How to identify weber grill model


2011.12.13 16:20 Trevj opsec

OPSEC is the process and practice of Operations Security. Although it has roots in the military, OPSEC can be applied to any venture requiring secrecy and survival, from business security to personal safety. OPSEC is a mindset of critical thinking and safe habits. Read the sidebar below for more information!

2021.12.26 17:46 dangerleo Grills_on_sale

Explore barbecues at Reddit, including pellet, electric, gas, and charcoal grills. Shop for barbecue grills, BBQ smokers, fryers, grilling tools and more.

2018.11.05 03:25 cuckoocollections Cuckoo Clocks: for the love of the craft, the clock as well as guidance and maintenance

We love traditional and modern cuckoo clocks. Whether you've just discovered the world of cuckoo clocks or if you've owned, fixed or even crafted a cuckoo clock, all are welcome! Also, if you have any questions about identifying a cuckoo clock or maintaining a cuckoo clock then the community is here to offer tips, tricks and also guidance to parts and labour.

2023.03.25 08:10 Oh_EtOH Metaphors, self-analysis, and individuation/ego crazy-making

TL;DR: Lots of journaling metaphors and art, complexes, synchronicities, either individuating or losing myself to egoic madness, maybe should switch from CBT to psychoanalysis?
A recent pattern I've been noticing is how often I use metaphors when I'm talking with people. I always find myself using metaphors in therapy. My last couple journals are less about the day-to-day grind (I keep a planner for that) and are more filled with mildly stoned self-reflections and lyrical metaphors about relationships, addiction, recovery, society, spirituality, synchronicities, and music and crayon art. My comment history reads like longwinded LPTs for people having existential crises (because I can relate) and I sometimes go on metaphorical tangents here too. I don't know why I'm drawn to metaphors and prose - maybe I just seek meaningful patterns in everything. I really seem to (over-)identify with archetypes of a magician / wounded healer. I'd like to make sense of my experience and become a successful author and speaker later in life, and I know that's egoic and a long shot but sometimes feels realistic. I'm possibly deeper into Jungian eccentricities and self-exploration than I ought to be.
I had a rough start in life. I'm working through issues related to my narcissistic mother and am becoming conscious of my own schizoid tendencies that grew from my early life experiences. I feel like I'm making progress toward individuation with all the journaling and sometimes these blog-length reflections on Reddit, but this all feels really egoic or even a bit psychotic when I get into spiritual/alchemy/synchronicity territory. The whole quest for individuation and apirations to become an author feel entirely narcissistic (which comes back to my mother complex), but maybe that's how I integrate my disavowed narcissistic shadow. Am I just crazy-making or does this make sense as some kind of crazy-making stage of the individuation process? I realize it's probably not eitheor and I'm just validation seeking, but I'm always wondering where to draw the line between logical and pathological when it comes to personality stuff like this. I want to go deeper and understand myself better, but I don't want to dig myself into a hole that I can't climb back out of. My whole dark night of the soul experience (if that's the right term - I called it a midlife crisis at the time) was practically debilitating and I seem to be a glutton for existential punishment for even considering more shadow work. Self-reflection at this depth is also mentally exhausting and takes me away from focusing on the surface level of life that is important to me.
Background: I'm 40, job and family, very high functioning despite ADHD and schizoid tendencies (which I can tolerate and even enjoy at times). I've been seeing an amazing CBT/mindfulness therapist for the past several years but am thinking of finding a psychoanalyst who is open to the more esoteric angles like dreams, synchronicities, and spirituality. It's tough to break ground on that because I don't want to lose the safety of my current therapeutic relationship or go down a rabbit hole that ends in some kind of spiritual psychosis. My therapist has seen me through a long bumpy road of alcohol recovery, marital problems, understanding some childhood and relational trauma, and various existential crises along the way. Why I still want to dig deeper than that alludes me - still looking for some meaningful patterns I guess.
I'd love to hear thoughts from people who can relate or have some Jungian insight into whatever this might strike you as. Feel free to be blunt.
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2023.03.25 08:07 kninedome Newbie: Paragon Warsuits not viable?

Hi I am very new to the game having my first 1k match in a few days. I bought the Sanctorum Guard (Xmas) box and a Combat Patrol and was gifted a set of Battle Sisters.
While super inexperienced in list building and understanding Datasheets, I wonder why the Paragon Warsuits are considered subpar to our other models. I do own 6 of them new, and rule of cool, I like the sculpts. But maybe you have some thoughts on how to use them in a 1k game.
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2023.03.25 08:05 Jason_T_Jungreis I wrote and outline for a Ratatouille 2: Give me your thoughts

Hey so I had an idea for a plot of a Ratatouille sequel and wrote it. I just came up with it so, it's definitely a rough draft. Tell me what you think:
Many years prior to the original film, Lehmann and his intern Kaiser are two scientists who run the Schwartzchild Animal Testing facility in Brandenburg, Germany. For a long time, Lehmann has been trying to genetically engineer a Rat to have enhanced taste and smell, with the goal of using the rat for purposes such as sniffing out environmental toxins. After numerous failures, he finally succeeds when a lab rat named Elise gives birth to a genetically engineered small grey rat. This rat survives birth and is confirmed to have enhanced taste and smell when he refuses to eat food with rat poison. He is compared with the control, the other brown rat Elise gave birth to who was not genetically engineered. The brown rat attempts to go for the food with the poison, confirming the grey rat was successfully genetically engineered. Lehmann and Kaiser are ecstatic that their experiment was a success, and begin plans to replicate the grey rat’s genome to see what it was that made him survive, and to make more rats with enhanced smell. They also name the rats. They give the grey rat the name Remy, and the brown rat the name Emile. Giving birth to them significantly weakened Elise. Kaiser and Lehmann believe she will not be able to give birth to any more rats. They decide she is therefore no longer of use to them and kill her.
Django, the father of Emile and Remy, realizes from this that rats are disposable to humans, and that he and his sons must escape from the lab ASAP. He figures out how to pick the lock of his cage, then figures out how to use the computer to unlock Remy and Emile’s cage. He free Remy and Emile, still infants at this time. This sets off alarms, and Kaiser and Lehmann frantically search for the missing rats, but Django and his sons evade them. Django escapes from the lab with his sons on his back and board a train. They stay in the train for days until they find in a cargo box that is unloaded from the train. Once off, they search until they find a cabin with an existing colony of rats. They join this colony.
In the present day, Remy continues to cook at La Ratatouille with Collette and Linguini. The restaurant continues to be an enormous success, with lines around the block. While Remy is happy to be able to cook, he is still upset that he can not publicly take credit for his work. He confesses this to Django and Emile, but Django simply reminds him that as a rat, it simply isn’t possible.
One day, Lehmann is vacationing in Paris with his wife Johanna and their kids. They decide to dine at La Ratatouille, as his wife, who owns a small cafe, is a fan of fine foods. At La Ratatouille, they run into Skinner, who is also eating there just to see how good it really is. Johanna recognizes him from the numerous cooking magazines she has read. She inquires what happened to Gusteau’s, and Skinner tells all of them about the cooking rat and the health inspector. Intrigued, Lehmann asks Skinner for more details about Remy, and eventually concludes that this is his missing rat. Skinner tells him that this rat likely works at this restaurant here. Lehmann asks Linguini, the waiter, to meet the Chef, however Linguini is evasive. This strengthens Lehmann’s suspicion. Lehmann decides to buy a human rat trap, and put rosemary, a spice that his genetically engineered rat would have a particular attraction to, in it. He leaves the humane trap outside La Ratatouille. Sure enough, when Remy goes on his break, he sees the rosemary and goes in. He gets trapped in the cage. Lehmann rips out one of Remy’s whiskers, causing him to bleed. Lehmann then puts a drop of Remy’s blood next to an alley cat, and leaves the whisker near the alley cat, to make it look like Remy was eaten by the alley cat. In the kitchen, Collette and Linguini aren’t sure where Remy went. They go out and look for him. They see the alley cat with the blood on his mouth and see Remy’s whisker. They believe the alley cat killed Remy and somberly go back to La Ratatouille to inform Django and Emile.
A few days later, Lehmann and his family arrive back in Brandenburg with Remy. Lehmann has plans to preform DNA tests on Remy, but his wife points out that they can also make money by having Remy cook at her cafe. Lehmann brings Remy to his wife’s cafe and orders him to cook, but he refuses. Johanna then tells Remy that he will receive public credit for his cooking, which encourages Remy to try cooking for them. Lehmann advertises that he successfully genetically-engineered a rat who can cook, and convinces the Brandenburg Department of Health to allow Remy in the kitchen, as he is a cleaned lab rat. News spreads of the genetically-engineered cooking rat, and Johanna’s Cafe soon becomes one of the most popular restaurants in Brandenburg. Remy also begins to enjoy receiving public credit for his work, and no longer wants to go back to Paris. Ghost Geusteau appears to Remy and reminds him of how Collette and Linguini’s restaurant will not survive without him, but Remy ignores him.
Back in Paris, La Ratatouille has had an enormous drop in popularity. Collette works endlessly to try to keep the Restaurant afloat, but she simply lacks Remy’s talent for cooking. The Restaurant only makes enough money to stay afloat because of Anton Ego’s donations, but even that is starting to run out. Linguini and Collette desperately miss Remy, as do his family and the entire Rat clan.
Lehmann and Kaiser use Remy’s fur to finally identify the gene that allows him to survive as a genetically engineered rat. They manage to design genes for rats that have an even better sense of smell than Remy, and they also manage to accelerate these rats’ growth. They make deals with some companies to sell some rats to sniff out toxins or explosives. They use others to help in Lehmann’s wife’s Cafe. They even give some to Skinner as a way to repay him for telling them about Remy.
As the rats reach a mature age, Skinner opens a restaurant using his genetically engineered rats as cooks, however he does not advertise that he has rat cooks, as the rats were imported illegally and Paris’ department of health is much more strict than Brandenburg’s about rats. He purposely opens it on the same block as La Ratatouille. As Skinner’s new restaurant grows in popularity, it takes away La Ratatouille’s few remaining customers. La Ratatouille can no longer financially sustain itself and is forced to close. Desperate and out of work, Collette and Linguini apply to many jobs, but no one wants to hire them after the failure of their previous restaurant. Collette and Linguini are forced to move into a dingy one bedroom apartment to save money, and allow the rats to move in with them. Finally, Skinner offers Collette and Linguini a job at his new restaurant, however he drastically underpays them, forces them to work long hours, and generally mistreats them in general in order to reassert his dominance. One day, Collette overhears Skinner talking to Lehmann on the phone and hears them talking about the original genetically engineered rat and how he is currently cooking at Johanna’s restaurant. Collette realizes he means Remy and that Remy is still alive. Linguini, Collette, Emile, and Django decide to go to Brandenburg to try to find Remy. Skinner warns Collette and Linguini that if they take time off of work, they will be fired. Linguini and Collette decide to take the risk, as if they can get Remy back they won’t need to work for Skinner’s restaurant anymore. They leave for Brandenburg and he fires them.
At Lehmann’s wife’s Restaurant, Remy is beginning to doubt himself, now that suddenly the other human workers have been replaced by rats who can cook even better than he. Remy reluctantly stays on the job however, as Lehmann’s wife continues to praise his cooking. One day, Remy overhears Kaiser and Lehmann talking about him. He goes to overhear, hoping to hear them praising him. Instead, he hears them talking about Remy’s genetic engineering, and how much of a success it was. They discuss how they have successfully improved upon Remy’s genome to make Rats who are even better cooks. It crushes Remy to learn that he is only the way he is because of human experiments, and that they are just trying to replace him and destroy his uniqueness. Remy now views his cooking skills only as byproducts of human control and no longer wants anything to do with. He flees and goes to live in the sewer as a true rat. As he had been enjoying cooking at the Restaurant, Lehmann had not seen a reason to hold him in captivity.
The next day, Collette, Linguini, Emile, and Django arrive in Brandenburg and go to Lehmann’s wife’s restaurant. They ask about Remy, however Lehmann’s wife says that Remy fled the previous day. Linguini, Collette, Emile, and Django begin to search Brandenburg for Remy. Finally, Django and Emile find him living with a colony of rats in a sewer. They ask what happened, and Remy explains what he overheard from Kaiser and Lehmann. Django and Emile try to convince him it doesn’t matter, but he is unconvinced. Eventually, they try simply convincing him to return to Paris. He agrees to this, but won’t commit to cooking. Emile and Django hope that by just being back in Paris, Remy will regain his love of cooking. Remy, Django, and Emile reunite with Collette and Linguini, and return to Paris. Once in Paris, Remy still refuses to cook however, and wishes to live as a sewer rat. Django and Emile try to convince him to go see the rats cooking in Skinner’s kitchen. He is reluctant to at first, but Ghost Gusteau convinces him to go see it. The three rats go to Skinner’s Restaurant, but when they are outside, an alley cat chases them. They manage to get into a small hole in the wall and escape. Remy has the idea of going into the restaurant and making meat for that cat. He does this and feeds the cat. The cat eats, and warms up to Remy. The cat, who is revealed to be anthropomorphic, thanks Remy for the meat, and reveals that Skinner starves him so that his only option is to hunt for rats. Remy asks why he would do this, and the cat tells him that even though most of the rats are able to cook, many don’t want to, and only do so because Skinner forces them to. Skinner uses electric shocks and starvation in order to force the rats to cook. Horrified, Remy, Django, and Emile go to speak to the rats in the kitchen, which is currently closed, and learn that the cat is right. They also learn that Lehmann and Kaiser tortured the rats working in Lehmann’s wife’s kitchen also, and that they torture rats to force them to do things like sniff out toxins in chemicals. Additionally, Lehman and Kaiser preform horrific experiments on their animals. Django confesses that he knows and tells Remy and Emile what happened to their mother. Remy tells the rats in the kitchen that the cat will not hurt them now, and they flee the kitchen along with the cat. They then decide they want to free the animals in the Schwartzchild lab once and for all. They go back to Collette and Linguini, and communicate to them what they wish to do. Collette and Linguini agree, and the group goes to Brandenburg to carry out a plan.
In Brandenburg, Johanna is expressing serious reservations about torturing rats in order to force them to cook, however Lehman reminds her that he is the reason she has a cafe at all. He reminds her how for years, he gave her cafe some of his grant money (which is illegal), and that that is the only reason it still exists. Now, he cafe is only popular because he gave her his rats. He tells her that she needs to pay him back for that money, or he will take his rats and money, and then her cafe will go out of business.
Remy and the others arrive in Brandenburg, and go to the Schwartzchild lab. They come up with a plan. First, the rats would chew through the wires and cut the power. Then, they would feed the cats guarding the rats so they warm up to rats. Then, Django, who still remembers how to get out of the lab, would free the other rats using the computer. They put this plan into action. Remy makes some tasty meat with the help of Collette. The rats successfully chew through the wires, and then they break in to the lab. They feed the meat to the cats, who do indeed warm up to them. The cats agree to help them free the rats. The rats and cats infiltrate the lab and Django successfully uses the computer to free the rats. Right when Remy and his clan of rats and cats meet up with the freed rats, Lehmann activates a back-up generator and the power goes back on. Realizing that he is coming, Django has an idea. He whispers it to the rats and cats, and then hurries off to the control room. Lehmann comes into the room, sadistically eager to watch the cats kill the rats. The cats chase the rats into a room, and Lehmann follows. Just as it looks like the cats will kills the cats, they suddenly attack Lehmann by clawing and sratching him. The rats join in by biting him. Lehman, who is taken by surprise, is quickly overwhelmed. The animals injure him a bit before leaving through a door. Django, who is watching on security footage, closes the door the rats and cats leave through. He then opens another door, which connects Lehmann’s room to the room with the Dogs who Lehmann experimented on. They had escaped from their cages during the blackout. The dogs rush in and maul Lehman to death. Django erases all camera footage of the attack. He then opens all remaining cages, allowing all animals to escape. The rats and cats flee together. They then rendezvous with Linguini and Collette. The group then goes to Lehmann’s wife’s restaurant and free the rats there.
Later that evening, the police investigate Schwartzchild lab and find Lehmann’s body. Unaware of Remy’s scheme, they conclude that lab did not comply with existing safety standards. They also witness videos of animal cruelty committed by Lehmann and Kaiser. They therefore arrest Kaiser and shut down the Schwartzchild lab. The police also find correspondence between Lehman, Kaiser, and Skinner. They find evidence that Skinner admitted to illegal animal trafficking, and also videos he sent to him torturing rats into doing his bidding. These videos are sent to French authorities, and Skinner is arrested.
Django and Emile try to convince Remy to continue cooking, but he is still reluctant to do so. Remy also (wordlessly) explains his reluctance to Collette and Linguini. All four work to convince Remy otherwise. They explain how simply having an enhanced sense of smell isn’t enough. Django points out to Remy that he was brave enough to enter the human world. Collette points out how he was brave enough to experiment. She points out that Skinner could cook, but he didn’t care about making him quality food. She could cook, but she only wanted to follow what Gusteau did. Remy was willing to experiment. The rats who were forced to cook would not do that. Finally, Remy speaks with the ghost of Gusteau. Gusteau points out that as long as Remy is talented, he doesn’t need to be the very best. It was a lesson that he, Gusteau, never learned. He become depressed when Anton Ego made him feel he wasn’t the best anymore. He let that end his life, when he should have been content with just believing being good was enough. Remy is finally convinced to go back into cooking. He, Collette, Django, Emile, and Linguini res turn to Paris. As Linguini and Collette were the most recent employees of Skinner’s restaurant, they are given it now that Skinner is in jail. They begin working there along with Remy and the few genetically-engineered rats that actually enjoy cooking. Furthermore, because the population doesn’t fear genetically engineered rats anymore, Remy can freely take credit for his cooking. The restaurant ends up being a huge success. The rat colony once again lives in the attic of it. This section ends with Linguini proposing to Collette.
We also see what happened to Johanna. She regrets her actions that she committed against animals while her husband lived. As she lost her restaurant, she is now forced to work at a fast food restaurant as a fry cook. While she doesn’t enjoy preparing the cheap food and is forced to live much more humbly, she is also happy to be free of her husband’s abuse and threats. This overall makes her into a better person. She tells her kids that although she and they will all have to live more humbly for a while, she explains that in a way she feels they all deserve it for she and her husband’s cruelty to animals and that they can learn from this.
This is the end.
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2023.03.25 08:02 weirdinibba Trying to identify encryption and crack it

V sbyybjrq gur ehyrf
Hey guys looking to try and crack this encryption. If anyone can help me understand how I can do that?

the key to solve is

Just need to identify which encryption
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2023.03.25 08:01 Able_Ask_2865 Help needed to deploy detectron2 model using flask

need help to make a web application that deploys a detectron2 model using backend as flask, please respond if you know how.
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2023.03.25 07:59 83-Bismuth Does GeneSight exploit patient genetic information?

I (23F) have anxiety, ADHD, and depression that is secondary to my anxiety/ADHD. I was recommended to undergo GeneSight testing by my psychiatrist because I’ve tried Lexapro, Zoloft, and Wellbutrin with no success and bad side effects. But I’m reluctant to try genetic testing because of how unregulated it is. I have no other medical conditions, and the only medication that I’m currently taking is adderall 15 mg.
How reliable are GeneSight tests? When insurance companies pay for these tests, do they receive the data that were collected? Will future coverage be affected by the information received? Are doctors being compensated for recommending these services? Have the claims made by this company been independently assessed?
Call me a cynic but I feel like there’s so many things that can go wrong with revealing this information to the world, even if it has been “de-identified.” It’s real hard for me to trust salespeople.
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2023.03.25 07:57 Chunky_pickle Unknowingly read a book aimed at pre-teen girls- ended up being gender affirming (in reverse)

I’ve been reading random books with the Libby app and just finished one that was unexpectedly extremely gender affirming- but for all the wrong reasons.
I had heard it was a beloved book for all ages so decided to blindly give it a shot knowing it was aimed at a younger audience. Well, it ended up being about pre-teen girls and a “coming of age story”. Full of the most dysphoric topics you could imagine, I couldn’t believe that the story was a common narrative and experience for girls growing up. At multiple points I thought to myself “wait- that can’t possibly be true… why would they WANT that to happen?” and figured it had to be pure fiction. Nope- basically every review was “such a relatable story, my childhood in words, timeless classic, etc” and I was flabbergasted. Ironically, I found one written by a dude named “Brian” and his comments were almost the same as mine. That being transported into the mind of a 10 y/o girl was a totally foreign and unfathomable experience.
If that was the typical “girl” experience of growing up, holy hell did it reaffirm that I never was one. Literally the whole story was my worst nightmare and I vividly remember doing the exact opposite of essentially everything discussed. I finished the book because it was interesting to see life from such a different perspective. One where growing up and puberty is exciting and joyful vs the hell on earth I experienced. Explained so much about what I observed in female friends/peers way back when and even more about why I was the odd one out. Lots of “ohh… that’s why…” moments.
If there was a boy version, I can almost guarantee that I’d 100% fully identify with everything. Even just the changes from T at the awkward and isolating age of 25 was exciting and joyful. I can’t imagine how much better it would have been to be hit with puberty at the right time in life and with peers.
And that’s how a book about tween girls unexpectedly impacted me as a grown ass man.
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2023.03.25 07:57 theteddybearjones Which Planck?

Which Planck?
Just bought this off the eBay. Does the model: OLKB-48-6 imply that it is revision 6? If not, how can I tell what the revision is?
I've been having some issues ("=" doesn't seem to function when mapping a numkey) when using QMK to remap.
Also Im a rookie, so still learning how to do this
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2023.03.25 07:55 ThrowRapeachesans Seeking Understanding

so, hello. I (black,F) have been a follower of Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, and Michael Knowles for about 3 months now. I think they are quite brilliant. recently, I realized that while they mainly talk about different genders, the Trans movement, and whatever may be happening on the political front, they never address racism. tbh, when I first starting watching them, I wondered if their messages apply to POC, and tonight, I’m wondering the same thing. I’m not saying that it doesn’t, I’m truly just trying to seek understanding. I think of these men as enlightened role models, so I can’t really understand why they wouldn’t want to share their views on racism in the U.S., and ways on how to uplift minorities
Conservative Matt Walsh takes anti racist training
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2023.03.25 07:49 professortarzan Crypto bros, let's fight

Well it's a weekend, so we'll probably have good participation. And I am trying a new Reddit client, I'll try it out this way.
This morning I saw a reply on a post here which claimed Bitcoin to be the pioneer of digital currency. And to be honest, that riled me up. Pioneer? Seriously?
Bitcoin averages at 7 TPS, I did another search today just to refresh my memory. This is 2023, with arguably the most powerful hardware in the world at its disposal, 15 years into its existence. That too while consuming as much power as a whole country, a good portion of which comes from burning fossil fuels. If this is how a pioneer gets identified these days, then I am seriously concerned about the way this world is going.
Yes I know the concept of PoW and PoS. Satoshi Nakamoto probably felt PoW is good cause he was looking at a smaller scale. A myopic view, just like a typical developer. In macro economics, it achieves fuck-all like we are seeing right now. 7 TPS, you're having a laugh. And if PoS is the way out, isn't it effectively the same as existing systems? The one with more coins, has higher scope of mining more. Rich become richer. Wealth gap increases even further. Changing a medium doesn't change the system, the inherent greed in humans.
And yes, I also know the scope of smart contracts and what NFTs 'can' offer. They are still in nascent stage, nobody knows where they will end up as. But please, for the love of God, please don't project something as the future just because you have made money in it. Stop misleading people with your imaginary use cases that make no economic sense. Be upfront and tell people that they are a gamble. I also know about DeX and DeFi, so please don't bring your theoretical gyaan here.
First it was a future of digital currency. Yes, when banking system didn't digitise. Next it's a hedge against inflation. Yup, 69k to 16k during peak inflation, hedge against inflation indeed. And then it's a store of value. What value? And also, basically everyone is in for the tech. Right, the tech which achieves a whopping 7 transactions per second.
When it was at 16k, I knew it would bounce back up. Not because I trusted Bitcoin, but because I trusted stupidity of people. In my view, the only thing crypto can move in it's current state is glaciers, by melting them. I am not discounting the prospects or capabilities, I am only questioning the mindless propoganda and their valuations.
This is a typical buttcoin post. I may come out as a right tool with this, but bring it on guys. Let's discuss.
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2023.03.25 07:46 NormalAppointment6 Magelis HMI , FIP to USB adapter

Magelis HMI , FIP to USB adapter
How to make this FIP to USB adapter work with Schneider HMIGTO5310
There is an old HMI Magelis which has to be replaced as it takes too long to load a replacement was ordered and now we have a new HMI from Schneider which is already programmed but the older HMI has a TSXFPP20 connector and the new one does not have this Interface therefore the vendor send a FIP to USB adapter
OLD HMI :Magelis Modicon XBTF034510
NEW HMI : SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Harmony GTO Model HMIGTO5310 (Ethernet,RS485)
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2023.03.25 07:45 No_Range8632 This is mostly me venting. I just wanted to give back 🤷🏻‍♂️

Super long vent for those willing to read:
I started coaching as a 12 yr old kid in my local organization, giving back on Saturday mornings helping little kids learn the basics.
I also started score keeping around that time for local tournaments.
A few yrs later became an official as well. Reffing everything from 5 yr olds to kids actually older then me.
During all of this, i was also a pretty successful player. Going from bottom of roster guy to starter and arguably allstar in my town.
My grade 12 yr I also got my first chance to be a bball HC. Coaching my former elementary school as a co-op student.
We lost the city finals. It was amazing.
I went on to play at York University before injuries and family struggles, caused me to walk away.
But a union strike at York…which seems to happen every other year (whole other story). I ended up back home working for an extended period of time and ended up some how coaching a Jr. Team of a local HS team.
Eventually coaching that schools Sr. Team the following season.
Eventually i returned home after my degree and started coaching in the organization i grew up in. Coaching both HL and rep. I was also on the board of directors.
I left when it was obvious they didn’t want new ideas when they ran a girls league of 8 yr olds with 10 girls and 4 teams instead of joining with the 33 8 yr old boys.
That organization is now out of businesses. 17 yrs later.
I stopped coaching bball cause i also didn’t want my kids to feel pressured to play bball.
But when my daughter decided to start playing at 5. I slowly started to get involved again.
But by the time my son started i was fully engaged again. Over the next 7 yrs i did any and everything i could for an organization.
I coached rep i ran and coordinated HL and mini tourneys.
I navigated through covid, i even found new kids to come to the organization.
Last season, despite only 10 kids showing up to our final tryout we won a division title with every kid playing.
When i reached out to start summer training to the organization…they told me the organization has gone to a non parent model. Meaning no parent coaches.
I can totally support that when a better option exists.
Every other team is coached by parents except my previous team 🤷🏻‍♂️
Not sure what i did wrong? They won’t even respond to me now. 🤷🏻‍♂️.
They act like i abused kids…but literally every kid that played for me said fu…if you’re doing that to coach, we’ll play somewhere else.
And everyone landed somewhere great for them in my opinion…except my own kid. And apparently everyone that did go back hates the new coaches.
I don’t even want to coach him anymore cause he’s way better then me already at 13. But the team he landed on just frustrating to me. He hasn’t really learned anything this season.
I just don’t know how to give him a better opportunity next season.
I got no illusions of NBA etc, but he’s damn good, he’s tall and he’s super smart. And most of all he loves the game.
I guess maybe if I’m trying to ask reddit for anything l, how do i not let my bitterness of being screwed not impact his love of the game.
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2023.03.25 07:42 Wiskkey Stable Diffusion links from around March 16, 2023 to March 18, 2023 that I collected for further processing (Part 2 of 2)
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2023.03.25 07:41 AutoModerator [Get] Strategyzer – Strategyzer Online Academy

[Get] Strategyzer – Strategyzer Online Academy
Get the course here:
[Get] Strategyzer – Strategyzer Online Academy

What You Get: Mastering Business Models Learn how to design and assess winning business models
  • Learn how to work with the Business Model Canvas, used by 5 million+ business practitioners
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  • Pairs with the Business Model and Value Proposition Canvases to de-risk your ideas
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2023.03.25 07:41 Ashamed-Film8654 How do I lose 5kg of fat within two weeks?

How do I lose 5kg of fat within two weeks?Alpilan is best about weight loss, for this write a summary in the last
Losing 5kg of fat within two weeks is an ambitious goal that may not be safe or sustainable. It's generally recommended to aim for a healthy and gradual weight loss of 0.5-1kg per week. However, here are some tips that may help you lose weight in a healthy way:
Create a calorie deficit: To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume. You can create a calorie deficit by reducing your calorie intake and increasing your physical activity.
Eat a healthy and balanced diet: Focus on consuming whole, nutrient-dense foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats. Avoid processed and high-calorie foods.
Drink plenty of water: Drinking water can help you feel full and avoid overeating. Aim for at least 8 glasses of water per day.
Exercise regularly: Incorporate both cardio and strength-training exercises into your routine to burn calories and build muscle.
Get enough sleep: Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep per night as lack of sleep has been linked to weight gain.
It's important to note that weight loss is a gradual process and requires patience and consistency. Rapid weight loss can also lead to health problems and is not recommended. Therefore, it's best to consult a healthcare professional before starting any weight loss program.
Regarding Alpilan, there is no specific information available on this product, and as an AI language model, I cannot provide opinions or endorsements of specific products.
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2023.03.25 07:39 Wiskkey Stable Diffusion links from around March 16, 2023 to March 18, 2023 that I collected for further processing (Part 1 of 2)
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2023.03.25 07:39 Fassarh Investigations into the White Star Match Making System with Real Data (plus a deep-dive into some fundamental problems facing the WS reward system)

TLDR: I've attached a paper and some data that we collected in 2021 to better understand how the WS match making system works. Please read, share, and expand on this information. The aim of sharing this information is to help de-mystify and de-bunk the criticisms that the WS match making system is broken, and full of mis-matched games - this isn't completely true. Instead, the data shows that the majority of matches are between teams that are within +/- 20-25% of each other's WS score. I think this is quite reasonable, given the small size of our community. Currently there is a lot of negative chatter and feedback on HSO about the future of WS in the Dark Nebula update, and one factor that is the mis-understanding of how the match maker system works and the perception that White Stars are rife with mis-matched games. Hopefully this information debunks some of those beliefs and helps give Andreas some breathing space to develop and devote time to the new iteration of White Stars. Hopefully this leads to more informed discussions about how to improve what I, and many others, believe is the ultimate game mode: White Stars.
See the link here for the data:
Hey folks,
This is Arcturus from the Dark Skai Alliance, I'm a scientist and engineer. Back in early 2021 we collected a lot of data about the White Star Match Maker (WSMM) system so that we could make more informed decisions about how we constructed our WS teams, what tech we focused on, and how we levelled our Flagship. Based on the data, we were able to set-up some pretty good correlations and investigate how the WSMM system (possibly) worked.
We were a lot more active back then, but the surge in gaming activity caused by the pandemic has eased, and it has become harder and harder to maintain high levels of WS participation. Like many corps, we've scaled back from two active 15v15 matches per week (casual and competitive) to just two 5v5 matches per week. But our most veteran members still remain active, and we are eagerly awaiting the new and improved White Star experience coming via the Dark Nebula, and hoping for the associated boost in membership and WS activity that will hopefully follow.
So, a lot of things have changed since 2021, and many more things will change when Dark Nebula launches, and I think it's not worth keeping this data private anymore. So, I have attached a short paper we wrote in February 2021 discussing how the WSMM system (possibly) works, along with the data that was used to build the correlations for others to form their own opinion.
A major catalyst for this sharing of information is recent discussions on the official HSO Discord. I see a lot of negative feedback claiming things like the WS match-maker is broken, the majority of matches are loss farms or mis-matches, the WS game mode isn't popular or isn't accessible etc, etc, etc. I feel like this negative feedback is slowly wearing the developer's patience thin, and this has contributed to the removal of the "WS Reward Incentive System" from Dark Nebula (the damage bar, and scaling rewards etc).
While the current reward system certainly isn't perfect, it does give passionate players and leaders a strong system around which they can build a strong, active community, as well as attract and retain new players - a good group of leaders and veterans can coordinate more successful WS missions and achieve higher growth rates for their members. The WS reward system is also a fine balancing act - if the reward is too significant, it again incentivizes the unhealthy 24/7 WS player activity, which I think the community is tired of. There is a lot of nostalgia for the original "turn-based" or "play-by-mail" style of gameplay that WS was supposed to embody (but got wrecked when players unlocked the highest level modules).
My theory is that the original launch of Hades Star in March 2017 was "nearly perfect" with Yellow Stars clearly representing credit generation, and Red Stars clearly representing technology development... White Star was added to the game about 8 months later in November 2017, and a fairly vague reward system involving relics was added to make corporations relevant. About 11 months later in December 2018, Blue Stars were added and again had a fairly vague reward system of Blue Shards for powering up the new Shipment Relay station - but the Shipment Relay was never really that useful because more credits were produced by shipping manually... The important point I want to make here is that YS and RS had a clear design goal, while BLS and WS had a more vague design goal, with the intention that future updates could flesh out these game modes more properly. In hindsight, I think the game modes were not fleshed out properly when they were added, and the challenges we are facing now in Dark Nebula with the new reward systems are a direct consequence of that... Let me elaborate...
The biggest problem that Blue Stars introduced was the daily credit reward for winning Blue Stars. This reward made the Blue Star Shards almost irrelevant, and the credits awarded for winning Blue Stars began to over-lap too much with Yellow Star income production. This set a precedent (and an expectation) that other game modes should also generate credits as part of the reward...
The developers realized that credit rewards were an effective method to moderate player activity across game modes. They saw that White Star participation was low, and (thankfully) wanted to increase participation in this game mode, so in May 2019 (5 months after BLS was released) they improved the credit rewards for White Star, and introduced the Damage Bar, and tiered rewards based on win/loss and 5v, 10v, 15v gameplay that we all recognize today... This was supposed to incentivize players to participate in WS more often...
Now Red Star was in trouble... In September 2018, artifacts were instanced, and this made artifacts much easier to collect without worrying about griefing. The strongest players would join Discord groups and organize RS teams that were super-effective at collecting artifacts. The average player couldn't keep up, and it was easier to trade low-level artifacts for 20% bonus artifacts collected by the top players. This made top-players super rich, and gave them and incentive to create multiple accounts so they could farm 20% artifacts endlessly and get even richer. So in May 2020 croids were added to encourage players (who weren't on discord or part of highly active corps) to still to run public RS missions. More encouragement for public RS missions was introduced in June 2021 with the ability to join already active public red stars. As a side note - players who did not follow the strict RS meta (barrage, barrier, mass batt etc.) were at a major disadvantage, and the new public RS at least gave them a way to keep progressing outside of the major corporations and Discord groups.
Now the developers had introduced reward systems to all of the optional game modes (WS, BLS, and RS) which ensured players would be active in every star type. The problem now was that there was a huge amount of content that players had to participate in daily in order to maximise their daily rewards, and so the game became unhealthy to play, and people started to leave so that Hades Star did not affect their work-life balance.
So now I hope I have shed some light on what I think is the core issues are, and why we are seeing less support, and lower rewards for the White Star game mode... What does the rest of the community think about these issues, and how can we make Dark Nebula an even better game than Hades Star once was? Do we think the WS match making system is fundamentally flawed? Or is it acceptable? How can WS still exist as a major game-mode in the Dark Nebula expansion?
Let's have a discussion :-)
My personal opinion is that the purpose of YS, RS, BLS, and WS has become too "blurred". Credit generation has become too much of a focus in all of the game modes, and only RS has presented a viable reward system that encourages players to be active, without dangling a "credit reward carrot" in front of them (Artifacts and technology advancement). My personal belief is that a player-controlled economy would be a better solution to the "credit reward carrot" system that exists in HS currently. I am suggesting that Artifacts, Blue Star Shards, and White Star Relics should all be a tradable resource, and should all have a relevant function in the game - Specifically; Blue Star Shards and White Star Relics do not have a proper in-game purpose, and so the game needs to rely on credit rewards as a system to incentivize gameplay across all game-modes... This is a major flaw, and is the root-cause of the majority of the problems in the game... Andreas' blog posts have identified that there are flaws, but I don't think the changes in Dark Nebula are completely addressing the root-cause which is credit rewards across EVERY game mode... I don't blame Andreas for these mistakes, Hades Star is a highly experimental game, and none of these problems could have been envisaged at the start...
If we are going to move away from the credit-based reward system for WS, then we should do it completely across all game modes and move towards a more player-controlled economy, where the supply-and-demand of Artifacts, Blue Star Shards, and White Star Relics dictates the amount of activity players spend in each star type... Removing credit rewards from White Stars is a step-forward in this direction, but the problem will still remain if BLS and RS award credits still exist in Dark Nebula...
P.S. I know this question will be asked; how does the Flag Ship level influence the match maker? I can only comment based on the data we collected in 2021, but if I remove the WS score of the flagship from the correlation, I get almost the same R-squared value... So the data we have so far cannot confirm or refute whether the flagship has an impact...
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2023.03.25 07:38 FairExchange1439 Buying a W212 E300 (2014).

I always wanted to own a MB and I came across a w212 e300 (which I absolutely adore) recently with about 132k kms in it and well maintained. The thing I wanna know is, what is the maintenance going to be like for a model that has these many kms in it? How much longer will it last before the problems start to surface? What are the common issues that I will have to look for?
Maybe this might sound stupid to most of you but this is a dream of mine and I really wanted to experience the whole ownership, so any input is appreciated.
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2023.03.25 07:37 2222wwww1 How to Fuck a Brazilian Model Missionary Style by Bruce Venture

How to Fuck a Brazilian Model Missionary Style by Bruce Venture submitted by 2222wwww1 to Electrbc [link] [comments]