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Healthcare providers are quickly running low on needed supplies of simple plastic items, many of which are their only protection against infection. Are you an engineer? A 3D CAD designer? A healthcare admin or provider? Do you run a makerspace? Have a company with resources to spare? Whoever you are, if you feel that you can help, you're invited to assist.

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2023.05.29 14:32 UssoPalain Complete Analysis of the Reine Teaser

Complete Analysis of the Reine Teaser

Attention please !
Hello, it's me back at it again for an Analysis of the Pavolia Reine Teaser. Like always im not a native english speaker so pardon any gramatical error on my part.
If you like those analysis i've got some for precedent teaser linked below. I wont reapeat what i've said on those one.
And please if you have any theory, correction or idea tell me in the comment i'd love to discuss those with you.
ID gen 1 Analysis :
Ollie Analysis :
Reine Teaser :
Reine Teaser
let's start with things not related to Reine in particular :
  • Return of the HoloCrate
Nothing new on it, we just know that's not related to any character in particular.

  • New Item
This a New item not much on it sadly, we don't know what the Max Lv is (1,3 or 5). We know that's a Koyori reference, her Lab Coat.
The same Pink inside
Things related to Reine in particular :
  • Her Weapon
Big Colorful Feather
This design isn't actually on Reine Model but is tied to her Lore being the Lady of the Peafowl.
The weapon is one of those peafowl large Feather that they use for intimidation and seducting females.
Gameplay wise this weapon seems really simillar to Mumei feathers before Lv7, being a Multi-Shot Projectile Weapon affected by aim and also shooting with the base of the feather first. (idk if there is a specific term for this part of the feather)
The Weapon in Action
I cannot accuratly say how many feather is she going to shoot, because we see a damage number below with a ennemy disapearing but no visual of the feather (so maybe 3 at Lv6 ?). The Hit Limit or distance traveled are low it seems if the third feather really disapeared.
Damage wise at Lv6 we have 21 and 24 damage, pretty average. Also no crits so maybe low crit chance ?

  • The Special
Tonjok mean Punch in indonesian.
I think the origin is from this stream.
Legendary Stream
Link with timestamp for the origin :
The joke stayed and now you can even see the word on reine jacket of her third outfit.
Before all, the tweet for the teaser says that she can use her Special 5 times in a row the icon next to the skill shows it. (last minute edit it seem that the stack of 5 itself is also a reference to Coco ?)
5 Stacks of Tonjoks
For the effects, i first guessed a buff for each stack of the special, because of the blue Aura around Reine's sprite that usually indicates the character is affected by a temporary Special Buff (like Calli's).
Same effect different colors
But here the special doesn't have a cooldown so it's looking more complex than just a buff special. We don't know if she can lose those stacks, and if she can how do we lose the stacks ?(since timer is out of the question).
Also the special is supposed to be a punch so it has to have an actual damaging effect on the terrain. On the top right we see the heart of 3 ennemies after they died but they are nowhere close to reine Aim.
3 hearts disapearing
This is possibly the effect of the special, since we also see thanks to the special recharge bar that it was used less than a second ago. If this is correct, we can maybe guess how the special work. I imagine a flurry of punch that act like dropping damage zone. It's hard to explain with my limited english, see something like Broken Dream rain With bigger AOE and damage.
We can also guess the overhall damage thanks to the damage number, 23 about the same as the weapon, and since we don't have concrete gameplay we can't really say if this is a big number for the special (if for example it was a multi-hit). It could have also been the Psycho Axe sub weapon since at Lv3 it has a hit limit, it could have hit the 3 ennemies and disapeared.

  • The Skills
We have 2 skills this time :
Majestic bird
Starting with the Peafowl icon. It has an insane number of stack and a ridiculously long cooldown.
It's really hard to tell what the skill does. I imagine someting similar to AZkI "Encore!" wher you build up stack during the timer cooldown and you lose all of them when the timer is up in a big effect. But Azki timer was 7 sec, Here we are at minimum 40sec and the only other skill that can build up so many stacks is Aki Belly Dance (Azki too i guess if you do more than 100 kills per 7sec).
My second guess is that when you gain a stack you also get time added to your countdown, and your goal is to not let the timer hit 0 or you'll lose your stacks.

Help i have no idea
The second skill is more tame with the numbers.
I don't know at all the origin of those symbols, but i am sure i've seen them somewhere before. I think this a cartoonish representation of the feather on top of a peafowl head ? I'm most likely wrong on this one.
I don't have anything on this one gameplay wise without repeating myself, since it look like the exact same fonctionnement as the last one. Of course it definitively has a diferent activation condition and different effects but that's all i can think of, if you have something please tell me.

  • Bonus Teaser
Kay yu has given us a small bonus Spoiler for Iofi Special so let's Analyse it ! (Also Iofi Idle Sprite)
The special is activated after only 17sec in game, i don't think this is relevant here since 17sec is absurdly short, he is most likely on a debug map where he can do anything.
The special i think is something like a Paint simulator with limited time and a limited amount of paint. On the bottom we see the timer at 6 sec, so maybe the special is only active 10 sec ? The bar above is likely your remaining paint, when the bar is depleted you dont have paint left and the special ends.
How do you control this special ?
If you are playing with mouse it's just click to paint where you cursor is (the paintbrush here). If you are on controller it's maybe like you can move the cursor with the right joystick and you hold the special button to paint. And the control for charcter movement is not used for the special, so you can most likely still move around while you paint.
Lastly for the special i don't know if the main weapon will be active during it, since she is using her paintbrush during her special. Kinda like how Shion weapon will stop attacking while in her special.

Finally Kay yu has tweeted quite a bit under this teaser so i think this is good idea to share them here.
(all in reponse to the first Kay yu tweet)
Undead Mechanics for Ollie confirmed (if it wasn't already obvious)
New languages are low on the priority list
Kay yu working under menaces (jk)

And that's all for me thank you so much for reading ! My last Analysis on Ollie didn't seem to interess a lot of people, so please let me know things you want to see improve on the Analysis, or if you want me to stop doing them ! (and tell me your theory and guess in the comment i love to read about how wrong i am)
She is ready to save some fans !
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2023.05.29 14:32 gedda800 Bad hospital experience. Need to vent.

I'm about week 4 of a shitty flair up. I tried to self medicate, but on Sunday I finally gave in. The pain was more on than off, I hadn't held down a meal for 3 days, can't stand up straight, mental health is taking a hit, can't sleep, can barely even get comfortable enough to relax. I took myself to hospital.
As usual the triage nurse was awesome. I mention Crohn's flair and she immediately helps.
The first doctor was awesome too. She took bloods, felt for pain and bleeding etc, got me a CT scan, ekg, fluids, hydracortoson, endone and panadol. She said we'll keep you for a few days until you're comfortable and eating again.
Fast forward to later that evening. I'm still in a bed in the day procedure ward (after scans). A different Doc comes in and starts asking questions. My answers have now changed, as I'm on pretty strong meds at this stage. I was feeling comfortable and pain free for the first time in a while.
Long story short, he gave me 4 days of prednisolone and sent me home that day. 4 fucking days worth! My GP will give me unlimited drugs, this cunt thinks Crohn's is gone in 4 days?!
I'm now home in bed, in FUCKING pain, I'll miss another week of work, and I have to see my GP tomorrow, who will probably admit me straight from the clinic (as she has wanted to do in the past).
I'm worried I'll end up back there with the same fuckwit doctor. I also need to ad that my temper can be hard to control sometimes when I've been in pain for long periods of time, and I hope I don't kick him in the guts and send him home.
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2023.05.29 14:32 intoxxication Leg Workouts to Accommodate Injury

So long story short(ish), in the past 8 months my right foot has had two serious injuries - a nearly complete ATFL rupture last August (after 15 years of chronic spraining) and a ruptured plantar fasciia in March. Both, particularly the plantar fasciia, are still giving me day-to-day issues even with taping and bracing.
I started strength training in January after finally realising that I really hate cardio unless it's jogging and my focus should be on getting healthy rather than getting skinny, and I love it. I currently weigh 130kg, having put on 15kg since August due to lack of ability to exercise. I don't have a structured work out - I do what feels good and makes my muscles burn for 20 minutes 5 days a week in between my two jobs.
Today I was getting into my little routine, doing step ups onto the lowest platform box (because as a horse rider, my knees need a LOT of work and squats hurt my foot too much). Finished, went to step down with my right foot, and was hit by a burning, shooting pain from my big toe to my ankle that cut my workout short and has left me hobbling more than usual.
Basically I'm here looking for leg exercises for the accident prone. I have access to a Bowflex but I never feel like it's really giving me anything, squats are out of the question, and clearly step ups aren't great either, so what options do I have left to work my legs and knees without reinjuring one of my now three injuries? I've already done far too many arm days in the last two months 😂
And yes, I know a sane person would wait until said injuries were fully healed, but my ankle pain is chronic anyway and I hate the thought of letting my body get even more out of control while I rest.
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2023.05.29 14:32 HouseOnAHill12 No Backup Plans not granting overshield & health regeneration in Crucible?

Not sure if this was as intended but the re-worked perk is as follows:
"While using a Void subclass, rapid Shotgun final blows or defeating a powerful combatant with a Shotgun will grant a Void overshield and start health regeneration. While you have a Void overshield, Shotguns deal additional damage, and Shotgun final blows refresh the overshield. Provides a moderate benefit to Shotgun airborne effectiveness and reload speed."
I've been playing crucible today on Void Titan and noticed that my Shotgun kills on guardians both in and out of their supers do not grant the overshield.
I think that guardians in PVP count as 'Powerful Combatants' so why is the exotic perk not triggering?
I love the re-work in PVE but if the trade off was to make them useless in PVP then that's a bit unfair IMO.
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2023.05.29 14:32 BadKarma-18 How many responses to validate my idea

I am currently trying to validate my startup idea but I am confused how many responses do I need to get the green light or the red light
It's in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence, I am aware of some startups working on the same or similar idea which are pretty successful can I consider them a form of validation
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2023.05.29 14:31 Izzy248 My thoughts so far: I love this game, Im just not sure about one thing...

Im not sure what I expected this to be like when it was announced, but whatever expectation I had it surpassed and then some. This has been by far one of most fun and enjoyable multiplayer games Ive played in a long time, and it was great as both victim and family. Typically in some non-symmetrical, cat-and-mouse type, vs games you tend to lead towards one side or the other, but here I found both quite enjoyable.
Going in I was so used to DBD I was wonder how could you make an entire game based around TCM with Leatherface and it not be broken, but by George theyve done it. Whats crazy to me is that this game felt SO much like Friday the 13: The Game, and I LOVED that game so it instantly made me fall in love with this game too. Yeah, you could say Gun Interactive was attached to both so it should be no surprise, but thats the thing, they were just the publishers on that so I had no expectation of this playing similar to that game going in since the actual developers were different. But man, the fact that this played and reminded me so much of F13 has given me such high hopes.
That being said, one of the things I love most about this game that is similar to F13, and where a lot of asymmetric games like this fail IMO is that I can survive alone. Im not beholden to my teammates, and in fact, most of the time it feels like Im better off without them. Its that true fight or flight feel where you arent just going to approach the killers and start actively fighting back or looping them, but actually striving to avoid them and just as much as you might be working with people, it might be better to ditch them because they could prove a detriment to your progress. The fact that there were so many ways to get out and win solo as a victim was just chefs kiss.
There are still some caveats I had, but that could also be because the game is still very early in development and I havent gotten much time with it yet. Those things being:

Overall, very fun experience. And even with all those admittedly personal issues I had while playing the victim I still had a blast, and I look very much forward to the rest of the game. I hope this one is able to stick around.
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2023.05.29 14:31 JapaneseStudentHaru [product request] how to get rid of dark spots/freckles?

[product request] how to get rid of dark spots/freckles?
At first I thought these are hormone spots from birth control as I’ve had those on my eyebrows before, but exfoliation doesn’t seem to work on this at all (whereas, a good exfoliant immediately removed my hormone spots).
I’ve used aha/bha exfoliants and that juice beauty toner that worked for my spots in the past, but nothing!
What should I do?
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2023.05.29 14:31 waitingforthelion Song of Songs - a conceptual music alum about love featuring symphony orchestra

Song of Songs - a conceptual music alum about love featuring symphony orchestra

Anastasia Minster - Song of Songs
Please support this project on Kickstarter:
Song of Songs is a conceptual music album. Its name is inspired by the Song of Songs, an ancient Hebrew poem about love. The lyrics explore the theme of love in all its variety and diversity: both the dark side of it and love in all its glory.
I have deep interest in psychology and personal development and I have been studying this theme for a few years through research and reading. This album is going to explore both romantic and non-romantic (familial, spiritual, platonic) love. The songs will take the listeners on a journey from trauma and love addiction to unconditional love and healthy interdependent relationships, from the illusion of separation to the feeling of connectedness and unity and universal love. And of course I will also be sharing my personal experiences and stories through my songs, as I always do. ♡
Song of Songs will be a beautiful record, poetic and moving... With a touch of darkness, as usual. Musically and sonically, the album is inspired by David Sylvian, Scott Walker and Thomas Feiner. It will have 8 tracks, each approximately 5 minutes long. Four of these songs will feature beautiful orchestral arrangements written by a wonderful Colombian-Canadian composer and orchestrator, Felipe Tellez, and performed by a 30-piece orchestra (woodwinds, brass, percussion, and strings). The songs will merge the jazz piano and vocals with the classical music. The material that I have written for this album is very moving and emotionally intense and the classical arrangements will bring profound beauty to these tracks.

With Felipe Tellez, composer and orchestrator
The other four songs will be very intimate-sounding, with minimal instrumentation - just the grand piano, voice, upright bass and gentle percussion with a cello and trumpet solo. I would like to create contrast between the tracks so that the album can truly "breathe".
In addition to orchestral arrangements, Song of Songs will also feature an exceptionally talented cellist Raphael Weinroth-Browne, who created all the multi-layered cello magic on Father, an outstanding violinist Lynn Kuo of the National Ballet of Canada and other wonderful jazz and classical musicians. The tracks will be recorded and mixed by my absolute favourite sound producer and engineer Jeff McMurrich (who also worked on my albums Hour Of The Wolf and Father) so you can be sure everything will sound perfect on your hi-fi system.
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2023.05.29 14:31 uwu248 I don't understand anything related to math in Unity

I made my first two games. They were very easy and so was their logic. But today I tried to do something more complicated. I wanted my character's crossbow to rotate based on the mouse position. The result - nothing worked for me, I gave up and went to search for an answer on YouTube. But even that didn't make me understand how it's done because I don't know math. Can anyone suggest what to read or watch to understand this?
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2023.05.29 14:31 edgyme1995 28f how do u deal with waxing down there ? Do you do it on your own?

Hey girls
For those of you who wax down there, how do you deal with the pain? Have u tried numbing creams? Do they work ? Are they bad for the skin?
I have tried going to estheticians but its too expensive to keep it up so i want to do this on my own. Also shaving is too irritating for my sking.
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2023.05.29 14:31 MeredithGrey18 Advice about Arnold Clark PCP car issues after MOT and Service

My partner (28M) got a 2018 Honda Civic on PCP with Arnold Clark in December 2022.
He had no issues with the car until he put it in for MOT & Service 2 weeks ago. 10 minutes after collecting the car from the MOT & Service the tyre pressure warning light came on. Checked the tyres and all 4 were at vastly different pressure. They did put on 1 new tyre at the time of the MOT/Service.
Ever since his tyre pressure warning light has been coming on randomly sometimes within a couple of hours after just checking the pressure. He called Arnold Clark and told them about all 4 tyres having different pressures after immediately collecting it from them after the MOT. They basically just shrugged it off and said they shouldn't have been at different pressures and when he mentioned the tyre pressure warning light coming on they again didn't seem to find this an issue.
Today the car went into low power and started making weird noises. He again called Arnold Clark who told him they can't look at it for 2 weeks and it will be £130 to run diagnostics on the car.
Any advice on this would be great as it seems really weird that immediately after the MOT & Service which was all fine they just recommend 1 new tyre which he purchased from them and they fitted that suddenly the car is having issues and they don't seem to want anything to do with it
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2023.05.29 14:30 richoka Did You Fully Embrace Your New Identity After You Were Born Again?

Remember how back in the Book of Judges, we witnessed the Israelites going through the typical cycle of living in harmony with God, then falling into apostasy, then being oppressed, then repenting and then finally being delivered…
Until the cycle started up all over again.
Well, the Israelites during Samuel’s time were also going through the same cycle.
Here in Chapter 7, they happened to be in the repentance phase of that cycle.
They had finally determined with their emotions and their minds to get rid of the idolatry in their lives and serve only the Lord.
Samuel seized on this as an opportune moment and ordered them to gather at a place called MIZPAH which means “watchtower”.
It was there the people performed some kind of symbolic ceremony and publicly confessed their sins before the Lord.
This event also marked Samuel’s beginning as a SHOFET or Judge of Israel.
However, as I pointed out before, Samuel served as far more than a Judge for Israel.
Check out this verse:
“Then Samuel said, ‘Assemble all Israel at Mizpah, and I will intercede with the Lord for you.'” -1 Samuel 7:5
“To intercede” means Samuel would “pray” for the people.
So here we see Samuel also acting as sort of a High Priest or Mediator…
Yet officially he was neither…
Officially, he was a prophet.
So what gives?
Well, remember a prophet was considered God’s earthly instrument to bring about His Will.
Prophets didn’t just pronounce God’s oracles…
They held many different roles.
However, none of them performed the broad range of duties that Samuel did.
That’s why Bible scholars struggle to categorize Samuel…
Because as I said, he was so much more than a judge…
Plus he served the ENTIRE nation of Israel…
This was different than your typical Judge who operated in one region or on behalf of just one tribe.
Now there’s an interesting takeaway I’m getting from all this.
Before we came to the Lord, our identity and how we thought of ourself was very limited.
In our minds, we were a sinner, an adulterer, a thief, a tax collector or whatever.
Then, after we were born again, we were supposed to throw away our old self and became a new creation in Messiah.
However, sometimes we have difficulty leaving behind our sinful past and fully embracing our new identity…
Just like how the Israelites struggled when they left Egypt.
They may have physically left Egypt…
But there was still a lot of Egypt left inside of them…
Now here’s the thing…
Even if we do finally succeed in embracing our new identity after being born again…
We may still limit ourselves and our potential as a child of the Most Holy…
We may say…
“I’m not called to be a healer…
Or a preacher…
Or a Teacher”
When the reality is, we may be called to perform ALL of those roles and so much more in God’s Kingdom…
Just as Samuel was called to perform many roles.
So what’s the lesson here?
It is this:
As a newborn son or daughter of the Almighty, you can go farther…
And achieve more than you ever could have dreamed possible…
And you don’t have to go through the cycle of repeatedly falling into sin, repenting and being delivered over and over and over again.
You can break that vicious cycle.
So have faith and do as Yeshua instructed when he said…
“Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” -John 14:12
“So from now on, we do not look at anyone from a worldly viewpoint. Even if we once regarded the Messiah from a worldly viewpoint, we do so no longer. Therefore, if anyone is united with the Messiah, he is a new creation — the old has passed; look, what has come is fresh and new!” -2 Corinthians 5:16-17
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2023.05.29 14:30 Artistic_Welcome9875 List of med schools with ✨ good vibes ✨

Hey everyone, since I got such a positive reaction on my last post was thinking we should put together a list of schools with the best vibes. This means schools with any of the following or combo: Nice students that feel bonded instead of cut throat. Good sense of community Good/fun location Free time Nice teachers. Ones that want you to pass and care more about you learning instead of getting off on making their class hard. Cool teachers Administration that actually cares for you. P/F Grading Happiest students Good mental health Work/life balance
I want it learn, but there is a healthy way to do that. If you have come across any of the please list them in the comments! Additionally if you’ve heard of any that are the OPPOSITE of this with miserable students also list those!
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2023.05.29 14:30 BobDaisuki WARNING: Adv+/Expert Ketsui no Hikari is basically Challenge-difficulty. If you still want to try S-ranking it, this guide will tell you how to beat a song with FOURTEEN 100k dmg notes.

WARNING: Adv+/Expert Ketsui no Hikari is basically Challenge-difficulty. If you still want to try S-ranking it, this guide will tell you how to beat a song with FOURTEEN 100k dmg notes.
Yes that is not a typo, this song has 14k 100k dmg trick notes. I wanted to get this guide out as quickly as possible to warn others before they ultimately get slaughtered by that 1st appeal chance if going in blindly. There is currently two teams that I've seen that can S-rank this song. I'll first go over the "easier" one and then I'll cover the other team that I used for S-rank.

Fes3 Kasumi Hypercarry

This team is basically centered around making sure that this single UR scores as much and as long as possible. Luckily there are no shield-piercing trick notes in this song so her extremely thick shields will help a lot if you can DR all the 100k dmg nonsense.
Red strategy(appeal boosters): -Your three best ones. Put 3 MLB necklaces here.
Green strategy(frontline): -Two DR GDs(preferably ones that last 4-5 notes) + Fes3 Kasumi. Put brooch and both bangles here. If these aren't maxed either I strongly advise against trying this song.
Blue strategy(healers): -Your three best ones. Put 3 MLB necklaces here.
The goal behind this strategy is simple-ish. You always want to be tapping with green strategy, but if you drop to yellow and/or red stamina use the blue strategy to quickly heal back up before swapping back to green. S-rank requirement for this song is low for a reason, if your Kasumi has bond board 100 minimum she should be able to solo carry most of your voltage needed. But I've also seen Board 60 Kasumi work too but those people instead had higher limit-broken DR GDs.
This was the team I used:
-Red strat: Appeal boosters. Setsuna and Eli both have 4 M(Group), Rina is still on same strategy because I mostly frontline her. Otherwise she would've been on M(Group) as well. -Green strat: I was told after beating this song that DRs that last 4-5 notes are better than the shortest ones...oh well, now you'll hopefully know. Dia and Hanamaru are both LB0, Kasumi is MLB and has bond board 120. Hanamaru has board 100 but it barely mattered because she's LB0, Dia is like board 60. Kasumi was on same strategy insights, Dia is in s(group), Hanamaru has skill activation insights because I never got around to giving good ones to her. -Blue strat: Three of my good healers. Ruby and Kanan are LB0 though, with Nico being LB3. Ruby and Nico have all s(group), Kanan has garbage ones because I never got around to giving good ones to her.
I borrowed a Fes2 Hanayo guest because surviving against the dmg the song deals to you at the end of the first couple of Great taps minimum ACs was still a bit too much. If your DR GDs are stronger you can probably get away with a standard appeal booster.

No Appeal-Boosting Team

From the first couple of successful clears I saw they were completely ditching any appeal boosting in favor of more survivability, like how it's recommended to do for Challenge Jingle Bells ga Tomaranai. For this team I instead swapped into the red strategy whenever the Great taps minimum AC started(the specific ones that dealt dmg to you at the end). You don't necessarily need DR until the end of those ACs, so I was able to get away with primarily using DR on-swap LSAs for those.
This was the team I used to initially S-rank this song:
-Red strategy: My frontline. Ruby, Rina, and Kasumi all have bond board 100 minimum. Ruby is suffering from the -25% less appeal because she's not Nijigasaki but attribute match more than made up for that loss. Ruby and Kasumi are on 4 Same strategy insights, Rina is on 4 Same School. -Green strategy: The DR side-strat. Again, it's better to use DR GDs that last 4-5 notes from what I'm hearing now, hopefully you can learn from that small mistake. Fes2 Hanayo to give myself even more on-demand DR when I switched strategies. Hanamaru has no good insights, Dia is in s(group), and Hanayo is on same strategy. All 3 URs are LB0. -Blue strategy: The healing/shielding side-strat. Swapped into this to pass those ACs that requires you being above a certain percentage of your stamina when they ended. Nico and Rin are on all s(group), Umi is on same strategy because of Challenge Loveless World. Nico is LB3, the other two are MLB.
Guest borrowed was Fes2 Hanayo to make tanking the end of ACs dmg much much easier.

Video clears

This is the team that S-ranks with Fes3 Kasumi as the hypercarry.
This is the team that I initially used to S-rank this song.
Probably won't be making a guide for Expert I'm Still since that's much more straightforward unlike this monstrosity of an Expert song. I am debating about making one for Expert Queendom, if enough people want it I'll prolly begin to work on that. Otherwise if you have any further questions comment down below what you'd like to know.
Time for me to get back to working on Part 3 of my Challenge songs guide~
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2023.05.29 14:30 Tomb298 Warcry / AoS / OW speculation

Pure speculation but has anyone noticed how neatly the potential Warcry and AoS releases line up with the OW armies for this year? I reckon we will get a whole year of AoS models that are basically OW concepts. Big block of text incoming, apologies!
Warcom recently announced the focus armies for the OW release. They are: Orcs and Goblins, Empire, Wood Elves, High Elves, Dwarves, Chaos Warriors, Tomb Kings, Brettonians, and Beastmen.
Based on the Warcry road map for the rest of 2023, we (more than likely) have: 3 Order, 2 Destruction and 1 Death. We can also make a decent guess at what they are likely to be. Hobby Jackal has done a cracking job of reading the tea leaves historically and while the prophecies don’t always come true, they’re often pretty close.
We know Cities of Sigmar is the big AoS release for Autumn and it’s a fair guess that we get a couple of the Warcry Warbands in support of this theme. CoS is a really broad church, there’s an immense amount of room for new concepts and we can see how well the Slave to Darkness range has been fleshed out by the myriad of complementary Wacry releases. I’d 100% expect to see at least some of this for CoS. In terms of what that looks like, it’s anyone’s guess but everything we’ve seen for CoS so far would slide pretty seamlessly into an OW Empire Army. Likewise I could see new Bretts getting play in CoS armies.
If GW want to spread the Warcry release love, some Wood Elf friendly concepts for CoS for the Wanderers range. One of the two tails of the crusades is hitting the realm of life. I’m assuming there’s at least a light nod to that in the releases.
The Slayer Point Icon has long been speculated to represent a FyreSlayer war band. As a faction FS don’t get much love from GW and are surely due some attention. In fact there’s a cracking looking FyreSlayer hero (who I note looks more slayer and less fyre than normal) getting released with the first book of Dawnbringer that they showed us at Warhammer Fest. The are clearly getting a bit of narrative coverage in the upcoming Dawnbringer Book 1.
I also think we can make a decent guess of what we might be coming for Destruction. The list of possibilities isn’t long. Off Meta Musing did a YouTube survey recently on this very topic and of the 5 options, only Krule Boyz wouldn’t have play in the OW. IronJaws, Bone Splitters, Ogre Kingdoms and Gloomspite Gitz would all port models directly to the OW as they are all originally OW concepts.
Death is a bit of a wild card. We know the OW will include Tomb Kings. We also know that AoS basically dropped TK in favour of the Ossiarch Bone Reapers. However GW have made it clear that AoS is a huge space where loads of stuff can exist. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a cool new death concept Warband. Something that sits nicely in both TK and OBR armies. Aquaville.minis suggested Motzlpota’s Gaze - Aztec Skeletons, as a Warband concept based on the icons, I thought that was a cool idea and it’s a great fit for my wild speculation.
AoS releases through to winter are Dawnbringer Books with promised releases for a dozen AoS armies and of course the highly awaited CoS release. 4 of 5 of the Dawnbringer models from book The Slayer, Nurgle Lord, Goblin, and to a lesser extent, Iron Jaw mega boar all OW concepts. A bunch of folk online have also noted how many recent AoS figs “rank up” and the confirmation of bigger base sizes makes that even easier.
We know GW’s fantasy range doesn’t sell anywhere near as well as it’s space stuff. By having loads of cross compatibility they maximise sales and can provide a wider set of minis available for us to buy. They already do this with AoS / Underworlds (Bladeborn) / Warcry, and the Horus Heresy range borrows from 40k and vice versa. I think they will double down on that this year for fantasy. OW announcements have picked up criticism as a bit lack lustre, particularly with what looks like limited new model support, but I’m predicting a much wider range of modern sculpts available to flesh out those OW armies than people expect. On the flip side I see fewer outlandish new concepts for AoS and Warcry, I will miss that.
Total horse shit or am I on to something?
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2023.05.29 14:30 Noobanious Looking after 1 and 3 year old this week 8am to 5pm solo.. wish me luck

Our child minder only works school term so this half term I'm looking after both our kids solo. We share the duty between me and the wife as our joint holiday just about covers the week's our child minder doesn't do.
I had ACL reconstruction about 4 and half months ago so last holiday I covered I went to my parents for additional help.
This time I'm solo, have activities booked, soft plays and even Lego land.... But 1 year old has only started walking about 3 weeks ago and now hates going in her pram or being picked up... She must slowly toddle everywhere with no care for any danger or direction. If we put her harness on she just crys and goes wild too lol, so I'm gonna have a 1 year old just wondering off into danger while my 3 year old runs off to the first fun looking thing...
IV looked after then both plenty on their own,bibeven did the sacred parental leave and looked after our youngest for like 4 months... But this is the first time I'm looking after both for a week.
I know I will manage but it is scary.
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2023.05.29 14:30 NotKeeping1234 What ifs

My boyfriend passed away 6 weeks ago. We weren’t married but we were going to take that step soon. His sisters referred to me as a widow on the day of his service and it stung but it feels fitting. He proposed to be my boyfriend and 5 days before he passed, he jokingly proposed to be my husband. He is my partner. He is all I wished for and wanted. I don’t know how I got so lucky. We were connected. I am confused. I don’t know the exact cause of his death. Everyone is saying a heart attack. He was only 30. We live in separate states but the drive was only an hour and a half. I just spent the weekend with him and left his place that Monday morning. I had plans with a friend that night. My boyfriend was going to come down that Wednesday. We talked all day Monday. I didn’t hear from him the next day and assumed he was busy or on a call that kept his phone out of service. I felt like something wasn’t right after several hours but he had been away from his phone due to work or catching up on sleep in the past so I tried not to stress. As soon as I got off work I should’ve went straight to him but I didn’t want to overreact. Instead I went to the gym..when I still didn’t hear from him early in the evening, I decided to go up to him to surprise him and chew him out a little. I figured at that point his phone died and he would be expecting to see me at his place because he knows that would be all I could do to get in touch with him. I didn’t expect to find him as I did. If I had just gone up after work, could I have prevented this? I am scared to get his autopsy back because what if I could have saved him? I keep researching heart attacks and trying to understand how fast they can be and if he was in pain. I feel horrible because I do blame myself, despite everyone telling me not to. I started getting angry with him for not calling for help but I know that is ridiculous too. It just all happened so fast and now that my initial shock is gone, I’m trying to put pieces together.
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2023.05.29 14:29 Apart-Cat8111 iPad Pro 2020 11' vs. iPad Air 2020 - both refurbished

I've thinking about buying my first iPad for a while now and I recently came across some extra money, so I decided to finally do it. I do want to buy something that I can use for several years, both for work and recreation. My main use for it would be note-taking, reading, streaming, and graphic design (although this last point will only be occasional).
I'm doubting between the iPad Pro 2020 11' vs. the iPad Air 2020, both with 256Gb storage, and I'm also planning on investing in an Apple Pencil. I found pretty decent refurbished options for both, at 754EUR for the Pro and 598EUR for the Air. I'm mainly wondering if the extra ~150EUR is worth the upgrade to the Pro model, taking into account what I'm planning to use it for.
If anybody here has any advice/opinions on which one would be best, I would love to hear them. Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.29 14:29 RiccoHUN my game won't run

I got sv on steam as a gift but won't start it works perfectly fine when i try to start it but then it won't do anything when i try to run the game steam supp won't answer and we did everything we could to fix it but nothing please help
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2023.05.29 14:29 AggravatingCounty681 I (19M) don't know what to do about my relationship with my father

I am currently a college student, at home on summer break. My relationship with my father has become strained over the last few years. Our problems began with him cheating on my mom, and eventually divorcing her when I was 14. He then went on to lose his job due to an angry outburst at a colleague. He has remained unemployed for the last four years. Since he became unemployed, he micromanaged my life through high school. He would call me sometimes up to 12 times a day to talk to me. His anger issues have always been bad. He's been a loving father, but he randomly explodes into an irritated rage when he feels the slightest hint of disrespect. This culminated last summer in him hitting me in the side of the head and then striking my mom's car with a shovel when I decided to leave his house and drive away, after the argument. These events have led to me losing respect for my father. I still love him though. Despite what I've just written about, he always put the time in to raise me and care for me. I just feel like his recent problems in life have brought out this insecure and angry man. Anyway. He and I got into a blowup fight last night. We both had a little bit to drink at a family party we hosted, and after everyone had left he asked me to shave off my beard. I said no. I like my beard. The beard is really unimportant to the fight, it was just the catalyst. Anyway, he demanded that I shave off my beard because he thinks that a young man should not have a beard. Usually, I would try and placate him in some way, but last night I just flat-out refused. I work six days a week as a cook to make money for college, so I told him that having a beard will literally not have any impact on my life. He then went on to criticize me for over an hour. He basically called me a loser and a nobody. I held my tongue about his past mistakes or current life situation. I basically just tried to make logical arguments. This went on for over an hour, with him kicking me in the shin after I tried to get out of my seat. My breaking point was when he said that last summer he had been invited to a Fourth of July party by a parent of a former high school classmate of mine. He said that a lot of my classmates were there and that they were all wondering why I wasn't there. He said they all looked like successful young people, and that I would never be in their league. I just broke down crying, in front of him. I had a hard time making friends in high school, and the comment about not being invited or good enough just stung. I asked him what else was he expecting of me. I'm a college student. I'm working long hours to make money this summer, instead of having fun. He didn't have a response to any of that. My dad's girlfriend ( she financially supports him) saw the fight. When I started crying she just got up and drove away. He then began to yell at me about making her leave. I just got up and went to my room. He came into my room later, crying. He apologized for being mean to me, and blamed it on how he was raised. He tried to hug me, but I pushed him away. I told him that I'm an adult now, and that he doesn't just get to berate me over dumb shit. He tried to talk to me about how his girlfriend was going to leave him over the fight. I told him to leave the room, and he did. I slept for a few hours, and then I drove back to my mom's house around 5:30 this morning. I honestly don't know what to think. I know my relationship with him is beyond fucked. But do I want to completely cut him from my life? I feel bad for him. I'm too tired to write about how I'm feeling right now. All I know is that this cannot continue. I know this paragraph is an incomprehensible mess.
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2023.05.29 14:29 DustyShinigami How do you open a new tab so it opens a specific webpage?

Regular Opera
Windows 10 Home
Version: 99.0.4788.31
I've just installed Opera and it doesn't appear to have any option that allows you to open a specific webpage when you click on the '+' to open a new tab. It just opens up Speed Dial. I've read this is a common issue with Opera, but after doing some looking around, the extension that was recommended to use has sadly gone. I tried another - Homepage in New Tab - but that doesn't appear to have done anything. I added the URL for the page under its settings, but nothing's changed. I don't even get a Homepage button. :-\
Can anyone recommend anything to get this to work? I've even copied and pasted the URL of the webpage I want to open on startup, but again - nada. The page is Google, by the way. Also, is there a way of getting a homepage button added?

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2023.05.29 14:29 uwu248 I don't understand anything related to math in Unity

I made my first two games. They were very easy and so was their logic. But today I tried to do something more complicated. I wanted my character's crossbow to rotate based on the mouse position. The result - nothing worked for me, I gave up and went to search for an answer on YouTube. But even that didn't make me understand how it's done because I don't know math. Can anyone suggest what to read or watch to understand this?
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