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2023.05.27 15:04 BroMandi [Costco Wholesale] Maytag Front Control Dishwasher with Dual Power Filtration $500. Reg $930. F/S from Costco.

[Costco Wholesale] Maytag Front Control Dishwasher with Dual Power Filtration $500. Reg $930. F/S from Costco. submitted by BroMandi to ShoppingDealsOnline [link] [comments]

2023.05.27 06:10 Davidpessing99 Buy large appliance inside Costco?

Looking to get a dishwasher. Can I make the purchase, and set up install/delivery, inside the store as opposed to I have a tax exempt and does not do that.
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2023.05.27 00:02 guiltnerd Today I…

Called Costco about our tv that has got some weird horizontal lines on it. They’re coming Monday to fix it, and if they can’t we will get a new tv.
Then I folded 3 loads of laundry.
Then I loaded and ran the dishwasher.
Then I remembered to eat lunch!
Today was a good day.
(Now hopefully my pharmacy’s order of Vyvanse came.. because my doctor increased my dose to split throughout the day and I’m eager to see how it could help me with my kids bedtime since my meds are usually long gone by then.)
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2023.05.26 20:32 xyzzyspoon1 Is dishwasher external air gap not recommended?

House built in 2006 has external air gap for dishwasher. Costco delivery said no to install saying external air gap is not up to code (WA state, Snohomish county), but all houses in community have them. 2 year ago did inspection while buying house and inspector did not say anything about it. Is it recommended to get over-sink air gap rather than external one?
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2023.05.25 21:32 machine_fart I didn’t believe the bad reviews on appliance experiences. I was wrong.

I’ll preface this by saying I love Costco and go there at least once every other week. It’s probably my favorite store. Aside from regular consumer goods, I’ve bought vacations, tires, custom blinds through them. Their customer service is great and I think they have a very customer-centric focus that makes doing business there a pleasure, so I was skeptical when I read some horrid experiences with appliance purchases through them and I took a plunge and ordered a new dishwasher.
Our dishwasher crapped out 2 weeks ago, and since we have an infant child churning through bottles of formula, doing dishes the manual way have been…taxing on our household in conjunction with the other projects I’ve got going on. I immediately hopped on Costco and was pleasantly surprised to see they include haul away of old appliances and installation of the new one in the price (score!) so I ordered a new dishwasher and it asked me when I wanted it installed via a calendar option. I chose the soonest date, about a week out on may 22nd. Not too bad.
May 22nd rolls around and I have yet to hear from the installedelivery company. I gave them a ring and it turns out they aren’t installing on the 22nd because they hadn’t received the dishwasher yet when the time came to schedule. So they are planning on coming out the 30th. I informed them that was a little further out than I liked and the lady on the phone said “no problem, let’s see…we can install it on the 25th.” It’s a few more days, but I accepted. Then the next day I get a call confirming my delivery window on the 25th and I’m getting excited to have a functional dishwasher again.
Today (the 25th) I get another call. They let me know they still don’t have the dishwasher - it’s on backorder - and don’t expect it till the 30th. Furthermore, they don’t have any appts to install until 6/2, and since I happen to be unavailable that day, they can’t install until 6/6. WTAF?!
Now I’m pissed, and I’m not going to wait two more weeks for a dishwasher. The guy on the phone was apologetic and said these things happen in logistics. I’m empathetic that delays can happen…but you know what, I’m not mad about the delay occurring. Costco is doing a bad job of managing customer expectations: if it’s not even available to the logistics company on the date they allowed me to pick for installation, and they clearly know it’s on backorder, then they should have made that clear to me. I wouldn’t have ordered from them had I known this information. I went with them because it seemed easy and convenient, but it was not in fact convenient at all.
I guess I’m just disappointed that an otherwise stellar company I enjoy doing business with has this smudge on their reputation and don’t seem too keen to fix the issue. If you browse any home appliances on their website, it’s hard to determine how good they actually are as a product because they have so many negative reviews about the procurement and delivery process. Logistics issues happen, but Costco could do a MUCH better job of managing their customer expectations and define an SLA that is more realistic for themselves to meet. I just don’t get why they don’t seem interested in solving this problem. They’ve certainly lost any future appliance business from me, as I wouldn’t even consider them unless I had a few months I could live without an appliance.
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2023.05.25 18:08 BarbieSmith 8 month old Costco dishwasher leaking everywhere

Hi, please can you give me some ideas on what to do next?
My 8 month old Costco dishwasher just leaked everywhere.... kitchen, through subfloor, into basement. Is a substantial amount of water (probably everything from the 3 hours of cycle). I am so concerned about the floors (wood), subfloor, and mold.
I am not able to organize my thoughts well right now... what would you suggest? thank you
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2023.05.18 12:13 fastercheif Is it worth it for me to try and get SSDI?

I am 35 year old male. Didnt have my first job until age 30. I have autism, BPD, ADHD, learning disability and anxiety/PTSD. I tried getting SSI before I got my first job but was denied. Lawyer dropped my case because I had to work to avoid homelessness.
After a few years was fired from Costco. I have been fired or quit from several other jobs the past 7 months. I have relied on a housing agency to help pay rent. I am getting vocational rehab to pay for my final year of school but I had to cut down to 1 class at a time have 8 classes left. Ive gone though a deep depression and I am at the point in my life where I just cannot work that much anymore just extreme burnout. Thoughts of hopelessness but no plans to kill myself I want to state. I am on psych meds and am in treatment with a provider at my clinic and a therapist. I just got my food stamps and am getting help to cover rent this month.
But after getting fired from Costco (attendance) and Whole Foods (behavior) and I quit Kroger (because of getting sent home because customer complaint) and quit Chipotle because I couldn't handle being put on dishwasher and getting wet. I am currently at another retail place and Starbucks both on LOA for a shoulder injury not due back for a couple more weeks.
I can't handle working with customers. I can't handle working 40 hours a week anymore. I dont qualify for anything better paying than a job where I have to work 40 hours a week to live paycheck to paycheck.
What should I do? I have nobody to stay with. I live by myself. I dont mind working a couple days a week but 4 or 5 just kills me. I cant do it anymore.
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2023.05.18 07:59 MrCaptain23 Costco Logistics Dishwasher Nightmare, What to do?

I recently ordered a dishwasher from as they had a great sale going on for a KitchenAid dishwasher.
The dishwasher was delivered and installed on day stated. However, it was not working and no water went into the dishwasher. The installer suggested that it's probably not getting enough water pressure because my dishwasher stop valve was old so I would need to call a plumber. I agreed to call plumber and got those replaced.
Plumber came and replaced stop valve and said there was no problems with pressure. We checked the dishwasher and it still didn't work. So I call Costco and they said they can send someone out to check the install but earliest is one week out. I said okay.
Day before install check, the person coming out texts me to confirm time. I confirmed and said I look forward to getting my dishwasher fixed. Person then mentioned he doesn't do dishwashers at all.
I'm afraid this is going to keep happening. I'm afraid they're going to schedule another date and installer won't be doing dishwashers again. I can keep calling Costco but is there a way to escalate?
Thanks for your help! Love Costco but this delivery experience has sent me in a spiral!
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2023.05.17 19:16 BroMandi [Costco Wholesale] Costco Members: LG Top Control Dishwasher w/ 3rd rack, 44dB, and stainless steel tub $599.99 FS + installation [Deal: $599.99, Actual: $799.00]

[Costco Wholesale] Costco Members: LG Top Control Dishwasher w/ 3rd rack, 44dB, and stainless steel tub $599.99 FS + installation [Deal: $599.99, Actual: $799.00] submitted by BroMandi to ShoppingDealsOnline [link] [comments]

2023.05.15 19:32 joshman458 Pre-Planning for New Appliances

Hi all,
I recently bought a place that came with appliances that are about 15 - 20 years old. I've wanted to do some updates but 2 of the items (washedryer and dishwasher) are now leaking. I do have a home warranty; however, I figured this could be a good start towards some of the upgrades I'd like to do.
My question is a bit broad, but I'm mainly looking for any gotchas or things to consider before purchasing. Are there any pre-requisites and/or tasks I should do to identify what will/won't work with my setup? For example, when I was doing some research on appliances, I came across a generic video from LG for a washedryer that talked about working with a sales rep (before your purchase) to identify measurements and if you need gas or electric.
I'm planning to buy from Best Buy/Costco/etc. and I'm not sure they'll have the same services/offerings to assist with your purchase, so I'm wanting to make sure I consider all aspects before purchasing anything.
Additionally, something I'm a bit concerned about - the closet with my stacked washedryer has some space on both sides, but I'm not sure there's enough space for it to be pushed to the side & have someone comfortably be able to slide by. Will this create any issues for removal and/or installation?
Any insight/suggestions/assistance is greatly appreciated, thank you so much!
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2023.05.14 11:35 BlueberryYummYumm 4/1.5 Single Family House -Unique Beachtown Living in San Mateo/Foster City

Rare single family, private house located directly across from the Marina Lagoon in San Mateo bordering FC. Experience the beachtown vibe right here in SM (kayak, canoe, sail, SUP, waterski etc within a minute walk from the house.
Located in the private, quiet, and family friendly Parkside enclave of San Mateo with easy access to Hwy 92/101.
Extremely close to: -Genentech -Gilead -Sony PlayStation -Visa -Sling Media -Zoox -Oracle
Nearby Retailers/Shopping (4-5min drive): -Whole Foods -Target -Costco -Safeway -Home Depot -Nordstrom Rack (coming soon) -Benihana (coming soon) -Chick-Fil-A (coming soon) -The Container Store (coming soon) -Total Wine -World Market -Hobby Lobby -Marshall’s -Ulta -Lazy Dog -BJs -Hillsdale Mall
Nearby Parks/Trails: -Joinville Park - 1 min WALK (baseball diamond, tennis/pickleball courts, playgrounds, large grass fields, waterfront lagoon access, picnic/bbq areas) -Swim Center - 3 min WALK (opens in June - 2 pools, lawn/picnic area, lockers with heated showers, open to all with very nominal admission fee) -John Leo Dog Park -3-4 min WALK (recently redone large off-leash dog park) -Bay Trail - 6-7 min WALK (recently renovated, great for running/walking/biking right near the Bay) -Mariner’s Point Golf Course 10 min WALK ( 9 hole Par 3 course with 64 practice stalls on two stories. Free TopTracer system usage) -Aquatic Park - 7-8 min WALK (waterfront park with boat launching, roped off swimming area, beach area, playground, picnic/bbq area)
—HOUSE DETAILS— -Single Family -~1425sf -4 Bedrooms -1 Full Bath with large walk-in shower -1 Half Bath connected to Master with access from Laundry Room as well -4th room is half of attached garage converted into regular room and can be used as a bedroom, office, den, playroom, media/game room, etc -Complete Fire Sprinkler System (every room, every closet, exterior, garage, etc) -Spacious bedrooms with large closets -Hardwood Floors throughout house -Large guest closets/pantry -Spacious Kitchen (“alley” style with lots of cabinet space, solid wood cabinets, granite countertops, under-cabinet lighting, electric stovetop, dishwasher, built-in wall oven, built-in microwave with Convection Oven/Air-Fryer included, “Insinkerator” Instant Hot Water Machine, Spanish-style tile flooring) -Dining Area (plenty of windows with natural light, built-in lighted China cabinet/curio -Living Room (spacious with electric, real-flame fireplace, includes pocket door to separate hallway/bedrooms for privacy when needed. -Laundry Room (separate with WasheDryer hookups, ample cabinets for storage, large floor to ceiling pantry cabinet) -Separate Main Entrance with Keyless Front Door and Large Coat Closet -Attached 2 Car Garage (space for 1 car parking, plenty of overhead and side storage areas, includes workshop bench. -Fenced In Front Courtyard (private, beautiful and great for entertaining. Separate from front yard. -Large Private Backyard (cement patio with large space for gardening, great spot for fire pit, entertaining. Extremely quiet neighbors) -Hot/Cold water hookups in backyard gives you the option to install a Pet Washing/Grooming Station. -Ample driveway/street parking -Family friendly, quiet neighborhood -Not a through-way which results in very little cars passing by -High Speed Fiber Internet ready -Home Security System ready -Cats/most Dog OK
—LEASING INFORMATION— -Length: 1 year with option -All interested individuals 18+ must fill out an application -Applicants must have great credit -Proof of income requires -Past rental history with references required -Rent: $5500/month -Security Deposit: $5500
To set up a time to tour the house or if you have any additional questions, please DM me. Thanks!
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2023.05.09 20:27 Masaike123 costco dishwasher leaking from air gap after installation

hi everyone, the installation was last Sat. The install guy said my air gap had issue and was leaking, and he said a plumber should be called to fix it.
Then he tightened it and it no longer leaked as he said.
Now he left and we noticed it started to leak again on the same night. I called costco today and they said they would send someone to fix it.
My question is, will they fix it or they may refuse to fix it, citing it is air gap and a plumber should fix it? It was not leaking at all with my old dishwasher!
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2023.05.08 23:07 elrodthedestroyer Best essentials for new apartment

Hi there, I am moving into my first ever apartment in the next month. I am making a little list of everything I need, I plan to get a lot of my stuff from Costco, especially stuff like dishwasher pods, laundry detergent and toilet. What are some of the best deals on essential stuff from Costco? Or anything else that could go in a new studio apartment. I'm also always looking for deals on cat stuff
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2023.05.06 19:16 BroMandi [Costco Wholesale] Maytag Front Control Dishwasher with Dual Power Filtration $500. Reg $930. F/S from Costco. [Deal Price: $499.99]

[Costco Wholesale] Maytag Front Control Dishwasher with Dual Power Filtration $500. Reg $930. F/S from Costco. [Deal Price: $499.99] submitted by BroMandi to ShoppingDealsOnline [link] [comments]

2023.05.01 01:10 Auernation Recommended knife for my parents

Preferable 2 knives gyuto for my father and smaller gyuto/santoku for my mother
  1. Style - gyuto/santoku
  2. Steel - stainless
  3. Handle - western or hybrid
  4. Grip mixed
  5. Length - 8” or 6”
  6. Use Case - produce and meat with no bones
  7. Care - not gentle
  8. Budget - preferably 100 or 150 per
  9. Region - USA - Michigan
  10. Knives owned/have tried
They own budget Sam’s/Costco knifes
I own Anryu 240 hammered gyuto Makoto Kurosaki Hammered Bunka 180 Takamura petty r2 150mm
  1. Knives Considered? Victorinox fiberox/modern Messermeister oliva Wusthof ikon or classic Tojiro dp
My concern is a delicate edge, anything prone to chipping is less favorable. They won’t be throwing them around or end up in dishwashers but they will enviably be used to scoop up veggies using the blade edge or take some light rock chopping.
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2023.04.29 00:31 wondergirlseattle Hexclad is crap.

Hexclad is crap.
Customer service has promptly replaced one or another pan/pot in our set every few months since we bought them in 2019. I appreciate how quickly they've responded and taken care of us. We like how easy they are to clean, though I almost always put them in the dishwasher (I think that is the problem). The "teeth" around the edges flake off (see photo for what I mean -- looks like missing teeth). We had one massive failure where it peeled off the cooking surface but all the other issues were the tiny pieces along the top edges. As soon as they stop replacing them promptly, I'll likely return to Costco. A foodie friend recommended the Ninji Foodi Premium Nonstick. Costco. com has them and they're 1/3 of the price of Hexclad. My understanding is that nonstick pans are simply not "lifetime" cookware or even long-wearing cookware. Count on replacing every few years. Just hopefully not every few months like Hexclad. You can say if this keeps happening, it must be me. I've said this myself! But we don't cook anything unusual. My firm belief is that it's because I put them in the dishwasher. Still, I'm not willing to wash them by hand, so here we are.
Missing teeth!
This only happened once.
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2023.04.28 17:18 velvet_milkman__ Memorial Day Kitchen Appliance Sales?

I’m going to be needing to replace my fridge soon and am going to buy a stove/oven and dishwasher to match. Does Costco typically do sales on these appliances around Memorial Day like other retailers do? Also, do they install these for you?
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2023.04.26 17:41 Enonnaig Appliance price updates and/or sales

Looking at purchasing a dishwasher soon through costco.
Currently, the brand/models I'm looking at are a couple hundred dollars more than HD/Lowes/etc.
I know Costco doesn't price match, but does anyone have any idea if/when they update prices and/or put sales on?
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2023.04.25 17:05 FoxyLoxy56 Costco logistics delivery issues

I know this seems to be a common problem that I thought I was prepared for but I guess not!
I ordered a dishwasher and the delivery date was 4/25. Got a text a couple days after I ordered stating the soonest they could do was 5/29. Not only was that way too late for me, but we are going to be out of town that week. So I did some research and saw some people were able to get the dishwasher delivered, hire their own installer, and get reimbursed. So while I was frustrated, I chatted with customer service (so I would have it in writing) to see if I could keep my 4/25 delivery date and schedule my own installer. They had a supervisor confirm that I could do this and said they put it in my file. I asked again to make sure that my dishwasher was still scheduled for delivery on 4/25. They said yes, I would get a call in the evening on 4/24 with a 2 hr window. Got an email on 4/21 with tracking saying it was set to be delivered on 4/24. I thought great. Last night (4/24) got no call so after taking my kids to school this morning I called them. They then inform me that the soonest they can deliveinstall is 5/29 and that they have record of me getting a text with that info! So obviously I tell them the story and the person I’m talking to has no clue and tells me to wait for a call from their resolutions department. So I hang up and start up a chat again. Chat person tells me that my dishwasher was never going to be delivered and was always supposed to be picked up by the installer on 5/29. But that they see I got permission to use my own installer and get reimbursed. They apologize that I was given inaccurate information once I’m assuming they pulled up my previous chat. So they call the location of the dishwasher (which is in my city already) and find they can get them to deliver it on 4/29 (a Saturday). They will call me sometime between 7-10 the night before to give me a 2 hr window. But now I’m not even very hopeful that they are going to deliver it by then based on others experiences I’ve read on here.
When I asked about further compensation for having to take off work for no reason now and for having to cancel plans for Saturday as well as take time off to get it installed on Monday (hopefully) and for having to take the time to chat with them again to get reimbursement, they told me they cannot offer me compensation for lost time.
We had a great experience 2 years ago with a washing machine which is why we went with Costco again vs anywhere else. But this has been such an awful experience! I definitely would not recommend ordering any appliances that cannot be picked up in store. Had I know it was going to be such an issue I would have ordered elsewhere.
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2023.04.23 17:24 AJFurnival I give you: one week of chores

Last Friday I started writing down all the chores and childcare I do. I’ll note that this is only a list of what I do, and does not include what other household members do, which is substantive. Just a note of what my workload is. I’ll also note that I work and most of these days included working about 6 hours during the day, additional work after kid bedtime, and I’m president of the PTA and organizing end of year events and fundraisers right now, and none of that is reflected. Third, my standard of cleanliness is not particularly high. If my house isn’t a pigsty I’m happy.
Chores Friday: ordered snack for team. Picked up order. Cleaned upstairs bathroom. Swept DR and kitchen. Took out trash and recycling. Wiped garbage cans. Wiped counters and table.
Saturday: created grocery store order. Made bed. Picked up groceries. Put away groceries. Attended game (family)
Sunday: Made bed. Costco trip (family). Put away groceries from Costco. Put husbands clothes in dryer. Washed and dried a load of child’sclothes. Baked bread. Made three pounds of ground beef into burgers for freezing. Cleaned counters and swept floor after cooking. Washed bowls and loaded dishwasher after dinner (except for grill and spatula). Took out trash and yard waste. Prepped lunch food.
Monday: Put garbage, recycling, and yard waste on the curb. Cleaned bookcase and vanity. Cooked dinner for kids and cleaned up after. Emptied bedroom and master bath trash and replaced liners. Spent 2:30 to 4 picking up boys. Picked up mail.
Tuesday: Unclogged and cleaned overflowed toilet, floor in hall bathroom. Washed and dried shitty towels and bath mat. Returned trash and yard waste from curb. Ran and emptied dishwasher. Baked bread. Took child to game. Spent 2:30 to 4 picking up boys. Swept kitchen and DR. Wiped counters. Took out recycling and yard waste. Folded sheets and towels. Picked up mail.
Wednesday: Ran and unloaded dishwasher. 2:30 t0 4 picked up boys. Took child to class 4:15 to 6:30. Grocery store to get milk and cocoa. Brought food home for dinner. Picked up mail. Cleaned master bath sink and counter and mirror.
Thursday: Took out yard waste. Washed popcorn pot and bowl. Got mail. Vacuumed living room and dining room. Swept dining room and kitchen. Ran and emptied dishwasher. Assembled cabinet with husband. Tuned ukulele with husband. Restocked toilet paper. Found dishwasher pods. Took out trash and yard waste. Washed fruit. Spent 2:30 to 4 picking up boys
Friday: Assembled 2nd cabinet with husband. Wiped counters. Broke down and took out styrofoam and boxes. Ran child laundry for uniform. Picked up boys. Took out trash and recycling. Swept up styrofoam mess. Cleaned up shattered bowl. Swept dining room and kitchen again. Cleared table and wiped surfaces. Cleaned sink and replaced towels. Washed and dried a load of sheets. Loaded ran and unloaded dishwasher. Ordered and picked up groceries.
It’s just so much work, guys. It’s so much.
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2023.04.21 15:52 xxat56xx Question/complaint about dishwasher delivery issues

I ordered a dishwasher about a month ago and scheduled delivery/installation for today 4/21. I received a call on 4/20 confirming delivery and they told me they would call me later in the day to schedule a time for delivery. No call ever came. I called the company back this morning to ask what hours I need to be available, and they said that their truck is broken down and it has to be delivered tomorrow. I planned on taking a couple hours off of work for the delivery, but with no call on 4/20 to schedule a time frame I had to take the full day off. Now I'm missing work and the dishwasher isn't coming today. I'm on hold with Costco customer service right now, but what does Costco usually do in situations like this to make it right?
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2023.04.20 03:56 gtermini Dishwasher's top rack little plastic holder cracked, out of warranty

Dishwasher's top rack little plastic holder cracked, out of warranty
TL;DR: small plastic piece breaks and renders a perfectly functional dishwasher unusable.

We bought our Maytag dishwasher at Costco in 2019. It's been working great. However the small plastic bracket that holds the top rack became brittle over time, and it finally cracked a few days ago, making it impossible to slide the rack in and out. Warranty expired 2 years ago, and they sent their authorized repair guy to give me an estimate of how much it would cost to fix. Mind you, we paid $520 in 2019 for THE DISHWASHER (including shipping, installation and haul away of the old unit). And then people wonder why no one repairs their old appliances anymore...
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