was a lot less eager to drop their guard.
“Oh, look, I think that’s over.” Ellen noticed, addressing her sister, who still held her staff in preparation to break into that last remaining dome. But no, everything had come to an end… Now, they only needed to face Caladrius.
“I don’t think we’re ready. We… never could’ve received their forgiveness fairly…” The world-breaking sorceress lamented, slamming her staff into the floor, just so she wouldn’t collapse. Of course, the Hero of Healing came to her rescue, but she just forced herself to stand still. “T-thanks… But… I’m not the one, who needs you the most right now.” The elder princess spoke, pointing to Eve. She stood a few steps away from them, staring into the void.
“Fucking pigeon, I knew we shouldn’t have come here…” The fallen warlady uttered, looking at the queen-to-be, who seemed absolutely lost to the world. No tears had yet been spilled from her crimson eyes; no concerns to those around her were given either.
“How are you, Eve?” The man asked, trying to get closer to his companion, but she merely took a step away from him.
These words still resounded in his head, tormenting the lad more than any sort of torture could, and seeing Eve shying away from him, filled his heart with so much sorrow, that he barely held his breath still. He had to… Otherwise, he’d certainly cry.
“It’s alright… I’ve met Yuel, Mero, and Naala… It’s alright, I’ve met… Naala, and… I’ve met… M… Mero…” When the girl finally opened her mouth, she started blabbering the same thing over and over again. Whatever she had to suffer through, it left a great scar in her mind… “M-mom… Dad… W-why?.. Why did you-?..” And finally, she broke. Tears started flowing from her painfully swollen eyes, and the girl finally collapsed on her knees. “Ugh… Uh… UA-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A!!!” And just like that, a loud wail thundered around this quiet space of endless light, the substance that just formed a tunnel made of mystical illumination. A safe passage to the outside world, certainly.
But no, nobody would go anywhere just yet, not until Eve Reese calms down at least. All that the others could do was to wait. Wait and be there for her.

A warm sun, a breeze of wind, fresh air under a blue sky – one never misses those things, until they’re devoid of them entirely. Either way, now that the party left that accursed realm, they found themselves at the same valley from which Caladrius sent them on to the trial.
“…” They were silent, all of them, starting with Keyaruga, now carrying the gilded egg on his back again. He was still trying to get over what he saw. Even if Anna indeed forgave him, and had not just gone mad over what kind of ruthless beast her ward became, her words would never leave his mind.
“Easy now.” Setsuna spoke, supporting Eve, as she barely moved her legs. Ellen walked nearby, still unsure what she should do with Organ’s plea. Both she and her sister heard it, but neither could face the man with that. Not now, not when the hero, even though he remained calm and collected, somehow looked even worse than his broken queen.
“Caladrius.” The sorceress spoke, stopping before the massive ten-meter tall bird. Weirdly enough, the group only noticed her when they were just four meters away from her massive feathered body, her torso was covered with a golden cuirass, painted in purple, along with the beak-plate which served the harbinger of plague as a crown. All of them ultimately aligned their sights with her four eyes. The wisdom of ages was reflected there, but alas, it was overshadowed by what can only be called ultimate arrogance.
“There you are little ones.” The divine bird spoke, lowering her head just enough, so that humans wouldn’t have to look up all the time. Still, even that gesture wasn’t enough for Freia to drop her weapon.
“Et aperire caelum elementa multa…” The sorceress began chanting her ultimate spell. This time, she wouldn’t take any chances. After what she’d done to Eve, this creature had to die! Or else…
“Don’t… do this.” Well, that turn of event wouldn’t please the goddess. And such, the kokuyoku scion broke out from Setsuna’s embrace just to stand between the caster and her living idol.
“Have we passed?” Keyaruga, asked, standing besides the black-winged prodigy. After all, the further development would depend on their result on this test. Or, rather, how the host reacts.
“You sure did. Your methods were… unorthodox, to say the least.” Caladrius replied, giving each of the party a deep scrutinizing look. Her doubled eyes were fixated on Keyaruga, especially. “You, shapeshifted children, I sense a great darkness in you three. And yet, none of you should fear me anymore.” She said with that middle-aged womanly voice of hers, urging Freia to lower her staff already. “No matter, you merely had to prove to me your endurance, erudition, and the power of your will to become worthy of my grace. I care little for how exactly you survived under my plague, and what you said to placate those who came for you. I am actually rather delighted to see such a contrarian attitude with which you passed my test.”
“You fucking should be!” Ellen snarled, ragingly pressing her finger against the shielded beak. “Your trials were impassable for everyone besides us! You knew that! You knew nobody could beat them without wrecking your little salty mumbo-jumbo!” The girl accused the bird, as if she was just some ungracious host, and not one of the mightiest entities in all the continent of Enoa.
“It’s true! Without my power, we’d starve in your city!” The magician added, pushing her sister behind her back. “How many of Evy’s people had to die because of you? You… You know a demon can’t be a hero, like me!”
“They can, we just cannot risk them falling under the control of something...malevolent.” Caladrius argued with a deliberately ambiguous comment. “To reach the heart of my domain, all you had to do was to calculate the logic in the fractal sequence of…”
“Bullshit! There were no fractals! No building was like the rest, so either you’re spitting lies here, or just think none of us knows math!” The little genius interrupted the explanation with another one of her bitter comments. “Oh, let me guess-!..”
“Enough.” The younger princess was then silenced by Setsuna, who covered her mouth with her hand – a radical move, to say the least, but not entirely out of place, when dealing with an overwhelmingly powerful creature.
“Hmm, I like your tenacity, Norn Clatalissa Jioral, but you only saw my domain from the outside.” The harbinger of plague notified her, but rather then proceeding further with the matter of the bratty general challenging her, she turned her head toward Eve, who stood next to Keyaruga. “It has been a long time, since we saw each other, Me-ua. I am glad to see this new consort of yours is much more respectful toward you. Yet somehow, he is even more depraved than the last one.” And just like that, the deity revealed her insight of the first world, Eve’s close alliance with Keyaruga, and how fortunate she was to have him around instead of Cornar. But that wasn’t the most intriguing part of this.
“I know. It’s… been two years since last met.” It was the reply that the verdant woman gave her, that brought to light a terrifically curious fact.
“Eve… you too?” Keyaruga murmured, realizing, that he now had one more dreamer alongside him. The man exhaled in comprehension, his ‘sister’ slammed her palm against her own forehead, Setsuna spotted a new soul to provide emotional care to, and Freia just couldn’t help but… Well, her feelings about this new revelation were mixed at best. She did want to find out what she’d done ‘back’ then, but at the same time, in doing so, she would certainly discover a lot more cruelties done by her hand; especially those directed at Keyaru.
“I need strength. Bless me, Caladrius. And… age me. I can’t remain a child now.” Eve all but demanded. Somehow, she wasn’t just a fearful kid anymore. This time, the Me-ua kahul radiated dignity, she even spoke with the deity as an equal.
“Very well, little queen. You were never undeserving of my grace.” And with that said, Caladrius carefully touched Eve’s forehead with her beak. Upon doing so, a whirlwind of energy, a flux of white and purple, picked up the girl, and enveloped her completely. Looking at it felt so familiar for Keyaruga. After all, this power destroyed and created, ruined one to shape another. All the clothes Eve had been wearing were torn apart, reduced to primal particles, her skin was scourged, and then replaced with one of a tanned tone, the girl’s hair was bleached, and above it – a crown of two pointy horns grew right from her skull. This wasn’t just a girl now – this was a woman, clad in a dress of red and black, the decorative pauldrons of which, as well as golden bracelets, defied the power of gravity itself. This… was how Keyaru met the Me-ua in the first world.
And what had changed in her stat-wise? Well, nothing – that same fifty-fourth level, with which Eve entered the trial, no change in potential, nor any other graph. Except for one…
Level cap: ∞
“Congratulations, Eve. You’re a hero now.” The red-eyed lad praised his companion. In just a moment, she aged by four years. Her face was still young and pretty, her height got only slightly longer, but the proportions made the whole difference. Hips and breasts – they got some improvements, which the healer would never miss.
“I suppose this settles our deal. With this, you can summon me again.” The harbinger of sickly doom graciously spoke to her chosen one. Unlike other gods, she couldn’t just change a person’s entire class. A full-fledged hero didn’t only have the potential for infinite growth, but also provided a bonus of doubled experience for them and their party, the trait that Eve lacked. Still, Caladrius giving her champion an unlimited level cap was a game-changer nonetheless. Nevertheless, there was one more thing to ponder… “Although… you already know the price for my assistance.”
“Of fucking course! You’ll kill her for that, you monster!” Ellen raged, stomping her little foot against the rocky ground, while her sister braced for whatever consequences her sibling’s brutal honesty might cause.
“Forgive her, Caladrius. She’s just… too worried about me.” The lady in red spoke kindly, patting the god’s golden beak.
“Hmm. That is, indeed, relatable. Still, how precious it is to see your former enemies now have become your allies. Is that your accomplishment, little man?” The white bird asked of the hero. Did she try to offend him? Not so much, really. To her, even a draconid of a baffling two and a half meters tall would still be ‘small’. That didn’t make it less insulting, though.
“Yes. Why?” Keyaruga growled, facing two pairs of eyes, with which Caladrius gazed into him, right to his very soul. The healer had a similar power, but being read himself filled him with at least cautiousness toward the deity.
Flare – she was the one, who brought so much pain to Eve’s heart, she scourged thousands, and even if they were revived by Keyaru’s redo, the queen’s memories still held this agony.
Norn – this one lead armies against Tenanulic, her vile strategies were never burdened by human decency or a warrior’s concept of honor. Scourged earth, poisoned wells, hand-crafted epidemics, bribery, and genocide – this little girl was responsible for so many atrocities, that she had broken her own spirit by committing them.
And, finally, Keyaru. The Hero of Healing, who was there to land the last strike on the demon queen. Only Setsuna was completely innocent, just because she’d die from the disease caused by a monster’s rotting corpse, if not for this enigmatic man.
“Eve Reese – it is your call now. What should I do with them?” And so, the white-haired lady was given a choice. Right now, Caladrius could unleash all of her power without asking for anything in return. Even if she herself suffered from fatigue after conducting all those trials, the harbinger of plague could still easily bury her enemies under a pile of toxic ash. Still, it wasn’t for her to choose now.
“Oh well, now we’re screwed.” Ellen chuckled, shaking her head. Freia and Setsuna assumed a battle stance, and even Keyaruga gave the girl a dark glare.
I’m sorry, birdie. But if you endanger my girls, I… You’ll have to see me as I truly am.
The deep silence loomed above them all. One word, one single word could decide the party’s fate. To Caladrius, not only were they outsiders, but also the enemies of her champion as well. No matter if their crimes were mostly erased, she just didn’t really trust them.
But she trusted Eve.
“Bless them, like you’ve blessed me.” The Me-ua kahul asked, smiling toward her friends and the man she loved. The woman absolutely comprehended the power she was given, and yet, there were things, people, little kindnesses, that she could never forget. Not after they helped her to break free from the chains placed upon her in the first world.
“Evy…” Freia muttered with obvious relief. She glanced at Keyaruga, and he looked as stoic as he did most of the time. Did he learn that from Setsuna? After all, she too merely lowered her arms.
“He-he-he-he-heh…” Only one of them nervously chuckled. The crimson-haired princess just wanted this excruciating day to end at last, even if it barely began.
“Oh my! That is quite bold of you to ask.” Caladrius pronounced somewhat mockingly. After all, she was never obliged to reward humans (including demi-humans) just for surviving her challenges.
“Do you refuse?” Eve inquired accusingly. It made the others wonder, what kind of power she really had over the full-fledged god.
“I never said so. It is… different with them. My power is contagious, and only the ancient pact with your tribe allows you to safely enjoy my grace.” The toxic deity explained, now looking at the party with a deep thoughtfulness in her doubled eyes. “We can figure something out.” She added, drawing her beak near the brooding man. “Hmm, you are quite the curious individual, a human, yet, at the same time, something very different.”
“How should I take this ‘compliment’?” The hero wondered, trying to figure out if he was being accused of the many atrocities he committed during his test, or the sheer turmoil that was his sense of morals.
“Take it as your three hearts would please.” Fortunately, though, the feathered doom simply brushed it off by hinting at his modified biology. After all, now that he was under the protection of Eve, there was only one question to answer. “Will you accept my gift?” Caladrius inquired, cautiously watching the lad’s reaction. He wasn’t all that sure than he needed anything else to be complete. Not when he was almost immortal.
“Please, Keyaruga…” And, yet again, the black-winged prodigy asked him, placing her hand on his shoulder. She would never do something like that previously – the little girl was no more, she had changed forever. But, that didn’t dissuade the healer from liking and trusting her, so…
“Alright. I suppose, it can’t get much worse.” The man just shrugged, accepting whatever he could be granted. The lad wouldn’t drop his guard, though. After all, if anything happens to him, it was quite doubtful that Freia could handle this beast on her own.
“Very well.” Aware of this distrust, Caladrius once again placed her beak onto another’s head. Keyaruga didn’t receive a fancy transformation; instead, his left eye got embraced by a gentle purple light. It only stung for a moment, but when it ended, a whole new perspective opened before the hero. Something… intrinsically transcendental.
“Did you just replace… my eye?” The lad asked, trying to figure out what was going on. Barely anything changed… except for the fact that now he saw his own movements from two seconds afar. He was seeing the future…
“Indeed. You are not a stranger to our divine might, so you can handle it.” Caladrius admonished, standing in her full height, just to stretch her neck, as it seemed.
“Is that your power?” Keyaruga wondered, suppressing his left eye. Fortunately, he had plenty of experience with the gift of the star nymph, so it only took him a few seconds to figure out how it worked. That was absolutely necessary; not only did this power drain a whole lot of mana, it also required some time to get used to.
“Mine? Of course not! This gift was born of sacrifice. One feisty demigod gave me his power to me in order to enter my trials. I merely improved upon it.” The harbinger of plague spoke proudly, giving a brief glance toward Ellen.
“That idiot…” The girl snarled, making a sour face. “What? It was Organ! He saved me! Now you have his eye, brother, or… whatever this purple cross on your pupil is.” The fallen warlady revealed, glancing toward the Hero of Magic as well as the rest of the group. After all, if Hawkeye wasn’t there, Freia would only have found her mauled corpse.
“Then, the egg.” Caladrius continued, now tapping her beak against the egg. And just like that, she poured quite a lot of her mana into it, but, just like previously, it consumed everything the bird offered. “You carry a powerful being on your back, little man.”
“Stronger than you?” He wondered somewhat mockingly.
“Indeed.” But the feathered doom wasn’t about to joke about that particular matter. “I owe her a lot, so this is the least I can do.” The god of sickness and rejuvenation spoke with a trace of adoration and… regret. Maybe, that is the true power? To raise others, when you can, so that they may assist you in the time of your greatest need?
“I don’t need anything!” Freia exclaimed when the doubled eyes of Caladrius were now aimed at her. “I just need an answer! Tell me, what’s with my mother?! Is she alive? Can we help her?!” The sorceress asked bravely, her legs were shaky, partly because of the fatigue, partly – the fear of facing the mighty god. Nonetheless, it’s easy to be daring when nothing can oppose you. A standoff against the powerful being is completely different matter.
“Ah, Reeharoze Thalio Jioral! She… is neither dead, nor alive.” The divine dove replied cautiously. This topic lead to many limitations, sealed by numerous and tremendously powerful curses for each deity, who might reveal them.
“Damn! I knew it!” The sorceress snarled, loudly clacking with her teeth. She and Setsuna both tensed, having already faced whatever monstrosity the king turned Buck Tarwill into.
“The best thing you can do for her is to end her suffering in this world.” Caladrius spoke dismissively, lacking any empathy toward some distant mortal, defiled by the power that is the void itself.
“Go kill yourself, if you think it’s merciful!” Ellen snarled, spitting in the direction of the deity. She wouldn’t have anyone defile her mother’s memory, even a god, even if it literally disintegrated her saliva right in the fly.
“Calm down.” Fortunately, though, Setsuna was right there to help the younger princess. She stood between the two of them, but instead of doing anything aggressive, the gray-haired girl just hugged her crimson-haired lover, and guarded her from the harbinger of plague with her spine.
“How can we help her?!” Keyaruga then asked, trying to be a beacon of logic and reason among all of these tormented souls. Eve stood near; she carefully monitored the lad’s movements, reactions, his gestures, and overall attitude.
“You cannot. At least not right now.” Caladrius coldly responded, shifting her heavy gaze toward the man; to be specific – the burden on his back. “But this one – if she desires so, then you might have some hope.” The bird explained briefly. Obviously, nobody among the party was satisfied with the answer.
“We must help them. Please, you must help us!” Even the white-haired queen-to-be spoke up. She already lost her parents twice, and now in assisting Freia and Ellen she saw a chance to ease her own pain.
“I am afraid, my vows prevent me from revealing to you the whole truth, but rest assured, you will find your answer soon enough.” The harbinger of plague and convalescence reassured all of them. Was it a godly prediction of the future? Or something else entirely?
“Then… Then I!..” Freia shook, trying to comprehend this revelation. She now looked at the egg with reverence and craving. She saw nothing but a tool in it, and that didn’t escape Setsuna’s aquamarine eyes.
“Not so fast. It’s Keyaruga’s child (and ours). Don’t put all your hopes on her just yet.” The huntress admonished, still holding Ellen, as she slowly recovered her emotional stability. The ice warrior was trying to save her prodigy from the burden of other’s expectations, but that affected the pink-haired magician only so much.
“Wise words, child of the forest. But just like your claws, they lack penetrative power.” Caladrius stated, and just as she said so, a multitude of small fireflies emerged around the girl. Or, rather, they became visible. These sparks were always there, the spirits of ice, fueling the she-wolf’s magic. Now they gathered around the divine bird’s head, forming something of a halo. They didn’t stay for too long, though, but when they left Caladrius’ side, their gray shine, now infused with the might of the god, now became much brighter, much… colder. “I am afraid; I cannot do much more for your sake, little one.” And with that done, there was only one person, who still remained to be given anything. “Now…”
“Don’t you even dare, you ugly pigeon! I don’t need your rotten power!” Ellen yelled, awkwardly falling out of Setsuna’s grasp. It wasn’t long before she rose up and once again pressed her finger against Caladrius’ gilded beak. At least, she was about to do so, when she pointed at the queen-to-be instead. “If you want to give me something – don’t! Just don’t! All I need from you is to not treat Eve like your glorified snack, okay?! Look, my sister is the Hero of Magic, she can basically do everything you do, but she doesn’t need to eat anyone to cast her spells! So how can you be so entitled to ask for her life?!” The younger princess snarled, as her emerald eyes rapidly shifted between Eve, Freia, Keyaruga, and the divine dove. The latter was taken aback by that passionate speech, unsure if she had to take grievous offence from belittling her might, or outright cackle from this observation. One problem, though – the former had lost her already fragile balance.
“Eve? Are you alright?” Keyaruga asked, catching the black-winged lady in his grip. She was pale, drained, fatigued – this wasn’t just physical weariness, though. The aftermath of the trial caught up with her, now reinforced by the reminder of how terrible a price she’d have to pay for Caladrius’ power.
“Yes…” Eve mumbled, trying to stand on her feet, but the man wouldn’t let her just yet.
“Hold onto me.” He said, trying to be the support for Eve at her lowest time.
“That is an interesting thing to hear from someone like you.” The feathered deity spoke to Ellen. Despite that entire scene, her account with the capricious genius wasn’t paid yet. “At first, you have got my curiosity. Now, you proved to be worthy of my power.” The harbinger of plague added, facing the younger princess now.
“Fuck you! I already said what I need from you, godling!” Still, the obstinate lady wasn’t there to grovel before the glorified dove. She already had a role to adhere to – Norn, Ellen, whatever she was called – was a strategist, a great mind capable of preserving massive amounts of knowledge just by quickly reading it once.
“Creators be merciful, you are a stubborn creature.” Caladrius amused. To her, watching the crimson-haired girl rant was like looking at a overly vocal pup – all bark, but no bite. Not because it wasn’t brave enough, though. Ellen just wasn’t gifted with a strong maw. And that was something Caladrius could help her with. “You are deserving of becoming my apostle!”
“Hah… W-what?” Keyaruga’s ‘sister’ got so dumbfounded, that her head just went round. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling, though, this dizziness made her nauseous.
“You will get exactly what you wish for, and even more, Norn Clatalissa Jioral! Heed me, Eve. I now grant you two chances to summon me without any harm for you!” The harbinger of disease and rejuvenation notified her mistress. It was still dwarfed, compared to what Flare had done, when paired with Gard the Windbreak, and still…
“I… But I don’t…” This little grace nearly pulled the rug out from under Eve’s feet. But again, Keyaruga was there to give her the necessary support.
“And you, princess in name, but no blood, shall be the vessel of my power!” Caladrius declared, turning her determined gaze onto Ellen. Her sister stood nearby, unsure what she should do with that. She knew Norn could be headstrong, at best, even when it came to the things that would benefit her personally. Just like when she refused the offer from her ‘brother’ to age her body to an adult form.
“Make it four usages for Eve, and leave me alone! I don’t need anyone’s pow-!.. Ah!” Right as she was about to start a new scandal with her big mouth, the younger princess rose in the sky, caught by a purple wind from underneath the deity’s giant wings.
“You do not know what is good for you, child!” The god of rot and restoration snarled, as if she was an arrogant petty parent.
“Ghhh!” Freia hissed, waving her staff to break Ellen out of Caladrius’ grip. She succeeded, and Ellen fell in the hands of the Hero of Magic… but it was already too late.
“Oh no… Oh no-no-no-no!” The younger princess frantically shook her head, as her muscles trembled with the newfound strength. It seems, she was no longer a useless child on a battlefield. One would think she’d be glad with this turn of events… But no. “K-Ke… Keya… Keyaruga-a-a! What’s she done to me?!” The girl yelled, reaching for her ‘brother’. He and his lady in red came closer to the girl.
HOW DARE YOU?!” Freia screamed, accumulating whatever mana she could drain from this lifeless land, even trying to drain Caladrius of it. She proved unsuccessful, though.
“Freia, don’t.” Keyaruga ordered, painting his right eye in the jade hue. He was just about to see something truly majestic.
Race: Human
Name: Norn
Class: Apostle of Caladrius
Level: 52
Mana: 151/151
Physical attack: 42
Physical defense: 53
Magic attack: 67
Magic defense: 60
Speed: 75
The aspect of plague: 1st level
The aspect of revival: 1st level
Boost to Mana regen: 1st level. The skill of the Apostle of Caladrius, boosts Mana regen by 5%
Mnemonics: acquired skill. Greatly improves mental capacity and remembering speed.
Grace of Caladrius: skill of the Apostle of Caladrius. Gives boost to the magic learning speed of Caladrius’ aspects by 2x
And also…
Level cap: 66
Mana: 115
Physical attack: 32
Physical defense: 40
Magic attack: 51
Magic defense: 45
Speed: 57
Summary: 342
Fascinating! Although Ellen’s potential was almost twice as low as the others’, due to her having no royal heritage, or hero’s status, Caladrius not only managed to bypass the age of fourteen, a standard timestamp for a human, but also pump the girl with more than fifty levels!
“She… has given you a class… And you’re now on the fifty-second level…” Keyaruga spoke with his eyes widely opened. Seriously, in terms of progression, this was an act of pure, blatant favoritism on the deity’s side of things!
And how did Ellen take this gift?
FUCKER!!! THAT’S TOO MUCH EVEN FOR A JOKE!!!” Oh, she was positively furious. After all, no power comes without a price to pay. “You! Who the fuck gave you the right to do this to me?!” The younger princess dashed in the direction of Caladrius’ beak. She eloped Setsuna’s grapple, passed around Keyaruga and Eve – all for the sake of that one punch! One punch to the head of this pompous pigeon with all of her new might! One strike… that didn’t even break the ornamental barrier around the bird.
“Rest assured, child. You have zero obligations before me. I am not the monster you are trying to make of me. You may think of that as my way of thanking you for helping my followers.” With that said and done, Caladrius once again rose to her full height in preparation for flying away. “I hope this alleviates your worries, little one.” “Farewell, du-na Me-ua (o great demon king). We shall meet again.” And just like that, the massive figure rose into the air. And when she’d done so, a white mist engulfed the deity, in which she faded from view completely.
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2023.05.30 13:05 -TheDerpinator- Every person who dies after being born dies with at least 1 scar.

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2023.05.30 13:03 JazzaJT1998 My husband (25M) doesn’t want me (25F) to get anymore tattoos what should I do?

So I have one tattoo at the moment. Originally it was just a moon and a cat to represent my childhood cat that helped me cope with a lot of trauma. He was like a brother to me and for 10 years I said I want to get a tattoo of him, I got it liked it but wanted to add more, só a year after getting it I got it touched up and added cancer and Pisces to it my daughters birth constellations.
It’s colourful and fits my entire left forearm.
I have found another tattoo I’d like. It is to represent how I’ve overcome my traumas and won’t allow my children to face the same things I faced. It has a deep meaning to me and I’ve liked it for well over 6 months now. It’s essentially a broken oroboros with the words the cycle ends here, it will be colourful and have flowers, the part of the snake tail bitten off will remain grey/black while the rest is colourful. It will go on my right forearm.
My husband has no tattoos although is interested in getting one. However he has not found anything to him with great meaning. Just designs online he likes; currently he likes the idea of having a snake on his forearm. I’ve said why not get something to represent the children or something significant in his life but he says I can do that without needing a tattoo of it.
When I talk about wanting to get my next one he says he doesn’t want to lose the person he fell in love with by getting covered in tattoos. I’m not wanting to get tattoo after tattoo but a few would be nice. No facial, offensive or finger tattoos either and nothing spontaneous it will be something that will take several months of liking and saving for such as this broken oroboros tattoo.
I want to be able to get my tattoos done without worrying that will upset him. He says it’s my body my choice and he won’t stop me but his complaining makes me worried about getting any done.
Any advice on how to resolve this would be great.
Thank you
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2023.05.30 13:00 xezene The 'Saga Journal' Archive A complete archive of the Star Wars fandom's landmark first fan-run online academic journal (2004-2010)

Hello, everyone. The following archive is my attempt to collect the incredible work of Saga Journal, the first online academic journal created by fans to illuminate and analyze the six films of the Star Wars saga in greater depth. It really was something incredible, and reading it again now, it still is. As such, I've decided to share it here, and hopefully preserve it on the internet for all to see once more.
Created in late 2004, Saga Journal consistently published academic essays over the course of the next 4 years, and then one final time, coming to a close in 2010. Drawing on works of literature, psychoanalysis, history, and comparative media, Saga Journal featured essays written by fans with a keen eye for the layers within the films, while keeping to a submission standard of quality and style, as each essay contained a bibliography of works cited. From historical analogues to Jungian analysis, the essays often offer worthwhile insights and observations, with pieces of brilliance appearing with some regularity. The incredible efforts put into creating and maintaining this journal, as well as the essays themselves, deserve to be preserved on the internet and read.
I encourage everyone to peruse the essays at your interest, and even to share or repost essays that bring you insight, here and elsewhere. I myself discovered Saga Journal through reading one fantastic essay (The Perils of Padmé by lazypadawan) and was richly rewarded by checking out the rest Saga Journal had to offer. The impressive effort of the journal was the combined work of men and women, but it should be noted it was largely the initiative of women within the Star Wars fandom to make Saga Journal a reality. In the course of Star Wars history, such a detail is worth highlighting, as the films have always resonated with a variety of audiences who themselves had much to contribute back to the saga. Without further ado, enjoy reading!

Saga Journal


Volume 1

PDF digital publication of the entire first volume of Saga Journal.

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

Other Features

The Star Wars Saga Discovering Star Wars: Fan Stories Other Academic Star Wars Essays
Reviews (documentaries, books, & more) Links of Note
Editorial Team Submission Guidelines/Call for Papers About Saga Journal
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2023.05.30 12:56 Vesperado611 Has anyone gotten a sunburn on a healed tattoo? I'm hoping google is just over exaggerating when it all says it wil fade it.

Im super pissed, as Ive done everything I can to protect my neck tattoo from getting sun, but it somehow happened the other day and ended up with a light sunburn. Do you think I could have potentially damaged/faded it? Maybe Im freaking out too much...
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2023.05.30 12:56 marvel_is_life_fr When I scanned scar with hyenas into the Funko app it came up with black light astroboy anyone know why

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2023.05.30 12:49 givemeadu Would this be bad? And how did your younger siblings react?

I’m having dinner with my mom and younger brother tomorrow and I’m considering wearing short sleeves for the first time in like… 4-5 years?
My mom knew I self harmed but thought I stopped after a few months, so I have a lot more scars than she knows. Luckily they’re all white and a lot have faded so maybe she won’t know I kept doing it, but I’m more worried about my brother.
He’s 10 and I don’t know what I would say if he noticed. He was actually the one who saw my sh first (he wanted to wake me up) but I’m hoping he was young enough that he doesn’t remember…
Sorry I’m rambling, my question is: Would it be a bad idea to wear a short sleeved shirt tomorrow? What do I say if my brother asks? How did your siblings react (especially if they were around 10)
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2023.05.30 12:48 scribbyshollow Did the ancient Egyptians, Aztecs and ancient chinese peoples have a shared art known as feng shui in the east and geomancy in the west and new world?

I came across a big similarity when reading up about several ancient unconnected cultures and their mythologies. A general story that seems to be an allegory for an old divination technique known as the geomantic act. It seems as if several of these stories about the creation of the first temples/sacred structures/the world are describing a localized version of the same story. I wanted to know some professional opinions on it because personally it think it has finally made sense of these strange mythologies.
I did not write this it was taken from an article I have been reading on an unrelated subject.
"So if all these distant civilizations shared the same ancient culture or started out from the same sort of mother culture then surely there would be some evidence left of it right? I thought so too so I spent a considerable amount of time looking for connections that would be too specific to ignore or pass off as coincidence. Finally after years of searching I found them.
The main one, and what this section is about is a shared cultural art between ancient China, South America and Ancient Egypt. This art is known as geomancy and in China it is known as Feng Shui, each one of these places I just mentioned contain huge pyramids within their borders and both Egypt and the south American cultures have a very similar story of creation that seems to be an allegory for what they call the "geomantic act". A divination technique used to build temples and buildings in the exact right spot (according to the practitioners of it).
This section from the following book details exactly what that is.
Secret Games of the Gods pages:
I will summarize it but you should actually take the time to read it as it is only a few pages.
The actual geomantic act is divining a place using the four directions to pick the right location, then once found stabbing a sword, stake or metal wedge into the ground at the exact center of the planned building, usually there is something done to consecrate this center which they call the navel of the structure. Another way to view it (like the above book says) is a hero slaying a dragon or serpent with the aid of four warriors/weapons/deities then building a holy structure on the place the monster was killed. This is how they represent the act in allegorical form in the European version of it.
For the Egyptian mythology I have posted a scan of a very rare book that details the first published translations of the Edfu Temple in Egypt. As the title indicates it details the mythological origin of the first temple that appeared on earth according to the oldest Egyptian records we had found as of 1969 (when the book was published). The very borders of Prehistory.
You can download it here -
or read it here.
The objective story the Aztec/Olmec/Mayan/Inca (I am unsure who originated them, I am not a historian) and Egyptian creation myth (according to the Edfu Texts) begin with a world of darkness with no land, only sky and water and a god who lives there, then the god one way or another creates the first world/land which is an island, and the first people, eventually fighting ensues, then because of the fighting the earth is engulfed by water or the island disappears (same thing when you are the only land). Then from this water the new world rises and is rebuilt in the old worlds image from the "bones" of the old world.
Now that story could be shrugged off as mere coincidence I suppose, However...Later in these stories of creation another identical event happens. In the Egyptian and Aztec myths a hero or creator god and group of 4 gods, protectors or warriors represented by four animals and four directions. Do battle with a serpent type monster that always represents chaos. They win this fight and slay the monster and then on the spot it was slain build a sacred temple.
What I just described to you seems to be another allegory used in other cultures for what they call the geomantic act, a local adaptation of it.
The following are pages from the Edfu translation book I linked:
-Page 35 in the book is the summery of the fight. A fight between a serpent and a hawk and his four protectors who represent the four directions. Just as the book "Secret Games of the Gods" described the geomantic act, using the four directions the "hero" would slay the "dragon" and build on the spot it was slayed.
-Page 196 details it. It should also be noted that Tanen became Ptah-Tatenen who was the god of creation and temple building. The page below also clarifies that the sacred place would be built where the snake enemy was slayed.
-Page 324 is the overall summery of the book and outlines the new world made from the bones of a dead god.
Here is the link to those pages:
-Page 297 states the earth god which is found to actually represent earth said to have a “Ka” (spirit) and the earths “Ka” being present was the perquisite for building these temples. So the earths energy had to be present at these sites for building and then once the temple was made it had to be activated by joining with the earths Ka.
Also of note these 4 animals from the Edfu texts also turn up in the book “The Secret Teachings of All Ages” written in 1923 a few decades before the Edfu texts were even translated.
Page 296 and the pages from "the secret teachings of all ages":
This fits the geomantic act because it also is using natural energy to pick a location for a sacred building (according to the practitioners of it).
A good summery but I recommend reading the entire book because it has many details not covered in the summery. Now there are several creation myths from the Aztecs but we are only going to go over the relevant one.
You can read more about them here:
This story of creations shares many similarities with the story laid out in the Edfu temple and seems to also be an allegory for the geomantic act.
"In the beginning was the void. It was at some ancient time in the Aztec creation story that the dual god, Ometecuhtli/Omecihuatl, created itself. (Looking back, of course, the Aztecs believed that the many opposites that they saw in the world would have to somehow unite in the origin of the world.) This god was good and bad, chaos and order, male and female. Being male and female, it was able to have children. It had four, which came to represent the four directions of north, south, east and west. The gods were Huizilopochtli (south), Quetzalcoatl (east), Tezcatlipoca (west), and Xipe Totec (north).
The directions were very important to the Aztecs, since their great empire was believed to be at the very center of the universe (remember what I mentioned about the Aztec creation story being political?).
These four gods began to create. They created water, and other gods, and the sea monster Cipactli. Cipactli was part fish and part crocodile, a massive creature as big as all things that now are. This was a consuming monster, a jaw at every joint. Cipactli was to become the source of the cosmos in a strange way.
As the gods continued to create, they had a problem — their creations would fall into the water and be eaten by the dreadful Cipactli. So it was time for war — the four gods attacked the sea monster, pulling her in four directions. She fought back, biting Tezcatlipoca and tearing off his foot. But at last Cipactli was destroyed.
From this enormous creature the universe was created (in some traditions this happened between the last two suns). All the 13 heavens stretch into her head. The earth was created in the middle, and her tail reaches down to the underworld (Mictlán) (nine underworlds, to be exact).
You could say that in the Aztec creation story the world is on the back of this sea monster, floating in the water of space (reminiscent of the Iroquois belief that the world rests on the back of a turtle).”
So according to the above story of creation the Aztecs thought that their land was on the back of a serpent type dragon monster that was killed by four gods by stretching it in the four directions. It actually had many similarities with the geomantic act and its purpose laid out in Secret Games of the Gods. That book also said the purpose of the act was to control the "serpent" in the earth and stop its chaos from destroying the building.
Now its pretty hard to dismiss those stories as mere coincidence, those stories are seemingly localized versions of what is known as the “serpent slaying myth” in indo-european culture. A story that is told and was told in cultures the world over in various localized versions in a time when they had no communication or even knew each other existed. As we saw in the Edfu temple book even the ancient Egyptians had this myth and practice of geomancy.
The following article covers this myth pretty well but as always do your own research and dig deeper and look for more credible sources.
Later in these stories of creation identical events happen. In the Egyptian and Aztec myths a group of 4 gods or protectors, warriors or gods represented by 4 animals and also the 4 directions. Do battle with a serpent type monster that represents chaos in all the stories. They win this fight and slay the monster and then on the spot it was slain build a sacred temple.
These animals are in the Edfu myth Snake, Lion, Bull and hawk. They are the 4 guardians that protect “The Falcon” in its fight against a great “snake”.
in the Aztec myth this scenario also plays out but they are gods who animal incarnations or representations are “plummed serpent” (implying a feathered or flying snake), Jaguar, hummingbird, and a god that has no definite form and takes many forms and is the god of warfare.
in the Aztec myth the gods also represent directions. The 4 Aztec directional gods have aspects of the 4 guardian animals. Not the exact same animals mind you but the overall same animals (snake, bird, big cat, formless/unsure)
(I should note that I was unable to narrow down if these are the actual directions they represent because I came across several conflicting sources. However its the overall general story that is important and not the specifics as they would be adapted anyway)
-Huitzilopochtli (pron. Huit-zi-lo-pocht-li) or ‘Hummingbird of the South’ or ‘Blue Hummingbird (bird)
-Quetzalcóatl (pron. Quet-zal-co-at) or 'Plumed Serpent' (snake or dragon)
-Tezcatlipoca’s nagual, or animal disguise, was the jaguar, the spotted skin of which was compared to the starry sky. A creator god, Tezcatlipoca ruled over Ocelotonatiuh (“Jaguar-Sun”), the first of the four worlds that were created and destroyed before the present universe. (Cat)
-Xipe Totec has a controversial history, some people think that the god replaced an earlier god from the story, I could find no credible source about his animal form or direction (though only north is left) however, He is the inventor of war according to the Aztec mythology so that lines up with the Chinese feng shui direction (we will get to this in a moment) of north being the tortoise or "black warrior" (Warrior)
In the Aztec myth the 4 gods do battle with a "serpent/fish", they slay it by ripping it apart in the 4 directions then build from its body on the spot it was slain their world/empire. That is objectively the same story from the book I linked with 3 out of the 4 animal guardians being the same.
Now these animals turn up in one other place with pyramids within its borders. China and Taoism, specifically the 4 animals that represent the 4 directions often associated with the ancient art of Feng Shui which in actuality is the Chinese art of geomancy.
In feng shui the four directions are represented by 3 out of the 4 are the same kind of animals. The entire art of it is about choosing the right location to build things using divination.
“The Four Symbols (Chinese: 四象; pinyin: Sì Xiàng, literally meaning “four images”), are four mythological creatures appearing among the Chinese constellations along the ecliptic, and viewed as the guardians of the four cardinal directions. These four creatures are also referred to by a variety of other names, including “Four Guardians”, “Four Gods”, and “Four Auspicious Beasts”. They are the Azure Dragon of the East, the Vermilion Bird of the South, the White Tiger of the West, and the Black Tortoise (also called “Black Warrior”) of the North. Each of the creatures is most closely associated with a cardinal direction and a color, but also additionally represents other aspects, including a season of the year, an emotion, virtue, and one of the Chinese “five elements” (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water). Each has been given its own individual traits, origin story and a reason for being. Symbolically, and as part of spiritual and religious belief and meaning, these creatures have been culturally important across countries in the East Asian cultural sphere.”
Not only that but the directions in Aztec mythology are represented by the same color pallet as the Chinese four guardians Black, white, blue and red. Only north and west line up with being the same color and same direction but all the colors are the same.
“The god could be depicted in different colours depending on which cardinal point he was representing — black for north, blue for south, red for east and white for west.”
3 out of 4 creatures match the Aztec and Egyptian mythology and they are all referred to as guardians or gods. The one odd guardian/direction out is the tortoise replacing the bull but interestingly enough the tortoise is also called the black warrior and Xipe Toltec (formless/many formed god) the Aztec god of the north is also the god of warfare. They are also the only animal/god/directions with unsure names or forms which in itself is a link in common all three versions have. Perhaps it was called a different name in the past.
The “plummed serpent” sounds like a spot on interpretation of a Chinese dragon, depicted as flying snakes often with feathers.
Also worth mentioning is the calendar similarities between some of these cultures. The following is a fantastic outline and demonstration of the similarities.
There is undoubtedly a connection here. The beginning of the earth from the various cultures being the same objective story could easily be dismissed as coincidence. The same 4 animals representing in some cases the same directions and originating from the same scenario which is then used to pick the spot to build a holy place or building however cannot be dismissed so easily and I think is incredible evidence that a shared or "mother" culture existed between them. That all three cultures would also contain within their territory pyramids is also to hard to dismiss as a coincidence with all of this evidence laid out.
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2023.05.30 12:45 GhostHunter1992 30 [M4A] Gym, Tattoos, and Nature. Chill USA dude who likes to chat with people.

Hey there! Just a Midwest fella who loves to go to the gym, do things outside (not in winter), has a lot of tattoos, and loves to chat with new and interesting people. I like to talk about just about anything and am newer to this whole Reddit thing! Send me a message if you’re interested in any of the topics above. Like to talk about music, movies, nature, psychology, etc. Creepy people need not apply.
Please be at least 25+.
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2023.05.30 12:40 shushhhhhh13 purging or breakout??

purging or breakout??
i started using ordinary retinol 1% for my hyperpigmentation scarring which came from previously healed acne with epiduo and tretinoin, have been using for about a week and a half. some new pinples have come up. is this purging or a breakout?? dunno if i should continue with it or not. i’m using it once a day and my skin is used to strong retinol from the tretinoin. most of the red spots are not pimples and are scars
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2023.05.30 12:40 ScaredToGetClose 7 years... gone TW: Cutting.

You can probably tell what this means.
For 7 years I hadn't SH'd. And within the last two weeks I've had so much on my shoulders that I gave in. I found my old tool and over the course, have sliced up both my thighs, only thing stopping it at a certain point are tattoos. I don't cut in the traditional way, I sharpen a tool enough and swing my arm across them. The slash with the sudden sting forces the racing thoughts further away, and the self hatred subsides.
I don't think I care to try again anymore, when it comes along I'll swing for a bit to feel okay. Trauma is a living nightmare without escape. I teach me lessons now. I wish they never had kids. I wish I wasn't.
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2023.05.30 12:40 Fmlomgggg What would you do? (Goal chasing)

Hi Reddit thanks in advance for reading!
Tattoo artist here and I’m currently in a little shop near my city centre and it’s small and dingy but full of character and I work with two really good people, my mentor and the owner of the studio.
I got a message from an owner of a really high end and almost pretentious studio in city centre and he’s asked me to take a chair in his studio with 10 other artists and some piercers. It’s like a supermarket for tattoos and piercings and honestly I’m in disbelief that I was asked without applying.
I’m so grateful and it’s huge recognition and the highest compliment but I feel slightly guilty and shuddered by potentially leaving my space and the people I know in the industry. These people have been so kind and generous with me and I feel like I’d be unnecessarily leaving just to take the first opportunity given.
I know it’s my life and my career and ultimately my decision
Any advice for someone to wants to further their career as an artist without burning bridges with people I genuinely adore and love to work with?
All responses welcome! Thank you!
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