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2023.06.02 17:56 glumpoodle Day 1 Initial Impressions

I've played exactly one 9-inning exhibition game at Ego 70, but this is what I've noticed so far.
  1. Gameplay looks really smooth - are we no longer capped at 60 FPS? I didn't have afterburner on, but I found it really easy to pick up the ball compared to SMB3.
  2. Were we not supposed to see the ballpark dimensions in the game setup? I wanted to try out the new stadiums, and still had to guess at the dimensions.
  3. I actually enjoy the radio broadcasts. It'll probably get old really fast, and there should be an option to turn it off later on once I've heard every ad 1,000 times, but overall I enjoyed it.
  4. Sound effects are as awful as everyone says - maybe even worse, because I just can't tune it out. The crack of the bat is such an essential and visceral part of the baseball experience, and so while it theoretically shouldn't affect gameplay, it does. It just constantly grates on me and takes me out of the experience, even moreso when I remember how great the sound of the bat was in SMB3. Massive, massive downgrade.
  5. I got the annoying Latina ref in my very first game, and good grief I wanted to drive a spike through my eardrums. I forced myself to not mute her in the settings, because I wanted to get the full game experience to see if it got better. It didn't.
  6. I wasn't sold on Legends, and almost certainly won't include them in my franchise, but... diving with Ozzie Smith to turn a double play is something straight out of my childhood dreams.
  7. Maybe I missed it, but is there a roster preview in the team selection page in exhibition? Especially with the addition of legends, much of the appeal is based on finding which team has your favorite players from childhood... and I couldn't.
  8. That said, I've looked at exactly two teams, and some of the stats for Legends seem kind of... questionable. Which is the polite way of saying, WTF were these people smoking? I might create a separate post devoted entirely to this.
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2023.06.02 17:56 brookibles I feel like my first draft only a skeleton of what I want my final draft to be. How do I start editing?

Hi all, I apologize if this has been asked a lot before, I feel like my situation might be a little unique so I wanted to do my own post. Also, I’m on mobile so I apologize if the formatting is off.
I am currently taking a Coursera course on how to write your first novel, I’ve done a lot of writing in the past but I’ve never done such a structured process. The way the class works is there are 20 chapters, and we write one each week. Each chapter needs to be around 2,500 words so it’s easy for everyone in the class to stay on track and in the same place. The class works by having peers review your work.
I’m nearing the end of the course, and I’ll want to do some extensive editing once I’m completely finished with my first draft. I’m writing fantasy, and the first draft will likely only be around 55,000 words. I know I want to expand many of my scenes, and also add several scenes in. I also want to restructure a major aspect of my book. Overall, I have a lot I want to add and restructure. I feel like the word count has limited me so far, but I’ve written down everything I want to add.
My question is, how do I start the process? So far I’ve been writing down edits that come to mind as I go, but I’m wondering if it would be easier to just rewrite the whole thing with the first draft plus my notes acting as a guideline? Or, I could add in scenes and restructure what I already have. Does anyone have any tips for this? I’ve never done such extensive editing, so any advice is greatly appreciated! I also realize editing is different for everyone, I just wanted to hear some ideas to help me find my own way. Thanks so much!!
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2023.06.02 17:55 anonorwhatever It will be half a year next month.

I just had a moment of looking at photos of him and it just hit me, then I looked up at his little shrine I have in my room with his ashes and I started crying. Why does it still hurt so much? It hurts so much and it won’t go away. I’m going to grieve him this hard for the rest of my life and I feel so alone without him. I’ve got a little book I decorate and write to him in, I have his collar and ball and doggy spray on his shrine with his fur, paw prints and his painting he did, and his box of toys and bowl and leads and stuff is still in the lounge room because I can’t bear the idea of putting them away, but I’m still stuck. There’s nothing that I or anyone else can do, I just have to feel it over and over and over and it’s like Groundhog Day with no escape. He’s gone and he’s not coming back and I used to say that I was so sure I’d see him again and now I’m so scared I won’t. I’m so fucking scared I will never see him again, because I know I won’t in this life and only after this life ends but what if I don’t? He was and is my soul mate, my soul dog and I still can’t believe he’s gone. How is he gone??? He was my emotional support dog for ten years and now there’s nothing and it’s so empty. I’ve thought about getting a new dog if I can afford it and I’d love to but I also hold back because it won’t be him and I just want him back. Please universe, please just give him back.
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2023.06.02 17:55 WatermelonWarlock Murder, Regret, and Forgiveness

This debate revolves around whether or not abortion is "murder". I think that while we as two different sides disagree about whether or not abortion actually is murder, what we can agree on is that murder is wrong. No one on this sub will consider the premeditated killing of a born human 8-year-old in cold blood as morally permissible. I think we all, regardless of side, can agree that such a thing is repugnant and anyone that murdered their child in such a way is repugnant.
So I need the PL community to help me make sense of something. I need them to make sense of their reactions to women that say they have had abortions.
If a mother told me she had taken a hacksaw to her born child, I'd find her repugnant. I wouldn't want her to be around me. I'd tell her to take a fucking hike and never talk to me again. I know that PLers claim that abortion is equivalent to that, but I actually don't see that play out in their reactions to women who admit to having abortions. For example, I took a little browse of the pro-life subreddit and typed in "regret", knowing that the search would bring up women discussing their abortions.
After reading their responses, I don’t think most PLers see abortion as equivalent to actual murder.
Let's take the example of a woman who was 7 months pregnant and attempted to chemically abort. The baby ultimately died for other reasons, but she found almost nothing but sympathy. The responses were lots of “I'm so sorry for your loss"; there is only one person pointing out that what she did was, in the eyes of the PL philosophy, an attempted murder, and that person was called out for their rudeness.
In a more recent thread, the same thing happened; the woman admitting to an abortion was met with sympathy, and the only person calling out the "murder" was the same person from the previous thread. He had all of his comments deleted by a mod and he was dogpiled by other users.
This is SO WEIRD, right? Who would be so compassionate and sensitive to the feelings of someone they think is a child murderer? The first link is about a couple in college where the only reasoning they gave for their abortion amounts to: "we're still college students with financial constraints". Is this not a "convenience" abortion? Why is it being met with such sympathy?
It only gets weirder the more you look. For example, take a post from someone that expresses guilt over their abortion. The responses are to soothe her feelings and to make her feel it's ok so long as she is regretful and doesn't do it again. "Do not let guilt consume you", "You've learned from your mistake", "As long as you don’t do it again and you move on, and you realize your mistakes, you’re ok". Again, very few people treated her as if she was an actual killer. In fact, she blames others for her choices ("Is it okay because I was pro-choice back then? Like I didn't know. I was a second victim of the situation.") and other people are quick to agree with her:
I am all for personal responsibility, but I also see you and your child and all the people like you and your child as victims of pro abortion organisations
You get a similar response to regret exposed by the singer for the Pussycat Dolls when she said she regretted her abortions. Again, there are a couple of people in that thread expressing disgust, but the overwhelming theme is to withhold judgment, with users calling out some of the more vocally disgusted PLers.
Now, contrast this with the reaction of someone who talks about her friend's abortion:
i'm literally shaking in disgust. I can't even talk to her. Earlier in the convo she said she thought I thought she was a monster for her abortion and I just said no I don't, I know you were scared when you did it even tho I don't agree with it. then we talked more and more about why she did it and I understand the situation better despite not agreeing with the decision... she said she does not regret her abortion. and I immediately changed the subject because I actually started seeing her as a monster (unfortunately).
This isn't a heavily-commented post, but one of the comments says:
I'm so sorry. I honestly don't know what I'd do if my friend got an abortion and didn't have any remorseful or sad feelings.
Ok, so looking at all of this... even within the comfort of their own sub, where they don't have to restrain themselves in front of other people, pro-lifers still don't treat this as a murder. Hell, when they say "don't do it again", they're treating it as if you get a mulligan baby, like you can kill one but hey, don't do it again. Their disgust is also often not a thing that exists as a result of the act itself, but of whether or not you regret the act. Like a mother that doesn't feel bad about killing her baby is disgusting, but one that did is just a poor lost soul that made a mistake by getting her "One Free Baby Killing" card punched.
So my question to the PL community is... how is this consistent? How am I supposed to look at a movement that has women who got abortions in prominent pro-life positions of power? How can I take the commitment seriously when people who paid to have their mistresses get abortions are prominent "pro-life" candidates like Walker and DesJarlais? How can I look at the reactions of users in your OWN SUB and believe that it's a majority opinion that abortion is actually murder equivalent to stabbing a baby when you meet women who had abortions overwhelmingly with soothing words and a dismissal of their responsibility?
How does this track with what you say you believe?
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2023.06.02 17:55 CaspianX2 Arcade Archives Donkey Kong 3 for Nintendo Switch - Review

Arcade Archives Donkey Kong 3

Genre: Arcade / Action-Platformer
Players: 1-2 (Local Alternating), Online Leaderboards
Donkey Kong 3 is an Arcade-style Platformer released in arcades in 1983, released on Nintendo Entertainment System in 1986, and subsequently released on multiple Nintendo platforms in the time since. The third game in the original Donkey Kong series, Donkey Kong 3 is kinda’ the black sheep of the series. It’s not groundbreaking like the first game was, it’s not as iconic as either of the first two games, and it’s not even really the same type of game as either of them.
Players in this game take the role of Stanley the Bugman, a character never seen before or since, who faces off against the titular ape. Donkey Kong hangs above the stage, agitating beehives near him, and Stanley must fight Donkey Kong by... shooting bug spray at Donkey Kong’s butt, forcing him to climb up to the top of the screen. Yeah, like I said, this one is odd.
The 2D pixel art visuals and chiptune sound design in this game still use the same classic style as the prior two Donkey Kong games, but this game hasn’t reached anywhere near the sort of iconic status that its predecessors did. It’s fine, and it has a nostalgic feel to it, but it’s nowhere near as impactful as the earlier Donkey Kong games.
The gameplay here is interesting, though it takes some getting used to.The challenge level feels a bit high, and the game can feel a bit repetitive, but once you get a feel for how it works, it can be somewhat enjoyable. Though, again, it’s not nearly as memorable as the prior two games.
This release of the game is comprehensive in that it includes both Japanese and Western releases. I suppose this isn’t an absolutely comprehensive collection of all versions of the game, since the Nintendo Entertainment System version of the game and the Game & Watch version of the game are both absent here, but I suppose none of those would really fit the “Arcade Archives” product line. There is also a new “Hi-Score Mode” that challenges players to make as many points as they can on one life. There is also a new “Caravan Mode” that does much the same, but with the limit being five minutes rather than one life. In addition, this release of the game gives players a decent array of options, including various display options, sound options, challenge modifiers, button mapping, and online leaderboards.
So there are only two remaining elephants in the room to discuss. First: Is this game worth its $8 price tag? And second, is it worth buying if you already subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online, which includes a version of this game on its Nintendo Entertainment System app. I’m going to say no on both counts. The differences between the original arcade version of this game and the Nintendo Entertainment System port are extremely negligible, and not enough to justify a separate purchase. And the $8 price tag definitely feels inflated for a game that’s not nearly as fondly remembered as the earlier two games, especially when prior Virtual Console releases of the Nintendo Entertainment System release of the game sold for $5.
Is Donkey Kong 3 an enjoyable game? Sure, but it’s dated, and repetitive, and simply not as memorable or nostalgic as the first two Donkey Kong games. It’s definitely not worth the $8 asking price, especially when you can just play this game on Nintendo Switch Online’s Nintendo Entertainment System app instead. If you want to play this game, I recommend you do that.
tl;dr – Donkey Kong 3 is an Arcade-style Platformer where players are literally tasked with shooting bug spray at Donkey Kong’s butt. An odd game to be sure, and it’s decent, but nowhere near as memorable or compelling as the prior two games in the series. On top of this, the price seems too steep, especially with the NES version of the game being easily accessible on Nintendo Switch Online’s NES app. As a result, it’s difficult to give this game a recommendation.

Grade: C-

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2023.06.02 17:54 ohbutlike Behind my perfect

I had never fallen in love before; the idea disgusted me. But when I first saw her, I found out that mythical butterflies do, in fact, flutter in one’s belly. I always thought that our society just had an unhealthy relationship with soda pop, but there they were.
She was beautiful! She wasn’t the cookie-cutter beauty that your fashion magazine manufactures; her eyes twinkled naturally like store-bought moissanite. Her bushy, deep dark eyebrows looked like they'd been shampooed with brand-name self-care products. It wasn’t just her pink glazed donut lips or her flowy dark hair that stole my heart; it was her essence. She glowed like those aftermarket LED headlights on my nightly drive back home. And those eyes… those dreamy eyes!
I started cleaning on Friday afternoon as soon as I got home from work. Charlene, my desk mate, had misplaced my favorite pen and became gradually paler as she silently watched me erupt into a volcano without having to pay a subscription fee. It was given to me by my late father, a stickler for rules who failed his “how to show empathy” class up until the very last second of his miserable life. He stared hauntingly into my eyes as he drew his last breath. Her eyes were different; they smiled when she did and rolled when we bantered that one time I cornered her in our local convenience store. She was buying tampons, and I snuck behind and whispered, “bloody murder!” She was startled at first, jumped even, but her face softened as her glassy green eyes laid on me. I felt those damn butterflies again, practicing rain dancing as my heart exploded in my chest. She joked around that she was getting them as earplugs to drown out her noisy neighbor. I told her a shovel would work just as well. It was courting at its finest.
I woke up early on Saturday with the morning light and gingerly started cleaning the kitchen floor. Armed with my favorite dirty cleaning rag, I got down on my knees and found every nook and every cranny. My momma called me on her new iPhone to remind me about my aunt Vicky’s birthday later that day. She was upset that I wasn’t coming. I told her that I had plans with a mortician and whether I should put in a good word for her, but she didn’t find that funny one bit, so she lashed out like I knew she would. Her yell pierced through the phone like a messy SWAT raid, and after that, I heard as much as I cared to listen. She said something about how I always find a way to disappoint her. She reminded me of how that mouth of mine caused me to lose my previous job. Somehow it always comes back to money with her, and it used to make me cry, but this is her insecurity — not mine. Ever since I could remember, she was always keeping face around her more successful older sister who married into wealth. She dragged me to beauty pageants as early as five, and then to modeling castings after that, but I guess I was not good enough to be her golden egg.
The second time I officially met her was in the barely maintained suicidal elevator of our building complex. The maintenance date on the sticker had long expired, and every time those doors closed, it truly was a gamble of whether my laziness was worth the odds of me falling to my death in there. She had forgotten about me and our mesmerizing tampon talk at the nearby store, but I took no time to remind her of our lovely first encounter. “Ah!” she said, like a cliched mad scientist who had just solved aging, pointing an accusatory finger to the heavens. I asked her if she "took care" of her neighbor and extended her a wink. She pouted her juicy lips and started thinking for a bit while I mind surfed down her long, thick dark hair. Then suddenly, I saw excitement and joy building up inside of her and exploding out her bright, hypnotizing eyes. She tried to contain it and with a muffled chuckle, she said, "I won't say a thing, but don't you go looking in the rubbish downstairs!" Somehow, the conversation turned to famous serial killers and crime shows, so I did the thing and asked her to watch some series together sometimes.
The first time we did was last Saturday. I out-thrifted my local thrift stores and was fashionably late. She greeted me in sweatpants that failed to conceal the contour of her hips, and she coughed quite a bit before telling me that I smelled nice. I raided my momma's vanity earlier that day for brand-name perfumes and accessories. She always has the latest stuff. I told myself that I wouldn't overdo it, but I overdid it. She took a good look at me as I was heading out, fixed my hair, and asked, "Who's the lucky man?"
My gorgeous neighbor lived in apartment 31B, the one with the off-red door, and it was disgustingly perfect. I thought that since we lived in the same building complex, her place wouldn't be so different from mine, but it was. I don't think it was even the layout that made it better. It was the furniture arrangement, the attention to detail as if she had her masters in color theory. It was her. She gave me the tour, and I was amazed at how every room looked like someone's pinned Pinterest board. The whole place looked staged for viewing, but the way she flowed through her space made me realize that this was her norm. It was so clean that I started to wonder if she did kill her now eerily quiet neighbor. It wasn't until we sat down on the couch together, and she wrapped us in her silky vanilla blanket, that my anxiety flew away. But those damn butterflies persisted. I sat beside her, far enough to be cold but close enough to fill my fantasies and ask myself what this was. It came as no surprise, then, that we had an awkward goodbye when it was all over, and I stood at her door not knowing what to say or do. She held onto the door and said, "Next Saturday then?"
By the time Saturday evening arrived, it had been hours of me mindlessly cleaning and endlessly rearranging my furnitures around. The same anxiety that I felt at her place came back raging, and no amount of YouTube or Pinterest made me feel any better. But then, there came a knocking at the door. I wasn't expecting her this early, so naturally, I freaked out like a bomb had gone off in my head, and I started running all over the place, getting dressed like a chicken with its head cut off. I smeared perfume all over my body and opened the door with unrepentant puffy messy hair. It was momma. She looked fancy. She was rocking this beautiful light blue cocktail dress with cape sleeves. It screamed, "I overpaid for this dress”, and I wanted to puke—I loved it!' She gave me this 'check me out' look before she pranced in without any invitation. She saw how tired I looked and asked me if I ate anything, but she must have noticed the change in my apartment and didn't bother to let me answer. There was this glimmer in her eyes when she asked, 'Well, well, you smell nice! Who's coming over?'"
I swear I'm better than this, but in that moment of pure exhaustion, I just let my guard down and told her the truth—that I was having a girlfriend over to watch a show. I knew instantly that I'd messed up as soon as the words left my mouth. Her eyes blinked at a thousand miles per hour, like she was looking for the least hurtful way to explode, but there's nothing kind about her outbursts. She yelled, "You're missing out on your aunt's birthday to watch a show with a friend??" I watched her face get redder with anger and felt tears at the ready, edging the corner of my puffy eyes, and I felt the kind of muffled anger that a 30-year-old adult woman would have to explain to her mother what adult choices made her happy, but I couldn't say anything. No matter how angry I was, I couldn't tell her to just let me be. I let out a weak but defiant "Yeah?" And she unleashed on me about just how much she was disappointed in me. She slammed me about how little I cared for my family, so I yelled back at her, saying that I didn't care about a who's who party where we must rent out a fancy dress to be welcomed. "I bought this damn dress!" she yelled in pure anger, oblivious to the point that I was making. I retorted that she was doing a good job hiding the price tag to return it later then, and that's when the palm of her hand found my face. I stumbled onto the ground, and in an attempt to regain balance, I held onto the big standing mirror behind me and dragged it to the floor with me.
I sat on the floor and finally justified crying; a bit of blood painted my right hand. Her left hand covering her mouth, she fumbled a reactionary apology and made her way to the door avoiding the pieces of glass on the floor. She stumbled out in tears just as my green-eyed neighbor was about to knock. She looked back at my fleeing mother in shock and ran to the kitchen to get me a wet paper towel. When she finally joined me on the floor, my face had turned red, but my tears had dried. It was then that I saw this piece of broken mirror shattered perfectly in half, but not separated. You could see the crack going all the way down.
The reflection was of both of us, each of us on different sides of the crack. She was perfect. I would have written a sonnet from the cadence of her hips. I would have written a haiku on her lips, but we were from different worlds, and I was tired of expectations. I was tired of having to validate what my happiness should look like.
So, I reached in.
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2023.06.02 17:53 cursesincursive88 Easyfinancial.

This is mostly a vent, but due to poor financial decisions I found myself in need of a loan, and my bank wasn’t able to do anything for me because of a lack of credit. I went to Easyfinancial,(I know, I fucked up) and somehow after a year of paying into this loan ($5743) I still owe 5500 dollars on a 6000 dollar loan. How is this fucking legal? I get interest rates are higher than Willie Nelson but this is criminal.
Does anyone have any advice on possibly renegotiating the interest rates? Or any advice whatsoever. I’m drowning in this loan.
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2023.06.02 17:53 Unfair_Implement_361 I’m fed up of my housemates - Genuinely in need of an advice

Hello everyone!
I need advice on tackling a situation I’m facing with other tenants I’m living with. Because a lot has happened, this is going to be a long post. I understand that everyone is busy and it’s almost weekend, I will try my best to keep my story simple and short. I appreciate everyone in the community for taking out some time to read the post and provide all the right advice i can get. Thank you in advance!
I came to Canada during peak COVID as an International student to complete my 2 year diploma program back in 2020. I was living with really great folks in North York during that period. The whole program was pretty intense and both mentally and physically draining and so was the process of searching a job for about 6 months after completion of the program.
The job was Mississauga based and hybrid. Because the opportunity was good and I was desperate, so, I just grabbed it as anyone would in my situation. Fast forward 5 months into the job, travelling from North York to Mississauga 3 times a week using transit was too much. so I decided to move to Mississauga.
Though a connection of a connection of a connection, I was able to get in touch with a relative who was looking for a new place to move in Mississauga and she had been living in Mississauga itself for about 4 years now. After meeting and having a discussion we decided to rent a whole house with 4 rooms l together, but in order to find something within our budget and affordability, we decided to have 2 more people to join us and started for both a 4 bed house and 2 more occupants.
This is were the main part of the situation starts. Since, my relative was connected to various online social groups, she got in touch with a guy from waterloo who was desperately looking for a place in Mississauga because he got a job in Vaughan. I also found it weird but had to let the thought go. He also had a friend who he met in the college. My relative was told that since his friend was living alone for a while before meeting him, she had to bought a dog with knowing nothing about how to train that puppy, no potty train or pee train. We were made sure by the guy he and his girl-friend are working on it and will make sure that the puppy is trained timely and will do all that outside the house within one month of moving to the new place if I and my relative decides to move forward with these folks to move in. Eventually we did. Why you ask - because they were helpless and we thought we could trust them.
I, my relative and the guy we met online were added to the tenant contract except his girl-friend because she was un-employed and had no work permit. So in order to make our case strong, the agent through we got the house had to add just 3 of us. But it was decided from the beginning that the rent will be distributed between all four of us and whoever is taking the master room will have to pay more than the other rooms which the guy we met through online group insisted on taking.
Everything was smooth until first 2 months but last 3 month have been hell. We are having fights on the utensils, not cleaning the house and all which I understand such things to occasionally happens but unnecessary use of gas and heating - leading to excessive gas bills. Most importantly that poor dog. He is 11 months now shits all over the floor, he does not have any habit of peeing or pooping outside. These guys just stay in the room usually or most of the time stay out of the house for work and are left the dog a pad for him to do all the stuff over there. I mean the whole house stinks and makes me and my relative sick whenever we return back home from work. He’s chewing the shoes, slippers and its a complete mess. Recently we had a huge fight over this were I was assaulted by the girl-friend and I could not do anything except being standing there in a shock and processing what happened. That girl works in PSW sector and definitely has anger issues. Also, our landlord doesn’t know about the dog at all.
I have also tried talking to these folks individually and clear things out to maintain some level of peace, but they are acting immature to understand and are being stubborn.
Now the guy is trying to play a sympathy card that the rent is too much for him to afford and soon he will have to eventually leave the place, where on the other hand he just bought a new $45k car - good for him, but planting an idea to leave the place soon. Also, his mother will be arriving from another country and planing to live with us but in his Master bed room. Both the guy and his girl-friend are kinda using us to get some decent space until the guy’s mother is done living with them for about a month. I’m certain that’s gonna happen for sure.
I have neither no-one to guide me on this nor I have anyone else to share with since it’s like me vs 3 of them in the house right now. Trying to stay strong but having no legal knowledge or any support, I would like to learn what my options are and how I can take control of this whole situation discreetly or indiscreetly legally.
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2023.06.02 17:53 a2cthrowaway9000 A summer job in a city I would love vs. spending my summer home doing online WFH and my own research

Hey everybody, I hope you all are doing well and staying safe!
First off, this will be a bit of a long post, so thank you all for taking the time to read this and for your support!
Right now, I am a third year undergrad in university, and this summer, I have the opportunity to do one of the two. I've been stuck on what to do honestly and was wondering if you all might have input, I'd really appreciate it!
My options for this summer are to either work in a New England city or do a summer online job in my hometown and pursue research on my own.

Summer job in New England
Spending my summer doing online WFH and my own research
Thank you all so much for your advice, I really appreciate it, and I hope you all have a good day/night!
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2023.06.02 17:52 Mathias_Greyjoy If you could give the Moon Ball a facelift mechanic wise, how would you do it?

If you could give the Moon Ball a facelift mechanic wise, how would you do it?

Some preamble; I am working on a project called PKMNLegendsRayquaza set in the (renamed) region of Ryuku, which refers to the Hoenn region as it was known during early settlement, in a historical period prior to RSE etc. It takes place about a century before the modern era, and is inspired by Legends: Arceus in its scope and tone. I've recently been doing some thinking about Poké Balls, and how I want to include them.
In my setting, most Poké Balls are produced by the Devon Corporation. A small mining company that started out extracting rock (especially tumblestone) and smelting iron sand to iron. This allowed them to diversify into manufacturing many useful products, most of which are geared towards Pokémon training. The company is responsible for creating the new types of Poké Balls found in Ryuku, such as the Luxury Ball, Repeat Ball, Timer Ball etc.
There are also several smaller independent manufacturers/cottage industries creating Poké Balls. For instance, in RSE, a Sailor in the Mossdeep City Poké Mart mentions that Dive Balls and Net Balls are only made in Mossdeep. In ORAS, the Sailor instead mentions that they used to be Mossdeep's specialties. In my game they will be an example of Balls independent of the Devon Corporation's "Premier" line of Poké Balls.
In Legends: Arceus, Poké Balls were reworked to better fit a 3D game. It's reaction based, aping off of games like Breath of the Wild with item crafting and customization. In PLA you don't want to have to dig through your bag, choosing between 30 different balls, so they cut down heavily on the amount you'll ever need in your bag, which at the end of the game is pretty much just the Ultra Ball, the Gigaton Ball and the Jet Ball. Well, that system does not work for a 2D game with no time limit. The more available balls the better. So I plan to have a wider selection of Poké Balls.
I thought it might be good to include some or all of the Apricorn Balls, or derivatives of them.
The Moon Ball has always been pretty poorly devised. It being broken in Generation II notwithstanding, its effect has always been pretty lame, in my opinion.
"A Poké Ball for catching Pokémon that evolve using the Moon Stone."
From 1999 - 2019 it literally only affected the odds of catching 4 Pokémon: Nidorina, Nidorino, Clefairy, and Jigglypuff. Skitty and Munna could not be legitimately caught in Moon Balls until Gen 8, with the introduction of SWSH & BDSP.
After 22 years, the Moon Ball still only affects the odds of catching roughly 0.6% of all Pokémon. Despite this, the Moon Ball is many people's (including myself) absolute favourite looking Ball.
So how would you give the Moon Ball a glow up? How could you change the mechanics to see wider use? Replace the Dusk Ball, and give it some or all of its mechanics? Maybe a better catch rate against certain types? (Psychic, Rock, Ghost, Dark, Fairy?) Do you create a Sun Ball to match? How would you make the Moon Ball useful 😩
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2023.06.02 17:52 Human_Spice Ehlers Danlos worth looking into? I don’t want my doctor to think I’m a hypochondriac!

22F, Canada. 5’5, 115-120lbs
Issues (pain) first started around puberty. I just got a family doctor a couple months ago, so only now looking into it.
I’ve suffered from chronic joint pain since I was around 10-11, with it getting worse and worse until I could barely walk at 13 due to a bad back. After seeing a chiropractor, I was able to walk again but had severe pains in my knees, hips, and back with mild pain in my ankles, wrists, elbows, and neck by the time I was 16.
I’ve always had double-jointed shoulders and elbows. My knees hyperextend but I’m not sure how to measure if it’s over the 10 degrees or not. I can easily touch my toes and my thumb bends to my forearm. I went through the checklist and I do meet quite a few of them (to my surprise, so does my 15F sister), but I have no idea if I have a hernia or a mitral valve prolapse or aortic root dilation since those can be asymptomatic and I tend to brush off a lot of symptoms if they don’t prevent me from doing things. I forget about a lot of things that turned out to be symptoms of major issues.
I have joint pain that can sometimes leave me unable to walk, and things like standing and driving can cause pain. I also get numbness and tingling in my arms and legs (rarely full on paralysis and complete loss of sensation), but it’s positional and seems to happen more often for a couple months then less frequently for a little while. My doctor said he doesn’t think it’s just pinched nerves, and I don’t think it wouldn’t make sense for me to have constant pinched nerves in both arms and legs. I also get orthostatic hypotension at times (can be anywhere from a couple times a week to once a month). I tried to check my skin elasticity and it’s much more than my mom, the same as my little sister (though she also matches a lot of criteria) and my dad has more than my mom too, so I don’t know what ‘normal’ is.
Is it worth looking into Ehlers Danlos? Would it explain all the joint pains and the numbness? I tested negative for Lupus and RA and my bloodwork came back fine.
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2023.06.02 17:52 jeffbailey Loving the new update + feedback

I'm loving the new update!
Pluses: * The unified language courses are nice. I've been worries that I'll lose the prior vocab without the spaced refreshera, and it's nice to have this in. * The app used to be very clunky in appearance, it's much nicer now * The conversation mode was fun. My daughter and i both used it yesterday for practice
Wishes: * The Learn page needs a "Continue Learning" button like the Home page has. DL has this right where i don't want to think about what's next, and allow the algorithm to handle spaced repetition and new learning for me. * The Continue Learning button should grow a "i can't talk right now" as the voice recognition works poorly when there's ambient noise. * There's a UI bug in the typing mode where i can't click back to edit a single letter mid-word. (Android) * The feedback button asks me to provide app version, etc. The app knows all this. It should t ask. There should be a shake to report bug option that would do a screenshot, include the relevant info and give me a chance to mark up the screenshot and make a comment. * It's a bit weird that the robot voice repeats the word right after the sampled voice. I haven't decided how I feel about that yet. * I haven't seen any of the "immerse" things come up during learn next. I hope it does.
Overall, this is amazing. I came to the memrise subreddit yesterday curious if the app was dead for development and found out that this was available. Well done!
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2023.06.02 17:52 LurkinMostlyOnlyYes I might have made a big mistake coming out to my Christian big brother/mother's side of the family. Help?

Note, this is going to be a LONG one.
So I don't know where to begin, but I guess I'll start by saying hi, I'm bisexual. I've been questioning my sexuality all my life and I've always been "weird" emotionally, but in the last 6 years I really started to reconsider what I was. I realized that I like women more than men romantically about 2 years ago, and I came out to myself and my little sisters a year ago. They're really nice and accepting of me! I told my mom about my bisexuality a few months ago, but she's in denial about it. She didn't tell anyone though, which is great.
Then a few weeks ago, I was talking to my big brother about something. For context, my sisters are 19-21, I'm turning 25 and my brother is in his mid to late 30s. My sisters live with my mom, I live on my own with a roommate and my brother has his own family and lives with them. I'm moving soon, my roommate is abusive and cruel towards me, and I'm being given the opportunity to move in with my aunt on my mom's side until I can save some money and move out into a different place. I should also mention that from what I know, I'm the only atheist member of my family. Everyone else is Christian and pretty toxic about it. We're also all Black, which might be relevant bc Black atheists are exceptionally rare.
Before I accepted the offer of moving in with my aunt, I talked to my brother about it bc I usually trust him to help me with matters. He's usually good with it. During the conversation, I off handedly mentioned that I didn't feel comfortable moving in with her because I'm Queer and an Atheist and my aunt is religious and straight and I don't know how'd she take it. My brother (over the phone) pauses and says "you know you've never told me that before right?". I didn't think much of it at the time so I said nope but that's what I am. We continue to talk about moving in with my aunt, I decide that I should be able to fake the funk for a while/ just not tell her about things (I really don't have any other choice bc my current roommate is even worse), but at the end of the conversation my brother makes it a point to say that he thinks my bisexuality is a choice. By this time I have to go, so I just roll my eyes and tell him that I have to go.
That interaction hurt, so I decided to call my brother back yesterday to try and fix his line of thinking. I think we all know that homosexuality isn't a choice. I explain that to him, and we end up having a very traumatic 2 hour phone call. During the conversation he said a lot of hurtful things, compared homosexuality to beastiality, implied that I'm gay because I have a bad relationship with our father (I do but that doesn't correlate whatsoever), implied that homosexuality isn't natural and the whole thing. I don't want to repeat some of what he said because it's really offensive actualy. He then began to zero in on my atheism. I told him that I believe the world is random but that it's up to us to make meaning from it, and he called my worldview "very sad". Then he began to try and push the idea that I belong with a man because "our parts just fit together. We have complimentary parts, that's what the Bible says" (he's talking about our privates I think). Then he went back to saying that if I had a better relationship with my dad I wouldn't be gay, and if I accepted God more maybe I'd see the truth. Then he seemed to be insistent on finding out "what else influenced me". I think he's talking about my university experience (I'm the only member of our family with a degree).
I don't know if I'm making sense here, but eventually he ended the call claiming that he'd always love me nonetheless, but that I need to go to therapy and pray. The call pretty much ruined my day, and since then I've been really reconsidering a lot. I really didn't appreciate my sexuality being dismissed as "daddy issues", and I didn't like him pushing his religion on me and invalidating my viewpoints. I'm also a bit scared at the ramifications that this might have. He's already apparently called our Mom to tell her about this conversation, but if he tells my aunt I don't know how she'll take me moving in with her (my aunt is normally pretty chill but she's very religious and I don't know how she feels about gay people). Im also a bit nervous about my family in general. I used to think it was safe being out of the closet (about both my non-faith and my sexuality) around them, but now I just want to go back in.
I don't know. Does anyone have any idea of what I should do now? I feel really sick tbh. And before anyone else asks, I've already told my current roommate that I'm moving out, and I don't have any money right now so moving into my aunts house is an inevitability now.
Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give.
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2023.06.02 17:51 uchihandr i’m (M20) not feeling me relationship with my best friend (M20) anymore and I’m not sure how to break it to him

me and my best friend had an inseparable friendship. before this year, we would either hang out or talk on the phone almost daily for the past 2 years. it was a dynamic. we would always have sincere conversations about how much the friendship meant to us. however now i eat my words
we were always distinctively different. i’m more quiet, shy, introverted and somewhat pessimistic while he is the exact opposite. he is also generally energetic, overconfident (in a way that is often cocky), thinks very deeply, is quirky and just has a very distinct personality. however I am changing as a person
i was hit with a major depression and had a bit of an identity crisis in january, and became more and more distant as each day went by. i hate to say it, but I just can’t stand his personality now
at first i didnt really care, because the fact that I had at least one friend was all that mattered, but now I just can’t help but feel repulsed. for added context, i often felt like i would change myself to accommodate to his personality. i could go into a lot of detail, but to keep it simple I would just act or do things in ways that would make me uncomfortable or in ways that were just not me. i didn’t realize it then, but now i look back and just have a large distaste to how he likely saw me and how i saw myself because of how I was.
I didn’t act in a bad manner or involve myself in dangerous activities but my own image just really irked me and I just wanted to focus on being myself which I found was hard to do while still talking to him. i talked to him just a few weeks ago and I genuinely found it hard to communicate with him because of our disconnect. we almost never have awkward conversations but I couldn’t wait to find an excuse to end the call.
since ive been increasingly distant, i obviously stopped talking and replying to him less. i feel horrible in a way because he himself has expressed that he has not been in a good place and it’s likely due to our distance which was caused by me. he explained how he though he was annoying and wanted to be more introverted and quieter. i told him that it was okay to be himself, and to not think he has to change his entire personality because of me but if he decides to want to change, I’m not the one who should decide that. however I couldn’t help but notice that it does feel extremely out of character for him to want to do this
this depressed me even further as i now felt like i was responsible for his own downfall. he often mentions how influential and how i mean a lot to him, as I’ve been the only friend he has felt the closest and able to be the most emotionally vulnerable to with and I just felt at fault. especially when he is doing a 180 on his personality which I noticed when talking to him, makes him unhappy
i genuinely do believe he is a good person, but i’m just not feeling the friendship anymore, and I don’t want to cause him any further harm. the relationship is very one sided. i try to avoid most messages, and they’re mostly coming from his end now. but because he thinks so highly of me and our friendship, i’m not sure how to break it to him
it hurts me too as he is basically my only friend, and if I severed ties I would go back to being completely lonely again. i even feel like an asshole for being able to easily let go but I just don’t vibe with him anymore and its hard to find that same connection we had before. i managed to hook him onto some of my interests and he even wanted to start a band with me and I was all for it, but I don’t have the heart to tell him I don’t want to with him anymore, or really want anything to do with him. how do i break to my best friend that I want to sever tie’s especially?
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2023.06.02 17:51 Sea_Vegetable7979 How much does Alia Bhatt charge for a movie?

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2023.06.02 17:50 Unlikely-Tear9387 Hospital privacy breach

If someone is a patient in a hospital and stuck in a psych ward for embarrassing reasons that would be preferred kept private and then the on again off again girlfriend who works at the hospital Accesses the charts and then calls this person and starts revealing all the private information that was given to doctors ect. And admits to looking at the confidential information on her work computer.....would this person have a lawsuit or just grounds to get her fired? How much do these cases pay out typically if so.
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2023.06.02 17:50 TheOnlyTori My boss never gave me my promised raise.

I'd like to preface this story by saying that I'm autistic, and I shy away from confrontation like it's the plague. It's something I'm trying to work on and I know it's not healthy for me, but it's going to be a very hard and lengthy process.
When I was hired at this dispensary, it was at $12/hr ($2 lower than the rest of the staff) due to me not having any cannabis experience. Before I was hired, my boss promised me I would be getting a $2 raise at the 3 month mark. Fast forward to the 5 month mark, I'm great and very precise with my job and I'm the only person working in production, and he's moved me to a completely separate building much farther from my house, without asking me, where I am completely alone all day.
Now, there's a lot of scary and crazy shit my boss does to his employees and to our suppliers, but we all ignore it bc 'that's just how he is', and I'm just generally uncomfortable being in the same vicinity as him because of this.
One day he's at my location for whatever reason and I finally work up the courage to ask him about the raise. He says "it's been 3 months already?" I say "it's been 4, actually" (not yet realizing it had been 5 months) and he says "Well, I guess I could bump you up a dollar. But ya gotta work even harder!" in a happy excited voice, as if I somehow wouldn't notice what he's trying to do if he were positive about it.
I was in shock. I felt entirely unappreciated and unaccomplished. Defeated. Hurt. I froze up, and just went back to my work. I didn't know what to do. I should've told him no, that it needs to be 14. I should've quit, I should've defended myself, I should've done something, but I did nothing. I sat there in silence doing absolutely nothing about it. I didn't talk to him much after that and he left the building. It's been 3 months since then, and I'm still at the same rate, trying to find another job that won't be too overstimulating for the tism. Still defeated. Still angry.
TLDR: Was hired at $12, told I'd be getting a $2 raise at the 3 month mark, at the 5 month mark boss says I need to work harder, giving me a $1 raise despite me being the only production worker in a secluded location.
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2023.06.02 17:50 PotentialNerd8480 What is the best way to sell an e-commerce business?

I have an e-commerce business that has been fairly successful over the past 6-7 years. It’s a private label brand and got up to almost 500k in annual sales the years leading up to the Covid pandemic. Covid hit us pretty hard mostly because of logistical issues regarding product manufacturing taking much longer than before, leading to inventory issues that inevitably affected our overall sales.
Since then, we have been hovering around 250k in sales annually. The profit margin is between 20-25%. While it has been a great ride and I learned a lot throughout the process, I don’t have as much time to dedicate to work on this business as before to do the things I need to do to bring the sales back up to what they were before. I am wanting to sell the business to focus on other ventures and use that cash to grow them.
In your opinion, what do you think this business is worth? (I calculated it and have an idea, but just want to see what others think and see how far off I might be)
Additionally, what do you think is the best way to sell the company? To my understanding brokers like Empire Flippers charge 15%. Are there other brokerage companies that charge a little bit less? Does anyone else have experience selling an online business through a broker, and what was your experience and what percentage did they charge you?
Does anyone have any experience selling their online business themselves, if so, where did you list it and did you do anything else that helped you find a legit buyer?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.02 17:50 MaceLeonardo Defending The Draft: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The old man has finally left… As a Bucs fan I have to just start by thanking Tom Brady by giving me some of the best years of Buc’s football I have seen in my 22 years of life. From eliminating the Saints and retiring Brees to winning the SB the Bucs teams from the Brady era will always be special to me. But saying that this move had to happen as with Brady the Bucs would not be able to rebuild the roster to the degree that is needed.
While a roster top loaded with talent the Bucs are in a huge deficit of depth through the roster even before Brady left. During this season we saw the effect of this lack of depth with the amount of injuries we had throughout the interior of the O-line and through the entire defense. Injuries to Ryan Jensen and Aaron Stinnie forced inexperienced players upfront which led to the biggest problem of the season which was pressure from the interior of the line. While backup Center Robert Hainsey held up and gave the Bucs fans hope for a post Ryan Jensen O-Line first year player Luke Goedeke was a detriment in his first year at guard to the point the Bucs will be switching him to RT for next season. For the defense we saw injuries throughout it from our depleted CB room to our barren safety room to our ravaged EDGE room to our destroyed IDL room… you get the point. Injuries were the main thing that destroyed the Bucs last season and during this offseason the Bucs lost even more depth.
The main positive about the Bucs lost season was GM Jason Licht firing OC Byron Leftwich from his role. While seemingly a good guy Leftwich might have been the worst OC in football last season. Continually calling plays which seemed to be against the players and the team's best interest. At times watching Leftwich call games was similar to spamming the A button in Madden and letting the game decide what play you were calling for you. It was infuriating his constant tirades he would go on about during the season when asked why he never called play action when we were one of the best play action teams in the league. Along with his thought process that the run game has to be dominant to set up the play action game which continually caused 3 and outs as he would call to run plays up the gut and an over schemed passing play on 3rd down. Replacing Leftwich was paramount, and I truly do believe Jason Licht found a good one in Dave Canales coming from Seattle. Canales was the WR coach for the Seahawks from 2010-2017 before becoming QB coach and passing game coordinator from 2018-2023. Canales is a Carroll disciple being part of Carrolls tenure at USC. Canales should bring life to the Tampa Bay passing game and with his already raving reviews of Mike Evans and Chris Godwin it should at least be a fun year for the Bucs.
New Coaching Hires:
Dave Canales (Offensive Coordinator)
Brad Idzik (Wide Receiver Coach)
Skip Peete (Running Back Coach)
Thad Lewis(QB Coach)
George Edwards(OLB Coach)
Notable Arrivals
QB Baker Mayfield
G Matt Feiler
IDL Greg Gaines
S Ryan Neal
RB Chase Edmonds
Summary: The Bucs additions this off season are nothing to write home about. Mayfield joins Tampa looking to win his final opportunity to show he is a starting QB in the NFL he will be in a stiff competition with Kyle Trask who Dave Canales is hyping up. At the end of the day I believe Trask will win the QB competition and be thrown into a sink or swim situation like Sam Howell and Desmond Ridder. While Gaines and Neal are phenomenal value signing with both being immediate contributors on the Bucs defense with Gaines being projected to rotate with Vita Vea along with playing next to the behemoth and Neal seemingly replacing Mike Edwards role at SS opposite of AWJ these players aren’t gamebreakers. Feiler and Edmonds should be nice depth pieces with Fieler competing to be the starting LG. Overall the Buc’s didn’t make any splash signings in free agency but with the limited cap room they had the moves they made were more than fine.
Notable Departures
LT Donovan Smith
S Mike Edwards
RB Leonard Fournette
G Shaq Mason
TE Cameron Brate
CB Sean Murphy-Bunting
K Ryan Succop
Summary: With this offseason the Buc’s ended up losing a ton of starters on both sides of the ball. On offense the Bucs lost their starting LT, RB, RG, TE and K. While Donovan Smith was a liability in pass protection his departure does mean the Bucs will now be shifting All-Pro RT Tristan Wirfs to LT which causes hesitation in people. I believe this move will be fine in both the long and short term for Tampa but it is still something to note. On defense the Bucs lost both starting SS Mike Edwards and NCB SMB. These moves leave the Bucs secondary especially thin at the CB position with Zyon McCollum slotted to start at NCB now.
Bucs Draft Selections
1.19: Calijah Kancey IDL Pittsburgh 6’1 281lbs
RAS Score: 9.60 Draft Grade: A
While some people believed that taking a OT here was a must with the top 4 OT’s all gone before the Jets pick the Bucs were put into one of the most interesting situations in the draft, seemingly picking between defensive players at this point GM Jason Licht stated that at the top of board they had to players one being “The Linebacker who went to the Lions(Jack Campbell) and Calijah Kancey'' with Kancey being BPA after the OT’s were taken. In a draft class with very few true top end talents I see this as a major win for the Bucs taking a top 10 player on the board and a premier pass rusher from day 1.
Kancey from day 1 should be a menace on the interior of the Bucs D-line paired with the best NT in football Vita Vea. Kancey doesn’t just win with his elite first step; he is an extremely refined player in every aspect of rushing the passer. From hand usage, leverage, pass rushing moves and intensity Kancey makes up for his miniscule size and arm length with his athleticism which is otherworldly. The comparison to Aaron Donald is over blown, Kancey doesn’t play with the functional strength that Donald had or the run defense ability that Donald has. Personally, I can see Kancey becoming a in between of Aaron Donald and Prime Sheldon Richardson a pass rushing specialist who will collapse the interior and will develop into a 3-down player as his career and body develop in the NFL.
2.48: Cody Mauch G North Dakota State 6’5 302lbs
RAS Score: 9.32 Draft Grade: B
Mauch is very much a Jason Licht pick. Small school guard with a mean streak and tons of athleticism. Mauch is not just a meme because of his missing front teeth he is a legitimate RG prospect similar to Alex Cappa and Ali Marpet for the Bucs. With how the O-Line is shaping up and Licht seemingly happy to move Goedeke from LG to RT, Mauch makes complete sense to shore up the RG position giving the Bucs a much younger and deeper interior then they had last year where every single projected starter interior lineman was hurt at some point.
With Mauch on tape I can see exactly what Licht loves in his linemen with a player who has aggressive hands and a base when pass blocking. Mauch has shown that he is a coachable player making the switch from TE to O-Line. You can sense the traits and upside that Mauch has over some other guard prospects in this class. I do believe that the Bucs switching to a zone blocking scheme which Seattle runs will aid the young O-Line and play to Mauch’s strength which is his athleticism. Playing beside Ryan Jensen makes this pick a B-B+ for me, a big addition especially if Goedeke is the answer at RT.
3.82: YaYa Diaby EDGE Louisville 6’3 263lbs
RAS Score: 9.87 Draft Grade: A
Diaby is a tale of untapped potential. Playing completely out of position at Louisville Diaby was forced to play with his hand in the dirt. Diaby is one of the most athletic players the NFL has ever seen from the EDGE position with his initial quickness and long arms Diaby should be able to develop into at minimum a role player for Tampa. Playing behind Shaq Barrett and Joe Tryon should help Diaby develop into the premier EDGE player he can be. He shows flashes on tape of just using his superior size and athleticism to overpower linemen and his speed to get past them.
For the Bucs I think Diaby will play a rotational role at the moment similar to Anthony Nelson’s role as a smart rotational EDGE that Bowles will use on unique blitz packages which push JTS or Shaq into a 4-3 stance. I have massive hope for Diaby in this defense as a future foundational piece for the Bucs who will more likely than not have to move on from Shaq Barrett next off season.
5.153: SirVocea Dennis LB Pittsburgh 6’1 226lbs
RAS Score: 7.28 Draft Grade: A+
My favorite pick in the Bucs draft I have Dennis as a top 5 LB in the class. Dennis is a do it all LB who is able to not only tackle well but is able to blitz the passer from the ILB position better than anybody in this class. His biggest deficiency to his game is his lack of experience in coverage but he wasn’t a player who was dominated there either. On film you could see him being put into situations in coverage which he couldn’t make the play. In Tampa Dennis will be mentored by one of the best coverage LB’s in the NFL for over a decade in Lavonte David. And with Bowles coaching the defense Dennis will be able to use his ability to rush the passer from the ILB position to its full effect.
With Dennis I can see this being one of the best picks in the entire draft. Dennis’s fit in Tampa is like a glove and with the situation with Devin White where we aren’t sure if he will be a Buc next season I can see Dennis being put into a starting position next to Lavonte David and like former Bucs Kwon Alexander taking it and never looking back.
5.171: Payne Durham TE Purdue 6’6 253lbs
RAS Score: 6.58 Draft Grade: B-
Durham is a big TE who is good at everything but a master at nothing. Very similar to what the Bucs had in longtime player Cameron Brate. Durham at Purdue was a team leader for the offense he set the tone playing an aggressive brand of football dragging defenders wherever he went with the ball. Durham runs decent routes and has decent hands but was never a player who took the top off a defense. With Durham you are giving Mayfield or Trask a reliable receiver in the passing game and a decent blocker to boot. For his size Durham was able to produce decent YAC at Purdue rumbling his way down the field in a similar way that Jason Witten was able to do for the Cowboys during his tenure.
For the Bucs Durham joins one of the youngest TE rooms in the NFL with last year's pick Cade Otton and Ko Kieft being the only players that seem to have roster spots in that room at the moment. Durham should compete with Kieft to be TE2 for this season, but he should be able to still carve a decent role for himself in Tampa with how new OC Canales uses TE’s. Where each TE has a specific role and was able to contribute with Geno Smith at QB.
6.181: Josh Hayes NCB Kansas State 5’11 189lbs
RAS Score: 4.82 Draft Grade: C
The biggest surprise in the Bucs draft was grabbing Josh Hayes, a prospect most people didn’t even have a priority free agent grade on in the top of the 6th. Hayes for all intents and purposes is a prototypical Bowles NCB. Hayes has the speed to play in the NFL and on tape you can see he has adequate tackling skills from the NCB position which he played in college along with the S position. With Hayes you have to believe that the coaching can turn this player into a solid starter because if not the CB room and S room take a massive hit forcing Winfield Jr into NCB full time.
Hayes' best film in my opinion was for North Dakota State where he was a former teammate of Bucs 2nd round pick Cody Mauch. At NDSU you can see the making of a very good CB prospect with how he is able to play in both Man and Zone coverage. At Kansas State he was never forced to be CB1 or even CB2 at times but he did hold his side of the field down and was able to put up some decent performances as a Wildcat. To me this C grade is more of a “I trust Bowles to develop CB’s/S’s” grade.
6.192: Trey Palmer WR Nebraska 6’0 192lbs
RAS Score: 6.18 Draft Grade: A+
A great value pick for the Bucs with their depleted WR core. Palmer has serious upside as a deep threat and even as a return man for the Bucs. Past Evans, Godwin and Gage every spot in the receiver room is wide open and Palmer seems to have the talent to set himself apart as WR4 by the end of the year. Palmer does have reasons for falling this far in the draft though as he has serious drop issues and apparent character issues which have set him back before. I don’t see this as a big problem in Tampa with Evans and Godwin being locker room leaders and his past season at Nebraska.
With Palmer you can see the obvious talent that is there but you can see the reasons he was drafted in the 6th round even when he has Day 2 talent in this class. And with this talent I can see him developing into a player similar to MVS for the Packers and now the Chiefs. A good deep threat that can blow the top off of a defense and isn’t scared of making plays on contested passes even if they aren’t the biggest receiver on the team by any means.
6.196: Jose Ramirez EDGE Eastern Michigan 6’2 242lbs
RAS Score: 8.10 Draft Grade: B
When you watch Ramirez on tape it’s hard to not like what you see. At first when looking at this pick, I thought about how our EDGE room was already a bit full with Diaby but in hindsight I like the Ramirez pick more and more from a talent standpoint. Ramirez is never going to be the most athletic guy on the team but he makes up for it with his effort, timing and technique. Extremely similar to how Shaq Barrett plays for the Bowles defense Ramirez has a talent for being the first guy to get into the QB’s area with his blend of pass rushing moves and leverage. Ramirez was dominant at Eastern Michigan being one of the best players to ever play for EMU.
For a dart throw pick Ramirez should bring the effort needed to truly succeed in some capacity in the NFL and being mentored by the player your game is most similar to in Shaq Barrett is a plus as well. Ramirez should find a role as a utility pass rusher but I don’t see him playing much at all this season and having to compete against Cam Gill for EDGE 5 on the roster.
Key UDFA’s
Sean Tucker RB Syracuse 5’10 205lbs
RAS Score: N/A
Jeremy Banks LB Tennessee 6’1 232lbs
RAS Score: 8.90
Luke Haggard OT Indiana 6’6 297lbs
RAS Score: N/A
Rakim Jarrett WR Maryland 6’0 190lbs
RAS Score: 7.89
Chris Inzen S Rutgers 5’10 200lbs
RAS Score: N/A
Projected Final Roster
Baker Mayfield
Kyle Trask
Rachaad White
Ke'shawn Vaugn
Chase Edmonds
Sean Tucker
Mike Evans
Chris Godwin
Russell Gage
Trey Palmer
Deven Thompkins
Rakiim Jarrett
Cade Otton
Ko Kieft
Payne Durham OT(4)
Tristan Wirfs
Luke Goedeke
Brandon Walton
Luke Haggard
Cody Mauch
Matt Feiler
Aaron Stinnie
John Molchon
Ryan Jensen
Robert Hainsey
Vita Vea
Calijah Kancey
Greg Gaines
Logan Hall
Pat O’Connor
Shaq Barrett
Joe Tryon
Anthony Nelson
Yaya Diaby
Jose Ramirez LB(4)
Lavonte David
Devin White
SirVocea Dennis
KJ Britt
Carilton Davis
Jamel Dean
Zyon McCollum
Josh Hayes
Dee Delany
Don Gardner
Antoine Winfield Jr
Ryan Neal
Nolan Turner
Chris Inzen
Special Teams(3)
Chase McLaughlin
Jake Camarda
Zach Triner
Final Thoughts
For what seems to be a retooling/rebuilding year I actually liked what Jason Licht and the Bucs did. For me this draft was easily the best draft they have had since drafting Tristan Wirfs and Antoine Winfield Jr in 2020. With this draft you get an elite pass rushing DT that pairs perfectly next to Vita Vea. Cody Mauch who should be a starter at RG for years to come and fits this team's identity. YaYa Diaby who was a great value pick with Pro Bowl upside at EDGE. SirVocea Dennis who I think can easily become one of the best LB’s in this class and maybe even the league. Then the rest of the draft contained high floor prospects who can contribute to a rotational role in some way or form. Overall, the draft for the Bucs was a massive win in my books.
For this offseason I would also say it was a win if not adequate at worst. As an organization we know we needed to retool the roster and slowly claw ourselves out of cap hell in some way shape or form and using this season to get out of it is a good way to do it. There are 2 ways this season will go for us with us either being a team similar to the Seahawks that is able to dominate a weak NFC South, or we are one of the worst teams in the league and are in contention for Drake Maye and Caleb Williams. Either way I am looking forward to watching this season play out for the Bucs. David Canales should bring life back to our offense and Mike Evans should continue his campaign towards the most consecutive 1000-yard seasons.
Overall, I am happy with this off season and especially the draft that came with it. Let me know what you guys think! This is my first time defending the draft and I hope this isn’t terrible and if it’s not I would love to do this again next year! Go Bucs Go!
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2023.06.02 17:49 Free-Value-2343 Orchestrating a Graceful Exit?

I work in a niche industry at an established company for the last couple years and have a good relationship with my superior. I have gained valuable skills while being here which I did not have before. They fast tracked my growth opportunities which I am very thankful for. But I'm now underpaid. I was accurately compensated at the beginning. Now I am not. Ballparking numbers think 80K and market gives 115K. Almost a 50% raise.
I went and got a job offer from a new up and coming company for 115K. They offered me a promotion, and pay and benefits are much better. I was not planning on letting my current employer match the offer. Important detail is I do not negotiate salary with my boss but with another stakeholder.
Recently I was informed my current company plans to give me the same promotion and move my boss into a different position. The timeline is a couple of months. No compensation details were discussed. There will be a lot of restructuring going on across the company that is made possible by promoting my boss and I.
The restructuring plans will be severely damaged if I depart. My boss will not be happy but will understand. We have a good relationship. The other stakeholders may not take it as well.
I'm very appreciative of the people and value the relationships at my current role. I do not want to burn any bridges and keep all doors open since it's a niche industry. I do not want to take the competing job offer to my company and give them the idea I have one foot out the door.
I do not think they will give a raise close to other company's offer. But there is a chance as my company has deep pockets. I have to talk to another stakeholder for salary but boss recommendation has a impact.
How do I leave on good terms? I'm worried about how this may affect future opportunities in my industry. Even if I'm completely warranted to leave for more money, I am concerned.
Is it worth approaching the stakeholder to find out what my raise is? I could be convinced to stay. Workload is reasonable and people are good. I only don't want to bring up the competitor offer as a bargaining chip.
Weighing different possibilities. Currently think talking to stakeholder and asking about raise seems to be first step. If it's not good enough, say appreciate it but I have a better offer.
How can I politely have this conversation and leave on the best terms possible? Is there a way to politely say sorry for throwing a wrench in these great ideas, but you need to pay me more?
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2023.06.02 17:49 ConversationLanky184 Should I throw this tub away?

Sorry if I don’t make too much sense, English is not my native tongue and I’m honestly sleep deprived right now lol.
An Optimum Nutrition tub arrived bent on the side; and while the seal covered the lid, it didn’t cover it all the way down slightly underneath the lid like it usually does and it came off easier than usual as well.
The box it arrived in was slightly beaten up, but nothing egregious and it was sealed properly. It got me wondering if it simply took a hit that bent the tub and released pressure from inside the tub -making the seal on the tub’s lid loosen up.
I really don’t know what to do and think. I requested a reshipment, and apparently they’ll send me a new one soon. However, and I realize this might come off as… broke behavior, but it seems like such a waste to throw away the tub. Especially with how expensive a high protein diet can get for a guy as heavy as I am.
Not sure if it would be safe to use at all (hence demanding they reship me a new one to begin with), so the logical thing to do is go ask Reddit lmao. What do you guys/gals think?
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2023.06.02 17:49 PotentialNerd8480 What is the best way to sell an e-commerce business?

I have an e-commerce business that has been fairly successful over the past 6-7 years. It’s a private label brand and got up to almost 500k in annual sales the years leading up to the Covid pandemic. Covid hit us pretty hard mostly because of logistical issues regarding product manufacturing taking much longer than before, leading to inventory issues that inevitably affected our overall sales.
Since then, we have been hovering around 250k in sales annually. The profit margin is between 20-25%. While it has been a great ride and I learned a lot throughout the process, I don’t have as much time to dedicate to work on this business as before to do the things I need to do to bring the sales back up to what they were before. I am wanting to sell the business to focus on other ventures and use that cash to grow them.
In your opinion, what do you think this business is worth? (I calculated it and have an idea, but just want to see what others think and see how far off I might be)
Additionally, what do you think is the best way to sell the company? To my understanding brokers like Empire Flippers charge 15%. Are there other brokerage companies that charge a little bit less? Does anyone else have experience selling an online business through a broker, and what was your experience and what percentage did they charge you?
Does anyone have any experience selling their online business themselves, if so, where did you list it and did you do anything else that helped you find a legit buyer?
Thanks in advance!
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