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2023.06.04 18:47 Nugget_MacChicken Limited Time Only — Ban Event ! (see pinned comment for info)

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2023.06.04 18:47 Ok_Duty1645 [D] Any way to impute missing values using LSTMs ?

I am working on a time series dataset with about 1/3rd of the values missing. I don't have a dataset containing the target values. Hence,I have difficulty training a model.
The dataset is of electricity consumption of a city with over 500 rows and 24 columns. Each column signifies an hour of the day and each row signifies the date.
Any help would be appreciated
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2023.06.04 18:43 esmil_2022 Looking for answers

I got arrested (Tarrant county) for a DWI >.15 back at the end of April. I was very compliant with the police but they found open containers in my car. The only run in I’ve ever had with the law was when I got a speeding ticket at 16 years old (I’m 24 now). I was in jail for 22 hours and it shook me to my core enough to have learned my lesson. I got released on PR bond, and since my arrest much hasn’t happened. I hired one of “the best” DWI lawyers in my area and haven’t heard much from them as my only court dates have been attorney only settings. Shockingly, my bond conditions didn’t require an interlock. This week, I got a call that I have court and have to get an interlock installed. I passed my substance abuse evaluation, took a DWIED course, and am signed up for the VIPP class. I have a feeling my attorney wants to go to trial for my case but I don’t want that because I am very guilty and don’t know what could come of a trial as well as time it takes. What do I expect from this court date? Will I be given a UA? My attorneys office hasn’t been great with communication and responding to me so I feel blind. They said they submitted for an ALR hearing at the beginning of May but I haven’t heard anything? I have an amazing job that I’m trying to keep this hidden from. I’ve seen scary things about probation and peace of mind has been minimal during this time
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2023.06.04 18:43 moth_enthusiast99 Florida DOE Contact Help

Pleaseeee someone help me contact the DOE. I am applying for my temporary certificate in K-6 and K-12 ESE. I’ve been able to send in all of my K-6 paperwork, no problem, but I have an expired application (stupid, uninformed decision made by college me) that is preventing me from adding a new K-12 ESE subject. My principal at the school I work at wants our letters of eligibility to be in by early July in order to teach next year but, based on the no response from the DOE, I’m scared that won’t happen. I can’t reach them by phone and I’ve gotten no response through their contact form on their page despite my coworkers getting responses 24 hours later. Help!
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2023.06.04 18:43 Old-Addition-6985 Cash to pay Pal possible the more that click the bigger the bonus!

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2023.06.04 18:42 Helpme_1992 I 31M am in love with a 21F escort

I just got out of a 4 year relationship back in January where I was mentally checked out on and off, but pretty much completely checked out towards the last year.
Due to this I could do all the thinking I needed to do and understand that my ex wasn’t the person who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I broke up with her and this time had the determination to make it definite and have no doubts. Also due to this I felt like this relationship wasn’t something that I was still mentally dealing with.
I knew I needed to be single and work on my personal development and didnt want to start dating until next year, but still wanted some of my needs met…
I opted to meet up with an escort 21(F)who I found online and met her for 2 hours.
She blew my mind with how beautiful she looks and her smile just made me melt. The sex was great, but above all the conversations we had regarding beliefs, relationships, interests were what attracted me to her the most. She gave me hugs and I felt so at home in her hands.
I haven’t felt like this since my first love and gf when I was 23/24. After being hurt so much I didn’t know I was still capable of experiencing these feelings again. So much that I am crying while I am writing this.
Fast forward an month later I met her yesterday again and decided to make an overnight appointment. We had great sex, but I suggested we also play games/go out and have fun instead of just having sex all evening.
We went out and visited the red light district in Amsterdam where we walked around and also went to a live sex show, had dinner where she seemed happy to visit because she was only in Amsterdam for work and never really had time to spend on herself. While being with her I realized I slowly was falling in love with this person.
We went back to her place and had sex again and then had deep conversations again until 3 in the morning. We decided to go to sleep and I hugged her while falling asleep. She fell asleep quite fast but I couldn’t as I just wanted time to just stop right then and there forever.
The next morning both of us had barely any sleep and I apologized to her for keeping her awake and she was more than cool about it. I gave her a massage which she loved and we continued talking.
We went out holding hands together for lunch where we told each other our real names before parting our ways. When we parted I just couldnt help myself and told her I wanted to give her my contact details(which she didnt have because she has a manager arranging all her appointments for her). I told her to please not feel obligated, but if she ever felt she wanted to see me again ir even just text she could contact me because this work was supposed to be temporary for her and I didnt plan on using an escort service regularly. She seemed hesitant and I already felt an idiot for even bringing it up. I understand fully well this is her job to be nice to customers, but was hoping for the slight chance she was still interested.
A bit more detail about her: she happens to be a ukrainian girl who started escorting last year in november. She is struggling with her own mental issues and just broke up with her bf and also told me she struggled with depression and knew she had to work on herself and not be in a relationship. She has no plans to permanently live outside Ukraine as she loves her country. Having said all this even if she were interested in me it would be nearly impossible to make it work even thiugh I would do anything for it as long as she also liked me.
I am just devastated I probably can never be with this person. I will meet her for a couple hours coming tuesday before she goes back to Ukraine and I feel so hopeless.
I know I barely know her and she might not even be her true self with me but I am just head over heels for this girl. Is there anything I could do?
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2023.06.04 18:42 HersheysWellmade A Match & Meet within 24 hours!

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2023.06.04 18:40 Sad-Resolve7916 WTF

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2023.06.04 18:38 Ellieisasmartcookie Beloved Billionaires Club Info

Road to Riches part 4 is the Beloved Billionaires Club.
You must have finished the first three parts of the road to riches to work on this prize. It is permanent and there is no rush.
to access the panel for Road to Riches, tap the notepad in the top right corner of the screen, then tap the green notepad on the left of the pop up for RR.
Cost is 2 Billion dollars paid through tasks by Cecil Terwilliger
Pour Money Into the Club-8 hours- 100 million dollars
Decant Money Into the Club-12 hours- 125 million dollars
Drizzle Money Into the Club- 24 hours-200 million dollars
the 12 and 24 hours tasks will disappear when you are close enough but plan wisely so you don't have to spend 100 million to cover the last 25 million
You can rush Cecil's tasks for donuts but it will be expensive.
The club earns 135 dollars and 15 xp every 4 hours.
Icons on the club:
– yellow dollar sign- it’s ready to tap for $$s and XP
– Pink Pig icon- start a Gold Road task
– Gold Road icon-Tile task is done collect your tile
– Nothing,-the club is not ready to collect-tap to see the timer on the tile or the cash collection
There is a job to send certain billionaires to spend 100 million dollars for a gold road tile. You can only send one at a time, and you cannot rush this task with donuts.
Characters that can do the Gold Road Tile Task:
Mr. Burns
Aristotle Amadopolis
The Rich Texan
Artie Ziff
Augustus Redfield
Arthur Fortune
Tiles 1-6: 100 Million each
Tiles 7-14: 250 Million each
Tiles 15-20: 500 Million each
Tile 21 and up: 750 Million each
I would not worry about a max limit on them as they are very very expensive
Do not start the task and then store the club. you will lose your money and the tile
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2023.06.04 18:38 redbricktuta For people still missing Dark Sky

For people still missing Dark Sky
You can make Carrot Weather look A LOT like Dark Sky’s design principles if you spend some time tinkering with it.
You can even change it’s data source so it’s as accurate as Dark Sky used to be.
Just putting this out there because years ago someone else’s post made me reconsider Carrot and since making these changes I’ve finally been able to stick with a solid weather app after turning off all the Carrot gimmicks.
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2023.06.04 18:38 anxious_brat When can I drink?

I took a Tylenol over 24 hours ago and I plan on drinking tonight. Am I good to go if I keep drinking water throughout the day?
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2023.06.04 18:37 JimmyWilliams_ I just spent two consecutive hours and 1480 prompts buying 24.7 billion crypto coins.

I just spent two consecutive hours and 1480 prompts buying 24.7 billion crypto coins.
This was the best crypto boom I've ever seen. 2,342,300% return over 8 years. In other words, $30 trillion to $695.5 zillion in under a decade.
The only problem? At the beginning the coin was valued at $1,200 and I had over $29 trillion in the bank..
That's 1480 prompts. At a rate of clicking one prompt every 4 seconds, that's over 1 and a half hours of JUST CLICKING A BUTTON. Just to sink my whole balance into the coin.
Why did I do it? I really don't know. I have no life maybe.
And why am I saying all of this? There's one reason and it's for the developers specifically: GET RID OF THE 16,700,000 LIMIT!
It's an absolute pain having to do this just to get a decent return investing crypto. I don't know why it's this way, but it doesn't have to stay like this.
Thank you for coming to my ted talk.
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2023.06.04 18:37 AggieMike96 [WTS] Perth Mint Silver - Series III Lunars (2020-2023) - Complete Your Collection!

Available today are Perth Mint's Series III lunars for the Years of the Rat/Mouse (2020), Ox (2021), Tiger (2022), and Rabbit (2023). Each coin is 0.9999 (four 9's) silver and comes in the original capsule. Please see the details below!
Proof: https://imgur.com/a/smqMYpZ
2020 - Year of the Rat/Mouse:
2021 - Year of the Ox:
2022 - Year of the Tiger:
2023 - Year of the Rabbit:
Please reply below before sending me a PM or Chat. Please be patient. It's a busy day, but I'll respond to all messages as soon as possible.
Pics - As always, upon request, I'm happy to provide high-resolution images of the obverse, reverse, and on the Sigma.
Offers - I will entertain reasonable offers, especially for multiple coins.
Shipping - $5 for USPS First Class in a small cardboard box for up to 8 ounces and $10 for over 8 ounces in a SFRB. I do not use bubble mailers, only cardboard boxes! Check my feedback - I pack securely and use plenty of tape! I'll do whatever I can to help; however, once in the hands of the USPS, it's between you and them for any issues. Please let me know if you'd like insurance or signature confirmation, and I'll check the rates. A tracking number will be provided as soon as possible, and shipping will occur within 24 hours of funding.
Payment - Zelle preferred; Venmo or PPFF for members with feedback; all with no notes.
Thanks for looking!
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2023.06.04 18:36 SpookyB7 Serious Question On Mouth Swab,

So I am currently trying to get into the union... I stopped smoking for 2 weeks and last week Saturday, Sunday & Monday I smoked. Had a surprise drug test on Friday (2 days Ago) That was supposed to a Urine test and I had a wizzinator filled with clean urine but it ended up being a mouth swab. I have been going to the gym 2 hours a day lifting weights and around 20-30 cardio and 10-15 sauna per session and only drinking a absurd amount of water while eating clean. I seen it say the saliva test only pick up marijuana for 24-72 hours i haven't smoked for around 80 hours before my test. Will I be able to pass? Not sure if this means anything but I also run testosterone cycles and currently on Winstrol which dries the body out of water and makes my mouth dry very often .
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2023.06.04 18:35 makeitadouble_85 Baked my very first cheesecake with a homemade mixed berry compote. The most labor intensive bake so far - nearly 24 hours later for this thing

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2023.06.04 18:34 makeitadouble_85 Baked my very first cheesecake with a homemade mixed berry compote. The most labor intensive bake so far - nearly 24 hours later for this thing

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2023.06.04 18:34 mandolingravitymir Direct Energy Electricity Discount Code

Check this out for Direct Energy 24 Hour Customer Service Discount Code. Find the best deals for you by looking at the current promo codes and coupons on that page. You'll always find the newest coupons, promo codes, and deals on that page. Choose one to apply to your order and save money.
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2023.06.04 18:32 Altruistic_Lime4726 Cash to pay Pal possible the more that click the bigger the bonus!

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2023.06.04 18:30 Apart-Guitar1684 Does a cleaner need an ABN?

Hello all!
I have a friend who is currently working as a cleaner and they are over here on a student visa,
They were told that they needed an ABN for the job.
They work about 24 hours a week for a single employer for about 6 hours a day from Monday to Thursday
They get $28 an hour normally and a bit more if it’s a public Holiday, which obviously isn’t them negotiating with the contractee but simply that is how much they get.
Shouldn’t they be counted as an employee and not a contractor?
The person contracting it out provides the cleaning gear and my friend simply turns up and does the work.
My concern is that they are being exploited, they have no idea about BAS statements nor super contributions and I fear they will rack up a descent amount of tax owed which they might not quite understand when they need to lodge a tax return.
What would be the best way forward?
I understand getting a new job might be the best solution but easier said than done when they have limited English ability.
Thank you
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2023.06.04 18:28 sandman730 Rules & Schedule

Welcome to all GMs and AGMs to this years' edition of the /hockey annual offseason sim!


I will be personally editing all the spreadsheets, keeping them updated throughout the sim and they can all be found on the sidebar as well as in the chat channel.
Please message sandman730 if anything is incorrect or you wish to make changes on your roster sheet.

Tentative Sim Schedule

Mon. June 12th - Sim Discord Invites
Thu. June 15th - Sim Begins and Rosters Frozen (2pm ET)
Sun. June 18th - Deadline for GMs to Submit Plans (2pm ET)
Mon. June 19th - Trade Period Begins (2pm ET) (Provided GMs have an Approved Plan)
Mon. June 19th - Buyout Period Begins (2pm ET)
Thu. June 22nd - Deadline to Submit Trades Involving Players/Prospects for the NHL Draft (8pm ET)
Fri. June 23rd - NHL Draft Rounds 1-3 (8pm ET)
Sat. June 24th - NHL Draft Rounds 4-7 (2pm ET) (No Trades Allowed)
Sat. June 24th - Last Chance to Place Players on Waivers for a Buyout (2pm ET)
Sun. June 25th - Deadline for Qualifying Offers (5pm ET)
Sun. June 25th - Buyout Period Ends (5pm ET)
Sun. June 25th - Last Chance for Clubs to Sign UFAs to an 8 Year SPC (11:59pm ET)
Mon. June 26th - Free Agency Roster Freeze (12pm ET) (Discussion allowed, but no moves finalized)
Thu. June 29th - Free Agency Begins (12pm ET)
Wed. July 12th - Qualifying Offers Expire (5pm ET)
Thu. August 3rd - Waiver Window Opens (2pm ET)
Fri. August 11th - Last Chance to Place Players on Waivers (2pm ET)
Sat. August 12th - Rosters Due (5pm ET)
Sun. August 13th - End of Sim (Reviewing Rosters/Making Recaps/Etc.)
Google Calendar


For information about the cap and CBA, read this post and feel free to ask sandman730 any questions.

IRL Moves

Since we are in sim-mode, IRL moves do not apply to the sim, except for five key exceptions:
  1. Players retiring (if they retire IRL, they're out of the sim and cannot be signed),
  2. Player suspensions (ex: Slava Voynov),
  3. Transactions involving a foreign professional entering NHL,
  4. An NHL player signing in another league (ex: Liiga),
  5. Players being placed on long-term injured reserve.
Regarding the 3rd point, if the player announces he is officially returning to the NHL or he signs IRL with an NHL team, then he is available to sign. Until then, he cannot be signed.
Coach hirings/firings, AHL contracts, relocation, etc. are not part of this sim.

Keep it Realistic

You can't be perfect since plenty of teams could go many ways. If your team is clearly rebuilding, you should continue to rebuild and help the process.
Try not to acquire guys just for the purpose of flipping them later. We're not outright banning it since it happens IRL sometimes, but it's super uncommon, especially for bigger names. Rebuilding teams rarely take cap dumps to help out other teams in exchange for late round picks. If it is a fair trade, it can still be accepted. There will need to be incentive for teams to acquire cap dumps. Don't include unnecessary pieces or trade picks too far out (trading picks after 2024 will require a compelling reason). Don't trade the rights to retired players.
We are asking each GM for an initial offseason plan. This plan includes basic things like which direction the team is headed this summer, but with slightly more detail such as whether they will hope to pursue more options via trades or free agency, how they will deal with their cap space (or lack thereof), etc. You will not be able to sign or trade anyone until your plans are submitted and approved. If you wish to amend your plan, submit it via mod mail, including your reasoning for the amendment.
[GM Plan Form]()
Throughout free agency, the mod team will reach out to GMs to see if they are changing their plans due to transactions that have taken place in the sim (i.e. missing out on free agents, changes in the trade market, etc.).


We realize GMs want to be more active than their real-life counterparts but we will be pretty strict on allowing trades in the sim. When you submit a trade or signing, both parties must send the trade in to the office of the commissioner (via mod mail). You also must include a justification as to why the trade makes sense for your party including how it will affect the cap, lineup and future roster decisions. Please use the below template. All players, picks, additional terms, rights to players, and salary retention amounts must be specified and identical in both parties' submissions.
Before making a trade, we encourage you to find multiple comparable trades which will convince us that the trade is realistic. Please do not compare each trade to the Matt Duchene to Ottawa trade and say "Well, it's more realistic than that one".
We will do our best to announce the trades right away as they come in. Do not post pending trades in other threads until they are posted. Please allow us at least 24 hours to approve trades and for graphics to be prepared.
Try not to blow your load, especially on the first day. Be patient, especially with trades. Just try. You'll thank us later. Those who follow this advice usually will find incredible bargains and can take advantage of other GM's mistakes.

Trade Submission Template

We would like teams to use the following template when submitting trades to ensure all relevant information is included.
Team A receives:
Team B receives:
Corresponding moves: (players sent down, called up, or put on waivers; answer "none" if not applicable)
Cap/salary implications:
Other options pursued:
Long-term implications:
I certify that I own the assets I am trading away; my team remains roster & cap compliant; I have complied with any no-trade lists; etc.


NYR receives: Tyler Motte
WPG receives: 2023 4th Round Pick (WPG)
Corresponding moves: None
Cap/salary implications: The Rangers can take the remainder of Motte's $1,225,000 cap hit.
Goal: The Rangers are looking to add depth for a playoff push. The Canucks are looking to acquire future assets for a player on an expiring contract.
Justification: The Rangers are solidly in a playoff position and are looking to buy at the deadline. Motte can fill a 4th line role.
Comparables: SEA traded Mason Appleton to WPG for a 2023 4th before the 2022 TDL. MTL traded Nick Cousins to VGK for a 2021 4th before the 2020 TDL.
Other options pursued: The Rangers also tried to acquire Derick Brassard and Vladislav Namestnikov, but were unable to make a deal work.
Long-term implications: The Rangers are willing to give up a mid-round pick to add depth now.
I certify that I own the assets I am trading away; my team remains roster & cap compliant; I have complied with any no-trade lists; etc.

No-Trade/No-Movement Clauses

These will be handled by TBD. If you wish to trade a player with a No-Trade or No-Movement Clause, you must message them, requesting a list of teams a player can or cannot be traded to, or if a player would be willing to waive his No-Movement Clause. Please give them at least 24 hours to fulfill such requests.

Trading UFA Rights

We have tried this in the past and some agents felt obligated to have the UFA sign in the city that acquired the players' rights. We feel it would be best if every team gets a fair chance so this year we will NOT be allowing trading for UFA rights. This will also hopefully lead to fewer trades and more UFA signings.
Additionally, we will not allow you to sign and trade UFAs or pending UFAs.

Conditional Picks

You cannot trade picks with conditions, with some exceptions:
  • Lottery protection
  • Higheloweetc. of multiple picks in a given round
  • Settling scenarios based on previous trade conditions
We realize it happens in real life, but it is hard to track from experience and hopefully it will cut down on the amount of unnecessary trade conditions.

Unfair Value

To avoid exploitation and chaos in the trade market, we sometimes need to step in to preserve the sim's integrity. This may be somewhat subjective, so the trade committee will discuss and vote on most trades. Your trade will go through more smoothly if you provide ample justification and can offer comparable trades. Some common issues include:
  • Undervaluing cap space or salary - Since there is no real money involved in this simulation and no accountability to owners or future cap issues, people can undervalue these assets. Please provide examples of comparable trades.
  • Undervaluing future draft picks - Similarly, since there is no accountability within the sim for these assets, unnecessarily adding late draft picks or too high draft picks can be problematic. Again, provide examples of comparable trades.
  • Differing opinions on the value of players or prospects - These usually will go through, but may require further explanation.


sandman730, meatb4ll, and TBD are gonna be the “veto panel” and we are gonna take it very seriously. If the vote is unanimous 3-0 either way, then we will accept/reject the trade or signing. If it is 2-1 either way, then we will ask TBD for their opinions and votes. We will then come to a decision with the majority winning. There are a number of reasons why a trade or signing may be vetoed by the trade committee:
  • Violates the CBA (ex: puts a team over the contract limit)
  • Involves NTCs (i.e., the player would block the trade)
  • Puts a team over the cap or roster limit (or under the floor), without them having a clear plan for how to get back under (or over)
  • Violates other house rules (ex: trading UFAs)
  • Unrealistic (see above)
  • Unfair value (see above)
  • Goes against their plan (or goes too far all-in on either the present or future)
meatb4ll will communicate veto decisions and discussions.

Entry Draft

Rounds 1-3 of the draft will take place on the chat channel on Fri. June 23rd at 8pm ET. We kindly ask that everyone attends this in the chat since it will go a lot smoother not having to wait for GMs and it is one of the most exciting parts of the sim in terms of trades and activity. This is the one day we hope to have all GMs and AGMs alike participate since we require your cooperation. Draft day trades involving players/prospects must be submitted 24 hours before the start of the draft (Thu. June 22nd at 8pm ET). Trades made during the draft (involving draft picks) must be submitted via DM to the commissioners.
On Sat. June 24th at 2pm ET, we will host Rounds 4-7 for those who would like to participate. It is not mandatory, you will just be auto-picked if you don’t show up. There will not be any trading allowed for this portion of the draft.
If a GM cannot make it either night, you are welcome to appoint an AGM to draft for the team, submit a custom auto-draft list, or respect our auto-draft list (Bob McKenzie, then Future Considerations). Please confirm this via mod mail or (if mid-draft) via DM to the commissioners.
Please make your selections as promptly as possible to ensure the draft runs smoothly for everyone. Do not delay your selection to make a meme/image (you are welcome to post them afterwards). We will allow 2 min per selection for Rounds 1-3 and 1 min for Rounds 4-7. Each team will be allowed a 2 min timeout (one per team). We also will take a brief intermission (~10 min) between rounds.
If you wish to draft players not listed on the Elite Prospects Draft Board, you must petition the commissioners via mod mail before the start of the draft.

Qualifying Offers

GMs will need to submit a list of who they are sending Qualifying Offers to, among RFAs, and who they are letting test free agency (becoming UFAs). We will have a thread for this and they will be due by Sun. June 25th at 5pm ET (don’t pull a Dale Tallon). If you have further questions about this process, read about it in the CBA post and message a commissioner or leave a comment if you have further questions.

Free Agency

We will have 3 RFA agents and 4 UFA agents who have chosen the clients they will represent. Not every RFA/UFA will need an agent and you can find the lists on the spreadsheet, but generally, if the player played 15+ NHL games last season, he will require an agent. For the rest of the RFAs (those marked "Commissioners"), if they were qualified both in the sim and IRL, we will wait until they get an IRL contract and match it in the sim; if they were only qualified in the sim, they will be signed for their qualifying offers. For the rest of the UFAs, message the commissioners (via mod mail) with a contract offer. Please include a justification as to why the signing makes sense for your party including, for GMs, how it will affect the cap, lineup and future roster decisions. Please use the below template.
When both a GM and agent have come to a finalized deal, both sides need to submit the contract offer to the mods (via mod mail).
This contract offer must include the cap hit, term, any no-trade clauses, and any performance bonuses. Please keep it realistic as it could cause a domino effect when using comparables.
There will be the possibility for offer sheets, however, right now we are not sure the best way to determine who the player would actually pick. Ideas are encouraged. That being said, it’s more likely a player would choose a contender, hometown, long contract, good place in the lineup, or high salary rather than just picking at random. We also want to mention how rare offer sheets are in real life.
Agents have been sworn under the Oath of Bettman that they will be honest, realistic, and of course fun.
NHL CBA contract rules apply (more information here). Signing a player in free agency and then trading the player is prohibited.

Signing Submission Template

We would like teams to use the following template when submitting signing to ensure all relevant information is included.
Other clauses: (NTC/NMC, performance bonuses, etc.; answer "none" if not applicable)
Corresponding moves: (players sent down, called up, or put on waivers; answer "none" if not applicable)
Cap/salary implications:
Other options pursued:
Long-term implications:
I certify that my team remains roster & cap compliant.


Team: Columbus Blue Jackets
Player: Jack Roslovic
Year(s): 2
AAV: $4,000,000
Other clauses: None
Corresponding moves: None
Cap/salary implications: The Blue Jackets still have ~$22.8M in cap space for 2022-23, which should be sufficient for our needs.
Goal: The Blue Jackets are looking to keep a local player who has played well for the team.
Justification: While Roslovic had an excellent 2020-21 season, he regressed in 2021-22. A short term deal allows him to demonstrate that he can continue to be a valuable player without hamstringing us with a burdensome contract should he underperform.
Comparables: Ryan Spooner signed with NYR for 2yr x $4M in the 2018 offseason. Chris Tierney signed with OTT for 2yr x $3.5M in the 2020 offseason. Ryan Strome signed with NYR for 2yr x $4.5M in the 2020 offseason.
Other options pursued: None, Roslovic was a RFA that we wished to keep.
Long-term implications: While this contract will walk Roslovic to UFA status, we hope that he continues to perform well and we are able to sign a more long-term extension with him once Voracek's contract is off our books.
I certify that my team remains roster & cap compliant.


Players with one year remaining on a multi-year contract are also eligible for extensions. We are allowing each team to extend one such player, provided the AAV is over $6M. Message the Commissioners (via mod mail) with a competitive offer, and an explanation for why you want to extend the player.

GM vs Assistant GM

The GM is the one who makes the final decisions and who other GMs should message. You are encouraged to speak to anyone including Assistants, but for trades and updates on where they stand, please contact the GMs. The assistants are here to serve as a second opinion, fill in on things the GM might have made unclear, and ultimately serve as backups in case the GM needs to be replaced, for example on draft day.


PLAY NICE. If people act like dicks in trade/FA negotiations, particularly in agreeing to something and then going back on their word, PM the admins and we'll take care of it. Repeat offenders will get removed from the sim. Racism, homophobia, and other forms of bigotry will not be tolerated. No politics.
If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or DM any commissioner. If we need to clarify some things, we will do so.
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2023.06.04 18:27 REALADMIRALALADEEN Upvote For KC3, 1 idea and 1 fire idea only. Consider a Tiny desk stream/segment.

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