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2023.05.29 13:30 mojojojo13wischau Should Romania send manele to Eurovision?

Romanians have been complaining for years that this kind of music represents some shady values. But those songs are present in almost every playlist, being played at every party. Here is a parody of manele, and they had a pretty big chance of winning the selection, but the juries had a different vision. What do you think? Are manele a wild card for Romania in ESC?
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2023.05.29 13:30 greatchair Why are there duplicates of my photos?

Why are there duplicates of my photos?
Today I opened my Google photos app, I scrolled down to see some of my old photos and videos and for some reason most of them were duplicated... now I have a duplicate of almost every video and almost every picture, why is that so and how do I delete the duplicates all together?? Also the photo/video and the duplicate are not exactly the same, one of them is backed up while the other one takes up the phone storage space, also it has this weird sign in the left corner as if the picture is about to be backed up. I haven't looked carefully at my Google photos account in a month or so, so I'm not sure about the next thing, but I also think that all those new "not backed up" duplicates are backing up right now because it says "20 000 items left to back up" and there's no way I have taken that many photos since I last checked the back up process.... So how do i fix this? Please help
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2023.05.29 13:30 keenbeans87 Lost tags, please help

Hello, I have 2 trees growing in large pots with no tags and my mother doesn't remember getting them (has alzheimer's) and says they might just be something random that sprouted but we wouldn't ever have pots that are full of soil sitting out in the yard so someone must have gifted them to her in the past year or so. Please help me identify them so I'll know how big they will get and can choose a proper location for them or regift if we can't find a spot. I don't know if this will help at all but we are in central/eastern NC and sorry if the moisture makes it harder to identify, we've had rain for the past 2 days. They are about 3.5 - 4ish ft tall currently.
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2023.05.29 13:30 Cold-Reputation-4848 Any recommandations for a cozy mmo ?

I know it sounds strange, but let me explain. When i say a cozy mmo, i mean a game with quite a big map and a lot of place to chill in. I would love to find a place to call my own place. Having some minigames would be cool too. Like some fishing or something like this. And having some housing is a plus too, it's always fun to create. Is it too much to ask for a mobile game ?
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2023.05.29 13:30 QuadcopterFPV How to prevent PC ARGB lights from turning on in sleep mode?

It was working fine for a long time, but now if I put my PC into sleep mode, all of the 5V ARGB lights connected to my motherboard (2x 5V ARB LED strips and 2 Corsair RGB fans) turn on and are red only, not changing colors). How can I fix this?
Also, recently my USBs do not power off when my PC goes to sleep any more either, which just controls my mouse pad lighting (not as big of an issue). But, I am thinking that this may be an issue related to the above.
I use Signal RGB to control the LED lighting when the PC is on, and have no issues when the PC is fully on.
What I've Tried:
  1. I've tried enable/disable ERP mode in the bios.
  2. I've tried setting turn off LED in sleep mode in the bios to true.
  1. I've tried setting USB selective suspend setting to Disabled in the Windows Advanced Power Settings.
  2. I've tried checking/unchecking Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power in the USB settings in Device Manager.
Is there anything I've missed short of reflashing the bios or some drastic measure?
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2023.05.29 13:30 Sonadorr All of my friends know something I don’t

I’m in a friend group of 4. I’m very close with everyone except one girl. We get along and care about each other a lot, but just haven’t really been able to connect & don’t know how to talk to each other without having the others around. I’ve tried really hard in the past to take our friendship to the next level, but nothing seems to work. Anyway, apparently something really big happened to her and she told the other 2 group members about it. The others, understandably, don’t feel at liberty to tell me what because it’s “really really personal”. I don’t feel entitled to her privacy or anything, but it’s really hard for me to be the only one out of the loop. I’m having a bit of a trauma response because I was excluded from things throughout my childhood. I feel stupid and desperate to even ask her about it directly, and feel that if she wanted me to know, she would’ve told me. I’m just hurt that she didn’t feel like she could come to me about it like the others. Not sure what I should do
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2023.05.29 13:30 BlerghTheBlergh POLL: Your predictions on the world-wide haul of "THE FLASH"

Since the upcoming release of WB/DC's "The Flash" has caused quite a stir on here and other sites maybe it's time we all place our bets. Instead of constantly fighting over who is or isn't astroturfing this sub with pro- or anti- "Flash" rhethoric let's just put the cards on the table once and for all.
How much is "The Flash" going to make world-wide?

Some data for the movie: Years in production: 2018-2023 Release Date: 06.16.2023 Budget: $220M Directed by: Andy Muschietti (It: Capter 1&2) Produced by: Barbara Muschietti & Toby Emmerich Starring: Ezra Miller (Barry Allen / The Flash / Black Flash), Michael Keaton (Bruce Wayne / Batman), Sasha Calle (Kara Zor-El / Supergirl), Michael Shannon (General Zod), Antje Traue (Faora Ul), Nicolas Cage (Clark Kent / Superman; cameo), Ben Affleck (Bruce Wayne / Batman; cameo), Nikolaj-Coster Waldau (Hot Dog vendor; cameo), Jason Momoa (Arthur Curry / Aquaman; cameo; rumored), Temuera Morrison (Tom Curry; cameo; rumored), Henry Cavill (Clark Kent / Superman; rumored; cameo), Gal Gadot (Diana Prince / Wonder Woman; rumored; cameo), Christopher Reeves (Clark Kent / Superman; digitized double; rumored; cameo), Helen Slater (Diana Prince / Wonder Woman; digitized double; rumored; cameo), Adam West (Bruce Wayne / Batman; digitized double; rumored; cameo), Grant Gustin (Barry Allen / The Flash; cameo; rumored), Teddy Sears (Hunter Zolomon / Jay Garrick; cameo; rumored)
Pros for the movie: - Long awaited release after years on the bench. - appearances of legacy characters (can be seen in the spoilers within the "Starring" bracket). - positive online reactions from fans & celebreties like James Gunn & Stephen King. - positive messaging on online forums.
Cons for the movie: - Follows a string of WB/DC bombs in The Suicide Squad ($168M WW against a budget of $185M), Black Adam ($393M WW against a budget of $200M) & Shazam 2 ($133M WW against a budget of $125M). - The last film starring the title character made $657M against a budget of $300M despite following the box office successes of Wonder Woman & Suicide Squad. - The very public scandals of it's lead actor (abduction & physical abuse). - mixed messaging regarding the movies redundancy within the larger picture of the DC Universe by producer James Gunn. - aggressive guerilia marketing strategy. - the cancelation of it's finished spin-off movie "Batgirl" by WB executive David Zaslav in order to "cut costs".

note: if you have anymore pro- and con- reasons I'll add them as we go along with the posts.

View Poll
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2023.05.29 13:29 AfroGurl My first intense casting sifting 🪱

My first intense casting sifting 🪱
I couldn't figure out how to caption each picture, so I'll describe them here:
-Leftovers after first sift with the 1/4 inch sieve.
-Results of sift #1. Decent, but still kinda heavy. I wanted to get all those woody bits, leftover coco coileaf strings and eggshells pieces.
-Leftovers after sift #2 with 1/5 inch sieve
-Results of sift #2. Much lighter and fluffier. I debated going even finer but I was happy with this. This batch went into the bucket for a week while I bait out the tiny stragglers and let some cocoons hatch!
-Last 2 pics are the final result of the sifted out leftovers filling a deep plant saucer. Not sure what to do with it; throw it back into the active feeding bin? Use it as top dressing? Add to my container potting mix?
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2023.05.29 13:29 instalie [WTB] [UK] CD (disc only) for Apocalypse: From Us

Hi, /dreamcatcher! This is a long shot but thought it was worth a try! And I hope this is ok to post here. I have seen WTB posts before, but this a bit of unusual one 😅
So I love CDs and they're the main reason I buy K-Pop albums. The photobooks can be fun, of course, but sometimes I have to make the decision not to buy because they are too big or I simply don't like the packaging. And unfortunately I don't really like the packaging this time round for A: From Us, and both limited and normal are just too big for me (struggling on space!!)
But I would so love to have the CD as I love the album musically and that's the main way I listen to music. I've noticed in the K-Pop community people often have spare albums either for the inclusions or to do scrapbooking etc, and don't actually use the CD, so is there anyone who might eventually have a spare Apocalypse: From Us CD (disc only, without packaging) that they'd be interested in selling?
I'm from the UK and would prefer to buy domestically but I'd consider buying from elsewhere if the shipping isn't too high. Ideally the seller would post in a spare jewel case so the CD is protected during shipping. I don't care if the jewel case is scratched or cracked as long as the CD is secure.
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2023.05.29 13:29 chris_topher_1984 I ruined my game (by cheating sort of), 140 hours wasted. What would you do?

Before I begin, I know this is just a game. It's not a big deal and I should play how I want to play. But I would like some opinions.
I decided to play Valheim again to try out the new Mistlands update. I beat through the Plains and Yag last year, I had around 180 hours into the game after two playthroughs. Two weeks ago is when I started my third playthrough. Everything was going great up until the Moder fight. This is where I feel like I completely ruined my character and possibly world. I decided to make backups of my save files, I had a suspicion I was underprepared for the fight.
I was correct, Moder killed me. I ended up loading up my backup save and defeated Moder. That got me in the habit of backing up my save all the time- save scumming I think they call it. Well now I am in the Mistlands, I searched one whole biome, found 4 cores in the only infested mine, and I have no motivation to look for a new Mistlands and get more cores. I feel like the whole save is a big giant cheat and a lie. A huge fraud.
What should I do? Just abandon this world and start fresh new character new world? Or should I use the same seed so I know the discovered areas of the map and just use a new character? The game seriously lost most of its thrill and fun when I started making backups and restoring after death. Instead, I should be making portals and beds everywhere as I travel and have spare gear.
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2023.05.29 13:29 Intrepid_Ambition240 So the first 3 fnaf books have graphic novels

i was wondering can i read the ones with pictures instead of the actual first 3 books? Xx
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2023.05.29 13:28 aar550 Need some advice for BTF Rolex Daytona 116500

Need some advice for BTF Rolex Daytona 116500
  1. Dealer name: Trusty
  2. Factory name: BTF
  3. Model name (& version number): Daytona 116500 with diamonds with 4130 clone caliber
  4. Price paid: $798.00
  5. Album Links:
  6. Index alignment: looks a little off. 3 and 9 is off in alignment. Can I do better?
  7. Dial Printing: looks good
  8. Date Wheel alignment/printing: Looks good to me
  9. Hand Alignment: looks good
  10. Bezel: nothing looks bad
  11. Solid End Links (SELs): small gaps
  12. Timegrapher numbers: looks good
This is my most expensive rep, but the diamond markers on 3 9 and 6 are a little off. Is this demanding too much or passable?
Also TD did not provide video of the watch working and chrono functions. Isn't this supposed to be standard practice. I also did not receive any image of the 4130 movement inside. This clone movement has a very big upcharge. I don't why TD did not provide these in the first place.
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2023.05.29 13:28 Groundhog891 Bill's May 28 update email-- No new movies until late July/Aug. They are currently rejecting spec movies for quality issues. They had to rework Belgian Chocolate's storyline. They are working on a Candace mystery.

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to update you on our programming plans and provide you with as much visibility into our process as possible. You have all been remarkably generous in taking time to reply to my emails, and I am grateful for, and humbled by, your incredible support.
Last week we announced some great news on the big picture front. We are thrilled to have entered into an agreement to merge with Pure Flix, a streaming platform that focuses on faith and family content. This new structure will allow us to produce more programming for you and expand the reach of our content. Because the deal is currently going through the FTC approval process, I cannot comment further, but I promise to be back to you in about three weeks once the agreement is official with more specifics on exactly what this means for you as a loyal viewer.
On the programming front, we are continuing to work hard at developing movies that reach a certain quality level and therefore are worth your time to watch. We have great appreciation for your commitment to us and we never want to disappoint. I believe we fell a little bit short in first quarter with some of our movies and we are working hard to premiere better product for the remainder of 2023 and beyond. To give you a sense of how seriously we are taking this commitment to quality content, we recently passed on an original movie because we did not believe you would thoroughly enjoy it, while our primary competitor acquired and aired the film a couple of weeks ago.
As a result of trying to create the best experience for you, while at the same time meeting our business needs, I want to let you know we will likely be holding our premieres back until late July or early August. Since this is a significant change and counter to my last email indicating we premiere new movies in June, I wanted you to hear about this directly from me. The silver lining here is we will be able to offer you a new movie every Saturday night throughout the remainder of the year once we get started this Summer. As an aside, we will have a Christmas in July premiere that we held from airing during Great American Christmas 2022 in order to rework the storyline as much as possible (feel free to read between the lines there and plan your viewing accordingly as the movie turned out “fine!”)
The production of our Christmas movie slate is in full swing! Candace’s Christmas movie is already produced, and we’ll once again have movies with Danica (Fall & Christmas), Jen Lilley (possibly TWO Christmas movies with her), Jill Wagner and many of your other favorite stars!
The last piece of news involves movies that many of you have expressed a passion for - cozy mysteries in the tradition of Aurora Teagarden. We have heard your requests loud and clear, and we are working with Candace and MPCA Productions on a few concepts that should be ready to premiere early in 2024. In addition, we may have a special surprise premiere at some point over the next couple of months in the mystery genre – it is not perfect, but I do believe you will enjoy it! While the publicity team will not be happy that I am getting out ahead of them with this news, I consider you all Great American Family “Family Insiders” and I’ll have to ask their forgiveness if word gets out!
Again, I want to thank you for your support and encouragement. It is highly motivating to the entire team at Great American Media, and I will never take it for granted!
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2023.05.29 13:28 chpictures Urgent - Pictures of buildings - corner of 3rd St and Central Avenue NW, Albuquerque.

Urgent - Pictures of buildings - corner of 3rd St and Central Avenue NW, Albuquerque.
Quick photo job in Albuquerque. $75 for 30-45mins.
Its a long shot I know, but I need some photos of 2 streets in Albuquerque, USA.
I would need someone who lives close by to the corner of 3rd St and Central Avenue NW to take some wide angle shots on their phone that looks at 2 buildings that are circled in the attached image and the map.
I am planning to use these images to create a 3d scene to use in a project. The process is called 'photogrammetry' where I feed these images into the computer and can make a 3d model. Super useful to what I am trying to achieve.
You would need to deliver at least 10-20 hires images standing at different spots so I can make the scene.
You can use either a camera or a phone camera.
You just need to provide the camera/phone model so I can extract the camera data.
You shouldn't use any zoom in the shots. Each shot should be clear and blur free.
I am more than welcome to be on the phone directing and you can send through any low res images while you are doing it via whatsapp so I get what I need although I will need the hi res versions sent through to do what I need to do.
I can also jump on a call to discuss any concerns and how to pay before you start.
If you can get up higher than street level then that would be an added bonus but not 100% necessary. I estimate this will take about about 30-45mins to complete once at the street.
I can pay $75 so if anyone wants to beer money for the week for a quick job then please let me know. You would be doing me a huge favour. DM me for more details.
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2023.05.29 13:28 Runback99 Daily Curling Puzzle 317

Daily Curling Puzzle 317
Uh oh. Another tricky situation for you, Skip. Sure, you're hanging in there and have managed to level the score going into the last three ends. But now the other guys are turning the screws. It's down to your shots, and you need to make one here. But what? Here's situation:
  • 8th end of 10
  • Score is tied
  • You're red
  • Yellow has hammer
  • It's your Skip's first shot
  • Five feet of swing
C'mon Skip, give 'em a shot that shows why you make the big bucks. What's your Pro Call and Club Call - and why? (Play here or on the Daily Curling Puzzle facebook group. I'll post the 'solution' in a couple of days.)
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2023.05.29 13:27 NeonGreenMothership Very high openness, high agreeableness, fairly low conscientiousness teacher looking for career change?

I love to teach and help others, but teaching is a unique profession in that the ceiling is obviously limited: you will make, at best, middle-of-the-road money, and the only room for growth is administration, which takes the teacher from teaching. The truth is I love to teach as an action in itself, but I hate creating and enforcing rules. I don't like managing people, and frankly schools have become hubs for an unspoken school culture against masculinity. I'm a male teacher, and I see the efforts to further subdue masculinity in every form from teachers to staff to students. I just don't want to be in a profession that supports that, yet I love to teach. Based on my Big Five results, are there any insights some of you could provide? Maybe former teachers on here have found success in other fields still being able to do what they love?
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2023.05.29 13:27 megalomaniac71 Part 2 of Big Boi Peace Lilly, found a Banana for Scale.

Part 2 of Big Boi Peace Lilly, found a Banana for Scale. submitted by megalomaniac71 to AbsoluteUnits [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 13:27 sleepinggardens How to teach my puppy to play nicely with smaller puppies?

My puppy plays very nicely with older large breed dogs and they make sure to let him know when he has crossed the line. Older small breed dogs do the same but he seems to be fixated on playing with dogs that are small. I don’t know if he finds them funny, curious, or some sort of prey??? But he insists on playing with them. He does back off when they tell him not to, but if they are small puppies (and since they only Yelp when they don’t like it), he gets extremely fixated on playing with them but he is either too rough or maybe too big for them?
I’m not sure how to go about it but I’d love for my 3 month old pup to be a good player with all dogs of all ages and sizes. Any advice?
P.s. the pup he was having fixations with was a 4 month old corgi.
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2023.05.29 13:27 Fissyii Can anyone help me identify what's wrong with my clematis?

Can anyone help me identify what's wrong with my clematis?
First picture is the clematis that is not doing well... I don't know what type of clematis it is either, but I remember that it's definitely a winter Hardy clematis. It hasn't been flowering once and is growing very slowly. I haven't noticed any bugs either...
Second picture is a Clematis in the same pot right next to it. It's doing much better and has been growing perfectly.
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2023.05.29 13:26 cat_enthusiast5 Please help: 2.5 year old suddenly waking up overnight with requests

Hi everyone,
My 2.5 year old has been sleep trained and sleeping in his own room since he was 4 months. He is a solid sleeper and napper, aside from the occasional wake ups when sick or teething.
Normally, we would put him down for bed awake and ignore any noise or cries unless related to the above and he was good to sleep through the night and worked out any disturbances himself. He still sleeps in a crib and has no objections to it.
Two months ago, his sister was born and his sleep took a big hit. He began to fight bedtime and would wake up earlier than usual.
As his language has developed and he’s able to express himself, I have noticed the last week that he wakes up in the middle of the night crying and asking for water, asking for one of us, asking to be covered etc. We have been going into his room to meet these requests and then we tell him it’s bedtime and quickly leave.
Between him and his sister’s wake ups, our sleep is very broken and we are exhausted. I’m wondering if maybe we should be ignoring his wake ups so he can work it out himself or if we need to move him to a toddler bed.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading.
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2023.05.29 13:26 George-cz90 Ode 2 - Dryness in finish no matter what

Hi everyone, I've been struggling lately with my Ode 2. I noticed a definitive improvement over the Encore I used to have, but recently I visited a coffee festival where I had a chance to taste and buy so much of different coffee. After buying it, it just doesn't taste not even half as good as there.
I always have this lingering dryness in the after taste and I can't seem to get rid of it in any way. I'm brewing James Hoffmann's single cup recipe, to the point, using 93C soft bottled water.
I took pictures of samples of grind sizes 1,3,5,7 and 9. They look okay at the first glance, but you can see there is a lot of fines in every setting, I think that might be the cause? I also took a picture of a bed after a 3:15 brew, on setting 5. Should be juicy, but I'm getting a lot of dry finish and muddy flavors.
Do these grounds look okay?
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2023.05.29 13:26 Wamrage76 My experience with nutritional yeast

Nutritional Yeast Debunked! - Are you making a BIG MISTAKE?
Using it gave me migraines, eye problems, bloating, IBS symptoms, gas and all kinds of stomache issues. I used multiple brands and the result is always the same. What are you experiences with it?
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