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Where to find a companion breakfast

2023.03.25 00:03 afterpie123 Where to find a companion breakfast

I own a small fast casual restaurant in Colorado, small as in 5 employees plus myself and give or take 400k in annual sales. Counter top, take out and delivery. Dining room has 8 chairs 4 high top tables kind of small. We are open for lunch and dinner. My question is if it's possible to rent out my kitchen/space for a breakfast. Like I don't want to do breakfast it's too much added on my plate but the space could 100% support a counter top deli style breakfast menu. I don't currently even use half the available storage space and the kitchen is perfectly set up for pretty much anything a breakfast menu could want/use. My question is how/where do I find people trying to open a breakfast place or food truck that could use the space?
For context I've seen it work with a desert bar and breakfast restaurant sharing a space and now a Mexican restaurant down the street has a breakfast food truck that now serves breakfast in their restaurant in the am before the Mexican restaurant opens. Completely separate businesses sharing a space.
I own the building I'm in too so no issues with landowner
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