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2023.06.02 22:13 heartshapedcell patience lacking

nothing grinds my gears when i'm in the middle of helping someone at register & the person behind them tries to rush them out.
this older lady is trying to get her app to open to show me a price difference. it's really no problem, i don't mind waiting especially when it's so slow.
behind her comes up this woman who i can only describe with the force of a thousand suns. she's ready to go before she even got into the store.
the older lady pulls up the price difference and as i'm turning my head to look at the screen, in the .00000000003 seconds it takes to look, this woman behind her, very loudly goes, "can this hurry up i need to be somewhere"
then WHYYYYYY did you decide to go to petsmart? and run errands. in the middle of the day when all the elderly are out and about.
this poor older woman looks so embarrassed and tries to pay and i just -- oh my god. so i take my time, tell her to "bring her puppy in", enjoy her weekend, try out this ice cream place that started serving ice cream nachos. i don't care man, don't make a dumb decision and try to blame it on others.
so miss thousands suns comes up and tosses her stuff, rattles her phone number off. i scan her stuff and before i can even tell her the total, she goes "WHY ISNT THE MACHINE TELLING ME MY TOTAL TO PAY?"
i ignore it and tell her it should work now. then she starts slamming her card on top of the screen and gets mad it won't read it. i just stand there silently until she gives up and shoved it into the reader. her receipt prints and she snatched her stuff to leave, only for the doors to take forever to open which makes her even more mad. lol
later on this older guy , before i could even ask for his phone number, starts telling me "i have a rewards with you idk what it is i need you to tell me is it an email, a phone --" like sir if you l waited 2 seconds, i would've ask you "do you have a phone number with us"
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2023.06.02 18:53 bannedfromblackwater Finally got a Petco/Petsmart stack

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2023.06.02 14:39 midnitelogic Pups favorite toy is on its last legs, Help!

My boy has had this stuffed Axlotl that we got from the $5 bin at Petsmart and it's on its last legs. He has 4 other plushies from the same line/bin but none are his go to comfort friend. My entire state is sold out of these and as ridiculous as this probably sounds, if anyone can find one at their local store, I would pay cost plus shipping plus a coffee if someone would be willing to get one for me!
Can't attach a pic but they're still on the PS website
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2023.05.31 03:02 OneMembership4767 Introducing Cream Puff!

Introducing Cream Puff!
A couple days ago, my fiancé and I were at Petsmart getting a few supplies for our animal room. I noticed this little girl had been here for a while, so we asked about her and they said she had been there for 3 months! They couldn’t get anyone to adopt her because of her nose. They said when they got her in, she was with another hamster and they got into a fight, hence the giant scab on her nose. According to the guy we talked to, she has been in and out of their vet office to get treatment. When we heard she had been there for 3 months and that no one wanted her, our hearts broke. So, of course since we already had everything we needed at home other than food, we picked up a bag of food and took her home with us! We were absolutely willing to pay the $23 for her, but the guy that got her out for us let us take her home and even gave us some toys for her for free. It’s taking her a while to adjust, but that’s to be expected. She is such a sweet girl 🥰
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2023.05.30 08:06 Aggravating_Tax3458 Hey, I just got hired on as a server at Applebee’s. I’ve never ever been a server anywhere and I’m leaving petsmart to work there. Any tips? And also what pay am I looking at? I live in north west GA.

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2023.05.25 04:11 Musician_Far If this ain’t a unicorn

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2023.05.24 02:26 blehssin What's the next step?

Hi. I've been a bather for about a year and a half. I started at petsmart as a bather and was working towards entering the stylist apprenticeship program once one of the girls at our store completed all her needed dogs to be able to work unsupervised. Whether or for better or for worse, I moved out of state and decided to not transfer stores as I really did not enjoy the culture towards pets or staff at petsmart. Instead, I took the first bathing job i was offered as i needed a job in my new state. It is under the table and pays more. I like my salon i currently work at, but they are not willing to apprentice me. the owner works part time now and isn't looking to add a groomer despite being booked beyond capacity and being unable to take on new clients. Both the grooming schools near me cost around $7,000. I already have nail clippers, a dremmel, shears, and clippers. Under my salon manager I learn obviously how to bathe, dry, and brush, but I also learned sanitary trims, paw pads, plucking ears, scissoring feet on a few breeds, scissoring etiquette, and even a few shave downs. It feels a bit silly to me to pay $7k for schooling where a few of the weeks will be wasted and I am paying for a tool kit that I already have some of the items from. I do believe grooming is my passion, between trying college and cosmetology, this is the first thing that really feels right to me. I light up when I talk about it, I know the ins and outs, I know the good and the bad. I just don't know the next step to accomplishing my goal of learning how to groom. Should I reach out to other local salons and see if someone will apprentice me? Should I pay for the schoooling? Should I take an online course in the meantime to start learning about the different cuts? I really feel quite stuck and don't know what to do next. Going to the school would mean an hour or more drive every day for eight weeks without a pay check while making car payment, insurance, chipping into bills with my partner. I'd love advice from a seasoned groomer. thanks!
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2023.05.23 21:52 Important_Air_2456 Good jobs to Segway to after petsmart

Has anyone who worked petsmart management (and left for a different job) have any job recommendations? Hopefully around the same pay. I’m just looking for options, everything I can find is way less pay.
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2023.05.21 03:28 thr0waway7373 Wow! What an opportunity! Thanks UE! /s

Wow! What an opportunity! Thanks UE! /s
2hr drive to Miami in the morning! I'm looking forward to it.
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2023.05.20 17:15 FantasticTrouble1065 Money for the Del Coronado

So we have enough money to have a huge event at the Del Coronado in San Diego CA but not for hours? Rooms start at $1000 a night but I can’t get more than 12 hours a week? What the [email protected]!!!! I’m glad they are having a great time while I struggle to pay my bills. PetSmart never fails to show how much they don’t care about the people who pay the bills.
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2023.05.19 10:46 SureYesterdayMaybe Family wants to euthanize adopted dog of 3 years, after she attacked a little dog. Shelter wants to find a foster and re-evaluate her issues
So many red flags 🚩🚩🚩
"We are devastated to learn that one of our adopted dogs (from three years ago) is now in danger of being surrendered to a shelter or worse, euthanized. We received word that Elle (formerly Joanie) was off leash in public, ended up seeing a little dog, resulting in a dog fight. Elle has always been nervous around other dogs and needing to be leashed, when not within a fenced in area, because of her need to go on the offense to protect herself around other animals. She seems to be weary of dogs from her past, prior to rescue. Mistakes happen, but unfortunately, it's putting her life in danger. The family is no longer wanting to keep her. Even after three years of no issue, they are too intimidated to keep her after seeing her bite the little dog. We pray the little dog will be okay. Little dogs are no match for big dogs. People also don't always know how to break up a fight and end up putting their hands in the way. Elle has never intentionally been human aggressive and has lived with young children for the past three years. She is a sweetheart. The family is putting significant pressure on us to take her off their hands, or the husband will take matters into his own. We've offered to pay for a behaviorist, training, and even Rover to come walk Elle until a solution is found. The family is too nervous of her because of the bite to the little dog. They are not willing to separate her from the children when at work. Even though she's never shown a threat to them. They are too nervous after seeing her bite the little dog. We will get her evaluated regardless once in foster care. She may be developing some anxiety that needs to be treated. We will also pay for training to help her with coping skills around other animals. Our rescue has brought her to places like PetSmart and she is easy to manage. She just needs to be leashed. She is an absolute love bug and loves affection from everyone. PLEASE HELP US RESCUE HER AGAIN! She is part of the rescue family. We cannot imagine her being euthanize for a human error."
The comments consist of shaming the family for wanting to return / euthanize the dog.
"You wouldn't get rid of your kids if they had a fight at school"
"The dog always gets blamed for the owners fault"
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2023.05.18 22:33 njadaka Using vacation time/pto before putting in your two weeks…

In the near future I’ll be putting in my two weeks notice because I got another job. I haven’t used any of my time off this year and wanted to do so before I left. Does petsmart pay out any unused PTO? And is there a certain amount of time off that I can use without having to pay them back for that time since I’m leaving halfway through the year?
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2023.05.17 20:18 ShtCome Do people actually take orders like this

Do people actually take orders like this
This is ridiculous
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2023.05.17 18:33 hidingfromthew0rld Thinking of leaving petco and moving to petsmart.

Could anyone give me some insight on what the pressure is around sales?
I was supposed to be going full time at petco this summer (which was discussed when I was hired a little over a month ago, as well as approved) and then when I asked about it I was told that I needed to hit certain goals to get more hours, and then my already part time hours were cut down to two days a week. I literally cannot afford to work 2 days a week as I just signed the lease on an apartment and I will be paying rent starting in june.
I do really love the job, and I had a lot of good ideas for it moving forward. I wanted to become the aquatic specialist there, as my biggest animal focus is around fish.
So I'm just wondering if petsmart is any better, aka will they cut my hours for not getting 30 donations in a 7 hour shift lol. This is mostly for people who have worked at both places, but I would also just like to hear from some petsmart employees as well. I'd probably just apply as a sales associate and hopefully move up there with time.
Thanks for any help.
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2023.05.16 04:01 sunsabs0309 I am 28 years old, make $137,000 joint income, live in Southern California , work as a Customer Service and Operations Manager, and this week we went to Universal Studios!

Section One: Assets and Debt
Retirement Balance: ~$3,000 in 401k, ~$2,000 in TSP, ~$430 in my IRA, ~$440 in my husband’s, L, IRA. The 401k and TSP are L’s and I don’t have the login for them so I’m not entirely sure how the last year of the market dropping has affected them. Our IRAs haven’t seen much of a hit thankfully but there’s also not a ton in them
Equity if you're a homeowner - N/A
Savings account balance - $22,429.93
Checking account balance - $59.99
Joint checking - $1157.66
Discover - $386.56
Chase - $1173.97
Citi - $14
Student loan debt (for what degree) - $19,951 for a BA in Studio Art. I originally graduated with just over $24k in student loan debt and I had paid it down to about $16k during the interest pause but with the announcement of the student loan forgiveness, I had requested a chunk of that money back and we used it to pay down some business debt.
Car loan - $26,114.97 (L’s car, mine was paid off in 2018)
Note for the credit card debt: With the exception of about $200, the rest is already covered by sinking funds. I typically do pay offs every week depending on the amount and the card it’s on. For example, on our Chase card, that closes on the 1st so for any large payments, I wait til closer to the end of the month just to leave that amount sitting in our savings account and accrue a little more interest.
Section Two: Income
Income Progression:
2012 - got my first job as a receptionist at a chiropractor’s office. I started at $8 an hour and by the time I left, I was at $12 (I only got raises as California started mandating raising the minimum wage to $15)
2017-2019 - rideshare driver and photographer. I averaged about $600 a week through rideshare driving. My income as a photographer varied wildly from $0 a month to $200 a month to $2000 a month. I stopped doing photography at the beginning of 2019 as we were preparing for my husband’s separation from the military
2019-now - I was super lucky to land a job within two weeks of moving back. I started as a customer service rep at $15 an hour. 3 months in got my first raise to $16, at my year mark got a raise to $17. About 9 months later I asked for a raise to $18 as by that point, I had a lot on I had taken on along with essentially being co-customer service manager. January of 2022 I got a raise to $19 as I took on customer service manager and part time project manager. In August 2022 after some tumultuous position changing, I got a raise to $22.
Main Job Monthly Take Home:
My income - $3160 give or take some depending on overtime and if it’s a 5 paycheck month. I do have health insurance through my work for myself but they don’t charge us anything for it (yet.) L gets insurance through the VA so there’s no cost there for us.
L’s income - $4800
Side Gig Monthly Take Home
$0, still have my Etsy shop where I sell my art and hasn’t turned over a profit yet.
Any Other Monthly Income Here
L’s VA disability - $812
I do also pull from various sinking funds each month but the amount varies
Section Three: Expenses
Rent - ~$500 (L pays) we are very fortunate that my in-laws have a little mother-in-law suite that was vacant and allowed us to move into it to help us save for a house. All they asked for us was to pay the electricity bill which comes out to about this amount since we moved in
Retirement contribution - current $0 (haven’t been able to get this back into our rotation due to several savings goals for this year but working on it)
Savings contribution - $100/week + !$3000 from L’s income
Investment contribution - $40/month to my nieces’ UTMA accounts ($20 each)
Student loans - currently $0 due to the forbearance. My typical monthly payment is $139.13. I round it up to $140 and have continued to pay that through most of the forbearance.
Car payment - $607.18, rounded up to $610 (L pays)
Donations - probably $10-20 a month, usually to a GoFundMe or someone in need on social media
Electric/WateTrash - see Rent
Wifi/Cable - don’t have to pay at the moment, we use my in-laws’ internet
Cellphone - $101
Spotify Duo - $12.99
Hulu - $5.99
Car insurance - $204 (I pay $104, L pays $100)
HP Instant Ink - $5
Massage Envy - $75
Netflix - $19
Google Play - $2 (for storage)
Banfield Wellness Plan - $57 (only paying for one dog as she needed a dental cleaning last year and we didn’t have enough saved for that)
Gabb - $70 (phone plan for my nieces, we offered to pay for this for them to have a way to contact family due to some extenuating circumstances)
Groceries - $360/month (we do do HelloFresh now, so about $280-300 of this goes towards that)
Pet expenses - $360/month
Gas - $360/month
My spending money - $200/month
L’s spending money - ~$500/month
Fun - $200/month
Eating out - $200/month
For all of our variable expenses, anything that isn’t spent gets rolled over to the next month.
Day 1 - Monday
4am - My alarm goes off and it is taking everything in me to get out of bed. I tell L we should call out and he says we gotta get going. Someone has to be responsible I guess.
5:15am - I drop L off at work and then head to get breakfast. Five minutes into our drive, I realized I forgot to eat and forgot to grab something to eat so I go to a nearby bagel place I discovered recently to get breakfast. I order an egg sandwich and a hot chocolate and redeem a free coffee for my coworker. ($11.34) When I get there, they tell me their hot chocolate machine is broken so I get an orange juice and they offer me a pastry for the inconvenience. I’ve been eyeballing their chocolate chip cookies the last couple of times I’ve come in so I pick that.
6am - On my way back, my coworker texts me she forgot her keys. It’s no one’s day today. I finally get to work and get started. I’ve been doing more work in production the past few months so I go to our metal department to start laying out prints to heat transfer.
11am - I grab my lunch (leftovers from Chili’s last night) and head to my friend’s office to discuss both work and gossip. She’s my fellow operations manager so we go over where the floor is out and figure out our plan for tomorrow. We have to get orders from May 2 and back out and delivered in time for Mother’s Day and it’s looking like we’re gonna have to expedite some shipments.
3pm - I’m finally off work and I go off to pick up L. We were incredibly fortunate that when he landed his new job back in December that he would be working across the street from me. We carpool together most days abd it’s been both helpful with gas and nice to have someone to share the long commute with.
4:30pm - We get home and get ready to go on a walk. We grab the pups and head off. We moved in with my in-laws back in March and they live in a very safe, not highly trafficked neighborhood so we can take walks with our dogs off leash. We try to walk 3-4 days out of the week.
5:30pm - We get back and I check the dogs for foxtails (PSA from my vet sister: if you’re in an area with foxtails, please check your pets after walks or hikes otherwise the foxtails can sink into their skin and cause more damage.) They’re mostly clear, one just has a little splinter that we easily remove. L proceeds to make one of our HelloFresh meals for the week, a penne ricotta bake. It’s a 7/10, won’t be ordering again.
6:30pm - I go do some work in our office. I’ve been slowly prepping things to open a budgeting Etsy in between making merch for a convention I’m vending at in July.
7pm - I call it a day and go hang out with L before we go to bed at 8.
Daily Total - $11.34
Day 2 - Tuesday
4am - My alarm goes off for the second time. I tried to get up earlier but that period fatigue won out and I slept in for a few more minutes.
5:30am - I get to work after picking up my friend and we start our day. I found out some interesting info this morning that is shifting my plans to leave the company. I eat a Poptart as I contemplate these plans and do some work in customer service. One of our reps had quit back in March (we were planning on letting her go anyways) so myself and my friend, fellow co-manager, have been helping our remaining rep with the load.
10:30am - Some coworkers and I decide to get Chick-Fil-A for lunch and I head out to pick it up. ($11.89 for my portion)
2pm - I get off work on time today and head towards my older sister’s, K, place. My nieces had asked my little sister, Z, if we could take them shopping for Mother’s Day and that’s today’s mission. On the way there I stop to give my car a badly needed vacuum. To my pleasant surprise, the car wash place I stopped at offers vacuums for free.
3pm - Z and I pick up my nieces from school and stop to get them Happy Meals at McDonalds. Z and I share a 10 piece nugget meal. ($19.67)
4pm - We wander the aisles of TJ Maxx as the girls contemplate their options. I gave them $20 each to spend and Z chipped in another $10 so they were working with a budget of $30 each. After much consideration, they each get her 3 things and one bigger present together. I pay for a portion ($23.78) and I get some gifts myself. ($23.79) We make a stop at Target to get bags and while we’re there I get some Airbnb gift cards. They were having a special on a few gift cards if you spend $75 you get a $10 Target gift card so I got some for our trip to Japan next year. ($98.24)
5pm - We help the girls wrap the presents and then I head off to make the journey back home. On the way home I pick up Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner (I ate like trash today lol, $34.12) There was a whole mess to sort through with our order so it takes me a little longer than anticipated to get home.
7:30pm - I finally get home and we eat dinner while watching some Pitch Perfect before going to bed.
Daily total - $211.49
Day 3 - Wednesday
4am - Up for another day of work and I multi-task most of the getting ready time to feed myself breakfast, make our lunches, and feed the dogs. We’re out the door a little past our usual time but still get to work on time.
7:30am - I pop into the front office to check on things and see if I have any editing to do. I have a Poptart left from yesterday so I snack on that.
11am - L texted me earlier that he had eaten the sandwich I packed him earlier and asked if I wanted to meet up for lunch. We go to a ramen place nearby that I love and L is kind enough to pay. He drops me off and I head back into work.
3pm - There is some bullshit at work that has 3 of us like we’re going to quit and are serious about it. (It’s a whole long history of things that has us here.) My friend makes plans with one of our managers for us to meet with him to discuss some of our hangups. L comes to pick me up and on the way home I peruse Indeed for other jobs.
5pm - We stop at the bank and then Pollo Loco to get me dinner since L has leftovers from Buffalo Wild Wings and our lunch to choose from. ($10.21)
6pm - After I eat my dinner, I go to the office to do some crafting and finish editing some photos for my sister.
8pm - Lights are off and we are in bed like the grandparents we are.
Daily Total - $10.21
Day 4 - Thursday
4am - My alarm goes off and wakes me up from a bad dream. I tuck myself into L for a second before I get up to get ready. After letting out the dogs and doing my bathroom routine, I do a small load of dishes, pack L’s lunch, and make myself waffles. White those cool, I prepare the dogs’ breakfast and bring them in.
5:30am - I get to work and get to workin.
12pm - After dealing with some personnel issues and having a manager meeting before that, it has been a Day so I continue the last two weeks of eating like shit and get McDonalds. ($3.02 for my part) I check my phone and see a text that we’re finally getting reimbursed for the deductible I paid after my car was in an accident last August (I say my car because no one was in it at the time.)
2pm - I get off work and go off to run some errands before I pick up L. First I stop at USPS to drop off some packages from Mercari sales I made. Second stop is gas at Costco because Tuesday me decided it was Thursday me’s problem to get gas. ($49.27) Third and last stop is PetSmart to get some Greenies for our dogs. ($57.69 after a coupon) I normally get their dental treats at Costco but since I’m on a time crunch, I couldn’t pop in and risk a line to get them there.
4:30pm - We get home and I run to go film a couple of videos for my budgeting Youtube. Once I finish up, we go on our walk while I upload that to my Drive to edit when we get back.
7pm - I’m doing some work in the office editing and crafting when L comes in to tell me the burgers he tried making from HelloFresh are super disappointing. I try a bite and he’s right. He looks super depressed and was trying to get pizza tomorrow so I offer to get it tonight. ($32.07) He speeds off to pick it up since I try to be in bed by 8pm.
8:30pm - L gets back around 8 with dinner so I eat real quick before going to bed. He’s a lucky duck that only works 4 days a week so today is his Friday.
Daily Total - $142.05
Day 5 - Friday
4am - My alarm goes off and I decide after the week it’s been, I’m going in late. I text my friend and a coworker that I’ll be in around 8.
6am - I get up just before 6 and start getting ready. I do some dishes and edit a video to upload later today before heading out.
8am - I stop at the bank and then pick up my friend on the way to work. She wants Starbucks so we call a coworker to see if she wants anything and place an order. I try their new chocolate mint creme frappuccino (it tastes just like mint chip ice cream!) and get a cheese danish. ($9.10) We finally get to work around 9.
12pm - I go take care of stuff in the front office while I eat my lunch of leftover pizza.
1:30pm - I leave work a little earlier than usual because I have to pick up my parents from the hospital. My dad had a follow up surgery after undergoing surgery in December to remove a tumor and my mom can’t drive. I text my mom there’s traffic and as I head out, she calls me to tell me that she just got a call my dad was out and ready to be picked up. My brother was still with her so he offered to pick him up so I change directions and head home instead.
3:30pm - I get home and crawl into bed to take a nap. I don’t know if I’m exhausted just from the past couple of weeks of work or if it’s depression tiredness because of everything I’ve been feeling towards work this week but either way, I nap.
4:30pm - I wake up rejuvenated! I do some dishes and after seeing the leftover pizza we still have, I text L and we decide to finish those off and we can make the planned chicken dish tomorrow. He had gone off to watch a movie with his parents while I was napping so I sit down to eat round 2 of pizza by myself.
6pm - I go to the office and work on some crafts as per usual.
7pm - I’m losing sunlight so I go hang out in the living room for a bit. L has Delta Green today so I get to watch Queer Eye and cry with my dogs after I feed them.
8pm - In bed and lights are out!
Daily Total - $9.10
Day 6 - Saturday
5:45am - My alarm goes off which is unusual for a Saturday but we are going to Universal Studios today! My parents bought us season passes for our birthdays and we’re finally getting to use them.
8am - We get to Universal (where parking is $30) and start bookin it to Super Nintendo World. That’s today’s primary objective since we can come back again for the rest of the park.
11:30am - We finally get off the Mario Kart ride! I liked it but it’s a little bit of sensory overload. We don’t explore much of the rest of the area since it’s super crowded. Once we get out of the area, we stop at a little store to get a drink and a snack. ($9.34)
1pm - After going on the Studio Tour ride, we upgrade our passes before heading home. ($335.80) We have friends coming in a couple of months so we figure it’s worth it to upgrade since what we’re paying for the upgrade would be what we’d pay for for tickets + parking as our original pass was blocked out when they’d be here.
2pm - I’m dying of hunger so we stop at Red Robin on the way back to have lunch. ($49)
3pm - We finally get back to our area and stop to get gas ($47.09) before we stop at Target to get some flowers for our moms tomorrow. ($24.78 after a $10 gift card) Lord knows we don’t want to try to buy flowers tomorrow.
4pm - We get home and time to veg out for a bit. After laying for a bit, I get up to pack up another Mercari order and list some more stuff to sell. I finally started making my way through selling a box of stuff I saved from our move to resell. Once I finish up with that, I settle in to start reading It Starts With Us by Colleen Hoover.
6pm - I’m still pretty full from our late lunch and L doesn’t plan on eating dinner, so like a responsible adult, I eat cookies and milk as “dinner.” I finish up while watching a Youtube video then head to the office to craft a bit.
7pm - I leave our office and go read some more and cry about how much I love Atlas Corrigan (iykyk.) L comes to join me after a bit to spend some time together before bed.
8pm - Bed calls to me and I crawl into it.
Daily Total - $496.01
Day 7 - Sunday
6am - The pups wake me up to let them out. I do so and crawl back into bed.
7am - I finally get up and do my morning routine. I hang up some clothes we had to leave hanging to dry because my in-laws’ dryer sucks and then I go sign some Mother’s Day cards for my mom and K. Once I finish that up, I go take care of putting away some dog food and throwing out old boxes.
9am - I decide it’s nap time.
10am - I wake up lost and confused because the dogs don’t have water and L is nowhere to be found. I look to the kitchen counter, see one of the flower arrangements we bought yesterday is gone, and I realize he went over to give them to his mom. I change my shirt real quick and throw on shoes to go wish her a happy Mother’s Day.
11am - I come back over and ready to make lunch. Those plans are quickly ruined when I open our potatoes and see half of them are spoiled. I sigh and head out to get us lunch. I get Subway for myself ($9.06) and L requests Jack In the Box. ($11.40) After I eat lunch, I sit down and finish devouring It Starts With Us and cry through the ending. I love love.
1:30pm - Almost time to leave for my parents’! I get myself together and gather what we need to take with us and we’re out the door soon after. I spend most of the ride fighting the Pizza Hut app then the site to get the order placed. ($78.89) My mom requested Pizza Hut as her Mother’s Day dinner so it was nice and simple for us.
3pm - We arrive at my parents’ with food in hand. My sisters arrive shortly after and I give them cards to sign. Once they’re all signed, I give one to my mom and one to K. We all sit down to eat and I’m v excited because I mcfuckin love Pizza Hut.
6pm - K cuts my hair as we have a graduation and family photos the next weekend. Once that’s done, we gather leftovers to take home and off we go. On the way back we stop to get gas. ($82.86, damn SUVs)
7:30pm - We finally get home. We feed the dogs and hang out for a bit before getting to bed.
Daily Total - $182.21
At the end of each day please tally up your daily expenses. Then at the end of your diary please tally up all expenses in the following categories:
Food + Drink - $298.21
Fun / Entertainment - $365.80
Home + Health - $0
Clothes + Beauty - $0
Transport - $179.22
Pets - $57.69
Other - $170.59
Lastly, reflect on your diary! How do you feel about your spending? Was this a normal week for you? Has this inspired you to make changes or has it given you a “wow I’m doing pretty good” confidence boost? Is there anything you’re actively working on? No need to answer any or all these questions but just use this space to write any thoughts you have!
To be honest, initially when I was tracking everything I felt like it was a very spendy week and as I was organizing everything to post, I was pleasantly surprised by a couple of the low-spend days. It does go to show though that it’s very worth it to actively track spending since it makes you aware of how often you swipe/hand over cash. Food continues to be our weakness and it’s especially been a struggle these past two weeks because a lot has been happening for me emotionally and food is where I go for comfort. But there has been some huge changes for us since last year so I look forward to checking in again next year!
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2023.05.15 05:20 TheGame81677 I’m tired of seeing dogs use the bathroom everywhere

I was at a gas station parking lot, waiting for my uncle to come by. He was helping me with something on my car. I see this woman carry her dog to this little grass area in front of my car. The dog proceeds to go to the bathroom in front of me. The woman doesn’t pick up the dog poop. She has another dog that does the same thing smh.
I go into PetSmart to pick up a DoorDash order for a customer. I don’t like going there, but the pay is higher usually. Some woman lets her dog pee all over the floor. The retail associate had to clean it up. The woman of course thought it was funny. I know that’s a place for dogs, but it was still nasty.
I’m tired of constantly seeing dogs use the restroom around me. It’s just disgusting and makes me sick to see. If people would leave their mutts at home, it would be better for everyone.
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2023.05.12 09:59 autobuzzfeedbot 34 People Revealed The Kindest And Rudest Celebrities They've Ever Met, And Some Are Sooo Disappointing

  1. "The kindest celebrity was Beyoncé. This was almost 20 years ago now. I had no clue it was her. We met at a hotel spa/pool where we talked for several hours about family (I had the kids with me) and random cool places to go in the city. Then, when I was leaving, I was like, 'Oh, I am X. It was great talking to you! What’s your name?' Her friends then looked at me like I was out of my mind. She was just like everyone else at the pool! Reese Witherspoon was, hands down, the rudest! I have seen waitstaff cry from interactions with her. She likes a restaurant a friend of mine owns, and when she walks in the door with her girlfriends, the staff fight over not having her table. They always joke about having to get a new server, so if she comes in, they can stick that person with her because no one else wants to deal with her and her friends."
  2. "Tom Hiddleston was shooting in my city when Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 came out. The cinema was about half empty, and he was sitting in the same row as me and my girlfriend at the time, wearing a cap and staying under the radar. After the movie finished and we were leaving, as we were passing him, I told him I was a fan of his work. He was kind of dismissive and quickly left. We were a bit bummed out, but didn’t take it personally. When we left the cinema (it’s attached to a sporting arena, and there’s a lobby), we saw that he was waiting near the exit. When he saw us, he came over and explained that he didn’t want a big scene (Marvel actor being spotted at a screening of a Marvel movie) and spent 20 minutes with us chatting about films and books. Very nice dude and seemed genuine in wanting to have a chat."
  3. "I met Jeff Goldblum after a matinee of The Pillowman. He signed autographs, took photos, and asked people where they were from and what else they had seen/were going to see. One girl mentioned they were in the city for her birthday as she was taking a photo of him with her friends, and he stopped and said, 'How can you not be in your own birthday picture?' He took her camera and grabbed someone from the crowd to take a picture of the group. He would not leave until he was sure everyone got what they wanted (despite his assistant trying to move him along for dinner before the evening performance)."
  4. "I have worked with Steve Martin and Martin Short, and they’re both super nice, respectful, and incredibly dedicated to their craft. They’ll spend hours finessing a couple lines in a show they do every night just to get it right for that evening’s performance."
  5. "I met Jack Black at Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. He came to the top floor before Tenacious D played and yelled out something to the effect of, 'Cheap seats doesn't mean a bad show!' About two dozen of us swarmed him, and he took pics with us all. But, the most memorable part was when two teenagers approached him and started crying when they asked if they could have a pic. Around the same time, two dozen people turned into what seemed like a hundred. The group started shoving a little bit, and the second of the two teens didn't get their pic. Their phone was dropped from the shoving, and the crowd kind of moved Jack along. He stopped everyone and made us find the kid's phone. He took extra pictures just with them and told the rest of the crowd they got no more pics because they bumped the kids. He was a decent and kind man. Then, he rocked all of our faces off. Great guy."
  6. "I meet a lot of celebrities in my line of work, and Adam Sandler is, by far, one of my biggest favorites. He's always a stand-up guy whenever he comes in, and he always says please and thank you. The worst, by far, is Kris Jenner. She will literally wait until the paparazzi arrive before she gets out of her vehicle, and we don’t have this issue with anyone else. I’m fairly certain she calls them herself. She doesn’t even acknowledge anyone, she's super needy, and she's difficult to work with."
  7. "I met Matthew Gray Gubler a year or so ago in NYC at, like, 1:00 a.m. He was talking with a group of fans on the street, and my friend noticed him and stopped to join the 'huddle.' Genuinely the nicest person ever. He even did cartwheels with my friend."
  8. "A friend of mine works as a professional bodyguard, and when Rihanna came to town, he was tasked with watching her. He said he's never met a person who was as rude to their subordinates as she was. She allegedly threw stuff at the stage hands and spoke horribly about her dress/makeup people in front of them."
  9. "My mother met Mick Jagger in the '80s when Jerry Hall gave birth. She said he was really quiet and unassuming. He sent all the nurses in the neonatal unit boxes of Godiva chocolates and two-dozen roses, each with a personalized note."
  10. "Pink was one of the nicest people ever. She turned up at a show I used to work for and invited me and the host to sit at her table with her and her assistant. She refused to let me pay for anything the whole night, and treated me like her best friend from school for three hours. Before I left, she kissed my cheek and gave me her email address (yes, her real one...her assistant replied). After we left, my buddy was giving me a hard time about being a new celeb boyfriend, and I was confused. It took him, two other people, the AV guy, and the bouncer to convince me that it was Pink. I had no clue! She introduced herself as Alecia from Philly, and I believed her. TBH, I think she enjoyed not having to be anyone other than Alecia for a few hours, and if my obliviousness was able to provide that, then that works for me."
  11. "I met Bill Nye as a kid, and he was the biggest a-hole I’ve ever met. It was a huge letdown after watching his show so often in class."
  12. "I worked at a PetSmart in Atlanta, and one day, out of nowhere, Queen Latifah walked in. I swear, you'd have never thought she was a celebrity. We chatted about dogs and whatnot, and there was no pretense. She didn't even have a bodyguard or anything. Just a regular gal in PJ pants getting food for her puppies. Such a great woman. I also got to meet David Hyde Pierce after a show of Curtains on Broadway. This was the day after he won the Tony, and he was SO gracious. He let me take a picture and everything. Love him."
  13. "I went to a book signing where Sir Ian McKellen signing a Lord of the Rings art book when the first movie came out. His scheduled time was over, but he stayed for, like, an hour overtime to sign for everyone in line."
  14. "My sister's friend works on interviews for a popular magazine. According to him, the kindest celeb was John Boyega. Apparently, he was humble, had a great sense of humor, and after the interview, he invited the whole crew out to dinner."
  15. "I used to work at a resort hotel in Daytona Beach. The kindest celeb I met was Ben Affleck, who was there for an event and just wanted to get away from the crowd for a few. We ended up smoking a cig in the employee smoking area, and he was super nice to the staff that were out there on break. The worst was Sheryl Crow, who insisted on bringing her golden retriever up to her room (even though we didn't allow pets), barked orders at literally everyone, and forced her PA to take the dog outside for a walk at 3:00 a.m."
  16. "I met Mark Zuckerberg when I was, like, 13 at a climbing gym (he likes rock climbing, surprisingly). I got to spot him while he was doing a route, and holding a billionaire on a rope is rather unbelievable. When he was leaving, I asked for his autograph (natural thing to do, I suppose), but he said he didn't have one. He was quite deadpan, but still polite."
  17. "The kindest celebrity I've met was absolutely Post Malone. You can really feel his connection to his fans and can tell that he's not just taking pictures/talking with people out of obligation. I went to one of his shows, and when it ended, he jumped down the stage and signed stuff, took pictures, and chatted with everyone who was in the first lines. You could really tell he listens and cares about what fans say to him. He gives proper replies, hugs people, and reacts so well. A girl next to me gifted him a little framed four-leaf clover, and he looked at her like she gave him the most precious thing in the world."
  18. "As an antiques dealer, I was once a guest on Martha Stewart Living, the TV show, in 1999. Martha was very cordial when the cameras were rolling, but not off-set. Initially, she mispronounced my name, and when corrected by a producer for a retake, she seemed quite miffed. I remarked to her in a friendly manner, 'I'm Polish, too!' Ignored. I brought a selection of my antiques to display on the show. She set aside a couple of inexpensive ones she wanted, but never paid for them. I mean, the publicity I got off the show was more than worth it, but still."
  19. "I met Weird Al at a convention once. While he was signing the photo I bought, I told him about how he inspired me to write my own parody songs. He seemed genuinely interested and asked if I had a YouTube channel, but I told him I just wrote them, not recorded them. Super nice dude (at least for the brief time we spoke)."
  20. "Sir Patrick Stewart made me feel like he really listened and cared about every word I said to him in the two minutes we shook hands and chatted. Proper gent!"
  21. "George Lopez came into a store I worked at and demanded special attention during a huge event while I was already waiting on a dozen people who got there before him. I directed him to what he asked for, and he actually sent over his assistant to try and get me to drop what I was doing and leave my department for him. No, sir, I will not."
  22. "Robin Williams used to be a regular at a restaurant my grandma worked at and one of her sisters owned. As kids, my sisters and I got to meet him, and he was definitely a very sweet man."
  23. "I worked for a company that did all the security for the local theaters, so I met a bunch of musicians and comedians. The nicest was, hands down, Tori Amos. She was the first celebrity to come up and introduce herself to me. Just so down-to-earth and sweet. Cyndi Lauper was another who was extremely nice and gracious."
  24. "I met Keanu Reeves when I was 10 when his band, Dogstar, was touring in the UK. My mum knew the guy who ran the venue, and he managed to sneak a friend and me backstage. He came out of the toilet, saw us, came straight over, said hello, and offered us a soft drink. He was thoroughly nice."
  25. "Aaron Paul was so kind. I met him randomly in my UK hometown a day after watching the "Dead Freight" episode of Breaking Bad in Season 5. Really nice guy. I was super star-struck. He remembered me in his AMA that he did a year later which was really cool!"
  26. "I used to serve Rachel McAdams at a restaurant fairly regularly. She was always super sweet. Very low-key and soft-spoken in person. She and her husband would come in late and keep to themselves."
  27. "About 15 years ago, I sat next to Jamie Foxx in first class from LA to Atlanta. He was famous, but not the same level he is now. He was such a nice guy. We chatted about why he was traveling, and what I (a Brit) was doing in the US. He signed autographs and took photos with the cabin staff who wanted them. At the opposite end of the spectrum was James Corden. I sat next to a him and his friends at a fancy restaurant in London. He was a total ass, complained about everything, and was super rude to the staff. In the middle of the spectrum was Hugh Laurie. We were flying Virgin upper class from LA to London, and he was chaperoned by airline staff from the lounge to the gate. They stopped anyone from talking to or taking photos with him. It was a late-night flight, so might have been wiped out from filming."
  28. "The nicest and most amazing person ever? Muhammad Ali. He had such a big personality. If you had blindfolded me, I could tell you the moment he walked into a room. He took a ton of pics with us — fun ones, too. He played practical jokes on everyone. Just an incredible dude."
  29. "Ricky Gervais was a hoot. I didn't know who he was, as it was around 2007 and in the US. I worked the night shift at a big hotel, and he and another guy came down and were cutting up with me at the front desk. I saw him on TV sometime later and thought, 'Hey! That's that guy!' Bobby Flay stayed there another time and was a total jerk to the valets and bellmen."
  30. "I met Ewan McGregor once in my early teens. He was kind, patient, and lovely while I was super awkward and pretty starstruck. He's a gem."
  31. "I met Hozier at a hotel bar near a venue he was playing the next night. He was significantly taller than I expected, and exactly as kind, soft-spoken, and chill as you’d expect. The dude was clearly super tired, but he still chatted over a beer. 10/10 would smoke a cig with him again."
  32. "Loretta Lynn was the kindest. Long story short: She showed up late for a show where the dressing rooms were first come, first serve. She didn’t get one and had to get ready in the big bathroom backstage. I was 13. She asked if I had a second to help her a bit. I stayed with her all night. She told stories. We laughed so much. It was like hanging out with your grandmother. I am from Nashville, and she was, of course, a legend. Just one of the kindest women I have had the pleasure of meeting."
  33. "Salma Hayek was super cool! I used to walk my dog around Soho/Tribeca, and she saw my dog on the street and was gushing over him, and we chatted for a bit. Around two weeks later, she saw my dog from a car, and she got out to say hello and pet him again. Very funny lady. Totally cool and chill to talk to. She just had a natural charisma to her."
  34. Finally: "I met LeVar Burton at MegaCon; he was really as kind as you would hope. He told me my name was poetic."
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2023.05.10 21:56 kiwi1325 Training is starting to really show!

I have a 9 month old golden retriever who we’ve had since she’s been a little puppy. I’ve been bringing her to petsmart’s training since she was a puppy and we’re now 2 weeks out from graduating the advanced class. Last night, we were in class working on sit/stays and my pup was doing better than I expected. A dog walked passed and my pup didn’t even move which shocked me. We’ve been working with this trainer for the past 4-5 months and she goes “I can fully see the amount of time you both put into each other. All the time and attention you’ve been giving your pup is paying off!” I seriously almost cried. I get compliments often regarding how well behaved she is in public and I always make it a point to say it involves a lot of training. I am just so proud of our little fur ball and how far she’s come.
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2023.05.10 15:37 MohnJaddenPowers Solid wood litter box enclosures for large boxes/tall cats?

I'm looking at getting a litter box enclosure for our living room. Freddie is 12 pounds and leggy, so he'd need a tall box, and I'd like to get something that's made of as much solid wood as possible - I don't want anything to fall apart or not stand the test of time. I don't mind paying premium prices for the right product, especially if we can get it in a dark espresso stain that matches our existing furniture. I'd like to be able to open it from the side for cleaning - the top might be a tabletop or decor space/cat bed.
Anyone have any recs? Wayfair, Petco, Petsmart, and Chewy have a pretty broad selection but nothing that seems solid.
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2023.05.09 05:33 Any_Asparagus4850 What to do?

Would it be unethical not to put a full two weeks in at Petsmart? A little backstory: so I had a conversation with them about transferring due to driving an hour to work everyday (so two hours total) and it’s starting to effect me mentally and always extremely exhausted to even do anything. My salon leader is all supportive for it, tomorrow is the plan to talk to my store leader about it and see what he says but I’m a little worried he’s going to deny it. I also got a better job opportunity with better hours and pay to be able to start and I’d like to start it as soon as possible, with that being said I’ve decided I don’t want to transfer anymore but just to leave and take this job. I also am kind of feeling bad if I don’t put a notice in BUT if they did approve my transfer then I would think/hope that the transfer was going to happen pretty quickly if not right away anyways.. or I was thinking to do a two week notice and just go part time if they’d let me or just at least say I can finish out the rest of this week.. I do feel bad but I also don’t know if I can do that hour drive back and forth full time for another two weeks.. any advice? Would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.05.09 01:42 dawnasur Pay rate does it depend on title?

LSo I have been working at Petsmart for 3 years now. I started at 9$ an hour at 8 months the company upped start pay to 10$. At a year they upped start pay to 12.50$. Almost all my raises have corollated with the company upped minimum pay. I now make 13.07 since they upped minimum pay to 13. I was trained cashier, bather, pet care, and now I'm mostly dog training and in pet care. My coworker and I are close. We got to talking about pay. She's been here for a year she got a raise to about 13.40. She is coded as a cashier but is only on pet care. But we have two new hires one making 14.50 and the other making 15. They are coded as pet care specialist but are never in pet care. They were never trained in pet care. Our SL told my coworker that is the title doesn't chance the rate of pay. I feel like that is wrong since they are making almost a full dollar more an hour almost a 1.50. Is this true? That even if they put her as a pet care specialist she wouldn't get a raise even if a small one. They stay at the register relaxed all shift. She runs around like a chicken with out a head. I'm kinda upset also. They haven't been here but 3 months and are making way more than I am.
TLDR : Is there a pay difference between cashier and pet care associates?
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2023.05.08 20:37 MajorMoron0851 Petsmart has API test kits and other items on sale!

Was on my petsmart app looking for testers and aquatic plant food / c02 adder, and noticed they had the freshwater master test kits ( normally $49.99) on sale for $35.
And if you have the app, and a rewards account, you can play a game on the app and get yourself %15 off any one item ( that works on sales as well)
I ended up paying about $28 for the master test kit.
They also had API c02 booster and leaf zone buy 2 or more and get %50 off each!
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