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2021.05.17 01:38 DaddyTyrone5565 AMCStockDD

Due Diligence for $AMC not seen in amcstock

2021.05.17 12:59 amcstonkbackup1

the first back up for amcstock rules: 1. never touch a man's radio. 2. see rule #1. 3. no market manipulation/collusion. 4. nothing that can get anyone in trouble is allowed. 5. simple as it gets.

2021.01.27 19:22 SaganSaga amcstock

The Official AMC Stock Subreddit

2023.06.01 20:48 spookyduckfish Our competition.. 🤭.. 🤡🌍

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2023.06.01 14:52 Brilliant_Thought436 Bringing it back around

https://www.reddit.com/amcstock/comments/nr1yok/this_was_too_hardcore_not_to_share/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button but a goodie.
Just bringing it back around for some of the shit slinger that haven't had a chance to enjoy this. Can't post in other sub.
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2023.05.31 15:12 WorldPeaceApe r/AMCStockTA Lounge

A place for members of AMCStockTA to chat with each other
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2023.05.30 13:52 TheCatOfWallSt Has nobody pointed out that “2 pm Tuesday” is a meme?

Has nobody pointed out that “2 pm Tuesday” is a meme?
Just go to AMC’s board and search 2 pm Tuesday…it’s a common meme meaning that no news is coming
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2023.05.30 05:58 JETLIFEMUZIK94 F*CK AA. And R/AMCSTOCK

I CALLED it 2 years ago and was perma banned from AMCSTOCK and the other one. Why? Because I said AA was a shill a fucking snake in the grass. Not one of them believed me and perma banned me for speaking the truth. I’m so glad k pulled out this okay Fuck AA and fuck all them people who hated on me i pray they lose it all! It’s a damn cult!
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2023.05.30 05:57 JETLIFEMUZIK94 F*CK AA. And R/AMCSTOCK

I CALLED it 2 years ago and was perma banned from AMCSTOCK and the other one. Why? Because I said AA was a shill a fucking snake in the grass. Not one of them believed me and perma banned me for speaking the truth. I’m so glad k pulled out this okay Fuck AA and fuck all them people who hated on me i pray they lose it all! It’s a damn cult!
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2023.05.23 20:59 AssistanceTricky529 Reddit has gone woke for advertising this junk.

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2023.05.18 19:22 COIN-SIMCOM How To Make A Synthetic Stock Share

Greetings to the APE-hardened retail investor. You're humble founder has been in this AMC play since before the Great Spike (+$70) when the stock was around $12. Still holding.
Here's the information I just chanced onto that I tried to post in amcstock but the post was deleted immediately by the Mods over there. I don't know what it takes to post but just I'll start my own.
I just received a book on options trading from ThriftBooks.com (a better place to spend your money; fuck Jeff Bezos!) by Michael C. Thomsett called "Put Option Strategies for Smarter Trading." If you know anything about financial authors, Thomsett is well-known for his options knowledge. Let's crack this book and see what kinds of strategies us retail guys can unleash to beat the Street like gongs.
This caught my eye immediately. Any APE would pole-vault out of a chair over this information. Here is the title to Chapter 8: PUTS AS PART OF SYNTHETIC STRATEGIES: PLAYING STOCKS WITHOUT THE RISK.
Imagine my surprise at this term actually being used in a book on trading. SYNTHETICS STRATEGIES? Do tell. This book was published in 2010 -- well before the APES and their controversy over alleged synthetics clogging the market.
Isn't Jim Cramer claiming that synthetics are like Bigfoot and UFOs -- just urban legends? Well, apparently not.
I've always wondered how they are actually creating synthetic shares of stock. Here's how: "To set up a synthetic long stock position, you buy a call and sell a put at the same strike."
The inverse of that, what they do to AMC apparently is this: "You can also create a synthetic short stock position. For many people, the costs and risks of shorting stock are not acceptable; however, you can duplicate the price movement of stock without margin interest and for little or no cost. A synthetic short sale of stock is accomplished by selling a call and buying a put at the same strike price."
Now what still remains a mystery to me is how these plays somehow create actual shares that get confused with real ones and end up in retail accounts (like all the APES).
I did an experiment with my brokerage account and opened one of these type sales with one contract on SPY and it went through. I closed it shortly after; I wanted to see that tiny retail guy with options trading enabled can do trades like this without being sanctioned.
The more I watch the power of retail united under one mission banner, the more I think about how easy it would be for retail to counter-hedge fund the hedge funds.
Here's the mission statement: Short Woke Capital. Starting with Blackrock. Short all companies participating in the Great Reset and the World Economic Forum. Every retail investor can pull one of these 1 contract synthetic strategies. If 35 million investors did exactly the same thing, who is getting shorted out of existence now?
It is interesting to note that the APE movement is made up of a lot of gamers. Wall Street is mystified that they're smoke and mirrors was pierced so quickly by "amateurs and dumb money" when it's not a mystery at all to me. Stock Market trading is just another game with rules and a play space. Gamers took it apart like a game with rules. That's what happened, Wall Street.
It's going to be Wall Streets undoing. The gamer APES learned how to play the Biggest Game.
I'm transferring my brokerage account into an LLC and making an agreement with the LLC to manage my retirement funds. This little one APE anti-hedge fund hedge fund plans to launch trades like this. When companies go Woke short them till they're broke. It's a no-brainer play. Think about what you could have made if you started going short on Bud Light as soon as the Dylan Bomb went off? Hell, Disney is still insisting on imploding and they need to die for what they did to Star Wars. Let's help Doomcock drive the stake into their rotten groomer souls.
Short them like mini-skirts.
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2023.05.17 20:18 apeterra The goal of getting this sub to 13k members.

Getting the word out that this sub exists can be difficult. Many of us have been banned on amcstock and AMCSTOCKS for just mentioning DRS.
Getting us to 13k is crucial because once we hit that number, our sub will appear as a search recommendation when the letters amc are typed in the reddit search bar, greatly increasing this subs visibility.
Some of you may have found this sub via invitation from me, which I will continue to do. But you can do your part by spreading the word any way possible.
Some examples include Twitter and the following subs, wallstreetbetselite wallstreetbetsnew deepfuckingvalue shortsqueeze
I'm sure there are plenty others. Be prepared for shillery in the comments but more often than not your post will get upvotes and visibility.
Much love to my fellow apes and the banned brotherhood. There are 3.7 million of us not going anywhere, you know what to do. 🦧 🟣 👍
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2023.05.11 22:49 JuNe_Northoast Who was this???

Who was this???
Damn … we are so evil…👹
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2023.05.08 16:31 pandoracam Ape peer reviews a meme

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2023.05.08 03:00 coffeequeen0523 I knew it!

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2023.05.07 18:11 qtain How I learned to love the stock and stop worrying about the FUD.

I've been giving some thought to the available shares. We have a lot of official numbers, but no clear cut answer.
So, lets start off with the numbers we know about:
WeBull holds 128.6m shares of AMC:
This is roughly the same as last year at 128,4m which is derived from DD done by u/acuntex here:
It seems odd that there would only be such a small gain, however if we take into account the most active Apes having moved to other brokers (Fidelity, etc..) that could present a possible reason.
There are currently 132.78m shares held by institutions per the most recent fintel.io data:
The latest SI for AMC as of the close on Friday 05/05 was 25.29% representing 130.49m shares.
According to AMC in the latest Q1 filing there are 6.5m shares directly registered. This is listed on page 40 of the last 10-K filing here:
Taking all that information together we come up with 398.37m shares we can account for. That leaves 117.63m shares we don't have specific numbers for.
So, with 1 broker reporting, institutional ownership and short interest we have accounted for 77% of the 516m float. We haven't touched Fidelity or other US based brokers yet.
At this point, I am purposely excluding Canadian and International shareholders (for a reason, I'll get to us filthy furreners later on).
We know via the court documents that AMC has stated they estimate 3.8m shareholders exist.
I wanted to answer the question, how many shares would 10% (380,000) household shareholders have to buy since the start of the year and how much would it represent of the overall volume of the remaining 117.63m unaccounted for shares.
There have been 86 trading days since the start of the year which means household investors would have to purchase 1.36m shares per day, every trading up until 5/5/2023.
If we take 10% of household investors, each investor would need to purchase 3.6 shares per day or 72 shares per month (with an average of 20 trading days per month) to purchase the unaccounted for 117.63m shares.
Now, we look at the volume on AMC each month:
Jan: 593,214,500 (4.5% of volume required)
Feb: 960,527,000 (2% of volume required)
Mar: 646,746,800 (4.2% of volume required)
Apr: 610,020,800 (4.4% of volume)
We know that 182.34m AMC common shares voted on March 14th representing 34% of all shares. We can further show that based on institutional ownership (subtracting SI) that it is likely the majority of these votes were household investors. Institutional investors cannot vote lent out shares.
We can now show that excluding all brokers except for one, institutional investors and the short interest it is reasonable that 10% of the household shareholders have purchased the remaining unaccounted for shares.
We can further deduce that if AMC has 3.8m estimated household shareholders and 34% of them voted, or 1.29m shareholders it is even more reasonable to believe that the 10% number is significantly on the low side of investors purchasing the stock in the last four months.
Now, I said I would talk about Canadian and International shareholders.
For Canada, we are roughly 10% the size of the USA in population, if we use that as a relative gauge of share ownership, Canadians own 38.9m AMC shares.
If we take the sum total of the populations of Britain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Germany, we have 178.4m people or roughly 44% the size of the USA. If the relative gauge of share ownership remains the same in comparison, these International shareholders own 175.1m shares.
Together, that is 214.9m shares or 41% of the float.
We haven't even touched what ownership exists in Fidelity, Schwab and other brokerage houses in the USA or other parts of the EU and world, nor have we touched any discussions of synthetic and naked shorting.
We have used public data to not only show that significantly more of the float has been sold than exists. We have also shown that it is neither impossible nor unreasonable to believe that based on volume in AMC, shareholder participation, current stock price that since the start of the year another significant amount of the float has again been sold.
Nor have we touched on APE, which is a whole different kettle of fish to shoot in a barrel.
Don't let the weekend FUD get to you Apes, we got this.
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2023.05.07 05:04 Christopher_Adrift I knew it!

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2023.05.05 17:50 Halaku Not to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks like you either need to use Plaid with your AMC Visa, or pay through snailmail.

I signed up for my card as soon as the email hit my inbox. Pretty simple, healthy credit limit, couldn't be happier, used it to get GotG3 tickets, easily hit my $50 minimum spend.
That was last month. This month, go online to pay the balance off, expecting to use the same account number / routing number combination that everyone else has been using for forever.
Nope. Either through the app or the website, the only way to pay electronically is by handing your bank account credentials (login / password) to Plaid.
And from the posts last year about that company...
I find myself extremely reluctant to do so. And since Plaid won't take payments from either Paypal or Google Pay, it looks like it's back to old-school "Wait for the envelope, write a paper check, mail it back" measures for this cardholder.
I reached out to AMC Visa, and was notified on May 10th that you can call 1-866-941-8346 24/7, and they'll take your account / routing number over the phone instead, and you can then pay the account electronically like any other credit card from the AMC Visa app, without using Plaid or handing over your banking login / password credentials. So, happy ending!
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2023.05.03 16:40 ziggo24 r/AMCSTOCKS on Reddit: Here’s Ms Rachel explaining to you regards why you should buy AMC stocks.😂

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2023.04.27 17:52 TheSilentBarkMovie ⚖️•UPDATES• on "The Lawsuit" [Shareholders v AMC Entertainment] for Thursday Afternoon, 04/27/2023: LETTER From the SPECIAL MASTER (Ms. Amato)

Posting per Freedom of Information Act. (FOIA)
⚖️Side Bar: still is no entry for the Settlement Proposal the lawyer in the teleconference call Monday, 04/25/23, said he would have for the Judge the next day, Tuesday, 04/26/23. ⏳
🆕Edit: Thursday, 3pm,ET, 04/26/23: The Settlement Proposals have been received by Vice Chancellor (Judge) Zurn, and entered into the Court Docket.
Updated Post about them here:
•Filed: Feb. 20, 2023
•Judge: Morgan Zurn
•Case Types: Breach of Fiduciary Duties; Civil Action
•Status: Active
•Most Recent Docket Entry:
04/27/2023: Letter to Counsel and Proposed Intervenors from [Special Master] Corinne Elise Amato regarding Jordan Affholter’s Motion to Intervene filed April 24, 2023 and A. Mathew’s Motion to Intervene filed April 25, 2023.
Excerpt from Ms. Amato's (Special Master) letter:
...."I write regarding Jordan Affholter’s Motion to Intervene filed April 24, 2023 and A. Mathew’s Motion to Intervene filed April 25, 2023 (the “Motions”) in the above matter. Any opposition to the Motions is due by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 3, and any reply by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 10..."
Note: click on "download" (orange bar🟧, upper right corner) to see actual letters file-stamped w/ the Court.
•Edit Side Note: a graph titled "Dark Pool Trading Is Going Parabolic" can be found in the Letter from interested party, Amie Toerge (Docket Entry 04/26/23). 📈
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2023.04.22 00:00 qtain [THEORY] FTD Sham resets, low volume and next week.

Alright, let me state first off, this is theory, as we do not have the data (thanks for bullshit delays SEC!) as of yet.
Yesterday, Dave Lauer posted on twitter about an SEC enforcement action against a Schwab subsidiary using options to do sham resets on FTDs. The point of that was first, if anyone says "it doesn't happen", they can be shown that filing. The second, I believe (I can't speak for Dave) was to nudge nudge wink wink Apes that is it happening.
For reference:
I know many Apes have been looking at what happened in February into March with FTDs and is now happening in April again. I and other Apes have been analyzing FTD, CtB, Price action and graphing out data regarding it.
Credit to u/SirDikFuk on the other AMC sub for the above as his graphs are prettier and better than mine.
As it is now Friday and options expiry day, we have an opportunity to look at some data that might be particularly interesting as it relates to potential FTD resets via options.
T+35 was March 1st, 2023, on that day, the price of AMC was $7.14 and the CtB varied between ~161% and 194% throughout the day. The amount of FTDs on the day was 2.1m and volume was 41m. AMC came off the RegSHO Threshold List on March 13th.
Since that time, the stock has lost about 31% in value. This is despite such news like Mario breaking records and likely to close above $1 billion, media upgrades to expect earnings for q1 and general bullishness on the return of patrons to theaters. It is fair to note that some bearish exists due to the lawsuit, however even that showed a pattern of shorting and buying back when a potential deal was on the table in early April.
Today's volume was just shy of 14m, one of the lowest in the history of the stock. The CtB was was between 197% and 229%
The closing price was $4.99 (April 21st, 2023) just shy of the $5.00 mark.
This is where it starts to get interesting (at least for me). AMC as of yesterday (we'll see tonight) was still on the RegSHO Threshold List. If we follow the graph provided by SirDikFuk (at the top in background) we can see a predicted rise in FTDs in line with the CtB if the similar pattern is followed.
So, what happened with options today? Well, to start there seems to be some confusion on Max Pain from maximum-pain.com
Please note that screenshot was generated at 2:56pm EST (so before market close).
It lists the Max Pain as $4.98 however when we dig deeper into the data provided, it lists max pain as being $6.00.
At $6.00 the MM would have been effectively delta neutral, it would neither have to buy or sell options. At $4.99 a lot of PUT options come ITM. From $5.00 to $6.00 there is 9,850,000 shares it has the right to sell. Which again, would jive with SirDikFuk's extrapolated chart.
So, if Hedge Funds, Broker-Dealers have been selling massive amounts of shares into the market and creating FTDs, they will need to buy them, especially if RegSHO Threshold List applies. I know many will say crime, SEC doesn't enforce, etc.. and I would agree, for that I would reference to you the SEC's own words in regards to the matter which another redditor received as reply from them.
Given the CtB massive increases in February, March and April where it peaked over 1000%, the massive increase in FTDs that we currently knew existed in February and March, now taking into account the CtB in the April lead up. It seems reasonable that we can see someone is naked selling AMC into the market, using options to reset the FTDs to clear them temporarily (remember, the MM gets T+35).
The likely reason for this is rather simple, with the vote approved but waiting on the court to issue a ruling, when it does occur, those FTDs will be on the old CUSIP and orphaned. They will go to the Obligation Clearing Warehouse to die, the naked shorters and the MM will likely have an additional entry on the books in Securities Sold but no Repurchased and walk away free.
Next week, if this theory is correct, we will see AMC come off the RegSHO Threshold List.
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2023.04.18 11:34 Savage_D The_Savage_DD Evaluating Dark pool Trading and Crypto Money Laundering Against Current Market Conditions, Fiat, the FED, and War.

The_Savage_DD Evaluating Dark pool Trading and Crypto Money Laundering Against Current Market Conditions, Fiat, the FED, and War.
To put these numbers into perspective, we must first visualize them:
18 Figure Model
I will start with a few Recent Events/Failures in the Financial Sector:
Melvin Capital received $2.75 Billion from Citadel's point 72 (Ken Griffen) utilizing tokenized securities in January 2021 allowing 100x leverage in the unregulated crypto space using burner wallets; (FTX) value of $275 Billion. After this event, the SEC oversaw a leverage change of 100x to 10x. (Gabe Plotkin) Archegos Capital Management (Margin call on total return swaps) value $35 Billion. (Bill Hwang) More data is available here: https://www.reddit.com/useSavage_D/comments/uegs2h/elon_musk_bill_hwang_amc_stock_and_the_potential/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3 FTX Trading LTD $30 Billion mismanagement laundering scandal indicating various political parties involved with current derivatives scandals, global events, conspiracies, the Ukraine anomaly, hedge funds, banks, and more. Notably tokenized securities have since been found to the tune of $8 Quadrillion AMC and $176 Billion GME Tokenized shares. That's a lot of wiggle room for crime! To see more on tokenization data, please check out some of the posts from this user: https://www.reddit.com/useuprclass2002/submitted/ This has become the lifeline for naked short selling. Family offices allow criminals to skirt laws by establishing locations in multiple countries to re-route violations to safe havens. (Sam Bankman-Fried) TerraCoinUSD $45 Billion crash (100% of value) destroyed when de-pegged from the $1 value. (Jump Trading profited $1.2 Billion) Tokenized securities are supposed to be backed 1:1. (Do Kwan) Silicon Valley Bank $209 Billion Crash of "wealthy elites" followed by an immediate FED bail-out. This incident gives context to the impact of the recent Federal rate raises. Signature Bank followed suit with a $110 Billion failure when bank runs followed the SVB collapse. China Evergrande Group Bankrupt Chinese real-estate developer leading the housing sector, representing 70% of China's GDP value as high-risk and in danger of collapsing. (Hui Ka Yan)
*Notable anomalies between various highly shorted companies; MMTLP / BBBY / etc.
A note about The FED and rates: If the FED increases rates any higher, over-leveraged banks will collapse; If the FED decreases rates from here, Inflation wipes out America and more.
Additionally, the FED has seen balance sheet anomalies and RRP anomalies in the last 3 years. I won't get into some of those details here, however, If the FED RRP repossesses an amount of $2 Trillion dollars for 1 year (365 days) that would accumulate to $730 Trillion dollars, for example. With Phase 6 in place, The FED will most likely SLOWLY increase rates from here to drag out a banking collapse as policies are prepared for the implementation of CBDCs. Lastly, the TikTok Bill / The Restrict Act / Bill 686 aims to "fix" crypto. Here is the available Wikipedia page on its current development: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RESTRICT_Act
Is Gary Gensler an advocate for retail, or retail's biggest oppressor?Gary Gensler is doing more for Apes than any other member of the SEC. He is an aggressive regulator.
Crypto and the Dark Pool Anomalies:
Bitcoin reached an all-time high price of $68,789.63. (November 2021) This reflected a $1.27 Trillion market cap in Bitcoin alone. Bitcoin represents about 44% of all crypto value.
Today, Bitcoin trades for around $29,500 each. (4/17/23) This leaves the total market cap for all cryptocurrencies around $1.31 Trillion today.
Importantly, here are the trading volume average dark pool % figures for the last 30 days: AMC: 53.80% of all trades are executed in the dark pool. GME: 44.42% of all trades are executed in the dark pool.
Crypto is a dark pool. Check out this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBxVTMVPYBw
Meme Stock Comparison Data
Max market cap in 2021: (current all-time highs) GME = 76 Million shares x $483 (temporarily broke $500) = Rounded market cap = $40 Billion AMC = 513 Million shares x $72 (temporarily broke $77) = Rounded market cap = $40 Billion
Historical Long-term average trading volume: GME: 7.7 Million shares traded per day (rounded) AMC: 38.7 Million shares traded per day (rounded). APE: 28.4 Million shares traded per day (rounded).
Total Float Data (4/17/23) AMC = 516 Million shares ($5.20) = 2.7 Billion Market cap. (+ options chain) APE = 937 Million shares ($1.63) = 2.7 Billion Market cap. GME = (Notable 4 for 1 split recently, see below)
GME Event
Today, GME = $22.28 per share = $6.79 Billion Market cap On 7/22/22 GME's stock split (4:1) changed the float from 76 Million shares - 304.3 Million Shares.
1/28/21 - 4/17/23 = 810 days (including weekends / holidays)
- (7 days a week) 810 days x 7.7 Million avg. volume = 6.237 Billion shares traded. - (4.9 days a week; excluding weekends and holidays) 567 days x 7.7 Million avg. volume = 4.366 Billion shares traded.
I will use the (7 days a week) figure for the final math to account for less measurable items such as FOMO, after-hours trading, "mismarked" data, derivative leverage/manipulation, additional glitches, tokenization, mirrored stocks, Swaps, etc., and will weigh these factors as equal to the 2.1 trading days missed on weekends and holidays to gain perspective:
GME split 7/22/22 - today (4/17/23) = 270 days 810 days - 270 days = 540 days 540 days x 7.7 Million Avg. volume = 4.158 Billion shares traded / 76 Million Float = 54.71 Floats 270 days x 7.7 Million Avg. volume = 2.079 Billion shares traded / 304.3 Million Float = 6.832 Floats 54.71 Floats traded + 6.832 Floats = 61.54 Floats traded (43.08 Floats if not counting weekends)
Average float data 61.54 + 43.08 = 104.62 / 2 = 52.31 Floats traded since January 28, 2021. (4/17/23)
AMC Event
Today, (AMC = $5.20) + (APE = $1.63) = $6.83 combined = $5.4 Billion Market cap combined. On 8/19/22 AMC's stock split shed APE equity units 1:1.
6/2/21 - 4/17/23 = 685 days (including weekends / holidays)
- (7 days a week) AMC: 685 days x 38.7 Million avg. volume = 26.51 Billion shares traded. - (7 days a week) APE: 242 days x 28.4 Million avg. volume = 6.873 Billion shares traded. 26.51 Billion + 6.873 Billion = 33.383 Billion shares traded.
33.383 Billion / 516 Million = 64.7 Floats traded.
*Since APE will be converted back into AMC pending court on 4/27/23, I will merge their float amounts for the final number assuming the additional 421 Million difference in shares of APE is equal to the discrepancy of the weight of the options chain on AMC assuming both companies hold an equal $2.7 Billion market share at this time. (937 Million APE - 516 Million AMC = 421 Million difference)
- (4.9 days a week; excluding weekends and holidays) AMC: 480 days x 38.7 Million avg. volume = 18.576 Billion shares traded. - (4.9 days a week; excluding weekends and holidays) APE: 169 days x 28.4 Million avg. volume = 4.8 Billion shares traded. 18.576 Billion + 4.8 Billion = 23.376 Billion shares traded.
23.376 Billion / 516 Million = (45.3 Floats traded excluding weekends and holidays)
Average float data 64.7 + 45.3 = 110 / 2 = 55 Floats traded since June 2, 2021. (4/17/23)
One other thing, AMC and APE Arbitrage:
What does Arbitrage look like to you?
This happened right after Adam Aaron tweeted about rushing with the reverse-split. 2 days later the judge ordered the activity to wait until 4/27/23 when it will be examined in court. This brief period of uncertainty caused panic and pre-existing conditions were forced back into place; per the outcome of the court and the change in narrative pending key decisions.
Additional Info.
Check out my other latest work here: https://www.reddit.com/amcstock/comments/12cgacl/the_savage_d_keeping_track_of_the_true_potential/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3 I pin the future price of AMC using real data to about $15,550 (post-reverse split) based on a "short-closing" event. I have also pinned GME shares at around $10,540 per share based on a "short-closing" event. These are the minimum peak prices during a complete short-closing event given current data. If no one sells apes take the entire market; this is not financial advice.
As always Buy and Hodl!
Edit: Formatting, Added additional related information(s).
#Financial #Warfare #Treason #Stocks #Movie #Game #Data #DarkPool #TheFED #Federal #Crypto #CryptoCurrency #Currency #Fiat #Money #War #Revolution #Apes #Ape #Freedom #SEC #FINRA #SCOTUS #Global #Cabal #Mafia #Cartel #Holocaust #WW3 #World #WorldWar3 #MOASS #Wealth
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2023.04.13 16:55 LeCuldeSac Adam Aron implementing idea first suggested (and downvoted) here: anyone want to apologize?

I just saw a post on Frank Nez' site about ev charging stations at theatres https://franknez.com/amc-theatres-may-introduce-new-ev-charging-stations/ and remembered someone suggesting this here and the nasty, arrogant responses they received.
I don't come here anymore but deliberately came back now in the hopes that this poster (and the downvoters) see it.
I only wish he'd implement the "All in the Family" nostalgia/community discussion nights at the theatres, which I suggested here a year ago or so.
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2023.04.13 03:30 CapeCodRich Keep it up hedgie, hodling costs me zero

Keep it up hedgie, hodling costs me zero
Can’t fix stupid I guess
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2023.04.12 14:48 ZeusGato AA - Thanks for listening! Well done, buy AMC & GME! Apes together strong! 💎🙌🏼🚀🚀🚀

AA - Thanks for listening! Well done, buy AMC & GME! Apes together strong! 💎🙌🏼🚀🚀🚀 submitted by ZeusGato to ApeStockExchange [link] [comments]