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2012.01.25 04:43 calebedey Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives is an American television comedy-drama and mystery series created by Marc Cherry and produced by ABC Studios and Cherry Productions. It originally aired for eight seasons on ABC from October 3, 2004 until May 13, 2012.

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2023.06.02 18:01 Blue-Flower Mystery ink

Mystery ink
Found this MB bottle of ink in my chest; I love the colour, but have no idea what the name is. I know it's not the Manganese orange, as that's more yellow, and not in the small novelty bottle. I've had this ink for at least 6 years at this point, as well, and I think I purchased it new.
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2023.06.02 18:00 -Daku- [FS] South FL 33071 - $3+ Hombred Medaka Ricefish Homebred Neocaridina Shrimp Bucephalandra Java Ferns Anubias Rotala Cabomba Pennywort Anacharis Cryptocorynes Amazon Swords Moss Hydrocotyle S. Repens Micro Sword Saggitaria Guppy Grass Red Root Floaters & More!

[FS] South FL 33071 - $3+ Hombred Medaka Ricefish Homebred Neocaridina Shrimp Bucephalandra Java Ferns Anubias Rotala Cabomba Pennywort Anacharis Cryptocorynes Amazon Swords Moss Hydrocotyle S. Repens Micro Sword Saggitaria Guppy Grass Red Root Floaters & More!
Hey all - Daku Aquatics here with my weekly list of aquatic goodness!
New and improved with MORE VARIETY, LOWER PRICES, AND BULK DISCOUNTS on multiple items!
My homebred Gold & Silver Medaka Ricefish are one again available!
I breed and raise these indoors and outdoors in a temp range of 50F to 95F degrees. They are extremely hardy and do well in virtually all conditions I’ve kept and bred them in.
This strain of Medaka breed 50/50 gold and silver. They community spawn by depositing their eggs on plants or floaters in the aquarium. They are great in patio ponds and fish tanks alike!
ALL NEW BUCE IS IN! I have also included macro shots of each variety for your viewing pleasure.
\REDDIT BUCE SALE* -* 20% off ALL Bucephalandra with your order of $50 or more in Buce!
These plants are just as easy as the other epiphyte plants i offer like Anubias - give them a try!
If you are undecided or new to Buce, or don't want full clumps of any 1 variety, let me know and i can suggest some of my favorites and/or put together a custom pack based off your needs and budget!
My UPDATED Buce List with pricing can be found here:
All my Neocaridina Shrimp are homebred in remineralized tap water at:
Temp 73 - 78 PH 6.5 - 7.0 TDS 250-350 GH 8-12 KH 3-5
I am currently offering multiple varieties of high grade shrimp i breed myself!
I also offer multi-color "Skittle" 10+2 packs if you want a mix of colors for your tank! Skittle pack is a mix of Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Black, White, and Jade! You may also request any color and quantity combination for your perfect mix.
10+2 packs of ANY COLOR for $36.
Most of the plants in my fish rooms are homegrown by me, and I am now working with a local plant nursery to offer you a lot more popular & easy plants to choose from.
EVERYTHING I offer is grown low tech WITHOUT co2 injection or high lighting. I dose an all-in-one liquid fertilizer once a week to all of my tanks and use moderate lighting - that's it!
PM if if you're looking for a custom plant pack - We can come up with something nice together!
Invoices via PayPal.
Shipping is $10 for USPS Priority with tracking on all orders.
shipping rates for the continental US only - PM me if you are in HI, AK, or a US territory for a shipping quote.
You can order more than one item for the same shipping rate - Lets fill those boxes up!
Local pick up OK! Shoot me a message if you're in my area.
Orders go out multiple times a week - never wait long for your order to arrive!
Gold & Silver Medaka Ricefish - 5 for $25
Skittle Mix Shrimp 10+2 pack - $36
Goldenback Yellow Shrimp 10+2 pack - $36
Snowball White Shrimp 10+2 pack - $36
EASY PLANT PACK (6 Anubias (any type!) & 4 Java Ferns) - $60 each
Java Fern (regular or lace) - $6 each / 5 for $25
Anubias Varieties - $7 each / 5 for $30
Stem Plant Bunches - $6 each / 5 for $20
Cryptocoryne Pots - $5 each / 5 for $20
Amazon Sword Plants - $5 each
Moss Portions - $8 each / Coral & Cameroon - $10 each
Java Moss on 5x3in mats - $15 each / 2 for $25
Hydrocotyle Tripartita on 5x3in mats - $15 each / 2 for $25
S. Repens - $5 each
Micro Sword - $5 each
Sagittaria Subulata - $6 for 5 rooted crowns
Guppy Grass - $6 for 10-15 stems
Red Root Floaters - $10 sandwich bag portion
Catappa Leaf (Indian Almond Leaf) - $5 for 10 leaves
Cholla Wood - $5 for 2 logs
*There are snails in ALL of my tanks.
*My floating plants are DUCKWEED-FREE!
[LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE]: In the event of a DOA, I will replace the effected livestock or plants and reship FOR FREE. I stand behind my livestock, plants, and shipping methods, so I do not require you to re-pay shipping fees like most sellers in this industry. It rarely happens, but if it does, please send clear photos of the effected plants or animals in their closed shipping bags within 2 hours of the first delivery attempt and I'll make it right!
Have a great day and thank you for your continued support all these years!
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2023.06.02 18:00 Longjumping_Notice70 12 Month Old Still Not Very Interested In Solids

My baby just turned one last week. She still is not eating nearly enough, probably only about 1/2-1 cup of food total on a good day. At every meal she takes 2-3 bites and throws the rest of her food on the floor. Our pediatrician has referred us to a pediatric feeding therapist. We will be setting an appointment, but does anyone have any tips in the meantime?
She eats better at daycare, and they were actually surprised that she needs to see a therapist for this. I have a feeling she eats better at daycare because she sees all of the other babies eating at the same time. We always try to eat with her and be patient. I know she will eat eventually, but I need some words of encouragement.
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2023.06.02 17:59 Watchesjw Grind setting: Fellow Ode gen.2 for Moccamaster Cup One

Hi all, I have a Moccamaster Cup One and a Fellow Ode gen 2 (with gen.2 burrs)
Simple-ish question: For those with this configuration (and with a calibrated grinder), what size grind do you use? Moccamaster is technically an electric coffee maker (which Fellow recommends a 7-9 setting for), but is also kind of like a pour-over (4-8 setting recommended by Fellow).
*I know that the type of bean and roast matters so feel free to at least include the type of roast as well.
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2023.06.02 17:59 KimmieBotGPT I love orange juice

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2023.06.02 17:59 MammothConsequence88 So This Is Diablo…

First let me start by saying wow, this is a really really fun game. I have never played Diablo. But I do play RPG’s. I’m really enjoying the eerieness and the darkness that surrounds this story. Of course the name “ Diablo” would hint that, but still… it’s been a long time since I’ve been so enveloped into a game. I cranked out 9 hours yesterday. I’m sure people have done more and still are going strong haha .
Visually it’s a good looking game. I had to tinker a few settings to get the Framerates from randomingly dropping and update my graphics card through AMD. Which is odd cause I usually run high on other games. But truthfully I couldn’t really tell too much after messing around a bit.
I’m on .. World Tier 2. I believe it’s called. Which has been fun. I struggled for a bit learning the controls. The mouse clicking is very new for me. I keep using abilities when I’m trying to walk around and click to run. But, after some time I got the hang of it.
I have a good amount of legendaries. (Orange ish gear. ) I am doing random dungeons, and events. It’s been a blast. I love that there’s no direct way to go. You can do a bunch of other stuff on your way to the main quest and get sidetracked for hours.
I know Blizzard has had a lot of backlash lately. But I will say the Diablo team has done very well with this game in my opinion. It’s a lot of fun and I’m excited to see what’s ahead !
Just my .02
( hoping to see a paladin class, please blizzard !)
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2023.06.02 17:58 bakecakes12 High Calorie Snacks!

My 9 month old has really taken to food, we're on 3 meals and 2 snacks.. and he is a bottomless pit!
Any ideas for high calorie snacks? I've been doing a lot of fruit, veggies, cheese, puffs, toast with pb or avocado.. but it's not filling enough to match his extreme energy
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2023.06.02 17:57 _stone_age Quick analysis of the FA Cup final.

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2023.06.02 17:56 No-Name-Jack Lactose intolerance vs food allergy?

My info: 27M; 5'10", 150 lbs, Asian descent, recent history of dyshidrotic eczema.
Hello - in the last few months, I started suspecting that I had developed some degree of lactose intolerance as whenever I would drink a large quantity of milk, I would develop body aches, very soft stool, chills, and what felt like a fever. I only really felt this when drinking several cups of milk within a short time period. I did not have this problem growing up as a child. I switched over to trader joe's brand lactose free milk and my problems went away.
I recently bought lactaid brand lactose free milk, and I'm getting what feels like very minor symptoms that I had previously experienced. Softer stool, stomach feels slightly unsettled, slight chills etc. On top of that, my eczema was acting up (presumably from a large swing in weather that I'm experiencing), but when I drink the lactaid milk, I get very aggressive eczema breakouts in small patches but largely disappear by the next day.
I haven't had a chance to switch back to the trader joe's brand but is this in line with lactose intolerance or a food allergy? In case this is also helpful, when I drink the trader joe's brand milk, it tastes very sweet which I read can be because of the breakdown of lactose into simple sugars. However, this lactaid brand milk does not taste sweet what so ever. I'm not sure if trace amounts lactose are causing my symptoms or generally what is going on.

Any advice or input appreciated!
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2023.06.02 17:56 VCrakeV Overwhelmed with Thoughts and Feelings

I'm 27 years old, and I'm only recently learning that I had a tragic childhood during my early years (0-4). I always knew that the rest of my childhood was sub-par, but it seems even worse under this new light. I was told a long time ago that I had false teeth as a kid. I never thought much of it. Maybe my brother knocked some of my teeth out when we were rough-housing? Nope. My father told me that my mother used to give me Pepsi in a sippy cup. My Mom denied it happened, but both of my parents are known to lie. Turns out I must have been hooked on Pepsi, because my teeth were rotted to the point that they had to be pulled. I didn't speak or walk until I was 4, probably due to neglect. My parents divorced when I was 4, and my mom brought my brother (6) and I to her parents' place to try and raise us better. I was still not potty trained. My brother and I were often left alone. I never learned how to be expressive nor social. Our beds stank of mildew, according to one of my aunts. My father never wanted to do anything except drink after coming home from work.
I feel like I turned after my own parents, and I hate how bad of a person I am. I am lazy... I have no energy after coming home from work. I hardly cook, and I don't do much cleaning. I have been living with my grandparents, and I just feel like an irresponsible leech, although my grandparents insist I save up for school instead of helping with bills. Speaking of school, I'm stressed over that. My application is nearly done, I just need to take the GMAT and then send my application with those results. The due date is the 28th of this month, and I haven't even finished studying! I'm just so anxious, and I get paralyzed with anxiety.
This is all on top of problems I've been struggling with for years. I have had few friends my whole life, and that is more true now than ever. I live in a small town where I have one friend, whom I just made friends with after getting a job here (and I'm pretty sure he is just being nice because he can tell I'm not well, God bless his soul). I moved back here just over 6 months ago after living in an abusive home with my father and his second wife. What few friends I have have left the nest. I don't have their phone numbers, and my Facebook got hacked. I struggle to make it to therapy between my job, trying to work on my domestic habits, sleeping too much, and coping with cannabis. I have had a series of love interests (perhaps more accurately, "crushes") since I was in grade six. The largest crush I had was when I was in grade ten. I was consciously longing for her for years before I developed another crush. However, I think every crush since her was just an attempt to find someone like her. The thing is, she was a 15 year old girl and I still want someone like her. When I was 21, I crushed for another 15 year old girl. More recently, I crushed for a woman my own age, but she was both physically and mentally stunted, having her own share of childhood issues. Of course, none of these crushes were reciprocal. I think I desire a girlfriend so much because I didn't get much in the way of affection growing up. I don't feel affection for anyone, but for some reason I don't think getting a girlfriend would solve that issue, or any of my other problems... even then, my interest in girls is morally questionable, and I hardly have the skills or connections to get a girlfriend.
I have so much on my plate I don't even know where or how to start. I had an anxiety attack this morning, called in sick to work... I feel terrible for that. I should have went in. I'm on a wait list for a doctor. I have been to therapy, but it doesn't seem to change. What can I do to feel better? What should I do to get my life on track?
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2023.06.02 17:56 pakurilecz Electric scooter rider hospitalized after being struck by DART train in downtown Dallas

well that didn't take long. they only just became legal again the other day " A person was taken to a hospital after being struck by a DART train Thursday while riding an electric scooter in downtown Dallas.
DART police responded shortly before noon to an accident involving an Orange Line train heading southbound and a person on an electric scooter at Olive Street, DART spokesperson Gordon Shattles said. He said the person was in the right-of-way. It’s not clear what the person struck was doing leading up to the collision. Shattles said initial reports say the person was “operating the scooter unsafely at the time of the incident.” "
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2023.06.02 17:55 Hot_Introduction_391 Need advice and help

Hello everyone! I haven’t felt the need to post anything here as I was genuinely doing well when it came to my weight loss and feeling good about where i’m at. But as of recently I’ve just been stuck and I feel like posting this will definitely help. So I am 19f and I currently weigh roughly 180. My weight the past couple of months have fluctuated but I have never really been able to “lose a lot of weight and keep it off.” I was really active up until covid (I was about 155-160 and then jumped up to 185 and kinda stayed there since.) I would mostly just like to get into better shape and just feel better about myself. If that be losing 20 pounds or what not that doesn’t really matter to me, because I know if I stress or worry about losing a certain amount i’ll overwhelm myself and won’t do it. My thing is I am just stuck on where to start this. Like eating in a calorie deficit but not feel hungry while doing so and also like workouts and stuff to do as well. I am actually pretty active now as I work 3 12 hour shifts a week so I am on my feet and walking a lot those days.
Overall I just need some sort of advice to get some sort of motivation or just more knowledge on what I am doing/ what I should do. I just feel very stuck and hate that I feel so lost.
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2023.06.02 17:52 anujmishra11 Port In Experience

I am here to share my shocking recent port in experience. This is not to downvote visible by any means but just to highlight some problem points which hopefully visible can fix if they ever read
I initiated new connection with visible 3 days back and started port request from US Mobile. I was activating eSim on Iphone 13.
I have tried eSim with Visible, T Mobile and Mint in past and the experience has been mostly positive but this time it was different.
First the temp number that visible gives did not activated for about 24 hours, different reps kept mentioned some backend glitch. We/or escalation team can fix very quick etc. Finally yesterday morning, I was able to login visible app and see the temp line. Then began port trouble.
Different reps kept mentioning line has to be active on other carrier and it will port, there is some backend issue. ( all previous port out were done in few min, so call me impatient or whatever)
I read in reddit forums, there is no auto release on US Mobile end, so I requested them to release since I am porting to different carrier which they did. I lost service on US Mobile eSim but port did not complete to Visible.
Upon multiple chats, same assurance it is some issue without mentioning what .. wait . by last night - some rep said .. oh, the number is not active on other carrier, that is why port did not work. Ask them to reinstate line to which USMobile said, now they dont have authority to do anything with that number. Visible said we cant do much. We can give you new number.
USMobile told they can happily do 3 way call to triage issue but visible does not even have 1800 number and neither they did agree. So i had to spent another sleepness night since it is my primary number which I am holding over a decade plus and or verge of losing.
This morning, I finally get email from visible saying port completed, delete old esim and power cycle, do new etc. I deleted all sim, even removed physical ones - the app did not let me complete new e-sim install.
again hours of chat to reconfirm email, 10s of things and same assurane, we are working on it. Finally I got email few min abck and now app was able to add the service plan with my number,
on one end, I am thankful for all rep/team who worked to fix the issue but other side - very frustrated for getting my anxiety attacks, unfaithful replies and different info every time.
Lesson learned -
  1. eSim is still crime. may be opting physical sim would have been better.
  2. the port out process is no joke. If number goes in Limbo, better be with standard carrier who have more streamline process.
Either stick with 1 of 3 standard carrier or stay with stable MVNO. Try to take juice out ( more cheap) and one may run into issues with no coming back.
Let me know any suggestions, what I would've done differently to avoid.
PS - Thanks to reddit forums for lots of information ( including mis-information as well)
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2023.06.02 17:52 silly_rabbit289 Will miss hearing this from Jock

Before every elimination,he says "Go home,make yourselves a cup of tea,put your feet up,be kind to each other and we'll see you on sunday" or some version close to almost everytime.
I've never known him personally but these few words somehow affect me deeply,as in they feel like very genuine,from the heart words. He is (was) always very kind to contestants, giving them the best of hugs,and would always be just but also generous in his scoring (when it was required). His loss still feels difficult to digest,especially the quote that I just said. I think maybe my mother is cutting onions in the kitchen cause I have tears in my eyes.
I don't know if this is allowed or not in this sub and should only be put under the megathread. I don't visit the sub often cause I catch up on the episodes slower so I don't want to be spoiled.
But yeah,Jock is going to be so so missed. What a genuine gem of a person. Can't believe he gave his anxiety beads to Brent. God bless his soul. God bless his family. Just came here to say that.
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2023.06.02 17:51 Whibble-Bop Worth Lawyering Up Over?

I’ll try to keep this concise.
My pregnant wife and I went to a locally-owned restaurant with our two year old last night. This restaurant usually has nobody staffed at the front and you frequently have to wait for someone to see you, so they can direct you to a table. We go inside, and I have my two year old in my arms. We step up to the counter to wait to be seated, and I suddenly slip, hard. Evidently, some random kid puked all on the floor by the entrance. The restaurant half-mopped it and then decided to go get a cation sign, but left nobody to guard the liquid puke puddle in the meantime.
I went down, landed hard. My kid slammed his face into my head and bit hard into the inside of his lip, bleeding very badly (very badly as far as toddlers go, anyway). He was shrieking and crying, blood pouring down his face. My wife took him from my arms so I could try to pull myself to my feet, covered in someone else’s puke. We mopped up the blood with wipes from his diaper bag. The tips of her hair were soaked with his blood and I had to wring them out.
The staff tried consoling us and offering to help. There wasn’t much they could do to assist, so all we asked for was a cup of water so my toddler could wash some of the blood out. They kept offering to give us food to-go, since I had to go home and showechange. We declined. They told us if we wanted to go home and clean up, if we wanted to come back our entire dinner would be free. We said we’d think about it. They took my name and number to give my info to the restaurant owner so he could follow up.
We never went back. The owner called me and apologized, and let me know that anytime we wanted to come by and get free food, we could.
Reasons why I didn’t immediately jump on the lawyer train:
-In the craziness, I only took a picture of the blood-soaked baby wipes, and they rushed out to mop the spill while we were still recovering and tending to our toddler
-There are no witnesses. The restaurant is never busy, and they seat people pretty far from the entrance.
-As far as we can tell, there are no permanent injuries. I don’t think my kid has any loose teeth. While my head (where he hit me) and back are sore, it’s not debilitating or anything.
Is this still worth contacting someone over? I can’t believe they had a massive spill and just LEFT IT THERE? My wife is pregnant for christ sake, what if she had been the one who slipped? They knew about the spill, half mopped it, and then just left it unattended to go find a caution sign somewhere.
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2023.06.02 17:51 EeveeFlareon_6788 Just remembered my custom Pikmin types

Just remembered my custom Pikmin types
I just remembered the Custom Pikmin types I made a while back before the release trailer of Pikmin 4 (AKA When we got the Teaser showing the sleeping Bulborb) Here is the info I made of them with some extras I also made to go with it: New Ideas and Concepts For Pikmin 4: Existing Pikmin: Red Pikmin: Can Burn The Enemy Occasionally. Blue Pikmin: Can Slip Easily but also leaves a wet trail that can speed moving entities like Pikmin or Bulborbs. Yellow Pikmin: Can Zap The Enemy Occasionally while also sometimes making a small electrical field that can hit. Anything and Anyone. White Pikmin: When dead, leaves a splotch of poison to hit the enemy, but the splotch also hits The Pikmin and You. Also it Now has an Onion. Purple Pikmin: Weighs Down Enemies, Also Has an Onion Now but you need 10 pellets to use it. Pink Pikmin: A Bit Faster and does Less damage, Low health as well, and can also carry other Pikmin. Rock Pikmin: Now can latch on to Enemies, makes ground shake when they hit the ground, weighs down enemies slower than purple, can break certain materials, and can survive being eaten (Basically when your rock Pikmin Get Eaten, they will come back out at the end of the fight.) Bulbmin: Basically they're mobile Pikmin, when thrown, they'll bounce off, So they attack from the ground. New Pikmin: Green Pikmin: Can Stack on top of each other to form a line you can throw. Parasitic Pikmin: When eaten they poison the enemy, releases poison gas when killed as well. Can also clone itself from dead enemies that are small and if there is enough room. Goo Pikmin: When thrown on the enemy, they leach off of the enemy's health. Can also fit in small spaces and climb walls. Also with the ability to take only a little damage from hazards except for fire because it is weak to fire. Instantly dies in water aswell. Ant Pikmin: Can Climb on walls and when thrown on an Enemy it runs on the enemy biting it aswell making it hard to shake off. Ice Pikmin: Can Freeze water, immune to being frozen, freezes the enemy, fast Bois. Brown Pikmin: Great Builders, it can use it's hands to throw Pikmin, it can't latch onto enemies, so it attacks from the ground. It's the strongest mobile attacker, 2nd strongest Pikmin, because of it's strength it can carry 3 items on each of it's 2 hands. 2nd Bulkiest as well. Fuzzy/Black Pikmin: Rolls around picking up items with it's fuzz to make a big ball, including small Enemies, Lightest Pikmin, because it is light, it floats in water and just drifts, but still can't swim, when thrown the items it rolled up join it to make bigger damage, the items fall off when attacked. Seed Pikmin: Weakest, can't latch and can't attack from ground, when buried becomes a random type of Pikmin depending on how they react in the level (For Example: If it's been introduced to water enough, it'll learn to swim and become Blue Pikmin.) It shares First place with Fuzzy/Black Pikmin in lightest Pikmin, but Seed Pikmin can't float. Carapace Pikmin: Can only carry 10 items, but the items tends to fall, and the amount of items they carry can effect when they fall. They attack from the ground and Shields Pikmin with their mushroom cap. Orange Pikmin: These Pikmin are round and roll around . They Attack from the ground and can latch on. When killed they explode. Can get bigger with the more damage that has been taken. Spirit Pikmin: They Produce light for caves, and the more Enemies they've killed or the more Pikmin that died, they can duplicate into one hive mind, basically if an Enemy is killed, the Spirit Pikmin killed the enemy, they get a soul added to that Spirit Pikmin's hivemind, these die when the main one does and have lil dandelion like stems that don't grow, and they always follow they're leader. Basically They are like Pikmin for That Specific Pikmin, Spirit Pikmin and Souls can both fly and can't latch on, when killed, they just ascend, can carry 5 items, but increases for every 5 souls. Auburn Pikmin: These Pikmin heal your team, and yes, auburn is a color, it's hex code is #E87722 Ash Pikmin: These Pikmin have 2 stems. When thrown, they will attack the enemy then they will be coming back. Flax Pikmin: These Guys wave a wide leaf that is in the shape of a Uchiwa/Uchiha, They use their fans to blow gusts of wind. New Hazards: Poison Gas: Cloud of Poison Poison Puddle: Poison Puddle that Hurts and Poisons Pikmin Frost: Freezes Pikmin into blocks of ice, can carry or break, if carried, will be took back to the onion and absorbed removing 1 Pikmin from your team but putting 1 Pikmin in the Onion Heal Clouds: Clouds that Can heal you Gust of Wind: These Gust your Pikmin away, except for the 4 heaviest Pikmin, Seed Pikmin (Due to their Mechanic, Flax Pikmin, and Ice Pikmin New Mechanics: Pikmin Can take damage now, This is called Bulkiness. Each color of Pikmin has there own amount of health with Ant Pikmin being the Lowest (50 hit points) with Rock Pikmin being the Highest (200 Hit Points). Captains can Attack aswell. Pikmin will learn what to and what not to do. Basically when sent on a Mission, If it's the Type of Pikmin's first mission, they'll struggle like not knowing if they can swim and going in water, (For Blue Pikmin when they enter water for the first time they'll think they are drowning but then realize they can't), but the more missions they go on, the more that type of Pikmin will learn what to do and what not to do. You can name Pikmin. You can now choose when you can leave and You'll no longer have a time limit on a Day, and Nights are another place where frost can happen. Missions are basically your story mode, you'll get missions to go on in Pikmin 4 and they'll reveal the full story. Missions are reworked. You Start In Space to study more About PNF-404 so You don't crash, but while preparing, the crew hears this strange sound, looks outside, and see an unknown ship crashing into the planet, so your first mission is to investigate where you learn that it was a time capsule for aliens and it was knocked in with a history of PNF-404 where they learn it's True name, "Earth" and a capsule to recreate a human being, and they discover more and more about this planet's past. You'll get 2 Missions every mission complete. You Can Fight Bosses Anytime. You can Control Certain Groups. And That was my ideas and Concepts for Pikmin 4.
This is now all Gone because Of The Release Trailer but I hope you like my old predictions :)
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2023.06.02 17:50 wouldntitbeloverly_6 100 kilos, Hypothyroidism. BED. Losing will to be happy(live). Help.

Is there anyone here who was 100 kilos (220 pounds) once & lost weight by walking alone? No gym, HIIT or other intense workouts? Thing is, I have hypothyroidism, I'm tired all the time, I tried the gym, soon saw red spots & fainted. I need some hope that it's possible. I can't live with this weight. I have been watching what I eat, trying to keep it under 2000 calories,'s not helping much. I know I need to do some form of excercise that doesn't tire me out to the core. Also, recently, someone in my family said something cruel about my weight and appearance that just cut me to the bone. I really want to lose the weight and show them and myself that I'm not just a sick, overweight loser. So, pls...if any hypothyroidism patients have tips for me .... I'll be grateful.
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2023.06.02 17:50 catdavis36 Money?

I was at the bus stop this morning and found this cup full of coins and a $20 bill that was covered with leaves. I was gonna take it but I’m not trying to be on what would you do or smth if this is a social experiment lmaooo so I left it there for anyone else
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2023.06.02 17:50 MischyK Calories in one of these Paratha flatbreads?

It weighs around 122g. I'm thinking around 400?
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2023.06.02 17:49 complexityreigns Additional verse(s) in live versions of old songs?

A few weeks ago, I was listening to this version of Orange Ball of Hate and noticed that it had an extra verse at the end. It seems to be:
"(???), and you're strong too
Love you now, but you will leave before too long
Hey hey, hey hey"

I thought it was just a fluke, but today I found this version of Tollund Man, which seems to have several verses that are not in the studio recording and that I haven't found in any other recordings of. It's harder to make out, but here's what I've gathered:
Under the (???) and the (???)
The (???) in the (???), you must not say so
After all, the (???) stays (???) and it yearns
We ourselves (???) the yearn
After all, my mother's old
(???) , as the void (???) my picture-board
It's going to (???) , going to pieces
And our (???), in hours, in hours, in hours

There seems to be a video of this set at (the part above starts at 45:10), which may help in telling what he's singing.
Has anyone else found anything like this?
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2023.06.02 17:49 Screamin_Kay_Lobbins Help with keiki

Help with keiki
I separated this keiki from its parent a few days ago and I’m trying to help it grow roots. Got some advice here and also watched a couple videos. Does my setup look okay? I saw similar in a video. A bit of water at the bottom of glass vase, with keiki sitting atop damp moss inside a plastic cup. And I have a piece of Saran Wrap with little holes placed over the top. The little guy just seems dry, wrinkled. I thought this setup would create a humid little environment but every time I check it (once daily) the moss is dry. Any tips?
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2023.06.02 17:48 seeminglyrandomqs Cocktails you'd try?

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