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2023.06.05 18:08 Key-Cardiologist2665 Really struggling balancing working full time and mom duties, how do you cope with it all?

I just turned 26 and I’m really struggling with this transition. I became a mom at 21 in college so I had to grow up and get my shit together pretty quickly and maybe that’s why I’m struggling so much now. I’m not sure, I know this is a pretty normal feeling at this age but I’m just so overwhelmed. When I was in my early 20s I had so much ambition and drive and saw the light at the end of the tunnel, now I can’t see that anymore.
Going from living carefree to being a mom, living on my own for the first time, adopting my own animals (cat and dog, my cat is currently having a lot of health issues as well), paying bills, graduating college and working full time all within 5 years has really worn me down. I was able to handle everything fine until the last few months. I’m almost 2 yrs into my first post grad job and it was exciting at first and it was great to make money again and being able to contribute to our families income but now I just feel absolutely misreable. I have a lot more responsibilities at work, I’m in line for a promotion I don’t want to take because I know it will be too much for me. Now idk what to do next and I don’t even have the energy or time to look for a new job. I was thinking of just transferring departments and trying out a new position, but what’s really making me depressed and overwhelmed is the fact that I’m away from my son so much and it’s impossible to get anything done in the house between us both working full time so I’m not sure if that would even make a difference. I feel so stuck and helpless.
I thought this transition would be seem-less for me. I couldn’t wait to graduate college and start my career so I can provide for my son and my family, but between the work stress having no time to myself still barely being able to pay our bills living paycheck to paycheck and only getting to see my son for 2-3 hrs a day during the weekdays is killing me. Idk how to handle this anymore but we need my income. My partner already works 2 jobs as well as side jobs and sometimes works 7 days a week.
Any advice or tips would be so much appreciated, I’m really struggling. Thank you!!
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2023.06.05 18:07 DOXedycycline Is the GMC regulating PAs potentially the beginning of the end and a step we can’t come backwards from?

For a myriad of reasons I agree with PA regulation.
But…. If our regulator decides that there is any level of equivalency then we are royally fucked as a profession. There will be absolutely nothing we can do about it.
Given the following 1) the GMC regulate accreditation for medical degrees and will therefore likely accredit for PA degrees 2) U.K. gov wants four year med degrees and undergrad PA is four years currently 3) despite the lack of training programme for PAs, they could very much argue that a PA is a doctor alternative. If our regulator argues that, we have 0 power to argue back.
In my humble opinion the most power we have is to try and stop gmc regulation before it happens. PAs are no more a doctor than a nurse, NP or ACP is. There is no good reason they should be regulated under us.
It becomes a slippery slope - if we’re got the same regulator do we then get the same Union?
We and the BMA still have time to fight this and raise it with MPs and such. If you did it well enough, and articulated it and tapped into the publics fear factor it could be a very successful fight. Especially if we target labour MPs.
Quote from GMC ‘We're designing the processes and policies needed to make this possible. These changes are dependent on new legislation and subject to consultation. Based on the government’s timetable for consultation we expect regulation to begin in the second half of 2024 at the earliest.’
We all complain that those before us didn’t do enough. Are we going to do the same?
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2023.06.05 18:07 Deadmemories8683 AITA for siding with my mother in her decision to move out of state?

So a few months ago, I fly my mother down to visit for Easter and surprised her with flying in one of my brothers that she hasn’t seen since the pandemic (even though they live 2 hours from each other). During her visit my mother informed me that she was deciding to move to Michigan with a “church friend” and asked me if it was a good idea.
A little back story, my mother has been bouncing from place to place for the last 10-15 years. She has been staying with my aunt (her sister) for the last 4 years, but recently they have been in constant fights with one blaming the other and roping me into it.
I told her it is your decision, you’re grown and if that’s what you want to do, then so be it. Well my brothers and aunt seem to differ. They want her to stay in California and not move. But she literally has no place to go. My aunt gave her till the end of the month to move and neither of my brothers are financially or even physically stable to take care of her because of the amount of needs she has.
When I mentioned that it was her decision, my aunt and youngest brother said that it was wrong of me to not offer my home to her and that I was being a selfish asshole for allowing her to move to Michigan without contesting it.
I am just at a list of words from them because one second they are sick of her and her ways, but when she finally says I’m leaving now I’m the asshole. So, AITA here?
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2023.06.05 18:07 FelichatTheCat Karen’s Cousin’s Visit to the Hack

Thunderstrom Hack has a 30-day return policy. The item has to have the tags attached and should be un-altered.
A woman came in a couple of days ago wanting to return a pair of sneakers she said didn’t fit well on her toes. My employee scanned her receipt and she was 16 days over the return window. So the employee calls me in.
The customer is a middle-aged woman who had the shoes on the counter. “I came here on the day but I saw that the line was inexcusably long, so I decided I cannot return the shoes that day.”
“Unfortunately, we cannot issue you a refund. The policy is 30 days and it’s been 46 days.” I told her.
“Like I said, I came to return on the day but the line was so long. I was going to come back the next day but I had a migraine for 4 days….” She replied.
“I’m sorry about that but if for now, I will issue you a store credit so you can find better shoes. This time though, you’ll need to return within 30 days, if needed.”
She snaps at me and told me, “No, I’m not going to accept store credit. The shoes didn’t fit and it wasn’t my fault the line was so long when I came on the day. I was sick and I cannot make it. Your line was super long and it’s a problem with your store. I would like a refund to my card.”
I reiterated that she should’ve returned the shoes the moment she felt they didn’t fit her well. I also mentioned she had 4 weeks to consider returning the shoes. She kept saying that line situation and her migraine of 4 days over and over again.
Refusing to accept store credit, she threatened to leave the shoes and claim she didn’t get her money back. I told her that she cannot leave her belongings unattended.
She said, “That’s not fair, that you’re not giving me my money. It’s my money!”
“Ma’am, you could’ve come back the next day or any other day of the week, 2 weeks ago. I’m trying to meet you halfway. I can only offer you store credit.”, I said.
“And I think you don’t understand I don’t want store credit , give me my money back! Who is the manager here?”
“I am the manager, ma’am.”
“Who do you report to? Who does your boss report to? What is your name ???”
So I went and got the business card of the DM and told her she can talk to anyone in the Thunderstrom hierarchy.
She called the number in the card. The DM was on PTO that week so I guess she sent the CEO an email. Who knows, she will most likely email Buddha or send a letter to St. Peter and demand for her $80 back.
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2023.06.05 18:06 ashen65 Muzan is so good!

Unpopular opinion: I like Muzan a lot. He gave the vibe of a true final villain. He’s well designed as a demon and as a human. His personality and goal to conquer the sun and become fully immortal. And his powers and abilities, despite them not being enough.
Muzan's confrontations with Yoriichi and the Ubuyashiki family were two of the best scenes I have ever seen! Yes, Muzan is coward, but cowardliness is just one aspect of his personality, unlike Kokushibo where surpassing Yoriichi is his whole personality.
And I got to say it, I really liked him more than the upper moons. Kokushibou’s backstory revealed that he’s just a jealous child. Douma’s personality was not enough and his fight was lame. Akaza’s backstory killed his intimidation and killed his potential to become a stronger and more exciting demon. I still like Akaza… his backstory is not as bad as the other two.
Respectfully, I do not understand why people loved their backstories. When a character is already loved for its strong presence, strength, and current personality, why would you show me its pathetic and weak old version?
“The shadow of death was always clinging tightly onto me” “Tanjiro Kamado... You will conquer the sunlight and become the strongest demon— the king of demons!” “You will not die. I believe that. Make my dream come true... Tanjiro. In my place... you must destroy... the Demon Slayer Corps!”
No sympathy towards Muzan whatsoever. Just pure evilness. Exactly. He’s a villain, why would I sympathise with a villain? Personally, I cannot feel sympathy for a character that I want it to die at the end of the day.
In the end, I respect all opinions. Thank you for reading till this moment!
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2023.06.05 18:06 HLLiu [Translation] FF's first owner is from the Koolhaas family of designers who designed the CCTV building and is a former Prada designer

[Translation] FF's first owner is from the Koolhaas family of designers who designed the CCTV building and is a former Prada designer
On May 31, FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance Edition was officially launched, priced at $309,000. Today, FF's first owner was revealed as Rem D Koolhaas, a designer known as a "disruptor" in the design world, and a member of the Koolhaas family, the most powerful in the world in the field of architectural design. Rem D Koolhaas' uncle, Rem Koolhaas, is the designer of the CCTV headquarters building in China, and his family's design firm is a partner with several luxury brands such as Prada.
On June 1, Beijing time, Rem D Koolhaas has signed a sales contract with FF in Los Angeles and has officially become the first owner of the $309,000 Ultimate AI TechLuxury FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance.
Like FF, which is "disrupting" a century-old traditional automotive vision, Rem D Koolhaas is also known as a "disruptor" in the field of design, coming from the Koolhaas family, the most powerful design family in the world. Rem Koolhaas, who was selected as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine, is the uncle of Rem D Koolhaas, the designer of the CCTV headquarters building in China. Rem Koolhaas founded OMA Metropolitan Architects, which is known as the cradle of architects around the world. Among others, luxury goods Prada is a long-time partner of his firm.

Lo Res Car designed by Rem D Koolhaas
Rem D Koolhaas, who comes from a family of designers, founded the fashion brand United Nude in 2003 and has created objects with a dramatic approach to design, including car design. United Nude is known for blending fashion and architecture in abstract and functional objects such as shoes, chairs and personal accessories, and the industry calls it "disruptor."
The Lo Res Car, a low-resolution vehicle designed by Rem D Koolhaas, was featured at the Disruptors design show at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California, in March 2020. The front driver controls the car with a hexagonal steering wheel. The steering wheel and other components are made directly from polished stainless steel, and the body panels let in light, so there are virtually no blind spots. The Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck is said to have borrowed its design from the Lo Res Car (low resolution car).
On May 31, the FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance Edition was launched with a global price tag of $309,000. The model is powered by three electric motors with a total power of 1,050 hp and a torque output of 1,977 Nm, the largest of its kind. 0-60 mph (96 km/h) acceleration time of 2.27 seconds, an acceleration-to-weight ratio of 0.78, and a range-to-weight ratio of 136 top the list, outperforming both conventional and electric car rivals.
After the FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance Edition was released, the price of $309,000 was considered by many people in the industry as "who would buy it" and "why is it so expensive". Now, Rem D Koolhaas, the "disruptor" of the design world, has become the first owner of FF, which is a perfect match with FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance.
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2023.06.05 18:06 OnlySeasurfer Surgical delay to ED Resus Bleeps *Rant/Seeking Perspective*

I'd appreciate some surgical perspectives to the below case. Personally, I find it extremely unprofessional and unsafe, but having never done surgery, and I'm keen to hear from the other side of the table.
I take a resus pre-alert- 70yr female, haemodynamically unstable with frank PR bleeding, witnessed in the department. She has a DNR for a stable laryngeal cancer, but otherwise has a good QoL and minimal co-morbidities. We stabilise her, activate MHP, reverse the DOAC and bleep general surgery for review. What proceeds is 45 minutes of attempting to contact both the SpR and RSO (FY2) numerous times, with zero response.
Patient becomes more unstable, so I fast-bleep. No response and nobody appears. I attempt to contact the surgical consultant- no response either. 45 minutes after first bleep, the day SpR shows up, tells us they are in a rush for handover, and after the SBAR, states that the patient is not going to be fit for surgery, but will hand it over to the night team to review after handover. Doesn't look at the patient, examine, introduce themselves or go past the blue curtain in any way.
30 minutes later, the night surgical team show up, and do a competent job. Given her condition, they decide she isn't stable enough for surgery, we palliate, and she passes away 1hr later.
To be clear, I have no problem with the surgical decision (that's their speciality after all), but nearly 1.5hr delay in reviewing a critically unwell patient with obvious surgical pathology, without so much as a call down to find out the situation is extremely poor. I put in a Datix, and it was dismissed by the surgical consultant because the patient wouldn't have been fit for surgery on arrival, and the entire surgical team was scrubbed into theatre, and thus had no way to attend the emergency anyway.
I find the argument extremely poor. I struggle to believe that the FY2 is so critical to the operation that they can't be liberated from the table, and the fact that they didn't even get a theatre nurse to respond to the bleep to get information/explain the situation is completely inexcusable. This also ignores the fact that they had absolutely no idea what I had in resus and had no way of knowing what they were ignoring. Could just have easily been a 35yr stab victim, or 50yr ischemic bowel.
So, to my surgical colleagues- is this straight up poor care, or is there an angle I'm missing? I don't want to go to war with a speciality because I've got my ED blinders on, but I found the entire experience unprofessional and completely inconsiderate of the critically unwell patient stuck without definitive management for so long.
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2023.06.05 18:06 funkadelicbreakfast Can 10 lb weight gain affect my breasts first?

Hello! 29f. I struggle with an eating disorder called “ARFID” and it is not related to body image however it has greatly reduced the foods I consider “safe” and texture issues have caused me to lose weight for years. I’ve always had small breasts, 34B. Last year I got down to 109lbs at 5’6” and had almost no breasts. I am in a much better place mentally now and branching out with foods! I got up to 115lbs and stayed there for a long time. I did not notice breast growth at this time. In the past few months I have gotten up to 125lbs and my breasts feel heavier, larger and my 34B bras don’t fit any longer, I am spilling out of them. Other than breastfeeding 10 years ago I have never noticed such rapid breast growth. I have not noticed my body much larger in other areas due to the 10lb weight gain. Could it go to my breasts first? I’m loving the changes and will head to get a new bra today but I feel completely lost at where to start with sizing now and due to having such empty breasts in the past bra shopping has always caused some anxiety so this will be interesting
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2023.06.05 18:06 rlew631 Intermittent wifi issues with intel 6E AX211 and ubuntu 22.04LTS

The wifi on my lenovo T14 laptop randomly stops working after a bit and the wifi needs to be turned off and on again to get it working again. It happens pretty frequently and I'm not quite sure what the issue is now.
I turned power management off and this is confirmed in the response from iwconfig. I also tried manually updating the driver by copying all of the iwlwifi files from the latest linux firmware zip (2023055) and sudo lshw -c network shows that I'm on driver version 5.19; iwlwifi looks like it's supported AX211 since 5.14.
One thing that's a bit odd is that the results of sudo lshw -c network show that it's running at 33MHz but the card is 160MHz.
Here are the uncommented contents of my iwlwifi.conf file if it helps:
remove iwlwifi (/sbin/lsmod grep -o -e iwlmvm -e iwldvm -e iwlwifi xargs /sbin/rmmod) && /sbin/modprobe -r mac80211 options iwlwifi 11n_disable=1 swcrypto=1 
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2023.06.05 18:06 Fine-Bodybuilder-262 I (30f) had a panic attack while booking a holiday over the summer with my partner. I feel stupid.

I (30f) had a panic attack while booking a holiday over the summer with my partner. It was completely unexpected and disproportionate to the situation. I have had panic attacks in the past (typically this happened while I was my ex who was very abusive) but it has been a long time since. My partner and I had plans to go on holiday abroad and this was something I was really looking forward to.
We went to the travel agent together and my partner did a complete U-turn deciding that he didn't want to go abroad after all. He is worried about the trains striking and not being able to get to the airport (I tried to assure him I was willing to sort out a taxi in the unlikely event this happened on the same day, but it made no difference). He claimed it was too expensive (I was willing to pay half). My partner has never really liked travelling but had this one location on his bucket list. I was very disappointed but left it.
The next day my partner was looking at local cottage holidays and was putting pressure on me to look at them with him and get on and book something. I was still processing the fact we were no longer going abroad and wanted "time to think" rather than immediately going into this. This frustrated him and he said "we don't seem to be on the same page, you want to go abroad, I don't, so it looks like we won't go away anywhere this year." I said wait a minute that's not fair, I am just wanting time to think the same as you.
I decided to push the matter further and my partner stated that because we have been going through a rough patch which we are trying to work on lately (poor communication/unaligned expectations), he didn't feel comfortable going abroad with me because "if anything happened he could still go on a local holiday by himself, but he wouldn't be willing to go abroad by himself." I was really hurt by this. I tried to look at the cottages but I began to get a horrible fluttery feeling in my chest. I ended up going downstairs and could feel myself hyperventilating. I made my partner a cup of tea while I was down there and attempted to zone out of it.
I returned but still felt the same way and ended up bursting out crying and saying I felt like I couldn't breathe. My partner asked what was the matter and comforted me trying to help me. It subsided after a few moments. I now feel horribly embarrassed, and my partner is concerned for me.
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2023.06.05 18:06 Caelian Moon of Alabama: Ukraine Launches Its Counterattack (plus NY Times "hmmm")

Today's Moon of Alabama Ukraine Launches Its Counterattack is worth reading.
The long announced Ukrainian counter offensive has started. New Ukrainian units, never seen before, have come to the front.
The attack was launched by Ukraine for political reasons under pressure from its 'western' sponsors. Militarily it is unlikely to become successful but it will eat away at whatever is left of Ukraine's military capabilities.
Attacks happened all around the front. In the north towards Belgograd, to the east and, with the most forces, towards the south. There was so far little to no success in any of the attacks.
I strongly suspect that the Russian military will let the Ukrainian attacks run their course to then launch its own larger scale attacks against weakened Ukrainian defenses.
Lots of good comments. Caelian-Bob says check 'em out.
I particularly like this one about today's New York Times headline "Nazi Symbols on Ukraine's Front Lines Highlight Thorny Issues of History". I saw that headline and thought "hmm... the NY Times has been really gung-ho on Ukraine for the last couple of years and has not been reporting on Ukraine's Nazi tendencies." So this could be a turning point.
Here is Babel-17's comment (Jun 5 2023 14:33 utc 31):
Huh, I gave up on the New York Times ages ago, even for "hate browsing", or simply seeing the quantity and quality of BS they were pushing. I formerly would use their search engine to see if they were even noting scandalous news about the Biden administration, but that rarely bore fruit.
OK, so imagine my surprise just now when I gave in to the urge to see how they were reporting on Ukraine impaling its forces on fortified Russian lines, and saw this article.
Nazi Symbols on Ukraine's Front Lines Highlight Thorny Issues of History
KYIV, Ukraine -- 2014 Since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine last year, the Ukrainian government and NATO allies have posted, then quietly deleted, three seemingly innocuous photographs from their social media feeds: a soldier standing in a group, another resting in a trench and an emergency worker posing in front of a truck.
In each photograph, Ukrainians in uniform wore patches featuring symbols that were made notorious by Nazi Germany and have since become part of the iconography of far-right hate groups.
The photographs, and their deletions, highlight the Ukrainian military's complicated relationship with Nazi imagery, a relationship forged under both Soviet and German occupation during World War II.
That relationship has become especially delicate because President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia has falsely declared Ukraine to be a Nazi state, a claim he has used to justify his illegal invasion.
(More at link)
Babel-17 continues:
I firmly believe that when the United States gives up on supporting Ukraine it will only be after the New York Times signals the imminence of that, and lays out talking points to cover for it.
"Mission accomplished!" looks like it will be a tough fit now, but they might be preparing their readers to get ready to start talking up the idea that Ukraine "won a stalemate" from Russia, and even dropping hints that a government like Ukraine's isn't one worth dying over. If the New York Times starts mentioning the racism and homophobia that was/is pretty common in Ukraine, I'll really think that there is some light at the end of the tunnel for the United States giving up on its series of bad bets regarding backing the Zelenskyy regime.
Oh wait, they already did that, in the fifth paragraph at the link I posted.
Today is a hell of a day for the New York Times to remind everyone with its front page that Ukraine has a Nazi problem. I'll cautiously celebrate by having a delicious cup of coffee.
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2023.06.05 18:06 jccool5000 Vanguard first year withdraw restriction

No one has pointed this out but vanguard has a severe withdraw limitation. Apparently funds must go back to the originating account. But I have 2 linked accounts and I tried both. neither of them work 💀
I deposited money into vanguard and they said to withdraw money in the first year, they must call my bank manually to verify the transaction with me on the line before it can be processed.
And then it has to be sent up through many many levels for approval. WTF is this?
A bypass seems to be checkwriting though, but still this is ridiculous
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2023.06.05 18:06 eclectic_shambles Cat limping 8 weeks after surgery for fractured paw

Species: Cat
Age: 8
Sex/Neuter status: M / neutered
Breed: Domestic long hair
Body weight: 4.8kg
Your general location: UK
My cat survived a serious accident 2 months ago following a high fall. He had multiple complex fractures in both front paws and an open fracture in his jaw. He had surgery 2 days after his accident to have pins put in both paws and a plate and in his jaw. He's been doing really really well all things considered - it's really astonishing that he survived given how far he fell.
He's been on cage rest for the last 7 weeks and he's just been given the all clear from the vet to progress to room rest for the next 2 weeks. His jaw and one of his paws seem to be healing very well - he's been eating since week 2 (thankfully because he was not a fan of his feeding tube) and is back on dry food as well as wet, and his right paw seems to be back to full strength and flexibility. His left paw however is causing some problems still - this was the more significant fracture according to the vet (looks the opposite to me in the x-rays but what do I know!) and was extremely swollen for a long time - it took nearly 3 weeks to get back to normal size.
He has 3 pins in that paw - 2 of which are covering multiple fractures in the same bone. And one of which covers the joint on his dewclaw. The vet did flag that the dewclaw pin may cause some issues in the future due to it's location but that because it wasn't weight bearing he felt it would be OK.
His pre-surgery x-ray is here: His post-surgery x-ray is here:
Duration 1 week noted limp, but accident was 8 weeks ago.
Clinical signs
Since he's been up and about it's clear that this left paw is still causing him problems. If he's sitting up he'll keep it held up and now that he's out off his cage and I can see him walk more he has a very pronounced limp. He has also lost flexibility in the paw - I don't know the anatomical terms but he can't flex it at the same point as his other paw so it is always a big bigger and he's using more of his paw to walk on.
I have spoken the vet about it and his assessment is that it's a loss of flexibility due to the severity of the break and the associated surgery. That it isn't something to be concerned about and it can be managed with pain relief in the future if needed. He's an indoor cat which was flagged as a positive as there was no risk of him getting trapped somewhere due to unexpected physical limitation.
He otherwise seems fine - he's moving around, eating well, jumping small heights (he's restricted at the moment) and getting back down no problem. It's just the walking that shows off how significant his limp is.
I know the above makes sense - and frankly if he comes away with a limp from what should have been a fatal accident then that is definitely amazing but I wanted to:
a. sense check this diagnosis
b. check whether there was any cat physio (if such a thing exists) that might help improve his flexibility and
c. understand how I can tell when his limp has shifted from mechanical lameness to pain.
Any help much appreciated.
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2023.06.05 18:05 aadisriram Gifting a brand new car to my brother who live in CA

I live in OR (no sales tax) and wanted to buy my brother a car as his graduation gift! Searching online has yielded a lot of results for cars that were previously in the owners name and were then gifted but couldn't find much about buying a brand new car and gifting it. Will my brother end up having to pay sales tax if I gift him a new one?
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2023.06.05 18:05 Fanaticalistic How Does Shampoo Affect Natural Oil Levels?

Hi everybody :)
I got tight curly hair, and it's prone to flaking. A few years ago I decided to try out not using shampoo at all to balance out my oil levels. I did it for an entire year until I was shamed by my hairdresser, at which point I started shampooing once every 1.5 weeks. To my credit, the no shampoo actually kind of worked for me! My hair was still super flaky, but my scalp was not very oily anymore.
Finally I went to see a dermatologist about the flakiness. They gave me Ketoconazole shampoo and salicyclic acid shampoo, told me to use them interchangeably four times a week. This of course is much more shampooing than my scalp has been used to in years, but I wanted to get rid of the flakiness. The flakes are gone, but now the oil comes back HARD if I go off this routine for even a day. After missing a day my scalp smells like it used to years ago, before I did my year of no shampoo.

What is going on? Lol, was my layer of dandruff preventing it from getting so oily before? Why does it seem like I can only have one or the other, flakes or oil? Now that the flakes are gone I want to cut back on my shampoo so I don't get so oily so fast, but last time I had to actually go cold turkey to accomplish that, and I'm scared I lost all the progress I made on my natural oil levels from going off shampoo years ago.
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2023.06.05 18:05 DiverRare4582 22 Silverado dash cam

Ok I recently bought a 22 Silverado, in my 13 I had a dash cam. The camera was able to plug into the cigarette lighter, but the ‘22 has no cigarette lighter port. I tried a adapter to convert the usb-c port to cigarette lighter, it only is able to power the camera for a very short time. Any suggestions on either a way to make my existing camera work or a camera to get that will be able to plug in. I really don’t want to hard wire a camera in.
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2023.06.05 18:05 Fakenamed_Sam Should I max out my VRAM usage on GTX 1650 OC G6?

My PC is a low end gaming build with a
I3 - 12100F
GTX 1650 OC G6
8GB 2666Mhz RAM (will upgrade it to 16 soon)
While playing God of war I noticed that playing at "Original" preset it's using 3500MB out of the 4GB.
Should I increase the settings to use up more? Does the GPU use more vram than its sepcfied in the game settings?
I live in a hot climate with no AC so GPU temp from task manager says it's arround 82°C. (It's usually arround 72-75 when playing Syndicate)
I'm ok with playing games at low setting but I do want to know if it's ok continue playing games on this build with such temps.
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2023.06.05 18:05 Blueberry_Unfair Story time, idiot tow truck drivers

So the other night I got the dreaded 12v error. No problem called ford roadside has it towed to the dealer.
As soon as the driver showed up I asked him if he had ever towed one of these and he said "no but I specialize in high end cars" so I took the time to show him how to put it in emergency tow.
He had me sit in the car and steer while he pulled it on the flat bed and about half way up at a 50 degree angle the chain slipped and if I hadn't slammed on my breaks I would have rolled into a bunch of cars and gas pumps.
When the dealer called the next day I told them to check the under carriage. Sure enough they called today and told me the town truck hooked to a hole in a high voltage frame rail and the hook tore right through it like a tin can. The are estimating 1000k worth of damage. So I guess I'm stuck fighting it out with ford's roadside company amd the tow company to get it paid for.
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2023.06.05 18:05 newbeginning03 31M in Wyoming -I have a girl I love in Washington DC. I need someone to help me find a new job and get to her.

Hi everyone,
About me: I'm a 31-year-old professional with a respectable job and a stable income. I play a meaningful role in my community and I take a lot of pride in what I do. I'm a thinking man. There's always a book propped open in my apartment. My favorite conversations are everything you're not allowed to take about around the dining room table. I am utterly and endlessly engrossed with politics, philosophy and spirituality. At the same time, I pride myself most of all on open-mindedness. I always strive to be as kind as I can in every situation and value empathy above all else. I aim for understanding and connection between people and do my best to embrace those who think differently from me. I find solace and meaning in the outdoor and try my best to be open to challenges and new experiences.
Where I'm at: I'm on the verge of needing to make fundamental changes in my life and I'm looking for someone to help guide me through making those changes in the coming months. I've been through a lot this past decade and I have a real opportunity for transformation, stability and happiness, but it's going to take bold action, courage and real self-understanding to get there. I'm going to need to get out of my comfort zone. It's important to me that I do. Having someone to support me, guide me a little and hold me accountable would likely make all the difference.
Wait, didn't you mention a girl?: - I did! We've been together long-distance for a year. I finally got her to my region of the country in April to spend a week together and spending time with somebody has never felt easier or more natural. It's going to take a lot of change and growth to pull it off - I've been nesting in a bachelor pad for next to forever - but I do, truly, want to build a life with her.
First thing first: I need to get a job in Washington D.C. But, so far that has presented a Catch 22. I'm in a high-hour, regularly high-stress, often-demanding job. I love it, but moving on from it is difficult. You see, in order to not starve while looking for other jobs I need to do this job. And in order to this job, I need to expend all the energy I'd use to search for other jobs. People get out of this trap every day and I'm sure I can too, I probably just need someone to push me and make sure I'm working on apps during periods where I want to be resting. But, I definitely need a hand in it, because so far all efforts have failed to get off the ground. On my girl's part - she's sending me job listings every day, so I have no shortage of jobs to apply to. It's just about making it happen.
Other main goals -
  1. Run a marathon by the end of next Autumn.
  2. Clean my damn apartment (to the state where I can just leave it for the next tenant).
  3. Begin active meditation and mindfulness habits
  4. Begin to pursue personal/creative writing projects again.
What I need from you - I need someone engaged, willing to keep in regular, daily contact. Someone positive, high-energy and occasionally insightful, not afraid to create come-to-Jesus moments when needed. Someone with a growth mindset who will keep us both moving forward. I'm 200-percent type B personalty, so at least a sprinkling of type A in you would probably be helpful.
What can you expect from me? - Well, my whole life and future is on the line here, and I will be bringing that same energy towards the goals that you want to to work on. In other words, I'm not going to be casual. I'm going to be engaged. I'm going to be putting to be a lot of energy and attention in this project and will do my best to be just as connected with your goals as I am with mine. I want my success to mean you success too.
Let's connect soon.
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2023.06.05 18:05 jrmtz85 Kindle on Android issues

Hi there,
Recently started having issues importing my own books into the Kindle app on my Android (Pixel 6 Pro). I specifically get books from JNovel Club, convert them to AZW3 in Calibre and then send to device. This has been working since I got the Pixel (and currently have a out 160 books imported that way which work great). However, books I've added in the past 2-3 weeks no longer show up in the app no matter what I do. I've confirmed the files are in the right folder, the correct format, updated the app, restarted app, phone, etc, multiple tienes, and not sure what to do now. I love the Kindle app, so I'd prefer not to have to use another reader if possible.
Any thoughts?
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2023.06.05 18:05 wardamnjared If you are looking to improve fast, Control is the answer

Sadly, the Control only mixtape mode will be gone tomorrow but it is absolutely, without a doubt the fastest way to improve no matter what skill level you are. TDM is fine for it too but Gun Run as fun as it is doesnt really help the same way because you dont choose your guns. I admittedly stumbled into this realization because when i didnt have my usual friends online Control is more fun than dealing with randoms. It doesnt hurt that playing Control, which I am almost positive has very loose/no SBMM, is a breathe of fresh air from masters/pred 3 stacks rolling virtually every lobby in pubs and ranked.
The recipe is very simple, drop into control and choose a few guns to improve with. For me I wanted to improve my SMGs because CQC fights have the largest impact on winning or losing fights. I will go as far as to actually drop my second gun if it is a charge or another sniper or marksman and pick up another SMG when I can. The goal is simple, take the gun you want to get better with and go take as many fights as possible. Get every rep in you possibly can shooting that gun.
I've been playing control for like an hour or two at a time and after a week I feel a big jump in my consistency in short range fights. This works for any skill level, but if like me you are in that borderline skill tier of Apex where you just alternate between getting rolled by top 1% and rolling bots with not much in between this is a great way to feel like you can improve and not get stuck at that plateau.
TLDR: Play Control, choose guns to practice, get max reps in fighting, profit
Bonus Tip: In my experience 95% of the time the enemy team will have at least one person who is head and shoulders better than everyone else, usually dropping 20+ and 4K dmg in that game. It takes a little ego but you gotta seek that person out when you can. Get as many 1v1s with that person as you can even if you are losing. There is absolutely no substitute for getting to simulate those fights with better players. Don't get frustrated, and just watch how they play. Learn as much as you can about how/why they are better and soon you will be that person.
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2023.06.05 18:04 AdNew7964 CB500F or MT03?

Looking for a fun commuter. 300-500cc. Round trip is about 60mi a day country roads between 45-55mph. I am 5’9 and weight about 140lbs.
Been finding both the CB and MT for around the same price used with similar miles. I understand the CB has a bit more power and TQ but the MT is quite a bit lighter.
For those who have owned both or have shopped for both, what would you suggest?
This is not my first bike. I have been riding for the better part of 10yrs but have been absent from the sport for the last 3 years. Just looking for something to get the itch back.
Also open to other ideas!
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