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2023.06.04 05:08 RemoteglitterPillow Toddler feeding tips for Cabo trip!

We're planning on going to Cabo in a few weeks and there are two resort types we're considering, one with a kitchen and one without. The ones without are more attractive to us right now because they can be booked with some travel points we've accumulated. However, our baby is just 12.5 months and she's very used to eating homemade food with minimal salt. We've just started to introduce salted food and outside food to her. I'm not sure that she'll have enough to eat if we go to a hotel without an equipped kitchen for me to prepare her foods for her - any experience traveling with a young toddler to an all inclusive hotel?! Please share! What did you feed your babies??
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2023.06.04 05:07 Sayyedain 06/03/2023

So I haven’t wrote or talked about anything since two weeks ago but I’m here and I want to write about my experiences. I can feel myself slipping away from prayer, I always miss because of the silliest of reasons and I know Allah swt looking down in shame right now but I still don’t know why I don’t do anything. But I am grateful to my lord (Allah swt) who has given me the best experiences in my life in the past 3-4 weeks. I’ve made new friends and have gotten quite close to some old ones. Hadia and I have developed something more than the kind of friendship we had previously, it feels like a true friendship, someone who is there for me and someone who I can be there for. We don’t want to have relationships or anything like that because that’s not really the way either of us want to roll but we have developed something of a brother-sister relationship, a bond that I cherish a lot. I don’t think I’ve been this close to anyone in a while, especially considering the fact this is my first friend (who isn’t related to me) since Kazim that I’ve become close to. Because of this, Hadia has Introduced me to some new people. Maha was someone I already knew but I only hung out with her once but she is a very nice girl, hilarious, and is basically an aunty. She might be a little wild and stuff but she’s also very genuine and kind. Someone new that I’ve become good friends with is Tehreem, she is really cool. It’s like, we have everything in common. She likes Spider-Man, I like Spider-Man. Her and I are both weebs and love Attack on Titan, we both love Eren. She even worked at CVS, like it was scary how much we had in common. I’m very happy that I’ve become friends with her because now I have someone who has similar interests as me. Raheem is someone I met at Umrah but I hadn’t hung out with him until I went to Six Flags. He’s pretty funny but I don’t take him too seriously. He’s a goofball but he’s a good guy too. He’s also a hooper, it’s pretty cool. I also met Maha’s little sister Yumna, she’s 14 but she’s a little baby. I’m not really sure why Dua hates her because she’s very adorable. I also recently met a new girl named Hamail. I heard of her before but then I found out she’s a girl from London Terrace. She’s pretty nice, we both are pretty similar in the spiritual stand point, she takes good care of her soul, as do I. She combines her spirituality with Islam and it reminds me of myself. She’s nice, I didn’t realize we had so many mutual friends to be honest. When I hung out with Hadia in the beginning of May, I had a lot of fun because we just talked for hours and ate food. It might’ve sucked because everything was closed but I enjoyed hanging out with her. Then we went to Six Flags with Maha, Tehreem, and Raheem. That was a lot of fun actually, I really enjoyed that day because me, Hadia and Maha just hung out for the rest of the night talking about life. Then when they came back from Puerto Rico, we went to iPlay America and had a ton of fun with Hamail and Yumna, but Raheem couldn’t come for some reason. Laser tag was fun and go karts too. I also ate good sushi for the first time, that was fun. I don’t think I’ve had this much of an experience with friends honestly, I love all of them so much. I wish that our friendships last until we die and transcend onto our future generations. Alhamdulillah!
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2023.06.04 05:03 Historical_Cause9479 Am I crazy for feeling this way this early on? 26F 24M 1month

In late April, I went on vacation to San Juan, Puerto Rico for my birthday, with no intentions of meeting someone. I’d be lying if I said that was my goal of the trip. I went with the sole intention to have fun with my childhood best friend.
One of the nights, we went out to the club and had a really good time. That’s when a tall, tan, Italian man came up to me and we started dancing and talking. It was like we had met before and picked up where we last left off, except this was our first time meeting. We instantly clicked and it just felt right. He thought I only spoke Spanish so for the first 30ish minutes of us speaking/dancing, he was trying his best to flirt in Spanish until we both died laughing when he found out I also spoke Englis. The night we met, we even took pictures together and those pictures look like we’d been together for years. It was like my soul knew him? I didn’t remember at the time but, he got my number and we’ve been talking NON-STOP ever since. We text and call each other on our lunches/during dinner, any chance we get. We are so similar, it’s incredibly insane. I feel so comfortable with him and I’m constantly having to remind myself, I ONLY MET HIM A MONTH AGO.
(He lives in New York, i live in New Mexico, 1.237 miles apart)
WELL- last week, while on the phone, he joking asked me to visit him in NYC for memorial weekend, and would pay for my flight. I said eff it and booked my trip because although I felt a lil crush developing I didn’t think it’d go further than that. I also hoped he wouldn’t murder me as I’m a 5’1 woman, and he’s 6’1, over 200 pounds.
He surprised me at the airport, showed me around NYC, took me to the top of the Empire State Building, made me laugh non-stop and we just completely hit it off in every way possible. It just feels right to be with him. It feels passionate and incredibly intense.
My feelings are extremely intense now. All of this to say, I feel really confused because I think it’s way to soon to feel this STRONGLY about someone I literally met a month ago. While in NYC, we instantly broke the ice and acted like we had been together for YEARS. We flirted, held hands, kissed and were very romantic with each other because leading up to the impromptu trip, we discussed everything under the sun on the phone. I know it’s so soon to say but something in my heart tells me he might be my person. I’ve never ever ever, had such strong feelings for someone like this, this fast. I’m usually EXTREMELY guarded and don’t let my walls down, but he broke through them within WEEKS. He keeps me on my toes and makes me feel free. I’ve never thought about seriously getting married and having kids with someone and being with him the week in NYC, made me contemplate that in THE FUTURE with him- WHICH IS NUTS TO SAY!!!! Something in my soul just tells me this feels right BUT ITS SCARY!!! I feel like I’m living a 2000’s romcom plot.
While I know time is just a construct, I think building rapport is important. Anyone else every find the one and only know them for a short period of time or am I DELULU???
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2023.06.04 04:12 Savage_Sav420 How are y'all booking trips?

Hi everyone,
I am interested in booking a trip for 4 adults (me, husband, my parents) for next year and I'm a bit confused. I see all inclusive resorts and some super expensive packages ($8000 pp) that include everything, so how are y'all doing it? Do you book each hotel and transfers on your own or do you just Uber when you get there? Do you fly from one area to the islands or do a combination of taxi and boat shuttles?
I'm young and fairly tech savvy but I don't think I can handle the stress of booking a 10-14 day vacation by myself, including transfers and everything. So, how are you guys doing it? Do you have travel agents (I thought these were a thing of the past).
I almost want to just book a hotel for a few days and then go on a cruise to simplify things, but my parents prefer more traditional vacations and think we would see too little with a cruise (I agree, but I think if there's a place we like, we can go back).
If there's any advice you guys can give me or point me towards a website or blog that would help, I would be so thankful.
Travel dates: April-September 2024 Budget: $3000pp + air travel (is this reasonable) Itenirary: general stuff, we would want to see some historic areas, but also spend some time at the beach
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2023.06.04 03:12 TattooedTeacher316 Caribbean Island Recs.

I have a big birthday coming up and husband is offering a big (but short) trip to celebrate. The specifics:
Flying out of the DC area.
Five days/Four nights in March.
I need warm weather
Neither of us drink so we don’t care about nightlife, but we love food.
We are both certified divers.
I’m obsessed with animals.
I would prefer some hiking and jungle views over just straight beach (we were in the Maldives a couple years ago and while I love looking at the ocean, I like mountains/volcanoes/jungles that roll to the ocean all the better.
The only places in the Caribbean I’ve been are Puerto Rico and Caye Caulker (and Cartagena I guess). Would like somewhere new but I don’t even know where to start or what to look at as I’ve never planned trips to the islands.
Budget is 10k USD.
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2023.06.04 03:06 sootspritecrossing 1st time late 20s couple Cancun — hotel recommendations?

I’m currently planning a week long trip to Cancun in December with my boyfriend for our anniversary. I’m looking for recommendations of a resort that offers these features:
• 4 - 5 stars
• All-inclusive*
• Adults only*
• Offers fun excursions and things to do at the resort
• Balcony/terrace
• Good food and drinks*
• Nice beach*
• Has/is close by parties
Wanted but not dealbreakers:
• Swim up bar
*most important
So far I really like Sun Palace, Excellence Playa Mujeres, and Riu Palace Las Americas. Budget is ~$4000 USD but willing to spend a little more for a resort that meets most of what I want. Xcaret and Le Blanc are tragically out of budget 🥲
If you guys have any other resorts for recommendations, please let me know. Thanks!
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2023.06.04 01:58 divinestar91 My adventure and lessons learned in going from Cancun > Xplore

Hi everyone,
I am a 31 year old asian american and wanted to share my experiences with everyone.
Background: i have never been to cancun before nor stayed at an all inclusive resort. Prior to coming to Cancun, i was traveling in Mexico City & Merida for a week and had a blast. Great food, coming out at midnight to look for tacos and going for the thing that smells the best has taught me that Mexicans are the most hardworking and hospitable people on earth. i’ve traveled to western & southern europe, SE and east asia.
Main plot: i booked a ticket to xplore but thought i had to go to xcaret because on the ticket says “por xcaret”. when i booked the ticket, i didn’t know that it would be difficult going and figured i would just wing it. i got to the cancun resort (fiesta americana) and asked how can i get to xplor. they were HARD pushing for me to sign up for a tour even though i told them i already bought the ticket online, then they just skipped straight to “take a taxi”. i’ve read how bad taxi drivers can scam tourists, and as a chino gringo, there is no way i can even fake nativeness with my junior high spanish.
in the end, after a lot of research, i compared the price of ubering straight to xcaret and compared it to the tour price that is provided for the hotel. UBERING IS CHEAPER THAN TAKING THE HOTEL TOUR. in order of affordability:
1- rent your own car. gamble with the cops 2- when you buy your x ticket, accept the transportation option 3- take the hotel zone bus to downtown cancun, take ADO to playa del carmen, then take the local van that will drive close to Xplore/Xcaret. it’s a white van with the destination written in the front of the car in big letters. it costs 25-30 peso to get in. you just wave it down when it’s driving your way. 4- uber 5- hotel tour
i ended up taking option 4 to go to Xcaret and the uber driver told me that uber drivers won’t be there when i try to leave and they will “abuse” tourists and charge 3x the price of uber. only taxis. this, to me,implies that taxis and theme park has a monopoly on tourist transportation there.
when i arrived at the park, i found out i actually booked Xplore rather than Xcaret and i google mapped how long it would take to get to Xplore. it was a 15 min walk. yet no one at the park wanted to tell me which direction to head towards to reach the right direction. they all wanted me to take the taxi. i opted to go my way and walk.
when i reached xplore, the guy taking my registration finally told me how to leave if i didn’t book transportation when i bought the ticket. he explained that i can take the COLECTIVOS white van to playa del carmen. from there, i can take the ADO back to Cancun.
if i had taken the taxi to leave, it would have taken $100-300 usd depending on the taxi drivers mood to go back to cancun. with the white van, and buying ADO ticket to go back, it only cost about $8 (25 peso + 220 peso) usd to go back to cancun.
thanks for reading, i just wanted to share my experience in case anyone else doesn’t like to get ripped off when traveling.
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2023.06.04 01:42 AsaMitakaIrL I get so depressive seeing other ppl my age out at the mall..

It just makes me feel so insecure, they're all dressed so nicely, they're do happy, they're with their friends laughing and having fun, not awkward, and then there's me, just following around my parents, I don't rly have any nice clothes bc my mom still chooses what to get me. It's almost humiliating and like a spit in the face seeing literally everyone else have so much fun, when I'm with my parents I can't do anything & they won't even buy me anything, it's so boring and they take so long.. there's always some argument too.
I've told her countless times Abt the stuff I want to wear and she always forgets or says it's too expensive when it literally isn't and yet she has soo much clothes and nice stuff. Whenever I tell her I want to start trying to wear makeup she always forgets or doesn't want to help me.
I think that if I was able to be independent and do things by my own id be a LOTT happier. But I have no idea how anything works they haven't rly reached me to be independent and idk where to start. We're also moving away to Puerto Rico from the US, I'm worried it'll be the same as here. I should be exited that were moving back home but Ive honestly been feeling more and more depressed lately. I'm trying my best to stay positive and hopeful but they aren't helping and just how my life is rn in general. I feel rly lonely, and nothing brings me much joy anymore, everything feels rly underwhelming and boring.
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2023.06.03 23:42 felyxsnow I’m lifting my 2019 eGolf!

Bought this eGolf new in Los Angeles. Took it with me on my move to Florida and will be taking it on my next move to Puerto Rico. Fully paid off - just ticked over 30k miles.
Game plan is to lift the eGolf & give it some chunkier tires to mitigate the potholes and generally rough road conditions. Range isn’t a concern but was kept in mind since I work from home.
Just got the springs put in!
Next week, I will be putting 27” Michelin Pilot Sport 4 All Seasons on a set of Rally White 17” Fifteen52 Tarmac rims. Approx weight gain compared to stock: ~5 pounds per wheel
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2023.06.03 22:23 Joadzilla Georgia probe of Trump broadens to activities in other states
An Atlanta-area investigation of alleged election interference by President Donald Trump and his allies has broadened to include activities in D.C. and several states, according to two people with knowledge of the probe — a fresh sign that prosecutors may be building a sprawling case under Georgia’s racketeering laws.
Fulton County District Attorney Fani T. Willis (D) launched an investigation more than two years ago to examine efforts by Trump and his allies to overturn his narrow 2020 defeat in Georgia. Along the way, she has signaled publicly that she may use Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) statute to allege that these efforts amounted to a far-reaching criminal scheme.
In recent days, Willis has sought information related to the Trump campaign hiring two firms to find voter fraud across the United States and then burying their findings when they did not find it, allegations that reach beyond Georgia’s borders, said the two individuals, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk candidly about the investigation. At least one of the firms has been subpoenaed by Fulton County investigators.
Willis’s investigation is separate from the one at the Justice Department being led by special counsel Jack Smith, but the two probes have covered some of the same ground. Willis has said she plans to make a charging decision this summer, and she has indicated that such an announcement could come in early August. She has faced stiff criticism from Republicans for investigating the former president, and the ever-widening scope suggests just how ambitious her plans may be.
The state’s RICO statute is among the most expansive in the nation, allowing prosecutors to build racketeering cases around violations of both state and federal laws — and even activities in other states. If Willis does allege a multistate racketeering scheme with Trump at its center, the case could test the bounds of the controversial law and make history in the process. The statute calls for penalties of up to 20 years in prison.
“Georgia’s RICO statute is basically two specified criminal acts that have to be part of a pattern of behavior done with the same intent or to achieve a common result or that have distinguishing characteristics,” said John Malcolm, a former Atlanta-based federal prosecutor who is now a constitutional scholar at the conservative Heritage Foundation. “That’s it. It’s very broad. That doesn’t mean it’s appropriate to charge a former president, but that also doesn’t mean she can’t do it or won’t do it.”
Among Willis’s latest areas of scrutiny is the Trump campaign’s expenditure of more than $1 million on two firms to study whether electoral fraud occurred in the 2020 election, the two individuals said. The Post first reported earlier this year that the work was carried out in the final weeks of 2020, and that the campaign never released the findings because the firms, Simpatico Software Systems and Berkeley Research Group, disputed many of Trump’s theories and could not offer any proof that he was the rightful winner of the election.
In recent days, Willis’s office has asked both firms for information — not only about Georgia but about other states as well. Trump contested the 2020 election results in Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
Ken Block, the CEO of Simpatico Software Systems, declined to comment on what he has turned over to investigators. A lawyer for the Berkeley Research Group also declined to comment. A spokesman for Willis declined to comment on the investigation. Lawyers for Trump also declined to comment.
It is unclear if Willis will seek indictments of people for alleged actions that occurred outside Georgia, such as those who participated in the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol. RICO experts say it’s unlikely she will do so. But, these experts said, the law allows Willis to build a sweeping narrative of an alleged pattern of behavior to overturn the 2020 election, with Georgia as just one piece. Evidence and actions outside the state, such as Trump’s statements from Washington that inspired some of the rioters and the parallel efforts to overturn other states’ results, could be presented as additional evidence that helps establish that pattern.
“The Georgia statute is broadly written” to allow the inclusion of violations of federal law as well as some other states’ laws, said Morgan Cloud, a law professor at Emory University in Atlanta and expert on the state’s RICO law. “For example, acts to obstruct justice committed in Arizona might be relevant if the goal of the enterprise, of the racketeering activity, was to overturn the 2020 presidential election nationally, as well as in Georgia.”
Cloud added that prosecutors in Georgia must prove only that two racketeering crimes occurred under the state RICO statute, but that other facts could be used to explain the breadth of an alleged scheme.
An ambitious prosecution
Willis’s investigation has already come under scrutiny as a test of applying state criminal laws to actions that revolved around a federal election — and that in many instances resembled constitutionally protected speech. The probe has prompted a debate, even among those who believe Trump’s efforts were improper, as to whether prosecutors will be able to prove that Georgia crimes were committed.
Her potentially sweeping application of Georgia’s RICO statute could amplify those questions. RICO allows prosecutors to target leaders of alleged criminal enterprises who in previous generations eluded convictions. In Georgia, it can be applied to many patterns of activity that are crimes under state or federal law, such as dogfighting or drug dealing, obstruction or conspiracy — going far beyond its origins as a tool to fight organized crime.
Several legal experts said they expect Willis to home in on possible false statements by Trump and his allies to government officials — one of the crimes that can be prosecuted under Georgia’s RICO statute.
In 2015, Willis attracted national attention as a deputy district attorney by using RICO to prosecute a massive cheating scandal in Atlanta’s public schools that sent eight teachers and administrators to prison.
Prosecutors in Georgia have obtained RICO convictions where the pattern of racketeering activity included actions in other states. In one notable case, prosecutors in Richmond County got convictions for several men they accused of kidnapping a Sam’s Club manager in a robbery scheme in 1998, stuffing him into the trunk of a car, driving to South Carolina and killing him by setting the car on fire.
In the Trump case, Willis has said she is focused on the phone calls Trump made to multiple Georgia officials seeking to reverse his defeat, his campaign’s efforts to persuade the Georgia legislature to declare Trump the winner, the gathering of Trump’s electors to cast electoral college votes for Trump after Joe Biden had been declared the winner in the state, and the Trump campaign’s potential involvement in an unauthorized breach of election equipment in rural Coffee County, Ga.
Dozens of people participated in those efforts, according to reams of emails, texts and deposition transcripts from the House investigation into the Jan. 6 attack: Trump lawyers such as Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell, Ray Smith and John Eastman; senior advisers including then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows; Jeffrey Clark, then a senior official at the Justice Department; and Georgia GOP leaders including the party chairman, David Shafer, and its then finance chairman, Shawn Still.
Multiple legal experts have said persuading a jury that those actions broke the law could prove difficult. The debate reflects the unprecedented nature of Trump’s attempt to overturn the 2020 election. While the effort immediately prompted calls to hold him and others criminally responsible, identifying laws that apply to such a scenario has proved challenging — and could help explain why Willis’s investigation is in its third year. That dynamic applies both to the Georgia investigation as well as the special counsel’s federal probe.
Most of those scrutinized in the Willis investigation have maintained that they did nothing wrong. They had every right to pursue claims of anomalies, many have said, particularly given how close Biden’s margin of victory was in Georgia, two-tenths of 1 percent.
“There’s not a single thing that I did in pursuit of election integrity that I have any regret or concern about,” Shafer said in a recent GOP address.
“It’s dangerous,” said Malcolm, the Heritage scholar, referring to the investigation in Georgia of contingent electors. “What you’re doing is tainting political activists who are trying to play a part in an election, who are trying to help their candidate, and all of a sudden you’re launching a criminal investigation.”
Norm Eisen, who served as special counsel to the House of Representatives’ first impeachment of Trump, over his pressure campaign with Ukraine, cautioned that it’s too soon to judge the investigation, but said he believes the overall case is a “strong one.”
“Either skepticism or belief is premature because we are not privy to all the evidence that the district attorney has amassed at this point,” said Eisen, a criminal defense attorney and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. “It just depends on the evidence.”
Eisen was among the authors of a lengthy examination of the applicable law in the Fulton investigation, concluding that possible crimes, besides racketeering, included making false statements and conspiracy to commit election fraud.
Malcolm said he agrees with the report’s conclusion that Trump is at substantial risk of being charged. But he said he believes much of its analysis is “slanted and misguided.”
Trump’s call to Georgia
Willis launched her probe shortly after Trump’s Jan. 2, 2021, phone call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R), during which Trump said, “I just want to find 11,780 votes.” That number would have given Trump exactly the votes he needed to reverse Biden’s victory.
While Trump has been widely rebuked for that comment and others during the roughly one-hour call, it’s unclear to some legal analysts if uttering those words broke the law.
Trump did not spell out that he wanted Raffensperger to break the law; nor did he directly ask the state official to find the votes, which might have given Willis a clearer path to seek a felony charge against him, such as solicitation to commit election fraud. Instead, the comment could be interpreted as the president simply spelling out the math that would allow him to reverse Biden’s victory.
Trump may have hurt himself, however, in his appearance last month at a town hall broadcast by CNN, during which he explained that he called Raffensperger to tell him, “You owe me votes because the election was rigged.” Willis could offer the statement as evidence of Trump’s intent for Raffensperger to switch votes, several legal experts said.
“Subjects of criminal investigation aren’t usually reckless enough to go on national television and admit their corrupt intent,” Anthony Michael Kreis, a constitutional law professor at Georgia State University, wrote on Twitter after the appearance. “But Donald Trump just handed Fani Willis a new piece of evidence and tied a bow on it.”
Willis has also investigated appearances by Giuliani and other Trump allies before Georgia lawmakers in the days immediately after the 2020 election, during which they described fantastical conspiracies of voting machines swapping Trump votes for Biden votes and poll workers in Atlanta triple-counting suitcases full of ballots.
It’s a felony in Georgia to make a false statement in a government matter, but Willis must prove that Giuliani and the others knew that what they were saying was false. Giuliani was not speaking under oath, so there is no exposure for perjury charges, and some legal experts say he might also be protected under the First Amendment.
Willis may also examine the actions of Clark, then the acting assistant attorney general for the Justice Department’s civil division, who wanted to send a letter to Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) and state legislative leaders falsely claiming that the department was investigating “significant concerns” in the 2020 election, and urging them to call a special session of the General Assembly to appoint Trump’s electors to cast Georgia’s electoral college votes. Senior Justice Department officials blocked Clark from sending the draft.
Whether the Republican electors who convened to cast electoral college votes for Trump on Dec. 14, 2020, broke the law is perhaps even murkier.
Georgia was among seven states where the Trump campaign and local GOP officials arranged for alternate electors to convene with the stated purpose of preserving legal recourse while an election challenge made its way through the courts. Willis has offered some form of immunity to 12 of the 16 electors, according to three individuals with knowledge of the investigation. Not counted among those with immunity are Still, now a Georgia state senator, and Shafer.
Shafer helped organize the meeting and presided over it. Still has been described in news reports as having blocked members of the media from entering the room before the meeting started. Prosecutors have apparently focused on those activities in their questions to various witnesses, according to three other people with knowledge of the interviews. Prosecutors have also inquired about who mailed the electoral certificates to Washington, they said.
One of Shafer’s lawyers, Holly Pierson, wrote in a letter to Willis that Shafer had no knowledge that Trump allies would propose, later in December, to use the alternate elector certificates to block the counting of electoral votes for Biden in the Jan. 6 joint session of Congress. It is not even clear if the plan to thwart the joint session had been hatched by Dec. 14, 2020, the day the electors met. The House committee did not refer Shafer or Still to the Justice Department for federal prosecution. Pierson declined to comment.
As the nation waits to see what, if any, charges Willis will seek, one key question is what evidence she has gathered that Trump, his campaign or allies knew about all the different efforts to reverse Biden’s victory. And that’s just the first step — getting to trial and persuading a jury may present even more formidable challenges.
“Proving all this beyond a reasonable doubt,” Kreis said, “that’s going to be the hard part.”
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2023.06.03 21:32 AdmiralDaffodil [OC] The Terran Conundrum 02 - Lawyers, Guns, and Money

Whew! I did not expect such a positive response to the first chapter. A huge thank you to everyone who read my post and upvoted it.
Acrid smoke hung in the air of Hreln’s office. It was an indulgence she didn’t often allow herself since most other races found it unpleasant, but there were still times. More so since what the press agencies had dubbed the ‘Human Incident.’
Now she caught herself rubbing her mandibles against each other. Given the complicated and sensitive nature of the overall problem, Hreln had decided it was best to place as much as possible under her official seal. Reporters being reporters, none of them were satisfied with the limited statements she’d made. Yes, she’d met with the terrorists as they’d demanded. No, she would not discuss that meeting. Yes, a Tochvorda representative had barged into the meeting and been assaulted by one of the humans. No, she didn’t have further comment about that either. Yes, the humans had been detained. No, they were not available for interviews. One news agency had even gone so far as to try getting another sector magistrate to order her to unseal the case. The result had been a heavily encrypted and diplomatically worded “What the hells, Hreln?” to which she had replied with an equally heavily encrypted and diplomatically worded “You’re not going to believe this but-.”
The other magistrate’s response to that could be summed up as “Holy crap, you need some help?”
Finally, Senator Tanaka stepped into her office, Colonel Hargreaves following behind. Hreln had wondered if the two of them were mated but no, they were both mated to different people. Tanaka was simply the senior civilian representative while Hargreaves was in command of the military contingent. Apparently, humans normally kept the two separate, with senior civilian leaders having ultimate control over the military. No matter. The Imperium was flexible about how member worlds handled their local government, as long as the rights of all citizens were observed and the Imperium’s laws were followed. Flexible to a point, anyway.
Tanaka bowed. “My apologies for the delay in our arrival. A… disciplinary matter among the troops required Colonel Hargreaves’ attention.”
“Hopefully nothing too serious.” Probably not, or Gerima should have already heard about it.
“No, simply soldiers with nothing to do finding inappropriate ways to occupy themselves. Only the rank of those involved required my attention.” And that was all Hargreaves was going to say about it.
Presented with over a thousand not-quite prisoners that needed to be kept as far out of the public eye as possible, Magistrate Hreln had come up with a rather… unique solution. She had packed the whole lot of them off to an unfinished island resort that had gone into bankruptcy partway through construction. Some grunt work provided by literal grunts and their confinement was downright sybaritic. The clothing replicators even produced beachwear.
Unfortunately, the old saying about idle hands being the Devil’s playthings still held true. Faced with nothing to do and vague orders to standby to standby, some of the troops had decided to start building boats for a breakout. Their ‘plan’ (to insult a perfectly good noun) had been to sail somewhere else and start wreaking havoc, in the hope of encouraging the Imperium to find in humanity’s favor a little quicker.
The colonel had come down on the boat builders as hard as he thought he could without attracting undue attention. Reduction in rank and confinement were a slap on the wrist in the current circumstances but hopefully, it would discourage any more escape attempts. He’d also told his officers to start working on more things to keep everyone busy. A soccer league had been his personal suggestion. Let them run themselves out.
Now Tanaka turned and bowed towards what looked like a large jellyfish floating in a tank. “Honored ser, I don’t believe I’ve met you before.”
The jellyfish twirled and turned a deep purple color, a cheerful voice coming from the base of the tank. “No, we haven’t. Most people who aren’t familiar with my species tend to assume I’m just decoration. What gave it away? You can call me Ahapsu, by the way. And to put things in terms you’re familiar with, I’m your lawyer unless you have an objection.”
“Lawyer?” Hargreaves frowned. “Yeah, I guess we need one of those. And I don’t know what the senator saw, but your tank is on counter-grav. Seemed a bit much for a fish tank.”
“Fish tank? Ah, a holding tank for aquatic lifeforms. That wouldn’t work with me.” Ahapsu rose from the water in their tank and did a pirouette around the humans before plopping back into the water. “My race is one of the few graced with psionic capabilities; levitation and limited telepathy. I ‘speak’ using a voder built into my tank.”
<> Ahapsu sent to both of them. <>
<> Tanaka sent back, biting her lip to keep from speaking aloud. <>
<> Hargreaves tossed in. <>
<> Tanaka shot back. <>
<> Ahapsu twirled in their tank for a moment, turning a dizzying array of colors before settling on yellow. “Sorry for the silence, everyone. I needed to clarify something with my clients before we began. I’ll file something official shortly, Your Eminence. Still, the short version is that since the leadership of the Terran resistance was and is made up of officials from pre-annexation governments, instead of being a ‘terrorist organization,’ they should be viewed as a coalition of local Dirt governments. Or possibly as the government of Dirt, my firm will have to research that.”
“Earth,” Hargreaves put in.
“Excuse me?” Ahapsu must have paid well for their tank’s voder; it managed to sound perplexed.
“The official name of our planet is ‘Earth.’ Or ‘Terra’ but they were still arguing about that when the Tochvorda started leveling cities. And ‘Earth’ and ‘Dirt’ have similar meanings in most of our languages, but it’s a bit of nuance so let’s just stick with Earth.”
“We stand corrected.” Hreln shifted uncomfortably on her stool, turning the matter over in her mind. “Before I rule on this, I’ll want some serious research from my own staff. Plus whatever arguments you put before me, of course.”
“So, are they still under arrest?” Gerima rumbled. Are they still my problem or what?
“Let’s leave their status as ‘detained for their own security’ until I make a ruling” Hreln chittered. “If they are a legitimate government or governments, then what happened on Highport Numena may constitute a legitimate act of war.”
“Act of war?!?” Gerima leaped to his feet, fangs bared. “They threatened to murder civilians!”
“Yes, and how many of their people have died, hmm? Given the circumstances, it could be argued that they had no choice but to consider themselves at war with the Imperium as a whole and the Tochvorda in specific.” Ahapsu was pink at the moment, Tanaka noted. “Especially given how often their attempts at protest or simple dialog ended in repression.”
“The hospital riots,” Hargreaves noted.
“Enlighten us, please.” Hreln leaned forward intent on what Hargreaves had to say.
“Not a complicated story. A Roach-pardon, a derogatory term for Tochvorda due to their resemblance to a type of Earth vermin-official decided whatever he was in charge of needed a shiny new headquarters. Except he wanted to put it right smack dab on top of Chicago’s most-functional hospital, with no plans for a replacement. People protested, security troops slaughtered the protesters, and it turned into riots. Even the security troops gave up trying to suppress it and settled on containment, waiting for the violence to burn itself out. Took over a week.” Hargreaves shook his head. “Somebody got the r-Tochvorda official, though. He got called to the governor’s palace to answer for his part in everything and his aircar got taken out by a SAM. Uh, that’s short for surface-to-air-missile, a weapon used to destroy aircraft.”
‘I’d like to address something you just said, Colonel. You said the site was Chicago’s most-functional hospital. Were other hospitals not in operation?” Ahapsu floated out of their tank again, drifting back and forth.
“Not really. Between the first barrage and the Tochvorda’s habit of smashing anything that annoyed them, the global supply chain was in crappy shape. Still is. There are shortages in food, medicine, just about anything you could name. Hell, the Resistance is doing more to keep things running than the Tochvorda are, in a lot of places.”
“Ah.” Ahapsu stopped in front of Hargreaves. “It seems we have our first volley against the Tochvorda, sers. I shall prepare a lawsuit against their government in general and specifically the governor.”
“On what grounds?” Hreln’s tone was decidedly unamused.
The thing about dealing with corrupt officials is that like most people, they see what they expect to see. Pay the inspectors at a spaceport to ignore the comings and goings from a specific warehouse, and they’ll assume you’re smuggling. They don’t ask what you’re smuggling, because then they’d know what you’re doing instead of merely suspecting. This time, though, instead of asking for more money they would have made a discrete call to planetary security.
In defiance of all dramatic tradition, it was a hot, still, dry, moonlit night as the trucks pulled up to the warehouse. The driver of the first truck walked up to the security panel and punched in a code, which failed to get a response. Satisfied, he punched in a second code which opened the door. Whistling a cheerful tune, he wandered over to the nearest cargo container. Checking the serial number, he started disarming its security measures.
“Do you have to fucking whistle?” hissed the woman following him.
“Relax, nobody’s been in here, or the place would be a crater and you know it. And knock off the swearing, you know the Colonel hates it.”
“Well, he’s not here-”
With a clunk, the last of the container’s security disarmed itself and the door swung open, showing two rows of stasis pods and some very annoyed soldiers. “What took so long?” Colonel Hargreaves snapped. Behind him, soldiers started fanning out around the containers.
“Sorry, sir, we didn’t get notified you’d arrived until the containers were in the warehouse. And, ah, when we set up this smuggling route, nobody figured on this much coming back so soon, so we didn’t have transport handy.”
“Right.” Hargreaves looked at the row of containers, trying not to move his head too much. Coming out of stasis was not kind to his sense of balance. It would pass. “Everything going according to plan here?”
“Yep, everybody’s keeping their heads down, more or less. Given, ah, how much stuff you brought back, I take it nuclear diplomacy worked? You get some guns out of the Imperium?” the woman asked, a feral grin spreading across her face as she contemplated the potential for mayhem.
“Better.” Hargreaves walked over to one stasis pod and triggered the shutdown sequence. When the grey haze of the zero-tau field cleared, a being that looked like a man-sized chinchilla was blinking back at them.
“We’ve got weapons-grade lawyers.”
“So let me summarize where we stand.” Moritz Vogel was not only the senior German representative on the Resistance’s command council,he was also one of the oldest members of the council, period. And he looked every inch the elder statesman as he leaned back in his chair, steepling his fingers. “Reaching out to the sector magistrate has succeeded in drawing her attention, regardless of… the delivery of our message. An investigation has been opened but that will take some time. Some things are truly universal, I suppose. As a short-term measure, our best move is to assert a claim that we represent a coalition of regional Terran governments and sue both the governor and the Tochvorda government for all the benefits we should have been getting as part of the invasion, apologies, ‘annexation.’ Plus damages for everything that’s been destroyed and staggering loss of human life, directly and indirectly. Do I have that correct?”
“Accurate enough for the purposes of this discussion, if lacking in detail,” Rokketch answered, yawning. His body clock was way off; it felt like the middle of the night to him. “Ahapsu asked me to see what else we could add before formally filing the lawsuit. As one of your legal representatives, I’ve already noticed two things that it would probably be in your best interest to maintain some secrecy about.”
“What do you mean? Areas where we are vulnerable?” Arina Guseva was the sole Russian member of the council, something she resented.
“No, just… I’m sure there are Imperium officials that will say admitting this isn’t in the Imperium’s best interests, but you seem to have developed two technologies that the Imperium hasn’t. As such, they constitute significant bargaining leverage.” Rokketch couldn’t help but twitch at the admission.
“The first is your zero-tau stasis technology. Its ability to drastically slow time within a small volume will be very valuable for the transport of perishable goods and livestock, plus I imagine it could be used to stabilize critical patients until needed care is available. It might even see use in passenger transport, though the effects of coming out of stasis may limit that.”
Muttering broke out among the council. Guseva just shook her head. “It was a laboratory curiosity until we figured out how to make it practical on a larger scale. Then we used it for the crew of our first interstellar mission. I wonder what became of them?”
“Hopefully still on their way to Proxima Centauri,” Chiron said brightly. “They shouldn’t reach their destination for approximately another five years. But ser Rokketch, you said there were two technologies. What is the other one?”
“Well, you, ser. Or rather your kind.”
“Oh.” Chiron was the sole artificial intelligence on the command council, and their inclusion hadn’t sat well with most of its members. “I’m rather more surprised about that, to be honest. Has the Imperium never tried to develop cybernetic consciousness?”
“Tried, yes. Succeeded no. Or at least not to a degree where the result would be accepted as a fellow sapient as you seem to be.” Rokketch looked at the human members of the council. “I am correct in that, he is regarded as a fully sapient entity?”
“I am recognized as a legal person and have full citizenship,” Chiron said. “Though ‘he’ is inaccurate, since I have no gender. There are few of us left; most were in cities that were Tochvorda first strike targets.”
Seeing Rokketch’s reaction to that, Vogel raised a placating hand. “That isn’t to say the technology is lost, merely that… Given the situation since the annexation, we haven’t been able to expend the resources to create more.”
“Plus, once we have access to the Imperium’s computer technology, I’m sure we’ll be able to create more advanced cybernetic intelligence than myself. And I can go back to astronomy, thank you very much,” Chiron added. That drew a chuckle from the rest of the council. Chiron had survived the initial bombardment because they had been helping run a radio telescope in Chile.
“Yes, well,” Vogel cleared his throat. “At this point, there’s a matter I’d like to bring before the council. Given everything we’ve heard today, it seems that continuing to refer to ourselves as simply ‘the Reistance’ might not help our legal cause. I would like to put a motion before this council that we adopt an official name. Is there any comment, or shall we move to a vote?”
“Governor Vonnuk? There’s, there’s someone here to see you.”
Vonnuk looked up from his security chief’s report in annoyance. The upstart human terrorists had been too quiet for his liking since well before the incident on Highport Numena. And that bothered him far more than their usual violence did.
He’d caught all sorts of hell from his superiors about it, of course. Exactly how had the terrorists managed to get to Highport Numena, much less get their hands on nuclear demolition charges, hmm? Vonnuk had managed to placate them by launching a thorough investigation, which so far had yielded very little. The humans were aggravatingly skilled at being sneaky.
Magistrate Hreln’s non-statements about the incident bothered him most all.
Still… “I gave strict orders that I was not to be disturbed.”
“Yes, sir, but… it’s a courier from the magistrate’s office, sir.”
“A courier?” That was unusual. Couriers were only used for physical documents, and he couldn’t think of any request from the magistrate’s office that would need to be sent physically. “Give me a few moments to finish what I’m doing and then I’ll see them.”
Vonnuk closed the report, checked his grooming, and then signaled his assistant to send the courier in. The courier was another spider-like shoan, the same species as Hreln. Probably not a relative; shoan were fairly common in this part of the Imperium.
What startled him was the human following the courier in. “What is that doing here?” Vonnuk yelled. Now he knew what had bothered his aide so much.
“He’s with me,” the shoan said irritatedly. “My name is Mollot, and I’m a courier attached to Magistrate Hreln’s office. I have two things to deliver to you.”
A datadisc dropped down on Vonnuk’s desk. “Magistrate Hreln has ordered a full Imperial audit of the Tochvorda’s annexation of Earth, and their administration of it since. Here is your notification of the audit, plus your orders to comply with the audit. The auditor’s staff will be contacting you shortly. A copy of this is also being sent to your superiors in the state ministry on Chechiak.”
Another datadisc. “You are also being sued, both personally and in your office as Governor of Earth as well as your government, by the Terran Confederacy. The preliminary claims are that you have illegally and inappropriately denied humans of their lives and property, denied them benefits that they should have received as part of the annexation, including but not limited to health care improvements, energy and industrial infrastructure improvements, it’s quite the list. You have also fraudulently denied them local autonomy as is their right as part of the Imperium. Copies of this are also being sent to your superiors.”
“I-I won’t accept this!” Vonnuk screamed.
“Refusal to accept this does not nullify their legal authority.”
“Or as we put it around here,” the human leaned forward, grinning, “Surprise, motherfucker.”
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2023.06.03 20:42 pesky-sens Thinking about vacationing late June/early July.

I know it's rainy season, but I'm not exactly sure what to expect and I having trouble making a decision. I will be staying at an all inclusive resort.
How often does it actually rain? Is it pretty much all day everyday, or mostly in the afternoon?
How bad are the bugs? Are they so bad that not even bug spray will help?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.03 17:42 PMDDWARRIOR Watching Shinny Happy People next to my husband last night helped us open up about having the "we went through traumatic experiences" conversation.

For context I deconverted 6 years ago and have been healing an growing. Husband still 'believes' and occasionally goes to church and participates (pentecostal evangelical fundamentalist). He isn't as in so deeply anymore because it's triggering the amount of 'voluntary' labor we had to do at church in our previous one (we moved from Puerto Rico to mainland US and the church is somewhat milder). He doesn't want to feel he has no life or having all his time tied up, but his family are mostly all believers and very conservative and pester him about church all the time. Last night after our talk he asked me for forgiveness for all the years he was a harsher more authoritarian patriarchal husband because of our beliefs (we have been married 22 yrs, 17 of those at church). M6 journey and pebble sized conversations here and there have helped him realize we went through emotional abuse, spiritual abuse, trauma. Last night was a healing experience for the both of us. It was liberating for me and I thing it took a load off his shoulders. We, as women, have it really bad, purity culture is horrible. But we forget men are just as victims as we are, a combinaction of power trips with unattainable expectations. The standard are so high they must be gods themselves in their households. Being a god while having human attributes when you have a conscience is exhausting and traumatic in itself. It is so ingrained in his head he can see a lot wrong with it but excuses so many other things (he was raised in it, I wasn't). It's like when you leave an abusive relationship and only understand the magnitude of the abuse once you are out. Me leaving helped me see it. He still can't, at least not completely.
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2023.06.03 17:36 miggy372 Does anyone else think the new pride flag with black, brown and the trans colors added in a triangle is ugly and kind of stupid?

This shouldn’t be necessary to say but just to get it out of the way in case, I’m black, Puerto-Rican and gay. Anyway, the original rainbow pride flag 🏳️‍🌈 in my opinion was fine. The reason the creator made it a rainbow was because he wanted to represent everyone, so he thought a flag of all the colors would make sense. It’s a little tacky but I’ve gotten used to it and have grown to really like it.
Then, someone said black and brown LGBT people need to be represented too. Which…why did anyone think they weren’t represented before? It was a rainbow meant to be all colors. Yes I understand it’s only 6 colors and didn’t literally have every color in existence in it but that was the point. So anyway they added a black and brown strip to the flag. Which, I’m not like offended or anything, but it’s just, me being black and “brown” it just doesn’t have anything to do with being gay. Being black is not a sexual identity. It just feels inappropriate.
For example NOW (National Organization for Women) is a women’s rights organization. If they said, “We need to be more inclusive so we are changing our name to NOWBW “National Organization for Women and also black women” wouldn’t that make you scratch your head, like I assumed you included black women when you said women??
If BLM changed their name to BLMAABWABGLM “Black Lives Matter And Also Black Women And Black Gay Lives Matter” wouldn’t that make you think “Well I assumed that was implied when you made the first slogan?”
The trans triangle being added to the flag, I mean, I guess. It’s less objectionable to me because its at least in the same ballpark but I still feel the original rainbow represented all including trans and black or brown LGBT people.
Setting my rant aside, even if you disagree with me can you agree that the new flag is ugly? New flag
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2023.06.03 16:57 hgaterms All inclusive resort recommendations?

I need some advice from the locals. Minnesota is my dream boat state, but I've only visited the Mall of America.
What I want to find is an all inclusive resort for a get away weekend for 1 where I can spend my hard earned money in your state. Google is giving me all kinds of options for resorts but local opinion is most valuable.
Where do you guys like to go on vacation?
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2023.06.03 16:30 ASadManaPotion Rammstein Madrid 2023

Good Morning to all! I am new to Rammstein which my SO of almost 5 years introduced me to, as the gift of 4 years together I decided to take her to this tour since I read it will be the last as a band for them, I personally like their music but she has never been to a concert from then and neither have I. I brought VIP Tickets for the Estadio Civitas on Madrid for June! We are definitely excited!
I wanted to ask for Any Tips or recommendations for the concert and also any suggestion on traveling to Europe/Spain specifically, we are from Puerto Rico and I have never traveled to EU before.
Are hostels good? Is the food relatively cheap?
Any and all suggestions are appreciated!
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2023.06.03 16:21 n4te 500 gallon propane tank without 10' clearance

I'm having a 14kW generator installed, as I live in Puerto Rico where the power often goes out. I want a large tank, 500 gallons. One installer says they can do it, but another says they can't because I don't have the required 10' clearance on all sides. Is that a hard and fast requirement? I do have 10' clearance on three sides, but on the last side it's 3' to the property line and the neighbor's garage wall.
Should I go with the installer that says 500 gallons is OK? He says his tank supplier who will be hooking up the tank is licensed and insured by the local regulatory agency for gas installations. If they are willing to install it, that sounds like it'd be OK, but I don't know how trustworthy people really are. I don't want to have issues later or when selling the house. Many things in PR tend to be lax, until they aren't.
If I don't go for 500 gallons, the next largest readily available size is 120 gallons. That is quite small. I can't wait for a 250 or 325 gallon tank as it can take many months to arrive from the mainland. Hurricane season has already started, I'll likely need the generator soon.
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2023.06.03 15:53 Maleficent-Act-4066 How to give up one’s life for another.

About 1year and 6 months ago, my Sister lost her 41 yr old daughter to cancer. Location Puerto Rico. She called for a family conference call. At the time she was taking care of my 90 yr old mother who is suffering with dementia. The call was to talk to the other 10 siblings to see if someone can go live with our mother for 6 months then after 6 months we were to move mom to the states to one of my sisters house. She needed to time away from mom to tend to the surviving family. At the time there were 2 sisters that were single and unemployed. But they refused to go to our mother and live with her. Seeing how it was for only 6 months I reluctantly volunteered. Which meant for me to give up my job and sell my two beater vehicles and all my possessions to be stored in a shipping container. What ever was left that did not fit I gave away. I left a job that only paid $45,000 a year but I was going to get a promotion that would raise my income to $55,000 a year. I talked to my boss he said he would hold position for the 6 months. Turns out after being with my mother for 2 months I gave a sigh of relief to my sister that I only had 4 more months to go. Which in response she tells me that mom can never fly due to her heart condition. This statement shattered any hope of me leaving and getting my life back. So she lied to me. Problem with being here with my mother, she can’t be left alone for more than 4 hours. Thus hurting my chances of getting a job. So here I am no income. After selling both of my vehicles the first one I go a lump sum but I used the money for tools. The second one I sold to my brother but he paid me in installments so to but a car here was out of the question. For 7 months I had no car, until that same brother who paid me in installments came to puerto Rico and bought a used car for the same price I sold him mine in cash and after two months he gave me the keys to use it while I am here. Sound good but the car he bought was a four door sedan Mitsubishi gallant it’s know for its break downs. The family pays me $25 a month and $140 to cut the grass. This is what they promised to pay me but only 4 out of the 10 honor our agreement. The work I used to do prepared me for the work that was needed to be done here at my mothers house which was building maintenance. Believe me after 9 years of no work being done at her house the knowledge came in handy. I have dealt with power outages that was caused by a truck and major repairs needed to be done to regain power. Which the family had no money to repair. I had to dip into my XRP savings to fix the problem I sold 4000 xrp to fix the damages. Mind you I have no way to replenish. Any ways I write this just to put it out there and a way not to fall into depression. Which there is lots more that I can not post but because I am a man no one cares. Every day I do something or create something to gain my sanity. I thought my self how to weld. I build things for escape. I raise chicken and build coops to escape as well. But the worry on how I will get the money for the feed worries me. I gave up my life and holding on to it by a thread. Lord God help me achieve what I need to.
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2023.06.03 10:42 Akario_ TIFU by getting scammed into taking the wrong property and business deal and giving the benefit of the doubt to all the red flags

I began with a mistake; around January of 2023, I was convinced by my dad and uncle to buy a property partnered with my uncle; essentially, my uncle and I were going to pay for it via a mortgage.
Now let me give a bit of background to this. First, this all takes place in Puerto Rico, and as you know, PR, well... it's not in the best state, I guess you could say; as for me, I was 21 at the time with no knowledge about real estate what's so ever, so as you can already see we're starting on the wrong foot, as for my dad he knows a couple of things but surface level nothing too profound, now as for my uncle his the one who brought us the deal. My uncle works on a small business owned by the property owner, also located on the property my uncle was offered. According to the owner, he wanted to sell the property to someone who would also take over the Air conditioning business. His sons didn't want it and were doing their own thing, so he decided to sell it to my uncle AKA "the son he never had," however my uncle, well, he doesn't have the money, and that's where I come in at the time I had recently received a lot of money from some insurance my dad had done a long time ago so my uncle came to us and pretty much sold us on the dream that the owner had promised which entailed the following: first from an original price of 1 million dollars he would sell it to us by half $500k it is a 3.88-acre approx. property and has two main buildings. But the cherry on top was that he was going to give us the business and that with the business, we would be able to pay for the mortgage plus, he was going to stay with us every step of the way for the next six months also it was a ten year 0% fixed interest rates with a 25k down payment. the owner flexed about how much the company made, how he owned X, Y, and Z, and that he had traveled to many places, etc., and like good little trusting fool, I bought into it.
I'm not that social my communication sucks and I'm way to passive I all ways had my questions and doubts but I never mustered the courage to state them or anything my dad and my uncle were full on head first trusting especially my uncle since he had been working there for years and according to him the business was doing great and moving a lot of money (emphasis on "Moving"), my dad did ask some important questions about numbers and debts and other things but the "numbers" were never really shown only checks and words that were tossed around with a lot of "yeah, yeah tomorrow" or "soon" it's also important to note that both my uncle and my dad can be quite gullible for reasons that we shan't name but yeah after merely a couple of weeks passed everything was extremely fast and rushed and we were told we could go seal up the deal anytime and we went with a lot of trust and hopes and so we took over the business and we quickly found out how false and shit everything was starting with day one the owner left for vacation and along with him went the promise to stay with us for the next six months and guide us we didn't even have access to the company's bank accounts till nearly a moth later so I spent the first moth learning with the secretary wtf I had in my hands and I quickly learned that what I had in my hands was a near dead horse full of NEGATIVE RED NUMBERS! as well as a horrible infrastructure and also an imbalance between income vs expenses I check with the business bank and its history for the past couple of years and found it full of negative numbers now I have no idea to this day what the hell the owner was doing whether he was laundering money, avoiding taxes, using the business as a credit card or some sort of other trick
Yesterday I finished up with the layer and stuff to undo all this. Thankfully it went smoothly with no issues with the owner or anything overall. I lost like $55k during the whole thing. Some fail, and some win. At least I got out of it fast and minimized my losses from and learned much one of which is always start small. TL;DR: I got scammed into buying a property and a business where the owner promised me the company could pay for the mortgage and then some, only to find out it was a dead business!? And the buildings needed expansion permits and water meters because the owner had it set up as residential and not commercial.
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2023.06.03 09:59 lilbitindian Walked around and looked at stuff

As a first time traveller 10+ years ago I had this feeling that I was holier than thou because I stayed in hostels in places my friends had never been to and got this 'genuine' experience.
I didn't like resorts because they were not travel, I looked up to hitchhikers and long term travellers who had really roughed it and sought it deeper and more secluded locations. For some people though, that's the extend of the stuff they want to do and the walking (travelling) around they want to do. It's not for me but it can be for them.
At the end of the day most travel is pretty much summarised as walking around and looking at stuff. When my friend first said this to me I stopped for a moment and thought about it. It sunk in and I accepted it. It was a wonderful revelation to see that box around my time without being pressured by it. Everyone likes to look at different stuff, maybe museums, BJJ tournaments, tall thing, underwater things, food and who knows what else. It gave me some real comfort to simplify my description of travelling to people as this. At the moment I'm focusing on the walking (hiking) and other times I focus on the stuff.
It's the response I now use as well when at a hostel and someone asks what I'm doing tomorrow or today and it's always met with a moment of pause and then a desire for inclusion.
I have now done some amazing walking and seen some of the best stuff in the world but it's nice to enjoy doing the baby version of that too and walk around less impressive places and look at that stuff. I might not write about the 967th tallest waterfall in the world but I still enjoyed it.
TLDR Gatekeeping travel is dumb, all we're doing is walking around and looking at stuff.
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2023.06.03 09:36 RegentofArakko A Love Letter to the King of Slings (Or, How the Heimplanet Transit Sling Pocket 2L Stopped a Mugging)

A Love Letter to the King of Slings (Or, How the Heimplanet Transit Sling Pocket 2L Stopped a Mugging)

Heimplanet Transit Sling Pocket 2L
I was inundated with 1s and 2s of requests clamoring for me to expound a bit more on this sling bag in response to my updated packing list. This isn't a review so much as a look at why it's a dope-ass bag for my specific use cases, as well as how I've decided to pack it out after 3 years of use.
I sprung for a sling bag/fanny pack/bum bag in order to solve a few problems:
  • Avoid having to remove my main pack to get to specific items
  • Maintain quick access to my most commonly-used items
  • Keep things out of trouser pockets
After demoing ten sling bags in my home during the pandemic, I landed on the Heimplanet Transit Sling Pocket 2L based on its sleek appearance, reasonable capacity, and excellent quality and craftsmanship. (I also took a look at the XL version but passed on it because I had just downsized from the Farpoint 55 to the Osprey Nebula 34L to test drive for a couple of weeks in Colorado, and I didn't want to go bigger for fear of just filling the sling with my crap I didn't need.)
So, on that note, here are my sling bag essentials:
  • Wallet
  • Passport
  • Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
  • Sunglasses
  • Eyeglasses
  • Noise filters
  • Lip balm
  • Toothpicks
  • Hand cream
  • Ibuprofen
  • Mints
  • Mobile device
Let's start with arguably my favorite feature of the bag: The front pocket.
Front pocket
Doesn't look that big, right? It looks like there would only enough room for a pair of glasses as designed.
Front pocket w/ glasses
Upon further inspection, however...
Front pocket w/ glasses AND earbuds case turns out you can fit a deceiving amount of things here, including giant-ass earbuds cases like the Beats Fit Pro.
The reason this was a game-changer for me is because I used to keep my Jabra Elite 75t earbuds in one of the elastic pockets in the main compartment. However, in the back of a cab one day in Oaxaca, I happened to not zip up my sling all the way (which you'll find is a recurring theme in this post) and I'm sure it flung out at some point. (Luckily, as noted with some other items I lost or damaged on my travels in my packing list update, Amex Platimum's protection benefits helped me replace the Jabras with the Beats Fit Pro.) The fit with glasses is snug, but not too tight, and there is no threat of it falling out, even if you don't zip up the front pocket. Now, I just jam my earbuds here every time and I haven't had an incident since.
The other slick thing about this setup is that my two most important pieces of tech--my smartphone and my earbuds--have their own dedicated locations in the bag. There's always going to be a small amount of risk of loss (or theft) every time I have to unzip the main compartment and get into it, so anything that limits my main compartment access attempts and directs my activity elsewhere in the bag is a good thing.
(Of course, if you're not occasionally careless like me, this is a non-issue.)
What the front looks with the glasses + earbuds case
The bulge isn't nearly as pronounced when unassisted by my fingers
Moving on, here's what the main compartment looks like when it's loaded out:
The goodies
Smushed together view for better view of the elastic side pockets
Please note that, most of the time, my passport stays put in the Zero Grid holder in the quick access pocket of my Patagonia Cragsmith 32L when not in use. I only travel with my passport in my sling while I'm in transit to somewhere where passport verification is required. The zippered pocket in the main compartment does not fit the Zero Grid Passport Holder, but I am not in the least bothered by this because it's one less thing I have to fuss about with when I'm quickly whipping out my passport at the airport.
Here's where my Google Pixel 7 Pro goes:
Quick aside: As mentioned in the previous post, I had a Pixel 6 Pro that I broke in Uruguay. I was leaving my host's flat in Punta del Este waiting for the elevator. I had my back turned, and when it opened, I put my phone in my sling and turned around quickly to enter the elevator. The phone flung completely out of my bag and landed screen first on the tile floor. I had a Spigen case on it with screen protector, but I had a bad habit of dropping the phone almost daily anyway, so the resultant 95% black screen was really only a matter of time. Note to the lazy: Please don't be like me, zip up your bag.
As a result of this carelessness, I picked up a lanyard for my new Pixel 7 Pro and Spigen case, and I happened to stumble upon another layer of security to guard against this in the future: Connecting the lanyard to a carabiner I affixed to the front loop of the bag.
Phone lanyard + caribiner attached to front loop
This has actually been quite a cool feature for me the last couple of months:
  • I can still zip up the bag
  • I can visually verify that I have my phone without getting into the main compartment
  • There's enough slack where I can quickly review walking or public transit instructions without disconnecting the lanyard from the carabiner
Here's the sling bag completely packed out:
Loaded out - top view
Loaded out - side view
Finally, let's look at the nylon straps:
Nylon strap - rear view
HPT = high pressure torsion, aka tough af
As you can see, there's a small gap in the hardware that connects the strap to the bag for ease of replacement and/or cleaning of the bag or strap.
Now that I've covered the lanyard + carabiner combo and strap, let's get into my click-baity title: How I was mugged in the Dominican Republic.
Before the inevitable victim-blaming comments pour in, I will admit that I put myself in a non-ideal situation. Of course, I know I didn't deserve it (no one does), but in hindsight there were a few mitigating steps I could have taken to minimize risk.
The story: I'm sitting at a bus stop alone on a busy street with one else around with my sling bag, Cragsmith, and earbuds in, trying to get back to my friend's flat. The sun is setting so it wasn't quite nightfall, but dark enough. I notice two guys walk by and cross the street. They look right at me, and then one of them at my phone. I promptly put my phone away, which is attached to the carabiner on the sling. Multiple vehicles, including three police trucks, drive by in a 5-min span. I checked my surroundings before I took out my phone again to double check bus ETA.
When I look up again, the same two guys suddenly reappear and are briskly walking across the straight right toward me. They aren't visibly armed with any weapons, but what is going to unfold is not left to question. I start shouting and cursing them out in Spanish to draw as much attention as possible as one guy lunges at me and grabs my phone and hoodie, while the other guy goes for my sling bag.
I hold onto everything as they drag me off the bus stop bench. I hit the back of my head on the bench on the way down and I was on my back. The guy on my phone almost rips my hoodie clean off but he can't dislodge my phone from my hand. He lets go of the phone and just focuses on my hoodie instead for some reason. The other guy is violently and furiously yanking on my sling bag, but it just will not break. I reach for my Hydroflask bottle out of my Cragsmith and whip it against the knees of one guy twice, and I start Spartan-kicking the other guy in the balls while still on my back. After what seems like an eternity, both guys seem to give up and let go. I take this chance to get up and I started swinging my water bottle + paracord sling wildly.
They finally run away when a taxi driver stops to help me out.
So, yeah. That happened. I was rattled for several days afterward, and it really impacted my ability to enjoy Puerto Rico the following week after arriving from DR. Lots of lessons learned, and I hope I never find myself in that situation ever again.
To bring the focus back to the sling bag, I reviewed its condition thoroughly when I finally got back to my friend's place. There was no indication that it had been in a struggle, and no sign of fraying, tearing, or damage to either the nylon strap, the loops that they connect to, or the aluminum hardware. As I said, the one guy was hellbent on ripping the bag off of me with several deliberate, measured pulls, as if he were taking deep breaths each time. He was pulling so hard, I ended up with strap burns and accompanying pain around my neck and under my left arm, neither of which I noticed until an hour after the assault.
This bag is amazing, 10/10, would recommend, everyone go get one.
And more importantly, I am super lucky it didn't end up worse. Thank god they weren't armed.
To lighten the mood, here's my real favorite feature of the bag: Personalizing it with an elephant charm I bought from a homeless guy in the US before I took off on my trip.
(I broke the elephant trunk moshing near the Obelisk in Buenos Aires while celebrating Argentina's World Cup quarterfinals win. Obviously worth it 🥳)
At this point it's obvious that I love this sling bag with all of my heart. On a normal day--especially with my new security best practices--I'm in and out of this bag, zipping and unzipping, likely a legit 100 times. It is built to withstand a staggering amount of abuse while looking super fly, and its utility is endless. This is, without a doubt, the most crucial purchase I've made to my onegear kit.
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2023.06.03 07:59 Spicoli_462 Diving in Cozumel

Hola! I was curious if anyone had any opinions on dive shops vs dive resorts in Cozumel. Looking to book a trip in October. It seems like pricing is all very similar at the dive shops. But Im considering booking an all inclusive resort which includes all my diving. Also not ruling out staying at a hostel. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to get the best experience out of my dive trip! Also, any chance there would be whale sharks still around in October? Cheers!
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