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Catherine The Great is an upcoming TV series based on the life of the 18th century Russian Empress

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Subreddit for the Hulu TV Series 'The Great' starring Elle Fanning & Nicholas Hoult and created by Tony McNamara. The Great is a satirical, comedic drama about the rise of Catherine the Great from outsider to the longest reigning female ruler in Russia's history. Season 3 is out now!

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2023.06.03 16:49 ahmad_public94 Best time to play weekend league?

What's the best time to play thr wl to get easier wins because i see players with great teams and i just started the game 2weeks ago so i don't have a good team yet
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2023.06.03 16:49 Trapperz1379 DDG conversions: Upgrades, People, Upgrades

DDG conversions: Upgrades, People, Upgrades
Back by likely zero demand, Thought I would do another one of these about missile conversions because why let DE have all the fun?
It is best to mention if a faction is not mentioned it's either that it was a conversion I was unaware of or that they simply didn't have one. Also to once again specify this post is specifically destroyers, before half the comment start asking about the Boston or Garibaldi conversions.
May do one on as-designed DDG's at a later date depending on how well/poorly this is received.
Apologies in advance for errors, felt digging through actual books would be overkill for this.
Without further ado:
Eagle Union
USS Gyatt (DDG-1)
Gyatt during firing trails circa 1957.
Originally built as a Gearing class1, she was commissioned in July 1945, too late to play a role in the second world war. She would spend the next few years making goodwill trips around the Americas and patrolling European waters before being docked in 1955 for her conversion.
In addition to the twin-armed “Terrier” launcher in lieu of her rear turret, she would also be fitted with retractable stabilisation fins as well as an updated AA battery.
She would subsequently see further use for testing until finally being decommissioned in 1969 and later sunk as a target in 1970.
USS Mitscher (DDG-35) & USS John S. McCain (DDG-36)

John S. McCain underway shortly after her rebuild, 1969.
The Mitscher class was a group of four large experimental destroyers that were all built with various propulsion layouts in order to test which was most effective for future projects. While said propulsion systems were more efficient compared to existing classes, it was considered extremely maintenance heavy and complex to the degree that Mischer & John S. McCain would later have their boilers replaced.
In the mid-1960s the class would be selected to undergo modernisation to guided missile destroyers, with a single armed “Tartar” launcher mounted super firing the rear turret and an ASROC launcher super firing fore, However only the two of the ships would receive the refit due to it being considered unsatisfactory.
As a result of their repeated propulsion issues, the two unconverted ships were withdrawn from service by the end of the 60's while the modernised ones would only go on to serve until the late 70’s
Northern Parliament
SN Bravy (Pr. 56-K) & Pr. 56-A

Aerial view of Pr. 56-A destroyer Nakhodchivy
Designed as a more practical version of the destroyer Neustrashimy, Project 56 was intended to replace the many WW2 era-destroyers that had either been lost or were otherwise unsuitable for modernisation. While initially roughly 100 were planned, this would be greatly reduced due to various factors.
During a reassessment of the Red Navy’s needs, The Soviet admiralty realised that a stronger focus on ASW was needed as well as an increasing number of foreign warships armed with SAM’s, the latter resulting in the destroyer Bravy being selected as a test bed for a twin mount of the M-1 Volna2 which would require the removal of her rear turret. Following the successful trials an additional eight destroyers would undergo similar rebuilds with the designation of Project 56-A.
Bravy would continue a normal service that was relatively quiet, The main exception being an incident in 1970 where she collided with HMS Ark Royal while shadowing the carrier, and was finally withdrawn in 1987.
Iris Orthodoxy
T 47 AAW & ASW Modernisations

Bouvet following her AAW modification.
The T 47 class were some of the first ships to be built by France following the second world war, however the design itself was based off that of a modified Le Hardi class3 . They were intended to act as carrier escorts and made with an emphasis on AA capability (something that WW2 had shown was of much importance).
By the mid-60’s it was deemed necessary to update their armament, with the modernisations being done in three batches; Flotilla Flagships, Anti-Air (AAW) & Anti-Submarine (ASW). Both the AAW & ASW batches would have their rear gun replaced (Have you noticed a pattern yet) with Missile launchers, A single armed “Tartar” and a Malafon launcher on the two batches respectively. The AAW batch would further loose all of their main battery turrets while the ASW would instead replace them with two single 100 mm turrets (one fore, one aft)
All ships would serve for several years, the flagship batch being decommissioned in the 70’s while the AAW & ASW batches would continue until the 80’s, with Maillé-Brézé later becoming a museum ship.
Missile info
Terrier - The RIM-2 Terrier was a medium-range surface-to-air missile system developed by the United States from Project Bumblebee that entered service in mid 50’s and was primarily used to arm cruisers and frigates4. While initially only having a range of 10 nmi (19 km), the missile would quickly receive many upgrades, with the final variant having a maximum range of 40 nmi (74 km).
Tartar - The RIM-24 Tartar was a medium-range surface-to-air missile system based on the larger Terrier system. While having less range than its counterpart, it was much lighter which allowed it to be mounted on smaller ships and was subsequently used to arm destroyers. The original version had a range of 8.7 nmi (16.1 km), with later models improving this to 17.5 nmi (32.4 km)
Volna - The M-1 Volna was the naval version of the S-125 Neva, a missile system developed by the Soviets intended for use against low flying targets. The early versions of the system had a range of 8 nmi (15 km) while later versions could reach up to roughly 11.9 nmi (22 km). As a side effect of it’s ability to engage at very low altitude it could also double as a anti-ship weapon.
Malafon - The Malafon5 was an anti-submarine missile system designed by France in order to take advantage of the increased range submarines could be detected at via towed sonar. The missile system was effectively a homing torpedo strapped to a glider, Said glider would be guided to within approximately 800 m (2,600 ft) of the target before the torpedo was ejected into the sea and began to search for the target. The gilder was estimated to have an effective range of 7 nmi (13 km) while the torpedo itself had a range of roughly 2.7 nmi (5 km)
For reference, I've also included the An shan class in the table
Ship Year of launch Year of conversion Full Displacement (tonnes) Max Speed (kn) Artillery battery (mm) Torpedo battery (mm) Missile battery ASW equipment (excluding missiles)
An Shan 1939-1940 1971-1974 2,070 32 4 x Single 130, 4 x Twin 37 N/A 2 x Twin SY-1 2 x DCT, 2 x DCR
USS Gyatt 1945 1955-1956 3,520 35 2 x Twin 127, 2 x Twin 76 2 x Triple 324 1 x Twin "Terrier" N/A
USS Mitscher 1952 1966-1968 4,855 35 2 x Single 127 2 x Triple 324 1 x Single "Tartar" 1 x Octuple ASROC
Pr. 56-K 1955 1960 3,447 35.5 1 x Twin 130, 1 x Quad 45 1 x Quint 533 1 x Twin M-1 Volna 2 x RBU-2500
Pr. 56-A 1953-1957 1966-1971 3,590 36.5 1 x Twin 130, 3 x Quad 45 1 x Quint 533 1 x Twin M-1 Volna 2 x RBU-2500
T 47 "AAW" 1953-1955 1962–1965 3,740 34 3 x Twin 57 2 x Triple 550 1 x Single "Tartar" 1 x Sext 375 mm ASWRL
T 47 "ASW" 1953-1955 1968–1970 3,900 34 2 x Single 100, 2 x Single 20 2 x Triple 550 1 x Single Malafon 1 x Sext 375 mm ASWRL

1 - Effectively an enlarged repeat of the Sumner class
2 - Given the NATO designation “Goa”
3 - Although some sources I’ve found claim the basis was Mogador
4 - Between the 1950-1970’s. the USN used the term “frigate” to refer to destroyer leaders
5 - Short for Marine Latécoère Fonds
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2023.06.03 16:49 OneGayPigeon Realized I just… don’t like running 5e. In the early stages of Curse of Strahd with a new group.

I’ve prepped and obsessed over CoS for years. Someone had asked me to run it for them in 2020 and then ghosted, though I’d already bought the Revamped box set. Since then I’ve been spending hours a week daydreaming about it, fleshing the world and characters out in my head, doing numerous edits as fellow CoS DMs know is pretty much absolutely necessary. I loved (my version) of the story and the setting.
I finally got a group together specifically to play CoS. They’re invested, having a great time, and we’re only up to a couple sessions in Vallaki (very early game for anyone unfamiliar) after 3-4 months. And I’ve finally accepted that I just get no joy from running 5e, ESPECIALLY for running horror obviously.
Storytelling, running NPCs, love it. Can’t stand running extended social encounters/ongoing arcs. Any combat I feel would be interesting is too hard to balance and run. That would improve with practice and experience, but I don’t feel any desire to stick around to develop that skill. I’ll be seeing this through, I’ve made the commitment, but man would I rather be playing Call of Cthulu.
Just venting. I know these are common complaints with running 5e and don’t need to be restated but fuck dude. Ugh.
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2023.06.03 16:49 OwenRicci11 Xbox one controller

Can anyone explain how to fix my controller trigger I launched it at my bed frame and the trigger gets caught and makes a noise when I press it down. It works still but not as great as it did, when I save items on fifa it takes like 10 attempts to store them but if I slightly touch the side of the trigger it stores them straight away, I don’t understand how to fix it.
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2023.06.03 16:49 Onmywaytothegrave A semester in the usa or a year in South Korea? Personal experience on either?

So I have a chance to possibly do an exchange semesteyear abroad and my two main choices would be either the USA or South Korea. To add some context I’m myself from Scandinavia and both societies would be quite different from my own. I’d also be around 20/21 yr old female while there. On top of that I’m also gay which wouldn’t otherwise have to be mentioned since I could always keep quiet about it but unfortunately my style tends to be rather masculine and at least in western countries people read me as queer.
The reason why I want to go to the states is to learn about the politics there. The country really interests me from an academic point of view since I study social science and political science. Moreover, If I’d choose this option I’d be going there during the fall of 2024 so during the elections. However, while I’m absolutely desperate to learn about the usa I’m also concerned cause I’ve got quite a few people saying it’s too unstable/dangerous place to go to especially cause I’m a young female. Another reason for rethinking my plans to go there is simply that it is expensive/the process is more difficult (visa/language tests etc).
Now to Korea. I’ve been interested in Korean culture since I was 14 and it’d definitely be an interesting place to go to. However, I have only studied a little bit of the language before (pretty much only know how to introduce myself). That said, I’d have a chance to go there for an year which would give me more time to learn the language. Also I’ve heard great experiences from other Scandinavians from that country. It seems that it is also much safer for me to travel alone there as a young female. (Although prob less safe than here).
Some of my concerns are that I’m “visibly gay” and vegan. With the vegan thing I’d personally be open to flexibility and possibly switch for a vegetarian/even pescetarian diet but I’d assume it’s still quite hard to find food.
The ”visibly gay” thing concerns me not only bc of possible homophobia (which I may experience in the states as well so..) but also bc I’d like to make local friends and Idk how well they respond to a person who is not only a foreigner but also someone who does not even try to follow the beauty standards (although I’m white and skinny which probably helps me). (I wear mens clothes, dont save, dont wear makeup etc….). I also do not really drink alcohol. I know it’s hard to make local friends there in any case and that’s also why I, at first, leaned towards the usa. So basically my concern is if I’m “too different” to be able to enjoy my exchange there.
Also I’m scared the year I’d spend in Korea would be ”a waste of time” since idk how much it or knowing korean would help me with my studies/or my career. Maybe I’ve made this up but I feel like the exchange in the states would be more appreciated. However, it’d an amazing and lonce in a life time” experience to live a year in another country regardless.
If anyone has personal experience on either of these places I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions about my concerns🙏🏻 (and I apologize for any grammaspelling mistakes on this post)
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2023.06.03 16:49 Buurto Best pawn class for a MK playthrough?

I saw alot of people say taking a mage that only can infuse your weapons is great as a pawn but also a archer would be great.
Anyone who played alot of mk, what was the most fun or best combo for your mk ?
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2023.06.03 16:49 vfxslaver VFX - a little rant

I have had enough.
Ridiculous, I know, 27 should be somewhere near the beginning and I am very ready for my time in VFX to end. The more time goes on you realize you are either a slave driver or a slave being driven in this industry. And for what? So we can release another half baked marvel show? So we can remake a disney film in live action that looks worse, feels worse and is far less enjoyable than the animated original? Someone tell me, because as far as I have been feeling the film industry is in its death throes. Each time we release another half finished movie/show that wasn’t given the time or love the artists could give it, I can hear the agonal breathing through the screen. And hell now we don’t even have to pay western rates, we can outsource it all to india! CHEAP, FAST, and above all without the conditions we are forced to give western artists. If you think the love and labor they put out is any less, you could not be more mistaken, but take the hellish overtime you find commonly in VFX in all places and crank it up to 11.
And is this right? How can this be right? We always want the latest season of our favourite show sooner than it can air but at what cost? The fact that major VFX companies have to put anti slavery statements on their websites says it all really.
When I worked in production in VFX I was the slave driver for all the artists under me, regardless of where they were based. You are the enemy of everyone, the client wants it faster and the artists need more time to finish the work. So you’re in a game of tug of war. But hell who the fuck is going to tell the clients they are wrong? How can you object to anything they say or do when they can always take the work away? When a bid brief is entirely turned on its head, and the client has already agreed to pay one amount, but they’ve entirely changed the work needed for the brief. Who’s going to tell them? The answer is no one, and this can often be caused by their complete lack of understanding of VFX. Or on the other hand they just aren’t willing to pay for what the work is worth. If you refuse to pay for a product’s worth in any other industry, you do not receive the product. Why is it then that big studios think they can throw this whole concept out in VFX? Because someone else can do it, because you are considered replaceable, not as a person even, but as a whole studio. If you aren’t willing to create ant-man 6 on a shoestring budget, someone else will. They prey on an employee’s love for the franchise and a studio’s need to find work.
Moving into tech and away from prod, it becomes apparent that you are now a slave to be driven. Chronic overtime? Check. Passive aggression from stressed out overworked production teams? Check. Every single piece of work appended with - URGENT, NEEDED RIGHT NOW - CHECKMATE.
When you work in an industry that screams fire every time there’s a new ticket, or download, or turnover you start to see that none of it is urgent. No one is coding, no one needs to stress out this much over a tv show or film. And honestly at this point I don’t fucking care how the show ends, because I’ve quit watching.
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2023.06.03 16:48 Head-Jicama-35 Spiritual meaning?

All my life I've been feeling a pull towards water like being a water all the time is where I'm happiest. I recently have been into paganism and witchcraft, and was wondering if this is a calling of some sort. Any advice would be great.
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2023.06.03 16:48 Express_Buffalo Druid is well worth that crappy start

It’s not strong early but man does it feel worth it. Just hit level 39 and been doing a landslide build. Been getting every aspect that buffs earth damage and stacking critical strike damage. Then got the GG item that every time you landslide ANOTHER one hits and does 24% more 😬. I’m two or three hitting bosses/elites with petrify lol. Feels amazing. Anyone else have similar Druid experience?
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2023.06.03 16:48 theclumsystol Actress Vaanya Singh Rajput – Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Viral Video, Net Worth, Top Web Series List - Celebrities Biography, Web Series Actress

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2023.06.03 16:48 pantrybear Confusion of proper system size

Confusion of proper system size
I have been getting quotes on a solar system for my property. I received online quotes from five companies on Energysage and three in person quotes. The system sizes that are being quoted have a wide range in the estimated size to provide 100% of my electricity usage and I am not confused as to why and what size system I should get.
The quoted sizes in kW are:
  • 17.5
  • 17.9
  • 18.5
  • 18.9
  • 19.4
  • 22
  • 23.8
  • 24.4
When I use PVWatts, I get a system size of 18.5kW. This is with most of the standard assumptions. I am in Wisconsin so snow will be an issue in the winter but my panels will be at around 30-35 degree angle so it should slide off pretty quickly.
One of the higher quotes was an in person quote and I questioned them on the sizing and asked them to check their numbers. They re-quoted a slightly smaller system in response but said it was to keep them in line with the other quotes and didn't say if they found anything wrong in their calculations.
My only clue is that the three larger system size quotes are all from the largest installers. One of them sent me a screen shot of my property. I want to have the solar installed on my barn at the top of the picture. Looking at the heat map of the roofs on my property, the barn is not as hot as the house roof on the bottom. This should not be the case, the barn is up high and has a completely unobstructed view of the southern sky. Here is the picture:
So, I want to assume that the larger installers are using this software and that the software is not accurate in my case and I should go with the smaller system size. Is this a fair assumption?
I'd hate to invest in a system only to find out that it is too small. But, due to our net metering here, I would be losing out a lot on an oversized system.
The installer that sent me this picture is the one that requoted lower (21kW instead of their original 24kW) without any explanation other than to try to be more competitive on price. I don't think I'm going to get a better explanation out of that salesperson.
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2023.06.03 16:48 Hejsasa Absurd Zwift hub connection problem - is my old phone keeping the Hub captive?

Bear with me, everyone. I've had the Zwift Hub since it came out. Always had lots of connection issues, drops, and no consistent best way to get it to run. Sometimes I'd run it on my phone in the Zwift app, sometimes on my laptop via the companion app.
I'd recently let the Hub sit for a few weeks with no activity, in part because I managed to drown my phone so much with my salty sweat that it would not display anything unless I squeezed the front screen display and the back panel of the phone together with my fingers.
Yesterday I wanted to do a ride. Updated Zwift on my PC and wanted to see if I could just connect via my laptop's own bluetooth connection (has never worked). No, didn't work. I squeezed my phone together will all my strength and got into the companion app. The app shows the firmware on the Hub needed to be updated. It did not want to do so. "Updated failed" and "Connection failed" and "Only connect one device at a time" messages again and again, per default. I still don't believe I was doing anything wrong. Eventually the Hub showed up on my laptop screen showing the "no signal" error. It mentioned that a firmware update was available. Sure, great. I tried to get it to update in various ways in the companion app with no luck until I could not wrangle my phone together with my fingers anymore and I gave up.
Today I bought a new phone (Oneplus Nord 2T - does Bluetooth versions matter?) and figured I could finally set it all up. No, absolutely not. Hub wakes up when connected to power chord, seemingly goes into pairing mode but nothing turns up in the companion app on my new phone. Tried downloading the Zwift app on the new phone as well, nothing shows up. Updates, reinstalls, nothing. My laptop was switched off, battery in old phone off, nothing else it could be connected to. And it was blinking blue. Nothing.
I tried various orders of doing things - first powering up the hub, then opening the companion app, then the zwift app on my laptop, or any order of those. Nothing.
Then, to my surprise, when I decided to power on my old phone, it was still showing the update available in the companion app on that phone. And for some reason,all of a sudden the Hub looked as though it was paired (no more blinking) and it showed up on my laptop. First with no signal, but all of a sudden working. My laptop was set to pair via bluetooth (which, again, has never worked for me), not via the companion app. Utterly bizarre. Still couldn't update the firmware.
So, as absurd as it sounds, it looks like my old phone is "keeping the Zwift Hub captive", even when the phone isn't even on and although the Hub is still here blinking at me like a blueeyed cyclops from hell. Factory reset? Try the companion app, right? F.... annoying.
I figured my old phone might release my hostage Hub if I deleted the companion and Zwift app. Nope, didn't work. All the while, my technique of squeezing the front screen and back panel together on that old phone is turning my fingers into acid and I'm getting desperate. After uninstalling and reinstalling the companion app and still seeing the message in the main feed that a firmware update was available, I finally managed to squeeze the phone so hard that I made that whole problem worse. Basically the phone is inaccessible now.
So, now I have a hostage Zwift hub on a phone that no longer works - i.e. I threw away the key. I even signed up for Rouvy - didn't find the Hub.
I don't imagine (or hope) that anyone has had the same problem, but maybe someone's gone through something similar? I've obviously looked through all the generic guides (yes, I made sure the Hub isn't connected elsewhere, yes I tried to limit the amount of bluetooth action going on in the room, yes, I've tried to update this and that) and it seems there's nothing out there. If nothing else, I guess it could be a cautionary tale for those considering whether the Hub is a great buy...
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2023.06.03 16:48 Sven-Ost Low Carb Sweet & Sour Chicken

Low Carb Sweet & Sour Chicken
Low Carb Sweet & Sour Chicken
Per 1.2 Pound Serving, it will have 467 Calories, 32g Fats, 3.9g Net Carbs, and 49g Protein.
The Preparation Chicken: • 5-6 Small Boneless Chicken Breasts • 2 Large Eggs, Beaten • 1 Cup Crushed Pork Rinds • 1/2 Cup Almond Flour • 1/3 Cup Parmesan Cheese • 2 Tbsp. Olive Oil • 1 Tbsp. Coconut Oil • 1 tsp. Kosher Salt • 1 tsp. Freshly Ground Black Pepper
Sweet & Sour Sauce: • 1/2 Cup Erythritol • 1/2 Cup Rice Vinegar • 4 Tbsp. Reduced Sugar Ketchup • 1 Tbsp. Soy Sauce • 1 tsp. Garlic Powder
The Execution Stovetop [Method 1] 1. Cut chicken into cubes. Combine all the coating ingredients in a food processor and then coat the chicken by dipping into egg and then into the pork rind crumbs. 2. Cook chicken in batches in a cast iron skillet over medium heat. 3. Reduce sauce in a pan while chicken is cooking. 4. Coat chicken with sauce and mix together.
Oven [Method 2] 5. Preheat oven to 325F. 6. Cube chicken breasts, cut off any excess bits. 7. Crush pork rinds and add almond flour, salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese. 8. 1 Bowl with beaten eggs, 1 bowl with pork rind mixture. 9. Heat pan with 1 Tbsp. Olive Oil and 1 Tbsp. Coconut Oil. 10. Dip chicken cubes in egg mixture and then pork rind mixture. 11. Fast fry chicken and transfer to baking pan, add more olive oil as needed. 12. Mix sauce together and pour over chicken. Bake for 60 minutes, flipping the chicken every 15 minutes.
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2023.06.03 16:48 Sven-Ost Low Carb Sweet & Sour Chicken

Low Carb Sweet & Sour Chicken
Low Carb Sweet & Sour Chicken
Per 1.2 Pound Serving, it will have 467 Calories, 32g Fats, 3.9g Net Carbs, and 49g Protein.
The Preparation Chicken: • 5-6 Small Boneless Chicken Breasts • 2 Large Eggs, Beaten • 1 Cup Crushed Pork Rinds • 1/2 Cup Almond Flour • 1/3 Cup Parmesan Cheese • 2 Tbsp. Olive Oil • 1 Tbsp. Coconut Oil • 1 tsp. Kosher Salt • 1 tsp. Freshly Ground Black Pepper
Sweet & Sour Sauce: • 1/2 Cup Erythritol • 1/2 Cup Rice Vinegar • 4 Tbsp. Reduced Sugar Ketchup • 1 Tbsp. Soy Sauce • 1 tsp. Garlic Powder
The Execution Stovetop [Method 1] 1. Cut chicken into cubes. Combine all the coating ingredients in a food processor and then coat the chicken by dipping into egg and then into the pork rind crumbs. 2. Cook chicken in batches in a cast iron skillet over medium heat. 3. Reduce sauce in a pan while chicken is cooking. 4. Coat chicken with sauce and mix together.
Oven [Method 2] 5. Preheat oven to 325F. 6. Cube chicken breasts, cut off any excess bits. 7. Crush pork rinds and add almond flour, salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese. 8. 1 Bowl with beaten eggs, 1 bowl with pork rind mixture. 9. Heat pan with 1 Tbsp. Olive Oil and 1 Tbsp. Coconut Oil. 10. Dip chicken cubes in egg mixture and then pork rind mixture. 11. Fast fry chicken and transfer to baking pan, add more olive oil as needed. 12. Mix sauce together and pour over chicken. Bake for 60 minutes, flipping the chicken every 15 minutes.
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2023.06.03 16:48 throwaway66778889 Rewatch 01.01 post finale

Things that are sticking out to me: - Roman saying “this is all bullshit” before leaving the office in his first appearance mirroring the finale is great.
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2023.06.03 16:48 ToLiveandDieinL8 Create your supergroup from artists/bands you don’t like!

Hey everyone!
There are bands/artists we love and those we don’t. But even with the ones we don’t, there’s often something redeeming about them. So it got me wanting to ask this community to create a supergroup from bands/artists you aren’t particularly keen on but you think could shine in another group. Maybe it’s a lead singer with a great voice being wasted. Or a standout musician dragged down by the rest of the group.
The only rules are the band should be a minimum of a trio and to be honest! For instance I know a lot of people don’t like Queen or Journey, so there’s nothing wrong with choosing really strong performers like Mercury or Perry. If that’s how you feel go for it!
Here’s mine to start:
Lead Singer: Paul Rodgers. A great voice that never had the songs to match it- either with Free or Bad Company.
Lead Guitarist: Gary Richrath. I don’t like much about REO Speedwagon. But everything I do like comes from Richrath. His guitar always sounds great and he almost salvages some of their 80’s guff with his work. My favourite song of theirs is Take It On The Run and it was written by him. I think he could really shine in a group that wasn’t hamstrung by 80’s schmaltz.
Rhythm Guitarist: Paul Stanley. Solid singer and solid player. Similar to Richrath, he’s responsible for the few Kiss songs I actually like.
Bass Player: John Taylor. Ok, I know I’m bending (breaking) the definition of classic rock here. But John Taylor’s bass work for Duran Duran is seriously good. Definitely the standout performer in the band and I think he could adapt his style for another group.
Drums: Phil Collins. This almost feels like a cheat. But honestly I’ve never really liked his solo work or most of his work with Genesis (I’m the opposite of Patrick Bateman really). No doubt he could do the job though.
Looking forward to hearing from everyone else!
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2023.06.03 16:48 Fakechow90 Advice for deer and saplings

Good morning everyone,
So I have a 1+ acre property that the previous owners removed most of the trees. I have a huge apple tree (that attracts a lot of wildlife) and a cypress but other than that no coverage. All my neighbors have huge oaks, poplars and maples which I’m jealous. I have some questions about this sapling that got murdered by deer as well as advice on planting native cultivar to repopulate my yard
  1. Will this red maple sapling make it if all the leaves got plucked by deer?
  2. Besides cages to prevent deer from reaching the leaves on future saplings, what else can I do? Plant taller trees so the deer can’t reach the higher leaves?
  3. I’ve reached out to the NC state agricultural extension office and they gave some great recommendations about repopulating with a variety of cultivars which was helpful. Leaning towards local ones with fall color such as sourwood, yellow poplar, hickory, willow oak, hickory, sugar and red maples. Suggestions are appreciated!
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2023.06.03 16:48 Constable_Wiggum63 My Dad

My Dad
Cribbage means a lot to me. It was my grandfather's favorite card game and my dad used to make boards.
Back in Jan 2021, my dad suffered a heart attack and ended up in the hospital during peak COVID. Because he was between ICU and the cardiology department, he was only allowed one designated visitor, and because I lived a five minute drive away, that would be me as the rest of my family lives out of town.
Every day, first thing in the morning before work, and every day after work and on weekends, I'd go play crib with him using an app on my phone instead of a real crib board.. I'd throw a hand, miscount and make sure he got the better cards...
He passed away that March, this was the final score... The game is great, but the time with those who you play with is so much better.
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2023.06.03 16:48 Smrsin Procedural goodness

I picked up the game after my friend's recommendation and after seeing Yahtzee's review and AI love it. Procedurally generated games usually suffer from blandness and repetitiveness, which seems to NOT be the case of SoD. Or, if repetitive, it is immersing, as you're getting better at cracking cases, but you can always take an unorthodox take on the case.
The side quests are so great! However I would like a tele lens, so you could capture your targets from a distance.
Also, even though I am not sure if it was game-breaking, it would be cool to have an access to fingerprint database, searching by name makes the work easier, but at least some sort of to connect just finger prints to someone would be cool.
Smoking. We need smoking as much as Harry Du Bois needs a bit of love.
Augmentations for mapping out surrounding vents would be nice, but not necessary.
I find it funny how blurred is the line between a detective and a burglar. Love it.
And what I really think should be implemented more, are windowsills, fire stairs and balconies. The risk compensating for somewhat easier access to flats that are not connected to the vents would be the wet status while jumping from sledge to ledge 12 floors above ground - seems balanced to me.
And definitely cheap hotels. Yeah, you have your flat (if you do) but skipping time at cheap brot/hotel would be fitting, for one, two, it could bring a spin on solving the crimes as the staff would for enough money have a lot of info on people.
Stay sleuthing!
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2023.06.03 16:48 Gamebreaker35 39 [m4f] South Carolina looking for something real

First and foremost I'm a big guy I'm 6'3 370 lbs i am disabled yes i can walk i only have one speed though. Hope that's not a deal breaker. While i may not have alot my needs are taken care of. This means i dont have anything extra so if thats what your looking for look the other way. Shouldnt even have to say that. I'm looking to chat and get to know someone. I've been alone a long time 6 years now. I'm ready to get myself back out there and see where things go. I'm open to chat about anything no limits. I also have children but they can be talked about later. Im a pretty laid back guy. I enjoy being outdoors. I enjoy reading. I also love a nice movie night cuddled up on the couch. I miss affection and having someone that has my back. I think I can hold a conversation pretty well. I'd like to move to the phone pretty quick i think im definitely worth someones time. So if your good with getting to know me and seeing what happens then please message away.
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2023.06.03 16:47 Paraboloid69 I'm gonna be a dad! Any parents here with BPD?

I was diagnosed two years ago, and though I still know I have BPD, I have grown so much and healed so much in that short time. Thankfully, my girlfriends surprise pregnancy came when Ive been the best mentally that Ive ever been. I love myself for the first time, and so when we found out we both wanted to keep it. I had just cut off my abusive mom right before we found out too, and it seems poetic almost, and im sticking with the cut off (but that means I cant use my mom as a information resource).
Any parents with BPD? Does it create any new challenges for you or the child? Have you told your kids about your diagnosis?
Really any advice would be great lol!
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2023.06.03 16:47 is-this-thing-on-22 More appalling book signings & ‘easter eggs’! 🙄

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