Daiso flushing photos

Ruined plant near end of flower :(

2023.06.02 21:53 good_smelling_snake Ruined plant near end of flower :(

Next Tuesday will be week 8 of flower. About a week ago I noticed brown spot on 1 or 2 of my leaves. It started spreading to other leaves my intial research led me to think it was a fungus so I got rid of those leaves and kept monitoring.
Spent the past week trying to diagnose what the issue was. At some point I though it might be a copper def so I flushed, then I though cal so I bought calmag, or maybe portentially root rot because I’m using a self watering/wick pot, so I got hydrogaurd. The brown was still unfortunate spreading. It wasn’t until yesterday when I opened my tent and almost all of my top leaves are brown and crispy, and they all taco’d overnight. During this time I noticed that the buds were turning gray/purple but yesterday I noticed that the undersides of the buds were still green. And of course I came across the term foxtails yesterday and realize my buds are producing foxtails! Wish I was able to pick up on the signs of light stress much earlier. I kind of ruled it out because my other plant wasn’t experiencing this issue (yet?)
I know definitely hurt my yield and probably potency as well. It sucks but I definitely learned a lot from doing this. Now I have calmag for my next run, hydrogaurd since im planning to go auto pots, know to veg way less if im going photos again. Learned a ton about diagnosing the plant. Super excited for my next run.
I was going to chop at 8 or 9 weeks. Should I just chop now?
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2023.06.02 12:56 Theonewatches Oyster Perpetual 124300 (41mm) GEN, GM, KING, EW & BP Comprehensive Comparison

Oyster Perpetual 124300 (41mm) GEN, GM, KING, EW & BP Comprehensive Comparison
Hello everyone, this is Steve and I'm back.
Today I’m going to bring you a comprehensive comparison of the entry-level model of the Rolex - Oyster Perpetual. In the beginning of this year, I had planned to do a comparison of the Oyster Perpetual. It is not as popular as other Rolex series, after all, it is the pioneer series of Rolex watches. If we don’t have comparison for this model, it’s a bit unreasonable. Haha.
Without further ado, let's get started.
Front Dial View
Natual Light View and Light View
Color difference is unavoidable for these color dials, so we have to see which is the closest. Through the comparison view, we can clearly distinguish the color differences between the factories. The colors of KING and EW are brighter, and their color is very similar, it seems that they use the same dial. The color of GM is a little bit darker. The color difference of BP is actually not very big, but its color looks a bit faded and lacks gloss, which leads to its overall feeling by the dial color is not very comfortable. In general, I personally think that the color difference of GM is the smallest.
Bezel View
Except for BP, the bezel shape of all factories is consistent with GEN, and the side section of the BP bezel is too thick, which makes the bezel appear a bit too large from the front.
Crystal Side View
For the chamfering and height of the side of crysta, GM is the closest to GEN, followed by EW. The chamfering of KING is too much, resulting in obvious layers, while BP is slightly lower in height.
Crown and Stick View
GM’s crown logo has the smoothest edge chamfering treatment, and the overall shape among GM, KING and EW are very similar, no big different with GEN. While BP is slightly different, mainly because of its slope width is a bit narrower.
Hands Luminous Fill View
All factories have a certain luminous graininess, there is not obvious difference for this part.
Dial Mimeograph Front View
Relatively speaking, the regularity of BP fonts is slightly worse, and the mimeograph thickness and three-dimensional effect of other factories are similar.
Let's take a look at the opening of crown at 6 o'clock. Except for EW, the other three factories have relatively large deviations. Of course, this might caused by batch issue of the factories.
In addition, let’s talk about the dial. From the high-definition pictures, we can see that all factories’ dial is actually a grainy dial but not a glossy dial like GEN. It is just invisible to the naked eye and non closeup photos. King and EW are slightly better, the graininess is not particularly noticeable.
Hands and Middle Axis Dial
Compared with GEN, the leaking cylindrical part of the middle axis is different from each factory. Relatively speaking, GM and EW are closer to GEN. The flaw of BP is the most obvious, the hollow part in the middle is too large, and the processing is relatively rough, with obvious welding marks.
Rehaut Side View
In terms of the overall lettering shape and clarity, there is no obvious difference between the factories. If you have to score high and low, I personally think that KING is slightly better. Zoom in on the picture to see that the edges of KING’s font are more regular, and the shading is more clearer.
Crown Side View
There is nothing to say about the crown as there is no problem with the appearance and size. It feels a bit scratchy when you tough the crown of King, mainly because the teeth are not chamfered.
Case Side View
According to the past habits, usually, we don’t comment on the case, but I noticed it this time, so mentioned here. It is not difficult to find through the pictures. Compared with GEN, the curvature of the lug end of GM and BP seems to be more downward. I found that it is indeed the case by comparing with real watches. So KING and EW are naturally the winners in terms of case shape.
Caseback View
No more comments for the caseback, You friends can compare it in accordance with the photo. Steve is still in a hurry to write the next comparison, haha
Endlink Side View
In terms of endlink, it is very difficult for factories to be completely consistent with GEN. In my opinion, as long as the lugs are not completely flush, it is within the acceptable range. Obviously, EW and BP are not good. GM is the best in this part and it is the closest to GEN, followed by KING.
Bracelet Details View
For the engraving inside the buckle, factories are different. EW’s overall engraving lines looks more comfortable. GM and KING lack clarity, and a few small engraving dots below the ''ROKEXSA'' font of BP is missing.
Laser Mark and Lume View
Although the laser marks appear slightly different in the picture, there is no difference in reality.
KING's luminous color is different, it is more green than GEN, and the other three factories are consistent with GEN.
Movement View
GM and KING use the VR3230 movement, while EW and BP are A3230 movement which is modified and based on the 2824 movement. After all, their prices are cheaper. Compared with other factories, EW and BP have always take the cheap route, so it is justifiable to adopt the cheaper movement for these two factories.
Data Comparison View
Note: All measurements are in a clamped state, and there may be tolerance due to slight deviations in the position of the caliper.
Well, this is today’s post, thank you guys for watching, if there are any mistakes, please correct me. If there is anything else I overlooked, you can put it up, and I will try my best to do it complementary and comprehensive, welcome to comment and exchange!
I will continue to bring you more detailed comparisons between replicas and GEN, which is for you guys to better choose your favorite replicas.
(Note: Some photos deviate from the real object due to the angle of the light. The details are mainly written in text. The size of the comparison picture is relatively large. You can download it and enlarge it for comparison.)
There is no perfect replica, only your favorite replica.
Website: https://www.theonewatches.io/
Telegram: u/Theonewatches_steve
WhatsApp: + 86-17081934955
Email: [[email protected].](mailto:[email protected])com
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2023.06.02 05:23 Historic_cheese [P&P 2] Lower Valley Industries Merzal-M1 Recon Vehicle

[P&P 2] Lower Valley Industries Merzal-M1 Recon Vehicle
(WARNING, This pitch is also a soggy attempt at telling a story, try and understand at your own risk-)
"hmm..hmm, hm hmm.. try to see it my wa-'
"Ebir.. what are you doing? The human asked the warforged driver, who only shrugged as a response. the humming continued to the indifference of the human. The two were from LVA, a regional military arms company which had had found itself in another competition for _____________. Somehow, someway, the two impromptu engineers had found themselves driving the prototype 'M1' Recon Vehicle to the assessing grounds. This would be all fine and dandy if the train that was supposed to drop them 20 kilometers from the base, had broken down 200 kilometers away. Both Chet and Ebir were going just wait for the train to get fixed, but 'Carl' convinced (or rather, forced) them to drive the rest of the way. 'It would show the officers how reliable i- i mean the tank is' he said.
although phrased like one, he didn't mean it as a question he DID run the tank. And while he couldn't stop them from just waiting, he had a way with words (yelling through the intercom).
It took the trio a few hours, a few canisters of fuel, a track repair or two, but finally they could see a paved road leading to the grounds.
"Seriously, whats up?" Chet tried reiterating, ducking down into the hull of the tank to give Ebir a look. "A song I've been thinking up since the drive." "A song?" Chet seemed surprised, waiting for him to continue. Ebir tried keep his eyes on the road, but couldn't help but turn his head to meet the humans gaze, "Yeah, don't know what I'm calling it just yet.. why do you look so spooked?" He raised an eyebrow. Chet shook his head, "No no, just uh.. never took you for a bard, hah."
"Well I've always liked music, no offense to the company but being a artificer engineer was supposed to be a temporary thing." The warforged sighed, letting his knee control the steering wheel to gesture with his hands. "I wanted to travel the world, y'know? see things, sing songs to audiences. Turns out that costs money and wasn't exactly stable.. So I did the next best thing, fast forward a few years and now-" He unceremoniously knocked on the metal, "I find myself in a prototype tin box, driving to who knows where, all while there's a war going on. Just tried of all of it." Chet frowned before nodding, he was about to say something before the engine spoke.
"Im sure when this is all over you'll be able to become a musician, Ebir!"
That made both of the men hit their heads in surprise. Ebir was fine, Chet not so much. "For the love of all things holy- Warn me when you chime in randomly and without warning.." Chet rubbed his head.
"Kinda Oxymoronic"
"Yeah yeah.. so what's up now? you blow a piston or something-" Chet picked up the receiver to his left, pressing the button next to the console. Carl took a minute to respond
"No, nothing like that. Ren just wanted to tell you the left track is looking a bit loose"
"Oh, well alrigh- wait whos Ren?"
"The Moth!.. hey, you there? Chet?"
".." Ebir stared at the utterly gobsmacked man behind him, "You uh.. you alright man?" Chet didn't say anything.
"Chet? Cheeeet, did the phone break? Chet!" The engines words fell on deaf ears as Chet muted the phone. When he finally turned to Ebir he simply said. "Its sentient..."
"what's sentient?" "The Mo-"


The tank barreled through the gates of the proving ground entrence gate before Ebir could step on the breaks in time. The breaks screeched as they slid for a 40 or so feet, finally coming to a stop directly infront of a well dressed Tabaxi.
There was a tense few seconds where Ebir and the Tabaxi stared at each other silently, both equally shook.

"Are we here? i cant see past the vent slits-"
-------Uh.. Pitch here?-------
The Tabaxi was the first to speak, coughing uncomfortably before putting up a smile.
"uh. Hello there! you must be the...LVA folks!" He concluded. His fur was tinged a slight lilac color, while his eyes were a deep magenta. Chet was the first to reply, opening the commanders top hatch awkwardly.
"Uh- y-yeah! that's us alright, sorry about the.. gate." "Oh, dont worry about that, its just some wooden stick that a gnome gets paid to lift up and down with a button" One of the gnomes frowned at the comment.
"anyways, im more interested in how the hell you stopped while going so fast! one foot more and i would have broken something" The Tabaxi chuckled, although Chet could sense a hidden threat laced in his words. it was around this time that Ebir opened the drivers hatch, sticking his head out, "The Merzals outfitted with some pretty strong breaks, wouldn't want someone getting run over- uh, nevermind that, moving on-" The snow leopard laughed in a similar manner to before, waving his paw dismissively. "No no its fine, all in good spirit. Anyways, while i would love to keep talking, this is still a proving grounds. it'll also give us a excuse to fix that gate later" He whispered to Ebir, casting a side glance to the shatter checkpoint gate.
"Right, just give us a second to tighten everything up, it was a bumpy journey." "No worries, although i was told you'd arrive on rail for the most part, did something become loose on the way?" It was the humans turn to answer, "The train broke down one, maybe two hundred kilometers away, we would have waited but the engine insisted." Chet rolled his eyes as if it were a normal occurrence.
"Thats quite impressive, we can talk more after i see this thing in action" The officer concluded, turning on his heel before walking towards the actual testing grounds, alright?"
"Oh, and before i forget, its Nabe, Nabe Sonatra"
Despite turning away from the tank, the officer waited for the tank crew to tighten the treads of the vehicle, walking next to it while it drove to the platform.
His optimistic expression soured as he inspected the side, running a paw over the rivet heads and tugging at the spare track links. he made sure not to get his tail run over as he slowed down to the reaside near the engine.
Why couldn't he hear it running? the tank was moving, and when he leaned in closer he could clearly hear gears moving and exhaust spewing out of the exhaust pipe. Nabe made sure to make a mental note of the oddity.

One the tank parked itself in on the metal platform that marked the entrance to the course, the two engineers got out and leaned on the right fender of the tank. Nabe still wore that weary look as he waited for their pitch. Ebir started,


"Right, so what you see here is the Merzal 'M-1' Recon Vehicle. It weighs just under 9 tons, has frontal protection around 60 to 84 millimeters of rivetted armour as you can clearly see"

"We also have a welded and bolted turret face option-"
"Why rivets." The officers hand was now scratching his chin, "Not to be rude, but the bureau's been getting some very impressive designs gentlemen." He pulled out a pocket sized notebook, flipping through pages as he spoke. "Angled plates, Cast turrets, we've gotten submissions by ship builders. So what makes your.. M-1 stand out?"
"Well first off. The rivets are enchanted in bulk to act as bolts when being disassembled if you needed to take them off for any real reason. Welding was a risky choice as the side armour is relatively thin, and seeing that these are going to be exported en mass, LVA wanted to keep things simple and cheap" Carl started talking, nobody interrupted.
"They're significantly stronger than normal rivets, but just as simple when installing them, they create their own drilled hole when pressed into the metal during installation. And if hit with enough force, and i mean A LOT of force, they will pop off in the opposite direction of the force acting on it. The armour will fail before the armour. This all sums up to a tank that any train builder or crew member in the field worth their weight in salt can build and repair armour wise, no heavy Oxy torch needed."

"..Well, go on." Nabe was completely engulfed in the engines ramblings, along with the two engineers.
"Oh, sure! ill just pick up where Ebir left off, \ahem*: Being powered by me(Dorn V10), the Merzal will reach speeds of around 45 miles per hour on road, and 25 to 30 cross country depending on how bumpy it is."*

"You'll be able to almost shear 90. slopes, but id advise you to only go as steep as 60 or 70. The M-1 can also comfortably go up a 40+ degree slope in reverse. The Dorn engine is easily accessible for repairs as well."
"Did you teach him this?-"
"Armament consists of the 38mm VM2 with 96 rounds in the hull, a coaxial and hull mounted 8mm Samiel machine gun, and a 14mm Samiel Machine gun mounted in a AA mount."

"Vision was a area of focus LVA didn't slouch on, i think? anyways- The driver has wide 'FOV' vision port to his or her disposal, while the commander has a 360 rectangular cupola. Depending on the height of the commander, the vision ports can either be slits or episcopes, the former being able to open via a hinge when not buttoned up. That large Periscope box and gunsight have both 'Truesight' and 'Zoom' spells housed in Arcane crystals to aid the commander-"
"Wait, wait wait, slow down there." The officer pleaded, trying to wrap his head around the new information, "Arcane Crystal?"
Ebir spoke up rather quickly, pulling out a assortment of glowing blue and white crystals from a cloth pouch, "Y-Yes, they're a alternative to runes. Runes, need to be etched into a solid material, Arcane Crystals don't. Glass, slag, amber, and gemstones all work; you just need to use a Purify cantrip, or any non necrotic spell to embow it with arcana." Ebir handed a piece of glowing white piece of slag no bigger than his thumb to Nabe, who inspected it with great interest.
"I.. does it hold more arcane energy than a rune? wouldn't this be more fragile?"
"gemstones and clear glass can hold more arcane energy than runes etched in stone or metal, and they are more fragile. That's the point, try smashing it on the ground." Ebir asked. The officer stared at the ground, shrugging before throwing the crystal on the ground.
As soon as the crystal hit the ground, it exploded in a familiar flushing wave. "..Counter spell." Nabe concluded, a small smile forming on his face at the dissipating wave of energy.
"Mhm, Arcane crystals shatter instead of crumbling or snapping; Thus it releases all its energy at once instead of fizzling out. Making them perfect for-" The warforged climbed onto the fender of the Merzal, pointing at the 5 launcher barrels affixed to the sides of the tank.

"Launcher ammunition. If a spellcaster decides to try and launch Fireball, the commander can depress a button to launch arcane crystals with a timed explosive charge, watch-" Ebir scrambled onto the roof of the tank this time, reaching into the commanders hatch and pressing a button. The 4th right barrel shot out a flurry of slag and amber bomblets, exploding in a perception warping wave of 'Counterspell'. Nabe clapped enthusiastically at the explosion.
"And thats the basis for the magic in the Merzal" Chet finally chimed in, opening the cylinder like turret on the front of the tanks armour. It was a launcher, holding space for one large crystal, and multiple others. The large slot already housed a deep purple gemstone, "Detect magic." The officer guessed.
"Its like having a anti magic field, while still being able to use magic. huh."
"Theres a few spots all dotted around the tank, capsules to put arcance crystals in. You can customize the crystals if you have a spellcaster on hand, or just use the factory 'settings'. Normally that means:
-Counterspell/Dispel magic in the turret launchers
-Deafen in engine bay containers,
-Dispel magic and Detect magic in the side hull turret bustles.
-'Smoke' in the rear containers,
-Truesight and 'Zoom' in the periscope
-'Shield in various containers in and on the exterior of the tank.
"But again, any spellcaster can configure the Arcane crystals how they see fit. Arcane crystals just give more customizability compared to using etched runes."
"I.. see, that's.. that's quite interesting.." Nabe concluded.
Chet and Ebir exchanged glances before walking to the rear of the tank. "Back here's a telephone to communicate to the crew from outside the tank, nothing special..."
The two hadn't noticed Nabe trail behind, snatching the shinier, stronger gemstone based arcane crystal from the hull-turret bustle. He speed walked back besides them after stuffing it in his coat pocket.

Chet was still talking to what he presumed was Nabe by the time the feline had walked back to them.
"You've already heard Carl- I mean, the Dorn engine. I'm surprised there were more models lying around than we first thought, who wouldn't want a talking engine? like- Hey, Carl" *Chet opened the engine deck, exposing the large construct engine. He reached down and blindly untightened a bolt. "What did I just do?"
"You loosened the 6th bolt around my fuel hose" He responded curtly.
"See? Self diagnosing engin-"
"Whats... whats that?"

(The moth, its the moth guys!!)
"Oh... uh. Thats the LVA Moth mascot." Chet shrugged his shoulders in defeat, clearly having told a similar story about the picture one time too many.
"Oh, wait, i remember now. you guys adopted it as a mascot?-" "Yes. Yes we did, moving on."

"all you need to do is befriend and train the Dorn engine and you've got yourself a 4th crewmember. And for the record, they can run on low octane fuel, don't listen to the models that say they'll blow up just because a number is below 80. But if push comes to shove you can install a solid 'purify' stone in the fuel tank.
"About that, You'll still be able to use runes and sigils in these containers if need be, yes?" "We've tried them out with Protection sigils, no hiccups."
Sufficiently impressed, Nabe took out the notebook again, jotting down a slew of notes, he occasionally glanced a look at the tank and the engineers. "Simple design, cost effective design, above average mobility, im guessing minimum fuel requirement.. Arcane crystals able to be customized by any spellcaster.. A very universal template Lower valleys made." The two engineers exchanged looks again, "Thats what it called for, its easy to jam a tank with specific spells and what not, but there's always the risk a rune breaks or a sigils scratched off. Arcane crystals are more universally accessible, with field repairs being significantly easier. Everything about the tanks made to be as simple as simple to understand, no matter where they're being shipped." Chet concluded, Nabe put his notebook back snuggly into his coat pocket.
"All very good, but it is getting quite late. We can proceed with actual testing tomorrow, ill just need any other information about the tank now so i can send it to the higher ups." Ebir stepped forward, producing a small set of papers, specifications and a.. Dorn training manual. A quick flip through revealed to Nabe that he was much top mentally exhausted to try and tackle it.
"Well then, i think thats it for the day, you two rest up in the bunks, im sure the trip was exhausting enough. Dinners served at 7:00pm, ill be sure to see you then. I want to hear the full story about that picture!" The mentioning of dinner made Chets stomach growl, "That sounds good, see you then."
And with that, the men went their separate ways.


(Middle) Examples of arcane containers/hatches.
Rear most hull piece. Ren is visible
Side hull/'Turret bustle', able to detect and rotate its barrel towards magic threats 40ft in front of itself. Can fire off arcane crystal bomblets

Tow hooks (upper) and transport hooks (lower). Dozerblade attachment points also visible (4 points)

"Yeah.. Yeah i got the crystal... ill send the sample in about a week, pretty simple stuff really.. too simple. When i get my hands on their training manual ill send that too."

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2023.06.02 03:57 YU2DBC-VE3 Dealership tried upcharging without asking me? Now I am worried about potential lien

Simple fluid flush job quoted and signed by me at $350 somehow snowballed into $850. They didnt ask for my consent. Nothing changed in the work order. When asked they tried to justify the increase with "we had to use synthetic oil". My car only take synthetic oil and they said it before they gave me a quote. I offered to pay what is in the quote. They declined. Asked to talk to manager - they declined that too. I expressed willingness to pay agreed amount whenever they give me a chance - which is a phone call away. Luckily I got the keys on time so I left the dealership with photos of printed and signed quote that was afterwards fixed with different mount. Once I got home I sent a big email to the dealership once again expressing my dissatisfaction and offering to pay the agreed amount. No reply from them so far
Now I am a bit worried about potential lien. Can they register it that easy and without the court order. Is there nothing holding them from registering lien based on false information? How difficult would be to challenge and remove that lien without consenting to and being forced to pay their bs claim?
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2023.06.02 03:10 traschort When I'm not producing Agar I'm actually working on some fruits 🍄...before and after photos of my amazing albino Teachers flush, if they aren't cracker dry then they are not dry enough

When I'm not producing Agar I'm actually working on some fruits 🍄...before and after photos of my amazing albino Teachers flush, if they aren't cracker dry then they are not dry enough submitted by traschort to shroomers [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 02:51 traschort When I'm not producing Agar I'm actually working on some fruits 🍄...before and after photos of my amazing albino Teachers flush. getting them cracker dry is the ultimate goal

When I'm not producing Agar I'm actually working on some fruits 🍄...before and after photos of my amazing albino Teachers flush. getting them cracker dry is the ultimate goal submitted by traschort to unclebens [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 02:49 traschort When I'm not producing Agar I'm actually working on some fruits 🍄...before and after photos of my amazing albino Teachers flush, if it's not cracker dry then it isn't dry enough

When I'm not producing Agar I'm actually working on some fruits 🍄...before and after photos of my amazing albino Teachers flush, if it's not cracker dry then it isn't dry enough submitted by traschort to MagicMushrooms [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 02:46 traschort When I'm not producing Agar I'm actually working on some fruits 🍄...before and after photos of my amazing albino Teachers flush, if it isn't cracker dry then it isn't dry enough

When I'm not producing Agar I'm actually working on some fruits 🍄...before and after photos of my amazing albino Teachers flush, if it isn't cracker dry then it isn't dry enough submitted by traschort to MycologyandGenetics [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 02:44 traschort When I'm not producing Agar I'm actually working on some fruits 🍄...before and after photos of my amazing albino Teachers flush, if it isn't cracker dry then it isn't dry enough

When I'm not producing Agar I'm actually working on some fruits 🍄...before and after photos of my amazing albino Teachers flush, if it isn't cracker dry then it isn't dry enough submitted by traschort to shrooms [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 21:04 Watchtistic 16710 on Modern Jubilee?

I've been a looking at adding a Jubilee bracelet to my 16710. It's an F serial (SEL, no holes). The correct Jubilee is an older type that's hollow throughout the entire bracelet. The Oyster bracelet at least has solid end links, but the Jubilee rattles a bit too much for my liking. Does anyone here wear their 16710 on a modern Jubilee? I'm aware that the reference does work well with the Super Jubilee bracelet, but is there a Jubilee with a clasp that works just as well (to keep it as close to its original look as possible)?
The most important part is that the bracelet fits flush and without any risk of damaging the lugs/holes/etc.
If you have any photos (Super Jubilee or any other solid modern variants), please do share!
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2023.06.01 20:34 isthebusstillrunning [SELL][US] Armani, Chanel, Chantecaille, Clarins, Dior, Hourglass, Tom Ford

all products are BNIB, shipping with US only, starts at $3, free over $50
*items marked as (freebie) can be claimed for free for orders over $50 (one per $50)
first photo
second photo
thanks for looking!
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2023.06.01 14:35 DayTripperonone CONTEST - Show Us Your Full Canopy Flush - Winners voted by the community - PRIZES - A culture kit and a $50 Amazon Gift Card for your myco supplies. - multiple winners will be selected in a voting poll - Please See Rules To Enter 🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄.

CONTEST - Show Us Your Full Canopy Flush - Winners voted by the community - PRIZES - A culture kit and a $50 Amazon Gift Card for your myco supplies. - multiple winners will be selected in a voting poll - Please See Rules To Enter 🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄.
Here’s The Official Rules:
1.) Submit your entry by chat and include image of one Full Canopy “you grew” to u/Dry_Cardiologist8370
2.) The image MUST BE an aerial view photo (Taken looking down into the tub) and MUST HAVE All four walls of the tub showing in your image.
3.) The Entry can be of any type of mushroom but must display a full canopy (no spots of substrate shows from above) we are looking for the best in show of wall to wall mushrooms. (Bag grows ok but must follow rule #2).
4.) Every 5 entries will be submitted for a community poll vote. The winner is selected in a poll with only one winner per voting pole. There will be multiple contests and multiple winners. Only the image with the most votes per poll wins. Ties will be decided by the moderators.
5.) The voting polls will come randomly, there are no set dates. We will post one voting poll per every 5 qualified entries and the polls will remain up for one week before announcing the winner.
6.) Post questions pertaining to the contest only, in the comments below. Please read all comments before posing a question.
7.) Winners will be contacted via a PM through Chat by u/DayTripperOnOne.
8.) Winners will have one week to claim their prize. And must provide a US shipping address.
9.) This contest is only open to US Residents, 18 +.
10.) The Winning Post will be featured and pinned to the top of the page.
11.) Contest ends when all culture kits have been awarded or 9/1/23, whichever comes first.
12.) All ContamFam Moderators except are from entering.
  • Culture Kit includes: Petri Dishes, liquid Culture Jar and lid, magnetic stir stick and stirring magnet, MEA Agar Premix, Liquid Culture Premix, inoculation loop, sterile scalpels, large and small syringes, sterile syringe needles, Pipettes, cotton tipped applicators, Alcohol Prep Pads, Parafilm tape, gloves.
  • Spores from the spore libraries of the Moderators
  • A $50 Amazon Gift Card for your Myco Supplies or whatever.
Note from Trip: This contest is for fun and to celebrate our success in mushroom cultivation. The success that reminds us, that our failures have led us, our disappointments drive us, and. without losses, nothing is gained.
Learning is a journey we share and celebrate. . . embrace it with your ♥️ and dream big.
Have fun growing you Full Canopy Flush and Good Luck everyone !
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2023.06.01 04:37 spencersdc Looking to pick this one up since it looks like it hasn't been beaten too hard. Is $14k reasonable for a 159k mile manual?

Looking to pick this one up since it looks like it hasn't been beaten too hard. Is $14k reasonable for a 159k mile manual?
Appreciate any help & insight. I don't plan to race or abuse this car. Just need a reliable daily that costs less to maintain than my Audi A3
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2023.06.01 04:25 Connect_Mongoose_14 [WTS] Pilot Elite Custom 1970

Pilot Elite Custom from 1970, 18k nib code T1070, so manufactured at the Tokyo plant.
No size marked on the nib, but as you can see from the photo, it writes about the same as a Fine, but with a bit of spring that provides some line variation. It does have some feedback, but not anything unpleasant. Microscratches and some scratches from posting. Slowly trying to cull a collection that has gotten a bit large as I don’t want so many pens sitting uninked and unused. Will be flushed before shipping and will include two new cartridges.
$50 shipped to Canada and CONUS
All sub rules to be followed, please comment before PM
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2023.06.01 02:38 antemariediem How do I install these cabinet shelf pins?

How do I install these cabinet shelf pins?
Trying to install the shelves in our cabinets and the shelf pins don’t slide into the drill holes. Not sure if the drill holes are too small or if there’s a special way to install these or if I’m just dumb lol. Twisted the one in the second photo so am wondering if I need a drill or manual twisting to have these sit flush against the cabinet.
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2023.05.31 22:34 mattwaddy Quick question about bifold threshold height

Just had new bifolds fitted today and it looks like the fitters have it so that the sill starts at the same level as the internal floor height and so we have around an 8cm threshold (sill + weather threshold) even though I'd dropped the external leaf by a bricks height and so the sill could have been much lower. I wasn't expecting a flush threshold but this doesn't seem right, and there is now a large gap where they've had to prop the sill/doors on the external leaf that will need to be addressed. I'm going to chat with them tomorrow, but doesn't feel right, but I'm no expert.
Does anyone who fits these know if this sounds sensible or have they messed up the measurements and fit potentially? Sorry no photos at this point. Main worry is the trip hazard for kids and people visiting along with the increased step height from outside in
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2023.05.31 20:46 LeutnantzurSeeFritz The Ventures of Fritz Decke Part 7: A Honeymoon Interrupted

(You can also find this story, along with the previous parts here and here. I've decided I would release this part early as I didn't want you fellas to wait until next week to read it when it was already complete and ready to go. I am also changing my release time from midnight to noon, as midnight releases have been reeking havoc on my sleep, and I feel noon releases are more sustainable for me.)
A week later, The couple was on a boat that was heading to the Sakura Empire. Fritz smiled and giggled.
“To think, this will be our first time in the Sakura Empire.”
Tirpitz smiled. They were lying down together on a chair on the deck. Fritz placed a hand on Tirpitz’s belly.
Tirpitz giggled. “Fritz, you know you won’t feel anything for a couple of months from now.”
Fritz smiled. “It's just amazing to think our child is in there. What do you think it will be, a boy or a girl?”
Tirpitz smiled. “I have a feeling it will be a boy.”
Fritz nodded. “What makes you think that?”
“Something in me just knows.”
Soon, the boat docked in the Sakura Empire. Fritz and Tirpitz got off the boat. A woman with brown fox ears and tails was waiting for them.
“Welcome to the Sakura Empire you two!”
She hugged Tirpitz as Fritz raised an eyebrow.
“Hello. And who are you?”
The woman with brown fox ears and tails shook Fritz’s hand.
“I’m Akagi. I figured I would greet you guys once you arrived in port.”
Fritz nodded. “A pleasure to meet you, Akagi.”
“Come on, follow me!”
Akagi was gesturing to them to follow her. There was a car waiting for the couple.
The group entered the backseat of the car. Akagi smiled at the couple from the front seat.
“So, I heard about the news from Bismarck. She told everyone the incredible news once you guys left for your honeymoon. It surprised me she wasn’t the first one to have a child, as she got married sooner.”
Tirpitz nodded as Fritz giggled. “Well, I guess life has a way of subverting your expectations.”
Akagi’s laugh sent a chill down Fritz’s spine. Tirpitz looked at Akagi.
“So Akagi, do you have any children?”
Akagi smiled. “I have Akagi-chan if that counts.”
Soon, they were at the hotel. Akagi got out of the car.
“I’ll help you with your bags.”
She reached into the trunk and grabbed Fritz’s suitcase.
They all went to the hotel room where Fritz and Tirpitz would be staying. Fritz noticed the room was small, but cozy.
“It reminds me of a U-boat, but much cleaner.” He thought to himself.
Akagi placed their bags on the floor. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow.”
Fritz and Tirpitz nodded. She looked at her husband.
“She seems like a kind fellow.”
Fritz nodded. “Yeah. But her laugh kinda scares me.”
Tirpitz smiled and held Fritz’s hand. “Don’t worry, I doubt she will be a threat to us.”
Fritz saw Tirpitz go pale. She gagged.
“Excuse me.”
Tirpitz let go of Fritz’s hand and ran to the toilet. Fritz followed close behind her. He saw Tirpitz vomiting into the toilet. He went behind her and rubbed her back.
Tirpitz spat into the toilet and flushed it. She giggled softly as she rubbed her belly.
“I guess that's what I get for doing a honeymoon while pregnant.”
Fritz smiled as he helped his wife off the floor. “Can you think of anything you want to do?”
Tirpitz shrugged. “Fritz, this is our first time being here. I suppose you can call Akagi to see what she would recommend.”
Fritz nodded and got on his phone. Akagi picked up on the other end.
“Hey Fritz, what do you need?”
“Akagi, Listen. Tirpitz and I are looking for things to do in the Sakura Empire. Can you give us any ideas?”
Akagi giggled. “Of course. You can visit the parks and shrines, and go to the beach. There is also a restaurant I'm a regular at.”
Fritz smiled and nodded. “Thank you, Akagi.”
Fritz hung up the phone and walked to the living room. Tirpitz was sitting on the couch, still recovering from her spell of morning sickness.
“Akagi told me there is a beach nearby we can go to.”
Tirpitz nodded. “Good. I brought my bikini with me, and I got you a pair of swim trunks, as I wasn’t sure if you had any. They are in the green suitcase.”
Fritz nodded and opened the green suitcase. Inside was a red and black pair of swim trunks. He smiled.
“Thanks, honey.”
Tirpitz smiled and grabbed her bikini. “I’ll be in the bathroom. Once we change, we’ll go to the beach together.”
The couple made their way to the beach. Fritz carried a beach chair. He placed it down and soon he and Tirpitz slept in each other's arms.
Fritz leaned into Tirpitz’s ear.
“I love you, you know that?”
Tirpitz smiled. “I know. I love you too, mein kleiner Kolibri.”
Fritz kissed her on the back of the head. The two fell asleep.
A camera shutter interrupted this sleep. Fritz’s eyes went wide. He saw Akagi holding a camera, wearing a red and black bikini. She giggled.
“Hello, again lovebirds!”
Fritz rolled his eyes. “Akagi, are you following us?”
Akagi laughed.
“Hehe. No. I also wanted to go to the beach after you asked me what to do around here. Besides, I was planning on visiting Nagato and Mutsu at their shrine later. Do you and Tirpitz want to come with me?”
Fritz blew some air out of his nostrils, which woke up Tirpitz. Her eyes opened as she looked at Akagi. Fritz leaned into her ear.
“Hey, honey. You feel like getting dressed and visiting Nagato and Mutsu’s shrine together with Akagi?”
Tirpitz rubbed her eyes and yawned. She sighed as she rubbed her belly.
“I’m kinda hungry. I want to eat first.”
Akagi nodded.
“Of course. You are expecting, after all. Very well. We’ll stop in the restaurant that I told Fritz about and eat before we visit Nagato and Mustu.”
Fritz nodded and let Tirpitz get off the beach chair. He picked up the beach chair and put it back. Soon, the group was heading back to the hotel for Fritz and Tirpitz to get changed.
The couple made it to the hotel room. Fritz changed into his formal Ironblood officer’s uniform. While Tirpitz changed into a white dress. Once they got dressed, they made their way to the car.
While they were driving, Fritz looked at Akagi.
“So, what’s the name of this restaurant?”
“The Scared Sakura. It is close to the Scared Sakura, so the owners named it after the tree. The other shipgirls are regulars there as well.”
Fritz nodded. “So they serve food that only shipgirls can eat?”
Akagi giggled. “No. They serve food you can eat as well, Fritz. I heard their sushi is to die for.”
Fritz nodded. “I’ve never had sushi before. I wonder if I will like it.”
Akagi giggled. “It’s raw fish. If you don’t like it, give it to me. I love sushi.”
Soon, the car stopped in front of the restaurant. The group entered the restaurant and got a table.
A waitress walked up to the group.
“So what do you want to drink?”
Fritz smiled. “Can I have a Schnapps?”
Akagi giggled. “I’ll have some Saki.”
Tirpitz sighed. “I’m pregnant, so I’ll get a lemonade.”
The waitress nodded as she wrote down the order.
“Got it. Once I come back with your drinks, I’ll ask you what you want to order.”
The group nodded as the waitress left.
After some time, the waitress came back with the group’s drinks.
“Have you decided what you want to eat?”
Akagi smiled. “I’ll have the torpedo tempura.”
Fritz chuckled. “I’ll have the sushi.”
Tirpitz smiled. “Can I get two full-course meals?”
The waitress nodded.
“Sure thing. I’ll be right back.”
The waitress left as Fritz chuckled.
“That’s a lot of food, Tirpitz. You sure you're going to eat all that?”
Tirpitz looked at her husband. “You do know I am eating for two, Fritz.”
Fritz looked at the plate of sushi. He looked at the chopsticks as Akagi giggled.
“Fritz, I take it you need me to show you how to use chopsticks?”
Fritz nodded. Akagi giggled as Fritz awkwardly handled them.
“This is reminding me of when I had to teach Akagi-chan how to use chopsticks.”
Fritz’s eyes went wide as he looked at Tirpitz. Both of her plates were empty. She was wiping her lips with a napkin as she looked at Akagi and Fritz's empty plates.
“You ate both those entire full-course meals? I was barely able to finish my sushi.”
Tirpitz giggled. “I suppose the baby is making me hungrier than usual.”
The group left the restaurant. They walked to Nagato and Mustu’s shrine. Before the couple could walk up the stairs, Akagi stopped them.
“Just letting you two know now, you walk on the left or right side, but never the middle.”
Fritz and Tirpitz nodded as they followed Akagi’s advice. Once they reach the top of the stairs, Fritz saw Tirpitz turn around and take a photo of the view with her phone. She smiled at Akagi.
“Hey, Akagi, do you mind holding my phone so I can get a photo with Fritz?”
Akagi nodded and held Tirpitz's phone. Fritz put his arm around Tirpitz’s waist. The mountain covered in snow provided the perfect background. Akagi giggled.
“Smile you two!”
Akagi took the photo. The couple smiled and turned around, this time taking a photo of the couple with the red pagoda in the background. Akagi smiled as she looked at the photos.
“These will look great as your honeymoon photos on your wall!”
Fritz and Tirpitz smiled. Akagi gestured to them.
"Nagato and Mutsu are just up ahead. I've already told them about our arrival."
Fritz and Tirpitz followed Akagi to where Nagato and Mustu were.
Fritz's eyes went wide at the sight of Nagato and Mustu. He leaned into Tirpitz’s ear.
“I was expecting the flagship of the Sakura Empire to be a lot bigger. Those two look like they are only twelve and eight years old respectively.”
Tirpitz giggled. "Do not underestimated them by their size. They're both a lot more powerful than they look.
Nagato smiled as she walked up to the couple.
“It is a pleasure to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Decke.”
Fritz’s eyes went wide.
“Nagato, why are you being so formal? It’s only Tirpitz and I’s honeymoon, not an official diplomatic visit.”
Nagato nodded.
“As a member of the Ironblood navy, and your wife being a KANSEN of the Ironblood. I must make sure that no diplomatic incidents occur while you and your wife are visiting the Sakura Empire.”
Nagato turned to look at Tirpitz.
“I have also heard the news from Bismarck about your pregnancy, Mrs. Decke. Congratulations.”
Tirpitz blushed and covered her mouth with her fist. She leaned into Fritz's ear.
“I’m going to have to get used to being called Frau or Mrs. Decke.”
Mustu giggled as she ran up to Fritz and grabbed his hand.
“So you're Fritz Decke? I’m glad to meet you!”
She shook his hand wildly.
Fritz’s eyes went wide as she shook his hand. Mutsu smiled at Tirpitz.
“Excuse me, Tirpitz? You mind if I listen to your belly?”
Tirpitz nodded and Mutsu placed her ear to Tirpitz’s belly.
“I can’t hear much of anything.”
Tirpitz giggled.
“That's because I’m not that pregnant yet. I’m only around four months along. In a few months, you’ll be able to hear him.”
Mutsu took her head off Tirpitz's belly. She nodded.
"Him? It's a boy? How do you know?
Tirpitz smiled as she rubbed Mutsu's head. "I told my husband the same thing. A mother just knows."
Mutsu giggled as Tirpitz rubbed her head.
“I’m excited for your baby, Tirpitz. Congratulations.”
Tirpitz smiled and nodded. Akagi came back to the group.
“Well lovebirds, you want to head back to your hotel room?”
Fritz and Tirpitz nodded. The couple went back to the hotel.
“Well, goodnight you two.”
Fritz and Tirpitz waved her off as they went into the hotel. They went to the room they were staying in and stripped down to their underwear.
In the middle of the night, the phone rang. Fritz woke up and picked it up.
“Mr. Decke? An officer from BdU is in the lobby. He asked to see you.”
Fritz sighed as he hung up the phone. He quickly got dressed into his formal uniform and made his way to the lobby. He saw an Ironblood naval officer. He had two letters in his hand.
“Leutnant zur See Fritz Decke. I am truly sorry.”
The officer placed the letters in Fritz’s hands.
Fritz raised an eyebrow, but before he could ask the officer more questions, he was gone. Fritz went back to his room.
Fritz opened the first letter, and his heart sank.
“TO: Leutnant zur See Fritz Decke”
“Dear Leutnant zur See Fritz Decke.”
“The situation in the Indian Ocean for the Monsun Gruppe is dire. You and your U-boat, U-847, are to be stationed to Penang as part of the 10th flotilla. You are to be there at once.”
Fritz sighed. “Can’t believe my honeymoon is being cut short.”
As Fritz opened the second letter, his eyes went wide. A single tear went down his face.
“Dear Fritz.”
“I’m sorry I have to write this letter.”
“While you were on your honeymoon, a siren air raid attacked Berlin.”
“I regret to inform you that your mother, Magda Decke was amongst the dead.”
Fritz wept into his hands. he sat on the bed and wept.
Tirpitz awoke to the sound of her husband sitting near her, sobbing. She wrapped her arms around him.
“What’s wrong mein kleiner Kolibri?”
Fritz stopped crying momentarily.
“It’s my mother. She’s dead.”
Tirpitz's eyes went wide.
“A siren air raid hit Berlin while we were gone. She was amongst the dead.”
Tirpitz placed Fritz’s head on her lap. He was still crying.
“That’s not all. Our honeymoon is ending much earlier than intended. I am being stationed in Penang, and due to the high casualties the Monsun Gruppe has been suffering, there is a high chance I will not make it back.”
Tirpitz felt tears go down her face.
“But we only just got married, and even have a child on the way, and now you’ll potentially die?”
Fritz sighed. “Want to hear what I fear most?”
Tirpitz nodded. Fritz closed his eyes.
“I’m afraid of dying out there. In the cold sea.”
Tirpitz stroked Fritz’s hair.
“Do you want to know what I fear the most?”
Fritz nodded
“I’m afraid of dying alone. In the Fjords.”
Fritz smiled slightly. “You don’t have to worry about that. Aren’t you relieved from combat duty due to your condition?”
Tirpitz gave a small smile. “You’re right. Bismarck has been making sure nothing happens to me.”
Fritz sighed.
“You know what? I never had a father growing up. He was killed in action before I was born.”
Tirpitz nodded. “I know. I read your file the Ironblood has about you.”
Fritz got up and got a piece of paper. He grabbed and pen and wrote something on it.
“If something were to happen to me, Give this to our child when they turn six years old. Make sure Bismarck, Heinz, and the others take care of you, you got it?”
Tirpitz felt a tear go down her eye. She got up out of bed and hugged Fritz.
The couple hugged for a full minute. They wept in each other’s arms.
The next day, Tirpitz was standing on a dock, getting ready to board a ship bound for the Ironblood. She turned to embrace her husband and kissed him on the lips.
“Please come back safe. For the three of us.”
Fritz nodded.
“I will.”
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2023.05.31 08:46 WolfOfFusion 2015-20 e-Golf Spare Tire Option on a Budget - Under $200 DIY Upgrade (Review)

So, I've been eyeing the VW E-Golf for a few years and finally decided to pull the trigger on a 2017 SEL Premium model last month. The bigger battery was a must-have for me and I chose the SEL over the SE mainly because of the LED headlights and higher quality all-black leatherette interior... and of course, I have no regrets! The car is awesome, as many of you here already know.
The one noticeable downside was my previous tire setup which was installed by the dealer. My e-Golf included semi-run flat tires, ditching the more efficient (but weak grip / traction) stock Ecopias which many owners have complained about. The result was an immediate impact on my range, which I'd estimate to be around 10%+ (based on my own test comparisons afterwards).
I quickly began to search for new EV specific tires and eventually found what I believe to be the perfect balance of Low Rolling Resistance + tire grip for solid traction in various weather conditions. The next issue was deciding how I would handle potential flat tires, as the new tires were not designed to run any significant distance while flat... and unfortunately, I average about 1 flat tire per year of driving over rough local highways.
In comes Deutsche Auto Parts' 18 inch Spare Wheel and Tire (DAP Part#: 5G0-601-011 ~ $195) for the VW Golf MK7/7.5. That tire, combined with Volkswagen Spare Tire Replacement Bolt (VW Part#: 5G0803899 ~ $15) straight from the dealer solved the problem perfectly. I opted not to purchase the additional "trunk trim kit" for $130 and didn't really see a need to dremel out the trunk trim like others have suggested before. I wanted to keep that area as stock as possible and the tire fits snug enough against the OEM trim if you use a bit of muscle to wiggle it in there nice and tight. The end result is a convenient emergency spare tire kit and plenty of room for a jack / tools if necessary (see photos).
Overall, I'm happy with the end results and haven't noticed any negative vibrations, sounds, or major impact on range... but of course, I'm also not carrying a bunch of tools in the back atm. Nonetheless, it all sits flush in the rear compartment for 100% concealment. Peace of mind for about $200 and a few days allotted for shipping.
Snug fit against trunk, but it definitely fits.
100% Concealment under trunk floor
submitted by WolfOfFusion to eGolf [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 03:55 barrelofsandals NPD! I made it five months this year before caving (okay, like four and half).

NPD! I made it five months this year before caving (okay, like four and half).
For those who cannot decipher my eldritch scribbling in the photo: Kaweco Sport fountain pen in green with clip attached, 3 Oysters Namsan ink in Pine Green, and the paper is the secret unsung hero of my fountain pen adventures - a random notebook from Daiso.
I had no clue how petite the Kaweco Sport is! I knew it was smaller but was still taken by surprised. Honestly, really loving both the pen and the ink.
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2023.05.30 23:04 Simius How so I know if this gap in my window frame is safe to seal?

How so I know if this gap in my window frame is safe to seal?
I’m currently on the hunt to winterize my rental unit and have noticed a noticeable draft from this gap in my window frames.
Any ideas on what it is or why they all appear this way? I assume the fuzzy material in there is some sort of insulation? But why isn’t flush with the rest of the frame?
I’m thinking I should caulk over it with some silicone gap sealer but wanted to get some internet opinions first because the internet is always right ™️.
Lower window frame, you can see the 'fuzzy gap' closer to the wood floor and then the sliding door track.
Some other photos of the window frames and gaps

Edit: I've just learned about weep holes for windows which is a fascinating new concept for me, but I can't seem to find anything on whether these are interior weep tracks? And if so, how would I better draftproof them?
submitted by Simius to DIY [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 14:45 doomedgeek I am a delivery driver. Your disturbing item is on the way.

I was the first person from my family to go to university and, as I packed up my car and got ready to leave home, I felt proud and excited.
There was sadness as well. I would miss my parents and still wondered what might have been if Mary-Beth and I had stayed together.
She was my first love and it still hurt that we’d broken up. Even as I started the car and turned to give my parents a goodbye wave, it was her I was thinking of.
I focused on the road ahead. I would see my parents again when I came back for a visit at the end of term. And no doubt I’d see Mary-Beth around town then as well.
Though hopefully not with Todd, her new boyfriend.
It was warm, clear day in early September as my hometown slipped away behind me, and I was soon on the interstate with the radio on. I’d meet plenty of girls at university, I told myself, and turned the music up.
The campus I would be studying at was on a city centre site and I had found accommodation in a student residence close by. After a long day’s drive, I reached my destination, parked up and climbed out of my car.
My back was aching and my neck was stiff from all the hours behind the wheel but, as I stood on the sidewalk and took a first look at my new neighbourhood, I soon forgot about my discomfort.
There was a myriad of stores that seemed to sell everything under the sun. And I could see at least half a dozen bars and restaurants within a few minutes’ walk. I was not old enough to go in the bars and from the looks of the restaurants I doubted I would be able to afford to eat in them. But that wasn’t the point.
They were pulsing with life, the whole street was, and it was infectious.
Then a police car sped past, its siren blaring. I was in such a good mood this felt exciting rather than worrying. In my small hometown the sound of a police siren after dark would have set off a chorus of barking dogs and twitching curtains. Here, I seemed to be only person who was paying any notice to it.
Even the busker across the road had not missed a note in his enthusiastic rendition of an 80s classic as the police car passed. It had charted when I had still been a glint in my parents’ eyes, but it was one of those songs that endured.
The busker hit an especially high note and coins clinked into his open guitar case from people walking by.
Someone was filming the busker as well. A young woman, maybe a couple of years older than me. Her long dark hair hung almost to her waist, and I only realized I was staring when she finished filming, turned round and glanced at me.
I felt my cheeks colouring, looked down at my feet and sensed rather than saw her walking towards me.
“Hey newbie,” she said brightly.
I looked up.
She was very pretty, and she was smiling at me, so I needed to say something dazzling and funny and cool.
I failed.
Instead, I said, “Hey. Err… How do you know I’m new?”
She turned to my car and replied, “From the number of things packed into your car that were clearly put there by parents. Top tip: it’s not worth the effort of carrying most of those things up to your room.”
I grinned. I knew exactly what she meant. I had boxes of groceries that I could have bought when I arrived, but my mom had insisted I bring them just in case.
She had not specified ‘in case’ of what. Possibly a zombie apocalypse that left the city stores all out of canned soup and toilet rolls
I grinned sheepishly and replied, “It won’t be too bad. I can use the elevator.”
She threw her head back and laughed. “The elevator. That hasn’t worked since I moved in.”
I knew that my room was on the eighteenth floor and the prospect of having to get everything up that many stairs was stressful but, on the plus side, this gorgeous young woman was going to be one of my neighbours, so life was not all bad, I figured.
Especially if I could get to know her better.
“Uh,” I said. “In that case, maybe you could give me a hand carrying my stuff up. We could maybe go out afterwards and I could buy you a coffee as a thank you. Or a pizza,” I added hastily, thinking how weak a coffee sounded the moment the words were out of my mouth.
She laughed again. “Good try,” she said. “See you around. Maybe.”
With that she was gone, letting herself into the student apartment block with a swipe card.
I stood there still smiling for a minute then took a deep breath and started unloading my car.
What felt like an absolute age later, I collapsed onto the bed in my new room surrounded by boxes. I was exhausted and, as my eyes closed, I thought how all I wanted to do was sleep.
Which was the moment the music started up.
It sounded like it was coming from the room directly below mine. A bass beat that felt like it was making my entire room shake.
I lay there with my eyes open, now wide open.
All my neighbours were students, so it was no surprise really that there was music blaring out.
I checked the time on my phone. It was ten pm. So, late for sharing your tunes at volume but not completely unreasonable, I decided.
I sighed and rolled off the bed and decided to unpack. Hopefully soon, the music would quit, and I could get to sleep.
Four hours later, just after two am, the music finally stopped. I was so relieved and lay back down on the bed. The quiet was bliss.
Ten minutes later I heard a door slamming and voices in the room next door. Then a new sound system started up. I pulled a pillow around my head and wished the world would just go away.
At some point, the party next door must have ended, or I was so tired I fell asleep anyway despite the music. When I woke, I felt bleary and was not sure where I was. I blinked and looked around at the half-unpacked boxes and the strange room and remembered.
I rolled off the bed and went to get breakfast.
There were plenty of places to eat with prices that would not break the bank scattered among the more upmarket joints that offered artisan bread and organic everything.
After bacon, grits and a stack of pancakes drowned in syrup, I started to feel human again despite my sleep deprivation, and opened up my laptop.
Classes started in a couple of days and I had a reading list I had barely started, but I had a more pressing concern.
I needed to find a job to make ends meet. The weekdays would have to be set aside for my studies, but that left nights and weekends for earning money.
I had already emailed my resume to hundreds of organizations based in the city but had either heard nothing back or received a standard anonymous response. I checked again and there was still no positive news in my inbox.
Well, I wasn’t going to give up. I couldn’t afford to!
And, now I was here in the city, I could take a more direct approach by calling in person into offices and shops and bars and asking to speak to a manager.
I set off full of hope but, after hours of trying, I had achieved nothing. I was left thoroughly deflated. It had been humiliating.
With the sun starting to set in the sky, I slumped down onto a bench tried to think of alternative ways to earn money. Perhaps I could volunteer for medical experiments and risk developing mutant powers? Or perhaps sell an organ? There must have been something I did not need.
I was wondering if leaving home had been a mistake when I noticed a sign in the window of the building opposite.
The building at first glance looked derelict and the sign was just about visible under smeared-on dirt. It read Delivery Drivers Wanted and was handwritten.
It was massively uninspiring – but I was desperate.
I got to my feet and went to look for an entrance to the building.
I found a door round the back in an alley, and broken glass crunched under my feet as I walked up to it. I pressed the intercom and, when there was no answer at first, I spoke into it: “Hello. I saw your sign.”
There was a crackling sound then the door buzzed open.
Here goes nothing, I thought, and went in.
I found myself in a shabby reception area. An air conditioner rattled, and flies circled a dusty light bulb that hung from the ceiling. There was a desk in the centre of the room with no one sitting at it and an open hatch in the wall behind it. Next to the hatch there was another door. One, presumably, that would take you into the rest of the building.
I noticed as well that there was a strange smell in the room – a rank odour that made me want to put my hand over my nose and mouth.
I was wondering what it was, when the door in front of me opened and a man walked in.
He brought a wave of the fetid smell in with him.
From his odour and the way he looked, I don’t think he must have washed or changed his clothes for months, maybe years. His hair was greased into a side parting and his fingernails were caked with dirt.
Worse was to come. “You here about the delivery driver job?” he asked, and his breath carried across the room and hit me in the face.
I should have said, It’s all a mistake. Then I could have got out of there and back into the relatively fresh air of the city. Car fumes would have never smelt so good.
But I said, “Yes.”
“Do you have your own vehicle?” he asked.
“Yes,” I managed to answer while trying not to gag.
“Good,” he said. “When can you start?”
Through the mental haze caused by the assault on my senses, I wondered if that was it? What about my resume? What about references? Did he need to see my insurance and license?
Feeling flustered, I asked, “Do you mean, I’ve got the job?”
“Yep,” he replied. “After you make each delivery, come back to the depot and I will pay you cash in hand. I’ll go get your first package now.”
With that he went back through the door. His smell lingered.
A couple of minutes later, a small brown cardboard box with an address handwritten on it appeared in the hatch.
The man peered through after it. “I got just one rule,” he said. “Do not ever look inside the package. You got that?”
I gulped and nodded and picked up the box.
Back outside, I took a moment to try and regain my composure.
I was both grossed-out and delighted.
Grossed-out because that dude had some serious personal hygiene issues, and delighted because I had found a job and one for which I would be paid in cash as soon as I delivered the package I was holding.
Time to get busy, I told myself and hurried over to my car. I put the package on the passenger seat and set off.
My maps app directed me to an area of old one- and two-story houses tucked away behind high rise offices. They appeared to be abandoned. There were piles of rubble as well in places, that made me think the houses here were in the process of being demolished. That seemed inevitable. Once they were cleared, this would be a prime location for new residential developments.
Until then, it was Gloomville, and I spent a while driving up and down the old streets, trying to read house numbers.
Finally, I found the house I was looking for and parked up outside it. The paint on the wooden boards of the house’s façade was peeling away and all the windows were boarded up. But the number next to the porch matched the one on the package.
Telling myself this must be the right place. I picked up the package from the passenger seat.
It felt sticky underneath.
I lifted it up and looked at the base. A dark stain had spread out over the cardboard. Something inside had leaked.
And, much worse, whatever it was, had leaked all over my car seat.
I cursed. Hoping I wouldn’t have to spend my fee for the delivery on getting my car cleaned, I climbed out of the car and carried the package up to the house.
It was only when I was at the front door that I noticed the package was still leaking.
A blob of dark liquid dropped from the base and landed on the ground next to my feet.
It wasn’t just leaking, it was dripping. I looked back along the sidewalk. I had left a trail of dark droplets between my car and the house.
My first delivery was going downhill and fast. I wanted to hand over the package and get out of there before things could get any worse.
Only, if I rang the bell and handed over the package, the person I gave it to would realize straight away it was damaged.
They’d refuse delivery. Would start demanding compensation. And I wouldn’t get paid.
I couldn’t let the scenario that had played out in my head happen, so I put the package down, then rang the bell, and made a hasty exit.
It was a lousy plan B, but it was all I could think of.
I was almost back at my car when I heard the door open. I crouched down and looked back.
The door hung half-open. There was no light showing from inside and, at first, no sign of anyone there.
Then a hand reached out. Its fingers were long and bony and its fingernails were overgrown and twisted.
These curled, almost claw-like things, scraped over the package and then began to draw it in, into the house and the waiting darkness.
The door closed. I was left crouching there, wiping away a bead of cold sweat which had trickled down my face.
I opened the car door, got in, started the engine and drove away. It had been a very unsettling experience.
By the time I got back to the depot, I was almost feeling better.
When the man who had hired me handed over my payment, I felt a lot better.
“That’s great,” I told him, putting the bills in my pocket.
“Whatever,” he growled. “Be back here tomorrow night. And don’t be late.”
I smiled and headed off.
Back at my student accommodation, I traipsed up the stairs. This time I did not even make it through my front door before I heard the loud musing blaring out. It seemed to be coming from at least three directions.
Resigning myself to the fact that every night was party night where I now lived, I let myself into my room and lay on the bed.
I got no sleep this time and, when I saw the sky lightning with the approaching dawn, I got up and went out to see if I could clean the stain off my car seat myself.
As a street cleaner rattled past in their truck, I popped the lock and leaned in.
In the growing light of the new day, I could now see that the stain was dark red, and I had an awful feeling I knew what it was.
I’d only ever seen this much blood on crime shows on tv, but there it was, soaked into the fabric of the seat.
My shoulders slumped. No amount of scrubbing with a wet cloth and soap suds would get it out.
I got my phone out and was searching online to try and find out how much it would cost me to get the seat cleaned professionally, when I smelled a pleasant fragrance behind me.
I turned and saw the young woman from the evening before. Her long hair was elegantly plaited and she was wearing running gear. She also looked fresh and full of energy.
I rubbed my face. When I’d glimpsed in a mirror before coming outside, I’d seen the dark patches under my eyes. I was exhausted and looked it.
Yet, she had clearly had a good night’s sleep.
I was about to ask her how she did that – but she was peering over my shoulder at the passenger seat.
“Wow,” she said. “Did you murder your passenger last night?”
I was shocked at her accusation and said with a catch in my voice, “N… No.”
Then I saw the cheeky smile on her face.
“I’ve got a job as a delivery driver,” I told her, “And one of the packages leaked.”
“What was in the package?” she asked.
I really hadn’t considered that. I’d been too stressed at the time. I scratched my chin and said, “Raw meat, perhaps? Something rare that you can’t get in a regular store.”
“Could be,” she replied, then added, “Anyway, I need to get going. See you later.”
With that she jogged away.
I went back to looking for a solution to my ruined seat.
After thirty minutes clicking and scrolling, I did not find anything that I felt I could afford, so decided to leave it for a while.
I had a lot of other things I wanted to get done. I needed to arrange my student photo I.D., register with the university library, and spend some serious time on my reading list.
The day passed quickly, and I was feeling pleased with myself as I set off for the depot.
I’d put a towel over the seat so I would not have to look at it, and ‘out of sight out of mind’ was working for me as I pulled up outside the depot.
The miasma of stale armpits and worse met me as I was buzzed in. The man was on the other side of the hatch with a package ready for me. It was around the same size as the last one and looked sturdy enough – and dry.
I wanted to ask if it would stay that way, but to do so, I would risk altering him to what had really happened with my last delivery.
So, I grinned and said, “Great.” Then took the package out to my car.
When I saw that the address written on the package was for a regular apartment block in a good district, I felt reassured that this was going to be a breeze. The journey was easy, and I found a parking space on a well-lit street.
I checked all sides of the package and, relieved to see nothing had leaked out, I put it under my arm and went to find a soon to be satisfied customer’s front door.
There was no answer on the buzzer for the number on the address, so I tried a couple more until someone let me in. The interior of the building was clean and smelt of air freshener and the elevator was working.
I caught it up to the fifth floor, stepped out into a pleasant passageway, and found the apartment I was looking for.
I pressed the buzzer and knocked but there was no answer.
Not a problem, I thought, I’d just leave it outside the door.
I put it down and smiled – and the package moved. It rocked slightly from side to side.
I blinked and rubbed my eyes. I was tired and must have imagined that the package had moved. Surely?
It rocked again, faster this time, and I heard a dull thud come from inside.
I frowned. I wasn’t imagining this. There seemed to be something inside the package, and it was stirring.
A louder thud sounded, and the package jerked to one side. Whatever was in there was exerting some serious force.
The package rattled and shook. The thudding was constant now. And then the package broke open. It was a small split, just below where the address was written on.
I instinctively took a step backwards.
A second break appeared in the package, close to the first, and something emerged through it.
It was dark and sharp and was moving from side to side.
It looked like some kind of limb – and another one was beginning to break free from the first split.
And another – this one from a tear in the base of the package.
As I watched with a mounting sense of horror a dozen dark limbs appeared from inside the package.
Some probed and twitched into space. Others found the floor and, slowly, uncertainly, they began to crawl. Propelled by the legs of the things inside it, the package began to head towards me.
I tried to run away, but I was so freaked out I tripped myself up and ended up sprawled on the floor. I looked up and saw the hideously animated package was almost on me. One of its limbs was flickering against my sneaker.
I did not hear the elevator open, did not realize someone had stepped out from it, until I saw arms reaching down and lifting the package up.
The limbs went into a frenzy, but now they were clawing at nothing.
I looked up – into a face that was twisted with rage.
“What have you done?” the man standing over me demanded. “This rare specimen is to have pride of place in my collection. If you have hurt it, I will sue you!”
With that outburst, he stormed to his door with the package and hurried inside.
I was left still sitting on my backside. “How would you rate your delivery today on a scale of one to five?” I asked the empty passageway then began to laugh hysterically.
I gave it twenty minutes so I could calm down, before driving back to the depot to collect my money.
I found the man waiting once more behind the hatch with a new package.
I wasn’t sure my nerves were up to it and asked, “Do you have another driver who could take it?”
“You do the jobs I allocate to you, or you don’t get paid anything,” he told me with an ugly sneer on his face.
“Fine,” I said under my breath and took the package.
I did not need to look at the address to know where I was taking it because it started to leak blood before I had even got it into the car.
Muttering to myself, I put it on the towel on the passenger seat and set off.
I drove faster than I normally would and arrived at the house in good time. More of its neighbouring houses had been demolished and there was a digger parked up as well. The redevelopment of the area seemed to be picking up pace.
I picked up my own pace, hopped out of the car, and put package down outside the house. Then I pressed the bell and made myself scarce.
I was back in the car when the door opened. I peered over at the darkness revealed.
At the pale figure standing in its midst.
Its eyes were dark voids in its face, its nose was flattened, and its ears rose into sharp tips. It was holding the package in its grotesque grip.
Blood was dripping from the package and, as I watched, the creature’s tongue flickered out and licked the blood. It smiled, showing teeth that looked like shards of glass. Then it retreated back into the house, and the door closed.
I was left terrified. My hands were shaking so badly, it took me three goes to get the key in the ignition and, as I drove away I vowed never to return.
My very short career as a delivery driver was over. I just couldn’t take the weirdness.
When I arrived back at the depot, I did not tell the malodorous man about my decision. I took the money and ran.
Feeling relieved that I’d never have to see or smell him again, I arrived back at my student accommodation.
Even from the roadside, I could hear music blaring out from inside, so I decided to sleep in the car.
I closed my eyes and leant back.
I slept restlessly and when dawn finally arrived, I felt dreadful. I was sitting there, aching all over and feeling about ninety years old when someone tapped on my window.
It was the young woman. She looked more beautiful every time I saw her.
I wound the window down and smiled in what I hoped was an irresistibly handsome way.
“Hey,” she said. “Did you get locked out last night?”
“No,” I replied. “I’m finding it hard to sleep in my room because of all the noise.”
She laughed and said, “Do you want to come up to my room, I have something that will help.”
How could I say no!
Her room was chaotic, with clothes, books and pictures everywhere. She rooted around inside a pile of tops lying tangled on the floor and brought out a small plastic container.
“Try these,” she said. “They’re noise cancelling ear buds. I have the new model so you’re welcome to have these.”
“That’s amazing,” I said. “Hopefully things will get better now.”
“You seem to be doing OK,” she replied. “I mean, you’ve got your job.”
I frowned and told her about the package that had sprouted legs and described the strange figure that I had seen when I dropped off the second bleeding package.
I expected her to be shocked, but she looked excited.
“Wow!” she exclaimed. “That sounds like a vampire, and I love vampires. You have to let me know next time you’re going to deliver to it.”
She gave me her phone number and made me promise to message her.
All thoughts of giving up the job as a delivery driver forgotten, I told her I would, and left her room with a big grin on my face.
That night I headed for the depot building hoping there would be another package dripping with blood waiting for me.
There wasn’t. The man, smelling as rank as ever, told me I had to collect the package from a different location tonight and I’d be given the delivery address for it when I did,
I had zero enthusiasm for this until he let me know where the collection was to be made.
As soon as I was outside, I sent a message:
Hey, I am heading to the vampire’s house now.
Moments after I pressed send, a reply came:
Take me with you!
Yes! I thought and we arranged a place for me to pick her up. Thirty minutes later I was driving through the night with a beautiful girl by my side.
She’d brought a cushion with her so she didn’t have to sit on the messed up cover of the passenger seat and her cheeks were flushed with excitement.
For my part, I had decided to ask her out on a date as soon as I could get the courage and I was desperately hoping she would say yes.
In the meantime, there was the small matter of a package to collect.
I pulled up in my usual place. More houses had been demolished and I guessed the house we were going to was due to be knocked down soon.
I wondered if, perhaps, the strange creature who lived there was moving out because of this.
I must admit, I did not truly believe it was a vampire. It was grade A freaky looking, but that did not automatically make it one of the undead.
Still, I was feeling very apprehensive now the moment to see it face to face again had arrived. I pressed the bell.
My gorgeous companion had refused to stay in the car and had come with me. She was so stoked she could not stand still as we waited for a response.
But there was nothing.
I was about to press the bell again, when she put her hand on my arm and said, “Wait.”
Then she pushed the door. It creaked and opened.
“Result,” she said brightly and stepped inside.
I took a deep breath and followed.
Bugs with far too many legs scurried out of our way as we walked along a dark hallway. There was a large room at the end of the hallway.
I would have been very happy to not go into it, but she was hurrying ahead. She made her way into the room, then came to a halt and gasped.
I walked up to her side and understood why.
The room was lit by a single candle in an ornate gold holder. Dark curtains hung over the windows, keeping the outside world away, and there were bones all over the floor.
I thought of the packages I had delivered and my theory that they had held raw meat.
It looked like I had been right and that this feast dripping with blood had been a regular delivery to the creature that lived here.
My companion took my arm and said, “Look.”
In an ante room, there was a coffin on a table. She walked over to it and looked at the lid. Then she turned round and her eyes were shining as she told me, “It’s got a note taped to it, saying it’s for collection. And there’s a delivery address as well.”
She clapped her hands together and added a delighted, “Amazing.”
I was still not happy about the whole business and said, “Ok, let’s get the coffin in the car then. The sooner we get it delivered the better.”
“After we look inside,” she said gleefully.
I remembered the disgusting guy at the depot’s rule about never looking inside a package, and said, “I really don’t think that’s a good idea.”
She wrinkled her nose up in the cutest way and replied, “Spoilsport.”
But she didn’t ask again, and together we carried the coffin out to the car. It just about fit onto the back seats and I was relieved when we drove away from the house. Being reduced to rubble was the best thing that could happen to the place, in my opinion.
The delivery address was in a part of the city that neither of us had ever heard of and I got completely lost.
Between the stress of that, and the strange package, and still trying to get up the nerve to ask for a date, my guts started to churn and I had to stop off at a diner so I could use their rest room.
I was the only person in the place apart from a tired looking waitress. Once I’d visited the rest room, I bought a couple of coffees to go, even though caffeine was the last thing I needed, then returned to the car.
It was empty.
The passenger door was open and one of the back seats. As I came closer, I saw that the lid of the coffin was open as well.
I started to feel sick with worry. Had curiosity got the better of my companion, and she had looked inside the coffin?
I peered into the coffin through the car window. There was nothing in there either.
I swore out loud and began to look around frantically – and it was then I saw the body lying on the ground.
It was near a dark corner of the diner. I hurried over.
It was the young woman. I knelt down and touched her face. Two trails of blood ran from cuts on her neck.
She had been so full of life, so beautiful. Now, she was dead.
I began to cry.
She must have disturbed the vampire in its coffin, and it had lashed out. Had fed on her and stolen her life.
As I knelt there weeping, I suddenly became aware of movement nearby.
I turned, thinking it might be the waitress, and saw the vampire crouching in the shadows.
Its hideous, bat-like head was tilted to one side and its tongue flickered out. Its mouth hung slightly open and I could see dark red stains on its monster’s teeth.
“You did this,” I said as anger flared inside me. “You!” I screamed.
It looked at me, and it smiled, and then wings unfurled from its back, and it sped into the sky and away.
I was nothing to it. And the young woman it had killed was growing cold on the ground next to me.
I picked her body up and carried it over to the car. My mind was racing and I’m not sure why, but I put her in the empty coffin as gently as I could then closed the lid, and the car door. I think I did not want anyone to see her like that.
I went to sit in the driver’s seat.
I felt utterly lost and alone and more scared than I had ever been in my life.
With dawn still hours away, I desperately tried to think what I should do next.
I was still trying to think, when I heard the back door click open. I span round. Shock sent cold waves through my body. The lid of the coffin was once more loose and it was empty.
And there was someone standing outside the car. Her long dark hair hung down her back almost to her waist.
Feeling as if I was in a dream, I climbed out of the car. She turned to me and smiled. Her lips were pale. Her fangs razor sharp.
“Help me,” she said in a quiet voice. “I am thirsty. I need to feed.”
Since that night, I have stayed with her. I watch over her coffin while she sleeps during the day. After dusk, I drive her to places where she can hunt for new victims to sate her bloodlust.
I will do this as long as she needs me. Because she is my dark mistress. My savage, beautiful creature of the night.
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2023.05.30 13:19 SnowCyclone Experience report: 3-FA - Happy but gentle amphetamine

Experience report: 3-FA - Happy gentle amphetamine
70mg over time, in doses of 15, 35, and 20 milligram
This wil be a long post, so buckle up.
Background information:  
Age: 23  
Weight: approx. 75kg or 170lbs  
Length: 185cm or 6’1”
Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of experiencing 3-FA for the first time. 3-FA was chosen because I did want to go out to party, however, I did not want to deplete my serotonin in massive amounts. 3-FA and 3-FMA were the best suited for this with what I could buy, and 3-FMA would last significantly longer, hence the decision to use 3-FA. I dissolved the substance in vodka in a flacon in order to dose easily and accurately, and also because some reports stated that insufflating it is extremely painful.
While intending to use it at a rave, I wanted to test the substance out beforehand to see how I reacted, since very little information could be found regarding this substance. This was in a hostel with a group of friends, where drug use was (probably) prohibited. Another reason not to use 3-FMA. One friend would join me, and I assured her that I would report her how it felt before she joined me with it. For the duration of the day, I felt very lethargic and tired, and was hoping that the drug would help with this. A heavy meal was eaten at approximately 4 to 5 hours prior, and did not feel full at the time of ingestion.
Experience report:  
At 23:00 I ingested light dose of 15mg of the substance by mouth. It tasted extraordinarily disgusting, like spoiled hard liquor, and I took a small sip of water to flush the taste away. After this, we walked with a group of 5 towards the club which was approximately 30 minutes away.
I feel a bit more energised. Walking quickly goes easy even though I was tired, I am constantly fidgeting with my rings and wristwatch, and I become more talkative. I can feel as if my eyelids are slightly more open than before. However, my friends don’t seem to have noticed that anything was off. A slight trembling of the hands was felt as well, and this was noticeable when I tried to put in my earplugs, or tried to unbutton my jacket, which was quite uncomfortable.
Over the course of the past fifteen minutes I can feel the substance becoming more active, but the come-up is extremely gentle. It felt like a parent pushing your back when you are riding a bike as a child when you’re struggling to keep up to pace. The effects, however, are very much felt. When starting to dance, I felt encourage to continue doing so, like stopping would cost considerably more energy. Headspace is virtually absent, but I felt like I did not care as much as I usually do when I dance. This could also have been because the club was completely empty by the time this was felt.
The effect of the drug is now in full swing. Slight tingling was felt at the tips of my extremities when I kept dancing. I felt my heartbeat harder than solely because of dancing. Chewing gum felt very good. The headspace was a little more brightened up than before, even though I was complaining to my friends that the music sucked. The music sounded better too, even though nothing extraordinary was changed. I was practically fidgeting with my rings the whole time. My mouth was a bit dry, and I felt quite warm, but was not sweating a lot. A slight headspace of stimulation is felt, and I can notice that thoughts are being sped up. I felt like I was very happy to be here with my friends, and had a desire to flatter and hug them. This all felt extremely subtle, though, and as such can be seen as an encouragement instead of a desire, or forced manner.
According to the Journal app, the effects by this time were at its peak, and I hinted to my friend who was intending to use it with me that she could come with me to (re)dose. I ingested another 30 milligrams, and gave my friend the same amount. Again, disgusting. My friend concurred, and flushed it away with some water.
(T+1:15 or redose T+0:15)  
No new effects were felt, but the encouraging manner of stimulation became heavier. A greater degree of bruxism was also experienced. I started to sweat a little bit more, but the location had become warmer, so this is difficult to tell. The headspace stayed more or less the same; subtle but noticeable. The way this drug manifested felt a bit like the post-nausea come-up of MDMA.
(T+1:35 or redose T+0:35)  
This is a complex drug. I can feel the entactogenic effects that are akin to MDMA, but much more subtle. When using MDMA, you know for a fact that if you take a step back and realise what you are doing, and that you are pretty much fucked up. Not that you care usually. 3-FA is nothing like it. While you notice that the effects are working, the headspace is mild. Its moreso of a gentle nudge to keep doing what you’re doing instead of your body screaming that you must keep going.
Tactile intensification is extremely noticeable. Touch with intention feels very sensual, and my libido is definitely increased. A great degree of vasoconstriction is felt, and my body feels very light in the physical sense, and my friend occured While going outside for a smoke and to chill, I can feel my heart is racing abnormally fast. I feel myself becoming more talkative, and my affect for people is greatly increased. A woman I spoke to was talking about her battling cancer, and I nearly wept when I hugged her. Besides that, ego was inflated as well, and I could do basically anything if I put my mind to it.  
I was not agitated. I could feel some serotonergic activity, but not much. I felt amazing.  
This was also the moment I reached a plateau, and I basically kept feeling this way for another hour or so. I decided that I should redose once more, since I was intending to go on for a longer while. I ingested another 20 milligrams and gave my friend approximately 15 milligrams. And yes, the concoction I had brewed tasted worse than the devil sperm. 3-MMC is disgusting but you get used to it. You don’t get used to this.
(T+2:30 or 1st redose T+1:15 and 2nd redose T+0:15)  
This substance is gentle but very euphoric. Serotonergic activity was definitely felt to a greater degree. Chills were running down my spine, and I practically howled whenever the base or lights were being funky. I retracted my eyes to the ceiling and into the sky the moment someone gave me a slight massage. My perception of time was not suppressed, instead, it felt like a longer time had passed than actually passed. The love for my friends reached a climax, and I felt that I was loved by everyone in the room. No new effects were felt except for an exacerbation of the previously mentioned effects. The headspace, again, was mild. I did not feel like I was fucked up, nor did I feel that I was looking fucked up.
(T+3:15 or 1st redose T+2:00 and 2nd redose T+1:00)  
After some while, tiredness struck. It comes up very gradually. I had been tired throughout the day, and decided that it would be best not to redose anymore but let the effects water out gently and go home whenever the fatigue became over encumbering. A slow decline was felt in all effects, likely exacerbated due to fatigue.
(T+4:15 – after this point, all the times afterwards will be of the point of first ingestion.)  
Fatigue was felt. The encouragement to keep dancing still felt noticeable, but my head, body, and mind were informing me that it would be best to stop and walk home, which was still a 30-minute walk. I signalled my friend to leave, smoked a final cigarette, and walked home. A pleasurable walk home, with nice conversations. Conversations were still easy to start, uphold, and continue. I felt very happy to have been able to do this with my friend. We talked about our shared experiences regarding the substance.
We take a photo with flash together for a pupil check. While they are somewhat enlarged, this could also have occurred because it was dark. No abnormal pupils.
Suddenly, I feel very tired, inform my friend that I feel tired, and stop talking as much. We took a detour, but were now back at the hostel, and were going to to go sleep to get some rest.
I get out of bed at 7:00 AM. I did not feel tired, but rather wakeful. My heart was absolutely racing, and I felt very warm. These palpitations were probably the worst thus far after ingesting it. When borrowing the smartwatch from a friend who was informed of our usage, it showed that my resting heart rate was still well above 120bpm. Chills were running down my spine while I showered, and did not feel comfortable. These were probably due to the serotonergic activity. Appetite is suppressed, but it felt much gentler than that of regular amphetamine, MDMA, or LSD. I was feeling nauseous due to hunger. I was famished. This made eating some food all the more important, and after the first bite of some food it became apparent that eating was much easier than expected.
My mouth was dry. No amount of water or fruit juice could quench my thirst. Quite paradoxically, even though I was awake for more than 24 hours at this point, absolutely no anxiety or comedown was felt. I just felt tired. It was probably made worse due to not being able to sleep.
(T+11:00 to 18:00)  
Heart palpitations, vasoconstriction, and blood pressure seem to disappear suddenly. Fifteen minutes ago, I mentioned to my friend that I still had a racing heart, but at the next given moment a short while later, everything was gone. I was tired. Cognitive fatigue set in. Hunger set in too, and felt like I could eat a mountain of fruit. Words were significantly more difficult to think of, and expressing myself felt like a challenge. Weirdly, comedown was felt. No anxiety, depression, or negative thoughts occurred during this phase. It felt more like an afterglow. It should be noted however, that I was being extremely content with the circumstances. I was with my friends on a trip I planned myself, in the sunny warmth of a May afternoon, smoking a cigarette while standing in knee-deep in the cool waters of a shallow creek, surrounded by friends.
(T+18:00 to 24:00)  
I felt a paradoxical amount of energisation. Even though I had been awake for more than 40 hours, I had not felt this happy in months. Again, this could be due to the circumstances previously mentioned. I went to sleep, and was probably gone in less than a minute. While eating approximately 24 hours after the first ingestion, I noticed how extremely tensed up my jaws were. The bruxism and teeth clenching were definitely on par to 3-MMC.
(T+32:00-48:00 and the next day)  
This day I felt a bit irritable, but nothing in particular. Things in the trip did not work out as planned and I was a bit frustrated regarding the matter. I was, again, tired. There was no motivation to do anything whatsoever. Thinking was a bit difficult, as was writing this trip report, haha.
Even though a great degree of serotonergic activity was felt during the ‘trip’, no comedown or ‘suicide Tuesday’ was noticed. Just lethargy, and tiredness. I have never had a drug this complex and potent with such an absent comedown. This is contrasted to my usage of MDMA, with which I took fewer than 75 milligrams, and felt suicidal for three days when the comedown started.
Looking back/conclusion:  
3-FA is wonderful, potent, complex, and interesting drug. One of the most fun I have ever tried. Its profile is akin to a very light MDMA which gradually develops into effects akin to amphetamine. Though I have never tried 4-FA, I feel like the effects are quite similar. No comedown was felt.
This substance is fantastic. Never felt a potent compound that left me so speck-free. You feel that it is working, but you also feel that you do not look fucked up while using it. My friends who were not using (probably) did not notice that we had used the drug.
I give this substance a 9-9.5/10. Simply fantastic. I wish I had found this substance earlier.
If there's any questions, i would love to hear them.
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