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A community for people doing 75HARD, a 75-day challenge designed to cultivate mental toughness, created by Andy Frisella of the MFCEO/REAL AF Podcasts.

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Swimming, from beginners to recreational to competitive swimming. Pool and open water.

2023.06.03 17:11 Neo2199 SATURDAY AM: ‘Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse’ Posts Best Opening Day Of 2023 To Date With $51M+; 3-Day Now At $113M+

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2023.06.03 17:11 pst2lndn2bd Noisy gym, chemical smell in residential area

There is a gym in the residential building in London. Unfortunately the building was designed such that you enter a small garden form the building thay leads to the gym. A few flats face this small garden. The garden used to be not used but a few years ago has been occupied by the gym. That changed everything - from a relaxed place the garden went into a super annoying place making everyday life harder.
They installed a seating area and started offering drinks. Wine tasting, hen parties involved - these have stopped so will skip this.
The gym is a noisy place regardless, either their door makes constant loud noises when it's closed or their music is super loud. If none of this happens then someone is having a loud chat under our windows from the gym.
To top this up they started using some chemicals the smell of which we get when used but the smell differs in strength throughout the day.
There are also machinry associated with the gym that occasionally can be heard throughout the building.
We obviously spoke with them plenty of times.
We and other residents reported them multiple times at the council, they came out and left without making an impact. The council ignores written requests. Planning permission has been looked into without success.
The building manager and the freeholder don't seem to care much. Conflict of interest I imagine as they authorised thed taking ownership of the garden.
Local MP helped a bit but only temporarily (by triggering a response from the manager that didn't lead anywhere).
Previously the manager said they measured noise levels and they were within limits. No idea when this was done and whether they had a silent moment then but equally I don't think someone should tell us what the standard is for being annoyed by constant noise. Multiple residents have moved away due to this.
We could move away as we're renting (for a variety of reasons let's skip exploring this option in responses), but is there anything that could help quickly resolve the issue?
Maybe a legal reference that would scare them if it was mentioned to them.
The owner of the flat could sue them for reducing her flat's worth, but that would take time.
I could pour water on their guests through the windows but again don't want to go that route as then they may take action against me...
I know of multiple gyms that have been closed down throughout the city due to noise complaints. For some reason these guys seem to enjoy some sort of privilidge or in the case of other gyms businesses complained rather than individuals. Not sure, but it's weird.
Any tips much appreciated.
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2023.06.03 17:11 LoveMangaBuddy Read The Lady’s Dark Secret - Chapter 44 - MangaPuma

Estelle was the illegitimate child of the Duke who grew up under severe mistreatment. She tried to love the people around her all her life, but she was betrayed and sacrificed to the devil. Thus, she suffered in hell for 600 years. And then, one day… “Do you want revenge?” “If you wish, I will send you back to when you were at your brightest moment.” The devil’s whisper came. And, Estelle, who too ... Read The Lady’s Dark Secret - Chapter 44 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.06.03 17:11 WhatIfLounge Seeking advice on telling my now elderly/ill parents that I (and my daughter) were recently diagnosed.

Important context: My dad is a PhD who devoted his career to studying, diagnosing and treating ASD. My mom has ADHD - the veritable poster child, and it was a known feature/bug my whole life. She was also an extremely successful special ed teacher who worked with kids with ADHD and dyslexia throughout her career. But she was and is a difficult person to be around. Too much to go into here but suffice it to say we have a pretty surface level relationship these days. I grew up with a lot of armchair diagnoses of people we met, yet somehow my parents missed seeing it in me (and my sister). My mom also gets really worked up and obsessed when anything is "wrong" with someone in the family. And carries a tremendous amount of guilt and shame in general.
About a year ago my mom was diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia. She's on her way to losing all language and has other symptoms of dementia. I live across the country from them and so don't see them often.
My daughter (9 yo) and I were both diagnosed with ADHD in the last 2 months. I've spoken to my parents about my daughter's probable diagnosis before. They get it. My mom has expressed being sorry for "giving it" to her but is generally ok. My diagnosis, on the other hand - not even close. I know that if/when they find out, my mom will beat herself up about it endlessly. And I'm not sure if my dad will believe it. But he might. I was working my courage up to tell them but with everything they're going through now, I don't think it's worth it. Why hurt my mom just when she's about to lose the thread on life?
They are about to come for a visit- maybe the last for my mom? At least the last coherent one?
The one thing that's making me second guess my decision not to tell them is my daughter. I don't want to model keeping secrets about this from each other. I don't want her (or my younger son) to feel this is shameful. We're also actively figuring out strategies. I'm newly on meds, we're working on behavior, etc. we will need to actively hide some of these things while they're here for 10 days.
What would you do?
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2023.06.03 17:11 berserkerfunestus Small café/pub/venue for acoustic duet

I’ll be visiting Paris for a couple of days so I’m currently looking for any place to perform a couple of songs with my best friend but we’ve had no luck so far. Can anyone recommend any place that would have us playing on the 18th (which happens to be my birthday too…)? Thanks.
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2023.06.03 17:10 Low_Context_3734 For those stressing

Just a thought. I have been obsessing about my face and it’s degree of redness and uncomfortable flushing sensations on and off for about 20 years. I have been diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder and it’s mostly about the redness/rosacea. I think it’s easy to get triggered by rosacea because not only can we see it, but we can feel the flushing, which is also linked to the body’s natural physiological reaction to stress and embarrassment.
I am not minimizing anyone’s discomfort. But I see a lot of pictures on here of attractive people who are obviously sad and stressed about “defects” that the vast majority of the population would consider minor. We should continue to take care of our skin, but let’s please remember to take care of our mindset and happiness as well. One thing I have learned over 20 years is that people, especially those who love and want to spend time with us, don’t care about flushing or redness at all. I can PROMISE you that it is much worse in your own head than it appears to anyone else. But if we only look at our reflections and pictures as if we are looking for problems, we will find what we look for.
Remember to be kind to yourself, and take time each day to go over the aspects of yourself that you are proud of and appreciate. It is awkward at first, but over time it will make you feel better and more confident about yourself. Your body may seem like an enemy at times, but it is actually pretty smart, has your best interests at heart, and works miracles every day to keep you alive. Peace and love
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2023.06.03 17:10 curlygirly__2907 Stuck with 3 of 4 on Ursula's last quest..

Hey guys,
Bare with me as this is my first ever reddit post, but I'm in need of some help. I've finally reached Ursula's level 10, which took me ages! But there's this part with the crystals, where the last one doesn't spawn.. It should appear in the Sunlit Plateau, but it doesn't. After trying to log in again and taking a few days of not playing, today I went to check and it still wasn't there. Can someone please help me out?
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2023.06.03 17:10 Proletlariet Duke Nukem

It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum... and I'm all out of gum.

Duke Nukem

The story is simple- hostile aliens are invading earth, and the world is powerless to stop them. Humanity must put its faith in one man, a macho dude with heavy weaponry, foul-mouthed quips, and brass balls to save the day by blasting the shit out of every one of those ugly aliens. That man- that legend- is Duke Nukem. Hail to the king!
In the Duke Nukem Forever tie-in comic, multiple people swap stories about Duke Nukem. While these are heavily implied to be real in-story, these will be marked as [Story]




The Mighty Foot
It's good to be the king.
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2023.06.03 17:10 the_alpha_gray I don't fucking get you.

Ever had a guy who decided not to tell you the details of the girl he's flirting with/having sex with but he tells you almost everything?
Happened weeks ago and I suddenly remembered it and I still don't get why it had to be a problem.
So, there's this guy whom I usually talk to at night before (we stopped talking soon after I got pissed off).
He has a pretty busy schedule since he's sorta "famous". Known creative, and he's within my network of fellow creatives.
We used to talk right before he goes to sleep, and we did talk about the most random stuff. Including our likes and dislikes, our sex lives, how our days went, and everything else we could talk about.
After quite some time, we've had this understanding that we could never be more than friends. And that's completely fine with me because he's emotionally unavailable, and that I am not his type.
So, there are times we could get "flirty" but we know it's all for fun.
Fast forward to a few weeks ago, he recently informed me that it was his birthday. And he casually told me, "Sorry, I just had my birthday."
I was happy for him but I wondered why he wouldn't tell me. Knowing him, he'd say it's no big deal.
A few days after, he had the time to talk to me.
So, he was sharing what had happened the past few days and how busy he was. And I was just listening to his stories.
So, I asked him a question about my ex who had a girlfriend who left him with their two kids to pursue her "career".
I was simply asking for his opinion on the matter and then he said,
"I don't wanna say it, but baka may problema yung ex mo."
"And she would leave him their kids as a punishment? What kind of mom would do that?" I said.
"Alam mo, I honestly don't care about this. Bakit ka ba sakin nagtatanong n'yan e wala naman akong pake."
"I'm just trying to get a different perspective on the matter because my ex is threatening to kill himself and he's about to snap."
"Just don't ask me stuff about your ex or any of that kasi wala kang makukuhang matinong sagot sa'kin." I could hear him grinning on the phone.
"Okay. Fine."
That was such a pretty tense start.
I was holding my other phone while we were talking, and I scrolled through my stories just to check them and I didn't expect that it was quite loud.
"What's that sound? IG story ba yun?" he asked as if I was being disrespectful to him while he was talking.
I told him it was and I accidentally tapped on it, skipped, and it was loud.
"Ah okay. I thought you're watching stories.:
So he continued talking and then I asked him, like we normally would, "so, may nagregalo sa'yo ng birthday bleep? Hahaha."
"I won't answer that question." he answered it in a serious tone.
I was weirded out coz he usually shares those kinds of stuff because we're THAT comfortable with each other.
"Uh... okay?" as I replied, I got my phone and I started autoplaying stories on my Instagram and left it on my side as I talk to him.
"Manood ka na lang kaya ng stories mo?"
"I am not watching, I'm just letting them play."
"So, may nagregalo nga? LOL"
"Yes, meron." and then he goes on sharing what happened and all that.
"Nice. Bakit di mo sinabi kanina when I asked you meron pala?"
I was actually happy for him. He seemed happy.
But for some reason he didn't wanna tell me.
I got annoyed. I don't know why he thinks he's walking on eggshells about it. I felt bad. I was annoyed.
"Usap na lang tayo next time. Inantok na ko. Night." and I hung up.
I felt bad because I thought we were friends and having a "thing" was already behind us that's why we could get into details of the stuff we have.
But he chose to not tell me. And then he eventually did.
For what reason?
The delay was unnecessary and I took offense because it was as if he thinks I'd be jealous, well in fact, I was happy.
We even argued before about him being allergic to "I love you's".
Had to explain to him that it doesn't mean anything.
"Let's not make this complicated." he said.
Make WHAT COMPLICATED? We were just friends. Nothing more.
He apologized but that got me confused.
But this time, I didn't really feel that we were truly friends.
I felt betrayed. He didn't even bother to tell me his birthday. He just casually informed me that it was done.
To be blunt, kahit pa sobrang liit na bagay napaguusapan namin before.
So, I don't get the omissions.
I hurt me coz I thought we were friends. Heck, we were comfy enough we even do phonesex.
I dunno. Did I miss something? Did I not step back far enough to see the bigger picture?
We haven't talked for weeks. He was a good friend, for me.
But was I even a friend to him?
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2023.06.03 17:10 KhloesOriginalFace Do you think my former friend had adhd?

I used to have a friend of many years and, thinking back, I’m wondering if some of her behavior may have indicated adhd.
She’s a person who always has to be moving. On the go - here and there, here and there. The only person I know who can run an obscene amount of errands in a day. She never really like to take a day and do absolutely nothing. She would always talk about cleaning when in actuality it pretty much consisted of making stacks of things and moving them from one side of the room to the other to be able to vacuum where the stuff once was and a lot of times she would get sidetracked from that and will have moved on to something else.
She also has a tendency to clutter and unnecessarily buy stuff. I look at a lot of it as impulsive because within a couple days she will have returned most of the items she may have purchased on a shopping trip.
She can talk for hours if uninterrupted. I oftentimes didn’t want to answer when she called, but felt (at that time in my life) like I was being a bad friend if I wasn’t willing to be a sounding board for venting. Often, ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ would be the only things I would have had an opening to even say something. That played a big part in me ending our friendship, among other things, and I was also in the throes of (then) undiagnosed bipolar disorder and I’ll never know if that played a factor in my decision to do that. We parted ways positively, which was a good thing. Looking back, I think that we were codependent in a lot of ways during the years at the beginning of our friendship, so I don’t wish to make her come across as a person. She’s a good person.
But, based on those things, what do you think? This isn’t an attempt to seek medical advice or a diagnosis, it’s just a question for information. I hope it doesn’t come across as critical because that’s definitely not my intent. I just wanted to give you all as much detail as possible. TIA
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2023.06.03 17:10 Ratgar138 Indoor cat got out

Indoor cat got out
So I was out of town and we had people watching our house and our cats and the day that I was to return at 2 AM they texted us and said the back door wasn’t latched and all the cats got out and they were able to get three back inside but the fourth one is missing. I got home at around 11 AM and searched for him for several hours. I walked to a restaurant close by for dinner and when I was walking back, I searched some more. While I was walking, I saw a cat underneath a neighbors car, and as I approach to crawled into her engine bay. When she popped the hood for me it was my cat. I grabbed him and was able to get him home, but he such a scaredy-cat, and there was a dog, so he struggled and bit the crap out of my finger, so I just got him inside my house and then drove to urgent care to get antibiotics. Since I got home all last night and now this morning, I’ve noticed my other three cats are hissing at him and don’t allow him to get close to them. The three of them are all brothers and he is one of their sons. Usually he’s super snuggly with at least two of them so this is very different behavior and I do not understand why they are hissing at him. He hasn’t allowed me to get close to him to inspect him for any injuries, but he doesn’t appear to have any. Any thoughts?
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2023.06.03 17:10 kcjustfuckit 36 [M4F] #kansascity looking for a spicy summer fling

Boyfriend out of town? Husband at work? Just looking to fuck with out commitment? I think we could get a long. Going to have quite a bit of free time during the day this summer, would have to find someone to fill in some time. I'm find myself fun, sarcastic, and capable of having having a sloppy good time. You should be open minded and ready for loads of fun. I'm pretty open to most, as long as you wanna have fun. Let's talk more and see if we can match 🙃
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2023.06.03 17:10 LoveMangaBuddy Read I Became the Villain’s Ally - Chapter 75 - MangaPuma

Ning Yi, a modern-day doctor, traverses into the universe of a novel and becomes the vicious female supporting character who dies in the plot. Forced by a system that ensures she acts in accordance with the story to her death, Ning Yi then finds that only by getting near Prince Ning, the villain of the fiction, will she be able to escape the monitoring of the system. That leaves her with no choice ... Read I Became the Villain’s Ally - Chapter 75 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.06.03 17:09 Mister-Whipple-420 Anyone in 95831/95822 Zip Code Using Verizon 5G Home Internet?

Saw it was available in the above zip codes and wonder what kind of performance people are getting. UL/DL and latency. Outages? How does it perform in inclement weather? Do you see performance issues during certain times of day due to congestion? I have two Verizon towers in a 2 mile radius of my residence. How close are you to your cell tower(s)?
More advanced questions:
You can use the below search tool to find how close you are to a cell tower: Antenna Search
Thanks in advance for the replies.
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2023.06.03 17:09 DaLeAtaB How cryptoprojects fight airdrop farms of thousands of wallets

How cryptoprojects fight airdrop farms of thousands of wallets


Our experts tell us how blockchain developers are identifying farms of thousands of wallets. Which are designed to artificially inflate the volume of token distribution activity

Distribution of tokens to active users in the form of airdrop. That is, encouraging the activity of early users, has become a trend on the cryptocurrency market. Decentralized exchanges, NFT-marketplaces, games, wallets, social networks and other services are created on blockchains of ecosystem cryptoprojects. At the early stage of development, all of them need active users and testing. It is for activity in such projects that tokens are eventually distributed. But recently one project decided to distribute rewards to those who helped identify the wallets of so-called drophunters. Or sybil – those who engage in aggressive scrambling for activity in the blockchain project ecosystem. In order to maximize the number of tokens that the developers will give away in the form of airdrop.
In order to maximize potential rewards, sibyls use farms of thousands of accounts to artificially inflate project activity. Who can organize token distributions.

A whole industry of crypto wallet farms

When creating the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) in 2022, the developers of Hop Protocol issued $3.5 million in tokens. This was done to give away among active users. However, they discovered thousands of addresses that were trying to cheat the system. In doing so, aiming to get a larger share of the airdrop. Volunteers helped developers identify the interconnections of multiple wallets and weed out farms from these accounts. Which were involved in tapping into the activity in order to get tokens in the giveaway. This ended up saving the project about $1 million. And the developers decided to give away tokens to those who helped uncover dishonest participants.
Hop Protocol co-founder Christopher Winfrey, in an interview with DL News, called the sybil address activity “an entire industry, not a random collection of crafty hackers.” “I suspect they’re running a set of sophisticated operations using multiple accounts on exchanges. And they pattern their behavior at random to make the activity indistinguishable from that of real users,” Winfrey told reporters. He added that the failure to filter out sybil could have a “devastating impact on projects.” As airdrop hunters tend to sell the resulting tokens en masse as soon as they are listed on cryptocurrency exchanges, collapsing the exchange rate.
Despite the relative success in weeding out dishonest users, Winfrey believes That sybils definitely have an advantage. He admits that “it’s an impossible battle to win.” And detecting sybil activity is getting harder and harder. He estimates that their farms have collectively made hundreds of millions of dollars on big giveaways.

A surge of activity in another project

The Stargate cryptocurrency bridge, which allows to move tokens between incompatible blockchains. It processed more than 300,000 transactions with more than $100 million in assets every day over the past week, surpassing the record highs set more than a month ago. And far outpacing direct competitors in terms of user activity.
Stargate uses the LayerZero protocol, a development by LayerZero Labs. The project is valued at $3 billion after an April $120 million investment round led by venture capital fund Andreessen Horowitz. And is considered in the cryptocurrency community to be one of the first contenders for a massive airdrop.
According to Messari analyst Chase Devens, the vast majority of deals and volumes at Stargate. It’s most likely coming from ” airdrop hunters.” In the program code of the LayerZero project. Which is publicly available on the Github repository, mentions the yet to be announced ZRO token. The head of LayerZero, Brian Pellegrino, did not respond to a request from reporters.
The performance of LayerZero ecosystem projects and other candidates for airdrop began taking off in March. This was immediately after the successful token giveaway from Arbitrum, whose fame went beyond the cryptocurrency community precisely due to news about the big giveaway.
Such a profitable surge of activity to the projects gave rise to a marketing ploy – a hint of an airdrop. The ecosystem projects zkSync, Starknet and Polygon zkEVM saw a significant increase in user activity in May. Earlier this month, Polygon Labs co-founder Sandeep Nailwal hinted at the possibility of issuing tokens to the first Polygon zkEVM users.

The fight goes on

Airdrops are designed to reward early adopters. And also for testers and liquidity providers for new projects. But free giveaways largely attract users who are not interested in the project. And whose activity disappears after the token giveaway.
For example, monthly trading volume on decentralized exchange aggregator Paraswap peaked in November 2021, when the developers conducted an airdrop of the PSP token. Within a year after that, the project’s turnover dropped by 75%. And have not returned to the earlier figures. But there are also reverse examples: the value of assets (TVL) in Arbitrum’s turnover reached an all-time high on May 6 – more than a month after the ARB token was released.
Hop Protocol was one of the first blockchain projects to openly fight the mass influx of activity. Earlier cryptoprojects didn’t pay attention to the account farms participating in airdrop. And distributed tokens even for a single interaction with the ecosystem.
Projects like Safe or the same Arbitrum adapted sybil detection methods from Hop Protocol during their giveaways. Optimism Foundation, the organization behind the blockchain project of the same name. It has also campaigned to disqualify many of the token applicants the developers deemed sybils.
Our experts note that as more airdrops are expected, cryptoprojects will apparently continue to fight aggressive drophunters. And their clusters of wallets deployed for high-yield giveaways.
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2023.06.03 17:09 PuzzleheadedAd3382 Please Help with Overheating?

Please Help with Overheating?
Hey everyone. I have a 2007 Kubota ZD331 with a 31HP diesel. I keep the radiator clean by blowing it out with air regularly, including the mesh screen in front of the radiator. After recently mowing for 2 hours in on 80 degree day, I noticed the temperature gauge redline.
Coolant is topped off. Radiator is clean. Fan is working.
I am wondering what else it could be, maybe the thermostat?
Thank you for the help in advance!
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2023.06.03 17:09 Aloefroggu Have a great day

At the end of serving someone I told them to have a great day and just when they were nearly out the door they walked all the way back to tell me that while I had "beautiful service" I should not have told her to have a great day because "we are in England not America" !?! Is this an American thing because I've always said "have a nice/good/great/lovely day" and everyone else has responded positively? I just don't get how someone can be so miserable that I told them to have a great day, it's astonishing to me lol.
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2023.06.03 17:09 michaelphenom (1085 chapter) Doubts about the institution of the Gorosei

Since the beginning of the series we have only seen the current 5 elders that compose the institution called the Gorosei. The flashbacks about the destruction of Ohara imply they were in power since the days of the childhood of Nico Robin.
We know its members are 100% loyal to Imu but its implied Imu has been reigning over the world during almost 800 years so, are they as old as their ruler? Do Marines like Akainu or Sengoku have a clue of their origins or question how they rose to power? Prior to those five, did other members of the Gorosei exist?
After the events of the last chapter with Sabo, its implied they arent humans or are just the product of the abilities of one or several devil fruit powers. What do you think about them?
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2023.06.03 17:09 BluLilyx Guy I’m dating taking too long to make it official (24 f) (26m)

We’ve been dating for over a year, at first it wasn’t great because he wasn’t really ready for a relationship, so we ended up breaking up back in January. Since then we have been in contact and he went to therapy and has been actively improving himself for me. He says he really wants to be with me and we see eachother and talk to eachother all of the time. We basically act just like a couple now, he even posts us together on Instagram. He actively tries to improve his self for me every day and there’s not any giant issue with the relationship besides the fact he won’t make it official.
I know 100% he is not interested in other women. I have told him directly that I would like to be back together and asked how he feels. He said he feels the same and that he wants to make “asking me to be his gf” special. I’m just struggling with how long it is taking him. I’ve brought it up multiple times now and still nothing. He says he wants it to be a surprise but at this point I just want him to ask me! I’m so tired of waiting, it makes me feel like he is flaky for some reason. Should I just ask him?? Idk what to do.
TL;dr guy I’m dating is basically my bf but he is waiting to long to actually make it official, what do I do
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2023.06.03 17:09 MEYO6811 Meta Business Suite is ABSOLUTE GARBAGE And Mark Zuck is an idiot.


The posting ‘editor’ on Meta is absolutely awful and I, for the life of me, can not fathom how or why Mark Zuck has let the ball drop so hardcore and to this degree.

I handle social media marketing for several clients and the postings simply are not responsive between Facebook and Instagram and it’s mind boggling.
Zuck has purchased IG and WhatsApp, then spent the better part of 5 years throwing money into VR and the result has been Facebook completely dieing and organic marketing becoming nonexistent. No longer are ads optimized for smaller or localized business and the sizing for different posts is insane.
Using canva I created a:
— IG Story to be posted on both IG and FB. According to the size perimeters it should be equal and look fine. NOPE! On IG mobile and desktop the post looks fine. On mobile FB, the story looks fine. On Facebook Desktop it looks BLURRY AS FUCK and completely unprofessional. [also the 15 sec limit per slide is utter bullshit for business, especially considering reels has a 60 second cap. as a business or user in general, a ‘story’ should not have to be edited down to 15 second slides. Its dumb and clunky.
— FB/IG video post — 😤 welp. if/when I use meta suite, the “video” on Facebook is a 50/50 chance that the formatting is off, showing a profile video in a landscape box. And when I post on IG, IG now converts all video post into reels, so the bet thing to do is create a reel video in canvas right? No. Wrong! because REELS on IG do not automatically format properly when shown on the profile grid. Meaning, once upon a time, you would attempt to have proper structure and a ‘look’ for your profile grid, but now heads are chopped off and logos are not being shown. And the editor within Meta effing sucks. Slow loading, can’t properly preview postings, can’t upload or use the same music if used on mobile, etc. It’s FRUSTRATING
— and the ADS! The sizing and edit options for ADs is a whole other topic and discussion. But to some it up its shit. Also I’m sick and tired of all their ‘updates’ that are ‘designed to be useful’ when they are not useful at all. The new ‘omni ad maker’ for sales only lets you market to whole countries, not cities or states 🤬 So if I’m having an event in Washington, I would have to use my ad spend to show ads to all of the US. That’s dumb and doesn’t help me or my client.
Also, the ads no longer ‘work’ unless you are spending 1k on ad spend. I have clients with a 1k ad spend budget and clients with a $200 ad spend budget, and guess what? My client who spend $200 and has pixels and blah blah, does not get his ADs optimized in 7 days, and they are just taking his money. And don’t get me started on them changing the words/copy of the AD 🤬🤬🤬. Whether selling Botox or magic cleaner, the AD needs to be informative, not edited down to display 1 sentence then “click for more”.

100% FRUSTRATED that Meta has gone to shit, Facebook simply is a joke, and Instagram (desktop) isn’t supplied with proper EDITING TOOLS. (you are only allowed to login 4 accounts to one mobile device, so using mobile to schedule daily posts isn’t ideal. And you should be able to edit the cover of a video post after it’s been posted! My IG Profile Grids look so unorganized and un professional, and the fact that I have been deleting posts 2 minutes after viewing them on the selected platforms is just idiotic.) Also, the lack of optimization for small/local businesses is shitty. Show my ads to the right people please, not some randos in a different STATE, that you want calling me on WhatsApp 😤

Rant Over.
Zuck needs to fix his shit.
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2023.06.03 17:09 No-Necessary3122 My mom (51F) told me (22F) she’s moved on from our past.

For context, I haven’t lived with my mom since experiencing a mental health crisis in 2019. I live with other family members hours away from her and my immediate family. I was going to see them for vacation so I decided to try talking about our past, to try and resolve it, since we’ve never really had a heart to heart about it. She immediately got defensive and angry, and told me she had “moved on” and “why am i bringing up the past?” She says she thinks it’s great we can “see each other on good days like holidays and not the bad days”.
When I lived with my immediate family I was very depressed and didn’t achieve much (I still haven’t, but that’s besides the point). I was really shitty to people during that time and really withdrawn. My siblings are far ahead of me despite being younger, and are going to very good colleges and pursuing high level careers. My mom and dad got an apartment near them and visit them all the time. My mom seems really involved in their lives.
I was planning on moving back with them to finish college next year (my dad tries to keep a close connection with me and wants me home) but my mom doesn’t seem to want that. Maybe she doesn’t believe I’ll stay stable. I don’t know. I barely talk to my brother and sister. I think I should stay away. I don’t fit into the family anymore (not that i ever did due to my issues) and everyone seems so happy without me. I’m not saying that for pity, it’s probably best if I try and make my own life without them. It seems like I’m trying to hold on to relationships that are near dead. Thoughts?
TL:DR; moved out of my mom and dad’s house to live with other family because of mental health issues, potentially moving back next year to finish college, mom says “she’s moved on from the past” and seems disinterested in me coming back
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2023.06.03 17:09 Denverc99 Stomach pain

How long is the duration of stomach pain when it gets dangerous? Had it for a couple days now, I’m on Mesalazine but trying to get back on Prednisolone
Contacted my hospital but feel like I won’t get a response to Monday, just getting long aching pains from my stomach, how much do I have to eat everyday? I’m just trying to sip water
Thank you
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