Trouble login in into MyBYU and BYU related sites

2023.03.23 20:01 Solid_Negotiation441 Trouble login in into MyBYU and BYU related sites

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to ask if anyone is having trouble login in or accessing MyBYU or any other BYU related domains (learning suite)? Are all BYU sited down or is it just me? Do you guys know (maybe someone working on OIT) how long these problems will last?
Edit: I ended calling OIT and it seems there is what the called "an event" affecting all the BYU systems and domains and they are working to solve it but without a timeline on when the issue will be solved.
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2022.12.04 01:01 Global_Jackfruit_666 Blueprint FL1 score. I got 498 on Altius FL1 to begin my studying. Nice to see the improvement after 2 months of 10 hours a week.

Blueprint FL1 score. I got 498 on Altius FL1 to begin my studying. Nice to see the improvement after 2 months of 10 hours a week. submitted by Global_Jackfruit_666 to Mcat [link] [comments]

2022.10.11 12:06 mohawk_ADE Noticed these signs on the door of my school

Door Sign hyperlink because this sub doesn't allow photo posts anymore. I've hardly seen anyone take heed of these signs, probably on account of the changing weather, but it's quite welcome.
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2021.08.14 03:35 ChloeeE0803 Can you guys access myBYU? (I have reported my vaccination status when the first email was out)

I reported my vaccination status when the first official email was out, and after I reported it, I was able to get into MyBYU for about a week. But when I logged into MyBYU today, I could not see anything on the dashboard, so I rechecked the vaccination site, and it was the same as before (completed)...Anyone experiencing the same thing?
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2021.08.02 18:35 Jaboticaballin Vaccination Self Reporting

From the BYU website:
As part of BYU's efforts to ensure a safe return to campus, all students and employees are being asked to self-report on their COVID-19 vaccine status. If you have been vaccinated, you will need information from your vaccine card to complete the self-report.
Data about the BYU community vaccination rates will help inform COVID-19 protocol decisions for fall semester, such as mask requirements. Personal information submitted in the survey will be kept private and secure. Only authorized BYU personnel with a need to know will have access to this personal information. For more information about BYU's privacy practices, please visit the BYU Privacy Notice.
To get the most accurate percentage, all campus community members are asked to report their vaccination status immediately. If you haven't reported your vaccination status by Thursday, August 19, your access to myBYU will be restricted until the report is received.
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2019.07.09 16:10 samwyatta17 Where to find Major GPA

I can't find a place on MyBYU where it shows your GPA from only classes in your major. Does anyone know if/where this can be found?
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2019.06.07 14:41 Roughneck16 How many credit hours did you have (or will have) at graduation?

I just logged into MyBYU for the first time in years.
I had 224 credit hours when I finished my BSCE. That's crazy.
It's fun looking at all my lousy grades that had zero impact on my career.
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2019.01.22 19:43 transferred_from_BYU I transferred from BYU. How long should I wait before I can resign?

How many months/semesters should I wait? On myBYU it says that my ecclesiastical endorsement will be 'valid' for quite a bit longer, I'm still in 'good academic standing', and that I have 'no account holds.' I'd like to make sure that professors don't find out that I quit (because I'd like them to write letters for my grad school applications). Also, when applying to scholarships/grants, I might need BYU to send transcripts and I'd like to not screw that up/get an 'honor code violation' on my transcript for leaving the church.
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2018.08.15 16:32 garrettpants Anyone else struggling to open up MyBYU from a mac?

I have an apple laptop and for some reason anytime i try to open up mybyu i just get a blank screen. I’ve heard of other people having this problem and was wondering if anyone knew a fix?
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2014.03.22 01:12 5tuple Ecclesiastical endorsement question...

The official 'deadline' for this is March 15th as per the information on the honor code website. However, on my registration page on, it says at the top: "Ecclesiastical Endorsement valid through Spring-Summer 2014 (Sep 01, 2014)."
Haven't found any info explaining this apparent contradiction. Last time I renewed it was during spring or summer of 2013; I wasn't living on campus at the time, though I am now.
Am I safe until september then? I haven't received any indication otherwise as of yet...
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