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2023.06.04 08:30 Ali_Muhammad_Mallah Reflections of Paradise: A Detailed Description of Azad-Kashmir's Lakes

Reflections of Paradise: A Detailed Description of Azad-Kashmir's Lakes

A complete description of all the Lakes of Azad-Kashmir.
1. Rati Gali Lake
2. Rati Gali Small
3. Hans Raj Lake
4. Kala Sar Lake
5. Ghatian Lake
6. Saral Lake
7. Moon Lake
8. Ram Chakor Lake
9. Mulanwali Lake
10. Butkanali Lake
11. Shounter Lake
12. Chitta Katha Lake
13. Chitta Katha 2
14. Banjusa Lake
15. Baghsar Lake
16. Subri / Langarpura Lake
17. Zalzal Lake
18. Patlian Lake
19. Mai Narada Lake
20. Noori Lake
21. Khargam Lake
22. Duck Lake
1. Rati Gali Lake
First of all, remove the confusion of the name Rati Gali. Until 2010, the local name of Rati Gali was Darian Saryan Sar. Sar(sar) is locally referred to as a Lake or a natural body of water. Officially in 2010 and a local Sufi saint, Mian Barkatullah Sarkar, whose Astana is known as Barkatiya. Due to the recognition and respect of his religious services, the Lake and the road leading to it were named after him and the Lake was named Rati Gali Barkatiya Lake, which also has a formal government notification. Rati Gali Lake is an alpine glacial Lake located in the Neelum Valley, meaning its source of water is the glaciers in the area.
This Lake is accessible from Duariyan on Wadi Neelam Road at a distance of about 75 km from the southern side of Muzaffarabad. Which leads to the base camp after a 16 km jeep track from Dwarian. The Lake can be reached after an hour-easy trek from the base camp. This Lake is located at an altitude of 12130 feet or 3700 meters above sea level. It is a popular tourist spot in the area where all the facilities are available. There is a large camping site at the base camp where tents and food, electricity, and Wi-Fi are available at affordable prices and for horse riding enthusiasts there is a horse-riding facility to reach the Lake. Remember that this Lake is the biggest Lake in the region. Around which there are twenty-six other small and big Lakes. Also, four waterfalls are formed from the water of this Lake.
2. Rati Gali Small
This Lake is called Saryan Sir, at a walking distance of 10-15 minutes from Rati Gali Base Camp. There are many water reservoirs/reservoirs in this place which are called Sar in the local language. Accordingly, this place is called Saryan Sar. The place has a waterfall and local dhoks and dhares where locals stay during summer.
3. Hans Raj Lake
This Lake is also located in the Neelum Valley of Azad Kashmir. Originally, the local name of this Lake was Rata Sar and the reason for its fame is the red-colored mountains around it. Also, there is Lal Buti peak in this area which has been used in geographical surveys during British rule. There are three La Buti Peaks in this area, one is at Rati Gali, the second is at Sargan and the third is at Keil. The reason for the name Hans Raj is the fame of Pakistan's greatest travel writer and tourist Sir Mustansar Hussain Tarar, when he came to this Lake, he described the pieces of floating glacier in it as similar to the floating Hans Raj. And it was written by Hans Raj and this Lake became famous as Hans Raj Lake since then this Lake is called Hans Raj Lake. Rati Gili Lake is located at a distance of about one and a half to two hours from the base camp, between Rati Gili and Noori Top, on the Rati Gili Pass at an altitude of about 3900 meters. On the other hand, the famous Dudipat Sar of Kaghan Valley can also be tracked through Saral Lake. In winter, this Lake is also covered with snow like other Lakes of Neelum Valley.
4. Kala Sar Lake
There are three Lakes in the Neelum Valley known as Kala Sar 1, Kala Sar 2, and Kala Sar 3. Kala Sar 1 is an hour's walk from Hansraj Lake, Kala Sar 2 is another hour's trek, and Kala Sar 3 has to trek a little higher. You can also get a view of Ghatian Lake from Kala Sir 3 provided you take the guidance of a local guide. For the night you will have to come back to Rati Gali base camp or private camping but even for that local guides can guide you better.
5. Ghatian Lake
Rati Gali is located at a distance of about four hours from the base camp. This track goes from Rati Gali to Ghatian Lake via Hans Raj / Kala Sar Lake. That is, with proper planning and strategy, these three Lakes can be easily tackled in a single tour. You can easily get a view of Ghatian Lake from Kala Sar, while you can also get a view of Ghatian and Nanga Parbat from the top of the mountain behind Rati Gali. While at the end of Noori Top, trek along the bridge or canal coming from Sharda or Sargan, that route will take you to Ghatian Lake after four to five hours of trek. There are also three Lakes named Ghatian. Which are identified as Ghatian 1, 2, 3. For 1, and 2, the view is clear, while for the third, one has to hike up to some height. Its local name is Donga Sir or Donga Nad.
6. Saral Lake
This Lake is also a part of Neelum Valley which is 13600 feet or 4100 meters above sea level. Several routes are used to reach here. The first route leads to Basil and Dudipat Sir and from there to Saral. This route is less used and most of those coming from this route return from Saral View Point. Because of that, you have to descend once and then go uphill to reach the Lake. The second route comes from Jalkhed, Noori Top via Mian Sahib Road to Saral, where it joins the Dudipat head track. The third route is on Noori Top with a stream coming from the front on the Kashmir side, horses are also available for this and the trek is also done on foot. The fourth route follows Gumot Nala and it will take you to Saral Lake. Gumot Nala is mainly coming from Saral.
7. Moon Lake
The route to Moon Lake also goes through Saral Lake. There is a trek to the left of Saral which can be done in one day along with Saral. Do it with a local guide. You can also reach here from the back side of Gumot and Jabba.
8. Ram Chakor / Char wali Lake
This Lake is also located in Saral Valley at a distance of four to five hours. In 2019, a team of local guides discovered five Lake tracks, this Lake being one of them. Due to the abundance of Ram Chakor (bird), it is also called Ram Chakor Lake while the local name is Phirardnad. Phirar is also called Chakor in the local language. It can also be reached here via Gumot, Jabba Back, and Sargan.
9. Mulanwali Lake
Mulan Wali Lake, also called Mulan Wali Nad, is also located near Moon Lake and Ram Chakor Lake.
Note: Moon Lake, Ram Chakor Lake, and Mulanwali Lake can also be done together which will include a night camp and can be easily done with a local guide to avoid any trouble.
10. Butkanali Lake
After the vehicle journey from Jagran to Shall, a 7–8-hour walking trek rises above a place called Dhok Kundi and leads to Dhok but Kunali, from where the path to Mulanwali Lake becomes a walking track of about one and a half kilometers.
11. Shounter Lake
This Lake is located in Shounter Valley Neelam Azad Kashmir, this Lake is located at an altitude of 3100 meters or 10200 feet above sea level. This Lake is located at the foot of the snow-capped mountains and the source of the waters of this Lake is also the glaciers between these mountains. This Lake is also called Spoon Lake, the reason for the name is its spoon-like shape, and it can be easily reached by jeep from Keel. There is this Lake along with Shounter waterfall where the road ends. It is also locally called Bitar Lake.
12. Chitta Katha Lake
This Lake is also located in Shounter Valley. Located at an altitude of 13500 feet or 4100 meters, this is a beautiful Lake, the approach to which is fascinating as well as difficult. From the base camp, two stops named Dick One and Two add to its charm. A 20 km jeep trek from Kiel takes you to a village called Huz Neelam, its base camp, which used to be the base camp of Chitta Katha. After which a 5 km but steep uphill path leads to this Lake. Generally, the locals can come and go in ten to twelve hours, while the tourists also spend twelve hours one way. It is better to do from Base Camp to Dak 2 in one day, next day go from Dak 2 to Lake and return according to your convenience and time. One of the reasons for the fame of Chitta Katha Sar is the captivating view of Hari Parbat. Moreover, no one has been able to summit this peak till now. It is the third highest peak in the region, first being Sirwali, second being Toshira Wang, the range, and third being Hari Parbat. There is also a Lake named Chitta Katha 2 in the valley below. Further, Linda Sir 1,2 at a distance of one to two hours, Panj Khatian, and some lesser-known unnamed Lakes are also present in this area.
13. Chitta Katha 2
Just below Hari Parbat, a one to one and a half hour walk to the left leads to Chitta Katha 2.
14. Banjusa Lake
Banjusa Lake is an artificial Lake located in the Poonch district at a distance of 18 km from Rawalakot. It is a popular tourist destination and is easily accessible to every tourist. It is located in a dense forest. There are also several rest houses. Kilometer long, kilometer wide, and 52 meters deep, this Lake is located at an altitude of 1981 meters or 6499 feet.
15. Baghsar Lake
The Lake is located near Baghsar Fort near the Line of Control in Wadi Samahni, Bhimber. This fort has been under the rule of the Mughals and has a wonderful historical status. This Lake is 975 meters above sea level and has a length of about half a kilometer. This Lake is famous for its winter migratory birds and its lotus flowers. Another reason for the fame of this Lake is that its shape is somewhat similar to the map of Pakistan. This area is full of cherry trees and blooming water lilies.
16. Subri Lake / Langarpura Lake
Subri Lake or Langarpura Lake is located at a distance of about 10 km in the southeast direction of Muzaffarabad. This Lake is located at the exact place where the river Jhelum widens. The Lake is easily accessible via the Muzaffarabad-Chakothi Road.
17. Lake Zalzal
This Lake came into being as a result of the earthquake of 8 October 2005 when two mountains merged and four villages of Bhatsher, Lodhi Abad, Kurla, and Padr were obliterated and the natural passage of water was blocked. This Lake is located between Chikar and Bani Hafiz. The Lake is 3.5 km long, and 350 feet deep. It is located at an altitude of 1828 meters above sea level. The Lake can be easily visited on the way to Ganga Choti / Sidhan Gully or while staying at Chikar Guest House. There is also a Rest House of the Tourism Department near this Lake.
18. Patlian Lake
The path of this Lake goes through Luvat Nallah. You can reach here after a 3-hour jeep drive and a half-an-hour trek from Dwarian. There are three, or four big and small Lakes and innumerable waterfalls in its vicinity, among which Jhag Chamber and Kunali Waterfalls are famous. At a distance of one and a half hours from Main Patlian Lake, a Lake is also named Patlian Two.
19. Mai Narada Lake
This Lake is a sacred place for Hindus and is their place of worship. This Lake can be reached after a two-to-three-day trek from Sharda. This Lake is located at an altitude of about 14000 feet.
20. Noori Lake
This Lake is located on Noori Top and its sign is that there is a huge waterfall in front of it.
21. Khargam Lake
This Lake is located behind Rati Gali. Khargam Lake is above the crack that is visible in the mountain behind Rati Gali. It is a relatively difficult and rugged rocky trail suitable only for professional trekkers and hikers.
22. Dick Lake
Dick Lake trek starts from Janui. Similar to the Chitta Katha Lake trek, this trek is about 8-9 hours of walking on one side. Take camping equipment with you. There are no campsites in this area. Apart from this, the Lakes of Gujarnad and Shakargarh are still unexplored.
There are also 11 Lakes in Gal Valley which flow into Neelum Valley. Apart from this, the beautiful areas of Sunder Nikka, Hola Back and Kala Jinder also have many Lakes and waterfalls. July to October is the season to visit these Lakes, after which more or less the majority of the areas are covered with snow. Their length, width, or depth has not yet been measured by any authentic means, the founders of most glacial Lakes are more or less frequent. Don't risk swimming in all these Lakes. Also, for camping it is necessary to have proper guidance and a local guide. Red candlesticks were used for geographical surveying during the British rule, traces of which still remain. In the area, there are three Lal Buti Peaks in Rati Gali, Sargan, and Keel area, besides Dak Bangla Rati Gali Mohri and Gora Cemetery Rati Gali which were the residence and burial grounds of British soldiers/officers during that time. Kishan Ghati Cave located in Sharda is said to be around 5000 years old and was used as a place of worship for Buddhists and Hindus.
There are some new discoveries in these Lakes or regular treks up to them are chosen.
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2023.06.04 08:24 Ok_Nobody9173 The ice giant me and my friend ran over.

We were in the woods behind the mall on 4 wheelers, but we both stopped because we were close to the mall so we got off our bikes and we were about to go out of the woods but I seen a bag sticking out of the ground, so I went up to it and pulled it out, it was buried and inside the bag was a rusty ass knife. My friend told me it was blood but I'm pretty sure it was rust. There was a note with the knife folded over with "the N word" written on it, not the word, literally it said 'the N word. I didn't open it because it had wet oily shit on it. We heard something growling and then we both seen "warping..." like in halo or something when someone is invisible but you can kinda see them still- it was like that and growling at us so we got scared and got on our 4 wheelers and got the fuck outta there but I said fuck you to it first. Somehow my friend hit some creature that ran out in front of us, and then I did too. I couldn't see it at first because my friend was in front of me on this tight trail with trees coming over overhead so I couldn't see much, it was moving on the ground apparently, crossing the trail and it was made out of fucking ice dude. It was fogging like frozen breath, after I hit the thing it was already dead and melting. It melted fast AF but I did see it kinda looked like a rat or a mouse or something but with arms and legs. It crawled really fast. Yeah it was pretty weird. We played guitar hero 2 and fuckin forgot about it 3 minutes later
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2023.06.04 08:15 dalberts90 Advice - Cube or Specialized? Help!

After years of using a DIY setup, I've decided to purchase my first full suspension electric mountain bike. I'll be taking advantage of the Halfords cycle to work scheme, which limits my choice of retailers and sets a maximum budget of £5,000.
The local store recommended two bikes for me to consider. Unfortunately, their website is not very informative, so I've included the links to the bikes on Tredz for reference:
  1. Cube Stereo Hybrid 160 HPC Race 750 2023: https://www.tredz.co.uk/.Cube-Stereo-Hybrid-160-HPC-Race-750-2023-Electric-Mountain-Bike_259496.htm
  2. Specialized Turbo Levo Alloy 2023: https://www.tredz.co.uk/.Specialized-Turbo-Levo-Alloy-2023-Electric-Mountain-Bike_245837.htm
I test rode both bikes, and I found the Specialized Turbo Levo to be superior. The motor was more responsive, and the frame felt more similar to a regular bike compared to the Cube, which had a thicker frame that I didn't find appealing.
However, I have some concerns about the Specialized model. It has a smaller battery capacity (500W), lacks a display, has a less efficient battery life, and comes with lower-spec forks. These factors are making me hesitate. I could consider the Turbo Levo Comp Alloy, which addresses some of these concerns, but it exceeds the budget allowed by the C2W scheme, and I'm not allowed to pay the extra amount myself.
I want to avoid buyer's remorse, especially since I'll be paying for this bike over the next two years. As a novice rider, I typically tackle blue and red trails, covering around 20 miles per session. Occasionally, I also ride longer distances across Dartmoor (UK) covering about 40 miles.
Thank you in advance for your assistance!
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2023.06.04 08:10 esternaccordionoud How to get back in the saddle after an accident?

I've had an amazing run. I'm 51 years old and I've been actively biking in the city since I was 17. I'm fortunate to live 3 mi from my workplace and I take longer rides on weekends. And in all those years I've never had a serious accident until 10 days ago when I decided to go a bit further afield and have a leisurely bike ride in the park (Forest Park for those who live in Portland Oregon) that has a bike trail that probably hasn't had enough upkeep. Coming down a hill and round a bend I hit gravel and tried to fly through but instead tipped over landed on my right side and finally my helmet hit the ground hard and I got a concussion. For a week I've had to mostly stay off screens, slow down, and drive (ugh) to work. Today I decided to get back in the saddle. I thought I would just try biking around the city but instead of a bike ride it could be more described as a series of panic attacks. I'm extremely depressed. I was so frightened most of the time and was probably biking terribly because I was overly cautious. A park that I've been to many times that I usually fly through, lifting my self up when I hit the pavement that is buckled by tree roots, zip through the small gravel downhill and then over a hump back into the city streets.. well it was like I was geriatric and as soon as I got to the gravel part I walked the bike. I feel like Superman when he lost his powers, I feel like I've aged 20 years in one week. During the whole ride I was afraid of every little bump in the street, at places I know that I would have flown through in the past, I gingerly traversed and often just got off and walked. I called my wife for support and she offered to pick me up but I just couldn't do that and I gritted my teeth and slowly slowly wended my way towards home, an iron grip on my handlebars the whole time. Fellow cyclists what advice can you give me? Has this happened to you? Were you able to regain that flying feeling? Being a bike commuter has also a big part of my identity. People at work think I'm crazy to bike through the rainy Portland winter and I've kept telling them that they are the ones who are crazy. I feel ashamed to be walking in the building without my bike in tow. I'm not really even supposed to be looking at screens too much yet but I could use some advice or even well wishes. Excuse the long post and thank you in advance. I'm going to stay off the screen for the rest of the night but I will check in the morning.
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2023.06.04 07:59 GamerGirl_89 [H] TONS Of Games In STEAM GIFT Inventory [W] TF2 KEYS ONLY

They are all in my "gift inventory" and the trades go all thru STEAM for both parties safety/ None of my games are Humble Bundle left overs or KEYS. They are all 100% LEGIT TRADEABLE GAMES WITHIN STEAM.
Games are going very fast so get in while I have them. Once they are they are gone.
I also have MW II WaRZONE Call of Duty Modern Warfare II 2022 Warzone 2.0 Season 01 Battle Pass Code
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2023.06.04 07:50 Wuistheway 6.5mi, mostly 40mph, 2lane hwy commute: would you rather?

There’s no trails, no real shoulder, plenty of curves and gentle slopes -
I was considering an electric dirt bike (talaria sting r) - as this would be competent and something I could make road legal….. But now I’m fascinated with euc’s! Never ridden one, but I’m confident I’d love it.
So electric dirt bike - or euc for a 6.5 mile commute on winding country roads where people like to go 40mph and there’s no shoulder… or passing lanes… :D. The final 3/4mi is gravel.
Tia for your 2 cents.
(Mostly making a switch because I don’t need to drive a 15mpg truck most days)
Location: grass valley, California
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2023.06.04 07:21 slightly__sketchy Trek Fuel EXe vs Transition Relay Demo Review

Trek Fuel EXe vs Transition Relay Demo Review
I'm shopping for a new lightweight eMTB and I've narrowed it down to the Trek Fuel EXe, Transition Relay, Specialized Turbo Levo SL, and the Orbea Rise. I have no idea where to demo the Specialized and the new Orbea isn't available yet, so I took the opportunity to demo both the Fuel EXe and the Transition Relay.
    • I rented the Trek in the 9.5 build with Shimano SLX drivetrain and brakes, no-name 29" alloy wheels, an alloy bastem, a RockShox 35 Gold, and a RockShox Deluxe Select+ shock.
      • This build is $6,500 and the Fuel EXe only comes in a carbon frame. They go all the way up to like $14k with XX AXS and high end suspension. Their $8,700 Shimano XT build seems to have reasonable components (RockShox Lyrik Select + which is basically the Lyrik Ultimate but without the buttercups, XT brakes/drivetrain, carbon wheels, and carbon bastem) and spec compared to the Transition build at the same price.
    • I rented the Transition in their PNW Carbon XO build with the Sram XO transmission, TRP DH-R Evo brakes, alloy bastem, Fox Factory 38 Grip 2, Fox DHX coil shock, RaceFace Aeffect R alloy wheels in mixed/mullet size.
      • This build is $11,000 and has a carbon frame, alloy models top out at $8,000 and carbon starts at $8,700 with basic/middle of the road Fox/Sram components and alloy bawheels. Compared to the Trek's XT build this one is heavy and doesn't make much sense.
  • MOTOR:
    • The Trek uses the TQ HPR50 motor with 50Nm and 300 watts of power.
      • The TQ is probably the smoothest ebike motor I've ever felt. So far I've ridden TQ, Fazua, Specialized, Magura, and RadPower (no idea what they use). The TQ felt unbelievably natural, and better than any of the previously mentioned as far as power delivery and torque sensor performance. No spikes in power output, no overrun, it just felt like it was easier to pedal uphill and the torque sensor worked flawlessly. It was very easy to maintain a constant cadence so my analog buddy didn't fall behind. Technical climbing sections were very manageable with this motor.
      • Motor was extremely quiet, almost imperceptible by me or anyone else on the trail.
      • The controller and display were also super neatly integrated and very intuitive, with the display providing tons of helpful information like battery %, range in miles, range in time, and motohuman power output.
      • I was pleasantly surprised at how powerful it felt in even 100w eco mode. A 1700 foot climb left me barely sweating. 200w and 300w modes were great for steeper sections.
    • The Transition Relay uses the Fazua Ride 60 with 60Nm and 450 watts (in 12 second boost mode).
      • Unfortunately the Fazua was not very refined. Start pedaling and a second or so later there was a jerk as the power kicked on which lurched the bike forward slightly and made a noise. The torque sensor was not tuned well and I was constantly having to adjust force applied to the pedals to maintain a slow speed so my analog buddy didn't fall behind. I could not maintain a constant cadence or it would take off leaving him behind. Don't get me wrong, the power was nice and it was fast uphill, but it was not refined. Technical climbing was more difficult because of the abrupt power changes of this motor and I messed up several sections because of this.
      • The motor was quiet, but I could certainly hear a faint whine most of the time. When coasting the motor clicks like the pawls of a freehub.
      • The controller is terrible, it's this cheap plasticky twist thing that isn't super intuitive and can stick in place shutting off the bike unintentionally. I accidentally turned off the bike several times because of this and accidentally changed modes several times.
      • The "display" is just 5 dots for remaining battery that were green, blue, or purple for each mode. It showed nothing else. This also lifted up to reveal a USB-C port, but it was full of dirt and did not look water tight.
    • The Trek has a 360Wh battery.
      • This lasted surprisingly long. We did 3000 feet of climbing/descending over the course of ~4.5 hours and it used about 60% of the total capacity. I was riding mostly in 100w eco, with short stints in 200w and 300w. My legs and arms were totally beat at this point so I was satisfied. Trek has an available 160Wh range extender which would definitely make it like a 6000+ foot adventure day bike. I'd like to get more time on the bike in 200w and 300w modes to see how long it lasts on like a quick sprint after work.
    • The Transition has a 430Wh battery.
      • This also lasted pretty long, but since the display had only 5 dots I was only able to tell that I had used about half of the battery after climbing/descending about 2400 feet over 4 hours. This was also in the lowest power mode for most of that.
    • The Trek build that I rode was 44 pounds (the 9.5 build). It felt surprisingly light and handled very well in corners, in the air I could certainly feel it but it wasn't unmanageable. The more expensive builds are quite a bit lighter in the 39 to 42 pound range.
    • The Transition build that I rode was definitely heavier than the Trek. It is quoted at 45.5 pounds on their site, but it felt more than 1.5 pounds heavier than the Trek. I felt it in the air for sure.
    • I won't go into a ton of detail here, but both have a 460mm reach in the size mediums that I tested. I'm 5'9" and 160 pounds. The Transition has a slacker head tube angle by about 1.2 degrees at 63.3 degrees which I definitely noticed, especially in tighter corners and uphill switchbacks - it tripped me up a few times for sure.
    • The Trek was surprisingly capable for only having 150/140mm of travel (you can fit a 160mm fork without voiding the warranty, the shock can be overstroked by 5mm to 152mm rear travel but I think that probably voids the warranty). I felt extremely comfortable with the geometry of this bike. The rear suspension felt supportive but not overly firm/harsh. I sent that thing down chunky black tech/flow trails all day and it handled it just fine. I certainly wanted a better fork/shock but it was a rental so that was fine. The 29" wheels didn't hold me back on technical climbing sections, tight switchbacks, or anything like that. It was actually my first time riding a 29er and I really enjoyed it. The bike felt heavyish but not too bad and was definitely manageable. Cornering felt good and it was pretty poppy/playful for an ebike. I only got to test a couple of jumps on it but it felt good and not too heavy in the air. It was very quiet without any discernible rattles or clunks. The components were okay, I'd definitely get better brakes/wheels/tires but SLX drivetrain is fine for how cheap it is.
    • The Transition had a loud rattling noise coming from inside it (the battery/motowiring I'd assume) which was disconcerting. I had a really hard time vibing with the geometry of this bike. I couldn't seem to place my bodyweight properly and this resulted in some weird lines and a slip or two, and I'm not the greatest at cornering in the first place but I felt less confident on this bike. This was also my first time riding a long/slack bike with mullet wheels and a coil so that was an adjustment. Having 170/170mm travel felt like it could do anything, but I haven't really enjoyed Fox forks in the past and this one was no exception to that - too much stiffness in the initial stroke resulted in a lot of chatter through the handlebars and my arms are really sore from that. The rear definitely stuck to the ground really well with the coil shock. The TRP brakes were amazing, possibly too amazing because I was not used to the power. This bike was certainly heavier and less playful, though the few jumps I did felt really good. Handling the bike in the air was tricky because of the weight. The new Sram XO transmission felt good but not $2000 good - I did not think it felt revolutionary and there's no way in hell I'd spend that much on a drivetrain on a future bike. Sure the shifts were crispy and you could down/upshift under power but I still don't think it was worth how much they ask for that thing.
  • LOOKS:
    • IMO the new Trek Fuel EX and EXe look super sexy and I love the color options they have. The paint appeared to be very high quality and the blue color I rode was gorgeous. Most people on the trail didn't recognize the fact that I was riding an ebike because the TQ motor is tiny and hidden behind the chainring.
  • The Transition looks very Transition and was definitely more noticeable as an ebike. I like the looks and colors, but it didn't have the polish that the Trek did and the paint was not as high quality.
Overall, I was already leaning towards the Trek but now I've made a final decision and will be picking up the Trek next weekend since I found the exact build/color I want within a couple hour drive. The motor was just so much more refined and made the experience feel more like an enhanced mountain biking experience than an ebiking experience that's slightly lighter. The Transition is just too expensive for the level of refinement that you get from the Fazua system. If the Transition's cheaper builds came in carbon and with better components than I might reconsider, but still the motor system was not great enough to justify the expense IMO.
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2023.06.04 07:06 HuckleberryDeep1830 Bike comparison

Bike comparison
Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a bike in Canada. I am 197cm tall and have an inseam measuring 92cm. (I need a big bike). So far I haven't been able to spot a used bike that would fit me (i think i need a ~62cm frame?) And am looking at new bikes I can order. My max price is around $2500 (CAD) but the cheaper the better.
I would like a bike that I could take on a long distance bikepacking trip (for example from Portugal to Greece and maybe one day, with some modifications, Alaska to Argentina), but could also use comfortably on trails in the swiss alps (I'm not a downhill mountainbiker, just would be to get around and enjoy the views) and for recreational triathlons... So an all-rounder really.
I was looking at gravel bikes and came across a couple viable options that I would like input on:
Surly Grappler And Vanterra Customs - Seargent
From what I understand is important to consider, both frames are chromoly steel, but the seargent has a carbon fork, the surly has a 1x crankset and the seargent has a 2x, both have disc brakes.
Im fairly new to this stuff so I would appreciate any input as well as other suggestions of any other bike options
Also what would be the drawbacks of going with something cheaper lile the Cannondale Topstone 4 which has a 1x10 drive train and an aluminium frame. How much would this detract from the experience?
Thank you all so so much!!!
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2023.06.04 06:56 AppleJuiceBoxx Keswick Trail Recommendations

Just moved up to Keswick and decided to buy a mountain bike. Anybody have recommendations of trails close by to go visit?
Looking at anything close by and up to an hour away. Just want to see what my options are depending on how much time I have.
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2023.06.04 06:50 RowBusiness9395 Looking for route recommendations in East Bay

I recently got my bike and is looking for some safe (no cars/rare cars) ride locations. Right now I’m mostly riding Alameda Creek Trail, which is great , but I want more pavement and more uphill landscape (used to race at school, and my favourite was an uphill race)
Also, I would be happy to join some group rides and races, can someone recommend something here?
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2023.06.04 06:35 TheRealTomMcV New to e-bike community

Just ordered a Level.2 today. Excited to jump into this. I’ve recently got back into cycling after 20 years. I really enjoy some trail riding and just goofing around my neighborhood and town. Hoping to use my new Level.2 to do some commuting on less busy days.
Anybody have a lot of experience commuting more than 10 miles one way? Anything to watch out for or prepare for using an e-bike? Travel kit? Extra battery, charger, etc?
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2023.06.04 06:29 Seniorbiz A couple early game gripes

Having tonnes of fun on the game, real banger in the making, I just want to air a few grievances I had in the early game. Keep in mind this is based on my experience so you might have had it different.
-medical supplies. Medical supplies were a scarce commodity with the crafting recipes for bandages and medkits locked at the start of the game. This, combined with crafting bandages being impractical for people without a bottomless pit of money to buy and scrap items with, makes the only avenue to get meds to buy them. But, bandages are for some silly reason locked until you level up the traders a few times (and long before that point you've lost all your meds on your first raids) and I still haven't unlocked medkits even though I have a trader at level 5.
This could lead to newer players being unable to heal as they don't know where to find meds in raid, and will probably loose many fights with other players to being damaged by ai beforehand. Leaving a sour taste in their mouth in the critical "is this game worth my time" period.
The solution I can think of is to make bandages available from the get go at at least one trader. The fact I can buy submachine guns from people I supposedly don't know but I can't buy a few strips of cloth doesn't make any sense.
-unclear jobs I gotta turn on the capital ship transponder? Where's the capital ship? Do I have to breach it with an escape pod or can I dock? The merchant ship's custom's manifest- what now?
Not knowing where jobs are can seriously affect a newer players experience. I basically learned them all from trail and error, and I'm still surprised I managed to find the forklift on my first raid after accepting the contract.
My solution would be to add a compass or radar map on the top of the screen when piloting a ship, having the factions logos represent the directions I'd need to go to complete them. This shouldn't effect gameplay much except give newer players the pointers they need.
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2023.06.04 06:23 daduke14 First shlundo, snorunt was the only shiny caught during the entire 3 hours of the event, ivs worth investing in for glalie mega?

First shlundo, snorunt was the only shiny caught during the entire 3 hours of the event, ivs worth investing in for glalie mega? submitted by daduke14 to pokemongobrag [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 06:18 PsychoMouse My enjoyment of this game just keeps growing. Like, holy crap.

So, for me, ever since release day, I’ve been slowly playing, trying to collect all the Korok Seeds before I continue the story but I keep getting side tracked by dungeons/strong monsters so my little task is taking me longer than I’d like. Like, it took me roughly 6-7 hours to fight and beat the Lynel in the swamp. I still only had 4 hearts and no extra Stamina, and my strongest weapon was a 14 dmg sword. It was not a quick fight.
(I unlock 1 map section, then I mark all the locations in that section where all the koroks are, then I collect all the ones in that section, go to another, repeat. I do that so I’m not just blindly collecting, I know which ones I got and where. )
But even doing that, I was still enjoying myself. Then today, I finally built an actually flyable Hover Bike. It tilts ever so slightly to the right but it’s almost nothing.
Now, let me tell you. Having that ability to fly everywhere. OMG. This has brought me much joy and has given me avenues, and so much more. And I finally got myself the thing for auto builds.
I am so truly amazed at how epic this game is, how massive it is, how beautiful it is, and how despite me doing the mass grinding thing, I am still 100% enjoying myself.
I can’t wait to see how far this game progresses with players creativity. It’s been amazing in just a few weeks.
There are of course some super microscopic minor issues, but that does not ruin any of the fun.
Just wanted to share that.
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2023.06.04 06:03 slightly__sketchy Selling my 2021 Watt Wagons Hydra 2300W Bafang M620 EMTB - Medium Frame - Seattle, WA

Images: https://imgur.com/a/a7KmJ0d
Selling my medium sized Watt Wagons Hydra with a 2300 watt Bafang M620 Ultra motor. I paid $6,400 in June 2021 and it was delivered in late October 2021. I've put a little more than 700 miles on it since, mostly on the road. Asking $4750 and located in Seattle, would prefer local pickup since it's a heavy ebike.
As you can see there's some dirt and a couple of scuffs here and there, but nothing major and no damage to the carbon frame. About 100 miles ago I disassembled the motor and packed it with Mobil Unirex N2 grease (and a new gasket) to quiet it down a bit and promote longevity. Medium frame is a 460mm reach, I'm 5'9 and it fits me well.
This is an extremely powerful and fast bike that is a ton of fun on or off road. In higher assist modes you barely even notice hills. It has a tendency to monster-truck over roots and rocks and carries speed on the trail, and the Tannus inserts allow you to run super low pressures for insane amounts of grip which is especially nice for technical, rooty climbs.
Probably will not come with the lock, lights, or trail bell. I've got a few spare Shimano 11t cassette cogs, motor gaskets, etc. that will come with the bike.
Pinkbike link here: https://www.pinkbike.com/buysell/3626533/
Full specs below:
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2023.06.04 05:52 BassFishnBassGuitar First Gravel Bike

First Gravel Bike
Just got my first gravel bike. So many options but I went with a Trek Checkpoint SL5, color: Satin Mercury/Satin Carbon Smoke. Put 88 miles on it in one week, and I’m really happy with it so far!
Looking to get a top tube bag. Any recommendations? The Tailfin Top Tube Pack looks nice.
Any other upgrade recommendations?
First picture is in NW Suburbs of Chicago, IL at Deer Grove Forest Preserve, and second is on the Des Plaines River Trail in Lake County, IL.
Happy trails!
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2023.06.04 05:22 murl Good news for both bikes and cars - thanks Trails Wellington

This sounds promising, filling in some gaps in the network with gentle-gradient off road paths.
Being able to get from one end of Wellington without having to tangle with traffic was not something I imagined in my wildest dreams a few years back. To the people who are contributing to the improvements, THANK YOU ALL.
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2023.06.04 05:09 Limabean9625 Where to get maps

I really want a cool map to hang up on my wall, preferably a really detailed trail and topographical map of a national park or something similar. Does anyone know where I could get one?
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2023.06.04 04:59 winterspan Trip Report: May 9-25, Tokyo and Kyushu

Just returned from a 2.5 week trip in Japan.
I started in Tokyo, before flying to Kagoshima and making my way back through Kyushu. I was by myself, making friends along the way.

TOKYO (Kuramae)

Tokyo was exciting and overwhelming. I really enjoyed staying in Kuramae on the east side. It was really peaceful at night along the Sumida river.
The first night I got in, being totally delirious from sleep deprivation, I ran around Asakusa in the dark. With the day trippers gone, I had Senso-Ji almost to myself.
I stayed in a hotel/hostel with a popular, upscale locals bar and cafe on the first floor, which led to a lot of commingling between travelers and locals. (named Nui). Fantastic idea.
I found a few tiny music venues in the neighborhood which were exclusively filled with locals. Me and some new travel buddies I met were welcomed as tourists, and it led to fun interactions with the bands and random Japanese.
Ueno and the area around the national museum definitely deserve a visit, as does Asakusa obviously. But it’ll be busy. Save for a quick trip, I stayed out of Shibuya/ Harajuku which I didn’t enjoy.
The most interesting day trip was to Fukushima area. I used a legit tour outfit (Real Fukushima) run by the community and was able to go into the exclusion zone area, and make visits to areas that were devastated by the tsunami. We stopped by one of the few combined community centerestaurant/market centers that had reopened since the disaster. It had such a hopeful feel to it after hearing about the problems getting folks to return to the area.Was a great experience overall.
The food in Tokyo was incredible in general and the 24 hour conbinis and ubiquitous vending machines were awesome for drinks and late night snacks.
Out of all the izakayas I went to, only one server was annoyed to deal with English speakers. The rest were friendly and inviting. Always useful to know a handful of Japanese and get your phone translation ready so you don’t burden them.
By far the highlight of my time in Tokyo was being able to attend the Kanda Matsuri festival around Akihibara. I’ve never experienced anything like it. The mix of ancient and modern, with the mobile shrines being paraded while chanting in front of Akihibara’s high tech backdrop was wild.
If you get a chance to attend a local traditional festival — any festival — do it.


Kagoshima was a cute little city. You won’t need a lot of time in the city itself. The Sengan-en garden was beautiful, as was the ferry and bus around the Sakurajima volcano. I did both in a day.
I stayed in a really cute guesthouse called Hostel Tomal. It was a group of private Japanese style rooms in an old building that had been rescued by a sort of art collective group. The owner was very nice and helpful and spoke English.
At night, it’s a quick walk up to the observation point which has a great view of the city lights. (If using Google maps, keep going through the parking lot when you reach the top). This is really popular during the day for the view of the volcano over the bay.
The entire city was surprisingly calm and quiet at night, especially outside the entertainment district. There were very few western tourists walking around, but I did meet a few.
Food highlights: - western cafe called “CAFESHOP”. Delicious sausage omelette and croissant after eating Japanese style breakfasts for a week. - little curry place called “Friend and Bird”, nice old man running the shop.
If you are into table top games or just want a fun bar to drink and hangout mostly with locals, there is a place called “NEWGAME BAR” with a flat fee.


I made an overnight stop at Mt. Aso, which was a quick express train from Kumamoto. It’s definitely worth a visit, especially if you are spending a lot of time in the cities. It was incredibly peaceful, I just biked around all evening.
The guesthouse I stayed in was lovely. It was run by a Japanese guy who had worked in California for a time, so he had all this American memorabilia and a big flag flying which I thought was cute.
There is also a great “red beef” restaurant there called “あか牛丼専門店 ごとう屋阿蘇店”.


Fukuoka was probably my favorite place, and I stayed for 4 nights.
I was in Hakata, at Webase. It’s sort of a cross between an upscale hostel and a hotel. My private room was equivalent to a business hotel, but had the benefit of a shared kitchen, common space and rooftop patio.
Walking around Hakata, Nakasu, Tenjin at night was beautiful and a lively experience. Similar to Tokyo in that way, but more relaxed.
I ended up at a local music festival out at Uminonakamichi Seaside Park over the weekend. I was one of very few western tourists at the show, and this led to meeting some locals which gave me a ride back and took me to dinner. We went to a local izakaya that looked like an abandoned building on the outside (intentionally) and had a secret doorway. They called it the “ninja house” which was just a joke I think. (The place was called “Chinpunkampun Haruyoshiten”). They did get a chuckle out of making me try to find the hidden door. This experience was easily the highlight of my entire trip. Google voice translate works very well and really makes these experiences possible.
I also took a day trip up to Kitakyushu to see the Sarakurayama Observatory via cable car. It’s a quick trip and definitely worth the detour. Nanzoin was also beautiful to see, but I think I had more fun just stopping at random train stations out that way and walking around.
Food highlights: - really cool Izakaya called “Takenoya Kawabata” - modern Yakiniku place with great beef that will serve a single person called “Yakinikutokasudon Tatsunosu Nakasukadomis”


I only had a short time in Hiroshima, and did the typical route of the Atomic bomb dome/museum and Miyajima/Mt. Misen.
The Atomic bomb museum and surrounding area was a very somber and emotional affair, but important to see.
Miyajima and Mt. Misen were as spectacular as everyone says, but be prepared for lots of crowds. I think I most enjoyed the ferry ride over the most. Absolutely beautiful.
One major food highlight to point out:
“Hakushima Brunch”. The most adorable cafe you’ll find in Japan. Run by a lovely older couple who opened it when they retired. They were so happy to see tourists and interact. The French toast was fantastic and very cheap, and they gave me free home made matcha.


When I got back to Tokyo, I headed to Yokohama the night before I flew out. I didn’t have much time to see everything, but the harbor around the Gundam factory was absolutely stunning at night. Train ride was worth it just for the view.
After two weeks of almost exclusively eating Japanese food, I found an American style BBQ joint (including wagyu brisket!) there which was fantastic. In fact, some of the best BBQ I’ve ever had period. Place is called Midtown BBQ Yokohama.
Overall, I had a wonderful trip. Be polite, greet people in Japanese, don’t fear the trains, get off the beaten path when you can, and get ready to walk like you’ve never walked before.
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2023.06.04 04:59 solidsnake7772 Uber eats ebike

Hi everyone. I'm new as a delivery driver with uber eats, im using an ebike and yes, using the ultra hidden ebike mode, I had a couple fast deliveries today, not something I get on regular bike mode. I'm using a retrospec rev city stepthrough ebike and it does pretty decent, any advice on carriage or other accessories I can use? I have a carrying cage on the back, I also have a little decent Ozark trail cooler bag I use. I might have to make this my main source of income fairly soon as I work in a call center and my mom has health issues and I need more flexibility between her issues and mine. I appreciate any type of good advice I can get. I'm also in the phoenix area, any tips on good spots for bikes, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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2023.06.04 04:29 CrowBlownWest Thoughts on coleman RB/RT 200

As a teenager my buddy and I carried his old Coleman mini bike in the trunk of my 4x4 and pop it out to scout trails, so much fun…
Would love to get one to mess around on and maybe do the same thing, and also be there for my daughter once she’s older.
We never got around to modding our old mini bike, but now I’m interested if I get a new one.
I just want something reliable to mess around with offroad and that can support a 200lb person and a steel jerry can. I was probably 140 lbs last time I rode one so I’m skeptical
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2023.06.04 04:20 Intelligent-Line284 What sumo wheels will fit a 23 crf250

I’m a big street bike rider. Back last august I purchased a 23 crf250rx. I go trail riding about twice a month but after selling my street bike a few weeks ago I want something to hit some slow back roads on. I’m new to all this super moto stuff so I want to know what to look out for when is comes to wheels. What dimensions? What wheels fit? What’s good brands?
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