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2023.06.05 19:31 Bal500Vids AITH for not doing more chores and spending money on my only hobby?

We have been together with my girlfriend for nearly 5 years now. We have started dating in high school, we are currently enrolled to university. Lucky for us we had the chance to apply for scolarship, so we don't pay for our tution. At least that one, I guess. We are both 19, turning 20 this summer. Both of us work alongside university, well, we have to make money somehow. The main difference is that I work 2 jobs (IT & employee at a fast food chain), meanwhile she only works 1 job (works at the same FFC as me but at a different store). When I work at the restaurant I always get assigned some idiots who are just starting off at the restaurant. Main downside of being one of the two crew trainers I guess. They usually only last for a couple of days, maybe a week then tend to quit due to 'working in the kitchen is so hard'.
As you can probably tell, I don't have too much free time, as I finish at the office then I rush to the restaurant to take my shift there.
Still, I'm trying to do some of the chores at home and also focus on my university studies. Usually I do the laundry, and sometimes tidy our room so it doesn't look that messy. This doesn't involve mopping our floor tho. She mostly does the dishes, the mopping, the dusting, sometimes folding clothes, and cooking (not always tho, she works night shifts, so when she gets home, she sleeps and goes back to work when waking up).
Also I don't really have spare time for friends, so we mostly talk online while playing CS or any other multiplayer game. Now the thing is, that I really like CS, sometimes we unbox some cases, or buy some skins for you know, just why not. This for me is a maximum of €10 for a month, because I don't want to spend too much on pixels. As we don't go out to have a beer or something, I think that this is just fine.
I make about €900-1100 a month, while she makes about €400-600 a month. We always join our salaries, which I don't have a problem with, we are both grinding for the same thing. A weekend in Wien in the summer, and a car.
Now, she sometimes freaks out on me for spending money on idiotic things, like on CS items, and that I could take some food from home to the office if I wasn't too lazy. Well, as I have mentioned I don't have too much free time to cook and I don't want to carry sandwiches into the office for lunch, so I mostly order through the company which is about €4/meal, let's count with €12 a week.
She says that she doesn't trust me because I spend on these things without asking her, which is true, and also that I should do more chores because she can't handle chores and reminding me of some things I forget along the way - well that also happens, even with university stuff, I'm just too tired to keep everything in mind I guess. She's been mad at me for about a month now for these things, doesn't talk to me and she's thinking about breaking up with me.
Do you think that I have fucked things up? And that this ~€60/month 'personal expense' is too much? We can always put some money away for savings, we don't spend too much, so in my opinion money is not a problem at the moment.
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2023.06.05 19:30 jbgrant $4000 of our unique black potting mix bales stolen from west side btown. Please be on the lookout:

$4000 of our unique black potting mix bales stolen from west side btown. Please be on the lookout:
Please look for these unusual big black/green/orange soil bricks!
We inventory these 90lb black bricks of organic potting mix and store them outside under our covered dock off Liberty Dr. on the west side. Somebody hand loaded and stole 2 tons worth.... Perhaps a pickup truck or trailer last week.
Thank you for keeping an eye out and posting or messaging any info. Can also contact BPD.
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2023.06.05 19:30 elohir Buying first car - Questions about 'Retailer Options'

I'm thinking of buying my first car, and they've just sent me the first quote. It's a new car, so I don't mind the idea of 'trying to keep it nice', but I don't really know what some of the Retailer Options are.
The fuel & mats are self explanatory, and the Gen+ thing I think is a charity, but for the rest I'm at a loss.
-Name- -Price minus VAT- Fuel 25.00 Mini rubber mats 66.67 Gen+ match donation 15.00 Admin & Environmental Fee 168.83 EMAC Costmetic Asset Protection 36 Month 457.50 Gardx 374.17 
I've sent them an email to ask, but I figure it might make sense to get a second opinion.
Any ideas?
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2023.06.05 19:30 MechaKingJoe [WTS] Handstops, Grips, Stock, Bubba Tabs, Cyberpunk Edgerunners Patch

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/Qi9Bx1H
All items are either new or mounted/unused. Prices are shipped. Discounts for multiple items. I'd rather sell it as a bundle, so send me your offer for everything. Dibs here, then PM. Dibs is king over haggles.
Magpul SL Mil-Spec Stock - $50
Magpul RVG Picatinny Grip - $18
Reptilia CQG Grip (includes new screw) - $18
BCM KAG M-Lok - $18
True North GripStop-K Polymer - $20
CZ Slimline Picatinny Handstop - $18
Lunar Concepts Bubba Tab V2's (Kryptek Typhon, Tan/Coyote, M81 Woodland) - $15 Each, $40 all three
Absolutely horrible h/l patch of Rebecca that a seller on Ebay sent me on "accident" - free to first cultured degenerate that buys something and claims it
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2023.06.05 19:30 Necrolancer96 Summoning Kobolds At Midnight: A Tale of Suburbia & Sorcery. 86

Chapter LXXXVI
Duchy of Daele, Aethera
Magnus watched from atop the walls of the central district. The Warchief had moved in completely now. Nothing was stopping him anymore. From his vantage point Magnus could see orcs and others in the Warchief's service flow through the city streets like a sickness coursing through the veins.
Then there were the screams.
He had believed most, if not all, of his citizens had sought shelter in the central district. But from the cries and screams he had been gravely mistaken. Many seemed to have decided to stay within their homes to hope and pray for the best. A hope and prayer that never came as they were dragged from their homes kicking and screaming. Crying babes were torn from their mothers while fathers were lashed and beaten before being dragged away for who-knows-what. Sons and daughters were no better. Either dying for putting up too much of a fight or joining the rest of their family in enslavement to the Warchief.
The Duke. No, he couldn't call himself that any longer, he thought bitterly. He no longer had a duchy to rule over. He had failed his people. Where had he gone wrong, he wondered as he stared out into the massing hordes. Perhaps if he had bent the knee from the start then many of his people would have survived. Or if he had invested in the magical capabilities of his city.
He sighed. Ifs and perhaps. That was all he had now. All any of them had now. He turned around and stared at the Great Cathedral of Daele. Only the large Temple Cities under the rule of the Bishopric of the Mother Goddess surpassed it in size and grandeur.
Some 73,000 souls now filled the confines of the Cathedral, or tried to. Most of the city that had sought shelter here were either in the Cathedral itself or had spilled around the building. Pews and other unnecessary things such as candelabras were taken out to make more room for the poor souls.
He and the Duchess had offered their own Ducal residence as shelter. Some accepted, though many wished to be close to the Holy Mother in their last hours. The nobles on the other hand had barricaded and locked themselves inside their manors. In the opening days of the siege, servants would still go about their business for their masters.
That had ended as it became obvious that this was the end for them all. No more servants and maids came and went from the manors, and most of the nobles within spent their last moments locked in vaults of wealth or perhaps drowning themselves in whatever vices or hedonism they saw fit.
Magnus of Daele glanced over at the Cathedral. His wife was inside tending to the masses and wounded that had found their way there. While they had been bound within the central district he had thought many times to go and see her one last time.
But then he would push those thoughts away. He feared if he came to her for a moment of respite and comfort than he wouldn't have the strength to leave her arms. He didn't want that. The people didn't deserve to see their former ruler hiding amongst them. He was a warrior, and he needed to act like it. Even now as death came for them at last.
It pained him to think of what will become of them soon.
He couldn't bare it no more. If this was to be their final moments. Then he will meet his end on his own accord! With a determined look he descended the stone stairs. As he reached the cobbled stone ground, what remained of his men looked up and stood at attention.
Even now they still offered him respect he didn't deserve, he thought. He strode towards a marble fountain and jumped up on the rim. He turned and dragged his gaze across his men.
"I know what you all must be feeling. Dread. Fear. Helplessness. Worry for not only yourselves but those you care about. I too feel this. I too, dread for what is soon to come. The hordes of hell are at our gate and no matter how hard we fight it isn't enough. What lies on the other side for us? Who knows. Many people claim many things. But few of us truly know what awaits us when we leave this realm for the next."
He paused for a moment and steeled his gaze.
"But what I do know is I will not go quietly there! I will not cower and hide! When the enemy comes for me they will know my fury! They will know my rage! They will remember the name Magnus of Daele! I will not leave this world like those cowards that have sworn their lives to that beast on the horizon! When I leave it, it will be with blade in hand! It will be with courage in my heart! And it will be a cry of battle that they will hear the last of my voice!"
He stopped and jumped down and stood in front of the path to the Cathedral.
"I ask you this. Not as your leader, but as one of your fellow countrymen. As your fellow soldier. Will you fight with me?"
He stepped aside.
"You are free to seek shelter and comfort with your loved ones if you so wish. I do not, nor will not, blame nor judge you. Every man should have the chance to decide when and where they leave this world. You can die with your loved ones. Or you can die gloriously beside me. It is your decision. Whether or not you fight and die in the house of the Holy Mother or side by side with me. You have earned the right to choose to do so."
He marched forwards towards the gate that separated them all from certain death. He stopped and looked back at the collected men.
"Will you fight with me, one last time?"
There were maybe two hundred men left of his army. Yet not a single soldier left his side. If Daele is to fall, it will be with a rallying cry that they'll meet the void beyond with.
Magnus and his two hundred men formed ranks for the last time.
"Raise the gates."
The order sounded and the portcullis rose. Magnus saw across the bridge as orcs looked up to see what the commotion was about. Feral grins split their faces as battle loomed once more.
"It's been an honor to serve under you Duke Magnus." A soldier stated.
"Magnus." He clarified.
The soldier turned his head a fraction with a questioning look.
"We may have started this war as Leader and Soldier. But we will leave it as equals. If that is alright with you?"
The soldier nodded his head with a smile.
"Aye. Then it's been an honor to fight beside you, Magnus."
"Aye lad. It's been an honor to fight beside you as well. Beside you all."
His soldiers readied their weapons and armor one last time. Straps, bows, and swords were all checked as they made ready to fight once more. Magnus drew his sword. How many lives had it taken in these past weeks, he wondered. It had only tasted blood of the black-sailed corsairs before this war. But soon it's gluttonous feast would come to an end.
Magnus marched forward, and Daele marched with him. The gate closed with a finality as they left. A last act of spite for the Warchief.
The orcs across the bridge sounded a battle horn and made ready for combat. Even as they did, creatures of the deep lunged out of the water nearby. Soldiers died to tentacle and claw even before they even reached the orcs.
But that didn't deter them. They were going to die anyway. Magnus slashed his blade through a claw joint of a giant crustacean before stabbing at the things head. It gurgled before slumping over dead.
The orcs soon grew restless and worried that the sea beasts would take all the fun of their combat! They roared and charged the dwindling remnants of the men of Daele.
Magnus slashed across the face of some sort of half-octopus half-human creature before moving to engage the greentide. The orcs had a couple heads in height on the humans. But it still didn't matter to them.
Magnus roared as he cleaved his blade in an upward swing that sliced the studded leather of the orc as well as his chest. Red blood spilled forth from the wound as Magnus returned the blade back down and cut the beast's throat. Cutting of it's guttural howl of pain.
A simple thrust pierced the head of another that rushed him soon after. A spinning swing freed the blade and sent the head of another falling from a orc's shoulders.
As they fought, the sea beasts were beginning to attack even the orcs as blood and battle filled the air. A satisfying sight, Magnus thought as his blade vivisected a razor finned flying fish.
He brought his blade down onto a green meaty shoulder. Severing the thick length of muscle that used to be attached to it. The orc roared in fury even as Magnus stabbed his blade down into the knee and through the orc's calf.
The air was knocked from him and his vision blurred slightly as he was thrown back from the orc. He looked up from his prone position as he watched the orc pull his blade from his flesh. He glared at the blade then at Magnus before he limped his way towards him.
Magnus made to get up, but his head was still ringing from the impact and was slow to react. The orc neared him and raised his own blade to finish him off. His life was only prolonged because of the soldier he had spoken to before. The lad had charged the orc with a sword and shield.
It may not be enough to kill the orc. But it was enough to buy Magnus time to get his bearings and stand. He picked up a nearby spear, it's owner no longer needing it. He yelled as he rushed towards the orc and jammed the spear into the beast's chest.
It roared and tried to wrench itself free. The soldier hacked and stabbed as Magnus fought to keep the beast steady. Eventually it ceased long enough to drop his sword. Magnus rolled and retrieved it before bringing it down and severing the beast's head.
He breathed heavily and turned to give his thanks to the soldier that had saved him. But no longer found him by his side. Many of his men were no longer at his side.
He looked about as barely a handful remained. They were beaten and bloody. But they were as determined as he was to finally be at the end. He held up his bloodied blade and looked between it and the next wave of orcs that were rushing towards them.
He gave a rallying cry once more as he and his last men charged the orcs. Time seemed to stop as blades and axes froze mid swing.
I'm sorry, he thought. He should've said goodbye to his wife. He should've told her he loved her one last time. He should've done so much more for the people he cared for.
I'm sorry.
The Duchess walked among the huddled masses as they cried and prayed amongst one another. She had done the same off and on over these past few weeks. The former when she had a moment to herself. The people needed someone to remain strong. Her husband was out defending them, but she was here and they needed to see that she was as strong.
"Perhaps the actuator was faulty?" She heard Dylan murmuring to himself as he scratched and scribbled on a piece of paper, his brother sat nearby watching and would grunt to make sure Dylan knew he was listening. It had been yet another trial to keep him from rushing off again to "help" the troops.
He would get a "flash of inspiration" and would try to dart of to his workshop in the city to build some sort of new contraption that would "turn the tide" as he put it.
But the handful of soldiers that were stationed with them had been quite insistent that they remain here for their own good. Everyone had thoughts of much the same. Prayer and talk of going to their homes to retrieve swords or other family heirlooms and go join the Duke in defending their city.
But their loved ones were quick to dismiss such thoughts and would convince them to remain with them. The Duchess had similar thoughts. Either to pick up a sword and join her husband or to drag him in here where they could hold one another as their deaths neared.
She held back tears at the thought that her husband might be dead already. That they were just waiting for the inevitable call that the gate had been breached. That they would soon die.
A murmur rippled through the Cathedral as a voice sounded from the entrance. Then she heard the words that broke her heart.
"The Duke has fallen! The gate is under siege!"
Cries rose as families joined together in a last embrace. The only soldier they had looked conflicted, even a bit guilty. The Duke had died bravely while they were here guarding people that would surely die anyway.
No-one would fault them for thinking such. Even now some wished to take up arms to avenge the Duke and defend Daele. As the voices and cries reached deafening levels a single clear female voice sang seemingly from the air itself.
The cries and voices all hushed as a wave of calm fell over them. The voice uttered a single word.
Then a crack of thunder sounded as the wall behind the alter to the Holy Mother Goddess split open with a radiant golden light. The whole Cathedral stared at the gap with awe and fear.
The Delta Guard that remained and the other soldiers readied their weapons for any possible threat they might face that emerged from the hole. But none came. The Duchess walked forward cautiously. As she neared she could feel something. A chill air blew from the hole.
She knew of few places that would be cold this time of year. But it wasn't a harsh cold like from the mountains or even the biting freeze from the wastes. It felt like their home would during the harvest months when the weather began to grow cold.
She was terrified. But she couldn't show it to her people. She stepped forward and slowly stuck a hand into the hole. There was a slight tingle that pricked her skin. She wasn't sure if it was from the magic or the cold coming from the other side.
She turned to her people with a determined look. Then she stepped into the gap. When nothing happened immediately it was like a spell broke and the masses began to drive towards the hole, their salvation within reach!
She and the Delta Guard who were now HER personal Honor Guard led them through the golden passage. Slowly at first but then faster at the thought of safety being at the end while death waited behind.
A large wooden log with a heavy iron ram was bashed against the gate again and again. The orcs believed it would be easier now that the defenders were gone, but the gate operators were being absolute pests to them. Throwing rocks and oil as well as the occasional arrow.
It wasn't going to stop them. But that didn't matter to the spiteful gatekeepers. Anything to inconvenience or hinder the orcs was enough. As a rock sailed through the air and banged against the iron helmet of a grunt, the One-Eyed appeared with his apprentices.
"What is taking so long?"
A grunt turned to the elder shaman.
"The gate is strong and its taking time to breach."
A rock rained down on the grunt as he spoke.
"And those infernal pigs won't cease their pestering!"
The One-Eyed gazed up at the men atop the portcullis.
"Move your men."
The grunt called his men back from the gate. The gatekeepers cheered and jeered as the orcs retreated. Then the air grew tense and crackled with energy. The One-Eyed murmured in an orcish tongue as his apprentices began to chant. He raised a gnarled finger towards the gate.
As the chanting got louder electricity arced along the ground and through the air. The grunts and soldiers nearby yelped as they were shocked from the currents being drawn.
When the chanting ended the air popped as a bolt of lightning sped from the gnarled finger and into the portcullis. A boom rang out as dust and debris billowed from the aftermath.
The grunts looked on in awe as they saw nothing but ruble where the thick gate once stood. They cheered and yelled as they saw the remains of the pesky gatekeepers amidst the ruble. They surged forwards with battle cries, ignoring the worn and tired form of the One-Eyed. His apprentices helped him stay on his feet as they followed after the tide of greenskins.
As they neared the Cathedral cries rang out from nearby houses and manors as their inhabitants were dragged forth. They were all brought before the One-Eyed as he inspected them. He sighed as he dismissed all that were brought to him. None had what he needed.
Not that the soldiers cared, more slaves to work or to satisfy themselves with. Then the sounds of battle rang out. The One-Eyed ordered his buzzing apprentices to follow after it.
They turned a corner and were met with a brief skirmish in front of the Cathedral. A few humans were fighting fiercely against the many orcs that circled them. One of the Cathedrals mighty wooden doors were cracked open. From his spot the One-Eyed could see a radiant golden light coming from inside.
"Hurry! Deal with them and get inside there!"
The orcs grunted in confirmation and began to make short work of the lowly guards. They broke through the doors and the pitiful barricade they had erected against them. The entryway was empty save for some belongings that seemed to have been left behind.
The orcs rounded the corner, one was met with a arrow to the shoulder as a few guards remained to but the fleeing people time to get all the way through. The One-Eyed turned the corner as the guards were quickly dealt with. He saw a hole in the opposite wall that golden light poured from, and that the citizens of Daele were fleeing into!
"Stop them!" He ordered. Whoever made it must be here somewhere, he thought.
Dylan and his brother were the last ones in the Cathedral other than the guards and now the orcs. His brother grunted and gestured to the orcs as they closed in on them.
"I know! But it has all our plans are on it! I can't leave it for these savages to find!"
The gnome looked about hurriedly for the notebook he had that held all the schematics and ideas he had had over the years. He saw it as the last guard was cut down. He grabbed it just as Alban grabbed the back of his brother's shirt and dragged him back as an axe blade planted itself into the tile where his hand had been moments before!
The orcs roared as the two sped into the crevice. One threw his axe at the two fleeing Artificers. As it reached the boundary of the hole it slammed shut with such force it shook the entire building. Where the gap had been was now solid masonry, and an axe that was seamlessly embedded into the stone as if it had been there all along.
No matter how hard the orc tried to pull it wouldn't budge from its new place. The old One-Eyed shuffled forwards towards the wall. He ran a hand along as he tried to feel what kind of magic had just appeared.
Everyone could sense magic to some degree. But it took someone who was especially talented or trained to know who, or what, had cast the magic and what kind it was.
Draconic was obvious, he thought. The power of the dragons saturated the place now. But he caught a couple of other things that piqued his interest. A bit of the divine was there too. Though that could be because of the holiness of the building. Then there was something else. Like an after taste. Something... other.
"Interesting." The old One-Eyed uttered as he gazed at the spot the chasm was moments before.
"Very interesting."
The Duchess ran towards the light, her people close behind her. As she neared the end she felt a shake come from the other end. She and the others hurried at that sign.
She breathed deeply of the chill air as she reached the end of the passage. She looked around, her Delta Guard did as well. Weary of any signs of danger. But they found none, nothing obvious that is.
Her people began to pour behind her as they too emerged from the passage. Before long the flat land they found themselves in was soo occupied by the remnants of an entire city.
"What is this place?" Someone asked as they all looked around their new environment.
She wished she knew, thought the Duchess. They stood there for many minutes trying to decide what to do. Then a strange thing rumbled as it neared them. It flashed lights of red and blue as it neared the large mass of people.
The Delta Guard readied their tridents as the police car neared. A man dressed in tan clothes stepped out of the vehicle and looked at everyone with a shocked gaze. He shuffled forwards and spoke in a calm voice, though a hand was on his holster.
"Can I help you folks?"
The people all shuffled and murmured as to what to do and who the strange man was. The Duchess strode forwards and dipped a light bow in greeting.
"Greetings sir. I am Duchess Helena of Daele, me and my people are looking for a place called Sanctuary. Are you from there or know where it might be?"
The man scratched his head as he looked at the mass of people.
"Don't know nothin' 'bout no Sanctuary. But Somewhere is just 20 minutes east of here."
The Duchess scrunched up her face in confusion.
"I beg your pardon?"
"Somewhere. That's the name of our town over yonder." The man said as he gestured to the east towards the large mountain range in the distance.
The Duchess wasn't sure what to think, of the man nor the events that just happened. But her people needed food and shelter. So while it might not be called Sanctuary, it would hopefully be one anyway.
She called her people as the deputy drove away in his car back towards town to notify the Sheriff.
"My people! We have had trying times as of late! Now, we have hopefully found salvation! Found Sanctuary!"
The mass migration murmured excitedly and followed after the Duchess as she headed "20 minutes east".

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2023.06.05 19:30 BrownricefromAsia Hi Pineapple Head

Hi Pineapple Head. There’s nothing more you can do for me to stop loving you. No matter how stupid the things you do, I’ll still be loving you. I’ll love you near or far. But I can’t lose myself. I can’t be with you. I have too much love for you but less for myself. So, I’ll still be here. I’ll still car. I’ll still cry. But if someone new arrives and will truly love me, I won’t hesitate to let you go. I just hope I won’t love them back because I pray that it’s you I’ll end up with. I love you pineapple head.
love, J
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2023.06.05 19:30 RiddleFiddleDiddle Identity crisis

I've noticed that as a trans person my identity crisis's are way different compared to what cis people tell me how an identity crisis feels to them. For me I feel like my name and pronouns don't fit and I don't know what I'm comfortable wearing anymore. I get the weird feeling of wanting to chop all my hair off but also let it grow out. At least in my experience when cis people have told me they're having an identity crisis it's not nearly as anxiety inducing as it is for me. Some cis people tend to act like it's just a quirky lil thing for them while I'm trying to figure out why everything about me is wrong. Sorry if this sounds whiny. I'm getting all my thoughts out so I can help myself process my whole crisis. Hopefully this will be over soon.
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2023.06.05 19:29 lakshuuuuu Ubuntu dual boot installation help

I'm following an Ubuntu installation tutorial and I'm doing Dual boot .. I reached till the steps of make partitions and UUI folder and restarting my laptop but cannot findBoot options... Plz someone tell me what key is it to find Boot options? I'm using Dell Inspiron 15
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2023.06.05 19:29 babeejenn135 AITA for checking on her dogs?

Hi guys this happened to me literally 1 hour ago. I’m pretty sure I’m right but the intimidation and aggressiveness is making me second guess myself. Just need to feel valid.
Currently it’s a nice sunny warm weather. About 19 degrees C. And I was walking my puppy at a nearby park/dog park when I heard two dogs barking like crazy in a red car. I checked on them. Windows were slightly down but 2 large black labs (I think they are labs) are in the car. I waited around. Asked some people that was passing by. By then 10min has passed so I decided to maybe call non emergency.
While I was on hold a lady with her kid came. I asked if this is her car. And she said yes what’s it to you. So I ended the call didn’t report it or anything. Just told her I was concerned for her dogs that’s all.
She replied “I don’t need your concern”
I was getting a little upset so I replied “I just care. And just wanted to make sure they are okay”
She put her hand in the car and “it’s not even that hot. I was gone for 5 min. This is a parking lot for the park. You could have asked around.”
I told her it’s been “15. And I didn’t want to leave the dogs in case the owner comes back”
She continue being a little standoffish. I took the hint and went to the off-leash dog park. Which is steps away.
Of course you guessed it she came in. Leaving her kid and one dog in the car while she took one dog in the park.
I kept my distance and didn’t say anything to her.
But of course she broke the silence and said “don’t worry I see my kid in my car you don’t need to call emergency” or something along those lines.
I got upset but tried to keep my cool “Why are you being passive aggressive?”
Her reply? “Oh this isn’t being passive. It is aggressive”
We continued going back and forth. I’m keeping calm as best as I can and just keep telling her I was just worried.
At one point she said “you could have broken my family apart. Who did you call? Did you give them my license plate?”
I told her no. I waited around for 10 min before I was on hold with non emergency.
Then afterwards she took her dog and left.
Felt like she came into the dog park just to intimidate me.
AITA? When she said I could have tore her family apart I felt bad. Like she did look in rough shape.
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2023.06.05 19:28 italia214 Earn 5.15% with Marcus by Goldman Sachs High Yield Savings Account! Message me for referral code 😊

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2023.06.05 19:28 Various-Pipe1962 My second voyage

A few days ago, I shared an experience I had a few weeks ago with 3.8 grams. I mentioned that I planned on doing it again. Well I did. And I would like to share what happened and how I feel.
I decided to do 3.5 grams, alone this last Friday. It's heavily advised that you have someone there with you, to serve as an anchor that will pull you back to Earth if you get lost in the cosmos. I agree with this, but I don't go to space. I like to climb into my brain, and inch my way through my hidden thoughts and feelings like a baby worm making its way into an apple. And when I do it, my thoughts serve as that anchor. Ain't it a trip? I think and worry so much about things that even in a trip my own thoughts will help keep me on this plane of existence.
By the time they kicked in, I did the same thing I did before. I got in bed, got cozy, had a fan pointed at me, and let the ride begin. This time, however, I paid attention to what was happening. The beginning was mostly delirium for me, if that's the right word. I remember thinking, A LOT. I'd think a question to myself, and think of my honest answer like I was interviewing myself. All this I did in my thoughts. Strangely enough, my anxiety allowed me to avoid actually making noise, as I kept thinking to myself to be quiet.
I thought about my ex. We didn't split up on bad terms, in fact we're still even sexually active. But we took a break so we can both think about life and who and where we want to be in it. I might marry her. I hate the concept of marriage, and of settling down entirely..but I might marry her someday.
I had a moment similar to before, but one I didn't think mattered. I had a minute where I swore I'd throw this stuff away, give up everything, and go be a businessman. Didn't know which place, but somewhere. My thoughts reassured me. Something along the lines of "Just ride it out. If you wanna give it all up after, good for you. But for now, ride it out."
I thought about my little brother. Since our mom passed away, our stepdad has done his best to care for us, but I often worry about my brother. Our family isn't..great at talking deep shit, but I try with him. I worry. The world is harsh on him, and I only want him to live a life much greater than our family's.
I tried changing the channel on the TV to Beavis and Butt-Head. Bad call. I don't know what it is, but watching that show gave me an angry vibe. I don't know why, I don't even remember what they were doing, but it didn't sit with me. And it wasn't the kinda angry as in I wanted to fight, but like that feeling you get when someone's yelling at you and saying everything that sets you off. I changed it back to MST3K, for a minute.
Later, I tried playing a video game. I was watching Pluto TV on my PS4, so if I got bored, I could just go back to watching TV. That didn't work. I tried to play Skyrim on a new game, but something about watching all that snow made the fan even colder, so I just put it back on MST3K.
The the middle part kicked in. That's the hardest part for me. It was like I was having a fever dream. I couldn't stop tossing and turning and sweating, not violently, but it was uncomfortable. If I felt too out there I'd get up and use the restroom real quick. Something about getting up and moving somewhere, even for a moment, was enough to keep me grounded.
Near the end, I got the real self-reflection. I started asking myself the real questions. The hard questions. The things you only wonder after you've reached that part of the voyage. I'm not going to talk about those questions, because we each need to figure those questions out ourselves, however we choose to do it.
I eventually switched the channel to RiffTracks, and it was this old 60's looking program they were riffing on. This whole time I had a USB plugged in for my headset, so I never heard the riffing. Just looked at the program, calm and comfortable. I remember chuckling a bit, because I wondered if some far out hippy watched this exact same thing when it was first on TV. It's funny how generations can change clothes and trends, but we can still have these similar moments.
I didn't sleep that night, and it took me until later in the afternoon on Saturday for me to shut my eyes. From the end of my voyage to then, I was seeing the world in a new but old way.
I keep thinking of everything in duality. I think of something, it's argument, it's counterargument, and the counter to its counterargument. I pay closer attention to people now. How they talk, how they react, what they like and don't like and wonder to myself why that is. I've been thinking about the concepts of religion and politics, and how they've changed and evolved through time. I realized that the reason I'm apolitical and agnostic is partially because I believe both have become so entrenched in ego that no benefit arises from either anymore. And maybe I'm wrong. And maybe it's completely fine being wrong. And maybe I'm not wrong, but I'm just not on the right path. And maybe it's Maybelline.
I've been scribbling stuff down in a notebook. I call it my "Psychonaut's Field Guide". Because as I researched it, and after my experiences thus far, I want to explore the ways of the psychonaut. I don't want to go to space, and see Saturn and maybe heaven if it's possible. There's nothing for me there, not now at least. Instead, I want to explore the human mind. I want to know what makes me tick, and use my newfound knowledge to better understand how this universe works. I plan on doing this safely, not negligently. I know all too well what happens to someone when they slip too far into the void, but only now do I understand even better.
So yeah, just wanted to report. I used to look down upon this community, sadly. I believed you folks were out of your gourd, and that all you needed was a nice J. I humbly apologize.
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2023.06.05 19:28 selfmadehundredaire 2 weeks of success. CT quit

What’s going on friends!? Hello hello!
Today, I’ve hit another milestone on this quitting journey. Today marks 14 days free of Kratom. This feels really good to say!
Has this been grueling? Yes. Has this been ridiculously worth it? Fuck yes it has been!
I’ll keep it short and sweet today, but wanted to check in and encourage you all in your quits.
Please keep pushing forward. Pick yourself up off the couch. Even if it’s the absolute last thing you want to do. Work out! Get sweaty! Put good foods in your body. Take hot hot baths. Read good/ educational materials. Stop scrolling on your phones. Put 15-20 minutes into a hobby you used to love. Pick up a new hobby. Reach out to friends you don’t respond to, or have been avoiding. This has helped me so so much.
Onward and upwards, friends. Keep going. It’s always darkest before you see the light again.
Much love -
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2023.06.05 19:28 chopstickier child blaming toys/imaginary friends for bad behavior

how would you approach this? this morning my son (4 in july) snuck some candy and made a small mess, he told me about it before i found out but blamed it on “the goblin” lol. the other day de dumped all his toys out of the toy box and said fubby told him to do it. it’s starting to happen more frequently, it’s almost daily now that the goblin does something, or one of his toys tells him to do something naughty. usually it’s small things and not a big deal for either of us, but yesterday he threw his sippy cup and it almost hit baby sister (2 weeks old) and when i (gently but firmly) told him not to throw, especially near baby, he starting melting down and insisting it wasn’t him, it was fubby. i tried explaining that it wasn’t a big deal, i know it’s tough to remember we have to be more mindful about how we move and what we do now that sister is here, etc etc but he was just focused on convincing me that he didn’t throw the cup, and getting angrier when i wouldn’t acknowledge fubby’s involvement. he’s been adjusting great to the baby, he’s shown nothing but love towards her, this is the only new behavioral issue we’ve had. i’m not sure how to address this.
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2023.06.05 19:28 Art_UnDerlay When did you turn to specializing in a field?

Context: I've been in IT for a little over 6 years now. In that time I've worked front line support, as a network technician (Layers 1 and 2, documentation, etc) and am now currently a sysadmin with a focus on supporting our Linux servers, but also supporting the rest of the infrastructure occasionally. My boss messaged me a couple weeks ago and wants me to get certified in security since our company is looking in to doing government contracts in the near future. If that comes to fruition, I'll have experience in networking, sysadmin and security. When that happens, I'd like to start preparing for a more specialized role in the future. I've been making lists about career paths in those three fields (networking, sysadmin, and security) and there is something in each of them that I'd enjoy doing.
My question for you all is: when and how did you approach the idea of finding a specialty? I'm getting to the point where I've done a lot of general, jack-of-all-trades type work and want to start narrowing my focus on something that not only pays well, but I find interesting.
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2023.06.05 19:28 Actual_Human_7267 Give me any feed that scrolls and I'll sit there like a braindead monkey, even if I'm not having fun. I want to SMASH my router to bits, but I can't...

I've been great with cutting my Reddit use to near zero. I only come on here to use /nosurf for support/motivation, or when researching stuff and a Reddit thread in the results looks useful.
April was amazing, I spent almost no time online through sheer discipline alone. I got so much done: work around the house, progress on personal projects/hobbies, learning, reading good books and listening to enriching podcasts.
In May, I slowly started slipping. Redownloaded Discord and say to myself what's the harm to check in real quick, end up spending 2 hours per day on it for a week before deleting again. Started binging YouTube videos which isn't really something I've done in the past, but my brain probably thought it was a suitable dopamine replacement for Reddit.
And this weekend I hit a new low, I wasted the whole damn weekend on watching Twitch!!! Thursday night through Sunday, evaporated into nothing. I had a plan to be productive in the morning/early afternoon and play some video games in the evenings (which I haven't gamed in a while, but was planning to use as a reward for getting other stuff done first).
Instead, I spent the whole weekend watching other people play video games on Twitch. I don't even LIKE Twitch, I think watching it is for losers, which apparently includes me now, so I'm wearing my dunce hat for the day (I am literally wearing a white cap for self-deprecating humor). Like what kind of sick voyeurism and vicarious desire causes one to want to watch other people play a video game instead of just playing it yourself? Most of the streamers weren't even entertaining and the people in the chat are downright pathetic with tipping money, buying subscriptions, and spamming messages hoping to get a sliver of attention from the streamer. Still I spent the whole weekend hopping from one channel to another, looking for what I have no fucking clue. I barely even played the game I wanted to play. I literally substituted a worse time waster activity for a time waster.
Give me any feed that can be scrolled and I'll fucking scroll through it like a braindead monkey, even if I'm not having fun.
I used to say why throw the baby out with the bath water, there's valuable information online, but I think I've finally reached the tipping point where I would be willing to go without that easy access to information in exchange for being free of the addictive pull of scrolling.
I'm kind of at my wit's end here. There's too much addictive content on the web to block all of it, and the blockers are too easily circumvented anyway. I want to smash my router with a hammer. I want to cancel my internet service entirely. I want to take extreme measures to force myself to live in the real world.
Alas, I cannot, I work from home in a "knowledge field" and I need a computer and a decent internet connection to continue making money to survive. And I'm sure my SO would not be happy if the internet service was cut off.
1 step forward, 0.99 steps backwards. Over and over again. Will I get to where I want to be, or will I one day be 70 years old just scrolling and scrolling?
The weirdest/worst part? Nobody around me bats an eye about spending every waking hour staring at a screen. I have to use the fucking internet to find other people to talk to about the struggle and negative aspects of spending too much time on the internet.
I am NOT insane. A self-aware addict has to be more lucid than someone blindly following societal trends without a second thought. The ups and downs of occasional successes contrasted with massive relapses feels like a rollercoaster.
I don't know what to do anymore. I'm lost, floating, drowning and trying to find a way out of this Faustian bargain. I need the internet for my modern life but access to the internet is sucking away my life. If I could push a button and delete every aspect of the internet besides text-based information exchange in a terminal window, I'd do it right now.
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2023.06.05 19:28 latheofstillness how to get through the work week?

hi, im a 23 y/o girl & i have moderate to severe cfs & fibro. i have to work full time otherwise ill end up homeless. thankfully i have a remote job, but even that is taking an immeasurable toll on me; my physical & mental health are deteriorating very fast. all i can seem to do when not at work is lie down & rest/sleep, which i know is typical for people with cfs, but its never anywhere near enough recovery time, thus im cyclically getting worse & worse. im going to start doing the pomodoro work technique (generously) & hope my boss doesnt catch on, but does anyone have any other tips for what i should do to get through each day/week? im really struggling & im at a bit of a loss
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2023.06.05 19:28 Intrepid_Net_483 If anyone wants to join a Discord server

If you wanna join message me no one under 15 and no creepers please
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2023.06.05 19:28 FunAnywhere9205 Real world problems and near death experiences of people around me. A result of the V*****E side effects.

I'm shocked... There's people around me in my life, family friends who have had a few instances of collapsing, out of nowhere, and very nearly choking to death as a result, fortunately a loved one was there to save their life... Straight to the doctors who perform a multitude of tests to find that they are completely healthy and there's nothing wrong... Despite this, they want them to make medications to rule things out, even though not knowing what the problem is.
On top of this, confirmed Miocarditus a little while back... Others I know were hospitalised for weeks following the jab, again doctors didn't know what was wrong, or rather, didn't want to pin it on the old poke in the arm.
I'm devistated and even terrified for these people around me, but even more so, angry at what governments and corporations have done. I'm terrified for what the future holds for those who have taken the jab... Note, this isn't to scare anyone who has, as most people I know who have had it have been fine.
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2023.06.05 19:27 No-Seaworthiness-717 How did I do on 15 fps @everyone, oh wait this isn't discord. Silly me hehe.

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2023.06.05 19:27 kinokomushy Dry skin patches?

Just wondering if I can get answers. I was diagnosed with PCOS at 15. I'm about to turn 31 so...im pretty knowledgeable with pcos for the most part. I mean I even managed to mostly reverse it on my own without any medication, really. But there's one thing to this day I still don't understand.
I tend to get off colored, dry patches that show up between my arms, and used to show up around my arm pits and neck. These days it's just my arms. And sometimes it goes away. But if I fall off the wagon and eat junk for a few days, they tend to come back. It's like a tell for me: if I'm eating badly, these patches flare up and reappear.
Now...the reason I bring this up is because it's a common symptom of pcos. I know this. Pr at least that's what I was told when I was diagnosed as a teen. But with all the doctors I've had to cycle through for years, when I've asked for a definitive explanation, I am always told "oh that. It's a symptom and is unknown as to why it's caused" which I find...hard to believe? Like...my doctors have all been really bad at pcos care so I've had to do most of the work myself. But I just want to know why does this happen?
I've tried googling it and all I ever see is that it's the same thing as diabetic skin disease. But I don't feel that's entirely the case. At least not for me. Because the patches on my neck and armpits are gone. They've rarely ever returned. It's only on my arms and again, only happens if I eat like garbage for a bit and fall off my usual routine.
Pls forgive me if this is a stupid question but I've not gotten a firm answer on this for 16 years. I'm just curious as to whatever causes this.
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2023.06.05 19:27 TopEar2686 Finally !!!!!!

Finally !!!!!!
Got the six star Max onyx cost me 15 million credits though 🫣🫣🫣
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2023.06.05 19:27 SheriffCoyote new mood stabilizers and not sure if they are working or if I'm in an episode.

My overall mood/behaviour seems to be off. My doctor did say that I would have issues around knowing if these work and recognizing a normal mood. And I am not sure if this is the mood stabilizers actually making me normal or if I am in some sort of episode.
I am getting enough sleep most nights, my energy is normal. Not too low or too high. But my mood seems to be up overall however. It doesn't feel insanely high, but I am not miserable or entirely apathetic like I usually am. Or aggressive and irritable like I am during more elevated moods.
On the other hand, I also experience nearly daily (TW) suicidal ideation and have become very isolated. And while I appear to have higher control over my fast food cravings, meals have become meal replacements, canned soup and rice. I only leave home when I absolutely need to, but keeping it as short as possible because I no longer want to deal with people and feel much happier at home. My weeks are now planned around making everything on one day so I can stay home the other 6, outside my morning obligation to join my friend at the gym. I appear to be friendly and social enough when I am there, but don't want to interact in any way right after.
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