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28F -] Looking for someone can give me a some new movie recommendations . [chat]

2023.06.09 01:41 Wild_Reception2038 28F -] Looking for someone can give me a some new movie recommendations . [chat]

Hey! i'm a Brazilian living here in the US. i don't really have much friends here yet. so i curious what i can see and find here. No kids and never been married. i'm always down to talk with anyone who wants. as long as your into the same things i like tho
my personal fave movies are LoTR ready player 1 and sweeney todd
anime: Overlord Guilty crown and Code Geass
what i'm looking for someone Between the ages of 25 and up
Height doesn't matter as long as you're a good listener
Looks doesn't matter to me as long as your a good person
Send me your best anime and movie recommendation here and maybe we could trade lol
Hmu if you Like
When you Dm'ed me please tell me your Name, age and location. Thank you :)
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2023.06.09 01:38 Wild_Reception2038 28F - wanna chat and past the time with me? we could talk about movies and anime as much we like. if your down to it

Hi!! i'm. a Brazilian Girl living here in the US. looking for a cool guy to chat with. someone who's down to nerd out with movies and anime as much as we want. feel free chat me your anime suggestions, it can be a movie or anime series i can be as talkative as you like as long your down to it lol
my personal fave movies are LoTR ready player 1 and sweeney todd
anime: Overlord Guilty crown and Code Geass
Hmu if your interested
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2023.06.09 01:28 Tiny-Economy4757 Been homeless for over 7 years because a fraudulent judge and fake receivership company stole my home

I’m not really sure where to start, but I’ve had this baggage for so long and I need to let it out. I’m not sure why, but letting any of my associates or friends know that I’m homeless seems embarrassing to me. Not only that, but after watching people use other peoples trauma against them makes me feel untrustworthy and hesitant to tell anyone anything.
In 2005, my Mom bought her first house in a lovely suburban neighborhood in Massachusetts. She was dedicated to her studies, earned her degrees, and became a highly skilled and knowledgeable registered nurse. Her patients adored her, and she saved countless lives and uplifted spirits throughout the hospitals and homes she was places in. She was the kind of person who would light up a room and treat everyone with kindness, without a judgmental bone in her body.
However, everything changed in 2012 when my Mom was involved in a serious accident that left her unable to work. She required extensive medical procedures, including screws and metal plates in her knees. She was able to receive disability benefits, but her lifestyle took a drastic turn. She became incontinent, lost her mobility, and could no longer pursue her passion or continue the work she had dedicated her life to. Alongside these physical challenges, she also faced mental health struggles, which led her to surround herself with less-than-ideal people. I believe this was due to her depression stemming from her situation. Over the years, her health deteriorated further, and she faced issues like blood infections, blood clots, and fibromyalgia. As a result, she had to frequently travel between hospitals in Boston and our hometown, Springfield. She would then get a grant to make her upstairs area handicapped accessible.
In 2017, she decided to renovate the interior of the house and to cut ties with the company she had previously associated with. But she would gullibly take someone in after they pleaded for help, she would allow that person to couch surf for a couple of days, which extended into weeks. This person turned out to be a squatter who refused to leave. When my mom discovered that he had an outstanding warrant, she collaborated with the sheriff and the police to capture him. Once the squatter left the house, my mom would turned off the water in the house and attempted to condemn the in-law space attached to the house. The squatter returned, but the sheriff and police were able to arrest him. Following these events, my mom fell ill again, leading to hospitalization. During this time, a receivership company contacted her, falsely promising to completely renovate and fix our home.
Instead, this company changed our locks, entered our house, disposed of our valuable belongings, and prohibited us from entering our own home. When my mom discovered this, she took them to court, only for the company to commit perjury and falsify documents. Despite the clear lies and fraud, the judge in Springfield housing court, Dina Fein, reviewed my mom's evidence and documents, only to falsify them during the next hearing. When my mom tried to confront her about it, Judge Fein ordered her not to schedule any further hearings related to our home.
As a result, we became homeless. My mom earned just enough to disqualify us from shelters, but not enough to afford rent elsewhere. My brother and I, being 16/17, would try to search for jobs in an already congested job market, attempting to do what we could do with what we could earn. It became a daily struggle to decide whether to spend the little money we had on the cramped room we were staying in or on a meal to share among ourselves. We slept in cars, on floors, and occasionally rented a motel room when we had enough money. It was even harder because my Mom was handicapped. Many nights, I’d dream of having a room of my own and decorating it and drawers to put my clothes in. We had to squeeze into tiny spaces together, and when we managed to scrape together some money for laundry, my little brother would do his schoolwork in the car. Despite everything, my mom always prioritized our education.
Now that we gotten older, we were able to get jobs, and stay in a not-to-standard place temporarily that had a slumlord. After my Mom would ask the landlord to fix the plumbing and structure of the shed we were in, he would retaliate with that after code enforcement was called. So now we’re homeless again. my twin brother moved to Florida with his friends to try to start anew, and my grandmother is living her final days in NC. So i’m here now, helping with keeping a roof over our heads in a motel. We’ve put in several applications for apartments, so now we’re just waiting on those. Throughout the years I was homeless, and up until now, I would see my friends online, traveling, showing their rooms off, and doing the most basic stuff with their friends, and i’d become envious and depressed. That life was stolen from us. I wanted to go to school and do so much, but how could I when I needed to work overtime with barely any sleep to fund for rooms. My life feels stagnant and i would’ve taken it by now if it didn’t mean my Mom and baby brother would be alone. I just needed to vent. I feel selfish for even thinking such things, and i’m sure my Mom has been placing the blame on herself throughout these years, but silently takes it. I just hope things get better and we win this case, but even the case feels stagnant… still, we will continue on fighting for our house though
TL;DR: Our house was stolen from us from a fake receivership program and the springfield housing court judge, Dina Fein, created fake documents and signed off on fake bills. Now we’re homeless and been homeless for 7 years and it has been a traumatic experience and hindered our lives in many ways. To note, there are groups and websites about this judge and her fraudulent actions taken upon other homeowners and tenant, but nothing has been done yet, and if it has, it’s been under wraps
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2023.06.09 01:26 LAtsunami How do I tactfully respond to neighbors complaining about my new house being built after being destroyed by a hurricane?

So we bought our house in 2010, it along with the surrounding homes, was built in the 1960s. In 2017 we sustained a lot of damage from hurricane Irma. It has been a long stressful journey to have the house rebuilt. Finally in March it was demolished and a new one is being built on our lot. We have never had any issues with our neighbors, they were all very happy for us when our house was finally getting worked on. Now they are starting to complain. Ie; it’s loud during the day while the contractors are hammering and sawing etc. Today my next door neighbor contacted us to complain about the elevation of the new house. It’s considerably higher than his and he is saying it’s going to flood his yard etc. Well the issue is the homes surrounding mine are 60 years old and the building codes and laws have changed considerably in that time. The contractors are simply doing what they are required to do by that state and city. How do I tactfully get this point across to them?
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2023.06.09 01:25 AuthorInHell Sweet Cheeks

This is definitely a fanfiction, something to write when I need to get my brain off of my book! Enjoy it! Or don't, I'm not your mom.

I think I heard somewhere once that the worst days of your life start off the most mundane. Or maybe I just made that up to stop myself from overthinking every little moment that lead up to this one.
The morning started like any other (as I alluded to), birds were singing, annoyingly loud, and the sun was shining in a way that most people would describe as beautiful, but I'd describe it as sharp. Every beam of UV ray that fell from the sky jabbed into my eyes and back into my pounding skull.
"Doing alright there, Winnie?" A sweet voice asked. I looked up into Doris's eyes, full of a mixture of sympathy and amusement. I let out some kind of whine/groan and dropped my head back into my hands, where it belonged, shielding me from the offensively cheery woman standing in front of the offensively cheery light.
A loud clunk sounded and I peaked with one eye to see an empty bottle of tequila had appeared on the table in front of me. "I see you had quite the fun night," she laughed.
"Doris," I started, then stopped, wincing at the sound of my gravelly voice. I cleared my throat and started again. "Doris, woman of great kindness and wisdom, lady who hath helped raise me in this cruel and twisted world, I beg of you, get that goddamn bottle away from me, because if I catch one wiff of that stuff I'm gonna hurl."
"I'd be surprised if you have anything left in you to do so, considering the noises coming from the bathroom at 3am." The bottle was gone, tossed in the trash. I officially changed my stance on where my head belonged, picturing myself nestled in the white plastic alongside the empty carton of milk and the source of my shame.
"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up. Polly and I were just so caught up in celebrating her graduation, I didn't even realize how much we had been drinking until-"
"Until it all came back up," Polly finished, stumbling into the kitchen. "Yeah, same."
Doris just shook her head at us, but there was a small smile on her lips. I grabbed her hand and looked up at her pleadingly.
"Forgive me, mommy Doris?"
"There's nothing to forgive, you two were just having some fun. But you are far too old to be giving me puppy dog eyes when you think you've done something wrong, Winnie!"
"Am I also far too old for you to keep calling me Winnie? I feel like I should be sitting here in nothing but a red t-shirt, sipping honey out of a bottle." I grumbled.
"Actually, I think you did that exact thing last night," Polly teased. "Except replace honey with tequila."
Doris laughed as I glared at her. "How in gods name are you not more hungover? You drank more than I did."
"Because she's 21, and you're 25. Old, Winnie dear, too old." Doris said as she walked out of the kitchen. My jaw dropped in mock outrage as I watched her go, glancing at Polly, who was trying to cover her chortles with a cup of coffee. It didn't go well.
"Okay, well this OLD LADY is going to go shower and get ready for work," I huffed.
"Don't forget to oil your knees, grandma."
I stole the coffee out of Polly's hands for that comment alone, and her protests followed me up to the shower.
Okay, so maybe it didn't start out JUST like every other day. I don't wake up hungover all that often. More often than I should, yes, but hardly every day. Keeping up with a 21 year old is incredibly difficult.
Work, on the other hand, was exactly the same. Lights on at nine, jukebox playing some country song that was too sad to be playing this early in the morning, Richard shuffling in to get his Irish coffee before church so he didn't get the shakes in the middle of his sermon. Small country town, small country life, small country bar.
Small country girl.
Maybe not for much longer, though. I swore to myself years ago that I wouldn't be stuck in this town like everyone else, but then Jim died. Polly was only 14, and Doris was an old fashion housewife, staying home to raise her daughter. I, on the other hand, was 18, and when they had brought me into their home, Jim took one look at my temper and said he knew what to do with me. Taught me all he knew about hunting, guns, and even archery. He said he liked how the bow felt in his arms, and I did too.
Polly wasn't interested in any of it. She loved animals too much. I mean, I love animals too, don't get me wrong. Show me a puppy and I'm babbling nonsense with the rest of you. But there was always something peaceful about being in the woods, surrounded by nature.
Anyway, to get back on track, I became the man of the house. I got a job at the bar to start bringing in money, I fixed things that were broken around the house, sold deer meat and bear hides for extra money. Whatever I could to help them stay on their feet.
Now, though, now Polly had graduated. She already had a job lined up at the veterinarian office in town, where her fiancé also worked. She'd be able to take care of herself, and Doris, without my help. I could leave.
The thought sent a wave of both excitement and extreme bitterness through my chest.
I sighed to myself as I dumped ice in the well. Bad thing about working a bar on a Sunday, no one is coming in until after church hours. Which means I get to be alone with my thoughts until then.
"That's gonna be future me's issue," I said to the air, and busied myself with cutting fruit.
Now, the GOOD thing about working the bar on a Sunday, or really any day, is that you know everyone who is going to walk through that door, and you know exactly what they're going to order.
Small towns like this, everyone old enough to drink is a regular. (Sometimes even people who aren't old enough to drink, but the sheriff doesn't need to know that.)
Preacher Richard is at the high top by the jukebox, drinking his Irish coffee that he tells everyone is just normal coffee, but no one believes him. I mean, I have a special pot I use just for him so no one sees me putting the shots in, but they can all still see me grab a different pot when I refill his cup. Plus, whiskey smells.
His wife is next to him, sipping ice water with EXTRA lemon, the surly old bitch. Tony the tire guy is playing pool with some of the guys from his shop, drinking round after round of Budweiser and whiskey shots. (Whiskey is very popular amongst us country folk.)
You have Mariah, the token rich girl, who married the quarterback. Or left fielder? Goalie? I don't know, but I know he drinks miller by the case while she sips on a vodka soda, pretending she's not too good for all of us.
Point is, I know everyone. Makes for a predictable day. What did I tell you?
Thirteen hour shifts are long, though, so when they're also mundane, you kind of start to feel like you're going crazy.
Until two extremely tall, extremely fit, extremely...(how do I say this politely?) fucking hot, strangers walk through the door.
I swear on Preacher Richards bald head, I'm not being dramatic when I say the bar went silent. Mariah's mouth was actually hanging open. So was Preacher Richards wife's. I had to stifle a laugh at that one.
They strolled up to the bar, so casually that you could tell they were trying SUPER hard to be casual.
"Well, I haven't said this in so long, I hope it comes out okay," I say, breaking the silence. "But what can I get for you gentlemen?"
Tony the tire guy laughs, and takes a shot, and the spell is broken. Mostly. You really can't completely break it, these guys were like six foot something and so beautiful I could weep. Also, there was the fact that they were glancing around like they expect Preacher Richard to stand up and pop them one.
"So...? Beer? Whiskey? Nuts?" I offered, waving a bowl of peanuts in front of them.
The man with the shorter...well, everything, let out a soft chuckle at that.
"I'll take a whiskey, double, on the rocks."
"You're gonna want to be a bit more specific, darlin, because if not, you stand the chance of me pouring you the whiskey that Tony the tire guy drinks, and I'm pretty sure we buy it FROM him. Like, he makes it in his basement."
The guy physically recoils. "You got makers?"
"Sure do, sweet cheeks." I turned to busy myself looking for the dusty bottle so he couldn't see the look on my face as I mentally chastised myself. Sweet cheeks? SWEET CHEEKS? I'm not some old lady working the counter at a diner in the 50's. I'm also not IN my 50's.
"Uh, ma'am. There's a bottle on the shelf right there." The man said, gesturing when I turned back to him.
"Well if you knew that, why'd you ask?" I tried to tease, hoping to pass that mortifying moment unscathed. I dropped a few ice cubes into a rocks glass, dumped a whole lot more than a double of makers in with it, and handed it to him. He looked mildly alarmed at the amount, but didn't comment. Smart man.
"And for your friend?"
"Uh, just a beer for me, thanks."
I raised my eyebrows at him.
"Right, right, specifics. Uh, miller is fine."
Pop goes the bottle. "Tab?"
"What?" The long one questioned.
"Do you want to start a tab? Cause I'm gonna need to hold a card."
"You hold cards here?" The whiskey drinker asked in disbelief.
"Well, normally, no. But to be frank with you, I don't know you two, and by the reaction of the half of the town currently sitting in my bar, neither does anyone else. I'd rather not have to pay the tab of some beautiful strangers when I'm probably already gonna have to cover Phil's tab, because I haven't seen him in like an hour, and he bought a round for everyone straight outta church."
Great, first actual vomit, then word vomit.
Both men were staring at me as if I was deranged, which I was starting to believe I might be, but Whiskey Man pulled out a card and handed it to me.
"Thank you..." I glanced down at the card, "Leonard??"
"He goes by Lenny." Long boy said. Lenny glared at him but shot me a sheepish grin.
At least I wasn't the only weird one. I went to type in their order and placed the card in the register.
"Question for you," Lenny said.
"Do beautiful strangers get discounts?"
My mind flashed back to my unintentional compliment and I felt my face start to flush, but I just shot back "Not when they go by Lenny."
Long boy laughed and Lenny looked offended. "Lenny is a good name!"
I winced and looked at his friend. "How long have you been telling him that lie?"
"Long enough for him to believe it." He said, taking a swig from his beer.
Just then, a loud, slurring voice sang out (incredibly off key), "Wiiiiinnnnieeeee." And Phil magically appeared from the bathroom.
"Winnie? Really? And you're making fun of my name?"
I shot him a glare and turned my back. "Well, Phil, I'm glad to see you're still here, cause you owe me about $70. Plus tip."
"Oh, Winnie, don't be like that. Another round!"
"Nope, no more rounds, Phil. In fact, I think it's time for you to head home." I made eye contact with Tony, and he put his pool stick down to walk over. "Will you grab his wallet for me?"
Tony stuck his hand down Phil's pocket, which used to make me laugh, but this happened so often that I just found it tiring.
"Here, Win. Keep the change," Tony tossed me a hundred.
Phil worked for him part time, when he was sober enough to get his head out of the toilet, but he had sold his dads farm off to some rich overlords, so he was rolling in dough.
As Tony lead Phil out, I noticed that the two newcomers had set themselves up at a table. I also noticed the deputy, who was off duty with a beer in hand but still had his badge on full view (probably because it was bigger than his dick. Seriously. I would know.), walk up to them with a swagger that only a small town cop could have. I wanted to spy, but Phil being escorted out is always the catalyst that ends the night. Preacher Richards wife pays for the "coffee", and no tip, though the man himself slips me a $50 for keeping his not-so-secret secret, Mariah pays for her husbands miller pack with a smile, etc.
I glance at the clock and sure enough, it's 9:30. I will never understand how these people spend all day at a bar. Regardless of the fact that, I, too, have spent my whole day here. It's different, ok? Anyway, by the time it was over, the deputy had warned the boys or puffed out his skinny chest or whatever it is he does, handed me a ten with a wink (ew) and left. I began cleaning up the trash, keeping an eye on the two.
"Was it something we said?" Lenny asked, sipping his whiskey.
"Well, they heard your name was Lenny, and they knew that this was no longer the cool spot in town," I wiped off rings on the bar, a little too aggressively, trying to stay calm.
"Really, Winnie?"
"It's Winsley, actually. Look, guys. Not to ruin the small town charm, but I close in 30 minutes. The gas station down the street is open til 11, if you wanna grab some beer for your hotel."
"Oh, yeah, that's our bad. Let's head out, Lenny."
"Oh, sure thing, Barry!"
A grimace crossed over Long Boys (Barry's?) face as I let out a surprised laugh.
"Lenny and Barry, really?"
I swiped their card and handed them the receipt.
"Yeah, our uh, our parents were stoners." Barry said.
"Oh, brothers. Couldn't tell if it was that or gay lovers."
"Yeah, I really wish we didn't get that as much as we do." Lenny said, signing the paper. "Anyway. You have a good night, sweet cheeks."
Goddamn, I thought I had overserved my way past that moment. I watched them leave with a tingle of disappointment. Excitement quota for the year in Lander has been met and just waltzed out of my bar.
I glanced down at the receipt. $100 tip. Well, hot damn. (Seriously, why do I keep talking like this??)
Authors note:
I should say that this is set somewhere in season 2. I'm going to follow the main storyline as closely as possible, but the hunts and such may be a bit out of order.
LMK what you think!
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2023.06.09 01:22 AnthonyJWinslow Toast, we need to have a conversation...

Posted on Toast's Community Hub
Toast we need to have a conversation, over the years your software has increasingly become harder to use and evermore broken. I am writing this at 21:00 EST so please excuse my poor grammar and half completed thoughts. As I do need to get up early, I will come back tomorrow and update this post with more discussion points and fix any mistakes I may have made.
Lets begin with my current 6 month long problem that keeps getting "resolved" by Toast Customer Care. I have now had three cases "resolved" without anyone contacting me or verifying that the problem was actually fixed. If anyone would like to follow along, please try the following:
  1. Create a new item
  2. Set the Name of the menu item to Test Item
  3. Set Pricing Strategy to Size Price
  4. Create a Small & Large size and set price to $1.00 and $2.00 respectively.
  5. Save and Publish new menu item.
  6. Navigate to Discounts
  7. Click Add a Discount
  8. Name the discount Test Combo
  9. Set the Discount Type to Combo and set the value to $3.00
  10. Add the Test Item created in step 1
  11. Click Save
  12. Next, try to set the size for the Test Item and realize you cannot
The video below tries to show this in action. Notice, I am able to view/edit item sizes for combos that I created before Toast stopped working. It is only when adding new items to a new or existing combo that I can no longer select the size. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6PlREQ-lOQ
As a paying customer of your product, I feel I am being strung along by your support who humor me long enough to get me off the phone, only to have my case closed so they can have one less open support ticket. I have requested to speak with someone higher up and am happy to have either a face to face conversation or even a simple phone call. I have already begun removing toast integrations and will continue to do so until either my issue is resolved or we end up replace Toast in the coming months.

Toast Loyalty & Curbside

When a customer signs up for loyalty, they are only required to enter either their phone number or email address depending on the settings set in the backend. When a customer creates a loyalty account with their email they are sent a welcome message and are allowed to view their points in their web browser; or Toast TakeOut app. If they click the browser link they are then prompted to enter their full name, birthday, and phone number.
From an analytic perspective, why does Toast not ask for this information during signup? Most of the time customers will sign up without clicking the link in the welcome email and we will miss out on that data. Often customers will ask how they get their birthday rewards and we have to explain the lengthy process of adding their birthday:
  1. Go to our website and click “Rewards”
  2. Enter your email, check that you are not a robot, and click “Find Now”
  3. Open your email app and look for the “Reward’s Balance” email from Toast.
  4. Open the email and click “View Rewards Transactions”.
  5. If you are prompted with “Complete your profile” simply fill out the form and click “Save”.
    1. If you are not prompted, scroll down to “Ways to earn” and click “Complete your profile”
Now you might ask, why can’t your staff just add the information through the register? Great question, they are busy making food, taking orders, and doing tasks that make the business money. Also, have you tried searching for a customer using the POS interface? It is not the best user experience and most of my staff actually hate trying to use the loyalty accounts at the register.
There is no simple way to login to a customer loyalty account to view the profile or update the information. If a customer wishes to check points, or update their phone numbeemail the only way to currently do that is to follow the same steps above. Why do I have to “Look up rewards account”, and get an email about my reward balance, just to be able to view/modify my loyalty profile?
If the customer gets to the profile page they might notice another oddity with the software. Under “Ways to redeem” it states I can use my points to order online. “Create an online ordering account with the email or phone number linked to your loyalty account and log in to order.” Why does the customer have to create yet another account while they are using the same platform at the same restaurant? I have had multiple customers get confused and call us asking why when they try to login to our online ordering platform their email address is not recognized and are prompted to enter a phone number. I have to explain that the loyalty email address is different then the online ordering but they will both be automagically linked once they create a curbside account. If the curbside software can see the loyalty account after the curbside account is created, why can it not just search the loyalty accounts and use that customer data to start a new order? The process would be much more seamless.
The contrasting UX/UI throughout toast are most harshly felt by the customer. The loyalty interface is completely different from the online ordering interface and the customer data does not appear to be shared across the two integrations. Toast needs to have one database full of customer data that plays nicely across all the integrations and follows similar UX/UI design and principles. Maybe provide a single customer profile portal that allows the customer to view and edit their data across all of toast; possibly for all Toast equipped restaurants.
Let us continue our trek down with curbside. I opened a cased on 2/14/2023 stating the the Toast Takeout App was not properly showing items with nested modifiers. It is now 6/8/2023 and the app is still broken. Here is how their support described the issue: “he says that Modifiers are not working on the Toast Takeout App... They are working for Online Ordering though. You can test this by clicking our February 2-For-1 [BOGO], it is supposed to show two modifier groups, one called First Dog and one called Second Dog. These groups do not show up at all and when he tries to add the item to cart it says the modifiers need to be selected. Inherited Modifiers appear to be working though. If the modifier is inherited from the previous menu group it shows up just fine. This issue is happening only on the Toast Takeout App. it is not showing the First Dog and Second Dog modifier group on my "Heid's Daily Special" and "February 2-For-1 [BOGO]”
As you can imagine they “Closed” the case and all is still going well at Toast. We tell customers to delete the Toast App as it does not work correctly and simply use the online ordering link on our website. Feel free to test it out for yourself. Our restaurant, if you can see it, is Heid’s of Liverpool.
Both Order & Pay and Online Ordering integrations have the same issue. Pricing is incorrectly displayed for items with pre-selected modifiers. Basically, if you have a menu item, a burger, that costs $1.00 and it has a modifier, cheese, that costs $0.50, Toast will display the item to the customer as $1.00 but then when the customer clicks the item it will show the add to cart price of $1.50. This is extremely misleading to customers and a very simple fix. This problem has persisted since 2019 when we first started using toast.

Toast Order & Pay

Let us first start off by saying, simply duplicating Toast Online Ordering and adding a table numbering and mobile pay feature does NOT mean you should charge me MORE then the Online Ordering integration. Online Ordering is $50 and Toast Order and Pay is $69 + 0.5% per transaction! From the backend, they appear to basically do that exact same thing except one has some options for adding a vehicle and the other has options for selecting a table number. Otherwise, it would appear they copied the code for the Online Ordering module and went straight for the upcharge.
“We was able to review the information in the system under toasttab.com/ edit menu / sweet treats / Sundaes / Hot Fudge Sundae / scroll down to Default Modifiers, the sauce has a modifier select by default just like, works modifier has all modifier selected by default and working properly but sauce is not working, we try to toggle the configuration, no update, customer refer their is many bug in the system and need to bring all the issue with the system to toast attention.”
This issue was brought to Toast July of 2021… I have since removed the Order & Pay integration so I cannot verify if the issue still persists or not.

UX/UI Nightmare

Toast has an identity problem. It currently does not know if it wants to Toast 1.0 or Toast 4.0. Toast 1.0 had everything laid out in a series of nested links that mostly made sense while 4.0 has a hip new design that appears to be more touchscreen friendly. Sometimes you can complete a taste using only the new UI but often you are jarringly thrusted back into the old UI and have to take a moment to get your bearings as to where everything might be. Here is an incomplete list of daily annoyances:
  1. Breadcrumb links, why do they randomly break and not actually show the trail you took to get to that page? Try this:
    1. Go to an item that has Modifiers
    2. Click on a Modifier Group
    3. On the Modifier Group Page, Click on a Modifier
    4. On the Modifier Item Page, click Edit Item
    5. Notice that the breadcrumb navigation is now wrong. This is a common occurrence on Toast.
  2. Why are there 20 ways to check reports? Why do all these reports only seem to give me some of the data I want? Why do some of the reports only allow me to view the last two months worth of data? Why is it so difficult to compare two dates (month/day/yeaetc)? I could honestly write an entire book on how broken Toast Reporting is, but I believe that anyone who uses it already knows; I will leave it at that.
  3. Double left side menu, who thought this was a good idea? I very frequently end up clicking the wrong link because I will accidentally slide my mouse too far left on the screen and the main menu will slide open and I will click a link on the main menu instead of the intended link on the sub menu.
  4. On the POS, when a new order is pushed or someone publishes a change on the backend, why does the POS screen flash and pull you out of what you are working on. For example, Let's say I am on the payment terminal screen with an order selected partway down the list and I am about to click “Update Order”. All of a sudden someone sends an order to the kitchen, my screen flashes and now the top left order is selected on my screen. I don't realize this and proceed to the pay screen charging someone for the wrong order. This happens a not insignificant number of times a month and has led to some full refunds and apologies from our staff.
  5. Why does the "Help" button in the top right of the screen randomly just not do anything? Currently, I click on it, nothing happens. I refresh the page, still nothing. Can anyone explain what I am doing wrong? I try to scroll down to the bottom of the page and the "Support & Training" link (button) does not work either.
  6. We have had many instances of having employees, modifiers, or menu items that we are not able to archive. We either get an error or the website just simply does nothing. To this day no one can explain to me why this happens and we have to contact Toast each time so someone can come on and fix the item.
  7. Ever since the update to "Toast Home", our team has noticed that on occasion we will lose access to features on toast. This happened to me today and I was able to include a screenshot (Toast 01 Screenshot); As you can see, I am "locked" out of "Edit Menus" and "Employees" when I should have full system privileges. A simple page refresh sometimes fixes this issue and the sections I am "Locked" out of will change sporadically. This appears to not just be a simple "Quick Actions" or shortcut issue as I have noticed error messages when trying to make updates via the website. I could get around these error messages by refreshing the page, however, I would lose any work I was trying to save.
  8. I have this very common problem of Toast just not working when trying to go to the Toast "Home" (Toast 02 Screenshot); The whole page goes blank and I either need to refresh the page or click through to another page if it will let me. Sometimes the whole site hangs while loading after I pressed a menu link and I am forced to refresh the page. This issue persists across multiple computers and devices.
  9. Our kitchen video monitor (KVM) will frequently have issues displaying the tickets. We have seen visual text errors such as fonts being randomly bolded or italicized. Tickets will appear with most of the order cut off and can only be viewed by clicking into the ticket for the pop-up.

Other Toast Integrations

I will keep this section short. Basically, if Toast has a first party integration simply do not use it. Every integration I have tried, from Toast, appears to have been half baked and still in beta; even though I was paying full price for the software.

The Cloud

For the most part, having our POS in The Cloud is normally not an inconvenience. However, we have had many times where either Toast or our internet would go down. This causes immediate headache with our staff as we can no longer use our Kitchen Video Monitors (KVM/KDS). Our kitchen is setup with three KVMs and one receipt printer. The expeditor has the printer while our grill and fryer each get their own KVM. If we lose connection to Toast, none of the stations can see what they need to make and our expediter now has to call out every item to each station.
If toast can print tickets to a networked printer during an outage, why can we not also send tickets to the KVMs the same way? Our registers already have a static IP and the local network is still functioning correctly, why can we not just send the ticket data locally to each KVM?

Toast Hardware

Recently, I have noticed an increase in the number of calls from my staff requesting help because one of the registers has stopped sending orders to the kitchen; won’t let the customer use the customer facing display; won’t turn on the chip reader; won’t turn on the NFC for tap to pay; toast crashes each time we try to open it; the ethernet just fully disconnects and refuses to reestablish connection; I could go on… but I won't.
95% of the time, my simple response is “turn it off, turn it back on again”. Why do we constantly have to do this? The time it takes to call me, restart the register, and get back online is all time wasted and not making the restaurant money.
Let's talk about hardware support. When we first started with toast, we had three Toast Gen1 handhelds. Within 6 months, one of the card readers stopped working. We sent it back under warranty. A few months later another handheld’s card reader stopped working and a third started power cycling. Coming up on the original 1 year warranty I realized that at the rate this hardware was breaking, I would literally need to buy a new handheld each year. I called toast and asked them to remove the handhelds from my subscription and find out how much it would cost to just get a standard terminal. The ELO terminals we had seemed fairly robust and didn’t appear to have any physical hardware problems like the handhelds. The representative I was speaking to offered to send me three new Toast 2.0 handhelds for free. Reluctantly I agreed to try them out. To their credit, they have worked well enough, minus the toast software issues, for the last two years.
It still stands, that if something were to happen to these devices, I do not actually have an easy way to get them repaired or replaced. Toast should offer either a lease program or a monthly protection plan for their hardware. I would feel more secure using Toast hardware if I knew I could send it out for repair or a replacement. If I drop my phone, I simply call my provider and they overnight a replacement the next day.
We have a combination of Toast branded ELO hardware and the newer Toast Flex hardware. The Flex hardware is full of issues. Both of our flex units in our Heid's of Liverpool kitchen had to be swapped with our older units when being used as KVMs due to how often they lose internet. For some reason, the hardware would randomly disconnect from the network and refuse to reconnect. This issue persisted whether we were connected via WiFi or Ethernet. Our current policy is to simply restart the device if this issue happens but it is wildly inconvenient when I have to perform this action during a busy lunch or dinner hour.

Final Thoughts… For now

From their hardware to their software, every aspect of Toast feels rushed and still in beta. Toast should have created the new UI and fully implemented it before pushing it as a major update. I constantly feel like I am paying $600 a month, plus ~$5000 in processing fees, for a software that is still in beta. We are currently talking with our managers about the possibility of switching to a new POS. I have already removed Toast Marketing and will be removing Online Ordering shortly. If I can simply get a response on my “Resolved” support case, we may reconsider. We have invested a lot of time and effort into this system and honestly I would like to keep it… but it needs to just work. Currently, if you are in the market for a new POS, I would NOT recommend Toast.
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2023.06.09 01:20 cloudcreeek Night 1 of Red Rocks was one of the best nights of my life

I was visiting pikes peak earlier in the day, we got stranded for 45 minutes at the top because the train switch had frozen. I left at 5ish and hit rush hour in both Colorado Springs and then Denver. Didn't get to Morrison til almost 8. Thought I was gonna miss Gizz but I stopped at the red rocks bar in Morrison and h dude told me that headliners usually go on at 9m no worries. I get to the venue and struggle to find parking, and there keep pointing me down the mountain all the way by the main red rocks road. Then they have me park in a tall grassy field in the middle of the darkness by Jurassic.
Was kinda bummed I would have to walk 2 miles uphill to the venue, but before I made it out of the lot an African dude in a minivan offered me and a group of kids a ride to the top for $5 a piece. Hell yeah I took that shit, and he hauuuuled Ass up the hill.
Then the show happened. I managed to find a decent seat lol over and this dude in a yellow shirt giving me a peace sign. I gave it back to him bc that's how I amc and he gives me his seat and walKs away. Say between two chill dudes who offered me weed. I was able to see the whole city and still had/see the band perfectly.
Then the show ended, and I forgot where I parked.I walked up and down those long ass stairs and around the mountain 3 times before some random Nigerian dude found me out of breath and broken.
We end up driving around the venue for 2 and a half hours looking for my car. I tipped him $15 cash for his troubles and he charged me $70 for the ride, which tbh I'm fine with bc he quite literally saved my life. If you're out there, Esteban, I love you even though for half the ride I thought you were going to murder me.
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2023.06.09 01:17 04HondaCivic Running Hot but not Overheating

2007 GMC Canyon 3.7 I-5. 4x4 Z71
tl/dr: replaced thermostat, water pump, clutch fan and radiator cap. Had coolant system flushed. It now runs above normal temps and activates clutch fan. Clutch fan won’t release even after cooling down until after driving several miles.
Truck has been throwing a temp sensor engine too cold code (I can’t remember the exact code) for a long while. It would come and go. Before it started throwing a code, during the cold months it would struggle to get to temp even at idle. It might get to between 1/4 and 1/2 on the temp gauge. I attributed it to a thermostat stuck open. Last summer it would slowly heat up to 1/2 but at idle and 85° ambient temperatures it would creep to between 1/2 and 3/4’s, the clutch fan would come on and stay on even after completely cooling down. You could hear it roaring during any acceleration but would often finally release after several miles of driving. Drive-ability was never affected and it never overheated nor lost coolant. I had previously changed the water pump and hadn’t had issues until last summer.
Last winter it started throwing the temp code. It would take several miles to heat and while the heater would eventually get warm it never got truly hot if the ambient temp was below 20°. The heat would stay a constant warm temp so I know it was cycling through the heater core it just never got HOT.
Another symptom I noticed is that during the warm up cycle, before it fully came to temp but after driving several miles, if I floored it to merge onto the highway or gave it throttle, I could watch the temp gauge drop dramatically as if someone poured cold water all over everything. The heater would cool noticeably. Then the temps would slowly creep back up.
Two weeks I changed the thermostat, water pump and clutch fan. The code hasn’t returned. However it gets to temp really quickly. Like within a couple miles of driving. The heater is now HOT. It may be that because the ambient temps are now in the 70’s that it just feels HOT. What concerns me was that it runs slightly too warm. While driving it hovers about a notch about 1/2 and while idling it creeps to almost 3/4. It never gets hotter. The clutch fan will come on and won’t release even after cooling completely. The clutch fan never comes on while driving. It’s only if I sit in park and idle for several minutes. It will also come on at startup if I’ve driven it and parked with the clutch fan being released; I believe this is because it is running warm and after shutting off the engine the residual heat soak increases the temps enough the lock it on. If that makes sense.
I had the coolant flushed several days ago thinking there might be air still trapped and I’m still running into the same symptoms. It gets to temp quickly, holds temp but will get warmer than I think it should be. It never overheats.
What are the the next things I should be looking at? My thoughts are my thermostat is not opening soon enough and is too hot of a thermostat. I know there are different temps and perhaps I got either a bad one or one that is opening at too warm a temp.
Parts that are new: Thermostat Water pump Clutch fan Radiator cap Recent coolant flush
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2023.06.09 01:17 fvig2001 Tambourine, Maestro Music, Martial Beat Controller and V Pick review

Since no one has posted anything about these and I recently got them, I will post my thoughts/review on each of them. I might update this post to add pics of the product.
Works with only 1 game and it's made by SEGA. It works basically the same way as the Dreamcast samba controller. It uses ultrasonic sensors. 1.5 shoulder width bar is connected to PS1 and that bar has a slot for the tambourine. The tambourine can be used with left or right hand. There are slots at back to position the wiring to match the hand you are using.
Game has you either tapping a button with your other palm, shaking it once per note or moving while shaking the controller in a set direction. The detection is mostly good. If you own a MiSTer, you would need 7.5V power as the default 5V is not enough if you are tall. The music is pretty much a kid centered versions of Morning Musume style songs (The 4 girls are affiliated with that group) with some of their hits. I would rate it 8.5/10
Maestro Music controller
It's a conductor stick that connects to the PS1 directly. It has a long enough cord. It works with 3 PS1 games and I think 1 PS2 game. This requires 7.5V for MiSTer users. Gameplay is pretty boring. You just move your hand up and down. Faster you do it, the faster the music plays. The harder you do it, the louder it plays. Game devolves with you adjusting speed and loudness to classic music.
I would rate it 6/10
Martial Beat Controller
This was meant to be a fitness game by Konami. It uses DDR songs and you try to do kicks and punches based on the video. You attach 4 CR2032 powered straps to your feet and arms, with a base that connects to the PS1. The game literally asks you to put in your name and it's a pain to do it with these controllers. Like Right leg is OK and it's super sensitive. The left and right arms are for moving up/down/left/right and it's not consistent on how it is read.
The game itself (2 games, practically 3 due to 3 discs), not very intuitive specially the first 1. The 2nd game improves it by having the moves and timing shown on screen but it's in kanji and the controller detection is bad (did a song perfectly since I did it 3 times and I got a lot of misses). I suggest just playing the game with a controller and just punch/kicking along. It's probably much more fun that way. The songs are too short to be a good exercise and following along is a bit difficult on hard songs because there's no visual cues specially in the first game.
I would rate it 5/10.
It works with 2 Japanese games that are English games that can be probably played by the Westerners. The controller is a guitar pick that's connected to the PS1. Annoyingly, it requires you to make a fake guitar because it needs something to strum on. It literally has a picture of someone using a tennis racket as a guitar. I used my Rockband 3 Pro guitar to test it.
It's kind of awful. It can't detect the difference between a strum up and down. I feel if you like the music in the game, then maybe it will be fun. I didn't like it since it was just boring and the detection was off sometimes.
I would rate it 3/10.
I also have the following controllers, if you are curious that maybe I might review
  1. Knockoff PS2 compatible that's a mix of a jogcon and negcon
  2. Ascii fishing controller
  3. Pop'n Music
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2023.06.09 01:14 anarchy_witch [vent] I have masculine body

(I just wanted to share how I feel, I found that it helps me to calm down sometimes)
I've been crying since yesterday, because I have a masculine silhouette. I thought that I'm a tall, slim, cute girl, but turns out that my body looks more like a regular, young, slim guy
(I'm about 6', and I actually like it.)
When I see my body in the mirror, I see a body of a young man. My shoulders aren't wide really, but I feel like they might be a bit wider than most women of my height have. Then, my rib cage is wider than most women's, especially the bottom ribs. My hips are only as wide as my rib cage, maybe slightly narrower (help me), and definitely narrower than my shoulders. I have a waist, but it's not really pronounced, because of narrow hips and wide rib cage. I don't have any noticeable boobs really (thanks too being slim) - I wouldn't really mind it, if it was just that, though. Oh, and my arms are long.
tldr wide shoulders, wide rib cage, narrow hips, no breasts, long arms.
I see two options:
  1. my body looks feminine, it's just me who sees it as masculine. I need to somehow reassure myself that I look feminine, cute, and pretty. (it's really hard for me to believe that's the case)
  2. my body looks masculine, so I need to change it. Breast augmentation, adjust hrt levels, wear a corset - anything.
What isn't a good solution for me:
I want to be a regular, tall, slim, pretty girl/woman.
I. Don't. Want. To. Have. A. Body. That. Looks. Like. A. Man's.
Luckily, I have a therapy session tomorrow, so I'll be able to talk about it then.
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2023.06.09 01:13 Shika_8 Passing the PE Civil Structural

Note: TLDR and Tips at the end.
I found out that I passed the PE Civil Structural a few weeks ago and as much as I wanted to post my results in celebration I felt compelled to provide a much more detailed response to my fellow engineers (especially those in the structural depth)! When preparing and doing research I had so much anxiety about the test. If you are like me, I tried to gauge the difficulty of the test based off of feedback and forum posts... However, you will hear everything from "Test is easier than xyz" or "It is much harder than xyz". Hopefully I can shed some light on this subject, give others a better sense of direction, and help you prepare so you crush it! (No I will not share with you anything even remotely close to what problems I saw on the test, this would break the NDA. I worked too hard to get here and so will you!)

My Background

I graduated from University of Portland, Oregon in 2015 with a BSCE and a good GPA of ~3.75. My civil friend group definitely helped me achieve that GPA by doing homework together. After graduation I did some additional studying to take the FE. I took it a few weeks after graduation at a Pearson Vue Center (turns out I would be back to the same one to take my PE) and passed it on my first try. Then I began my job search.
I applied to so many structural firms but had a hard time landing a job because they all wanted master degrees. Almost 4 months after graduation I landed my first job (remote) at a structural engineering software company that also provided consulting services. I can't help but laugh because the specialty/focus was on post-tensioned concrete (definitely did not learn any PT in school). I spent a few months learning the company's software and the basics of post-tensioned concrete. In fact a couple of the months I was in the customer support department.
Eventually I transitioned into the consulting department. We were typically subcontracted out by the EOR to do post-tensioned slab designs. I would say over 90% of my work was gravity design of two-way flat plate podiums. Oh.. and did I say I was remote? This made the job and learning curve so much more difficult. I could not simply hop over to my bosses office to ask a question and rarely did I get feedback on the work I did. I had no/little idea if I was doing things correctly. I honestly felt more like a drafter than an engineer because I would do the model creation, set up preliminary tendon layout/quantities based on 125 psi pre-compression and that was about it. Later on I got more understanding of what to look for when designing these systems (top and bottom stress limits, tendon sweep, deflection, crack mitigation, etc.) but the focus was still primarily the slab design.
About 3.25 years in (including a few months where I switched over to our licensing department to pick up slack) I was DONE with consulting. I was hating the long hours, the mediocre pay, and the lack of appreciation. One day the owner informed me that the consulting department was closing down. He gave me 3 months to look for another job. Fed up with consulting I asked if there was a different role I could take, his answer: Sales. Yuck... I just pictured a used car salesman. Talking with my colleagues and weighing the costs/benefits I decided to take the leap into a sales role. Part of this very difficult decision involved giving up on my dream of becoming a PE... I simply did not have the 4 years experience required.
Things changed about 1.5 years later and my new boss at the company approached me last year and asked if I was ever planning on getting my PE. I told him how I was short on the experience side of things and from there he put me in a position where I was using engineering (worked in the support team for another 6ish months and began the technical presentation side of my career).
In October of 2022 I signed up for the School of PE and schedule my test. I took the PE exam (CBT) May 16, 2023; 8 years after graduation and being out of consulting for almost 5 years. May 23rd I found out I passed!

Schedule and Resources

I allotted exactly 12 weeks to study with 1 day off before the test (which I did not actually do). After all was done I averaged roughly 25 hours per week; 300 hours total. Below is what my schedule looked like:
Week 1 - Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11
Week 12
Test Day

TLDR and Tips

If someone out of school for 8 years and not in a "traditional" engineering role for 5 years can pass this test, so can you! Not only that but I only Commit, work hard, and conquer! As test day approaches focus on all that you have done and all of your successes. This will help build confidence which is key. I would have loved to solve more problems and study more topics but the thought of what I didn't know overwhelmed me and definitely did not help with my anxiety.
  1. Read the problem CAREFULLY
  2. Write down the variable AND units you are solving for
  3. Solve (read table footnotes, watch conversions, verify correct table and variables)
  4. Check math
  5. Read problem AGAIN
  6. Check units AGAIN
  7. Answer
Some other resources that I was recommended but did not get the chance to use:
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2023.06.09 01:09 illusion-boyyy Imma need tall helps.....MAKE OR REDESIGN THIS IDIOT. (New series. And give codes)

Imma need tall helps.....MAKE OR REDESIGN THIS IDIOT. (New series. And give codes)
Any gender btw
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2023.06.09 01:07 lmRobin Creating OCs can be Fun and Help Past Time!

Creating OCs can be Fun and Help Past Time!
Was a very slow day at work... and decided... why not? I'll start drafting out an OC Replika!
Unit role and name was based on my own username (which originated from Xbox's randomly generated usernames 12 years ago!)
Turns out nearly 3 HOURS had passed as I configured abbreviations/ acronyms, translations, purpose/role, and persona!
Hopefully some day I can get a Replika ID for this unit!
(Please excuse the absolutely terrible handwriting, let me know if you want to read a certain part and elaboration!)
Basic concepts:
A night specialist security unit that guards the facility/area surroundings. Keeps in the Gestalts who don't want to work for the glorious Nation. (basically a secondary security technician force but outside the facility) Keeps out Gestalt protestors wanting to ruin the facility or break out their fellow Gestalts. Keeps out Gestalt extremists or Empire espioniage personnel wanting to steal property or collect intelligence from the Nation.
Based on how European robins sometimes hunt for food at night and that certain ones have very aggressive territorial behavior.
And yes, it wall have long majestic legs. They will be tall enough to yeet the smol Kolibris, but not as tall as the STCStorch units! Or perhaps the Replika will be a smaller unit to help remaim covert and stealthy?
...and now I'm realizing... the ABBREVIATIONS/ACRONYMS are based on the German translated name! Not English!!!
Still... I had fun creating a draft and now I will be passing more time by creating the abbreviations/acronyms based on the German version of robin: "rotkehlchen." And now, Rotfront- And now, rotkehlchen.
Thanks for reading on my little dumb ideas for a OC Replika during my work shift! Perhaps you'll see fleshed-out information and art in the future?
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2023.06.09 01:05 bingbunhllvr dreamt that I got posessed by my own worst version

So I had this dream last night. For context, I usually have pretty elaborate dreams, so it's not like I'm unused to this. They mostly have to do with stuff I'm going through, and I mostly only remember dreams when I'm having a paticularly rough time all over. I usually tell all about them to my mom, who's pretty interested in these sort of things, but this time all she said was that 'it's probably just stress'. I don't really think about my dreams all that much, but this one just keeps haunting me. I haven't been able to think about anything else this whole day.
So as I said, the dream itself is pretty elaborate. I'm not sure from where on it starts being relevant regarding the way it ended up, but it started with a shorter scene, where I had to pay for a very expensive family dinner, which we ended up having to eat on some stairs in front of the building of my old high school. I was feeling very anxious about how much it was already costing, and people kept ordering more. (this was probably because I've just recently been to a very expensive wedding, and it's still on my mind.) That feeling prevailed, but the scene itself changed to a beach. It was a pretty normal, retro-looking beach, and I was sitting by a small, floating building that was a bakery. I knew that the reason why I was there was because we were celebrating my birthday, and that there was supposed to be a jacht somewhere waiting for us with a lot of my friends on it. Then something happened, something important I can't recall, and me and a couple others were drowning in the sea. I remember seeing a very tall boy with dark hair in our group, and he looked almost helpless. we finally found shelter around what looked like a public phonebooth sticking out of the water, but we couldn't call for help, because the only thing you could use those for was to order cakes from the bakery. then the water became shallow, and we walked towards the shore. there were now lifeguards with whistles waving around for people not to go deeper, but I knew that I had to, since I had to find the jacht and my friends. so when the guy wasn't looking, I snuck around him. just before him, there was a class of middle aged asian women doing water gymnastics (I study chinese in my free time, so probably something from an educational vid stuck.) and I suddenly saw a rosary floating by me in the water. I picked it up, and saw that where the beads met and the cross was, there was a piece of porcelain decoration, about a quarter of a palm in size. it was shaped like a rounded triangle, and on one side, it had two snakes in the shape of an infinity sign, in gorgeous shades of green, and on the other, an almost black ouroboros. a couple of the women came walking towards me, but they never looked me in the eye. I gave it to them because I didn't know whose it was, and then walked around the guard. by then, the sea around us had changed into a big swimming pool, and there were dirtroads cornering it with a lot of green plants everywhere. I kept walking, and reached a small group of trees, behind which I could see water. there was a small set of stairs to the side, along a wrought iron gate leading to an old fashioned building (the sort with tube flats.). as I walked down, I saw a young girl sitting in the grass on the other side of the closed gate, looking at me and taking photos of me. she showed them to me, but all of them were blurry, and on the last one, the only one where my face was entirely visible, it looked as if a whirlpool was about to swallow me. we agreed that she'd take some more, and I turned my back to walk further to pose, but from the corner of my eye I saw her mouth widen, her smile too wide and too sharp, like in those movies, but not as cringe, and honestly just. scary enough, and I saw her nails sharpen (she had beautiful nails, whitish-see through, with vine patterns on them, and I saw that she was raising it, about to swipe at me or get me. and I looked at her in disappointment, and the grinned almost sheepishly, seeing that she couldn't get me. after that, I walked deeper into the water, and saw three or four other people, all middle aged. one of them was a fat, balding man, and another a curly, frizzy-haired woman with audible speech issues, who asked me if I "wanted some" of whatever she had in her coffee mug. all of them were completely dressed, even though they were sitting in the greenest water ever, submerged to the shoulders. I politely declined and she nodded at me, saying that maybe that was the right choice, since it had spiders in it anyway. she then spat something back into her mug. (once, I almost drank a spider that was drowning in a cup of milk. I still remember the wild movements of its legs in my mug.) she started walking alongside me, and we soon reached the other side of the small lake, no bigger than a block. we walked on asphalt now, and she was telling me about something important, but I was looking back at the girl's house,and wasn't paying attention. I could very dimly see through a window the vague outlines of a kitchen. it looked very sad, in a british way. I looked away. I asked the woman if she knew where the jachts were, and she pointed in a direction, where there really seemed to be water. I walked alone. I entered a building that was all too-dim lights and gilded furniture. I walked through empty halls and corridors. a relatively short corridor was filled with mirrors. they were hanging everywhere. everywhere. I looked in them as I walked by, and my own face looked back at me. it was horrifying. it was me, but my worst features were amplified. the way the dark circles look underneath my eyes, and the way one of my eyes is bigger than the other, the way one of my cheeks is softer than the other. I knew what I was seeing was It. the thing. I walked along, knowing that it was only a part of me, and that it couldn't hurt me. I walked into a salon, all dark wallpaper and ebony furniture, and a half-set-up funeral in the middle. where the urn was supposed to stand, there was a headless dummy dressed in black velvet and a white lace collar around its neck. the room had three doors both from the side I'd come from and the direction I was headed. going forward, all thre led to the same smaller hall. eventually, I made my way out, and I found the jacht, although from closer up it became a huge catamaran, with up to five boats passengers had to sit in in single rows, almost like on airplanes. by then I knew that I was looking for a particular friend, and there she was, in all her glory. a girl I knew from school was sitting in the boat closest to me, and she tried to explain that there was much more space inside than it seemed. we said goodbye, and left to go back. this sea seemed much bluer, much colder than both the previous ones. while on out way back towards the scwry building, I was starting to suspect that my friend wasn't my friend at all, but much rather an alternate version of 'It'. I didn't say anything, but I was getting more anxious, and I picked up my pace. I was in a hurry, and didn't pay attention to go back through the same doors that I initially came through. I missed a door when entering the funeral scene, which by then looked almost completed, and I knew that was when I fucked up. I felt as my body was posessed by 'it'. we walked back to the mirror hall, and I knew that it had been with me ever since I left there, clung to me, waiting for me to make a mistake. it looked into each of the mirrors, grimacing, and I grimaced back at it. it looked horrible, disfigured almost, and I knew all it was was the worst version of my subconscious. my own worst version. now its image was a constant in the reflections, not just resurfacing from time to time. I felt like I was drowning in my own head. I could feel that it was thinking of doing things I would never do, planning things - and then I realised, that I could also cling. I could also wait until 'it' made a mistake. and then I could--- before I could think it through, I felt like drowning. then darkness. for a long time. then I woke up.
what could this mean?
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2023.06.09 01:00 uReallyShouldTrustMe Weekly Meet-Up: Travel together! AND CoVid + Entry/Exit Thread

This is the weekly meet-up thread. Always be aware of potential risks of meetings strangers online. Be careful and be safe.
To better match yourselves up, you may want to (but not required for now) fill out the following questionnaire:
  1. Age, gender, party group, Nationality
  2. Purpose of meet up.
  3. Length of meet up.
  4. Date/potential dates.
  1. M,33, solo traveler, USA
  2. Looking for food buddies to try Korean meals that require 2+ people
  3. Just for dinner, I have plans after
  4. Anytime this week, even today is possible


Weekly CoVid/Entry+Exit Korea questions
If your primary topic is related to:-Entry/Exit requirements (K-ETA, Q-code, vaccinations, etc) -CoVid Tests (where to get tests, what tests are required, vaccinations, what happens if I get CoVid, etc)-Predictions (When do you think X will open, what will change, etc)
Please post here. They are not allowed as a stand alone question anymore. All parent comments on this thread must be questions relating to those topics. If you’re one of those people interested in answering these, reply to parent comments. Travelers, try to look over the other questions asked on this week’s thread before asking. While some members don’t mind answering, it gets weary when every week the questions are the same. We understand the rules are constantly changing but try to do some homework first. The idea is to clean up the main page with travel questions about places to go, things to see, and so on and so forth. Cheers and happy travels!
Per user mikesaidyes:

Entry Requirements - Testing Rules, Documents, Timeline

(FOR Visitors and NOT for Korean citizens or long term residents with ARC)
The Singapore embassy has the most up to date info, better than the American consulates.https://overseas.mofa.go.ksg-en/brd/m_2435/view.do?seq=761395&page=1
**The Singapore Embassy link has documents with Testing FAQ, how to use K-ETA and Q-CODE. Look at it and download the PDFs.**
  1. K-ETA for visa free entry: http://www.k-eta.go.kr Follow the directions exactly - bureaucracy loves rules. Do as they say and don't take any shortcuts with pictures, etc. This is no longer required for some countries.
  2. Pre-Departure test NO LONGER REQUIRED.
  3. Q-CODE Passenger Locator Form https://cov19ent.kdca.go.kcpassportal/ . This is optional and can be filled as a paper form upon arrival.
  4. ARRIVAL TEST is no longer required post Oct 1.
  5. KOREA DOES NOT REQUIRE DEPARTURE TESTING. The departure testing requirements are set by the country you are going to, NOT Korea.
  6. Masks are required no longer required on public transit.
  7. No entry log, vaccine pass, nothing to enter when you go in anywhere. No curfews or gathering size restrictions.
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2023.06.09 00:59 her_royal_flyness Please help a very sad beginner with her very sad vegetable garden! 😢🙏

Preemptive disclaimer: the pics I linked I took today within seconds of watering. My beds drain fast and are usually quite dry. Some kind commenters have mentioned overwatering as a possible issue, but I'm certain it's not that and want to eliminate that as a possibility to see what else this could be.

Hi everyone! Be gentle - I’m new to this but very motivated.
I built raised beds at my new cottage apartment (it's an apartment, and I'm probably not renewing my lease, so I have one season to get this right). The veggies I've planted have been SO slow to grow, and I’m starting to get alarmed.
I'm on Long Island in New York. Here's what I'm growing and how it's going.
Pics of 2 beds and containers: https://imgur.com/a/i1wRKjW

The Plants

Leafy Greens & Brassicas

Root Veggies

Herbs & Flowers




The Problems

In my right bed, it's chaos. My curcurbits are yellow, stunted, and sad. My solanaceae I learned the hard way not to direct sow, so I started the next round of these a few weeks ago under a grow light (they’re…fine, I guess). The one healthyish looking tomato and pepper plant I bought at that size and transplanted.

Growing Conditions

These are growing in a "garden soil" mix I got from a local mulch place that delivered. I shook a bunch of Jobe's vegetable fertilizer pellets on top.
The soil is fairly sandy and seems to drain pretty easily. I try to water daily. Sometimes I miss a day. I've noticed the plants getting sad and crispy, especially the curcurbits. Some of the leaves are purpling, which seems to indicate a phosphate deficiency, but the fertilizer pellets supposed to contain phosphate, so idk.
The beds get 7hrs of direct sun per day.

The Weird Thing

Meanwhile, my potted plants are in pretty good shape. My summer squash is huge compared to his brothers over in the bed. My collards, kale, and turnips are thriving. I’ve already eaten my radishes.

Conclusion & Help

What can I do? I’m very low income, and I spent a lot of $ to build something that was supposed to feed me this summer. I’m hoping my errors haven’t been too costly, and I also hope it’s not too late to have a thriving garden instead of two giant sad piles of Landlord Liability Dirt. Please lmk your thoughts and how I can save my garden 🙏 Thank you for reading
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2023.06.09 00:57 Sweet_Space_928 Is this a scam

I just got this email and I’m pretty sure it’s a scam but I need someone to also confirm this.
Hello, Thanks for the swift response and How are you doing today ? I run a Real Estate company and tend to operate at a high cost of operation and want to cut down expenses by employing a Sales Assistant / Personal Assistant .
I travel a lot and get my hands occupied because I work with other companies in and out of the country, so it is imperative for me to have a worthy Personal Assistant who can monitor and keep me up to date with my activities. This position is flexible and you can be in any location, working with me is basically about instructions and following them. There is also a very sensitive issue on trust and accountability which I believe will resolve itself as time goes on. My only fear is that I may need you to perform an assigned task in a timely manner sometimes, so I need someone who can be able to meet up with executing assigned tasks in a timely manner.
I need your service because I am constantly out of town and presently in Calgary Alberta, Canada. I will return to the states within two weeks so this process will be ongoing till then. If you don't mind, I'll meet up with you when I return and then we can discuss the possibility of making it this long term.
As an Sales Assistant / Personal Assistant your activities among other things will include;
Duties and Responsibilities: • Sort and verify bank transactions. • Verify keying of data and correct errors. • Performs other related duties as assigned. • Running personal errands. • Work independently without much supervision.
To perform this job successfully, must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.
** Weekly Pay: $550.00 ** Hours: 15-20 Hours Weekly ** Days: 2-3 days Weekly **Does not affect your present job, flexible schedule
Full Name: Mailing Address: Apartment #: City, State, Zip Code: Cell Phone Number: Current Job:
I will get back to you with the task for this week/next. Understand you will also be paid as soon as you pass this first assignment, You will be paid ($550) at the end of the week.
And please NOTE, you must be above 18 years of age to be eligible for this job. Anticipating your urgent response.
Best Regards, Peter Miller National Credit Systems
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2023.06.09 00:56 SwimmingOk4643 I... am... van Richten, Vampire Slayer! - A high camp alternative to RAW

I always had trouble with van Richten in RAW. The van Helsing analogue was supposed to be a famous monster killer, a very serious man, but most everything he does is high camp kitch... Disguises himself as a circus owner? Arrives in town with a monkey? Gives said monkey to a toy maker? Writes notes to himself about an orc that can chew iron bars? Wears a 'hat of disguise' and a 'ring of mind shielding'? Has a starving tiger... in a circus wagon.... that is his master plan.... to commit Vistani genocide?????? How can anyone take this guy seriously?
On top of that, you have Esmerelda, the one of the pair who seems to actually fight monsters, herself Vistani, whom we're told is van Richten's protege? Who, despite her seeming professionalism, has no idea nor plan to stop her mad sensei from wiping out her people... by starving tiger....?
So, I rewrote the guy. I like him much better this way. He's much more fun to play. An opportunity for role playing DM to really chew some scenery. Hopefully some of you like it too.
The party met him in Blue Water, but he was cagey as in RAW. They never really took interest in him & I never knew what to do with him, so he faded a bit into the background. Then the Feast of St Andral & Vallaki burning... suddenly Rictavio appears, shaking, snarling circus wagon in tow... "You know me as Rictavio, master of the circus, lord of the ring! But I am actually a Vampire Hunter! Meet me tomorrow at my tower!" With that unexpected & unprovoked revelation, he gallops off dramatically through the burning gates into the night....

Van Richten - Vampire Hunter
Simply put... Rudolph van Richten is barking mad. The former owner of what is now the Walpole and Son Bookstore in Vallaki, he went out of business as, lost in his endless library of fantasy, he would spend days forgetting even to unlock the front door . He was particularly fascinated by the book "The Chilling Tales of Rudolph van Richten, Vampire Hunter." , a melodramatic, but well-read pulp novel written long ago by a Barovian author who claimed to see visions from beyond the mists and was later institutionalized.
The young Rudy, now without job or means, retreated further into his fictional world and now imagines himself to be the famed monster hunter himself! He is Strahd's arch-enemy (although Strahd has never heard of him) , constantly hunted and on the run. He disguises himself in increasingly absurd ways - the latest being the carnival barker Rictavio (he got the idea from a traveling circus - Refugees from the Carnival dark domain in the Ravenloft guide and a future random encounter). To complement the deception, he "acquired" a wagon from an unsuspecting farmer, which he painted in bright, splashy colors and purchased a monkey from the Lake Vistani.
When the party first encounters him at the Blue Water in Vallaki, he will have been spying on the Lake Vistani for the last several weeks. He regularly pulls his carriage up just outside of their camp, dons his 'Hat of Disguise' and in an exaggeratedly thick accent, pretends to be a fellow Vistani 'from far south'. The Vistani regard him as a harmless crank and regularly ask him to tell them more funny stories about their "brothers to the south" - which become increasingly inventive with each telling - and to sell him bits of random junk... err... "magical Vistani treasures", including a 'Ring of Mind Shielding' which is actually nothing more than a cheap electrum plated brass ring that's already starting to rub off and make his fingers itch (evidence that he is under constant assault from Strahd!). The Vistani might be a bit less welcoming, however, if they knew he was also stealing their laundry to train the very real tiger that he has locked in his circus wagon (it followed him, for its own purposes, from the Carnival).

Meeting Van Richten
When the party arrives at the tower, they will find van Richten waiting for them there - he has just arrived from his regular 'infiltration' of the Vistani. He introduces himself with a dramatic bow & flourish "For more than three decades now, I have undertaken to investigate and expose creatures of darkness to the purifying light of truth and knowledge. "Hero" I am named in some circles, "sage" and "master hunter" I am called in others. That I have survived countless supernatural assaults is seen as a marvel among my peers; my name is spoken with fear and loathing among my foes. I…am… Rudolph von Richten, Vampire Hunter!!" (This is both the opening to his papers in RAW and - in this version - the opening paragraph to the fictional novel "The Chilling Tales of Rudolph van Richten, Vampire Hunter"). As he pronounces his name, trilling his 'r's to an absurd length, he throws back his cape, revealing an overabundance of vampire hunting weapons, hand sewn in loops and pockets: wooden stakes, silver daggers, holy water, holy symbols, mirrors and a long string of garlic bulbs around his neck. Before the party can react, he seems to remember that he is outdoors where the evil one could be listening and in a loud whisper warns that the night has ears and they "shouldn't speak out in the open!"
He invites the party into the tower, but stops suddenly before the door, arms shielding the party from invisible danger. "Stand back! My tower is equipped with a powerful ward! If you make the slightest move, a bolt of lightning will strike you down from the skies!" He gestures at the door pointing out scratches in the old wood, which, if the party squints hard and applies a great deal of imagination might be stick figures...? "You must do as I do, if you want to live!" As the party watches bemused, van Richten contorts himself into a complicated series of silly poses and facial expressions. He insists that the party does the same (make your players get up and repeat your dance!). Then... nothing... He gestures to follow, opening the mundane and harmless wooden door to the tower.
As the party walks up the stairs of the dismal and ruined tower they see a broken platform & worn statues. Van Richten, turns dramatically at each floor and addresses the party: "This was the tower of the great Wizard Kazan (another figure from an adventure book he read) and is protected by an anti-magic shield! Strahd can not hear them or pass its walls! We are safe here!" He walks up the stairs a pace then turns, hand dramatically extended in the face of the party, pointing to his ring... "How do I fool the dark lord when I am outside, you ask? Behold! The great treasure of the Vistani! A Ring of Mind Shielding!" Up another floor on the creaky stairs, van Richten again wheels to face the party, pointing out the 'Stone Golems, that protect the tower from intruders!" When the party touches them, small bits of rock chip off and rattle their way down the tower.
When the party finally arrives at the top of the tower, van Richten opens the door. A powerful smell of garlic and sweat fills the air. The room is full of rows of garlic hanging from the roof, the walls are covered with holy symbols and mirrors. The floor is covered with piles of handwritten books (his notes and plans, which he copies down in an indecipherable script of his own invention - which reads suspiciously like pig-latin.) There are strings criss-crossing from wall to wall, forming an intricate net between hundreds of scraps of paper and drawings attached everywhere, all seemingly leading to a single torn out portrait of Strahd, defaced with cartoon horns & fangs in red and the words 'Vasilli!!??!?!' written in red pen underneath (The party recently learned Vasilli's secret). Some of the strings have drawings or recognized villains: Lady Wachter, the Baron & Izek, but there's also the Martikovs (with a feather pinned to it), Walpole the bookseller (with exaggerated glasses and a dunce cap drawn on) and Claudia from the orphanage (with the name Belasco!!!!! underlined twice in red).
Most surprisingly, there is also a monkey here, swinging from string to string towards its master, pulling a few from their nails as it does. Van Richten shouts loudly "Piccolo, stop it! Filthy monkey! You'll destroy my research!" He users the party into the room. Once in, he turns again to face them: "Now I can reveal what I have learned! The true enemy is not Strahd! It is… Madam Eva!." At this revelation, he slams the door shut revealing that all the lines around the room also connect to a crudely drawn picture of Madam Eva, with the words "Must see the Takkora. How does she know?!?!?!" written in all caps and triple underlined. "It is true! How could she know what is in the cards unless she was controlling it from the start! Haven't you ever wondered how she knows your fate? Do you know also why some are born without souls? It is her! She is the puppet-master of Ravenloft!" (In my game, she's responsible for the missing souls, so - like with many things, he's crazy, but makes some connections others don't)
By now the party's suspicions are confirmed… this guy is not living on the same plane of reality… but he misreads their understanding as agreement. "Ah, you see it too! I understood it when I visited the Lake Tser Vistani camp in disguise! They mistook me as one of their own… see?" He puts on the "Hat of Disguise" (a hunter's cap with some sort of metal paper wrapped around it) which was hanging from a holy symbol on the wall and spreads out his hands wide as if demonstrating a singular transformation. Seeing no reaction, he pulls off the hat. "Do not worry friends, it is I! Rudolph van Richten!" "They took me to Madam Eva and she read my fortune. She told me that my story would soon come to an end. A threat! That's when I knew I was getting close. She said a new chapter could only begin if I found the Vistani girl Arabella at the Lake camp." (In my game, Arabelle is a future threat to Madam Eva's plans, so she's manipulating Van Richten). "But I saw through her trickery. I knew that little girl would spell my doom! So I went to the Lake Vistani, found her alone and cut off her head!" (Here the party firsts starts to see his madness isn't totally harmless). He flings open a footchest and pulls out a heavy burlap bag. "I commanded the dead to speak and it told me its secrets. It confessed that Madam Eva was the true power behind the mists!"
"Now you know. I need your help to defeat Madam Eva once and for all! I have trapped a ferocious beast from beyond the veil. I have kept him chained and ravenous in my cart. I have tormented him wearing Vistani clothes. You will help me take it to Madam Eva, we will disguise ourselves as a carnival, then when she emerges from her tent, we will release the tiger!" He lifts two fingers up to his mouth like fangs and snarls.

Enter Esmerelda
At the end of this rant, the door behind the party slams open. In it, stands a tall, wiry Vistani woman with long curly black hair tied back behind a brown scarf, wearing beaten leather armor and a tarnished, yet obviously cared for silver rapier. She's been following the party since they left Ravenloft (They just finished the dinner). The Tser Pool Vistani speak highly of them, but anyone leaving that place might be an agent of Strahd, so she's cautious and hostile.
Esmerelda is a Lake Vistani, the sister of Arrigal. She is ashamed of her people's support for Strahd and of their practice of bringing outsiders into Barovia. She left the camp when she was a teenager because she refused to stand by Arrigal as he supplicated to Strahd after his father died, leaving him heir. Always a capable fighter, on her own, she has become much more so. Unwelcome with her people, she drifted until she found her way to Krezk, where she fell in love with Kolya, the eldest son of the Krezkovs. They were to be married - against the wishes of Anna, suspicious of Vistani - when Dmitry was killed by werewolves while hunting for the winter. Anna, mourning her son, blamed Esmerelda for having brought a Vistani curse on her family and she was exiled.
With nowhere else to go, remembering the tattered book she found as a child and taught herself to read with - "The Chilling Tales of Rudolph van Richten, Vampire Hunter." - she pitted her formidable skills against the werewolves terrorizing the region. Although she tells herself she does this to protect the innocent, she also feels the need to disprove the prejudices against her people. She gets on better with the Tser Vistani, whom she often trades with, but she's suspicious of Madam Eva for reasons she can't quite put her finger on (Madame Eva knows she's a blood relative of Arabelle and is destined to aid her in the future contest to become the next seer).

Esmerelda vs Van Richten
As soon as she opens the door, she taunts van Richten: "So you're the famous van Richten? Destroyer of the Lich of Lamordia? The Headless Rider of Kalakiri? The Death Knight of Darkon…? Children's books... I read them when I was a young girl. What would you do, great monster hunter, if you felt the claws of a werewolf around your throat, if you felt its breath on your neck?" She approaches, her rapier tapping on the overstuffed cape van Richten wears. "Which bit of that worthless junk in your bags would you reach for, eh? Your crazy head would be ripped off your shoulders before you could choose" With a swift slash, Esmerelda cuts the burlap bag containing the head of Arabelle and a heavy rock with a crude face painted on it tumbles out onto the floor. "You're a fake."
van Richten protests: "But… I… I've seen a warehare turn into a rabbit at the full moon! I knew a half orc who could chew through iron… a giant plant monster that could sing most beautifully…" (All of these are in in his notes and will later appear as a random encounter in the Carnival). "Wait till I get my tiger!" he threatens, pushing the party aside as he runs through the door, down the tower.
She now turns her attention to the party, taunting them: "Why were you in Ravenloft? Taking orders from your master? Getting reward for your service - she fingers the crystal bracelet (a gift from Strahd). After a talk, Esmerelda demands the party prove themselves (a way she has of 'asking' for things): "Come to Krezk… they have a werewolf problem. If you are truly the heroes you claim to be, you should not fear a few monsters?" She throws a leather satchel on the table and several fangs spill out. "I don't" (Esmerelda is also a breadcrumb to Krezk & Werewolf Den).
As the party follows her down the tower, they find Van Richten fighting with the lock on his circus wagon. Whatever is inside must be clawing great furrows into the door to get out, since it's shaking the small cart to pieces. Seeing the party, he spits at them 'Vistani lovers, you'll pay for this betrayal!" With that last burst of anger, he pries the lock off the wagon and an enormous Sabertooth tiger leaps out, knocking him to the ground. He manages to scamper just far enough away that he can pull himself up as the tiger, with the scent of the man who had been starving and taunting it for weeks in its nostrils, slowly begins to stalk its prey. Terrified, van Richten runs into the tower, slamming the door behind him as it furiously claws at the wooden door, trying to get in.
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2023.06.09 00:46 Ecstatic_Ad_9414 Drivers I would love to hear from you about your experience (LONG)

Hi all. I'm not a driver or customer but have been in this sub. It seems the DD design itself is flawed qif I am correctly assessing what I have gleaned from reading here. Out of pure curiosity and maybe some fantasy there's hope for the industry I would appreciate if the drivers could answer some questions. Please note I'm Canadian. So have a sense of humour and be kind (no mj emoji meh).
When you get hired by DD, is it for a specific city/zip code or can you do DD when you visit your crazy uncle living in Yosemite?
"Shift scheduling": please correct my understanding of this if I'm wrong The app divides your area into "districts" and in 2hr(?) time slots.
How much in advance can you pick your district/slot? Is it worth it? Can you switch or drop shift? Are you responsible for finding someone to cover your shift if sick? Are the shifts offered to each driver based on the driver rating? What happens if you're a "no show, no call"? Can your significant other do you shift instead? Can you and your partner share a DD driver account?
The down side of booking a shift in advance obviously is it won't be busy but in most cities you kind of know where the action will be. Can anyone speak to this - DM me if you don't want to post long stories.
Can you have a regular schedule longer term like weekly because of family obligations?
You can't leave a shift early even if dead. You know how many other drivers are working your area.
Do you know how many drivers in each district during your shift? If your district is dead can you help in another district close to yours?
You cannot do catering or pizza deliveries unless you have some magic DD bag that you have to PAY for? Does your driver rating affect your chances of doing catering or pizza? Do you pay for "uniforms", signage, using their bank app or anything I'm missing?
This really pissed me off yesterday - I saw a drivers account was deactivated for what it seemed was no reason. Regardless because I think it's a croc of sh!t DD keeps whatever money was in your account, money you obviously earned. I'd love to see their terms and conditions I've heard of anything like that. Has this been discussed among drivers. It seems from where I'm sitting they could de-activate anyone as long as they find a reason. I assume DD knows what's in your bank? Do most move money earned right away? Or does the DD bank offer special saving rates or awards? Do you have to use DD bank or can you opt for email or direct deposit to your account?
This is from a large city in Canada so what my DD order screen shows may be different. I attached ss of what my order screen looks like. If you're calculating tip on order before DD suggested 30%, after it's 20% not too shabby from a serving point of you. As a server I usually calculated my tips on after tax total sales.
Where I see tip, you see bid? Or is the total bill the bid? Can you see the tip? Do you know what your final sales total at end of shift? I find it amusing driver base pay $2.50 (it says upto $10 but I haven't heard of any unless those streak challenges which look horrible), but the customer tip is based on effort, fuel cost, mileage, ECT..should add adjust for monthly inflation 😜
Can someone explain how your rating and acceptance rate works to influence the orders that you are offered? Are orders offered to one person at a time? Can DD offer an order while you're doing one already? How can you unassign an order?
From what I gleaned the restaurant/store doesn't start preparing order until it is accepted. Can you unassign yourself after it's already started? If so, how is the client notified? Are there negative consequences for you?
Drivers aren't allowed to check the orders. Why aren't restaurants held accountable and pay the driver (fuel, time, opportunity cost) to return and get the correct ordemissing items? If drivers aren't responsible for order correctness/completeness why is it something you are rated on? Even if not overtly it's not hard to deduce that customer satisfaction is directly influenced by order correctness/completeness and the willingness to fix the problem.
I've never ordered DD so I don't know personally. When rating the driver is there a specific section to review the establishment/restaurant given the driver is unable to verify the order and shouldn't be held responsible within reason (drinks in holders, milkshakes, some food the way it's packaged easier to verify)?
Lastly (yea I know finally eh) have any of you drivers worked for similar companies UberEATS, Instacart, GrubHub, Uber,.. not necessarily food delivery service but the "gig" independent contractor? Are the organizations pretty much the same across the board? Do any do anything better or shady?
Thanks for your patience. I appreciate you reading my post. I hope you engage with the convo, in good faith of course.
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2023.06.09 00:46 I-dont-speak-peas Will my employer tell my emergency contact?

Info: 16f working in food service, my emergency contact is my mother.
I always bandage and wrap my cuts and do not under any circumstances show them at work. However, the dress code prohibits long sleeves, so you can see the large Band-Aid I wear on my forearm. If my manager suspects I’m harming myself, can he tell anybody? If so, who? Does that change if I’m an adult?
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2023.06.09 00:41 6ftTechWizard Programmer, looking for something unique

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2023.06.09 00:40 JoshMcGill_ Am I the only one who doesn't like the design of necromancer?

(This is my own personal opinion, if you enjoy necro and it's your favourite class that's great I'm not insulting your family lineage, this is just how I view the class)
As the title says, usually I love the idea and theme of a necromancer but in diablo 4 the necromancers ability design just isn't appealing to me personally. Granted I have only level one to 25 so it very well could change a lot past that but. My main gripes are with the skills themselves. Any type of build that includes blight/darkness dmg just looks like I'm smearing poop all over the ground and it makes it so difficult to even tell what's going on. Bone spear is also weird to me it's too skinny if that makes sense. And having to rely on corpses for half the abilities just feels bad. I just want large, circular targeter blood/bone theme to skills that don't rely on corpses. Another problem I have with necro is the character customization itself. Why am i forced to play as a tall skinny guy with bad posture? Why can't I have a buff necro? . It makes a lot of the armour sets goofy looking when it's on a guy that's 2% body fat. The hairstyles are also pretty lackluster. It's also just a pet peeve of mine but why can I carry a huge sword or scythe but can't use it. Almost all of the basic skills are long range and would look the exact same if I weren't holding a weapon.
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