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2023.05.29 13:26 kriz_h Which EFR for PADI Resuce Diver

Hi all, i would love to take the next step and do the PADI Rescue Diver. As I am not really living in a diving area, I want to do it during my summer holidays while traveling. I do need a Emergency First Response Course and I feel like the PADI EFR seems a bit pricy. So I am cosidering to do the EFR beforehand in my city - that will also save a day during my travel.
My question: Would it be sufficient to do a "Standard 1 day EFR Course of the DRK (German Red Cross)" or will there be any issues in accepting it by the diving schools?
Content: The Red Cross course - basic first aid training is suitable for anyone who is interested, as no prior knowledge is required. By participating in this course, you will acquire basic knowledge of first aid for leisure, work and road traffic. This course is a prerequisite for all driver's license classes within the meaning of the Driver's License Ordinance and is recognized as training for company first-aiders according to DGUV principle 304-001.
The following topics are covered in a one-day course in 9 teaching units of 45 minutes each:
Self-protection and safeguarding against accidents
emergency call
wound care
First aid measures for various injuries
Symptom-oriented first-aid measures for various diseases
Measures in case of unconsciousness
cardiopulmonary resuscitation
The topics and measures are trained in numerous practical units.

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2023.05.29 13:25 Nicole_Spanks Masculine Femboy?

Ok so i think i might be in a weird spot personally but i am wanting others opinions and stories.
So quick summery I've gone through th entire roller coaster experiance of my gender identity. From the i think im trans to its not the gender i was assigned with at birth that i struggled with but rather I am a crossdresser, or a femboy.
My question. Is there a way to dress as a femboy but still have my more masculine tendencies? What i mean is my overall body language is pretty reserved which i know make me seem more masculine in nature and i just dont feel comfortable being super animated. I do like to dress up and am wanting to do it every so often, but almost worried thay id loose like my femboy card. I hope this all made sense.
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2023.05.29 13:25 DrStirbitch Dates on food

What does the 2023 date mean? It is on the cap of a bottle of tkemeli, but there are similar ones on a bottle of hot tomato sauce, and a small jar of Abkhazian Adjika. All produced by Nena in Georgia.
In the UK we have 2 types of food expiry dates.
There's "use by" for foods including meat, which means "if you eat this beyond this date, you may get seriously ill and maybe die".
Then there are "best before" dates, which you can ignore from a healtb point of view, but the quality of the food may be affected after the date.
Is this "use by" or "best before"?
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2023.05.29 13:24 AngleBead New update nerfed scoring system

Seeing a ton of complaints about the faster sprinting speed but not a whole lot of people talking about how dogshit the scoring system is now. RIP to all the lower level folks trying to rank up. Went from averaging 20/30k points on a winning match to maaaaybe 2/3k tops. Glad I have pretty much everything unlocked at level 125 because if not I'd be pretty bummed out. I mean, even if the update only effects overall rank and not the score towards individual classes, it's still gonna suck to end up stuck with a low rank forever. Also the British loadouts are ass. Update 14 big L
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2023.05.29 13:24 omg-throwawayy My Boyfriend Went On a 26 Hour Bender and Then Dumped Me

Throwaway because he knows my main.
He went on a 26 hour bender doing coke and getting absolutely obliterated on alcohol. He then ghosts me for an entire day and breaks up with me over text.
We’ve been together over 2 years. I loved him. He was my person. He was my entire world. He told me he wasn’t happy. That we were just “best friends” and not dating.
But he never communicated that to me. I was making plans on moving in together. But he got cold feet and said he wasn’t ready.
So instead he breaks up with me. No couples counseling, no communication, nothing.
Everything hurts. My chest is heavy. My eyes are red. And I’m so god damn angry. I feel like my world has fallen apart. My routine has changed. His bear hugs gone. No more seeing his dog. No more horror movie nights. I want to scream. No breakup has ever hit me like this one. And I know he feels bad. I know he feels like shit.
And I’m fucking glad he does.
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2023.05.29 13:23 phenste1984 AA tomorrow- why not!?

So after a steady slipping back to my boozy ways and way too many day 1s (today included), I've decided to bolster my help with AA. Guess everyone's experience would be different, but let's see what it's all about - can't hurt, right?
Experiences and thoughts welcomed. UK based
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2023.05.29 13:23 penpen35 Cold Steel 3 is darn impressive

I have to admit, I wasn't took big on what Cold Steel 1 and 2 when I played them. CS3 felt like they took what I mostly didn't like about 1 and 2, and decided to make things better.
First and foremost the graphical overhaul is definitely welcomed. Everyone looks so much better in here. I know 1 and 2 were for the PS3 but the jump in graphical fidelity here to PS4 era graphics is definitely much, much better. And how the battlefield just uses wherever you're standing on and transitioning into it feels faster than before. Though there's pretty heavy frame drops when i was in the Isthmia forest - I thought my 3060ti can handle it but maybe not?
The music, I felt I liked the earlier ones better, though there are still some bangers in here. Step Ahead is one of my favorites in this game and ranks pretty high for me. Spiral of Erebos is kinda taking the first intro and making into a full song that loops. The Juno theme is also a banger.
Gameplay wise, I really like the idea of Brave Orders, potentially game-deciding big moves that strengthens your team in different manners depending on the use case. And not to mention Break, which is also pretty cool, though with the master quartz you can have some pretty stupid combinations like doing huge amount of damage when the enemy is in a break state or applying ungodly amounts of ailments. The battles kind of simplifies to breaking the enemy and then doing your big moves on them while they're in break state.
Story-wise I can't help but feel the subtitle might as well be called "The Further Suffering of Rean Schwarzer". Of course he's now called as a hero, he suffered with the result of the Northern War (no thanks anime - which I did finish) which caused him to limit his use of Spirit Unification, but even as an instructor, you get the feeling most of the things aren't under his control and each time shit hits the fan Lectcher comes to tell him to deal with it because the government said so.
One thing I do want to point out is how the early 3 chapters were laid out in almost formulatic fashion. New field activity > Go to new place > Ouroboros does something > Rean tries to call for Vali... > That won't be necessary > Ouroboros does something crazier > Government tells Rean to deal with the mess > Rean does things with old class VII > Deal with Ouroboros and call Valimar. Also not a big fan of sending the branch campus students who had no experience, all over the country just to deal with Ouroboros is kinda irresponsible.
Which I say "mostly" because while it's kinda formulaic, there are subtle changes. Chapter 1 Rean didn't let class VII do anything when it became serious, but chapter 2 he asked them to join, but only if Juna is back mentally. In chapter 3 they are already forming two separate teams to take back Juno. So there's a definite change in mindset for Rean and co where the new class VII students weren't good enough, but eventually they caught up to the old class VII and can hold their own.
This game also expands a lot more on the Erebonia tale with some new wrinkles. The curse is introduced, it felt slightly handwavey - all of their past actions were almost solely attributed to the curse (including Ash who was definitely attributed to the curse), but it also explains why Erebonia is so intent on conflict moreso than other nations in the continent.
Back to Rean - I feel like the last chapter just makes him suffer way more. Yeah they killed the dark dragon, but how things went after felt so wrong. Also learning how Osbourne's family made him the man he is now and how it tied into Rean. How George is not pronounced as George anymore, Angie disappearing after chapter 3, the reappearance of Azure Siegfried with seemingly no past memory. That's a lot of things to take in, really. And of course how the egg came to be, how they wanted to stop the calamity but eventually Rean was the one who did it, though obviously it's part of the plan. He had no choice (or rather he didn't even get to choose).
And how Osborne just Osborned all over Rean in the end is well...typical Osborne, I suppose.
As for how new characters go, the new class VII is definitely quite endearing. Juna has a strong affinity for the correct moral compass and is definitely hugely inspired by the SSS and Crossbell. Kurt seemed a little rude at first and was unsure of himself, though I don't think at this point he's at any level near his relatives, he found a right role for himself. Altina basically starting off as a robot that can't think for herself and discovering emotions is heartwarming. Ash wasn't so likable as he was pretty brash, but even though his delinquent-ish attitude is still around, he's definitely softened up. Musse I personally am not a fan of as much - her endless teasing of Rean and wanting him to be her husband and how she is a million steps ahead of everything felt...wrong. Thus far I only know that she'll be the one taking over as the new Duke Cayenne, but how she's so smart felt...fake. I'm not sure how to word it properly, unfortunately.
Aurelia is one of the highpoint of the game, how she commands the school and also doing what she wants at her own pace is definitely quite cool. She's also kinda broken to play as, with her cameo in Juno. Michael is a stoic military guy but eventually he just lets Aurelia do as she pleases because he knew he can't control her. Seeing Randy is also a plus, though it's kinda unfortunate I don't get to use him at all. Towa here is more of a side character than before, though you can feel that partially she's there because she knew Rean needs support.
Cedric and his new main campus buddies aren't all that interesting either. He kinda felt like Patrick in CS1, but with an ulterior motive (that is to get into his robot). How the main campus just decided to become his lackey, even though the two named ones were slightly more interesting, even with how all it happened at the end is kinda meh - don't they have their own conclusion that shit was going to hit real hard with the giant egg and Ouroboros behind them?
That's way longer than what I planned, sorry for being ranty and having my thoughts all over the place. CS3 is definitely so far the higher point of the series in here. I enjoyed my time with the game, probably starting from chapter 3 with trying to take Juno back (which also incidentally is the prologue which Falcom likes to do now it seems). Going to go to CS4 starting later this week and can't wait to see the end of the Cold Steel arc.
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2023.05.29 13:23 Deady1 [TotK] A Theory on the Placement of Rauru's Reign in the Timeline

Disclaimer! This post assumes BotW and TotK happen in the timeline in Hyrule Historia. This post does not reference the Capcom published games, or any manga. Spoilers for the Tears of the Kingdom.
Many people believe that the reign of Rauru takes place during the Era of Prosperity, long after the events of Skyward Sword. However, some key elements from ToTK contradict this.
  1. Hylians are said to have already lived on the surface before Demise conquered their homeland and they escaped to Skyloft, before Skyward Sword. However, TotKdorf refers to Sonia as a Hyrulean, not a Hylian. It's strange he specifically calls her that instead of the race that repopulated the surface after Skyward Sword. Source: Memory #6
  2. Rauru has never heard of Link. He only learns of Link from Zelda. If he came to power after Skyward Sword takes place, you'd think a godlike being who descended from the sky would know of the hero of Skyloft. Source: Memory #8
  3. At the end of Skyward Sword, Demise curses the "blood of the goddess, and the spirit of the hero". Zelda promises that she and Link will reincarnate to stop him every time. This is the beginning of Ganondorf, Zelda, and Link being reincarnated across the eons, locked in an eternal battle. However, TotKdorf comes to power in an era without Link. One might argue Sonia has the blood of the goddess and descends from Skyward!Zelda, or that technically Wild!Zelda was teleported to that era, but there is no Link equivalent in this period. There is no spirit of the hero.
So, if Skyward Sword happened before Rauru's time, then why is Sonia not called a Hylian? Why does Rauru not know of the legends? Why is TotKdorf here when Demise's curse is supposed to be for Zelda and Link specifically? Because Skyward Sword hasn't happened yet. Hylians didn't exist yet. The hero who seals the darkness wasn't born yet. Demise had not placed his curse yet.
The reign of Rauru predates the Sky Era, and even the Era of the Goddess Hylia. The kingdom established in The Era of Prosperity is a successor kingdom ruled by his descendants.
Across the franchise, Hylians are said to be close to the gods (Source: ALttP, TP, probably more). The Zonai are said to be descendants of the gods. (Source: Memory #14). It is possible that the intermarrying of the Zonai and native Hyruleans create the race of Hylians.
We know that the Calamity is a recurring event in Hyrule's history. (Source: Symin in the quest Teach Me a Lesson). It is possible that Demise was the first Calamity, born from the overflowing Malice of the sealed ToTKdorf, just as Calamity Ganon was born from the same source 10,000 years before BotW.
So, after the Imprisoning War with Rauru and the secret stone sages...
  1. Eventually, the intermarrying of Zonai and Hyrulean natives will create Hylians, who will populate the surface. The goddess Hylia will live among them. This time will be known as the Era of the Goddess Hylia.
  2. Eventually, TotKdorf sealed under Hyrule will leak enough Malice to birth Demise of the demon tribe. He will conquer the surface, and Hylians will escape to Skyloft. This is the first Calamity, and begins the Sky Era.
  3. Eventually, Hylia will reincarnate as Zelda of Skyloft, a Hylian descended from Rauru and Sonia. Link will be born a Hylian of Skyloft as well. Together they will forge the Master Sword and save Skyloft and the surface from Demise. Demise will curse the blood of the goddess, and the spirit of the hero. Zelda will promise she and Link will reincarnate to stop him every time.
The rest of the timeline happens from here. Demise's curse manifests as OoTdorf, and his seizing of the Triforce of Power is another Calamity. The timeline splits. Across three different timelines, Ganondorf / Ganon keeps coming back as Calamities, each time fulfilling Demise's curse.
Eventually, in at least one timeline, the Calamity degenerates into the bestial Calamity Ganon. The Shiekah create Divine Beasts and Guardians to stop it. And the rest, you already know.
In short: World's Creation -> Zonai descend to earth -> Rauru establishes Hyrule -> Demise invades -> Skyward Sword -> Ocarina of Time -> ??? -> Creation of Divine Beasts -> BotW -> TotK
I also have a minor piece of evidence, but it's not concrete. In the tutorial, Rauru says his kingdom was on the surface. This implies the sky islands didn't exist during the Zonai Era. It is possible that the sky islands came to be when Hylia evacuated the surface-dwellers from the demon tribe, creating Skyloft and all the sky islands in TotK, long after the time of Rauru.
Of course, this theory isn't perfect. Ganondorf did rise to power without a Link existing in at least one game before - Wind Waker. Demise's curse is not specific to Zelda and Link in the original Japanese script. TotKdorf could've called Sonia a Hyrulean simply because that's her nationality. Sonia could be descended from Skyward!Zelda to explain her Light power. Hyrule Historia already has the kingdom established after Skyward Sword takes place, and maybe that hasn't changed. Rauru warns TotKdorf of Link and "the sword that seals the darkness", and we don't see Zelda mention the Master Sword to him, so maybe he did know of the Hero of Sky, just not his name. Maybe Rauru established this version of Hyrule way after all the other games, when the previous Hyrule was lost to time. Maybe BotW is a reboot!
No timeline posited in this franchise is perfect - not even the official one. Least of all mine!
Either way, I hope the evidence I've gathered here makes sense enough, for you to consider the possibility of the placement of Rauru's kingship in the ever-messier timeline of The Legend of Zelda.
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2023.05.29 13:23 DjerdMankov UPLOAD((?)kinda?) on FREEDOMFOREVER. How long does Dwight Comic statement was there?

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2023.05.29 13:23 ConsCom1949 Multiparty Election in the US with ten questions

Question 1: the means of production should be owned by...
PDS: Majority Workers (in the form of shareholders) and State, Minority Private
PP: Private, workers and state, pretty much evenly split
FDP: Majority private, some state owned
CSU: Majority private, some state owned
AfA: Key industries should be nationalised and not owned by megacorps, otherwise highly privatised
LP: Highly Privatised
Question 2: top marginal income tax rate should be...
PDS: 80%~100%
PP: 40%~80%
FDP: 32%~50%
CSU: 32%
AfA: 49%
LP: As low as possible
Question 3: How should we treat China?
PDS: Cooperation and peaceful competition
PP: Peaceful competition, diplomatic criticizing and economic sanctions
FDP: Peaceful competition, diplomatic criticizing and economic sanctions
CSU: Peaceful competition, diplomatic criticizing and economic sanctions
AfA: Peaceful Competition, diplomatic criticizing and harsh economic sanctions
LP: Peaceful competition
Question 4: NATO should be...
PDS: Weakened, and we should expand cooperation with the Non Western world
PP: Maintained as an alliance to defend and spread democracy
FDP: Strengthened to defend democracy
CSU: Strengthened to defend democracy
AfA: Weakened because we don't have the responsibility to cate for our allies
LP: Weakened because we shouldn't spend taxpayer money on useless military
Question 5: Stance on Culture?
PDS: Staunchly progressive but not idpol progressive
PP: Intersectionality, progressive stack and idpol progressive
FDP: Moderately progressive
CSU: Moderately conservative
AfA: Conservative and anti-woke
LP: Don't care, leave it to free market but lean progressive
Question 6: Which drugs should be legalized?
PDS: Marijuana only, hard drugs remain banned
PP: Decriminalise all and legalize the not-too-hard ones
FDP: Marijuana only, hard drugs remain banned
CSU: Medical marijuana is legal but otherwise neutral~negative
AfA: None, and enforce the ban on drugs more harshly
LP: Decriminalise all because we need a small government
Question 7: On immigration?
PDS: Accept more immigration overall, even including "unfriendly" countries like China
PP: Accept more immigrants for the sake of diversity but strict checks for Chinese immigrants and students
FDP: Maintain the current policy but soften the stance on illegal immigrants somewhat
CSU: Maintain the current policy but harden the stance on illegal immigrants
AfA: Decrease the number of immigrants allowed
LP: Don't care, we support small government
Question 8: On the environment and climate change?
PDS: It's important to protect the environment and mainly megacorps should be hold responsible
PP: It's very important to protect the environment even if it means a decrease in quality of life, and not only megacorps, all individuals are responsible
FDP: Neutral
CSU: Less important than real issues like the economy
AfA: Climate change is a hoax
LP: It's important to protect the environment but not by government carbon taxes and such but rather by the free market
Question 9: On affirmative action?
PDS: Neutral, somewhat support
PP: Strongly support and there should also be reparations to blacks
FDP: Neutral, somewhat support
CSU: Leaning oppose
AfA: There should be affirmative action to whites, or none at all
LP: No, free competition and free choice
Question 10: The themes you care about the most?
PDS: Economic Justice, People's Livelihood, Equality, Social Justice, Democracy
PP: Social Justice, Diversity, Inclusivity, Environmental Protection, Economic Justice
FDP: Democracy, The Economy, Stability, Social Justice, Inclusivity
CSU: Stability, The Economy, Democracy, Law and Order, Morality
AfA: Morality, God, The Economy, Law and Order, Stability
LP: Liberty, Freedom, Opportunities, Democracy, Social Justice
View Poll
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2023.05.29 13:23 Greytheimp Persistent Compilation Stutter Issue in Yuzu TOTK- Even with 15,000 Shaders Loaded at Game Launch, Tried Everything So Far...

Hi, I finally decided to post here to ask for help. I've been playing the game since the first day and didn't have this problem initially. Every time I launch the game, it's like Yuzu is building the shaders from scratch over and over again. Even though the shader compilation is done before launching the game (I have around 15,000 built shaders on my machine). This issue started happening after the release of the first dynamic FPS from Chuck a long time ago, if I remember correctly. I'm playing with the Vulkan API on the latest version of Yuzu EA, on a pretty high-end PC:
I have tried everything:
I'm sure it's related to shaders because once I perform a certain action, there are no more stutters until I relaunch the game and perform the same action again.
If you have been in the same situation and found a fix, it would be greatly appreciated!
Have a nice day, folks!
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2023.05.29 13:23 gusflush Cant play then I won't buy

EA is a JOKE! I wanted to buy the f1 23 for my ps5 so I wanted to do the trial of f1 22 to see if I like it. (Huge fan of f1). When Engering the game I need to connect my EA account to my ps5 which won't work since it is connected to a email adres I don't even know. After 800 tries and calling and chatting the customer service I gave up. I WONT buy the f1 23 and am very much done with this bullshit. How difficult do you want to make it for people to enjoy a simple game. I mean really? I am baffelt by the way EA makes it so not fun to even consider playing their games. My God I hope they go broke asap.
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2023.05.29 13:23 Jintulman 23 [M4F] The one....asan kana

Trying my luck here again (3rd attempt >.<)
Turned 23 this may at wala padin akong nahahanap na matinong nilalang hahaha. I'll try my luck here (again) sana andito na yung the one. I don't want to fuck around na kasi natanda nako HAHAHA pwede bang ibigay mo na sakin to Lord hahaha i just want to settle with someone na for the rest of my life and whatnot.
About Me:
5'3" (ya not that tall pero qtie naman ako :P) Working (will go back to studying and will just speedrun since I'm seeing a future in ny current industry) Extrovert like legit sobra HAHAHA Social (i can make friends with anyone literally basta wag lang pangit ugali) Ako yung tipo ng kaibigan na solid mag advice tas single hahaha so yeah no pointless fights if ever your gonna be my girl. I can treat you when we go out pero hindi unli pera ko I'm not rich yet haha Minor na yung iba pag nag get to know nalang us Clingy (like super, Physical touch and Gift giving love language ko) Virgin and NGSB (if these matter lol)
About You:
Pass sa plus size women (I'm just not attracted but doesn't mean na i find them ugly idk it's just a preference) Low body count sana Hindi condescending lalo na sa ibang tao lalo na mga service crew workers, janitor etc... (you get the gist) Kind and understanding Lastly yung kayang iparamdam sakin na ako lang mamahalin araw araw hahaha Someone consistent sana (I get that we're all busy and have our own lives to prioritize pero let me know naman if you won't be available for certain times so that I'm not sitting here overthinking bat di moko pinapansin)
That's it for me HMU nalangs here or we can jump to tg after. (Willing to trade pics before we get started din)
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2023.05.29 13:23 iggy6677 I'm a conservative

I've been on this sub long enough that I should probably know better and consider posts like this as bait, but the conservative in me just can't help it. I'll play along and try not to get banned again, for the 20th time. I'll choose my words wisely because I know this place is crawling with Feds and spooks.
Yeah, it's of my opinion that these people need to stop or be stopped. Try to have some modesty like the Amish or Muslims. But, these people are gonna do what they gonna do and push the law to it's limit. They should go to the gallows too, but they won't be first in line. The dude in a g string bouncing his 6 inch clit off some kindergarten kid's forehead with a giant neon sign that says, "It ain't gonna suck itself" behind him, get to be first in line. Then the club owner. Then the school officials that allowed it to happen. "Dance Moms" are further back in the line. The problem is that most people don't want to get their hands dirty with the wet work. Even if that guy is an evil mofo, they don't want that on their karma. That's why people like cops and troops are so necessary. "Moral flexibility" is what we call it. Some people just ain't got it in them.
I'd totally roll on two with these people and I might even forget to wet the sponge. As long as the state gives me the authority and a green light, these chomos can ride the lightning. I don't care if it's a preacher. The wages of sin is death. He should have known that. "B-b-but, CO, I'm a preacher." To which I'd say, "GOOD! That means that you already know where you're about to go. Ole Sparky will send you there and I'm pulling the switch. I want the last thing that you see in this world to be the smile on my face before I put this hood over your head. So long, you piece of shit." 🤣👌
As cool as it may be to lynch sex offenders and delete the nuggets of priests who touch kids inappropriately, it's illegal. Preachers are some of the worst, OP, and the problem is that BIG CHURCH moves them around, so it's hard to keep a priest in your crosshairs. You could try making a list, but they skip town before anyone has the balls to take them out, and I don't mean to dinner at Red Lobster. Unless we get a CW2 in the US to go around popping noggins in the fog of war, it's not gonna happen. (my fingers are crossed though) As a retired troop/LEO, we do what we can legally do to keep the peace. Normies and untrained citizens just can't run up in the jail and start kicking ass, although it would be hilarious. I wish we could bring back public stoning, but the Constitution outlaws cruel and unusual punishment. You need to proper training to effectively beat and torture people. Did you know, that if you were to beat a man, you want to do knee strikes to the lower part of the rib cage? The knee is big and blunt enough that it doesn't leave sharp bruise marks and the lower ribs have a lot of cartilage. You can bust that shit up all day like mashed potatoes. Untrained people might punch the top of the ribs, causing a hard break and potentially a punctured lung. Not not good at all, that's the opposite of what's good. We have to keep people alive, but prolong their suffering as much as possible. Rumor has it that after enough torture, people try to talk the chomo into suicide. I mean, your life is pretty much over anyways, so why not do the world a favor.
Any chomo that gets locked up is likely to be in for a bad time. I myself would super duper never ever harm another human being because love conquers all and violence is never the answer. That's the best that we can do for you right now, OP. Even before I retired, these people were already starting to be given special rights, privileges, and protections. Mark my words, in a couple more years, there will be a spot on that colorful flag for minor attracted persons and probably for animal lovers too. And if you're not cool with that, you'll get fired from your job and kicked off of reddit.
I hope my message of love and peace finds you healthy and happy, OP. I'll probably be taking a one week vacation to Ban Land for posting this, but I don't care. I hope the mods did read it. People need to (metaphorically) grow some balls. Sadly, most people are too scared to say anything at this point and that's exactly why we're currently in the situation that we are in. Have some courage and speak truth to power.
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2023.05.29 13:23 Raszero [Question?] Is there any modern iteration of Battle Pack?

Hey y'all. I played Yugioh from Legends of Blue Eyes to near the end of the xyz era. I started Magic around pendelums release and switched over, but I do look back nostalgically at the game. However when I watch modern gameplay it is a different game - wheres my bottomless trap hole??
In Magic I do love limited, and feel that some advanced limited play may be the best way to experience this style of gameplay again. Does it exist anywhere?
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2023.05.29 13:23 AutoModerator [Complete] Charisma University by Charlie Houpert

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Charisma University by Charlie Houpert is the ultimate tool for mastering the art of charm and making lasting impressions. With Charisma University, you will:
With Charisma University, you will be guided step-by-step on your journey to mastering the art of charm. As long as you follow the program, you are guaranteed to see massive gains in your social and professional life.
Contact us today if you are interested in Charisma University in one of the following ways:
Reddit DM to u/RequestCoursesAccess
WhatApp/Telegram: (+44) 7593880762
Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets).
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2023.05.29 13:23 Echidna1127 TRADING GROUP (forex)

anyone unprofitable?! I've been profitable for quite some time with gains increasing :). If you are struggling please DM me for my discord link! (YES ITS FREE) this isn't some scam or attempt at your $$. I don't need it. I just want to help people , by no means am i a master. I am still a student that's just willing to share my notes with others. There's already a small group of us traders in there. Would love more people in there so we can all learn together. I also hope i can help you guys become profitable.
#forex #forextrading #traders #daytrading #scalping
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2023.05.29 13:22 BulbaKat CD 24 FRER Test

CD 24 FRER Test
Hi all... I posted the other day with what appeared to be a squinter, but after reading a lot of other posts, I thought it may be an indent. That test, after it dried, I couldn't see the line anymore.
Here is this test from today, allost 48 hours later. Line looks more obvious to me and maybe even a little pink? Or maybe I have line eyes?
Anyway - seems pretty light though? All test pics were taken in under 10 minutes (actually most at lik3 6 minutes). The flashlight pic was after 15 minutes.
I expect my period any day now, though I suspect my ovulation was off from usual because I got a positive OPK like 5-6 days earlier than I usually would, so we babydanced around the actual OPK and around my usual positive OPK timeframe.
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2023.05.29 13:22 FoxNix Dreams mess me up.

Ended a relationship of more than 4 years last February. She was someone I respected a lot, but ultimately she decided that keeping her options open was more important to her than being with me. So while I "ended" things, it felt like she already did long before I did.
I have done a lot of reflecting. I don't regret the relationship. I genuinely believe I have grown because of it. I am proud of the way I have moved on, and realized I was so focused on her, now that I'm putting all that time and energy in myself I am thriving both mentally and in life.
I've lost the respect I once had for her and don't really want to talk to her ever again.
That said, every few weeks she'll have a cameo in my dream and it will completely ruin my mood for a day or so. I don't believe dreams have any meaning but when I wake up a lot of the feelings come roaring back.
My mind stays rational (I'm okay with how things ended up), but I suddenly feel hurt again by the way she used to treat me. This either makes me want to lay in bed and sulk, or motivates me to give her a mental middle-finger and work out / study hard / get my shit together. Neither make sense because I have decided I want to stay no contact forever.
There's no big reason to this post other than to vent, but man. Dreams have such a grip on me and I don't really understand why. Hope y'all are doing well. <3
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2023.05.29 13:22 Calamity1dk Join us at visored!

This is a lifesteal server we listen to all suggestions! But we require polls to see if other members will agree! We are trying to make a good server! If you want to join up server ip is but will be started when discord reaches 30 members or 50 members
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2023.05.29 13:22 fivetwoeightoh F U D PLUS!

I’m so mad right now! I was rewatching the show on Friday and am going to miss this cast and all the JOKES, the humor could have easily been terrible but the biggest crime to me personally was how FUNNY everyone was on this show, Warwick Davis’s pause before telling Elora you can’t make food with magic, or you’ll be in the toilets for a week I mean come on
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2023.05.29 13:22 Temporary_Rip9388 Help with season/undertone

Help with season/undertone
  • I keep getting soft/true autumn, occasionally soft summer
  • I’m unsure if my undertone is warm or olive
  • I think I look pretty muted most of the time except when the sun hits my hair and eyes directly P.s. all the pictures are no makeup/very minimal makeup
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