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Beneath the Bodhi tree, in the mid-morning chill, Sat a fellow named Sid, practicing his still. He looked in and out, and to his surprise, He saw things quite differently, in the broad daylight.
"Suffering," he mused, "is a part of this game, A part of existence, in the sunshine or rain. But the secret," he grinned, "is not to dread, Rather understand its nature, unravel its thread."
"Take my tea," he spoke, "it's no longer hot, Impermanence is a dance, in every moment's plot. My tea, my body, even this tree, oh dear, Just like hairstyles, are subject to change every year."
"No-self," he chuckled, "now that's a tricky concept, Like trying to explain why my cousin Egbert kept a pet. You think you're solid, you think you're whole, But you're more like a soup, without a bowl."
"We cling to 'I', 'me', and 'mine', Like a drunk monkey clinging to wine. But look closer, see the truth unfold, No self stands alone, nothing to hold."
Then the Buddha looked up, with a twinkle in his eye, "Life is like a joke," he said, "let me tell you why. The punchline comes and goes, leaves you in a daze, But the joy is in the telling, not just the end phase."
"Embrace the tears, the laughter, the whole absurdity, For, in truth, we're just actors in the cosmic comedy. Shed your worries, your fears, let them fall away, Like an elephant letting go of yesterday's hay."
So, the Buddha laughed, and we laughed along, Our hearts filling with the rhythm of his joyous song. In his words, we found, life's sweetest delight, Humor in suffering, impermanence, and the no-self's flight.
A cosmic joke, a dance, a morning tea's brew, Who knew enlightenment could be a comedy too. Remember Buddha's wisdom, let it shine through, Life's a lot funnier when the joke's on you.
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2023.05.30 00:44 Thefuzy The Laughing Buddha: A Cosmic Comedy in Verse

Beneath the Bodhi tree, in the mid-morning chill, Sat a fellow named Sid, practicing his still. He looked in and out, and to his surprise, He saw things quite differently, in the broad daylight.
"Suffering," he mused, "is a part of this game, A part of existence, in the sunshine or rain. But the secret," he grinned, "is not to dread, Rather understand its nature, unravel its thread."
"Take my tea," he spoke, "it's no longer hot, Impermanence is a dance, in every moment's plot. My tea, my body, even this tree, oh dear, Just like hairstyles, are subject to change every year."
"No-self," he chuckled, "now that's a tricky concept, Like trying to explain why my cousin Egbert kept a pet. You think you're solid, you think you're whole, But you're more like a soup, without a bowl."
"We cling to 'I', 'me', and 'mine', Like a drunk monkey clinging to wine. But look closer, see the truth unfold, No self stands alone, nothing to hold."
Then the Buddha looked up, with a twinkle in his eye, "Life is like a joke," he said, "let me tell you why. The punchline comes and goes, leaves you in a daze, But the joy is in the telling, not just the end phase."
"Embrace the tears, the laughter, the whole absurdity, For, in truth, we're just actors in the cosmic comedy. Shed your worries, your fears, let them fall away, Like an elephant letting go of yesterday's hay."
So, the Buddha laughed, and we laughed along, Our hearts filling with the rhythm of his joyous song. In his words, we found, life's sweetest delight, Humor in suffering, impermanence, and the no-self's flight.
A cosmic joke, a dance, a morning tea's brew, Who knew enlightenment could be a comedy too. Remember Buddha's wisdom, let it shine through, Life's a lot funnier when the joke's on you.
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2023.05.30 00:14 Thefuzy The Laughing Buddha: A Cosmic Comedy in Verse

Beneath the Bodhi tree, in the mid-morning chill, Sat a fellow named Sid, practicing his still. He looked in and out, and to his surprise, He saw things quite differently, in the broad daylight.
"Suffering," he mused, "is a part of this game, A part of existence, in the sunshine or rain. But the secret," he grinned, "is not to dread, Rather understand its nature, unravel its thread."
"Take my tea," he spoke, "it's no longer hot, Impermanence is a dance, in every moment's plot. My tea, my body, even this tree, oh dear, Just like hairstyles, are subject to change every year."
"No-self," he chuckled, "now that's a tricky concept, Like trying to explain why my cousin Egbert kept a pet. You think you're solid, you think you're whole, But you're more like a soup, without a bowl."
"We cling to 'I', 'me', and 'mine', Like a drunk monkey clinging to wine. But look closer, see the truth unfold, No self stands alone, nothing to hold."
Then the Buddha looked up, with a twinkle in his eye, "Life is like a joke," he said, "let me tell you why. The punchline comes and goes, leaves you in a daze, But the joy is in the telling, not just the end phase."
"Embrace the tears, the laughter, the whole absurdity, For, in truth, we're just actors in the cosmic comedy. Shed your worries, your fears, let them fall away, Like an elephant letting go of yesterday's hay."
So, the Buddha laughed, and we laughed along, Our hearts filling with the rhythm of his joyous song. In his words, we found, life's sweetest delight, Humor in suffering, impermanence, and the no-self's flight.
A cosmic joke, a dance, a morning tea's brew, Who knew enlightenment could be a comedy too. Remember Buddha's wisdom, let it shine through, Life's a lot funnier when the joke's on you.
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2023.05.26 19:32 MajnaBunny Legion of monster: Sanguine ... 31

Down the rabbit hole of the Bureau we go to see what horrors and wonders lie hidden upon and within the earth unearthed by an alien invasion...
Story connects My Moral Grey Area and useSilent_Technology540 and his Legion of monsters stories.
First Previous Next
Legion of monsters: Sanguine … 31 the House of Dealan
Pilotpriest, Future is dead
Arthur and his wives had been informed of the dress and … armament requirements that would be needed for their foray below and when he saw what the girls unveiled, he visibly winced.
Of course, there was some confusion in his disdain for their armour but Arthur insisted and within the hour they had travelled out to a place almost literally round the corner from the houses of parliament.
As he approached the old stone arch with its thick wrought iron door Arthur suddenly remembered the particulars of mixing Shil’vati and confined spaces.
“Um, I'm sorry but it slipped my mind that this place is underground.” He said, chuckling as his wives all gave him a cold disapproving look.
Arthur knew that just banging on the door would not open it so he pursed his lips and whistled the tune of the nursery rhyme pop goes the weasel while resting his hand on a very specific glassy green stone beside the doorway.
The clunk of a door deeper down the passage opening made him smile to his wives to reassure them that everything was okay.
As the chains rattled on the other side of the door, he heard the guard’s deep breath and several deep sniffs at the air, there was a deep animal growl, Arthur without meaning to swallowed dryly at what he knew was about to emerge.
The door swung open showing it to be a literal foot thick slab of metal, but from behind it stepped a man who emerged from his stoop in the hall to stare down at Arthur and look level eyed at his wives.
The man appeared Jamaican by descent by his predominant skin colour and hairstyle of dreadlocks, his face was mottled with vitiligo across his cheeks and brow speckling his brown skin with splotches of white, those eyes were brown but tinged yellow around the iris and his nails were thick and pointed claws.
This was a werewolf in human form, one that was not too shy about its inhuman traits being plain to see.
“Is master Ancetto in?” asked Arthur politely.
The doorman leaned over to be eye level with Arthur looking him in the eyes then looking past him to the four shil’vati behind him.
“Sebastian, they are my wives and I am looking to ensure they are well protected.” Stated Arthur.
Standing up straight the wolf in a man’s form smiled broadly displaying his fanged teeth as he then said in a deep Jamaican accent.
“Sooooh, da boy aboot town haz finally found someone’s dey is confortable with… doh-nah stress he is in, shall ah call da gent as well?” he asked smiling down at him.
Arthur nodded, and the guard looking over him to the four shil’vati women he smiled wider saying.
“Ladies, Welcome mahster Ancetto the artifaycer is down deez stairs mind your eads, dis tunnel wah made by shortah people dan us.”
As the guard turned Arthur let out the breath he was holding.
Gly’nrie and Imizael cast him an odd look.
“It’s okay I was just worried that he might turn us away is all, they are very particular about who they allow in past the doors.” Said Arthur as he followed the giant guard down the well-lit old stone stairs.
As they reached the bottom, they entered a room with much taller ceilings panelled with wood but also lined with hooks to take the coats of guests, the guard went back upstairs and could be heard locking the door behind them.
Coming back down he bowed slightly saying.
“You be da first sheel-vahti’s ever to be in-vye-ted to this place lay-deez we strictly insist that only trusted wehl known customah’s can introduce uthars to dis place, Arthur noh dah mahsters wohk very well, he wearin one of our suits right now he is.”
Another door opened and out came a well-dressed thinly built gentleman who looked almost totally albino, paper white skin and hair on a balding head, his eyes were only the faintest grey as only his glasses sharp red metallic frames applied any colour to his strictly monotone black and white attire.
“Master Gwydion, I trust that these people are both the ones you contacted me about and that they are well within the rules I insist upon?” asked the well-dressed man as he narrowed his gaze at Arthur.
“Master Ancetto, these are my wives!” said Arthur with a hint of sharpness in his voice but he held out a hand gesturing to each in turn.
“From left to right Viscountess Shal’endra Isilynor, Baroness Gly’nrie Xyrcaryn, Duchess Imizael Balcyne, and Marquess Miralana Umegwyn … we are expected to perform a diplomatic duty somewhere very, very dangerous and were told that it would be considered unseemly to arrive at said event in anything less than full battle armour.” Said Arthur politely.
The last time he had been here was being fitted for several suit’s both business and otherwise with armoured enhancement by Sir Philip and even then, it had been made plain that this was not a bureau establishment and that it served the needs of very special elite clientele of all types and strived for absolute neutrality.
“Battle armour for a diplomatic duty?” said Master Ancetto with a hint of a smile.
Arthur sighed, rubbing his brow.
“We have been invited to the investiture of a kind of lord before a council of similar lords in a very strange place I only recently learned existed, the lord in question is a former bureau agent called Sanguine.” said a blushing Arthur.
Master Ancetto smiled for the first time in front of Arthur, the corners of his mouth drew back very wide exposing fangs, his eyes, once milky grey, turned a startling sky blue as he rose a foot from the ground floating mid-air.
“You are attending the investiture of a lord of the depths?” said the now floating master Ancetto before a shocked Arthur.
“Yes.” Arthur replied nervously realising very quickly the signs of a grey stood before him.
“Then it is good that YOU came here to me, I was born of the depths and until recently I was exiled… recent changes have altered this… I have to say you are going to see wonders I long to see again, I am jealous but my duties tie me to this place a while longer.” Said the grinning telepathic vampire in front of them.
Leading them through another door they found themselves in an armourer’s workshop equal to any in imperial space they had seen with both power armour and lighter armoured garments being worked upon by a plethora of people both grey and rather obviously cyborgs.
The man performing servo maintenance on the power armour had multiple mechanical limbs extending spider-like from his back and even a multi-lensed prosthetic eye on his right-side which swivelled all three mechanical eyes to look at these new arrivals.
“As you can see, we create all manner of attire from heavy powered armour,” remarked master Ancetto as he gestured to the spider mechanic as he resumed his work, “to the finer and more flexible protection.” He said gesturing to a suit not unlike Arthurs which was having flexible polymer armour inserts applied.
“But this is all what one would consider as commonplace for the surface world.” He said as a black cube floated up beside him then, morphed into a suit of insectile armour around the body of master Ancetto… “You will be needing finer attire in the depths.”
Ixion OST, Across the void
Bellaluna watched as one of the Sanguine’s sparred with Zilyana.
One of the older one’s was sat beside her at her table sipping tea as they perused the options available from master Ancetto’s armourer’s.
They were sat within a glass roofed garden, the environment inside was absolutely not one you would ever see on the surface of earth, the dark red barked trees throbbed with bioluminescence between their scaled bark as their shimmering jewel like obsidian crystal leaves tingled and rang like crystal glass windchimes as they swayed in the breeze created by the room’s climate controls.
This was what the Ancetto clan called their hidden jewel, a garden made of depth’s native plants and a few insects in its center was a sparring ground for customers to acquaint themselves with their armour’s properties.
Bellaluna examined the possibilities available and found that many options were familiar to her thanks to the prevalence for noble families to outfit their daughters with Exo armour.
Only these suits were not the nine to ten feet tall armoured behemoth suits she knew, these were skin tight suits of biopolymer synthetic muscle synchronized directly to the user’s nervous systems through either telepathic or cybernetic means.
They self-repaired and maintained themselves and acted as a combination of life support system and power armoured combat body glove amplifying the wearers speed endurance and reaction times by a factor of two while allowing Exo levels of raw strength and physical power.
All while incorporating multiple strange biological systems requiring specialised “bio-ports” to be installed to allow the suit to interact symbiotically with its wearer's anatomy allowing it to sustain the host without water or food in the depths for months by recycling their sweat and waste.
Setting everything to its most basic Bellaluna took stock of what she could estimate to be the bare bones of a basic depths soldier.
It was an army of five-to-six-foot bio-armoured soldiers able to live for months without food water or resupply all while being able to jog at speeds near to that of Terran cheetahs, go toe to toe against Exo’s in hand to hand while being faster and smaller, and be able to self-triage when wounded, as the suit was designed if a limb was severed to seal the wound and assist its host in growing a new limb?
And that was the basic model.
“Sanguine?” she asked getting the attention of both the fully grown man beside her and the boy sparring with Zilyana.
“Got you!” exclaimed Zilyana proudly as she held the blade near Sanguine 1898’s neck.
Chink ! ….. That sound made Zilyana’s eyes drop to find a blade poised to do something drastic to her crotch.
“Shit.” Was all she could say to that.
Then the boy did something that made her freeze in shock, he leaned his cheek against her blade and without a single sign of pain opened an inch deep gash up on his cheek.
Then moving away from the blade, he pressed his fingers to the side of the wound pulling it open so she could see into it as with a mental effort he made the flesh seal and mend, the sight making her shudder in revulsion.
1898 nodded, sighing before he said.
“Flesh sculptors and their ilk are infamously capable of surviving decapitation, for next time if you are poised to cleave one open young Zilyana, have something like an incendiary grenade ready to shove deep inside the wound when you do as in their haste to heal, they will seal the flesh around it creating a much worse wound when the grenade detonates.” Said the boy clone in an aloof tone.
Zilyana snarled in offense but a faint growl from the older Sanguine beside Bellaluna caught her attention, and reminded her that yes this was but a boy in front of her, but it was also the weakest part of Sanguine and as such the least challenging one for Zilyana to fight.
“What did you want Bellaluna?” asked the older clone 818 beside her returning his focus to the interior mistress as the two in the ring resumed their practice.
Handing him her omni-slate she asked.
“Is this a good approximation of the basic depths soldier?”
Sanguine perused the screen with his eyes, the faint smirk on his face and the raising of an eyebrow told her that he had found her assumption amusing.
“For scav teams and tunnel runners yeah, proper city patrol wear,” he tapped several options then showed her the screen again, “this.” He said, showing a much heavier suit.
Bellaluna took back her slate and looked over the selections that Sanguine had put in, several options were highlighted as needing special licenses to acquire but the resulting armour was closer to power armour to her eyes with heavy plate armour requiring extensive mechanical articulation and amplified muscular systems bringing it closer to being something between an Exo and the baseline bio armour she had chosen.
“This is for the police?” she said with some incredulity.
“That bio-suit you showed me in terms of ease of acquisition akin to a basic Kevlar vest,” he said then handed her his slate, “For proper military assaults you would want the depths call a nomad suit which is what’s on that slate.”
Looking down at what was on her slate the resulting suit was much sleeker than the heavily plated police suit but the price was close to ten times more and resulted in a matte black suit heavier than the basic bio-suit but the list of extras said a lot.
Full NBC countermeasures rated for minimum two years survival time in contaminated environments under a mixture of biological toxic and radiological hazards.
In-built bio-support allows the suit to digest inedible substances to sustain its host, including the extraction of oxygen from ingested materials and water to allow the host to survive in environments with minimal to no atmosphere for extended periods.
In-built suit support mind and thus also its own barriers to allow it to shield itself, which required either the host be psychic or the installation of a neural symbiote on the hosts spine to ensure the suit can always remain in contact with the host.
Integrated pig plasma pulse guns in the bracers, retractable monofilament blades and claws and reinforced synth muscle and armour allowing for nearly four times the power of a police suit.
Bellaluna could feel her eyebrows going higher and higher, you could almost say she suspected them of trying to emigrate over her scalp to flee down her neck.
“How fucking dangerous is it down there?” said Bellaluna with a noticeable squeak in her voice at the shocking details of this virtual Exo that the depths considered a standard line solider.
Sanguine again smiled but it quickly faded away as he said.
“You sent salvage expeditions to Mars, full marine detachments, all manner of advanced digging equipment even tried to use some orbital fire to blast your way down below the surface.” He stated staring at her intently, this was not a question, this was a statement.
“Tiamat’s children are nothing if not tireless, so I will only say on that matter that they are not cruel, any trespasser would have died quickly, cruelty is a trait only found in the more human breeds of tyrant bio-forms.” He remarked with a melancholy smirk.
“Most if not all of them are a misguided bureau attempt to domesticate and weaponize things commonly found in the various bio-domes residing below, there are all manner of different environments across the universe preserved down there.”
He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out what appeared to be a packet of settock nuts judging by the picture on the packet, which were something native to the shil’vati home-world, only these were in a packet daubed in a language she did not recognise.
“You call them settock nuts, I grew up calling them Kalzee and eating them as part a traditional meal in the depths called Ahrical,” the look of confusion on Bellaluna’s face spurred him into expanding his description, “The basic sauce is kind of a sweet red gravy like what you would expect of the human sweet and sour chicken, like a lot of grey cooking it has finely ground up iron rust powder mixed in the sauce but you can get it without.” Bellaluna’s face became more confused.
“The meat and nuts are simmered in this sauce on a low heat over several hours till cooked, then the sauce left to cool overnight, the next day sliced fresh fruit and vegetables are added and mixed with the cold sauce, its eaten with Sahsan a kind of salty cone shaped biscuit bread about cob or bun size that I would describe as halfway between naan bread and a tortilla with a soft inner side and a crispy outside that’s like a tortilla,” he remarked.
“You use the bread like a spoon to scoop up the Ahrical eating both as you go, it’s only the non-psychics down there that use cutlery.” He said smiling as he pointed to one of the Ancetto armourers sat eating his evening meal in the garden, a chunky reddish soup using small cones telekinetically to scoop up the bowls contents.
“Ahrical?” she asked Sanguine.
“No, that's something more common up here, beef bolognaise with pasta shells, but the bread is Sahsan.” He replied.
It was at this point that the small packet of settock nuts leapt off the table and an old man in a finely crafted suit of chitinous armour snaffled half the bag greedily.
“Kalzee,” he said with a blissful voice through a half full mouth as he savoured the nuts, “Can we have more of these brought up with the armour material shipments, I would pay their weight in gold for more of these.” Said an uncharacteristically uncouth Master Ancetto as his escorting cadre of four shil’vati and a single male human customer looked at him oddly.
Sanguine laughed before pointing to Bellaluna and saying.
“Sahngah those nuts grow on the shil homeworld,” he said to the old grey armourer, “they’re a common snack food, they sell in the vending machines on their bases.” He said with a toothy grin.
Master ‘Sahngah’ Ancetto looked to Bellaluna expectantly saying.
“You have Kalzee on your world?” he said with an odd intensity.
“Settock nuts,” said a bemused Bellaluna, “commonly roasted and put in bags with salt and spices.” She said seeing the old man’s eyes light up during her explanation.
Then the master looked at Sanguine and said rather excitedly.
“Mahak-sa Sanguine, do you know of any other foods they have that I might recognise?” he asked the seated clone 818.
“Mahak-sa?” said the lone confused human that had been accompanying the old master armourer.
Sanguine rose from his seat and approached the human smiling, he was well aware of this human, and what he really was under his genteel appearance.
“You must be Arthur Gwydion,” he stated crossing his arms and staring oddly intensely into the human’s eyes, “Mahak-sa is an honorific, a title it means that I am in essence I am a king, khan or emperor of one of the cities or domains of the depths, at least I will be officially soon.”
Arthur to his credit caught on quickly.
“So, you’re that Sanguine, the one who we are to escort down there as part of the delegation.” He said, taking a slight step back with what looked to be a nervous smile.
Sanguine 818 all six foot eight of him stared down at Arthur, his red on blue eyes glinting from his ashen white face, his grin framed by his white beard.
The dragon’s boon had brought more of the wolf out in him resulting in him being taller and more muscular with snow white hair on cream white skin… that this also caused slight grey speckling on the roots of his changed black horns was a little odd.
“Mahak-sa Sanguine Nah’gratha Mourdin, Grandson of the Ancient of Ahrama’geidahn Aihbael Nah’gratha Mourdin who is brother to the Gorr Mah’kjan,” he said seeing the evident confusion.
“Gorr Mah’kjan means the god king of the depths Kain Reish Mouridin, the one who swept the dead sea crater clean with a wave of reanimated dead.” Said Sanguine with a little hint of a smirk.
The way all five of them froze in apparent fright like a deer in headlights at that detail summoned a chuckle out of Sanguine.
Still for all his amusement his mind’s full attention was elsewhere, dealing with more important matters than this.
Darktide OST, Main theme
Tanis was a male Exo pilot in the shil’vati military which was a rarity but also, he was a single male pilot without a wife bound to him which was even rarer and his team were part of the support Exo’s of the local insurgent suppression unit tasked with keeping Massachusetts relatively calm and maintain it as a yellow zone.
It had begun as a raid of a suspected insurgent base at a mansion in a small town called Innsmouth, the brief had mentioned something about a cult, add in the area according to the marines muttered rumors being oddly infamous for lots of sightings of strange mutant fish monsters apparently, sightings which the incumbent regional government apparently had suppressed prior to the empire’s arrival for reasons unknown.
As they struck the marines storming in it quickly became apparent to her that more was going on, her unit commander Searsa kept switching comms channels, obviously their noble captain had been keeping details from them as shortly after the marines stormed in the shrill screams and shouts of ghastly horror filled the open coms as echoing the las-fire took up a cadence only heard during moments of sheer extremes, frantic fully automatic the fall back of the desperate and terrified.
The sounds of Las-Fire rattled out from inside the mansion punctuated by screams and strange gurgling roars as the unit commander started shouting into her coms, the words muffled and unintelligible under her Exo Armour's closed visor.
“What the fuck is making that noise?” Tanis asked and the commander whirled on him, a rebuke plainly mere moments from utterance.
Only for the screams and las-fire to stop, this shifted everyone's attention to the mansion’s doors.
Whispered chants oozed out of the air hissing and uttered in barely pronounceable mantras, the very shadows around them seemed to move with odd sinister momentum.
Then the mansion's doors slid open and a sea of darkness lay within, Tanis could feel something writhing within that inky depth but his ears alerted him to an odd silence.
Turning he beheld a true nightmare, monstrous things half fish half human assailed the marines in total silence, their screams and las-fire completely silent all sound lacking as marines were eviscerated and monsters devoured them alive.
Turning Tanis opened fire and in an instant all the riotous noise of the world came back.
“WHAT THE FUCK!” bellowed his commander in shock as the sudden return of sound snapped her out of whatever fugue had gripped her.
The rest of the unit took moments longer to regain their senses, moments enough for one of the monsters to grab a hold of a team mate called Kaunt, the monsters skin rippled under shredding las repeater fire but still it heaved and tore open her armour to thrust its maw inside to get at the pilot.
Tanis acted stepping forth he drove his armour’s fist flat like a blade into its ribs and with a sucking squelch tore out its insides before pushing it off Kaunt, but she was already dead.
Turning he hosed down a mass of swirling something that moved out of the corner of his eye and bellowed to his commander.
“We need to move!” but she stood visor open staring at him like she was drunk as a swirling tendril of shadows curled round her and touched her face, Searsa a woman barely a year older than himself let out a strangled groan as before Tanis’s horrified eyes the years passed in seconds and she withered away inside her armour.
The other women were similarly dumbstruck and barely moving, snaking shadows binding their feet as they stood immobile and insensate.
“DEMON!” roared a man’s voice and a blast of blinding white light rocked the mansion's doorway.
Around them had appeared soldiers clad in silver armour carrying blades that crackled with eldritch energy and guns that spat globs of blinding light that left after images in Tanis’s vision.
Thanks to Tanis’s cursory examination of this world’s history, he recognised something of these warrior’s armour and stylings, these were knights? And if their armour and cruciform symbology was anything to go by these were some forms of paladins.
There in the doorway one of them struggled with a figure that was as much a shadow as it was possibly a human being, snapping lightning exposed their struggles amidst that living darkness inside the house.
Tanis did the only thing that seemed to make sense after all of this he levelled his repeater on that shadow and fired.
Pulsed laser fire was swallowed by the darkness but a hissing roar of anger emerged, its attention shifted to Tanis and he felt something horrifying reaching for him but the paladin was on it fast cleaving down through its skull with one blade while another was driven into its chest.
In one lurching moment the shadows dispersed leaving the paladin stood blades pinning a withered old corpse.
Across the battlefield that had been the mansion's lawn the monsters broke and fled running back towards the mansion as the marines and what little of the Exo’s snapped from their fugue and opened fire on their fleeing assailants.
But then the ground heaved and rumbled, the paladins leapt back as the mansion collapsed into a chasm that had apparently been below it?
A shuddering growl rumbled in the air and ripples of that same unnatural darkness oozed out from the pit now exposed as up from it rose what to Tanis’s shocked eyes was a miniature black hole.
An orb of utter darkness as a big as a small ship tore free of the ground swirling mist like shadows cloaked it as the monsters hurled themselves towards its surface their flesh as they got close liquifying and becoming an orbiting ring of wailing meat around the orb which spat jets of steaming ichor out towards them.
One jet swallowed up a group of marines near Tanis and in moments their armour and flesh just dissolved leaving behind steaming bones.
“EVADE! … PULL BACK … EVADE!” roared Tanis and what little of his fellows not still gripped in fugue obeyed and fled, but the paladins stood their ground.
He saw some carrying large egg-shaped things tangled in roots towards the orb, his ponderings answered as he saw one hurled at the ominous thing, it crackled with energy as it drew close sticking to its surface there was a howling shriek as more were hurled onto its surface.
Finally, as it orbited with dozens of these things stuck to its surface the blasted orb just dropped back into its hole whatever dark power once animating it spent.
Still the paladins did not rest, more of those egg-like things were brought forth as well as lengths of massive chains as big as those you would anchor a ship with their surfaces etched with symbols that seemed to make Tanis’s eyes itch as he looked at them.
As they swarmed into the chasm Tanis could hear shrieking wails and screams that shook him to his core, moving to the chasms edge he stared down to see that they were chaining up and binding this thing lashing it to a frame they were building around it with the kind of haste one expects only with plentiful practice.
“All units form up and arrest those men!” bellowed the voice of their noble captain across the comms, turning Tanis surveyed the remnants of their force, barely a handful remained, many were horribly mauled by either the monsters or being caught by the acidic sprays, many more were simply catatonic in shock and were either stood or sat staring into empty space as if still entranced by the dispersing fugue.
The rest were rushing about trying to tend to the wounded or take stock of what the hell had just happened, even the Exo’s pride of the shil’vati military were stumbling broken and still in shock.
“I said Arrest those men!” bellowed the captain now outside of her mobile command unit pointing to the nearest paladin.
Tanis coughed as he stifled a laugh at the looks of incredulity passing across the marines, they knew that they had just been saved by these knights and the look of hesitation was evident everywhere Tanis looked.
“I SAID!” she roared, only for a bolt of lightning to snap out and reduce her in an instant to just a greasy smear of cooked meat and tattered armour.
One of the paladins was floating towards the MCU, his armour crackling with electricity as his eyes glowed like small suns through the slits of his visor.
The armoured vehicle peeled open under invisible forces and her command staff were plucked out and thrown to the ground beside the still steaming remains of the captain.
“Your captain was commanded by her own betters to stand aside and leave this matter to us, and she ignored this, her officers knew what they were facing and thought themselves prepared.”
As one of the captain’s lieutenants snapped off several bolts of las-fire at the floating paladin from her side arm they impacted a bubble of energy around him, the shots fizzling to nothing.
In a flash he hurled towards them the first he touched his fingers to her brow and she just evaporated in a spray of blue, ducking and twirling out of the way of the seconds wild firing she erupted into flames with a gesture.
The third tried to shoot herself, the pistol aimed up at her own skull swatted out of her hand in the last moment telekinetically the paladin clapped his hands together and the woman officer simply imploded.
Number four the one who had shot at him when he had been floating dropped her pistol.
“You were her sister trusted by the generals and admirals to keep your hot-headed sister in line.” Snarled the paladin as he produced an omni-slate from his armour.
“This is a warrant of execution for this woman, signed by six of this world’s ruling nobles… In ancient times when warriors failed so severely on this world they were made into a severe example, some were even given the honour to hurl themselves on their own swords to answer for their shame.” Said the paladin.
He removed his helm revealing a snow-white face with luminous blue eyes and black curved horns on his brow, as a long mane of startling white hair whipped about in an eldritch breeze.
“I am not as merciful to those who defy me!” he hissed as his mouth opened far too wide for a human revealing a set of very sharp canine teeth more akin to the mouth of a dog or very large cat.
He shot forward driving his fist into her guts folding the officer in half as she shot off her feet showing the force of the blow.
She begged, she pleaded but no one tried to help her as this supernaturally empowered man beat her savagely finally ending her by driving his thumbs into her eye sockets.
Tanis had been inching closer by the minute as he and everyone else watched this sentence be passed, the warrant and its signatures visible on their head up displays for every marine around them.
Finally, as Tanis drew close enough, he popped open his visor and simply asked.
“Who the fuck are you, and what in the deep minders barnacle ridden salty clam hole is going on?”
The paladin turned to him revealing a youthful if angularly gaunt face which smiled.
“I am Sanguine 984 hunter of demons and monsters,” he said with obvious mirth, “to you this will be one of the most confounding and horrible days of your life…… to me it’s just another FUCKING Tuesday doing my job.” He said as the other paladins pulled that dark orb out of the chasm by the chains, that faint agonised whine now a faint whisper, the very sight of that thing made Tanis’s eyes twitch.
“HEY!” barked the one calling himself Sanguine, to focus their attention on him, “not a good idea to stare at it like that, just try and ignore it until the transport arrives, staring at it will fry your brain cells and make you a mindless shell.” He said gesturing to one of the catatonic marines.
With that the paladin took a rag from his pocket and started to wipe the blood and viscera from his gauntlets saying.
“Stare too long causes brain burn, hollows you out, nothing left of your memories or mind, just a still breathing corpse with enough brain not turned to mush to keep the organs ticking but little else.”
Tanis looked to the many catatonic marines staring blankly into space, a cold horrified dread welling up inside at the sight of the living dead around them.
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2023.05.25 23:38 OrdinaryGeekSF Time to finally cut my dreads off?

Hi. I’m a Black male, and have had my dreads for over 20 years (I’m 52). They’re very long & thin. I’ve noticed a pretty sizable bald spot in my crown recently, which is causing me to think it might be time to finally bite the bullet, and cut them off, lest I continue to do the equivalent of a dread comb-over, and end up looking ridiculous. Is there anything else I can do, though? Any other options? And if I go with the cut, I’m trying to figure out what sort of hairstyle to go with: Just a SHORTER dread style? Short & Natural? Bald? Am looking for ideas.
submitted by OrdinaryGeekSF to Dreadlocks [link] [comments]

2023.05.25 05:11 Plazmatic Discussion: Create your own character videogames that lack hairstyle options make all my black characters look like they're in black face.

This isn't a problem in all games (Cyberpunk not having this issue AFAIK) but I really don't know why some devs have such a hard time including even the most basic of black hairstyles. Hitop fade, dreads, cornrows, natural, deads, that's all I ask for but devs can't even be bothered to put in a black looking even cut. It's happened to me in a few games, and probably effects many more I haven't tested.
For example, I wanted to play V-Rising months ago, a vampire game. In the character creator, I decided I wanted to be the popular Vampire-Vampire-Hunter, Blade. But I couldn't find any black hairstyles. Then it happened again recently in Tainted Grail, and I know I've seen it elsewhere.
It basically forces me to make all my black characters bald if I want to have any semblance of the character actually looking black. I imagine this really sucks for black women, who basically can either choose definitely-natural-straight-hairstyle or full bald. And the thing is, due to the lack of movement in the individual strands of black hair, and how hair is bundled in things like dreads or braids, it's actually easier to simulate black hair than it is for straight hair. Yet often we end up with mediocre straight hair, and zero black hair.
And before you say anything, yes it is common for some black people present publicly with straightened hair, but the process to do so is often painful, controversially derived from dress code, usually isn't their own hair and thus maybe even colorful, paired with other hair excessories, and doesn't apply generally to black men. I still can't get Blade from Sid's hair cut from Toy Story.
Does any body else feel weird about the lack of black or other hairstyles for their characters producing similar issues? Are there other issues with the lack of customization options that make things feel uncanny?
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2023.05.24 22:39 Comprehensive-Map957 Should i cut these small ones, my top dreads fall over them and they prevent me from having a hairstyle.

Should i cut these small ones, my top dreads fall over them and they prevent me from having a hairstyle. submitted by Comprehensive-Map957 to Dreadlocks [link] [comments]

2023.05.24 05:40 SnowDucks1985 Black Accountants, have you ever encountered any career issues because of your hairstyle?

Basically the title. For context, I’m currently an audit staff at a top 10 (BDO/GT/RSM level).
Lately I’ve been itching to get dreads! Basically I want a bunch of mid-length dreads with locs on the smaller side, not the Bob Marley kind lol. However, I’m a bit nervous that the dreads hairstyle could negatively affect my perception to the firm and to clients.
Like I know there’s nothing wrong with dreads per se, but I know other people attach negative stereotypes to them and I’m fearing it could impact my career progression.
I’m curious to hear your experiences on this topic as part of my decision making, I’d appreciate it!
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2023.05.22 00:25 seirenshou Do extremely hot guys get away with everything?

Not the big lipped, handsome Squidward look alikes.
I mean someone who looks more like Aramis Knight or young Skeet Ulrich
The ones who put on musky cologne that is supposed to "activate female urges" or something like that.
The kind of boys who have great sense of style and perfect genetics, 10K followers on their instagram, and aren't exactly crazy rich, but can maintain that appearance for as long as necessary; Not so broke that they can't buy girls a ring, or a Jacquemus handbag, or any other ridiculously pricey thing they want to show off, but not too rich that they're in their bag and can't think of anything else but how to make more money.
Can those kinds of people get away with using women without their permission? I've seen one too many posts on twitter saying someting "oh I want a hot guy to (rapier without the I and the R) me. He can do whatever he wants and I won't complain."
Please, please tell me that I'm just crazy. Please tell me that no one thinks that way in real life and that i need to touch grass.
I know that if you take care of yourself, you wear different clothes, get a new hairstyle and clear skin, and act normal but also be mysterious, the girls will come. That's elementary.
It's attractive when a man is independent, and from real life experience, I've actually never felt closer to becoming the best version of myself.
My skin is almost clear, I'm building muscle in my shoulders, and I've had dreads for over a year.
I'm working on my social skills, and I've made progress from last year.
I know there's people who can be hotter with less effort, and smooth talk a woman into getting in bed with him. That's not what I'm concerned about.
What I'm concerned about is that there's at least 10000 women in first world countries that think being rapiered by an Aramis Knight look-alike is totally okay.
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2023.05.16 14:54 Sloth4Lyfe_85 Summer hairstyling preferences (Maybe for Pride month?) - Repost (typo in previous title) 🏳️‍🌈

Hello ladies,
I am wanting to start a thread for those who wanna share their new favorite haircut of the summer for pride month (Selfie Sundays only)
I've got a specific hairstyle that I've come to love over the years and am thinking about going back to it, just gotta get the confidence boost to post a new self photo once I do get it!!
My preference for the last few years has been a low maintenance tomboy style with a light to medium fade out. Why? I have thin-ish, but fine hair and it seems that this style works well for me, as I've received many a compliment about it from friends and family 🙃
That and I'm done with getting tension headaches from wearing my hair up in a bun / pony tail all day long, (a long with the dreaded tangles!) as I used to work in a warehouse environment. Props to those who aren't bothered by those things.
I've come to learn and embrace my sexuality and personality and it has somewhat helped me to boost my self confidence at least for top-shot style photos (I'm still very body shy about myself)
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2023.05.16 08:14 Aldijoy3319 "Bold and Beautiful: Human Hair Dread Extensions "

Elevate your look with Indique's premium Human Hair Extensions. Made from the finest quality human hair, these extensions provide a flawless and natural appearance. Embrace the freedom to express yourself with versatile styling options and effortlessly create the dreadlocked hairstyle you've always desired. Indulge in the luxury of authentic human hair and unleash your unique style with our exceptional dread extensions by Indique

human hair extension
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2023.05.14 23:29 anythingjesuslol To become open again

So Ive honestly been kind of contemplating on whether or not this was post worthy to ask since it felt trivial and vapid but it’s not for me, it’s really far from it. I’d appreciate to know how people put themselves out there again after years of unwanted hands groping you, struggling to say no so I don’t make the other look stupid or enraged, being held down because the other option was to see red. I’ve been following along here for a few months and it’s (unfortunately) comforting to know I’m not alone or abandoned but like everyone else, with a snap of a finger, every memory comes flooding back all at once and I felt it in my heart for the entire day it returned two years ago in Feb. Like others here, I held onto my virginity and what’s left of my innocence because of these things that I threw into my subconscious for survivals sake. I fought hard for my own body positivity but people conjecture it with being easy or a whore. There’s plenty to recall, stemming to when I was under 10, but I’ve worked through them speedily alone mostly when they returned, which I have to thank my sunny disposition for honestly. I hate even talking about it, it doesn’t feel necessary, but to be able to ask this I will appropriately.
So the other day I went out to just browse around a store, sorta how people do with walks, and I had a very shortlived interaction with someone. Whilst I was browsing the pictures and portraits section at the back of Ross, there was this guy doing the same. I thought he was pretty cool looking without any other emotions attached to it since he appeared humbly different. However through my peripherals I noticed he started walking my way and stopped to look at my direction (or me) when he got close enough, then went into the aisle to chill for a minute. I went over and passed his aisle to his old spot because that was my direction to keep viewing the paintings, and he came back out a few quick moments later kinda loudly saying ‘excuse me, I like your cardigan’.
It sorta took a second to register it was for me but when it did I told him thank you immediately and just lit up with some smiley pies, after he lit up quick with a smile too. I didn’t know how to really react since I don’t recall something like this occurring in this way for me in this type of setting at this moment in my life. As he was turning to leave (all within seconds) I told him how I genuinely liked his hair, it was sorta dreaded like The Weeknd’s old hairstyle. He just looked humbly pretty cool without trying to show out (and cute in his own right). He lit up all over again, told me thank you, and turned to walk off. It was all quick but slow though with visible emotions.
Im not sure if I should’ve found leeway to talk with him or create a dialogue but I’ve always just wanted to meet someone like this in a genuine old school way. I’m not sure what I could’ve continued off with anyway but I’ve always wanted to meet someone the old fashion way, and it occurred. So I kinda want to be prepped if it happens again in the wild (in these settings). I don’t want to appear conceited or stuck up for my natural defenses but to allow something beautiful to occur if it’s right. Have any of you found success in allowing the door to be open? I’ve had both men and women talk to me for a year or two, creating genuine community friendship within the grocery store and things like that but this was different than that, different than bar settings, and different than the usual kind gestures. There’s a big part of me that wants to be left alone forever, and I’m content with it, but deep down I know that’s not healthy or what I’d like.
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2023.05.14 22:34 Khaeriara For folks with fro hair, is this called dreads or are dreads something else?

As a white woman and an up and coming author, I feel so unqualified to write black characters. I need some input because it is important to me that I do not screw up. What is this hairstyle called exactly, and how is it done(how is the hairstyle done)?
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2023.05.08 02:45 kimbadakat What are these hairstyles 💀

What are these hairstyles 💀 submitted by kimbadakat to Episode [link] [comments]

2023.05.06 05:10 jenhairvietnam How to install dread extensions on your hair?

Dreadlock extensions are a very popular option. Some use it to add length, and some use it to bypass the timely process of growing locks naturally. There are two types of dreadlock extensions available, and they depend on your goal. If you’re looking for a temporary look, then synthetic locks are perfect as they mimic the natural look of dreadlocks. The con of synthetic dreadlocks is that they can’t be colored or dyed. If you’re wanting to make dreadlocks a lifestyle, then human hair dreadlocks are the perfect choice. The pro of this option is that human hair dreadlocks can be colored or dyed. I hope this helps! "Dread hair extensions also known as African hair. This is a hairstyle that has a long history and is typical of Africans in the past. Along with the wave of Hip Hop culture spreading globally, the popularity of rappers and dancers has helped this hairstyle become more popular among young people around the world. However, it is still quite foreign to most Asians. And to own this hair you will have to spend a large amount of money. So doing this hairstyle yourself at home may be the optimal choice. However, installing dread extensions into hair, especially short hair can sometimes be difficult, but once you have the right method, you can do it. Even if you have very short hair, you can still do it. In this article, I will show you how to install dread extensions on short hair." https://jenhair.com/how-to-install-dread-extensions-on-short-hair.html #JenHair #JenHairVietnam
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2023.05.03 23:49 typicalking97 Has anyone ever noticed everyone’s hairstyle changed apart from V?

V has had the same hairstyle from S1 to 11. I guess they thought the dreads suited her character
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2023.05.03 02:51 LolaNevermind What do you think of white people wearing Dreads?

Hi Guys, I'm Lola from Germany. Im wondering what are you guys thinking of white people wearing Dreads? What does it means to you to have Dreadlocks? Just a hairstyle or is it political statement.
The movement of rastafari is one of the reasons mostly europeans start growing their Dreads before. But now it became famous and people just growing Dreads as a hairstyle. What is your experience with that?
I never had any bad comments by poc's in Europe so far, but by white people sometimes.
Would be nice to know your opinion and the reason starting growing your natty Dreads.
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2023.04.26 18:52 micktalian The Gardens of Deathworlders (Part 18)

Part 18 The Consequences of Actions (Part 1) (Part 17) (Part 19)

"Thank you, Dan. And now, on to another of our Action News Live field reporters, Shelby West, for more continued coverage of these unprecedented events. Shelby?" An obnoxious transition effect played as the news feed shifted from a blonde, light-skinned woman in a studio to a brunette, olive-skinned woman in an outdoor environment.

"Thank you, Carol. I'm here, live, at the occupied site of the UHI Headquarters, just a few miles outside of the Chicago Metropolitan area." The elaborate hairstyle and somewhat over the top business attire the reporter was sporting starkly contrasted against the dull concrete wall behind her. "As we have reported earlier, these Neesh-nob-aye, as they call themselves, have seized control of the site under what they claim to be galactic laws regarding piracy and illegal weapons production."

The news feed showing the woman speaking into her microphone and standing near a tall cement wall quickly panned to the side and zoomed in to reveal several five meter tall mechanized walkers standing around a large gate. As the camera zoomed in further to show a clearer view of the scene, there was an orderly line of people who seemed to all be patiently waiting their turn to enter the facility. The well armed and armored mechs simply stood there guarding over the line as plainly dressed individuals slowly made their way through the gate. While the camera quickly panned back to the reporter, it caught her staring with an almost jealous expression at the line of people before she brought her attention back to the camera and continued.

"We have been receiving reports from various individuals that all operations at the site have been halted, likely resulting in billions of eurodollars in losses to the company and shareholders. We have also observed multiple shuttles of unknown make descending into the complex throughout the past 24 hours. As you can see, UHI employees have been arriving en masse, many concerned about their financial futures."

"Now, Shelby." Another obnoxious transition played and revealed a new framing with the feeds of anchor and reporter side by side. "We have received reports from various individuals claiming to be employees at the UHI Headquarters that the Nishnabe have been providing financial, medical, and other forms of assistance to the displaced workers. Can you verify any of these claims?"

"Well, Carol, we've been having difficulties communicating with these people in general." The field reporter had a quite annoyed expression as she explained. "Besides the fact that they don't seem to speak English, it is clear they are intentionally avoiding me. We know they have translation devices as we have seen them effectively communicating with many individuals. However, they've denied me and crew entry to the site and shot down any attempt to interview any of them."

"Did they give you any reason why?" The anchor had an almost offended look of confusion on her face.

"The only English words I could get out of them were 'no' and 'ask your bosses', neither of which are particularly helpful." The snarky rebuttal was about to be followed up with a leading question before the group of people watching the screen heard a man's voice come from behind them.

"Why the hell are you watching this trash?" Mik called out over the sound of the large screen showing the news feed. "ANL is a STAR Net propaganda channel!”

Everyone relaxing in Atixka's office turned their attention from the display and towards the Martian as he announced his entrance to the room. Shifting his focus from screen to group of people gathered, Mik couldn't help but let a smirk cross his face. Rather than the official meeting he was expecting when his presence was requested in the Admiral’s office, what he saw looked more like a group of friends hanging out and watching TV together. Atxika and Tens were half cuddled together on a large, plush lounge that seemed to have only been intended for one, Miakorva and Haervria were seated near each other on a long, well-cushioned couch, and a few other Qui’ztar officers were scattered around on quite comfortable looking chairs. The thought that there was only one thing missing from the scene crossed Mik's mind just as Harv lifted her arm above the back of the couch to reveal a bowl she was cradling.

"Hi Mikhail! Would you like some popcorn?" The relatively stout but still quite tall woman asked with a flirty smile before turning toward Mia with a particular glare. "Scooch over, Miakorva. Give our guest some room to relax."

"Which news network would you suggest then?" The slightly shorter but much thinner woman shot the man a confused look after sliding over to give him room. "According to statistical analysis, this is the most watched program in your system."

"They manipulate those stats." The man explained while hopping over the back of the couch and landing between the two tall women. "It's common policy for all major corps and governments to have this channel playing in the background in their lobbies and break areas. So, technically, it is on the most screens. But if you want real news, go to Pirate News 420-69."

"Pirate?" Haervria had an almost offended look on her face.

"Yeah, but it's not what you're thinking." Mik replied as he got comfortable and spread his arms along the back of the couch that was just a bit too big for him. "The name comes from the old idea of hijacking broadcast frequencies to circumvent government censorship. And, also, funny numbers."

"Why would numbers be-" Mia began to question before Haervria interrupted her.

"You expect us to believe that self-labeled pirates are more trustworthy than official new sources?" The hesitation and doubt were quite clear in both the Sub-Admiral's expression and voice.

"420 is the weed number and 69 is the sex number." Answering the smaller but still large woman's query first, he saw her freckles light up while she quickly moved her hand to cover the giggling smile that appeared on her face. Turning back toward the larger of the two women Mik continued, "And if it helps, they started out as a parody news network making fun of the way 'real' news was always biased in their coverage. But, over time, shit got so absurd that there was no parody that could be more extreme. They just sorta became real news with investigative journalists and everything."

"Hammer?" Atxika called out from her lounge. "Let's see what this pirate news is."

"Yes ma'am, one moment, please." The voice of The Hammer’s AI responded as the screen went black for a moment before switching to a new, far more interesting, scene.

Instead of the limited framing and expensive aesthetic contrasting against an plain outdoor environment featured in the ALN broadcast, this wide shot showed a fairly casually dressed woman with rainbow hair comfortably seated across from a woman with two long, dark braids and wearing advanced combat armor similar to Ten's suit. The angle and focus of the camera ensured that several mechanized walkers were visible in frame through the large glass window behind the pair of women. Between them, resting on a small table, sat a device which was acting as both microphone for the interview as well as a translator to ensure proper context was imparted for both the participants and the audience. Text scrolling at the bottom feed was also actively converting the conversation to a few commonly spoken languages. Though it was clear their interview had already begun, the scrolling text seemed to indicate the women were only just moving past the initial formalities.

"Hey, that's Wish!" Tens blurted out while jutting a finger towards the woman in combat armor before the room fell quiet to listen to the conversation playing out on their screen.

"Well, Cherry, as you can probably guess, the situation is fairly complicated at the moment." The Nishnabe woman's voice was simultaneously pleasant and uncertain as they began. "At first, our Elders were very much of the mindset that Earth and Sol's government, or should I say governments, should be negotiated with on equitable terms. However, the amount of galactic laws being broken here are just…" She shook her head as her voice trailed off for a moment.

"Galactic laws such as?" The interviewer quickly asked.

"The biggest one would be regulations regarding semi- and quasi-sentient, autonomous combat AI." Wish seemed to wince slightly as she responded. "Maser, the fully-sapient AI who made the first contact address to humanity here in Sol, is one of the foremost experts on those kinds of combat systems. And, well, they are deeply appalled by your corporation's and government's abuses of such precarious systems."

"And is that what prompted the initial strike on this facility?" Cherry continued her questions while taking notes on a pad of paper.

"Oh no, that wasn't actually us." There was a slight smile and laugh as this explanation began. "That was a rescue mission carried out by the 1st Independent Fleet of the 3rd Qui’ztar Matriarchy at the request of a protected individual. I can't get into too many details, however I can say this; I am incredibly impressed by the fact they secured this facility for us without the loss of a single life or any major injuries. I believe the only medical assistance that was required came from an individual who tripped and bumped their head during the initial panic."

"Fascinating." The rainbow-haired reporter continued to take notes as they spoke. "Though, I must admit, seeing the leaked footage of the event, it's hard to believe no one was hurt. What kind of weapon systems were utilized to cause so much damage so precisely?"

"Again, I can't get into many details about specifics." The slight hesitation from that question was quickly followed up by a more enthusiastic addition. "However, I can tell you that information regarding such systems could be found on our Web. If you know how to look, of course."

"Speaking of your 'Web', I was surprised to see so much information about your people's post-abduction history available." Regardless of her casual appearance, Cherry was maintaining the tone and expression of a consummate professional. "Despite the introduction of technologies we have yet to develop here on Earth, it seems your culture has remained surprisingly recognizable over the past 1200 years or so. Your language is even intelligible to some members of what we refer to today as the algic language family. How have your people been able to accomplish this?"

"Hmm… That's an interesting question and I'm not sure I really have an answer for that." Wish had to stop and think for a moment before continuing. "But if I had to guess, I'd say it's because no one ever tried to force anything on us. Our friends educated us on science and industry, but they never tried to change who we were. If anything, they just encouraged us to be our best selves."

"That's beautiful." A smile crept across the interviewer's face as she paused to ponder for a moment. "But when you say friends… do you mean aliens?"

"We don't really use that term anymore for the other sapient species who live with us on Shkegpewen." Though the correction was direct, it was also considerate in tone. "They are our neighbors, friends, and sometimes family. But yes, to answer your question, it was non-human people who provided education and resources before we were able to become self-sufficient."

"Have any of these… non-human people accompanied you on your return to Earth? And if so, could they join us for this or a future interview?" There was a quite excited look on Cherry's face for a moment before she added. "Or, if not, could you at least describe them for our audience?"

"We probably won't feel safe bringing them down Earth any time soon, but that has more to do with proper accommodations." Though there seemed to be a hint of sadness in that answer, and both disappointment and mild confusion from the interviewer, Wish continued with a much brighter inflection in her voice. "Our first friends were the Kyim'ayik, or as we called them at the time gzhadze-mek, and they were there with us from the very beginning. They could be physically described as vaguely beaver-like. Though, after looking through some examples of similar animals on your internet, I'd say they have physical aspects of beavers, otters, and capybara." The Nishnabe woman's smile grew wide while she thought about her friends from other species. "And, of course, then there's many Hi-Koth. They could be described as large, semi-bipedal bears with two lower and four upper appendages. They've been a part of our communities for nearly 1000 years now. But we also have several Kroke, both Xi Xi and Ko Ko, a few Penidon families, sev-"

"How many different sentient species live among your people?" The reporter couldn't help but blurt out in shock.

"On our orbital stations, there are individuals from nearly a dozen different species with permanent residence." The Nishnabe woman's reply was accompanied by a wide smile. "However, Shkegpewen is categorized as a Deathworld so very few actually regularly live with us on the planet itself."

"Deathworld?" Cherry was clearly taken aback by that.

"Deathworld is just a planetary classification. It usually implies high to extreme gravity, hyper-competitive ecosystems, extreme weather or geological events, that sort of stuff." There was a clearly dismissive tone as Wish tried to wave away the other woman's concerns. "And Shkegpewen is only a Category 16 Deathworld. Earth, on the other hand, is actually a Category 18. Basically as bad as it can get while still being vaguely habitable."

"I'm sorry, what?!?" The reporter could barely contain herself now.


"Hi Sarah!" Mia's voice had hints of flirtiness to it as she spoke through the holographic communication system. "How are you and your family doing?"

"Oi, Mia, good to see yah!" Though the Scotswoman's voice wasn't quite as flirty, she did have a coy smirk on her face. The hologram of the redhead turned around to look back as she called out to her brother. "Say hi to Mia, Johnny."

"Hi, Mia!" A grown man's voice shouted out through the communicator with a child-like tone before more quietly adding, "Ooo, she's pretty."

"Shush." The ginger made a face towards her brother Mia couldn't see before the hologram floating above the tablet turned back around. "Tha's my li'le brother Johnny. But we're doing great! They got my ma in surgery right now and they said she'll be able to start physical therapy in a few days. Maser even made a mod for Johnny's game so he can learn Nishnabewin while he plays."

"That's wonderful!" Miakorva switched her flirtiness from her voice to eyes out of respect as she continued. "So, you are still planning on going to Shkegpewen?"

With Nishnabe now officially in control of the first contact situation in the Sol system, The Hammer and her crew had been relieved of their immediate official duties. Though the flagship of the 1st of the 3rd of had been asked to stay in the system for at least another week to provide technical assistance, Miakorva was no longer acting in her official role as a diplomatic officer. Despite the lack of appropriate dock to link up to, the not-entirely-peaceful situation in the system, and the potentially they may need to be activated again, many of Qui’ztar officers had started to treat this as short port leave before the end of their four year deployment. Not knowing what the future would hold or if she would get a chance to come back to the system again, Mia felt she had to at least try to shoot her shot while the opportunity was present.

"Well, my ma couldn't say no to at least visiting a space station with an orbital garden." Sarah's voice had a hint of playful laughter to it. Quickly shooting a look back at her brother then returning to the communicator, she continued with a wide smile. "But after she sees how they run their show, I don't think she'll wanna leave."

"I'm so happy to hear that." The smile on the Qui’ztar's face spread past her tusks and created small wrinkles next to crimson eyes. "Both the station and planet are absolutely beautiful! And the Nishnabe are so welcoming that you all should feel right at home in no time. But, I have to ask, do you have any other plans for the more immediate future?"

"Why yah askin', huh?" The reply was stoic just long enough for Mia's freckles to light up before Sarah’s smile returned with a wink. "But nah, not really. All I know is I ain't goin' back to UN-E. But I may eventually go back to uni."

"Uni?- Oh, university!" Mia replied as the translator caught up to the context.

"Ye, I never finished my degree." Sarah chuckled at her own little joke. "That shite with Mik happened while I was in my final semester so I never got to finish my capstones."

"Speaking of- '' There was hesitation in the Qui’ztar's voice before she was cut off.

“Hol’ on, one sec.” The hologram’s head turned back a final time as the ginger called out, “Oi, Johnny, I’ll be righ’ back.” As Sarah turned back to her communicator, it looked like she was in the process of standing up and walking somewhere for a few seconds before becoming still again. “I’m back, sorry about that. I just don’t really wanna talk about Mik in fronna ‘im. It’s… Anyways, what were you gonna ask?"

"I… uh… I was going to ask if…" Mia kept pausing while she struggled to get anything out, which caused Sarah’s smile to grow ear to ear.

"Spit it out, lass!" The giggly sarcastic tone was just the encouragement that was needed.

"I was going to ask two questions. The first was if you and Mik, well, you know?" Though Miakorva was finally able to get something out, she still wasn't sure how to properly phrase her questions.

"Eh, nah. I think we're on good terms again, but nothin' romantic." Sarah’s smile shrunk just slightly as she shrugged off the explanation. "But if I'm being totally honest, I'm actually a little mad at the fucker for not tell me everythin' sooner."

"Oh, I'm… uh…" There was an almost disappointed look on the Qui’ztar's face. "Well, I guess that kinda answers my second question, then."

"Which was?" The reply came with an expression of amused confusion.

"If your culture allowed for polyamory." There was a moment of silence as Sarah’s eyes grew wide and cheek grew red. Almost in a panic, Mia tried to explain. "In my species, males only make up a relatively small portion of our population. Usually between 20 to 30 percent. So, it's fairly common for people to form polyamorous relationships. I was just wondering if-" Before she could finish Sarah cut her off.

"Ok, we really, really can't let Mik find out about that." Though the deeply embarrassed expression was slowly calming down, it was clear the ginger was still flustered. "Polyamory, polygamy, whatever, it's a thing some people are into. Not a big deal. As long as everyone is a happy, consenting adult, it's all good. But if that horny bastard finds out you Amazonians are into that kinda stuff, he's gonna try to build a fuckin' harem!"

"What's an Amazonian?" Mia couldn't help but ask with a curious smile?

"Large, strong women. It's-" Sarah cut herself as she slapped her palm to her face. "It's a long story. But, how bout this, wanna go catch a movie? I got one in mind that'll help explain some things."

"Ooo, that sounds like fun! I'd love to!"


"Well, my fellow board members, it has been an honor." The well-dressed man at the head of a room full of similarly dressed people tugged on his blazer as if to signal the end of the meeting. "But I think it's time we all go our separate ways."

"Where the fuck do you think you're going?" A woman shouted from far down the long table. "We're in this together!"

"No." The man replied flatly while backing his chair up slightly. "No, we are not. I told you. I told all of you. 'If we fuck with these aliens who have God knows what kind of weapons, we're all gonna regret it.' But what did you do? You overruled my vote and threw this whole damn company away."

"Damn it, Charleston! Who do you think you are?" A much older man called from near the head of the table. "If your father were alive to see your insolence!"

A pair of hands burst down on the conference table with such a force that everyone froze in place. The young corporate executive, the son of the architect behind the massive corporate merger which resulted in the formation of STAR Net, was now standing with his hands pressed firmly against the table while everyone looked at him with shock. The silence continued as he stared down each and every person seated at the table. Though several of the chairs were empty, their normal occupants already into Nishnabe custody, there were enough faces that it took several seconds to catch everyone's eyes. Before anyone else could break the silence, Charleston Hancock let the other board members know exactly how he felt.

"I'm glad my father is dead so he didn't have to see you idiots burn this company to the ground!" The response was furious in both tone and expression before calming slightly. "That Martian professor offered us the keys to the future and you thought you could steal them from him. The greed…"

"Greed!" Scoffed another voice. "You're one to talk."

"Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm a greedy son of a bitch, just like the rest of you." His tone had become almost mocking as he slowly stood up and straightened his tie and blazer. "But I don't let my greed cloud my judgment. You morons really thought you could just send an army of lawyers against an alien military fleet capable of FTL and win."

"What the hell are you trying to say?" An angry voice shouted as it seemed the man was getting ready to leave the room.

"That I surrendered." Charleston replied with a nonchalant smile.

With a flash, the light that was once concentrated around the long conference table expanded to reveal the wide, well-decorated room and several figures wearing advanced combat armor standing near the door. There was a second of panic as every person at the table went to stand at once before one of the figures by the door raised a hand and slowly patted it down to indicate for them to remain seated. Though the fear in the room could have taken a life of its own, the board members slowly looked between each and began sitting back down. It was clear that there was no escape from the consequences of their actions and they felt it in their souls. A few of the faces were angry, a few were despondent, but all turned towards the head of the table to stare at the still standing man.

"You sold us out?" One of them asked in a meek tone.

"I mean… yes. But also…” The standing man started lightly laughing, casually wiped one hand across his face, and rested the other on his hip. “I’m not getting out of this either. Like I said, I surrendered. I just didn’t want a bloodbath on this station if any of you idiot tried to resist."

"What's gonna happen to us?" The woman who shouted at him earlier was now on the verge of tears.

Rather than responding himself, Charleston simply made an almost defeated gesture towards the armored group standing in and around the door. As one of them stepped forward, the highly reflective metallic faceplate of their armor became transparent and revealed a tan, sharp featured man with a wide red stripe across his eyes and face. There was no sound as the panels of the armor moved with the wearer like they were part of his body. The room fell so silent that the labored breaths of fear could be heard from some of the older individuals present. Once it was clear all eyes were on him, the Nishnabe man spoke through his translator which caused motions of his mouth to not quite align with the sounds that came from the sealed helmet.

"You are sapient beings of a now fully-Ascended species. That means you will be held to Galactic Community Council laws and standards." The voice that came from the helmet was so authoritative and direct that no one dared question or interrupt the man. "You will be taken into custody, your crimes and degree of guilt will be evaluated by an impartial panel of legal and subject matter experts, who will then work in cooperation with both your governments and our government to determine the appropriate punishment."

"Are you…" There was a look of dread on the faces of many of the board members as one of the youngest individuals present tried to stumble out a question. "Are you gonna kill us?"

"No." The armored man replied with the hint of a laugh. "The death penalty is strictly reserved for only the most egregious criminals who are completely incapable of change. Everyone of you here is a greedy, self-obsessed, narcissist who cares far more about yourselves than anyone else. But I don't think any of you are beyond redemption. You just need to learn the error of your ways."

"So, what?" A still somewhat defiant voice called out. "Are you just gonna throw us in some kind of re-education camp?"

"Well…" There was hesitation as the segmented helmet tilted up slightly in confusion while the translator added the appropriate context. When the man tried to give an answer, it was clear that he was struggling on how to phrase it. "Yes… You will receive economic and labor related education… You must learn why this wretched system you have helped reinforce is not only unsustainable, but has some truly horrifying long-term consequences." The man suddenly became much more certain of himself as he quickly added an important detail. "However, you won't have to learn our language or anything about our culture if you don't want to. It isn't that kind of re-education. Now, any additional questions can be answered in due time. Please stand and form an orderly line so we may safely escort you for processing where most of your questions will be answered."

There was a moment of hesitation before the first person began to rise from their seat with hands held just above their waist and palm facing forward. With a surprisingly warm smile and beckoning wave of their arm, the leader of the Nishnabe combat squad motioned for the person to step forward. There were no restraints brought out, no barking of orders, and no direct aggression, just a pleasant gesture to approach. One by one, each of the still sitting former board members of the communication and media giant slowly rose and started forming an orderly line. Within just a few minutes, everyone had lined up, any and all weapons confiscated, and they were being marched towards the consequences of their actions.
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2023.04.25 22:38 Eliasgrimsley Why do some people consider it racist for white people to have dreads?

I have really never understood the controversy behind white people having dreads. A surprising amount of people say that this is racist and that “white people can’t have dreads because it’s not part of their culture”. Am I missing something? because a hair style doesn’t hurt anyone, it is by no means harassing or hurting people of color, and if anything it shows respect for those cultures. I understand how it could be racist if someone adopts this hairstyle just to mock or make fun of a culture but I have very very rarely ever seen it used this way. I will see tiktoks and posts of white people with dreads and the comments are filled with hate saying it’s racist even though they are never sporting dreads in a racist way. I’m appalled at how anyone can think someone is racist for having a hair style that they like.
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2023.04.25 10:48 mantou24 Mantou's personal story and farewell letter to INTO1

It was hard Day 1 post disbandment, and I thought I had made it through the day reasonably well. But when I got home, saw Liuyu’s goodbye Weecho post and suddenly the tears started again uncontrollably. I have a big day tomorrow at work and I need to get the thought of ‘no more INTO1 OT11’ or Weecho out of my system. I’m crying as I’m typing this, but I think what I want most at this moment is to share my story of what the boys meant to me and write a farewell letter to reduce my greatest regret of not seeing them in person.

My story with INTO1.
In 2021, I was in a new country with a different culture and language, it was tough leaving behind close friends and family and struggling alone. And there was the dreaded Covid, my university decided to change to online mode which made it worst as I could not make new friends and I could not find a part time job as most places are closed. I was always an avid fan of survivor shows so of course I watched Chuang2021. I fell in love with Linmo’s singing, Santa and Riki’s dance and with Liuyu’s Dayu at first sight. The international trainees going to China for their dreams were so relatable to me, as I am also struggling so hard to survive in a different country. Also, the reason why I love Liuyu and Nine’s relationship so much, I wish I had a Liuyu too, someone beside me to help me navigate the unknown. The boys in Chuang were an inspiration of working really hard and hoping that the future life I imagine will somehow work out.
Then, I graduated but I could not get a job. English is not my first language, my job requires a very high IELTS (International English Language Testing System Academic) results, Band 8 in every single component: Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening. Unfortunately, IELTS expires every 2 years. So, the results I used to get into university was no longer valid. I keep re-taking the test and failing so many times by 0.5 band that at one point (you cannot retake a single component so it’s horrible), I felt so much like a failure and was prepared to go back to my home country cause my visa application was hitting a barrier as well. I told my mom on the phone then "I'm sorry, I couldn't make it" and she said "It's okay, you've tried your best. It's okay to come back". It was really tough, and just like Nine; I never tell my parents about my sadness and struggles because I don’t want them to worry. They also forked out a fortune (the currency exchange was 4x more) to send me to a different country for a brighter future and feeling that I wasted so much money to amount to nothing felt like the world was collapsing on me.
Like the once Chuang Liuyu, I was a perfectionist and high achiever before that. Failing makes me so scared for my future and at times I felt like my hard work was wasted. Unlike the people born in this country, I had to worked so much harder and I don't have anyone to fall back on. Santa said “Only with hard work, there is future” but as Boyuan console Lai Yaoxiang in Chuang “Oftentimes you are not rewarded for all that hard work”. In those times, I wish there is equality in this world, where I am judged by merit, not by my differences, the colour of my skin or being a foreigner. I scored higher than some people born here in the English test in university, but they do not require an IELTS to get a job (waived if high school education was in English in certain countries, mine is not English).
I remember back then INTO1 had it tough too, and looking at the boys striving so hard was a consolation and motivation during those moments of sadness. The person I admire most was Boyuan, all those persistence and hard work for an unknown future and Boyuan making his debut is always a story of miracle to me. I was lonely and although I never met INTO1, I feel like they are there for me. Watching their silly antics for 10 minutes or so enables me a moment of escape from my painful reality. Anyway, a month before my visa expires, I was lucky enough to pass IELTS. I’ll have to re-sit it when it expires again, but I was so happy that I do not have to go home in what I think of as “shameful” and letting down my family.
I still could not get a job in my expertise due to my visa and was juggling multiple part-time jobs to survive. During that time, although I was tired from having jobs both day and night, I always look forward to going home and watch my favourite boys. Even the most boring “looking for Wan Laoye’ helped me though the day. I love AK’s lyrics so much and tear up every time I hear that song, INTO1 has really ‘grown up’ together with me. It took nearly a year, but I’ve managed to get a job in my expertise. It’s a short-term contract due to my visa. I guess I did grow up somehow, I used to worry a lot about my future and have multiple plans in case Plan A didn’t work etc... Now, I’ve learned to take it a day at a time, and to worry when the time is nearer. Thank you INTO1 for being with me as I grow up.

To INTO1: Farewell letter
Liuyu: I fell in love at ‘Big Fish’. Although I mostly gushed over your adorableness, it was mostly your personality and talent that made me obsessed. There is so many facets of you: cute, handsome, cheeky, naughty, elegant, drama queen and wise and I love each of them. Your dances always emotionally resonate with me. I never thought watching a dance performance in an idol show will make me cry, you are the first. Thanks for being such a great leader! I'll miss the INTO1 Liuyu but ni hao, Liuyu.
Santa: I fell in love with your dance. It was funny when the Chuang vlogs reveal how different you are on stage and off stage. The cutest thing about you is using sounds to communicate when you struggle with Chinese and how you are such a cry-baby and scaredy cat. Thank you for bringing me happiness with your dance and your screams in the haunted house! GDC2, let's go!
Rikimaru: I fell in love with your dance and your Lit dance was so powerful. The gap moe, introverted personality, shy smile, slow reaction time and confused and ‘undecipherable’ state of mind, I love them all. No, I will not mention your expertise in shaking your booty 🙈. Thank you for working so hard to recover and going back to INTO1 to complete OT11! Looking forward to the music.
Mika: Unbreakable love, your voice is so lovely. And then there is that shy smile and complete change after debut with Keyu and Santa first and then with dorm B. My favourite is your interaction with Momo cause it is always so funny. How adorable you are when you go ‘whattt’ when you get cued to speak. Thank you, your voice is so beautiful, I love listening to you and would like to see a different hairstyle (the blond wig does not count).
Nine: Xiao-jiu na~, the adorable smile, the sassy remarks, the silliness, and fun personality. Only knew that you were so strong and an exercise freak after debut. I miss your cute accent so much, “don’t tell everybody na~, my life is over na~, eat once, won’t get fat etc… whenever I think of you, all those sound effects automatically appear in my mind but I’m glad you’ve improved your Chinese. I never expected you to debut as they didn't call your name from 8-10 until they announced number 5 and I cried so hard when you did. Nine, thank you, you are worth it and you’ve never let me down! Can’t wait to watch both your dramas.
Linmo: Momo, you might think I love you because you are funny and a drama king. But no, it was before at the audition stage when you sing “man man de~”, such talent. You are so funny, I love your personality. Thank you for making me so happy, looking forward to your variety shows.
Boyuan: I might love your powerful voice but I admire you so much for the journey it took for you to debut in Chuang against all odds. Your story always inspire me. Thank you for being the leader with Liuyu, taking care of the boys, will miss your HAHAHAHA bgm. Looking forward to Treasured Voice S4.
Zhang Jiayuan: Yuanyuan being yuanyuan, the craziness and funny awkwardness. Thank you, you’ve worked hard and improved so much in dancing to prove that you are Yingkou Zanduo. ‘How you like that…da…da…da’. Me: I like it, can’t wait to see your drama, in that female dress showing your abs hahaha.
Patrick: I rarely call you Patrick cause everyone calls you Paipai. Our maknae who used to drop everything, mic, shoes etc…You’re getting naughtier and naughtier. You are just so smart and congrats on Beijing Film Academy. You’re so sweet. I’ll miss the funny edit of haihaoya of you being surrounded by the loudspeakers and how you manage to block AK’s big yawn in time. Thank you for giving the boys keys to your house so they can barge in whenever they want. I still need to figure out how to watch Delicious Romance sigh.
Zhou Keyu: Zhou Dan, our tallest rapper who sings beautiful love songs. You used to appear so cool and silly in Chuang but you became such a funny dork after debut. I’ll miss your bickering with Momo and Jiayuan and teasing Mika so much. Sorry, I tried but couldn’t get interested in your variety shows although they are so popular. Thank you, I hope you achieve your wish of not growing taller and being a great actor. Look forward to your May Guangzhou tour.
AK Liuzhang: Yaya, my cutest duckie, ‘music speaks for you’, your music have a special place in my heart and so does your speeches. Grown Up song will always be on my playlist. Love your honest and blunt way of speaking and of course you creating so many INTO1 memes. Glad you managed to “off work” finally and being your rapper self with less idol-burden. Thank you for your sacrifice in INTO1, without you, INTO1’s music quality will not be so amazing for a c-idol boy group. Wish you the best in August when you go back to university and looking forward to your music release.

My greatest regret is not being able to go to your concert. Hence, the this lengthy farewell note. Forever in my heart, chuan yue shi jie yi qi kan, wu wei hang xing INTO1 (穿越世界一起看,无畏航行INTO1). Like it says, let’s continue to journey the world together with courage. Thank you for growing up together with me, let’s shine as we move forward (走向前 发光吧), I'll meet you at the next stop.

To Reddit
I’ve been with the boys Day 1 of Chuang but I never posted in Reddit ProduceCamp2021. At that time, I felt like it was full of people disliking my number one pick and I didn’t want to engage in negativity when my life is tough as well. It was Dianjing dance break MV that made me post in Reddit, someone calling my most favourite choreo: "Liuyu and his backup dancers". It irks me and I had to make a post here to defend it. The reason why i often post is, just like the happiness INTO1 has brought me, I thought maybe there is someone out there like me who needs that cheer up from the boys when trying to deal with a difficult reality. Here we are at the end. 2 years is not a short period of time, there might be only a handful of us left on Reddit. To be able to stay with the boys for 2 years on this forum signifies how much we love them. I want to thank everyone in Reddit for making my time here such a joyful experience.
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2023.04.24 00:08 6confused9 are dreads a protective hairstyle too?

just curious, i know braids are protective but are dreads as well?
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