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2023.05.30 13:41 cannonfunk [InnerSleeve] Bukka White - Early Recordings 1930-1940 - $13.95 w/ free shipping

Bukka White - Early Recordings 1930-1940 - $13.95 w/ free shipping

If it wasn't for the Pavlovian idolatry devoted to the works of Robert Johnson, then Bukka White's extraordinarily personal and powerful songs recorded over two days in Marcia 1940 would receive the respect and estimation they deserve. Summoned to Chicago by session fixer Lester Melrose, he arrived with a safe selection of 'covers' that Melrose summarily dismissed, telling him to come up with something 'original'. White went hack to his lodgings and delved within himself' to create a sequence of songs that dealt with his trial and committal to Parchman Farm the previous year. He also wrote about the deaths of his mother and friends, and ailments of his own he thought were threatening his life. These bleak texts were ameliorated by a bubbling dance tune and the last of his great train songs. His previous recordings had been few and spoke more to the strength and stamina of his performance than to the sensitivity that permeates the later songs. As good as Johnson may have been, he enacted the sentiments expressed in his overtly emotional songs. His sometime partner Johnny Shines asserted that Johnson refined his material until it achieved the effect he was aiming for. It was a technique that few others would attempt or achieve. Bukka White's songs exuded honesty and directness enhanced by an artistic insight that Stopped short of contrivance.
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2023.05.30 13:38 BornPriority9488 Fandoms Disconnect with Kendall

So I’ve watched dance as a kid since it aired. I was never really in the fandom (meaning keeping up with them on insta,seeing what people saying online etc) but I’ve always been a fan of the show only because of the girls dynamic. Recently I started editing dance moms clips for TikTok and I’ve noticed Kendall is not very popular in the fandom at all. My question is has it always been that way? If not when Kendall stop being a fav?
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2023.05.30 13:38 HedgeFundManager647 Calvin gets lawyered.

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2023.05.30 13:28 DaScheuer My mom acts like my narc dad because he controls her. I want to go NC with my dad but don't know what to do with my mom.

My mom shares many narcissistic traits with my dad, but she is not a narc. she is just absolutely dependent on him in every way, so she is terrified of the possibility of the family breaking apart.
My dad corrupted my mom, who now lives in deep depression and is constantly abused by him. her life is based on watching TV and going out with him for dinners.
Deep inside, my mom is caring and loving and I have always felt pity and sadness toward her inferiority and weakness toward my narc dad.
However, my mom acts very similarly to him because she disagrees with him... well... we all know how a narc behaves when you challenge them. So she is abslutely terrified of him.
I have made the decision to become emotionally independent from my narc dad and his abusive control over my entire life, so I can begin a new life.
What I don't know however, is how to handle my contact with my mom. Because I am certain that if I go NC with my dad, she will tell him everything he asks about me in fear of him hurting her if she doesn't.
I don't want to leave my mom but I also don't have the energy to heal her. I'm afraid that if I abandon my dad, I'll have to abandon her too.
My plan is to move to my mom's mother town which is the only place I've ever felt safe and learn to be an adult from scratch.
The problem is that my parents visit the home I'll be staying at (which is in my mother's name) around 2 times a month. I'm afraid they might show up randomly, which they would then I don't know what I'd do.
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2023.05.30 13:27 LordSnuffleFerret Eager to meet going for coffe, before avoiding the topic

I went to a dancing social event over the weekend. During two classes immediately before the event, there was a new girl I (28 M) got a good vibe off of. We just seemed to click.
During the social (which ran from Friday evening to Sunday mid-day), I made a point of chatting and talking with her several times when I could organically with her and continued to get a good vibe.
I figured I'd wait till the last day (Sunday) before broaching the idea of coffee, which I did and she seemed genuinely happy with the idea (she said "sure" in a pleased upbeat voice). We exchanged numbers before parting (long weekend, lots of dancing, late nights etc so our brains were a little fried)
Later that day, when I was checking out of the residence, she came down and sat across from me and we chatted. I asked when she wanted to do coffee and she grabbed her phone but seemed a little out of it still. I asked if she wanted to check her schedule after she'd had a chance to crash and she thanked me, saying it wasn't an indication of her not being interested, her brain just couldn't do words (for reference, Friday dances ended 11ish with an after party which we left at 1ish, and Saturday ran from morning till late evening with classes a long ball at the end and another after party, so we were on our feet a lot). She even asked what days worked best for me, and I could see her making a mental note as I answered. Later, when her ride came, on her way out she turned back saying she'd reach out re the coffee date.
We chatted via whatsapp today (she'd sent me a photo she took which had me in it in dress clothes during the event, which I thanked her for) and we continued chatting re books recommendations (she opened asking me if I'd heard of a certain series) but she didn't broach the coffee topic. I'm possibly over thinking it, but after her initial message of "you're welcome!" I noticed she started typing and deleting what she was about to say several times on and off for like 10 minutes before asking me if I'd heard of a specific book series, and at this point I am just really tired.
I hate the 180s, I dislike being the one to always have to ask, to broach the topic. Over the past year I've had my legs scythed out from under me a couple of times, between ghosting, curving, being left on tender hooks for a week odd then broken up with via text etc, all of which started with promising dates and I'm starting to feel cursed. I was hesitant to ask her in the first place because 1) short time span getting to know her and 2) she lives about an hour drive out of the city even though she's in it often. For the latter...I did offer to meet her half way (driving 30 min odd for a date seems very fair) but I figured I would rather have tried then always wonder.
Some people have told me I just shouldn't go looking for relationships, to put my self out there without that being on my mind which is...difficult and frankly frustrating advice. I find if I don't initiate or ask it doesn't happen. One female friend said I should focus on friendship, and that she'd often have a guy as a friend for a year before moving onto a relationship which...I REALLY disliked (the first thing that went through my head was, that it sounded like low-kay torture for the guy).
My current plan is to leave the conversation alone for a week (she asked about a couple authors I recommended, and I briefly summarized them and provided a sample of one reading a short story as she's big on audio books) before just asking how she's doing and leave it.
Maybe I'm worrying over nothing, but...I can't shake the feeling I'm not.
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2023.05.30 13:26 regularjtard how long to master minute waltz?

Recently Ive been trying to find a sheet song to play and ive gotten bored. I found Minute Waltz and found it very intriguing. Id say im a intermediate level player given the fact that i played fur elise and csikos post. I was wondering how much time a intermediate level could master minute waltz with just sheet music and a reference of what im playing.
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2023.05.30 13:23 Ok-Reward-6390 21 [M4F] Brazil/anywhere - poet looks for a half to write about

I haven’t even flirted with anyone for such a long time that I thought this could be fun. I’d have loved to say that the idea of doing this came to me during a dream, but I haven’t dreamt in a long time.
I am a 21 years old male from a big city in Brazil. I am going to university for a social sciences degree, and I have done pretty well so far. Besides all that, I write poetry on the side, and I work for a small online newspaper.
I am fascinated fairly often by many things and I have many hobbies so you won’t be bored. Last month I became fascinated by Spanish modern history after reading Preston’s biography of Francisco Franco and I was reading about the Miracle on the Han River yesterday, while my family gave a lunch party and I had to keep myself entertained while they discussed the tragedy of a heiress’ dog many illnesses, which were mysteriously shared with his owner, and some reforms in the Vatican Bank. But yes, in general, I really enjoy the humanities. I follow politics keenly – in fact, there is some chance I might have some thoughts on your country’s politics – and I’d say I am on the centre-left – pro-choice, in favour of a robust welfare state, LGBTQ+ rights, affirmative action. If you know about Brazilian politics, I voted for Marina and Haddad in 2018 (the voting age here is 16), and Lula last year.
As you can imagine, I also really enjoy reading and writing. Besides poetry, I have often thought about reading a novel, but this seems like too much work – and it seems that it would be arrogant of me to write a novel having lived this little. I really enjoy learning about other languages and cultures and I know a bit of French, German, Spanish, and Russian, besides English and Portuguese. I am into genealogy and I have helped a few friends with it. I also really enjoy TV shows and cinema, and I am easily brought to tears. I cried during the last Minions movie, even if I didn’t want to be there. I love music and my taste in it has been described as “fairly gay”. I’d have loved to be a musician, but I’d have loved to have been many things.
I guess I am pretty introverted, polite, and timid. I am affectionate and I can be really passionate as well. And I am fairly funny, or rather, I have made a few people laugh over the years. I asked a close friend to describe myself, and that is what he said:
I think you’re very communicative. Shrewd, funny, a good companion. Kind of withdrawn but not necessarily shy. You avoid conflict and unnecessary arguments, but love to participate in good conversations. I think you’re very kind too, besides being polite.
As for what I want to do with my life, I am unsure though I am inclined to go into academia. I have been considering applying to a PhD program in the U.S. after finishing my undergrad here in Brazil. My family does want me to go into their business, which is related to politics. I have also considered going into diplomacy.
Who am I looking for? I’d look like someone curious about the world around her, and open-minded.
Some poems I really like:
Some songs I have been listening to:
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2023.05.30 13:09 goofyahhusername2002 What are some valid arguments to be taken off Life360?

For people who don't know, Life360 is basically this tracking app that lets chosen people know in a group know where each member of a family is. It lets you see the speed in which you drive, you can save locations and get notifications when someone is in that said location, and you can see in real time where someone is. I'm turning 21 in 3 weeks and I want to get off of it. When I tell my friends my parents have a tracker on me, they freak out and find it weird, but honestly I just see it as extra protection if I get lost or kidnapped my location is always on.
But I want to leave, all my step-mom's daughters (my unrelated by blood sisters) on my dad side quit around 17-18 and I'm the only one remaining. My mom insists I keep my phone charged everyday and keep my "app open" so she can see where I am. She will call me or spam me to do so until she can see where I am.
I want to start going to music practices on Monday nights in a neighbouring city and I don't want her to ask me where I am every monday night, she will see I'm about 20 minutes away. I've decided for my peace of mind to not share that part of my life to her, because anytime I take up arts and music, she puts unnecessary pressure on me. I was happy with my decision until I remembered my mom tracks me on Life360 so she will know where I am and ask me questions.
Tldr: I'd like to ask for my 21st birthday to be taken off Life360, a tracking app, what are some valid arguments to do so?
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2023.05.30 13:03 PimballWizzard Mom one told me : If my stupidity would hurt,i'd be rolling on the floor in agony

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2023.05.30 13:02 tomimendoza AEGIS - An OnK FanFiction

I know it's not exactly fan art, but it's the most fitting for this kind of thing. Another fanfiction has it as its flair when it was posted here. Anyway, this is my output for the OnK fanfic train. I hope you guys enjoy! The link to the page will be at the bottom.
With the rise of violence against celebrities also comes the rise of elements that protect against them. A rookie agent finds himself assigned to a famous idol with a promise to defend. And what was supposed to be a training assignment would eventually grow to so much more.
The young man grumbled as he trudged the halls of his home towards his father’s office. His hand would rake through his black hair in his face in annoyance while his two emerald eyes with four-point star-shaped irises focused forward. He already knew what was gonna happen and he wished he could refuse. He had been hoping to devote his time to honing his gaming skills with the hope of maybe one day joining a pro-E-sports team. But, because his father was an old man with a small scope of the modern world, he laughed and told him to do something real with his life. And something real meant taking over the family business one day.
Kurosawa Security Services, or simply KSS, is a Japanese family-owned security company based in Kyoto although they have offices all over the country and even abroad. KSS provides everything from security guards for convenience stores to close protection agents for top government figures. They can also provide security consultation and training. The service is rated as the best Japan has to offer with highly trained agents. KSS agents regularly train with the police and military elements like the Security Police and Special Forces Group. And in rare occasions, they would even train with the US Secret Service abroad. KSS is also the best because of the long history of the organization which dates back to the feudal era when Kurosawa Saitō picked up the sword and protected the local Daimyo from an attack. In other words, they had a long time to hone their craft.
Now, what makes a security company like KSS so big in a country where crime is almost non-existent? Isn’t Japan a safe nation? Those would be your first mistakes if you thought of them. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you’re on, good and evil exist everywhere. And good must be protected from evil. That’s why KSS exists.
And soon enough, the company will be in Akio’s hands when it's his father’s time to retire. That’s how the system works, despite what he thinks of it. So, now his ultimate tests will begin. His first assignment.
After walking for what seemed like hours he reached a pair of large doors. He knocked on them and was asked to come in by a voice on the other side, so he complied. Entering, he was greeted with a fairly large office for only one man. And that man was currently seated behind a desk reading through some papers.
“Hey, Dad,” He greeted as he sat down on one of the chairs before across from him.
Kurosawa Tadao put the papers down and then looked at his son before smiling. He was an aging man with black hair that was already greying and blue eyes that had four-point star-shaped irises.
“Hey, Son! How’re ‘ya doing?” He asked.
“Just fine. I was finally getting my KDR up in Black Ops and I was planning on getting my skills up in CSGO later. But, here we are,” Akio answered.
“Staying inside is not good for your body you know.”
“I planned to play basketball tomorrow and I have band with the boys this weekend.”
“It’s still unhealthy because it’s exactly anything productive. You’re 17, Son, you need to start shaping up for your career,” Tadao said.
“I’ve been shaping it up since I was five,” Akio muttered.
“And that’s why we’re here right now. Your first assignment, son! It’s the moment of truth! Aren’t you excited?” Tadao asked with a wide grin as he picked up a folder from the side.
“No, not really,” Akio answered flatly.
“Well, maybe you’ll be excited once you find out who I’m assigning you to. Spoiler alert, she’s an idol,” He said with a grin, whispering that last part as he handed him the file.
“I’m not into idols, Dad,” He said flatly as he took the file.
“Your little brother a good chunk of this company’s personnel, and hell, a good chunk of the population are though,” He commented.
“That doesn’t make sense. Everyone can have different interests. And Goro, well, I guess being tied to a hospital bed for years does that to you,” He said sadly.
“You’re one weird kid, you know.”
“Well, I was raised by the likes of you, Dad,” Akio retorted with a sly grin which made his father laugh.
“Well, you got me there,” He chuckled and promptly silenced himself to let his son read.
“Hoshino Ai? Never heard of her. Although I admit she is pretty cute,” He mumbled as read through the file with her picture on it. He took in her personal information like date of birth, age, physical appearance, and all the usual things. And then he got to a part that listed her status— “What the fuck?! She’s pregnant?!”
“Language, Akio!” Tadao scolded. “Anyway, officially, she’ll be taking a break from showbiz for a while due to ill health. Actually, she’s pregnant and they’re trying to keep it under wraps. Bad for business, because a lot of fans are a bunch of lonely losers, they’ll drop her just because she has kids.”
“Language, Dad,” Akio retorted and shook his head. “Well, teen pregnancy is bad, but it’s unfair for her to be hated for that reason.”
“Yeah, the life of a celebrity is a lot shittier than most people would think. I know, your mother was a singer, she dealt with that too when we were found out,” Tadao said with a frown before smiling a bit. “She
“Please don’t tell me about your romances, Dad,” Akio cringed. “Anyway, Hoshino-sama will be my protectee, huh?”
“Yes. She’ll be heading here with her management agency soon to settle the contract. And then you’ll be heading to the countryside where she can lay low until she gives birth. That’s the basics of it.”
“Alright. Babysit a pregnant teenager and keep her from doing anything dumb. Should be easy enough,” He said.
“Do not underestimate the dangers tied to the entertainment world, Akio,” Tadao reminded. “As I’ve said, a lot of them are a bunch of lonely losers or generally just of questionable character. Some of them will go to great lengths just for attention. Fans can get really wacky after all. It’s already happened before. Not to mention, all the snakes in the industry. Someone might want to up their game so they think about eliminating the competition. You get the point.”
“I’m very aware, Dad, don’t worry,” He assured then sighed. “Just doing this and my studies at the same time? What am I gonna do?”
“That’s rich coming from someone who was planning on just lazing around all day. Besides, you’ve been homeschooling for more than a year already, right? I’m sure you can get a read in every day without compromising your job.”
“Well, it’s not impossible, but it’s gonna suck,” He said then sighed. “Alright, I’ve got this. Not much of a choice anyway. Anything else I should know?”
“Yeah. Remember this, you do not ever let your protectee out of your sight. Wherever she goes, you go. That being said, don’t be too overbearing, and make sure to give her room to breathe. She is a woman, she will want her space. Also, try not to set such a tight atmosphere. Try being her friend, and she’ll be easier to work with. Tomita will meet you tomorrow too to evaluate you. You’ll also be reporting to him your progress during your task.”
“Noted, Dad. In that case,” Akio stood then positioned himself directly in front of the table before bowing. “I shall see this task to the end.”
Idol music was not his cup of tea and Hoshino Ai was a complete stranger to him till that moment. He’d spend a whole week with the pre-preparations with one of the senior agents until it was time to meet the latest customers. Then he would meet Hoshino Ai for the first time and they’d make their first impressions of one another.
“Are you really sure about this?”
“We’re going to need a shield just in case. Lot’s of wackos around here. Besides, we’ve already agreed to meet.”
“It’s just, there’s a lot of shady dealings in the security world.”
“Are we any better? Besides, KSS is the best this country can offer. I also know the company head personally too, we went to high school together, and he owes me. We’ll be just fine.”
“Um, o-okay…”
“I didn’t understand any of that, but okay!”
“Never change, Ai…”
How do you keep a secret from the world? Simple: you lie. You lie a lot. But then you realize it’s not so simple and every day is spent with fear that everything might fall apart. Just trying to get anywhere was a massive undertaking. For example, right now. Two adults and a pregnant teen in a car. Aside from the teen pregnancy, there’s nothing strange at all about it. But if you knew who the car’s passengers were, then you’d immediately understand.
After a couple of hours of driving (making occasional turns to make sure they weren’t followed and consequently getting lost a couple of times) they finally reached their destination which was a large estate in the outskirts of Kyoto. A guard met them at the gate, and after the driver talked and showed some credentials, they were let in. It took another minute or two until they reached the house where a group was waiting for them. The car group got out of their vehicle with the house group greeting them shortly after. A man with short blonde hair and yellowish-brown eyes underneath some shades stepped forward and led the group.
“Ichigo-san, you’re still about as ugly as when I last saw you,” Tadao greeted with a cheeky grin as he approached.
“Tadao-san, you’re clearly the most repulsive one here. I see you still haven’t taken my advice to get your face fixed,” Ichigo greeted with a snarky expression as he also approached.
Once close enough, they locked hands for a shake before pulling each other in for a hug.
“It’s nice to see you again, friend! How’re you doin', man? No troubles getting here?” Tadao asked.
“I’m just fine. Getting here was a lot smoother than we thought. But we are exhausted,” Ichigo replied.
“I imagine. Remember that time in Second Year when we bought booze with fake IDs and we had to run for it?”
“Ha, how can I forget?! I was terrified the cops would get us!”
As the two men shared stories and laughed, everyone else present could not help but be astonished at how casual the two were being. It almost was like this wasn’t a business meeting.
“Yeah, those were the days,” Tadao laughed and turned to the other two people to address them. “Before we continue any further, allow me to introduce myself. I am Kurosawa Tadao, head of Kurosawa Security Services, and I welcome you all to my home. It’s nice to meet you!”
He then stepped toward the next person. She was a rather tall woman with long strawberry-blonde hair and pinkish-brown eyes.
“And you must be Miyako, his wife, yes?” He asked.
“Yes, I am,” She said with a polite smile as they shook hands.
“You know, I’ve always wondered how someone with a face like his could get married. But here we are,” He joked earning a laugh from her.
“I sometimes wonder why I decided to marry him too,” She commented and they both laughed.
“Huh? What?” Ichigo said but was ignored.
Then, Tadao moved to the last person. She was a short girl with long violet hair with matching eyes that have stars in them. But her most distinct feature was the bulge in her abdomen showing her pregnancy. Moreover, she looked like she wasn’t even 18. This observation made his gut wrench due to feeling pity for this poor girl’s bad decision. Regardless, he put on his best smile and took her hand.
“And you must be Hoshino Ai,” He greeted. “I’ve heard all about you, but since I’m the stereotypical old man, I’m not into your music. Regardless of that, and after listening to a couple of songs, I think you’re doing some very great work in your field.”
Her lips curved into a smile that cured souls as her eyes seemed to shimmer. Tadao kept himself from reacting, but at that moment he knew why she was so popular.
“Thank you so much, Tadao-san! You know, I don’t think I’m that popular to begin with but I’m always so happy to hear that someone like what I do!” She said happily.
He chuckled a bit. “I used to be in a band in middle school and high school, so I still try to stay up to date with the latest musical trends these days. Although, I still don’t know much. I mostly get my info on that from my own agents.”
He glanced to the side followed by Ai shortly after to see three younger agents standing stiffly as they tried to ignore them. They knew exactly who she was. All three of them have her as their phone’s lock screen wallpaper. And it’s clear that they wanted to talk to her, but they couldn’t. And even if they could, they didn’t know how. Ai giggled in amusement while Tadao just stared.
“Anyway, now that introductions have been made, let’s go inside where it’s more comfortable. I know you’re here for business, so let’s dive right in. We’ve also prepared snacks and refreshments inside in case you want some. Ichigo, my valet will take care of your car, so give him the keys please,” Tadao said as he gestured for them to follow.
“Do you have ice cream?” Ai asked.
“We sure do!”
“Yay! Let’s go!”
After Ichigo handed over the keys to a valet, Tadao began leading them into his home with the trio following shortly after. But before that, a mischievous thought entered Ai’s mind and she acted quickly. She suddenly turned to look at the trio of agents who tensed up even more under her gaze. Worse, they realized that she was up to no good just from her grin. But before they could even speculate what she was up to, she suddenly did her signature love heart hand pose with a smile. In a flash, the three agents felt their knees go weak in the presence of such moe cuteness that they struggled to stay upright as they covered their mouths to silence their ecstatic screams. Satisfied with her handiwork, Ai giggled as she left the scene of the crime.
“Um, are they gonna be alright?” Ichigo asked nervously as he saw one of them falling over.
“They’ll be fine.”
They entered the huge house and led them through a series of hallways that were decorated with all sorts of interesting stuff. One of them was some sort of cannon on a towed carriage, except, aside from one big barrel, it’s got multiple little ones arranged in a circle with a crank.
“Kurosawa-san, what’s that?” Ai asked.
“Oh, this? This is a Model 1874 Gatling Gun. It fires a .45-70 caliber round from top-loaded 20-round box magazines with a rate of fire of about a thousand rounds per minute, although, it really depends on how fast you can crank it. It was one of the most revolutionary weapons ever designed and it changed the battlefield forever. This specific weapon here was used by the Imperial Army against revolting samurai during their last stand in the Battle of Mount Shiroyama, the last action of the Satsuma Rebellion,” He explained. “Sometimes I wonder what the samurai were thinking in their last moments just before they were all gunned down.”
“Wow,” Ai whispered in awe.
“Indeed. I don’t even know where my father dug up this gun,” He said before tracing across the black-painted barrels of the old weapon.
“That’s so cool!” She exclaimed happily then fished out her phone from her hoodie pocket. “Can I take a picture with it?”
“Ai, we’re here in business and the man’s likely very busy, so let’s not take anymore—” Ichigo said but was cut off.
“Sure thing! Our meeting is the only thing I have on my schedule today, so I’m basically free to do anything!” Tadao interjected with a wide smile as she took her phone.
What followed next was a comedic scene which was basically an old man doting on his granddaughter while he took pictures of her doing cute things. Meanwhile, everyone else present just stared with blank expressions.
“So much for not being into idols,” Ichigo muttered.
“These are so good! Thank you so much, Kurosawa-san!” She thanked him with a wide smile after going over the pictures.
“You’re very welcome! And you know, we’ve got a lot of goodies in this house, maybe you’d like to take some pictures with them too?” He offered.
“I’d love to!” She squealed.
“Mhmm!” Someone cleared their throat.
Looking in that direction, they saw a young man dressed in a nice business suit who was basically a younger version of Tadao. He approached them with his hands in his pockets and regarded them with a straight expression.
“You’re getting off track here, Dad. We’re still conducting a business,” He said as a matter of factly. “And what happened to ‘no touching of the expensive decor’?”
“Oh come on, son, do you honestly believe I can refuse that?” Tadao complained as he gestured to Ai who maintained a happy expression as she looked at the photos.
“Don’t enable her, Dad. Ma’am, please stop touching the gun, it’s very old and very expensive,” He said.
“Ai, get off of it,” Ichigo ordered.
“Aw, okay,” She said sadly as she backed off.
“Sorry for the trouble, but this stuff is crazy expensive. And oh, I’m Kurosawa Akio, by the way. It’s a pleasure to meet all of you,” He greeted with a polite smile.
“This is my son. He’ll be taking care of the business one day, so I’m bringing him along more now,” Tadao said.
Another round of handshakes was exchanged as the group introduced themselves to Akio. Ai expected the tone and body language of a fan holding himself back, the same kind she’s gotten used to seeing, but was rather surprised when he shook her hands normally with nothing but politeness in his eyes. Strange, now she’s curious. Akio on his part thought that she was a rather normal-looking girl, except for the bulging stomach, and didn’t find anything very special from just looking at her.
“Sorry for messing around. It’s just a really cool-looking thing!” Ai said.
“It sure is, ‘can’t argue with that. They don’t make weapons like these anymore these days. It’s all just big bombs now, which is boring,” Akio remarked.
“I don’t think death and destruction are supposed to be nice to see,” Miyako remarked.
“Exactly,” Tadao stated with a firm voice. “And that’s what we strive for in KSS. Every day must always be boring. Now come on, we’ve got business to attend to.” He said before turning and walking away.
“Is he always like this?” Miyako asked with a sweatdrop, noting the man’s sudden change of face.
“You’ll get used to it,” Both Ichigo and Akio replied in a flat tone.
They finished the walk toward their destination which was a conference room inside the house. The place was quite spacious and cozy looking, especially since it has a fireplace. They all immediately took their seats with KSS taking one side of the table and Ichigo Productions sitting opposite of them.
“Snacks will be brought in a little bit, so let’s get down to business to business shall we,” Tadao said as he placed a briefcase on the table and pulled out some papers. “By the way, everything we talk about will not leave this room, you can trust us. I think I also know the reason why you need an extra pair of hands. Your reason for getting a bodyguard is because you’re worried that you’ll be attacked like that idol that got stabbed recently, yes?”
They all nodded at that. It was already a month old, but the memory of it was still fresh on everyone’s minds, especially since it was covered on national news.
An idol named Hirose Keiko, who was pretty popular and only 16 like Ai, was recently murdered by a crazy fan in her own home. The autopsy report stated that the cause of death was cardiac arrest from severe bleeding after being stabbed three times and that she died in minutes.
The police captured the killer before he could jump off a bridge and took him in for questioning. He said that a Twitter post showing Keiko being all friendly with some guy somewhere made people think she had gotten a boyfriend. This enraged him because he felt betrayed by her actions, therefore he stalked her and plotted her murder for weeks. So, it was pretty awkward for him to find out that Keiko’s supposed boyfriend was actually her cousin and she was at a family get-together at that time.
The news shocked everyone in the country and many celebrities started taking their personal security more seriously. Ichigo was worried for Ai, and Ai was a bit scared herself. She knew Keiko, they did some collaborations together in the past, and she was upset she couldn’t attend her funeral. So, Ichigo Productions, though a bit cash-strapped, decided that it would be a good idea to have some form of security with them to help out in the long run. Especially now that Ai was pregnant… they couldn’t stomach the thought of some deranged lunatic stabbing her to death like what happened to Keiko.
“I don’t think I can forget that. I knew the girl and her agency, they were good people. I hope that bastard gets the chair,” Ichigo muttered.
“You and me both. And don’t worry, we’ll make sure nothing ever happens to you,” Tadao assured. “Alright, now, how do you want to be protected?”
“We just need someone with us to keep the creeps away, especially one that can lie low with us. Nothing flashy at all,” Ichigo answered.
“Hmm, I understand what you want. One or two agents on you at all times at least, covering your front and back. They’ll be in plain clothes too so as to not draw attention. Okay, I’ve got a lot of agents to spare for that kind of job,” Tadao said, as he wrote on a piece of paper.
“What else is there?” Ichigo asked.
“We’re gonna brief you on how we operate and how we intend to do this. None of them are hard to follow at all. The gist is that you need to tell us everything, your schedules, contacts, extra activities, etcetera.”
“So, I’ll basically be followed around everywhere?” Ai asked.
“Basically, yes. But the key difference is that it’ll be by people you can trust. However, that doesn’t mean we’ll be poking around your daily life and infringing on your space every day. We’ll create a system in which you’re safe but still comfortable. In fact, we even have methods to protect you without you or anyone seeing us, but that’s really expensive though,” Tadao explained. “We know our boundaries too, Hoshino-sama, you don’t have to worry.”
“Hmm,” Ai hummed as she considered his words before another thought occurred to her. “Will you kill people?”
“Only if they really force us to. Every agent has a loaded gun with him, but we’re also trained in ways to stop an attacker with non-lethal force. Besides, one of our tactics is that by simply being there, we can discourage anyone from trying anything funny. As I’ve said, the best days for us are the most boring ones.”
“I see.”
“What’s the price tag?” Miyako asked.
“Despite the low elements, you’re still looking at 500,000 yen per month. But…” He trailed off. “But… due to my debt to you, Ichigo, I’ve decided to give you half that price for six months. This is paid like a subscription service where you have to pay every month. Failure to pay means immediate termination of services.”
“Is there anything else?” Ichigo asked.
“There are a bunch more details that you need to know. Legality, protocols, company policy, and all that. But, there’s one detail that I threw in as a condition for this,” Tadao said then placed a hand on Akio’s shoulder who was sitting to his right. “My son will be the one to run point of your protection detail. This’ll also act as his first test, to prove his skill as a protection agent.”
“Although I’m inexperienced, I’m quick to learn and adapt, and I’m ready to take on whatever task is needed from me,” Akio said politely.
Ichigo and Miyako frowned at the prospect of being given someone who was inexperienced in the field. But if he was the son of the guy who runs the place, then he should be pretty good, right? Besides, this is possibly the best deal they’ll ever get, and they weren’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth.
“Alright, that’s fine,” Ichigo said.
“I’m okay with it,” Ai said.
“Although, Akio will be running point so you’ll see him the most often, another rookie agent will also be there to learn too. He’ll be number two. A senior agent will also be dropping by occasionally to check on them and evaluate their performance, although you don’t need to pay him. And in case things get really bad, emergency services and other agents won’t be too far to assist,” Tadao added.
“Ah, alright,” Ichigo said.
“Now, for the rest of everything.”
They would spend the next thirty minutes getting into the details of how everything would be under their care. Snacks and refreshments were brought in at that time with Ai receiving a pint of ice cream, making her very happy. They got into some legal conditions that were implemented to protect both sides. They also got into how the protection detail would work and what to do under certain situations. And of course, company policy.
One such policy is that the client can sue the company for up to 30 million yen for disclosing any secrets entrusted to them without permission. And although KSS can definitely pay that amount, their reputation would be tarnished and they’d lose even more money. That was a fact that allowed Ichigo Productions to rest easier. Ai’s pregnancy needed to remain under wraps.
After a few more minutes and a couple more things were clarified, they finally moved on to the last piece of the puzzle. Tadao opened up his briefcase and pulled out one last set of papers.
“This is the contract. What’s is just a summary of everything we talked about, but I suggest you read it carefully so you’re not missing anything,” Tadao said.
Ichigo Productions took the document and carefully read through it to make sure they were not missing anything. It took another five minutes, but they confirmed that everything was in place.
“A service that tells you everything and makes you read the contract first? Finally!” Ichigo joked.
“We’re the guys that protect the Emperor, not some shady organization! We’ve got a reputation to uphold!” Tadao stated. “Anyway, if nothing is amiss, sign your name and seal on the space provided and we are officially under your employ.”
“Everything’s here. Let’s seal the deal,” Ichigo said.
He grabbed a pen that was provided to him and signed his name on the line at the bottom then stamped his seal on the side. Miyako did the same thing after him. And finally, Ai filled out the last line with her name and seal and even drew a little heart on it. Tadao took the document and looked through it before putting it down and giving them a smile.
“You are now under the protection of Kurosawa Security Services! With Hachiman, the divine protector of Japan, guiding our hands, you will not have to worry about anything as long as we are around! Rest assured that we will take care of you. And anyone that tries to harm you will die a horrible death!” He proclaimed.
“That’s… oddly specific,” Ichigo remarked.
“If you get hurt, we’ll cover the expenses of your medical bill. If you die under our watch, which you won’t, we’ll offer a full refund to your relatives, and we’ll even avenge you. That’s our policy, to treat our clientele as if they are our family,” He added.
“That’s very nice,” Miyako said.
“Only the best we provide our clients,” Tadao said. “And aside from giving you a copy of the documents, this concludes our business. Thank you for choosing our services. We promised not to disappoint.”
“We’ll be watching closely then.”
Both groups then stood up and gave each other one last bout of handshakes to truly seal the contract that was just signed.
“I’ll make sure your men get tickets to one of my concerts in the future!” Ai said and looked at Akio. “Especially you, Akio-san.”
“Oh, that’s very kind of you, Hoshino-sama. But, I’m not into idol music,” He replied politely.
“Please excuse my son. We know he’s a weirdo,” Tadao jokingly said.
“I ain’t weird, Dad. I don’t hate idol music but I don’t exactly like it either. I just like other things,” Akio stated.
“It’s not impossible, but it’s a first for us. Everyone your age we’ve met is into idols,” Saitou said. “Looks like you’re the 10% we didn’t see coming.”
“Please just take it as less worry for you, since I won’t be prying for your attention all the time. I’ll always keep a respectful distance. I promise.”
“That’s all we can ever ask really. Thank you.”
“Now that business is concluded, we can all turn in for the night. But would you like something before you leave? Some more snacks or drinks perhaps? We’ve got a lot here,” Tadao offered but Ichigo shook his head.
“No, we’ve already been here too long, we don’t want to overstay our welcome. Besides, it’s late and we’re all tired. We should be getting back now,” he said.
“Alright. In that case, allow us to walk you out while I get the valet to get your car.”
“Alright then.”
Ichigo Productions prepared to leave while Tadao got on his phone. Ichigo and Miyako started discussing something with each other while Ai simply looked around the room. Her eyes would eventually land on Akio who was looking at his phone. He’d pocket it a moment later and his eyes would land on his protectee’s. She’d flashed him a wide smile, the kind that can captivate any man, while he returned with a simple smile and a nod. Ai began opening her mouth to speak before stopping short when there was a disturbance from Tadao.
“... Really? Alright, I’ll tell them,” He sighed before turning to the group.
“What’s wrong?” Ichigo asked.
Tadao smiled awkwardly. “A small problem just developed on your end.”
They’d find themselves outside again a moment later, watching a scene unfold before them. Ichigo Production’s car, a white rental Toyota Corolla, remained where Ichigo last left it although the hood was open and multiple guys were peering into the engine compartment with flashlights. One agent tried turning the key and starting the ignition, yet the engine remained quiet. A moment later, a middle-aged man with his sleeves rolled up walked up to Tadao while wiping his hands on a rag.
“I think it’s a broken sparkplug, Tadao-san. It just won’t start,” He reported.
“I told you it was broken!” Miyako scolded Ichigo in a hushed voice.
“Do we have spare parts, Hiro-san?” Tadao asked.
“No, we just ran out when our own rides needed maintenance and we haven’t resupplied yet,” He said with a shake of his head. “We can’t run to the shop too because it’s already closed at this time. This thing’s staying here till morning.”
Ichigo and Miyako groaned at their misfortune while the rest of them simply stared indifferently. Tadao then sighed and spoke again.
“Alright. In that case, Hiro-san, please get the van off the driveway and onto the side. We’ll deal with it tomorrow morning. Then please take one of the Land Cruisers and take them back to their hotel. The rest of you are free to leave for home too,” He ordered.
“Hai, Kurosawa-sama!” Everyone replied.
“Tadao-san, are you sure? This is probably too much—” Ichigo began but stopped when Tadoa raised a hand.
“It’s fine, I don’t mind at all. Just think of this as me helping a friend in need. And no, you don’t have to pay,” He replied.
Ichigo was unsure but ultimately allowed it and bowed a bit. “Alright, thank you.”
“No problem,” Tadao replied with a shallow nod.
While the adults addressed the issue of their ride, the two kids remained on the side and simply watched. Akio and Ai were still in their teens, so they were kids in the eyes of the adults present.
“So,” Ai began. “What kind of music do you listen to, Kurokawa-san?”
“Uh, I like rock music of all types from pop to death metal. I’ve been listening to them since I was five. And it’s Kurosawa, Hoshino-sama,” He replied, her sudden question and error of his name catching him off guard.
“Ah, really? Ahahaha, I’m so sorry! I'm not very good at memorizing people’s faces!” She laughed jovially.
“Ahaha, I can imagine. Since you probably see so many faces every day, it’s hard to keep track of them all, huh?” He laughed.
“Ah, yeah! It’s a bit of a problem for me, hehe. Sometimes, I even forget the President’s name too, haha!”
He laughed along with her but internally, he was cringing a bit.
Does every idol have such an airheaded personality? He wondered.
“It must be kinda hard for you too, having to work like this when you’re so young,” She remarked.
“Well, this is my first job ever, so it doesn’t seem hard at all right now. That’s definitely gonna change though,” He replied. “But, I don’t think my job will get anywhere as difficult as yours with you having to put up an act all the time. I don’t think I can handle that.”
“Yeah, tell me about it. I really like my job, but sometimes it gets pretty tiring. Taking a break like this is gonna help out a lot!” She said happily before taking a deep breath and looking around. “I think I’ve already said this, but your place is really nice.”
“Mhmm, and this is just our place here in Tokyo. We’re only here now because we need to be closer to some of our clients at the moment. Our main house in Kyoto is even bigger and cooler!” Akio replied.
“You guys are really loaded, huh?”
“For the past few decades, Kurosawa has been branching to other things that make money. We need the cash to pay for our stuff after all. Although, we’re still inferior to zaibatsus like Shinomiya and Shijo (who we provide services to, by the way) but also still better than most.”
“Mhmm, but money still isn’t everything. We try to take a humble approach to things too. Dad doesn’t like spending money on anything that isn’t important and I don’t buy a lot of things myself,” He added and kept his mouth open to continue when he was interrupted.
“Don’t believe him! He eats yakiniku at least once a week!” One of the younger agents stated as he walked by with a bag over his shoulder, likely on his way home.
“Look who’s talking, idiot! You spend the most out of all of us!” He retorted angrily but only got a laugh in response. He turned back to Ai who was holding a hand over her mouth to stifle her giggles, prompting him to sigh in annoyance. “Alright, I admit that part and also I spend a lot quite a lot on video games and band equipment, but only on special occasions. I’m not some pompous rich jerk that throws money around, I promise you.”
“Hmm, alright, I believe you,” She giggled and then thought of something. “You could’ve totally left that part out or outright lied. Why didn’t you?”
“Uh, it was already out, so there’s no point in trying to lie about it anymore. Besides, I don’t believe you deserve to be lied to, Hoshino-sama,” He answered.
Her smile wavered ever so slightly as she processed his answer. I don’t deserve to be… lied to?
“Ai, our ride’s here! Let’s head back to the hotel!” Ichigo called out as one of the company’s Land Cruisers had been brought out to take them.
“I guess we’ll just have to continue this conversation some other time, but it’s been a nice talk. I look forward to working with you, Hoshino-sama,” He said with a wide smile and an outstretched hand.
Ai smiled widely too, her eyes seemingly shimmering brighter as she took his hand and shook it. “Since we’ll be sticking so closely together for a while, you can just call me Ai, Akio-san.”
He blinked. “U-Uh, sure thing, Ai-san.”
“Just Ai,” She clarified.
“Just Ai,” He nodded and smiled widely, happy that she remembered his first know, even if he didn’t know why.
“If that’s what you want, you’re the boss,” Akio remarked, earning another laugh from her. “You have a good night, Ai, and I’ll see you again tomorrow.”
“You too, Akio-san.”
She’d head back to her group a moment later and they were leaving the estate shortly. Akio waved at the car as it drove past him and he could just barely see a human figure waving back through the darkness. As he watched the SUV disappear, he put his hand down and looked up at the sky.
“Wow,” He breathed. “Her eyes are something else.”
He’d retire for the night shortly after without another thought. He’d sleep soundly not knowing that he had just stepped on the path that would define his life.
This is the link to the page. Thank you very much for taking the time to read it, and thank you even more if you decide to support it on! Please also tell me what you think and/or if you have any ideas you'd like to share here or there!
For now, have a great day, and peace out!
Veritas vos liberabit.
The Truth will set you Free.
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2023.05.30 12:46 Important-Pie-7157 Number Ones in Japan 2001???? One More Chance wasn’t released until 2003

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2023.05.30 12:40 OwlCouncil23 Carrington (Book 1) - Chapter 5

Previous Chapter Table of Contents

The night had felt unusually long and restful for some reason. My dreams took me back to a vacation trip my family had taken to visit my grandmother in Mexico before she passed away and well before I lost my husband. The memories were bittersweet, filling my heart with both warmth and sorrow.
As I woke up, I could feel a tear on my cheek and the sun’s rays warming my face through the living room window. Startled by the sudden realization that I might have overslept, I bolted upright, fearing that I had missed the alarm and Derrick bringing home Mr. and Mrs. Allen.
Frantically, I glanced at the clock above the fireplace. To my surprise, it was stuck just past 2 o’clock. Confused, I checked my phone, but the battery was completely dead. In a last attempt to figure out the time, I turned to look at the grandfather clock standing tall by the wall. It was ticking away steadily, indicating that it was 8:30 in the morning.
With a surge of energy, I jumped up and ran to the garage, my legs still feeling the effects of sleep. Flinging the door open, I saw that the town car was still missing. Only the other vehicles were parked in the oversize garage. Puzzled, I thought Derrick must have parked it in the driveway. So, I jogged to the front door and opened it, only to find nothing there. The driveway was empty.
I took a few steps out and looked around. The only car there was mine, tucked out of the way. I stopped and listened. But couldn’t hear any vehicles driving in the distance.
Breathing in the morning air, I was surprised. The air outside was a bit smoky, and I couldn’t quite figure out what was wrong. Everything seemed just a bit off, too, still. I could only hear birds singing and a few dogs barking in the distance. Everything else felt like it was frozen.
Walking back into the house, I closed the front door and glanced at the small table near the door, where a landline phone rested. Picking it up, I tried to remember Derrick’s number, but there was no dial tone. Frustrated, I placed the receiver back down, turned around, and leaned against the door, trying to understand what was happening.
Determined to find a solution, I returned to the couch and picked up my phone. No matter how many buttons I pressed, it still refused to turn on. I rummaged through my bag and found my charger. I went to the nearest wall plug and plugged in my phone, hoping it would spring back to life. After waiting a few seconds, I was disappointed that nothing had changed. It was still dead and unresponsive.
Frustrated, I tried another wall plug, but this one didn’t work either. I stared at a blank phone with a cable attached to a dead charger.
Suddenly, I heard a cute little yawn from behind me. I turned around to see Emma standing there, rubbing her eyes with her tiny hands. I couldn’t help but smile at her sleepy little face. After finishing her yawn, she stomped up to me and wrapped her arms around me in a hug.
“Good morning, Emma,” I said softly, my eyes crinkling in a smile.
“Good morning,” she mumbled, her eyes still half-closed. Suddenly, she looked up at me, her curiosity piqued, and asked, “Why are the lights out?”
I furrowed my brow, slightly taken aback by her question. I didn’t even think of trying the light switches with how much light was pouring through the windows. “What do you mean, sweetie?”
She explained, pointing down the hall, “The lights in the bathroom didn’t turn on when I went to pee. And the water didn’t work well either.”
I quickly racked my brain for an explanation, not wanting to alarm her. With a smile still on my face, I shrugged and said, “It’s probably just a power outage, honey.”
Emma nodded childishly, understandingly, her eyes drifting to the window. “Oh, probably,” she agreed, seemingly satisfied with the answer. She pointed to the window and asked, “Can we play in the park while Mom and Dad are asleep?”
Thinking quickly, I responded, “I’m not sure if Mom and Dad are back yet, sweetie.”
Emma’s eyes widened with concern as she looked up at me. “Where are they?”
I tried to reassure her with a smile, quickly explaining, “Derrick will bring them home soon. They must have stopped by somewhere on the way home.”
Before Emma could respond, we both jumped as we heard Michel’s scream from the other side of the house, “Why doesn’t the toilet flush?!”
I exchanged a glance with Emma, and we burst out laughing, unable to contain ourselves.
Michel ran down the hall, his face flushed with embarrassment. He only sped up when he saw me hugging Emma. I managed to turn just in time to shield Emma from his attempted tackle and hug, catching him with one arm instead.
With both of them by my side, I looked down and said comfortingly, “Don’t worry, you two. Everything will be fine.”
The kids didn’t seem entirely convinced by my reassurance, so I tried a different tactic to distract them. I enthusiastically smiled and asked, “How about some food? Are you two hungry?”
Their faces lit up, and they screamed in unison, “Yes!”
I led them to the kitchen, pretending to use them as anchor points where I could only walk when they stood with my hands stretched between them. We noticed a large puddle on the floor as we entered the kitchen. The kids giggled at the sight of the puddle and my startled reaction.
“Alright, you two,” I said, trying to maintain control of the situation, “sit at the table and wait while I figure this out.”
I exaggeratedly danced around the puddle, eliciting more giggles from Emma and Michel. As I reached the fridge, I noticed the water coming from there. I pointed it out to the kids, a look of mock horror on my face.
“Looks like our fridge decided to take a leak!” I exclaimed, trying to keep the mood light.
The kids laughed, their earlier concerns momentarily forgotten, and I couldn’t help but join them in their amusement. With the power out, I quickly opened the door, grabbed cheese and meat from the fridge, and closed the door with a huff.
The kids seemed to enjoy my theatrics, so I continued stalking over to the pantry.
Continuing my theatrical performance, I dove into the pantry and triumphantly pulled out a bag of bagels. The kids’ eyes widened with excitement at the sight of them. Looking at the bag, I realized it was the sweet blueberry one. Shrugging, I said, “First time for everything.”
Striding over to the toaster, I tried to toast the bagels but remembered that the power was out. Not to be deterred, I grabbed a skillet and used the gas stove to toast the bagels for the kids and myself. The scent of toasting bagels filled the kitchen, adding to the cozy atmosphere.
Meanwhile, the kids started babbling to each other about something, their earlier worries seemingly forgotten. Relaxing, I said a quick prayer for my family, Derrick, and Mr. and Mrs. Allen. I focused on finishing breakfast, placing the toasted bagels on plates, and adding cheese and deli meat slices.
With a flourish, I grabbed the kids’ attention and delivered the plates to the table, and the kids clapped and cheered, excited for their breakfast. Their enthusiasm was contagious, and I couldn’t help but smile as I sat down to join them in the impromptu feast.
Out of nowhere, Michel’s face suddenly took on a worried expression. “When will Mom and Dad be home?” he asked, his tiny voice tinged with concern.
I didn’t want to let them spiral into worry, so I quickly thought of a way to distract them. “I’m not sure, sweetie, but you know what? Cooking these bagels on the skillet reminds me of when I would visit my grandmother. She lived in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere in Mexico. They didn’t have much electricity, and gas was more expensive than wood, so they would cook on an outdoor wood stove most of the time. Do you know those old cowboy cartoons you like? It was kind of like that!”
The eyes of the kids shifted from worry to wonder as they listened to my story, their imaginations taking over. My deflection and distraction seemed to be working again. I breathed a quiet sigh of relief but couldn’t help feeling a pang of concern for my family and the Allens. I hoped they would be home soon, safe and sound.
In my heart, I also longed to be with my own children, praying that everything would turn out alright.
Previous Chapter Table of Contents
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2023.05.30 12:37 mimefrog Seeking technical advice about pickup output balance among pickups - HSS Strat

I am thinking of buying a preloaded HSS pickguard for my strat. Based on my playing styles, I was considering a high output humbucker in the bridge (alnico 5 somewhere around 13.5k), and much lower output for the neck and middle (alnico 3 around 6k).
I would not intend to switch between them at all, basically using position 1 for hard rock and positions 3, 4, 5 for other purposes. Let's say I do a song on the bridge and then want to do the next on the middle or whatever, I know I may need to adjust pedals and the amp, but is there is something else I'm missing with having such significant output difference in this use case?
Does doing this have any effect on pot values? Capacitor choice? I am not super knowledgeable in this area so I thought I'd ask here.
Many thanks in advance.
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2023.05.30 12:37 marcuspapad not sure what the right approach is..

I don't know what to do.
I am now separated, after a truly beautiful marriage that went sour, quickly and painfully.
We are at the separation agreement stage.
My ex today has informed me that she does not want our daughter, 5 to be around men only households. She has trauma from past sexual abuse.
I have a very dear friend Jay, he has been my brother through all of everything I've experienced. Including insisting he watch me 24 hours when I was in a very bad place. Of which I am no longer, time and effort heals.
Jay has boys, and I do not want to risk anything for my daughter. I have no intention to fight this.
My daughter will be devastated. She loves hanging at Jays. My closest friend, with kids I have.
However our marriage ended in no small part due to a friend of hers, a husband of her close friend. The man, is a child but a loud, utterly obnoxious but eloquent buffoon and an truly infuriating personality.
He also was a recent drug pushing faux psychologist leading retreats to form what he often joked was a cult. He lead a movement of psychonauts, clean drug doers all in the name of elightenment. Don't get me wrong, they are great. But they are not the answer.
Then one day on trip in Jamaica he told me he wanted to give his son acid to fix his personality, "Id have done it already if wife let me", was his answer to my incredulity.
I told my wife, "oh you know guy, he's kidding"
I had already known he extremely regularly, often gave his 2 kids melatonin at night. Once berating a babysitter about whether he gave them their medicine. It was melatonin.
He was spiraling, I could no longer bear to be around him. He fought with, infuriated many many people, my exes own family tried to get him out of her life.
He has been to many parties, where he makes comments to strangers, and a fight breaks out because he's pissed someone he doesnt know, off.
He once asked a father at a wedding, watching his young daughter dance away on the dancefloor way past her bedtime, if he was a "daughter fucker". The context doesnt do the story any extra service.
The father had to be held back. The bride lambasting him days later.
He was put on paid leave for 2 years, for getting a blowjob on coke, in a bar by a friend of an ex student. This was not his MO, but I mean fuck...its everything
They are her closest friends.
It turns out he is bipolar, he has been manic for years. 5 year's of 70 mdma caps a year plus every other drug you can imagine doesnt help. He had a goddam ketamine mouth spray he formulated.
He is now off all drugs, he is on medication and is apparently a different guy. I've not seen him despite attempting to meet with him to discuss his behavior, I and many others were worried. He declined 3 attempts. He "wasnt in a good place".
I simply cannot bear to think they will be around this man all the time. She, ex, by her full support of him, will normalize if not cannonize him.
I dont want my kids around him, he has a uniquely pervasive way of hammering his otherworldly ways of thinking and doing things.
I feel now more than ever compelled to also add an expectation that she can see him very infrequently or preference is less than 5 times a year, for less than 48 hours straight.
This will seem spiteful, but it matters. I suffered trauma directly and indirectly for a decade by him.
By his own words "that boy aint right!" a phrase he'd dole out when someone argued him.
What do I don't, I don't know..genuinely.
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2023.05.30 12:33 jinu- help

So, I met this girl Kylea. About 2 years ago. She was dating my co-worker's son. This was back when I used to work at a liquor store. She started working there too and because we were pretty much the only people our age, and because we worked with each other so much, I kind of developed a crush on her. I was 2 months out of a year long relationship. We used to flirt(jokingly) all the time. I never thought too much about it. Then my co-workers(not her boyfriend's mom) started pointing it out that she might have a crush on me too. Apparently, she made it pretty obvious but I'm just dense like that. She started telling me things about her relationship and how her boyfriend was kind of abusive. One Sunday night when it was just us two in the store and it was pretty quiet, she came on to me pretty strong. I was 23 at the time and pretty lonely, going through some of the worst years of life. I had just lost my mom to cancer the year before and had just broken up with my girlfriend because I didn't feel my heart was into the relationship anymore. I wasn't finding joy in anything, other than going to work and getting to spend time with Kylea. She was so much like me, we pretty much became best friends. That Sunday night, we figured we would eventually end up fucking. I knew she was in a relationship, and I wasn't looking for one, so I assumed we were on the same page. Next week, I picked her up, brought her home and we did it. Not to brag or anything, but it was the best sex of her life, and mine. She came about 6 times and took me an hour and half to finish. We were exhausted, and she was so sore she couldn't walk. The ride back to drop her off was weird. She was looking at me differently. She came over again the next day. This time as well, all that passion and sexual tension of months led to great sex. She said she loved me in the middle of it, while looking into my eyes. I said it back. After that night she never left my place. Her boyfriend eventually found out after a week or so(I had asked her to tell him, and end things with him like an adult plenty of times). Around the same time my roommates were fed up with me too because of Kylea staying over all the time. She moved back with her parents, and after getting kicked out of my place, I couch surfed at a friend's for a month and a half, and eventually(after about 5 months) found a place for me and Kylea. She moved in after a month and half. We had both quit our jobs and moved to a new city, looking to start a new life. We were talking about marriage all the time, and having sex, laughing, dancing. I was in love. And I believe so was she. She couldn't find a job and I was on a work permit in a foreign country, which was ending in 4 months. I took care of her and covered her for the next 5 months. We decided we would just get married so I could get residency and keep on working. We wanted to have kids and our own place. I was 24 and we had been dating for over a year, I was sure that this was the woman I was going to marry. I met her family, and she was the first girl I ever introduced to my family. I was her first boyfriend that her family liked. Everything was perfect. Then, this January, she got fired from her job for nothing that was her fault. I'll admit that she did not deserve that. I truly believe that. But before moving forward, let me give you all some context. She was still texting her exes while she was with me, and when I found out and confronted her, she got mad. She started punching me and shoving me, and I managed to keep myself in check. I picked up my basketball and left to go play ball so I could not think about it. It didn't work. Then she came looking for me, crying and apologizing, and I melted. I could not not forgive her. I loved her. She said she wouldn't do it again and I forgot about it. Coming back to January 2023(the whole texting thing happened in August 2022), she got fired and next month happened to be her turn to pay rent. I bought her hair dye, a hair straightener and a new hair dryer because she had always wanted one, and I wanted to see her in better spirits. She dyed her hair the next day. She straightened her hair the day after that. Day after that she met me outside the house, and she was looking gorgeous. She had makeup on, and red straight hair. I was blown away, truly happy and ecstatic. Delighted even, because she seemed to be in a better mood. She said she was going to go to her mom's place for the night. I said okay and kissed her, and told her I loved her. She said she loved me too. She gave me a tight squeeze, and said goodbye. For some reason, that night, her leaving made me really sad. Almost to the point of tears, as if I knew that was the last time I would get to see her. She picked that up too and told me not to cry over her, as she shut the door behind her. Next three days I kept texting her and waiting for her reply. She would send me a single text every night, saying she was going to stay one more night. I trusted her. The fourth day, Friday, I got off work and was looking forward to coming home to her. She wasn't home still. I texted her but didn't get a reply. And then I made a mistake, I texted her mom. I asked her mom if she could get Kylea to reply to my texts, and her mom told me that she wasn't there, nor had she been for a while. I broke, then and there. I texted her the screenshot of her mom's text and told her not to come home. I asked her if she was cheating on me, she said no and that she was with a friend(refused to say who, said "does it even matter") and just needed some space to think things through. We were supposed to get married the next month. After that, she blocked me and wouldn't reply to her mom, or me. After a month of a constant stream of texts, and just general degeneracy, I stopped texting her. Then my manager from the liquor store texts me and tells me that she saw Kylea, with her ex. The one she told me used to hit her. The one she told me was an alcoholic, to the point where he had trouble getting an erection. The dude was a couple of years younger than me. I turned 25 last month, and its been 4 months since she left. I have no answers. I don't know what I did wrong. Maybe it's karma, maybe its just bad luck. I know I'm not the only person this has happened to, but it still hurts so much. I keep thinking about her from time to time. I keep getting Google photos memories of her and me. I can't bring myself to look at the pictures, nor delete them. I even downloaded Tinder again, on the advice of some friends. I've talked to some girls and tried to put myself out there. To find a distraction, to find someone better, or to find someone I deserve, however good or bad I am. Her cheating on me was not my fault, but I can't help but blame myself, for being so naive, and stupid.
Kylea, you'll probably never see this, and honestly I hope you don't. I don't want to give you the satisfaction of thinking that you found something else(while you were with me), and I'm still struggling to come to terms with the fact that its over.
I remember you crying and telling me how much you loved me, and how I didn't realize how much I meant to you, outside that Indian restaurant on 90th Ave and Scott Rd.
I remember you preferred my chicken and alfredo pasta over everything else I'd cook for you.
I remember you telling me, a month before you left me, on Christmas Eve, how happy you were that your mom and dad liked me. That your sisters liked me. And how much that meant to you.
I remember you telling me how you would stick with me through everything, and that you would never cheat on me.
I remember telling you things about my mom I have never told anyone.
I remember your favorite drinks, and favorite spots to chill.
I remember how much you loved Dom(my best friend's kid), and how I had no answer for him when he asked me where you were.
I remember all the things I gave you and all the things you gave me because I had to go through all our stuff and seperate it, so your parents could come pick it up.
I remember everything, and nothing.
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2023.05.30 12:30 no-life-crisis A quick vent

I've been taking my meds again, i don't feel very different from what I can tell. I get up everyday, have my coffee, play some ToTK and then I go around the house cleaning up and making things look nice. I live with my mom and younger brother and I have a 14 year old miniature dachshund and I love him with my whole heart. He is getting really old tho and I get worried about him. He's doing well for his situation. He is losing his sight but he's learned how to navigate really well. I try to take really good care of him to the point where I'm basically his personal hospice worker. I'm going to be broken for a while when he finally goes but it is inevitable no matter how much I wish it wasn't, but I can help make him comfortable and feel loved until then.
Part of me writing this is to make it a little easier on me when the time comes. I don't talk about my feelings much 1, because I have a really hard time identifying them, and when I can ID them it comes out as a weird mess of words that don't even make sense. Hopefully I can get some relief from posting about it instead.
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2023.05.30 12:22 Financial_Height188 Last week i posted about finally completing SOTF after a year hiatus due to being terrible at PvM, this week, with not a single restore or Phoenix Necklace left, I'm even more proud

Last week i posted about finally completing SOTF after a year hiatus due to being terrible at PvM, this week, with not a single restore or Phoenix Necklace left, I'm even more proud submitted by Financial_Height188 to ironscape [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 12:17 BLResnick The Setlists

Just wanted to make this post expressing how I love his setlists. They may seem static or fixed, but I mean, look at it!! It's an absolute blast and banger of tracks. You practically got all the classics, hits, band-fueld orchestras and the necessary slow-paced songs. Still would love to hear The River at some point, but from the rest I have absolutely zero complaints. I went to see him in Amsterdam twice and the second night he played four different songs he didn't play on the first night. And looking back at it, trying to recapture a little of that glory, yeah!
It was a 29-songs, 3-hour non-stop classic Springsteen concert and I couldn't wish for more! Gonna see him two more times this year and can't wait! Seriously though, what's not to love? The albums he played the most were Born in the USA, Born to Run and Darkness on the Edge of Town. He played 5 off of BITUSA, 5 from BTR and 4 Darkness tracks. What more do you want? Just look at the setlist, especially the last 10 songs and tell me what's not to like about it. Even though he does it night after night after night, I gotta admit I felt pretty much alive out there! Maybe apart from some song changes, I really hope he sticks with most of these throughout the tour. What's your opinion? Here's the setlist from Amsterdam, 27th May:
1: My Love Will Not Let You Down
2: Death to My Hometown
3: No Surrender
4: Ghosts
5: Prove It All Night
6: Darkness on the Edge of Town
7: Letter to You
8: The Promised Land
9: Out in the Street
10: Kitty's Back
11: Nightshift
12: Mary's Place
13: The E Street Shuffle
14: Last Man Standing
15: Backstreets
16: Because the Night
17: She's the One
18: Wrecking Ball
19: The Rising
20: Badlands
21: Thunder Road
22: Born in the U.S.A.
23: Born to Run
24: Bobby Jean
25: Glory Days
26: Dancing in the Dark
27: Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
28: Ramrod
29: I'll See You in My Dreams
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2023.05.30 12:15 Tricky-Sport-139 My neighbors idk what to do

I've been wanting to post about these neighbors for a while now, but never did it, but I need to get this off my chest and if anyone has some ideas, that'd be great to.
My family (me, my husband and our 3 kids) live in an apartment building, we've lived here for 3 years. A few months back a couple moved in, it was pretty apparent pretty quickly that they're drug addicts. Listen, I'm not judging just because of that, I'm a recovering drug addict, I've been clean for over 7 years, and while I don't pass judgment on people going through that struggle, I know exactly what that shit turns you into. I'm a cigarette smoker (gross I know) and our building has an outside porch connecting everyone's front doors, and that's where I smoke. Being out there pretty often, I hear a lot of people business. I can't help it, i can't turn off my ears and if people don't want someone to possibly hear what they're talking about, they should probably not talk on the porch especially loud enough I can hear it on a different floor. So I've heard them talking about their drug use, I've seen people pull up in front of our building, them walk up for a min and then that vehicle drives off, or they get in and drive around the block and come right back and get out of the vehicle, as if everyone doesn't know what's going on. The guy carries a gun around in his hip. They get into domestics all the time, sound very physical. I've heard him talk about blowing her head off, it's scary. Someone must've said something to the landlord one time because one day they were out on the porch and saw me, they said, if you ever hear us fighting just please let us if I'd ever feel comfortable to go up to their door during a domestic and ask them to be quiet. Then he says, yeah you don't love each other if you don't fight 🤦‍♀️. They also use the ground as an ashtray and dumpster. They leave butts, trash and drink cans all over the property until they just end up blowing away. The other day they left a lit cigarette in our wooden porch and one of the neighbors saw it and dumped water on it. Idk if that neighbor said something to the landlord or if they over heard me venting to my mom, but they were complaining about it yesterday. I just want to add, I keep to myself, I don't make friends with my neighbors but I also am friendly. Idc what people do as long as it doesn't affect my family. I've never told the landlord anything anyone has done except one time someone blocked us in with their vehicle. I will admit though, with these people, they honestly scare me with the gun and the aggression and everything, if I could get them out I might have done it, but I know complaining about them isn't going to do much except maybe put a target on my back. So I was outside and I overheard her say, I'm just gonna sit right here and do this and everyone can eat a bag of dicks. (Idk what she was doing but when I went down later I saw ketchup all over the porch) and then I heard her say, if you have a problem with something we're doing, just come talk to us, don't go telling the landlord. Like I said I never said anything to the landlord but the neighbor might have and they might think it was me or not know who it was so they're just being dicks to everyone 🤷‍♀️. I understand the whole, come to us first before the landlord, but for 1- they're not very approachable at all, to make anyone feel like they can go talk to them and 2- why tf do grown adults need to be asked to please not use the property as their dumpster? I've seen a bunch of people/families come and go since I've been here, but not one of them needed to be told you don't just throw your cigarette butts and trash all over the place. I remember one time, after a huge fight of theirs, asking past their door and it had eggs and wads of toilet paper all over their door, I honestly think they did it to their own door during a fight, like one of them was inside while the other did it. They never cleaned that of their door. They're just gross and so rude and inconsiderate, unstable and scary. Of course they're going to be the type of people where if you complain about them to the landlord, or if it was because they heard me venting to MY MOTHER, they're just going to double down and do it worse?
I'm sorry if my post is all over the place, I tried to be able to just type it all out without distractions, but when you have kids, you always have distractions so I had to stop and go a couple times, sorry if it's broken up because of that.
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2023.05.30 12:09 IcyThot8008 False memory?

So the song fancy by iggy iggs- That song came out february 17 2014- I vividly remember watching the music video with my mom before she died december 2013- Is this a false memory or was there like a demo anywhere- Please anyone help lmao i’m so confused rn
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2023.05.30 12:07 LEccles1904 'Wisteria' my debut EP- Out Now!

'Wisteria' my debut EP- Out Now!
Hi all!
Just this weekend, I released my debut EP, featuring my first 3 singles, 2 new and exclusive tracks, and a demo! It's overall vibe is very easy listening, and the lyrical themes are very emotive, with each track meaning a great deal to me!
I plan to extend this EP to an album in the next year, with more songs and refined versions, so any feedback is much appreciated! I'd love to know what you think. I'm happy to listen to any of your releases and give feedback in return 💖
Thank you! 😊
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2023.05.30 12:07 Relative_Practice_93 Likelihood of restraining order against me

In Aug of 2021 I (27f) signed a 12 month lease with a friend (24f). After a few weeks, she left the apartment saying she wanted to visit her mom who was unwell and that she'd return later. Later, she revealed she had no intention to return and simply felt the apartment wasn't "up to her standard of living" and that she didn't want to be in an LDR with her boyfriend. In this time, she became very hostile and verbally abusive. We also have a romantic history prior to this in which she manipulated me s*xually while I was high, and she used this to relentlessly taunt and torment me.
As I was left to deal with the lease, she refused to have any proper communication. Whenever I tried, she'd get angry and tell me to back off and leave her alone. She'd promise to keep paying rent then change her mind. She eventually stopped paying entirely. When she stopped paying, she told me that she'd file a harassment suit against me giving id been contacting her excessively. I take full responsibility for contacting her too excessively when she wanted space, but it was always in the context of needing her to communicate about some issue regarding the lease and finances. She later told me she didn't actually mean it.
We didn't speak for a few months. We had one call where she came at me blaming me for her boyfriend breaking up with her. After that call I messaged her a few times to make sure she was okay because she seemed unwell on the phone. About a month after, I asked her to resolve some issues with our WiFi and energy bill as the bills were still coming out to her name. She blocked me so I called her from a restricted number repeatedly which I also deeply regret. I gave up and spent months battling with the companies to get her name removed since she wouldn't call them herself.
At one point, I decided to go to small claims court to recover the unpaid rent as I was tired that she'd abandoned the lease and all her belongings in the apartment and refused to pay her share. I sent her a letter explaining she could go to the landlord to have him remove her from the lease, otherwise I'd have to take her to small claims over the rent. I emphasized my priority was just removing her name and would only use courts as a last resort. (This is what I was instructed to do by a lawyer). We had a short text message conversation in which she verbally abused me, saying somethings which were homophobic slurs, amongst other insults. She later apologized but then stated she had obtained legal advice and knew she could pursue a harassment suit against me. I was confused and never spoke to her again. But to one of my friends she said that she was considering filing a restraining order. I was confused because this person lies a lot so I couldn't tell if they were empty threats or not. She later contacted me and all of my friends and nobody replied since we were all busy. I emailed her asking what was wrong and 2 weeks later she called me again. It was a convo about many things but she mentioned that she went to a lawyer and knew she could get a restraining order (before, she had said harassment suit).
I guess my question is, does my behavior warrant a harassment suit or restraining order? I do recognize the errors of my ways and it's something I regret so I know on a moral level I'm wrong for my actions. But on a legal level is there any basis for this? Given the nature of the calls was always something to do with the lease, bills, her verbal abuse and her sexually manipulating me. There were moments of anger where I'd insult her, but nothing extremely abusive as some things she said. This was all a while ago and the last time I spoke to her was August 2022. The last time I contacted her repeatedly was April 2022. I'm confused on the legal basis given she was in violation of a lease, and was heavily emotionally and verbally abusive, often racist, homophobic and others. To me, this is all an overdrawn cat fight and aside from the rent money, I don't see what use the courts would be. But this is also a family of immense privilege and I still worry. I changed my number so that her and her dad can't contact me as her dad had contacted me a couple times threatening to interrupt the wifi and threatened me saying he hired a lawyer for his daughter.
Edit: both times she made legal threats were in direct response to me asking her to pay her share of the rent. Many have told me this shows it was obvious retaliation against not paying the rent but I still get paranoid.
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