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2023.06.09 03:56 StrikingGood7930 Flow X16 bought 4 months ago

Flow X16 bought 4 months ago
Bought this pc a while ago. Im having some serious issues with the Mediatek wifi card. It all started when the pc got back from sleep. No networks were detected, had to disable/enable wifi a fee times. Then last week it would not display any network. I tried to enable/disable the wifi card. Uninstall the wifi card and removing its driver. I even downloaded latest drivers from another computer and tried to install them. Nothing changed. Had to reset the computer and everything worked again. Then today im facing the same issue. No networks avalaible. Tried everything that I could do. In device manager it showed an error (code 10) I think windows could not start the wifi card. Now I did a diagnosis in Asus winre in the windows troubleshoot tools. It showed me that I could have a faulty motherboard/wifi card. I hate that this computer could may be defective since I spend a lot and plus I will have to send it to Asus.
Did anyone had a similar problem and what did you do? Also can you tell me your experience with asus warranty center? Im really worried about my computer.
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2023.06.09 03:53 Next_Performance6278 Rant/I don't know what to do

I'm having a lot of trouble deciding what I should do in my relationship. I'm 21F, my partner is 23M.
We've been together for almost 2 years, and it's honestly been mostly amazing. He's extremely compassionate, loving, caring, and a very healthy partner. We are deeply in love, and seriously considering a future and life together. I feel very strongly connected and intertwined with him and I don't want to imagine my life without him.
The only issues are related to my readiness for a relationship like this. When we met, I was NOT looking for a relationship. I had just gotten out of one, a traumatizing one at that. I communicated that to him and he was more than understanding. But a couple months went by of seeing each other casually and we couldn't help but fall in love. So, I bent my own rules because I really love him and I thought maybe that would be enough to make me ready for the relationship.
The more I dwell on it though, the more I still feel like I need to grow by myself first. I haven't been single for longer than a month since high school. I want to explore life without a partner and have valuable life experiences that come with being a young adult, experiences you don't get when you're in a relationship.
Some of the main reasons I feel this way are really difficult to process, because they're related to his personality and handling of situations. I don't want to go sharing his personal information, but it's important to the conundrum--he has borderline personality disorder. Now, in and of itself I have absolutely NO issue with that. He is a kind and loving person and does not deserve the stigmas that surround BPD. However, it does affect our lives as a couple and my life individually, too. For one, he's very antisocial. He doesn't have any other friends besides me. He is easily overwhelmed by crowds and noise, so he never wants to come with me to bars, hang outs, etc. He has trauma from being bullied in school, so he genuinely believes that everyone dislikes him and that he cannot make friends, so he pushes everyone away. It can be pretty exhausting being his only outlet.
Another thing is he has the characteristic rapid emotion changes of BPD. Let me be clear; he is never and would never EVER be violent with me. Not even so much as a raised voice; we've literally never even argued. So it's not that I feel threatened or intimidated or anything like that. But to be quite frank, it can be... Embarrassing. He has such a quick temper and he has no method of self regulating that I always feel like I'm walking on eggshells trying to prevent a situation that might upset him. And it's EXTREMELY unpredictable. One day, he may be completely calm at a bust restaurant and have not a care in the world, expressing that he understands employees aren't treated well or paid enough, that they're doing their best, etc. But then another moment, maybe chipotle is taking too long to make his takeout order, and if there's even one small reason he wants to be anywhere else that can cause a meltdown. Never yelling or being rude to workers or anything, but visible agitation, pacing, slamming things, etc.
One time he came with my family to visit my grandparents in a different state, and at first it was going amazingly. He and I went for a walk with my grandfather, they were talking and bonding, it was great. But there was a snow storm coming, and we hadn't decided yet whether or not we were going to spend the night or head back home. We had mostly decided that we probably wanted to go home if we could. But, with the snow closing in, it wouldn't have been safe. Not only was I reluctant, but my mom was really hesitant to let us go. He absolutely could NOT handle this. He was displaying visible signs of anger ang agitation in front of my family including my grandparents, such as throwing his boots around when I was trying to get him outside to talk. I didn't like the way he was acting with my mom either--he was making it very clear that she was the source of his anger, at one point he even turned away from her and pulled his own hair in anger as if she couldn't see just because he had turned around. After we had some time to settle down and talk about it a bit, it became clear that it was less about going home and more so just about being told what to do or being limited when he wanted to make the decision. When he calms down, it's like the snap of a finger and he might as well have never been upset; just immediately completely fine and sometimes even up-beat. Sometimes it's in these afteclarity moments that he becomes embarrassed about things he did or said during his tantrums, but other times he just brushes it off and doesn't seem to think it's that big of a deal. This case was the latter. After the dust settled, he seemed to think the visit went extremely well and almost seemed to have absolutely no concept that everyone had seen him acting that way, INCLUDING MY GRANDPARENTS WHO HE WAS MEETING FOR THE FIRST TIME, and who have no reason to believe that he doesn't act like this all the time or even that he doesn't hurt me. I was mortified. But I was too afraid of making him feel guilty, so I never brought it up again.
That was just one pretty extreme example, but those behaviors bleed into everyday life and I feel pretty constantly on edge when we're around other people, worrying that there's going to be something or someone that sets him off.
That being said, our relationship is otherwise pretty perfect. Obviously that doesn't seem small reading it or even writing it, but I've spent most of the relationship not even thinking twice about it and just deciding that there are compromises I have to make to protect his well-being. Beyond that though, it's great--we never argue, we have amazing sexual chemistry, we share all the same viewpoints, were intellectually matched, we love all of the same things, and most importantly, we're really loving to each other. He's always doing the little things that REALLY matter to me in a relationship, like buying me my favorite candy just because he can, or massaging my neck while I'm up late doing homework, or doing some dishes to help reduce my chore load. He supports me through absolutely everything, he's my rock. He plays with my hair the way I like it, he shares my passions with me, ALL the right things, all the big and little things. There are endless ways that make me feel like he's truly my soulmate and that I want to spend the rest of my life with him.
But above all else, I'm still so young and I don't feel ready to be in settling down mode. I'm so torn, because I want to live my life and experience things and be single and care free, but I don't want to lose him. He's so important to me and I really love him a lot. More than I've ever loved anyone.
I guess the main takeaway here is that even though I've met my soulmate, I don't think either of us are ready for a lifetime commitment just yet. I need him to mature and work on those things before I can be content settling down, but I feel physically incapable of telling him that. I also don't feel that it would be fair to me to stick around in the process of him figuring all that out--the point is that I deserve to just have that in a partner, not to have to patiently wait for it to slowly get to that point.
It's also worth noting that because of his BPD, he's had extreme mental health battles that have made it impossible for him to finish college. He's done about two years or so, but he'll be 24 in October. I feel so wrong for having any type of feeling about it, but it does affect me. Every part of me wholeheartedly understands his struggles and understands exactly why he's needed time off from school. I have absolutely no doubts that he needs this and there is no other way to have handled his college situation. But, I struggle to accept that it's still okay for me to be a little concerned about it. If we're supposed to be life partners, I need to be able to see him having a career and a means to contribute to supporting a family. I know the break is 1000% necessary. But it's been a couple years now and he still has no clue what he wants to do with his life. He's considering enrolling in classes again in the fall to work on at least an associates, but that's just for formality. He doesn't have any idea what field he wants to pursue or anything. And I am not passing ANY judgement WHATSOEVER. I was in that same boat as recently as last year. But he's older than me and this is getting more serious. Am I wrong for feeling like it makes it difficult to imagine certain parts of having a life and future together? We can't raise a family on DoorDasher salary. And he knows that, but it doesn't mean he magically knows then what else to do.
One of my best friends also expressed to me last night that they're concerned some of my partner's behaviors may be manipulative, even if unintentionally. Namely, the fact that his strong reactions to negative things make it difficult to want to communicate with him (for example, I'm afraid to bring this up to him because I know it will make him so incredibly, deeply sad and I don't want to upset him). I know wholeheartedly that my partner NEVER manipulates me intentionally, but I don't disagree that it can be taken that way and I acknowledge that his BPD makes it somewhat of a given. Though that's not fair to me me.
TLDR: my partner has some maturing to do and I was never ready for this relationship, but since we're so in love and our relationship is 99% amazing, it's extremely difficult to consider doing anything about this. I'm at a point where I almost feel like I'm "putting up with" his BPD behaviors because of how much we love each other and how much it would hurt to be without him.
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2023.06.09 03:53 As1Asim Betaflight motor error

Betaflight motor error
Hi guys,so i crashed my quad yesterday then this problem started.I was flying and there was a electric pole and I hit one of the electric wire which i did not notice and if m not wrong the rx antenna hit first then the frame.Btw i lost feed as i hit the wire and i hit disarm,after fixing everything i found betaflight showing motor error while connected to the Transmitter,no errors when TX is not connected.Tho the error rate is very low but it still there,motor 1 is constantly giving error while others r very very minimal mostly at 0.Tho i checked few minutes all of them r giving errors but as u can see motor 1 is in the top.Is there any way to fix this or its okay?coz it's not more than 1% but still I prefer fixing this issue asap.
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2023.06.09 03:52 As1Asim Betaflight motor error

Betaflight motor error
Hi guys,so i crashed my quad yesterday then this problem started.I was flying and there was a electric pole and I hit one of the electric wire which i did not notice and if m not wrong the rx antenna hit first then the frame.Btw i lost feed as i hit the wire and i hit disarm,after fixing everything i found betaflight showing motor error while connected to the Transmitter,no errors when TX is not connected.Tho the error rate is very low but it still there,motor 1 is constantly giving error while others r very very minimal mostly at 0.Tho i checked few minutes all of them r giving errors but as u can see motor 1 is in the top.Is there any way to fix this or its okay?coz it's not more than 1% but still I prefer fixing this issue asap.
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2023.06.09 03:50 SpaceyEngineer Dave doesn't believe home values in Austin, TX are down year over year (-16%), accuses caller of overpaying.

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2023.06.09 03:49 fangedfay “Just pick it off, sweetie!”

This actually happened many years ago now, but I was dining at a restaurant with friends around 9ish in the evening - not a fancy restaurant by any means, but an affordable, delicious option that’s always open late. It wasn’t busy and there was one very bored waitress who looked to be in her 40s.
She put on a perky face and took our orders. Being a picky eater, I asked for a burger with no lettuce or tomato. I’d ordered the exact thing dozens of times before with no real issues, but something was “off” about this waitress…
“It comes with the lettuce and tomato, honey,” she said, like I was stupid.
“Yeah,” I laughed, thinking she was just teasing me at first. “I just want the cheese though.”
“It just comes like that. That’s how we make it - with lettuce and tomato,” she said in a matter-of-fact way.
I looked at my friends for some sort of help and only received dumbfounded looks in return.
“Uhm,” I said as nicely as I could. “Would you just leave the lettuce and tomato… off?”
I was waiting for her to understand, but she acted like I was speaking nonsense.
“Sorry, but that’s JUST how we make it,” she replied, clearly annoyed now. “But if you don’t like it, just pick it off, sweetie!”
She finished taking our orders while I sat there, stunned. Picking off lettuce and tomato is easy enough, sure. But on rare occasions that the restaurant had forgotten to leave it off for me in the past, it usually left the bun soggy and tasting of the toppings I disliked… hence why I asked for it not to be assembled that way. And I did everything I could - in my very confused state of mind - to be polite to this woman, especially because I started to wonder if she was 1) on drugs, 2) fucking with me to win a bet, or 3) profoundly stupid.
I did end up receiving a burger with lettuce and tomato (surprise, surprise) and the bun was soaked by the questionable-looking, piled-on tomatoes. It even looked like they had even managed to add more toppings than usual, and I wondered what I ever could have done to this strange waitress to make her fuck with my hunger like that. Did I hurt her in a past life?
I asked if I could at least get a fresh burger bun because it was so watery, and she just looked at me, exasperated, and said, “This again?? Just pick it off! It’s fine…”
I never made a scene, I never asked to speak to a manager, and I ate my fries and the parts of the burger I liked. I honestly don’t really like confrontation, but I did get a bit of petty revenge in the end…
On the table, I left her the oldest, dirtiest one-dollar bill from my friend’s wallet as a tip (because you should always tip your servers!) but I put the lettuce and tomato on top of that nasty dollar bill with a note, saying: “Just pick it off, sweetie!”
I wish I could’ve seen her face…
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2023.06.09 03:48 kodahlyn Ratterys in DFW TX area

Anyone know of any ratterys near the area. I live closer to terrell, TX and most ratterys I've seen are like further west from dfw. Any closer to terrell?. Looked everywhere, really want a breeder instead of pet store! Last ones I got from quinlan, TX but I cannot find the rattery anymore.
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2023.06.09 03:47 gaucaflackaflame Found in Dallas, TX apartment - gathered in small groups around dried food (e.g. cat food/chips) - not sure where they are coming from since I usually only find around 5 at a time.

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2023.06.09 03:47 thiccbelgianwaffle safety of campus around night time

hi everyone i am a ucla student (boooooo i know) taking a physics class at berkeley over the summer. i am originally from the east bay, so i plan to commute to campus almost every day for class. the main methods of transportation that i will use are bart and bus. i am also trying to get a summer job at a restaurant around the area.
i have a place in mind to work at and just based on my schedule/how much i want to work, it looks like i would be working from the afternoon to the evening. the place i want to work at closes at 9pm, so doing the closing shift might make me stay to 10pm. so now the problem is that the buses that i would take home have stops that would need me to cut through campus/walk around the campus perimeter during the late evening.
is it safe around campus during this time? is there anything that i should be worried about? i might be overreacting, but hearing stuff about the berkeley campus in terms of safety is just making me want to know what to expect. not saying that ucla is completely safe, but i am more familiar with that area and know what safety resources i have/how to get home safe.
(on mobile so sorry if there are typos)
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2023.06.09 03:47 lilbanjee Was this a panic attack?

today at work i had been overheating my whole shift, i work in a restaurant so it gets super hot in the back. in the last 15 mins of my shift, they asked me to clean the grill. i agreed. to clean our grill we use an oil based chemical which as a result causes a lot of steam as it’s burning down on the hot grill. i tried my best to do it, maybe for 7 minutes. however, i had an overwhelming feeling of doom (for lack of a better word) and started to tremble and feel light headed. when i went to tell my supervisor, instantly my eyes started watering. i went quickly to the bathroom to change and instantly started balling my eyes out. i have absolutely no clue why. even on the ride home, i could not stop crying. it’s been 50 minutes now and i’m still shaking. do you think this was a panic attack or just a general reaction to overheating?
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2023.06.09 03:44 BlurryfacedNico Trouble getting some restaurants going

Trouble getting some restaurants going
Hey, so this is my current setup. I usually have no problem grinding restaurants. Only when theres first one or two stations that can only be serviced by the waiters. These restaurants often take very long to get going. How can I improve that? I've tried to open the station that my character uses asap but still takes what feels very long to me. Not just the last restaurant in a city but there's often a "lobster restaurant" with tanks, with lvl 150 max, that shows the same problem.
Is the checkbook the way to go or is there some gear I should look out for, that's not ultimate?
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2023.06.09 03:44 Educational_Pen_7938 Brand New Volcano hybrid for sale

Brand New Volcano hybrid for sale
Just got a brand new Volcano hybrid onyx edition. My smoking has gone down a lot so I don’t feel I would use it much. Selling for $475 or best offer.
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2023.06.09 03:44 Spooky365 And then everyone in McDonald's applauded

And then everyone in McDonald's applauded
This was a comment in an AITA post about a parent bringing their crying infant to a high end restaurant. The comments had a ton of angered parents sharing their stories.
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2023.06.09 03:41 lawsondt Who was on the Ledger? Who wasn't?

Who was on the Ledger? Who wasn't?
Amazing to see 6days1week, dummywithwings and pale_blue_dots in Grapevine, TX. Some of the finest people I have ever met online or in person.
The ledger was current as of April 21, 2023. Technically, we saw a list of stockholders eligible to vote in stockholder meetings, but even GameStop headquarters called it "Stockholder Ledger Viewing." While the differences are subtle, we will discuss them in detail in another post.
For context, the average investor on the ledger has 420 shares.
So, who was on the ledger and who wasn't? How about the million share user?
Yes, AccordingAd6130 was on the ledger with a whopping 1,200,009 shares. They shared personal information ahead of time that only they would know and we could find out by viewing the ledger. The ledger includes names, positions and addresses. We reached out to this user before making this post and they were ok with us mentioning them here. RIP their inbox, but they said they are good at ignoring DM’s.
Everybody searched for 'Keith' and 'Gill' and we didn't recognize any of the names that showed up. We also searched for 'Kevin' and 'Gill' and had the same luck.
Peruvian_Bull? Oh yeah, he's on there! Love this guy!
Familiar wealth manager from Grapevine? We didn't talk to him previously, but yes, he has X,XXX shares on the ledger.
How about the Mulligan brothers who produced the recent "Apes Strong Together" documentary? I watched it ($15), mainly because someone I respect tweeted about it. DRS was talked about for 45 seconds and then never mentioned again. The ending consisted of people pissed off saying it wasn't over for some reason (nothing about DRS).
There were 4 Mulligans on the ledger. First names starting with A, A, C and D, but none from the Pacific northwest.
How about PWNWTFBBQ? When people asked her about DRS, she said she doesn't like to talk about it because it's not related to their DD, but that she did put some away for the "infinity pool." Well, she wasn’t capping, she’s on the ledger with more than the average share count, mostly book. I now find her attractive.
Buttfarm69? Yes, multiple accounts with X,XXX shares.
Familiar guy with last name Kagy? Yep, he's on the ledger with a little more than average.
All of the mods on this sub (DRSyourGME) were confirmed to be on the ledger, but only two mods on the other subs (buttfarm69 and Ryan Kagey). Kind of weird, right?
Guy with the last name of Pulte was not on the ledger as of April 21, but he didn't start tweeting about it until May.
Guy with the last name of Lauer? Maybe, we found someone with the same name, but a small XXX position in a southern city. We also found a friend of a guy named Dave with a very small position.
We did not find an "awful million karma DD writer" who deleted their account.
We did not find our beloved MSM writer who likes to drive Zamboni's, but that may be a screen name.
We did not find any well known doctors in the community (unfortunately).
We did not find random popular names like Carl Icahn, Dennis Kelleher, Doug Cifu, Mark Cuban, Martin Shkrelli, Wes Christian, etc.
Furthermore, no institutional investors are on the ledger, including BlackRock, Vanguard, Goldman Sachs, State Street, etc. These are captured in the Cede & Co numbers, presumably they have always have been.
More to come! Thanks for your patience.
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2023.06.09 03:41 SufficientNebula417 25 [F4M] Looking for someone to be my complimentary piece

- USA only, I prefer someone near me -
Hey there, How's life treating y'all?
My usual ways to enjoy life are watching shows and movies, cooking food together with friends or just by myself, being out in nature exploring the beauty of the beaches.
My dream would be to drive around the world with someone I connect with, seeing all the locations that is worth visiting, eating food at all the nice restaurants all over the world. Just exploring the beautiful cultures, sceneries and places around the world.
Im looking for good, meaningful conversations. Between the ages of 25-30's up. To me, nothing's more beautiful than getting to know a person's passions, what moves them in their day-to-day lives and gives them that sparkle in their eye - so I love just asking and talking about others' interests, maybe knowing some of their likes or hobbies for myself along the way. If you want to share your favorite film, movie, or anything else shamelessly, hit me up! Please tell me about yourself when you dm me. Thank you!!
Overall I'm looking for people who I can form a genuine connection with, whether that be a good friendship, something more serious or anything else.
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2023.06.09 03:39 evalinthania Began Kitchen Job and Body Not Keeping Up

My boyfriend started as a cashiedishwasher for a restaurant I have been a regular at for years. One day while meeting him there after his shift, I saw they were looking for a Sushi Chef and a [Kitchen] Helper. I joked that maybe I could do that job and he straight up knocked on the door and asked the manager if she'd be interested. She asked if I had kitchen experience and knew how to make sushi (yes, and basic maki + nigiri). Then she told me to come on Thursday.

I started last Thursday 10:45 am - 3:20 pm, which was 20 minutes later because I was in the middle of something at 3 pm. Yesterday was my 2nd day 10 am - 3 pm. The manager and senior kitchen staff were impressed with my performance last week and decided I can learn to make a popular to-go dish only that that senior kitchen person usually makes. Tomorrow the same senior kitchen staff member will not be in and I get to make the dish by myself.

Working in the kitchen is hard work, of course, but I sincerely enjoy it and I have always loved making food. It feels good to use my body to create things and work as part of a team. It also feels good to have the lil' Japanese aunties marvel at my strength. My only concern is that I seem to have forgotten how much fatigue hits me nowadays due to my MS, not to mention the pain flaring in my joints (hypermobility issues pending investigation) and sudden numbness/tingling. Right now I can't seem to get my right knee back into the right place, my right arm has been switching between burning-tingling and numb since I woke up, and I generally feel like I am so tired that I have been forgetting to eat enough (today is going to be 1 meal + a big ass slice of cake).

Maybe it seems obvious to y'all, but I sincerely don't know how to broach this subject with the manager. I only have worked 2 days of 5ish hour shifts (no breaks) this week, so I feel very disheartened that I am having so much trouble already. It's a job I sincerely enjoy and the people have been great, too. I don't want to disappoint more people, including myself.

How would all of you broach this subject? Thanks.
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2023.06.09 03:39 WpsTXjock 24 Young Bi jock in Dallas Fort Worth TX

What’s up! Looking for bros into sports, grilling out, drinking and hanging out. Frat athlete type here.
Be in DFW or TX in general. Prefer in college/recent grad. Be 18-25/30 and DL. Big plus you go to UT A&M TCU SMU TTU OU OkState Ole Miss or UARK
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2023.06.09 03:38 inui-chan My dad forgot me on an island

Longtime lurker :) Since father's day (and my dad's birthday) is right around the corner, this is the story of the breaking point that helped my dad and I get through the only-daughter-going-through-puberty phase.
To preface this, my (26F) dad is the classic example of a cold-exterior military dad. My dad's father passed away pretty early too so my dad never had a guiding hand in raising kids. So, when I hit puberty, my introverted dad started becoming even more distant because he was unsure how to be a dad through this and clammed up (relatable).
Martha's Vineyard is a cute, tiny island right off Massachusetts and my mom, dad and little brother went with my aunt and uncle's big family when we were visiting our American family. In total, we were four adults and seven kids (me being the oldest at 13 + the only girl). We took a tour around the island and stopped towards the end of the day at a beach. Before we could even see it, one of my cousins jumps to sit on a cement divider in the parking lot. And just like humpty dumpty, off the wall he did fall and smacked his head on the cement.
My aunt brought him to the small hospital while my uncle and parents brought the remaining six of us kids to a restaurant with a patio that overlooked the main street. We ate and the adults were planning their next steps about what to do next as the last ferry (and only way) off the island was leaving in an hour. Thankfully, we got a call that my cousin was okay and would be discharged soon so my mom took half the kids out for a walk down the street while my uncle and dad wrapped up at the restaurant with me, my hyperactive brother and the two most hyper of my cousins. I'd been holding it in for the whole day and my dad escorted me to the bathroom inside. I did my business, was in there about ten minutes max and when I came out, I was alone.
And I'm frozen. I have a sneaking suspicion that I know what happened because I'm the "smart, independent one that my parents don't have to worry about as much". I waddle my way out onto the patio and no ones there. everyone was gone. Including my dad who had walked me TO the bathroom.
Reminder: the last ferry off the island is leaving soon, about twenty minutes from that moment. No bueno. I'm barely a teenager. I have no American money on me. This is like a dozen years ago so I don't even have a cellphone on me. All I had was a secondhand iPod touch and no amount of Cascada would help.
So, like the smart, independent teen I was, I engaged Mom Sonar (usually 90% accuracy). I walked out onto the main street and scanned the crowd, trying to intuitively find my family or at least spot the way to the ferry.
Thankfully, I did eventually spot my aunt and cousin on the other side of the street on their way from the hospital and caught them. My eyes watered and they were just as confused as I was. When we found the others, my mom asked why I was upset and, when my dad noticed, he had that look of Realisation. In the fray, he'd been too busy wrangling my brother from roughhousing my cousins to notice I wasn't quietly shadowing him like usual. He apologized in his "joking but sincere" way a ton and hugged me for the first time in weeks. It was definitely a growing moment for the both of us and as we took the ferry back, he held my hand the whole way like I was a kid again. We're both not touchy people so I could tell that this would most likely be the last time he held my hand like a child, it felt like I was growing out of something.
I don't think my dad hasn't held my hand since and I am truly A-okay with that. For some daughter-dad dynamics it might be different, but our love language is quality time and acts of service. We play guitar and sing together, we have projects together, we go on road trips. I go to him for advice. He listens when I tell stories. Our relationship is great and I wouldn't change it for the world. I poke fun sometimes and remind him of the time he almost forgot me on an island and he cringes every time. So, thanks for the growth, Martha. ;)
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2023.06.09 03:37 Both-Dragonfly1653 Having trouble finding fishing spots

I live in the denton tx area I’m not really looking for specific spots I just want to know how to find fishing spots everywhere around here is private or you need boats or a expensive entrance fee.
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2023.06.09 03:37 tuktuk_padthai Some of you might remember my post wondering when am I gonna get a lucky break like the ones that says ‘after 300-400 job applications, I got a kickass job with excellent benefits’

Well guys, as luck would have it, apparently 2 weeks later was my turn to announce that I finally got a kickass job with excellent base pay and benefits!!! I was down in the dumps because I was getting rejected even by small businesses that offer shit wage. My confidence was low and I was ready to start applying to restaurant jobs as a server since I made about $25-40/hr back in my younger years. But I have a toddler and didn’t want to be away late at night.
I started watching YouTube interview videos and I gotta say, as soon as I realized that my interviews were lukewarm at best, I started jotting down how I could describe my role/experiences eloquently. It made a difference in getting that second interview. It was easy to do it over zoom/teams since I can have a cheat sheet but it was a little different in person. I’m so used to just describing my experience (point blank) but i did not promote myself enough as to why I would be a great fit for the role or why my skillsets will be a great addition to the team.
Even the question ‘tell me about yourself’, I made sure to tell them ‘this and that and it’s a match for this job. I’m blah blah blah, you can be rest assured that xyz will be completed in a timely manner. I’m xyz and I will make sure to go above and beyond to accomplish company goals.’ If you can promote why you’ll be a great fit in most/if not all the questions, do it. I also used chatgpt to anticipate questions and see which skillsets this role values most.
That’s it y’all. I hope that at least 1 person benefits from this. I know that what I wrote sounds like it should be a given in interviews but it didn’t really click in my head until I saw those videos.
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2023.06.09 03:33 bagged_pudding I hate that my husband eats my food.

If we’re at a restaurant he wants to “try” my food then takes multiple giant bites. He wants to “try” my drink and drinks like half of it. If I have leftovers in the fridge by the time I come home they’re gone. Snacks in the pantry. Gone. If I buy us each a pint of ice team, he’ll eat his is one sitting. I’ll have a few spoon fulls and save the rest for later and try to hide it in the freezer but he’ll go looking for it when I’m not home and eat it all. I can’t have anything and it’s so annoying! I’ve dated men in the past who I loved trying each others dish but my husband wants to always eat his and mine. Last night we went to go try a new Mexican restaurant and he ordered a melon water and I got a horchata but he didn’t like his melon water. He tried my drink and was like “omg it’s so good. I really like that. Man I wish I would have ordered that” and still drinks his whole melon water. I get up to use the bathroom and when I came back he drank my entire horchata. I finally had enough and told me he needed to order me another one. He said “why? You still have you water cup”. Dude I want my freaking horchata! That’s why I ordered it! I hate that it makes me feel so selfish but he takes sharing and ruins it for me. I constantly tell him he takes too much and he tells me I don’t know how to share… I’m seriously considering buying myself a mini fridge and putting a key lock on it. I want my own dang food for ME!
Also to add if I cook at home I need to serve myself first or he’ll leave me barely anything. And the more food I make, the bigger portions he serves himself.
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2023.06.09 03:33 susweca2 Taiwan Beer in store?

I had a brand of beer called Taiwan Beer at a few Asian restaurants in the city and haven’t been able to find any in store. I know it’s kind of a specialty beer, but has anyone seen any in stores in/around Pittsburgh? If not, do any beer distributors take recommendations? :) Thank you!
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