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me_irlgbt: queer shitposting from the heart

2023.06.04 07:45 Ghost_of_Kurt_Cobain A Riddle

I’m here but gone, I am both right an wrong.
I’m all around, though quite hard for some, for a few I can be found.
I’m everywhere, effecting all things from any place but I take up no space.
I’m a father but I have no face.
I’m the teller of tales both old and new an every tale I tell..is true.
I see each sun rise an sun set, though I have no memory I can be forgotten but, I never forget.
I’m here for the change of every season; I strike fear in some but, with good reason.
I hear with out ears, the truth an the lies; I see all..though I do so..with no eyes.
I can be missed, I can be lost some say borrowed an in rare cases, even bought
but, not very often.
I can fly..but I can not walk.
I communicate though I can not talk.
I can heal any wound from the deepest broken hearts to the most vicious beastly bites; I can even put an end to any earthly plight.
I settle all scores from the most grievous plagues to the worst world wars.
I am not dead, not even alive.
I am one with the sky, the mountains, the oceans and the sea.
I come and go like the wind an pass by gently as the breeze.
I am one with the stars and the heavens which they comprise.
I envite you now..
come one..come any, come all in droves, for im certain know one among you knows.
Any who be witty..silly, or wise; I call upon you now, to the clever, the brilliant, the genius..the sly,
I ask only that you tell me truly..
What am I..?
I. W. Caín 06/022023
Please, DM your answers for confirmation so as to allow others to enjoy attempting to solve the riddle. Thank you for your courtesy. Good luck to all.!
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2023.06.04 05:27 KJDOGA [Lyrics] Some jumbled bull i wrote to cope with my feelings

I don't feel safe when no ones around
the type of lust that feels so profound
but when i'm alone i just think of you
and the million other women too...
I am-
so disgusted by my actions
everyday a different woman different face
and that type of love is only on screen
with another man whos bigger than me.
You are
just like a porn star, baby
and the type that makes me keep coming back for more
and if i could
i'd break your heart
just to go back online and do it again.
I am
so disgusted by my actions
everyday a different woman different face
and that type of love is only on screen
with another man whos bigger than me.
but i'm.....
just as guily as so others.
i only want bigger badder things
and if your trunk isn't enough
(spoken) I don't want to anything to do with that.
yet my dick isn't big enough to reach that
and i'm insecure because that's what I think
in the end its all just a joke
to objectify the ones i want most
and that
goes for money, and power, and art, and love
if i can't provide that, is it enough?
or will you still love me when I'm poor?
another man who's desperate for more?
I am a
jealous man who jealous of the tiny things
men who are happy and successful and all those things
what do you have that I don't?
Did you happen to work hard when you're broke?
Did you feel scared? Did you feel pain?
Did you feel sorrow? Danced in the rain?
I want to live life. I want to grow up.
I want to do the things that get me up.
I want to fly and soar and touch the sky.
but instead I'm at home wanting to cry.
I dream i was working hard, doing art, celebrating life with no disregard....
I can do it.....
I have to do it......
I must SOARRRRR.........
I must win................
i must WIN..................
I MUST WIN.........................
I have so much love in my home.
I have so much love in my heart.
I get up from bed and look at the stars.
And then smile just for a bit.
Knowing that someday i'll call it quits
grow up
and glow up
and one day
the suns up
I see both wife and kids
I'll work hard
and see how i came far.
from my room staring at the backyard
and that tree there's that noose
to take me away from the truth.
THat all the....
things (bam)
I hate (bam)
will just
and theres
just the things that i love
I dont
want to
I love you
but i know i cannot stay....
There's more
too life
and I must
find it
before I grow up and
and it disintergrates
So please be so kind
and don't hate me so blind
I'm a human just like you....
Go home and love him
find trust don't misguide him.
I have go home to move on.....
When I know, it hurts
and god does it hurt
I know i'm on the fucking right path
To get what I want
a home in the stars
a life i can build for meeeeeeeee....
In this world....
in this world............
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2023.06.04 03:57 EricaTakesWhisks My experiences with Kyleena versus Skyla IUD

I had my first IUD (Skyla) inserted in February of 2016 after switching from a hormonal birth control pill. With diet and excercise, I lost 35 lbs in 3 months. I still spotted once per month, but didn't have a full period, never had cramps, bloating etc.
In May of 2019 I had to have my Skyla replaced. I wanted to keep the same IUD but Planned Parenthood said they did not stock it - they only had the Kyleena and the Mirena for their hormonal options. With the (crappy) insurance at the time, PP was my only option, so I went with it.
In the months that follwed, I started experiencing anxiety, had constant bloating, put on about 15 pounds with no lifestyle changes and started crying really easily. My doctor at the time basically said it was my life changes at the time (work was stressful, my knee surgery recovery was frustratingly slow, etc.) and put me on anti-anxiety meds/anti-depressants. Within a year, even with medication my anxiety became crippling, and my dosage had to be more than doubled. In the 4 years that I had the Kyleena, I gained 60 lbs total and could not lose it no matter what crash diet I tried (and with my wedding in 2022, believe me - I tried EVERYTHING). I also never had a period with Kyleena - not once in 4 years, but my boobs hurt 24/7 and I went up multiple cup sizes.
After having some weird symptoms pop up out of the blue (uterine muscle spasms that were not painful but felt like my uterus was vibrating/expelling my IUD) I had my Kyleena removed on May 18th, 2023 and had a new Skyla inserted the same day at my Primary Care Provider's office.
In the 2-ish weeks since replacing Kyleena with Skyla I have lost 10 pounds, my boobs don't hurt anymore, my bloating is completely gone, and so is my anxiety. I haven't felt the least bit anxious or emotional, and my husband/family have noticed a significant upswing in my mood. I feel more like myself than I have in a long time. I feel passionate about everything again, and can keep a workout schedule for the first time in years (before I'd have anxiety about when to workout, going to the gym, driving to the gym, everything else I could be doing at home, etc.).
I know there were other factors that had a role in my experience - my knee surgery/recovery, COVID/pandemic impacts on my life and society as a whole, etc. but I feel like an entirely new person and the only thing that changed recently has been my IUD.
I know that everyone's experience is different with birth control, including IUD's, but if you're struggling with the same things I was and nothing else seems to resolve it, it might be worth finding out if your birth control method is to blame. 🤷‍♀️
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2023.06.04 03:53 throwaway27273736262 I (18M) am struggling with my relationship (17f) because I’ve never had such a complicated relationship.

As the title says I’m struggling. We met in January and we really hit things off. However, she has always thought she was gay and she knew some part of her liked men but not in the relationship kind of way. A few days after things started, a group of people (two of my exes) and some more pulled her aside told her that they needed to talk to her and started shit talking me and saying that she’s gay and she decided that she wanted to stop whatever was happening and I said ok (we go to a small boarding high school so groups are very intertwined.) We still talked a little bit and about a week later she told me she changed her mind and she was just struggling a little and that the group of people scared her a little. We started talking and becoming more physical but didn’t really start dating. She has had a tough upbringing in regards to mental health and personal issues and I myself have also been recently struggling with mental health. We also both had rough relationship experiences beforehand which have contributed to several insecurities on my behalf and being scared in general of a relationship too in both ways. We always talked about the idea of dating but hadn’t ever confronted it directly and when we did we ended up in some kind of argument about how she hasn’t figured out her sexuality and it’s making me scared or whether it was how she’d rather call me partner because she didn’t want to call me her boyfriend and I didn’t really like that or her saying she wants to date me and I would tell her I do but I’m scared and she would take that as I don’t want to date her. Eventually it gets to graduation and we both establish that we’re tired of being scared and we want to start dating. We have also established previously that this would be a closed relationship and neither of his have the intention of fucking anyone else. We have to go long distance for 2.5 months and today she was at a party and asked me if it was a closed relationship. I’m so tired of how complicated everything has been and I’ve never been so frustrated with a relationship. I’m sure I left more stuff out but feel free to DM. I’m not sure what to do or what to bring up to her but it’s really taking a toll on me how complicated it is.
TLDR: I (18m) have been in a relationship with (17f) for 5 months and it has been the most complicated relationship I’ve been in. I’m constantly frustrated, sad or scared and I don’t know what to do because it’s taking a toll on me.
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2023.06.04 02:42 IntriguedStarfish $50 Referral + $10 Many Times Over + $10 From Me - Spritz Finance (USA)

Spritz Finance lets you easily use your crypto for everyday expenses. They currently offer a virtual debit card, crypto-wallet-to-bank transfer, bill payment using crypto and paying anyone to his/her bank using crypto.
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2023.06.04 02:24 h3lloKltty my boyfriend

To be honest, I sort of hope no one really actually sees this. But I'm in love with my boyfriend. More than anyone could imagine, at this very point. I know I'm only still young, and to others, haven't grasped the complete meaning of "love" or, "true love." But I am CERTAIN I've met the person who will make me happy for the rest of my life. He brings me joy in every way possible, and I've felt every human emotion known to man kind when I've spoken with this very special boy. And though- I will admit, not all of those emotions are always good or happy, but sometimes upset, and jealousy. Which typically, I find myself telling people I could never stay mad at him. But I care for him much more than I love him. Without care there's no love, right? And I really, really care about him. I care about his feelings, his opinions, his needs, and his boundaries. I care about the things he talks about, even if sometimes, those things aren't what I want to hear. He doesn't know it though. To be honest, I hate his exes, I hate the girls he mentions, the girls who hit on him, and the girls he care about. Which makes me seem like one pretty fucked up girlfriend. But I HATE the fact he cares about how things ended with his ex, I hate the fact he feels guilty, and I hate how he feels the need to apologize, or how he still thinks about it. Because the truth is, I'm really just jealous of all his exes, they're always drop dead gorgeous, or he has a lot to say about them. And every time he mentions them, or vents about them or even tells me how he felt about them, and their problems, I feel my heart ache. He's too kind, it's not a bad thing, I adore he's such a sweetheart but everyone he wants to apologize to, I just want to beat the crap out of. I shouldn't have a problem with the fact he trusts me with how he feels, and problems from his past that still follow him around in the back of his mind, in fact, I'm more than grateful, and more than overjoyed. Because I'm GLAD I get to be there for him, show him I care. But it still really just hurts, when he says something funny that happened between them, or how he would protect them. Or how they would tell him they LOVED him. I think I'm just insecure. I feel like every girl he speaks of will suddenly just steal him from me, or he will love them more than me at any point. Its common amongst MOST relationships, especially when it comes to exes, or girls, and girl best friends, but it truly REALLY hurts. When he told me how he felt about THEIR break up, my heart broke and I FELT it, and I just can't stand to think of him in far future talking to a completely different girl, and telling her about me, and how I was like and how he loved her more than he ever did me. I really do want to be the last and only girl he ever falls in love with, because I would not be able to live with myself if I wasn't the only one he loved forever, because to me, he is my forever. I love him so much it physically and mentally hurts and I don't even think he'll ever understand what I would do for him. Whether it be not speak my mind, and hide my feelings, or to jump from the tallest building on earth, just for him to live life happily.
(Oh also, anybody who seriously sees this, no you didn't an don't judge me I WILL cry, I'm just saying the things I couldn't tell him myself) 😢
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2023.06.04 01:19 imracerimgirl ignorance page

hi! does anyone have the brand new eyes journal and perhaps can take a picture of the ignorance lyrics for me? i wanna see the little doodles and whatnot on it so if anyone could it would be vm appreciated
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2023.06.04 01:08 Mtoroidal Diablo 4 Community: Divergent Difficulties, Uniting for Adventure

I've noticed a lot of comments about the necro class feeling weak or underpowered, but my personal experience has been the complete opposite. My level 43 necro with summoning and bone spear passives wrecks everything on wt2, with bosses melting like butter. Even when monsters do manage to attack, it's no big deal. I feel like i barely get hit, didn’t even take any skills besides spear and bone splinters. Just 3 buttons all campaign. i’m sure that will change, so no need to inform me.
i’m in act v or something and barely even notice the name or mechanics of the act bosses. not a flex, i’m sure this is common.
My build is nothing special, just a few legendaries and a bone spear effect. Skeletons die, but resummoning takes seconds and i get buffed damage and essence for doing so. So what's the problem?
I've been reading about others finding the game mindless and i agree (still fun for now), but the majority complain about class balance and difficulty. The official forums are even worse!
Could this be an issue related to console vs pc play? Has anyone played on both PC and console? Could console controls be affecting the experience? What about other cross-platform games like PoE, same issue there? Is the game balance doomed?
I'm curious to hear your thoughts and theories. Let's discuss!
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2023.06.04 01:01 ApprehensiveDoor8974 i need some advice?

for some trigger warnings there's going to be mentions of self harm, depression, and suicide i'll mark this post as mature.
so here's the context i'm 14 female and my little cousin 9 female is literally my best friend ever. i know it sounds weird bc of the age difference, but it's true we can trust each-other with anything. but i've been noticing that on her tiktok account (i don't really post on tiktok only on it for the videos) she's been lying about things.
one of the more minor things is lying about her name and age, and obviously we've all did that before when we were younger, when you're embarrassed about how "young" your age sounds compared to other people, and i don't particularly like my name either so i was abit iffy on confronting her about it, so i just left it. (not saying her real name but the fake name and age she was using was "mia" and she was saying she was 13)
but on one of her recent posts (it's like one of those lists where you tick things you've done) she claimed that she had cut herself, burned herself (as a form of self harm) and that she has tried to commit suicide (she has not it's not one of those "suffering in silence things" she's generally happy) and i'm worried that she might have got those things from me, im your typical 14 year old, self harming, suicidal, depressed, has anxiety and recently got diagnosed with autism (march 13 is when i was professionally diagnosed i don't know if that's recent) but i generally tried not to tell her about my problems.
problems such as me cutting and trying to commit, so on. but it was inevitable that she was going to find out, since her and her mam drop into our house unexpectedly and the cuts were always there most of the time.
she eventually asked about it, i didn't say anything but she asked if i was self harming and i tried to lie about it, she's smarter than you think.
she already knew about my depression since it's the reason i don't go out with them or to family events.
i decided to confront her about it saying "you've never self harmed or anything before and you've never tried to commit" she didn't reply to the self harm one but she said she "tried to commit" by holding her breath. i really didn't know what to say back to that, and still right now i don't know what to say about it, i tried asking her about the self harm again and she still didn't reply (i know you might be thinking "oh what if she just hides it" i know she doesn't she's always in shorts and a crop top when having sleep overs)
i can't help but blame myself for possibly opening these things to lie about or try to copy off of me, since, as a younger cousin she's always copied off of me, as young family members do. they just want to be mature like you so i didn't really mind it, she copies things like the way i text the way i speak she even cut her hair short like me and i thought it was cute, at first but i don't want her to copy things like this off of me.
i don't want to be the reason she does stuff like this , the reason she lies about self harming and having depression. i know her she doesn't and i really don't know what to do she's so young and i don't want to be a "bad influence" on her, i don't want to tell her mam since me and her tell each other everything and i don't want to be a snitch i can't tell anyone about it so why not ask strangers on the internet lol.
thank you for listening to me rant and please any advice on what to do in this situation would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.04 00:37 WiseGrackle [TOMT] [PC VIDEOGAME] [2000s?] Shoot-em-up sidescroller about red and blue spaceships, mechas involved

This was a 2D autoscrolling shoot-em-up that featured a very "generic" 2000s style of 3D graphics/sprites. All of them had that sort of sameish very artifically looking lighting, but not too bad altogether, if I remember correctly. I played this when I was a kid, so some details may be hazy.
The game featured two female protagonists from which you could choose from, one red and one blue. They both piloted these spaceships, and your main goal would be to get to the end of each level and kill the boss, no real need to kill all the enemies. Both spaceships had "charged" attacks if you pressed down on the fire button for long enough: the red one would shoot a fireball; the blue one would shoot two balls of energy connected by electricity in the middle. Some powerups would pop up every now and then. For example, one would turn your bullets into lasers, another one would make your bullets bounce off of the walls. They were stackable.
The game progressed through levels which all had a "cover" image for them, so you'd kind of know what to expect. I only got to level 4, but here's a brief description of each level.
1 - I don't remember level one at all.
2 - This level was played over the sea, and the final boss was a big mecha, almost transformer-like.
3 - This level was entirely played underwater. At the end of it there were two bosses. One of them was a small copper-colored pod, the second one was like a bigger version of that, and also like a spider.
4 - This level was now in what I can assume was space, and featured a background reminiscent of caves. While I don't think I ever made it to the final boss, based on the cover image for this one it was a white face, sort of like a mask.
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2023.06.04 00:03 Dense_Many7444 Any plans on adding a Soft Iron (Faraday) Cage?

Hi guys. Love your work.
Do you have any plans on adding an anti-magnetic cage to any of your new models? I think it will definitely give it a unique selling point over others in the market. This will be excellent in pilot and Explorer type watch designs.
Thanks :-)
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2023.06.03 23:47 EBM701 Missing pumping sessions — impact on supply?

Hey nursing/pumping mamas! I have a question for you. How quickly does your milk supply decrease in response to missed pimping sessions? One day? A few days?
I’m over 6 months postpartum. Today I was not able to pump and was away from baby for 10 hours! 😫 my baby also sleeps through the night so I already “full” this morning when I left home. (Needless to say I am extremely uncomfortable at this point lol) …will this have an immediate decreasing effect on my milk supply? I usually pump every 2.5 hours when away from baby. I have worked so hard to maintain my supply and am so mad at myself for not checking my pump batteries before I left home 😑
Any advice on how to bring it back up quickly would be super super appreciated too! Thank you all!!!
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2023.06.03 23:15 AutoModerator [Download Course] Billy Gene – 5 Day A.I. Crash Course for Marketers (Genkicourses.com)

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2023.06.03 23:10 Own_Replacement7350 24 M4F Still trying over here

Still out here looking for my first blowjob. Never had any sexual experience. Figured it doesn't hurt to keep putting out posts, not like it's costing me anything. If you see this and you're interested go ahead and shoot me a message. Looking for carplay. I don't care about age, race, or body type. Just looking for females. I'm 5'11, hispanic, got a dad bod. Please be DDF. Let's have some fun lol
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2023.06.03 22:44 blemarchand Azelf 2970 7457 7904 please heeelp

If I accept your request, you're in. Please, be patient
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2023.06.03 22:41 sinecera333 Fmla

Are you protected by law to get your job back after being on fmla? I work for a big box store my leave ends today they tell me they don’t have hours. I’m thinking of getting a lawyer
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2023.06.03 22:27 FaithlessnessLazy701 Should I get in contact with my dad?

(I initially had this in am I the a hole but it got taken down bc it mentioned mentioned cutting of my dad (oops) doesnt matter bc now I want some advice on what to do rather then if I'm wrong or not)
So a bit of background When I (19m) was 6 my mum died of cancer, I dont remember much about her. When I was 9 my dad moved in with my step mum. My older brother (27m) (let's call him Jay) moved out when he was 18 and I guess my dad thought I'd do the same because on my 19th birthday he locked me out the house and told me my stuff was at Jay's house and I needed to go and pick it up. I never did because I dont like Jay.
The last thing my dad said before I left was along the lines of "call me when you get a job. Otherwise you only need to contact me if it's an emergency. Be safe"
My dad was kinda a push over when before he remarried so I didnt believe him when he said he would kick me out. I dropped out of school at 16 and didnt want a job or anything like that which he didnt like.
He gave me some money but it went within the first couple of weeks and I was sorta stuck for money. Luckily I was recently offered a job and my boss offered me to stay in the flat she owns and she said I could stay their for a while, until i can afford my own. I took the offer obviously.
Here is the issue, yesterday I was walking down a street that was known for being dodgy, after a bit I noticed Jay was walking nearby (hes the type of guy you think you wouldnt catch dead in the area where we were) he realised I saw him and walked towards me. The conversation went something like this (paraphrased); J: hey how you holding up? Me: what are you doing here. J: am I not allowed to walk down a street? Me: that's not an answer. J: fine, I'm here to check up on you. (Side note: my phone has a tracker on it linked to my dads phone which is how Jay knew where I was. ) Me: I dont need you to do that. J: im not trying to start a fight (OP)i think you should contact (my dad) Me: what?? J: he was right about you should be doing something with your life, but he shouldn't of kicked you out. Me: I know sure as hell he didnt send you to say that J: no, because he's just as stubborn as you. Me: I'm not going to contact him, he clearly knows where I am if he can send you . if he wants to be in contact fine But I'm not gonna be the one dialing the number.
I walked away at that point. I dont want to contact him because I think my dad was wrong for kicking me out and I dont want to talk to him especially if I have to start it.
Since I have a job now and a place to live, I think I should just do that instead because If I did manage to move back in with him, he'd probably still make me get a job, this way I dont have to see him or live under his rules.
I got split responses on whether I would be in the wrong for not reaching out before it got taken down so I now I want some advice on what to do
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2023.06.03 22:12 mgd100 !!Help Wanted!!

Hey there!
I (24F) am looking for someone (18+A) to help set up my NiteFlirt account.
I already have everything filled out the best I can, but there is a section that recommends using HTML/HTML5. I have no clue how to do that or what that even is if I’m being honest.
I already have everything I want to say typed out and instructions on how I want it to look
I am offering to “pay” for this service in phone sex of a certain dollar amount. We will find a price we both agree on and you will have a credit to use as you please.
I am a verified seller on phonesex and have loads of reviews so you can know I am in no way a scammer.
If you are interested, please message me with something along the lines of “I am here to help with your NiteFlirt account” or “I am here from computerhelp” as I get a lot of messages from clients who pay in the more standard way and it would be difficult to know which you are.
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2023.06.03 21:53 Pandaloriun [video] Not the Boss I Thought We Would Find The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom [12]

Join me in this thrilling episode of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom as we delve into the final stages of our quest. In this video, I take on the challenge of completing the last remaining puzzles to maximize the water supply. After investing a considerable amount of time and effort, I finally achieve this monumental task, only to be confronted with a startling revelation. Prepare to be astonished as the true source of the muck and sludge plaguing the kingdom is unveiled. What seemed like a straightforward mission takes an unexpected turn, revealing a far more sinister and dangerous enemy lurking in the shadows. Brace yourself for a spine-tingling revelation that will leave you on the edge of your seat. If you enjoy this video, remember to leave a like and a comment underneath the video. Feel free to subscribe as well and share the video with a friend who hasn't showered today :D https://youtu.be/X_J56JwJy0M
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2023.06.03 21:37 Vazerus [WTS] $230 CCU'd Inferno LTI $69 C8R LTI Standalone w/ paint $11 Vulture Paint Ghoulish Green

Hello everyone; welcome to my lawn sale!
CCU'd Ship
Thank you, and happy gaming!
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2023.06.03 21:31 Curious-League-6972 English course for Restaurant staff ('colaboradores') in Mexico / Latin America

Good afternoon everyone,
I live in Mexico City and am an English language teacher. I'm completely fluent in Spanish and English is my 1st language.
When I go to restaurants here I ask the servers how they manage with communication with their foreign guests especially in English, and almost all tell me that their English is quite basic and inadequate for the task. Since all tourists have to eat, this seems to be a large gap in the service that I could help with.
I am developing an English course specifically for restaurant staff ('colaboradores') who have contact with foreign guests - hosts, maitre d', servers, bartenders. I want to utilize the work-related phrases they already know in Spanish in real-world situations (welcoming guests, introductions, taking the order, description of dishes, etc.), and then explore the English equivalents. I'm sure that this is a very efficient way to learn the most important language for their work situations.
My question for this group is: Do any of you have English language issues you have to deal with, and, if so, how do you enable your staff in this regard? I would appreciate your comments!
BTW, My company is called English4Hospitality and my name is Gregory. If you are interested, I could send by email or dm more detail about the course.
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2023.06.03 21:20 TipsReshape How Strategic Thinking Can Transform Your Leadership Style 1 (Tips Resha...

How Strategic Thinking Can Transform Your Leadership Style (Tips Reshape)

In this video, we explore the power of strategic thinking and its potential to transform your leadership style. We'll dive into the definition of strategic thinking and how it can help leaders anticipate and prepare for changes in the business landscape. Through real-life examples and practical tips, we'll demonstrate how strategic thinking can help you make informed decisions based on long-term goals, prioritize tasks and projects, and create a sense of purpose and direction for your organization. Join us as we explore the art of strategic thinking and its potential to take your leadership skills to the next level.

"Strategic thinking is the process of analyzing complex situations, identifying potential outcomes and considering various ways to achieve desired goals. Strategic thinking is an essential skill for successful leadership, and it is the ability to anticipate and prepare for changes in the business landscape, as well as the ability to make informed decisions based on long-term goals."

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