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Plain Text Accounting with ledger and ledger-likes

2017.06.26 05:54 colindean Plain Text Accounting with ledger and ledger-likes

Ledger is a command-line double-entry accounting tool that has inspired dozens of clones and a great ecosystem for tracking and analyzing finances, commodities, time tracking, and more.

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Shenanigans with doors!

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2023.05.30 13:22 Esilou Import reconciliation lines?

Import reconciliation lines?
Hey legends! There’s a lot going on where I work, 4 companies, 8 departments and tones of payments get split in an assortment of weird and wonderful ways. We use the credit card to pay for things with cross company splits then a spreadsheet breaks down the total amount for each account category for each department.
Currently when reconciling, we go “add lines” and delete what Xero tries to guess (eg attached, the account categories change regularly so it’s easier to start from scratch) and manually add every line. Surely there’s a better way! I can’t see any import section (the manual journal import is amazing) and copying and pasting from the spreadsheet unfortunately doesn’t split across the cells as I’d hoped.
Do you do anything similar and have any tips for quick, human error free data entry?
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2023.05.30 13:22 hilal___1993 How do I play out my final two weeks when my supervisor and coworkers are taking my resignation personally?

I have been working with the same company for the past 2 1/2 years. Some of us were part of a major company initiative, and there is a strong since of camaraderie amongst those who were part of it and are still with the company. As a result of my strong work performance and the respect I share with my peers, my boss pegged me as the "point person" for my department - which involves setting guidelines and training new employees within my wing of the operation.You can imagine their surprise when I put in my two-week notice a few days ago.Despite the good vibes mentioned earlier, I had not received a raise or promotion since I started. I met with my boss and supervisor several times, and was told the earliest they could promote me or give me a raise was in 6-7 months from now. I recently took an interview with another company, and offered the promotion and raise I was looking for. I accepted it because it's what's best for my career.Since my boss and my direct supervisor were both out of the office on the day I received the offer and my start date with the new company is soon, I e-mailed them a professional note announcing my resignation effective in two weeks and thanking them for their support during my time with them. My coworkers' reaction upon finding out from my boss and supervisor have been all over the map.My supervisor, who I shared a good relationship with, didn't talk to me for three days. When he finally met with me behind closed doors, he berated me for leaving - though also asked if there is any counteroffer the company could make after saying I 'burned a bridge' with him, which was sort of a weird 180. A couple of other coworkers who are part of the "camaraderie" still haven't spoken to me. My boss, though he understands my decision, was not shy about mentioning the staffing woes the department is now in (we were understaffed even before I put in notice). On the contrary, one superior who I thought would be indifferent has become my biggest supporter, wishing me the best and saying the company played itself by not promoting me when they should have.My question: how do you play out the remainder of your two-week notice when a handful of your coworkers are taking your professional decision personally?
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2023.05.30 13:22 Sokail Advice on how to add glass to panelled front door

So I’m wanting to add glass to front door for more natural light, I’ve cut out the internal panel out to figure out what to do with the frame. So I’d have to cut out the slats and add some new slats for the glass to sit on, but I don’t want to compromise the structure and strength of door. Anyone have any advice? Glass will be heavy as I’m going to get thick tempered glass or possibly double pane glass, for security and sound/temperature control. Thank you
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2023.05.30 13:21 Flat-Ad-1360 Absolutely appaling experience via leading to distress and loss of funds

I hired an eight seater minibus on Saturday to travel up from Macnhester to lake District for the day for some family that I had over visiting including a young child (under three) and two elderly folks over 70.
Whilst at lake district, a couple of us decided that it would be nice to go a little bit further up to explore Scotland. Thought it would be a little bit unlikely we'd get any bookings but according to booking dot com we were in luck and had the four double rooms we needed availble in a three-star hotel in Arrochar. Whilst their I quickly made the booking, confirmation of order was given by the hotel (via booking dot com) by email and text as well as confirmation of order by my bank. We received enough confirmation that anyone would be confident they'd be no problems and thought nothing more of the matter, just trudged along on the tiring 4-6 hour journey ahead.
When we reached there the receptionists told us that there had been some kind of 'error in the system' and the rooms were not available as they were already fully booked. Obviously I was really taken aback and a little bit annoyed by such a let down and inconveniance to use, not having received so much as a text or phone call to let use no about this during transit. All I received was a single email, obscurely telling us one of the rooms had been cancelled (as opposed to the four that we received to confirm booking), which I obviously could not check during the hazardous transit. Nothing further - no attempt to call or text by the hotel to inform us of the situation until we reached their.
My family wer emade to wait outside the front entrance due to lack of space amid a haze of biting insects, the stings were so bad that they ended up having to sit back inside the van for a further 30-45 mins whilst I tried to sort out this mess.
What annoyed me the msot was the lack of mannerisms of the sstaff - they were rude, abrasive, defensieve and completely unapologetic about the situation, both literally and metaphorically putting their hands up and instead pinning the enitre blame upon booking dot com saying it's entirely their fault which contradicts booking dot coms emails that states that they are not responsible. We did not even receive so much as an apology from the staff at this horrible little hotel, let alone an proper explanation - just pinning the entire blame on booking dot come and essentially saying nothing more of the matter. I enquired about the pending funds and was at least assured that they would be cancelled and we would receive a refund.
Whatever the case, and having received no further help from the staff at this place for hleping find rooms at another accomodation, other than the number for booking dot coms automated services (and they gave the number for business as opposed to customers) we ventured in to town and were told by some hlepful locals of a nice place to stay in Helensburgh some 45 min drive from there.
The rooms here, depsite being low rated were splendid. They were so good that we decided we'd like to stay on Monday and return on Tuesday so that everyone, especially me, as the drive could rest and recuperate, esp my back.
Just before noon I received a text to inform me that the funds had been taken by the hotel from the previous night. Now £400 down, we did no have th efund we needed to stay another night as planned and had to isntead make the long journey back the same night.
And to put it simply, and I have no idea between them who is to blame - the hotel or booking dot com, my entire family hotel was COMPLETELY.
I put my entire faith in the confident confirmation expressed by this hotel via booking dot come and then at least staff telling me to rest assured funds would not be taken so I could get on with my weekend family trip and instead came home the very next day with a bad back, distressed young and elderly and minus £400 for absolutely no reason, and when they said they wouldn't.
I sent an email to this hotel the moment I received the bank payment confirmation not wanting to deal with the rude and defensieve demanour of the staf fonce again, and a whole day has passed and they appear to have completely ingored my email.
Usually I wouldn't make such a fuss - but the level of negligence involved here was absolutely disgusting. As for the money that was taken form my acocunt, we had come the night before, they were well aware of the situation, none of us sat down on the front step of their premises for longer than half an hour and they still decided to proceed with taking the funds - I don't know how to think of this as anyhting other than theft.
Please can somebody advice how best to approach rectifying this situation.
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2023.05.30 13:20 abigailjenkins12 What the heck happened?

I attempted sourdough yesterday. 350g bread flour 150g wheat flour 85g water 13g salt 100g risen starter Did the stretch and folds, coil folds over a 2 hour period. It was time for bed so I covered it and stuck it in the oven with the light on to rise. It took about 5 hours for my starter to double so I figure about the same for the dough to rise. Well it was straight liquid this am, it lost any structure it had. What did I do?
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2023.05.30 13:20 DogMysterious4723 Discovering the Gems: The Best Side-by-Side Refrigerators Under $2000

When it comes to refrigerators, side-by-side models have gained immense popularity due to their sleek design, convenient storage, and advanced features. If you're in the market for a high-quality side-by-side refrigerator but have a budget of $2000 or less, you might be surprised to find a range of impressive options available. In this article, we'll delve into the world of refrigeration and unveil some of the best side-by-side refrigerators under $2000 that offer exceptional value without breaking the bank.
  1. Samsung RS27T5200SAA:
Samsung has long been known for its cutting-edge technology and innovative designs, and the RS27T5200SAA is no exception. Priced under $2000, this side-by-side refrigerator offers a spacious 27 cubic feet of storage capacity. Its Twin Cooling Plus system keeps the refrigerator and freezer compartments at optimal temperatures, preserving food freshness. The external water and ice dispenser add convenience to your daily routine. With its sleek stainless steel exterior and customizable storage options, this Samsung model is a worthy contender.
  1. LG LSXS26366S:
The LG LSXS26366S is a feature-packed side-by-side refrigerator that provides excellent value for its price. With a 26.1 cubic feet capacity, it offers ample space for all your groceries. The Slim SpacePlus Ice System ensures you have plenty of ice while maximizing shelf space. LG's Smart Cooling technology maintains consistent temperature and humidity levels, keeping your food fresher for longer. Additionally, the stainless steel finish and door-in-door design add a touch of elegance to any kitchen.
  1. Whirlpool WRS571CIHZ:
Whirlpool has been a trusted name in the appliance industry for decades, and the WRS571CIHZ side-by-side refrigerator lives up to its reputation. With a price below $2000, this refrigerator offers a 20.6 cubic feet capacity, making it ideal for smaller households. Its Accu-Chill temperature management system ensures precise temperature control, while the in-door ice and water dispenser add convenience. The fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish keeps your fridge looking pristine even with everyday use.
  1. Frigidaire FFSS2615TS:
If you're looking for a budget-friendly option without compromising quality, the Frigidaire FFSS2615TS is worth considering. This side-by-side refrigerator offers a generous 25.5 cubic feet of storage space and features spill-safe glass shelves for easy cleaning. The PureSource 3 water filtration system ensures clean and fresh-tasting water and ice. With its modern stainless steel finish and adjustable interior storage, the FFSS2615TS provides a reliable and stylish option under $2000.
  1. Maytag MSS25C4MGZ:
Maytag is known for its durable and reliable appliances, and the MSS25C4MGZ side-by-side refrigerator is no exception. Priced competitively, it offers 24.5 cubic feet of storage capacity, making it suitable for medium-sized households. The fingerprint-resistant stainless steel exterior keeps your refrigerator looking clean, while the adjustable shelves and gallon door bins provide flexibility for organizing groceries. The external ice and water dispenser add convenience to your daily routine.
When it comes to finding the best side-by-side refrigerator under $2000, there are several exceptional options available. From Samsung's sleek design to LG's innovative features, and Whirlpool's reliability to Frigidaire's budget-friendly offering, and Maytag's durability, these refrigerators offer a balance between affordability and functionality. Consider your specific needs, storage requirements, and desired features to choose the one that best suits your lifestyle. With any of these models, you can bring both style and efficiency to your kitchen without breaking the bank.
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2023.05.30 13:20 code_hunter_cc openshift v3 pod file not found

I am testing Openshift Origin v3. I installed it as a docker container following the instructions. I also deployed all the streams in roles/openshift_examples/files/examples/image-streams/image-streams-centos7.json.
I am now testing the installation by deploying a dummy php application from Github. I am able to create the project and application. However the builds are stuck in status "pending". In the events tab, I see plenty of messages like this one:
"Unable to mount volumes for pod "hello-world-1-build\_php1": IsLikelyNotMountPoint("/valib/origin/openshift.local.volumes/pods/9377d3b4-9887-11e5-81fe-00215abe5482/volumes/"): file does not exist (5 times in the last 40 seconds)" I tried also with a java application and the tomcat docker image, but got the same error messages. Looks like a Kubernetes configuration issue.
Any ideas?
Thanks for your help
UPDATE1: logs from the origin container show a bit more information about the error:
Unable to mount volumes for pod "deployment-example-2-deploy\_test1": IsLikelyNotMountPoint("/valib/origin/openshift.local.volumes/pods/70f69f8c-98d3-11e5-8d98-00215abe5482/volumes/"): file does not exist; skipping podE1202 09:12:24.269145 4396 pod\_workers.go:113] Error syncing pod 70f69f8c-98d3-11e5-8d98-00215abe5482, skipping: IsLikelyNotMountPoint("/valib/origin/openshift.local.volumes/pods/70f69f8c-98d3-11e5-8d98-00215abe5482/volumes/"): file does not existW1202 09:12:34.229374 4396 kubelet.go:1690] Orphaned volume "ac11a2b5-9880-11e5-81fe-00215abe5482/builder-dockercfg-va0cl-push" found, tearing down volumeE1202 09:12:34.287847 4396 kubelet.go:1696] Could not tear down volume "ac11a2b5-9880-11e5-81fe-00215abe5482/builder-dockercfg-va0cl-push": IsLikelyNotMountPoint("/valib/origin/openshift.local.volumes/pods/ac11a2b5-9880-11e5-81fe-00215abe5482/volumes/"): file does not exist The log entries of the start of the origin container:
202 09:12:13.992293 4396 start\_master.go:278] assetConfig.loggingPublicURL: invalid value '', Details: required to view aggregated container logs in the consoleW1202 09:12:13.992442 4396 start\_master.go:278] assetConfig.metricsPublicURL: invalid value '', Details: required to view cluster metrics in the consoleI1202 09:12:14.784026 4396 plugins.go:71] No cloud provider specified.I1202 09:12:14.981775 4396 start\_master.go:388] Starting master on (v1.1-270-ge592c18)I1202 09:12:14.981825 4396 start\_master.go:389] Public master address is 09:12:14.981855 4396 start\_master.go:393] Using images from "openshift/origin-:v1.1"2015-12-02 09:12:15.574421 I etcdserver: name = openshift.local2015-12-02 09:12:15.574455 I etcdserver: data dir = openshift.local.etcd2015-12-02 09:12:15.574465 I etcdserver: member dir = openshift.local.etcd/member2015-12-02 09:12:15.574472 I etcdserver: heartbeat = 100ms2015-12-02 09:12:15.574480 I etcdserver: election = 1000ms2015-12-02 09:12:15.574489 I etcdserver: snapshot count = 02015-12-02 09:12:15.574505 I etcdserver: advertise client URLs = 09:12:15.606296 I etcdserver: restarting member 2041635cb479cd3a in cluster 6a5d0422e654089a at commit index 38462015-12-02 09:12:15.609623 I raft: 2041635cb479cd3a became follower at term 22015-12-02 09:12:15.609663 I raft: newRaft 2041635cb479cd3a [peers: [], term: 2, commit: 3846, applied: 0, lastindex: 3846, lastterm: 2]2015-12-02 09:12:15.609815 I etcdserver: set snapshot count to default 100002015-12-02 09:12:15.609829 I etcdserver: starting server... [version: 2.1.2, cluster version: to\_be\_decided]I1202 09:12:15.611196 4396 etcd.go:68] Started etcd at 09:12:15.624029 N etcdserver: added local member 2041635cb479cd3a [] to cluster 6a5d0422e654089a2015-12-02 09:12:15.624349 N etcdserver: set the initial cluster version to 2.1.0I1202 09:12:15.645761 4396 run\_components.go:181] Using default project node label selector: 2015-12-02 09:12:17.009875 I raft: 2041635cb479cd3a is starting a new election at term 22015-12-02 09:12:17.009915 I raft: 2041635cb479cd3a became candidate at term 32015-12-02 09:12:17.009970 I raft: 2041635cb479cd3a received vote from 2041635cb479cd3a at term 32015-12-02 09:12:17.009995 I raft: 2041635cb479cd3a became leader at term 32015-12-02 09:12:17.010011 I raft: raft.node: 2041635cb479cd3a elected leader 2041635cb479cd3a at term 32015-12-02 09:12:17.059445 I etcdserver: published {Name:openshift.local ClientURLs:[]} to cluster 6a5d0422e654089aW1202 09:12:17.111262 4396 controller.go:290] Resetting endpoints for master service "kubernetes" to &{{ } {kubernetes default c10e12cf-98d0-11e5-8d98-00215abe5482 8 0 2015-12-02 08:43:26 +0000 UTC map[] map[]} [{[{ }] [] [{https 8443 TCP} {dns 53 UDP} {dns-tcp 53 TCP}]}]}I1202 09:12:17.524735 4396 master.go:232] Started Kubernetes API at 09:12:17.524914 4396 master.go:232] Started Kubernetes API Extensions at 09:12:17.525038 4396 master.go:232] Started Origin API at 09:12:17.525049 4396 master.go:232] Started OAuth2 API at 09:12:17.525055 4396 master.go:232] Started Login endpoint at 09:12:17.525061 4396 master.go:232] Started Web Console 09:12:17.525067 4396 master.go:232] Started Swagger Schema API at 09:12:18.523290 I http: TLS handshake error from EOF2015-12-02 09:12:18.537124 I http: TLS handshake error from EOF2015-12-02 09:12:18.549780 I http: TLS handshake error from EOF2015-12-02 09:12:18.556966 I http: TLS handshake error from EOF2015-12-02 09:12:20.117727 I skydns: ready for queries on cluster.local. for tcp4:// [rcache 0]2015-12-02 09:12:20.117804 I skydns: ready for queries on cluster.local. for udp4:// [rcache 0]I1202 09:12:20.217891 4396 run\_components.go:176] DNS listening at 09:12:20.225439 4396 start\_master.go:519] Controllers starting (*)E1202 09:12:20.702335 4396 serviceaccounts\_controller.go:218] serviceaccounts "default" already existsI1202 09:12:21.505391 4396 nodecontroller.go:133] Sending events to api server.I1202 09:12:21.507690 4396 start\_master.go:563] Started Kubernetes ControllersW1202 09:12:21.944254 4396 nodecontroller.go:572] Missing timestamp for Node intweb3. Assuming now as a timestamp.I1202 09:12:21.944570 4396 event.go:216] Event(api.ObjectReference{Kind:"Node", Namespace:"", Name:"intweb3", UID:"intweb3", APIVersion:"", ResourceVersion:"", FieldPath:""}): reason: 'RegisteredNode' Node intweb3 event: Registered Node intweb3 in NodeControllerI1202 09:12:22.662116 4396 start\_node.go:179] Starting a node connected to 09:12:22.670163 4396 plugins.go:71] No cloud provider specified.I1202 09:12:22.670239 4396 start\_node.go:284] Starting node intweb3 (v1.1-270-ge592c18)W1202 09:12:22.681308 4396 node.go:121] Error running 'chcon' to set the kubelet volume root directory SELinux context: exit status 1I1202 09:12:22.698136 4396 node.go:56] Connecting to Docker at unix:///varun/docker.sockI1202 09:12:22.717904 4396 manager.go:128] cAdvisor running in container: "/dockef80b92397b6eb9052cf318d7225d21eb66941fcb333f16fe2b0330af629f73dd"I1202 09:12:22.932096 4396 fs.go:108] Filesystem partitions: map[/dev/sda1:{mountpoint:/rootfs/boot major:8 minor:1 fsType: blockSize:0} /dev/mappeintweb3--vg-root:{mountpoint:/rootfs major:252 minor:0 fsType: blockSize:0}]I1202 09:12:22.949204 4396 node.go:251] Started Kubernetes Proxy on 09:12:22.974678 4396 start\_master.go:582] Started Origin ControllersI1202 09:12:22.999204 4396 machine.go:48] Couldn't collect info from any of the files in "/etc/machine-id,/valib/dbus/machine-id"I1202 09:12:22.999311 4396 manager.go:163] Machine: {NumCores:2 CpuFrequency:2667000 MemoryCapacity:1010421760 MachineID: SystemUUID:26A5835E-1781-DD11-BBDA-5ABE54820021 BootID:6cbd9dcc-5d4d-414d-96e7-c8a41de013f7 Filesystems:[{Device:/dev/mappeintweb3--vg-root Capacity:156112113664} {Device:/dev/sda1 Capacity:246755328}] DiskMap:map[252:0:{Name:dm-0 Major:252 Minor:0 Size:158737629184 Scheduler:none} 252:1:{Name:dm-1 Major:252 Minor:1 Size:1044381696 Scheduler:none} 8:0:{Name:sda Major:8 Minor:0 Size:160041885696 Scheduler:deadline}] NetworkDevices:[{Name:eth0 MacAddress:00:21:5a:be:54:82 Speed:1000 Mtu:1500}] Topology:[{Id:0 Memory:1010421760 Cores:[{Id:0 Threads:[0] Caches:[{Size:32768 Type:Data Level:1} {Size:32768 Type:Instruction Level:1}]} {Id:1 Threads:[1] Caches:[{Size:32768 Type:Data Level:1} {Size:32768 Type:Instruction Level:1}]}] Caches:[]}] CloudProvider:Unknown InstanceType:Unknown}I1202 09:12:23.010686 4396 manager.go:169] Version: {KernelVersion:3.19.0-25-generic ContainerOsVersion:CentOS Linux 7 (Core) DockerVersion:1.9.1 CadvisorVersion: CadvisorRevision:}I1202 09:12:23.011734 4396 server.go:820] Watching apiserverI1202 09:12:23.253556 4396 manager.go:191] Setting dockerRoot to /valib/dockerI1202 09:12:23.270558 4396 plugins.go:56] Registering credential provider: .dockercfgI1202 09:12:23.363525 4396 server.go:779] Started kubeletE1202 09:12:23.363724 4396 kubelet.go:812] Image garbage collection failed: unable to find data for container /I1202 09:12:23.370771 4396 kubelet.go:833] Running in container "/kubelet"I1202 09:12:23.370860 4396 server.go:104] Starting to listen on 09:12:23.734095 4396 trace.go:57] Trace "decodeNodeList *[]api.ImageStream" (started 2015-12-02 09:12:23.154869743 +0000 UTC):[579.19167ms] [579.19167ms] Decoded 1 nodes[579.193136ms] [1.466µs] ENDI1202 09:12:23.734149 4396 trace.go:57] Trace "decodeNodeList *[]api.ImageStream" (started 2015-12-02 09:12:23.154865413 +0000 UTC):[3.352µs] [3.352µs] Decoding dir / START[579.252571ms] [579.249219ms] Decoding dir / END[579.255504ms] [2.933µs] Decoded 1 nodes[579.257181ms] [1.677µs] ENDI1202 09:12:23.734204 4396 trace.go:57] Trace "List *api.ImageStreamList" (started 2015-12-02 09:12:23.001854335 +0000 UTC):[1.676µs] [1.676µs] About to list directory[732.327694ms] [732.326018ms] List extracted[732.330138ms] [2.444µs] ENDI1202 09:12:23.773150 4396 factory.go:236] Registering Docker factoryI1202 09:12:23.779446 4396 factory.go:93] Registering Raw factoryI1202 09:12:24.069082 4396 manager.go:1006] Started watching for new ooms in managerI1202 09:12:24.074624 4396 oomparser.go:183] oomparser using systemdI1202 09:12:24.111389 4396 kubelet.go:944] Node intweb3 was previously registeredI1202 09:12:24.112362 4396 manager.go:250] Starting recovery of all containersI1202 09:12:24.166309 4396 trace.go:57] Trace "decodeNodeList *[]api.ImageStream" (started 2015-12-02 09:12:23.155013407 +0000 UTC):[1.011259672s] [1.011259672s] Decoded 1 nodes[1.011261767s] [2.095µs] ENDI1202 09:12:24.166422 4396 trace.go:57] Trace "decodeNodeList *[]api.ImageStream" (started 2015-12-02 09:12:23.155011032 +0000 UTC):[1.327µs] [1.327µs] Decoding dir / START[1.01138385s] [1.011382523s] Decoding dir / END[1.011386853s] [3.003µs] Decoded 1 nodes[1.01138839s] [1.537µs] ENDI1202 09:12:24.166561 4396 trace.go:57] Trace "List *api.ImageStreamList" (started 2015-12-02 09:12:23.002949866 +0000 UTC):[3.142µs] [3.142µs] About to list etcd node[152.060049ms] [152.056907ms] Etcd node listed[1.163577016s] [1.011516967s] Node list decoded[1.163587911s] [10.895µs] ENDI1202 09:12:24.166656 4396 trace.go:57] Trace "List *api.ImageStreamList" (started 2015-12-02 09:12:23.002947281 +0000 UTC):[1.188µs] [1.188µs] About to list directory[1.16368555s] [1.163684362s] List extracted[1.163687576s] [2.026µs] ENDI1202 09:12:24.196265 4396 manager.go:255] Recovery completedI1202 09:12:24.215711 4396 manager.go:118] Starting to sync pod status with apiserverI1202 09:12:24.215792 4396 kubelet.go:2056] Starting kubelet main sync loop. UPDATE2
$sudo docker -vDocker version 1.9.1, build a34a1d5$ cat /etc/*release*DISTRIB\_ID=UbuntuDISTRIB\_RELEASE=14.04DISTRIB\_CODENAME=trustyDISTRIB\_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS"NAME="Ubuntu"VERSION="14.04.3 LTS, Trusty Tahr"ID=ubuntuID\_LIKE=debianPRETTY\_NAME="Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS"VERSION\_ID="14.04"HOME\_URL=""SUPPORT\_URL=""BUG\_REPORT\_URL="" @Clayton: Can you share any link about the mount bug that is supposed to be fixed in 1.10? Thanks!
Answer link :
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2023.05.30 13:19 Creepy_Fuel_2865 Is something wrong with me?

Hi everyone, i have always had issues that i think are odd for someone who is about to turn 26 very soon.
  1. I am overly shy and i find it difficult to look people in the eyes both men and women. It is like a gate that separates me from living my best life.
  2. I am easily hurt. Instead of forgetting any hurtful thing someone said and move on, i struggle with bitterness towards the said individual and i spend a lot of time thinking of how i am going to prove them wrong and teach them a lesson.
  3. I struggle with daily interactions, let's take for example my next door neighbour, i said hi to her every time we met but for some reason i just couldn't keep up and next time we met i just passed her without the usual greetings, it felt like a burden, and now in a weird way we are like friends turned enemies. Mind you i don't hate her. I guess she didn't take it easily for i overheard her telling another neighbour how that "behaviour" didn't match my age. She's way younger than me and hearing that really hurt.
  4. Sometimes it becomes hard for me to get out of my own house when there are people outside for fear of being judged, and if i get out, i have to prepare myself psychologically first. Other times in my house i tend to do things quietly so as not to attract any attention to my neighbours, i cringe when a plate falls to the ground.
  5. I do not have a loud voice so most of the time when i talk to people i am hit by "ati unasema? Ebu ongea kwa nguvu sikuskii" it's very humiliating to me.
  6. I don't know why but i find myself wanting validation from other people and i also feel the urge to showcase my achievements as stupid as it sounds in order to feel important.
  7. It is hard for me to get like minded friends. I am into financial stability and money matters.
  8. When i am well dressed i get awkward and anxious walking in public and that's why I am comfortable at night.
  9. I am a socially awkward guy.
  10. I am financially stable.
So guy's, any hope for me?
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2023.05.30 13:18 Routine_Bunch_5842 things you should avoid in Istanbul

things you should avoid in Istanbul
When visiting Istanbul, there are a few things you should avoid in Istanbul or be cautious about to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Here are some recommendations:
  1. Street Touts: Be cautious of street touts who may approach you with offers that seem too good to be true. They might try to sell you fake goods or overcharge you for services. It's best to ignore them and rely on reputable sources for information and purchases.
  2. Unlicensed Taxis: Avoid taking unlicensed taxis or private cars posing as taxis. Stick to official taxi stands or use ride-sharing services like Uber or BiTaksi, which provide a safer and more reliable option.
  3. Pickpocketing and Bag Snatching: Like in any major city, be mindful of your belongings, especially in crowded areas, markets, and public transportation. Keep your valuables secure and avoid displaying signs of wealth.
  4. Political Demonstrations: Istanbul occasionally experiences political demonstrations or protests. While most of them are peaceful, it's advisable to stay away from these gatherings, as they can sometimes escalate. Stay informed about the current situation and follow local news sources for updates.
  5. Certain Street Foods: Istanbul is known for its delicious street food, but exercise caution when selecting where to eat. Avoid street vendors with poor hygiene practices or those selling food that doesn't appear fresh or properly stored. Opt for busy, popular stalls that have a reputation for quality and cleanliness.
  6. Drinking Tap Water: Although Istanbul's tap water is generally safe for hygiene purposes, it's recommended to drink bottled water to avoid any potential stomach discomfort. Stick to sealed bottled water and check that the seal is intact before consuming.
  7. Street Scams: Beware of common street scams aimed at tourists. These can include individuals pretending to be students or friendly locals offering to guide you to a specific shop or attraction but end up taking you to an overpriced establishment where they receive a commission. Exercise caution when approached by strangers offering unsolicited help or guidance.
  8. Certain Areas at Night: While Istanbul is generally safe, some areas, particularly at night, may have a higher incidence of petty crime. It's advisable to avoid poorly lit or deserted areas after dark and stick to well-populated and well-lit areas. Use common sense and trust your instincts when navigating the city at night.
Remember, Istanbul is a vibrant and diverse city with numerous attractions and experiences to offer. By staying vigilant and exercising caution, you can have a fantastic time exploring this beautiful destination.
Don't eat only in touristy areas. Local areas often have great food at better prices.
Don't stick to only the most popular dishes. Try other options like vegetable-based dishes.
Don't only visit the main tourist attractions. Spend extra time exploring local neighborhoods and areas.
Don't rent a bike or scooter in the city. It's not bike or scooter friendly, but there are great places to ride near the seaside.
Don't get scammed. Be alert and aware of common scams in the city.
Don't cross streets without double-checking. Drivers won't often stop for pedestrians.
Don't confuse Turks with Arabs. Turkey is not an Arab country. While the majority of the population is Muslim, the official language is Turkish.
Don't expect everyone to speak English. Learn basic Turkish phrases to communicate better with locals.
Don't drive in Istanbul. Traffic and narrow streets make it difficult to navigate.
Don't listen to stereotypes about Turkey from people who have never been there. Seek advice from those who have traveled to the country.
Don't drink tap water in Turkey. It's better to buy bottled water instead.
Don't mistreat animals. Turkish people have a deep respect for animals, especially cats and dogs.
Do not feed stray animals with your own food. Bring some cat or dog food instead.
Do not stand on the left side of an escalator. Stand on the right side and leave the left side free for people in a rush.
Do not drink your tea or chai right away. Wait until it cools down to avoid getting blisters.
Do not pay in foreign currency. Use the local currency, Turkish Lira, instead.
Do not exchange money at the airport or near the tram line. Use the exchange offices inside the Grand Bazaar for better rates.
Respect the gardens and flowers, especially during the Tulip Festival. Do not take flowers or mess with them for Instagram photos.
Use public transportation instead of taxis. Get an Istanbulkart to use on ferries, metro, buses, and more.
Do not call the Bosphorus a river. It is a strait connecting the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara.
Bargain when shopping in local markets, but not in big brand shops or malls.
Speak softly in public transportation, mosques, and sacred places.
Do not take photos in the middle of crowded places.
Do not go souvenir shopping in Eminonu on Sundays.
Start your day early, especially during peak season, to avoid long lines and crowds.
Do not skip watching local videos for insider tips on Istanbul and Turkey.
Remember to respect local customs and be mindful of others when traveling. By following these tips, you can make the most out of your trip to Istanbul.

Do not wear inappropriate clothes in religious places

If your idea of ​​Turkey is the movies and series you have seen so far, we must tell you that the natural world and the coverage of its people are very different. Muslim people in Turkey usually appear in public places in full clothes, and travelers’ unconventional clothing offend them.
How you dress is especially important when visiting religious places like mosques. In these places, to respect the religion of people in Istanbul, be sure to wear appropriate clothes so you don’t have any problems. Hijab for hair is not mandatory, but it is better to avoid wearing short clothes.
Red more in topic travel.
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2023.05.30 13:18 nallascampus Digital Marketing Certification Training Course

Essential Steps for Gaining Your Digital Marketing Certification
Are you interested in furthering your career in the digital marketing field? If the answer is yes, then looking into obtaining a digital marketing certification is a great first step. In this blog post, we will guide you through the essential steps for gaining your digital marketing certification and provide some tips for success along the way. You will learn about the necessary qualifications, how to register for your certification, what to expect for the exam, and how to leverage your certification after you’ve obtained it
Leveraging Your Digital Marketing Certification
Digital marketing certification is an essential component of any successful digital marketing strategy today It helps you stay ahead of the competition and develop your skillset in a rapidly changing digital world With the right certifications, you will be able to position yourself as an authority in your field of choice and demonstrate that you have what it takes to succeed in this ever-evolving industry
When it comes to leveraging your digital marketing certification, there are numerous benefits associated with obtaining one such credential including building credibility for both yourself and your business among potential clients or employers; increasing job prospects; gaining access to certain networks; attaining improved skill sets; deepening knowledge base on particular topics related to the activity which can benefit other areas of work too Regardless of why you want a certificate, getting certified in Digital Marketing can help unlock doors for personal growth and professional success
The comprehensive guide BlogPostTitle aims at providing detailed information about digital marketing certifications from various recognized institutions across major industries like Advertising & Graphic Design, Analytics & Data Science etc, so that individuals or organizations looking into developing their online presence through efficient use of resources can effectively utilize them for better results This blog post will explain how these certificates can boost confidence when conducting activities like web design or coding projects while also displaying proficiency over techniques used by professionals around the globe – thus advancing career opportunities even further!
BlogPostTitle talks about different approaches in earning a certification and provides discounted admission rates upon enrolling onto specific courses offered by accredited institutions worldwide – enabling readers/users (who are unaware accesses into valuable learning experiences without costing too much money upfront investment! Detailed methods such as video tutorials; workshops hosted virtually on platforms like Zoom or Skype along with written articles detailing out step-by-step instructions complete this educational journey allowing users ultimate control over their own destiny when mastering Digital Marketing basics up until advanced levels!
Finally, our blogpost focuses on utilizing study plans available within each institution's curriculum structure which breaks down all material into digestable portions ensuring smoother transitions between different sections during sessions scheduled according following user’s convenience - easy enough for anyone who wants upgrade their profile but lacks time constraints due family obligations/work commitments etcetera! By putting together these pieces one ultimately develops ° view point towards topic matters enhancing day-to-day actions regardless if they're managing multiple accounts professionally at once or streamlining individual profiles after completing project assignments successfully within stipulated timeframe based solely upon acquired skills obtained throughout course period– making sure students get most out program before considering next steps further down line academically speaking!
The journey to earning your digital marketing certifications doesn’t have to be difficult By following the essential steps outlined in this blog post, you can easily work towards achieving your certifications and become an expert in the field of digital marketing With dedication and hard work, there is no reason why you can’t reach your goals and become successful in this ever-changing industry!
The Nallas Campus Digital Marketing Certification Online Course is what you need to become a digital marketing tech specialist. From SEO to social media, PPC, conversion optimization, analytics and much more - access industry-relevant tools, real-world projects and exclusive expert sessions from Facebook. With 1 Year of Project Support, realize your highest potential and gain the skills you need to reach those career heights!
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2023.05.30 13:18 AutoModerator Here's How To Watch 'You Hurt My Feelings' (2023) Online Free Streaming ON Reddit

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Movies! Here are options for downloading or watching You Hurt My Feelings streaming the full movie online for free on 123movies & Reddit, including where to watch the anticipated Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Nicole Holofcener team up for a new comedy movie at home. Is You Hurt My Feelings 2023 available to stream? Is watching You Hurt My Feelings on HBO Max, Netflix, Disney Plus or Amazon Prime? Yes, we have found an authentic streaming option/service.

Watch Now🔴You Hurt My Feelings Online Free

A new comedy by A24 is coming our way this summer! You Hurt My Feelings was written, directed, and produced by Nicole Holofcener. The film is also produced by Anthony Bregman, Stefanie Azpiazu, and Julia Louis-Dreyfu.

Romantic comedies are always about finding your true love, but Nicole Holofcener has stood out in her career because her movies often focus on the struggles of maintaining or rediscovering love later in life. That once again looks to be the case in her new movie, You Hurt My Feelings, where she teams up with Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

While the movie is written and directed by Holofcener, it also has another big name in Hollywood right now behind it — studio A24. The producedistributor has long been known for its acclaimed entries that offer something different than the typical superhero/franchise fare of many other Hollywood studios. A24 has been on a particularly hot streak of late, with its 2022 movie Everything Everywhere All at Once winning Best Picture, as well as a slew of other movies earning awards and strong box office numbers. Will You Hurt My Feelings keep that momentum going?

Already intrigued? We know you are, and we also know you're wondering how you can watch and stream You Hurt My Feelings from the comfort of your own home. Luckily, we did some research and have an idea of when this will happen.

Fasten your seatbelt, because here's where you can watch and stream You Hurt My Feelings online.

You Hurt My Feelings release date
After premiering at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival in January, You Hurt My Feelings arrives in theaters for US audiences on May 26, which is the Friday of Memorial Day weekend.

The comedy is going to be an alternative to the usual summer blockbuster fare, including in its opening weekend, going up against The Little Mermaid and the broad comedy About My Father.

You Hurt My Feelings is also just one of many A24 movies set to come out in 2023, joining Beau Is Afraid, Past Lives and Talk to Me.

Where To Watch You Hurt My Feelings:
As of now, the only way to watch You Hurt My Feelings is to head out to a movie theater when it releases on Friday, May 26. You can find local shows on Fandango, IMAX, Regal, AMC Theatres, Cinemark, Cineplex, Landmark Theatres, Alamo Drafthouse and Harkins Theatres.

Watch Now: You Hurt My Feelings (2023) Online Free

Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait for it to become available to rent or purchase on digital platforms like Paramount, Vudu, YouTube and Apple, or become available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

Is You Hurt My Feelings streaming?
No, You Hurt My Feelings isn’t streaming right now. It is exclusively available in cinemas after its wide theatrical release on May 26, 2023.

Since A24 is set to share a digital release date, we can only speculate as to when it may be available to watch at home.

Looking at Aster’s previous movies, both of which were also backed by A24, Hereditary had a wide theatrical release on June 8, 2018, while it became available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video and other platforms on August 21, 2018.

Meanwhile, the director’s cut of Midsommar dropped in cinemas on August 30, 2019, before streaming on September 24, 2019.

Aside from Aster’s projects, A24’s Oscar-winning hits Everything Everywhere All at Once and The Whale had a wide theatrical release on April 8, 2022, and December 21, 2022, respectively.

The Michelle Yeoh-starring movie became available for streaming on June 7, 2022, while the Brendan Fraser-led drama didn’t come out until March 14, 2023.

If you put all of these together, this averages out to just under two months – but it’s likely set to follow Aster’s previous flicks, meaning the wait might not be quite so long. We’ll be sure to keep you posted when updates roll in.

Is You Hurt My Feelings Streaming on HBO Max?
No, You Hurt My Feelings will not be on HBO Max since it is not a Warner Bros. movie. Last year, the company dropped its movies on the streamer the same day they premiered in theaters. However, they have since stopped and like many others, started allowing a 45-day window between the theatrical debut and the streaming release.

Is You Hurt My Feelings on Netflix?
No, You Hurt My Feelings will not be on Netflix. However, it is possible that it will make it to the streaming giant eventually seeing as it’s home to other A24 movies like Uncut Gems. Until then, you’ll just have to head out to theaters or wait until it becomes available on digital.

Is You Hurt My Feelings Available On Hulu?
Viewers are saying that they want to view the new animation movie You Hurt My Feelings on Hulu. Unfortunately, this is not possible since Hulu currently does not offer any of the free episodes of this series streaming at this time. It will be exclusive to the MTV channel, which you get by subscribing to cable or satellite TV services. You will not be able to watch it on Hulu or any other free streaming service.

Is You Hurt My Feelings on Amazon Prime?
We hate to tell you that ‘You Hurt My Feelings’ is not included in Amazon Prime’s library. But you can still make the most of your subscription by turning to other alternatives that the streaming giant houses, such as ‘Prisoner X‘ and ‘The Prison.’

When Will You Hurt My Feelings Be on DVD and Blu-ray?
As of now, there is no set date last to when You Hurt My Feelings will be available on Blu-ray and DVD, but we'll keep you updated once we know more about when the film will be available on physical media.

How to Watch You Hurt My Feelings Online For Free?
Most Viewed, Most Favorite, Top Rating, Top IMDb movies online. Here we can download and watch 123movies movies offline. 123Movies website is the best alternative to You Hurt My Feelings (2023) free online. We will recommend 123Movies is the best Solarmovie alternatives.

There are a few ways to watch You Hurt My Feelings online in the U.S. You can use a streaming service such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video. You can also rent or buy the movie on iTunes or Google Play. You can also watch it on-demand or on a streaming app available on your TV or streaming device if you have cable.

You Hurt My Feelings cast
Julia Louis-Dreyfus headlines You Hurt My Feelings as novelist Beth. This is a reunion for Louis-Dreyfus and Holofcener, as the two previously worked together on the 2013 movie Enough Said. Of course, Louis-Dreyfus is best known for her TV roles as Elaine on Seinfeld and Selina Meyer on Veep, but she has also starred in The New Adventures of Old Christine, Downhill, You People and has a recurring role in the MCU as Valentina Allegra de Fontaine.

Playing Beth's husband Don is Tobias Menzies. Many viewers will likely know Menzies from either his role as Prince Philip for two seasons on The Crown or in Outlander, though he has also appeared in big-name shows like Game of Thrones, Rome and The Terror.

Other members of the You Hurt My Feelings cast include Michaela Watkins (Enlightened) as Beth's sister Sarah, Owen Teague (Mrs. Fletcher) as Beth's son Elliot, Arian Moyaed (Succession) as Sarah's husband Mark and Jeannie Berlin (Succession) as Beth's mother Georgia. Also appearing in the movie are David Cross, Amber Tamblyn, Zach Cherry, LaTanya Richardson Jackson and Sarah Steele.

What Is You Hurt My Feelings About?
Nicole Holofcener has distinguished herself in her career by centering many of her works that deal with the challenges of sustaining or rediscovering love in later life. This appears to be the same situation for You Hurt My Feelings which tells the story of a woman and her husband, focusing on their relationship over the years. The couple’s apparent happy life takes a hit when their little white lies are revealed to each other.
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2023.05.30 13:18 BackgroundSissy78 Younger college-aged guy hopping to find an older gay couple who like man-to-boy bareback fuck and cumming inside their boy's throat.

A fun-loving collage-aged sweat next-door guy, hopping to find a nice pair of gay daddies who like to fuck bareback hard their slave. My interests are primarily set down in BDSM and S/m, and I'm looking for a gay bear couple who likes rough and intense BDSM play and slave training. I also enjoy being a pain pig and constantly feeling pain; I want to find a rough couple that likes to train new sub boys into the kink BDSM lifestyle. It's not an unfamiliar feeling to me to serve two masters. I have experience with something like this before, so I'm expecting this to be hard.
I'm in this lifestyle because I enjoy the sensational feeling of being owned. Personally, BDSM is not just a thing for hook-ups or sex dates. It's more like a lifestyle for me. That's why I'm looking to get owned. I intend to find a nice couple of gay males in their 40-50, beefy-stocky build, who like bareback fuck and get their dick in their boy's mouth after they fuck him. I'm also a popers user; I enjoy using popper during sessions. It gets me hyped up and ready for what my owners stored for me.
The best situation for me will be to move instantly if I find a good pair of daddy couples in TX who are keen to take a young slave boy. I want to be transformed into the boy of their dreams. I will let them do whatever they want with my body. Even if they don't like my body, I'm ready to go to the gym to buckle up. For me, this relationship will mean a total commitment to both. I'm not turning down other daddy-boys couples.
PS; I'm in San Antonio if you live near DM.
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2023.05.30 13:17 nyanmaru_ dishwasherule

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2023.05.30 13:16 kubo777 Waterproofing cold room ceiling

Parents of mine have a cold room underneath entry porch. The room is poured concrete wall, ceiling is corrugated glavanized metal with poured concrete slab over it (4-6" thick). Room is acessed thru basement. Slab is covered with paving stones outside. When it rains, water comes in thru ceiling seams between house and the room.
To best of my observation, the part of the concrete slab (about 3' closest to the house) is not sloped away from the buidling, which probably creates some pooling underneath the paving stones, and causes the water pooling and penetration. The part that is further away from the house slopes away.
Instead of rebuidling the slab, which they have thought would be a way to go, I figured a topping on the old slab would be a better idea. Removing paving stones down to concrete, and using something like Sikatop 122+ to build up desired slope, than apply blueskin over the full slab, or some elastomeric membrane, and reinstall stones on top would be a way to go.
Any issue with this approach, or would there be a better way?
This is zone 6, +/-30ºC wintesummer, heavy snow and freezing in winter.
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2023.05.30 13:16 danieldur Automatic window opening.

Hello dear community,
I've been thinking about the following project that could help me cool down my apartment in a more natural way. I have 2 stories +attic apartment, with a small window in the attic. Generally, the heat tends to accumulate upstairs so, if I want to easily cool down the 2nd floor, I have to open the attic's door and the small window.
I was thinking of getting some sort of electric device that would allow me to open the attic window from home assistant based on external conditions (still thinking about it). As far as I've seen in office buildings there are piston and chain driven window openers, but they seem to be mostly made for big windows.
So, do you guys know of any small, HA controllable roof window opener?
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2023.05.30 13:16 Funnybonekate Curiosity got the best of me

Back in march i look up “ways to get high”. I saw Benadryl and I have herd of getting high off Benadryl before. I tried it a while back when I was like 15 but i my made me fall asleep. I decided to try it again (I’m 18 now). I was able to order it off DoorDash or Uber eats. The first time I tried I ended up throwing up and my sister kept coming in and was asking me if I was ok. I lied and said yeah. I have a pink stain on my carpet now. I tried it again and fucked up because my parents are able to see how much I’m spending on my card. I bought a bottle with 100+ of capsules in it as well as some cough syrup. I got caught by the total that it all summed up to. My dad ended up FaceTiming me and I finally told him what I got. I had to flush all of them down the toilet. My selfish ass before that poured like idk maybe 50 inna big pillow. On one morning I fucked up. I probably took like around 20 pills and it was a morning day that I had school. I started to notice that my phone was so blurry I was texted my friend like this “ifhsofj ishdjk owtafsh”. Not even words. But that’s not when I realized that I fucked up. I looked at my tapestry and it was zoomed out. That’s when I realized I’m messed up big time. My body felt like I was being tied with cinder blocks. When I went to the bathroom the toilet was zoomed out. When I got up I almost fail. My sister was just outside the door and I tried to laugh it off by saying “lol I almost just fail lol”. When I went into class the first thing my friend said was “you should not be at school rn”. I couldn’t talk the only thing I could say is “yeah”, “uh huh”. .Later on in my class I couldn’t write anything and if I tried to I just didn’t have the energy I felt so weak yet so heavy. A few more hours rolled around and my forehead was itching so bad. Can someone explain what that means when that happens. I made the stupid choice to go to the nurse. I was trying not to make to much eye contact. I ended up checking out and when my step mom came to pick me up I tried to cover it up by saying “it’s probably just a rash”. She said “idk it could have been all those drugs you’ve been taken”. The only drugs I’ve done before that is weed. I think about that experience and im still wondering why I didn’t go into a vegetable state. I wasn’t trying to kms. I was just curious what the talk was about. Anyways I’ve been wanting to get that off my mind. I haven’t told anyone that. Im just happy I was caught before I got too sucked in.
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2023.05.30 13:16 Successful-Height723 KidsTube Old Layout

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2023.05.30 13:16 Gloomy_Albatross3043 Why I think Red Harlow is the best gunslinger in the franchise

There's a huge debate in the red dead fandom on who is the best gunslinger. Alot always say Arthur morgan, some say rdr1 John marston, and a select few such as myself who say Red Harlow.
Now Arthur Morgan is indeed an amazing gunslinger, his skills presented through out rdr2 is mind-blowing. However I feel that out of the three, he's the least skilled. I think rdr1 John is more skilled than Arthur from rdr2, I'd list why but this post isn't about John, it's about Red.
I'd say this is how I'd order the three in terms of gun skills. 3) Arthur morgan 2) John Marston 1) Red Harlow.
Red Harlow is undoubtedly in my mind the most skilled and dangerous gunslinger in not just the Red dead franchise but western media in general.
The reason why I state such a bold statement is because when you analysis Red Harlows feats in Revolver, you begin to realise how godly he really is as a gunslinger.
First of all, let's talk about Red Harlow when he was just a small child. We see that Reds childhood home was invaded by the men sent from Deigo after making a deal with Nates business partner Griffon, who sold Nate out for his own life. When they surpise attack the home, Young Red Harlow had only just began to practice his shooting with his first ever gun, yet immediately he's thrown into a huge gunfight with no prior training, but despite that Red is just killing all of the men with ease. He had no training with a gun, nor any experience in a gunfight, hell he was a literal child, yet here he is going pop pop pop and making armed men drop. Remember these men are not just dumb outlaws, they were specifically sent by deigo,(a general from the Mexican army) so these men must have had a lifetime of training, only to be shot like flies by a kid who had no training with a gun. Its obvious that Red Harlow was a born to be gunslinger, and it foreshadows his path of becoming the ultimate fighter.
Even when his parents were murdered right infront of him, Young Red went for his father's gun (which was engulfed in flames) without any hesitation or concern for his own safety, and somehow managed to hit Daren with his hand on literal fire. Red Harlow even as a child was so brave and did things that a full grown outlaw couldn't do.
However despite all this praise, Red Harlow was still a child and still needed years of training to become the god of gunslingers that he's known for. Sure enough for the rest of the game, we play Red harlow as a grownup, and instantly we realise how very very skilled and dangerous he is.
Inorder or present all of Red Harlows insane feats, I'm going to make a list of all the batshit impossibility stuff he pulled off in the game. Please keep in mind that all of these events I'm gonna list, all happen within just roughly 2 days of each other, which makes them even more impressive.
First of all, Red Harlow takes on a ruthless gang by himself at Twin Rocks. He had to fight against around 10 armed men, a very impressive feat for just one man. He goes to Widows Patch hoping for some bounty money from the gang he took down, however instead he choses to take down another big and notorious gang that took over widows patch. Red had to take on around 15 armed men in this battle all by himself, again a very impressive feat, especially when you consider that he just took on a gang before this one.
Red then goes on a train to Brimstone, on this train a huge gang attacks the train to rob it. Red has to duel a man before running ontop of the freaking train while killing tons of armed men with ease. He fights of possibly around 60 outlaws all by himself on a moving train all by himself, even more impressive.
At Brimstone Red Harlow then goes off to fight and win against 3 huge gangs with massive prices on their heads, he takes on these 3 very big and dangerous gangs all by himself. For the first one he does bump into Jack Swift who helps alittle for the first gang, but aside from that Red Harlow fights them all alone. While fighting the last gang, he duels and wins against 3 experienced outlaws. He does all of what I've said so far on this list in the exact same day.
That night, Red Harlow causes a big brawl in Brimstone saloon. Red Harlow manages to fight off against huge buff men in the saloon without a scratch on him. Afterwards he then casually takes on another gang of outlaws in the next room, which started by Red dueling one of their men. Again all I've listed so far has happened in the same day.
After Red finds out that it was General Deigo who sent those men to kill him and his parent's, he immediately sets of to take on the entire Mexican army by himself. He attacks a Fort that is guarded by trained solders and wins against a huge wagon that was described by the sheriff as "a fortress on wheels" and he does all this like its nothing. Red did have the drop on him by Daren and was imprisoned in the mine that Deigo owned which was right next to the Fort Deigo. Being freed by his cousin Shadow Wolf, Red immediately manages to escape the mine. By the way, this mine was filled with armed miners, yet he managed to escape and kill most if not all of them.
Immediately after that with his weapons back, he attacks the Fort with Shadow Wolf by his side. Red manages to kill every single armed and trained solider in the Fort, including Daren. And right after that Red went after the Mexican train where he kill tons more of Deigos men and eventually Deigo himself. So let's just pause for a moment. Red Harlow, by himself, has done ALL of what I've said so far in just a day and a half.... what the fuck.
It gets even more crazy when after he kills Deigo, he goes back into Brimstone and signs up for the battle Royal, which is the dueling competition. Red Harlow faces against gunslingers like Mr Kelley, who is actually just as fast as Arthur Morgan. And Red manages to out duel Kelley and win. Please also note that in the book, the Sheriff himself states that "being better than most won't cut it, you have to be the best to win" and Red Harlow was the man who won the duel tournament.
Right after this, Red Harlow with Annie and Jack Swift go after Governor Griffon in his massive white house. This place was armed to the teeth with trained soldiers, and Red just casually kills them all. Red even manages to protect Jack for 2 minutes while he was unlocking the front door, protecting Jack from tons and tons of armed soldiers who are trying to kill Red and Jack.
Ofcourse Red manages to kill everyone and duels the Governor in the end, who is possibly just as fast if not faster than rdr1 John. Red rides off into the sunset with his new scorpion revolver from Griffon, satisfied with his revenge.
Red Harlow, basically all alone in this entire game, managed to do ALL OF THIS SHIT in just 2 days...
Red Harlow possiblely killed hundreds and hundreds of armed men in just 2 days. Red Harlow dueled and won again some of the greatest gunslingers in the franchise, he could kill abunch of men within a second before they could draw leather, he took on the biggest and most dangerous gangs in the series like it was nothing, and he did all of that in 2 days...
Now Arthur Morgans feats and John Marstons feats are very very impressive, however those feats happen within possibly weeks. Red Harlow managed to do so much more in so less time.
Red Harlow has to be the best gunslinger, he just has to be. I'm sorry if this is too long I just wanted to share my opinion on this subject.
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2023.05.30 13:15 Successful-Height723 KidTube for band 2023 Old Internet for

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2023.05.30 13:14 Emmabieber Send flowers to Japan Cheap

Sending Flowers To Japan online with, Cheap Order any occasion flowers bouquet delivered to door step by a local florist in Japan.
Order Now: Send flowers to Japan Cheap
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2023.05.30 13:14 applesoupp Looking for an Action Club with 2-3 tables daily running both NLH and PLO? We run games almost nonstop 24/7, offer tons of bonuses including this month 1.6k freeroll🤑New members gets their deposit DOUBLED! (Matched 100% up to $150 and loaded at 250th hand) Club code: #x7h0q

Looking for an Action Club with 2-3 tables daily running both NLH and PLO? We run games almost nonstop 24/7, offer tons of bonuses including this month 1.6k freeroll🤑New members gets their deposit DOUBLED! (Matched 100% up to $150 and loaded at 250th hand) Club code: #x7h0q submitted by applesoupp to pokerrr2 [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 13:13 applesoupp Looking for an Action Club with 2-3 tables daily running both NLH and PLO? We run games almost nonstop 24/7, offer tons of bonuses including this month 1.6k freeroll🤑New members gets their deposit DOUBLED! (Matched 100% up to $150 and loaded at 250th hand) Club code: #x7h0q

Looking for an Action Club with 2-3 tables daily running both NLH and PLO? We run games almost nonstop 24/7, offer tons of bonuses including this month 1.6k freeroll🤑New members gets their deposit DOUBLED! (Matched 100% up to $150 and loaded at 250th hand) Club code: #x7h0q submitted by applesoupp to Pokerrrr3 [link] [comments]