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The Official Subreddit for the Good Guy Turtle Meme!

2017.08.29 13:24 Amy_Mackersey For the French musical group Videoclub.

Eternal youth, teenage love, insolent freshness of a pop duo just born. On the black screen of our sleepless nights, flashes the neon sign of an old video club. A lost innocence that Videoclub, a young duo from Nantes (France), captures with the magnificent purity of their seventeen years of age. From stolen kisses to restrained tender gestures, raising hell together, and their powerful love – authentic – resembles an auteur film.

2023.06.02 16:51 SammySoapsuds Feeling like a failure, need perspective

Hi all! I have been training for the upcoming Garry Bjorklund half mile (part of the Grandma's Marathon weekend) since February and have gradually realized that it's just not in the cards for me. I think I was overly ambitious to begin with...I have only ever done a 10 miler with some walk breaks peppered in, and slowly realized I wasn't really improving in my training to where I'd be able to run the full half marathon without walking there, too. I thought fine, whatever, I just need to finish. Then I got sick a few weeks ago and whilw it didn't feel like anything more than a bad cold, I still can't run without getting super winded and feeling exhausted after. I'm contemplating just staying home altogether at this point, honestly. I don't really want to travel, get up super early, and deal with soreness and everything else just to feel winded and slow during a race.
Complaints aside, I'm curious how to bounce back from this mentally. I feel like I'm quitting/failing, and I don't want that to taint my relationship with running at all. Have any of you been in a similar spot and have any advice for how to move past something like this? I really do want to be able to do a half this year, I just feel like now isn't the time.
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2023.06.02 16:50 gwormm AITA for trying to get my boyfriend’s attention

Me (19f) and my boyfriend (24m) have been together for about 9 months. I currently live 2 hours away from him, only for the summer. We used to hang out almost every day, but substituted that for talking on the phone every day instead. We talk in a discord server with several other friends as well.
Yesterday I was feeling pretty upset after having a bad day, and he was in the discord server talking to our mutual friends, so I joined. I muted myself right away though, because when I join on my phone, sometimes there’s background noise that he always complains about. I decided to wait for him to notice I joined and say hi, but after 30 minutes he never did. Instead, he said “what is she doing here 😒” in an annoyed tone. After hearing that, I left.
He messaged me asking why I left, and I told him I was upset because I was waiting for him to say hi and he never did. He explained that he thought I was afk because I was muted, so I joined again and unmuted myself. After being there for a few minutes unmuted and trying to be as silent as possible, he still didn’t greet me, he told me to mute myself because he could hear “rustling”, so I left again. He messaged me again asking why I kept joining and leaving and I told him I just wanted him to say hi but he kept being rude to me instead.
The only replies I got from him after this were “ok”. I told him I was just going to bed instead, and for context it was way too early in the evening to go to bed, and all he said was “ok” instead of the usual good night.
30 minutes later I asked him why he wouldn’t just greet me, and he said it was because he didn’t want to play “silly games”. I know I was being kind of irrational at this point, but I just wanted to feel like he was happy to see me. I don’t know why he refused to just say hi when he knew that’s all I wanted and instead kept purposely making me upset. The more he refused, the more I wanted him to say hi.
So AITA for trying over and over to get a nice greeting from my boyfriend?
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2023.06.02 16:50 FriendshipMajestic31 i (19F) am considering flaking on a guy (23M) a day before a date

there is this guy i met on hinge and i’ve been talking to him for a couple weeks now but i really have not been feeling any chemistry with him. he’s SUPER clingy and does not really have a sense of independency. through his texts and calls he seems pretty childish although he is a couple years older than me (about 23 years old). he also continues to try to make me stay over at his house and makes me uncomfortable at times through his words. i definitely feel bad and wish i could give it a try but there are things where i feel a bit uncomfortable even through his texts and calls. i need help on what to do!?
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2023.06.02 16:50 Ortegaga Dai-2 event - Second Crossover event for Adventure of DAI! New Hyunckel, event update and QOL

Dai-2 event - Second Crossover event for Adventure of DAI! New Hyunckel, event update and QOL
Do you have heaps of unpsent stamina herbs that is about to expire, and dai-ing for any event where you can spend them??? Well good news, June 2023 Roadmap has just been announced on DQT in game notice and Adventure of Dai Second Crossover Event has been confirmed!! In this video, I will be covering my prediction on what we will be seeing with the launch of this Dai-2 Event. Please be reminded though everything in this video includes alot of forward looking statement based on what we have seen in JP, and does not guarantee that we will be getting the same in Global. all the unit reviews I have don so far can be found here.
BLOSSOM UNITS and First Crossover rerun

For detailed farming gudie please check - Marcosls guides for farming

As usual welcome any feedback good or bad, and let me know what you think about dai2 event as well. thanks
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2023.06.02 16:50 shesnotthereanymore I'm still the same person I was before you lied to me.

To make a very long story short, D-Day was about 3 years ago.
He's been very remorseful about it. Broke down on his hands and knees begging me not to leave him. He has apologized sincerely, acknowledging that now I'll never trust a single other person again and all the hurt he's caused me.
So far he has done everything I've asked to repair the relationship. Deleted his alternate reddit account that he used to look at porn and comment on other women's pictures, keeps no passwords on his phone and hands it to me when I ask him for it, has all his email accounts logged into so I can easily access them. He was never really into social media other than reddit so that's not an avenue I had to worry much about snooping through. Tells me when hes going out, where, with whom, till what time he'll be back.
And he blocked the AP and hasn't spoken to her since.
Since then, we've had mostly good days but sometimes someone will say something that sort of brings me back into that awful headspace of reliving his lies and his cheating all over again. For example, we visited his mother for mother's day recently.
While he was in the basement working on some home project for her she mentioned that the one thing she knows to be true about him is that "he's always been the loyal type".
I wanted to laugh so badly at this but I didn't.
I didn't have the heart to tell her the truth either mainly because even if we didn't work out, I don't want our relationship and it's troubles to taint her opinion of her son.
And maybe he is a changed person after all.
I do see him trying. He's done everything I've asked to rebuild my trust short of therapy because neither of us can afford it. But some days, I just don't think he quite understands what I'm dealing with or how I'm feeling.
He mentioned the other day how I don't dress up anymore. I used to wear a lot of dresses and fancy lingerie. He's spent thousands on lingerie for me because he has somewhat of a fetish for it and I was happy to oblige because I'm a cosplayer and a professional model so I already loved getting dressed up and playing a character anyway.
Plus it made him happy and because I loved him, I wanted to make him happy.
But ever since D-day it's just been sweatpants, t-shirts, and boring black underwear that's very unsexy. He thinks it's just because I want to just be comfortable. That I'm not putting in the effort anymore.
I told him he was half right.
I'm not putting in the effort anymore.
Why should I?
He had another woman come over also dressed in costume, fucked her, and then lied to me about it when I confronted him.
Why would I wanna get dressed up for him after that?
I haven't changed fundamentally as a person. I still very much enjoy cosplaying and putting on fancy lingerie.
Hell I even attended a lame gala at my college a month ago just for an opportunity to dress up.
I just don't feel like doing it for him anymore.
Which is what I told him.
He apologized once again. Acknowledged his wrongs. Asked what he could do to make it better.
But at this point?
I honestly don't know anymore.
Any advice or insight would be appreciated.
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2023.06.02 16:49 zoediacz 26F 27/F My friend invited other people to my birthday dinner without asking me.

I (27/F) planned a birthday dinner for myself with about 10 of my closest friends. I really don’t like to be showy about my birthday, so I intended to keep it small. Last night, one of my good friends (26/F) texted me and told me this girl we know from our childhood is coming to town for my birthday.
I said that was interesting because I hadn’t heard from this girl in months, she never reached out to me to let me know she was going to be in town. My friend then said “what?? You didn’t get her group text this morning?” I never received any group message from this girl, but I was receiving all of my other messages perfectly fine.
The girl then texted me and said that she was coming through town to visit another friend and didn’t even ask me if she could be invited to my birthday dinner or even mention my birthday. She just simply said “no worries if I can’t come. But it would probably just be me added on since I don’t know if my friend can make it”. I don’t even know her friend at all and now this is turning into a bigger deal than I wanted.
I’m irritated at my best friend for seemingly inviting this girl we know without asking me first. Now I feel I’m in a bad spot because I have to be the one to tell her she can’t come when I never even invited her in the first place. I feel like she only wants to come out of convenience, she would never even know it’s my birthday had my friend not told her.
How do I handle this moving forward?
Tl;dr my best friend invited a girl we know to my birthday dinner without asking me first and now I look like the bad guy for saying no.
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2023.06.02 16:49 Ok-Bed-6832 Steering wheel still shaking after alignment

I have a 2016 Nissan Versa, got it used from a place and thought it was a good deal. I noticed the wheel was shaking a fuck-ton when I drove on the highway (as soon as i hit 60 it started shaking to hell, turns felt like you were in a death trap). I took it to a mechanic and had to get a new cooling fan because my car was overheating and going into limp mode, they changed my front two tires and aligned them, and i had to get new drive belts because mine were worn and cracked. I did all this back in January and my car was running smooth for a bit but the wheel is back to shaking again, not as bad as before but it’s still something that just won’t seem to go away. I drive my car everyday to and from work and I’m planning on moving states soon so I really need a car that won’t cause me problems on the way. This is the first car I’ve ever owned and I worked my ass off to even afford this (and afford it’s problems) so I really don’t know what to do at this point. Not sure if it’s something I just gotta get over because it’s still driveable or if it’s more worth it to sell it and get something else rather than having to keep fix it. Any help is appreciated!
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2023.06.02 16:49 Own-Knee-9735 Ready to move on from my mom

I (19) F ready to cut my mom out off my life, I know it’s sounds bad but I’m done with my mom she’s always plays the victim. And I feel like she really don’t care about me. Lemme start about a time we had a fight my mom and I about her birthday I couldn’t attend to her birthday because she wanted to have it in a other city and I was at home feeling sick and also on my period so I called my mom and wish her a happy birthday told her I couldn’t attend it because I don’t feel good. So my mom didn’t say anything and just said ok and hung up on me so I didn’t think much about it. When my mom came back home she didn’t talk to me ignore me so I left her alone and I just went to bed she came in my room and started yelling about how I’m a bad daughter, that I’m never here for her, never want to do anything for her so I just ignored her cause I was tired and it was really late so I didn’t want to argue with her. The next day she just gave me the silence treatment so I just left her alone, and went to school. When I came back she started to argue with me about her bday that I was the only one who didn’t came, also lemme say my mom has a girlfriend so she was also saying stuff that I was weird for not coming to my moms bday. I just ignored all of it because I really wasn’t in the mood to argue later on the day my mom called my uncle on the phone talking about me how I was ungrateful and that I was a bad daughter. She put her phone on speakerphone so my uncle could talk to me, my uncle just started screaming at me about why I’m like this and that’s she’s my mom that I should’ve go to her birthday (keep in mind that I was sick and also had cramps, the party was in a other city it’s about 1:50 minutes with the train to go sometimes even 2 hours) my uncle didn’t even let me talk kept cutting me off when I was talking so I just ignored them and did my own thing she just kept going about how bad I was so I called my boyfriend because I didn’t want to stay home anymore and just wanted to go out for a couple hours just to have some peace . My mother came in my room and said if I’m leaving this door that I’m not welcome here anymore and that she would throw me out so I was just talking with my bf on the phone I just went to bed with my bf on the phone. There are so much I can tell you so like I said my mom has a gf and the gf also have 2 children they are 17 and 12 there was a time I need a new laptop for school cause mine was broken so I asked my mom if I could have one because I need it for my lessons and homework, my mom told me that she didn’t had any money so she couldn’t get me one so I just skipped it and I was calling my bf talking about my laptop and that my mom couldn’t afford it rn asked my bf if he could borrow me some money so I could get one my bf gave me the money I a bought my laptop. So one of the children of the gf it’s almost his bday and he wanted an expensive present something with a car for a game a steering wheel that thing costed $450 and she bought it for him mind you she didn’t had any money when I asked her I know y’all could say maybe she didn’t had it at this time but I asked her about it the same day she bought it and she came with it home and was laughing about how she bought something for him.
That’s what happened few months ago, now about the recent stuff there was a day that I cooked sum rice because I was hungry and I just made it for 1 person because my mom already ate and she always screams at me if I make to much rice because it’s a waste so I made just for one person, that say my bf also came to visit me so we where on the couch watching movies my mom came downstairs and begon to scream why I didn’t made more rice so I just ignored her cause my bf was also here so I was I little bit embarrassed so she keep on talking about it and you can guess it she was talking about how bad I was thinking about myself she was also talking about my bf in front off him how he’s not welcome here anymore (y’all need to know that my bf is the sweetest person and that he was always kind to my mom helped her a lot with stuff) so I really felt bad for my bf when she said all that kind of stuff. My mom also wished that I was dead or that she aborted me I begon to cry and my bf just hugged me I felt safe for a moment, when my bf left i when to my room fast and went to bed. I’m also always outside at my bf house or bestf house because when I’m home with my mom there’s always a time realm and I don’t feel like I wanna stay home.
I’m writing this cause a hour ago my mom just came in my room and told me that she’s leaving for a couple days because I’m a bad daughter and that she doesn’t get my Im like this, y’all I was just in my room watching some TikTok’s so I just looked at her confused and asked what did I do she just raised her voice saying you’re so bad, you’re ungrateful, you treat me like sh*t what did I do to deserve this. I was so confused because I didn’t do anything didn’t even raised my voice or sum. I really hate it here and also hate that she always say those kind of stuff I’m not even bothering her and also I never asked to be born she also wishes that if I ever have kids that they treat me wrong and also wishes some karma on my because I treat her wrong I don’t get what I’m doing tbh. My mom is just a hypocrite, narcissist, manipulator
I hope that ppl who have a lil bit the same situation with their mom I hope y’all have some tips for me.
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2023.06.02 16:48 Gowiththeflow001 If a marketer only has 1 year of professional experience but is an experienced influencer would this candidate stand out in job applications?

I worked in marketing for about a year but due to bad experiences and work culture where I live I left marketing. Im from the us and will move back in a couple years, and I plan to wait until Im back to go for marketing roles again. But does being an active YouTuber (with a blog and instagram ) with minimal marketing experience (google certificates etc) stand out or help with the gap? I worked primarily with influencer marketing, and content so I figured I would maybe have good luck in social media. Although I have a degree in biochem and data analysis is definitely second nature for me. My main experience is in social but I may have more of a knack for more data centric roles that i haven’t explored.
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2023.06.02 16:48 lovesignite a guy I’ve been crushing on finally approached & talked to me but I kinda fumbled at the end due to social anxiety. Did I fumble? How do I save this?

We were kind of smiling at one another from afar before we ended up queuing up side by side & I could tell he was mustering up the courage to talk to me bc i overheard his friend saying “just say something” lmfao 😭 so he took some time before he kind of asked me how my day was and I obvs replied it was good and atp I could feel my hands going cold and my heart was beating fast as shit but I really was trying to keep my cool and managed to hold eye contact & was responding pretty well even though my mind was RUNNING. He asked my name and I replied and then I asked his. Then I said something to one of my friends and he was stalling a little and I guess he overheard and he was like teasing me and saying “wait did u say __? I cant believe u said _! Are u from _? U sound __” and i was like yeah im from _. My mom’s __ and my dad’s ___” and he was like oh shit nice. and then i just dipped bc HE STOPPED TO GET FRUIT WHEREAS I HAD TO GO TO ANOTHER SECTION TO GET A MUFFIN FOR MYSELF AND WHEN I RETURNED I DIDNT KNOW IF WAITING FOR HIM WOULD’VE BEEN TOO MUCH so I just went straight to my friends’ table AND I WAS SHAKING SO BAD BC I DIDNT WANT TO MAKE A FOOL OUT OF MYSELF. BUT WHAT IF HE WANTWD ME TO WAIT FOR HIM JUST SO WE COULD CONTINUE TALKING? IT WAS THE FIRST TIME WE WERE TALKING EVER after sending flirty stares/smiles at one another from afar for abt 1 to 2 ish months. I JUST DIDNT KNOW IF IT WOULD’VE BEEN TOO MUCH UNO TO JUST WAIT FOR HIM?? I JUST HATED THE WAY THE CONVERSATION ENDED bc the conversation kinda was left on a cliffhanger? in a way? like it ended but not properly!!
on one hand im proud of myself for not fucking anything up and being able to hold a conversation without looking awkward as hell but on the other hand, I HATED THE WAY I ENDED THINGS. I JUST DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO FUCKING DO AFTER. What if he thinks im a bitch? or that im a snob? Or that was technically a rejection?? Bc it wasnt. I CANT STOP OVERTHINKING IT. When he left the cafeteria, i could tell he was making a conscious effort to not look my way bc he was looking at every fucking person & every table around me BUT me. I’m going to jump off a cliff. What if he felt rejected. How do I salvage this someone help me i beg
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2023.06.02 16:48 ThestralPatronum I don’t know how to reach my husband.

It’s the morning after another fight, because he was drunk and got behind the wheel of a car and drove, again, after getting a DUI less than a year ago, which is still pending in court. Before falling back asleep, he accused me of exaggerating his behaviors when telling him that after I took him to the gas station, he got out of the car and told me to “go beg for a new husband.” I can’t look at him or talk to him when he’s this way because then I’m just egging him on. And then when I try to explain what’s happened the morning after I can tell he’s embarrassed…but my feelings get brushed off every single time and I’m tired of feeling unheard. When he’s sober, he’s a loving and very attentive husband. He’s helped me with my own mental health battles and helped pull me through some of my darkest times. And all of our family is completely in the dark about how his behavior gets when he’s been drinking, because it’s only around me that it ever gets that bad. Nothing physical has ever happened, and it’s not even like every time he drinks that it’s like this. But I’m so incredibly tired of being on edge when he drinks at all and in turn, belittled when he’s drunk like this and told I’m over exaggerating when I try to talk to him about it the next day. Am I making things worse? I don’t know how to get through to him that I’m constantly worried about him due to his drinking. I don’t know how to correctly express my feelings the morning after without feeling dismissed. I need some help.
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2023.06.02 16:48 Particular_Inside_77 A review on every important stand

SM: Decent but is now underrated it's however slow paced for the user and feels boring. KQ:BTD: A good stand but ppl who use it are braindead 9/11 times. SPTW: Gets parried by me every time except Ora Kicks. SP: Got tired of getting parried and wanted to abuse people. TW: My 2nd favorite stand to use but it sucks. Stonefree: Requires good aim. TWOH: Why does Noone spam m1 and knives anymore? They do a lot of damage and people also throw out reality overwrite randomly and end up missing, getting parried or getting canceled. Smite is op. WS: Not that good unless in teams. C-Moon: The current king of yba slightly above SP. MIH: Good stand but people throw out that zig zag parriable move and die. Sticky fingers: My favorite stand as it easily nullifies op combos. I just bait out their counters and they can't move anymore. HP: God in teams but weak in 1v1's. PH: Poison is good for chip damage. GER: Average 1v1 against him is 20 minutes long. GE: GER but has shorter matches and more damage. S&W:GB: I don't have much experience against him and in using him cos I was bored of playing right before his Era qnd resumed after his erq. KC: Did they fix impale bs combo? KCR: It's been 84 match has ended WA: Took some time to get used to but not too bad TA4: Extremely good in right hands.
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2023.06.02 16:47 Sil0707 26[M4F] Anywhere- Kind and romantic man looking for a relationship

I hope to find a kind-hearted woman to build a lasting relationship with. Genuine and kind, someone I can talk to about anything and everything. I want a partner who's excited to share their knowledge and experiences with me, grow together, learn new things from each other, and connect on a deeper level. You can share your thoughts and ideas with me, and I'll be happy to discuss all kinds of topics. I want us to build a wholesome relationship where being there for each other is enough.
This part is about what I'm looking for in a relationship: - Mutual love an respect and care, my chest will be your pillow while we binge episodes and watch a lot of things while cuddling, romantic dinners, cooking together, enjoying life to the fullest , holding hands while walking , going to the beach, traveling to new places, trying new things and experiencing what life has to offer together :) . Being there for each other through good and bad times . You can always count on me and tell me everything, I will be the shoulder you can lean on. I'm very romantic and I have a lot of love to give. When we are together expect me to always hug you, kiss you on your forehead, hold your hands and express my love to you and how much you mean to me while I look deeply into your eyes . Romantic moments and lovely things like giving each other pet names, making you bed surprise breakfasts. Tons of Cuddles and hugs . I will always sheer you up, motivate you, and help you . I'll always be there for you.
Currently located in Morocco. I'm looking for someone 20 or older who's okay with long-distance until we figure things out.
As for my physical attributes, I have light brown skin, black hair, and brown eyes, average looking guy. I used to train in calisthenics and weightlifting, but I had to stop due to shoulder injuries. Personality-wise, I'm an ENFP MBTI type with a bubbly, caring, affectionate, patient, and ambitious personality. I'm easy-going, non-judgmental, and an ambivert depending on the day. I have a good sense of humor and always make my friends laugh. My hobbies and sports include running, calisthenics, cycling, cooking, and hiking. I enjoy reading, playing video games, traveling, camping, watching movies, TV shows, documentaries, and anime.
I can speak four languages fluently and hope to learn more in the future. I love to do many activities like having long walks and exploring new places. When it comes to indoors, I'm very creative at finding ways to enjoy our time. I love discussing all kinds of topics; we can talk about anything from history, geography, cinema, sports, religion, philosophy, languages, food, politics, spiritualism, video games, travel, cultures, technology, and more.
Regarding religion, I'm agnostic, and I don't believe in any religions. I'm still searching for the truth, so I don't have a problem with you being from any religion.
When it comes to films, TV shows, and anime, it's hard to pick favorites, so you can ask me later. As for music, I enjoy classic hip-hop, rap, rock/post-rock, jazz, 80s music, some metal, classic, ambient, pop, and soundtracks. I used to watch anime growing up, and I still enjoy it, but I don't watch it as much as years go by, still watching certain weekly releases.
Thank you for reading through all this! If you're interested, please contact me through DM or chat. Introduce yourself and tell me a bit about you, write more than Hey.
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2023.06.02 16:47 ChiefofPickles I blame my grandmother for this hell.

Long one, y’all better get some popcorn with Reese’s or m&ms in it!
Psychology is the name
Blaming the cause of the shit is the game.
Lets see.
My father and aunt are raised by a coddled mother(my grandmother).
They’re coddled so much and enabled so much they believe everything should be handed to them, disagree with them or challenge them on anything and you’re wrong and a bad person.
With that, they coddle their children.
My father not so much, just being a narcissist and having OCD from being coddled he also pushes but when he pushes he does it too much which causes headaches. With that, he also believes he can do no wrong and should be coddled in return.
He believes his messes don’t count and if he does or says anything that he is found to be wrong it’s on YOU not him, or he will try bribery for the love and praise to return.
My aunt? Over coddles and in turn has brought up 3 children who… for lack of better words, all need serious psychiatric help. My oldest cousin atleast has been aware of the shit and though delayed, has done well so far.
The other 2 have definite anti social behaviors with oppositional defiance disorder noted in the both of them.
My aunt will coddle and in turn expect all of the shit to be handed to her, challenge her and you’re wrong. She didn’t help when the aforementioned grandma had a stroke(which lucky me, I responded to, not a pleasant sight but hey, emt life).
These 2 have brought about all of the shit I deal with in life.
Anxiety Depression Ptsd Fear of failure(not in terms of not doing things but when I make mistakes or fail, I am hyper critical of myself). Self hatred Anxiety in social situations(more so critical of myself)
This shit. This HELL. Has been brought on by my fucking grandma.
So if you coddle your kids, FUCK YOU.
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2023.06.02 16:47 ltbr55 Ultimate Song Ranking Round 20 Results: 72 Seasons Gone as Inamorata is the last song voted off the Album. Round 21 Voting Now Open (Songs #37-35). Vote for your WORST/LEAST Favorite Metallica Songs to be eliminated

Round 21 Voting Link:
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(126.) Purify (125.) Invisible Kid (124.) Poor Twisted Me (123.) Shoot Me Again (122.) Slither (121.) My World (120.) Dirty Window (119.) All Within My Hands (118.) Ronnie (117.) Attitude (116.) Cure (115.) Bad Seed (114.) Murder One (113.) Am I Savage? (112.) Some Kind of Monster (111.) Where the Wild Things Are (110.) Low Man's Lyric (109.) ManUNkind (108.) Better Than You (107.) 2x4 (106.) The House Jack Built (105.) Carpe Diem Baby (104.) Sweet Amber (103.) Prince Charming (102.) Jump in the Fire (101.) Don't Tread on Me (100.) Thorn Within (99.) - Human (98.) Just a Bullet Away (97.) Wasting My Hate (96.) To Hell and Back (95.) Mama Said (94.) Here Comes Revenge (93.) Hate Train (92.) Confusion (91.) Devil’s Dance (90.) Rebel of Babylon (89.) I Disappear (88.) Lords of Summer (87.) Aint My Bitch (86.) Escape (85.) If Darkness Had a Son (84.) Metal Militia (83.) Cyanide (82.) Broken, Beat and Scarred (81.) Hero of the Day (80.) The Struggle Within (79.) Crown of Barbed Wire (78.) Sleepwalk My Life Away (77.) Of Wolf and Man (76.) The Unnamed Feeling (75.) Frantic (74.) Now That We’re Dead (73.) Fixxxer (72.) St. Anger (71.) My Apocalypse (70.) Phantom Lord (69.) Suicide and Redemption (68.) The End of the Line (67.) Screaming Suicide (66.) You Must Burn! (65.) Through the Never (64.) Dream No More (63.) Chasing Light (62.) No Remorse (61.) Motorbreath (60.) Judas Kiss (59.) Unforgiven II (58.) Too Far Gone? (57.) Holier Than Thou (56.) Lux Aeterna (55.) Unforgiven III (54.) The Memory Remains (53.) Shadows Follow (52.) Hardwired (51.) Hit the Lights (50.) Atlas, Rise (49.) Trapped Under Ice (48.) My Friend of Misery (47.) The Thing That Should Not Be (46.) Room of Mirrors (45.) Halo on Fire (44.) 72 Seasons (43.) That Was Just Your Life (42.) The God That Failed (41.) To Live is to Die
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(40.) No Leaf Clover (39.) Eye of the Beholder (38.) Inamorata
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What songs are you surprised have been eliminated? What songs are you surprised haven't been eliminated?
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2023.06.02 16:47 drebel95 Two kids ruined my kid’s yearbook experience

My brother that I’m raising has been struggling in school and this year was no exception. He’s worked hard and improved a ton academically! However socially he could use some more friends as he only has a handful.
He was so excited and hyped for his yearbook. He saved up money and bought it when orders could first be placed. He’s been waiting all year for this!!!! Two days ago he told me he got his yearbook signed by all of his classmates. Yesterday was his last day at elementary school. I asked to see his yearbook yesterday evening and two students I presume classmates in his class or other students on the playground in the same grade as him wrote mean things in his yearbook.
One wrote “X, you’re sped :)” meaning “you’re special Ed” and another student wrote “Other Asian kid.” This student didn’t sign their name and he didn’t see either student write these things as he passed his yearbook around in class for students to write.
To be honest I don’t think he noticed both of the comments until I pointed it out.
For reference he isn’t in Sped and his race is Asian. I was FURIOUS when I read it and still am. The school is closed now and I’m at a loss on what to do. I feel bad that I didn’t catch it when he told me two days ago that he got it signed by everyone.
I’ve told him to forget both students and they’re not his friends. I don’t know what else to do, and I keep kicking myself that I didn’t catch it sooner. I know I can’t protect him from everything, but it feels like a disservice to him when I can’t do anything now. I don’t want to dwell on it, but at the same time I don’t want it to go unacknowledged.
Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.02 16:47 Darwin_Shrugged The other parent - when the perspective shifts

I saw a post on here talking about "the other parent", which was supposedly less bad, less neglect- or harmful, and how this perception was incorrect when examined with adult eyes. It's interesting - only now, at 40, do I feel to really see clear about who the "bad parent" is (or was) - both of them, for different reasons.
During childhood, I was way closer to my dad than my mother, because he was the one who actually went to do things with me, like letting me hang from his arms, go sledding, that stuff. She was just...kinda there, I guess. I don't have any childhood memories where she and I were any sort of close. She certainly didn't cuddle or hug me, or play with me, or read to me, or anything like that. She...managed me, gave me medicine when I was sick, bought my clothes, things like that.
I'm from eastern germany, where it was pretty common for both parents to be working, so I grew up as a typical latchkey kid. As the Berlin wall fell, my father lost his job and was even more present at home, but also began to drink way more than before, to the point where it was pretty uncomfortable. After a few years, he hooked up with another woman from our apartment complex, they moved a few streets away together and my parents filed for divorce. At this point, he fully expected me to join them - except I had surprised him with the other woman making out in our kitchen, while my mother was the only one going to work (he didn't do particularly much in the household, either; he mainly drank and ranted about politics). That and his drinking problem pretty solidly dethroned the pedestal I'd put him. I may not have felt close to my mother, but even as a child I did not condone his behavior and did not want to live with these two people (additionally, it was easier to digest not having to move out of the only place I'd lived for my whole childhood).
A lonely and cold adolescence followed. On the surface, I had the basics: a place to stay, clothes, I went to extracurricular activities. There was food, but she cooked irregularly and we rarely ate together. I didn't know how to cook, so often went with just bread or somesuch, and developed a pretty persistent eating disorder which took a good decade to overcome. Extracurricular activities like martial arts club or music school all went bad, because - as I know today - I was severely traumatized and could'nt connect with the other teenagers there. I was bullied in school, by schoolmates and teachers. I got no help, and my mother was completely overwhelmed with the day-to-day life. We moved a couple of times and everytime I lost the few friends I'd managed to make. During all this, I saw my father every few weeks. He'd gotten another job, but continued to drink a bit too much for comfort. 15 years after he left my mother, he had another child with the woman he left with. That didn't work out, they separated, but at this point I had long moved out and to the other side of the country.

Today, I see the dysfunction bright as day. I'm pretty sure my father is a covert narcissist, as his interest in his sons only ever held up as long as their childlike adoration of him lasted. As soon as the supply dwindled, his attacks began: Shaming, blaming, gaslighting, the whole gamut. My half-brother has severe mental health problems and has gone NC with the old man many years ago. I did the same last year. Since I was around 9 years old, I didn't have a father figure in my life.
I feel compassion for my mother, because she's from a very toxic family. She was NC with her parents for almost 2 decades. I'm very sure she also has c-ptsd, as she's full of barely working coping mechanisms. She was living in survival mode the whole time, and I can acknowledge the hardship of that.
But that doesn't make it right. There are resources. She could have gotten help, could have gone to therapy, could have read books, could have made better choices in the men she brought home while I was living there. She could have, SHOULD have protected me from so much unnecessary pain. She should'nt have enabled my father in his complete disregard and neglect of his child, just because said child didn't idolize him and his behavior anymore.
Sometimes, both parents are just as bad, in different ways. Thank you for coming to my TED talk. Do you have similar experiences? Did you experience some "WHOA" moment where you suddenly switched into a new perspective and saw how bad things really were?
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2023.06.02 16:47 stickerpainter friends(?) that don't show up

me and my boyfriend met in a friend group in college. Most of us are introverted na may pagka home buddies but mahilig kami mag hang out, gala and overnights as a group nung college. After pandemic sobrang bihira na namin nakapag kita kita nang buo and di na nakakagala katulad nung pre pandemic.
Recently lang nakapasa sa board exam yung bf ko and may thanksgiving celebration sya this weekend. I asked kung sino sino pupunta. Sabi niya only his hs friends, me and my fam tapos fam niya. I asked bakit wala from college? May mga lakad daw sila, yung iba may family affairs and such. I got bothered by this so bad. Then narealise ko na never ever sila nag yes to his invitations. Fiesta, may handaan sa kanila, you name it, and now his thanksgiving party, not once nag show up sila laging ako lang ang pumupunta. Now I'm thinking of cutting off this friend group. I'm not a high maintenance friend, very very low maintenance friend pa nga. I understand naman na sometimes may mga times na bad timing lang pero all of it? I feel so bad for my bf. It just feels like they never cared enough to celebrate anything with him? Am I overreacting? Or should we find better friends?
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2023.06.02 16:46 Rosilius Last day before promotion to customer!

Today is my last day before my promotion to customer. I am super excited to never have to see this place again. Working in flooring as a specialist and I don't have a supervisor, didn't have another Sales Specialist until I put in my 2 weeks, and had no csa's for over a month. Management wanted me to do all 5 jobs (DS, 2 specialists, and 2 csa's) all at the same time and then wrote me up for not doing returns when I was doing 10 hour shifts with no lunch. My previous store wasn't this bad but this one has ruined my view of this company.
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2023.06.02 16:46 Chaoticgood16 How to handle Co-worker gossip.

Hi! So I just accepted a job and I’m so excited. I moved to a new state and had to longterm sub before they would offer me full time. I ended up covering a maternity in kindergarten at a school for the first half of the year. When this teacher returned, I went to a new school in the same district and did the same thing. I was offered a job for next school year with my own full time classroom and I will now be co-workers with the woman I covered for in the first part of the year. I was elated! I love the school, I love the grade and I love having a full time job in this economy lol. However, I was on the phone w a friend who works there that I developed a friendship with and she said this woman (who I covered for during maternity leave) has been talking so much smack about me. She is saying “oh the parents like me sooo much better” and how much better of a job she is doing than I was. Personally, I’m not bothered by her opinion because I know the work I do and she is not my boss. Also, I am only in my second year and she is in her 13th…. she SHOULD be better than me by all accounts. However, it is so unsettling that she’s talking like this after she found out I was hired on. I also found out she sat everyone down and specifically said “I just have to say, I cannot be her mentor next year” and rolled her eyes and continued to diss me. In my opinion, I wouldn’t have been hired if I did as bad of a job as she says so I can’t understand why this woman (30+ years old for context) is so insistent on ragging on me. I don’t want this woman to jeopardize my career and I truly don’t know what I’m walking into. Do I professionally but assertively let her know that I know she’s been talking negatively and that If she has any feedback I would love to hear it directly because I’m only here to get better and I won’t if it’s only said behind my back… or should I just leave it be? I worked hard to be where I am and I don’t want this woman to ruin it for me. Please help!
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2023.06.02 16:45 Overall-Word4952 How to communicate "you are my support" as adc without sounding rude

I am a gold 3 adc main, pisslow ik. I have found that the biggest reason for me doing badly or losing games is when me and my support don't get along, this usually happens when my support want to play aggressive while I want to play safe (I play jinx, kog) and my support or both of us die 2v2. Or it can happen because my jng, mid or top get fed and my support starts neglecting me because I'm not also 5/0.
anyhow, when these types of things happen, i want to convey why the support is primarily there for the adc in most cases, but every time i try to, it only makes the situation worse. They fail to understand why generally the support should focus on helping the adc, even if someone else on the team has more gold. And i am not blaming them for that, it's a totally understandable mistake, i have no ill will against anyone i am just trying to figure out how other players deal with it when it happens. how do i communicate that the yuumi should sit on me mostly, instead of the Camille toplane. I am not trying to sound entitled, this is just something i have noted when watching higher levels of play, that the support generally stays with the adc, because the adc needs support to fulfil their role of doing damage, they do so much damage and are that squishy because they are meant to be played with a support, that they are pretty useless against most champions when alone.
i know this is weird to ask about but this is the biggest problem i face in most my games, hoping anyone has any type of insight as to how to mitigate it. Might be a problem with my champ pool being so support reliant, but that would be really sad news.
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2023.06.02 16:45 Vegetable_Storage343 19M Having a fomo of getting into relationship now a days

19M will be entering State govt college this year just finished my jee journey . And yes my 11th 12th and were completely isolated due to covid no interaction with any friends and in my drop year there were no interaction with any girl
Don't know feel jealous about hearing all that 23 year old couple being in relationship for 3year or 4 year
Have insecurity about my weight (98kg) and height (6.3ft) i know first i have to improve my physique and career (job wise and financially wise)for straight up 2 years
But then I started to think that by the time improve i will be 21 and all my crushes were taken don't know what to do
And there was one incident that there was a post in which a person was just falunting that I just got laid with a girl and i commented that it's bad for girl she will be getting difficulties in finding good husband and he replied that you are incel and when I search that that systomps were same as of me.
Plz give some advice on how to talk to girls and how to approach or should I focus on my career in college
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