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2023.05.29 14:32 Feeling_Elevator2110 Advice on saving/investment as American in U.K.

Hello! I’m in my mid 30s. US Citizen living in U.K. Have been working on building up my savings. Now have £30k in 3% interest savings account. I usually add about £1k/month into my savings account but now considering if it’s smarter to invest that £1k elsewhere each month. I put about 22% of my salary into my pension each year. I understand I’m not eligible for a Roth IRA in US and heard U.K. ISA is best avoided for US citizens, so just looking for advice or suggestions for savings/investments. Thanks!
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2023.05.29 14:30 HandcuffsOfGold Weekly MEGATHREAD - Hot Topics in the Public Service (PSAC Strike, Tentative Agreements, WFH, Return-to-Office) - posted May 29, 2023

This thread is for questions and discussion of the following hot topics:

PSAC Strike and strike pay

Links from PSAC:

Tentative Agreements

Ratification votes

Common questions about tentative agreements

  1. Yes, there will be a ratification vote on whether to accept or reject the tentative deals. Timing TBD, but likely within the next month or two. This table by gronfors shows the timelines from the prior PSAC agreements. Separate votes will be held for each of the bargaining units.
  2. If a ratification vote does not pass, negotiations would resume for that bargaining unit. PSAC could also resume the strike. This comment by nefariousplotz has some elaboration on this point.
  3. New agreements will not be in effect until after a vote passes. The agreement text will need to be fully translated and formally signed by the parties. Expect this to take at least a few months after a positive ratification vote.
  4. The one-time lump-sum payment of $2500 will only be paid to people occupying positions in the bargaining unit on the date the new agreement is signed. This will likely include employees on LWOP on the signing date.
  5. The $2500 lump sum will be pensionable and taxable, just like salaries. This means pension contributions will be deducted from it, and it will increase your future pension only if it forms part of the five-consecutive-year period in your career with the highest salary (usually the final five years immediately preceding retirement).
  6. Ratification kits don't have new pay scales listed, however this post by nefariousplotz has a spreadsheet with the calculations done for you.

Work-from-Home and Return-to-Office

A number of departments (and now the President of the Treasury Board) have announced plans for a return to on-site work. This thread is to discuss those announcements.
The following THEME MEGATHREADS are also available for more focused discussions on the topics below:
Also available:
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2023.05.29 14:30 Most-Positive5856 Crack debts

I have 210 $ debt on crack to pay in 2 days and i don't have idea how to make them i have 1$ on my account and next salary it's in 2 week, i know it's a stupid question but do anyone as any idea? I don't want to steal :(
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2023.05.29 14:29 Several-Many9101 Python x Maze gamedev

Hello! We’re a web3 project with a marketing campaign soon and we’re developing a mini-game to entertain our community.
The project is beyond the scope of our Python dev, we have all ressources but he’s not as available as before. We look for someone 🙃
The codes are provided as well as the graphics. Gameplay is ready. We need someone that would work to complete it, not give up in the middle of it 🫠
There will be a substantial success fee after we get to the mint this summer and a base salary prior.
If anyone is interested and has a thing for mazes, hit me up 🤙🏼 🫡
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2023.05.29 14:27 JusJeepin How much do you make WFH and would you take more to go back in office?

Wondering what salaries in the IT world look like as fully remote vs in office
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2023.05.29 14:26 rahulahuja0078 In-demand Highest Salary Tech Jobs in India (2023)

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2023.05.29 14:22 CustardTop277 Need advice on job search

Hi friends, I am currently taking home a salary of 20Lakhs. Now, i am trying to switch my job but finding that all the jobs are paying less than what i currently make. I wanted to know are there any companies out there which are paying more than the stated salary? Thanks for the advice in advance. I look forward to replies.
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2023.05.29 14:22 rahulahuja0078 Complete Detail About Full Stack Web Developer Salary in India

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2023.05.29 14:15 Bright-Bee7219 Hello, I am wondering if any of you can help me choose a mid-budget tour?

Okay so I am a 9 to 5 job holder with 50k salary. Me and my other 3 friends were wondering which would be the best place to visit and what sort of car would be suitable.
So as of now we have selected 3 place where we can use our 4 days leave. At first we have fairy meadows, second shogran and lastly arang kel. Now budget in not expandable and we already purchased camps, sleeping bags, portable stove and other camping accessories from our last tour so we are also open to the option of camping. What I really want to ask is if someone can tell me which would be the best place to go from above 3 and which car would be the best to choose, we can arrange a cultus new model, alto new model or BRV (last option). I am personally preferring Shogran Valley with camping and BRV car. But I do not know much about the place, I have been to Arang kel before but not the other two places. We want to do this tour by ourselves not with any tour company so it would be very helpful if any of you can guide us on this subject as much as one can, especially about suitable vehicle, hotels to pick, points to visit and round about budget. Btw I live in gujranwala so that will be the departure point.
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2023.05.29 14:13 420andsex Confused about my career growth

Hello guys, I'm a 2022 CSE graduate. I got a remote job as a Junior Developer from NQT with a salary of 4 LPA. We recently had an annual appraisal assessment after which my package increased to 4.2 LPA. I was not happy with the increment being so low. So it got me thinking about whether I should start preparing for a switch to a different tech company. But I don't think I'm enjoying coding per se. So I'm looking to pursue MBA as soon as I complete my 2 years in this company. Wanted to know your opinions about this decision of mine. Will it help in accelerating my career growth?
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2023.05.29 14:11 JasonOrion What if we traded back?

We've talked to death about Cam Whitmore, Taylor Hendricks, Jarace Walker, and Ausur Thompson but something we haven't really talked about much is the possibility of trading back.
The truth is... we've got our star players already, Cade was taking 1st overall for a reason, and he averaged 20, 6, and 6 while injured this season. Ivey finished last season averaging 20.7 points and 7.1 assists over the last 12 games shooting 38.6% from 3 on 6.8 attempts per game. Duren nearly averaged a double-double while playing most of his games off the bench and shooting less than 6 shots per game, if Duren was in this draft class like he was supposed to he would be a top 5 pick.
The point is that we don't need to take a high-risk, high-reward prospect. A case could be made that the #1 need we have is depth, not star power. The only players on a rookie contract after this upcoming season is Cade, Ivey, and Duren.
Getting multiple 1st rounders to fill out the roster may be better than just having #5, considering the salary cap makes signing numerous quality role-players difficult (on top of having to pay a premium in order for them to play in Detroit). And multiple 1sts may be better than just #5 because #5 could be a bust, whoever it is selected at that spot. And if #5 is a bust then we wasted an entire year without improving our team. We'd have more chances at getting a good player with multiple 1sts, even if the prospects we have to select from are worse, essentially more bites at the apple.
All that being said, I'm gonna commit the cardinal sin of NBA Reddit: proposing a hypothetical trade. I'm gonna try to be as realistic as possible while trying to make a good trade for us. So, we may have to give up more than you or I would want in this trade but that's just how the NBA is, I mean... remember when we thought we we're gonna get #7 for Jerami Grant? Anyways, this is the trade...
This is presented as a 4-team trade, but it's easier to understand as 3 trades in a row.
Trade #1:
DET sends: Isaiah Livers, Best of NOP or POR 2026 2nd, Best of NYK or MIN 2026 2nd, pick #5
DET receives: Rudy Gay (Salary Dump), Simone Fontecchio (salary dump), #9, #16, and #28
Rationale: Again, we give up more than I think we probably should because that's just what tends to happen in the NBA. Both Rudy Gay and Simone's contracts are 1-year deals so we wouldn't take on any long-term salary and we wouldn't have to extend Livers who may want more than we are willing to give.
Livers could be a solid backup for the Jazz. The 2nds could be used by the Jazz in future draft day trades, which are gonna happen considering how many picks they have after the Mitchell and Gobert trades. The reason the Jazz trade up is to get that high-risk, high-reward player we don't need. Lauri Markannen has already broken out as an all-star, and Walker Kessler looks like a future DPOY in the making. #5 could be a solid co-star for those two. This trade will also save the Jazz money which they could use to sign role-players. The Jazz were a play-in team for most of the season and this trade will help them return to the playoffs more than not making this trade.
Trade #2:
DET sends: Best of MEM or WAS 2024 2nd, Best of GSW or WAS 2025 2nd.
DET receives: Richaun Holmes (Salary Dump), #24
Rationale: This is a generic salary dump, the Kings love 2nd round picks for some reason and for every draft they have a couple (like #38 and #54 in this draft). Richaun Holmes could be a mentor for Wiseman and Bagley, or he could take over as the backup center. The Holmes salary dump will save them $12,046,020, not drafting at #24 will save them $2,244,300. Overall, assuming they decline Dozier's option, they will have around $39 million in cap space which they could use to re-sign Barnes to a $15 million per year deal and sign Naz Reid to a $12 million per year deal, which will leave $12 million to give Sabonis as part of his extension similar to what the Pacers did with Turner's extension.
Trade #3:
DET sends: Bojan, Burks, #24, #28, #31
DET receives: Bertans (salary dump), McGee (salary dump), #10
Rationale: Okay, this is a lot more than I think we should have to give up but again it's in the interest of trying to create the most realistic deal possible. Bertans and McGee's contracts aren't THAT bad, Bertans only has $5 million guaranteed in 2024-25, and McGee is only getting paid $6 million that season. Bertans is also a good enough shooter to potentially be a backup.
For Dallas, they get a proper 3rd option in Bojan, a solid backup SG in Burks, and 3 picks in the perfect range to draft bigs which they desperately need. Getting 3 rookies will definitely help them salary-wise as they will likely have to pay Kyrie a max to keep him on the team, and 2 max contracts on a team are hard to work around.
We would have to take on a few salary dumps, but we would still have $12,421,395 in cap space. With that cap space, we could still sign a player like Donte DiVincenzo this off-season. We could extend Stew for $12 million per year and still have around $39 million in cap space next season (assuming the cap rises at the same rate next year). With 6 players on rookie contracts, 2 solid role players on inexpensive deals, and $39 million in cap space we would have a lot of options for that money.
So, what do you think about moving down? Should we move down and try to focus on filling out the roster or should we stay at #5 and try our luck with a high-risk, high-reward prospect?
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2023.05.29 14:02 cold_herbs Choosing to start over is just a choice that we decide to make. It's the better pill we need to swallow to find God and His will for us in this world. i took my bitter pill 3 years ago and boy has it been crazy............

my world has been turning upside down over the last 3 years. and boy has it been crazy.. I'm 34 yrs, married for 11 years now. we broke up 3 years ago and we've just reconciled 6 months back. Finances are fucked up and we have 3 school-going kids. ages 11yrs, 8yrs, and 5yrs. it's 2023 and the sitting president in Kenya is a Hustler Husting Kenya like crazy. 70% of us are in a crazy haze of brokenness that can't be explained and every day, a new bill pops up in the system that we all have to pay a % of what we earn to the government. so they can pay the loans which they took for them.
It has been so fucking crazy!! that I've been in and of homes trying to live a decent life with my family and tangled up in the wave breaking up families, The world today is so fucked up that we can't live in peace just because we can't. I have a decent hustle and am working on it to get off the ground. looks like entrepreneurship is the way to go because salaries are not making sense any more. Getting a job is harder than trying to sneeze with your eyes open. Skuizi we come across guys who used to make music working in mjengo because we understand a hustle is a hustle. pesa hijiandiki imetoka wapi. we go out there and make it because we somehow can't survive without it. but manzeeee. hii ndio inaitwa rat race properly. ama ndio Adulting? today you feel like you want to die, tomorrow you wake up and realise, alah! Am still here.
I think once God calls you to find Him, he makes it interesting that you have to experience and endure all steps in life, so you can see the world he created and appreciate it, take care of it, take care of where you are and make the best of it as much as you can because this is your today. Even in hard times, give thanks and praise to the Lord, because you learn from it in the long run.
its quite an exciting rollercoaster. The bitter pill is there for us to take if we are ready for what is to come. But somehow we are wired to do what s hard. hard for us to achieve yet so easy if we say yes. yes to accepting and trusting in God. saying yes to how he designed the world to be and not fighting what the life system teaches you as soon as you are born into this world.
We live today.
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2023.05.29 13:58 Remotive [Hiring][Full Remote] 6 Full Remote jobs at tech companies - May 29, 2023

Job Title Company Salary Full Remote in...
Frontend Engineer Masabi - Europe
Full Stack Engineer (Node.js/Ruby - React) Persado - Greece
Product and Technical Support Specialist, China Ginger Labs - USA
Creative Developer HOO KOO E KOO - UK
Manager, Data Team Noredink - EST (UTC-5), PST (UTC-8), MST (UTC-7), CST (UTC-6), PRT (UTC-4)
Full-stack Developer $60k-$108k Europe, LATAM, Canada, UK
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2023.05.29 13:57 Jucylicious_Chicken Industrial Engineering or Accountancy?

Is it better to persue Industrial Engineering or Accountancy? I’m 50/50 with both and I like both of the careers. I’m looking for a career with better opportunities/ salary/ life satisfaction/ in demand in the near future. Thank you in advance?
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2023.05.29 13:57 kiannicholine Graduating soon and considering working overseas

I'm 23 and will be graduating by June 24 with a degree in Political Science... so it's a given that I don't have much job opportunities here. I could work in the government but my chances are slim because I have no connections. I actually plan to teach. But I also plan to work overseas for maybe a year or two so I could buy my own house and lot before I would have to settle with a 'small' salary once I decide to come home and teach. Now the question is, would there be any opportunities for someone like me overseas with the degree I have now? If it's not in Middle East then much better (because I'm kinda scared). 🥹
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2023.05.29 13:55 ZealousidealAverage7 All the sibs won in their own way

Roman finally released himself from being a “Roy”. He went all in for CEO and realized it only brought out the worst in him. By the time he got to Mom’s house it was like he was coming down from a bad trip.
Shiv did what she needed to do to save her brother. If Kendall was willing to lie to his siblings about unaliving someone then what else would he have done as CEO? Kendall was quickly spiraling into Logan which isn’t who he is.
Kendall has to finally let WayStar go. Becoming the CEO essentially became the man’s legacy and he never fully had the job. I think the water represents the unknown for Kendall. Of all the siblings he’s the one who really doesn’t know who he is like we don’t understand the ocean. Now he’s free to do that.
Sn: idk why fans make a big deal out of Tom being CEO. He’s more of the traditional corporate CEO. Just a figure head there to command a high salary and take PR blowback. He’s not gonna actually make things move like Logan.
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2023.05.29 13:54 xdalgi Thoughts on doing a Masters in CS given my history?

Hi, I'm an undergrad student doing a Bachelor of Software Engineering. Why did I pick software engineering over computer science? I was young, dumb and liked that "engineering" was in the name lol.
Despite getting a pretty good GPA, it doesn't really feel like I've learnt anything in my degree which makes me a lil sad. I have a very shallow understanding of the following areas:
The rest of my units were group projects to teach us about project management, testing, git, quality etc. Looking back, I probably could have done some self-learning during the holidays to expand on the foundation I was taught, but that's hindsight.
I was thinking about doing a Masters in Computer Science (at a better university) to actually learn stuff in depth (I do want to). But I know from a career standpoint people say that a masters isn't worth it, and I would be sacrificing two years worth of salary for it. I do have a job offer for next year, but its nothing to write home about. What are your thoughts?

Note: Doing part-time/online isn't possible for the university I would go to.
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2023.05.29 13:49 jsveyfjc Can you build your career around being good at LC instead of actual job?

I got a lot of fun building stuff in the stack I want to switch into and now I train interviewing. It's so boring comparing to actual coding, but it got me thinking. Could you just focus on that for the most of your career instead of being focused on actual software development? You code on the job anyway, so instead of spending breaktimes on learning more about your stack, it's better to just learn about interviewing (theory and LC)? You could easily change jobs. Most likely you would get a good salary faster than those who focus on just being good developer. And you would be always confident in you ability to find a job. Interviewing is a separate skill from coding on the job and we didn't make the rules. Is it doable? Do some of you even actually do that?
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2023.05.29 13:47 louisthe14 Mortgage Renewal/Approval

Hello all, In 2.5 years I will be having to renew my mortgage on my condo. Will be about 160k left(about 28%downpaymet) My biggest concern which also applies to me applying for a new/larger mortgage on a new home down the road, is that I’m self employed. I have been an incorporated oil field contractor for two years, 160k is my average for the past two years. Currently about to do my second year end. Previous year I paid my self 3500$ in salary, and about 40k in special dividends. This year will likely look the same(maybe 60k in dividends) This is where I am unsure about my ability to be re-approved to renew or to be approved for a larger loan if I were to upgrade from my condo. Since I have a salary of 3500, would lenders see me as broke and make it difficult to renew. Or is there a way to represent my financials to lenders(I am with BMO) in different light. I consider withdrawing everything from my company yearly, I gather the loss taken by the company can greatly offset the amount of personal tax I’d pay, also negate the low salary issue. Thanks in advance to any gurus on this issue.
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2023.05.29 13:46 trashheaps Resources for elderly parent?

Tere Eestlased,
I am looking for some resources for my father-in-law, who is in his 70's and needs medical care. First some background, then the details. tl;dr at the end.
I am an American living in Finland. I do not speak Estonian, hence my reaching out here. I have an Estonian partner who lives with me in Finland. My partner's father is in his 70's and his health is declining, and the downward turn is getting faster. I have a high-pressure, round-the-clock profession and it is not possible for me to leave Finland frequently and care for my father-in-law. My partner is taking a sabbatical and may be able to do it, but for reasons I'll outline now, it is truly the last resort.
In about October last year, my partner told me that their father said he cannot get out of bed some days. We spent about two months with him in December and January, where he seemed okay, just old.
Now we have been here in Estonia for about two weeks and there have been 3 days my father-in-law is not able to get out of bed. He does not do laundry and it is clear to me that he rarely bathes. He is sometimes able to do things he enjoys, like caring for his aiamaja and seeing his brother. He does not cook. Since I have known him he has terrible teeth, but he has lost even more. He can barely walk, and lives on the third floor of a building with no elevator.
To me, as someone working in research in a field next to cognition, I feel that his cognition is poor. Reasoning with my father-in-law is impossible. When we come to visit him, we bring my cat, who is strictly indoors. Previously, my father-in-law has been able to keep doors and windows closed for the cat, but on this visit we have caught the balcony door and windows open a few times. He is making a lot of poor decisions like this all the time.
He complains constantly about how he feels. Not in a bad way, not for attention, but just because it is so uncomfortable. He is on medication for high blood pressure, but he hasn't had it checked or adjusted in 5 years. On this trip we found that he had spent 80€ on a fake, scam "medication" for blood pressure. For Christmas he bought us those gold coins that they scam old people with and had his credit card information stolen. With this second scam purchase he will not admit to us how he bought it, and we are worried he will have his information stolen again. When we told him this, he just laughed and said "haha, nii halb."
There is a lot more, but I'll get to the point. My father-in-law is terrified of doctors. He has not been to a doctor in 5 years, and he hadn't been to one for 15 years before that. He will not go to the dentist despite having like 8 teeth left. I cannot communicate with him due to my lack of Estonian and his lack of English. When my partner asks him about caring for himself it turns into them yelling at each other. My partner refuses to push their father on the issue and tells me I am overreacting. However, it is not normal to not be able to get out of bed ever, let alone two or three days a week. My partner says it is normal for the house to smell like body odor and their father to wear old, dirty clothes, but 2 years ago when I started visiting him it certainly was not. I think my partner is in denial and does not want to deal with it, and also does not know how to deal with it tactfully.
However, my partner agrees maybe some in home care would be beneficial. We make good salaries in Finland and can afford a moderate cost to help my father-in-law, especially since he is alone. I even think house calls from a geriatrician or at least a gp would are the only ways he will get medical care. However, as I do not speak Estonian, I am unable to find these services myself.
tl;dr: 70 year old man is in severely-declining health and refuses medical care. What private-sector resources exist for in home care? How can I find a doctor who will do home visits? Is it even worth exploring public-sector resources for his situation?
Other small details: he lives in a small town in Ida-Virumaa, he does not drive, I'll add something else here if I think of it.
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2023.05.29 13:41 StormyDey Patriot Front member pleads guilty to child pornography charges in Utah

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2023.05.29 13:40 BigLiving708 do i quit?

I’ve been working at a big name retail store for 3 years or so and 2 years ago i was promoted to manager. I loved it at first but am constantly being drained and am beginning to absolutely hate it. It’s not a bad job they send me on work trips and store remodels around the country but that’s still not cutting it for me. i recently bought a car and need this salary to keep my lifestyle: rent, etc. but i really feel burnt out, i just want a fresh start but it feels impossible in this environment i have no clue what to do i am stuck and need opinions.
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