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2023.03.25 09:16 Crowspheanyx Intro (I need advice)

Hello, I've spent the last week debating on if I should post or not, so here a goes. I'm currently around 7 weeks, haven't had my first ultrasound yet because doctors are procrastinating getting me in for appointment saying I need to start with a general obgyn instead of the high risk specialist I need. We lost our daughter due to bilateral renal agenesis and I'm currently pregnant with my partner's second child but I'm terrified because not only do I know the risk this child will be like their sister are rather high but there is another issue. My health is not stable I have a brain aneurysm that reaches nearly half my internal cartroid artery and a blood clot from the angiogram to properly get a look at it. Can anyone help me because all the research I've done has left me in a state of terror.
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2023.03.25 09:16 nairdaalerab Ear protection

Hello pals, pls tell me that the ultra merch store has ear plugs I accidentally threw mine away don’t want to rawdawg two more days :(
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2023.03.25 09:16 saniya838 Power bi Tutorial Learn from Experts

Motivated to influence technology to break problems. Seasoned leader for startups and gormandize moving organs. Working on working problems of scale and long-term technology
One of the most vital rudiments for data visualizations in Microsoft, Power BI can be used for conducting reports and perceptivity. BI reporting tools prepare the data to mileage the sapience and information. You can give the whole commercial feeling, which is only possible after a Power BI tutorial from experts.
It functions as a result of complex conduct, making it simple for everyone to understand.
still, this composition will give you with the necessary information about power BI, If you're searching for a Power BI tutorial.
Get data wisdom instruments from the World’s top Universities. Learn Administrative PG Programs, Advanced Certificate Programs, or Masters Programs to gormandize- track your career.
Also, Read the Power Bi course in Pune
What's Power BI?
It's needed to convert data from colorful sources to produce a Power BI dashboard and reports on Business Intelligence. Different graphs and maps can be generated with the help of Power BI.
Installing Power BI in your machine can bring about a smooth lift when making illustrations.
Power BI Web App It can be honored as an online app or a Saas, i.e., Software as a result, accessible from every cybersurfer. The Saas doesn't indeed bear you to download it and functions at an analogous position to the desktop.
Mobile Power BI Available on tablets and phones, this comes in handy when you don't have a laptop or have left it at your home, and an important meeting is about to start. You can land the saved particulars or use BI reporting tools indeed from these biases.
Power Bi classes in Pune
Why is Power BI an important platform?
Every Microsoft stoner should know why and how Power BI plays a pivotal part in our lives. The following reasons are as follows-
Features Packed with abundant features that go hand-in-hand, apps similar to Power BI look up to every client’s demand. The app, with these features, produces concrete information in the form of images grounded substantially on business data. In addition, power BI Pro supports graphical data illustrations, both in single and cooperative surroundings.
Strong attributes guests can serve with this app in business forums due to the Power BI dashboard, which helps to produce databases. It can be customized adequately with business conditions.
Expert availability As we've seen, Power BI is available on the colorful bias. Advanced availability is set up in Android, IoS, and Windows, where numerous apps are unfit to serve. Simple graphic functions don't bear a Power BI tutorial, but it's essential for expert availability.
Connectivity The app has an excellent connectivity position as it provides you access to Azure Cloud, on-premise, and other third-party sources. Using all of these together, new datasets can be created that are essential for several business objects. The stylish part is that it guarantees 100 security when you pierce the other apps.
Power Bi Training in Pune
Updates Yearly updates are entered by those who use Power BI. It also adds up suggestions if miscalculations are visible. Proposed functions are mentioned to fulfill the task.
Refreshing Data The rearmost performance of Power BI allows to refresh of data 8 times at the most while Power BI pro can support 48 times of data refreshment. The deployment leads to smooth inflexibility of the systems covered, performing in a smooth performance by the apps.
Cost ranges Power BI Pro, substantially needed in the functions of Azure Cloud, is available at an extremely low cost. On the other hand, power BI Premium is comparatively precious but doesn't demand licenses.
Acquiring information snappily Unlike other apps, Power BI provides concrete information fleetly. Power BI supports the drag-and-drop styles, i.e., producing reports that can be performed at a quick rate. Power Bi courses near me
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2023.03.25 09:14 GeometryDash_Gamer (DISVENTURE CAMP SPOILERS) "Sabotage Below Zero" Aiden isn't that bad

As some of you know, I’ve been watching some of the TD fanseasons, one of which includes Disventure Camp. And I’ve now seen quite a bit of people’s takes on it. Though there seems to be one heavily controversial character throughout, that being Aiden. And while a lot of people don’t like him due to him going very far despite…not having much of a personality to latch onto aside from just being an average teenager (well, and IG having a cool voice and design), his characterization and handling throughout episode 9 seems to especially be strongly hated by various people. Now I’m just going to preface things, the whole drama between James, Aiden and Karol is absolutely atrocious and makes me lose a ridiculous amount of brain cells with how it goes down. Even in hindsight, it was the one plot in DC I genuinely disliked, and I’ve just grown to hate it more and more overtime. Though for this post, I’d like to delve into things on Aiden’s end and explain why he’s nowhere near as bad as various people make him out to be, and if anything, the one character I actually sympathize with throughout this drama
The main complaint people tend to lodge against Aiden here is how upon Karol returning, she gets pretty villainized for wanting to get them eliminated, even though she had a justified reason to be mad given how James orchestrated her elimination. Now if this complaint was only just applied to James, I’d absolutely agree. But it’s almost like people seem to think Aiden was also in on Karol’s elimination or IG “betrayed” her in some way. Though when we look back at episode 2, all Aiden did was talk to Karol to try to get her in an alliance with James and Aiden. But then once Aiden told James that Karol was also in on voting one of the 3 girls, James just randomly decided to snitch on Karol to the girls to get her eliminated, since all three of them voting for one of the members of the girls alliance trio apparently made too much sense IG. Yet for some reason...Karol gets mad at Aiden only and calls him a traitor. Now granted, it can be argued that from Karol’s POV, Aiden told James what she said, which led to James snitching on her, meaning in a way Aiden betrayed her. But even then, I can’t help but wonder how she didn’t notice Aiden actively protesting while James was ratting her out, which I would think should be a big sign to her that Aiden wasn’t in on what James was doing at all. I mean, Karol even seems to think Aiden as well as James manipulated everyone into voting Karol out. But if Aiden actually also purposely told everyone about what Karol said…why would James also need to do so? And why would Aiden be actively protesting while James is doing so?
But that aside, this then rolls over to episode 9, AKA writing quality below zero "Sabotage Below Zero", where Karol returns and acts oddly very nice, only for it to turn out her nice demeanor is just a facade to win others over so she can get Jaiden voted out for what they did to her (or “did” in Aiden’s case). However, James is able to catch Karol plotting against them as she confides in Riya about her plan, and then records it and shows it to Aiden. They both realize they have to actually try to do something to hinder Karol from carrying out her plans against them. And this is where Aiden’s most controversial moment comes in. In order to prevent her from winning the challenge, he sneaks a tarantula Karol gave him earlier (while she was trying to play nice with him) onto her sledding partner Oliver, to distract them. As it turns out, it actually works, but…not in the way Aiden intended for it to. Oliver and Karol end up crashing during the challenge, which leads to Karol getting injured as Oliver just so happens to land in one of the most unfortunate spots possible, that being on top of Karol’s leg. And then in an extremely anticlimactic and copout resolution to this rivalry, Karol pulls a TDI Eva (that being getting eliminated just after she returned) and gets medically evacuated, not before protesting immensely
It’s also worth noting that at one point before Karol’s injury, Aiden unnecessarily rams into Karol’s sled while confronting her, out of anger at her for plotting against him and James (all the while pulling a nice facade with them). And then afterwards, she rams into them back. Though what’s especially weird is what unfolds after Karol gets injured. As Aiden makes it down to the hill, Karol gets mad at Aiden and curses him out for inadvertently getting the tarantula killed as a part of his sabotage (the tarantula also ended up getting crushed while on Oliver, as a result of their collision). And then, Aiden claps back by bringing up how she rammed into them…even though he did it first. Though while that is indeed hypocritical and an L on his part, it’s a pretty minor part of the general plot. That is unless you think him ramming into Karol was also what led to her being injured. But it didn’t. It was Oliver being distracted by the spider that caused them to crash, which led to Oliver landing on Karol and injuring her, which happened some time after Karol successfully rammed back into Jaiden and actually knocked them over
For my final thoughts, honestly, I’d say Aiden is actually surprisingly great this episode. I can always appreciate anti-heroic or pragmatic characters who are generally well-intentioned but aren’t above getting their hands dirty when push comes to shove. It's also the one time Aiden actually strategizes aside from having a good social game. And overall, I think his sabotage was pretty justified and understandable, and didn’t cross the line into being too despicable for me to not root for him. As even Aiden himself says, he wasn’t remotely trying to injure Karol, but rather he was just trying to distract her so she wouldn’t win immunity, and so Jaiden could actually try to get her voted out. And for the record, multiple other people also flew off their sleds and were fine afterwards. So the only real reason Karol actually got injured was because Oliver landed on her. Now admittedly, you can maybe make a case that Aiden could’ve been more outwardly apologetic to Karol about injuring her. But nonetheless, he still made it clear with James later on that he actually felt bad for it and didn’t intend to hurt her. And considering how two-faced and scummy Karol was being to Aiden, I can’t say I totally blame him for being defensive when she yelled at him. All things considered, Aiden is the one person I can actually fully sympathize with throughout this plot. He had no idea James would did what he did, and as a result was very undeservingly the subject of Karol’s scorn, despite them actually being cordial with each other earlier on. Although I'm not a fan of Karol throughout this plot either, I feel bad for her to a degree as well. After being the last one on her team standing in the challenge, she got humiliated and painted in a bad light because of James, who got her eliminated as a part of…probably one of the dumbest strategies I’ve ever seen. And then despite this, she gets villainized during her return as she justifiably tries to get revenge (even if half of her spite was misplaced). Ultimately, I’d say James easily sticks out the worst during this plot. On top of being the catalyst that started this entire mess, he also gets painted in the right to Karol along with Aiden…even though he was the one who actually got her eliminated, and in a more scummy way for that matter. I’ll also never get over just how completely brain-dead his """"""""""strategy"""""""""" leading to Karol's initial elimination is, but that’s a topic for a separate post
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2023.03.25 09:13 emmy1300 Security deposit due date in CA

Hello. I was wondering how the security deposit due date of 21 days from the time the tenant vacated the premises works? I’m in California
I had vacated the room I was renting in 2/27. I have the receipt from movers and various witnesses to attest to this and had informed my landlord of this ahead of time. My lease was for the entire month of February.
On March 1st, I get an angry threatening email from my landlord that she is going to charge me fees daily for not returning the key. I apologize and return immediately rush same day.
She did not submit a final itemized receipt until 3/22 and surprise, she’s keeping nearly my entire deposit.
If I vacated on 2/27, would 3/20 have been her due date or 3/22 because I returned the keys on 3/1 as a purely innocent mistake which cost her nothing as she has always had full access to my room. Thanks!
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2023.03.25 09:12 potatosvob Autoclicker for IOS?

I've been wanting to afk stump snail on my Iphone, but i can't find an autoclicker that works for me. It's either the built in autoclicker, which requires almost constant input, or some shady website on google since all of the autoclickers on the app store either cost money to use or just doesn't work at all.
If anyone has any recommendations I would love to hear it.
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2023.03.25 09:11 shacklefacts Cannot get ahold of my lawyer

State is OK TLDR; Bankruptcy lawyer went MIA during a likely time sensitive issues with our trustee
The long version: Like many others, we filed for bankruptcy about a year after the first lockdown, I believe everything was signed and sealed in March of 2021.
Everything has been going great, we have made all of our payments.
But here’s the issue, for the last month and a half, I’ve been unable to contact my lawyer at all.
The deal is, every year after filing our taxes; we have to have our lawyer make a request to the Trustee on my case to allow us to keep our tax refund. Last year, our lawyer mistakenly had us mail half of our refund to the Trustee before making the request, saying that it was time sensitive that we send half our refund as soon as possible, but that we could start spending the other half.
But a few days later, our lawyer emailed us again, letting us know that he was mistaken and we could have kept the whole thing. At that point, of course the Trustee had already received our payment and we couldn’t get it back—and we we’re absolutely SCREWED last year because of it.
We always use our return to get our kids clothes and shoes in the next size up, our paying yearly insurance premiums, yearly tune ups and repairs to the car, home, etc, plus school supplies for the next school year as well as putting money aside for Christmas, stuff of that nature. I buy our household items in bulk for the whole year, as we don’t have enough to purchase as we go. (This is the type of stuff the Trustee asks about when we request to retain funds)
So last year, I really skipped out on almost everything, but even so, our AC was out the entire summer, and we had some problems with our electric that still hasn’t been fixed. This year, I planned to use the other half of the return to fix our HVAC issue, which they told us was going to be in the form of a whole new system. Moving on to this year, both our septic system stopped working and our hot water heater busted. We had water soaking through the wood floors in our hallway all the way into the bedroom carpet (when it rains…)
It’s funny, all of those things that I would have just classified as “plumbing problems” actually needed 3 different types of plumbers. One who did septic systems, one that did plumbing, and another plumber that works between septic and city systems. Anyway, so we were able to get half of the issue fixed with half of the tax refund, but I can’t finish fixing it without using the other half, and I cannot get ahold of our lawyer to figure out what to do.
We’ve sent at least a dozen emails and made another dozen calls. Every couple of days I search the obituaries just to make sure he hasn’t died or anything. When I looked him up online, I found his personal cell number, which I don’t think would be appropriate… and I also found his son, who is also a lawyer, and I’ve been debating on asking him if his dad is okay, which, to be clear, I also think wouldn’t be appropriate. We also don’t have the money to hire a new lawyer, we paid him up front I believe, so I don’t really know how to handle any of this.
I have no clue what to do, and I’m afraid that we are going to get in trouble with our Trustee because we are waiting on our lawyer who seems to have disappeared off the face of the planet? Could they put us in jail even if we are up to date on all of our payments? Is emailing the Trustee directly an option?
(So sorry for how long this is and how jumbled it is. This is seriously driving me insane with worry)
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2023.03.25 09:10 flamecrow Difference between MKCamp and Tentsla?

I’m looking at SUV tents made for Tesla and I see MKCamp ( and Tentsla (
They look nearly identical, are they the same company? Anyone have any experience with these/have pictures?
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2023.03.25 09:09 Aromatic_Director_30 FS113- Booking LA Knight after WrestleMania 39 Pt. I

In the sport of Professional Wrestling, we all know that the art of holds and strikes but one thing we forget about is the gift to gab. The promo is an art that many athletes today forget, but very have mastered it but none are Shaun Ricker aka Eli Drake aka LA Knight YEAHHH! This man has made his name noticeable on the independence and NWA landing him a spot on the Impact roster to thrive with his charm and walked away as a tag and world champion, Once leaving Impact and he returned home to NWA and mann… just watch the “Shoes of a Champion” promo and the crime is that he was only a tag champion, but NWA’s loss was WWE’s gain and he entered NXT making a wave going toe to toe with Cameron Grimes for the Million Dollar Championship but after that it was rumored that he would be moving up to the main roster. He eventually moved up and became Max Dupri, managing the Maximum Male Models until Triple H took over everything and quickly returned to LA Knight and he has became a central figure on SmackDown carrying his feud with Bray Wyatt. Now, everybody wants to know what’s next for him and hopefully you guys enjoy my path for him.
Alexa play Take Me Out. YEAHHH!!
So, with the final weeks building to ‘Mania, WWE announces that LA Knight will be hosting the showcase of the Immortals and whenever he states that this event will be memorable and will have millions around the world talking about the impact that he has left on this show. But being a consistent throne in his side is of course, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston casually embarrass him, but on the final SmackDown, where the show features the Andre The Giant Battle Royal with Knight eliminates Woods but fails to win the match.
On Night One, he started off the show claiming that this two-night extravaganza will have everybody talking and he also claimed he has banned The New Day from the show. Throughout the night, he mocks several talents and crew but claims he has something for the crowd. As he enters the ring and mocks the crowd but prepares to show his surprise but is interrupted by Kofi and Xavier.
He's shocked that they entered the arena and claim that they paid someone off and that they weren’t alone… revealing a returning Big E and the trio embarrass him and give the audience a feel-good moment since it’s been over a year since Big E has been in a WWE arena.
Before the show began, Knight took to Twitter and claimed that nobody will interrupt his gift to the WWE Universe tonight. Throughout Night Two, he was heckled by the locker room from the L he took but ends with him getting the last word. Before the main event, Knight finally reveals his gift as a statue of himself but was interrupted by Hall of Famer, Stone Cold Steve Austin. The two interact and have dick measuring contest with the words what? and yeah! But ends with Austin delivering a Stunner to the host.
On the following SmackDown, he refuses to let those clowns ruin his WrestleMania moment and he vows that disrespect will not synonymous with LA Knight and was again interrupted but by Madcap Moss alongside Emma and he stated that he wants a shot to prove himself to everybody and looks no further than a pushover like Knight. That line pushed him off and responded with where was Moss at a WrestleMania, cause last year he was playing lackey but last weekend he was in catering complaining to his girlfriend. And speaking of, he addressed Emma saying he felt sorry that she’s stuck with a himbo when she truly desired to be with a real man like yours truly and that led to a little brawl with Moss getting the upper hand until officials broke it up.
After the brawl, Knight rushed towards Adam Pearce’s office and wanted a match against Moss and Pearce responded that Moss had done the same thing concluding with announcing that next week the two will face off against each other.
LA Knight v. Madcap Moss (w/ Emma)
The two start off with an intense lock-up but Moss taunts Knight, but it concluded with Knight outsmarting his opponent targeting his knee to weaken him throughout the match. During the match, Knight flirts with Emma and that pisses Moss off but that was needed for Knight to throw his game off and take advantage to walk away with the victory.
LA Knight wins via pinfall.
After celebrating his victory, he was interviewed and claimed that Moss was just an example of what happens when you try to embarrass LA Knight. He calls out the locker room cause he’s going to put them on notice and the following week’s SmackDown, he debuts the LA Knight show with him standing on a podium and addresses the locker room as a bunch of dummies but is interrupted by former Intercontinental Champion, Shinsuke Nakumara and it led to a little brawl with Knight getting the upper hand but ran away when Xavier Woods rush to aid his ally.
LA Knight v. Shinsuke Nakumara
Knight tries to use his speed against the former I-C Champion, but Nakumara uses his skills to capture his opponent and begins to bring the match in his favor. After countering a German suplex, Knight targets his opponent's knee to prevent him delivering his signature moves and that left Nakumara to deliver forearms and punches. Soon as he was attempted to deliver his signature Kinshasa, his knee gave out and that led for Knight to capitalize and get another victory.
LA Knight wins via pinfall.
After his victory, Knight grabs a microphone and immediately calls out Xavier Woods to the ring. After Woods enters the ring, the two get things off their chest with Knight wanting to obliterate Woods for the weeks of embarrassment and without his buddies he can accomplish that. Woods responds to him being on his own and that his need to prove himself as an individual has never struck him more than now, he challenges Knight to a match at Backlash to give him his retribution but himself an opportunity to showcase his abilities.
Knight accepts and throughout the build the two scout each other’s matches concluding with brawls between them, but has everybody questioning who will walk out of Backlash the victor and with momentum to carry them up the ranks?
LA Knight v. Xavier Woods (w/ Kofi Kingston)
The match starts off as a battle of speed v. power with Woods doing everything in his power to prevent getting in Knight's grasps but was caught after a failed crossbody. Knight begins to dominate and preys on Xavier throughout the match, after delivering a suplex on the mat and the referee counts the former tag champion but he struggles back in by the count of seven. Knight approaches a wounded Woods, who fights back a little but is defeated and Knight gets his retribution.
LA Knight wins via pinfall.
The following night, The WWE Draft takes place and during the second round he was drafted to Monday Night RAW. He was later interviewed and claimed that SmackDown dropped the ball with him and focuses on Monday Nights being the LA Knight Show.
Since his arrival on RAW, Knight has made his presence known quickly and that got him as one of the few competitors to qualify for the Men’s Money in the Bank match but in his way is former NXT Champion, Johnny Gargano. Knight acknowledges Gargano’s grit and drive since returning but tears him down to remind him that he’s never truly reached a big victory and it’s not going to start in their qualifying match.
LA Knight v. Johnny Gargano: Qualifying match for the Men’s Money in the Bank match
Gargano and Knight start off with a lock-up, but the former NXT Champion gets an upper hand in this bout until Knight deliver a boot to counter his apron DDT. Knight gets the upper hand until his opponent fights back until he was distracted by Damian Priest and that gives Knight the advantage to win the match and advance to the ladder match.
LA Knight wins via pinfall.
At the end of the night, RAW participants for the Money in the Bank match confront each other on the stage and some tension rises between Knight and Seth Freakin‘ Rollins. Later in the week, LA Knight crashes an episode of The Bump to emasculate the former World Champion, stating that he can dance and laugh to the bank but come Monday he best deliver in the ring.
LA Knight v. Seth Rollins
The two men stare each other down, Knight smacks Rollins across his face and that lights a fire under the former World Champion and that leads to the match being a back and forth but Rollins gets the upper hand and was going to end it with a Curb Stomp but was clotheslined by Bronson Reed.
Seth Rollins wins via disqualification.
After the bell rang, Knight joins Reed on the assault on Rollins until Reed strikes him and that results in Balor coming out to attempt to take down the big man in a failing effort. The show ends with a tease that Reed could be Mr. Money in the Bank.
LA Knight v. Seth Rollins v. Santos Escobar v. Bronson Reed v. Xavier Woods v. Finn Balor v. Ricochet v. Karrion Kross: Eight-man Money in the Bank match.
Knight enters the match so arrogant and gets in the face of former rival, Xavier Woods. Knight usually rushes to grab the briefcase but is caught and given hell by his fellow competitors. When the match looks like it's Xavier Woods or Kross to reach for the briefcase but Knight rushes to the top and take them out of the picture, he has his hands on the briefcase and was powerbombed by Damian Priest giving the victory to Finn Balor.
Finn Balor wins the Men’s Money in the Bank match.
Number One Contender’s Battle Royal
Throughout the match, Knight eliminates a couple of competitors and made to the final two against Montez Ford. The two brawl throughout the ring and the match ends with both men being eliminated and both dropping the floor at the same time.
The match ends in a draw.
After the two finalist brawl around the arena, Adam Pearce announced that the two will compete in a Number One contender’s match to face Theory for the U.S. Championship at Summerslam.
LA Knight v. Montez Ford: United States Championship Number One Contender’s match
Knight and Ford have a battle of agility vs. aggression with Knight getting the upper hand against his opponent. After countering a suplex, Ford gained momentum and was on the verge of delivering his signature Frog Splash but was assaulted by the U.S. Champion, Austin Theory.
The match ends in No Contest.
After Theory assaulted both men, he grabbed a microphone and continue to dub himself “The Present of WWE“ claiming that he isn’t afraid of defending his title against both of them. Throughout the build, Ford is diminished that he couldn’t walk out the U.S. Championship but reminds both men that he’s no pushover. Knight also uses his cunning manner to get into the champion and his opponent’s mind to trying to throw them off getting closer to being the U.S. Champion.
Austin Theory© v. LA Knight v. Montez Ford: Triple Threat match for the United States Championship.
Throughout the match, Theory and Knight teamed up against Ford but their alliance didn't last long with them turning on each other and that gave Ford the momentum to bring the match in his favor. In the final moments, Ford delivers the Frog Splash on Theory and Knight takes him out of the equation to pin the wounded Theory to win the United States Championship.
\NEW CHAMPION* LA Knight wins via pinfall.*
On the following night, LA Knight throws a celebration featuring his statue and talk his performance was similar to taking candy from a baby. After popping a bottle of Champagne, he’s interrupted by Stone Cold Steve Austin and just laughs remembering WrestleMania. The hall of famer congratulates the champion but Knight dismisses it and gets some things off his chest with Austin and left him speechless but before the Rattlesnake could respond Knight attacked him and left him a bloodied mess.
After making his presence known, Theory stated that he wanted his rematch but also entering the U.S. title picture was Johnny Gargano and Angelo Dawkins. Knight kept ducking and dodging until a Viewer’s choice edition of RAW, where the audience voted that Knight will defend his title in a Fatal Four Way match against the three men for the United States title.
LA Knight© v. Austin Theory v. Johnny Gargano v. Angelo Dawkins: Fatal 4-Way match for the United States Championship.
The match starts off as a tornado tag team match, until Gargano and Theory are the last two standing at the moment, but then the match gets underway with Dawkins being an underdog and proves everybody wrong. Theory isn't ashamed of bringing in a steel chair to wound his opponents to get the upper hand but in the end, Knight retains after striking a wounded Gargano.
LA Knight retains via pinfall.
After retaining his championship, Knight claimed that the locker room was terrified to step up or they would end up like Steve Austin. But stepping up to the plate is a former champion, Shelton Benjamin. He celebrated twenty years of in-ring competition and didn’t believe that would ever find an opportunity to do this, but he challenges Knight at Unforgiven for the U.S. Championship and the champion accepts but vows Benjamin should’ve just stayed out of the way. Throughout the build, Knight gets the upper hand but the challenger fights fire with fire and delivers some impressive agility to build to this match.
LA Knight© v. Shelton Benjamin: Singles match for the United States Championship.
Knight and Benjamin uses their technical abilities against another with Knight getting the upper hand and whenever he fails an attack, the challenger delivers impressive strikes and aerial offense throughout the match. During the closing moments, Benjamin tries to deliver his signature Paydirt but the champion held on to the ropes and took advantage to walk away with the victory.
LA Knight retains via pinfall.
Throughout the weeks, Knight brags about defeating the best that Monday Night RAW has to offer but wants to be a generous guy and decides to have an U.S. Championship open challenge vowing to give someone their five minutes of fame but will not walk away with the title.
LA Knight© v. Axiom: Singles match for the United States Championship
Axiom uses his agility against the champion but he dodges a suicide dive and turns the match in his favor. Knight attempts to deliver a back suplex but the challenger escapes and tries to gain momentum, the champion stops it and deliver a dirty O'Connor roll to get the victory.
LA Knight retains via pinfall.
The U.S. Championship reign lives another day, but it’s time for an inter-brand battle against SmackDown’s Intercontinental Champion, Santos Escobar. He mocks his opponent’s height and really begs him to put the mask on, but he’s left embarrassed and that added some weight to their match at Survivor Series.
During their match, Knight has the upper hand and was prepared to deliver a powerbomb from the top rope but was countered into a hurricanrana followed by a Phantom Driver for the win.
LA Knight© v. Elias: Singles match for the United States Championship
Elias gets the upper hand against the champion, but his momentum is stopped and takes advantage using the outside environment to his side giving him the victory to retain the title.
LA Knight retains via pinfall.
After celebrating his victory, he grabs a microphone and insults everybody and wants to know who’s next for his United States Championship. Entering the scene is Montez Ford, who has scratched and clawed since Summerslam and states he’s next. The match is announced for Starrcade but through the build, the champion dismisses his opponent but Ford reminds him of every obstacle he has went through for this match and won’t let this opportunity slip. But every time the two encounter, it ends with Knight standing over Ford.
LA Knight© v. Montez Ford: No Disqualification match for the United States Championship
The match starts with both men one upping another, but Ford gets the upper hand until Knight uses the barricade against him. Knight begins to dominate his torso and applies numerous stretches and holds to have the upper hand but Ford powers out and gains momentum, once he tried to deliver a Stinger splash but the champion dodges and nails a neckbreaker.
Both men are down, until Knight gets up and was going to end Ford until...
Glass Shatters.
It's Stone Cold Steve Austin, he's walking and talking and rushes the ring to open a can of whoop ass on LA Knight. The champion stops it and punches him around the ring, the former World Champion dodges a strike and delivers a Stunner to him and that give Ford the opportunity to nail a Frog Splash to get the win and finally awarded the United States Championship.
\NEW CHAMPION* Montez Ford wins via pinfall.*
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2023.03.25 09:08 Thefere Nearest Office Chairs Showroom

Nearest Office Chairs Showroom

Finding the nearest office chairs showroom doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right tools and a bit of research, you can find the perfect showroom for your needs. Here is one of the showrooms near you -
Contact us at
+91 6235900097
+91 9746950099
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2023.03.25 09:08 rexus_ms How to change team statistics mid-way thru the career mode

So basically I've been grinding in career mode for quite sometime and i've come across 2 annoying problems regarding the teams 1) Some of the teams don't have the current official players and instead have weird made-up name replacements who are terrible at the game 2) My own international team overall stat is like 92-93 with every player having a 90+ rating whereas all the opponent teams, who are much stronger irl, have rating in 75-80 which makes every game one-sided and pretty boring. My team easily clean sweeps every other team without requiring me to put in some work
Now I did download teams from the community store and edited some ratings from the player manager however these changes don't show up in career mode. How to fix these teams and their stats mid-way thru the career mode?
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2023.03.25 09:08 UltimaGabe I just re-played Alter Code F for the first time in nearly twenty years, here's my thoughts.

I made a post on here a couple weeks ago, because I had an itch to play Wild Arms again and couldn't decide whether to play the original, or the remake. (I've played the original all the way through many times, but only played through the remake once, back at launch). I eventually went ahead with Alter Code F, and although I didn't 100% complete it (the 100% bestiary and chest Ex File Keys can go kick rocks) I did nearly all of the optional content, and just rolled the credits today.
Overall, I was kind of "meh" about the whole thing. I didn't have strong feelings about it from my first playthrough, and now I understand why. It had some good parts, but most of the good parts are present in the original as well, and everything was stretched out way longer than it needed to be- and some of the game's changes were unquestionably worse. If you're similarly trying to decide which to play, play the original.
As someone pointed out (and I didn't heed their warning!) this game is slow. Not only does it take longer to get anywhere and do anything, due to the game's insistence on making all areas big and three-dimensional and needlessly empty, but everything in this game just inexplicably takes 2-3x as long as it did in the original. All dialogue scenes take several minutes to go through because everything has to be acted out and emoted (in a way that did not age well, with the early-days 3D engine), all abilities used in combat have a wind-up animation, and a pause before and after the animation. They even cut out certain parts of the game (a couple dungeons are just straight-up missing), and yet it still takes longer to get through the story!
Also, I can't overstate how much I hate the random encounters in this game. Sure it's nice that they implemented the Migrant Seal system from WA3, it's nice to be able to click to avoid battles entirely, but that means absolutely bupkiss when the game hits you with three surprise attacks in a row (which happened to me MANY times, many MANY times, throughout this playthrough). Eventually you can give your characters Surprise Guard personal skills, but unless you have EVERY character equipped with one (which simply isn't possible until very, very late in the game, and even then it's not easy) you will still get surprised. I went through the Abyss with four of my six characters equipped with Surprise Guard and Initiative, and I would still get surprised multiple times IN A ROW. (And sure, you might say "Well, that's the Abyss, it's supposed to be hard", but this was happening to me as early as the Outer Sea. It would take forever to get anywhere because every other encounter was a surprise attack.) Coupled with the fact that Migrant Seals are very plentiful (especially if you know where to look), it meant my Migrant Meter essentially never depleted for 90% of the game (because all battles were either green, or were surprise attacks). So it made the Migrant system either useless, or outright bad.
And I hated how they downgraded each of the characters' movesets. Rudy's ARM being his only weapon is... interesting I guess (I liked it better when he was a normal swordsman but had this forbidden weapon to use in emergencies, now he's just a guy who uses the forbidden weapon as his first and only option) but I hated how lackluster all of his cartridges felt. ("Oh cool, a little bit of extra damage. Can I upgrade it? No? Well, can I refill it easily? No? Well, are they all going to be useful? No? Okay then.") Cecilia's spells were fine, but the fact that you have to wait through half of the game before you can heal more than one person per casting is absurd (and that's assuming you even know where to find Shining Star- you might go the entire game without it if you aren't using a guide). And don't get me started on Jack- his Fast Draw SUCKS. You either have to purposely keep him low level (which is incredibly difficult due to how inflexible the battle system is) so that you can grind out his Fast Draws to make the mana cost remotely manageable (and even making that happen ranges from incredibly expensive to outright impossible, depending on where you are in the game) because there's no reasonable way to replenish MP in this game for some unknown reason, or you have to go the entire game without ever being able to use more than one of his abilities per dungeon. Seriously, it's absurd. And even if you go through all of the trouble to max out every single one of his Fast Draws, he's still the least useful AND the least powerful out of the original three characters!
I very much preferred in the original game how each character had multiple uses for FP. It made battles play out like a game of chess, planning and plotting so you can set yourself up to use your best abilities whenever they'll pack the most punch- but now, Cecilia is the only person who ever needs more than 25% FP for at any given moment, and Rudy and Jack can just use their 25% ability whenever it pops up with no thought needed most of the time. And by the time Jane or Emma come around, their FP abilities are borderline useless. Zed joining the party is awesome in concept, but it comes so late in the game and I swear I never used any of his special abilities a single time (as I only used him a couple times at all).
One of the things I love about Wild Arms is all of the optional bonus content, and Alter Code F certainly had that in spades. However, not all of it was good and most of it was worse than the original. And ALL of it took way longer than it needed to. My WA playthroughs usually cap out at about 50-60 hours, but this ACF playthrough took about 90, and I spent a LOT of that time frustrated.
As I said, if you have the choice, play the original. If you don't have a choice, you'll probably have a good time with Alter Code F, but I can't promise that.
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2023.03.25 09:06 Vivid_Life79 M for A - Vampire and Myth inspired role-play.

I am a writer, and I have been role-playing for some time. Rarely I found somebody who I was compatible with, and together, we created a story. The premise is:
{I am an accomplished writer living in the Alps, near a prestigious university, one of the oldest in the world, dating back to the 14th century. I advertise a position for a literary research assistant at the university.
You decide to apply for the job and come for the interview.
However, little did you know that I am over 4 millennia old vampire, one of the first in fact. I was cursed by the old gods for disloyalty to my king. I married his daughter, and he did not approve. He had her brutally murdered and I killed him for it. His priests put a curse on me to roam the Earth eternally and to crave blood. Since I was one of the first, sunlight did not affect me.}
This is planned to be a long-term, articulate, romantic, detailed story filled with mystery and discovery of the origin of many myths we find in literature and movies in this day and age.
I do understand life happens, but I will do my best to be constituent in my replies, and I would desire the same from my role-play partner. I should add that I write in the 1st person most of the time and I am located in Western Europe.
If interested, feel free to text me, and we can talk more in detail. I tend to role-play on Discord. I am happy to hear your suggestions and we can take it from there.
In my view, the length of paragraphs is irrelevant, the flow of story is what counts. The magic is in the style and how descriptive and imaginative the RP partner is, combined with the creative connection the two share.
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2023.03.25 09:05 Certain-Yak-7951 Deleting social media apps

Ok I finally did it. I resisted for ages because I didn't think I had a problem.
I LOVED tik tok and Instagram. I'm a raging extroverted person and I absolutely love staying connected with people. But damn those apps were ruining me.
My dopamine levels are all messed up. Like it's nearly impossible to watch a movie, and god forbid I want to try read a book.
I want to enjoy those things again, like reading and movies... Does the joy come back once you quit the addictive apps?
I'm day 3 in and the withdrawals are noticeable but it's a lot easier than I expected!
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2023.03.25 09:02 satirical_whit How do you people do it? How am i supposed to function like this?

Dx jan 5th due to a massive flare up hospitalizing me. I look at the last 4 months like a huge bell curve with the symptoms receding mostly after the days of steroids, however never fully going away. Its nearing time for my 2nd infusion of Tysabri and its been 3 full months since my DX - from what ive read and my neuro told me, it can take "up to 2-3 months to fully recover from a flare up" (though many times its much quicker).
The thing is, even though the symptoms have improved drastically from my initial hospitalization, im in constant pain - currently max daily dose of codine/tylenol, im exhausted all the time - sleeping 14 hours a day on average - even taking different stimulants the doctors have given me, and most days i need a cane to walk (not just to steady myself but because my legs feel so weak). ive seen my neuro twice and have been seeing my primary doc every week because they are trying to get a handle on my symptoms still (my primary is consulting my neuro) so my meds are changing pretty much every week.
in november last year i was fine and worked an 80 hour per week job, and now...the above.
Is this just my new normal? Like did I just hit the fucked up genetic lottery? Im a 33/m, I was diagnosed 3 months ago and im apparently living the life of someone whose already had it for 20-30 years. And then theres the whole idea of holding down a job in this condition. HOW THE HECK DO YOU PEOPLE DO IT? Im reading posts and yall be like "oh its an inconvenience" or "yeah i had to sleep a few extra hours the next day after that big exciting thing i did" and im over here like "i was able to take my dog on a half mile walk to the dog park without falling down and only slept 13 hours today so ill need a nap as soon as we get back".
I cant do this. or, perhaps more accurately, i dont want to do this anymore.
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2023.03.25 09:02 junkertown36 Please help me interpret these dreams!

Hey! Before I start, I want to thank you for even clicking on my post. I have been having dreams for a while involving train stations and falling into dark water.
For as long as I can remember, I have been having dreams involving train stations. In nearly all of the dreams, I have anxiety because I have realize that I do not know where I’m going and I am lost. All of them end with me panicking and then I break out of my sleep. However, my last two dreams have involved train stations and falling into dark water.
In the beginning of the week, I had a dream that the train stopped and I exited it onto the platform. I heard over a loud speaker that one of the stops will not be accessible and that all passengers should “go to the above platform”. When I walked up the stairs, their was only a wall with a ladder, prompting me to climb it. When I climbed the ladder, there was only very dark water beneath me. Without any other option, I jumped into the dark water. I eventually floated at the top of the water and stared at the moan.
My second dream of the week has occurred 20 minutes ago. The first part of the dream was weird. A bunch of people and I were hit by cars on the street and broke our legs. We laid on the floor and yelled in pain. The dream then changed. I was standing on an outdoor train station platforms in New York City with the same people from the previous part of the dream. For some reason, I was with an old friend and my aunt (both of which I don’t hang out with anymore). I took a step forward, and the platform began to collapse. We tried to hang on to one of the still standing structures, but we kept falling. Eventually we fell into a dark body of water. My friend struggled to make a phone call because no one would answer. She kept apologizing but I said it was fine. The dream then ended with me realizing that I was making this scenario in a video game and I told my friend “I could have saved you, but I didn’t!”
The emphasis of train stations and dark water is what I would like to be explained. Why do I have dreams of being stranded in train stations and falling into dark water? Is God trying to reveal something to me?
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2023.03.25 09:02 stromfeeme Potential applications for using the STROMFEE power price manager

Potential applications for using the STROMFEE power price manager
Potential applications for using the STROMFEE power price managerPotential applications for using the STROMFEE power price manager There are several potential applications for using a power price manager in conjunction with a battery storage system. Some of these include:
  1. Peak shaving: By charging the battery storage system during times of low power prices and discharging during times of high prices, the system can be used to smooth out the peaks and troughs in power demand, reducing the need for expensive power generation during times of high demand.
  2. Grid services: Battery storage systems can provide grid services such as frequency regulation and voltage control, which can help stabilize the power grid and improve its overall reliability.
  3. Renewable energy integration: Battery storage systems can be used to store excess energy generated by renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, and then discharge it during times when the renewable energy sources are not producing enough power to meet demand.
  4. Load shifting: By charging the battery storage system during off-peak hours and discharging during peak hours, it can help shift power demand from peak to off-peak hours, which can help reduce overall energy costs.
  5. Self-consumption: Battery storage systems can be used to store excess energy generated by a solar panel system, and then use that energy to power the building during the evening, reducing the dependence on grid power and increasing self-consumption.
Overall, using a power price manager to optimize the charging and discharging of a battery storage system can help reduce energy costs, improve grid reliability and support the integration of renewable energy sources.
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2023.03.25 09:01 underrated94 There is a difference between women’s sizes and men’s?

There is a difference between women’s sizes and men’s? submitted by underrated94 to SNKRS [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 09:01 Alexhdzr4 Trying to build my first PC, advise needed

Hello everyone, I'm trying to decide the best parts I can get with my budget, but most importantly, I want to see if the parts I'm picking are even compatible with each other. This is the list I made.
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 3.7 GHz 6-Core Processor $4564.65 @ Newegg Mexico
Motherboard Gigabyte B550M DS3H AC Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard $3534.09 @ Newegg Mexico
Memory Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3600 CL18 Memory $1733.59 @ Newegg Mexico
Storage TEAMGROUP MP44L 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive $1844.95 @ Newegg Mexico
Video Card Sapphire PULSE Radeon RX 6600 8 GB Video Card $6081.87 @ Newegg Mexico
Power Supply Corsair RM750e 750 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply $3114.08 @ Newegg Mexico
Operating System Microsoft Windows 11 Pro OEM - DVD 64-bit -
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $20873.23
Generated by PCPartPicker 2023-03-25 01:53 CST-0600
I hope someone can help and give me some advice, maybe some other parts are better and at the same price. Thanks in advance
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2023.03.25 08:59 junkertown36 Please Help Me Interpret The Message!

Hey! Before I start, I want to thank you for even clicking on my post. I have been having dreams for a while involving train stations and falling into dark water.
For as long as I can remember, I have been having dreams involving train stations. In nearly all of the dreams, I have anxiety because I have realize that I do not know where I’m going and I am lost. All of them end with me panicking and then I break out of my sleep. However, my last two dreams have involved train stations and falling into dark water.
In the beginning of the week, I had a dream that the train stopped and I exited it onto the platform. I heard over a loud speaker that one of the stops will not be accessible and that all passengers should “go to the above platform”. When I walked up the stairs, their was only a wall with a ladder, prompting me to climb it. When I climbed the ladder, there was only very dark water beneath me. Without any other option, I jumped into the dark water. I eventually floated at the top of the water and stared at the moan.
My second dream of the week has occurred 20 minutes ago. The first part of the dream was weird. A bunch of people and I were hit by cars on the street and broke our legs. We laid on the floor and yelled in pain. The dream then changed. I was standing on an outdoor train station platforms in New York City with the same people from the previous part of the dream. For some reason, I was with an old friend and my aunt (both of which I don’t hang out with anymore). I took a step forward, and the platform began to collapse. We tried to hang on to one of the still standing structures, but we kept falling. Eventually we fell into a dark body of water. My friend struggled to make a phone call because no one would answer. She kept apologizing but I said it was fine. The dream then ended with me realizing that I was making this scenario in a video game and I told my friend “I could have saved you, but I didn’t!”
The emphasis of train stations and dark water is what I would like to be explained. Why do I have dreams of being stranded in train stations and falling into dark water? Is God trying to reveal something to me?
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2023.03.25 08:57 Smasher_WoTB The status of the Sons of Retribution Chapter Fleet&Armour as of the Lions return and the start of the Fourth Tyrannic War, Circa unknown year M42.

We have not suffered too greatly, fortunately we were not in the path of the Cicatrix Maledictum when the Eye of Terror erupted when Cadia fell. We were down in the Galactic Southwest, helping some ForgeWorlds purge an Ork WAAAGH and update a Sectors defenses to be as efficient as possible against the Tyranids should those foul Xenos assault them. Tragically, 2 of our Strike Cruisers and 7 of our "Escort" Class Warships were damaged beyong repair by the damned Greenskins. We managed to savage one of the Strike Cruisers, but the other crash-landed on a Planet was identified as a dormant Necron TombWorld some 350 years prior and all we could do was evacuate any survivors and briefly have some Techpriests&Techmarines salvage as many Relics as they possibly could from the wreckage before the Necron Defenders arrived at the Crash Sites. We did not have the power to take down a Necron TombWorld before it could call for aid and potentially awaken it's entire Dynasty, so we had the Ark Mechanicus' in our Battle Fleet tow the wreckage of the 5 "Escort" Vessels that weren't blasted into trillions of fragments by the Greenskin Ships aswell as the one dead Strike Cruiser towards the nearest ForgeWorld and begin savaging as much as possible and constructing new Ships with the salvage. This occurred in 967 M41.
It was then that I entrusted the 4 most powerful ForgeWorlds in the Sector with all the Ancient Wrecks&Derelict Vessels my Chapter had acquired and safe-guarded over the Millennia we'd existed to try and repair&restore them when possible, and create new Vessels of War with what could be salvaged from the Vessels that were damaged beyond repair. My Chapters Chief Librarian had a premoniton of a vast conflict against Chaos and the Tyranids that would occur at some point within the next 400 years. It was not enough for us to go to the High Lords of Terra, but it convinced me and all other major Imperial Commanders within 2 Sectors to begin putting all our production capabilities into the maximum possible overdrive in preparation, aswell as warn as many Chapters and ForgeWorlds as best we could, and so every ForgeWorld and Chspter within these 2 Sectors sent out emissaries to warn as many Chapters and ForgeWorlds of the potential arising conflict of beyond apocalyptic scale.
And thus, by using the Wrecks of some 50 Imperial and Mechanicus Warships we barely completed the construction, repairs, restoration, and/or retroftitting of some 27 Warships at least as large as a Cruiser before the Indomitus Crusade Fleet arrived in our Sectors in early M42.
And thus, my Chapter had swelled to some 1,780 Astartes, 250 Scouts and 45 Capital Class Vessels. Aye, we did encounter several Inquisitors who raised concern of ud attempting to Legion-build but we swore that if there was no such conflict or emergency to the Imperium within the 300 years foretold in the premonition that we would devote any "excess" Resources, Personnel and Assets towards the founding of 2 other Chapters that the High Lords of Terra or Inquisition could then order to be deployed anywhere within the Galaxy they deemed most fit. And so, when the Indomitus Crusade issued our Primaris Reinforcements we started up our own Crusade to head into the Imperium Nihilus and hopefully link-up with other Chapters of The Unforgiven.
That, is a summary of why my Chapter has grown so much.
Here, is a fully up-to-date list of my Chapters Fleet, our most valuable Infantry Assets, our most valuable Vehicle Assets and a rough summary of the other Forces that are within our Crusade Fleet:
Chapter Fleet:
-Chapter Flagship: the BattleBarge Indomitable Hammer is fully functional. Length is approximately 18 Kilometers long. Primary Armaments: 1 Nova Cannon, 4 Twin-Bombardment Cannon Batteries, 4 Quad-Lance Batteries and 10 Macro Cannon Batteries.
-Fortress Monastery: Mobile StarFort the Armoury of Caliban. Approximately 70 kilometers in diameter, fully capable of Warp Travel. Primary Armaments: [REDACTED].
-Seconday Fortress Monastery: Unnamed Space Station approximately 140 kilometers in diameter(armed only half as well as the Armour of Caliban but it's durability surpasses that of 3 of the 5 largest known SpaceHulks due to the myriad of technologies that has gone into it's fortification&upgrades over the 14,500 years since it's initial construction) capable of simultaneously dry-docking and repairing 4 Strike Cruisers or 1 BattleShip of any Class or size. It is capable of carrying and supplying 200 Titans, 300 Knights and 1,500,000 Unaugmented Human Soldiers simultaneously and has the means to teleport or drop-pod deploy all 500 Titans&Knights simultaneously and deploying 400,000 Unaugmented Human Soldiers at the same time. It was used to store many of my Chapters Relics and helping safeguard anf maintain many of the Relics and Ships my Chapter has been charged with Safeguarding over the Millennia we have been around. Now it serves as our Mobile Logistics Center.
-13 other BattleBarges of varying sizes&classes(including 2 IronClass Class BattleShips converted into being fully capable of independently supporting&transporting 450 Astartes+Support each and still having all of the normal Armaments&Armour of an IronClad Class BattleShip).
-25 Strike Cruisers of varying sizes&classes.
-6 BattleShips yet to he converted into BattleBarges, we felt it more important to use the resources needed to convert these 6 BattleShips into BattleBarges on boltering the local Fleets, Titan Legios, Knight Households and Armouries of ForgeWorlds, Fortress Worlds and Hive Worlds.
-60 "Escort" Class Warships smaller than a Cruiser but large enough to be capable of it's own independent Warp Travel and not getting bullied by 2 small VoidCraft in a Naval Engagement.
We now have so many Vehicles that it would take up too much time listing the numbers, classifications, variants and patterns of Vehicles my Chapter has. But we now have 1,130 Astartes Vehicles each at least the size of a Rhino, 200 of which are SuperHeavy Vehicles...we were incredibly fortunate in what we found when we salvaged a SpaceHulk in 990 M41.
We also have over 1,000 smaller VoidCraft including Gunships, Fighters, Bombers, Transports and Interceptors.
We have over 400 Suits of Terminator Armour and 350 Suits of Gravis Armour. Aswell as several hundred Primaris Marines.
We do expect to distribute many of our unneeded Vessels, pieces of Equipment, Vehicles and VoidCraft to other Astartes Forces in greater need of them aswell as send several hundred of our Astartes to join other Chapters to reinforce them, aswell as most of our Scouts and Initiates.
-Crusade Fleet Composition:
-60 Titans of various Classes from 3 different Titan Legios.
-180 Knights of various Classes&sizes from 7 Knight Houses.
-40 Bulk/Mass Haulers carrying some 3,000,000 Skitarii and 1,500,000 Imperial Guardsmen aswell as all their Vehicles, Support, Supplies and Equipment.
-25 Imperial Navy Cruises of various sizes&Patterns.
-6 Imperial Navy BattleShips of various sizes&Patterns.
-74 Imperial Navy "Escort" Ships.
-87 Adeptus Mechanicus Warships of nearly every size, Class and Armement within Mechanicus Records and Imperial Records.
However, all the remaining Forces within the Sector we departed from have gathered within the 7 most well fortified&built up SubSectors in order to ensure that there is a massive Imperial Bastion Force still within the Sector.
I would go into greater detail on our Forces...but time is of the essence, and our Astropaths and some Librarians have received communications and visions that the Lion has returned, and that The Rock has come into truly great danger several times already. I have a Primarch to re-unite with....even now I can hardly believe it, that the Lion has returned. I truly wept when I learned that he had gone missing during the Destruction of Caliban....but I and everyone in my Crusade Fleet still held out hope. And even through the following 11,000+ years it has been since then, the Chapter that was founded from the survivors of my Crusade Fleet after The Scouring still held out hope he would return one day and help us get our revenge on those Traitorous Curs. And nearly every single Chapter we had interacted with since then said it was foolish to hold onto hope, except for the Imperial Fists, Salamanders, SpaceWolves and their Successor Chapters. They understood the desperate hope we held onto, and they understood why we always held onto that hope....and now, I feel more vindicated than ever, and I, a Veteran of many long, vicious and brutal Wars will be re-united with my Primarch once again. I was there, during the Unification Wars on Terra when the Thunder Warriors were put to rest..I was there, by the Lions side during all of the Rangdan Xenocides. I was there for the horrors of the Ork WAAAAGH of Red-skull Blorok mu-thraka in the Galactic Southwest. I was there, burning down countless Xenos&Warp Abominations during the Great Crusade. I was there, during the fires of the Great Heresy when we heard word that several thousand Sons of Sanguinius had been corrupted by the Warp even worse than the Word Bearers....I was there when a Warmaster Titan of a now long-dead Titan Legio blasted it's horn one last time in sorrow and anger and then it died when we heard news of The Emperor being stricken down during a duel with Horus as we were committing to a final assault against the last of those Bloody Angels and their foul Dark Mechanicum allies...I survived being lost in the tides of the Warp for 11 long years and then being spat out into real-space....nearly 12,000 years after we had entered the Warp. And now, I shall be there by the Lions side once again...I, one of the very few Loyalist Astartes left who fought on Terra during the Unification Wars might also be the one to witness the reunion of the Lion and Guilliman.


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2023.03.25 08:56 Dangerous_Teaching62 AITA for taking pictures of people on train tracks?

Ok, so, I'll be honest. I know that I'm at least the AH for my response. But here's the story.
I (21 M) was walking to a friend's house. Some kids (no idea their age. I'm in a college town and genuinely couldn't tell if they were adults or not. They were like a hundred feet away and I wasnt even wearing glasses). Mind you, I'm on my phone the entire time walking anyways, because I'm just talking to one of my friends.
Anyways, I see these girls, they appear to be walking like in a blanket or something, idk. And they're walking down train tracks. I'm texting this friend, so I send him a quick pick, not even stopping to take it, but just doing a quick one and saying something like "what the hells going on? Lol. Like actually a little concerned ngl". And, I probably shouldn't have been judging people for walking down the train tracks but like I genuinely thought this was a safety issue, right? Anyways, the kids apparently saw me doing it, and shouted something like "please don't take pictures" and my response was "aight" and I immediately deleted it, right? Cuz, like, I try to be a respectful person about this stuff. And it wasn't like, saved to a camera role or anything. Essentially the equivalent if I was video chatting and I zoomed in on them.
But, either way, I respect people's consent to not be photographed. So I immediately deleted it.
Anyways, up until this point, I'd personally arue that there's no asshole here. And then a car pulls up. Even then, still no AH. Mom rolls down the window asking if I took pictures of her daughters. Mind you, I hadn't known they were minors because of the fact we were 100 feet away. Here's where I think I messed up. I should've started with an apology, instead of starting with being defensive. First thing first, she asks to see my phone. I explain how I don't have the photo and immediately deleted it. She asks why I took the photo in the first place. I should've been more honest and said something like "I thought it was a bit weird that they were walking on train tracks". So, instead, I give a still true but less detailed explanation about how it's like when you're on Snapchat and you take pictures and just send them to your friends. I emphasize that I wasn't trying to have pictures of her daughters. Like, flat out, I was just trying to explain to my friend what I saw as I saw it.
She gets into me and says stuff like "I get how Snapchat works. I don't get why you need pictures of my daughters" or something like that. And that's where I responded "I was taking a picture of the damn train tracks". I definitely ended up using a lot of colorful language in this interaction just cuz I felt like I was being attacked for a super meaningless reason. Like, massive respect to the parent for investigating when her daughters have her a call, but, even when she saw me, I was nowhere near her kids. Again, they had been following the train tracks, and I was following the sidewalk. The two weren't parallel.
Anyways, I specifically told her that I understand her concern and I get that she cares about her kids safety and I respected that. But I also brought up how her kids probably shouldn't even be on the train tracks.
She mentioned how her kids were smart and they were together so she wasn't worried. In my opinion, that's still just dumb, in general. There's a reason they say not to play by train tracks. I think I even mentioned to her that I didnt even think it was legal to walk down train tracks.
Anyways, I tell her I appreciate her concern and I get why she's worried but that we shouldn't keep having to have this conversation because "I didn't do jack shit anyways". I tell her something like "it was good having this conversation though, I'll see you around" or something like that and just walk off.
I genuinely think I'm the asshole for not keeping my cool. And I genuinely get her concern. But, especially after investigating, I think she carried on for too long. Her tone didn't help. I felt like I was being talked to like I was an actual predator. But, not only should I had been respectful, I should've walked away.
Whatever it's worth, the reason I decided to walk away is because I noticed it was becoming increasingly hard to control my filter. I also had just woken up (accidentally took a 5-7 nap, but I'm a college student so it happens) so I was actually genuinely out of it.
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