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2023.03.23 00:39 Stats-guy Valuation of FERS pension

Here is a link to how I estimate the value of the pension for comparison of non-pensioned salaries in order to evaluate non-government employment opportunities. My approach
Curious to know what y’all think and to hear other strategies.
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2022.04.29 18:00 Ok-Button6101 38, getting started saving for retirement and trying to make a plan for retirement, feeling despondent

I didn't save for retirement in my 20s or early 30s. I got an accounting and information systems degree at 36 and have been working the last couple years.
Since the pandemic started, I've been aggressively saving for retirement and have managed to save 100k in just a couple years, between Roth IRA (~35k), 401k (~28k), HSA (~7k), and normal taxable investment accounts (~30k). However, I can't maintain this level of saving and will need to dial it back since I want to also save for a house.
Since I'm starting my career so late, and since I'm trying to save for retirement and save for a home, I'm trying to accelerate my earnings. I've job hopped and went from 57 to 68 to 90 in the last 3 years, and I think I can probably continue to accelerate my earning this way. I can probably switch to another job to get 110 at this year, however, I'm not sure if continuing on this trajectory will be enough.
I've heard about the federal government pension program and the idea of a defined benefit plan is attractive. It sounds like it's not that great though? You pay 4.4%, and your return is the average of your 3 highest pay grades, multiplied by 1.1%, multiplied by years of service. If I managed to get to the last few steps of GS15, that would be 170k * 1.1% * 20 yrs = 37.4k. I know GS15 step 8 in a HCOL is a pretty lofty assumption, and it would yield a not very attractive number.
Would it be better for me to just keep chasing higher and higher salaries in the private sector and than to try to get the federal pension? If I went to the federal government now, I'd probably be GS12 since I have 3 years exp, and that would put me at 86k. Next year I'd be at GS13, and 102k, both of which are a minor, but not immaterial pay cuts from what I'm getting right now.
And final thought: I've read a few other posts about the federal pension and they mention the health care. I have lifetime VA healthcare due to being a service connected disabled veteran, so I'll always have something for health care, but is the health plan from federal retirement significantly better?
It's hard for me to evaluate all this information, and since I'm about to turn 40, I want to make sure that I don't miss an opportunity to get the federal pension if that's going to be a good decision for me.
Thanks in advance for any input you want to share!
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2021.12.07 15:10 Mtskiguy21 What are your thoughts on inflation and annual pay raises over the long term?

Starter Comment: Without access to a magic 8 ball, what are your thoughts on the future of fed work given the prospect of longer term inflation. Its not looking so transitory and I don't see many fundamentals that would slow things down. I'm at year 10 in my career and probably won't move up much higher on the GS ladder. Do folks have long term concerns about inflation grossly outpacing fed wages? I have 20 years left. If my average annual raises are several percent under inflation, my earnings will be insanely eroded later in my career. Is this a serious looming issue? Will the federal government hemorrhage employees at some point? Will even a GS15 salary just not be enough at some point? Is there an inflection point that would actually force Congress to peg annual raises to the CPI? Curious to hear folks thoughts on this potential issue.
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2021.10.12 17:55 Just_passing_thru88 Help, Go Government or not?

Is there anything I am not considering?
Recently retired from the military so I have Tricare and have been working with Industry for 3 months. Its 100% remote, good salary, 20 days of vacation/sick days and annual bonus. Its been quiet but so far I have enjoyed it.
Got an offer for a GS14/GS15 pay grade, its 100% telework, supervisory position and they are offering more than what I currently make not including the bonus. I asked for it to be writing that its remote but they said they could not do that but ensured me it would remain 100% telework. This makes me nervous as leadership changes.
I have my made a list of pros and cons and its very even. The mission for the Govt job is cooler and the stability would be better. However that's about it. Is there anything I am not considering?
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2021.08.25 00:55 kateasaur Help replying to a tentative offer

I have a tentative offer for a GS15 position, and I questions about what to ask for as a recruitment incentive.
Should I just as for the max allowable (25% salary for 4 years) and assume I wont get that but should get a good offer? Should I lower the percentage but for the years?
What do people usually ask for and what do they get?
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2021.08.06 04:59 JaidenMccarthy2 GS15 pay formula from a GS13

If an employee (GS13) applies for a GS15 on a public vacancy and is interviewed and selected, how is the pay negotiation handled? Must it follow the same OPM formula for existing feds moving up a grade? Or because they skipped that grade and applied on the public vacancy, is the salary open for full negotiation?
This employee is a friend in a high demand field (cyber). They are currently a GS13 step 4 (0132 series) and the 15 is a 2210. The positions are in different components/agencies but both are under DHS. She is wondering how much latitude she’d have to negotiate a high 15 step.
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2021.02.25 06:31 UXTTT Cap on pay band?

I am currently in the DP4 payband (GS14/15). The HQ SES is likely going to be placing caps on the paybands. I am currently at about a GS14 step 8, or low level GS15.
When I applied and competitively interviewed for this position I was under the impression that full performance would be GS15 step 10. Now I am hearing someone is going to neuter my salary.
Is this legit? Do I just go back to industry, or take this to the IG as its not in line with the job I applied for. Seems like a bait and switch when there are so many deadbeat civs out there that should be culled before going after the high performers for a $10K cap to salary.
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2020.11.04 19:34 BoyPastBedtime What's the Point of Step Increases Once You Hit the Max

  As you all know, the maximum civil service salary is 170800 by a federal mandate. If you are working as a GS15 in the High cost localities (such as DC), your salary will stay the same beyond step 7 unless they change the pay schedule at some undetermined revision date.
My question is. What is the point of step increases once you hit the maximum pay ceiling? I understand that you give up the money back to the US government, but does it translate to any other tangible benefit for the person working such capacity? Is it even considered a tax-deductible charitable donation?:
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2020.05.12 22:59 bedpost9000 Want the Chill Accounting Life? Join the Military.

Hello all!
Hope you like my click bait title, but it's actually true. If you do a few years in the military right out of high school (or college), you can get that delicious GI Bill benefit and then get out. You can join the Air Force and have a chill time for a few years, doesn't even have to be the Marines or Army.
THEN, after you get out, you get your accounting bachelors (or masters) for free with the GI Bill. You even get a yummy housing allowance that can be thousands of dollars a month while you study tuition free.
While studying, apply for accounting Pathways Internships in the Federal government on USAJOBS. You will get veterans preference for your service AND even more if you have any kind of VA disability, which a lot of military have.
You're basically a shoe-in for a Federal government job. Pathways allows you to work a few years while you are in school for an agency, and when you graduate you get converted to a full-time civil servant unless you royally screw up. Oh, and while you're just an intern you get FULL benefits and can get paid up to $53k a year!
Once you're in the GS system, you get fast, automatic promotions to either GS-12 or GS-13. Starting is $77,000 for GS12, $91k for GS13 (my agency goes to 13 automatically). Raises every year or so. So after a few short years you are taking in a VERY decent salary.
Plus you work 40 hours a week maximum. Plus you get a sweet pension at the end of it. Plus great health benefits and 5% matching 401k contributions. Sounds horrible, right?
If you're good and make GS15 one day, you can get paid up to $160k a year.
So just be lazy and do the military/Federal government. Screw public sounds worse than the military. You don't even need the CPA to work for the Feds and make it to the top! Who needs that? (I got mine anyway, so don't even start).
tl;dr: Do military, get GI Bill, get veterans preference, apply for federal government job via Pathways program, become GS, get rich, feel sorry for public accountants.
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2018.05.19 17:30 JustEngineering Transfer from one Agency to Another with different payscales? Non-GS

I currently work at a fed agency where they use NH2-5 for their engineers. NH2 are GS 7-9 equivalents and entry level. NH5 being GS15. I’m due for NH3 promotion soon and would like to transfer to another agency when the time comes. I’m gauging the living costs of moving back home.
The other agency does not use GS scale either. It uses ND for their engineers and scientist. (I think ND(1-4) but I cannot remember as it was my internship agency from couple years ago.
How does this work? How do I determine my equivalent NH to GS or NH to ND equivalent? I’ve looked at the charts but it’s difficult as I don’t know what my Step would be in the GS7-9 domain.
For my salary (base with locality) is 73k. I am in the LA region.
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2017.08.06 15:55 Federaljobhelp Referred, Interviewed, Selected, HR now says I'm ineligible. Help

I currently work for an organization that uses a pay band system. I am currently in the GS13/14 pay band. I make about what a GS-13 step 3 makes in a very niche field. I have been in this pay band for 3 years. I recently applied for a GS-15 position in this field with the DOD. I was found eligible, referred, interviewed by a panel and did well. The panel reached out to me a few days later to tell me unofficially that they sent my name to HR as the selection.
A few days later the SO reached out again and said HR isn't allowing it to go through. After reviewing the selection they now claim that I don't meet the time in grade (TIG) requirements required for a 15 position. According to HR, I must have one year as a 14 or make the equivalent pay of a 14 to be eligible for this position. How can HR review a selection and now claim I'm not eligible when I made the cert in the first place?
Further, HR is completely wrong in their interpretation of the TIG requirement. They are trying to use my salary and claim that is my equivalent GS grade.
According to the CFR, non GS employees are specifically exempt from TIG requirements.
§ 300.603 (a) Coverage. This subpart applies to advancement to a General Schedule position in the competitive service by any individual who within the previous 52 weeks held a General Schedule position under nontemporary appointment in the competitive or excepted service in the executive branch, unless excluded by paragraph (b) of this section. (b) Exclusions. The following actions may be taken without regard to this subpart but must be consistent with all other applicable requirements, such as qualification standards: (4)Advancement of an employee from a non-General Schedule position to a General Schedule position unless the employee held a General Schedule position under nontemporary appointment in the executive branch within the previous 52 weeks.
I have never been a GS employee and certainly not in the previous 52 weeks. The representative rate that they are using to say I don't meet the TIG requirement should only be used for RIF purposes according to CFR Title 5 Section 351. It does not mean that I am unqualified for GS15 according to the letter of the law. I met all other qualification standards since my billet has the responsibilities of a GS14 and the interview panel agreed with their assessment of my resume and qualifications.
Has anyone dealt with this before? What can I do? I'm lost and not ready to give up on a 15 position that I worked really hard for. To make it even more complicated, the SO called to let me know has a courtesy so I'm not even supposed to know I was selected. What do you do when HR gets it wrong and is trying to force the SO to pick someone else?
Who audits HR when they get it wrong? Someone must supervise HR to ensure they are doing their jobs correctly, right? I'm out of options and have no idea what I can do to help my situation. And I'm obviously not happy about the fact that I may lose out on a significant career opportunity because someone in HR doesn't read the CFR or know their job.
Update: HR actually agreed with me! Tentative Offer received.
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