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2023.06.01 03:35 Used-Ask5805 My trash 9. But best this season

My trash 9. But best this season
Just started almost exactly one year ago Shot a 90 once last sept. Trying to get out of the 100s again and had my first 50.
Really pumped over the last 2 holes 9 is over water as well. Blasted my trusty 9wood onto the green for a 2 putt.
Idk where I’m going with this post. But here it is.
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2023.06.01 03:35 MicroBurrito1 Which one do i listen to im bored af

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2023.06.01 03:35 Defectivegravel-krg This is supposed to be a pride item. This feels homophobic.

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Dear Amsterdamers,
We lost our cat 4hs ago in front of the Amstel Station. Any leads are welcome and we pay a 500 EUR reward upon finding.
Fully black cat, green eyes, young and mid-sized Responds to the name Milo Very talkative, not street savy as he's an indoors cat Chipped
Any leads or ideas on how to find him are very much appreciated as he's family
Iván +31683598020
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2023.06.01 03:34 sevwriter Short story I just wrote about depression. "Maple Syrup"

First time posting or getting feedback. Appreciate any of your thoughts. It's kinda absurd and not scientifically sound, but I had a fun afternoon writing it.

By the time the ants found maple syrup on the kitchen counter from a Friday night breakfast-for-dinner, my head was half-squeezed shut. The constellation of symptoms was described medically over the years as Panic Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Cyclothymia, and Bipolar-Not Otherwise Specified. The mental healthcare system, insofar as there was one in the United States of 2010-2022, never did give me a straight answer.
No matter. The name didn’t concern me. I had years of experience subverting sexual identity labels to thank for that. And the meds provided a charitable blanket over most of the stars in my particular constellation. Chemicals, after all, don’t need to know a diagnosis to work. What did concern me was the feeling of my head squeezing into itself and with it, the world as I knew it. The sensations began to transcend the psychological into the physical. My head ached, but it wasn’t a headache.
By spring my spirit was in an anvil. Sharp, tight, and dwindling. I didn’t need a shrink, I needed an enlarger. Sometimes I’d start to cry. Sometimes I thought I would die. Sometimes I just lied there, desperate for a distraction that didn’t come. In those days my mind could go from zero to deep needless torment in under seven seconds. I envisioned dark red synapses firing across the surface of my brain. Those were the Bad Thoughts, and they were getting darker and redder that inordinately warm April of 2022.
There were other types of thoughts too, lest you think I went certifiable. These ones were shades across a lighter chromatic spectrum, and they propelled me through a day physically and socially unscathed. Drop off the UPS package (light yellow). Walk the dog (sea foam green). Respond to the text (baby blue). Call in to the meeting (nectarine).
The ants weren’t as plentiful as the ones in my San Francisco apartment, which formed yards-long lines along the bottom of my bedroom wall. But they were more determined. Scrappier. They’d crawl out from several directions: my garbage disposal, the windowsill, the dishwasher. It was a multi-directional onslaught that I both saw coming and chose to do nothing about.
An ecosystem fueled by Vermont’s finest Grade A syrup began to thrive in my kitchen. Flies and mosquitoes found their rightful place within it. I felt guilty for letting things get this way, and then guilty for thinking that ‘getting this way’ meant anything beyond my own arbitrary standard of cleanliness. It all sounded vaguely fascist. And anyhow I had a house, a job, a dog, friends. An extant and healthy mother, father, and brother. I went to the number one liberals arts college. On these facts alone I clung strongly and proudly. I’d never actually let myself go.
Yet that appeared to be what was happening. Doing the Bare Minimum was my new MO and ridding these ants was a touch past this threshold. My head could handle the Easter-colored thoughts and the Dark Red thoughts that squeezed. But there was no room for ones of moderate intensity. I could handle the gargantuan and the tedium, just nothing in between.
Besides dying alone, my deepest fear was to end up on a show like Intervention or Hoarders. In May of that year I discovered that it’s our deepest fears we inadvertently move towards. I was blocked by my ex for one too many late night drunken texts. I was chronically unsure of where I stood in my friend group. My parents were close in geography but far in spirit.
Perhaps my only source of stability then was my job. I worked from home in software. My Bare Minimum MO had been soundly applied here too. Luckily this coincided with a post-Pandemic phenomenon known as Quiet Quitting, which even my boss knew about, so I was able to float on semi-intelligent cruise control for the time being.
I can guess what you’re thinking. You worked 15 hours per week, in a house to yourself, ate pancakes for dinner, and were sad?
I wish I understood it too. By June, Pride month, I forewent cooking entirely. I ate one meal per day, delivered from an app. I couldn’t even look at my kitchen. It was situated between my living room and my bedroom, so the only time I spent in it was heads down on my way to or from sleep.
My head was still intact but then so was the ant colony. I’d cleaned the maple syrup and all the other visible food scraps, but the ants’ infrastructure proved too resilient to falter. It fed on the seedy kitchen underbelly. Crumbs in the crevasses, I guessed, but couldn’t be bothered to look.
It’s June 2023 now, and the ants have thoroughly taken over the kitchen and living room. I took the office, bedroom, and 1.5 bathrooms. They take up so much space they should split rent! It’s not like they don’t have the work ethic.
I had a close call this past winter when my landlord came to unstick my door and noticed my insecticidal interior. The overhead light was covered in something “brown and wavy.” I pegged him for an amateur or a semi-blind because my ants are dark red and their movement is hardly fluid.
Instead of reprimanding me, he referred me to his brother in law, a documentarian with a new project examining the interplay of urbanism and geologic decay. I landed a starring role, insofar as one can star in a documentary. This led to another part in an alternative web series about climate change. They filmed my parts from my house. This led me to a sponsorship deal with the country’s leading carbon neutral tire company, whose name I hardly need mention. Now, I work 15 hours per quarter. I never made amends with my ex nor determined my standing in the friend group. Who needs love when you have 23,000 followers at your fingertips? I also didn’t heal my childhood trauma while my parents were alive and close by because my license expired and there was no way to get to the DMV.
My head doesn’t hurt anymore because my new prescription reroutes the norepinephrine from my nucleus accumbens to my basal ganglia. I live peacefully with the ants. They call me the queer Jane Goodall, if you can believe it. Ants are one of the planet’s most durable species. What commenters call disturbing, my followers call inspirational. I consider it a downright privilege.
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2023.06.01 03:34 Grendwhich1 voosh dad replied to me

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2023.06.01 03:33 Tems91 Right there... from the start

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2023.06.01 03:32 x9intj burberry

Imagine yourself very well dressed and strolling along in some crowded public square, when suddenly poof! Every last stitch of clothing on your body vanishes into thin air. You immediately dive headlong into some dense green foliage, so as not to be detected by any onlookers. Quick! choose a womens swimsuit from the burberry collection, and let’s get out of here...
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2023.06.01 03:32 LovesClementines Green Day

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2023.06.01 03:32 jreddit5 Which CAP2 should I get?

I really wanted Sage. When I flipped through the pics, the Sage just made me feel calm. But it’s sold out. I need to order by June 5 for an upcoming trip.
So now I think it’s between the burnt orange/gray interior, or the green OD X-pac/blaze orange interior.
This is for travel, to fit adapters, cables, chargers, you name it.
I already have a CPL 24 and CTB 26 in black/gray interior, and the CAS 2L in slate/blaze, orange interior.
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2023.06.01 03:31 wolfcl0ck For all you beta fans, here's an infographic of all the citizen models we have.

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2023.06.01 03:31 circus_circuitry What on earth can I do?

I live in northwestern Oklahoma. This morning while sitting on my patio a little green anole scurried by me and disappeared behind a tree. Now I have learned they are not native here. I assume it's an escaped or released pet and I'm wondering if it's possible to catch it and either keep it or find someone who can.
Am I out of my mind or can I possibly help the little dude?
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2023.06.01 03:31 730_fle A shiny beetle

Today I was cooking, when a shiny green beetle flew into the kitchen and landed on my phone. I thought it would fly away if I touched my phone, so I decided to make breakfast without the recipe. The beetle stayed there for over 30 minutes. I opened the window to get rid of smoke because I burnt garlic accidentally, and the beetle tried to fly away, so I opened the window screen and it left.
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2023.06.01 03:31 CraftyBooze I know it's just phantom sealed, but this is the coolest MID deck i've ever played 8)

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2023.06.01 03:31 Royal_Confidence5352 Does this sound like IBS?

27F already scheduled a colonoscopy for peace of mind, but I’m still scared. For a couple years now have had these bad left sided “flare ups” that start on upper left side of abdomen under ribs and then goes down, still on left side only. I get a burning, aching pain, and need to pass a bowel but can’t, only pass mucus. Nothing seems to help the pain much and just have to ride it out. Then it clears and I’m able to pass bowel movements again. I notice before and after my menstrual cycle bowel movements are horrible. But during my cycle they are more consistent. Seems like it’s hormone related too? I’m also having stringy, flat, snake like poops. My bowel movements have always been snake like, but I feel like the last 3-4 years they have been flat and with ridges. Coincidentally, I started having hemorrhoids 4 years ago and still have them now, which I hope explains the bowel shapes with ridges and some flatness. I started taking Metamucil and green juices which helps on normal days but not during a flare up. I had gastritis years ago that cleared with meds but then I started having these flare ups again. I cant pinpoint what triggers them because sometimes I eat the same exact things and sometimes they cause flare ups, sometimes they don’t. I feel like my immense health anxiety triggers them more than anything. Last year I had my gallbladder removed so now the urgency to poop is even worse after eating, especially if I haven’t eaten in a while and then eat… boom have to go. These flare ups also seem to happen the most when I’m extremely hungry like in the morning and fast, and when I finally eat I get horrible stomachache, acid reflux, gas, bloat and a flare up that lasts a couple days. I of course have been so deathly afraid of colon cancer or something like that but I truly hope colonoscopy is clear and it’s only ibs. No family history of colon cancer, but yes of gastritis and gut issues. Do these symptoms sound like IBS?
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2023.06.01 03:30 pleautaud ID of slightly radioactive green Peruvian rock with pyrite intrusions.

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2023.06.01 03:30 peterPLAGUErat Smellz

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2023.06.01 03:30 irishpisano Benton’s and Greene’s last days

I only watched the first half (more or less) of the show during its run and now and binging the entire series for the first time. I am surprised and impressed by how well the writers handled Benton’s and Greene’s last respective days of employment.
Benton spikes the ball like the badass that he is and makes a successful Herculean effort to save a shooting victims life after EVERY doctor and surgeon told him it was impossible.
Greene handles two traumas simultaneously then whips through a couple of quick patients (like clearing the board in old times) and then finishes with a little girls splinter in the sweet way that only he could.
Perfection on both accounts.
I’m anxious to see what the final days are for Carter Lewis Weaver Kovacs etc… (no spoilers past S8 please)
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2023.06.01 03:30 peterPLAGUErat Disney

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2023.06.01 03:29 rodog22 Requesting feedback on first chapter

Is anyone interested in critiquing the first chapter of my planned cultivation fantasy series. Sort of an alpha reader? it's less than 1800 words. I want to get several people's opinions of my prose before I write more chapters.
“I can’t wait to eat it.” Gong Li salivated over his next meal. Which was unfortunate, on account of the fact that it wasn’t dead yet.
Over 30 paces away from where he hid was a gnarlwood elk, its hind quarters marked by significant scarring that almost resembled burn marks. Presumably from a recent run in with a predator.
The gnarlwood elk was a truly majestic spirit beast that naturally cultivated the aspect of wood. And as was typically the case for spirit beasts, the path of its cultivation expressed itself in its unique physiology. The creature’s skin was the color of smooth, deep brown bark. It had fur like a normal elk, but it was green and looked more like moss that covered little of the lower half of the beast’s body. The elk sported massive antlers that more closely resembled gnarled tree branches, hence its namesake, with large flower buds growing out from it. Those flower buds were more than mere decoration, however. When opened, they would produce a pollen like substance. When exposed to it, a potential predator would experience severe irritation in its eyes and respiratory system. Also, the beast was about the size of a draft horse.
Li licked his lips in anticipation. “Mhm wood chi infused venison. My meat and veggies all in one bite.”
The Gnarlwood Elk stood cautiously in a clearing in the forest. It drank from a nearby brook, occasionally scanning the area for any signs of predators.
But Gong Li’s next meal wouldn’t find him. He had been on hunts before, but this was the first time he was permitted to join in on the hunt of a spirit beast. Such a thing would normally be too dangerous for someone of his cultivation and he was not expected to take part in the hunt itself. But the important thing was that the spirit beast didn’t notice him. This was an opportunity for Li to demonstrate his ability to suppress his spiritual power. What little he had as a mortal realm cultivator, anyway. Failing to do so might cost him and others their lives the elders of his clan told him. So he was sent on this hunt alongside his cousin Gong Fang and his team of beast hunters to prove his worth.
“Ready”, whispered the man himself in the bushes on Gong Li’s left. Gong Fang sported wild, spiky black hair that shimmered in the noonday sun with oil. His lean corded muscles clearly visible, as he wasn’t wearing a shirt. They bulged as if ready to rip out of his skin as he prepared himself for the hunt.
“Ready,” To Gong Fang’s own left was a woman. Gong Yue was built tall but slender. She shared the tanned complexion that most of the Gong Clan sported, which contrasted nicely with her short, silver hair. After a brief flash of light surrounded her uplifted hands, a wooden bow with a dark blue stone above the grip appeared in her grasp.
“Fire,” Gong Fang catapulted himself out of his hiding spot and into the clearing keeping up a storm of dirt and grass as he went. Gong Yue summoned an updraft, allowing her to take flight and break off small tree branches. As she knocked her arrow, the dark blue stone socketed into her bow’s limbs glowed with sparks of lightning inside. The sparks made their way to the bow proper, and Gong Li could smell the faint hint of ozone in the air.
The beast immediately knew something was wrong, but it was too late. Just as the gnarlwood elk popped its head back up, the arrow struck its neck. The beast reeled.
Gong Fang continued his charge, summoning a massive curved cleaver from his storage ring.
Gong Li watched as the beast struggled to get back on its feet, but the electrical current from the arrow had overloaded its nervous system. It violently flung mud into the air as Gong Yue fired another arrow into its flank.
As he closed in Gong Fang launched himself over ten paces into the air. He came down on the creature’s neck hard; The weight of the sword, his body and his technique. Together they easily cleaved through the base of the creature's neck. Gore sputtered out from the elk’s body and onto Fang but he jumped away from his fallen prey before the flower buds on the antlers blossomed. The beauty of the vibrant yellow petals were marred by the red gore that now covered them.
Fang was grinning. Grinning with the mischievous glee like a kid in an abandoned candy shop.
“Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about.” Fang triumphed over his kill. His enthusiasm was contagious. Li couldn’t help but cheer as well, despite the gory scene.
As Li and Yue caught up to Fang, Yue generated a current of air around them. The current, shaped like a dome, would keep the pollen from the flowers from getting to them.
Fang looked down at Li was a few finger widths shorter. “so little cousin tell me what you think of our technique?”
“Your methods are solid. Yue using lightning to paralyze the target, which gives you time to close the distance and quickly deliver a killing blow. I initially wondered why you use a cleaver instead of a spear as a melee hunting weapon, but now I see the logic of it. Cooks typically use cleavers to cut through bone and thick meat. However, a cleaver style sword can also be an effective way of killing an enemy quickly if you have the strength and precision to wield it. If you attempted to pierce the large Grade 2 beast’s neck with a spear and raw strength alone, it wouldn’t have guaranteed a kill. Given the strong hide and healing factor of the target. But by using force chi, you can apply greater kinetic energy and wield a heavier weapon.”
Fang grinned and looked towards Yue. “Told you he was a smart one.”
“Do you use this strategy against all your targets?” Li asked.
“No. Different prey calls for different methods. Although this is the strategy we use most often. We specialize in hunting large herbivores. That’s what sells the best prices on the market, anyway. They’re also the main course for the most profitable dishes of the clan owned restaurant. Also you’d be amazed what a pair of testicles from just about any large spirit beast would go for.
Li raised a skeptical eyebrow. “Spirit beast testicles?”
Yue interjected. “Many people think the testicles of large spirit beasts make for a potent aphrodisiac and may even increase fertility. There’s not much evidence to support the claim, but who am I to deny a fool so eager to part with his money?”
Fang barked a laugh. “Especially if it’s lining my pockets, eh.”
“We should get moving now,” Yue started scanning the area. “The scars on the elk may look old, but wood aspected beasts have an especially efficient healing factor. The creature that gave it those wounds could be nearby.
“Alright then, just give me five minutes to clean my sword and wash the blood off in the brook.
As Fang made his way to the brook Li turned towards Yue. “I was wondering, cousin Yue. Why use a bow with a lightning aspected beast core instead of cultivating it yourself? It would seem like the perfect fit to supplement your wind path.”
Yue shook her head, “Well, for one, the lightning aspect is hard on the body. It’s one of the most difficult aspects to cultivate.”
“No offense, but you don’t cross me as the type who would fear a little hard work.”
“No I’m not. But…” Yue trailed off.
“Funds. Right?
Yue gave Fang a regrettable expression. “Lightning is also one of the rarer aspects out there. To learn to adapt to cycling it through my meridians, any large quantity would require me to go through several Grade 2 beast cores. The clan simply doesn’t have those kinds of resources anymore. Our current situation is the reason why the elders requested we take you on this hunt with us. While your own path was designed for smithing the metal and fire aspect have obvious combat applications. They want as many of us prepared to defend the clan as possible. Should our enemies decide to take advantage of our weakness and hasten the clan’s fall.
As Li contemplated the clan’s current predicament, he found himself suddenly slapped with a torrent of water. After recovering from the initial shock, Li looked in Fang’s general direction. And there he was beaming with satisfaction in the brook over 10 paces away, sword in hand.
“You bastard.” Yue screamed.
Fang simply laughed and pulled back his weapon. He dipped the bulk of the cleaver in the water and made a sweeping motion back towards Li and Yue creating another wave of water. The water was accelerated to deceptively high velocities due to his application of force chi to enhance the swing. Yue was ready for him this time however. She generated a wall of wind chi that redirected the wave of water back at Fang. The combined force of the water and Yue’s wind technique knocked Fang off his feet submerging him in the brook’s shallow waters.
Yue laughed.
Li flicked off a piece of the gnarlwood elk’s bark-like carapace off his shoulder with a sigh of irration. “You’re a child cousin Fa-.”
Li found himself smacked hard by a current of air. He went spinning and before he knew his face smacked hard into the dirt, dazed. It took a moment to realize what had happened. Yue had struck him with her own technique. But why? He was only a mortal realm cultivator. She wouldn’t have hit him with an attack that hard, only for her own amusement.
His head was spinning, but Li did his best to lift it up and look around. It was then that he came to realize what had happened.
The impact knocked him a clean fifteen paces away, on the other side of the stream for his own safety. For the predator had arrived to claim its wounded prey.
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2023.06.01 03:29 killua_zoldyck96 Kraken Rgb problem

My nzxt Kraken x63 only has literally rgb, only has red blue green colors no matter what color I change them into. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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2023.06.01 03:28 Hotelbibletwitch Just built a green black zombie and plants deck off of this commander and legend

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