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So, you passed the bar exam -- now what? This community provides a space for newly minted Florida lawyers (veteran attorneys are welcome, too!) to share advice, thoughts, strategies, jobs, etc.

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Rank The Polls

2023.06.02 16:37 Practical_Suspect594 Sorry to be that guy, what do yall recommend other than 11x. Army only obviously

Sorry to be that guy, what do yall recommend other than 11x. Army only obviously submitted by Practical_Suspect594 to army [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 16:33 Melodic_Divide_5620 Campus Access

When does campus access end for graduated students? I graduated last week but I am still in town, preparing for the bar exam. Wondering till when can I access libraries etc.
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2023.06.02 16:24 Ivea900MillionBounty What’s the difference with Forward Runs and Direct Passing

I’ve been using direct passing all fifa because I thought it was the meta but I decided to switch to forward runs and it completely elevated my play style I’ve only used it in Qualifiers so far but I went 10-0 all RQ in first half.My players just make more runs and I’ve been scoring with everyone bar my cbs and gk.(I’m on old gen and haven’t yet used forward runs on new gen)
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2023.06.02 16:20 lovingthecrewe CYSA+ Sybex and Dion practice exams

Hello all,
I have my CYSA+ scheduled for August, I feel a little nervous about it but I do feel prepared as well. For my studying I have done Dions full course, half of the Sybex text book for my weak topics, plus the all in one book along with the practice tests
For dions tests I have been scoring 80s and 90s consistently, I just started the Sybex test bank online and they've been very helpful as well. The practice tests in the all in one I've been scoring decent scores in as well. I've been going over NMap flags and can read the log pretty well along with knowing a decent amount of Linux flags.
My big question is how do the practice tests compare to the exam because in my experience with Sec+, the practice exams were actually harder. Do you all think I will be fine?
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2023.06.02 16:18 scorpion_tail Painting the Hours: A soundtrack piece

Painting The Hours
A bit of background on this one:
I was contacted in April to write 6-7 minutes of music that would function as part of a soundtrack for an art film / video diary that would be a component of a larger event hosted at the Museum of Everyone. The artist who made the film is Pradeep Mahadeshwar. The turnaround on this was pretty tight, as he was wrapping production for a showing that would happen in May.
I wanted to write a modular work. It is structured on a repeating, four-measure motif.I was trying to convey two things here: The passage of time, and themes of integration. (The film is about the experience of living as an immigrant in Ireland.) The purpose of the modular approach was to give the work a certain flexibility. Any four-bar segment could be put anywhere else in the composition without breaking the basic structure underneath. The only exception is the slow coda toward the end, which I feel ends in a nice, bittersweet kind of way.
Right off the bat, I know the score would need some cleaning up for an actual performance. And It's very likely that two pianos (or four hands) would be necessary. But, again, time was a factor here and Pradeep had a sound editor who was going to do some mixing anyway. When he heard the second draft, he was pleased enough to go ahead and run with it.
In any case, I have a film credit to my name now. And it appears this work will be heard at a couple festivals in Europe this month.
Please have a listen, and enjoy. Feedback is always welcome!
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2023.06.02 16:17 MarieScholar14 Bar Exam application

Anyone here whose bar exam application is still "pending processing" under step 6? It's been stuck in this step for so long and all my friend's applications have already been approved. Ako nalang ata wala pa. Does the processing really take so much time? Nakaka-worry na kasi 😅
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2023.06.02 16:15 afa00 Forgive My Excitement

Many of you have seen my posts here for the last several months. Thank you for your patience and your kind replies. My family are from the US. Between 2000 and 2009 my wife and I lived together abroad twice, but the arrival of kids and a very tight budget meant that it was domestic travel only vacations for us since that time. Mostly by car.
This year, a series of events conspired to allow us to travel internationally and we settled on Belize. I went on this sub and found out that our trip of six days six days/five nights was not enough so we talked on two more days. Still not enough, I know, but all we could manage.
So we are leaving for Belize TOMORROW and I’m super excited. I get all nerdy and giddy when I travel. I want to know as much as I can about the culture and people and try to do gather as much of the country into that trip as I can. Sadly, we are spending our time only in SI/Cayo and San Pedro/Caulker in our limited time. Next time (🤞🏼) we will do the north and south (looking w teay eyes at you, Hopkins & Placencia 🥹).
But sincere thanks to you all for induldging my earnest, random, and ignorant questions. So, here are some questions that have been swirling around my brain. None are dire. But I thought, I’d stick them up here to see if they might find some answers here and there from anyone with the tile, patience, and inclination to do so.
So, random questions:
  1. How much cash should we have on hand each day (3 in Cayo and 4 on Ambergris/Caulker) I know smaller bills are preferable, but I’ve only seen bits and pieces on some threads on this sub.
  2. You take one (packable) food ingredient back to the US with you from Belize. Something that will make cooking better back home. What is it?
  3. What run do I need to take home and where do I get it. I heard about Traveler’s 81? I like sipping a good sipping rum.
  4. I like tea a lot as well. Is there a tea that is native to Belize? Or a Maya tea? If so, where can I order it and is it available for purchasing to take with you to keep enjoying after we return. Sigh.
  5. What single drink do I need to try at what bar, restaurant, whatever in Caulker, San Pedro, or San Ignacio? If you make the best drink in those towns, I’ll come over if invited! 😂😂
  6. If you’ve traveled to Belize and returned to your home country, what is something that you have that reminds you of your trip? A small item. Besides the wonderful memories?
  7. Guide at Xunantunich? Or just explore on our own? I’m leaning towards a guide.
  8. I’ve heard the jungles are surprisingly mosquito free. Is that true? Especially this time of year (early June)?
  9. Is Belize a culture that barters at markets? Or is a price a price? To looking to score on a vendor. Just want to understand the culture. Thinking of street vendors selling non-food and market in SI.
  10. Tipping culture in Belize?
  11. Hot and humid day when going to guided tour at ATM. Pants still preferred given the journey (scrapes and cuts on rocks etc)?
OK. I think I’ve got it out of my system. But I might come back for more!!!
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2023.06.02 16:12 Relativity3D Advancement results

I know there’s no chance I made e5 off the exam, but are there any updates on our NWAE scores? I can’t find a timeline anywhere.
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2023.06.02 16:10 Cralgg Should I take a drop

Jee main bad percentile Failed vit 70k rank Failed bits 129 marks Failed manipal 65, 47 in both attempt Got 80% in boards PCM is not 75 Failed pera cet got 159/200 online exam that so got 55.55 percentile, apparently people copy so percentile increase, i didn't so perectile fucked me. Waiting for mht cet getting 90 marks.
should I take drop and aim for manipal exam with jee prep?
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2023.06.02 16:09 8fin Playoff Pick 'em Challenge Stanley Cup Finals


Hello, and welcome to the /Hockey Pick em' Playoff Pick 'em Challenge! I'll be running the Playoff Challenge on a round-by-round basis, and I'll be making one thread per round. You'll be picking multiple variables for each series, with varying point values. This is the thread for the final round, the Stanley Cup Finals.

Conference Finals Round Results:

1st Place: kk451128 with 19 points.
2nd Place: squitman and Faifainei with 17 points.
3rd 5th Place: MTVChallengeFan, and sharkerty with 15 points.
(The most popular choices have an overall total score of 7, good for 28th place.)
Third round results can be found here.

Overall Results:

1st Place: kk451128 with 60 points.
2nd Place: MTVChallengeFan and Styxdog with 45 points.
3rd 5th Place: squitman and togu12 with 44 points.
(The most popular choices have an overall total score of 34, good for 21st place.)
(Alphabetical) Overall results can be found here.

Final Round: Stanley Cup Finals

Here is what you'll be picking this round:
10 Points:
5 Points:
3 Points:
2 Points:

Submitting Your Pick:

Picks can be submitted for all series that have yet to start. Once a series starts, those picks will be locked. If you decide to make a change in one of your picks, that's fine, just edit your post. However, picks for a series will be locked once the series starts (even if you make an edit).
Feel free to post your picks however you’d like, but feel free to use, or modify this simple table template:
Series Winner Games GWG Goal Diff MVP TOI Cup Handoff PP Faceoff SV%? 3 Goalies Tougher
Knights/Panthers 4/5/6/7 XXX # XXX XXX XXX Knights/Panthers Stephenson/Barkov Yes/No Yes/No Knights/Panthers
If you have any questions, please leave it in the comments below. More questions will be added as the rounds go on, and I am taking suggestions for a few additional (fair) prop picks. Thank you everyone and Good luck!
Live Standings can be found here. I will try to update as soon as I can, to make them as updated as possible.

Matchups & Lock times:

Vegas Golden Knights (51-22-9) vs Florida Panthers (42-32-8)
Series Preview Picks will lock on Saturday June 3rd at 8:00 PM ET.
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2023.06.02 16:05 wibtathrowaway09 WIBTBF for breaking up with my "boyfriend" over text?

Posting here as I can't on AITA:
"Boyfriend" is in quotation marks as I'm realising the word was never really applicable to this guy. I, 18F, met a man "Mark" 55M in a bar (I was the one to first approach him,) a few months after I had turned 18. We got along well, I had always been excited by the idea of going out with an older man, and having recently gotten out of a relationship with a guy my own age where I felt more like his mother than his girlfriend with how much I had to look after him, I was excited by the prospect of being looked after by a partner. I was also in a vulnerable place with my family situation, so I gravitated towards stability.
2 months later, after me trying to keep it as casual as possible, Mark is "infatuated" with me. He often texts me how much he loves me, upset that I am "ignoring" him, even though I am in the middle of doing my A level exams (end of high school exams for non-UK readers.) It is stressful and very much not enjoyable having to balance him and my parents (who do not know about the relationship,) and in addition the constant worry of judgement (and the police, who have checked on us once before) when he can't keep his hands to himself in public. I also feel very weird about the fact that he has two sons older than me, even though one of them knows and is fine about it.
I feel stupid for having gotten into the relationship in the first place, and I blame myself. I just want it to be over. Some of my friends, while they support me ending the relationship, have said that it would still be wrong of me to do it over text, but I feel a bit sick at the thought of calling him or seeing him in person. But at the same time, I feel like the relationship was my fault, and he would clearly be very upset when I break up with him, and I feel guilty for thinking of doing it over text, as I usually would never do that to someone. WIBTA for breaking it off over text?
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2023.06.02 16:02 Long_King_8768 Am I ready ?

Taking the exam on monday those are my scores:
I have done 96% of UW with a 62% average
UWSA1 - 67%
UWSA2 - 63%
NBME31 - 69%
NBME30 - 66%
NBME29 - 70%
New Free 120 - 75%
Should I go for it?
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2023.06.02 15:45 SecretSalt5414 Bsc.Csit and BE scholarships in Nepal

I have heard that there is no scholarship option for csit based on the entrance ranking someone said that ,"you just get admissions to public collages based on your entrance score and public collages are cheaper but there is no scholarship offers to the students based on the entrance exam" how true is that can someone please tell me about scholarship criteria for Bsc.Csit and BE IOE in Nepal.
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2023.06.02 15:17 Catwoman1201 Step 1 anxiety

I gave step 1 few days ago. I think the anxiety will ruin me. I failed back in December 2022 and this was my second attempt.
I did all possible nbmes and scored 70-75% in all of them. I did amboos and uworld and utilised all possible sources. Scored 73% in free 120 2 days before the exam. I don’t know how my step 1 went. I just kept on doing questions without time to think about what I was doing. Is it normal to feel this way ?
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2023.06.02 15:17 Boring-Tomatillo-269 Can you guys help me with my university admission?

Hey, I am an A-Level student from Pakistan. I am looking for universities in Canada that offer full-ride scholarships. I will provide you with my academic record, I have completed my O-levels with 2 A*s, 6 As, 1 B, and 1 C. I also have 2 community service certificates and 1 football certificate. My A-Level subjects are Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, and Accounting. I have taken my As-Level CIE exams and expect to get A grades in all subjects except Computer Science, where I expect to get a B or lower(If I get B or lower, I will definitely retake it). I plan to take the SAT exam in August, but I am not sure if I will get a score above 1200. I have not taken any other test, nor do I have any other certification.
Can you please recommend universities that offer full-ride scholarships to international students with my academic record? And any advice from you guys on what should I do to increase my chances for scholarships?
Thank you for your help.
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2023.06.02 15:15 Hairy_Virus73 Attempting skill level (F8- AA) for the first time!

Hey, it’s my first time attempting a session exam, any advice would be appreciated!
I do have specific questions:
  1. I have gone through the Kaplan study text and Kaplan kit, and practiced 3 mocks, should I spend time doing the BPP Kit or go through what I have already done?
  2. Do my section B answers need to be as detailed as the sample answers? This is my main issue, I know the concept eg. I wrote `the basis of standard costs should be reviewed by the production department to ensure that it is an accurate basis of measuring costs’. Is this good enough to score one mark? Because the answer they have provided is very lengthy!
Any other advice/recommendations would be highly appreciated, thank you :)
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2023.06.02 15:03 kgh6378 FAR in 2024 will be easier?

FAR in 2024 will be easier? submitted by kgh6378 to CPA [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 14:56 Necessary-Wing-7892 Aakash valo ne aaj ek ghanta time waste kiya, counselling ke naam pe. But there are some questions I want to ask(2025tard)

If its too long to read, skip to the last two paragraphs.

I am currently studying from Unacademy, recorded lectures and my course completion is going smoothly till now. I have been lurking here for quite a while, and decided to get enrolled in Aakash centre in my City, after reading some posts on the sub and my friend questioning if I will be able to manage online alone. There are no other reputed coaching in my city other than Aakash.
Recently I gave the IACST exam(for the third time) from a new phone number and this time we got a call from Delhi, which soon turned into a zoom meeting with that person and me and my mother.
He started by asking me a question, about (a+b)^2, and how to prove it. I gave a geometric proof to him, since he said "dekhna ab ye bracket khol ke solve karke dikhayega". Still he managed to nitpick on my proof.
Then he took a test online by screen sharing from the BYJU's site. There I got 40 percent score(some topics I had not studied and some topics of 9th/10th I had forgotten). Now he tells my mother that I am a very good student and I could bring AIR 200 under his guidance. And shares some details about the online batch(most notably): That a platform like unacademy doesn't produce much ranks and that I should take the online Kota batch for National level competetion and best faculty.
After the session, I told my mother that he is making false claims and trying to get us to buy the course using emotion.
Being a lurker on this sub I at least have some idea of what coachings are considered good by the students here, based on that I bought unacademy in the first place.

Still I would like to ask some questions, Is dummy+online coaching(unacademy+youtube if needed) a good option? If someone has experienced meetings from Aakash then please share your experience about it.
I am planning to show some answers to my mother to convince her that the counselling session was mostly trying to get her to buy the course and are not objectively a better choice. (Toh constructive criticism dena thoda, or even state if I am wrong about some things)
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2023.06.02 14:54 shhcupcake here's my comparison of Poly vs JC

Hi guys, I know theres a lot of ambiguity when it comes to choosing between poly or JC, long story short ive attended both JC and poly, so I’ll just leave my personal attempt at making an unbiased, objective comparison between both of them and hopefully it can serve as a helpful point of reference. There are bound to be flaws and biases to my comparison, so please use this in combination with all your other sources of information to make your own informed decision.

Grading comparison:

In JC, you are given 2 years to learn how to paint. Throughout this time, you learn and work on different painting techniques and spend time drilling in your painting skills. You must spend countless hours and sleepless nights making painting after painting in order to improve, as the grading is very strict and the requirements are high. At the end of the 2 years, only the final painting you make will be graded, so that’s where you will show the results of your practicing. The examination is tough as you are only given a few hours to complete this final graded painting. If this final painting is given a failing grade, you may opt to purchase your own painting materials to practice for another year, and at the end of that year, you will be given another canvas to paint and be graded upon. Although undesirable and unlikely to happen, you can technically repeat this infinitely until you give up or get a satisfactory grade to get into your choice of university.
In poly, you are given 3 years to paint a single graded painting. Only one canvas is provided, and this canvas has guidelines that divide its area into equal parts of 6. Every semester, you are only allowed to paint on one area, which is graded and locked up after that. If you mess up, you cannot go back to that area again. Your overall grade will be the average grade of all 6 areas, and you will not be allowed another chance to paint another painting after it is complete. However, you have plenty of time to finish painting each area, as you are allowed to work on this graded painting throughout the semester, and the pace of teaching and technical requirements are also relatively low. If your overall grade is not good enough to go to university, your style of painting is more likely to be accepted in the workplace than that of JC students.

Ability of external factors to influence your grades:

In JC, you are the only one who is allowed to paint on your canvas during the final assessment. You may feel mentally affected or stressed by certain people, topics or events, but they are not allowed to paint on your canvas during the exam. If your teacher hated you for skipping class too often, it does not matter much because only the final painting matters. Everyone’s paintings are sent to the same headquarters for standardised marking, which is done by examiners who do not personally know the students.
In poly, fellow students will sometimes be asked to paint on your graded canvas. They are sometimes teammates of your choice, but other times randomly assigned by the teacher. This may be good or bad depending on how talented you are relative to your classmates. You may voice your concerns and give them feedback on how you want them to paint on your canvas, but they may still mess up on that small portion of your canvas. Sometimes, they may not paint on it at all despite it being the task requirement, so you may have to fill in the part for them if you want to score a decent grade. Each small area of your painting is graded by a single teacher who taught you for that particular class, sometimes two. The grades they give are rarely audited by a second opinion or third party, thus they may be influenced by personal biases during the grading as they know each student personally. Based on the anecdotes of many, they may possibly give a relatively more lenient grade to a student who has been more attentive and proactive in seeking consultation. This may put you at an unfair advantage or disadvantage, depending on your personality and likeability.

Others (Resources, free time etc.):

In JC, you have no time. You and everyone around you will feel burnt out most of the time and maybe a little motivated towards the final examination date, but at least everyone is in that hell ride together (peer pressure is with you). Lots of resources and past year materials are given, and you can never finish them all. In Poly, you have time but no motivation. You’ll need a lot of discipline if you want to commit to obtaining a good score amidst entire cliques of people skipping class to watch netflix or hit the clubs (peer pressure is against you). Resources are pretty scarce but at the same time the level of mastery required is also low, they aren’t incentivised to give more of them anyway since lecturers can’t be reliably compared based on the grades of students they churn out (due to said lack of standardised grading). If you wish to keep a part-time job while studying, you are also much more likely to find the time to do that in poly.


Mental health and sanity:

Poly is better (except on GPA results release day)

Some personal biased opinions I have:

In poly, you can do decently well by being very punctual, showing effort, and dilligently following the given rules. Poly welcomes higher order thinking, but it ultimately focuses on rewarding those who can show effort and consistency, because they are qualities liked by corporate employers for entry-level roles. After all, polytechnic education was initially intended by the government to train a moderately skilled workforce, thus the poly curriculum was designed in mind that most of its graduates would immediately join the workforce after graduation. In JC, you need to amend existing instruction and improve upon them based on different hypothetical situations, of which understanding and knowing how to follow the standard protocol is a baseline/ prerequisite. JC does reward effort and consistency, but it is more rewarding to those who can show higher order thinking.
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2023.06.02 14:54 stayclassypeople The 1979-80 Bowl Season

This is the 6th post in a series going over the bowl seasons from 1974-1997. Each year I'm examining the bowls with national title implications and the teams competing for the #1 ranking. If you want to catch up on prior seasons, check out the link to the master post to view previous write ups.

Setting the Stage

End of Regular Season Rankings

Teams Record AP Coaches
Ohio St 11-0 1 3 (22)
Alabama 11-0 2 1 (4)
USC 10-0-1 3 2 (3)
Florida St 11-0 4 4
Oklahoma 10-1 5 5
Arkansas 10-1 6 6
Four teams entered the New Year with a 0 in the loss column and the pollsters couldn't agree on much. Ohio St was ranked #1/3, Alabama #2/1, and USC was #3/2. To make matters more challenging, only Ohio St and USC were paired up in a bowl (Rose). Alabama went to the Sugar of course and FSU to the Orange. With 4 unbeaten teams in 3 different bowl games, a split national title felt likely.
Important games and other notes:

The Bowls

Sugar Bowl: #2/1 Alabama vs #6/7 Arkansas (Jan 1st, 2pm EST)
Alabama entered a 3rd straight Sugar Bowl #1 in the Coaches Poll, with a good chance to claim at least a share of the national championship. Two years ago, they won this game but were leapfrogged by Notre Dame and last season they won again but USC narrowly stole 1st place in the Coaches poll, leading them to split for a national title. With a win and Ohio St win, another split title was a strong likelihood. With a USC win, they would be in good position for a consensus title. The Tide took care of business either way. After spotting Arkansas 3 points, they scored 17 unanswered to lead 17-3 at the half. The Razorbacks managed to cut the lead to 17-9 with a 3rd quarter TD, but Alabama closed the door on their comeback with a mid 4th quarter TD to win 24-9 . . . just in time to tune into the Rose Bowl

Rose Bowl: #1/3 Ohio St vs #3/2 USC (Jan 1st, 5PM EST)
Leading into the day, this game would become a de facto national title if Arkansas could upset Alabam in the Sugar. The Tide would ultimately win, but Ohio St was still in good position to at least earn a split, given that they were #1 in the AP. USC's chances were slim to finish first in either poll now, but after last year's results, never say never. USC led 10-0 in the 2nd, but Ohio St rallied to tie it by halftime. The Buckeyes added field goals in the 3rd and early 4th to lead 16-10. With 1:38 left in the game USC drove down to the OSU 1, and Heisman award winning RB, Charles White punched it in to give the Trojans a 17-16 lead and eventual win. OSU's championship hopes were dashed. USC's championship hopes were slim, but the win still meant a Rose bowl crown, which was now 6 straight for the Pac 10.
Orange Bowl #4 Florida St vs #5 Oklahoma (Jan 1st, 8pm EST)
For fans under 40, its wild to think that an unbeaten Seminole team would only be 4th in the polls. Florida St had mostly been an afterthought in college football until Bobby Bowden arrived. In fact, just 6 seasons ago, they finished 0-11. Now in his 4th year, Bowden had the 'Noles on the doorstep of their 2nd ever unbeaten season in their 1st major bowl appearance. Still, their odds of claiming a national title were very slim. They would likely need losses by unbeaten Alabama and Ohio St earlier in the day, and hope that the at least one of the polls would put them #1 over USC. Alabama's win earlier in the day dashed those slim hopes, and Oklahoma piled on for good measure. After spotting FSU 7 points in the 1st, the Sooners scored 24 unanswered, including 17 in the 2nd, to roll to a 24-7 win.

Final Results

*Only includes teams receiving 1st place votes in either poll
Team Record AP Coaches
Alabama 12-0 1 (46) 1 (28)
USC 11-0-1 2 (21) 2 (9)
Oklahoma 11-1 3 3 (1)
For a season that seemed destined for another split national title, things worked out pretty cleanly. Thanks to Ohio State and Florida St's losses, Alabama finished the year as the only team unbeaten and untied (even unbeaten #9 BYU lost its bowl), making the Tide the easy choice for #1 in each poll. USC still siphoned off votes in each poll, but their tie to unranked Stanford was too much for the voters to overlook. After back to back season's of being denied a consensus national title, an undisputed national title was finally there's.

Sources and recommended reading
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2023.06.02 14:49 LoanRoutine9501 Ajuda em caso clínico de GO

Vocês poderiam me ajudar a responder esse caso clínico de GO?
Utilize a história, exame físico e exames complementares para estabelecer os seguintes diagnósticos da paciente:
DON (Diagnóstico Obstétrico de Normalidade): DOPP (Diagnóstico Obstétrico Patológico Pregresso): DOPA (Diagnóstico Obstétrico Patológico Atual): DG (Diagnóstico Ginecológico): DCC (Diagnóstico Clínico Cirúrgico):
Considerar para cálculo de idade gestacional que o atendimento ocorreu em 05/06/2023.
1- MJG, 25 anos, DUM: 02/11/2022 , está na segunda gestação e vem para consulta de pré-natal de rotina trazendo exames. Refere que diminui o tabagismo de 1 maço/dia para 5 cigarros/dia. Refere primeira gestação há 5 anos, parto cesárea com 39 semanas por apresentação pélvica e uma laparotomia por cisto de ovário roto há 10 anos. Ao exame: BEG, corada, hidratada, eupneica, COTE. PA: 110x70 mmHg, P: 80 bpm, afebril. Peso pré-gestacional: 80kgs, Peso atual: 85kgs, Altura: 1,55m. Abdome: gravídico, AU: 31 cm, DU ausente, BCF + 145 bpm. Toque vaginal e especular não realizados (sem queixas) Exames subsidiários: TS: A positivo, CI negativo, Hb: 11,6mg/dl, urocultura negativa, urina 1 normal, VDRL negativo, TTOG: 90mg/dl, 180mg/dl, 145mg/dl.
2- RST, 42 anos, vem em consulta pré-natal com queixa de corrimento vaginal com odor fétido, sem prurido ou outras queixas. DUM: 10/11/2022 Refere ser a segunda gestação, sendo que na primeira há 5 anos, perdeu o bebê com 7 semanas e fez curetagem uterina. Refere também que tinha um pólipo endometrial que foi retirado há 3 anos por uma “cirurgia” via vaginal que não lembra o nome. Ao exame: BEG, corada, hidratada, eupneica, afebril, COTE. PA: 145x95mmHg em duas medidas e após DLE. Peso atual: 65 kgs, Peso pré-gestacional: 60 kgs, Altura: 162 cm Abdome: AU: 28cm, DU ausente, BCF + 135 bpm. Especular: conteúdo vaginal aumentado, com corrimento acinzentado, com odor fétido e presença de “clue cells” à microscopia. Toque vaginal: colo grosso, posterior, impérvio. Traz os seguintes exames: TS O positivo, CI negativo, HB – 10,2 mg/dl, Urina 1 e urocultura sem alterações, sorologia toxoplasmose IgG negativo IgM negativo, VDRL NR, HIV NR, HBsAg negativo, anti-HBs positivo, TTOG: 80/170/100 mg/dl.
3- DFL, 23 anos, procura o PS da maternidade devido à contrações há 5 horas. Nega outras queixas, refere boa movimentação fetal. Refere ser sua segunda gestação, sendo a primeira uma gestação ectópica há 1 ano tratada com a retirada da tuba direita por laparoscopia. DUM: 16/11/2022 Ao exame: BEG, corada, hidratada, eupneica, COTE, afebril. PA: 120x80mmHg, P: 80 bpm. Peso pré gestacional: 45 kgs, Peso atual: 48 kgs, Altura: 170 cm. Abdome: gravídico, AU: 27 cm, DU presente 2 contrações de 40 segundos em 10 minutos, BCF + 148 bpm Especular: conteúdo vaginal fisiológico, ausência de sangramento. Toque vaginal: colo grosso, posterior, 3cm, bolsa íntegra. Exames da carteirinha de pré-natal: glicemia de jejum 80mg/dl, TS A negativo, CI positivo 1/32 (anti-D), HB: 11,5 mg,dl, VDRL negativo, HIV negativo, TTOG: 60/130/90 mg/dl.
4- RTF, 32 anos, vem em consulta do pré-natal de alto risco, sem queixas. Essa é sua segunda gestação. A primeira gestação ocorreu há 2 ano e o parto foi cesárea com 33 semanas devido a um aumento de pressão arterial com convulsões. Está em uso de AAS e carbonato de cálcio devido a esse histórico. DUM: 30/10/2022 Ao exame: BEG, corada, hidratada, eupneica, COTE, afebril. PA: 110x70mmHg, P: 70 bpm. Peso pré-gestacional 60 kgs, Peso atual: 64 kgs, Altura: 160 cm. Abdome: gravídico, AU: 26 cm, DU ausente, BCF + 130 bpm. Especular e toque vaginal não realizados. Exames do cartão de pré-natal: glicemia de jejum (realizado no primeiro trimestre): 128 mg/dl. Hb: 11,7 mg/dl, TS AB positivo, CI negativo, VDRL não reagente, HIV não reagente, urina 1 e urocultura sem alterações. US realizado há 1 semanas: feto único e vivo, peso fetal no percentil 2, Doppler materno e fetal normais, líquido normal.
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2023.06.02 14:47 Boring-Tomatillo-269 Can you guys help me with university scholarships?

Hey, I am an A-Level student from Pakistan. I am looking for universities in Netherlands that offer full-ride scholarships. I will provide you with my academic record, I have completed my O-levels with 2 A*s, 6 As, 1 B, and 1 C. I also have 2 community service certificates and 1 football certificate. My A-Level subjects are Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, and Accounting. I have taken my As-Level CIE exams and expect to get A grades in all subjects except Computer Science, where I expect to get a B or lower(If I get B or lower, I will definitely retake it). I plan to take the SAT exam in August, but I am not sure if I will get a score above 1200. I have not taken any other test, nor do I have any other certification.
Can you please recommend universities in that offer full-ride scholarships to international students with my academic record? And any advice from you guys on what should I do to increase my chances for scholarships?
Thank you for your help.
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