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2023.06.04 09:43 ShittyScrambledEggs I feel like Michael should have been the final antagonist

There's like 10 different gta subs but this one seemed the least online focused so I'm posting here. I'm not a writer or a modern day philosopher but playing the story again for the first time in years, I couldn't help but feel like the inclusion of Michael as not just a protagonist, but possibly the most "main charactery" of the three was strange considering the main themes of the world. GTA games often deconstruct our real life society in a very satirical fashion but they don't just do it for the laughs, they're usually commenting on the things they're satirizing. In GTA V the overarching theme that is present throughout the whole game is the idea of corruption and sin at the very upper levels of society, not just the rich and wealthy, but simply those in power over others. Steve Haines, Devin Weston, Lazlo, and even Stretch, all people who use those "below" them to gain or hold power. Even the minor villians, they are all characters who are at the top, help keep people at the top, or are trying to climb to the top, every single character in the game plays into this pyramid schemish idea.
This is contrasted by our main cast, or atleast in theory. Trevor is the character who fights against this the most. He runs his own company that he carries on his back, completely free and independent. Next we have Franklin, Franklin is someone who is tired of being used by the powerful and sees an out by climbing to the top with Michael being his ticket to do that, ofcourse throughout the game he is being strung on until he realizes that nothing has changed. Franklin can be "redeemed" although in the game it doesn't feel like that ever happened. Yes they got back at everyone who screwed them, but what message does that send? We can assume that the three protagonist have all become the very people we spent the whole game fighting against which in itself can be the message, but the game ends it on a strange tone, the vibe is that we somehow won when in reality, after the credits, our characters have just become the villians.
Now finally to the point, I feel that this issue cannot be worked around with Michael being one of the main protagonist for one simple reason. From beginning to end, Michael is an antagonist. We know he used Trevor when they were younger, and now 10 years later he is doing the same to Franklin. The entire game focuses on the hole Michael dug by making a deal with shady individuals a decade prior, and we watch him climb out of that hole on the backs of others. This is such a strange choice. Rockstar made it a point to have their world say "hey, these kind of people are bad and are the antagonists of our world and story" and then they make you play as one of them which I just find odd.
I'm now going to suggest a change I think would more themematically fit in with the message I think they were trying to send. Keep Michael as a charcter, have his story play out essentially the exact same way as it does, dialouge and all. But in this scenario, Michael is NOT playable, and not just that, he is the final antagonist. I could go on for hours on why this change would make the themes much more consistent and the story unfold in a much more interesting way but I'll break it down only for how it impacts the main cast for now.
Firstly, not being able to see things from Michaels perspective would add a bit more mystery into what the hell is happening at those upper levels of the pyramid that we had explained to us in every Michael story mission. Michael lied a lot throughout the story to the entire crew, we knew this because we saw the truth from Michael's perspective, but imagine if we didn't. Imagine the plot twist when we find out that Michael made a deal with the Feds and tried to have Trevor killed. There are also many instances towards the end after that revalation that really paint Michael in a bad light not just with Trevor, but with Franklin. Franklin becomes much less trusting of Michael. At many points, when crew members die on heists Michael will be forgetful if not outright dismissive showing that he doesn't care about these people, all things that would foreshadow the eventual twist at the end where he ends up as the final antagonist.
For Franklin, I think this enhances his charcter to potentially the most intriguing character arc in a GTA game. At the start, it would appear as though Franklins talents are finally appreciated by someone of importance, someone who can finally help him climb the pyramid and escape the cycle of crime and violence his friends and family are so accustomed to. As the story progresses though, we slowly begin to realize that not only has Michael been using him to solve his own problems, but that the life Franklin so desperately wanted was never worth it in the first place. Michael has a failing marriage, no friends, nothing to live for, and money hasn't solved any of it. I don't know exactly how this plays out, but essentially a much more developed ending A, like many missions leading up to this point, where instead of being any block of the pyramid, Franklin decides to tear the whole thing down and that includes Michael.
I think there should still be a third main character. The three protagonists represented three different tiers of society. Michael being the wealthy "1%", Trevor being a middle class independent "business owner", and Franklin as the lower class "blue collar guy". I want to change the story as little as possible atleast for Trevor and Franklin, but I think Lamar would work as a good replacement. See, Franklin becomes nearly as wealthy as Michael after their first heist together, in this new scenario I think they should play into that more. Perhaps play up the idea that Franklin was "keeping Lamar out" for being so unhinged, so Lamar has to find his own way up the pyramid. So now we have Franklin helping out a lot with the high level crimes alongside Michael, Trevor always out doing his own thing with TPI, and Lamar struggling most of the game through petty level crimes trying to find and in on what Franklin has. Maybe this becomes the conflict that finally pits Franklin against Michael, maybe after a job gone bad Michael suggests that Franklin do to Lamar what he tried to do to Trevor all those years ago.
I think this cast of three work better for the themes of the world since it allows Franklin to really secure that "main main character" spot and have him be the one to really send the message home that I think Rockstar was trying to send. You have to destroy the pyramid, you can't play into it, dont allow yourself to be used by the powerful and wealthy. Trevor and Lamar already embody that mindset but are treated as lunatics for not conforming to the rules of this society, their characters would be these sort of twisted angels on Franklins shoulder. In the end, Franklin would choose his friend and family, Lamar, over power and money. Trevor would find the companionship he longs for in Lamar and Franklin. And Lamar would probably be written a bit differently to tie into this bro-mance ending but I dont have time for that.
Idk, this is just something I've been thinking about my whole playthrough, going for the platinum now.
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2023.06.04 09:43 lanbee_garbub How to get a Fiber Box Installed in a New Residential Area?

Hello, I'm new here. We recently moved to a new house, but unfortunately, there is no fiber connection available. However, if you move just a little distance of 300-400m, you can see a fiber box. The problem is that most of the boxes in the area are already full. We have already contacted PLDT, and they informed us that their expansion efforts are currently on hold. They mentioned that it might take until next year before they can add another fiber box in our area. As for Converge and Globe, they have not provided us with a definite answer. If anyone has experienced a similar situation, I would appreciate any information on how long it took or what the requirements are before a fiber box is added in their area. Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.04 09:42 Fickle-Read1371 Multiple micro SD cards

I have one SD card full of games (almost for Yuzu) and using Steam ROM Manager installed on the internal device. I would like to use a second SD card with other games and using Steam ROM Manager in order to have all games in Steam (the first sd card and the second one). Can it be possible? How? Thank you.
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2023.06.04 09:41 InformalPanda5328 Help.

I’m stuck. I wanna be in a relationship, as I’ve been out of one for about a year now. I’m 15, and I just really want an actual relationship, not just a hookup. People in my area don’t really look for my type(tall,blonde). So I need advice on pickups and how to look for the right type of girls. Any advice???
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2023.06.04 09:40 ChootadSinghMoon Replacing one pendant dining light with three pendants dining lights with same box and same switch (USA)

We had a dining Room light pendant with one 60W incandescent Edison retro bulb, which was doing just fine.
Today I replaced it with three pendant lights with three 60W incandescent Edison retro bulbs. It blew up upon turning the switch on. No fires or anything but there was a little spark. After that nothing worked. I tried removing two bulbs. No luck. It didn’t blew anything in the breaker box.
We are using Kasa Smart Dimmer Switch model number HS220P3, single pole, requires neutral wire, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi light switch, it is UL certified.
Can anyone help me understand what I did wrong and how to fix it?
In exchange, I can help you understand what is happening with US Debt Ceiling in detail to you. Cheers!
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2023.06.04 09:40 theyashl Pune IMAX isn't getting Laser Projection anytime soon :/

Had a conversation with Cinepolis staff at Westent Aundh, Pune (India). They're using normal two lens projection with digital prints.
When asked about if there are any plans to install laser projection, they answered there is nothing planned as such for now :/ While most of the people don't know about this technologies, thinks that this is how every IMAX must be like. (I was among them few months ago :) )
IMAX's installment in India is much lower than I except it to be. With only few IMAX venues, In my knowledge there's only one 70mm IMAX in India. And also below 5 have IMAX with Laser projection installed.
I really hope IMAX distribute more of their current technologies in Indian cities.
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2023.06.04 09:39 Ok_Bluebird_1032 Ibn Sina's (Avicenna) Groundbreaking Experiment on Fear, Stress, and Panic

Prepare to be amazed by the pioneering work of Ibn Sina (Avicenna), a brilliant mind of the medieval Islamic Golden Age. Join us as we delve into his groundbreaking experiment, which explored the intricate workings of fear, stress, and panic. Discover how his innovative approach shed light on the human psyche and left a lasting impact on the fields of psychology and medicine.
🧠 Unlocking the Secrets of the Mind: Step into the world of Ibn Sina's revolutionary experiment, where he set out to unravel the complex nature of fear, stress, and panic. Through meticulous observation and experimentation, he sought to understand the physiological and psychological responses triggered by these intense emotions. Explore the methods he employed and how they laid the foundation for future advancements in understanding the human mind.
⚗️ A Journey through the Experiment: Take a closer look at Ibn Sina's experiment design and methodology. Learn about the subjects involved, the stimuli employed to induce fear and stress, and the data collection techniques used to measure their responses. Delve into the analysis of the gathered data and the remarkable insights it provided, challenging prevailing notions and paving the way for new discoveries.
🌡️ Implications for Medicine and Psychology: Uncover the profound impact of Ibn Sina's experiment on the fields of medicine and psychology. His findings contributed to a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection and helped refine diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for individuals experiencing fear, stress, and panic-related disorders. Explore how his work influenced subsequent scholars and laid the groundwork for advancements in mental health research.
Legacy and Contemporary Significance: Reflect on the enduring legacy of Ibn Sina's experiment and its relevance in today's world. Recognize how his exploration of fear, stress, and panic resonates with ongoing research in psychology and neuroscience. Witness how his innovative spirit continues to inspire scholars and drive progress in understanding and addressing mental health challenges faced by individuals worldwide.
Revel in the brilliance of Ibn Sina's pioneering experiment, which offered unprecedented insights into fear, stress, and panic. His innovative approach and meticulous observations paved the way for advancements in psychology and medicine. Join us as we celebrate his legacy and recognize the enduring significance of his work in the quest for understanding the intricacies of the human mind.
#IbnSina #Avicenna #Psychology #Medicine #Experiment #Fear #Stress #Panic #MindBodyConnection
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2023.06.04 09:37 Ekocare Only In The West, Only In Asia (Bhante Subhuti)

Only In The West, Only In Asia Most Westerners do not like the ancient commentaries or the Abhidhamma. Westerners are very far away from Asian culture in both time and space (miles), and because of this, they have difficulty understanding the cultural and ancient time differences.
A small story shows this example well. It might be useful for the next toilet paper shortage. This is picture and story of a bidet (which are used instead of toilet paper).
A monastic friend showed me his new sprayer he was going to install. My eyes lit up and I said, “Can I take a picture of that?”
“Sure. Why?” he said.
“(Giggle). People in the West think of the kitchen sink when they see one of these.” He made a “yuck” face and then the both of us laughed.
Sometimes, based on culture, time, and place, one can gain different but real interpretations that are counter intuitive to basic common sense. Using a sprayer like that in the kitchen sink is seen equally as using a clean toilet brush to wash the dishes. Nevertheless, as the toilet brush gets used and old looking, you just cannot help but be grossed out from it. It just does not make sense and this is how an Asian person looks at the Western usage of a sprayer. It is beyond imagination for them. So if the commentaries explained that the spray guns are used for washing dishes, they would immediately reject such statements, like my monastic friend did with his “yuck” face.
Contrary, many Westerners criticize the Buddhist Commentaries and Abhidhamma which are the footnote explanations for the Suttas. While some points may seem counter-intuitive, they were based on a time and culture over 2000 years ago. It is hard to judge impartially, especially for a Westerner who grew up and lives very far away in time and space.
That was the modern device too. The Suttas mention “Water Pots For Toilets” and Western people think, “Oh this is for flushing the toilet,” even though there were no flush toilets in the forest monasteries. They were used for the same purpose as mentioned above with a water bowl and smaller bucket used inside which is still used in Asia today. We have monk rules about how the water bowl should be stored upside down so it won’t collect water and rust or get moldy (if plastic). So it is easy to make mistakes, especially for Westerners. That is why the Westerners and Modern Asians are quick to incorrectly judge the commentaries.
Enlightenment and nonself are counter-intuitive too. They go against our natural tendencies. That is why many Westerners like the content mentioned in Ajahn Mun’s Biography. The Thai Forest Traditions, which worship this book as a “bible” to monkhood seem to be the only thing in town for Buddhism in the West. This book helps one believe that an Arahant or even previous Buddhas exists after death with a “citta” that can never be destroyed, which is clearly wrong view according to proper Theravada Buddhism and more inline with Mahayana and Vedanta. Those official “scholarly” writings on the subject in English are often from Thai influenced monks. Westerners in general just don’t understand that the “self” is really a “nonself” because it is made of materiality, feeling, perception, volitional formations, and consciousness which are continually arising and perishing moment by moment at incredibly fast speeds. There is no self and when the fuel runs out for those who are fully enlightened, nothing arises again. Nothing.
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2023.06.04 09:37 Brokenlupo_ Font suddenly looks weird. Help???

It started a few weeks ago and idk how to fix it. I've tried the "cleartype" option, change the fonts in both opera and in windows but it still looks like this. I also tried installing and reinstalling the browser but results are still the same. Any more tips to help out???
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2023.06.04 09:35 AutoModerator [Download Course] Sam Ovens – Consulting Accelerator (

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2023.06.04 09:32 trap_user I dreamt a funny story

I'll just write the dream while I can still remember it.
Don't get Nami mad
Nami and Crocodile are waiting for someone under the moon standing beside the road with them leaning into a wall.
N: they sure taking it slow.
C: hmp.
Then a carriage stopped in front of them pulled by a mascot
C: Finally.
The mascot removes its head revealing that it was karoo with his sweat dripping so he fanned himself with his wings
V: Oi Karoo, stop that! What if someone discove-
N: Vivi!!
V: Nam-
Vivi being happy to see her Nakama, Nami, but shocked midway by the person besides her
C: So why I don't use these two as bargaining chip against mugiwara ahahhaha.
Nami punched him in the head making him react the same way Zoro did when Nami also punched his head
C: How did that hurt? Haki?
N: that was a normal punch. Anyway, don't think doing any funny business with us.
As nami making her speech Zeus came out of her baton
V: Ehhhh! A cloud?
Z: So Nami do you want me to zap this guy
Zeus said as he clad himself with lighting then Nami also punched him
Z & C: Sumimasen!
The two prostrate themselves before Nami
V: Nami-san became scary strong after these years....
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2023.06.04 09:32 Cam-J-Mac My School Elevator

My school elevator is old and rickety, it stops randomly from the years of abuse it has felt courtesy of kids stealing the keys and jumping up and down tempting it to rocket to the ground floor. I never understood what they got out of it, though it could just be my way of ignoring the fact I was never invited to tempt its ancient cables. I’m more of a loner. I like walking around listening to my metal music at lunch rather than slamming my least favourite teacher’s door or vaping. Nevertheless the other kids don’t pay me any attention, something I am actually grateful for. My five foot two stature at a mere one hundred pounds keeps me fast and nimble should anyone care enough to make me their punching bag for the day.
On Wednesday, my final block is English with Mr.Steeves, this class is an easy A for me as all he does is sit there and ask us to read the two hundred-fifty page book he assigned us five months ago and then do the questions pertaining to the chapter we just read. Mr.Steeves has a strict no phone policy and makes us park our phones in a box when we walk into the classroom.
This rule makes accessing the questions for our novel impossible so he has two random students go and fetch the computer cart from the library and bring them up to the class on the elevator. This is great for me as the large screen of the prehistoric laptops hides my head while I sleep.
This Wednesday Mr.Steeves chose Hunter, the most popular boy in my grade, and I to go get the computer cart. I never really liked Hunter due in part to his name and reckless behaviour that often ended up with someone else being seriously injured. Not deterred, angry, but ready to get this over with and get to my scheduled nap I begrudgingly stood up and shambled out of the classroom Hunter following behind me while still laughing at a joke his friend made no doubt at my expense.
As we make our way down the stairs and then through the hallway over to the library Hunter and I have our faces buried in our phones pretending not to notice one another. As we approach the library Hunter puts his phone away and speedwalks ahead of me to get his interaction with our more than socially awkward librarian over and done with.
I am mere feet away from the door to the library when Hunter comes barreling out of the library practically surfing the cart and nearly hitting me. I feel butterflies soaring in my stomach from the freight Hunter has given me yet I act unphased and carry on with my emotionless demeanour. We walk back through the hallway past the staircase and over to the elevator, Hunter grabs the key off of the top of the cart and puts it into the elevator and waits for it to come down then open its rusted doors revealing the withered once futuristic interior. I step inside and am followed by Hunter. I go to press the button for the second floor but Hunter grabs my hand.
“Dude look” He says “What I don’t see it”
Hunter's long finger points to a third button, ajar from the rest. It’s not quite a perfect circle, more of an oval, its milky interior seems to be polished, carrying an otherworldly glow to it I’ve never seen before. I look at Hunter and ask.
“What is it?”
He shrugs his shoulders and before I can stop him he pushes the button and a loud ding pierces my eardrums. A sense of dread washes over me as this ringing in my ears subsides and is slowly replaced by an eerie quiet that sets my teeth on edge.
I shoot Hunter a glance and am met with a childish grin of someone who knows they just did something bad but is too stupid to know what it actually is. I resume my normal composure and press the button for the second floor and for what felt like an eternity there was nothing it felt as if time had stopped, I was waiting, begging for that button to ding and for these cables to spark to life and tow us to the second floor and bring me away from this dreadful feeling of unease. I wait and wait and wait until finally my ears are pierced once more by that harsh ding and the elevator begins to move.
I was so relieved I failed to notice the direction in which we were moving until I felt the same butterflies in my stomach which were soon replaced by a cinder block of pure lead and there I was again being drowned by this sense of dread but this time I wasn’t alone Hunter had gone white as a ghost we shared a glance as the beads of sweat began to roll down our faces.
We were descending below ground level, my mind ached as I tried to wrap my head around what could possibly be happening, how we could be moving below the very foundation of our school that held this elevator together.
We descended further and further in utter silence, fear having an almost physical grasp on our vocal chords. My legs were like jelly quaking at nearly buckling at the smallest jerk the elevator made. The elevator screeched to a halt making my knees give out and nearly making me fall over.
We sat there for only a minute before it began. Constant tapping and pawing plagued the outside of the elevator. Whatever it was it wanted to get in badly I could hear its laboured breathing, yearning for what was in here, yearning for us.
After another hour or so of this routine Hunter and I were broken, hope only shone on us when we heard footsteps trailing off right in front of us until it was nothing but silence.
I begged and pleaded to the God I thought I never believed in for the elevator to ding once more and carry us back up to the safety of the school I had forsaken and blamed for all my troubles and now would do anything to be back there.
“ I need to calm down, think rationally, I need to figure out what’s going on, I have to survive this, I can't die here.” I thought to myself.
I look over at Hunter, he is utterly paralysed, seemingly frozen in time, I know he will be of no help in solving this situation. “It, whatever it is, is marinating us in our own fear, just waiting for the opportune moment to come crashing through the door when we have our backs turned.” I thought to myself.
Slowly the cinder block of fear in my guts dissipates and is replaced with an undying power to do whatever it takes to get out of here and back to my boring life. As this surge of what can only be described as pure strength surges through my body, the doors glide open and I am beaten back by a gust of frigid air that drains me of my strength, and there we are again, just Hunter and I staring out into the dimly lit, concrete space out in front of us.
We stare and stare and stare until finally our eyes adjust to the dark and we make out something roughly one hundred metres away it stood. A body of a buffalo, but five feet taller, with three legs of a wolf, the fourth leg was easily triple the length of the other three and was covered in a black ooze that dripped from the long nails at the front of its limb, it had no head only a mouth, similar to a crocodile but painted pitch black, the mouth extended out in front of it with a jaw that hung detached from the top of the mouth, slack and ready to close on any unfortunate prey and hold it there while it was torn to shreds. I stood there for seconds attempting to comprehend what I was actually seeing but before I could rationalise anything it charged, galloping towards us, we had nowhere to go. All we could do was wait for it to get to us and for this all to be over. It stopped mere inches from the door, Hunter and I huddled in the corner, he weaselled his way behind me so that only half of his body was showing. Its long ooze-covered leg extended out in front of it into the elevator dripping its viscous liquid onto the floor. The long fingers extended pointing at us and pinning us into the corner. We shuddered and closed our eyes fearing that the worst was yet to come and then I heard it. Flesh squelching right next to me as the long nails on the end of the fingers embedded themselves into Hunter and sprayed blood on to me, the sound of the flesh is quickly succeeded by Hunters screams as the monster twists its claws in him and flings him out of the elevator on to the concrete where it begins to devour him. The sounds of Hunter’s screams stop and all that is left is the squishing and occasional crack of bone as the monster eats him. I slump to the floor knowing that what is happening to Hunter will surely happen to me in just moments, I whimper and cry until my eyes can cry no more.
A sharp ding cuts the tension and the rusted doors slam shut. The button for the second floor glows and the elevator begins to ascend, the blood on my clothes vanishes and in only seconds the doors open once more. A blinding light sears my eyes and the hum of an active school fills my ears. I sit there for minutes until a student on their way to the bathroom notices me crying in the elevator and grabs a teacher. Quickly I am hurried off to the office and the computer cart was taken to my English class. I tell the Principal and school officer everything that happened, what happened to Hunter and what I saw down there and how it wasn’t me who killed him. Everyone is very sympathetic to me and my parents are called. I recant my story over and over, every time I tell it I am met with the same question, who is Hunter?
I, after hours of telling the story and trying to explain it to them and who Hunter is, am told to go home, get some rest, and in no time will be able to talk to a professional about my “incident” as they are calling it. My appointment is tomorrow and I am currently in the midst of flipping through yearbooks attempting to find any trace of Hunter though it appears he along with everything that could possibly prove his existence have simply vanished along with the third button on My school elevator.
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2023.06.04 09:31 Aeus165 Am I doing something wrong? (DLC)

So I beat the base game mostly without any outside help and I loved it, then started the dlc and loved the new area.
But my problem is with the dream world, because it is just too dark, I keep walking around with no idea where I'm going, so I tried to look up some tips from a walkthrough and I find that they expect me to do things that I had no chance of even knowing they were there.
For example: in starlit cove after boarding the boat with the two bulbs, I end up in the burned building with nowhere else to go. After I looked up the walkthrough, It turns out that there is a teleporting hand between the rocks on the way to the burned building. HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT??! The area is too dark to see anything beyond my feet, and the focused light doesn't help. And when I board the boat I expect that it's just there to take me to the building.
So my question is: Did I spoil myself by looking up the walkthrough and the game was going to help me figure it out naturally? Or is this section just too cryptic and dark?
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2023.06.04 09:30 Gravymouse In home display needed

I have the Tesla app on my phone, my beloved does not have it on his because he wouldn't check it anyway. So, what I need is a small display that I can put somewhere near the washing machine and tumble dryer so that when he goes to use these machines, he could easily see how much battery and solar power is available. Has anyone seen such a display? Is it possible to use e.g. an echo show or a basic Android tablet to install the Tesla app without having access to the car part of the app?
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2023.06.04 09:29 CommaToTheTop U-Boxes…. How are they shipped?

Hey all,
Just loaded up some U-Boxes today for a cross country moved and was thinking that I never see any of these on a truck on the highway. So it occurred to me, how are the U-Boxes physically shipped?
Does U-Haul contract with trucking companies and fill extra truck trailer space? (They seem small enough to fit into a truck trailer.) Just curious!
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2023.06.04 09:27 Plastic-Performance5 Weapon placement

Weapon placement
It seems that the trailer shows a Magick archer without their daggers off to the side this really stuck out to me because I liked how dd1 always had your weapons off to side. I hope dd2 doesn't just make you take your secondary out of thin air but if that's what's gonna happen that's fine I guess.
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2023.06.04 09:26 poslepoludnya Girl (25F/NB) I’m seeing says she is maybe a lesbian and I (23M) don’t even know what to do

I’m very devastated, we’ve been talking/seeing each other for three months. When I tell you that someone is special, I mean she is really special. I haven’t loved this hard in such a long time. Tonight she texted me that there was something really serious we need to talk about, and she told me that I’m so perfect that she basically thinks she’s gay gay. She said that she is physically attracted to me, but that there was some part of it that was confusing, and she wasn’t sure if it was her sexual trauma or her sexuality (she’s been in multiple abusive relationships with men). She said she was thinking more about her sexuality and that she didn’t want to rope me into it if she ended up being different. When I said that I loved her and didn’t mind being roped into it, she said that I was a light in her life and that she isn’t saying goodbye forever but I’m just really confused.
She is getting therapy soon and getting back on zoloft, but I’m just devastated, utterly exhausted. I can’t stop sobbing. I don’t understand how I can get someone off 4 or 5 times in a night but that they are gay? That she tells me that I’m beautiful and charming and wonderful. I don’t know what to do.
tldr: the girl I’m seeing thinks she might be gay and I don’t know what to do
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2023.06.04 09:26 ChootadSinghMoon Replacing one pendant light with three pendant lights from the same box and switch

We had a dining Room light pendant with one 60W incandescent Edison retro bulb, which was doing just fine.
Today I replaced it with three pendant lights with three 60W incandescent Edison retro bulbs. It blew up upon turning the switch on. No fires or anything but there was a little spark. After that nothing worked. I tried removing two bulbs. No luck. It didn’t blew anything in the breaker box.
We are using Kasa Smart Dimmer Switch model number HS220P3, single pole, requires neutral wire, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi light switch, it is UL certified.
Can anyone help me understand what I did wrong and how to fix it?
In exchange, I can help you understand what is happening with US Debt Ceiling in detail to you. Cheers!
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2023.06.04 09:25 ChootadSinghMoon Replacing one pendant light with three pendant lights (USA).

We had a dining Room light pendant with one 60W incandescent Edison retro bulb, which was doing just fine.
Today I replaced it with three pendant lights with three 60W incandescent Edison retro bulbs. It blew up upon turning the switch on. No fires or anything but there was a little spark. After that nothing worked. I tried removing two bulbs. No luck. It didn’t blew anything in the breaker box.
We are using Kasa Smart Dimmer Switch model number HS220P3, single pole, requires neutral wire, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi light switch, it is UL certified.
Can anyone help me understand what I did wrong and how to fix it?
In exchange, I can help you understand what is happening with US Debt Ceiling in detail to you. Cheers!
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2023.06.04 09:25 SWMobileStorage SHIPPING CONTAINER TERMS TO KNOW

Shipping containers have become common in our modern world, from construction sites and ports to portable offices, modular buildings and more. However, for those unfamiliar, shipping container terminology and jargon can be confusing and overwhelming. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the shipping container terminology you need to know to understand the language of shipping containers.


Whether you’re a business owner looking to ship your products overseas or simply curious about how these massive steel boxes work, we’ve got you covered. This guide will give you the knowledge you need to navigate the world of shipping container terminology.
The standard shipping container is 8’ 6” tall, and the most common container sizes are 20 and 40 feet long. They’re created out of Corten steel, a type of weathering steel resistant to weather effects. Typical containers have double cargo doors on one end and an end frame on the other.


A door header is an integral part of the container’s structure. It’s a horizontal beam that runs along the top of the cargo doors, adding support for the roof, distributing storage weight and strengthening the security of the doors to the container. For modified containers that add roll-up doors, the plate protects the roll-up door barrel.


Seals called gaskets are installed around the cargo doors to prevent moisture, dust, and other contaminants from entering the container’s storage space. These gaskets are lodged in channels and grooves around the perimeter of the door frame. They’re also a crucial part of the container’s wind and weather-tight qualities.


Here at Southwest Mobile Storage, we use a three-tiered system to make sure our containers offer vault-level security. Lock boxes are a critical security feature we install on shipping containers that prevent unauthorized access to stored materials.
When a padlock is enclosed in a steel lock box, it becomes much more difficult to successfully gain access inside a container. Moreover, potential thieves must use cutting or drilling, deterring criminals that don’t have the time or energy to deal with the challenge.


The second part of our container security system is our slide bolt. When closed, a heavy-duty puck lock can be attached to the circular spot inside the slid bolt frame, creating another layer of security to deter break-ins.


Our container security system’s third step is the door-locking handle. The handles aid in opening and closing the doors and have the capability to lock in their final resting place, situated beneath the container locking tabs. The locking tabs are lockable with padlocks, thus providing a final seal for container security.


The door panel of a container allows access to the inside of your container and holds the other components attached to the door, like locking bars. Each door is made of thick steel and can swing 270 degrees outward.


The locking bars span the width of the container’s door opening and attach to the end frame on each side of the door. Handles located on the exterior of the container typically operate the locking bars, which rods or cables connect to.
The door-locking handles secure the locking bars in place, holding the doors securely closed and preventing them from opening during transportation. Two locking bars are standard in 20-foot containers, while larger 40-foot containers may have four or more.


One of the biggest benefits of using a container for storage is that you can easily transport it. Containers can be transported by forklifts using the two pockets on the bottom sides of the container. From here, they can be transported on-site or onto a truck bed for delivery to a location farther away.


Corner castings serve an essential role in maintaining your container’s structure. These eight 3.0mm thick corner castings have some of the thickest steel on the container, allowing containers to be stacked and handled securely. You can stack a maximum of nine containers, but this limit may be lower depending on local conditions.


The top side rail of a container helps provide structure to the roof. That helps distribute weight evenly across the top of the container. It also ensures a level surface that prevents stacked containers from shifting during transportation.


The corner posts, top rails, and bottom rails work together with container side panels to create a rigid frame that distributes weight. Corrugated side panels, which have distinctive ridges and grooves add strength and flexibility. These panels enclose the storage area and prevent stored materials from moving around when properly stored.


A container end frame is a structural component of a shipping container located at the end of the container. Thus, the rectangular frame made of steel provides stability to the back of the container.


The bottom side rail performs a crucial function in holding up the rest of the container, acting as the primary load-bearing component of the container. It connects to the bottom corner castings to lock on to containers beneath.


After this list, you should better understand shipping container terminology and how the different parts of a container work together to provide you with secure storage space. Moreover, knowing what container parts do can give you the confidence to undertake repair projects or inspire you to modify a container for a specific use.


If you’re interested in learning more about shipping containers and the terminology associated with them, we have several helpful blog posts that can help you deepen your understanding. Some popular topics include container sizes, types, and uses, as well as shipping container modifications and creative reuse ideas. Other posts may cover topics such as best practices for container shipping and handling, and container design and modification. Click on a link below for more insights!
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2023.06.04 09:24 midasgoldentouch [Discussion] Runner-Up Read: Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse, Chapters 7-13

Hello my lovelies!
Welcome back to our second discussion of Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse. This week we're covering chapters 7-13. Here's a summary of what's happened now:
We jump back in with Serapio, who, 10 years after his mother's ritual, is finally headed to Tova. The intervening years have been hard for Serapio, between his father's neglect and his tutors' cruelty, but he is finally ready to achieve his destiny. Pilgrims have taken him from Obregi to Cuecola, and now Lord Balam has secured him passage to Tova in time for the Day of Convergence.
That morning, Serapio is already on board the ship when the crew arrives and begins to prepare for departure. No one bothers him, but Serapio enjoys the "almost company" as they prepare. Around midday, he hears raised voices and what seems to be a confrontation involving a few men, including Lord Balam. Serapio uses star pollen stored in a bag around his neck to communicate with a nearby crow and allow him to see through its eyes. Through the crow, Serapio sees the crew as they watch the argument between Lords Pech and Balam on the deck. He also sees a woman with radiating power that he recognizes is Teek before she whistles and breaks his connection to the crow, causing him to bleed in the process. Serapio is enamored with her and, as they push off, resolves to get to know the crew and captain during the upcoming journey.
We jump back in time to 8 years before the Day of Convergence. Serapio is fourteen, two years removed from his mother's ritual and death and more or less ignored by his father. One day, as Serapio sits on the terrace feeding and playing with his crows, his father brings a man who claims he will prepare him for his destiny. Serapio replies that he's already aware of his destiny, to be born a crow, and when pressed, reveals the nicknames other crows have given him, such as Grandfather Crow, Nightbringer, and Suneater.
The man confirms that Saaya had arranged for him and two others to train Serapio for his destiny - to become a god. The man hands Serapio a piece of wood and a chisel, explaining that he's going to teach him how to carve. He asks Seraipio a question; Serapio replies with a smart-aleck answer; and then the man strikes Serapio across the face. Before Serapio can call his crows to attack the man, he tells him that he'll hurt them too. The man grabs and strikes Serapio a few more times, telling him that he must become accustomed to pain in order to achieve his destiny, and that it's his responsibility to teach him how. Cowed, Serapio begins to cooperate with the man's questions and instructions. That night, before he leaves, the man tells Serapio he can call him Paadeh. Serapio eventually falls asleep holding the beginning of his first carving - a crow.
19 days before Convergence, Naranpa sits with the other priests during a long Conclave meeting at night. Well, all of the other priests except for Iktan, who Naranpa realized had sent someone in xir place and who slips into the room later during the meeting. Naranpa has spent most of the meeting wondering what Iktan could be doing instead of paying attention, which becomes clear when Haisan asks her if she wants to add anything and Naranpa has to ask him to repeat what he just said. Abah tries to take advantage of Naranpa's lapse in attention, suggesting that it would of course be due to the excitement of the assassination attempt that morning and that it was understandable. She suggests that maybe Eche, the dedicant generally regarded as Naranpa's chosen successor, could step in.
Naranpa refutes this and begins to talk about the assassination attempt plainly, hoping to convey her feelings that it stemmed from the mostly nonexistent relationship between the Celestial Tower and the Sky Made clans and their waning power. Naranpa also suspects that Eche is sleeping with Abah and so the two of them have joined forces together against her. Abah then suggests that perhaps Naranpa's reforms are too ambitious, which is why the assassin targeted her, and that she might be better off stepping down. Abah even goes so far as to suggest that the attempt might be related to Naranpa's family in Coyote Maw, particularly her younger brother. Naranpa bristles at these accusations, even going so far as to tell Abah to fuck off, before deciding that it would be better for her to leave rather than allowing Abah to bait her any further. Before she can leave, a servant arrives with the news that Yatliza, the matron of Carrion Crow, is dead.
This, understandably, makes everyone nervous, given the earlier assassination attempt. Naranpa ends the conclave and dismisses everyone except for the four priest and the servant who brought the news. Naranpa asks the servant to explain the circumstances behind the murder; the servant, confused, explains that Yatliza wasn't murdered, just found dead in her bed, before recounting everything she knew. Naranpa dismisses the servant as Haisan and Iktan begin to bicker about what to do next.
Yatliza's death has come at an inconvenient and some would say inauspicious time. The Celestial Tower has closed for the Shuttering, a 20 day period of fasting and penitence in preparation for the winter solstice and a ceremony welcoming the return of the sun afterwards. At the same time, Yatliza's death will leave one of the Sky Made clans without a matron until a new one is invested, which unbalances the Speaker Council that handles civil affairs in Tova and leaves Carrion Crow without a leader. It will look bad to have a funeral and anointing during the Shuttering, but waiting until after the Shuttering for the anointing will appear disrespectful and leaves the opportunity for other factions to take advantage of the power vacuum and imbalance. On top of all of this, although Yatliza has a daughter who would generally be expected to step in as the next matron it's possible the other council members might have objections.
Naranpa quickly makes up her mind, deciding that they will have a state funeral in four days as usual and that Yatliza's daughter will be anointed as the new matron of Carrion Crow shortly afterwards. They will request that the Sky Made clans come to them to plan everything, since they are shuttered, and if the Speakers Council feels someone else should be matron they can take it up with the Tower after the solstice. Naranpa gives everyone their tasks, mostly to get them out of her hair, and dismisses them before heading up to her rooms. She'll speak to the other clan matrons alone later that day.
Iktan catches up with Naranpa as she reaches her rooms. Naranpa worries about how Abah could know about Ochi (Denaochi), given how she had destroyed references to her past. Iktan explains that if someone went looking to dig up her secrets, it wouldn't be hard to find him. Xe also reassures Naranpa that while Abah did embarrass her during Conclave, she managed to recover well enough, although Abah still cannot be trusted. At this point, Naranpa spots a scratch on Iktan's neck, offering to heal it before she realizes and xe confirms that it came from a "moment of passion" - Iktan has a lover that is not her. Hurt and jealous, Naranpa insults Iktan and xe leaves.
We briefly step back in time one day, back to 20 days before the Day of Convergence. After a hard day of rowing, Xiala directs Callo to have the men land on a nearby cay where they'll rest for the night. She then goes off to see Patu, a sailor known for his cooking skills and habitual seasickness. Xiala is a bit concerned to find Patu sick, but he waves it off, saying it's just a cold and Callo vouched for him. He begins to plan a feast for the men using the very nice provisions Lord Balam stocked the ship with. Xiala leaves Patu to it and heads back to middle of the ship, wondering about the man from Obregi that has yet to emerge from the room. Lord Balam had described him as a kind of religious recluse, which doesn't endear him to Xiala at all. Still, she's willing to do the bare minimum and make sure he's at least seen to during the trip, but before she can talk to the man they land.
By the time Xiala gets off the ship, the men are well into the feast Patu has prepared. The food is good, the liquor is flowing, and everyone is having a good time. The men greet Xiala happily, chanting "Teek" a few times, which is a little unsettling, but Xiala brushes it off and joins the meal. After eating and a couple of drinks, Xiala addresses the crew to break the news about Lord Balam's requirement of reaching Tova in 20 days. A number of them worry, since making the timetable would require them to sail in open waters during a particular dangerous season. Oddly enough, Callo is the one who speaks in Xiala's favor, asserting that Xiala's Song will help smooth their passage. This isn't really how Xiala's powers actually work, more of a superstition around how they supposedly work, but she decides to lean into and play up her Teek heritage. The crew latches onto the idea, even chanting "Teek" over and over again in their enthusiasm, and making bold claims about reaching Tova in even less time. While Xiala is grateful that the crew is eager to sail the open waters to achieve their goal, she is a bit nervous that they all rallied behind Callo's support. She can't help but wonder what will happen in the future if she and Callo disagree on a decision.
Xiala speaks to Callo privately, directing him to cut off the alcohol soon and make preparations to leave tomorrow. Xiala usually sleeps on the ship while the crew is on land; although she's worried about the crew bonding in her absence, she decides to trust Callo in this instance. Before she can finish her instructions and head to the ship, Callo pales at something behind her, and the crew grows quiet.
We know that earlier that day, Serapio enjoyed just generally being around the crew as they left Cuecola. When they initially landed, he stayed on the ship but, after hearing the sounds of the crew and captain as they ate, Serapio decides to try to join them. So he covers his eyes, pulls his cowl up, and slowly makes his way to where everyone else. As the others see him appear, everyone stops. The (anachronistic) record scratches. You can hear a pin drop. Serapio says hello in stilted Cuecolan and smiles at everyone, until he remembers his teeth are red and stops smiling because that's probably not helping right now.
Xiala tries to be polite and respectful, hoping to lead by example, but the crew is definitely scared of him. Even when Callo gets a plate of food for Serapio, he stands back and holds it out as if he's afraid to get any closer. Frustrated, Xiala takes the food and Serapio back to the ship, reminding Callo to have the others ready to sail at dawn. Once on the ship, Xiala and Serapio get to know each other as Serapio tries a bunch of new foods, including a painful-to-read experience with eating fish. Serapio confirms that he can see somewhat, mostly shapes, shadows, light, and movement, relying on other senses for everything else (and the crows, though he doesn't mention that). Xiala confirms that she is Teek, and the both of them acknowledge the precariousness of the whole voyage, particularly in terms of Callo's popularity with the crew. As she gets ready to leave, Xiala tells Serapio to go outside tomorrow morning to let the crew see he was just a man like them, albeit with his eyes covered. She explains that she'll sleep on the ship and be there to protect him if a superstitious crew member decides to kill him that night. When Serapio asks who will protect her, Xiala replies that she's with her mother, the sea, and no one messes with her children.
We close with Serapio, 6 years before the Convergence. He's sitting at his workbench when a strange woman enters his room, admiring his carvings. She says that Paadeh sent for her, although she doesn't seem to know that Paadeh is dead, a fact Serapio isn't eager to share for some reason. The woman introduces herself as Eedi, the second tutor arranged to prepare Serapio for his destiny. Eedi is purposefully evasive, but she generally reveals that she's a former spearmaiden from Hokaia. This confuses Serapio a bit, since Carrior Crow is from Tova, but she reassures him that their influence is great and that some in Hokaia would like to see the Celestial Tower brought to heel as well.
Suddenly, Eedi asks Serapio if he would like to begin before striking him with her spear. She manages to hit him again before he blocks her strike, at which point she walks over to his shelf of carvings and knocks them all onto the ground. Panicking, Serapio tries to grab at Eedi and stop her but bumps into other things or gets knocked out of the way. Eedit keeps knocking carvings onto the floor, threatening to destroy his trunk and even break her bones. Serapio stops to think; it's clear he'll have to outsmart her rather than overpower her. When he puts his hand on the desk, he touches the divination mirror his mother used to use. Serapio uses the mirror to throw a shadow at Eedi, and then some of his carvings when she's distracted by that. He bumrushes Eedi, knocking her to the ground, then tries to attack her with the chisel but misses. Serapio then tries to rip out Eedi's eye, but she manages to knock him off of her before leaving in search of a healer.
Eedi eventually returns, asking Serapio how he knew how to use shadows like that. He replies that he doesn't know; it was just instinctual. Eedi tells him that her job is to train his body, in the way that Paadeh trained his mind. His third tutor, Powageh, will deal with his powers; until then, Eedi will teach him how to fight.
Discussion questions are listed below in the comments. As always, I ask that you don't discuss any content in the book beyond the endpoint for this week's discussion. If you want to talk about something later on in the book, please do so in the Marginalia post. The full schedule for Black Sun can be found here. See y'all next week for Chapters 14-19!
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