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Pericarditis and pleurisy… is this my life now?

2023.05.30 05:36 askingaquickieq Pericarditis and pleurisy… is this my life now?

Since January I have been taking colchicine mixed with other anti inflammatory medications at times after my first flare involving my heart and lungs. It’s not so bad anymore, but I still feel pains and pressure in my chest every day. I try to eat as healthy as possible and frequently walk but no other exercise. Waiting to see a cardiologist and a new rheumatologist.
I’m in more chest pain this week with another flare starting. Is this my life now? Am I going to have chest pain every fucking time I flare? Have to wait months before I can do any form of physical activity that increases my heart rate and requires my lungs?
I feel so hopeless right now. Like I’m never going to feel human again. I love going on hikes and being physically active. My partner and I used to exercise together frequently and now I feel like I’m never going to get that quality time back.
I’m scared for my quality of life down the road and increasing risk of heart attacks.
I see people on this sub continue to be active through flares but when pericarditis and pleurisy are involved my understanding is that you HAVE to rest as much as possible without risking heart and lung damage. I’m a scared sitting (minimally walking) duck.
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2023.05.30 05:34 351cj Uber drivers, can you see if a passenger is a regular tipper?

For context, was standing outside a hotel where some friends of ours had been waiting 40 minutes for an Uber. I opened my app and had a ride arrive within 4 minutes. I have a 4.83 rating and I always tip, I don't know what our friends rating was, but he said he never tips.
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2023.05.30 05:28 Floatawaythrowaway Major water leak at apartment complex, will not let me break my lease without penalty

A water pipe broke and caused extensive damage to multiple units in my apartment complex (Texas) three weeks ago. Residents were offered temporary hotel stays while contractors fixed the leak and inspected the damage. Management then deemed the apartments were safe to live in but did let us know that they will need to repair the units at a future date, and temporarily relocation could be a possibility.
I was just given less than 24 hours noticed that I need to be moved to a different apartment while repairs are completed in my unit. I have a job, like most people, and can’t just take off on such short notice. They said they are providing moving companies but are on a strict timeline as they try to relocate the other residents. I have asked to have my lease terminated without penalty, they told that instead of the normal two month fee I can just pay one month fee. I don’t feel this is right. They also said that if I choose to terminate my lease I will not get any rate abatement for the past three weeks (potentially more)since they are offering the one month deal.
I want to get a lawyer involved, but I almost feel it would cost more than it’s worth. Management does not want to discuss anything other than temporarily relocating me, or paying one month fee to terminate lease.
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2023.05.30 05:26 PreparationOk620 I need to cancel a trip with my friends

Hi everyone, this is going to be long so I apologise. I am aware that this is a first world problem but it’s less about the actual trip and more about preserving my friendship with someone I consider one of my best friends.
I (21F) went to school with these 3 people, let’s call my close friend (S), her cousin (M) and his girlfriend (B). I recently got back in touch with M and B after we attended an event for S. We hung out a couple times and decided to plan a trip for the summer. Italy and France.
This is obviously very exciting and I felt very grateful to be able to plan such a fun trip with my friends but very early on I ran into an issue which is budget. We don’t live in the US and are all well off in our country but two of them S & M (the cousins) are ridiculously rich even by western country standards. I’m going to list my issues so it’s easier to read.
  1. Airplane tickets. They wanted to go business class but I wanted economy so I could spend my money on shopping. They gave each other looks and I caught on so I told them to go business and I would happily sit in economy. It was a little awkward but in everyone’s best interest so they agreed and we moved on.
  2. Hotels. M sent us an itinerary $350 per night per person. I wanted to be in safe hotels so I agreed. A few weeks later this has changed to $550 per night and this was not okay with me. I’m an anxious person and didn’t want to cause conflict so I call someone for advice and they told me to just suck it up and communicate and that if S is really a true friend they’d understand and want me to be comfortable. I call S and address my concerns and they are nice about it and told me nothing is finalised and of course we can change it. I was relieved. A few weeks later nothing has changed and it’s like the conversation never happened. Instead of getting the cheapest room at the fancy hotels they wanted balconies that no one is ever going to use. I tried to say do we really need a balcony and they just laughed it off.
  3. Booking restaurants. We meet up to plan the small things. I have a friend who lives in France so I ask for recommendations. They send back a long message with restaurants and bars. We are going through this list and M starts making jokes about how they are inexpensive and probably suck. (€30 a dish) so yes not Michelin star but not unhygienic by any means. Only wanting to go to caviar lobster restaurants but I stay silent because I like food too and it’s fine.
  4. Other activities. Boat day, rental car. Need the fanciest boat but I don’t say anything because boards are fun and it’s fine. Rental car for one day is €2800 ( I won’t be driving) so it doesn’t matter to me if it’s a vintage sports car or just a taxi. I say no because they called me and made jokes about how I’m sitting in the backseat alone because B has now cancelled due to work.
  5. B has cancelled. I feel unheard and I don’t want to cheat them out of their luxury trip experience. I don’t want to keep nagging about things. It’s not fair to them or me. Not to mention things like the boat and car are now divided by 3 not 4. Without B I feel like the third wheel between two cousins who are best friends. They also speak a different regional language than me and often start communicating that way and I have to ask that they don’t do that multiple times a day. I feel left out and don’t want to not enjoy myself fully. I don’t know what to do but cancel at this point because our preferences are different.
I don’t think badly of S at all. They think that getting regular rooms instead of suites is a compromise. They think using Ubers rather than getting a car + chauffeur is a compromise. If I could afford that, of course I would go. I know that if I go on the trip, many more things like this will come up and at this point I just care about preserving my friendship with S.
If I do cancel, they will still go without me. So I wouldn’t be ruining it for anyone else. I just need advice on how to approach the situation and try to get S to see it from my side.
If you got this far, thank you for reading and I apologise for the formatting since I’m on my phone.
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2023.05.30 05:23 babyxscarIett Fansly Tips — A Crash Course For Subs, Followers, Etc

Peace and love to you all, but there is a "how to get subs? post at least once a day here and it's a little frustrating when these posts always have great advice in the comments which no one seems to read. So here's a quick crash course.

How to Get Followers? First of all — let people see your page. Having your page permissions be "following AND subscribed" means no one will get to see a preview of your content, page, or personality before subscribing, and no one will want to follow because they won't get to see anything, either. You are a consumer, just as people who buy porn — just put yourself in their shoes. You buy things all the time. With movies, you get to see trailers. With groceries, you know exactly what you're looking for and what you need, just like guys looking for certain fetishes. I don't know how many people remember when Emma Chamberlain had a clothing line where all the clothes were blurred and no one could see them before purchasing, but that's exactly what it's like when you expect paying subscribers but offer them no type of preview.

Fansly's FYP
Fansly is incredibly unique in that it has internal traffic and an explore page that promotes small and big creators very fairly. Obviously, people who post more are going to show up more on the FYP, and people who post only 10 times a month are going to struggle. Utilize the FYP by giving yourself more of a chance of popping up on it. Fansly just recently implemented a 100 or 200 limit on how many posts can be queued at once to give everyone an EVEN MORE fair chance of getting on the FYP. So post a lot, and post lots of previews. it can even be a reminder to your followers that your tiers have access to exclusive content by locking photos, and having previews.

General Page Advice
Just like I mentioned above, followers need a preview of you and your content. They won't spend money if they don't know if they're even attracted to you, if you have good quality content, how often you post, etc. More reasons to have an open page with lots of previews.
Your bio needs to be personalized to you, you need to give a snippet of what they can expect on your page, and you need to put a little personality in it. DO NOT put a copyright disclaimer in your bios — they're long, they immediately pull a follower out of the sexy fantasy you've built, and men don't care! If they want to steal content, they will. The disclaimer is clunky and pointless.

Tier Advice
I see lots of people with tiers named things like "boyfriend," "husband," "sugar daddy," etc. I strongly suggest not doing this. Aside from price and clicking on the tiers to read the benefits, there's no way for a sub to immediately tell which tier is the best, because there is no natural progression. Some would argue that boyfriends get more action than husbands, some would argue the other way. We want to make things QUICK to understand! I suggest names like "bronze," "silver," "diamond," or some other tier progression like that as it's easy for EVERYONE, in every country, to understand which would have more content. I keep mine simple with "diamond - less ppv" and "vip - no ppv." This has worked well for me and there's never confusion as to what tier is better.

For the love of god please stop naming yourselves something similar to celebrities. I've seen "bhad bharbie," "Lia Khalifa," etc. STOP! You are creating YOUR OWN brand — do not bite off other people's. You also want to be easily google-able. If someone loses access to their account and they want to find you, they're gonna find more interesting and more established people than you when trying to do so, eventually forgetting you. Same thing goes to generic names with a bunch of numbers. That's not a brand, that's a "i need a nickname quick" which doesn't exactly convey that you'll provide quality content on a consistent basis.

Content Quality
Snapchat filters are fine. In fact, my phone selfies taken on snap get me 80% of my followers; I now keep my 4K/HD camera content to videos and dick rates. The problem with snapchat, though, is when you use the filters that are covered in words, glasses, glitter, and the like. It's ugly, quite frankly. There is so much content out there in the world that a man is likely going to choose another model with the same body type as you doing the same content if they simply film from their back camera. There is certainly a way to convey that you make amateur content (which is a huge market that people seek out, not everyone wants studio/overly produced content) without making it look garbage. Quick tips: natural lighting, make sure your ring light/main light source is at the same angle/height as your camera/phone so there are no shadows, tidy up your background, play with angles, clean your feet, wipe the toilet paper off your coochie.

Everyone says to find your niche. Whether it be domming, goth, girl next door, MILF, whatever — find it. But, a niche doesn't have to be about what content you make. It can simply be the way you interact with subs, and the type of experience they will have with you. I don't have a certain niche when it comes to content aside from being a BBW that makes detailed videos with a plot — I'm a laid back girlfriend that likes to swap music recs, memes, jokes, and literally being just a normal person. When I make videos, I take pride in writing well thought out scripts that even map out camera angles, lighting swaps, etc. I'm obviously not going to detail the specificities of how I interact, but I don't take myself too seriously and have extremely kind and loyal subs going on 9+ years. Being kind will go a lot further than trying to monetize every single interaction you have, btw. But that's a whole other topic that everyone and their mama has an opinion about. I won't say more about it than that. BUT — since my "niche" is reliant upon experience vs content, it means I can make whatever the hell I want without worrying if my followers aren't gonna like it.

With peace and love — I have no idea how you're all getting stuck with ideas. There's so much porn, inspo, categories, etc. Hell, you have a great opportunity to boost engagement and SALES by asking your subs directly what they want to see. If you're making foot fetish content for a page full of people that prefer blowjob content, you're not gonna make much. Do polls. Polls are your best friend. If you don't want to do that, go to PornHub and ManyVids and see which categories are trending, and which ones have been recently sold. There is so so so much you can do.

90% of this job is promoting. You should ALWAYS be diversifying content and never be too reliant on one certain site, whether it be a monetized site like OF, or a promotion site like Twitter. I spend A LOT of my time researching. I research script ideas, photoset poses, what new tactics are being used to make people buy things in the regular world, I have cheat sheets for all sorts of fetishes like CEI and gooning, I'm always revamping my flyers and pages to make sure it's easy to understand, etc. Research psychological tricks businesses use to trick people into buying things, and use that in your business.

I can go on and on and on about tips and tricks but this is more than enough help for now. Some things, you have to learn on your own. Some things you won't learn or realize until you're longer than a year into this job, and you're going to be CONSTANTLY learning. I'm still learning almost a decade into this! But you gotta do some work yourself to get there. "i'm two weeks in please help!" You haven't even given your page a chance yet.
ANYWAY. I hope this helps. And i really really really hope these vague "please help" posts stop — here you go. Here is the help. Maybe comments will help more. GOOD LUCK 🥳❤️
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2023.05.30 05:20 throwaway18183683627 I just impulsively applied for two new jobs…

I’d been toying with the idea for a few weeks but I didn’t think I’d actually do it until a few days ago when I… did…
My current hospital is very, very corporate. It’s like, fine… but I have qualms with the level of patient care and with some questionable hiring decisions. A lot of my coworkers are nice but there are some that are very hard to get along with. I also have very little schedule flexibility, I don’t really get a choice in when I’m scheduled. I’m grateful for everything I’ve been taught working there, but I basically have no work/life balance which is exhausting. Some of my coworkers are very cliquey and passive aggressive. I’m scared I’ll burn out before I even finish school.
The hospital I worked at before this one was a complete nightmare and made me question whether I even wanted to work in this field at all (I’m not going to go into detail about it because I’ve posted about it before).
I’ve only been at my current hospital for 6 months, I was at my previous hospital for 3 months. Im afraid this is a red flag but I know this field is very, transient, and I really want more out of it than I’m getting. I’m afraid having been at my current hospital for 6 months and having been in the industry for less than a year will make me look bad somehow even though I know it’s common to hospital hop in this field. My original goal was to stay at my current job for a year or so, but it just doesn’t feel sustainable anymore.
The jobs I applied for are at a new ER that’s opening up near where I live, and at a high volume spay/neuter clinic that’s attached to a shelter. Both of those are niches I’m really drawn to and am very passionate about working in.
I’ve actually been casually stalking the spay/neuter clinic’s job listings to see if a technician assistant position opens up. The pay rate the ER advertised was 10 dollars more per hour than I make now. I would be able to have a set schedule again and would only work 3 day weeks. It’s also corporate and people seem to have very polarizing views on the company itself (take a wild guess at which company lol…) but I’m optimistic about it because it’s a grand new facility with no pre-existing drama or weird dynamics and I’d be making a hell of a lot more.
I’ve already heard back from the ER and scheduled an interview. I’m still waiting to hear back from the spay/neuter clinic.
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2023.05.30 05:19 Famous-Resource1193 Finally hit 1,8 in ss as Shadow :D

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2023.05.30 05:18 PartyNo12 Do you know who's the real murimookan rajav in bb5

The guy who basks in the shadow of Marar. The guy who can't act even for his life. The weekend staSleeping star Mr.Vishnu Joshi.
People can counter that he isn't standing with Marar because he knows Marar is in the wrong here with his misogynistic stand but does Vishnu Joshi have the balls to go against Marar because of this same misogynistic stand that he takes. If he would have taken that stand against Marar these challengers would have never entered that house.
Guy is not scared of nominations and that's the only thing going for him now and in between mediocre contestants and Marar he's just the Murimookan rajav who might end up with the trophy.
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2023.05.30 05:14 Broken_Truck Break-In [part 2]

The Break-In (continued)
Not long ago. It has only been a short amount of time, but things feel different. Life feels like it has purpose and meaning. This is my first day at work after the incident that occurred not long ago. I have come to realize that my co-workers have been taking advantage of my decency to cover their shifts and work extra hours. My manager does not manage. He relies on us to do his job, while he sits back and collects a paycheck. I have yet to realize that I will no longer allow this to happen. This is how things begin to change.
One Week Later:
I have been wearing this necklace ever since the time I put it on. I cannot bring myself to remove the charm from my neck. The thought that I was still wearing it never even crossed my mind until the person that I relieve every day first mentioned it. It is almost as if it has a power over me. I do not know how that would be. It is only a necklace, right.
The day shift front desk agent, Ben, is supposed to assist the housekeepers with ensuring the lobby is clean and presentable. There is always an issue that comes up that prevents him from restocking the bathroom and taking out the trash. I have never had a problem with it before. So, why does it all the sudden bother me now? When I came into work and they let me know that these tasks still needed to be taken care of, I felt a sense of warmth come over my collar bone. The charm must have generated some heat somehow because what else would have caused that?
I snapped. I threatened to report him to the manager. I know, with our manager being useless, what would really happen to him. In the end, I would still be replacing the toilet paper and taking out the trash. So, I questioned why I even made it out to be an issue.
On my way home, I was drawn to the pawn store. I have seen this place a thousand times, but it has never even crossed my mind to enter until today. Before I even realized I was standing at the display case, holding, and admiring an old-fashioned blade. The blade was razor sharp. I learned this due to the drop of blood that I expended from running my thumb across the blade ever so slightly. Luckily for me, the salesman was not paying attention, and I placed my hand in my pocket after I set the knife down on the counter. I had my wallet drawn and credit card pulled out. I never even asked the price. The salesman was about to wrap it in a nice terry cloth bag, when I informed him that is not needed.
A few hours later, I was outside the hotel. I was not exactly sure what I was doing. I did not have to be at work for another 8 hours. Then I noticed Ben walking out the front double doors. Due to being almost in the center of our city, not many people drove. We either walked to and from places or relied on public transportation. It was just simpler that way. I followed my co-worker down the street and through an alley. I still had no idea what I was doing until he turned around. He noticed that I was behind him, but he must not have noticed who I was. He began to shout the most awful comments one could imagine. These are things that I would have never imagined coming out of his mouth from his demeanor at work. I now understood that it was all a fad.
A few seconds later I heard the crash of a bottle just inches away from my head. His footsteps became louder because he was walking right towards me. Moments later I could feel him screaming right into my face. That is when I looked up. This must have caught him off-guard because he instantly stopped saying anything. There was a look on his face. I knew this look because I had it the other day. I understood that my eyes now had the thirst for blood and there was nothing that would fulfill that other than giving it what it needed. I could sense his shoulder begin to roll back. I knew that he was about to swing his right arm with all his might towards my face to prevent anything from happening. I do not know what came over me. Instantly my feet began to move while simultaneously pulling the knife out of my pocket. My arm reached forward at the same time as his did. His fist was balled tightly where I could see the white and pink of his knuckles. His jaw immediately dropped, and pain must have exploded throughout his body because his fist contacted my knife right between the index and middle knuckles.
Ben instantly fell to his knees, grabbing his right hand with his left. Loud screams left through his mouth as I pulled the knife from the entrance point, blood dripping to the ground. I pulled my arm back again only to push back forward. All sounds ceased to exist except for the sounds of vehicles flowing through the streets. Ben now laid slumped over my hand as my knife was now lodged into his left retina.
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2023.05.30 05:13 sydneyseven77 Big Life Changes, Big Anxiety

Hi everyone. I (22, F) have recently graduated college and moved into my first apartment. Yay! However, the past month of my life leading up to all of this was really tough and took a large toll on my mental health. I started having panic attacks on a near daily basis and they were worse than any I had ever had before. They got so bad that I started to genuinely believe I had heart problems (which I’m still going to get checked to be safe). I also indulge in weed and that would make my panic attacks ten times worse and give me even more fear that I had heart problems.
Flash forward to today: I haven’t smoked weed in weeks, I can’t really drink much, it’s hard for me to stay in the car for long periods of time, and I’m constantly checking my heart rate. I also was prescribed Xanax and Propranolol (in addition to the Lexapro and Welbutrin I already take) by my doctor to control my panic attacks, but thankfully I don’t need to use them much right now because I don’t have panic attacks as often as a month ago. I just hate that my anxiety is still controlling my life to such an extent that even when falling asleep, I’m scared my heart rate will spike and I’ll freak out. I’m slowly getting better, but I don’t know how much more of this I can take. I want my life back!! Anyone have any thoughts?
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2023.05.30 05:11 lookingforthe411 Feeling betrayed by in-laws

I need some opinions.
My husband is not an easy person to deal with, he angers easily and he’s intimidating.
I’m in charge of the finances because he doesn’t like to deal with it and honestly, I’m not great at it myself. I recently got behind on a bill which then snowballed. I reached out to his parents (they are very well off) and asked for help, explaining that my husband will lose his mind if I tell him, they’re very aware of his anger. They refused to help, I was able to resolve the issue another way and I did speak to my husband about it.
A few days ago, my in-laws decided to call him and let him know that I asked for help and they are questioning what I’m doing with our money. They got him fired up.
We were fine until they called. Now he’s angry and he feels like he can’t trust me (they put that bug in his ear). So here we are with more marital problems.
We’re going for our annual 2 week visit with them in July. My kids are teenagers and I’m only going for them. I don’t know how to deal with his parents at this point, I feel angry and betrayed. I don’t want to say anything to them because I know my husband will defend them and we’ll have additional problems. How do I deal with two weeks at their house? Staying at a hotel is not an option, they’ll be offended and he won’t allow it.
I understand I created this problem but I’m angry that they didn’t talk to me before calling him. Am I wrong?
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2023.05.30 05:06 Low_Contribution5172 Converting CAD to EUR

Recently accepted an offer to attend university in Europe starting this fall however, I am now going to have make payments (tuition, rent, etc.) in euros. My first big payment is in the middle of august and was wondering what would be the best course of action for converting my CAD to EUR to account for currency rates (all at once, a bit every couple weeks, etc.)? For reference, my first major payment in august will cost me roughly 20k CAD.
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2023.05.30 04:59 Throwraloveandtrauma Why did I stay?

I'm going to condense this the best I can (update, I probably failed at that)
Like so often described here, we met, things were amazing, and moved FAST!
Really, we talked a lot before meeting in person and I was worried about red flags and was pretty set on not letting myself fall for her right away. I asked a friend to help me out of that if it happened. He didn't, he says he was happy for me. Lol.
So, anyway, amazing rocket ship relationship lasted something like 6 weeks. We spent probably 4/5 days together, 24/7, in that time.
She got pregnant, she full on split the first time the following days. Not just normal freak out, started accusing me of crazy things, like being an abuser, pedophile, a guy who would abandon his kid. I already had two kids from previous relationship that I have equal custody and fully support, so obvious crazy accusations.
I rode through that split. It was mentally exhasting to say the least, but I was focused on what should be the other side. Her making a clear decision for herself and moving forward accepting reality.
Well, it never got there. We had planned a trip previously that was going to be over a week long. So we went. Part way through she started threatening to leave me. Finally on the trip back she "ended things" and we drove in silence for hours. When we got back to her house I got my stuff into my car, left for a hotel.
She followed me, acted like I was being crazy, things weren't over. Basically, what's wrong with me, it was so obvious I just needed to hold her hand or something on the ride back and she was expecting that? That's what are said. Then she started trying to hit me in the balls, acted like it was all a joke. Talked about stabbing me in my sleep. I got my stuff again, packed in my car and left for home (very long drive away).
She tried chasing me in her vehicle! She called me, said she wanted both of us dead. She kept on calling and texting and changing what she meant by things. After an hour or more of this I agreed to meet her at a gas station to talk. She was calmed down and exhausted and apologetic. So I want back with her.
This is what I find insane. What was I thinking!? My mind is looking at this totally different now. But because I went back it continues..
Two weeks later she sent a somewhat inappropriate message to my daughter. We were all supposed to go on a day trip the next day, my daughter was very excited for my girlfriend to come and last minute she decided to leave my house and drive home instead the day before this trip. Whatever, I took my kids and we want without her. When we got home that night gf and I were arguing on the phone, she sends a message to my daughter's tablet basically explaining how it's my fault she didn't stay she go that trip. I blocked her on all my things and from my daughter's tablet.
A few days later (kids were not home with me) GF shows up, breaks in (climbed through a window I didn't know wasn't locked) to talk to me. I had called the police, they showed up and arrested her, but never booked her so no record on it.
She convinced me after this to talk things out. Again, why would I do that!? But that's what I did..
We spent a week in essentially this heated argument about how what she did was wrong, she her searingly not understanding it. She is not from my country, but she has been here almost 10 years. She tried to use cultural differences as a defense, which was absolute bullshit. I have a friend who lived in her time country almost two decades and his wife who is from there and they both very mater of fact told me this girl is full of shit.
Somehow I still allowed things to continue beyond this under some conditions I laid out. One thing that happened at this point is she never saw my kids again. She would have if she acted halfway normal for awhile..
We had a stupid argument on the phone two months later. She says she was "done for good" and hung up on me. So I blocked her. She showed up to my house and wouldn't leave. She ended up pulling a multi tool / knife from her pocket while standing right in front of my which I promptly pulled from her hand. She then started trying to fight me, quite unsuccessfully because she's tiny, I just kept the knife from her and restrained her. Police came and arrested her and booked her.
She was released with no contact bail condition. She called me the moment she got out. After a day I of her trying I did talk with her. I didn't want to report her.. idk why.
She successfully made me believe I had been in the wrong that time. Or at least partially. At this point I was trapped. I read about trauma bonding, at this point I know it was real and it was complete.
She started trying to push away as soon as I got there because I was trying to make things work. I was doing everything I could to show her I cared. She was trying to discard in response.
A couple months of this. One public argument that made me look pretty bad. Her neighbor called police. I'm the guy so they rolled in and accused me of all sorts of things and charged me, but luckily everything was dropped by a judge.
Another month or two of weekly breakup/back together basically on a predictable schedule. All orchestrated by her.
At this point she's 3rd trimester pregnant.
She called me on a predictable day for her to split. Instead she pretty calmly talked and asked me not contact her anymore, we really need to try and not be together. I was upset but held it together and agreed.
The following day she started calling me. Texting me. By this time I had done some research into what I thought was going on. I had even found this sub and started reading. Finally late at night I answer the phone. I start recording. I open the Wikipedia entry for DARVO and every time she tried to turn something on me, last part of that argument pattern, I did my best to deflect or just change the subject, but not agree. After almost 3 hours on the phone she says to me "if I were you I'd kill myself, you deserve to die, I want to murder you".
I hung up the phone. I ignored her. A little over 24 later she shows up to my house. I was asleep. I woke up and decided that if I just go let her in she'll be calm and it won't escalate into a bad situation again. I unlocked the door and started walking back to my bedroom. She comes in, slams the door behind her, storms into the kitchen, stands at the sink, and picks up the most dangerous kitchen knife I own - looks like a cleaver. She turns towards me with it and I immediately so the same as before. I pull it from her hand without a second thought. I then get her out the door again, lock it, and call the police. While on the phone with them she breaks the glass on the door with a chair and comes back inside. I lock myself in another room. The police showed up and she held a knife to her own throat. Finally, what I wanted many months earlier, she's involuntarily committed for mental health. Unfortunately this didn't do much, they released her, then she made bail on her charges.
She went home. A week later she started trying to contact me. After a few weeks it turned into 100+ messages a day. I started reporting it. They issued an extraditable warrant for her arrest.
She was brought back on that but was released on bail again, presumably sob story about her pregnancy and needing to take care of herself, which is bullshit, because she isn't and needed to be under supervision.
Anyway, full NC since. I can finally see the insanity that I went through. I see her for who she really is. Actions speak for themselves.
I'm trying to take sole custody of my child. The baby isn't born yet, due date is very very soon. I've been putting together everything I can to provide as evidence to her violence and being unfit. My anxiety is so bad over this. I'm doing everything I should be or more, but I can't sleep most of the time. What else can I do to protect myself and this baby? How did I fall into this trap in the first place? The emotions are intense, and that's a pretty new thing for me. I'm in the final stretch and it's just waiting at this point, and will be hoping that others can do the right thing.
Why did I try and fix things with her so many times? So many I can't even begin to count. My future looks completely uncertain now. What will I do?
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2023.05.30 04:58 kintoronto123 GT7 and PSVR2 question: Losing opponents in mirrors

I got a PSVR2 over the weekend and have been getting used to racing with it. It’s fantastic.
Main issue I’m having is that I lose the other drivers in my mirrors so am not sure where they are and I’m causing wrecks. The radar is often in unusual place and not as easy to see when in VR and/but the other cars seem to disappear into blindspots a lot.
Anyone else experience same?
In 2D / flat screen I’m a mid-A rank. In VR I’m keeping up fine with pace in the high-B lobbies but, as mentioned, crashing a lot. I’m playing the Daily A with No DSR so it’s not hurting ratings but next week I’ll want to be i. The Gr3 lobbies and don’t want to wreck people.
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2023.05.30 04:58 toothisloose888 36 [M4F] #OrangeCounty CA - Looking for sugar baby irl, not buying content or online.

Hi, thank you for reading my post. This is my first time seeking anything in the realm of sugaring. I would like to have some form of connection in which we both care how one another's day/life is going. I would appreciate someone who speaks her mind and is honest with me in regards to her wants and expectation. I would prefer ppm in the beginning just to make sure we both see this being something long-term between us. If so, then I would like to switch it to weekly allowance. I'm married, so we may only see each other 2-4x a month, more likely on the lower end of the range. It would either have to be at your place or hotel. I don't want to be too intrusive in your life but that we just be a happy addition to one another's life. If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them.
Edit: I'm open to curvy - skinny SB who takes of herself. Someone who can speak freely what she wants. Open to experiment and explore each other's kinks and desires.
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2023.05.30 04:58 SWAGDOGG9 Need advice for my 8 team, PPR, TE Premium (2pts/reception), Dynasty league.

Need advice for my 8 team, PPR, TE Premium (2pts/reception), Dynasty league.
How much can I reasonably afford to give up for another high caliber QB? And do you feel my team is lacking anywhere else besides QB?
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2023.05.30 04:56 RunLivid5278 [Hiring] Experienced Eastern Europe Virtual Assistant

About Us We are a freelance software agency, specializing in web & mobile development utilizing modern workflows and technical stacks. Our team members are mostly immigrants, have great technical abilities with many years of professional development experience in the field, and have always delivered results matching or exceeding client expectations.

Payment We will pay you weekly on Mondays but if you have any preference, we are willing to hear and discuss it more. If everything works out and you enjoy working with us, this can expand to a very long-term relationship. Rate Range: ($5 - $7) per hour
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2023.05.30 04:52 Sumif Our recent timeshare / HGV presentation experience.

A few weeks ago, my wife and I sat through a timeshare pitch and stayed at a 3-night hotel for like $170. Prior, I did research on the timeshare system, and some of the reading I did came from here, so I thought I’d share.
We stayed in Orlando, FL, and had a 10am appointment.
Due to some parking issues, we actually walked in at like 10:01am. There were a lot of people inside. It was a very diverse group of people two. We checked in, showed ID, and they showed us to the snacks and asked that we just wait for a moment. Then, these doors opened, and a dozen guys in suits all walked out and started finding their assigned couples. Our guy found us, made some small talk, and straight up said, “just know this is a low-pressure and laid back experience. Just enjoy your time, and if you like it, great, and if not, then no worries”.
We then went into a room with 7 other couples and watched a 25 minute presentation. It was well-done and triggered some emotions which was the point. There was some math that showed if you spent $150 per day, 14 days per year, paid a 15% sales tax, with inflation you’d spend like $90k in vacations over 25 years. I don’t know the inflation rate they used. My math at 3% showed much less, but the inflation for lodging may be higher.
Then, we went with our guy and he showed us the 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom demos. Obviously, all very nice units. At this point, it was about 11am.
Then, we went into a room with like 30+ tables and at each one was a salesperson and the prospects. It had a big built-in touch screen with Chrome or some other browser. He asked us some questions about our traveling plans and got more information. He was then like, “it doesn’t seem like you travel a lot, and if you do it seems kinda spontaneous. With kids and such, you seem to just take short trips for now. I’m not sure this program is the best fit for you”. So then he shows us this “last minute” booking thing, and I forget what it’s called. It pulls up stuff that’s available within 60 days. It had nothing to do with points, it was all cash prices. For example, he showed us that a 7-day stay near Disney was $309 for the week and it was a nice hotel. Then there was a hotel in Colorado with the same duration and price. He said that this is very popular because you can’t beat the prices. Of course, this is only available with a timeshare ownership. It actually seemed like a good deal if it weren’t for needing to purchase ownership.
We never felt any pressure at all until the very end. He showed us the last-minute bookings and would ask “is this something that looks good to you?” It’s the sales-y way of asking a question. He started asking these questions that obviously invoked a “yes”. “forget the price, would this help you achieve your dream vacation”? I knew this, working in sales, and once I sensed this, I said that we are not interested. Then, he turned to my wife and asked her a bit more point blank, “does this all sound good to you” and she just said “we aren’t interested at this time”. His whole demeanor changed, but he was still nice. But you can sense the shift from him being all likeable to him just making short comments and not acknowledging us. So he concluded the meeting and showed us to the post-presentation room, wished us well, and he was on his way.
Afterward, they asked us if he was professional, overall experience, etc. Then, the guy was like “well our last offer is this package for any 7-day stay at any of these locations for $1800, but you can open a AMEX, get interest-free for 12 months plus all these points. We declined, the guy was nice, and we were on our way.
Overall, it was fine. Only when he started asking those questions did we sense the pressure was starting to build, so we quickly shut it down. We were done in 1 hour and 45 minutes. Not purchase. No Credit card. Nothing at all. We showed ID, but at no point did we have to provide our SSN.
Honestly, I think it was worth the hassle of going to the presentation to get a good deal.
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2023.05.30 04:51 Goal1 At 93% VA disability rating. I am two 10% claims or one 20% claim away from 100%. Need advice.

Got my VA health card today and the worker told me I’m crazy if I didn’t try for 100%.
I wanted any input or advice about this. I was considering getting a lawyer or outside help from a company to help me get there.
I fractured bones in my foot early in my military career and totally forgot to bring that up at all during my claims process. It is in my records that I was seen for it at the clinic.
I only remembered because my ankle has been hurting me lately and it made me remember.
I have some concerns about my tachycardia as well and have been hospitalized for it.
I’m also concerned there might be ratings I’m missing that a company or claims expert could help me with.
Any advice on how to best handle my situation? I also want to note I filled out and turned in an “intent to file a claim” last week and requested my C-FILE.
The worker at the regional VA told me to do both things and that it would help me in the long run if I intend to create a new claim within the next year.
Thank you all for your help throughout the last 6 months.
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2023.05.30 04:50 RevolutionaryCap8435 chance a rising senior interested in humanities for Brown, Yale, top LACs

hi everyone! here's my stats <3 background: high-income white female from a competitive michigan public high school (i'm a lesbian if that matters for diversity) intended majors: humanities or social sciences stats: my SAT I score is a 1560 (800 EBRW, 760 math) GPA UW is a 3.96, but i have gotten all A's since freshman year (COVID year) my school doesn't do rankings coursework: i've only taken APUSH so far (5), since my school doesn't have AP world, AP euro etc. this year i am taking AP calc AB (predicted 5), AP us gov (predicted 5), and AP lang (predicted 5). i plan to take AP stats next year and i have been taking accelerated high school math since 7th grade. i will also be taking a rigorous 2 hour ac humanities class next year. awards: i should be at least a national merit semifinalist. i have 5 district level division 1 ratings in solo & ensemble for cello and voice, and 2 state division 1 ratings as well. i have a couple kinda irrelevant 3rd place medals for rowing. my choir and orchestra have both been selected for several prestigious statewide awards extracurriculars: i do the highest level of choir and orchestra at my school, which i know isn't normally an extra-curricular, but my school is very strong in music (we have 8 grammys). i have been doing both choir and orchestra since 5th grade. i row on my school's varsity team, but i'm not good enough to be athletically recruited anywhere. i am a music director (meaning i am in charge of arranging music, leading rehearsals) of my a cappella group, and was an assistant director last year. i am attending several leadership programs this summer as well. i volunteer once a week to help kids at a local middle school with instrumental music and i am a volunteer SAT tutor. essays/LORs: i haven't asked for my rec letters yet, but i think they will be very strong (i am asking my choir director, APUSH teacher, AP Lang teacher, and AP Calc AB teacher). my essay is about the books i've read and how my different favorites have helped me understand my own identities and place in the world. schools: brown, yale, swarthmore, bowdoin, amherst, barnard, wellesley, middlebury, reed, smith, kenyon, oberlin thanks in advance for your help!
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2023.05.30 04:44 autotldr Japan PM's son to resign after public outrage over private party at official residence

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 48%. (I'm a bot)
TOKYO - Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said Monday his son is resigning as his executive policy secretary to take responsibility for using the prime minister's residence for a private party at which the merrymaking was exposed in magazine photos that triggered public outrage.
Shotaro Kishida, his father's executive secretary for political affairs and eldest son, invited a group of people including relatives to a year-end party on Dec. 30 at the Prime Minister's Official Residence.
Photos published by the weekly Shukan Bunshun magazine showing Kishida's son and his relatives posing on red-carpeted stairs in an imitation of the group photos taken of newly appointed Cabinets, with his son at the center - the position reserved for the prime minister.
He said he severely reprimanded his son for the party, but that failed to quell ongoing criticism from opposition lawmakers and public outrage which have pushed down his support ratings.
It was not the first time Kishida's son has come under fire for making use of his official position for private activities.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno earlier called the son's party at the official residence "Inappropriate" and promised to ensure proper management of the facility to prevent future misuse.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: son#1 secretary#2 Kishida#3 Minister#4 Prime#5
Post found in /worldnews.
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2023.05.30 04:43 theCynicalChicken Help! Am I going to get evicted because Apt manager didn't do their job?

So this is going to be a long one, I apologize. It’s a 10 month long saga that I’ll TRY to condense down...
I moved into an apartment in May 2021 with a roommate on a 15 month lease. We put in our 60 day notice that we wouldn’t be renewing. 3 weeks before the lease was set to end, I began having health problems and knew I wouldn’t physically be well enough to pack and move, so I went into the office and explained and they said they’d be happy to renew the lease with just me on it. My roommate goes to the office and signs all the necessary paperwork to be removed from the lease. The original lease ended Aug 15, 2022 and they still had not sent to a new lease to sign, and so their system started charging me the month to month rate- which I told them I couldn’t afford and again requested they send me a new lease to sign. 3 weeks go by and they finally send me a “lease renewal offer” through the automated system, and I choose a 14 month lease term @ $1,010/month- the system says I’ll be emailed the lease to sign digitally. Weeks go by and I still haven’t been sent a new lease to sign, I’m still being charged the month to month rate, and my roomates name still hasn’t been removed from the lease. Now meanwhile, I’m calling the office, emailing the manager, and going into the office in person to try to get all this fixed and the manager keeps brushing me off and telling me not to worry they’re going to fix everything and not to worry about paying the balance until it can be corrected in their system. Oct 5th I get an automated email saying my “lease renewal offer” was going to expire along with the locked in rate of $1,010- it had been 30 days and they still had not sent me a lease to sign. Oct 19 they send a new “lease renewal offer” that has only one option- a 15 month lease at $1,065/month. I told them that’s not the correct length or rent. Multiple calls and emails, no response. Finally receive an email Nov 7 saying to sign the new lease (which they send the same day) and then they’ll make the necessary corrections. By this point I’m terrified I’m going to get evicted as I haven’t paid rent since August- at their instruction. So I sign the new lease.... and no corrections are made. My balance continues to grow despite my offer to pay on it. More calls, emails, and visits from me and more silence from them.
By Dec 1st my outstanding balance is over $5,000- I'm constantly panicking that I'm going to come home to find my shit on the curb so I go into the office again. Now the story is that I need to pay at least half the balance before they can make changes. I immediately go to the bank and get a cashier’s check for $4k, as I knew at least that much was valid. No changes are made- still being charged the incorrect rent on a lease with incorrect length. I start bringing in a cashier’s check for $1,100 the first of every month, but there’s still an outstanding balance they won’t correct and thus I’m being charged a late fee every month-which I refuse to pay. April of this year a new manager starts (the 5th manager in the two years I’ve been here). I try to explain to her what’s been going on, I offer to show her the correspondence and evidence of how hard I’ve been trying to get this whole clusterfuck (which only started because someone didn’t do their damn job)- and tell her all I need is the balance be corrected by X amount (I’ve even done the damn math for them) and for the base rent and term length be corrected in their system. She seemed friendly the first time I talked to her, but I think one of the other employees started contradicting my story after I left (because they were involved in this whole thing getting fucked up in the first place). After months, I FINALLY got her to correct the ledger last Friday so that I can pay off the balance tomorrow. But she refuses to change the lease to the correct length and base rent, and told me I shouldn’t have signed a new lease if it wasn’t correct- I told her I was specifically directed to do so and I just emailed her a screenshot of the email where I was told that. I also pointed out to her that my roommate’s name was still listed in their system to which she said she had nothing in her file showing the roommate did the necessary paperwork to be removed from the lease. At that point the other office employee stuck her head in the door saying that my roommate had in fact completed the paperwork- which should have been further evidence to the new manager that someone has not been doing their fucking job for months and I’m not making all of this up!!

**But the other thing I’m curious/anxious about... throughout this whole thing, every month I’d get an automated “pay your rent or we’ll start eviction proceedings” email- which again I was told to disregard because “I was in communication with them and were actively trying to remedy the situation”. When I talked to them last Friday, I was informed that my file had in fact been sent to their attorney to start eviction proceedings. The only thing I’ve received is that same automated email that says 1) “I certify that this notice has been hand delivered to the tenant” and 2) is signed by the previous manager which hasn’t worked here for months. Is that a legally valid form of notifying a tenant? What are my options if all this does go before a judge for eviction proceedings??**

The terrible irony is that I hate living here and want nothing more than to move out of state, but I'm physically not well enough right now to pack up and move and I have no one to ask for assistance. If you’ve made it this far, thank you for sticking with me and any help is greatly appreciated!!
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